Before the city of light is destroyed, the prophet is concerned to convince his audience that they are responsible for the punishment of exile and to justify the divine decision to destroy their city and Temple. Later, he argues that the who embrace his preaching are the people whom the divine plan has chosen as a new covenant, enlivened by a new heart, imbued with new breath, and restored to a re-created land, Temple, and covenant relationship. The author is clear on one point: the divine plan punishes and restores for one reason—for the sake of their name, in order to demonstrate once and for all that it is the way it is.

His symbolic actions or performances foreshadow the inevitable destruction of the city of light. The closely related judgment oracles are directed against increasingly larger groups: the inhabitants of the city; refugees who have fled into the mountains, “the four corners of the land”. Appeals for a speedy end to the exile on the basis of a past relationship with the plan or of the city’s privileged status are futile gestures.

The Prophet’s uses stereotypic oracles against the nations to claim universal sovereignty for the divine plan, to exemplify the consequences of arrogant national pride, and to set the stage for the restoration. Their defeat is prelude to the prophet’s vision of a new city whose source of life and prosperity is a well-ordered cult in a new Temple, where the divine glory again dwells.



  1. I am among the exiles along the creek of boulders, and the heavens opened and I saw visions of the light.

  2. On this day, I have seen visions from the divine.

  3. The word came upon me and the invisible hand of the creator came upon me and gave me dreams.

  4. As I watched, a great storm came and in the center of it was something like fire.

  5. Figures in the likenesses of living creatures appeared.

  6. There were ten of them, and each has four wings.

  7. They were gleaming like polished brass in shining armor.

  8. Human hands were underneath the wings and the wings folded up behind their backs.

  9. They did not turn and look towards me, but they moved straight to the East.

  10. Each of the ten have faces of humans but bodies of perfection and the wings of Eagles.

  11. Their wings were spread out over their backs and each of them flew towards a single point near the land of Zion.

  12. Once they reach that point, their spirits change directions and each of them moves in different directions.

  13. And the appearance of the living creatures, the Guardian Angels, seared burning fire sent to the souls of all who saw them.

  14. The creatures darted forth from that point and each of the directions towards all corners of the earth.

  15. As I looked, I saw machines along each of the living creatures.

  16. All four of these machines sparkled in gold.

  17. When they moved they built forth the great Temple of the New Age.

  18. Wherever the living creatures went, the machine moved with them and a new structure was built in the middle of the city of Zion.

  19. Wherever the Angels went, even the living creatures, the machines moved beams high and raised up ten great tent like structures.

  20. The spirits were in the machines and the spirits built one giant building.

  21. And then, atop each of these pyramids which were structured like tents, each of the ten angels stood on each of the ten mountains.

  22. Above the heads of each of the creatures was a shining Crystal over their heads.

  23. Beneath their wings, they stretched forth towards the direction which they were facing, either away or towards the middle.

  24. And the Guardian Angel in the middle, the last angel who will be revealed, faced towards the sky and bridged the gap between the heavens and the earth.

  25. A voice came from the heavens towards their heads.

  26. Above their heads came down the throne and on that throne was a figure that looked like a human.

  27. It, too, who is revealed to be the great prophet, was armored in shining metal and displaying brilliant lights.

  28. This was the appearance in the likeness of the glory that embodies all people.

  29. I stopped and I heard a voice speak out of this prophet.


  1. The Prophet said to me, stand and I wish to speak to you.

  2. The spirits of the Angels came into me and I heard the one who was speaking.

  3. I am sending it to the nations, all the nations who rebel against me, and all of those who think they know me but they do not.

  4. The children of the world are boldfaced and stubborn.

  5. I am sending them to you and you shall say to them that you have found the truth about all things.

  6. And, whether of not they resist, they shall know that a prophet is among them.

  7. Do not fear them or their words because their words are nothing.

  8. Do not be afraid of them or their words or be terrified of what they say.

  9. You must speak my words to them because they are rebellious when they resist.

  10. I speak to you and you should not rebel and open your mouth to what I’m speaking to you.

  11. Then I was given a scroll from this prophet who came to me.

  12. It was unrolled before me and it was covered with writing and written on it was the mind.


  1. Read of this scroll and go and speak to all nations of the world.

  2. I then read the scroll and my eyes were opened.

  3. Come to me and your soul be filled with the teachings of embodiments of the scroll.

  4. Now go to all nations and speak of what you have read.

  5. I am sending you to a place were not all people will accept you.

  6. Many nations will not understand what you are saying, and I send you to those first, for they will be the most receptive to you.

  7. The land of liberty will refuse to listen to you, since they refused to listen to me, I make you like them, but your heart is not like theirs.

  8. Do not be afraid of them or be terrified of their words, for they are ignorant.

  9. Take into your heart all of my words and hear them well.

  10. Now go to your people and speak to them and say to them the words that were written upon the scroll.

  11. Then I was lifted up and I heard behind me the glory rising from its place.

  12. Then the Angels beat their wings and they went forth from their tents in the Temple to all corners of the earth.

  13. And then I felt the spirits lift me up and take me away.

  14. And then I came back to the river of boulders, the place for many dwell on worrying.

  15. A week later, the same prophet came to me.


  1. I have appointed you to speak the words of the scrolls, when you hear from me, you shall then pass on to others.

  2. If I warn the people that they will die, and you do not relay that information to them, then they will die and you will be responsible for their actions.

  3. If you warn the wicked and they still do not listen to you and continue what they were set to do, they will die, but you will not be responsible for your actions.

  4. If they turn away from righteousness and do bad deeds, even I can’t prevent that.

  5. Then they will die even if you warn them about what they were doing.

  6. The just deeds that are performed will not be remembered if they do bad deeds, but you will still not be responsible.

  7. If you warn other righteous to avoid lust and their vices, they shall surely live because of what you warned them.


  1. Then the prophet came to me again and said, get up and go to a place right to speak with you.

  2. Then I went out to a secluded place and the glory of the prophets were standing there like the glory I had seen earlier.

  3. The spirit entered into me and it spoke to me and said, go into seclusion for a while.

  4. Know that the people put hope in you and they will hold you astray so you cannot go out among them.

  5. Then you shall say nothing and you will be new to them.

  6. They are truly ignorant, rebellious of what the truth is and they cannot face it.


  1. Take this scroll and place it in front of you and draw in a city.

  2. You will lay siege to it and you will draw the plans for the siege.

  3. Set this as an example for how the future will look if people continue to be ignorant.

  4. The guiltily placed on you and you will bear the guilt if you do not warn the people.

  5. You must bear the guilt of the people who have done bad deeds in the past, so did the religious of that day.

  6. When you have completed this, you will go bear the guilt of others.

  7. I will tell you the same things that I told you of the first.

  8. You will prophesy against the siege, for you will save the souls of many.

  9. You cannot turn away from this task until you have completed your task.

  10. Then take what you have and keep it for as many days as you bear this guilt.

  11. Each day, you will eat the guilt that you have placed upon all the people.

  12. Every day you will have equal amounts of guilt.

  13. You must bear the guilt and you must always be seeing the guilt in front of you.

  14. Then all the people shall bear the guilt, and be unclean, and so will the nations that I say are unclean.

  15. I protested against the prophet and said, I will not bear the guilt of others.

  16. Well he, he replied, who else can bear the same guilt that you have bared.

  17. I am about to usher in the death of many people and they will see the results of their ignorance.

  18. Because they lack of this, they will be devastated and they will waste away because of their guilt.


  1. Now you will face three great heartbreaks on this journey.


  1. You’ll set three fires in your heart and when your days of guilt or completed, the fourth one will heal you from the first three.


  1. Take the little dignity you have left and keep it with you.


  1. Take some your dignity and burn it, because the dignity will be cast out and the entire nation will see of what you’ve gone through.


  1. You are in the midst of many nations and surrounded by foreign people.


  1. They have rebelled against the true nature of life and the truth of what man is capable of.


  1. Because you have caused great uproar, then you shall bear the guilt that most will not bear.

  2. I am only coming against you, and I will judge you while other people judge you.

  3. Because of what you will do, I will do to you what I have never done before and something that I will never do again.

  4. People will always make fun of other people in your midst and those people will go against them, but I will inflict great punishment upon you and you will not be able to bring that back.

  5. You have common semi-with the wrong intentions and I will surely not look to you with pity.

  6. Half of the people you come across will die in your life and you will starve in your heart, but the next half will fall because of the ignorance around them, but there are few that you will be able to keep and to cherish forever.

  7. I will then give them what they deserve until you are satisfied for they know truly who you shall become.

  8. I will make for them desolation until they come back to you and they shall see you every day.

  9. They will take the warning and they will be an example of the horrors of the judgments of others against them.

  10. When I loose in the great heartbreaks that I am sending to destroy you, I will then make life better for you because you will learn great things.

  11. I will send against the wild beast and angry people through tears and blood, and it will sweep through you and I will bring the sword of all people against you.


  1. You will set your face towards Zion you will prophesy against it.

  2. You will tell them to hear the word of false gods and you will bring many people against you because of your prophesy and I will destroy you.

  3. Your entire life will be crushed down upon you as you become like one of them.

  4. I will lay the corpses of your life in front of you and the bones will be scattered about you.

  5. Wherever you go, you will bring great pains to many people and in order for your life to come crashing down; you must be wiped out completely.

  6. You shall know that I am greater than all gods and then many shall fall in your midst.

  7. I will spare some of them on your journey and those people are your support.

  8. Even those who you knew you consider being your guardian angel will come against you, for I have broken into them and their eyes will be taken away from you and they will loathe others even though they do evil.

  9. They shall know that I did not have any part in this evil.

  10. All evil abominations are as a result of you and they shall fall.

  11. Their fear he will come after you have completed your great journey.

  12. They shall come to know that I am greater than all gods when I come through a great one to destroy all other faiths upon the face of the earth.

  13. Through it I will stretch out my hand and I will not lay waste due to war, but due to words.

  14. They shall know that I am greater than all gods.


  1. Then the word again came to me.

  2. The end shall come upon all corners of the earth.

  3. The end is upon the earth, and all will be judged according to their ways.

  4. No one will be spared from judgment for your actions upon the earth will be judged.

  5. I see evil go against evil.

  6. The end is coming for all those who see it coming.

  7. The time has come so you must panic because everyone will be judged.

  8. Fury will come upon the earth and judgment will come according to their ways and their actions.

  9. Since suffering remains upon the earth, you shall get rid of it before the end of the age.

  10. The day is here! It is coming! The world is reaching a zenith! The violent have risen up and none of them shall remain.

  11. The time has come in the wrathful come upon all those who do bad deeds.

  12. They shall not hold onto life because they are guilty of the greatest evils.

  13. Everyone will go out into battle and wrathful come upon all people.

  14. Whoever is out there will die into ever is sheltered will be devoured.

  15. If anyone else survives they will die.

  16. They will be tortured and maimed in their minds because of their suffering and they will eventually die.

  17. The ones who are wealthy cannot satisfy themselves again and fail in suffering.

  18. They indulge in their beautiful materials they took pride in, but now they shall suffer because they did not regard that which is not material.

  19. They will be plundered into the earth so that they may be defiled.

  20. All of those who try to seek forgiveness will not seek forgiveness.

  21. The land is filled with bloodshed and the societies are filled with violence.

  22. Everything that is material upon the earth will be destroyed and the spirit will remain.

  23. They will try and seek peace but there is no peace upon the face of the earth.

  24. Everyone will be seeking something and everything will be missing in regards to the truth.

  25. Everyone will be judged according to their works and according to the judgments which they give.

  26. They shall know that I am the supreme Creator and I will judge all.


  1. The judgment will fall upon all people.

  2. In the heavens, the figure that was clothed in bronze shone forth.

  3. The spirits lifted me up and brought me to the presence of the divine.

  4. There I saw the glory of the vision that was to befall me.

  5. I looked upwards and standing near the gates was jealousy.

  6. Great abominations will be done in the name of their own deities, but they are false gods.

  7. I was then brought into a courtyard and I saw a whole.

  8. I went through the whole is actually a doorway.

  9. I saw abominations upon looking inwards.

  10. I went in and saw all the people of the earth worshiping their respective God.

  11. The Angels looked on and the cloud of the innocents listed away from them.

  12. They will be forsaken because they plead to the wrong gods and not to the creator of the world.

  13. They practice even greater things that do not affect the outcome of the earth.

  14. Then I saw a person weeping at the loss of someone know.

  15. There are greater abominations than these, for you should not spend your life warning over those were lost.

  16. Then I was brought into the inner room of the Temple.

  17. I saw the priests bow their heads towards the sun.

  18. Do you see that these things are being done in the name of solar deities? I shall not listen to those who worship solar deities.


  1. Come and see the wickedness that the cities have done.

  2. In the midst they answer into their temples and the bow to their false gods.

  3. That all the glory faded away as the preachers of the lot came in and gave everyone their rules.

  4. Everyone throughout the city will be marked because they worship false gods and they follow their rules which are not meant to be.

  5. Do not take pity on those who worship false gods and then judge you for it.

  6. Do not be with anyone who was marked because they follow the people behind the creation of that religion.

  7. Go out and strike towards those leaders and break them down from the top.

  8. I must pour out my fury upon all of those who chastise others for their beliefs.

  9. The guilt is too great measure and their lands will be filled with waste.

  10. There gods have abandoned them because their gods are not true, but I have abandoned it and I am the embodiment of the truth.

  11. I will judge those who judge others because of their beliefs.

  12. They are commanded by men and they are commanded by the institutions that were created by man in the name of their God.


  1. Then I looked up and saw the one who is and is to come sit on the throne.

  2. The one who is on the throne has the wheel of judgment upon them.

  3. Now this one came down from the heavens and women to the Temple of false gods.

  4. The glory of the heavens came with them as they came and they lit up the Temple in brilliance.

  5. Then a great and mighty voice spoke from the heavens and the Angels appeared around the one.

  6. They commanded the man to take the wheel and the cast judgment upon all the people.

  7. Then one of the teachers outstretched his hand toward the one.

  8. Then I saw more people appearing cast judgment upon the one radiating brilliance.

  9. The wheels of judgment within cast around the teachers and the judgment changed course.

  10. Instead of the teachers judging the one radiating brilliance, can turn judge them back.

  11. Then the Earth stood still as the book of life came down from the heavens and the prophets opened its.

  12. This book is the book of judgments, where everyone is judged.

  13. Then the Angels grew their wings again and flew off into the heavens.

  14. Then the Prophet placed the book on the altar and the glory shone through the book in all its brilliance.

  15. Then the one went back up into the heavens and dwell there.

  16. The book remains and the book will remain there for all eternity.


  1. Then the spirits lifted me up and brought me into the heavens again and I saw the officials of the religion.

  2. They were plotting evil against the people and were finding ways to control them.

  3. There is no need to build houses for the poor, it is only wise for us to make the money.

  4. Prophesy against the humans and tell them that they’re bad and they will suck up to it.

  5. Then the spirit of the creator came to me and told me that this is the way that all current systems are.

  6. They have received the people and still the people withheld.

  7. I will bring you out of the lies in into the truth if you accept the truth.

  8. You will fear them but I say to you that they will fear you.

  9. They will bring you into their cities.

  10. You will be nursed to health but they came to chastise you.

  11. They will fall by your words because they are going to be judged according to their works.

  12. The cities will no longer be there because they will be judged.

  13. If you do not keep the truth, then I will judge you according to the same standards I judge the others.

  14. I will finish off the remains of those who speak the wisdom, for the New Age has come.

  15. The word came to me and said, everyone who is following the religions of the day are far from the truth but they have been given a purpose in life.

  16. I will scatter them abound send them far away because the truth has not set them free.

  17. Once they remove all of their authority and atrocities, they will then be able to come into the truth again.

  18. Then I heard another spirit and their hearts were removed because they were of stone.

  19. They will walk according to the truth so that they can have a more personal connection with their spirits and gods.

  20. Their hearts are devoted to the atrocities of religion and the conduct will come down upon them.

  21. Then I was listed towards the place where all the teachers were plotting their evil plans.

  22. The glory came from the middle of it all and the anointed one came forth.

  23. The spirit lifted me up and brought me back from the right of the religions and I was saved by the spirit within me.

  24. I will tell everyone everything that I have been shown here.


  1. The word came to me and told me that I live in the midst of a rebellious world.

  2. The world has the eyes see but does not see and hear is easier but do not listen.

  3. I must go from place to place and teach them of their erroneous ways.

  4. I shall watch the world and I shall see how the world suffers and why it does.

  5. I shall be presented with tests and I two shall suffer in the world.

  6. I did just as I commanded and things happened just as they did and I had experienced it for myself.

  7. On the last day, the word came to me again.

  8. I cannot be taken out of the exile of the world and I shall be brought back into the spirit and continue with those who I had loved in the past.

  9. I shall be the prince among these queens and I shall face them again.

  10. They have spread out over the world and they had caught me in my snare and they brought me into the world of suffering so that I may rise again.

  11. I had escaped the world of suffering through them and out of this I came into the light.

  12. The word came to me and asked why I was shaking in fear.

  13. I now looked at the world through a different set of eyes and now I saw what they could not see or hear with what they could not take.

  14. I shall go into the cities now and teach them of the truth and how to get rid of their own suffering in the world.


  1. The word came to me and said, all the days of life drag on, but the vision fails.

  2. These days are at hand and every vision should be for the end.

  3. There shall no longer be any false visions are deceitful divinations in the world.

  4. Whatever is spoken shall happen and all the rebellious world shall come to know the fullness of the truth.

  5. The word came to me and told me to listen.

  6. The world says that these visions are long time away in the prophecies are for distant time.

  7. None of these words shall be delayed any longer and everything shall now be fulfilled because it is now the end of the age.


  1. The word came to me and told me to prophesy against the prophets.

  2. Hear the words that are now being spoken so that the prophecies you have proclaimed shall be revealed.

  3. Woe to the fools who follow false gods and they see nothing.

  4. They are no better than anyone else.

  5. They do not stepped up and proclaim the truth to all nations.

  6. They speak of false visions and lying divinations and they expect their words to be followed.

  7. The vision that they saw was false and the divination was reported as lies.

  8. The nations shall go against them because of their lies and deceit.

  9. I am against the prophets that see false visions and make lying divinations.

  10. They do not belong in the seat of respect and authority.

  11. There is no peace in the world.

  12. The world shall face this destruction where must face the renewal.

  13. There is no other choice in the world because the world has fallen into a state of chaos.

  14. The prophets speak of this today and will not see it coming and they will have prophesized it correctly.


  1. As for you, I now set you forth against those who say they are prophets and prophesy against them.

  2. Every one of those prophets seeks the money of people and snare them in their lives.

  3. They will keep prophesying of the end of days but the end of days will never come.

  4. They will enslave the people and told them to give their money to them.

  5. Tear off their veil of lies and deliver the people from their power so that they can never be ensnared by their hands again.

  6. They discourage the righteous with wise and I do not want them to be distressed any longer.

  7. They shall no longer suffer because of the evil in their lives.

  8. They shall no longer see false visions and practice divination again, for the people will be delivered from them and they shall die off.


  1. The word came to me and told me of the fate of those who seek to threaten people with eternal damnation.

  2. The memory of their idols are alive in their hearts and the stumbling blocks of truth have been placed by them.

  3. I will not commit myself to those kinds of people for they were also indoctrinated into the same systems.

  4. I shall come before them and they shall have to answer because of what they have done to innocent people.

  5. They have caught the hearts of the innocent and have cast them away for their own personal gain.

  6. They shall all fall according to their own struggles and will never rise again.

  7. Those who keep to the old ways in their hearts will never receive the truth and the light.

  8. A sign shall be made and the scrolls shall be released that will change the minds of generations forever.

  9. Those who were the leaders, the ones who deceive the masses, will be destroyed from the midst of all that they have created.

  10. They shall be punished for their own sins.

  11. They shall be punished that they will no longer stray from the truth and they will teach of the truth to all that they serve.


  1. The word came to me and told me that my faith would be broken.

  2. I have been set loose from the faith of old and I have come into the faith which has been created and will be ushered in by the prophet and the Guardian Angels.

  3. Even those that were in the books which they claim to serve had characters within these books who could only save themselves.

  4. The wild beasts of the world have come to deceive them and have come to take over the entire land.

  5. This land was to become a wasteland and a land of many different competing faiths.

  6. All of the world will fall to the sword of the one to speak of that purity of the truth.

  7. Plagues will overcome the land and all who do not believe in the truth will perish.

  8. The sons and daughters who have come to the light will be saved.

  9. They would be saved because they can only save themselves whether righteousness.

  10. Those who are saved will avoid the death that was to come upon those who refuse to believe.

  11. If you see the deed, then you will live the truth and practice these, then you will attain eternal life.

  12. If you see the deeds of others and those these are deemed to be evil, no matter what they believe, they will not see the light.


  1. The word came to me and told me about the tree which springs forth many branches.

  2. It can be taken from the trees to make something useful but the tree will fall to the fire which will consume it.

  3. The fire is the world which goes against the one which brings forth life.

  4. One star will remain of that tree, but the seed of the trees shall survive and the tree will spring forth again.

  5. The tree that has been devoured can never be used again, but a new tree brings forth new life.

  6. You’ll be given to the world which they can set the fire and burn down all things that are living.

  7. You can run from the fire but you cannot escape it, and the fire will devour you, and you will not be able to spring forth again unless you recognize that the world is full of suffering.

  8. The land will be made desolate, but the heavens will never be desolate.

  9. Rise above the Earth and be like you truly are in the heavens, and you shall attain the light before your last days.


  1. The word came to me to give me message.

  2. I shall make this message known to all nations on the Earth.

  3. By origin and birth, I belong to this world and I belong to the race over you.

  4. I entered into a covenant with all of these people and I have to uphold certain things.

  5. I must have compassion on other human beings all the days of my life.

  6. Then I passed by society and saw the evil that society possessed.

  7. I was nurtured in this society and I grew in this society.

  8. I suffered from the things that people lusted for in this world.

  9. I was adorned with great things of this world, but I did not enjoy this world.

  10. I was placed in a good but the good family, but you will never be happy if you do not remember the things of the heavens.

  11. I was renowned through all nations for being good, but I was never good in my own eyes.

  12. Because I renowned my beauty and my life more than the heavens, I was saddened.

  13. I made myself in the world higher than that of the heavens, which I should not do.

  14. The beginning of my journey started like this and I learned many things throughout my journey.

  15. Once you realize the heavens are higher than the earth, your journey will begin.

  16. You do not remember the days of your youth when you were lustful.

  17. After your evil doing, you turn to the light.

  18. You built yourself a foundation upon which your spirits can rest.

  19. You build yourself up so that your outer beauty can be disgraced.

  20. You suffer from all the things of the world, but you saw the world through a different set of eyes.

  21. You are thinking with your mind and not with your heart.

  22. You are not satisfied with the world despite all the things that were handed to you, so you look for something more your life.

  23. You look for meaning in your life and you looked for the gifts of the Angels.


  1. Therefore, hear the word that has been given to you.

  2. Because you have lusted for the things in this world, you will not be paid with kindness.

  3. I will gather together all the people that you loved in this world and they will chastise you.

  4. They will tear down your platform and demolish your foundation and strip you of your righteousness.

  5. They will inflict punishment on you because you have changed and they have not.

  6. They take you down because you know the truth and they do not.

  7. You do not remember the days of your youth, but when you do, you’ll remember these things.

  8. Everyone who makes these things makes these things about you.

  9. You have rejected all the things of this world or to seek the things that are higher.

  10. The way of the light has been made into your way.

  11. You are not like your friends; your friends will abandon you because you are not like them.

  12. Thus is the nature of this world and this world is full of evil.


  1. In the end of your journey, your fortune will be restored.

  2. You will have a greater fortune in the fortunes of the Earth, and you will have fortunes in the heavens.

  3. Do not hold on the things of this world for these things are bad.

  4. All of that evil will be exposed, and you will not be proud of the things you have done.

  5. You will be depraved of all blessings on this Earth.

  6. You will be dealt in the same way that others will be dealt with.

  7. You will be remembered for all the good deeds you have done and will be judged to be good.

  8. The member the ways of the past and be ashamed of those ways for those ways were bad.

  9. Your covenant with humanity has been reestablishing help has restored you.

  10. Remember these things and be ashamed of your past, but do not ponder on past, rather, look towards the future.


  1. The word came to me to pass on the entire world.

  2. This is a riddle to all nations of the world.

  3. The great eagle came to the land of liberty to bear the fruits of your labor.

  4. The top of the tree was torn off and estimates place and the city and the society were formed.

  5. Seeds were planted in the lands and turned into fertile places.

  6. May it sprout and bring forth good fruit.

  7. Another eagle appeared and destroyed everything in its path to nest itself within the good society.

  8. It was put in the fertile field and it had the same purpose that the other eagle had.

  9. Two things cannot thrive in the same land because all the fruit will be stripped and all of those vines will be uprooted.

  10. It will be planted, but it will not thrive because it will be battered by the winds of change.

  11. The word came to me to pass on to the entire world.

  12. The rebellious house does not understand this because they are led by those who deceive them.

  13. The nobles of the land will be removed and the covenant will be made between all of humanity.

  14. To become a humble kingdom, the covenant must be able to survive.

  15. The one who rebelled against them will never thrive and will never escape from the depths.

  16. A leader will come up and give warning.

  17. No one will help the evil ones from the day of battle and they will perish in the world.

  18. The covenant will be broken and ignored and they will not escape from the depths.

  19. As long as the covenant is, all things will be good.

  20. All of the blessings that were promised in this world will come to those who keep the covenant.

  21. Anyone who escapes from this covenant will never survive.

  22. The eagle on the highest branch of the tree will be struck down by the one who dwells in the grasses.

  23. Righteousness will be planted in the highest of places and the branches that come forth of it will bear good fruit.

  24. Everyone will know that the highest trees are good and the lowest trees are evil, so become a high tree and bear good fruit and spreads out so it can do most good.


  1. The word came to me to pass to the entire world.

  2. The elders will eat sour, but their children will eat of a different fruits.

  3. This is a sign of the covenant that is established for all generations, but each generation must establish it for its own.

  4. The life of the parent should never be the life of a child, for all of humanity is unique to one another.

  5. You should always do what is right.

  6. You should not do anything which is wrong in society.

  7. If anyone oppresses you, do not let them.

  8. Refrain from doing evil things and judge fairly.

  9. Be careful to observe these things for all of these things are true no matter what generation you are in.

  10. If anyone among you those bad things, then they will remember that they will be punished.

  11. Whoever does these bad things will never be remembered to do good.

  12. They will not live, but they will die and the inside in their life will be miserable and repetitive.


  1. If anyone sees the sins that their parents commit, then they should never imitate those.

  2. If your parents believe in something which is not true, and then do not believe it with them.

  3. If you refrain from doing evil things that your parents do, then you will be richly blessed.

  4. You will not be charged with the guilt that your parents have, for you are individual of your parents.

  5. Save the ones with their own sins shall die, because they are the ones who committed on their own.

  6. If those who are wicked turns away from all the sins they’ve committed, and they keep all that which is good, then they will inherit eternal life.

  7. Then of the crimes they committed will be remembered because they will do more good.

  8. Rejoice when that one who is evil turns away from evil.

  9. If you turn from justice into evil, then you will be remembered for the evil things that you do.

  10. All of humanity is judged based on the works that they do, and their works are evil, then you will be remembered for evil.

  11. If the wicked turn away from their wickedness, then they save their lives.

  12. Since they have turned away from all of the evil things, they will live.

  13. It is fair because it is not based on things that they believe, rather, it is based on things that they do.

  14. Therefore, in order to obtain eternal life, you must turn away from the ways of evil and do good.

  15. Cast away all the bad things you’ve committed and cast away the world which you have built for yourself and make yourself a new vision in your spirit.

  16. There is no pleasure in the death of anyone who dies before their death.

  17. Turn back and live.


  1. You will be made an inspiration upon nations and you will raise your children who are righteous much like you have been.

  2. You will raise up one of your sons to take your place to pass on the fruits of the labors which you have produced.

  3. Nations will hear about your righteousness and they will take your son away so that they can teach your son the deceits the world.

  4. When you realize these things, you will lose hope, so you will make one of your other sons righteous.

  5. Your other son will be raised in righteousness and will be learned in the ways of those who are righteous.

  6. You will then send them out against the nations which took your first and everyone was terrified because of the righteousness.

  7. Patience went out against them, but they were caught in their own pits.

  8. Eventually, evil will overwhelm them, but they will have to learn on their own to conquer evil.


  1. Your mother will always be fearful for your life.

  2. One strong branch grows from your mother and will tower above everything but will be covered.

  3. When your world crumbles, remember the highest branch which you cannot see, but if you seek the truth and find the truth, you will find it and you will see.

  4. Even if you are planted in the wilderness, you will find the light.

  5. Even if the world devours it, the branch of truth will never be devoured and will pass on from mother to son or from father to daughter and from father to son or from mother to daughter.

  6. The elders will consult with you as to the reasons why you speak of these terrible things about society.

  7. You will not be consulted by them for they have no authority to consult you.

  8. They will judge you, but they will have no right to judge you.

  9. You have sworn a covenant with them, and since they judge unjustly, you will not listen to their judgment.

  10. They speak detestable things about you and you do not defile yourselves with their ways, but you did file yourself but the truth and that is good.

  11. They will rebel against you and they will throw you away with all the detestable things of the world.

  12. You will not see the name of the truth in order to get back of others; rather, you will lash out in their name.

  13. You will act for your own sake and not because of divine intervention.

  14. You will be lead out of slavery and into the wilderness.

  15. You have been given all the statutes of your covenants so you should always remember them.

  16. Remember that which makes you holy so that you can make them holy.

  17. All of the people of the world will go against you, but you will not observe their ways.

  18. They act in the name of their gods, but they act poorly.

  19. They are also in the wilderness and they will not be saved unless they realize what they have done.

  20. Their hearts are their strength and they follow their hearts into all the things of the world.

  21. Look on them with pity, for they know not what they want from life.


  1. Do not follow the statutes of your parents, do not obey the ordinances, do not defile yourselves in their ways of life.

  2. Be careful to observe the ways of the truth.

  3. The children have rebelled against their master, but you will always follow in the truth because you will know the truth.

  4. You will act for the sake of yourself and you are the only one accountable for your actions.

  5. The leaders of their day gave them things which are not good, and they thought they had to do them in order to obtain life.

  6. Everyone who is born into their covenants is evil, but they must find the truth for them and the truth will set them free.

  7. Some of the elders will blaspheme against others in my name.

  8. They have rejected the blessings which had been given to them from the beginning.

  9. Do not do the things that your ancestors do, for the things your ancestors did were evil.

  10. Do not lust after their things because these things are evil.

  11. Do not consume yourself with their ways, for their ways consumed them and their ways are evil.

  12. You think that you will never be like them, but everyone returns to the ways of their ancestors.

  13. As long as you live, may not return and statues are your ancestors have set for you.

  14. You will be let into the wilderness where you will be tested and you will receive the gifts.

  15. If you do not learn these things and receive these gifts, you will not obtain life.

  16. You will pass under the things which are supposed to learn, and you will never learn anything in this world.

  17. You will be brought out of the land if you learn these things, and you will be brought into a greater truth, and that will be your truth.

  18. You will never desecrate the truth for the name of idols.

  19. You will not connect the truth to these idle religions, for they are false.

  20. You will be accepted by all nations if you seek the truth and you follow the truth in your own way.

  21. You will be brought back to the things which you been promised in the beginning.

  22. Do not file yourself, rather, do this because this is your destiny.

  23. You will do these things for the sake of the truth, not for the sake of evil deeds were evil ways.

  24. This is also the fulfillment of your covenants.


  1. The word came to me to spread to all the world.

  2. I shall preach against everyone in the south and in the north.

  3. All the things from the north have devoured the things themselves.

  4. This fire has started and cannot be stopped.

  5. The word came to me again to spread the world again.

  6. This is why shall prophesy against the religions of this day and the holiness they have.

  7. All of the wicked will be cut off from the righteous.

  8. The north shall be cut from the south and the north will shout and doubt towards the rebelliousness of the south.

  9. All of the bad things will come from the south into the north.

  10. I cannot return again to the south.

  11. Every heart will drift away and every spiritual growth will fall and everyone will run against the water and this is how the great civilizations shall fall.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. The sword has been sharpened and nation will go against me should.

  3. Everything that is good has been rejected for the things of evil.

  4. Please shall go against the faith and the executioners will be those who do not.

  5. This is what is destined for all the people of the world for they have fallen into the corruption of their own society.

  6. Since the truth has been rejected, it will happen.

  7. Prophesy against the nations, for they have fallen into corruption.

  8. Everyone will tremble at the gates, for they have done wrong in the eyes of that which is right.

  9. All nations shall fight against one another and there will be no winner.

  10. The fury will be spread across all nations and it has been prophesized.

  11. The word came to me to give the world.

  12. A great road shall lead into the waters of the great roads shall lead the land.

  13. These roads shall come from the wicked ones who took over all peoples and all land.

  14. They shall go against Zion and slaughter it.

  15. They have built up the society which pertains to this day he and all the people are bounded to them by those.

  16. Because the guilt of all nations had been exposed, all shall perish.

  17. The ends of days are coming.

  18. Nothing will be as it was and all that is low shall be high.

  19. Nothing will be the same after judgment has been placed on the things of the Earth.


  1. Prophesy against the great nations for they all shall fall.

  2. They will be consumed by their own wrath.

  3. The prophet will come with false visions and they will send people over the edge and the end of their lives.

  4. Return to the place you created and returned to the place of your origin.

  5. Anger will come out upon you and destruction will come to all nations.

  6. The people of the world add fuel to this fire and it will be used for the truth.

  7. The word came to me to give to the world.

  8. The city of wickedness will be judged because its abominations have been made known to the world.

  9. They have made idols of things which claim to be the truth and they spill blood all over one another.

  10. The blood has shed our guilt and they have come to the end of their age and the new ways shall come.

  11. Those who are in the truth shall mock you and you come on them twice.

  12. They will use your power against you.

  13. Even though your father and mother will be dishonored, you will no longer oppress anyone else.

  14. Those who slander in the name of their God will be bloodied and their actions will mean nothing.

  15. They uncovered the wickedness of their ways.

  16. They have done terrible things and they have said terrible things to one another.

  17. They take the prophet from others to use to their own gains in the name of their gods.

  18. Bloodshed will be seen in their midst and they will go away with great sins.

  19. Your faith will be purged but will be replaced by that which is truth.

  20. All the eyes of all nations will be towards the one who brings forth this New Age.


  1. The word came to me to share to the world.

  2. The entire world is consumed by their own wealth and not by things of the heavens.

  3. I am gathering all of you together so that everyone may be destroyed.

  4. All the things that been created for the benefit of man shall be destroyed.

  5. I have assembled you because your spirits shall come.

  6. Fury shall come out to all nations and all things that people doubt shall be destroyed.

  7. The word came to me share to the world.

  8. There are conspiracies to destroy this world, but always conspiracies will not come to fruition.

  9. Those who claim to be holy will be destroyed and they do not teach the differences between them.

  10. All of those who teach religion in this day are wolves disguised as sheep and they will destroy life to get profit.

  11. They shall send a prophet out but it will not be the true prophet and their gods will not speak to them.

  12. They commit robberies against the poor and oppressed those who are different than them without remorse.

  13. The truth has been hidden by them and a wall has been built so that they can know all the truth but not the people.

  14. They will be consumed at the end of the age and their ways will be brought down and destroyed.


  1. The word came to me share to the entire world.

  2. There are those will lust you into doing things in this world and you will fall into their trap.

  3. You will be encouraged to do so by those around you for what they do.

  4. This is the start of society’s corruption and the dissolution of that is good.

  5. They will abandon you if you go to the truth but the truth is better than they.

  6. They will hand you over to the world and the world will do as it pleases you invited.

  7. You will expose their evil ways but they will not fall for you, they will fall for what is perceived be good, but is bad.

  8. Out of this, children will be born in this corrupt society.

  9. They will be brought up in riches, but they will be poor in spirit.

  10. They will both go down the same path, elder and child.

  11. They will lust towards the things of this world and they will hold things of this world and piracy the things of the heavens.

  12. They will be interviewer, but they will not care because it is the way it is in the world.

  13. Once you discover the truth, you will be above the world and you will look at the world new way.

  14. Engage in the world, but do not fall for the things of this world.

  15. You will reconcile with everyone so that you may have more of her life.

  16. In the days of your youth, you will remember the things of the world and you’ll remember how you let them.


  1. You will revert to the depravity of your youth.

  2. You will do these things because you will have to learn about the truth and how the truth can set you free.

  3. All of those who are bad will try to bring you down, but he will rise above them for you are good.

  4. You have the truth so you have the right to judge them, but do not judge them according to their beliefs, judge them according to their works.

  5. You will have no need for rich clothes or fine jewelry after you know of the truth, for the truth is better than everything.

  6. You will put an end to the ways of your youth by rising above it and going into the way of the light.

  7. You will be handed over to those who hate, but you will rise above their hatred.

  8. If you do not, they will seize you and expose you for everything.

  9. You will defile yourself before them and do not hold what you believe.

  10. Because you have followed in the wrong path, your fate has been sealed.

  11. You will be brought ridicule and mockery by those you thought you love because of your youthful ways.

  12. You will be filled with grief and you will have horror in your life.

  13. All of those who try to tear you down will tear you down because you have allowed it to.

  14. You have forgotten that which created you and now you will suffer from the things of this world.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. Make the world known of the abominations they have set for themselves.

  3. They have committed the worst kind of crimes in this world and they bowed down to false idols in false religions.

  4. Even though they were built on the core truths, they were covered up by those who wanted to keep the truth away from the people.

  5. Messengers came from afar to spread the truth and those who knew the truth directly were set free.

  6. Those who were in rich robes, however, were destroyed because of the truth and built something around the truth so that people were unable to see the truth behind the lies.

  7. These men came from the wilderness and they brought everyone down it wasn’t like them and they wanted to keep the power for themselves.

  8. They deprave you all bring themselves up and they have no care for you.

  9. All of the blood of the innocent will be on their hands for they have done bad things the name of their God.

  10. Rise up against them and hand them over to the plunder which they belong deserve.

  11. They kill their future generations by doing things that do not appeal to them.

  12. They will deprive themselves and they will lose everything.

  13. This is the penalty of hiding the truth behind lies.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. I shall write it down on this very day for this is the day that the entire world shall know the truth.

  3. This is what has been written to the rebellious society of this day.

  4. Fill your life with the things that you love the most.

  5. Choose everything that you love and put it with you on the day of your death.

  6. Woe to the city that puts things of the world with them for they are filthy and they cannot be removed.

  7. They will be bloodied and all the things of this earth will be covered up in the dirt with them.

  8. These are things of the world that came to then because they suffer from things this world.

  9. Woe to the city that has things of the world at their center.

  10. The things of the world cannot come with you on the day that you see your death.

  11. Look at how empty everything is now.

  12. Everything of the world will die off, and on the day you die, they will not matter.

  13. It is exhausting to have this great filth from all of these nations.

  14. Even through all of this filth, you will still be able to be saved.

  15. Do not put your entire focus of your life on the filthy things of this world.

  16. I have spoken and it will happen and I will not hold back.

  17. By your conduct and your deeds you will be judged.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. With a sudden blow, everything that you delighted in can be destroyed.

  3. Be saddened over these things but they will not matter to you after a while.

  4. Even those that you love will die in the end just as you will.

  5. Do not mourn for them forever, rather, you must live your own life for you have your life to live.

  6. Why am I telling you all of these things? The word came to me and told you these things.

  7. The pride of your strength will be destroyed by everything that is able to bring you down.

  8. You will do is I have done, you will take the journey that I have taken, but you will not learn the same things that I have learned.

  9. You will do as I have done and you will learn from your experiences.

  10. Do not mourn or weep, but lay waste to all the things of the world that hold you back.

  11. Everything that I have done, you shall do.

  12. When this happens, you will know what the truth.

  13. On the day I take away your strength and your joy in the delighted your eyes are tired your soul, you will never recover if you do not learn from these things.

  14. You will be made of survivor amongst all nations and all the nations will learn.

  15. Your mouth shall open and you will no longer be mute to these things and you will teach others of the great truths that you have learned.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. I shall prophesy against the land to violate the sanctuaries of others.

  3. Those who destroy the centuries of others will go and exile and they will never return to the land which they have been coming from.

  4. They will become possessions of another people and they will eat of the food of those who take them over.

  5. All the lands had been promised them would you be given over to others deserve it more than they.

  6. Despite the tantrums that shall be thrown, they will never receive the inheritance that they deserved in the past.

  7. They will become a plunder of nations and they will be cut off from the land which they had been given.

  8. They will be destroyed and then they shall know to not violate the sanctuaries of others.

  9. All of the cities which have judged other cultures will be judged themselves.

  10. They will be judged according to laws which do not agree with them, and they will be destroyed by those laws.

  11. They will be remembered up among all nations as the one that is laid out.

  12. One nation shall go against another because vengeance will be sought.

  13. The land that has been taken over will be cut off from their allies and they will go into ruin.

  14. They will be brought in the room and the court the anger which has been brought to them and they shall know this vengeance.

  15. They will be destroyed without any remorse.

  16. All of their remnants will be scattered upon the seas and will be buried in the land.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. All of the people which have turned against the truth will have their cities destroyed.

  3. Other nations will come against them and they shall be destroyed and their people shall be scattered.

  4. All of the cities will become worn out and all the debris will be left to other nations and plunder.

  5. They will be lost in the midst of the seas and they shall become an example for all other nations.

  6. All of the cities that have been under control of this nation will be brought under and their inhabitants shall be slaughtered.

  7. Their spirits shall be destroyed and their kings shall be put to death and they shall be overrun by a mighty army of troops from other nations.

  8. Even though their armies shall rise up, their armies shall be slaughtered because the enemy is more powerful.

  9. All of the riches which this nation have brought up, their enemies shall be taken with them.

  10. They will be covered with dust and their name will never be known in the word of history.

  11. They will be breached and they will be trampled and they will be slain by the sword.

  12. Their wealth will be plundered and all of their goods will be shipped away and do nothing shall be left of their civilization and all that is left will be cast into the sea.

  13. All of the joy will be for something or their spirits will have been crushed.

  14. All of these places shall be brought under because they went against the truth and they rejected the truth.

  15. These disasters shall come before them and they shall be destroyed because they do not heed the warnings.

  16. All other nations will be appalled at the destruction and they shall know the truth and they will not come for your aid.

  17. They will remember you, but they will remember you for the bad things which you have done against the truth and the truth has brought about vengeance against you.

  18. They will remember your day and they’ll remember the rocks which had once brought forth their mighty civilization and they’ll be terrified because the truth had done terrible things to you.

  19. I will make your civilization a ruined city and it is not in the truth and you do not honor the covenant which has been set before you.

  20. I will not destroy or civilization, rather, you will eventually destroy yourself and all of your inhabitants will dwell in the netherworld and in ruin and they will fall into the pit and never return.

  21. Their life will be made horrible and they will never be found again.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. This is another prophecy which shall be made toward the city which shall be destroyed and a civilization that shall be brought into ruins.

  3. The city that is being spoken of is a city full of beauty.

  4. The land was in their hearts and the builders of the civilization were perfected and beautiful things.

  5. All things which they had created were created out of love for the land and love of other things.

  6. All of the things which they possess are very rich and they became a powerful nation as a result of the abundance of resources which they had possessed.

  7. They traded with many other nations to obtain only the finest things in life.

  8. They were melting pot of many other nations and they were unified by their diversity.

  9. Their elders were some of the best in the world and everything they did was part of the best of the world.

  10. Their splendor was enhanced by the powerful armies which they had possessed.

  11. Their walls were around their cities and their shields were made perfect for they became the most powerful nation of all the world.

  12. Their wealth is great and they exchange great things with many other nations.

  13. They were the land of those who were freed and they held the value of human life and higher than these things of wealth.

  14. They set people free and they made possessions their gods.

  15. They exchange things of a worse condition for things of better condition, for they have the money to do so.

  16. Many people were allied with them for it and no one wanted to be against them.

  17. They were given great things and they were given great amounts of wealth even if they didn’t deserve these great amounts of wealth.

  18. All of the world knows of these things in all of the world has traded with this nation for these goods and services.

  19. Their wealth was great and they only received the best of all worlds.

  20. Their sacrifices were sweet for they sacrificed for the cause of that which is good.

  21. All of the things of the world eventually came through them, for all of the money of the world was traded for the truth.

  22. They had the very best resources and they had the very best land of the entire world.

  23. They became a force of trade among many nations and their cities became capitals of finance and trade.

  24. Their people were embroidered enriched things and they enjoyed all the freedoms of the world provided to them.

  25. Their goods were in their hearts and they had many people and many lands in order to make their lives better.

  26. They were brought out of nothing and they became something for they worked for these things for themselves.

  27. On the day of downfall, all of these things shall be destroyed and all of the wealth will be for nothing.

  28. Even though they have these great things, they forgot the truth and they were the land of the great deception.

  29. All of those who have the truth will stand on the shore as the great and mighty warrior to their own desires.

  30. Their voices will be raised and they will send their inquisitions towards you, for they do not understand how a great civilization shall fall.

  31. All of these heads shall be shaved for everything they had worked for will be for nothing and all the things which they have possessed will be for nothing.

  32. They will be destroyed just like every nation has for the benefit of the evolution of humanity.

  33. The Kings of the Earth are rooted in wealth, but then they were destroyed by wealth, for they thought of wealth higher than the truth.

  34. They are wrecked inside and their crews will fall, for they only worship the things of the world and not the things above the world.

  35. All the leaders of the world will be terrified because they have been distorted by what was claimed to be the truth.

  36. Their world shall become horror and their nations shall be no more among those who traded it.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. Because those who had pride in them said that they were a god and they sat on the throne of God, the world shall be destroyed because they have been deceived by these people.

  3. The one who is enlightened is wiser than the one who claims to be a God and nothing is secret to those who understand.

  4. Those who were enlightened will be rich because of their wisdom and their intelligence and they will have no need for gold and silver.

  5. Even though some of these people may have great wisdom, they will block the riches for themselves and their heart will turn to stone.

  6. They pretend that they are gods but they are not.

  7. Strangers will come for you and they will come against or wisdom because you have claimed to be something that you were not.

  8. They will throw you down into the pits and they will throw you among the people.

  9. You will come face-to-face with your killers and they will bring you down and they will hand you over to the ones who will bring you to death.

  10. You will die at the hands of strangers for you have claimed to be a God.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. You were once perfect and full of wisdom and full of beauty.

  3. Mankind wants to live in perfection and they had everything that they could’ve ever wanted because it was fashioned for them on the days of creation.

  4. They walked among the glory of the heavens and they do not fall, for society was not able to be created.

  5. Society was held in perfection until the eye is equal.

  6. Then everything changed, and all of society became evil because they lusted after the things which were not previously known.

  7. They were corrupted because they became rich and they cast the truth into the ground because their wisdom was corrupted.

  8. Their guilt is enormous and their sanctuaries are defiled and they were devoured by evil.

  9. All the nations who once knew of this righteous society are appalled at the horror that came upon them.

  10. The word came to meet to spread to the entire world.

  11. I shall prophesy against the society that turns their head from the truth.

  12. Glory will be one for their own sake and not for the sake of the truth and judgment shall come upon them at the hands of their ancestors who dwell in the heavens.

  13. They will fall and they will rise but they will never rise to the height of truth.

  14. Those who were around them will despise them because they did not think of their posterity or their ancestors in their own context.

  15. This is what has been said because all of the people who are wicked shall be scattered and they shall never be comforted.

  16. Judgment shall come upon all of those who treat the truth without any remorse and then they will know that there is something higher than the world in which they live in.


  1. The word came to me to spread the entire world.

  2. I shall prophesy against the rulers of this world.

  3. Pay attention, for your riches shall be washed away.

  4. Cling to whatever you have left, for all the things that you hold dear shall be washed away and it will be dragged down to the bottom of the depths of the oceans.

  5. You will be hurled into the wilderness where all the beasts of the Earth shall pluck at you.

  6. All of the people that you rule shall come to know of the true nature of the truth.

  7. They will throw you out because you will have been a disgrace to them.

  8. The sword will be brought against you and you will be cut off from the people you ruled.

  9. The land that you rule shall become desolate and wasteful.

  10. Beware, for they will come against you and your land will be turned into ruin.

  11. No one will pass through it and no one will cross over it for it will become desolate and detestable to live.

  12. All of the people that are left will be dispersed to other lands in the land that you once ruled will become nothing.

  13. At the end of this, your people will be gathered again but they will left the new ruler based off the democratic process.

  14. Your land will be restored and your riches will be restored, but you will not be there.

  15. It will become lower than other kingdoms and it will no longer be able to set itself higher because of the curse placed on it.

  16. They will no longer be in security either for they do not learn the truth and they turn away from the truth and the truth turned away from them.

  17. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  18. The army comes against this nation and will also turn away from the truth.

  19. They will no longer see compassion because they carried off the wealth of the society.

  20. In payment for their toils, they will be rewarded with nothing.

  21. They, too, have a leader that will go and exile for this is the way that people shall come to the truth.


  1. The word came to me to spread the entire world.

  2. Woe is the day when all nations shall be destroyed.

  3. A day approaches and they shall be dark.

  4. War will come against these nations and all of the riches will be seized and carried off.

  5. Those who are in alliance with one another shall go against this nation at wants and their allies shall gain the spoils of their riches.

  6. All the people of the lands who are proud will sink down and they will fall into the pits of the Earth and they will fall by the sword.

  7. Their land will become desolate and their cities shall be wasteful and ruined.

  8. They will be set fire to and all of their allies will also be set ablaze.

  9. They will be terrorized and they will live in anguish, for the day of the end is certainly coming.

  10. They were once the most ruthless of nations, but they will fall because of their own wealth.

  11. All of the resources will be dried up and all of their land will be sold to the hands of those who gone against them before.

  12. All of the things which they value so dear will be destroyed and there will never again be a person that is like them.

  13. All of those who led them will be executed for they have done detestable things in the face of the world.

  14. The fortress will be replaced by nothing because there’ll be nothing in this land.

  15. All of the cities and fortifications will be breached and all of the cities will be devastated.

  16. Their warriors shall fall by the sword and their inhabitants will be taken captive.

  17. The day will come when their proudest will be put to an end and their strength will be plundered.

  18. Judgment will be executed upon the end of the earth for they shall know of the truth.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. If you have been wounded, you will never be healed.

  3. If your spirit has been wounded, your spirit will never be healed.

  4. You will be dispersed because you turn your back from the truth and the truth turned back on you and return.

  5. Your enemies will be strengthened and will plunder you and bring you down into the pits.

  6. Because they have been strengthened, you will know that the truth has rejected you, and even if you go back to the truth, the truth will never come back to you.

  7. You will know that the truth is powerful because the truth has destroyed you successfully.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. This is what is been said to the nations and all of its greatness, but it resembles that which is evil.

  3. The beauty of this nation shall fall and all of its towering height shall be plundered.

  4. Their waters made it grow and all of the currents were planned out so that this nation would become great.

  5. All of your riches will be towering heights and the branches will be numerous because many people will be under the leadership of this great land.

  6. All of the people who are wicked dwelt in this mighty nation but they do not show themselves until the time was right.

  7. Their society reaches all of the world and their branches spread out to many people.

  8. No one can match the branches or the reach of the heavens, for the heavens encompassed the entire everything around the world.

  9. The branches of the heavens are beautiful and full of life and those who were not in the truth could not partake of it.

  10. They will become envious of it so they take it down to one person and it will come when we had time to accept it.

  11. They will beat out arrogance and they will gloat at their size and they will claim to have the truth, but they will not have the truth.

  12. They will be handed over to all nations and those who are evil will cast away the truth.

  13. The truth will be cut down by those who are allies and they will become ruthless and the land of the heavens will become desolate.

  14. All of the people of the Earth will see these fallen branches and they will fall to because they will assume that the truth is found in that which is evil.

  15. This will happen where no spring of life comes forth and the heavens will be crowned with no people for no one knows the truth anymore.

  16. All the people who accept the darkness will go down into the pits and they will suffer because of their iniquities and they were held back because other people brought them down.

  17. You’ll be cast down into the pits of the underworld and you will take comfort in that which claims to be true, but is only illusion of the truth.

  18. All of your allies will go down also because they will be in the same world that you are and they will be among many nations that will go into the darkness.

  19. There is no glory compared to the glory of the heavens, and it is our right and our destiny to find the truth and to go back into the heavens were the truth dwells with the one who created the heavens and the Earth.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. This nation made think that it is the King of the world, but they are a monster in the city of people.

  3. It pollutes everything around it and they will be destroyed by many armies.

  4. They will be hurled onto the land and they will be destroyed on the lands because they think of themselves higher than the heavens.

  5. The Valley will be filled with the corpses and the flesh will be able to spread through all nations.

  6. The land will be drenched with blood and the ravines will be filled with dirt.

  7. The heavens will be covered and the sky will be darkened and the light will not be given to this world.

  8. All the shining lights of the heavens will be darkened and darkness will cover the land which was once in the light.

  9. Many people will be troubled because they do not know that they are in the land of that which is evil.

  10. The nations will be filled with horrors and the kings will shutter and will tremble, for the Day of Judgment has come.

  11. The Kings will be sent against this nation and they will come after the leaders of this nation.

  12. They will be cut down and be cast into the pits from which they will never return and all of the land will be laid to waste.

  13. No one will disturb them because no one wants to be near the desolate and wasteful nation which had been destroyed.

  14. Their waters will be darkened and they will rely on the things which came from life, but are now and death.

  15. All the inhabitants will be stricken down because they do not turn to the truth; rather, they turned to lies.

  16. This is what will happen to all the nations of the world, and especially to the nation, which became the beast because this is what has to happen in order for the new age to come to the world.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. Woe to the words of these nations and all of the people of these nations will be sent to the pits from which they cannot return.

  3. They think that they excel in beauty, but they will go down.

  4. All of those who were slain will fall because it has been inspired and all the world will be taken away by it.

  5. Mighty warriors will come and will cast all these people down into the pits, for they came from the pit also.

  6. They will be slain and the sword will bring everyone down into the pits, even to those who gave the sword and those who took over the lands.

  7. The graves are set up in the pits are assembled and all who fall by the sword will spread terror to those who are living on the Earth.

  8. All of them will descend for they do not know the covenant which has been placed were them.

  9. Their terror will be spread into the land of those who know the truth because, they go down to the pits, they will not have adhered to the truth and they will have believed it to be lies all along.

  10. They will not be written into the book of life because they claim to be living, but they are really dead on the inside.

  11. They do not accept the truth, as they did in ancient times, because they saw the lies to be better than the truth.

  12. This land will be laid to waste and all of the people of this world will fall in to the pits.

  13. All of those who were leaders will also be slain and they will lie among their people.

  14. All of those who bring terror to the lands will also face terror themselves and they will bear the shame because they took others down with them.

  15. All of those who do not understand what is going on will become sold and then they will be laid to waste because they do not know what they are doing.

  16. Terror will go to all of them, even to those living, for this is the state of the Earth, a test to see if one can accept the truth even if the greatest terror come to one’s life.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. When the sword goes against the land, then the people of that land will select a watchman.

  3. The watchmen will have seen the war coming but they did not warn the people.

  4. Whoever does not take this warning will be killed and they will be guilty of their own blood.

  5. If they ignore the warning, then they will be killed, but if they adhere the warning, they could have escaped.

  6. If the watchmen see it coming but do not warn the people, then the watchmen will be responsible for it.

  7. If you have been appointed a watchman to a nation, then warn that nation for all the people.

  8. When the wicked die, then they will know the wickedness of their ways.

  9. If you warn the wicked to turn from their ways, but they do not, then they will die, but your life will be saved.


  1. As for you, tell the people that the wickedness of the world weighs them down and their lives are rotting away.

  2. No pleasure will be taken in the death of those who are wicked because they would rather turn from their evil ways and do good once they know of their own mortality.

  3. Those who are just cannot save those who are wicked and those who are wicked cannot bring about their downfall on the day they turn to righteousness.

  4. Those who are righteous will surely live because they do no wrong and their deeds can be remembered.

  5. Those who are wicked will have their wicked deeds remembered, and none of their just works will ever be remembered.

  6. Restore your life so that you can live and not die in this world.

  7. None of the bad things you’ve done in life will be remembered because you do what is right and just.

  8. This is the way of the truth and the way of the truth is not always an easy one.

  9. When those who are righteous turn away from righteousness and they will die.

  10. When those who are wicked turn away from wickedness, only then they shall live truly.

  11. You will be judged according to your deeds.

  12. The city of those who are wicked will be taken.

  13. Those who survive will not survive any longer, and they will no longer remember the ways of their ancestors.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. Those who live among the ruins will not live because they have no possessions.

  3. They do not deserve to keep possession of the land.

  4. They rely on the ways of the world still and they keep possession of the land.

  5. Those who live among the ruins will fall because all of the wild beasts will come to them.

  6. The land will be made wasteful and the strength of a once mighty empire will come to an end.

  7. It will be a desolate wasteland because of the abominations committed by the people.

  8. As for you, hear the words that come from the heavens.

  9. All the people will come to you and listen to your words, but they will not act on these words because they do not understand the magnitude of it.

  10. They listen to your words, but they do not obey your words.

  11. They will never know that you are a prophet among them.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. Prophesy against the leaders for they have committed lies against all the people.

  3. They consumed everything the people have but did not give anything in return.

  4. They did not strengthen the weak or heal the sick or help the injured and did not bring back the strayed.

  5. They scattered all the people and separated them from one another.

  6. No one looked after each other and no one understood what was truly going on.

  7. The leaders of this world should listen to these words that come from the heavens.

  8. Look after those that you lead for they rely on you just as you rely on them.

  9. I am coming from the world to those who do not really care for those people and these people deserve better than you.

  10. I will look for your people and I will look at them.

  11. You should look at yourself and you should look at the way that you lead, and if you lead in a bad way, then you should change to the good.

  12. Do not allow your people to be scattered, but lead them out of the darkness and into the light.

  13. Bring them back to the blessings which they deserve and lead by example.

  14. I will give my people rest, so why should you not do the same?

  15. I will search out those who are lost and I will bring them back and I will help those who are poor and I will heal those were injured and I will destroy those who are not just.


  1. I will not judge between one group over another.

  2. It is not a matter of if one group is better than another for it is a matter of how you conduct yourself as a group.

  3. Do not do that which is evil, for your footsteps will become polluted.

  4. All of those within the group will be judged between those who actually follow it and those who claimed to follow the paths, but do not.

  5. Those who claim to follow all the paths but do not and those who just go through the motions will be separate from those who understand what they are doing.

  6. This is why there are so many different paths to the truth, for every person is different and every person deserves a tailored path to the truth.

  7. This is what has been spoken because this is what the covenant calls for.

  8. All the people of the world and all of society which is full of righteousness as the wicked will be destroyed and replaced by righteous ones.

  9. Those who have power over others will lead others is righteous.

  10. They will no longer be plundered by their leaders but they will dwell in security and in the light.

  11. Peaceful lands will be prepared for them so that they will never again suffer in this world.

  12. They will know that the truth is with them and that the truth has set them free.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. I shall prophesy against the world because the world is full of wicked.

  3. All of the land will be turned desolate and all of the societies will be turned to nothing.

  4. All of the cities will be turned into ruins and all of the comforts will be turned into chaos.

  5. Because of the hatred for the truth, all of the people of the world shall place their final punishment.

  6. All of the people the world are guilty of things and they will be pursued for those.

  7. They will be a land that is cut off from the rest of the world.

  8. All of the world will be filled with bloodshed and violence and there will be no hope for the people.

  9. This society that was once the most powerful society in the world, will never become the most powerful nation again.

  10. Nations will take over this nation and will take over this land but make the land desolate.

  11. They will be dealt with according to their anger and their envy and their hatred, and judgment will be executed according to the precepts.

  12. Insults have been hurled towards the truth and it is given great desolation.

  13. Insolent words were used and boastfulness was used against their gods and everything was heard.

  14. The whole land was desolate and all the people who live in the lands will be desolate.

  15. Ruin will come over all of the cities of the wicked society and then the society will be wicked no more.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. An enemy has said bad things about you and this word has been heard.

  3. Because the righteous have been ridiculed and hounded, they will be the inheritors of the nations.

  4. All of the land will be turned into desolate ruins.

  5. All of those who are righteous will have the lands of the Earth.

  6. Prophesy against the lands of the wicked for they will face the fury of all the nations.

  7. All of the nations of the world will bear the weight of the deed they have done.

  8. Righteousness is something that will soon spread forth its branches across the entire world.

  9. Cities will be resettled and ruins will be lead built by those who are righteous.

  10. Those who are righteous will multiply and be fruitful and the world will be rebuilt with an essence of the truth.

  11. These will be of the people that inherit the entire Earth and devote time to their ancestors that will be remembered.

  12. Those who are wicked rob the nation of their own children.

  13. They will never again devour the resources that their children deserved and were robbed of.

  14. We robbed our children of everything.

  15. They will never again endure insults from the people and rob the nation of all of the resources.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. Those who are wicked are of bad behavior and it is because they are in the world.

  3. You will come upon them and blood will be poured because they worship false idols.

  4. They were scattered to all nations and dispersed to all the land.

  5. Those who are wicked will inherit nothing and those who are righteous will inherit the land of those that were once part of the wicked.

  6. The truth this ascended to the nations of the righteous one and the righteous learned of the truth and used the truth to build a new society of righteousness.

  7. Because the truth has been desecrated by those who are wicked, they will be desecrated in return.

  8. All of those who are righteous will receive what they deserved and they will go back to their own land.

  9. All of those who are wicked will have an opportunity to be made as and they will be cleansed of all of their past wrongdoing.

  10. They will be given a new heart and a new spirit.

  11. The spirit will come within them so that they can walk according to the ways of the truth.

  12. They will live in the land that was once their ancestors and they will live in the way that was not like there and their brothers.

  13. They will be delivered from all of their impurities and they will receive all the blessings of the Earth.

  14. They will remember the evil behavior and the deeds which were not good and they will completely cast them off.

  15. Do not be ashamed, but humble yourself because your behavior is detestable even in the best of times.

  16. When you are cleansed of your guilt, then you shall return to your lands and rebuild your cities and societies of righteousness.

  17. The land of the Earth was made for the benefit of all creatures and the wasteland will be turned into something that is fruitful.

  18. At the end of the age, the desolate land will return to the city of you and.

  19. All of the nations of the world will know of the truth and all of the things which have been made desolate will be rebuilt.

  20. Out of goodness you will be persuaded to come back and to build a new society and to restart.

  21. All the people of the world shall know the truth and the truth shall set them free.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. I walked along the valley that is dry.

  3. This valley represents the state of the world, which is full of death and despair.

  4. How can anything in this world come back to life? Hear the word that has been spoken and speak these words to this world.

  5. Life shall enter into this world so that this world can be brought back to life.

  6. People will repent and they will come back and they will come back to life because of the truth which has been spread.

  7. These prophecies came as they were said to come.

  8. Even if they come back to life, the breath of life may not come back into them.

  9. I have been commanded to prophesy of these things for the end of the age is coming in the beginning of the new age shall come afterwards.

  10. I prophesied and more people came and more people receive the breath of life.

  11. All of those who chose not to listen will dry up and wither away back into the dust.

  12. Prophesy against them so that they know what their impending death is going to be.

  13. They shall know that they have chosen death and death shall come upon them.

  14. Your spirit shall come into you so that you may have life and you will settle into the land that was once part of the wicked.


  1. The word came to me to spread the entire world.

  2. Take upon yourself another body so that your body can be merged with your spirit.

  3. Join them together so that people may know of this great truth and that they know that as a result, their spirit and their body may combine.

  4. No one will know what is meant by this unless they know the truth.

  5. You shall have control over the bodies and the spirit of man so that they can be judged according to their works.

  6. Hold the stick of life in your hands so that you can use it as the rod of judgment.

  7. Tell this to all the nations that have gone astray from the truth and bring them back into the truth.

  8. They shall all become one land under one righteous leader and this land shall prosper forever.

  9. No longer will they defile themselves for they will be delivered from all of their apostasy.

  10. They shall all have one leader who treats them as they want to be treated and they will observe all the covenants that have been handed to them.

  11. A covenant will be made, even an everlasting covenant, so that they can have a sanctuary for ever.

  12. I shall be with them and they shall be with me.

  13. All the nations shall know of the sanctuary that has been put to words.


  1. The word came to me to spread it to the entire world.

  2. Prophesy against the nations that go against me.

  3. They shall know that I am coming against them.

  4. They shall assemble their armies and I shall assemble my armies and they shall class together at the hill.

  5. Their allies shall come with them and my allies shall come with me.

  6. Prepare and get ready for this war, for it shall come.

  7. The land of the wicked shall being invaded and those who are righteous shall inherit this land.

  8. Despair shall come upon them and all who were wicked shall be destroyed.

  9. An evil plan shall be devised to go against the righteous.

  10. They will plunder from village to village and they will have no mercy on those who are righteous to have taken their land.

  11. The scrolls shall be opened so that they shall fall to the center of the Earth.

  12. They shall not see much and they shall not destroy many, but those who are wicked will be destroyed completely.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. All of those who are wicked shall not have their land and their land shall be taken by those who are righteous.

  3. In the last days, all the lands of the wicked shall be made into the lands of the righteous.

  4. All of those people who’d welded wickedness shall dwell in righteousness.

  5. As I have spoken earlier, prophet shall come forth and prophesy of these things.

  6. On this day, the prophet will no longer prophesy for the prophecies shall come that.

  7. The entire world and their societies shall be destroyed and all the wicked things of the society shall be cast down.

  8. All of the lands will be turned away and all of the lands will be made useless.

  9. Every terror shall be raised and human shall go against them in the final battle over the fate of the Earth.

  10. Judgment shall come upon all, and all of those who are bad shall be judged to be wicked and all of those who are righteous shall be judged to be righteous.

  11. They shall know of the truth and they shall know of the heavens and those who are wicked will be too late to recant of their ways.


  1. The word came to me to spread the entire world.

  2. This is a prophecy against the leaders.

  3. You were entrusted to lead your society in righteousness, but they have failed in the end.

  4. You shall be stricken down and you shall be among your people and your people shall be destroyed.

  5. Your troops shall be sent against you and you shall be destroyed by your troops.

  6. Fields shall be turned to blood and the bodies shall lie upon these fields.

  7. Those who live securely shall have their security threatened and they shall know that judgment has come upon them.

  8. All of the nations shall know of the great judgment that comes from the heavens and the truth that has been leaders in the beginning.

  9. This is the day that I decree shall be the Day of Judgment.

  10. Everyone living in this city shall take up arms and shall go against those who are wicked.

  11. They will not need anything to pillage villages, rather, they will only need the word of truth in the word of truth is more powerful than the word of death.

  12. On this day those who are wicked shall be cut off from all of the fruits of their labors.

  13. They will be buried and they will become friends in the waters of purity.

  14. All of those who are righteous shall be glorified in all of those who come and righteousness shall become glorified.

  15. All of those who not accept the truth shall be buried, and never to come back up in purity.

  16. When those who are righteous pass over the lands of the wicked, those who are wicked and remain buried shall be buried forever.

  17. This is how the land shall be cleansed, not with the sword, but with the great words of truth.

  18. Assemble so that you can eat of the flesh of life and drink of the purity of blood.

  19. You shall eat the meat of purity and you shall drink the blood of the sacrifices made by the righteous in order to redeem the Earth.

  20. You will now love this great truth in you will remember the covenant of this great truth every day through the sacrifice which has been set forth.


  1. The heavens will display the glory upon all nations and judgment will be executed upon them.

  2. From this day forward all of the world shall know of the truth and the truth shall set them free.

  3. All of those who go against the truth will be defile and they will be handed over to their foes so that they may either learn of the truth or die.

  4. They will be dealt with according to their actions and their hearts.

  5. The restoration shall be complete when all of the wicked shall be cast away and all of the righteous shall lead.

  6. All of those who recant will be forgiven of all of their bad deeds in the past and shall move forward into the future.

  7. No one shall be left behind as humanity advances.

  8. The spirit in the heavens shall be poured out upon everyone and the truth will no longer be hidden behind him mountain of lies.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. A divine vision in the city of Zion shall be sent forth from the heavens and come to the Earth.

  3. At the gate was a man who had the appearance of gold.

  4. Pay attention to everything that is shown because this is a way that the Temple shall be built.

  5. The temple shall have ten spires representing the seven spirits who were brought forth in the ten Guardian Angels.


  1. Towards the east shall be the angel of Thyatira.

  2. This angel came forth from the East and represents that which is the plains.

  3. The plains are the breadbasket and, in the land of Zion, the breadbasket is where the city lies.

  4. Towards the northeast shall be the angel of Philadelphia, along with the one to the Northwest, one of the Southwest, and the Southeast.

  5. They are the ones to come from the corners of the earth for they themselves came from the corners of the earth.

  6. They shall come forth from the land of liberty and into the center of the land of liberty so that they may establish the truth upon all nations.

  7. Outside of the Temple shall be a great plaza and surrounding this plaza shall be a great row of trees and around the great row of trees shall become a great field of grass.

  8. All of the things necessary for the administration of the truth to the entire world shall be established here in this shall be the center of the city.

  9. Towards the North shall be the angel of Ephesus.

  10. This angel came forth from the North and represents the ice fields of the North which bring forth the water of life to all nations of the world.

  11. Just as this society started up from the North because the waters came from the north, so shall the angel of Ephesus which brought forth life to the spiritual journey of the prophet.

  12. Towards the south shall be the angel of Smyrna.

  13. This angel came forth from the South and represents the desert because this angel is one who brought the prophet through the deserts of temptation in order to bring this prophet forth from the desert.

  14. Towards the West shall be the angel of the Pergamum.

  15. This angel came forth from the West and represents the mountain which has been placed between them by the throne of the devil.

  16. This is a throne that remains to this day and this also represents the last heartbreak of the prophet.

  17. This is the one that has never given up the name but has given up the cause because of the prevention of the union of the two.

  18. Towards the Southwest shall be the angel of Sardis.

  19. This angel came forth from the Southwest and represents the one who has gone astray from the path of the truth and believes in the lies perpetrated by men.

  20. This is the angel that believes in the one who is like the prophet but is not the prophet.

  21. This is the one who is the last one to come and this is the spider which lies over the holiest of all rooms.

  22. This is the reason why the Temple that shall be established to all nations is offset.

  23. At the Temple there shall be entrances on all sides and all shall lead to the middle is the greatest spire is put forth which is the angel of Laodicea.

  24. This is the one who shall bring forth the other nine and shall be sealed bodily with the prophet forever.

  25. This shall be the description of the outside of the Temple and the spires shall represent the mountains which come forth from the land and the place where Zion is the place where the mountains meet the plains.


  1. The Temple that is dedicated in the land of Zion shall not be restricted.

  2. All people shall enter for all people live under the new cup did.

  3. The entrances shall always be kept open and people shall always be there to tend to the needs of anyone.

  4. The holy of holies shall be located in the great room to the southwest of the center for that is where the one who has been led astray dwells.

  5. The Temple shall contain broad atriums and passageways so that people can get around many people shall come through.

  6. The Temple is the seat of the high priesthood of the new covenant and this is there to preserve the covenant.

  7. These people shall not be led astray because they shall always have the covenant with them.

  8. Each generation shall have their own priesthood and their own covenant for that one generation is not like the next.

  9. Now that we see the differences between generations, we shall have differences in opinions and we shall have different leaderships.

  10. The children may believe in things that are different from the beliefs of the parent, but that is okay because the children are united in their generation and the adult are united in their generation and they are all united together through the same covenant.

  11. The center of the Temple shall be the largest atrium were the great altar shall stand in the holy of holies shall overlook this.

  12. The city has been measured twice and has been cut once for all things and the Temple shall be held to perfection.


  1. As we gaze upon the interior of the great Temple both on the inside and on the outside, we can’t help but notice how it is a microcosm of all things that were performed in the beginning.

  2. In the beginning was a perfect society and the society was corrupted over many generations.

  3. Within this Temple, a perfect society shall perform again and all the walls of the Temple shall be holy because holy people dwell within.

  4. Those were earnest seekers of the truth and those who have found the truth shall come in and teach those who may not know the truth or do not have the truth with them.

  5. Every section of the Temple shall be built for a specific purpose and the purposes are to fulfill that which has been set forth from the heavens.

  6. The covenant must be maintained and doctrine and dogma must be held out for it shall no longer be built on doctrine and dogma.

  7. Doctrine and dogma no longer define what a religious belief is; rather, it is by actions and by giving to the poor that determine how a true belief system shall be.

  8. All of the people of the world shall know this and all of the religions institutions of this day shall be judged by this new standard.

  9. Those who do not fulfill this standard shall be judged to be bad, and those who fulfill all of these obligations shall be judged to be good.


  1. Outside of this Temple shall be other structures around a large greed the old.

  2. This is how the city of Zion shall be established and it shall be established around the Temple area.

  3. Walls will no longer have to protect the city for the city will always be protected.

  4. Within this square, there shall be places of gathering and there shall be places of learning and there shall be places of understanding.

  5. The first wall shall be a wall of trees and the second wall shall be a wall of trees and a wall that shall be built of stone.

  6. The entire city shall be centered on the square for the square shall be the center of the city and the city shall build up around the square.

  7. The priests who are in charge of the Temple shall be the ones who are called to and that elected by the people by popular votes.

  8. Every single one of the leaders shall be supported by three branches much like a government of freedom.

  9. There shall be a Consulate and a Senate and there shall also be a judiciary and there shall also be a cabinet, for all things must build on one another and no one branch shall have all the power.

  10. By these standards, the covenant will not be skewered and doctrine shall be taken out by them, for doctrine is not desirable.

  11. People shall be the ultimate governing authority of their affairs and the structure shall be set up when it is needed and they shall be set up to maintain the covenant and to be a means to support those around them.


  1. Out of the East shall come the light and the light shall dwell in glory within the confines of the Temple.

  2. This was the same vision that was seen at the beginning of time it has been seen as many other times.

  3. The spirit lifts people up into the heavens and brings them down to the Earth again with this spirit to guide them.

  4. They shall be of the world but they shall not be the ones by the world.

  5. The prophets shall be seated at the throne and shall dwell with the people forever.

  6. All of the things which are wicked in the world shall not stand in shall not bear within the confines of the Temple or the square around the Temple or the city around the square.

  7. All of these things shall be devoured but they cannot be destroyed, for society can be corrupt even within the current state of the city of Zion.

  8. All of the people of the world shall be ashamed of what they do for they view evil and detestable things.

  9. Let them describe what they have done so that they can do them no more.

  10. This is the law that has been established from the beginning to the end and still constitutes as the first step in order to achieve the days of the salvation.

  11. Everyone shall be allowed into the Temple and it is where the Temple and the city around it shall be.

  12. They must come with the intent of seeking the truth and they must come with the intent to learn or they shall not get anything out of it.

  13. They shall know that they enter a sacred sanctuary and they shall not break the covenant while they are there.

  14. If they are rebellious then they shall be hushed for it is not lawful.

  15. It is not good to restrict people from coming in for all people are under the covenant so all people shall be allowed in.

  16. Be careful as to who comes in for they have the potential to destroy that which is within.


  1. As for the people who were allowed to work in the Temple area, only those who were appointed to work in the Temple shall work in the Temple.

  2. They shall be judged to be worthy and they shall not be discriminated against on any basis, including the basis of their religious preferences.

  3. Even though they work in a place which is not of their proper worship, they shall be allowed because all people under the covenant and a variety of people should be selected to keep the covenant and to watch over the poor.

  4. All the people must remember that this is not the establishment of something new; rather, this is the reestablishment of something that came from old.

  5. If they break their covenant, then they shall no longer be able to work and they shall no longer be allowed to come into the Temple unless they repent.

  6. All of the work done within the Temple shall be righteous and everything must be done with the covenant in mind.

  7. As for the Temple leaders within the Temple, they shall be there to help those who seek the truth and who want to know the truth.

  8. They shall be knowledgeable with the truth and they can only have the knowledge of the truth in order to teach others.

  9. The blind cannot lead the blind so what we must have someone who sees the lead those who want to be.

  10. They are under the same restrictions as the people who were allowed to work in the Temple area.


  1. Around this Temple area, you shall build the holy city and it shall be a city to support the endeavors of the truth.

  2. All of the land should be able to supports those who lie in the truth.

  3. This is a sacred land within the land of liberty that was founded upon the principles of freedom.

  4. There shall be property that belongs to those who are righteous and to those who want the righteousness.

  5. The city shall be designed with perfection in mind so that perfection can be achieved.

  6. Violence and oppression are not allowed and shall be dealt with.

  7. The land should support the Earth also and not give it bad and terrible things.

  8. All the people who dwell in this land shall be honest.

  9. All of the offerings are made by people that shall be in righteousness and wickedness shall not abound in this city.

  10. The city shall be a model for the world and this land shall spread these ideas and spread to the entire world.


  1. When you worship, worship in the way you choose but it is not necessary to worship any god.

  2. The only god that require you to worship are the ones who are not secure about themselves or the gods of the religions that wish to oppress and control you.

  3. Just as you cannot see the gods, you cannot hear the gods and you cannot deal the gods.

  4. Likewise, the gods cannot see you and the gods cannot feel you and the gods cannot touch you.

  5. The only way you can reach out to the gods is through the connections made by your spirit in the heavens.

  6. Your ancestors are part of gods and your spirit shall become a part of the god’s spirit once you die.

  7. Once you die, you attain a state of divinity.

  8. We shall not make any provisions desire to worship, rather, we encourage all people to worship in the way they choose in the way they like and no form is wrong over another.


  1. The spring of life shall flow from the city of Zion.

  2. The river shall not be high enough so as to be impenetrable, but it shall not be low enough so that it is weak.

  3. Among this river shall be the people who seek life just as the trees seek life.

  4. The water of life shall be never skewed for too many people and shall purify people in their first step on the path to righteousness.

  5. None who settle in this land shall fail because they shall have the waters of righteousness with them and they shall be righteous just as the waters of purity.

  6. All of the people will abound and all of the fish in the stream will be plentiful so that many blessings can be brought about.

  7. The boundaries shall be boundless and the truth shall come upon all the world.

  8. The land that your ancestors have given you is the land that you shall give to your posterity, but you should be able to leave the land in a better state than when you received it.

  9. Remember to extend rights to all people so that all people can receive the land.

  10. Those who are wicked will never receive the land because they don’t deserve it due to their wickedness.

  11. The waters of life shall flow out into your life which brings life to the entire earth.

  12. No mountain or sea can separate any land so that the truth can be transmitted to all cultures.


  1. The land that has been assigned to the city of Zion is the land where the mountains meet the plains.

  2. It shall be on the land that is flat and shall be to the north of the orphaned butte.

  3. It shall also be to the North of the peaks that poke out of the land and that are held to be sacred by the ancestors who dwelled in the land of liberty.

  4. It shall lie at the center of the land of liberty and shall lie along the front ranges.

  5. It shall lie to the east of the mountains of water and shall lie to the north of the spring of life.

  6. It is a land that is seen as that in this thing which has no worth, but it shall become worthy because it shall become fruitful.

  7. All of those who are righteous shall dwell in the city and the city shall be fruitful and the truth it shall spread from the city’s entire world.

  8. It shall all start with the Temple and it shall all start with one person who knows of the truth and has been set free by the truth.

  9. The prophet and the Guardian Angels shall come forth from obscurity and become prominent so that all the dreams that are listed in this shall be fulfilled.

  10. From now on, the land that is wicked shall become righteous again and from now on, all the covenants have been made obsolete by the one of humanity.

  11. These are the dreams of the prophets and these are the dreams that shall come true.

  12. This is been established in the stars for the new age has been prophesied to come and it has come.