Book of Expression

92: Threats and Harshness
This is the word that has been announced to me to send out to the rest of the world.
Listen!, all you people of the world. I am about to send you a vision of great judgment. The divine plan comes out of the heavens and does whatever it wants to the people of the world. The waters of the world will do nothing against the nature of the divine plan that has been set forth. This is a part of the sins of the world and the people are all guilty of it. This is where the vineyard shall dwell and this is where the seeds of the truth will come forth. This world will bring truth into a world that is full of darkness. They will go through the world with nothing, but they will have all the wisdom of the world with them. These people will reach out to the rest of the people of the world, who live in the darkness of the world. The people of the world will not support you and they will not take your words of wisdom seriously. The world comes down to two things, which is the good and the evil. This is the greatest duality of the world. The world will not see it, but the world knows of it. Do what the Christs do and you will have a fulfilling life forever more.
You have the sins of the world with you, but you are afraid to see it in your life. The world will pass away. All of the things of the world will pass away and will be taken from you. All of the evil things of the world seek to make the lives of the people on this earth miserable. The ruin of the world is at hand and there is nothing that you can do to stop it at all. You shall have nothing left in this world and it will come to pass that you shall not know what to do next. Do not preach of these things! The people of the world will not believe you! Let them see it for themselves! Get up and leave! This is not the time or the place of rest! Destruction shall come to all of you and it shall come to all the world! The good people of the world will be gathered together in spirit and they will change the world through their words and their actions. Make your life better by following in the path of the Christs before you!
What is right and what is wrong in the world? Why do you fear the people of the world? They have no true power over you! They can break you down, but they cannot kill your spirit at all. When the people that are evil cry out to the divine, they will get no answer at all. The people of the world have gone astray and there is nothing that they can do to save themselves unless they turn to the most high and the divine plan. This is what has been said to the prophets. Proclaim this to all the world! Those people will dwell in the darkness and will not see the light of day. They shall speak and do what they want, but there is nothing that can be done to save themselves at the end of time. They have rendered judgment on themselves and the divine knows about this. This is the place in which there is no refuge. There is no real hope for those who choose to go astray.

93: The Poor and the Outcasts
The mountains of Zion shall be cast all over the world. The people will come to the mountain and they will request to come to the top of the mountain to dwell in the presence of the divine. They shall come to all the distant nations and they will come to beat all of them so that the nations that are left will have their chance to dwell in the hills. They will not come to the place of the divine due to their insistence on killing off all the nations except for theirs. Though they claim to walk in the divine, they do not really do so. This is what has been said to the world from the divine. All of the outcasts will walk to the tower of Zion. It shall come to the divine. The divine shall come to them and they shall profit greatly. Many of the nations of the world are gathered against the outcasts of the world. The people of the world will not understand the nature of the divine, but the outcasts will appreciate it. Arise, so that you will receive the benefits of the divine all the days of your lives on the earth.
The origins of the world are great. They will not give up and they will not be cast aside from the glory of Zion. They shall have their place among the Christs and the prophets of the world. They shall not perish against the armies of evil. They will tend to come to the places of peace and they will dwell in the hills of seclusion with the knowledge of the plan of the divine that has been set forth from the beginning of time. They should not delay their day with the divine and they will not perish from it. They will rise up and be the ones to change the world for the better. The lands of the earth will be theirs as well, but it will not be profitable for them after their life is over. On that day, all the people of the world will listen to the oracle of the divine that has been spoken to the prophets. All of the cities of evil that come to them will be destroyed. All of the things of the world that are worshipped will be destroyed. All of the teachings of the world that are false will be destroyed. All of the things that they hold dear will also be destroyed. They will be angry, but they should always remember the ways of the divine and the plan that has always been there and shall always be there.
94: New Threats of the World
Hear what the divine has to say about the state of the world. All of the world will hear of this message. I have done nothing against you, so why do you go against me? I brought you out of the darkness and into the light and I have done much to save you. Do not go against me, for it will not bode you well. Recall what has been said and done in the past by the people before you. What shall I bring before the divine so that judgment does not come to you? We must cast this away and we must go to the one who has started it all. This is what is required of you when going into the new covenant! This is the answer to the crimes that have been said against humanity! You shall reap what you sow. You have kept all the decrees, but you did not practice what you preached at all. It has begun to strike you and it has done so with a remembrance as to the nature of your sins! This is what has been said to the wealthy people of the world who care only for the world.
Woe to me! I have nothing of my life despite having all of the riches of the world. The good people of the world have been cast away and there is nothing left off them. Their hands are full of evil and there is nothing that is left of them. Put no faith or trust in the hands of another for your salvation. All of the family will be brought against one another and there is nothing that can be said against it!


95: A New and Ancient Covenant
I will look to my savior which has been sent by the divine. Do not rejoice over me, enemy! I will rise as I have fallen by your hands and I will never sit in the darkness again. I will endure the wrath of the earth until the day of judgment arrives on the earth and I am found to be good. When my enemy sees this, I will not be ashamed. My eyes will look to their downfall. This is the day that will remake me. This is the day that has been anticipated by the entire world and it shall bring me great joy to see it coming. The world will be full of people who are wise in their ways. All of the people of the world will look to the right inspiration and they will not regret the decisions that were made by them. They shall come to the world and they will see a new light shining on the earth. The people who were stuck in the world shall return to the dust from which they came from. They will tremble in fear at the almighty and they will not benefit anything. They will have their guilt removed and they will benefit from all the good things on the earth. They will have the compassion that comes from being one with the Christ once and for all. This has been said from the beginning of time and it shall remain so until the end of time.