The Book of Actions, the second volume of the Teachings of the West, continues the author’s presentation of history, describing how the salvation promised to the city of light in the Old Testaments and accomplished by the Christ’s has now under the guidance of the Spirit been extended to the people of the world. This was accomplished through the divinely chosen representatives whom the Christ prepared during the historical ministry and commissioned after resurrection as witnesses to all that were taught.

In Actions, the author has provided a broad survey of the development from the resurrection to the missionary journeys, the point at which the book ends. In telling this story, the author describes the emergence of the epoch from its origins to its position as a religion of worldwide status and appeal.

In the development of the chancellate from the origin in Zion, with its roots in older religious traditions, to a series of communities among the people of the evil empire, the author perceives the action of the divine in history laying open the heart of all humanity to the divine message of salvation. This approach to the history of the chancellate is motivated by theological interests. The history of the apostolic chancellate is the story of a Spirit-guided community and a Spirit-guided spread of the Word. Nonetheless, the historical data he utilizes are of value for the understanding of the early life and development and as general background to the epistles. In the interpretation of Actions, care must be exercised to determine his theological aims and interests and to evaluate his historical data without either exaggerating their literal accuracy or underestimating their factual worth.

Finally, an apologetic concern is evident throughout Actions. By stressing the continuity between the old and the new, the author argues that Epochalism is deserving of the same toleration accorded the older religions.



  1. I presented myself to the Guardian Angels and appeared to them for forty days and speaking to them in all manner of things that pertain to their own understanding.

  2. While I was friends with each one of them, I told them not to the part from their old ways, but that they would depart themselves.

  3. For although I had become initiated into the faith and out of the faith, I shall tell them all of my journey.

  4. I have gathered up to them and I told them that I am the one that was to restore to the world a new kingdom.

  5. It is not known when this would be established because it would ultimately be left up to the people to decipher and interpret.

  6. But they will want to receive power from the spirits that have been embodying you.

  7. Everyone from the ends of the earth will want to receive the gifts that your spirit provides.

  8. After saying this, I was lifted up into the greater glory that I had attained on my journey.

  9. It was not an ascension into the sky, it was a lifting of a greater conscious, a conscious that makes people aware of their own suffering and how to conquer their own suffering.

  10. When it came time, all shall be gathered together at the place where the new Zion is to be established.

  11. And when you are there, winds like a strong wind would come.

  12. The fire of the spirits would all be gathered in one place, and the spirit would come forth.

  13. And the fire of the spirit will part and fall upon each one of the Guardian Angels.

  14. And they would be filled with their spirits and would be able to administer the gifts effectively.

  15. They would be astounded and bewildered.



  1. Listen to these words that have been proclaims by many before and will be proclaims in the future.

  2. These words are very powerful words and have brought many to their faiths before.


  1. It will come to pass that this spirit will be poured out upon all people.

  2. Your sons and daughters will prophesy.

  3. Your young men shall see visions.

  4. Your old men shall dream dreams.

  5. This bureau we poured out upon all people and they will prophesy.

  6. There will be wonders in the heavens and signs on the earth.

  7. The world will be in chaos before the coming of the great is when the day.

  8. Everyone will be saved who believes.

  9. These were the words of people who find they have the full truth.

  10. The full truth cannot be revealed because of the words of a single society.

  11. The truth can be revealed through a covenant with all of society.

  12. The creator is always and everywhere.

  13. Dwell in the hope that you will to attain this status at death.

  14. My soul will not be abandons and it will not suffer, rather it will be among the gods and as gods.

  15. The path to the light is filled with joy and happiness and is straight and broad.


  1. The prophets have said long ago that their way was the only way to the light.

  2. But since there is no such thing as truth, there is no one way to the light.

  3. The variety of cultures in the world is evidence that truth is not absolute.

  4. You bow down to your fellow men, and they should not be.

  5. Let the whole world know that you do not need to be religious to be spiritual.

  6. Repent of your past transgressions and bad deeds and live a life worthy of living.

  7. For the promise is made that all will see the light if they seek it.

  8. Save yourself from the corruption even among the religions of the world.

  9. Those who accept this message will accept the sealing covenant.


  1. You who rejected those that try to save you, they do not have any claim to absolute truth.

  2. You denied their holy one and you will not die because you have rejected it.

  3. By faith everyone is balanced to their spirituality, but now it is not necessary to be bound to a religion.

  4. This is the fulfillment of the prophecies laid forth by generations past.

  5. You will come to know of the truth of yourself, the world, and the gods within yourself.

  6. You will come to see how ridiculous the dogma of religions of this day.

  7. For it is been said in generations past that those who listen to the prophets will come to see the light.

  8. But it was also said that those who do not listen to that prophet will be cut off.

  9. You will not be cut off if you do not listen to one that prophet over another.

  10. All the religions of the world have made covenants with their gods and their ancestors and they have all been blessed to the promises of their own holy books.

  11. There is not one that is any better than another because all come from their own culture.

  12. The sealing covenant is a covenant not through religion, but a covenant through spirit.

  13. While this will be spoken to all the people, the priests of various faiths will confront you with this new revelation.

  14. They will be disturbed because the teaching that is embodied in this text proclaims that all do not possess the full truth.

  15. They will lay hands on those who believe and they will persecute them through word-of-mouth.

  16. Many more will come to know this truth and the truth that has set them free and the number of people grew.


  1. On the next day, all the priests will gather in the city where the followers have come together.

  2. The priests supposedly have authority over spiritual matters, but they do not have your personal salvation in mind or at stake.

  3. They will question you and they will bring you to send to their presence and they will ask you by whose name have you done this? The leaders in the peoples and the elders will know that all who know the truth can be see through their own inner self.

  4. Good deeds that will be done on the face of this planet will lead all people to salvation no matter what they believe.

  5. It was in the name of all those who came before who talk in the truth that this truth was exposed for the world to see.

  6. You rejected the truth and you hit the truth behind dogmas, rituals, and superstitions.

  7. There is no salvation through anyone or any religion and no one is especially saved because of their faith.

  8. Ordinary men will rise and will teach the people the truth as they have done in times past and will in times future.

  9. I will stand before you because you have nothing to say back to what the truth is.

  10. You cannot deny that the truth is now out and that the truth can be found without having to go through what you have put the people through or thousands of years.

  11. It will be spread amongst all the people of the world so that everyone shall know the truth and leave the ways of the old.

  12. We will speak in teaching all things that the enlightened ones have taught us before.

  13. It would not be right for us to obey you rather than the Almighty Creator because you are not the judges of my life.

  14. It is impossible for us not to speak about what we have heard or seen.

  15. You can threaten me but you will release me because there is no way to punish me.


  1. I will go out into the streets and I will tell the world what you have told me.

  2. They will come to know the truth also and there is nothing that you can do to stop it from getting out.

  3. You are the antichrists and you have corrupted the truth.

  4. Gather together all of those who believe with you and we will show you the error of your ways.

  5. Gathered in this time are the anointed ones to come and teach all things that pertain to the heavens and the earth.

  6. This has been planned and has taken place long ago.

  7. Take note of the threats that the priests have done and speak your word with all boldness against them.

  8. Stretch forth your hand to do wonders in the name of that which is the real truth.

  9. You will be filled with the spirit and you will continue to speak the words that have been uttered by the enlightened ones.


  1. This community of believers as of one heart and mind and they have everything in common with one another.

  2. They will bear witness to the truth and they will receive great blessings as a result.

  3. There will be no one a need for everybody will have a good life to live.

  4. Everything will be distributed according to what they need and everyone will be without suffering in the world.

  5. The rich will sell you their excess and they will give their excess to those who can give to the poor.

  6. Sell all that which you do not need and give all that which you do not need to those who need it the most.

  7. But then admit defeat on those who are able to give to the poor and the needy.

  8. Fill your heart with the spirit and look at the world and knowledge of the suffering and the problems that the world brings.

  9. Do not lie and do not do anything to hurt others because that only brings pain and people will find out.

  10. Fear will come upon all those who do bad deeds because they will be judged according to their works.

  11. They will wrap you up and bury you and they will forget you because your legacy is so bad.

  12. Follow in the footsteps of your spirit and always seek the guidance of the spirit.

  13. The great fear will come upon all those who do not seem obey the guidance of their spirit.

  14. Many signs and wonders will be done by those who believe.

  15. No one else will dare to join the power that you have received, but the people may actually come down and worship you.

  16. Great numbers will be added at the purpose will be lost because you will be worshipped.

  17. Remember that you are not anointed, but you are a mere mortal who has sought and found the truth and lives the truth.

  18. All who come and all who are sick in mind and body and spirit will seek guidance and healing from you.

  19. They will seek guidance from the word that you preach.


  1. The high priests of all the religions will rise up and they will be filled with jealousy because they know they have lied.

  2. They will lay hands upon all those who believe in the truth and put him away.

  3. The Guardian Angels will come and protect those who preach the truth and will lead them out.

  4. You will go to their temples and churches and tell people everything about this life and the next.

  5. You will not force conversion upon the people but the people will convert because of the truth being taught.

  6. They will not know what to do because they have been at three and they may just give up and join the movement.

  7. There is no one locked inside a prison to those who have the truth.

  8. They will be at a loss and they will see that the world will eventually come to the truth.

  9. The people who were locked away were set free and are now preaching at the places where the truth has been distorted.

  10. They are not afraid of death because they embrace and they expect it to happen eventually.

  11. They ordered the people to stop preaching the truth and they questioned their own actions.

  12. The world will be filled with this teaching and with the person who went on an extraordinary journey to get to this point.

  13. They obey the truth rather than the men who claimed to have the truth.

  14. The Creator created all things and though it is been distorted, the truth will always be out there.

  15. Repent and forgive others of sins they have committed and you will live a life without regrets.

  16. The witnesses to these things have the spirits and they have been chosen to give the others this information also.

  17. Although you may become infuriated, and you will be threatened and put to death, you will not stop.

  18. One teacher of religion will stand up and will tell the people to cease putting those who preach the truth to death.

  19. They will take an approach to be careful as to what they should do.

  20. In the past, men have risen up to create something new, only to have it pass away.

  21. Those who were loyal to leaders in the past will be scattered upon the death of the leader.

  22. They will leave them alone, for this endeavor is a human origin, and it will be destroyed.

  23. They were persuaded that their gods would save them from this truth.

  24. They were to be dismissed from the churches and the temples and to stop speaking in the name of that which is the truth.

  25. They were threatened with dishonor if they spoke of the name of the truth.

  26. Those who embrace the truth did not stop teaching and proclaiming truth.

  27. Although the man who created it will pass away, the words will be with you forever.


  1. At this point, the number of people will continue to grow and a need for organization will arise.

  2. The ones who originally set forth and created it will come together and lay down the groundwork for such a thing.

  3. Five will be chosen to lead the people and to organize themselves in a manner where they can come together and build a better community.

  4. Each of the five will be given a different task and will lower the different aspects.

  5. This proposal will be acceptable because the organization will not be meant to lead the people, but it’s to serve as a means to help those who are less fortunate.

  6. The ones who were chosen to minister were then ordained.

  7. Because of this organization, the number of people will grow at a faster rate.

  8. The grace and wonder of the creator will cause the people who believe in the truth to receive great wonders and miracles.

  9. Certain people from the various religions of this day will come forth and challenge those who have the truth.

  10. They cannot withstand the wisdom of the spirit which you will speak.

  11. They will lie and they will say that they believe in no such God.

  12. They will store up their people and will speak out against those who embrace the truth.

  13. The people who have the truth will be seeing it because of the lies that have been spread.

  14. False witnesses will testify and they will chastise the truth because it is not their truth.

  15. They heard and they spread extraordinary claims that are not true because they are merely men and they are not gods.

  16. Do not lash out against them in revenge, but forgive them because they do not know what they are doing.


  1. That they shall reply, listen to me for the creator has appeared to us through enlightened beings in the past, and it will do so again in the future.

  2. Go forth and they will show you the land where the city of righteousness dwells.

  3. So the righteous people were shown where they can go and be free and they went because they sought freedom.

  4. The whole inheritance was promised, but they knew they had to do the right thing and forage for themselves a new life.

  5. Their descendants will become prosperous eventually, but that is only if the future generations work towards a better future.

  6. Judgment will be cast down on the nations that once oppressed these people and those judgments will be just a glorious.

  7. The covenant between mankind and the universe is now going to be established again for the new age that is to come.

  8. The fathers of those nations will be jealous of those who went off work for himself and new life.

  9. They will have great afflictions, but they will eventually overtake their forefathers and they will become more prosperous than they ever thought.

  10. They will go out and provide for those who cannot provide for themselves because their nations oppressed them and they died for what they believe in.

  11. All the prosperity that their sons have established will be given to them, and they will eventually come to know the truth the light.

  12. They will go to where their sons have settled, and they will become prosperous themselves.

  13. This is the history of an entire nation and this is the history of an entire world.

  14. Every single country has seen this, where there children are more prosperous than they.

  15. Those will be born in the age of seeming prosperity will fall down for a short time, but they will come back again.

  16. They will always glorify their fathers but they will not emulate their life.

  17. They will remember their fathers, but they will not do is they do.

  18. All of those who oppress the people who seek to be free will become oppressed themselves.

  19. They will lose the battle and they will lose the war and they will lose everything that they own.

  20. The enlightened one will then come and the enlightened one will teach the people the real truth.

  21. There is no authority greater than you, and you are the master of your own destiny.

  22. Love yourself and love your neighbor and seek the truth are the three of the greatest commandment ever given in the history of the world.

  23. Every enlightened being will teach this truth and they will teach it to all the people and all the people come to know the truth.

  24. The truth will set the people free, but those who want the power will come in and take it.

  25. They will make these teachers as gods and they will have made the entire life story into a myth.

  26. Some will reject the leaders, and they will be tortured and put to death because they do not believe in the establishment.

  27. They will eventually lead a new generation, and this new generation will rise up and take away the old ways.

  28. This new generation will establish the new and the new will be better than the old in terms of individual suffering.

  29. The new generation to bring in the new ways will bring forth the new age.

  30. This new age will take away the old and the new age will establish a new way of living and the new authority.

  31. It was written in the book of the prophet that the new age would take away the old.

  32. Your ancestors had a testimony of the age of the old, but you should not have that same testimony, or you are different than they are.

  33. You will inherit the age of your ancestors, but you must improve on it to make it better than they have.

  34. The creator of the universe is not dwell on the earth and cannot see or hear the affairs of the earth, but the creator is so embodied in perfection that humanity can never seem to know or to be like it.

  35. Your spirit became take you there in years.

  36. We will develop within you so that you may achieve divinity at the end of your life.

  37. You deceived people, you will oppose the spirit of truth, just like your ancestors have.

  38. The enlightened ones died for this and were made gods by this and they were put to death because they foretold the coming of the new age.

  39. They have become betrayers and murderers.

  40. You received the truth from higher beings, but you did not observe that which was top of you.


  1. Those who leave the religions of the day will come infuriated at you.

  2. They will see that you are filled with the Spirit of truth and that is embodied in the glory that you emanate.

  3. The heavens will be opened and those spirits will descend upon you.

  4. Those who witness to the truth will embody that truth.

  5. Forgive those who persecute you, for they do not know what they are doing.

  6. From this day on, you will be persecuted severely by the religious leaders, for they do not want the truth to get out.

  7. People will die for this cause, but the cause will be pure because the word says and you are the embodiment of the pure.

  8. Many people will be lashed out against and imprisoned, but the word will endure forever.

  9. Those who have been scattered about should preach the word to those who want to hear the word.

  10. Do not go into the streets and do not go in to the homes of those who do not want you to preach.

  11. Preach only to those who seek out to you and preach only to those who inquire about you.

  12. The world is full of spirits who do not know the truth, but you shall teach them all the truth eventually.

  13. The word has a greater impact than the person who’s teaching the word.

  14. Others will be jealous of the spirit that you radiate out of you.

  15. They will be given power from their spirit too, but their spirit is not as strong because their faith is strong.

  16. Their heart is not in the right place, therefore, they will be put down.

  17. They will get rid of the ways of wickedness, and they will come to know the truth and the light.

  18. Like a sheep, the people will be led to be slaughtered and the person who persecutes them will be silenced.

  19. Justice was denied of these people, so who could tell of the posterity of the word?

  20. Their life has been taken from the earth, but their word will last and you are forever.


  1. Now those who were making threats against you will go to your high priests.

  2. They will go and ask your leaders if there were any people who are outside the norms, so that they might be brought the death.

  3. A light from the sky will suddenly flesh in the hearts of the unbeliever and those who make threats.

  4. In inner voice will come out and say into the crowd, go to those who have the truth.

  5. The person will recognize the spirit, and they will ask the spirit who this is.

  6. The spirit will reply, I am yours and you’re in the spirit and I do not want you to persecute me anymore.

  7. Now get up and go into the city as a changed person and going to the world to teach what my spirit has taught you.

  8. Go into the world and teach them how they can conquer their sufferings through living the virtues.

  9. They could not see the person hearing this voice, but they knew that they must do what is right and what is true.

  10. Those who just experience the truth will not be able to bear it, and they will suffer in the beginning, but they will eventually be renewed.


  1. They will have betrayed their brethren who wanted to put down the uprising.

  2. Their plots became known to those who were once in the darkness, but now in the light, and they will keep them at bay.

  3. Thus the battle began between the good and evil, the light and the darkness, the ones who are with the truth and without the truth.

  4. The ones who are without the truth are the ones who have had the truth, but their truth has been distorted by outside forces.

  5. When the one who has converted goes in to the Temple of righteousness, those who were in the truth will be afraid.

  6. The righteous ones that will then believe that in the power of the truth, and they will realize that those who have converted have converted fully in the truth.

  7. They have neglected their allies and they have cast those lies away.

  8. Those who they thought were their friends will now try to kill them because they betrayed them.

  9. This movement will then be built-up in the manner of peace, because the peace reflects the way the world should be.


  1. Love you or your journey, you will have a great multitude of visions come before you in your dreams.

  2. In every action you will take, you will see visions that will change your journey.

  3. The heavens will open up in Angels will come up on you to give you the right advice the right time.

  4. The Angels will appear to you and they will give you the blessings that you need in order to move on your journey.

  5. They will help you to conquer everything that is unclean from your life.

  6. You were made to be clean, you were not made to suffer from things in the world.

  7. You have succumbed to the sufferings of the world because that is the state of the society as a whole.

  8. You will appear at the entrance of others and you will tell them of the great things that you have gone through in your journey.

  9. They will inquire as what you have gone through and they will themselves find the Angels that have guided their lives.

  10. Your spirit is the one that truly communicate with the angels, but these Angels may also appear in bodily form.

  11. Without hesitation, you should go and follow their every path for their path leads you to righteousness.

  12. They have no reason for being there, they will come at a time when you least expect them, but in the end, it is when you will have needed them the most.

  13. A holy angel will be summoned to you at the right time, and you will not know the time or the place in which that will happen to you.

  14. They will show you hospitality, but you may not reap those benefits when you are in body form.

  15. If they appear to you in bodily form, and you recognize that they have the spirit of the angel within them, you should not treat them with disrespect.

  16. I have done so in my experiences and I am telling you that they are going to be some of the most memorable people in your entire life.

  17. They are human beings you are, so they should be treated as you expect to be treated.

  18. It is unlawful for you and against your common sense to treat them with this respect, especially if they have changed your life in the way that Angels do.

  19. They may have been the same human body from the spirit, but you will recognize their spirit in your dreams.

  20. Ten dazzling spectacles will appear before you, and you will know that the angel has appeared in your dreams.


  1. There is nothing wrong with the great and mighty plan that the creator has set out for you.

  2. You should accept the world for what it is and you should do everything that is acceptable to you.

  3. You will go out and proclaim the truth of the world, for the truth should be preached out to her the entire world.

  4. This is what will happen all over the world in the future.

  5. You will go about doing good deeds and you will heal all of those who are oppressed by their inner evil desires.

  6. You will be persecuted and you will be shunned away, but you will find those that will truly be your friends and your allies.

  7. You are witnesses to what the power of the creator and the power of the destiny which you have seen in the path in front of you.

  8. You will bear witness to the power of the Guardian Angels which will define your entire existence.

  9. You will go and testify of the appointed one who is to judge all.

  10. You will bear witness to the prophet which has brought forth the truth in an enlightened state.


  1. Now, you may have a great following who accept what you have told them as the truth also.

  2. You will not be marked with a special sign, for special signs indicate that you are somehow different than other people.

  3. You are no different than anyone else on the earth, even those who do not accept the truth for what it is.

  4. You will explain that all people are born of the elements of fire and water and earth and wind.

  5. The four elements are the defining features of the four corners of the earth, and they must be brought together in order to be in communion with the world.

  6. With this, you will have made a covenant with your fellow man, the past and future, and the world around you.

  7. Nothing profane will enter into your mouth beyond that point because you will be filled with your spirit which is now alive and burning inside you.

  8. You will be drawn again towards the sky and you will look up and great wonder at the vastness of that which is around you.

  9. You are not the center of the universe, you are but a mere speck of dust, and in the long run, you will have little impact on the face of the earth.

  10. They who do not accept the truth will not look up in awe because they assume they have all the answers.

  11. Those who do not have the truth do not have the answers and those who do have the truth still do not have all the answers.

  12. You will never be satisfied with your life on earth because you will not have the answers to all the mysteries of life.

  13. You will be brought to the whole communion through the four elements and you will be given lifesaving salvation and repentance through the covenants which you have made when you came out of the world.

  14. At this time, others who are more powerful will try and persecute you some more.

  15. One by one, they will eliminate the leaders which you have come to rely upon for the truth.

  16. The truth can never be taken away from the Earth, even if all of the people who testified of the truth leave the earth.


  1. When you’re persecuted, remember the battle that goes on inside of you which is much stronger than the battle which goes on outside.

  2. Even though you have the spirit within you fully, you will still succumb to the sufferings of the world.

  3. You will be called quickly to take up arms and to go against your inner evils.

  4. You will never be able to conquer your inner evil, but you will be able to suppress them to the point where you do not feel that evil.

  5. You will emerge victorious if you are strong and you are confident in your virtues.

  6. Your spirit will be overjoyed because you have been able to conquer that which has pulled you down.

  7. Your Guardian Angels will always be with you and will always be your protection.

  8. All who come to you will be astounded that you have not succumbed to the same sufferings that they have.


  1. After some time, you will be called upon to do a good deed for another person.

  2. You will proclaim the truth to all of those that you help and you will tell them of the redeeming power of the Almighty creator.

  3. You will meet those along the way who think they have a fullness of the truth, but you should dialogue with them by reason and observation against their fate.

  4. Those who are smart and want to learn the ways will go and hear the word that you preach.

  5. You should also go and hear their wisdom that they have received from their religions.

  6. Explore different faiths and go outside your comfort zone.

  7. Those who claim to have the truth from their religion will be blinded for a time, but they will eventually clear up and see the path which they have gone down.

  8. You will be astonished at their teachings as they will to your teachings.

  9. Both of you will have gained a great amount of wisdom after meeting up with one another in fellowship and in the sharing of wisdom.

  10. Wisdom is found in every single religious tradition, but you must discern between blind faith and the true wisdom.

  11. If they invite you to talk in their congregations, go and address them.

  12. Do not bash on anything that they teach, for what they teach brings comfort to their people.

  13. Their teachings bring comfort to the people, but you must also teach them about the truth and the whole truth.

  14. You must teach them about the prophets which have come forth and you must teach them about the truth that other religions hold.

  15. You must teach them about the history and the context behind what they are learning from.

  16. You must teach them to be tolerant of other people and you must teach them to love other people.

  17. You must teach them but they are not chosen above all races.

  18. You must teach them that all humanity descends from a single source, so you should factor that in when conducting yourself with your fellow man.

  19. Let the congregation know that you are not the one who taught these things because you are not worthy of being called such a great thing.

  20. The word of salvation has been sent forth by all people to all nations.

  21. You will come and fulfill the prophecies which they have prophesied of and you will change them forever.

  22. You must witness before the people the greatness of the enlightened thinkers in the great truths which they had taught.

  23. You must teach them of the fulfillment of the prophecies which these enlightened thinkers have set forth.

  24. You must teach them that they had gone through a spiritual death, but they rose again in fulfillment of their scriptures.

  25. This is what they mean by resurrection.

  26. The ones who claim to be in the place of God are full of corruption.

  27. All of us have a little bit of division within us and when we die we will all dwell in the form that is the spirit.

  28. Look on and look at the world for what it is for the work that is going to be done in this day and you will change the world forever.

  29. I invite everyone to leave the traditions of their pasts if it makes them unhappy, and come to the future and to explore the world.

  30. The world is a great place and full of wondrous things.

  31. The world is full of wonderful people, but the world is also full of chaos, but you will be able to rise above the chaos.


  1. Most of the city will come and gather around you after you speak to their congregations.

  2. Some will be jealous of what you say and they will try and speak blasphemy towards you.

  3. Tell them to not reject these words, but to take in these words and to learn from these words.

  4. You have been made a light to all those who do not know the truth, so that you may be an instrument of salvation to those who want to know the truth.

  5. You are destined for the eternal life no matter who you are.

  6. The word will spread throughout the entire region and the truth will come out to all people.

  7. All of those who are prominent shall come to know of you so you should not stir up any sort of revolution that will overthrow them.

  8. You will be filled with joy because your spirit will rejoice in doing good to others.


  1. After you proclaim of this news to the cities which you have gone through, you must make sure that those who know the truth are not persecuted in their own cities.

  2. The spirits of the disciples that have followed you and stayed in their cities are strong, but their hardships will be great also.

  3. You do not need to set up an organization, for this word is meant to be interpreted by all individually.

  4. The word must coincide with everyday life.

  5. The word means different things to different people at different times in their life.

  6. You must spend time with those that follow you and you must teach them of everything that you know that you have had someone to pass on everything you have learned to.

  7. There will be disputes among those who interpreted the word which had been spoken which proclaims the truth.

  8. There will be great dissensions among those, but you must not divide yourselves and go to war with one another.

  9. Come together instead, and bring forth a great counsel, and bring forth all of those who have followed you up to this point.

  10. Bring forth all of those who lead in their communities so that everyone in their communities has heard to what goes on in the great conference.

  11. Have a good debate, but do not spend too much time screaming are arguing at one another, for it is not good.

  12. Go through much dialogue, and present each point clearly so that everyone may have an understanding as to the reasons why the word of the truth is interpreted in such a way.

  13. If you do not come to consensus, then do not fret, because the word is meant to be interpreted at an individual level.

  14. There will be no organization established, but if there need be, then it must be established in order to keep the covenants and to keep order among all the people and between all the people.


  1. Listen to the words I say for the words are good.

  2. Do not concern yourself with rules and regulations of the religion which you follow.

  3. The words of the prophets agree in terms that the entire religious system will fall into ruin, only to rise again because it has been revived.

  4. The rest of humanity will seek out the creator of and it is through this truth that all things are accomplished.

  5. These things have been down from times of old, and now they are known again.

  6. Do not send trouble amongst each other, but seek peace and harmony between yourselves and all others.

  7. It doesn’t matter what you do in the world or what you follow, you are all the same.

  8. This shall be proclaimed in every town and to every person so that everyone may come to know of the truth as it applies to their life.


  1. After the Council, everything that has been decided upon and established should be sent to all the people.

  2. These establishments should not be rules by which the people have to follow; rather, it should help the people to come to a greater understanding of the wisdom found in these great writings.

  3. Since a great number of people may not be able to show up, it is important for the people’s opinions to be considered when establishing interpretations.

  4. Even then, these interpretations may not agree with every person.

  5. Send this message out to one another by word of mouth or by writing.

  6. Do not cast those out who do not agree with the interpretations that have been established, rather, bring them into brotherhood so that no one may feel alienated.

  7. Remember these words for these words come straight from the mouth of the one who is to usher in the new age.


  1. You may be thrown down by those who persecute you because they do not believe you are teaching the truth, you will be delivered from the prison which they had made for you.

  2. The foundation that they stand upon will crumble and your foundation will not withstand the wrath of destiny which has come in your favor.

  3. Those who try to persecute you will come to try and kill themselves, but that will not solve any problems in the long run.

  4. Do not harm yourself, for you have given in the sufferings, but once you recognize it, you will strive to never do such things again.

  5. They will ask what they have to do so that they may be saved themselves.

  6. You shall tell them that they should believe in the spirit and they will be saved.

  7. This word was spoken to everyone who witnessed this great event.

  8. All of the wounds of the past will be healed for you will no longer succumb to the past and look forward into the future.

  9. Rejoice in the faith that you have received and the renewal of life which has come before you.

  10. All of those who persecuted you will be scattered.

  11. You will go out and peace for they will also be at peace.

  12. You will lead them out of the darkness and into the light.

  13. Some will be alarmed, but most will come to accept the fact that evil is in their life and they strive to be good.

  14. You will have gone around to a great multitude the cities.

  15. If you are the first of the truth to come into a city, this is what you should do.

  16. You should have spread the word and to distribute to others who are curious about knowing the truth.

  17. Remember to not go after those who do not want to hear the message, only go after those who want to hear it or are curious about it and want to hear it.

  18. Afterwards, if they need leadership, then you should establish such a leadership so that they can come together as a community.

  19. Remember that the leadership will not establish rules; rather, they will seek to bring together the community and do good works and to help one another in their spiritual journey, no matter what it is.

  20. Then you should leave but to always be in contact with them and as you are again.


  1. Remember to talk to those who are deeply religious.

  2. They go off and they worship in unknown God, even though they feel that their God is known to them.

  3. The creator does not dwell in the sanctuaries made by humans.

  4. Everything that is living and breathing and everything that exists in the universe is the result the creator.

  5. The whole human race dwells on the surface of the earth and is divided by the religions of various cultures.

  6. People should be free to seek the creator or their God in their own personal way.

  7. They should do what is in the best interests for them and not what is in the best interests for all of us.

  8. And our spirit allows us to live and move and have our soul, for we are offspring of the same family.

  9. The divinity of the creator is not fashioned into anything created by humans were under the guise of any organization that is superior to another.

  10. The creator overlooks these ignorant kinds, but now everyone is called to do what they want to do in their life in order to truly be happy.

  11. A new day has been established for the new covenant has been set forth to usher in a new age so that all people who follow this covenant will be renewed and will seek to live a better life.

  12. Even if you don’t believe in any gods, you can be redeemed as long as you recognize and observe the world for what it is.


  1. Throughout your journey, you will meet people in your life that will change your life.

  2. These people will give you gifts that you never realized you had and these gaps will cause you to practice virtue which is to be able to counteract things that you may not have realized made you suffer in your life.

  3. I made such a distinction when my journey started and these are called my guardian angels.

  4. These people who have appeared in my life have given me these gifts so that I may recognize my suffering.

  5. Through them, I no longer suffer from things in the world, and I take the world and my life for what it is and for what happens within it.

  6. I do not have contact with any of them but the last one.

  7. The last one is the one that I had predicted would remain faithful to me until the very end.

  8. The other nine will be brought in by the tenth and I will be in full communion with all of them again.

  9. The other nine may not accept the truth at first, and not even the ten, but eventually, all will come to know and accept the truth of the world.

  10. This is not a divine truth, this is a truth taught by enlightened thinkers who may be divided, but the truth that was taught was worldly in nature.

  11. They taught the practicalities of living in the world and how they can better live in the world, not so much what happens after this world.

  12. Some will go so far towards you to try and perform an exorcism that evil spirit out of you.

  13. All of the priests and preachers will come and do this because they will believe that you have been possessed.

  14. You will not have an evil spirit in you, rather, you will go against their mind tricks and you will go against them and they are an evil spirit.

  15. All who see this will fall to you in the greatest day Remember to not boast about actions you have done, merely, do the things that you believe to be right.

  16. You are no more worthy of doing this than another human being is, so do not take this as any special person.

  17. Remember to spread the influence and the power of the truth throughout the world.


  1. Some serious disturbances will breakout concerning the path to the truth.

  2. They will go against one another over the prosperity of their past over the other.

  3. A great number of people will go against one another, to those who do believe, and to those who do not believe.

  4. The ones who do not believe will go against the ones who do believe because they will have been persecuted by those who do believe.

  5. A great battle will then begin and those who know of the truth will take no part in it.

  6. The path to the truth lies between atheism and deistic religion.

  7. There is a balance that one must fulfill in order to reach the most direct path into this truth.

  8. Explain this to those who do not believe and those who believe in it too much.

  9. After the battle, many spirits will have perished but the spirits of those who know the truth will never die out.

  10. These things are undeniable, so you must teach others of the entire truth.

  11. Settle everything in a lawful and intelligent conversation that you may come to a fuller truth and understanding.

  12. There is no cause for the demonstrations and there is no reason for the bloodshed.


  1. Thus you shall gather all the people again and speak a farewell speech to those that you have taught.

  2. All of those who have come to you from the first day were once dead, but are now living in the truth and will live and strive towards a greater understanding of their place in the world.

  3. Through all their tears and trials they will have flocked and they will have come out to know of the entire truth.

  4. Bear witness to those who have suffered to come and know the truth.

  5. Encourage them to go out and teach others of the truth.

  6. Be compelled by your spirit to go where ever you want to going to do whatever you want to do.

  7. If the spirit is not strong enough, then you will go on to bigger and better things.

  8. What happens after your life and the nature of the deities will never be known, but you can know of these things in the best sense through the balance which you shall achieve.

  9. I may never see some of your faces again.

  10. No one on earth is responsible for your actions but you.

  11. I will not stray from what I am teaching, for what I know what I am teaching is the entire truth.

  12. Keep watch over yourselves and towards others so that all people may have a better life in the end.

  13. After my departure, those who want to hide the truth from you and will see you and they will not spare you.

  14. They will pull you away from the truth and they will try to pervert it by hiding behind religious dogma.

  15. Be vigilant and remember these things.

  16. May your spirit build you up and give you the inheritance of all those who have suffered were preaching of the truth.

  17. Your needs will be well served by your spirit which gives you life.

  18. Keep in mind the words of the truth which have been spoken by all who have been enlightened, for it is more blessed to give than to receive.


  1. After you return from your journey, you will go back to the place which you had left.

  2. Those who came with you will also return to the place from which they have left.

  3. You will be welcomed warmly back into your hometown and speaking of this great truth.

  4. All who supported you will be present with you and will tell you the things that happened.

  5. Many will have fallen away so that you have stayed and will strengthen others, especially those who are doubtful.

  6. Those who have left you and found their own path will try and persecute you, but remember that your past is your own and you should embrace the path which you have taken.

  7. You will be purified by taking the path which you have chosen because the path you have chosen will be the path that you will be most happy with.

  8. Those who are going down a certain path but are unhappy should not have to go down that path out of fear.

  9. Do not be afraid to seek your own path to the truth, for your path to the truth will lead you to your own salvation.


  1. Those who come out against you to try to arrest you will not have the any reason to do so.

  2. They will defile you for causing dissent and disturbing the social order of things.

  3. They will bring you into their temples and try you for teaching the most utter hip-hop perceive.

  4. The whole city will be in turmoil because the one who teaches the truth will have been taken away.

  5. An argument will ensue in their temples and in the end, the one with the most power have deceived all.

  6. They will cast you away, but remember that the word will always be with the people.

  7. Come back in defense with the following statement to the people, those who know and do not know the truth.

  8. Remember that you used to be like one of them and you have chosen to follow your own path.

  9. You will recognize that you have been persecuted by them because you do not believe in the same things that they believe.

  10. You will come to testify of your innocence to the entire world, for this land of liberty was founded on freedom.

  11. Remember of the visions and the Angels which have come into your life.

  12. Remember the people which have changed your life.

  13. Remember those who persecute you throughout your life.

  14. Remember your elders who have given you wisdom and guidance throughout your life.

  15. Remember your visions and your destiny, so that your life may be fulfilling and beneficial for all.

  16. Your foundation to your entire life will start with you.

  17. What you do with that truth is up to you and you alone.

  18. Remember to follow the laws of the land and to do everything beneficial to the society and the culture you have been placed in.

  19. Remember to know your will, so that your spirit may be strengthened in accordance with the destiny that you have been foreseen to do.

  20. You will be a witness to everything that happens in your life and you will hear the sound of the voice of those who have come and gone in your life.

  21. Be washed away of all the sufferings of your world so that you may have a better life.

  22. You will be called upon by name to earnestly seek the truth while doing good towards other people.

  23. Remember these words and encourage the people to go out and teach others in their own congregations.

  24. Your message will be sent to all those who do not believe in you or the truth that you have given to all the people.

  25. I looked intently those who persecuted me and ask them, by what conscious they persecute me on this day.

  26. They told me that their gods would come and strike you down and that they are to hold judgment upon me.

  27. I asked them what authority they had put judgment upon me, for no human has judgment over another human while they are alive.

  28. For it is written that you were not allowed to cast judgment upon others, for judgment is left after death.

  29. I am aware will that those who persecute near the ones who aren’t the most deceived and the ones who deceive the masses.

  30. You will become divided in what you want to do towards me.

  31. Remember that the Angels and Spirits have spoken to me.

  32. Take encourage, for my cause has been witnessed by many, and now the truth shall go to all corners of the earth.


  1. Some days later, I was persecuted again placed for another court.

  2. They will have accused me for causing dissidence among their populace, but I do not preach any words of hatred or any words of work towards another person.

  3. They will have put me on trial again because they claim that I have not spoken the truth these people.

  4. I will not try to convert any others without their consent and I will not desecrate any temples unless it belongs to me.

  5. Examine for yourself the reasons why you are to persecute me, and you will find no reason to.

  6. Those who do not even believe in the truth will get behind me because I have done no wrong according to what is your law.

  7. The court will then find my case right, and they could not find anything to persecute me for.

  8. They then will find another thing to persecute me for.

  9. They will accuse me for believing something that is unusual to them.

  10. My defense will be that I have said nothing that they cannot agree with, for I have reached out to all of those who have tried the persecute me.

  11. Those who used to persecute me had changed sides to me because they saw no wrong in me, but they saw a great deal of right.

  12. I have the same hopes that they have, and I have the same values that they had.

  13. What I have done is in accordance with the prophecies that have been written in times past and the teachings that have been taught by those who were enlightened.

  14. I only ask that you discover yourself and that you discover the truth for yourself and that you discover the freedom for yourself.

  15. You have no other persecutions against me, so in accordance with your laws, I should be able to be let go.

  16. I will be given orders to be set free, but you still insist on keeping watch over me.

  17. My case has been decided, so do as you will and I will follow whatever you wanted me to.

  18. You may try to break me down, but I tell you that I will never be broken in spirit.


  1. In these days, I had to go up to the highest masters of the religions which I had left to answer to their deeds.

  2. They present their own charges against me.

  3. They plotted against me and they had come up with excuses to arrest me and put me away.

  4. I tell them to accuse me of these things, and to let your authorities come down upon me, because I am not afraid because I have not done anything improper towards you.

  5. I will humble you because you will not be able to prove anything that I have done wrong.

  6. I have committed no crime against the laws of the land or the laws of your religion.

  7. I have committed no crime; in fact, I began by reaching out to the things which I now go against because a revolution starts from within.

  8. Do your worst against me, for there is nothing spiritual or physical that will separate me from what I have talked to the people around the world.

  9. I now appeal to you so that you do not have to persecute me and set a bad example for yourself.


  1. I have spent quite a few days inside the prisons, but I was set free because no charges could be sent against me.

  2. They demanded by condemnation, but they were unable to find anything to accuse me of.

  3. The accusers stood around me, but I was not charge of any of the crimes that I was accused of doing.

  4. They had some issues with me because did not coincide with their teachings and ended their preaching.

  5. No law protects any religion over another in a free land.

  6. Freedom of religion does not mean you have the right to bash on others, freedom of religion means that you are free to practice and to preach anything that you want.

  7. We do not seek to take your rights away; rather, we seek to expand rights to those same people that you choose to persecute.

  8. The people of prominence will come to me and asked me for various pieces of advice.

  9. No one is deserving of being forced to do anything that they are not comfortable with doing so.

  10. I have not written anything against your religion, rather, the very things that I teach practice in the nature of your religion.

  11. I am a prisoner to you but I have no charges against me.


  1. I will now speak in my offense to all those who try to persecute me.

  2. I am here to defend myself because the charges brought against me were for nothing.

  3. I consider myself fortunate, for I have been acquitted of all the false charges against me.

  4. Listen to me patiently for my words are good in you for the salvation of all the world.

  5. I have spent my life living the same life and the same things that society left in all of you.

  6. I have known from the start that I was to do great things, and I lived as all of you live in the same society and the same culture.

  7. I am now up for trial because of what I tell you through the experiences that you all have gone through.

  8. I hope to attain salvation in my life and to see the light through my experiences, and now I want all of you to experience the same happiness and bliss.

  9. I once thought that I had to do many things in order to reach the heavens.

  10. I did these things and chastise others because they believed differently than I did.

  11. I punish those because I thought that they were going against the teachings and the religions of this day.

  12. I traveled a journey, a great journey nonetheless, through my life and experiencing many things in order to come to a fuller knowledge of the truth and all that is contained within it.

  13. I was the one who is persecuting myself for believing such false doctrines in order to attain the heavens.

  14. My destiny was set forth before me, and I went for it and now I am sharing with you everything that I have experienced.

  15. Open your eyes that you may turn from the darkness into the light and from the power of suffering into the power of the light so that you may obtain forgiveness of all bad deeds you’ve done in your life and inheritance by all who share in the same covenant as you.

  16. I was not disobedient to my vision.

  17. I told people to seek the truth as I am doing now.

  18. The religious leaders of the day see me and tried to accuse me so that they could tell me.

  19. I must suffer so that everyone else may attain the light and so, I am here to suffer for the sake of the truth.


  1. I am speaking to you in truth and reason.

  2. I cannot believe that none of this has stuck with you.

  3. I believe in the prophet before me and I shall be one with them in the heavens.

  4. I will persuade you successfully to seek and embrace the truth which has been revealed to you on this very day.

  5. Break the chains of the sufferings in the traditions of old and come into the ways of the new.

  6. I have done nothing to deserve any of the guilt which has been laid on me.

  7. The truth has set me free and so the truth shall set you free.

  8. I shall travel this journey through suffering in order to come into the city of lights.

  9. I will stay on my journey of suffering until the very end of my days.

  10. Upon my death, I will seek and find the light that I have so long hoped for.

  11. Once you reach the light, the heavens will be as you make of the heavens.

  12. If you seek to live in a hell like state, then you will live in a hell like state, but if you seek to reach the heavens, then you will be in the heavens forever and ever.


  1. I have done nothing against the people of your ancestors and the customs vary in.

  2. I have done nothing against the people to deserve the persecution I fought against.

  3. I have appealed to the government and the government set me free because of the separation of church and state.

  4. I have requested to speak to you because I wear these chains of suffering which I’m about to break free from.

  5. Rumors have started about me, but these rumors are not true.

  6. I know that the truth is denounced everywhere in exchange for blind faith, but I am telling you that blind faith is the wrong way to go.

  7. I have arranged all of you to come today so that I may speak the last words and the actions which I have taken from the time of the beginning to the time of now and went into the time of the future until the very last of my days.

  8. Some of you will be convinced and others will not believe.

  9. Pure prophets in the past have spoken and said, go to the people, for they will hear but not understand and look but never see.

  10. The hearts of the people are hard and they will not hear, and they will not open their eyes.

  11. They will not understand and their hearts will never be right, but one day they will see the truth and the light at the end of their days.

  12. Let it be known that the salvation has been sent to you by your spirit and it lies with and you.

  13. All who come to the truth will receive the truth.

  14. I assure you and without hindrance that I am proclaiming the truth of the kingdom and it will be found inside of you now and forever.

  15. The words will never pass away at all, but generations shall come to know of this truth.

  16. This is how strongly I believe in it, and this is how strongly that everyone should believe and embrace in it and then get through the suffering of the world.