The Book of Cortise presents a narrative of the way this community took possession of the land of the lost people, making it the land of the city of light. This process is swift and inexorable, and is followed by an orderly division and disposition of the land among the tribes, with a concluding ceremony of covenant renewal.

The theological message of the book is unmistakable. The Divine has been faithful to the promise of the land. If the community relies totally on the Divine for victory; if they are united as a people; if the law is kept and no one grows rich from victory in war—then and only then will they possess the land. The law and the people’s dealings with the law are in constant conflict here.

The book preserves older traditions of the settlement in the land, especially in the division of the land among the tribes. This is in tradition and continuance of the books of the law and the beginning.

Over the course of the book, the law has changed to a more progressive spirit, but the essence of the book remains the same. The wording of the book was changed by the author in order to conform to the new terminology, but many older ideas remain.



  1. After a divine teacher has gone to rest, the teachings should be upheld and continue.

  2. They will have given you a promise and you will have to uphold these promises.

  3. You must prepare to seek the truth and the way that they had sought the truth and obtained the truth.

  4. All of those who go against you shall not be able to withstand with the truth.

  5. No one can withstand you as long as you live for the truth, and it will never forsake you.

  6. You will be given possession of the land which had been promised to you.

  7. Do not swerve away from your path to the truth, rather, embrace that which has been given to you.

  8. Do not let the covenant go apart from you and keep it with you day and night so that you can observe and experience the truth for yourself.

  9. Be strong and steadfast, do not let fear take over you or be dismayed.

  10. Remember all of those foreign peoples and cultures which you have experienced.

  11. Remember that they have their own experiences in their own livelihoods.

  12. Remember that they have their own traditions and customs.

  13. Remember to always be mindful and respect other cultures.

  14. If you go into a foreign land, respect them for they have taken you in and you must show them that same respect.

  15. Do not spy on those that go against you.

  16. You may be given false information and you may be destroyed as a result.

  17. Do not spy on the lands of those were your enemies, for you will receive a worse judgment and punishment if you are not.

  18. You must never spy on them because you will never have the fullness of information.

  19. Instead, you must prepare yourself for battle always.

  20. You shall overtake them if you prepare yourselves for them.

  21. You must go and estimate the size of their armies in the lives of their peoples and you must prepare for a war with them always.

  22. If you must spy on them, then do so tactfully and never get caught.

  23. Do not betray your mission, for you will be put to shame and be put to death.

  24. You must always keep mindful and keep watch of their activities, because you do not want to get caught for the sake of your people and for yourself.

  25. The best way to avoid such things is to not spy at all.

  26. You must take an oath of secrecy for all the information that you gather, for it is not good for the people to know of the activities which go on.

  27. You will be given all the power if you have an advantage, but it is not recommended for the sake of not having the advantage in the end.

  28. Remember that on your journey, you shall prepare always for everything.

  29. You shall move through camps and you shall ask for things that you need on your journey through life.

  30. When you tell them that you seek of the truth, they will be more than inclined to help you, because they themselves will be on a journey seek the truth.

  31. You will go this route that many others have gone before to find understanding in their lives.

  32. Sanctify yourselves and come nearer to the truth so that you can manifest the truth as it applies to your life.

  33. Take up your covenant and go before all the world and recognize it for what it is.

  34. You will become exalted in the sight of the entire world, which were seeking and finding the truth through your own journey.

  35. Take up your stand against those who do not seek the truth or have knowledge of your struggles and triumphs and teaching the truth.

  36. Come and listen to the words that have been set forth from the beginning.

  37. You will know that your spirit lives within you.

  38. The covenant which you have made with all the people of the world is within you.

  39. You will be chosen overall people to lead the world in truth and righteousness.

  40. You will begin crossing over from death into life once you reach the zenith of your journey.


  1. You shall cross over and set up a memorial for those who have come into your life to advance your journey.

  2. You shall choose good things to set as a memorial for them for doing good in your own life.

  3. They have come forth to help you get over the suffering that you face in your own life.

  4. Upon the land of Zion, the stones shall be placed for the ten people that have represented the seven Angels, who have represented the seven virtues to counteract the seven vices.

  5. These ten shall be exalted forever along with the prophets who brought him and brought forth this new age they shall stand upon the top of the spires of the Temple and they shall face all corners of the earth.

  6. They shall be set forth over the holy of holies and they shall be the representation of the covenants which has begun and will continue for all the days of your life.

  7. They shall represent the virtues that you must uphold and the gifts of the spirit that you have received from the beginning of your journey until the end.

  8. Despite opposition that comes before you, you shall always remember the virtues you have been taught and you must use them in your everyday life.

  9. You will be equipped for battle with these virtues and you will always remember what you have gone through to get to this point in your life.

  10. You must come up from death and into life if you are to experience the fullness of truth for yourself.

  11. You will regain ground and you will have a solid foundation upon which to build your entire life.

  12. The ten people that have embodied the seven Guardian Angels will be immortalized forever in stone and in spirit and will lead the way for others to come forth for every generation.

  13. Those who oppose you shall come to you and they will try and lay siege to you.

  14. Their hearts were hardened and they would not accept the spirit of truth within them.

  15. You must take up arms and you must go against them by word or by sword.

  16. Try to avoid violent encounters whenever possible, but if they threaten you directly, then you have the right to go against them.

  17. You have the right to defend what you hold so dear you have the right to defend that which represents the people of the world.

  18. They will be hardened and they will not see the truth and they will come against you because you have the truth.

  19. They will go against you and they will fall to never rise again.

  20. You will be blessed forever if you are able to hold back that which makes you suffer for all the days of your life.

  21. You will see the world through a new set of eyes and you will go into this world knowing that you are above the world in terms of not being able or willing to suffer the sins of this world.


  1. Circle the city of the ones who are wicked and no one will enter into that city.

  2. You will be granted power to take everyone out so that you can take everyone who comes after you into the fullness of the truth.

  3. You will blast their walls down and you’ll seize their palaces and temples and you will destroy their gods and you will vandalize their people.

  4. These people have suffered in the world because of unruliness and because of all the vices that run rampant through the cities.

  5. You will take upon yourself the covenant that you have made with all of humanity.

  6. You shall march ahead because these people are oppressed and you will make them and to a better and more prosperous society.

  7. March forth, for they do not give in shouting and do not cease to open the eyes of the blind and open the ears of the deaf.

  8. You will not give in and you will go day by day.

  9. Even if you only evangelize one person at a time, and bring them forth into the truth, then you will have had a successful day.

  10. Do not argue with them, but lead by example and show them the example that you have put forth in your own life.

  11. This is the most effective method of evangelizing people because it does not involve the direct involvement with their lives.

  12. All people shall come to you, and only those who despise you will stay back.

  13. If you are unsuccessful in bringing them into the truth, then do not waste your time on them and they will find their way as well.

  14. Be careful not to take anything from them, but rather enhance their life and their society.

  15. Remember that you shall reap the spoils of war, but do not take anything that you do not need to do not take anything that they do need.

  16. Then once all the people are evangelize, you shall see and the walls of the unrighteous cities will collapse.

  17. You will take this city and you will integrate into your own society.

  18. You shall lay a stronger foundation for them and they shall become a stronger people as a result.


    1. It was continued from this city and many cities were taken into victory.

    2. Very few have gone beyond the greatest of all the cities, but only if you were needed to evangelize the rest.

    3. The confidence of the righteous people rose with the eventual evangelization of the entire nation.

    4. Everyone could live in peace because the entire nation knew and thought in the same way that they did.

    5. All of the elders were gathered together and they praise their God in their Temple.

    6. They thought that no one could destroy them, but there was a great enemy that was about to put them in their place.

    7. Great dissent came over those who have been oppressed and they were plotting to rise up against this nation.

    8. The covenants will never be broken, but if a new covenant arises with the certain people, then they will be damned because their covenant has no meaning.

    9. If you cannot stand up against your enemies, then you must turn your back to them.

    10. Your people must be sanctified and your people must be care for under your rule.

    11. Whoever does not get over the world will be destroyed.

    12. After this, the nations that they took over were brought together to see if they were successful.

    13. They were all designated according to the tribes which they came from.

    14. All of these nations did not believe the same way they did, but were forced into believing it after they had taken over their territories and their lands.

    15. All of those false gods were made to be false and the only God that was to be worshiped with the God that was created by the tribe that took over.

    16. They do not believe in this God and there was much dissent as a result.


  • 5


  1. Do not be afraid or dismayed, for these people have been oppressed because of your ignorance.

  2. You can take what they have been what they don’t need, but you cannot take away their hearts and change them into something new.

  3. You must be ready for the day when they rise up and attack you back.

  4. They will flee away from your country, or they will come and attack you mercilessly.

  5. When they have taken your city, you will know the true power of people.

  6. You will know that the God you worship is false and you will know that they cannot see you from anything.


  1. After this, all of the elders were dismissed.

  2. All the troops were drawn together to protect the city.

  3. The warriors went out to ambush the cities that plotting against them.

  4. Kings that were in their favor then took over the cities and ruled them with an iron fist.

  5. The army went down to the countryside and scoured for any signs sent.

  6. Cities were abandoned and were taken over by armies.

  7. The power was given to the dominant tribe and the generals went back to the main city.

  8. All of the sudden, the ones who plotted against the great city rose up and immediately set the city of ladies.

  9. Escape was not possible and those that were left in the city were destroyed.

  10. This was because of the ignorance of the people and the willpower of those who will die for their beliefs.

  11. The king was taken alive and brought to the leaders of the dissenters.


  1. The generals fled into the wilderness with the armies of the dissenters chasing after them.

  2. A lot of people died that day, the entire population of the city were destroyed.

  3. Those who dissented against them rose up and took everything else that was once theirs.

  4. All of those who were in support were wrong and the cities went back to their original kingdoms.

  5. They cast out of the Kings and replaced them with their own.

  6. This is what happens when you impose restrictions on other nations.

  7. And altar was placed on top of the mountain so that those who were left could praise their God.

  8. The laws were copied down and the covenant was restored.

  9. Those who remained and still believed in their God gathered together to hear the words of the blessings and punishments brought forth.


  1. The people then realized why their nation was destroyed.

  2. They were deceived because there were people on the inside that deceived the Kings and the elders.

  3. They went into their camps to sell them things, but they really put down plans to give those who were to go against them.

  4. This covenant was not made with these people and these people would not be saved because they were the ones who were to oppress them.

  5. All of these people were duped into buying things from strangers, and the strangers went and took their battle plans to those who were the enemy.

  6. A covenant of peace was established, and they realize that there was no hope in returning to the ways things once were.

  7. Will meanwhile, another community went against the leaders for dissent.

  8. They were sworn by their gods that they were protected, but they were not in the end.

  9. Let the people who believe differently deal in their own way.

  10. Let them live the way they want to so that the leaders do not have to advise them against what they wanted.

  11. Once victory has been achieved over the enemies, the entire army was gathered with all the warriors.

  12. The one who was the prophet delivered them from their oppressors and none were able to withstand them.

  13. A surprise attack was waged the night before and the enemies fell.

  14. There was disorder amongst those people and a great slaughter was delivered.

  15. Those who were left had fled into the hills and then died off because of the harsh conditions of the desert.

  16. Everyone was gathered at the Valley were the sun comes up.

  17. The nation took vengeance on its foes as the sun appeared to stop.

  18. The day did not end until all things were delivered.

  19. Those who fought the most valiantly died, but their legacy is remembered forever.


  1. The five kings who were the oppressors led into a cave.

  2. The enemies knew where they were, and they went in after them.

  3. They devised a plan to kill the Kings in their place.

  4. They pursued their enemies across the land and they delivered them to their ultimate destiny.

  5. As their people were slaughtered, the Kings hid in their cave.

  6. As they snuck up on them, no one uttered a word as the kings were taken by surprise.

  7. The Kings were taken out of the cave and they went before the prophets who were to judge them.

  8. The five kings were led to the place that they once ruled and their commanders were there with them, but they were to oppress.

  9. They were stiff-necked and hard of the heart, but they broke down and begged for forgiveness.

  10. The prophets then told them to not be afraid, but to face their judgments with boldness and hope for a better life in the next life.

  11. Then the kings were struck dead and hung on trees.

  12. Their commanders were also killed.

  13. Those who were once oppressed for now the Kings of the land again.

  14. They went out and conquered other towns which were long them.

  15. They went to all the corners of the earth to conquer.

  16. Eight of the Guardian Angels went out to all corners of the earth to guide the armies into victory.

  17. One stayed with the central powers so that they were always protected and watched over.

  18. One stayed with the prophet because they were sealed together forever.

  19. This is the way that the Guardian Angels shall remain and this is the way that they shall be ministering to all the people.

  20. All of the people were attacked and were converted into the light of the truth.

  21. They no longer feared and they no longer went to war against anyone, for they were all one people.

  22. The entire world was engulfed by these people, and out of a few came the great and mighty empire that encompasses all corners of the earth.

  23. There were no survivors of the old age, for the old age gave way into the new age.

  24. All the armies then returned to their camps and they ministered over the entire land to protect it from outside invaders.

  25. The land was then divided into different sectors.

  26. Each one was presided over by the King and the respective Guardian Angel that protected them.

  27. They were each given equal power in equal places.

  28. Each can have different resources to their damage, but they all work together in peace and harmony to achieve a status of living that was far beyond the barbarians that surrounded them.

  29. At every interval, taxes were collected from the various commands to finance the center of government.

  30. The power of the Empire was great, but there was much dissent within.

  31. With great government comes great corruption, and you must always be careful of this corruption.

  32. At this time to, the kingdom to the north was conquered and integrated into the Empire.

  33. These people had different beliefs and different cultural values, but the Empire sought to keep it that way.

  34. For it is better to be subject to someone but be able to keep your Empire, then to be let yourself but to have your culture be oppressed.

  35. You will be given the solidarity and the economic power of the greater kingdom, but you still feel like you’re in a small state with your own cultural values and your own religious beliefs.

  36. This is what had been commanded from the beginning, for it is okay for people to believe what they want to, but they still must be subject to laws that come from the truth.


  1. The conquest had been laid, and the armies went forth to survey the new land.

  2. There was a great deal of resources that could be exploited for the benefit of the greater state.

  3. There were other, more oppressive Kings still further up, but they always remained there because of the power of the kingdom at the center of the world.

  4. They were afraid of the big and mighty kingdom, for they were afraid of being taken over and shown no mercy in the greater scheme of things.

  5. There was a stalemate for a long time, but eventually things calm down and life went back to normal.

  6. Therefore the whole land was taken, but it did not feel like they were being administered under an oppressive people.

  7. There was rest from war for a long time, for generations people did not know of war.

  8. The kings that were conquered were subject to the king of the central state.

  9. These Kings where they have power over the province, but in matters of war, they were still subject under central authority.

  10. All of the kingdoms that have been conquered still had great autonomy.

  11. They still had the pay taxes to the central government, but in exchange they were given a great source of protection and were given a great force of solidarity throughout the world.

  12. All of the land was granted possession because of the new covenant that had been established.

  13. And it was said that all the people throughout the world were under the same covenants and the same King.

  14. The Guardian Angels were given stand at the frontiers over the entire land.

  15. They were at the corners of the land to protect them from harm and were they are to patron to the kingdoms that were near them.

  16. To the north was the queen of Ephesus.

  17. To the north east was the first queen of Philadelphia.

  18. To the east was the Queen of Thyatira.

  19. To the southeast was the fourth Queen of Philadelphia.

  20. To the south was that mean of Smyrna.

  21. To the southwest was the second Queen of Philadelphia.

  22. To the west was the queen of Pergamum.

  23. To the northwest was the third Queen of Philadelphia.

  24. Standing at the center where the government stands was the queen of Sardis.

  25. The one who was sealed to the prophet was the last Queen, the queen the Laodicea.


  1. This resulted in the division of all the lands.

  2. Each of these lands will be given their own resources and will be developed up their own pieces.

  3. This has been set forth since the beginning by the one who created everything.

  4. These different cultures have received their own covenants at certain times throughout history.

  5. All of these covenants only applied to certain cultures at certain times and through certain people.

  6. Now that the entire world is together, everyone can hear the message of one person who reaches out to all corners of the earth.


  1. Now we see that the religions of the western half are in conflict with one another, and the religions of the East are in sync with one another.

  2. The religions of the West must be stopped in the religions of the East must be brought together in unity.

  3. The religions of the West have one common ancestor in the religions of the East have different teachers at different times.

  4. Why must the religions of the West, who should be unified, be so different and go against one another?

  5. Why should the religions of the East, with different teachers and origins, be able to come together and not conflict with one another?

  6. All people come from the same family, so why do people choose to be righteous over one another?

  7. These are the heritages of which all people have ascended and descended from.

  8. The religions created shall all fall when the new age is set forth and the world sees a new path in a new light.

  9. The world shall see when the prophet comes together with the Guardian Angels to guide the entire world and an entire generation.

  10. The generation of the millennium is the first of the new dispensation.

  11. The religions of the West are the focus of this next age to come.

  12. The religions of the West are now the dominant force in the land of liberty, and the land of liberty is where the new age shall spring forth.

  13. The religion of the West, particularly the one of the anointed, is the path which the prophet shall come out of and the Guardian Angels shall come out of.

  14. Therefore, the religions of the West shall accept these new teachings, and they will eventually reform and accept a new generation of people who abide by the teachings found in these pages.

  15. This land has been appointed for the new age, for this is the land of liberty where anything can be made and no one can go against it.

  16. This is the land where there is a wall of separation between that which is the spiritual and that which is the leader of the nation.

  17. Now the religion of the anointed one will be separated out between those who want progress and those who want to keep it the way it is.

  18. The religion of the anointed one is a very diverse grouping of people who do not agree on many fundamental things.

  19. The thing that these people share in common is that they believe in the anointed one who has come at the beginning of the age, which is now in its final generations.

  20. They do not abide by the teachings of this person because this person caught the truth, and they do not.

  21. They perverted the truth behind a set of rituals and dogma.

  22. The truth must be brought forth from the book of the anointed.

  23. These teachings will be set forth without the dogma and doctrine, and everyone shall come to know of the great truth that is found inside.

  24. This has come forth from the land of liberty, were all things have been made possible by the laws established.

  25. This is going to be the greatest of all ages, for this is the age that has been predicted to come.

  26. A new generation of anointed people shall rise up and a new age shall come forth from the teachings of the anointed prophets.

  27. After the people come together in unity, there will be no more boundaries by which people are obliged to be.

  28. The Earth was made for all of creation, so let all of creation share in the Earth.

  29. Remember to find a balance in everything, for not all things are made for the benefit of mankind.

  30. Remember to help those who are oppressed, remember to help those who are poor, remember to help those who try and fail at making a life for themselves.

  31. We can all come together and create a better society if we all put our minds to keeping ourselves in an earthly position.

  32. You are on this Earth, so do not think of the heavens.

  33. Remember to think of the Earth, for the Earth is full of evil due to the corruption of society.

  34. The boundaries that humanity can go is limitless, the only thing that limits us is those things we hold to believe.

  35. Remember to not keep in the ways of the old, but to come to the ways of the new.

  36. If you cannot accept the ways of the new, remember that you do not have to drop your beliefs.

  37. Just remember that this is a covenant by which all people are obliged when you were born and it will be with you until the day you die.


  1. You will not be conquered by any nation if you uphold the teachings of the truth.

  2. Nations will come upon you and will try to take you over, but you will be able to fight them off because you know who their moves before they make theirs.

  3. Those who do not have the truth are like barbarians who will use tactics like those of barbarians.

  4. You will capture their cities and show them the way, the truth, and the light.

  5. Nothing shall come before this truth and the truth shall set those people free forever and ever.

  6. This is the greatest gift that you can give to anyone of creation, the truth is that is able to give them a better life.

  7. Remember that when you are in development of the Earth, contain the wilderness which you will use for your own advantage.

  8. Remember to keep some wilderness areas to be pristine, for this is good for the animals of the earth.

  9. Remember to cultivate the lands that you are able to cultivate in order to produce good fruits of the labor which you have produced them by.

  10. Remember to come together in communities so that everyone in these communities can be strengthened.

  11. Remember to build for yourself a society which is greater than all other societies to have come forth through history.

  12. Remember always to think of your posterity and to make life better for your posterity.

  13. Keep these things in mind and you will have a good life, and you will also create a better life for your posterity.


  1. The stakes of Zion shall be set forth to all corners of the Earth.

  2. Temples shall be erected in every place that will be anchored by the Guardian Angels as led by the prophet.

  3. They shall spread forth through all nations to establish the new communities and to strengthen the communities which have already been established.

  4. The entire world shall be brought together underneath the democratic processes that define this generation from the generations of the past.

  5. There is no longer a hierarchy ruling over the spiritual matters of the people, rather, the people are free to live their life the way they want to.

  6. They are free to do whatever pleases them.

  7. They are free to believe whichever God they believe.

  8. They shall be strengthened together with the city of Zion because they accept that the new age has come and that they must treat people in the way that has been established to the covenant which has been made.

  9. They shall see the power of finding the truth on their own journey and they will encourage all people to find the truth in their own journey.

  10. Remember that, no matter where your path takes you, you will always find the truth and you will flourish in that truth.

  11. The truth does not lie in a single sect Earth they, rather, each person finds the truth for themselves no matter who they are.

  12. This is what the findings of this generation in this age got from the generation and the ages of old.


  1. The generations of the new have already shown signs of being distinct from the generations of old.

  2. The generations of the new have found different ways of believing in the same things the generations of old have believed in.

  3. The city of Zion makes no distinction between those that believe in one God and those that believe in another.

  4. It is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, where all people live the same life, go through the same challenges, suffer from the same things, and have the same fate at the end of their life.

  5. We cannot prove the nature of the deity and we cannot prove the nature of life after death.

  6. We make no such distinction, but we recognize that people must think in the ways of the new way in order for all people to be accepted.

  7. Bigotry and hatred towards any group that offends you is no longer tolerated and will be met with swift punishment both in this life and in the afterlife.

  8. All the nations of the world of all the people of the world live in the same world and must abide by the laws of this world.

  9. Every person has the same opportunities and challenges that they must face in their life.

  10. Every single person will suffer and will die in the depths of despair, only to be resurrected as a new person and become reborn again.

  11. They must face the same processes of your dispensation and they must walk in the same truth that has been set forth by the creator at the beginning of time.

  12. Even though the paths of each person may be different, it is what makes us an individual in a society full of humans.

  13. We will all have the same end to our means and we must all follow our own path in order to achieve our own salvation.

  14. We depend on ourselves for our salvation, we do not depend on others to be our salvation.

  15. We depend on ourselves find the inner Christ, we do not depend on others to be the Christ for us.

  16. This is what has been taught by the enlightened ones of the old age, and it will be taught again by the enlightened ones of this age.

  17. The seven spirits that have been embodied in the Guardian Angels shall receive their share the glory.

  18. Each of the seven spirits brought forth the seven gifts for the entire world to learn from.

  19. There are seven things that people suffer from in this life and there are seven virtues that counteract the vices in this world.

  20. These things have been taught through the example of the great enlightened teachers throughout history, and they must be followed.

  21. The example they set on their own journey is what people should be able to follow.

  22. You should not follow the person that embodied this, for you are different than they are.

  23. You face different challenges that they face and you face different situations than they face.

  24. How do you expect to live the same life as that which taught you if you were not in their shoes? Everyone shall receive their portion of the light, but it shall be by living their own journey, and not living the journey of another.

  25. The core of one’s life is discovering the seven virtues that counteract the suffering that they face in their world.

  26. These have been brought forth by the gifts that have been embodied in the spirit of the Angels.

  27. Remember to find the Angels in your life always so that you can become strengthened through the situations they placed you in.

  28. These stakes of Zion shall rise up out of the ashes of this world.

  29. A holy race shall dwell within the city and everyone will receive their rewards in the great city of the heavens.

  30. This is where those who have come and enlightened the world will dwell and this is where those who follow the teachings the closest shall dwell with them.

  31. This territory will never be captured by the enemy and your cities will never be pillaged by barbarians.

  32. This shall be the place for all of humanity will come from and will come to the very end.

  33. The boundaries will be endless and will expand to the entire world.

  34. All of the world will fall under the land of Zion to usher in the beginning of the new age.

  35. This is where all races and cultures and peoples shall come together in peace and harmony.

  36. The one who is wicked will be well and comes and those who are wicked so that they will become righteous too.

  37. This city shall be the headquarters by which all charity shall flow out to the entire world.

  38. This land will never fall and it will stand free and proud.

  39. It will stand bravely against the enemies will overcome the enemies.

  40. All who are against them will be for them.

  41. If you are with the city of Zion, then who can ever stop you?


  1. Other cities like the city of Zion shall rise up and will be cities of refuge for all people.

  2. Though crime shall be committed in this city, all crimes that do shall be met with swift action.

  3. The one who is guilty of bad deeds will not walk free for long.

  4. Those who seek vengeance shall not come to this city because they will not find the wicked here.

  5. The community will judge those who do harm against others.

  6. Set aside a place so that all things may come into balance within the city of Zion.

  7. Keep some lands wild and free so that all of nature can enjoy the amenities in the wild.

  8. Nothing evil shall come down on this community.

  9. The model shall spread out into other cities and establish communities and all corners of the earth.

  10. This will cover the earth and will bring more to righteousness.

  11. All of the descendants of this generation shall know the truth and be set free by the truth.

  12. All villages and countryside shall come to know of the righteous ones.

  13. Those who were evil will rise up against it, but they will fall because of their own desires.

  14. All races and cultures shall embrace the truth and still continue to embrace their own cultures.

  15. All of these cultures will still hold to their values, but their values will eventually change and evolve with the time.

  16. The new age has come, so a positive change is needed for the evolution of humanity.

  17. Do not hesitate to embrace and accept it for what it is, for it will become good in eventual time.

  18. All the classes of people shall be destroyed with the advent of the new age.

  19. The rich will help the poor, the needy will be helped by those who have extra, and all of the people of the world will help one another in accomplishing the great task of evolving humanity.

  20. Do not think just of yourself; rather, think also of those who come after you.

  21. Remember those who came before you and the sacrifices that they went through in order for you to be as successful in the place that you are in this very day.

  22. Be set free by the truth so that you can live a better life.

  23. All things moral shall evolve beyond the dogma and doctrine of the religious systems of the day.

  24. We cannot set the standards for those who are not.


  1. Remember the covenant which has been set at the time of your birth and shall continue until the time that you are dead.

  2. Do not abandon your allies, for they will take care of you and help you to become a better person.

  3. You have been promised many blessings in life, so you should work towards the blessings which you have been promised to receive.

  4. Be careful to observe the laws of the land so that you were not doing bad deeds.

  5. Remember that your ancestors have blessed you by sacrificing their life for their work.

  6. Your enemies will come against you, but they will be brought down because of your righteousness.

  7. You shall receive everything you deserve according to the work which you have done in life.

  8. Do not have any disputes between the races of humanity.

  9. Remember your ancestors have had a common source so you are all essentially the same.

  10. Those of other people are not less pure than you are, for you are the same as day.

  11. Do not turn away from your fellow man, rather, help your fellow man and they will help you back.

  12. Those who are single perish alone because of the guilt that they had received.

  13. Do not rebel against your fellow man, for you will be isolated.

  14. You will have committed treachery against your fellow man, so you should not do so for the sake of your own life.


  1. Those who hate you will respond to you with hate, so you should respond to them and love.

  2. Seize the day and love those who hate you.

  3. Their only concern is day you, but your only concern is that they are met with the same love that they have never given.

  4. Be careful, for evil will come in the name of love, but will be evil in the end.

  5. Your descendants will thank you for being a good example to all of humanity.

  6. Do not hesitate to love those who need love for who do not deserve love.

  7. Your entrance into heaven is not determined by what you believe or what you sacrifice, rather, it is by the way you have treated your fellow man and treated yourselves.

  8. Nothing will separate you from the heavens if you follow in these precepts.

  9. Do not rebel against that which created you, for you will be left alone in the very end.

  10. Remember the works which your ancestors have done, for without those works you never would’ve handled the life that you have today.

  11. If you fail at pulling your share of your life, then you will be left with nothing at the very end.

  12. If that fortune comes upon you, do not give up, rather, work towards a goal so that you can have a better life at the end of your life.

  13. Your share in the heavens is greater than the share that you have on Earth.

  14. You will be protected from your enemies if you live in righteousness.

  15. Return to the roots which you have come from so that you can learn from those you wronged.

  16. Ask for forgiveness from them and they shall forgive you out of the goodness of their own hearts.

  17. You have faced many penalties from a fallen Earth, so you should always ask for the forgiveness of those which you have wronged.

  18. Follow these teachings so that you may have a better life.

  19. The armies will surround you and try to bring you down.

  20. You shall summon all of your strength and consult with your spirit as to what you should do.

  21. You will do everything that you try to do to suppress the suffering which now comes upon you, but you will have failed up to this point.

  22. Everything that you have left that has survived the influx of suffering will come upon you in fight for you.

  23. Your spirit will drive them out so that you can take possession of your life once and for all.

  24. Be strong and careful to observe all that which is written and will be written in this book.

  25. Never turn away from the path which you have for yourself and do not do anything to bring suffering into this world.

  26. Hold fast to what you believe so that you can fight for it.

  27. No one will be able to conquer you if you are able to hold to your own.

  28. Take care to love yourself and to love all around you so that you have a good foundation upon which you can strike from.

  29. If anyone ever turns away from you, then shun them away, for they will never promise anything for you again.

  30. Instead of fighting off your enemies, you should solve your problems by talking with them.

  31. Keep this knowledge with your whole heart and soul and the only promise you can make is with yourself.

  32. Every threat will be brought upon you, but you will be able to discern between those who threaten to fight with those who will.

  33. If you break from this covenant with humanity, then you will fall, but if you do not break your covenant, then you will succeed in all areas of life and will be able to rise out of the world which has brought you down.


  1. Because of your great strength, you have succeeded against the enemies of the world.

  2. Your ancestors have brought you through and have guided your spirit so that your spirits can guide you.

  3. Your ancestors have been inspired to work towards a goal and those goals have given you the life that you have today.

  4. All who remain in your life will be thanked for all the work they have done so that you were able to live up to who you said you were.

  5. Be sure with yourself so that you can be led into the light.

  6. Darkness will fall upon the world and you will be the beacon of light.

  7. You will bring those who are in the darkness into the light.

  8. You will be prepared for all threats that come against you.

  9. You will be blessed all the days of your life and will come into prominence among those who seek guidance.

  10. You will build for yourself a strong foundation so that no one can topple the Temple which you have built for your own life.

  11. Cast out all the bad things in your life and come into the light of truth.

  12. Remember that your life is a journey, so do not stray from yourself and you will live a life full of wonder.

  13. You will face times of hardship, but if you are able to overcome these hardships, then you will come into the light.

  14. Your spirit will drive out everything which causes suffering in your life.

  15. You may not be able to live up to the expectations of others, but you should always live up to the expectations that you have set yourself.

  16. You will be a witness to the spirit which has guided you and you will be forgiven of all the past transgressions which you have committed.

  17. If you break free from this path that everyone else is taking on your own, then you will see the light which dwells inside of you.

  18. If you go down and into to the suffering of the world again, then you will suffer again.

  19. Listen to the promptings of your spirit and follow the guidance which has been given to you both in human form and in spirit form.

  20. Listen to those who are wise in the ways of the truth so that you can learn more about the truth for yourself.

  21. Remember the covenant which you have made on the day you were born to all of humanity.

  22. Everyone on Earth will be a witness to your works in your life when you are dead.

  23. Remember the heritage of your ancestors and the posterity which you will leave behind.

  24. Those who will remain after you are dead will cast judgment upon you.

  25. If you have done good in your life that have done good deeds for society, then you will be judged to be good, but if you have done bad things for society, then you will be judged to be bad.

  26. Remember that your life is but a blip in the long cycles that the Earth will make and the long time which humanity will be on this Earth.

  27. Remember that the new age has come, so you should embrace the ideals of this age.

  28. When you are buried, you should be buried in righteousness and you should be remembered for the good things that you have done your life.