Book of Faith

97: Questioning Everything
This word was sent to me to send to the world. How long must I cry for help to the world and how violent does the world need to be towards me? Why do you not see my suffering and why does evil come towards me? This is why the world comes after me and this is why the suffering in my life never comes to an end.
The response came to me; look out into the world! This is what is being done! This is what happens when the evil people of the world win the battle of the world. They are terrifying and they send everything in the world after you. They are the masters and controllers of the world. They come to devour you and they will not have mercy on you. They vanish and they do not get their strength from the divine. The kings of the world will conquer us, but they will not come to the divine. They can claim you on earth, but they cannot claim you in the future.
Are you not old and are you not immortal? Will you set a place for the future for me in the heavens? Your eyes should only look on the pure and not the wickedness. Why do you gaze on the world in the hopes that they will become better? You have made mortals of everything. You gathered everything in the world up and you will rejoice in the heavens. The things of the world are insufficient. They will slaughter the nations of the world without a pretense. I will stand my guard against the world. The world will not succeed in seducing me.
Make it plain so that the people of the world can not forget it. The visions of the world will come to a head and all will be revealed. The people of the world will not have integrity and they will not inherit the heavens so that their nations will live. It will not be too late and your time of redemption will come.


98: Judgment and Revolution
The wealth of the world is treacherous. The people of the world will one day be dead and they will not understand the light before then. How long will the suffering of the world last? The things of the world will not last that long, but the afterlife in the heavens will not be that way. Will the people of the world suddenly understand the things of the world? Most of the people will not. The nations of the world will be plundered and the land will not understand what has happened to him. All of the people in the world will not see the misfortune until it comes to them. The people of the world will work and they will not get anything from it. The earth shall have its revenge and the people will not know what to do to save themselves. Give to yourself and your neighbors. Most of the people will be drunk with power and they will seek to have all the resources that are limited on the earth. Who will inherit the earth? It will not the people that will also inherit the heavens. The people will be awakened! All of the earth will come before you and sing praises for the truth.
I have seen the work of the divine in the world. The glory of the heavens are better than the things of the world. The strength of the divine is better than the world. The divine will send the things of the world to the people of the world. The prophets and the Christs of the earth will come to be praised and the bad things of the world will collapse. The people will rage against the world and those who are in power in the world will fall. The world will tremble, flood, flame, and blow away as nature comes to reclaim its place and power in the world. The people will see the resources and they will rise up to gain access to them in order to save themselves. On the day of distress, the people of the world will find it in themselves to make a difference in the world. Our bodies will decay and die, but our spirit will live on forever. The people of the world who are righteous will disappear and they will not have to face the worse that was yet to come. That is the decree of the divine and that is the culmination of all the things of history. That is where the cycle will begin anew.