The Anthem Maker numbers 150 songs.

The superscriptions derive from ancient tradition, and they contain technical terms, many of them apparently liturgical, which are no longer known to us. They come to us at different times and at different content over time.

Two important features of the Anthems deserve special notice. First, the majority were composed originally precisely for liturgical worship. This is shown by the frequent indication of liturgical leaders interacting with the community. Secondly, they follow certain distinct patterns or literary forms. Thus, the hymn is a song of praise, in which a community is urged joyfully to sing out the praise of the spirit. Various reasons are given for this praise such as the divine work of creation and sustenance. Some of the hymns have received a more specific classification, based on content. The “Songs of the light” are so called because they exalt the city in which the divine dwells among the people. Characteristic of the songs of praise is the joyful summons to get involved in the activity.

Another type of anthem is similar to the hymn: the thanksgiving anthem. This too is a song of praise acknowledging the spirit as the rescuer of the anthemist from a desperate situation. Very often the anthemist will give a flashback, recounting the past distress, and the plea that was uttered. The setting for such prayers seems to have been the offering of a sacrifice with friends in the Temple.

There are more anthems of lament than of any other type. They may be individual or communal. Although they usually begin with a cry for help, they develop in various ways. The description of the distress is couched in the broad imagery typical of the text—in such a way that one cannot pinpoint the exact nature of the anthemist’s plight. However, some seem to refer clearly to deliverance from sin. Several laments end on a note of certainty that the spirit has heard the prayer, and the anthemist has been characterized as a movement from lament to praise. If this is somewhat of an exaggeration, it serves at least to emphasize the frequent expressions of trust which characterize the lament. In some cases it would seem as if the theme of trust has been lifted out to form a literary type all its own.

Other anthems are clearly classified on account of content, and they may be in themselves laments or anthems of thanksgiving. Among the “royal” anthems that deal directly with the currently reigning king. Many of the royal anthems were given a messianic interpretation by many people. In tradition they were preserved, even after kingship had disappeared, because they were read in the light of the covenant. Certain anthems are called wisdom anthems because they seem to betray the influence of the concerns of the ages, but there is no general agreement as to the number of these prayers. Somewhat related to the wisdom Although the majority of the anthems have a liturgical setting, there are certain prayers that may be termed “liturgies,” so clearly does their structure reflect a liturgical incident.

It is obvious that not all of the anthems can be pigeon-holed into neat classifications, but even a brief sketch of these types help us to catch the structure and spirit of the anthems we read. It has been rightly said that the anthems are “a school of prayer.” They not only provide us with models to follow, but inspire us to voice our own deepest feelings and aspirations.



  1. Who is the one who does not walk among the wicked and stand with those who seek to cause harm.

  2. The joy of the one is in himself as he meditates day and night.

  3. That one is like a tree who never withers, but prospers.

  4. Those who are not righteous are not that way.

  5. They will be given to know what right to judge others and will they be allowed to assemble with like-minded people.

  6. The wicked leads to ruin.


  1. Nations will protest and people will be in vain.

  2. Even the leaders will plot against the ones who are righteous.

  3. They will not shackle us or chain us.

  4. The one who is like-minded is protected always.

  5. They will get angry and the bad will become terrifying.

  6. They will rise to be king.

  7. They will proclaim the decree against the wicked.

  8. They will give all people the inheritance and the possessions to the ends of the earth.

  9. They will be shepherded or they will be shattered.

  10. Judges on earth will judge of the kings of the earth.

  11. There is something greater which you will accept or you will perish when the anger suddenly comes.


  1. Many will be against you and many will rise against you.

  2. Many will say that I am on the path to unrighteous.

  3. I am shielded by my own confidence but I also have humility.

  4. I call out to my will and my spirit will answer me.

  5. I fall asleep and I wake up in the cycle of life.

  6. I do not fear those who are against me on every side.

  7. You are your own savior and you will go against all your foes.

  8. You will be blessed always when you rise up against your foes.


  1. Set me free from troubles and take pity on me, for you always answer me when I call, my spirit who guides me.

  2. All the people will be hardened and they will have worthless lives.

  3. I can work wonders and bring people to like my decrees.

  4. I will tremble at and no longer let my vices take advantage of me.

  5. I will trust in myself and I will sacrifice my life for the sake of all.

  6. Many ask for the better times and they expect it to be handed to them.

  7. Everyone has been given gifts and wisdom to achieve the impossible themselves.

  8. They will be secure in their own piece which they themselves will create.


  1. Give ear to my words and understand me.

  2. Come to me, for I have something to say to the people of the world.

  3. You will hear my voice every morning and I will cry out for you as you wait.

  4. You should not be one who delights in bad deeds.

  5. Arrogance cannot stand and evil will fall.

  6. Those who speak or act falsely will be condemned.

  7. Have mercy on your enemies to come into your house and you ask for forgiveness out of fear of you.

  8. You will bring justice because your foes will ask and pay for your forgiveness.

  9. Their hearts may have been corrupted and their lips may have spoken lies, but they will come to you heartbroken.

  10. They are guilty by their own devices and they have fallen but you have the ability to drive out there since.

  11. All who come to you shall be glad and forever shout for joy because they have been forgiven.

  12. You have set them free and they will thank you.

  13. They will be just because you’re just and you give them many blessings.


  1. Do not be angry with me or punish me.

  2. Have pity on me for I am weak.

  3. My soul is weak and I carry the burden of guilt.

  4. Rescue me and save me because of your compassion.

  5. I will have a bad legacy at death because of what I have done to you.

  6. I feel guilty all night long when I weep and I have grown weary.

  7. I am weak and worn out because I have done wrong to you.

  8. I reject all the evil things I have done and you have heard the sound of my weeping.

  9. Hear my plea and forgive me for what I have done to you.

  10. You’ll no longer be a foe to me because I come to you utterly disgraced.

  11. I trust you to save me and to rescue me from all who come after me.

  12. My body is nothing but my soul is forever.

  13. There is guilt on my hands always, for I have always done something wrong.

  14. I have mistreated someone and I have oppressed others.

  15. My enemy will pursue and overtaken, and trampled my life to the ground and it will bring me great shame.


  1. Forgive me, for all that I’ve been angry at you for all the impressions I have given you.

  2. Have witnesses to my begging of forgiveness.

  3. You can pass judgment on me and judge me according to my actions and my heart’s intent.

  4. Let all of the guilt go and you alone can make that possible.

  5. Help may be upbeat of heart.

  6. Forgiveness is just and will always lead to the path of a better life.

  7. Always repent and seek forgiveness from those who you have wronged.

  8. Do not to go at people who ask for forgiveness anger wrath.

  9. Consider how they feel about themselves for doing wrong to you.

  10. They have made it fit for themselves which they cannot get out of without your help.

  11. Others will turn against them and they will be violent towards themselves.

  12. They will thank you because of your forgiveness and they are able to move on as you will.


  1. The creator is the mightiest spirit through all the earth the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

  2. Is the silent avenger and it is the creator of all laws of nature.

  3. It set in motion the creation of all things.

  4. You should be mindful of the things that come before you were living on earth.

  5. You will not have as much glory and honor as it.

  6. It does not rule you personally but it has given new life.

  7. All things know the greatness of the good spirit of the creator.

  8. The creator dwells and inhabits a state you cannot reach until death.

  9. Its name is awesome through all the earth and through all times.


  1. If you do wondrous deeds, people will thank you with all their hearts.

  2. They will delight in you and give you thanks.

  3. Your enemies will turn back to you, but they will not stand against the heavens.

  4. For you represent all that is right and just and you are allowed to judge those who judge you.

  5. You will destroy the wicked and your name will be glorified for all time.

  6. Your enemies will be angry, but they will come back on your side.

  7. No one will rule forever and no one will be upon the throne of all judgments.

  8. It is all people who judge each other through their actions on us.

  9. The just will be a stronghold for those who are oppressed.

  10. Those who know you will trust in you and will never forsake you.

  11. They will proclaim your actions to all nations.

  12. You will die for them and they will remember you forever.

  13. Your foes will afflict you and you will stand alone near the gates of death.

  14. You will leave that coming out better than when you went in.

  15. All people fall into a pit they themselves dug and they will get caught in their own traps.

  16. You will never make judgment on those who make mistakes in their light, but repent of those mistakes.

  17. The wicked will leave you and will forget you.

  18. The needy should never be forgotten and their hope will never fade.

  19. No mortal will prevail over all nations.

  20. The nations should know that they are only human.


  1. You will not stand a far and you cannot right the ways of trouble.

  2. Bad people pursue the weak and will trap them.

  3. The wicked will boast of what they have and they will curse and scorn everything that they deem lesser than them.

  4. They will boast and they will not care how they hurt others.

  5. Their affairs always seem to succeed and they will ignore your judgments.

  6. They say they will never fail.

  7. They are full of lies and discord and evil.

  8. They will watch for helpless people and murder the innocent.

  9. They will trap the poor and smear them.

  10. They are crushing the helpless and they hold power of the wicked ones.

  11. They will say in their hearts that justice has forgotten them, and they will never look.

  12. They will be wronged and no one will forget the poor.

  13. They scorn that which they should not.

  14. Take matters into your own hands and look at the misery and sorrow of the world, and that will make you to be a better person.

  15. Break through the wicked ones and make them pay for their crimes.

  16. The nations will banish those who oppress others.

  17. You will listen to the needs of the poor and strengthen them.

  18. You give justice to those who are oppressed or orphaned and terror will never be with them again.


  1. Take refuge in the spirit and be led by your spirit because you are lost without it.

  2. See how the wicked will come against you in shoot at your heart.

  3. If your foundation is destroyed, you are nothing.

  4. You are the temple of your spirit when it is not in the heavens, and your ancestors will test you.

  5. The people will test the righteous and wicked and judge them according to works.

  6. Those who do bad deeds will not gain access into the heavens.

  7. The righteous will see the heavens because of their good deeds.

  8. No one loyal will remain in the faithful and go away from their lives.

  9. They will deceive you and tell you lies.


  1. May all the deceptions leave your life and everyone who boast leave you too.

  2. You will not prevail with what you say because your speech means nothing.

  3. The greedy will rob the weak and he will not stand for it and grant those who long for their life to being normal in their wishes.

  4. The promises are sure because the generosity should be brought out in all of us.

  5. Your posterity will be preserved in you will be protected for all generations.

  6. The wicked will always be around and those who are without shame will not be granted access to the heavens.


  1. How long will those who are nothing be forgotten?

  2. How long will their faces be hidden?

  3. How long would their souls be in sorrow and grieve day after day?

  4. Give light to those who are forgotten lest they be dead in the eyes of many.

  5. The enemies will say that they have prevailed, and they will rejoice at the downfall of the forgotten.

  6. My heart should be full of joy in the salvation I receive.


  1. The fool says that there is no creator because their deeds are corrupt.

  2. The wise one will see the truth and will seek it with all their hearts.

  3. All people will go astray and all people are alike and they do not do good out of the goodness of their hearts.

  4. Will those who do evil never learn?

  5. They have a good reason to fear because the wise are also wise in spirit.

  6. Those who do not believe will crush the hopes of the poor but the poor will have their spirit.

  7. Zion will come for the foundation of many.

  8. Zion will come for the salvation of many.

  9. All the people be restored and the truth.

  10. Who will abide in you and dwell in you?


  1. Whoever does what is right is speaking from the heart.

  2. Whoever does no harm to anyone speaks truth from the heart.

  3. Whoever honors those who are rich in spirit will always have a place in the heavens.

  4. Nothing will come against the innocent.

  5. Whoever acts like this and does good deeds will never be suffering.


  1. Keep me safe and take me in refuge.

  2. I say that you are my comforting guide.

  3. All who are noble will dwell in this land.

  4. Other gods will not make the same sacrifice that the creator will make.

  5. My destiny is secure in the comfort of my spirit.

  6. My inheritance is secure for my posterity.

  7. The one who consoles me keeps me comforted at night.

  8. I will always remember my spirit because it is always with me.

  9. My heart is glad and my soul rejoices.

  10. My spirit will not abandon me and it will not leave my side.

  11. It has shown me the path of life and gives me joy in life and I delight in it forever.


  1. Hear my plea for justice and listen.

  2. My spirit sees what is right for me and I should listen.

  3. I have been tested and I have searched for meaning.

  4. I have not denied you as others do and I take each year instruction.

  5. I have kept to the path and have not faltered.

  6. I call upon you so answer me.

  7. Show me the mercy you have so that I can take refuge in you.

  8. Keep me in your thoughts and come for me.

  9. My destiny will come for me.

  10. Their hearts are closed and they are now full of pride.

  11. They watch me closely as I do wrong.

  12. They are eager for me so that they can come against me.

  13. Confront them and cast them down and rescue me.

  14. Put them in their place so that they seek forgiveness from me.

  15. I am the one who is innocent, so let me be filled with the presence of my spirit.


  1. I love my spirit, my strength.

  2. My spirit is my rock of refuge.

  3. My spirit is my stronghold and it guides me.

  4. I have been delivered through the guidance of my spirit.

  5. Death will encompass me and destruction terrifies me.

  6. Death lies in wait for me always.

  7. Deliver me from my fear of death so that I do not fear anymore.

  8. Let my foundation be strong so that I do not hold all the clutches of suffering.

  9. Suffering devours all of those who let it.

  10. They will not see the world for what it is and try to cast it away.

  11. Fly on wings like an eagle and to the heavens.

  12. Darkness will give way into the light.

  13. The darkness and clouds have passed.

  14. My spirit will make a great sound of my voice and give me wisdom.

  15. All that which is caused me to suffer will be scattered and will be taken away from me.

  16. The foundation will be laid for me and my life will go from suffering into bliss.

  17. My spirit has delivered me out of the deep waters of suffering.

  18. I had been rescued from a mighty enemy and powerful those.

  19. I was attacked on the day of my suffering.

  20. I was set free because my spirit guides me.

  21. My righteousness was acknowledged and I was rewarded.

  22. I was not disloyal to my spirit.

  23. I was not cast aside because of my good deeds.

  24. I was honest and I was against suffering.

  25. I was rewarded for my righteousness.

  26. Be faithful to who you are and be honest with yourself.

  27. Be pure of heart and persevere in the face of suffering.

  28. Humble people are saved and pride is cast down.

  29. The light was given to the darkness.

  30. You can do anything with the guidance of your spirit.

  31. You have been promised and you have been protected so seek refuge in the spirit.


  1. Your spirit is the rock of your foundation.

  2. Your spirit will keep you on your path and towards your destiny.

  3. Your spirit will set you free.

  4. You will be trained by your spirit.

  5. You have been given safety in the spirit which upholds you.

  6. You will never be harmed in the guidance of your spirit.

  7. You will overtake your enemies and he will destroy all that which makes you suffer.

  8. You will decimate it so that it will not rise again to take you.

  9. You will be given valor and your opponents will be subjugated.

  10. Your life will be exposed and those who hated you will be silenced.

  11. No one saved them and their cries for help.

  12. They will be ground to dust.

  13. You will be rescued from their strife and you have been made heard by your spirit.

  14. As soon as they heard you, they will obey you and they will ask and beg for forgiveness.

  15. They will come cowering and you will do good in your heart.

  16. Blessed be the rock which you rely upon.

  17. Your spirit is vengeance to those that abuse you.

  18. You will be saved from your enemies and from the suffering which the world provides.

  19. You will praise your spirit because your spirit guides you in every way.

  20. You will show mercy to those who come to you and forgiveness that you can live in posterity forever.


  1. The heavens declare the glory of the Creator.

  2. Seek the truth day after day and dream night after night.

  3. There is nothing that can be hidden forever.

  4. You’re deeds will be remembered until the end of your life.

  5. Your life will run its course but the earth will continue forever.

  6. Nothing escapes anyone in life because of the state of the world.

  7. The soul is perfect and refreshes the body.

  8. Wisdom is given to those who can speak the truth.

  9. The enlightened ones are clear in the guidance of the spirit.

  10. The gifts are pure and good forever.

  11. The gifts are more desirable than any possession and sweeter than any sweet.

  12. You have been warned of the deception, so seeking the truth will bring rewards.

  13. You will be cleansed from the suffering of the world.

  14. Suffering will never be able to control you if you are strong.

  15. Let the words of my mouth be acceptable in your heart so that your spirit can become your rock.

  16. May your spirit answer you when you’re distressed.

  17. May you get help from the heavens and support from others.

  18. Remember all that you sacrifice so that you can be blessed.

  19. Grant that everything in your destiny goes to fruition.

  20. May you shout in victory at the sights of glory.


  1. Victory will be given to the ones who are anointed and enlightened.

  2. They will rely on the name of truth alone.

  3. They will fall in body but their word will endure forever.

  4. Answer when the truth comes to you so that you may come to a better understanding of the truth.

  5. Power will give you willpower and bring you joy and peace in righteousness.

  6. The desires of your heart will be granted and doing nothing you have asked for will not be requested.

  7. You have welcomed your spirit and good blessings through your spirit are the crown on your head.

  8. You gave life to your spirit so that your days may be forever.

  9. Great is your victory and you will receive the majesty and splendor of the King.

  10. May your blessings be with you forever.

  11. For a great leader trusts in their own strength and they stand firm in the face of all that causes suffering.

  12. Your enemies will fall before you.

  13. Their own suffering will consume them in deep power them.

  14. All of their descendants will be wiped from the face of the Earth.

  15. They will not succeed in devising a plot against you.

  16. You will put them to fight and they will not succeed.

  17. All will sing and chant of your might when your enemies have been vanquished.


  1. Why have you abandoned me?

  2. I called by day but there is no answer.

  3. Yet few are worshiped by many people as a God.

  4. Even my own fathers trusted in you.

  5. In the past, they cried out in this heat of the wrath and were not disappointed.

  6. I am scorned by man and despised by all.

  7. I will be marked by all who see the need.

  8. I relied on the false gods, but now I relied solely upon my spirit.

  9. Through my spirit, I was drawn forth and nurtured from the beginning of my life until now.

  10. I came from the beginning to the end and my spirit will always be with me.

  11. Trouble is near, but my spirit will always be with me and not the false gods.

  12. My enemies will surround me.

  13. They go against me and I will wage war against them in return.

  14. My heart will melt away from me and my life will drain away.

  15. I lay in the dust of death and I wait for it to come in.

  16. My enemies surround me and they are closing in on me.

  17. They come to me and mock me and beat me.

  18. They will cast away everything that I own.

  19. My spirit, my strength, will come quickly to help me.

  20. Deliver my soul from the sword so that my enemies can be gripped.

  21. My spirit will save me from all my enemies.

  22. I praise my spirit among all the people.

  23. My honor and reverence goes to that which is more powerful than I.

  24. My spirit never turns away from me and it is the one I cried to.

  25. I offer everything in the great assembly of the world.

  26. The poor will get what they need and those who seek will have answered and those who hearts long for it will rejoice in it.

  27. All the ends of the earth will remember and turn towards one another.

  28. The ruler of all nations wants us to become one.

  29. All who dwell on the earth shall come together in peace and harmony.

  30. Their descendants will be blessed by the work of their ancestors.

  31. This generation may come to know that humanity is the most important thing to watch for on the planet.


  1. There is nothing I lack in the spirit that provides for me.

  2. Everything that I have worked for shall come to me.

  3. My soul has been restored and I have been guided on the right path.

  4. Even though I walk in the world full of death, I will fear no evil, for my spirit will be with me forever.

  5. A table has been set in front of my enemies and I have been anointed.

  6. Goodness and mercy will come to me for all the days of my life and I will dwell in the bliss forever.


  1. All who dwell on the earth is accounted for and owns all of the Earth.

  2. The Earth was founded for the benefit of all mankind.

  3. Who can stand in the holy place of the heavens without coming to the Earth?

  4. The clean in your who have sought the light will have the light.

  5. Blessings will come from the heavens for not giving in suffering.

  6. The generation that seeks the light, will attain the light.

  7. The gates will be lifted and the portals will be opened, so that glory may enter.

  8. The King of glory, the strong and mighty, the mighty of war will enter through the gate.

  9. The portals will give way to the King of glory.

  10. The King of glory is the one who created all and the one who is to send the prophets to the Earth.


  1. I lift my soul to the heavens.

  2. I will not be disgraced and I will not let my enemies overcome me.

  3. The ones who have disgraced you will not wait for you for they are without a cause.

  4. Your paths will be known and the ways of the heavens will be known.

  5. I will be taught and guided by my spirit, my Savior.

  6. Remember all the good deeds I have done on the Earth.

  7. Do not remember the bad things I have done, remember me according to the word which I have built.

  8. The way will be shown to those who were good and right.

  9. The humble will be guided in righteousness.

  10. All of these paths are full of mercy and truth towards the ones to honor the covenant of humanity.

  11. Your guilt will be pardoned.

  12. The one who fears is the one who will know the way.

  13. They will abide in prosperity as will their descendants.

  14. Counsel will come to those who fear and the covenant which they kept.

  15. My eyes are always open to the truth which has set me free.

  16. Look upon me and have pity on me.

  17. Will I leave the troubles that I hold in my heart?

  18. Bring me out of the distress and look upon my suffering.

  19. Look at how your enemies come to me and take away all that held me back.

  20. Preserve me and rescue me for I do not want to be disgraced.

  21. Let righteousness preserve me as I wait for the day of my death.

  22. Redeem me from all that I distress from.


  1. Judge me for the works which I have done.

  2. Examine me and ask me.

  3. I will be guided by my works.

  4. I do not sit with the hypocrites.

  5. I hate those who are evil towards other humans.

  6. My innocence will be washed away when I become like them.

  7. I will not be able to recount my deeds of wonder.

  8. Remember the dwelling place which you have come from.

  9. Do not compare me to those who do bad deeds.

  10. There is a plot of evil in the hands of those who do bad deeds.

  11. I walk in honesty and integrity.

  12. I have a good foundation so I should be compared to those who do good deeds.


  1. My spirit is my light and they keep my salvation.

  2. When evildoers come for me to devour me, they will stumble and fall before me.

  3. Those who go against me will not fear me, so I should not fear them in the face of war.

  4. I seek the truth all the days of my life.

  5. I will be sheltered in times of trouble when I have the truth inside of me.

  6. I will offer everything to know of the truth.

  7. Hear my voice when I call and I will receive an answer.

  8. I seek the truth and my heart will receive that truth.

  9. Do not hide from me, for I will repel you because you are angry with me.

  10. Even those who love me will forsake me, but my spirit will take me and guide me.

  11. I will be shown the way and they level path to the truth.

  12. The world will go against me, but my spirits will never go against me.

  13. I believe that goodness can come from the chaos of the world.

  14. I will wait and take courage against all that which causes suffering in the world.

  15. I call my spirit, my rock.

  16. I will join my spirit so that I am not thrust into the pit of the darkness.

  17. I will cry to my spirit for help and my spirit will guide me to a better place.

  18. I will not be drug to a God who has worshippers who do wrong.

  19. Those who do wrong will have to repay for the deeds they have done.

  20. They do not understand the work of the hands of their spirit which guides them.


  1. Blessed is the one who hears the sounds of the pleading of their hearts.

  2. Your spirit is the strength in the fields of your life, so you should not deny it.

  3. Your spirit is strength for you and the refuge for all that guides you.

  4. You will be blessed if you trust in your spirit forever and ever.

  5. Give to your spirit your glory and might so that your spirit will to be glorious and mighty.

  6. Give to your spirit all that you hold to be true, and your spirit will repay you with blessings from the heavens.

  7. Evidence of the creator of the world is everywhere.

  8. The voice of that creator is in everything.

  9. The voice of the creator is in everything that humanity has made.

  10. Everything that humanity has created is because of the promptings of their spirit.

  11. The spirit strikes down all those who go against you.

  12. The spirit will make everything better for you.

  13. The spirit shall sit enthroned as the King of your life.

  14. They might come to you and may blessings from the heavens come and be with you.


  1. The dedication of the Temple shall come to this Earth.

  2. Your enemies will not rejoice because they will not have conquered you.

  3. You will have been healed by your spirit and strengthened by them as well.

  4. You brought me up from the depths of the world and rise above those who cast me down.

  5. Give thanks to the memory of your ancestors would have given you the truth.

  6. Your anger will last but a moment, but your blessings will last you a lifetime.

  7. You will never be shaken with the strength of your spirit.

  8. You have been shown favoring by the virtue which you possess and spread to the world.

  9. I shall cry out to the ones who will give me mercy.

  10. There is no gain with the suffering of others.

  11. Have mercy on those who ask for your forgiveness.

  12. You will change the wording of the world into dancing and all the world will be filled with gladness.

  13. Do not be silent and spread the virtues out to the entire world.


  1. I shall take refuge in you and I will never be put to shame.

  2. Deliver me in righteousness.

  3. Hear me and make haste to come for me.

  4. You are my foundation and my fortress and it is by you that I am guided.

  5. Free me from where they have me down and into your hands, for I come before you and you will redeem me.

  6. I hate those who serve false gods.

  7. I will rejoice in the mercy you give me and I am glad you have known the distress I hate.

  8. You will not abandon me to my enemy, but you shall set me free.

  9. Come for me for I am distress and afflicted by all the things of the world.

  10. I am worn out and my strength fails because I am afflicted.

  11. My foes have scorned me and my neighbors will shun me and my friends will be horrified at me.

  12. I am forgotten and out of minds of all people.

  13. I hear the crowd and terror is all around me, and they conspire to take me away.

  14. But I trust in you, my spirit.

  15. My destiny is in your hands and you shall rescue me from those who are my foes.

  16. May you shine upon me and save me in the great mercy which you have given to me.

  17. Do not let me be put to shame, but let those who go against me be put to shame.

  18. Strike them down, those who speak arrogantly are mean and against those like me.


  1. How great is your goodness, for you display it to those who trust in you and you have it for those who fear you the most.

  2. You conceal me away from those who try and go against me.

  3. I am blessed to have you and you have shown yourself to be marvelous.

  4. Though I am cut off from you, I feel that you will come to me when I plead for your help.

  5. All of those who are faithful shall love you and the arrogance shall be repaid.

  6. Be strong and take heart.


  1. Blessed is the one who has no fault and who suffering has been conquered.

  2. Blessed is the one that has no guilt for their spirit has no deceit.

  3. Because of my silence, I was cast away into the world.

  4. My strength was with me and day and night, my heart was heavy.

  5. I confessed all the things to you and I did not hide anything.

  6. I shared with you the things that I hold most dear, and all the guilt was taken away from me.

  7. Though the world threatens with suffering, they will never reach those who trust in their spirit.

  8. I am guarded from distress and I am surrounded by joy.

  9. The truth will instruct you and show you the way, and it will give you counsel and strength.

  10. Do not be without understanding, for then the world will come at you.

  11. Many of the sorrows of the ones who are full of suffering are from this world.

  12. Mercy surrounds the ones who have brought their urge to you.

  13. Be glad to be righteous and the upright of heart always.


  1. Rejoice, for it is fitting for you to be upright in the face of the world.

  2. Give thanks to those who have guided you along your journey to the path of truth.

  3. Play with a joyful chance that a life for you shall celebrated in the eternities.

  4. You should trust in the works that you do for your work will always be good.

  5. Those who are righteous and full of justice are loved by those who are full of mercy and forgiveness.

  6. The entire world was made in the beginning because of the word.

  7. The entire world was shaped because of the processes set forth at the beginning.

  8. All who dwell in the world shall fear the world.

  9. That which created the world set forth the laws at the beginning.

  10. People have the power to control their own destiny.

  11. The truth will stand forever and all generations will desire it.

  12. Blessed are the ones who know the truth because the truth has set them free.


  1. Your spirit looked down from the heavens and observed all of your life.

  2. All who dwell on the earth are surveyed by their ancestral spirits.

  3. The one who has taken a part in creating you shall dwell with you, and guide you, and watch you always.

  4. The King is not saved by his army.

  5. Despite the strength of many, they cannot be saved without help from others.

  6. Those who count on the mercy of others shall be strengthened.

  7. Those who are alive shall be delivered at death.

  8. Our soul waits for the day in which we can return to the heavens.

  9. For our heart shall rejoice on the pondering of the time we have on this Earth.

  10. May your hope put us in a better life for you and for all.

  11. May I be blessed at all times.

  12. My spirit will be glorified in the heavens, so let the poor hear this and be glad.

  13. Come, and let us gather, and come out in a better society for posterity.

  14. I sought guidance from the spirit and I was delivered from all my fears.

  15. Those who look to their spirit will not be shamed and will radiate with righteousness.

  16. The ones who cry out to their spirit or heard in our saved from all distress.

  17. Those who fear the world will be saved by their spirit.

  18. Blessed is the one who takes refuge in their spirit.

  19. Nothing is lacking in those who have the spirit of truth within them.

  20. No bad thing comes outs of guidance from your spirit.


  1. Come and listen to me for I will teach you of the seven gifts.

  2. The one who delights in their life is the one who sees good and is the one who has all the gifts.

  3. Keep yourself away from evil so that you may not succumb to it.

  4. Turn from suffering and do good deeds and seek peace in your life.

  5. The spirit is strong in those who are righteous.

  6. Evildoers will not fare well in the world and their legacy will not be there.

  7. Those who cry out to their spirit will be rescued from all their afflictions.

  8. Those who are broken hearted will be saved by the spirit which has been crushed by them.

  9. The troubles of the righteous are great, but the righteous will be delivered by their spirits.

  10. Your spirit watches over you.

  11. The wicked will enslave the wicked and those who hate the righteous ones will be wicked themselves.

  12. You are redeemed by your spirit and no one who is wicked will know of their spirit.

  13. Oppose those who oppose me.

  14. Rise up in my defense.

  15. Save my soul against those who pursue me.

  16. Let those who want my wife be put to shame.

  17. Lead those who plot against me be confounded.

  18. Make them run away from me.

  19. Make their way dark until they can see the light for themselves.

  20. They capture me without a cause.

  21. Let ruin overtake them and let them fall into a pit from which they cannot rise.

  22. Then I shall rejoice in you and exult in my salvation.

  23. Those who are afflicted will be rescued and those who are needy will be blessed.

  24. Witnesses will rise up and accuse me of things.

  25. They give me evil for the good I have caused.

  26. I have afflicted myself and I have begged for deliverance.

  27. I went into mourning and I went about in grief.

  28. They gather against me and I do not know why.

  29. They mock me without any respect and they slander me without stopping.

  30. Restore my soul from the destruction that I face.

  31. I shall think you at the end because I have received salvation through you.

  32. Do not let my foes rejoice over my downfall.

  33. They do not speak any words of peace.

  34. They open their mouths against me and they showed the world of my disgrace.

  35. Do not withdraw away from me crying to you.

  36. Be vigilant and defend me from that who persecute me, and this then means that because you are justice to me.

  37. Do not let their hearts triumph over me.

  38. Let them be put to shame and confounded so that they will know my strength.

  39. Lead those who help me and help those who are supporting me.

  40. I shall declare my salvation through you for all the days of my life.


  1. The hearts of the wicked are directed by suffering.

  2. Their lives are filled with delusion and they do not know of the guilt they face.

  3. They seem to be wise and good, and their lives are empty and deceitful.

  4. They set out on a wicked way and they do not reject the suffering of the world.

  5. May the mercy of those who are righteous reach into the heavens.

  6. May the judgments of all mankind be just.

  7. All the children of the world should take refuge under the wings of their angels.

  8. May they feast on the food which has been provided to them and may they be grateful for the blessings they have received.

  9. The fountain of life is within all of us and the light is on our path towards death.

  10. Those who are righteous will be defended from those who are not.

  11. I will not let the unrighteous overtake me nor does the suffering of the world consume me.

  12. I shall make the evildoers fall and unable to rise again.


  1. Do not envy those who do wrong or be provoked by those who do evil.

  2. They will wither away quickly.

  3. Trust in your spirit and do good works so that you may dwell in this land in righteousness.

  4. Commit your way to the light and trust in the path that you were going down.

  5. Your righteousness will be shown.

  6. Wait for the truth to come to you and do not be provoked by those who claim to help but only speak of evil.

  7. Refrain from anger and wrath and do not be provoked into doing them.

  8. Be patient, and those who are wicked will not be there anymore.

  9. Those who have been persecuted will inherit the earth.

  10. Those who are wicked plot against the righteous ones.

  11. They are afraid that death is coming.

  12. The wicked prepare for attack and oppress those who are poor.

  13. May they face the same fate that they wish upon others.

  14. Better is the meager life of righteous people then the rich life of wicked people.

  15. The righteous will be sustained.

  16. Your legacy will last forever.

  17. Do not be ashamed when your time is bad for you will be satisfied at the end of it all.

  18. The wicked ones will perish and they will be consumed by their own suffering which they bring upon others.

  19. The wicked ones do not repay the gifts from the generous.

  20. Those who are generous will inherit the earth.

  21. The valiant ones will keep in the path of truth.

  22. They may stumble, but they will never fall.

  23. The righteous ones will never be abandoned and our posterity will be blessed.

  24. Turn away from evil and do good deeds.

  25. The ones who are faithful will never be abandoned.

  26. Those who were unjust are destroyed.

  27. The righteous ones will inherit the earth.

  28. The righteous ones will other words of wisdom.

  29. The teachings of the truth are in their hearts.

  30. The wicked ones seek to kill the righteous ones.

  31. The righteous ones have more power and their power will not abandon them in times of distress.

  32. Seek the truth eagerly and keep to the way of the truth so that you will inherit the earth.

  33. Those who are ruthless and wicked will never give in.

  34. One day they will be gone and can never be found.

  35. Observe the one who is full of integrity because they are in peace.

  36. Those who are wicked will be destroyed.

  37. The righteous will see salvation from their spirit.

  38. There is the spirit that helps and rescues them from the wicked because of their trust.

  39. Do not punish me because you are angry and do not chastise me.

  40. You are the mighty hand that has come down upon me.

  41. Because I have done wrong, I am not wholesome and I am not healthy.

  42. I have carried a burden that is too heavy for me.


  1. Because I have done wrong, suffering has come over me.

  2. I go about warning because of the wrong I have done.

  3. I do not feel worthy to be in the heavens.

  4. I am utterly crushed and I am anguished in my heart.

  5. I yearn for the guidance of my spirit.

  6. My strength has forsaken me and my heart shutters and the lights in my eyes has fallen them.

  7. My friends and companions will shun me and my neighbors will stand far away from me.

  8. Those who seek misfortune from me will speak in ruin.

  9. I do not hear anything and I do not open my mouth to speak anything.

  10. I have no answer ready for what I have done.

  11. I wait for my retribution through you so that you can deliver me.

  12. I stumbled for you, so I want you to come and raise me up again.

  13. I am near to falling away and mine wounds are with me.

  14. I grieve over the wrong I have done.

  15. Those who hate me will grow in numbers and my enemies will become stronger.

  16. They will give me evil and they will accuse me of pursuing that which is good.

  17. Do not be far from me and do not forsake me.

  18. Come quickly to help me my spirit, come help me.


  1. I will watch my ways and I will always seek the truth.

  2. The wicked refrain from doing good things and their sorrow will grow.

  3. They will flare up against me like a fire that consumes me.

  4. I will never know the number of days I have left.

  5. My life is as nothing in the world for the world will be here after I am, just as it has been here before.

  6. Man goes about to try and seek the truth, although it is in vain.

  7. My only hope is the trust I put in my spirit.

  8. Deliver me from all the sins I have committed.

  9. I am silent and I do not open my mouth to those who are wicked.

  10. Take all the suffering away from me.

  11. Although man is chastise and rebuked further than lactation or they are but a mere breath in the great cycle of life.

  12. Hear my cry and do not be death to the weeping that I am crying out.

  13. I am like a foreigner in this land full of men who do sin.

  14. Before I depart from the earth, may I smile all the days of my life.


  1. I will wait for my spirit who hears me.

  2. Draw me from the pit of destruction that has been laid out for me by this world.

  3. Many shall look on in here and they shall trust in their spirit.

  4. Blessed is the one who puts their trust in their spirit and does not turn to the arrogant ones.

  5. May I do wonderful deeds and fulfill my destiny.

  6. I shall sacrifice for those who do not deserve it and the undeserved will be opened.

  7. A scroll was written about me and my destiny has been foretold.

  8. I delight to do the will that is been set forth by me.

  9. I do not restrain myself from living in the truth and teaching others of the truth.

  10. Do not hide your mercy or faithfulness from me.

  11. Do not conceal your righteousness from my heart.

  12. Do not withhold your compassion from me and may your mercy protect me.

  13. Evil surrounds me and suffering overtakes me so that I can no longer see the light.

  14. Rescue me, my spirit, come quickly to help me.

  15. May those who seek to destroy me be ashamed, turned back, and disgraced.

  16. May those who seek to destroy me be made desolate themselves.

  17. May those who seek the truth rejoice and be glad in the truth and attain salvation.

  18. I may be afflicted and poor, but I am in the truth and I have received salvation because of this truth.


  1. Blessed is the one who gives to the poor.

  2. They shall be blessed with the lands that they earned together and they will persevere in times of hardship.

  3. They will give anything to help those who are less fortunate than they.

  4. They who are sick shall be healed.

  5. Their enemies shall say bad things about them, but it will not affect them.

  6. When they come to visit, they store up hatred and they gossip about me.

  7. All those who hate me will come together against me.

  8. Ruin will come upon those who hate the ones who give.

  9. Even their friends shall rise up against them.

  10. Raise them up so that they can be repaid in full.

  11. Your enemies will no longer triumph over you.

  12. May you stand in the presence of the deities forever.

  13. May you be blessed from eternity to eternity forever and ever.


  1. Your spirit longs for you.

  2. Your soul thirsts for you.

  3. Your spirit searches for you day and night.

  4. Pour out your soul so that you may embrace your inner self.

  5. Do not cast yourself down for you shall rise up again through your spirit.

  6. I cast my soul down but my soul cannot be cast down forever.

  7. Your body shall enter the depths of the world of suffering and rise up against it.

  8. May your righteousness be with you with all that you have learned.

  9. Your soul and your spirit is your rock so why should you ever go alone again?

  10. Your enemies approach you, but you will cast them away.

  11. Wait for times to get better, and they will if you persevere all the days of your life.

  12. Grant me justice and defend me from those who try to cast me away.

  13. Mighty is my strength, so I will not wither away in my life.

  14. May I walk in the path of the light so that I may be brought to the tops of the mountains.

  15. May I come to the altar which has been placed before me so I can come into the heavens.

  16. I will never cast my spirit down again and I will think of my spirit for ever and ever.


  1. My elders have told me the deeds they have done and the things they have suffered from to give me a good life.

  2. I was rooted in them and my heritage will remain with them.

  3. They did not conquer the land, but they work the lands so that I may be successful.

  4. Mighty is my spirit which has defended me against all evil.

  5. My foes will beat me down and my adversaries will trample over me.

  6. My sword does not bring the victory.

  7. Victory will be guaranteed over your enemies through the righteousness which you have.

  8. May you hear the name of your spirit forever and ever.


  1. I will be rejected and disgraced.

  2. I will retreat because defilement will overwhelm me.

  3. I am handed over to be slaughtered and scattered upon all nations.

  4. I am making no profit from all the work I have done.

  5. The mockery and scorn from others have come to me.

  6. The people of righteousness shake their heads at me because I am unable to conquer my sufferings.

  7. Those who are my enemies taunt me and revile me.

  8. All this has come upon me though I have not been forgotten and I have not broken the covenant which has been set for me.

  9. My path has not strayed from the truth.

  10. I have been left to be crushed and I have been covered with the shadows of death.

  11. I have forgotten my path and reached out to a path that will lead me to darkness.

  12. My heart tells me a secret and I have not discovered the secret yet.

  13. I am not considered of any worth to anyone because I have not done anything worthwhile.

  14. Why should I sleep? I shall rise up and never be rejected forever.

  15. I will never forget my pain and misery.

  16. My soul has been suffering and I have fallen into the depths of the earth.

  17. I have been redeemed through them and I receive my own spirit.


  1. My heart is stirred for royalty and I shall receive the blessings like that of a royal steward.

  2. Speech has graced the mouths of those who are wise.

  3. They are triumphant in splendor and majesty.

  4. Their cause is the cause of truth and justice.

  5. The enemies of them will lose heart and never go against them again.

  6. The throne of this kingdom shall stand forever.

  7. But the just love those who are hated and wronged.

  8. May you be anointed with gladness for your heart is full of joy.

  9. Daughters of these kings are the ones who stand by my side.

  10. Heed my warning and forgive your people of the past.

  11. Be careful that those of your past may desire you again.

  12. Honor those who will give you the greatest gifts of all.

  13. The daughters of the King shall enter the life of the prophet.

  14. They are presented to the prophet in the fullness of beauty.

  15. They are led in hope of gladness in joyfulness.

  16. The sons of man shall have them and they will be princes for all nations.

  17. The name of the prophets shall be renowned through all generations.


  1. Your spirit is your strength, your help in distress.

  2. You may be shaken, but you will never fall.

  3. The waters around you may rage, but you will have a strong foundation.

  4. The spring of life will bring forth streams of gold.

  5. Your spirit is in the midst of that zenith and will never be shaken.

  6. Even though the world is full of suffering, you do not have to be a part of that.

  7. Your foundation shall be strong and your spirit shall stand with you.

  8. Come and see the works that have been created.

  9. All wars shall be stopped and peace shall be upon the Earth.

  10. That will be exalted upon all nations and it shall rise above the entire earth.

  11. The stronghold is that foundation which you shall set your spirit upon.


  1. Shout with joyful cries to the heavens.

  2. The greatest king over the entire earth shall come down.

  3. All nations shall be under its spell.

  4. No matter what heritage you are, you will fall to the great one to bring forth the heavens and the earth.

  5. Sing praise to the one to bring you to the truth.

  6. You shall rise above the suffering of the world enjoys.

  7. The King over all the earth deserves the highest of praise.

  8. Zion shall be the seat of this holy throne.

  9. All the people shall assemble for they all belong to the same heritage and they shall all go to they are fulfilling their destiny.


  1. Great is the mountain upon which Zion sits.

  2. It shall be the joy of all the Earth and the city of the great King.

  3. Your spirit shall be your personal Temple.

  4. All the kingdoms of the earth shall assemble together and come in peace and harmony.

  5. Those who were against them shall be astounded at the might which they have received.

  6. Those who go against them and tried to destroy them shall be in anguish.

  7. All of their foundations shall be destroyed.

  8. This is the city of Zion, the city of the spirit, the city where the new age is to set forth.

  9. We ponder within the Temple that has been set forth from our place in the universe.

  10. The hands that placed us here will were ever be glorified.

  11. Judgment shall come upon all people, but those who are righteous shall be judged justly.

  12. Walk around the city which has been placed work the new age.

  13. Share these things to future generations.

  14. This is the city that shall lead the world out of the darkness and into the light.


  1. Hear these things and giving heed to them.

  2. No matter who you are, you are all the same.

  3. My mouth offers words of wisdom and my heart offers you insight.

  4. I will make things that were once riddles clear for all to understand.

  5. I do not fear evil, for they shall surround me, but they will never triumph against me.

  6. I do not trust my wealth to those I do not trust.

  7. No amount of money can bring you to your destiny.

  8. Your riches will pass away forever and you cannot take them with you into the heavens.

  9. You shall fall into the pit of corruption if you love the world more than you love the heavens.

  10. Those who are foolish will perish with the foolish, but those who are wise will never die.

  11. Those who do not accept the light will dwell amongst the living when they repent of their ways.

  12. Those who like the things of the world will perish and the heavens are the life which they deserve.


  1. Those who trust in the world will be like this and they will take temporary pleasures over permanent pleasures.

  2. They will follow the ones who will cast them down and will bring them to their death.

  3. You are the only one that can redeem yourself and trust in this so that you can be taken from the gap.

  4. Do not fear those who are richer than you, for they have the riches of the world that will leave them.

  5. They cannot take any of that along with them at death.

  6. They have joined in the company of those who do not see the light, and they will never see the light again.

  7. Their soul longs for them, but they do not see their soul.

  8. Man does not understand that they are like beasts and they will perish.

  9. The one who has created the heavens and the earth have set forth the laws of the universe.

  10. Zion is the perfection of that beauty shall come forth to the Earth.

  11. The generations that do not love them will not be silenced and the evils of the world shall surround them.

  12. They call to the heavens to judge those who judge them.

  13. The ones who are loyal shall keep the covenant that has been established from the beginning.

  14. They shall be righteous and they will not be judged to be bad.


  1. Listen, for I have spoken on these matters of the reality of life.

  2. I do not rebuke you for what you believe, I rebuke you for the way you have chosen to express those beliefs.

  3. I will not take anything from you, for everything you have worked for you have deserved.

  4. Remember these things and take heed to the example which I have set before the world.

  5. Whatever is yours, is mine.

  6. May the word fulfill the destiny of all of humanity.

  7. I do not do anything that is against what you believe in.

  8. Offer praise and sacrifices to your God and fulfill your covenant to your God.

  9. Call upon your spirit when you are distressed and it will rescue you from what you thought was truthful.


  1. Those who are wicked will keep the covenant in name only.

  2. They hate discipline, but they discipline those who do not believe like them.

  3. If they see someone who does something wrong, they judge them, but they may be wrong.

  4. Your works have led you to deceit.

  5. You speak out against other humans, but they come from the same line that you do.

  6. Do not expect them to be like you, for nobody is better than you at going down the same path as you have.

  7. Now understand this, if you tear yourself apart, there shall be no rescuer for you.

  8. Those who choose to listen to the truth will look upon salvation within themselves and not through someone else.

  9. May the one I trust in have mercy on me and may their forgiveness blot out the sin that I have committed.

  10. Wash away my guilt and cleanse me from my sins.

  11. I know what I have done wrong and it will always be with me.

  12. Against you I have done wrong and I have done evil in your eyes.

  13. I was born in guilt, so please do not hesitate to cast judgment upon me.

  14. You are truly sincere and you have taught me great wisdom.

  15. Cleanse me so that I may be redeemed.

  16. I will rejoice if you forgive me of my past.

  17. Turn away from all the bad things I have done.

  18. I have a good heart and I have a strong spirit.

  19. Do not drive me away from what I love so dear.

  20. Restore me the gladness because I shall attain salvation through my spirit.

  21. You will teach me of my wicked ways so that I can return to the presence of righteousness.

  22. I will sing joyfully because I have been rescued.

  23. My mouth will proclaim the praise which I have received.

  24. Even though I have done wrong, I have learned from the enlightened ones and that alone will wash away everything I have done.

  25. You do not desire anything else from me but the realization that I have done wrong.

  26. My sacrifice is my spirit and a humble heart.

  27. Build off the walls of my foundation.

  28. My desire to be in the heavens at the end of my life is greater than all of the pleasures of the Earth.


  1. I do not glorify everything that is on the Earth because the Earth is full of evil.

  2. I have listened to deceitful tongues and I have gone down the path the darkness.

  3. I have loved evil more than righteousness.

  4. All of my words created confusion because of the tongues of those who bring me deceit.

  5. Strike me down so that I may learn from my mistakes and bring me up again.

  6. The righteous will not fear me but they will laugh at what I have done.

  7. They will separate themselves from me because I love the Earth more than I love that which is above the Earth.

  8. I will come to all that is righteous.

  9. I put my hope in the heavens for all of the heavens are good.

  10. A fool says that there is no heaven and they are corrupt.

  11. The truth has been set forth since the beginning and those who were enlightened have told us how to attain it.

  12. All have gone down the wrong path and there is not one good person that is perfect and righteous.

  13. Those who do evil do not know better and may bring others down with them.

  14. They fear the earth and they fear their death, and they will be put to shame because they do not see the light.

  15. That which is righteous brings forth Zion and it is the salvation of all the people.


  1. Save me and defend me from all that is evil.

  2. Listen to the words of my mouth for all that I speak is true.

  3. Strangers have come against me and they seek to destroy me.

  4. My life is sustained by my spirit.

  5. My spirit turned back all evil.

  6. My spirit is the only thing I’m willing to sacrifice my life for, because it has delivered me from all that is evil.

  7. I looked down upon those who used to bring me down with them.


  1. Listen to me for I do not hide my pleading.

  2. Hear me and give me an answer to my problems.

  3. Those who are wicked try to bring me down into trouble.

  4. My heart pounds and I am afraid of death.

  5. Fear has overwhelmed me and I am shattering.

  6. If only I had wings I would fly away.

  7. I would fly far away from my problems and never see them again.

  8. I will find refuge in that which controls might destiny.

  9. I see violence all around me.

  10. Mischief and trouble surrounds this world and brings even the best people down with them.

  11. Oppression and fraud never leave this world.

  12. Their enemies are more than they can bear and they cannot hide from the power that their enemies possess.

  13. My spirit is my comrade and friend.

  14. I walk side-by-side with it so that I can attain the truth.

  15. Let death take those who try to bring me to death.

  16. I call upon the heavens so that I may be delivered.

  17. I will grieve an yearn in my heart for my spirit that comes.

  18. I yearn for my spirit to redeem me because there are many who oppose me.

  19. I have no fear of death and I have no fear of that which is above me.

  20. Those who try to bring me down have broken their covenant.

  21. They are at war in their hearts and they do not know what they want to do.

  22. My spirit gives me supports and it will never allow me to go back into the world.

  23. Those who try to bring me down will be brought down themselves and they will not last in the world full of evil.


  1. I am treated harshly and I am pressed into doing things that I do not want.

  2. My foes treat me harshly and they are my attackers.

  3. I am afraid and I do not know who to trust.

  4. I trust in my spirit, who I do not fear.

  5. The very thought of evil is always against me.

  6. They watch me and they lie in wait for me to become vulnerable.

  7. They are evil and they will cast me down.

  8. I wander around looking for a purpose.

  9. I know that my spirit is on my side always.

  10. I praise that fact and I yearn to be righteous so that I am made in the heavens.

  11. I do not fear death and I do not fear the heavens, so what can man do to me?

  12. I have made a covenant with all of humanity from the day I was born.

  13. This will keep me from the grip of the world so that I may walk in the light.

  14. Have mercy on me, for I seek refuge until all evil in the world passes.

  15. I called my spirit which provides life to me.

  16. May my ancestors from the heavens come down and guide me always.

  17. They come around me with their sentencing because they are in distress.

  18. May I rise above the world and may my glory shine.

  19. My soul comes to rescue me and may those who try to take me down fall into the pits they dug for me.

  20. My heart will not give in and I will stand against all of you.

  21. I shall wake up and see the light because of my stern stance.

  22. I will be praised among the nations for rising above the world.

  23. My faithfulness will reach into the skies.

  24. May the glory of the truth appear over the entire earth and bring the entire world into the light.


  1. All of humanity judges one another and they do so by their works.

  2. Do not do things that are bad in this world and do not bring violence to the Earth.

  3. Society has been corrupted since birth and they have led the entire world straight.

  4. They snatch them in and manage it with pleasure, and then they bring them down and become a part of the evil.

  5. They charm people into doing something that is not of their nature and then they cast them down into the pit.

  6. May you smash those who smash me.

  7. May the water of evil flow away from me so that I can rise from error.

  8. Let all evil dissolve from me so that I may be the only one to rise above them.

  9. Their own evil will snatch them away from me and they will be brought down into the pit.

  10. Those who are righteous shall rejoice to see the vengeance that comes upon their enemies.

  11. There is a reward for those who are righteous and those who rise above the pleasures of the Earth.


  1. Rescue me from my enemies and lift me away from my foes.

  2. Deliver me from those who are evil and save me from those who want me.

  3. Those who are powerful conspire against me.

  4. Come near and see the pain that I have gone through, so that you find no fault in me.

  5. Punish all of those who punish me and have no mercy on them, and they do not see what they have done.

  6. They will return in the evening and try and capture me again.

  7. They insult me and it pierces my heart.

  8. I laugh at them because they are worthless upon all nations.

  9. My fortress and my strong foundation gives me strength.

  10. May my spirit come with me and show me the evil ways of the world.

  11. The people that deceive me will be taken from the power that they have produced against me.

  12. They are caught up in their pride and they have lied to all the world.

  13. They shall be destroyed until they are no more and they will not last to the ends of the earth.

  14. They return every evening to try and capture me again.

  15. They will roam around me and they do not make an attack against me.

  16. I shall find my strength and my refuge in my spirit which is my foundation.

  17. You, my spirit, are my fortress.


  1. I feel that my spirit has rejected me and broke my defenses down.

  2. I want to repair all the wrong that I have done.

  3. I have gone through hardship and I have been given things that have given me pleasure, but have given me pain in the end.

  4. Rise up for me, for I long for you and I am sorry for all I have done you.

  5. Help me and give me answers so that I may escape from the evil of this world.


  1. I have been promised great blessings from the ends of the earth.

  2. All that I have been promised shall be mine because I am righteous.

  3. I shall rise up against my enemies and succeed because of all that I have done.

  4. I will be led into the city of Zion, which has been fortified for the righteous.

  5. All of the world is rejected because of its sinful ways.

  6. I have been given aid to go against those who try to bring me down.

  7. I will try them with the help of my spirit and trample down all that oppose me.


  1. Hear my cry and listen to me.

  2. My heart calls out to you to raise me up.

  3. You are my foundation and you are my strength against all of them.

  4. But whoever dwells with you forever will take refuge under you.

  5. You have granted every one who knows of you the light of the truth.

  6. From generation to generation, it has been revealed to all people.

  7. May the truth reign on the earth forever.

  8. I will fulfill my covenant and walk in the light of the truth.

  9. My soul rests in my spirit who has granted me salvation.

  10. It alone is my foundation and salvation and it will never fall.

  11. It can never fall because of man.

  12. Even those who are in high places will try to overthrow their spirit.

  13. They are dead on the inside.


  1. My soul rests because I have hope.

  2. I will not fail in my quest for truth.

  3. My refuge is with my spirit and my honor is with it also.

  4. I pour out my heart to the spirit which guides me.

  5. Life is but a mere breath, an illusion.

  6. Life means nothing after you die.

  7. Your heart should always be in the right place.

  8. Strength belongs to the one who knows of these great truths.

  9. Every single person on the Earth is judged according to their deeds.


  1. My heart yearns and my soul thirsts for the truth.

  2. The world is without truth and I seek the truth.

  3. I look like the sanctuary to those who have come before me and haven’t seen the light in the world.

  4. Their love is better than life.

  5. I will lift up my hands towards the heavens.

  6. My soul shall be satisfied because I am blessed.

  7. I remember the guidance I have received day and night.

  8. My spirit is my Savior and I am under the shadow.

  9. My soul clings to the heavens.

  10. Those who seek to bring me down will go into ruin.

  11. Those who want to take my life will fall into the depths.

  12. All who seek the truth and have found the truth will be blessed forever and ever.


  1. Hear my voice and protect me.

  2. Hide me from those who do evil.

  3. They shall come after me and bring me down with them.

  4. They come to those who are innocent and earnestly seek the truth.

  5. Their plans are wicked and they set traps for those who are honest.

  6. They bring about wicked things and they conceal them behind the love of the truth.

  7. In a moment, they shall be struck down by the power of my spirit.

  8. They are brought down by their own sins also.

  9. Every person ponders on the things of the truth.

  10. The righteous shall rejoice and take refuge in the truth.


  1. Our covenant and vows must be fulfilled on Earth.

  2. All flesh will come to the truth at the end of their days.

  3. They are burdened with the sins of their past, but they will be forgiven of all these things.

  4. Blessed is the one who brings forth enlightenment to the entire world.

  5. Our hope after life is with the heavens.

  6. Our spirit is robed in power and has the potential to become as a God to the generations after them.

  7. All of the world was created in the beginning and in the beginning, truth was set forth.

  8. People shall stand and marvel at the simplicity of the truth.

  9. All of the Earth shall prepare us for the coming salvation which we shall receive.

  10. Blessings shall come to all of those who earnestly seek the truth.

  11. The path to the light is filled with good things.

  12. The entire world is full of beauty if people recognize that the entire world is full of hatred.

  13. All of the blessings that we have received have come from the beginning.


  1. Shout joyfully to all the Earth for you have been redeemed.

  2. All of your deeds shall be recognized and shall be good.

  3. All of the Earth comes to the truth and they recognize the greatness of the truth.

  4. Come and see the good deeds that have been done in the past.

  5. They have manipulated the Earth for the benefit of all of mankind.

  6. All the nations of the world are fixed on those who change the world.

  7. All of those who seek to destroy the legacies are also destroyed.

  8. We have been blessed with life and we have not stumbled towards death.

  9. We are tested on the Earth because of the wickedness of society.

  10. We are captive to the world but we are tested so that we may see the light in this world.

  11. All of those who try to bring us down will be successful, but then we will see the light and we shall be redeemed.

  12. My covenant shall be fulfilled while I’m on the Earth.

  13. I should speak in distress because I seek the truth always.

  14. I will offer everything in order to receive the light of this great truth.

  15. All who hear of the truth shall receive the gifts of the Guardian Angels.

  16. You have been called to a greater destiny.

  17. I will never cherish any evil in my heart.

  18. I have spoken, and you have listened, and you have given me life.

  19. My mercy shall never be refused because I, too, am merciful.


  1. May the light shine upon me.

  2. The truth shall be known to all nations on the Earth.

  3. May all the people of the world come to the truth so that they can be set free.

  4. May all the nations rejoice, for all the people shall be judged according to their deeds.

  5. May all the people of the world come to the light through their own path.

  6. We have been given great blessings while we are on Earth.

  7. May we continue to receive these blessings for the rest of time.


  1. May my enemies be scattered.

  2. May they be disbursed and perish because of their evil ways.

  3. Those who are just will be glad and they will celebrate.

  4. May everyone in the clouds be rejoicing and may everyone on the Earth rejoice for the guidance they receive.

  5. May those who help others be blessed forever.

  6. May those who are poor reach prosperity, while everyone who is wicked die in the pits which they have dug.

  7. Your spirit has been with you from the day you were born until the day you shall die.

  8. The Earth has come against you, but your spirit will never leave your side.

  9. Even if you are weak, your spirit will never fade away from you.

  10. Your enemies will go after your spirits, but your spirit will fight it off.

  11. Your enemy shall bring forth a great army to your spirit.

  12. Your spirit will never be desperate, even if your body is.

  13. Even though you will live among those who are evil, you will be protected.

  14. When your spirit comes to you in full glory, your enemies will scatter.

  15. All of society is full of the evil ways.

  16. Even though they disguise themselves in the light, they are really in the darkness.

  17. The light of truth shall come forth so that all nations may hear it.

  18. All of those who embody this truth shall rise higher than those of the lies.

  19. May your Spirit bring you to salvation.

  20. Your spirit will bring you up from that which you have experienced on this Earth.

  21. Your enemies will be crushed and they will be cast down into the pits which you were one a part of.

  22. You will be fetched by your spirit from the depths of the sea.

  23. Your enemies will be laced in blood and you will see them devoured.


  1. Your spirit comes in the view of that which created you in the fullness of glory.

  2. Your entrance of the heavens will be like that of a procession.

  3. You will be blessed all the days of your life based on the deeds you have done.

  4. Those who have sought and found the truth are few, but their impact shall ever be great.

  5. Summon the power that remains in you as you reach the depths of the earth.

  6. From the Temple which you have established, you will go out to the world.

  7. You will see the world and all of its evil, and you will see people going against others for the things of this world.

  8. The riches of the heavens are greater than the riches of the Earth.

  9. May all the kingdoms of the Earth know the truth that they may be redeemed.

  10. The truth has been set forth from the beginning.

  11. This is the power of that which created all things and which dwells in the place that we cannot see.

  12. May Zion be blessed as the truth radiates from it forever and ever.

  13. Save me from the depths which I have gone down into.

  14. There is no place for I can establish myself, for it overwhelms me.

  15. I looked towards the heavens but I do not see anything coming for me.

  16. Those who hate me, hate me without a cause and they come to destroy me because I seek the truth.

  17. I must now restore everything that has come before me.

  18. You know my fault because they are not hidden from you.

  19. I put my hope in you, my spirit, so do not be ashamed because of me.

  20. I bear the guilt of all that I have done in my life that have been bad.

  21. I have become an outcast in society and a stranger to those I love.

  22. Because I have been consumed by evil, I have been destroyed.

  23. May I be humbled by my spirit because I have only been scorned.

  24. May I be clothed in white when I reach the heavens.

  25. Those who are evil will speak badly against me, but I will not listen to their evil ways.


  1. I come to you at the time of greatest distress, and I want you to answer me and deliver me from this evil.

  2. Rescue me from those who hate me, rescue me from the watery depths, rescue me from the earth which has comes to me.

  3. Do not let the world overwhelm me because I do not want to be unseen forever.

  4. Answer me and turn to me in great love and mercy.

  5. Do not hide your face from me because you are within me.

  6. Come and redeem me for my enemies want only destruction.

  7. You know all the bad things I have done in the past against those who tried to help me.

  8. I am in despair, and I long for the compassion that you bring me.

  9. They give me bad things and I thirst or something new and exciting.

  10. May everything they do in life become a trap for them so that they never see the truth.

  11. Make their eyes blind to the light which I have seen.

  12. May they see bad things in their life until they repent of their ways.

  13. Make their life desolate and no one come to them.

  14. They pursue the one who seek the truth, and they help those who want to see the truth because they are sincere.

  15. May they be punished and may they not receive mercy, for you were the spirit that they have rejected.

  16. May they be blotted out from life which envelops those who have sought the truth.

  17. Here I am in pain, so please come and save me.

  18. May my spirit be glorified forever because it has redeemed me.

  19. I please my spirit more than all the things of the earth.

  20. May those who are poor be glad.

  21. May the spirit fear those who are poor are and not bring them into slavery.

  22. Let the heavens and the earth come together so that anyone who seeks the truth comes to receive it.

  23. For Zion is the new center of the world and that is the place where everyone who has sought the truth come together.

  24. All the descendants shall know of this great truth, and all who dwell in this truth be freed from the world.

  25. Graciously come for me and rescue me.

  26. Let those who seek the truth not be put to shame.

  27. Let those who realize that they have done wrong seek the light and find the light in their heart.

  28. May all who seek the truth rejoice in the truth.

  29. I am poor and miserable, but my spirit will come and deliver me from this evil.


  1. I take refuge in you, my spirit, and it may never get shaken.

  2. Rescue me and deliver me from this insanity.

  3. Be my refuge and my rock and give me safety for you are my fortress.

  4. Rescue me from those who are wicked and those who are evil.

  5. I put my trust in you, my spirit.

  6. I have depended on your guidance from my birth.

  7. Although I become an enemy to many, I will never been any to you.

  8. I shall sing of your glory until the day I die.

  9. Do not cast me aside just because I am weak.

  10. My enemies speak against me and they plot against me.

  11. No one will come to my rescue unless I seek it earnestly.

  12. Come in to help me always.

  13. Bring shame to those who attacked me.

  14. I will always have my hope in you, my spirit.

  15. My mouth proclaims of your deeds.

  16. I will speak of the mighty works done through the intercession of my spirit.

  17. You have taught me since the day of my youth and I have done wondrous deeds.

  18. Now that I am of age, do not abandon me, rather, help me to speak to my generations that come after me.

  19. You have done great things through my body.

  20. Even though all of the world has come against me, I have risen above the world.

  21. Restore the honor which I have deserved.

  22. May I sing to you and give you all my faith.

  23. I will shout for joy because I have been redeemed.

  24. I will speak of all the good deeds I have done because of my spirit.


  1. Give judgments to those who lead the people.

  2. All people shall be judged in the end according to their deeds.

  3. May the bounty of the world be in abundance.

  4. All of those who are oppressed will be delivered and all of those who are poor will become rich.

  5. May all those who go against you fear you through all generations.

  6. May all the blessings of the earth come down to those who waited.

  7. May all of humanity be glorified for all the days that they are destined to exist.

  8. May humanity rule from all the ends of the earth.

  9. May all people kneel before a single creator.

  10. May all nations bring offerings and tributes to one another to advance one another.

  11. May all nations serve one another so that all of humanity is able to evolve.

  12. May all those who are poor be rescued, and all of those who are oppressed be freed.

  13. Those who show pity to them will be delivered.

  14. Those who seek violence will be destroyed.

  15. May you be blessed every day through all the deeds you have done.

  16. May all of humanity flourish, even in the harshest of conditions.

  17. May the name of those who seek the truth endure forever.

  18. Blessed be the ones who do wonders deeds in the name of humanity.

  19. May all the earth be filled with the glory of those who have done great things.


  1. Those who are pure of heart will know the truth.

  2. Those who come to the truth will have taken a journey that caused them to stumble.

  3. They have suffered of the things of the world much like other people have.

  4. In the end, they suffer no pain because they have learned all these things.

  5. They are free from the burdens of life and they are freed from the suffering of the world.

  6. They are humbled and they are not violent.

  7. They are not blind to the suffering of the world, rather, they are engage the world.

  8. Those who go against them other threats against them.

  9. Those are the ones who go against the truth and against the heavens.

  10. Those who are in the light will turn to them and guide them to greater truth.

  11. They do not know that there is greater knowledge than what they know.

  12. Those are the wicked, who are only thinking of themselves and seek to advance their own well-being.

  13. My heart is pure because I am innocent.

  14. I am afflicted day after day, but I remain faithful.

  15. I do not speak as the generation of all people.

  16. I try to bring understanding to the world, but it is difficult.

  17. Until they enter into the heavens, they will understand the true.

  18. They go down a road which leads them astray.

  19. They are devastated by all the things that happen to them in the world.

  20. They live the dream, but when they wait, they encounter reality.

  21. Since their soul is deeply wounded, their heart will become bitter.

  22. They will be stupid and do not understand the true nature of this world.

  23. Their spirit is always with them and waiting for them.

  24. With the counsel of those were enlightened, they can come to know the truth for themselves.

  25. There is no one else in the heavens that will come for them but themselves.

  26. Even though humanity has failed them, their spirit will be with them forever.

  27. Those who are far from the truth will perish and those who are unfaithful will be destroyed.

  28. Those who are in the truth have the spirit as a refuge and they live in abundant joy.


  1. Why would we be cast off forever?

  2. Remember the people who have redeemed themselves through their works.

  3. Those who go against them and do bad deeds will be lead to destruction.

  4. Those who only think of themselves will be lead to destruction also.

  5. Those who are seeking the truth and never find the truth will have wasted their lives.

  6. May those who do this through the works of others be destroyed themselves.

  7. May those who set sanctuaries ablaze be set ablaze themselves.

  8. May those who seek destruction be destroyed themselves.

  9. They see no signs and they know no prophet.

  10. They revile you because they do not know of you, oh great truth.

  11. Why do you drop back from them when they earnestly seek you?

  12. Yet, all the kings of the Earth know what this truth.

  13. They hide the truth from the masses because they do not want people to know what the truth.

  14. All of those who hide the truth will never see the light because of their bad deeds.

  15. Those who were enlightened open up the truth to all people.

  16. May all the people of the world know their place in the universe.

  17. May all the people of the Earth know that they are bad when they turn to all manner of things on the earth.

  18. Foolish people will turn away from the truth, but wise people will turn towards it.

  19. They will surrender to the animals which they have come from, and they will be inflicted all the days of their life.

  20. Look to those who keep the covenant and those who are full of gratefulness.

  21. Let those who are oppressed never be turned away, and those who are poor were never be without any.

  22. Do not forget your fellows, for they have sown the seeds of their own destruction.


  1. We declare the wonderful deeds done by those who came before us.

  2. They have been judged to be good and if they are way.

  3. Even though the entire earth does not know of the works, they will be steady.

  4. Those who are not boastful and those who are not prideful will be remembered the most.

  5. Do not reject the good deeds which have been done throughout history.

  6. Judgment is not called based on the way you believe, but on the things you have done.

  7. It is humanity who decides your fate because it humanity alone that cares were you go.

  8. All the wicked of the Earth drink of the poison which has been given to them by others.

  9. Those who seek and find the truth will not drink of this poison, but will rise above it.

  10. Those who are righteous will be exalted for their good deeds.


  1. Those who are renowned will dwell in the city of Zion.

  2. They will have their shelter there and they will find peace there.

  3. It is there that no weapons of war will go against them.

  4. The one that was in the beginning is greater than any mountain.

  5. The truth has been here since the beginning, and all mankind has failed to uphold these things.

  6. They those were enlightened steer those towards the truth and the light.

  7. Who can stand before the great anger of the world?

  8. From the heavens, the truth has been taught, and from the earth, the truth has been sought.

  9. May all of those who do not seek the truth be inflicted.

  10. Surely men will give you things, they do not appreciate the things which come to them.

  11. May all the covenants be upheld and may all the gifts that come from this covenant be given.

  12. It is the one who is in the truth receive the spirit and whoever is fearful of others on this Earth.

  13. I cried to the one who hears me.

  14. On the day of distress, I speak to my spirit.

  15. As I meditate, my soul will grow stronger and my spirit will grow wiser.

  16. I am troubled and cannot speak, for I have been afflicted with the pains of this world.

  17. The days of the past are more innocent than the days of now.

  18. I remember that I ponder my heart for the truth which guides me.

  19. I will never be rejected because I have found the truth.

  20. The mercy that comes to me will never be seen because I have promised humanity that I will never judge.

  21. Mercy has never been forgotten and passion has never been withheld.

  22. The only sorrow that comes from humanity is that their God had abandoned them.


  1. I will recall the good deeds of those who were good.

  2. I will ponder all the works that have been done for the advancement of humanity.

  3. For the way of the truth is the best way, and nothing is as great as the truth.

  4. The one who does wonders will be revealed and have a good legacy forever.

  5. May all the people of the earth be redeemed because they were born into innocence.

  6. All of the seas will tremble in fear at the awesome power of the creator.

  7. May all the blessings reign down upon the Earth because of what has been promised the beginning.

  8. The world has been enlightened by great teachers in the past, made they be enlightened now and forever.

  9. The truth is the way and the path to the light.

  10. These people have been led astray by those who seek the most power.


  1. But tend to these teachings which are the words I have been taught in my youth.

  2. I will open up to speaking and sayings that must be deciphered.

  3. We have all heard and known of these stories, for our ancestors had given them to us.

  4. We should not keep them to ourselves, we should give them to our future generations.

  5. A decree has been established in a covenant by the word with our ancestors.

  6. The next generation might come to know of the great covenant which has been established for them.

  7. They will not forget the deeds done by those in the past, but they will keep to their own commands.

  8. They will not be like their ancestors, they will have their own spirits.

  9. They will never retreat from their way of life, but you cannot give them yours.

  10. They keep their own covenant and they walk according to their own ways.

  11. They will never forget the deeds, but they will make their own traditions.

  12. Your ancestors have done wonders for you.

  13. They go to look across the seas to make a better life for you.

  14. They are led by the light by day and by the fire by night.

  15. They work themselves to live a better life and to live a better life for their posterity.

  16. They work the lands of that the lands can be fruitful to all.

  17. Those who are against them will rebel for all generations.

  18. They test the blessings which have been given and would have been promised to them.

  19. They speak against their spirit because they do not believe in their spirit.

  20. They strike down those who are righteous, but they will also perish and the floods.

  21. Anger was riled up against those who are in the truth.

  22. They were angry because they saw what society has come to.

  23. The enlightened beings have then come down to speak the truth to all generations.

  24. Those who are righteous were given blessings and those who are wicked were given nothing.

  25. All things were created in the beginning.

  26. The truth was also created in the beginning.

  27. The truth is never changing and has applied to all cultures and all generations.

  28. Those who are wicked still wanted more.

  29. They created dogma and revelations for themselves, and they brought all the people who once believed in the truth into their systems of belief.

  30. They did not believe in anything they were teaching, but others did, and they are the ones who made everything.

  31. Death comes over those who do not speak of the truth.

  32. Once the world is revealed, those who seek the truth will seek the truth in a better way.

  33. They will look for them to be redeemed and they will be regained if they find the truth.

  34. Your heart must be faithful to the covenant if you wish to seek truth.

  35. Remember the days which you are part of the world, and then look forward to the days when you will be above the world, but in the world.

  36. Those who rebel against the truth will be in a strange land.

  37. They test the truth again and again and they provoke the one who knows the truth.

  38. They do not remember the power that they had been promised if they accept the truth for what it is.

  39. Their life will fall down around them and they will not come out of their rut until they find the truth.

  40. They go to the things which devour and destroy them.

  41. All of the blessings which has been promised, have been given away.

  42. All of the things which they have been promised will never be given to them.

  43. Their lies and cheating, and stealing will be exposed to all the world.

  44. All the wrath will be directed towards them.

  45. Their path will go astray and they will never walk in the path of truth.

  46. Everything that they have worked for will be struck down and they will be left with nothing.

  47. The truth has guided people through all generations by the enlightened beings.

  48. All nations will know of the truth and all nations will be set free by the great truth.

  49. They rebel against everything which has been promised to them.

  50. They are disloyal and their ancestors are not pleased with the way they act.

  51. They are provoked and jealous of everyone who is in the truth.

  52. Those who are righteous will grow angry with them and reject them.

  53. All the shrines have been set up so that the truth will be taken.

  54. All of those who claim to follow the truth will be handed over to their fellows.

  55. Fire will consume them because they do not know how to keep the fire back.

  56. The warrior will awake from inside those who do not have the truth.

  57. They will listen to the truth and they will rise above the world which they once was part of.

  58. This is not at death, but this is a resurrection and it is a resurrection into a greater understanding of the world.

  59. They are the shrines and they are in the world of the heavens, but on Earth.

  60. They will bring others to the truth because the truth has set them free.

  61. They are pure of heart and they are skilled at guiding others into the light.


  1. All of the nations that have rejected you will be rejected themselves.

  2. Nothing will be left of them but the corpses and their spirit will be left for nothing.

  3. They have devoted themselves to the world and not the truth.

  4. They become the leaders and they try to distort the truth from those that know the truth.

  5. How long will it the truth be angry? Wrath has been poured out to the nations which do not recognize the truth.

  6. They had been laid waste because of their own sins.

  7. May their compassion be brought to them so that they know the truth.

  8. Help us for we do not know how to bring them to the truth.

  9. The truth shall be known to all nations.

  10. Those who are in prisons will come before you and will ask to see the truth.

  11. Instill this upon those who have insulted you and bring them into the fold so that they know the truth.

  12. All the generations after them think of those who have guided their families into the truth so that they may be praised forever for realizing these things.


  1. Those who guide people to the truth will be blessed.

  2. The power that they hold will save all of humanity.

  3. May the light of the world come to the Earth so that we can be saved.

  4. How long would all the nation’s anger? This has been said to the world and the world has consumed them in return.

  5. Their enemies override them and they followed the sufferings of the world.

  6. Restore them so that they may be saved by the light of the truth.

  7. May this nation of those who know the truth be planted in the world so the truth can spread.

  8. May the land be filled with blessings and rain down on those who have the truth within them.

  9. The world is covered by a shadow, but the truth is filled with light that the world needs which is contained in the spring of life.

  10. They come and bring forth the river to all nations.

  11. The walls that have been built up around the lives of many will be broken down and they will realize the beauty of the world.

  12. Those who do not understand the world for what it is will be consumed by it.

  13. The spirit will look down from the heavens and see the state of humanity and not be pleased.

  14. Make the world strong for yourself and make yourself strong against the world.

  15. Those who are not strong will be broken down and they will perish.

  16. Made a hand of their spirit be with them so that they are strengthened because their spirit is their foundation.

  17. Once they call on the name of their spirit, it will never reject them.

  18. May they be restored so that they are saved by the light of the truth.

  19. There is nothing higher in the world than the truth.


  1. Sing joyfully to your spirit who is your strength.

  2. Take up arms and defend your spirit like your spirit has defended you.

  3. Rejoice when your spirit triumphs over evil.

  4. This is the law of all nations and this is the law that all people shall follow.

  5. This is what has been established at the beginning and passed down from generation to generation.

  6. I heard someone I did not know and I realize that my burdens did not matter.

  7. In distress I called for my spirit and my spirit came to me and enriched me.

  8. The world tested me and I triumphed over it because I listened to what my spirit had to say.

  9. Nothing foreign shall enter into your heart for your heart is strong.

  10. You will be brought out of the world which you suffered in.

  11. People will not listen to these words, but they will understand.

  12. They will not hear these words because their hearts are hard and they want to do things like they used to be.

  13. If only the people could listen to the words I have to say.

  14. I will humble them and turn them from their oppressors.

  15. Their fate is fixed forever and ever.

  16. I will satisfy them after they purify themselves.


  1. Mankind shall go about and judge other human beings based on their works.

  2. If you do not judge fairly, then why do you favor the cause of those who are wicked?

  3. Then those who have no power and give your justice to those who needed.

  4. Rescue those who are lower than you can deliver them from those who are evil.

  5. No one understands your world as you walk in the darkness and your foundation shakes.

  6. If you are able to rise above this, then other people will understand what she went through.

  7. You will die like a mortal and you will fall like a prince.

  8. Your spirit is the judgment of all nations.


  1. Do not be silent and do not remain away from the world.

  2. See how your enemies engage in this world and raise their heads above this world because they think they are above the world.

  3. They conspire against those that you love them a plot against those which swear to protect.

  4. They want to wipe you out and they want to wipe all that you love out.

  5. They have covenanted against you and you have to defend yourself.

  6. They come from the gates of your enemies and they come to your world to bring you down.

  7. This goes all the way back to the beginning, for all of humanity has experienced this but fewer in number.

  8. Deal with this and rise above their empty lives.

  9. They will destroy themselves and fall into their own pit.

  10. You will be made noble among your peers and your lovers.

  11. Plan together always and defend one another in any battle.

  12. Come at them with fierce opposition so that you are able to overcome them.

  13. Combat them and do not give in to their ways.

  14. Go to them and do not stop until they know that you are in control of your own life.

  15. Cover them with shame so that they can seek the path of truth.

  16. Let them be ashamed and let them perish and disgraced forever.

  17. Let them know that your path is the truth and your truth is the light.


  1. How lovely is the foundation of your spirit in your life.

  2. Your soul wants you to be strengthened and your heart cries out for the truth to be told.

  3. You will find a home and you will be in your place, and you will never leave your place on this Earth.

  4. Blessed is the one who finds their place in this world and is no longer lost.

  5. Blessed is the one who looks up to you, for their heart is with you.

  6. They pass by you and they do what you do and they go where you go.

  7. They will rise up in the same manner that you have risen up and they will know of the truth.

  8. Hear those who want to be heard.

  9. Watch over all of those who follow you so that they can be anointed much like you have.

  10. Better is one day in the court of truth than a thousand courts in lies.

  11. Better is the house of truth than all of the wicked ones.

  12. No good thing is withheld from those who seek the truth.

  13. Blessed is the one who trusts in the truth and the path.


  1. You were once favored upon all the lands.

  2. You forgave all the people and pardon them of their bad deeds.

  3. All of the that were once held towards them was drawn from them.

  4. Restore us and let go of all of the displeasure you had with us.

  5. Do not be angry with us forever because it is not worth it in the end.

  6. Certainly our life will be restored and all that we haven’t restored shall be renewed one day.

  7. Show us your mercy and give us the salvation that we want.

  8. I will listen, for all you want from me is peace.

  9. You do not want me to turn to foolishness.

  10. Hear this because I have all the gifts and I made these for my salvation.

  11. Love and truth will meet, and justice and peace will reign forever.

  12. The truth will come from the earth and justice will come down from the heavens.

  13. All of the bounty we have been promised will be granted.

  14. The truth will come and set forth the path and we must follow.


  1. Listen to me for I am oppressed.

  2. Preserve my life for I am devoted to the path of truth.

  3. I call to you day by day so come to me.

  4. Come to me, my spirit, and lift me above this world.

  5. Come down with the mercy of my ancestors who were forgiving.

  6. Listen to my cry for help.

  7. I call to you on my day of distress, so come and answer me.

  8. None can equal my spirit in my life and nobody’s deeds can compare to my own in my life.

  9. All the nations shall come to know this great truth and will go to their own spirit.

  10. Work through the spirit, which is your great and wondrous thing.

  11. Teach me the ways of the truth so that I can walk in the truth.

  12. My spirit will be within my heart and my name will be glorified forever.

  13. I have been rescued from the earth and have gone back into the Earth, but I am above the Earth.

  14. Those who are arrogant and rude have gone against everything, but I do not bother with them anymore.

  15. I am compassionate and gracious, and I am not quick anger, and I have found mercy and truth.

  16. Protect me so that I can be strengthened and become an example for those who are still in the world.

  17. But my enemies see the truth which I have been taught, so that they can come to me and I can comfort them.


  1. The foundation of my world is on the mountain of righteousness.

  2. The Gates of Zion shall be open to me and the glory of the city will be revealed.

  3. Glorious things are said of this so that I can walk in the truth.

  4. All of those who go against Zion will be there in the beginning and it will be born of the world.

  5. Everyone who was born in the land of Zion will enter into the covenant with all humanity.

  6. All the people shall know who was born in the midst of righteousness.

  7. The spring of life will flow from them and will flow to all nations of the earth.


  1. I call out to my spirit by day and I cry at night to my spirit.

  2. Oh my spirit, come down and hear my cries.

  3. My life is filled with troubles because of the sufferings of this world.

  4. I am a warrior without strength because I go down to the pit.

  5. My life was among those who are dead.

  6. They are cut off from the influence of their spirit and I am the one in the bottom of this pit with them.

  7. Come to me and influence me so that I may come above.

  8. I cannot escape these things of the world because they would shun me otherwise.

  9. My eyes grow dim and I stretch my hands, but I do not feel.

  10. Work the wondrous things, for otherwise I am dead.

  11. Come to me for I am dead, but I’m still faithful to my spirit.

  12. Declare your marvels to me when I am in the darkness so that I can know the righteous deeds.

  13. I cry out to you in the morning so that you may come to light my days.

  14. Why do you reject me? I have been afflicted since I was young by the things of this world.

  15. Your terrors have destroyed me and the rift has gone over me.

  16. They encircle me and they want to bring me down.

  17. Because everyone shuns me, I am in the darkness alone.


  1. I will sing of the mercy I have received forever throughout all ages.

  2. My faithfulness will stand before the heavens when I am dead.

  3. I made a covenant of all humanity and I have not held it.

  4. I will stand forever and my name will go from age to age.

  5. The heavens praise at these marvels, and those who are holy will assemble before me.

  6. No one in the skies compares to the gratefulness of the journey I have taken.

  7. The councils of those who claim to be holy are not are dreadful for the heavens.

  8. No one is like the spirit to guide you from the day you were born the day you were dead.

  9. I ruled the seas around me and I rule the world which I live in.

  10. I crush those who try to oppress me and I scatter them.

  11. The heavens and the earth and everything in it are for all of humanity.

  12. The one who created everything at the beginning does not influence the world in this day.

  13. The arm that has been extended through all the universe has given us the laws of nature.

  14. The foundation of your life is justice, judgment, and mercy and greatness.

  15. Blessed are those who hear the cries and go into the truth.

  16. They rejoice in the righteousness they have received.

  17. Their strength is in their spirit and their foundation.

  18. Their spirit is their shield and they exalted forever.

  19. It was spoken the vision, leaders will come over those who were chosen.

  20. The leader who is righteous will be anointed.

  21. My spirit will be with me forever.

  22. Those who are wicked will be defeated.

  23. Those who go against those who are righteous will be crushed.

  24. My faithfulness and my mercy will be with my spirit.

  25. My hand will go across the sea and my influence will be heard throughout all generations.

  26. All people will know that my spirit is my salvation.

  27. I am born of the kings of the earth.

  28. My covenant will stand with all of humanity forever.

  29. I will establish my own dynasty and all who are enthroned here are righteous.

  30. If my descendants for safely, then they will not survive.

  31. They will fail to observe the things which I have learned.

  32. They will be punished by me and all of the other righteous spirits, and they will have a terrible life.

  33. I will not have mercy on them because they do not have mercy on themselves.

  34. They violated their covenant, but I will not violate mine.

  35. I will never swear falsely against those who swear falsely.

  36. The dynasty of evil will also continue forever.

  37. It will stand eternally but it will be destroyed at the end of the age to be replaced by another.

  38. All of those who were anointed have been killed off and have been rejected.

  39. They renounce the covenant which they have established and they create their own.

  40. All of the walls have been struck down and the foundation they set is in ruins.

  41. All who pass through will not learn of the truth and they’ll be derided by those they thought they could trust.

  42. Those who trust in their foes will be like their foes are.

  43. They will turn back the truth and they will support the doctrines founded in the truth.

  44. All the splendor of the truth and the simplicity will be brought to an end.

  45. They will be covered with shame forever and ever.


  1. How long will my spirit hide from me forever?

  2. Remember that my life is brief and I want to seek and find the truth by the day of light.

  3. The one that lives and does not see death is in the light.

  4. Where are the mercies of those of the world? Remember those who have insulted you and remember the nations they forged.

  5. Those who do not have the truth consult those who have the truth.

  6. Blessed be the truth forever which has been here at the beginning and will be here after the end.

  7. My spirit has been my refuge through all generations.

  8. Before the Earth was created, my spirit was here and my spirit learned of this truth.

  9. Humanity will come from the dust and will return to the dust.

  10. Our life will flesh before us in the blink of an eye, but our spirit will last forever.

  11. Everything we have done on this Earth will be washed away and will rise again.

  12. All of the Earth goes through cycles, but forever is forever.

  13. We are consumed by anger and filled with terror.

  14. Our faults are with us and the sins that we have hidden will be revealed.

  15. Our years go by without anything and our wrath stays with us.

  16. Most of us will labor in vain, and when we are gone, our work will be gone.

  17. The strength of the anger of the world will not be comprehended because it inspires many people to do terrible things.

  18. May we gain wisdom from the hearts of men who have been in the truth.

  19. Have pity on us for we are servants.

  20. Fill us with your mercy, oh great spirit.

  21. May we be humbled so that we can receive the gifts of the Guardian Angels.

  22. Show to the world our good deeds so that our children can be glorified.

  23. The word from our hands will prosper and the favor of our spirit be with us.


  1. I dwell in the security of the spirit which guides me.

  2. My spirit is my refuge and my fortress.

  3. It had rescued me from the world which have caused me to suffer.

  4. It sheltered me from all of those who try to attack me.

  5. I do not fear the world now, for I have my spirit with it.

  6. I do not fear the darkness anymore, for I am in the light.

  7. Even though thousands will fall because of the world, I will not.

  8. I shall watch all the suffering that occurs around me.

  9. Because I have taken my spirit for my refuge, no evil shall come over me.

  10. No affliction shall come over me either.

  11. I have commanded my world around me and I take guard wherever I go.

  12. I have been supported by my spirit and I will not strike against those who strike against me.

  13. I can tread upon this world, but the world will not tread upon me.

  14. Because my spirit comes to me, it will deliver me from all that is evil.

  15. It will call upon me and I will answer to it.

  16. I will be blessed all the days of my life for I have been saved by my spirit.


  1. It is good to give thanks to your spirit.

  2. I proclaim the love I have for it every day and every night.

  3. I rely upon my spirit to guide me daily.

  4. All of my deeds shall be good because I have joy over my spirit.

  5. How great are the works that I have done in righteousness.

  6. One who does not have sense cannot know of this and cannot comprehend this.

  7. The wicked will suffer in this world, but I will not be the product of that.

  8. They are destined for eternal destruction because they do not embrace that which is the truth.

  9. All of them shall be scattered and they shall suffer in this world.

  10. I have been given strength and brains over all who oppose me.

  11. I look upon my wicked enemies and I hear what happens to them every day.

  12. Those who are just will flourish.

  13. They are planted in the truth and they shall flourish in truth.

  14. They will see the fruits of their labors and they will stay fresh.

  15. They will proclaim of the justice they have received from their rock, their spirit.


  1. How glorious is the King, robed in majestic robes.

  2. The throne stands from the days of old and will last from eternity to eternity.

  3. All that has been bad has not been because of the design the creator.

  4. That which is good shall triumph over that which is evil.

  5. These decrees are firmly established and will last for all the days.


  1. Vengeance shall come forth against the world for your sake.

  2. You shall judge the earth and shall give everyone what they deserve.

  3. How long will the wicked attain joy?

  4. How long will they go against those who do good?

  5. They will crush your people and you will be tormented.

  6. They killed those who are in need.

  7. They will claim that their God does not see them, because it does not.

  8. Understand for the foolish cannot be wise.

  9. The one who has ears does not hear and the one who has eyes does not see.

  10. The blind will lead the blind.

  11. The lands are known that I am from eternity to eternity.

  12. Blessed is the one who knows of this truth.

  13. The pit will be dug for those who are wicked and those who are in the truth will rest.

  14. You have not been forsaken, you have been forsaken by society.

  15. Judgment will come upon those who are righteous and those who are in the truth will follow it.

  16. Who can rise up against the wicked?

  17. If the righteous were not here, then everyone would be silent.

  18. Hold me up when I am slipping.

  19. When those who are in the truth realize that they are in the truth, they will be comforted.

  20. Those who are unjust cannot be your allies, for they bring you burdens.

  21. Those who go against those who are just will never be righteous.

  22. Your spirit is your refuge and you should always follow its precepts.

  23. You will turn back against evil and you will destroy them because they are wicked.


  1. Let us sing out to our spirit, our foundation.

  2. Let us joyfully saying because our spirit has brought us in the glory.

  3. For our spirit is great and it only wants what’s best for us.

  4. It can reach out its hand and save us.

  5. All of our life belongs to our spirit and our spirit is our life.

  6. Let us go and give praise to the spirit which has guided us.

  7. We are the people and our spirit is no more than we.

  8. Our voice will be heard on this very day.

  9. Our hearts shall not be hardened, for we will be lost.

  10. We have been tested by our ancestors and our works have been tried by them.

  11. We will never go astray because of the promptings of our spirit.

  12. We will never enter into rest until we know of this great truth.


  1. All of the Earth will come to this truth.

  2. Bless the name of the truth for the truth shall bring salvation.

  3. Tell the glory of this truth among all nations and it will bring you to marvelous deeds.

  4. The truth is feared by all others.

  5. For all the nations of the world have made idols, and they have sought to remember this truth.

  6. The truth has splendor and power and it will go where the enlightened ones shall be.

  7. All the nations of the world should seek this truth.

  8. They will receive blessings and they will be counted among those who are in the truth.

  9. Tremble before the truth, for it is greater than you.

  10. Declare upon all nations that the truth will set people free, for it is set you free in the process.

  11. Let us rejoice, for we have found the truth amongst the waters of the wise ones.

  12. Let everything rejoice in this truth, for the truth has given you a firm foundation.

  13. It has been here from before the beginning and will be here after the end, and it will govern the world forever and ever.


  1. Let the earth rejoice, for the truth is the King.

  2. Darkness will surround the King, but the King is in the light and has a firm foundation.

  3. Fire will consume those who are righteous.

  4. The enlightened one will illuminate the world and all of the world will see of this great truth.

  5. All of the things of the earth will perish before the truth and the truth will never die.

  6. All the heavens and the earth proclaim the truthfulness of this great day and all people will prepare to see the glory when they die.

  7. All of those who are in false religions will be put to shame, for they give glory to worthless things.

  8. Zion hears of these things and is glad that people are coming out and bearing this truth.

  9. For the truth is above all systems and it is above all the Earth.

  10. Those who love the truth will hate evil and protect the souls of those were faithful.

  11. The light dawns on this new age and all of those who are honest will see this and be glad.

  12. Rejoice, those were just, and give thanks and knowing this truth.


  1. Sing, for your marvelous deeds have been remembered.

  2. Your victory has been known and you will triumph above all nations.

  3. Mercy and faithfulness will be remembered towards all of those who are righteous.

  4. Sing praise because you know will do great truth and shout for joy because your spirit has guided you.

  5. Sing to the glorious song which has been sung to all the heavens.

  6. Rejoice in the Angels which have brought forth this truth were distilled all nations with joy.

  7. All of the people of the world will know the truth and those who dwell in it will be and righteousness.

  8. The spring of life shall come forth and spread to all nations.

  9. Before the beginning, the truth was created and it governs the entire universe.


  1. All of the people of the Earth will tremble before the heavens.

  2. Great is the righteousness of the truth and it is above all people.

  3. Holy is the one who reveals this to the entire world.

  4. The truth is a lover of justice and that establishes fairness throughout the world.

  5. Come before the truth and be set free from this great truth.

  6. All of those who are on the earth new of this truth at some point in time.

  7. They declare the decrees of this truth and they have established a covenant with all people.

  8. You answer the cries of the people who seek the truth and forgive them for all their past transgressions.

  9. Exalt the truth for the truth brings righteousness to all nations.


  1. Sing, all the lands of the Earth, for the truth has set people free.

  2. Come before the truth and walk in those who were enlightened.

  3. We are the people who come to the ones who seek the truth.

  4. Enter the gates and give thanks for the truth has been revealed.

  5. Your mercy will endure forever and your covenant will last through all generations.


  1. I cry out and see injustice.

  2. I long for the way of the truth, but it will not come to me.

  3. I do not allow evil enter into my presence and I will have no part of wrongdoing.

  4. May those who are devious be far away from my heart where I will not ignore their existence.

  5. Whoever lies to me will be reduced to nothing and their arrogance will bring them down.

  6. I look to those who are faithful and will always be at my side.

  7. No one who practices evil can remain with me and last with me.

  8. I clear all the wicked things from my life so that I can bring in the truth.


  1. Let my cry come to you, my spirit.

  2. Do not hide from me and come to me when I am in distress.

  3. My days go by without you in my presence and I burn away.

  4. My heart is broken and I have no purpose.

  5. I have become a mere shell of what I should be.

  6. I am the wise one upon the ruins of my world.

  7. I long for you and I search for you day by day.

  8. My enemies come for me and they detain me.

  9. I am tearful because I feel my life is in ruin.

  10. Because of what has come to me, I need to be lifted up.

  11. My days lengthen and I do not know what to do next.

  12. My spirit will allow me to be renowned through all generations.

  13. Mercy will be shown to me for the appointed time has come to me.

  14. Come to me and dust me off so that I may become pure again.

  15. All the kings of the earth shall know of the glory I have received.

  16. Once again, my spirit has appeared to me in glory.

  17. It heard my plea and it answered the prayers.

  18. My deeds will be written for my next generations.

  19. I will look down when I am dead and come from the heavens.

  20. Those who are doomed will die, but I will live with my spirit.

  21. My name will be declared in the great city of Zion, the city of righteousness.

  22. When all the kingdoms gather, they will know of my great name.

  23. The suffering in my world has been shattered.

  24. Do not take me away when I am above this world.

  25. The foundation of truth has been established since the beginning of the Earth.

  26. The people shall perish, but the truth shall remain through all generations.

  27. The truth is the same and it has no end.

  28. May my descendants live in the presence of this great truth.


  1. Bless my soul because I have been blessed.

  2. Bless my soul and give me all the gifts.

  3. Heal my ills and pardon me from all things I have done.

  4. You have regained my life and you have crowned me with mercy.

  5. My days have been filled with good things and I have been renewed.

  6. Righteous deed comes from those who are righteous and they will bring justice to those who are oppressed.

  7. The ways have been known from time to time, but they have always remained the same.

  8. Mercy abounds in the truth and it is gracious to those who understand.

  9. There will always be those who accuse, but they will not last.

  10. They have not dwelt with their own sins and they have not repented of their ways.

  11. The heavens tower over the earth and the heavens have dominion over the earth.

  12. All of these bad things have been removed from those who found the truth, and now they are above this world.

  13. Compassion comes to those who have the gifts of the Angels.

  14. We know our place in the universe, but we do not yet know the great truth.

  15. May mankind be blessed forever once they figure out the truth.

  16. Man does not know their place, but once they find the truth, they will find their place again.

  17. Mercy comes from age to age to those who understand the truth.

  18. All of those and keep the covenant will be in this salvation and they will achieve it.

  19. The throne has been set in the heavens and extends over the entire Earth.

  20. All of those who understand the truth will be blessed with all the strength of the world.

  21. Bless those who carry out the will and to carry out the covenant which they have been given.

  22. May everyone be blessed with their spirit, their soul.


  1. Bless my soul for my soul is great.

  2. May I be robed and light and Majesty.

  3. I come out from the heavens into the earth, but I am above the Earth.

  4. Your messengers have come before me, and I have been blessed by your ministers.

  5. The Earth has been set on its foundation and it will never be taken away.

  6. The lands and the waters will be filled with great things and great blessings.

  7. Those who have been set free by the truth will become eagles in a world full of land.

  8. The truth conquers all mountains and valleys and everyone has been given their place on the Earth.

  9. There are limits which we cannot pass, but we know our limits, for we know ourselves.

  10. May all those who learn the truth be set free by the truth and go over the mountains.

  11. May everyone be quenched with the spring of life.

  12. May all the things that fly go into the heavens.

  13. May the fruits of the labors of all things be blessed and bring forth great things.

  14. May all people work towards a goal and achieve their destiny.

  15. May all the people be blessed all the days of their lives and be sustained.

  16. May all humans have their fill and may they be blessed according to their deeds.

  17. May all the things they have worked for not be for nothing.

  18. Every creature has their place, and made known their place for all eternity.

  19. May all the cycles of the earth remain as they are.

  20. May darkness and light bring forth a cycle that precedes all others.

  21. May all things that seek things for their survival receive these things.

  22. When the light comes in the world, may all of those who are wild the pain.

  23. May people go out and take advantage of all the days of their lives and over death.

  24. Wisdom has been made for all creatures upon this Earth.

  25. May all beings receive this great truth and may they know their place in the Earth.

  26. May good always conquer evil and all good be blessed for the rest of days.

  27. All creatures look to the heavens for they know where they have come from.

  28. When you give to them, they will gather the things which you have given.

  29. When you take away their breath of life, they will perish and return to where they came.

  30. Send forth all the spirit that humanity had so that they may be blessed for the rest of their lives.

  31. May the glory of those who have done good deeds endure forever and may their works be remembered.

  32. The Earth will tremble at these good works because everyone shall know that a great person had done these things.

  33. Sing to the spirit for your entire life for your spirit has given you all your strength.

  34. May your meditation help you to focus on your life that you rejoice in that which deserves to be ritualized.

  35. May all sinners be banished from this Earth and may no one be wicked for the rest of days.


  1. Give thanks to your spirits and the heavens were they shall make all of your deeds known.

  2. Proclaim all the wondrous deeds you have done by guidance of your spirit.

  3. Let your heart seek the truth always.

  4. Seek out the might that comes from doing good things and continuity seek more things.

  5. Recall the wondrous deeds you have done throughout your life and all the people which you have helped.

  6. Remember your descendants and remember that your offspring look up to you.

  7. Judgment reaches to all corners of the earth.

  8. Your covenant has been remembered forever and it will be remembered in generations.

  9. This is a covenant which has been made from the beginning and will continue until the end.

  10. This is an everlasting covenant for the entire world to follow.

  11. If you do all the things provided by this covenant, then you will receive blessings upon the face of this earth.

  12. When there were few in number, you were strong in spirit.

  13. You will wander from place to place and discover more about your life.

  14. May no one oppress you on your journey to the light.

  15. Do not cast down those who are anointed for they are those whom I consider to be the prophets.

  16. A famine will come down upon this land and starve everyone who is not prepared.

  17. You will be sent and you will know ahead of time of the great famine which is to follow.

  18. Even though you will starve somewhat, your spirit shall never die.

  19. This will come to pass and you will come out stronger than before.

  20. You will be released back into this world with a new set of knowledge.

  21. You will be set free because you know of this truth.

  22. All of the possessions which you have worked for will be given to you.

  23. You will be instructed by your elders in the ways of wisdom.

  24. One nation shall fall to another nation.

  25. Those who are righteous will become more numerous than those who are against the world.

  26. Those who are wicked will turn their hearts to those who are righteous and will bring them into deceit.

  27. A prophet shall come out of the land of Zion and will bring forth the truth once again.

  28. Wonders and signs will come ahead of the one who is to bring forth a new age.

  29. Many will rebel against this word, but the word will hold to be truth.

  30. All the things which they thought were worthy of worship shall be destroyed.

  31. The land which they had worked so hard for will be brought down to nothing.

  32. The entire land will be overtaken by things which have never been seen before.

  33. Storms shall come throughout the land and destroy everything in its path.

  34. All the things that were once a given life will not survive the catastrophe.

  35. The word came and the action followed.

  36. Everything will be devoured and those who are wicked will be left with nothing.

  37. The fruits of their labor will be for nothing.

  38. They who are righteous will be brought out of the land which is built on silver and gold.

  39. The wicked rejoice when they lust, for they are free to build their society and destroy it from within.

  40. A light shall come out of the darkness and clouds will never cover it.

  41. The kingdom that comes from the heavens shall come down onto the Earth and engage the entire world in the truth.

  42. The spring of life shall come forth from the desert and a new world will be formed.

  43. This will be established to the covenant which will be established at the beginning of this age.

  44. These people will come out in joy and they will triumph over those who are wicked.

  45. All the things which had been promised to them will be given to them and they will possess the wealth of many of the wicked.

  46. They will keep this as long as they observe that which they have been born into.


  1. Give thanks to your spirit because that mercy will endure forever.

  2. The mighty deeds that have been done by you in the name of your spirit will be counted.

  3. Blessed are the ones who do the right thing and the ones whose deeds are always good.

  4. Remember the favor given up on all the people and to come to the aid of those who needed.

  5. May your offspring receive prosperity and all of your people see joy.

  6. We have done wrong by your ancestors and we are guilty of these things.

  7. We do not pay attention to the wonders that your ancestors have done for our posterity.

  8. We were saved because of their mercy and because of the mercy of that which is above all of them.

  9. Our ancestors were led through the wilderness and through the darkness, and then they were led into the light.

  10. They were rescued from hostile lands and they were given authority over their own power.

  11. Even though they have been oppressed, they have survived it all.

  12. They believe the words of the truth and they held the truth within them.

  13. Those who are in the truth will forget the truth.

  14. They will give in to those who choose to lead and they will go at the mercy of those who leave.

  15. They will give the leaders what they ask of them and then they will forget the truth.

  16. They will challenge those who are righteous.

  17. They will cast down those who are still righteous and still know the truth.

  18. They will consume them and cast them down into the pit which they had created.

  19. They will go and worship the one who brought forth the truth.

  20. They exchange their glory for the things that claim to be the truth.

  21. They forgot the truth which had saved them and had caused them to do great deeds.

  22. They have forgotten the truth which had given them many great things to live for.

  23. They signed the pact of their own destruction and they worship the one who was chosen.

  24. They forgot the promises of the land which they had been given.

  25. They complained about the things they had and they desired more things.

  26. They swore that they would destroy the truth and they were successful in destroying the truth.

  27. Their descendants will be scattered and they will go into foreign lands and they will be oppressed.

  28. They will sacrifice to things which do not exist.

  29. They will be provoked to do evil things by the actions done by others.

  30. They will intervene on the behalf of others and go into the world.

  31. They will test these things as righteous, but these things will not turn out to be so.

  32. Those who are in the truth will suffer because of these things.

  33. Their spirit will become bitter and their spirit will not carry on into the generations after them.

  34. These people were not destroyed.

  35. They became a wicked people and they imitated the ways of others.

  36. They serve false gods and were ensnared in these traps.

  37. They sacrificed to a false god and they shed innocent blood.

  38. They desecrated their land and they were not proud of the land which they were given.

  39. They put themselves down because they thought they were doing wrong in the eyes of their false gods.

  40. Their spirit, in return, grew angry with them.

  41. Their spirit left them and they were left to the mercy of this world.

  42. Your enemies oppress them and keep them under their control.

  43. They were rescued many times hoping they would come back into the truth, but they did not.

  44. They were afflicted by things which they had not been afflicted from before.

  45. They remember the covenant, but they do not keep the covenant.

  46. They try to win compassion, but they do not receive compassion.

  47. May their spirit rescue them from this age and gather them up from the world which had brought so much suffering to them.

  48. Blessed be the truth which lasts from generation to generation, from beginning to end, so that all people may be blessed for the rest of their days.


  1. Give thanks to your spirit, for it is been merciful to you.

  2. May you be reborn through your spirit so that you can return to the land from the heavens.

  3. All the people shall know of this truth from every corner of this world.

  4. Most have lost their way and they have not found a pattern which to take their life.

  5. Their life goes by and they hunger and thirst for a higher purpose.

  6. They cry out to their spirit because they are in peril.

  7. There spirits shall guide them on a direct path and they shall enter into the city of Zion.

  8. Their spirit has been very merciful to them and they have done wondrous deeds by their guidance.

  9. All of those who were thirsty for this knowledge will receive their fill.

  10. Some live in darkness and they are imprisoned in their own misery.

  11. They rebel against the truth and they reject the truth.

  12. Their hearts will be humbled after they go through hard things in their lives, because no one will help them.

  13. They cry out in distress because they are in peril.

  14. Their spirit brings them from the shadow of death and from the darkness that they were bound to.

  15. Their spirit has been merciful to them and they have done great things through their spirit.

  16. The gates of the world have been broken down and now they see the world through new eyes.

  17. Some fall way because they were wicked.

  18. They get many things that were of this world and did not care to know their spirit.

  19. They cry to their spirit in distress to save them in their peril.

  20. They were healed and they were snatched from the grave they had dug for themselves.

  21. Their spirit has been merciful to them and through their spirit and they have done wonderful things.

  22. They will be remembered forever for the goodness of their hearts.

  23. Those who found the truth have gone down new path in life.

  24. They saw the works they had done from afar and they were happy.

  25. Even though those in the truth will go through hard times, they will come out stronger than they went in.

  26. Those who go through life will rise up and fall down, but their heart knows all of these things.

  27. They will go through things so hard that even the skill that they possessed will not be good enough.

  28. They cry out to their spirit in distress to bring them out of peril.

  29. Those times of hardship will be put to rest.

  30. All things in life will come to an end and you will be brought into a safe harbor.

  31. Your spirit will be merciful to you and you will see the wondrous deeds by those who came before you.

  32. You will praise those who have brought forth the truth you.

  33. All things will be change from good into bad and from bad into good.

  34. Society has become wicked, so what was once considered good became bad.

  35. The spirit has left the society and it is up to the individual to find their spirit again.

  36. A city shall be established for those who know the truth and they will go out into the world with a higher knowledge of the truth.

  37. They will be in labor for all the days of their lives, but they will not have any rewards from it.

  38. They have been blessed but they did not take advantage of the blessings which they had received.

  39. Those who rule them will also be wicked, and they will lead them down the debt.

  40. They will be dismantled as a result and they’ll be brought down to the lowest point of their lives.

  41. Those who understand the truth will be brought forth from this and brought in the light.

  42. Those who are in the truth will rejoice at the fact that the wicked society will be brought down.

  43. Whoever is wise will know these things and they will ponder on their good deeds.


  1. My heart will always be with my spirit.

  2. I will wake this world and this world will know the spirit.

  3. You will be praised among all the people for passing on this truth to those who do not understand it.

  4. The mercy of their spirit is greater than all the things of the world and their spirit will be faithful to them forever.

  5. The glory of the truth is above all the Earth.

  6. Help those who need help and love those whom need love.

  7. Those who are in the truth of our holy and they will be exalted above all nations.

  8. All the world shall be yours as you teach the entire world.

  9. All the blessings of the world will be with those who know of the blessings they have received.

  10. The city of Zion will be fortified and will lead all who understand it into the truth.

  11. Those who know the truth will not reject the truth and they will no longer march with those who are wicked.

  12. Human help is worthless and knowing the truth, truth must come from those who were enlightened.

  13. You will try them with your spirit and you will triumph in the truth always.


  1. Do not be silent against those who attack you.

  2. They speak to you with hateful words and they attack you without reason.

  3. They will slander you even if you love them.

  4. They give you evil for the good you have given them.

  5. The leaders are evil and those who accuse you will be with them.

  6. You will be judged and found guilty and they will not listen to your pleads.

  7. Those who accuse those who have the truth will have their days numbered.

  8. May they never be blessed and may all of their loved ones leave them.

  9. May they wander in darkness for all the days of their lives and pollute the pits which they had dug.

  10. They are unsure of all that they do and everything that they work for will be for nothing.

  11. May no one have pity on them for they are evil.

  12. May their posterity be destroyed and their name never remembered.

  13. May their guilt be known to all the world, so that they are never remembered.

  14. May their guilt always be with them and their memory erased.

  15. They do not remember to show mercy to those who are poor.

  16. They hated the things they should’ve loved and they love the things they should’ve hated.

  17. They worshiped the things of this world more than they worship the things of the heavens.

  18. May these things be in their minds all the days of their lives so that they are preoccupied with only the things of the world.

  19. This is the reward for those who go against the truth and those who speak of evil against the truth.

  20. May your spirit rescue you because it has great mercy for you.

  21. You are poor and needy, and your heart yearns for the truth which your spirit can provide for you.

  22. Your body will be taken from this Earth and into the heavens and then back to the Earth, but in a higher state.

  23. Even though your flesh will one day waste away, your spirit will always be there.

  24. They will see you and they will mock you, but you will be above them.

  25. You will be saved in your mercy.

  26. Make them known that your hand has done great things for the advancement of all people.

  27. May you bless the things that they curse and put them to shame.

  28. May your accusers be disgraced and put to shame.

  29. May you give thanks to your spirit because your spirit has guided you into the heavens.

  30. You will stand with the poor and you will save those who do not deserve the judgment of others.


  1. You will sit at the right hand of that which created you and your enemies will be brought down.

  2. You will be full of might and you will have dominion over those who try to persecute you.

  3. You have been endowed with powers of kings from your birth and you will be remembered throughout all generations.

  4. Your spirit will not go away from you and you will remain with your spirit forever.

  5. Your spirit will crush kings and your kings will listen to your spirit.

  6. You will be the judge of all nations and your name will be known upon the face of the Earth.

  7. You will drink from the spring of life and you will have eternal life.


  1. I shall thank my spirits with all my heart.

  2. I have done great works because of my spirit.

  3. The righteousness endures forever.

  4. I have won great blessings for the deeds I have done.

  5. I give to those who need and I remember my covenant forever.

  6. My good deeds are known to the entire world and my posterity has a good legacy.

  7. These are the true words and all of my decrees are reliable.

  8. This is been established forever and ever and it is to be observed by all nations.

  9. The covenant has been established from the beginning and shall remain until the end of time.

  10. The beginning of being wise is having the gifts of the Angels, and all of those who seek the truth shall find.


  1. Blessed is the one who has the gifts of the Guardian Angels.

  2. Their descendants shall be mighty and their generation shall be blessed.

  3. Righteousness shall endure forever because of the wealth.

  4. Light shines through the darkness because of them.

  5. It is good to give to those who are in need.

  6. They will never be shaken and they will endure forever in righteousness.

  7. They will never fall ill but they are always trusting in their spirit.

  8. Their heart is without fear and they are the ones who look down onto those who give in to the sufferings of the world.

  9. They give to the poor and the righteousness endures.

  10. The wicked will see them and they will be angry and they will waste away into nothingness while the righteous ones go into glory.


  1. Praise your spirit too because your spirit has given you great things.

  2. Your spirit will be with you now and forever.

  3. It is going to be here from the beginning and to the end of all time.

  4. You shall dwell in the glory of the heavens through your spirit.

  5. Your spirit will be enthroned on high as you will on this Earth.

  6. You will look down to the Earth from the heavens in life and death.

  7. Those who are needy will be raised from the dust in which they have gone into.

  8. They will be seated with the princes of nations because they will earnestly seek the truth.

  9. All the people shall experience joy in this world if everyone abide by the precepts of the spirit.

  10. Come forth from this world, this alien world.

  11. Become a sanctuary for those who seek the truth by embodying the truth.

  12. All the people shall see the truth which you have embraced and they shall go away from you.

  13. They will assume that you have gone away from the scroll, but you embrace it.

  14. Why is it that the people turn away from you?

  15. Why is it that the lands turn away from you?

  16. They shall tremble, for you possess a greater knowledge than they.

  17. You will turn the waters of the darkness into the spring of life.


  1. The name of my spirit shall be glorified forever.

  2. All the nations shall ask where their God is.

  3. Your God is within you and it does whatever it wants to.

  4. All of the gods you have made with human hands are nothing.

  5. They have been given qualities that they do not possess.

  6. They have been given power that they do not have.

  7. They have been made in the image of their human counterparts and anyone who trust in them shall be damned.


  1. All the people of the Earth should trust in their spirit as their shield.

  2. You shall trust in your spirit for it shall help you.

  3. All of those that have the gifts of the Angels shall trust in their spirit.

  4. Your spirit shall remember you shall bring you blessings.

  5. It will bless those who possessed the gift sense of those who live in righteousness.

  6. May you be blessed by your spirit which is a part of the maker of the heavens and the earth.

  7. The heavens belong to the spirits who have been righteous.

  8. Those who are dead will look for you and look out for you.

  9. You are the one who has to find the God within you and your spirit shall come forth from you.


  1. Those who listen to the promptings of their spirit will be blessed.

  2. Call out to your spirit and your spirit shall listen to you.

  3. You were caught by death, until your spirit came and rescued you.

  4. Your spirit has saved your life, so you should help it back.

  5. Be gracious and righteous for you shall obtain great mercy.

  6. Protect those who do not have much and save those who are helpless.

  7. Return to rest, for your soul is weary.

  8. Your soul has been freed from the death of this world.

  9. Walk with your spirit and your spirit shall be with you forever.

  10. Keep faith with your spirit even if you are greatly affected by the world.

  11. Do not give in to the world and do not fall into the pit.

  12. You do not need to repay any God which has done great things for you.

  13. Your salvation will come to you when you call upon your spirit.

  14. You shall fulfill the covenant which you have made to all people.

  15. Devote your life to living and devote your death to dying.

  16. Get rid of the bonds which you have built on this Earth and fly away to explore the world.

  17. Call upon the name of your spirit and you shall be healed.

  18. You have to fulfill the covenant you have made with all people.

  19. Do this in the midst of your spirit who dwells with you and with the heavens.

  20. Remember the covenant you have made with all nations.

  21. Your faithfulness to this covenant should last forever.


  1. The mercy of your spirit endures with you forever.

  2. All of the world and all the people shall say that their spirit has endured with them.

  3. All of those who are their enemies will have their spirit endure with them forever.

  4. Even the worst people of this world will have their spirit and endure with them forever.


  1. When I was down in the pit, I called upon my spirit and my spirit redeemed me.

  2. I am not afraid of what the people in the world shall do against me.

  3. My spirit is with me and it will help me and I will try and pull out of the pit of the earth.

  4. It is better to take refuge in my spirit than to trust in those who are.

  5. It is better to take refuge in my spirit than to trust in the riches of the world.

  6. All of the world shall surround you, but your spirit will cut them away.

  7. They shall surround you and they shall be burned up and consumed.

  8. They surround you, but then the world will swarm around them.

  9. They will fail at bringing you down because your spirit clings to your help.

  10. Your spirit is your Savior, your strength, and your might.

  11. Those who are righteous will be delivered from this world.

  12. Their hands shall work valiantly for the good of all people.

  13. They will never die but they will live forever through their legacy.

  14. Even if the world chastises you, you will never turn away from your spirit and go back into the world.

  15. Righteousness shall come back to you and you shall enter into the city of Zion.

  16. The righteous shall enter into the state of the heavens and those who are wicked shall never reach it.

  17. Your prayers will be answered and your cries for help shall be answered by your spirit.

  18. Whatever has been rejected by the established society will become the cornerstone of a new era.

  19. This has been done and that is seen to be wonderful at this time.

  20. This is the day which has been made to let us be glad.

  21. Grant salvation to all of those on the Earth and they will give good fortune.

  22. Blessed is the one who comes with their spirit.

  23. They will come with the truth, and their will, and the light, and all nations and their branches shall spread the entire world.

  24. The mercy of your spirit endures forever.

  25. Raise your spirit, for your spirit has been waiting for you.


  1. What is new or with the truth is in their eyes.

  2. Blessed is the one who keep this testimony and seek the truth.

  3. They do no wrong because they walked in the ways of the truth.

  4. They have been given commands to walk in this path.

  5. Their ways are firm and they observe all parts of their covenant.

  6. They will not be ashamed as they enter into the valley of death.

  7. They praise their spirit with sincerity and they are righteous in their judgments.

  8. All of these parts of the covenant will be observed and they will not be left alone in this world.

  9. How long can you keep up your ways of falsity without fault?

  10. I see you with all my heart, so do not stray from the covenant which has been given to you.

  11. I treasure the promises I made so that I do not do any harm against fellow man.

  12. Blessed is the one who keeps all of these.

  13. I shall be judged according to my deeds at the end of my life.

  14. The way of the truth is better than all the riches of the world.

  15. This path will be considered by all people.

  16. I will never forget the word of truth.

  17. Be kind to other humans so that you can keep the word of truth with you.

  18. Their eyes will be opened so that they can see clearly.

  19. The truth shall not be hidden from those who seek it.

  20. Your soul longs be with you and you long to know the truth.

  21. All of those who are proud will be curtailed.

  22. Free man from the world which society has created.

  23. Even though people will rise up against them, those who are serious about the truth will not stray.

  24. The testimonies of others will bring people to the truth and the light.

  25. My soul clings to me and gives me life according to the truth.

  26. My ways have been known and may I recant of those ways.

  27. May understand the way of the truth into wondrous deeds with my spirit.

  28. My soul is depressed but I want to be lifted above this world.

  29. Lead me away from the deceit of this society.

  30. I have chosen the way of the truth and I will be judged according to that alone.

  31. I will cling to the way of the truth so that I may not be brought to shame.

  32. It will be brought in and my questions shall be answered in the truth.

  33. Teach me the ways of the truth and I shall keep to the old ways.

  34. Give me understanding so that I may know the truth better and observe these things.

  35. Lead me into the path of the truth.

  36. Correct my heart away from the things of this world.

  37. Bring me away from all of these things that are worthless and give me true life.

  38. Fulfill the promise you have given to my ancestors and teach me these things and rightfully desire these things.

  39. Turn me away from the things of this world so that I am not judged to be bad.

  40. I long for the truth and I will be given life through my righteousness.

  41. Let the mercy of my spirit come to me and bring me salvation.

  42. Let me be able to answer my opponent by talking.

  43. Do not take the truth away from me for my hope is in that.

  44. I will keep to my covenant always, for now and forever.

  45. Through knowing the truth, I will walk freely because I cherish the truth.

  46. I will speak of this truth without fear to everyone.

  47. I delight in knowing the truth and the knowledge of being set free.

  48. Lift my soul up to the truth so that I may learn all of these things.

  49. I shall remember the words which give me hope.

  50. This is my comfort in this world and this promise has given me my salvation.

  51. Even though the people of the world will scorn me, I will not turn away from what I know to be true.

  52. I shall be judged according to my work and my work shall be good always.

  53. I will not let rage come over me because of the people who are wicked in this world.

  54. The truth has become my comfort and wherever it takes me shall be of the right path.

  55. I will observe all of the ways of the truth until the day of my last breath.

  56. This is the good fortune I have been given with for I have life with my covenant.

  57. I promised to observe the truth and die by it.

  58. I will uphold the teachings of the truth with all of my heart so that mercy may come over me when I am dead.

  59. I have turned away from the things that are all nothing and towards the things that are true.

  60. I do not hesitate in observing all of the things that have been laid forth by the covenant.

  61. Even though the wicked surround me, I will not forget the ways of the truth.

  62. Because I will be judged on my righteousness, I shall be righteous because the truth shall be in righteousness.

  63. My spirit shall be my friend who will be at my side until the day I die.

  64. The Earth is filled with blessings that humanity does not deserve.

  65. You have treated me well according to the word of the truth.

  66. Teach me the wisdom and the knowledge of the truth.

  67. Before this, I went astray and I did not hold onto the truth, but now I do.

  68. I am good and I shall do what is good until the day I die.

  69. The arrogant will give me lies, but I will not listen to their words.

  70. Their hearts only think for themselves and they do not think of the well-being of others.

  71. It is good for people to be afflicted with suffering in this world so that they can learn the ways of the truth.

  72. This law is more precious than anything upon the face of this planet, and people who are in the truth will realize this is the way of the truth.

  73. You understand the ways of the creation of the world.

  74. I hope in the words that have been given to me from the heavens.

  75. I know that the judgment I cast will be righteous and I am faithful to the word of truth.

  76. May mercy comfort me so that I can be given everything according to the promises which have been given.

  77. May I be shown compassion so that I may live in the truth.

  78. Those who try and lead me astray with all things will be ashamed because my testimony of truth is firm.

  79. Let those who want to know the truth come to me so that I can be a testimony to the truth.

  80. May I walk in the ways of the truth so that I am not put to shame.

  81. My soul longs for the salvation that has been promised in the heavens.

  82. I wanted to see this promise which has been given to me.

  83. I am a light in this world of darkness.

  84. I will survive against my foes because I want the ways of the truth.

  85. Those who are arrogant have dug pits for me, but I will not fall into them.

  86. I am pursued for no reason and I call out for help.

  87. They have put an end to my impact upon the Earth but I will not forsake the truth.

  88. I have been given life in the mercy that has been promised and I am a testimony of the truth.

  89. The word of truth stands forever and is firm.

  90. All generations have the truth and it is given to the Earth.

  91. May the judgments of the righteous stand to this day, for all people are underneath the heavens.

  92. If the truth was not so simple, then those who try to destroy it would not have sought it out.

  93. I will never forget the words of the truth because I am given life through them.

  94. Save me from those of man because they seek to bring me down.

  95. They hope to destroy me and my hope is that they seek to understand the truth.

  96. I have seen the limits of this world, but the truth is without any bounds.

  97. I love the way of the truth and I study its ways.

  98. The way of the truth makes me wiser than the people of this world.

  99. I have more insight than those who teach me the ways of the world because I have gone above its.

  100. I have more understanding than those who came before me because I have the promise of the covenants.

  101. I keep away from the paths which are evil so that I may observe the truth.

  102. I do not turn away from the judgments of man because I will be judged to be good.

  103. The promise of life in the heavens is sweeter than anything upon the face of the Earth.

  104. I gain understanding and knowing the truth and I hate the ways that lead people astray.

  105. The word of the truth is the light of my path.

  106. I have made a covenant with all of humanity to follow in this path.

  107. I have been given life according to the word of this great truth.

  108. Teach me have the ways of the truth so that I may grow in the truth.

  109. I am always at risk by others, but I do not forget the words.

  110. Those who are wicked will try and consume me but I will not give in.

  111. The testimonies of those who were of the truth are the joy of my heart.

  112. My heart is set on fulfilling my covenant and walking in the ways of truth.

  113. I hate everyone who is a hypocrite.

  114. My spirit is my refuge and it is my shield.

  115. May those who are wicked depart from me so that I can walk in the light.

  116. Do not disappoint me because I have hope in this life after death.

  117. Strengthen me so that I can be safe from those who try and bring down.

  118. All of those who stray from the truth are rejected and they are deceitful.

  119. All of the wicked on Earth are counted and they shall be destroyed and the coming of the new age.

  120. I fear those who judge others and I shudder at their sight to bring them down.

  121. Do not abandon me to those who oppress me.

  122. Guarantee my safety so that the error cannot come to you or I.

  123. I want to see this salvation and the promises that have been promised to me.

  124. Have mercy on me and teach me of the ways of the truth.

  125. Give me the light so that I may give it to others.

  126. It is time to act because many have gone astray.

  127. I love the way of the truth because it is the greatest treasure on the face of this planet.

  128. Every wrong way is hated and known, and all of the covenants of the truth are followed.

  129. Those who are in the truth have wonderful testimonies of the truth.

  130. The word of the truth shed light on those who earnestly seek the truth.

  131. I ponder with all of my heart on these precepts.

  132. Turn me into one of those who are righteous and judge me according to the works which I have done.

  133. Do not lead those who like to me bring me astray.

  134. Free me from oppression so that I can observe the truth.

  135. May the light shine through me so that my light can shine on others.

  136. Those who are not in the truth are the ones to shed tears for.

  137. You, my spirit, are righteous, and the judgments of other spirits are just.

  138. They are the testimony of righteousness and are unsurpassed in faithfulness to you.

  139. I am consumed with rage and I forget the words of the truth.

  140. Those who are in the truth have been proven to be worthy to hold to this truth.

  141. Even though they are despised by the world, they do not forget their past.

  142. The justice of the spirit is forever in the right according to the works.

  143. Even though distress and anguish will come upon me, I will still hold on to the hope after this life.

  144. Give me understanding so that I may live in this world.

  145. I call to you with all of my heart and I want you to answer me so that I can stay in the truth.

  146. I call to you to save me so that I may observe the ways of the truth.

  147. I put my hope in these words so that I am not lead back in the pit.

  148. I meditate constantly and focus on things which I have been sent out to do.

  149. The judgment of the spirit gives me life to do good things.

  150. Those who are of the world will come near me but they are far from those who are righteous.

  151. The ways of the truth are always reliable and near.

  152. The truth has been established from the beginning and will be here until the end.

  153. Look at the suffering I have gone through and rescue me.

  154. Bringing up and redeem me because I know I have been promised life.

  155. Salvation is far from those who do bad things because they do not cherish the truth.

  156. Give me life according to what judgment dictates.

  157. Even though the people of the world are numerous and come to me, I do not turn away from the truth and follow in their footsteps.

  158. Those who do not have faith are suffering because they do not heed the words of the truth.

  159. Give me life and great mercy because I am a human being like they.

  160. Every word of the truth is enduring and the judgments are all ours forever.

  161. The people of the world persecute me for no reason, but I only listen to the words of the truth.

  162. I rejoice that the promise the truth has given me.

  163. I hate those who are false and I love that which is true.

  164. Every day of my life, I praise my spirit for giving me righteousness.

  165. There is no stumbling block on the path to the truth.

  166. I earnestly seek the truth always and I fulfill all that which has been given to me in the great covenant.

  167. I observed all of these things and I told them to my hearts.

  168. My way has been opened and the light has shone before me.


  1. Let my cry come before you so that I can be granted understanding of this world.

  2. Rescue me according to the promise which is been set forth by my ancestors in the beginning.

  3. Teach me the ways of the truth so that my spirits can shine within me.

  4. I sing of the promise which is been given to me because I have become righteous through this knowledge.

  5. I have chosen this truth over all the lies, so help me in my time of need.

  6. I long for this salvation and the truth is in my heart forever.

  7. Let my soul live forever after my death and may I be granted the power to judge those who are living.

  8. I was once lost, but now I am found and I do not forget that which I found.


  1. My spirit answered me when I cried in distress.

  2. Deliver me from those who lie and from those who are treacherous.

  3. Whatever harm they inflict on me will be inflicted upon them for their bad deeds.

  4. I am a foreigner in this land full of the people who were of this world.

  5. They come at me with sharp arrows and they try and cast me down.

  6. How long shall I live among those who hate the way I live?

  7. When I speak of peace on earth, they only think of themselves and not others.


  1. I raise my eyes towards the heavens and this is where my help shall come from.

  2. My help comes from my spirit which guides me.

  3. My spirit will not allow me to go astray and always keep in the path.

  4. It is my guardian and it never sleeps.

  5. My spirit is my guardian and my spirit is at my side always.

  6. Day and night will not come unless my spirit is with me.

  7. My spirit shall guard me from all the evil of the world.

  8. My spirit has been here before me and it’s shall be here after me forever and ever.


  1. Let us go into the heavens after our death.

  2. We shall stand before the gates of the heavens and be judged according to our works.

  3. The heavens are built for the benefit of our lives.

  4. All people shall come to the heavens were they shall be granted power according to their works.

  5. We shall stand before the throne of justice and be judged.

  6. May those who come after us prosper because of us.

  7. May peace be with us and our prosperity is with us.

  8. Peace be with everyone on the Earth after our death.

  9. I know we shall do good for our posterity for the sake of all of humanity.


  1. I raise my eyes to the heavens in preparation for the new age to come forth.

  2. My eye is on my spirit because my spirit shows favor with me.

  3. Show me favor, my spirit, so that I may have the blessings that have been promised.

  4. My soul cries out for you because I disdain those who are arrogant.


  1. My spirit was not with me in this world.

  2. My spirit was not with me when the world came after me.

  3. The world swallowed me and destroyed me from within.

  4. The waters of the Earth engulf me and it overwhelms my body.

  5. I was drowning in the suffering of the world.

  6. I am blessed because my spirit did not leave me.

  7. I escaped from the snares of this world and I escaped into the heavens.

  8. My help came from the heavens when my spirit came down and helped me.


  1. Those who trust in their spirit shall stand in the city of Zion.

  2. They shall endure with the people who are righteous forever and ever.

  3. Those who are wicked will not prevail and their land will be handed over to those who are righteous and in the heavens.

  4. Do good, those who are upright and righteous.

  5. Those who turned to crooked ways will go down the path of evil and suffer.

  6. We shall be restored to the state of Eden and we shall dream the dream in the heavens.

  7. We shall do great things for all of humanity and it will be set upon all nations.

  8. We have done great things just as our ancestors have done great things for us.

  9. Restore us so that we may become righteous and do good.

  10. Those who are in tears will have tears of joy.

  11. Those who reap will have the blessings of the world, and they will return with joyous things.


  1. Unless your spirit is with you, all of your work will be in vain.

  2. It is vain for you to only work part of the way and then to be lazy.

  3. You will not receive the blessings of the world if you are not diligent with your life.

  4. Pass it on to your posterity as a gift and a reward for you.

  5. Your sons and daughters shall be like you and they shall learn great things from you.

  6. And their usefulness they shall learn from you and they shall pass on your ways.

  7. Those who are righteous will never be ashamed to pass on their lives to their sons and daughters.


  1. Blessed is the one who walks in the ways of the truth.

  2. You will be blessed and prosper all the days of your life.

  3. Your life and your family shall be fruitful and prosperous.

  4. You will be blessed because you have the gifts of the Guardian Angels.

  5. May you be blessed from the city of Zion all the days of your life.

  6. May you live to see your posterity prosper just as you have.


  1. Those who are wicked have attacked me from the moment I found the truth.

  2. They have attacked me but they have not conquered me.

  3. They dig pits for me but these pits are for themselves.

  4. My spirit cuts me free from the snares of those who are wicked.

  5. May they go back to their caves in disgrace because they hate the truth.

  6. They will weather and they will never prosper.

  7. They will never be desirable upon the face of the earth.

  8. Those who are righteous shall be blessed and those who are wicked shall be passed by.


  1. I call to you out of the depths, my spirit.

  2. May you be attentive to my cries for you.

  3. If my sins are accounted for, then why do I deserve you at all?

  4. Forgive me because I need forgiveness in my life.

  5. I wait for you and I hope for you my spirits.

  6. My soul looks for you and I will seek you until I find you.

  7. Within you, my spirit is redemption for my life and my soul.

  8. You shall redeem me from all the sins I have committed throughout my life.


  1. I am not proud of the things I have done in this world.

  2. I do not busy myself with the things of this world.

  3. I have listened to my soul and my soul yearns for the truth.

  4. My hope is in the truth forever and ever.


  1. Remember all the hardships I have gone through for this.

  2. I swore an oath under the covenant I was placed in at birth.

  3. I will not enter into the truth until I understand the ways of the world.

  4. I will not rest until I find it.

  5. I will not rest until I find the place to dwell in the truth.

  6. I heard of the truth from faraway places.

  7. May I enter into the truth and be set free by the truth.

  8. Come to me, my spirit, and give me a resting place.

  9. I will have justice within me and I will shout in joy.

  10. Do not reject the one who is anointed.

  11. I swore an oath in truth and I will never turn away from it.

  12. I will teach my sons my decrees and they shall teach their sons.

  13. You have chosen me as your vessel to pass on the great truth.

  14. This is where I shall rest forever because I desire to be in this.

  15. I will be blessed all the days of my life and I will give the poor all that I have.

  16. I will receive salvation and I shall shout for joy because of it.

  17. The anointed one shall come to me shall teach me of these great things.

  18. May those who go against me be in shame because my crown will shine.


  1. How good it is when all the people of the world are one.

  2. When we are alone we fall, but when we are together we shall rise above all obstacles.

  3. Blessings shall come down to all of humanity forever and ever.


  1. Come and bless all the people of this world who stand in the name of the truth.

  2. Come towards the sanctuary that is Zion and dwell in the gates.

  3. May you be blessed from these gates forever and ever.


  1. Praise your spirit forever for your spirit has given you light.

  2. Stand before the city of Zion with your spirit and body.

  3. Your spirit has given you life, so your spirit is full of goodness.

  4. You are a treasured possession of your spirit and your spirit is your most treasured possession.

  5. You shall know that the creator is greater than all gods.

  6. Whatever is desired of the world shall come from the heavens to the earth.

  7. This is where all the things that bring forth blessings to the world come.

  8. Those who are wicked shall be stricken down.

  9. Signs and wonders came out of the heavens and struck down those who cause suffering in the world.

  10. Mighty kings were brought down because they were not worthy.

  11. They dug pits for their people but they fell into the pits.

  12. The land that was once part of the wicked was given to those who are righteous.

  13. From generation to generation, all the people shall know this truth.

  14. Those who know the truth will be defended from all evil.

  15. The gods of this world are the work of human hands.

  16. They do not hear and they do not see the affairs of the world.

  17. There is no life within them and they are not able to communicate with you.

  18. They are made in the image of their creators which is man.

  19. May all the people of the world be blessed by the one who created all.

  20. All of those who have the gifts of the spirit shall pass it on to the entire world.

  21. May they be blessed from the city of Zion forever and ever.


  1. Praise your spirit for the mercy that came from it shall endure with you forever.

  2. Praise the one who is above all the gods of the world.

  3. The mercy of all of those around you and all of those above you shall endure with you forever.

  4. Great wonders shall be done in your name because of your spirit.

  5. Remember the one who created the heavens and the earth.

  6. Remember the things that brought forth life and remember the minds behind it.

  7. Remember the one who is brought to the light for the light has set you free.

  8. Remember the cycles of the earth and that without the sun, all people shall perish.

  9. Remember the moon and remember the stars, for they have given order to all cycles.

  10. Remember those who have struck down the wicked.

  11. Remember the one who has given you the land that once belonged to them.

  12. Remember the one who is over all of your affairs.

  13. Remember the one who has brought you away from the darkness and into the light.

  14. Remember the one who has led you through the midst of that darkness.

  15. Remember the one who has taken your enemies away, for your enemies have amounted to nothing.

  16. Remember the one who lead you through the desert of this world and lead you into the great Eden which is the heavens.

  17. Remember the one who struck down the wicked kings.

  18. Remember the one who struck down the powerful kings because their power had gotten to them.

  19. Remember the one who brought you out of the pits of darkness.

  20. Remember the one who has brought forth great blessings to your life.

  21. Remember the one who gave you the land that was once your enemies land.

  22. Remember the one that has given you a heritage and given you a posterity.

  23. You will be remembered for being human and you are lovely in this world.

  24. You have been freed from your evils and will now dwell in the lamp of the light.

  25. All the blessings of the heavens have come to you through the intercession of your ancestors and your spirit.

  26. Praise those who are in the heavens, for their mercy on you is forever.


  1. You are not with the city of the wicked and you will sit there weeping because you remember the righteous.

  2. You dwell near the city of the wicked because you desire to be like the wicked.

  3. The wicked torments you with things and they are the things which you desire the most.

  4. You are in a foreign land and it is not meant for you to be in this world and among this world.

  5. Do not forget the city of righteousness even though it is far from you.

  6. Do not forget those who stuck out their tongues at you and have fed you lies.

  7. Remember that the heavens are against the world and the world will be reduced to its foundations.

  8. The city of wickedness will be destroyed and you will be blessed if you reject it.

  9. Blessed is the one who seizes the children of the wicked and brings them into the light.


  1. Give thanks to the Angels who brought forth the gifts of the spirit into your life.

  2. Remember them for their mercy in their faithfulness to you for they love you and have given you great things.

  3. You cried out to them and they answered you, and given strength to you.

  4. All of the world shall know of the word when they hear these words.

  5. They will remember your ways and your glory.

  6. They will remember your care for those who are less fortunate and they will remember you as the one who knew those who are proud.

  7. Even though you walk in the midst of the world, you were not of the world because you did not desire the things of the world.

  8. Never forsake the good deeds you have done, for your spirit shall be with you until the end of your days.


  1. Your spirit knows you because it is with you.

  2. It knows your thoughts and it knows your deeds.

  3. It knows your travels and knows all of your ways.

  4. It knows everywhere you shall speak and every step you shall take.

  5. It is all around you and it is within you.

  6. Even though your spirit is with you, you are not with your spirit until you recognize it.

  7. You cannot flee from the presence of your spirit.

  8. Your spirit is in the heavens and it is in the pits of the world.

  9. It dwells with you, and it dwells within you, and it dwells around you.

  10. Your spirit guides you on your way and gives you your footsteps.

  11. Even though darkness will hide your spirit, darkness can never be destroyed.

  12. Your spirit shall shine through the darkness, but only if you let it shine.

  13. Your spirit was with you from the beginning when you were in the womb of your mother.

  14. Through your spirit, you can do wonderful works because you are your spirit.

  15. Your spirit is within you and your spirit shall be here after your death.

  16. Your spirit saw you and all things were written down in your life before you were born.

  17. This is the way that humanity is designed to be.

  18. When you complete your destiny, your spirit shall be with you always.

  19. Your spirit shall destroy the wicked and take them away from you.

  20. Even though your foes will conspire against you, they will do so in vain because your spirit shall protect you always.

  21. You hate the things that your spirit hates and your spirit hate the things that the heavens hate.

  22. You hate those who hate and you hate those are your enemies.

  23. Your spirit knows your thoughts and it knows your heart.

  24. If there are any wicked things among you, cast them away and go down the agent path to the light.


  1. Deliver me from those who are wicked and those were violent.

  2. Deliver me from those who are evil.

  3. Deliver me from those who speak lies to me and feed this to the world.

  4. Keep me away from those who are wicked because they tried to trip me and make me fall.

  5. They are the ones who have set a trap for me and have tried to cast me into their pits.

  6. Listen to the words of my pleas.

  7. Listen to me, my spirit, where I am calling out to you on the day of my judgment.

  8. Do not grant the desires of those who are wicked and do not let them succeed over me.

  9. Those who surround me raise their heads in triumph for they threaten to overwhelm me.

  10. Cast them into the pits so that they can no longer rise.

  11. Those who were evil will be overthrown and they will never rise back up.

  12. The heavens know what is right and what is wrong.

  13. Those who are righteous shall think their spirit shall dwell in the presence of the heavens after their death.


  1. I call to you, my spirit, so listen to me and hear me.

  2. Let my life be pleasing to you so that you may come to me.

  3. Keep watch over me so that I may be safe.

  4. Do not let me do evil or perform bad deeds.

  5. Have mercy on me when I offend someone who is righteous.

  6. They’ve those who are evil be cast off.

  7. May those who have dug a pit for me fall into that pit.

  8. I take refuge in you, so please don’t leave me.

  9. Guard me from the traps that have been set for me by those who were evil.

  10. Let the wicked fall into their own pits so that I may pass over them.


  1. I tried to speak to my spirit with my voice.

  2. I pour out my distress upon my spirit.

  3. My spirit knows my past as I go along the path.

  4. I look to see that my spirit is not with me.

  5. I cry out to you, my spirit.

  6. Listen to me, for I cry out to you and I want to rescue me from those who were evil.

  7. We need to break from this prison of the world so that I can dwell in the heavens and then come back again.


  1. Answer me in righteousness, my spirit, and listen to my pleading.

  2. Do not judge me based on the bad deeds I have done.

  3. My enemies are pursuing me and they crush me, and they are happy that I dwell in the darkness.

  4. My spirit is not with me but my heart longs for my spirit.

  5. I remember all the good deeds that I have done and how I have come so far.

  6. I reach out for you, my spirit.

  7. Do not fail me.

  8. Let me hear of the great mercy you have for me and show me the way in which I should walk.

  9. Rescue me from my fellows.

  10. Teach me to walk in the way of the truth so that my spirit guides me always.

  11. Give me life and deliver me from those who were evil.

  12. Put an end to them because they are oppressing me.


  1. I thank my spirit which is my foundation.

  2. My safeguard, and my fortress, and my stronghold, and mighty shield, this is the spirit which I take refuge in.

  3. Behind my spirit, I am a mere human.

  4. I am but a breath and my life is but a fleeting memory in the cycles of the world.

  5. Come down and rescue me from that which is evil.

  6. Scatter those who try to persecute me.

  7. Deliver me from this world so that I may dwell in the heavens and learn from the guidance of my spirits.

  8. They speak lies to me despite the attractiveness.

  9. I will sing for you a new song of joy.

  10. You give victory to those who are righteous.

  11. Deliver me from those who are evil because they speak lies.

  12. I was nurtured to be in the truth from my youth.

  13. May I receive all the blessings of the world for following in the truth.

  14. May I receive great blessings and may I be protected from those were evil.

  15. Blessed are those who are fortunate and blessed are those who walk in the ways of the truth.


  1. I will bless my spirit’s name forever and ever.

  2. Every day, I shall thank my spirit for guiding me.

  3. It is worthy of a lot of praise because it understands me.

  4. Through my spirit, I can do great works.

  5. The whole world shall tell of my wonders deed because my spirit has guided me.

  6. They shall recount of these great deeds because these deeds were so great to many people.

  7. I shall abound and goodness and also abound in justice.

  8. My spirit is slow to be angry because I am human.

  9. I am compassionate towards all the works that I do.

  10. All of those who are faithful to their spirits are blessed.

  11. They tell of mighty works done because of the guidance of their spirit which they have constantly.

  12. The majestic things have been done and they have been made king of the heavens.

  13. The dominion of the heaven lasts for all generations.

  14. All of those who are falling in all of those who are poor shall raise and learn all the things in the heavens.

  15. They look hopefully to you and may you bring them blessings in due time.

  16. Satisfy the things that they need, but not the earthly desires that they have.

  17. Have mercy on them for they are earnest seekers of the truth.

  18. All of those who call upon their spirit call upon them in the truth.

  19. Those who have the gifts of the Angels will have their desires filled.

  20. Those who love their spirit will be saved.

  21. All will thank their respective spirit and bless their spirit for the rest of their days.


  1. I will praise my spirit for the rest of my life.

  2. I put no trust in the people of this world, for they are powerless.

  3. When they die they return to the earth from which they came and all of their life amounts to nothing.

  4. Blessed is the one who has hope in their spirit.

  5. The one who has made the heavens and the earth has spoken of this truth that has passed this truth down from generation to generation.

  6. Justice comes to those who are oppressed and blessings come to those who are poor.

  7. Those who are blind will be able to see you and those who cannot hear will be able to hear.

  8. The spirit is the one that comes to protect those who are oppressed.

  9. The spirits and the heavens shall reign forever over the Earth and all life upon the Earth.


  1. It is good to get your spirit, for your spirit loves you.

  2. You shall be rebuilt after your enemies are dispersed.

  3. You will be healed of your wounds will be bandaged up.

  4. You will be counted among the stars after your death, for you have done great deeds.

  5. Your wisdom has come beyond measure and you shall know the ways of the truth.

  6. The wicked will be cast down, but those who are poor will be given blessings.

  7. Sing with Thanksgiving, for you have been greatly blessed.

  8. Your world had been covered by clouds, but you are a light in the darkness of the world.

  9. You give to those who are in most need.

  10. You do not like the things of this world, for they are evil.

  11. Those who have the gifts of the Angels shall be blessed for ever and ever.

  12. May you be strengthened by your spirit and may your children be strengthened by this truth.

  13. May your life have good order and may you be satisfied with all the blessings bestowed from the heavens.

  14. May the word of the truth run through you and may you always share it.

  15. May you spread the truth throughout the world so that all people know the truth.

  16. Disperse those who are evil and who try to distort your truth.

  17. When they try to distort it to make money, they shall fall into the pits of the Earth.

  18. You have been blessed with the covenant that all of humanity possesses.

  19. No one knows of the truth, but all people will be set free by this truth.


  1. Praise your spirit all the days of your life.

  2. The Angels that come to you shall praise your spirit.

  3. The world around you shall praise your spirit.

  4. The heavens above you shall praise your spirit.

  5. The creator of the world had created all spirits at all spirits have been created good.

  6. Your spirit will never leave you and your spirit will always be you.

  7. May all of the beasts of the world praise your spirit.

  8. Even though they are in the darkness, they shall know that you are in the light.

  9. All the lands of the Earth shall know that your spirit is with you.

  10. All of the animals of the world will know that the spirit is with you.

  11. All the kings of the world shall know that your spirit is with you and will seek guidance from you.

  12. All of the people of the world shall know, no matter what generation they are in, that the spirit is within you and they shall seek your guidance.

  13. Your spirit came to you from the heavens and your spirit will always be with you.

  14. All of those who are in the truth have the spirit with them and possess spirit within them.


  1. Usher in the new age and may the assembly of the faithful be with the covenant.

  2. May the city of Zion come to the Earth, so that all of the world is able to be blessed.

  3. May all the world know that the truth has returned.

  4. May those who are faithful bring out the fullness of glory.

  5. Those who are liars will not receive blessings, but they shall know the truth and the truth shall also set them free.

  6. Those who reject the truth shall be punished and all the institutions that were set up to distort the truth shall be destroyed.

  7. All shall be judged according to their deeds, and all who are in the truth shall be judged nobly.

  8. All of those who claim to have the truth will be judged poorly because they knew better.


  1. You shall be remembered all the days of your life and after your death for your good deeds in your great Majesty.

  2. You will be remembered for your spirit has been with you and your spirit remains in the heavens for the benefit of your posterity.

  3. May all the people of the world remember you forever with your spirit.

  4. May all of your posterity remember you in may you help them with their lives forever and ever.

  5. Everything that has breath in them should learn of the truth and have the spirit with them so they can be set free.