Here is the official list of the Primary, Continuing, Secondary, Tertiary, Quaternary, and Masculine Continuums. Their purpose, significance, and legacy will be laid out here. These lists are updated as of the Angel Conference in 2017.

Primary Continuum

The Primary Continuum is a list of people, who have been manifest in the spirit to the life of the founder, who have made their impact the most on the life of the founder. They are deemed to be among the most important people in the life of the founder. The Primary Continuum was founded from the beginning, with the most recent member being elected in March of 2015. The purpose of the Continuums is to bring to light the importance of people and events in the life of the people. It will bring all of these things together and the causes and effects of these people and their associated events are among the most studied in the Epochalist Movement. The members of the Primary Continuum are brought about by election. The qualifications are not yet clear, but it is subjective to the life and the circumstances of the one that they are influencing. We all have our own Continuums and we need to make the most of the Primary one, as these are the ones who bring about the most meaning. Over the years, the theology has been developing and it continues to develop.

  1. ΣΕΚΒ – Raised March 2011

    • Ephesus

    • Ice

    • Purification

    • Charity

    • ΣΕΚΒ is the first of the Continuum. She taught the most basic of virtues that lead to purification, which is Charity. It is the beginning of one journey and the end of another journey, much like the water and the ice. One needs water to bring about ice and ice to bring about water. It is just about the transition between the two, the outward sign of an inward change.

  2. ΜΚΜ – Raised March 2011

    • Smyrna

    • Kinetic

    • Communion

    • Temperance

    • ΜΚΜ is the one that brought about temperance and self-discipline. The first steps to attaining purification involve the idea of being good on the inside and fighting the demons within. That is how we are to bring about true change in the world.

  3. ΚΝΚ – Raised March 2011

    • Pergamum

    • Fire

    • Confirmation

    • Kindness

    • We are motivated by something. The greatest of the Continuum and the one that brought about the most change is the one that brings out the fire in all of us. It is through the kindness of others that we would want to be kind in tune. However, we also need to make a decision to be nice as well.

  4. ΑΡΜΥ – Raised May 2011

    • Thyatira

    • Flight

    • Matrimony

    • Chastity

    • Chastity in the Epochalist movement is the idea of commitment. We need to be committed to something so that we can soar above all those that are not as enlightened. We need to be able to see the same events in life through a new set of eyes.

  5. ΑΓΛΓ – Raised September 2011

    • Sardis

    • Fight

    • Endowment

    • Diligence

    • We need to be able to fight the things that the world will throw at us. There is nothing worse that we can fall for than the things that we do not even notice. We need to be diligent in our understanding and we will be able to fight off the things of the world that come from all sides.

  6. ΣΘΡ – Raised March 2012

    • Philadelphia

    • Iron

    • Priestly Ordination

    • Order

    • We are a people built on order. Even through the Chaos of the universe, there is a foundation that guides how the universe is to function. That is how we know that there is a divinity. We need to respect and understand this order. Once we do, we will be better than we have been before.

  7. ΜΜΤ – Raised March 2012

    • Cesarea

    • Paranormal

    • Evangelist Ordination

    • Justice

    • There are a lot of things in the world that we do not see. Even though we call for justice in the world, we will not be fully judged. There are two judgments and we all have our place in that judgment. We will face a spiritual and a physical judgment. This will be determined by our actions and the intentions of those actions.

  8. ΣFF – Raised March 2012

    • Paphos

    • Darkness

    • Deaconry Ordination

    • Sincerity

    • In the darkness of the world, we will see the good in other people. If we are good without any agenda, then there will be people who are good to us back. That is one of the most powerful laws on the face of the earth and that is called the Law of Attraction.

  9. ΝΛΛ – Raised May 2012

    • Cyrene

    • Fairy

    • Teacher Ordination

    • Patience

    • The source of our goodness is patience with those that are not good to us. We will be seen as something different and as something more. That is the source of our being an example. We are not perfect and those around us are not perfect, but we should be able to see these situations through a new set of eyes and we will react differently.

  10. ΑΛΑΛ – Raised August 2012

    • Laodicea

    • Earth

    • Last Rites

    • Humility

    • Humility is the greatest of the classical virtues. This comes about when we realize our own mortality, when we come back to the earth that we started out from. We all go through our cycles, but our legacy will last longer than our death. How will we leave this life and what legacy will we leave behind?

  11. ΣΡΒ – Raised February 2013

    • Roma

    • Toxic

    • Transition

    • Silence

    • We should be silent towards those that do not belong in our life. We should not let toxic people enter into our life. It will bring us down a path that we do not desire. We should shun those paths that do not bring us to a good place. We should be able to transition well into a new path.

  12. ΚΓΜ – Raised June 2013

    • Carthagia

    • Water

    • Consciousness

    • Hope

    • We may seem to be lost in the waters of the world around us, but there is hope to be found and that is something that can be found from within. This is something that is first found in our own consciousness. Living in a conscious way will bring us to the path that we need to be in and it will give us hope.

  13. ΑΘΝ – Raised March 2014

    • Aquilea

    • Insect

    • Keyes

    • Industry

    • We need to work and we need to work hard at all that we do. We are put on this earth for a reason and we all have a place. All we need to do is to be able to unlock this and our potential. What we think on the inside is something that can be manifest on the outside.

  14. ΚΘΣ – Raised June 2014

    • Calabria

    • Emotion

    • Transcendence

    • Resolution

    • Emotion is a powerful tool in our life. Moreover, we need to be able to transcend human emotion and be satisfied with our life, no matter where it is at. We need to be able to live in the present.

  15. ΚΕΔ – Raised August 2014

    • Salona

    • Cosmic

    • Bishopric Ordination

    • Frugality

    • Look bigger. The bigger picture is starting to come out. We need to be able to live in our details so that we do not get bogged down from seeing the bigger picture. In addition to living in the moment, one needs to keep in mind the lessons of the past and the hope of the future.

  16. ΜΦΜ – Raised March 2015

    • Axia

    • Rock

    • Fusion

    • Authenticity

    • We need to be authentic in all that we do. The rock of our foundation is authentic and we need to be able to connect to all of that. We are a product of our upbringing and our society and we need to be mindful of the place that we are in and the place that we are on.

  17. ΒΓΣ – Raised March 2015

    • Edessa

    • Draco

    • Actualization

    • Honesty

    • Honesty is the best policy. That is how we can be the best versions of ourselves. That is how we can evolve into being something more. It is not about the physical, but it is about the mental. That is the realization that we should all be able to come to.

Continuing Continuum

  1. MEM – Elected March 2016

    • Addaia

    • Solar

    • Youth Programs

    • Tranquility

    • The sun is the queen over all of nature. It is important for us to unplug and to connect with nature. We all need to be able to make nature an important part of our lives and to come back to a state of purity, innocence, and spirituality.

  2. KMH – Elected March 2016

    • Medea

    • Electricity

    • Clearing

    • Cleanliness

    • Cleanliness is next to godliness. There are a lot of things that we can get from being clean. Electricity is able to make things clean. By getting rid of the mess in our lives and in the environment around us, we can also come to a clean way of thinking and of being.

  3. ΛAM – Elected March 2016

    • Nubia

    • Neo

    • Release

    • Moderation

    • Moderation is an important principle to have. We all have demons inside of us that we need to get rid of. It is important just to let go of all of the things in your life that are toxic. We need to circle back to the things that are truly important.

  4. ΘMBK- Elected April 2018

    • Antioch

    • Strength

    • Reception

    • Compassion

    • Compassion is one of the most important things that we can practice in our life. Love is at the core of the way of the Epochalist and the outward sign of love is the unconditional compassion that we all have. There are a lot of people in the world that do not have compassion and that is something that will set us apart.

  5. ΣAΣ- Elected April 2018

    • Alexandria

    • Establishment

    • Calling

    • Equanimity

    • Epochalism is all about the state of our mind. The most important thing that we can understand is that we should have is a stable mind and body. We should strive to maintain a balance in our mind. That will lead to a balance in our life as well.

  6. ΓMA – Elected April 2018

    • Herapa

    • Sonic

    • Antiphon

    • Venery

    • Venery is an extension of chastity and it teaches us of the true purpose of the commitments that we should have towards all things and people. We should especially be loyal to the people that we love and the things that we are passionate about. Our time on the earth is short and we should take advantage of the time that we have to pursue those passions.

Secondary Continuum

The Secondary Continuum consists of those who support the Primary Continuum. Many of them have been considered for the position, but they have been taken out because of their relative lack of importance when compared to the Primary and the Continuing Lists. They are elected in much the same way that the other lists have been. It is highly subjective to the life of the founder, but it is something that we can all take a page from. The biggest difference is that they, in of themselves, do not teach something that is profound to the life of the founder. Here is a list of the Secondary Continuum as of June 2017:

  1. AK

  2. SS

  3. MM

  4. AH

  5. EM

  6. HM

  7. ΣΦ

  8. BE

  9. AO

  10. KΣO

  11. ΓΦ

  12. ΔA

  13. ΘΦ

  14. KB

  15. ΛΓ

  16. EN

  17. ΓΛ

  18. ΘN

  19. ΘK

  20. AM

  21. AN

  22. AMN

  23. ΛT

  24. ΛΣ

  25. AN

  26. EB

  27. ΛΔ

  28. ΛΘ

  29. FK

  30. MM

  31. KB

  32. ΒΘ

Tertiary Continuum

The Tertiary Continuum consists of those who have the potential to make it into the secondary and the primary lists because of their contribution to the life of the prophet from the perspective of the prophet. From this point, people can move up to the secondary, primary, continuing, or masculine lists depending on a variety of factors. As of June 2017, there are no members of the Tertiary Continuum.

Quaternary Continuum

The Quaternary Continuum consists of the vast majority of the people in the life of the prophet. All of the people of the life of the prophet have meaning, even if that meaning is not seen in the beginning or is not very big. Those in the Quaternary Continuum can move up to the higher Continuums through election.

Masculine Continuum

The Masculine Continuum is a list of people who have been influential in the life of the founder of the movement. The Masculine Continuum was created in June of 2017 and consists of one member at the present. The Continuum has traditionally been female and feminine in nature. It was deemed necessary to bring about the importance of the male and the masculine. Males are now allowed to be a part of the Quaternary, Tertiary, and Masculine Continuum Lists. More will be revealed about the Masculine Continuum as time goes on, much like the other Continuum Lists.

Here is a list of members of the Masculine Continuum:

  1. ΦMM – Raised in June 2017

Note: I am an extensive user of greek lettering in terms of describing particular people and events, and the following is the designations:

A: Alpha ΑB: Beta Β
C: Gamma ΓD: Delta Δ
E: Epsilon ΕF: Digamma F
G: Zeta ΖH: Eta Η
I: Iota ΙJ: Theta Θ
K: Kappa ΚL: Lambda Λ
M: Mu ΜN: Nu Ν
O: Omicron ΟP: Pi Π
Q: Koppa QR: Rho Ρ
S: Sigma ΣT: Tau Τ
U: Upsilon ΥV: Xi Ξ
W: Phi ΦX: Chi Χ
Y: Psi ψZ: Omega Ω