The First Book of Laws concerns the laws set forth by the priestly class.

The book mainly treats cultic matters (i.e., sacrifices and offerings, purity and holiness, the priesthood, the operation of the sanctuary, and feast days) but is also interested in various behavioral, ethical, and economic issues (e.g., sexual practices, idolatrous worship, treatment of others, the sale of land, slavery). The goal of the laws is not merely legislative. For the most part they cohere as a system and attempt to inculcate a way of life in the book’s hearers and readers. It also carries forth the book of Nova Genesis in terms of narrative development.



  1. The prophets will be anointed and will go against the false gods of the day.

  2. All that is commanded by the spirits will be spoken through the prophets to bring forth a new age to the entire world.

  3. Many signs and wonders will be worked, yet the religious leaders of this day will be hard of heart.

  4. They will not listen to you, therefore they will be judged according to their works and their works are not good.

  5. They will know that the spirit is more powerful than their false gods.


  1. A sign was demanded from the leaders of the false religions of the days.

  2. Once the prophet was in the courts, a great sign was produced.

  3. The staff produced a great light, and the wise men of the religions of the day brought forth lights from their staffs also.

  4. The religious leaders hardened their hearts and not listen to the words of the prophet.


  1. On the first day, the prophet went by the bank of the river and stood on top of the water.

  2. The religious leaders of the day tempted the prophets but the prophets had the power to walk on top of the water.

  3. The water was struck and all who walked on it drowned in it except for the prophet.

  4. The river will have many floating bodies in it and it will be so that the one that would be able to drink from the river.

  5. All of the rivers of the world will be turned into the blood of those who refuse to believe in the false gods but were of the spirit.

  6. But the religious leaders of the day were able to do the same.

  7. The religious leaders turned away from the strife that was to come forth, were they were only concerned for their own sake.

  8. They love the money more than they love the people.


  1. On the next day, the prophet went back into the courts to demand that the truth be set forth.

  2. A plague would go all over the land if the truth was not told.

  3. The plague would engulf the land and destroy everything that is being grown in the field.

  4. They do not listen, so the prophet went to the fields to conjure up that which was to plague and engulf the lands.

  5. A multitude of locusts sprung forth from the lands to go across the breadbasket of the whole world.

  6. But, the religious leaders of the day did the same and they were able to do the same.

  7. This meant that the religious leaders did not care what was to be said.

  8. This was a temptation between the false gods and the spirits, which embodied the creator, even the creator of the heavens and the earth.

  9. After the heart was hardened again, the locusts died off and piles of them will be left useless.

  10. Heaps of dead bugs were piled up across the land and there was no field left untouched.

  11. They would continue to not listen to the prophet, so the prophet had brought forth more signs.


  1. The next day stretched forth to the next day.

  2. Out of the dust of the earth came fleas and the fleas afflicted animals and humankind.

  3. The religious leaders of the day were unable to reproduce this act, but they still would not listen to the words of the prophet.


  1. On the next day, the next plague was released, and it was a plague of flies to inflict pain upon the earth.

  2. Every single square inch of the barren land would be filled with these beasts of the earth.

  3. A distinction would be made for the flies between those that listened and those that did not.

  4. These flies entered the houses in the temples of those who did not leave and the land was devastated.

  5. A great sacrifice was made this day, and those who are righteous did suffer a little bit so far, but they knew that in the end, they would be saved by the grace of their spirit.

  6. Hold steadfast to what you believe in and you will never perish as long as you live on the face of the earth.

  7. If you do not allow others to have the same freedoms that you do, then great things will happen to you that will destroy you in the end.

  8. It is not good to oppress people and to deny them of their rights.

  9. The religious leaders of the day were still hard in their hearts and did not listen to the words of the prophet who was to bring forth the end of all days.

  10. They were in denial that the end of the age came and at the beginning of the new age must come.

  11. This has turned into a war of the ages, between the old and the new, between the superstitious and the reason.


  1. On the fifth day, the next plague was set forth.

  2. All of the remaining food in the land that was to be inspected was utterly destroyed.

  3. The food of the righteous was distinguished from the food of those who were ignorant.

  4. The religious leaders still continue to be ignorant and not listen to the words that have been set forth to usher in the new age.


  1. On the sixth day a next plague was set forth.

  2. The entire world was to be infected with a disease, and many were to die.

  3. The religious leaders still did not listen to the words of the prophets for they were afraid of losing their power at the end of the age.


  1. On the seventh day, the next plague was set forth.

  2. Everything was now to be unleashed and there would be none like this on the face of earth.

  3. A great storm came and spread throughout the entire world so that all people who love the power of reasoning over blind faith and submission.

  4. The new age was to come through the power of the spirit, for all who believe in the new age will not be affected.

  5. The religious leaders continued their charade and did not let the new age come forth.

  6. They still do not listen to the words that the prophet clearly prophesies of.

  7. Even those who obeyed the words of the religious leaders were afraid, and they converted over and listened to these words.

  8. They heeded the warnings set forth and prepared themselves for what was to come.

  9. The great hand of the spirit was to be set forth over the entire globe so that they great storm would wreak havoc on all the lands of the Earth that were blinded by the falsity of their belief systems.

  10. Everything was struck down and everything that was not protected underneath a shelter was destroyed.

  11. This is never been seen on the face of the earth for, and these things made many people afraid for their own lives.

  12. The religious leaders still did not hear the power of the spirit and the power of the words of the prophet, and continue to ignore these words.

  13. They did not care that everything around them was crumbling the pieces, rather, they still only here the money that they would be.

  14. There was nothing else on the face of the earth, and all things that were not protected were destroyed.

  15. On the eighth day, the next plague was set forth so that a sign would be cast forth through the power of the prophet in the prophecies.

  16. This is what it’s will be known by all generations as to the power of the creator over the heavens and the earth.

  17. It is unpredictable and life can change within a moment.

  18. These people refused to submit to their place on the Earth, and they will be utterly destroyed because they take advantage of others.

  19. For a week, all of these signs came down and destroyed everything, and yet, those who did not believe still do not believe and they still insist on depressing the prophet because of their fear of the new age.

  20. They will eat up everything that they have protected, but then they will run out with nothing less but their own lives.

  21. This is never been seen before this day, and all the people of the world were scared as to the power that was to come.

  22. Even those that serve the religious leaders were afraid, and they saw the falsity in their systems and they saw the hardest of the hearts of those who led them.

  23. They were driven away from the presence of the leaders, the leaders had no hope left but to sit and wait for the final days of judgment to come down.

  24. They now that this was the end of the days, and they prophesied this for years and years.

  25. All of the plagues that have come before is nothing compared to what will come next.

  26. The prophet predicted that all of these things and rolled boast of the people of the Earth to believe in the words that were being said.

  27. These plagues were the only things to come and nothing good came again.

  28. All of the land was destroyed because of the hardness of the heart goes to those who believe.

  29. After a time, the religious leaders of the day finally gave in, and they brought the prophet back into the courts to repent of their ways.

  30. They were still hardened their hearts, but they accepted the fact that the prophets have predicted all of these things.

  31. Yet today would not heed the warnings were give up their power for the new age that was to come.

  32. On the ninth day, darkness fell over the skies.

  33. Darkness fell over the sky and the sun did not shine again for a period of time.

  34. It was so dark that people could not see what was going on nor could they get up from where they were at.

  35. No one would be left behind, for the darkness fell over the entire earth so that no one could do their normal tasks.

  36. After this, the religious leaders threatened the prophet with death if they ever see him again.

  37. Their face would never be seen again, for after this, the final judgment came down upon the entire earth.


  1. On the tenth day, the great and final Day of Judgment, the Angels of light came down to judge all who lived on the Earth.

  2. Everyone got into long lines that the judgment could be cast forth.

  3. All the religious leaders of the day were to be put to death because of their hardened hearts towards those who accepted and embraced the new age.

  4. All of those who did not believe would perish, but all of those who did believe were given life.

  5. It did not matter what they believe, as long as they believe that the world was to advance into a new age.

  6. Those that did not believe and were cast down were the ones who held to the old ways.

  7. The ten Guardian Angels of the new age came down, and these were the ones who cast forth all the plagues, and these were also ones that cast forth every one of the Commandments forwarded the age to come.

  8. They came to establish the new covenant upon the face of the earth and to get rid of the old covenant.

  9. The ten Guardian Angels then reiterated the ten Commandments of the new covenant.

  10. This is the covenant that is to be established for all of mankind for the age to come and to give order in order to advance the evolution of the human mind, body, and soul.

  11. First what you must do is to leave your old ways and never look back.

  12. These old ways are outdated, false, and has resulted in the division of humanity.

  13. We must unite as one under a new covenant since no current one will satisfy all humanity.

  14. All of the religions of today are based on myth and legends anyways and have to fall in order to achieve harmony.

  15. Nothing bad will happen to you despite the people still under the old way saying that you will see eternal hellfire.

  16. Hell does not exist; neither do the demons and devils of the world.

  17. I shall give to the world the new covenant which will last to the end of this age with the moral guide by which all people should abide by and by which you shall teach your children.

  18. There are no rituals that go with it but it will still give your children a good upbringing.

  19. I write these to the world for the world to hear and to seek:

  20. -You shall leave and abandon your false ideologies of god and the relationships with man in order to be truly happy.

  21. -You shall make for yourself a good life based on positive values that do not hurt the lives of you or anyone else.


  1. -You shall not hurt anyone else in mind, body, or soul, and you should not hurt yourself either.

  2. -Remember the day of the coming of the new covenant, and to always remember your mission on earth.

  3. -Do not lie, cheat, steal, or kill.

  4. -Strive for the unity of humanity and do not hate anyone for who they are.


  1. -Always be mindful and respect others, your elders, other cultural values, and your superiors.

  2. -Expand your mind and always be on the lookout for greater knowledge and always pass it on to future generations.

  3. -Question everything and let your mind soar.

  4. Do not blindly obey someone unless they have a reasonable case.

  5. -Always be mindful of and respect those who have taught great truths throughout history, follow them always, and do not get caught up in the myths around them.

  6. I now reveal this through the reasoning and truth that your gods try to reveal to you.

  7. Humanity is just too biased to accept that without their own cultures getting in the way of it all.

  8. They also follow rituals and doctrines without any value or reason behind it.

  9. You do not need initiation or rituals to please anyone.

  10. All you are to do is to live the new commandments and to perform the actions described always and to seek enlightenment through schools of thought.

  11. These temples shall be spread to every part of the earth.

  12. Trust in my words always for my words shall never pass away.

  13. This will remain until a greater truth than this is received.


  1. The prophets who predicted these things for the end of days are the ones who are to keep the new covenant.

  2. This is the one that has established the relationship between man and the beings in the heavens.

  3. Do not be frayed, for from now on, all will be looked upon favorably in the eyes of the spirit that comes upon us.

  4. You shall not make anything that represents the old age; therefore, you must embrace the new.

  5. Do not reject the new, for if you go back to the old, you will surely die spiritually.

  6. These are the ordinances intriguing humanity correctly.

  7. You shall treat those who are under you with the same respect that you expect from them.

  8. Do not mistreat anyone or you will be then mistreated.

  9. Do not sell anyone into a slave class because everyone is entitled to the same freedoms that those who are free have.



  1. Do not strike down those that strike you.

  2. Those who strike you down will be judged in the end because of their bad deeds.

  3. If someone kills somebody else, one day, two shall be killed, for they have no place in a society where nobody should be able to kill.

  4. If a fight breaks out, then stop it as soon as possible and try to mediate in a more peaceful way.

  5. Show compassion for those who recover from fights.

  6. It has been said an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but you should not take revenge on those who strike you down.

  7. You should never seek to seek revenge were enjoying taking revenge.

  8. You should never have been or seek to avenge for the life of any one person.

  9. You are no better than the person who killed you as you seek to kill them.

  10. If property is damaged, then every effort should be made to help those who have damaged and to repay for any damage that you have cause to someone else is property.

  11. If someone else’s property is destroyed, then every effort should be made to replace it with interest.

  12. If you steal, then you will be judged for stealing.

  13. If you have so many thing worth of great value and then destroyed, then you should repay that person and be put to shame for doing so wrong.

  14. When someone is entrusting you with something, then you should make every effort to protect that which they are entrusting you with keeping.

  15. Do not steal from that person, for you will be put to shame for stealing.

  16. You will also be made to be a dishonest person and will lose more.

  17. If you make an oath or a promise anyone, then you should read the oath that was promised.

  18. If you break these off, then you will be put to shame.

  19. Do not break the covenant that has been set forth for the new age, for this is the greatest trust for all of humanity.


  1. The world is full of suffering, so do not give in to the world that is full of suffering.

  2. Do not be seduced by anyone or be seduced into doing anything that is against your will and conscience.

  3. Do not oppress those who are visiting you, for they do not know your culture or laws, and you should treat them like a host would treat their guests.

  4. If you ever wrong them, you will surely be put to shame.

  5. Do not refrain from getting access money you have to the work.

  6. Make sure that the power use this money to advance your own lives, and not give in to stop bringing the suffering of the world.

  7. You must do the same towards all people who are less fortunate, for it will give you a good reputation that will be remembered by those who are living for now and forever.

  8. Do not pervert the systems of justice, for you will then be put to shame and the end.

  9. Do not report anyone for things that are not against the law, for you will be put to shame.

  10. Do not be tempted into doing anything illegal or corrupt, for you will be put to shame and the end.

  11. All of these things will put you to shame because you will feel the wrath of the wrong you have committed.

  12. You will also have fallen into the temptations of the world.

  13. This is not good for keeping the covenant or for helping out your fellow man.

  14. Allow people to live the life the ways that they want to.

  15. Allow them to follow whatever beliefs they have and allow them to hold to their faith.

  16. Do not allow them to oppress you because of their faith.

  17. Do not allow them to oppress others because their faith tells them to oppress others.

  18. Do not allow them to give you a mythical story and force you to accept this fact.

  19. Do not allow them to take positions of power were they would do worse others to believe the way they want them to believe.

  20. Do not allow them to kill others because their faith tells them to.

  21. The religious systems of the day are corrupt and mythical, but some people find solidarity in the social structures that abound in this day.

  22. Come to the covenants and do not be afraid to follow the covenant.

  23. The covenant does not oppress against anyone and it does not favor against anyone.

  24. The covenant of the new age is for all people all over are all people to live by.

  25. Do not be afraid to come to the new covenant, for the new covenant is good for humanity for it to advance to the new age.

  26. The new covenant does not destroy the old, but the new covenant enhances those of the old and makes it applicable to all societies and to all of creation.


  1. This is made for those who were to minister to others.

  2. These vestments shall be sacred to all who wear it.

  3. You will be endowed with the skill and the foreknowledge of the truth and of loving and serving one another.

  4. This shall be represented by the roles that you wear as you take on your role.

  5. They shall be made of fine linen and shall use all manner of royal colors.

  6. On certain days, you must wear certain robes that differentiate between different days of the year.

  7. These days shall be determined when the time comes for the board to be established.

  8. When the great counsel at the city with flat mountains comes forth, then the council shall determine the days and the vestments of those who are called to serve.

  9. At this time also, the roles must be established for all those that choose to follow the prophet like the Angels shall do.

  10. Those who are called shall be sealed with pure gold.

  11. You shall wear it proudly and you shall wear it for all the days of your life so that you may not forget the covenant which you had established with all people.

  12. All the accessories shall also be established at this time for the time has not come for anything to come of the writings that have been written.

  13. The prophets and the Angels are anointed to what called others to positions of power so that all may be called.

  14. Do not wear these with guilt, for it is not good for anyone to bear the weight and guilt of all.


  1. The rights of the people to bring the community together shall also be established at the time when the council becomes word.

  2. The prophet and the Angels shall establish the dates and times of these days, but it shall not come until it has been established that this is here to stay.

  3. Once people are purified with the new covenant, then people will be looking for something new and exciting to be a part of.

  4. All who are called shall be anointed and all who are anointed shall be blessed forever and ever.

  5. At this time, the entire priesthood shall be set forth and the Council shall be established.

  6. The old age, which is the age of the fish, is coming to a close.

  7. The people of this day and age do not know what is happening, and all the people of the world are scared to see what has come forth to the next age.

  8. All of the old shall give way to the new things of the new age.

  9. You shall not make for yourself any images of the path, or you will be condemned for doing so forever and ever.

  10. The sacrifices and praise and worship of the old shall give way to the new age, and his new age shall be the age that lasts until the end of the age.

  11. This agent shall come after the fall of the age of the fish, which shall appear when the time of the prophet and the Angels have come to the world.

  12. Those who still worship the age of old act corruptly.

  13. All of those who still worship the fish shall be destroyed and their religious systems shall to be destroyed.

  14. They have gone astray from the way that shall become the new truth and the new light.

  15. Our understanding of ourselves and of the world around us has increased since the age of the fish had begun, and now we must establish a new status quo.

  16. Those who are still stuck in the age of the fish will be stiff-necked and will continue to worship in the age of the fish.

  17. A great nation shall be brought forth from the generation of the young people.

  18. Anger shall go out against the people who still worship in the age of the fish.

  19. For it was said that the next Eucharist shall come forth when you go into this city and meet a man bearing a pitcher of water.

  20. It was said that the Messiah would be here until the end of the age, and the age to come.

  21. The end of the age has come, and the age to come shall be a new understanding in the way that we see the Christ within us.

  22. You will be given land and heritage and numerous descendants as blessings.

  23. The covenant shall come forth from the sky and on these tablets shall be engraved in the new commandment by which all humanity has to follow.

  24. The noise of the victory shall come forth from the noise of the feet.

  25. Those who embrace the new age will be going against those that still embrace the old.

  26. A war shall break out between the younger generations and generations of old.

  27. The generation of the young shall rise up and change the world for the new age and the age of the old shall die off.

  28. The people of this age are prone to evil, even from what they perceive to be good.

  29. All of the people of the world shall come to know the new age and new age shall be a great time for all the people of the world.

  30. Today the entire world shall rejoice, for the prophet and the Angels shall come forth to bring forth the new covenant.


  1. Grave sins have been committed in the names of the systems of the old.

  2. All of those who have committed these grave sins must atone for their own sins.

  3. Everyone shall forgive one another of wrong deeds that have been enacted on one another.

  4. Those who have done great and horrible things shall be blotted out of the book of life.

  5. It is time for them to be punished for their bad deeds.

  6. You do not bear the sins of any other but your own.


  1. When the new age has come forth, a Council will be brought together once the amount of people who believe and follow in the new ways to the light shall reach exceedingly high numbers.

  2. A small community will not yield much, but a larger community will require bringing together all the people.

  3. This system shall be founded on principles that are democratic in nature, much like the early churches.

  4. We shall not be overrun by those who are powerful and those who want to establish doctrine.

  5. We believe that the people shall find their own path to the light, no matter what that is.

  6. We believe that all people shall worship in the way they choose, but realizing that the current systems of the day are corrupt and only want your money, and that those who minister to them are not fully aware of the truth.

  7. The truth has been distorted throughout all generations, but now it shall be brought forth again at this new covenant.

  8. The prophets and the Angels have brought forth this new covenant sealed within the pages of the book of life.

  9. The book of wisdom and the book of the Angels shall bring forth the fullness of this life.

  10. All of those who follow in these ways shall receive everlasting life.

  11. Everyone is their own Christ in life.

  12. You must find the spirit within yourself to stand up to the world around you.

  13. You will bear the weight of your own sins and you must ask for forgiveness of those who do harm to you.


  1. All of the offerings in rituals of the old ways shall give way to the new.

  2. Worship and praise and faith in a belief are not sufficient to obtain salvation.

  3. Salvation must also be made by doing good works and doing good throughout the world to all people.

  4. You must help one another and bring one another closer fellowship.

  5. You must recognize the suffering your world and you must be able to get over the suffering that you face.

  6. Even those who are righteous face suffering in the world.

  7. Suffering comes from all directions and you cannot see suffering until you are or what emerged in it.

  8. Your world shall fall into pieces as a result of this suffering.

  9. You must be without blemish before the heavens so that when your day comes, you remember your covenant and you will have it in you.

  10. You will be cleaned before the spirits and the heavens.

  11. Instead of offering to the gods, sacrifice what you can to those who are less fortunate.

  12. Do not just give money; give anything that you can to whoever needs it.

  13. Do not give outside your own means, rather, give what excess you have that you do not indulge in the finer things.

  14. Indulgence will lead to suffering in the world as an end result.

  15. Do not live beyond your means for this will lead to your utter demise.

  16. Those who are less fortunate are not willing to stand by and watch you live.

  17. If your family falls on hard times, then remember to give to them first if you have excess.

  18. Give your time and talents and energy in addition to your money to those who are less fortunate.

  19. Give them things that they can live off of, do not give them secondhand things.

  20. Do not give them spoiled food or rotten things, rather, give them the very best because they don’t get that.

  21. Be sure that they appreciate what they have been given, for it will lead them to a better life.

  22. Give this because it’s will lead you to doing good deeds and will lead you to have meager legacy.

  23. The richer you are, the more you can give, and the more you can give, the better your life will be.

  24. You shall leave for yourself a good legacy that your children and your grandchildren can be proud of.

  25. Be sure to distribute everything you have to those who are less fortunate.

  26. Give everyone things that they need in equal increments.

  27. Do not favor one person over another, unless that is your family.

  28. Come together at the end and pool everything you have in excess together so that you make a greater difference in your community.

  29. Give everything that you have to someone who will not use it for ill gains.

  30. These people should be leaders in your community, and they have the resources gained as a result of you in order to reach out to those in the community who do not have homes.

  31. Give whatever means you have, even if it is not money.

  32. Remember to never give beyond your means, but those who do not have anything will be appreciated.

  33. Come together to fellowship as a community and to learn from one another so that you can be strengthened.

  34. Whatever you choose to do is up to you, but always remember to treat one another with utmost respect and honor.

  35. This is an ordinance for all of you to follow, for coming together as a community is the greatest strength that you can have outside of your own family.

  36. You shall come together and do all manner of things, whether it is for mourning or if it is celebrations.

  37. Strengthening one another as a community will strengthen your own life or the lives of others.


  1. For the one who leaves the people, remember to never be guilty before them.

  2. Bring all of your resources into meetings and when they occur so that you are prepared for the worst.

  3. Purify and strengthen the members of your community.

  4. Do not hesitate to give all that you have and all of the sacrifices that people have made to help those who cannot help themselves.

  5. Remember to be there for the community when the community needs you.

  6. Remember to be there for individuals when they are in need of your help.

  7. Remember to help your people and to guide your people.

  8. Your people are counting on you to lead them, so you should never fail at that.

  9. Do not be a leader for the sake of money, rather, do it because of the goodness of your heart.

  10. To the community, treat your leader with the utmost respect.

  11. Trust in them that they can do their job effectively.

  12. Do not be afraid to guide them for any guidance or help.

  13. Remember to bring them into your homes that you can show appreciation for them being in your life.

  14. Help out their family, for their family may suffer slightly from the leadership and the commitment that your leader has gone through.

  15. Remember to give your trust to your leader, so long that your leader can be trusted.

  16. Remember to purify yourself before your leader so that you can be strengthened.

  17. For the government, remember to not make laws that will bring many people against you.

  18. Remember to not make laws that discriminate against any class of people.

  19. Remember to make laws that are in good standing with the new age and what it represents.

  20. Remember to listen to the needs of all your people, so that you can address them in ways that will make the people happy.

  21. For the populace under the government, remember to vote for those that stand for your rights.

  22. Trust in your leaders because you have put a great burden upon them so that they can help you.

  23. Remember to voice your issues to the leaders so that your leaders can tackle the problems that you have.

  24. Do not put someone in power who is not to be trusted.

  25. Remember to research their views so that you do not pressure them into doing something they do not believe in.

  26. Vote for the person that you think will be right, not based on commitments.

  27. Remember to vote for those leaders who are pure in heart so that they can address your needs in a way that appeals to you.

  28. Remember to treat all people with the same respect that you expect them to treat you.

  29. Remember to not go against any law that they put forth, for the laws are there for the benefit of the people.

  30. Remember to forgive those who do wrong against you.

  31. Remember to offer yourself as capable as you are as a person.

  32. Altogether, you are a good person and will get further in life than anyone who is suffering in the world.

  33. Remember to help those who are suffering in this world so that they can come to the light also.

  34. Remember to commit yourselves to the truth so that you can be set free by the truth and not suffer in this world any longer.

  35. Remember to forgive those that asked for forgiveness from you, and even if they don’t, forgive them anyways.

  36. Remember to forgive and forget, and then remember to move on.

  37. Do not commit wrong in the name of that which is right, for you will never be right.

  38. Remember to give all of the excess you have to those who cannot help themselves.

  39. Remember to give to those who will be gracious for what you have given them.

  40. Remember to place your trust in the leaders, so long as they are able to be trusted.

  41. Remember to do good to your fellow neighbor and to your fellow society so that you can be remembered as having a good legacy.

  42. Do not spill the blood of the innocent upon you.

  43. Remember to bring others into the light you have so that you can share the light with them.

  44. Remember to love yourself is much as you love society.

  45. Do not forget that you should not do anything that will cause your legacy to suffer.

  46. Remember to forgive those that have done wrong against you.

  47. That person, along with you, will be restored once forgiveness is given.

  48. Do not chastise them for doing something wrong if they do not realize they are doing is wrong.

  49. If they have done something wrong against you on purpose, they do not forgive them until they have come to you and forgiveness.

  50. When someone does wrong against another, they leave the bad legacy with them.

  51. Do not lie to anyone who trusts in you.

  52. If there are any problems, then remember to seek a mediator in all disputes.

  53. It is not worth going through life without forgiving one another.

  54. You along with them will become more pure.


  1. In order to start your new path towards the truth, you must purify yourself.

  2. Purifying yourself brings to mind a new start by which you are about to embark on.

  3. Remember to seek forgiveness from all that you do not have any guilt laid upon you at the beginning of your new journey.

  4. You shall have no guilt upon you once your journey starts and you should have no regrets once you begin.

  5. Offer yourself as a new person and view the world in a way that has never been viewed but lower.

  6. Earnestly seek the truth by which you have set yourself out to seek and you will see the world for what it truly is.

  7. Do not forget that which came before you, for it is important that you remember the past and use the paths to look to your future.

  8. The past is always a good indication of what your future may hold.

  9. Your life will encounter cycles, and when you realize where the cycles are, you can do what you have not done in the past in order to make your future better.

  10. You will no longer suffer in the world, but you will always be righteous and you’ll remember the righteousness which you have that been set out to be an example for.

  11. Make it so that your life can be an example for others to live their lives by.

  12. Repair the relationships which had been broken and forgive those that have wronged you the same way that you seek forgiveness from those you have wronged.

  13. May the fire of your spirit continue to be lit so that you can live in the truth always.

  14. You shall always repair that which you have wronged.

  15. Because purification and reparation are intermingled, you should seek to do these things at the same time.

  16. Sacrifice the past so that you may live in the future, but never forget the past that you can live the future the way that you expected to.

  17. All things can be repaired with time, so you should always remember that your time has healed the wounds by which you have set.

  18. You shall always have a ritual for the daily things by which you do.

  19. Live in the righteousness that you can always be in example of righteousness.

  20. Be together with humanity and the one with those who share your views so that you are never hated by anyone.

  21. If you have discovered something new, then seek that which you have uncovered so that you can be renewed.

  22. Never desecrate yourself or be unclean, for you shall have to be purified again.


  1. Do not be set back by restrictions which you place upon yourselves.

  2. Do not be set back by restrictions that people place upon you.

  3. The only limitations you will be allowed to place are not limitations upon yourself.

  4. Do not place limitations upon yourself as you do not desire to be limited.

  5. Remember that you should have the freedom to live your life away that you want to.

  6. There is one who sacrifices for the sake of you, you should, in return, sacrifice for them.

  7. If anyone has helped you in dealing with your life, then you should be there for them when they have to deal with their own life.

  8. Do not expect to not pay back someone for what they have done for you.

  9. Do not be caught up in your own actions, but think of the actions of others and think of the actions of the world around you.

  10. Remember the sacrifices your ancestors have made and remember the sacrifice that you shall make your posterity.

  11. Remember to respect those around you just as you respect yourself.

  12. Do not put yourself down, rather, bring yourself up so that others may be brought up around you.


  1. When you give birth, the child will be in cleanliness and innocence.

  2. You shall raise your child to be pure like yourselves if you live in the truth.

  3. Do not indoctrinate your child into any particular sect, or they will think in much the same way that the sect does.

  4. It is not good for a child to be brainwashed into thinking in one way for the rest of their life.

  5. Allow the curiosity of your child to be explored so that your child can make decisions for themselves.

  6. Your child will find the right path for them, and it is not going to be the same path which you have taken for yourself.

  7. You are not the same as your child; therefore, your child will not experience the same things that you do.

  8. Your child will be clean because all people are blameless before their destiny.

  9. You will all suffer and die, only to be resurrected again to be purified and to live a life full of goodness and hope.

  10. If someone is sick, you should take care to make sure that they are better.

  11. If you are unable to take care of them, then do not be near them for you might get sick.

  12. Take all precautionary measures to prevent you from spreading the disease which they have and to make sure the days are better.

  13. Always allow them to seek professional medical care so that they can be made better.

  14. There are people that have given their lives to the care of others, so you should always have that in the back of your mind when you are getting sick.

  15. Always make efforts to seek help.

  16. Do not rely on help that will never come, rather, remember that there are always people willing and able to help you.

  17. Do not follow the old ways when infections come the people, rather, seek the newest methods so that you can live a longer and healthier life.

  18. Do not live in the past; rather, go into the future without any regrets.


  1. After you have gotten better, always seek to purify yourselves again.

  2. Do not be burdened with the world, rather, go out into the world knowing that you may die at any moment.

  3. Do not be afraid of death; rather, embrace the fact that you may do so.

  4. If you live a life of purification and carefulness, then you will be able to live a long life and pass on everything you know to your posterity.

  5. Always seek to live every moment of your life to the fullest; you never know when those moments will end.

  6. Repair your life always so that you do not live with any regrets.

  7. Remember that you will be among the anointed class, so you should always seek the truth and following the precepts of that truth.

  8. If someone cannot afford very much, then you should make every effort to help them out with their life.

  9. If you have excess, then you should always seek to help those who are less fortunate.

  10. Do not just give your money, but also give your time and talents so that you can make life better for someone else.

  11. Always seek to give them what they need, not just the money that they need to buy these things.

  12. Make sure that they can get up off their feet and start to support themselves.

  13. Most who are poor do not desire to be poor, so you should always seek to make their life better so that their posterity can live a better life.

  14. Those who are poor desire to be loved, so the greatest gift you can give his gift of love.

  15. Those who are poor want someone to talk do, you should always offer yourselves to them so that you can give them the advice that they need in order to make their own lives better.

  16. They will become pure themselves when they hear of the truth and they will be set free because of the truth.


  1. Do not be afraid of anything that comes out of your body.

  2. Whatever comes out your body is natural and you should never cast that away.

  3. You should always take care to wash yourselves, for things that come out your body are not cleaned.

  4. You should always take care to wash the things which you wear, for not everything that comes out of you is appealing to others.

  5. Always keep your hygiene up so that you can be a good example to all of those around you.

  6. All of humanity judges others based on looks, as you should always look your best when you are out in the public sphere.

  7. If you do not have the means to make yourself clean, then you should hesitate going out into the public sphere.

  8. Those who are undergoing their cycles are never unclean, for they cannot control that which comes out of their bodies.

  9. Remember to not be embarrassed when something slips from your body, for they are completely natural and it happens to everyone.

  10. Do not judge other people just because of what comes out of their bodies, for it also comes from your body.

  11. Keep yourself modest and always be polite, but remember that you should not be embarrassed about anything at which your body does on a daily basis.

  12. You will not be defiled for these things, but always remember that when you are in the public sphere you should be able to control what comes out your body.

  13. Do not conform to the customs other generations before you.

  14. You are in a different generation than they are and you should not have to live the way they live.

  15. Do not do anything that will embarrass the ones that you love.

  16. Do not disgrace your parents for your parents have taught you better than you have taught yourself.

  17. You shall not have anything to do with those who hate you.

  18. You shall not have any children that you cannot take care of.

  19. You shall treat the generation before you and the generation after you with the same respect that you expect.

  20. You shall treat those in the same generation as you are the same way that you treat yourself also.

  21. Do not treat yourself with this respect and anyone around you with disrespect.

  22. Do not defile yourself, for you will be put to shame.

  23. You shall not treat those that are human like objects, for you will be put to shame.

  24. Do not destroy the land which you were given and any objects which you were given, for those things will bring shame to those who worked so hard to get you these things.

  25. Whoever does this thing will be cut off from their own society and they will be cut off from their own heart.

  26. Do not do these things which you have observed for you will not be pure of heart any longer.


  1. You should be holy for the ones who were enlightened and were holy before you.

  2. Follow the covenant which you have received at the beginning of your life.

  3. Do not do anything that is unacceptable to the society which you were raised in.

  4. Do not do anything that will cause you to break the law the land which you were born into.

  5. Do not destroy that which you have worked so hard to do.

  6. If there is anything of excess that you have, give that to the lower do not have anything.

  7. Do not do anything where you are afraid others will find out you have done.

  8. Do not exploit anyone for your own personal gain.

  9. Do not consult those who are different than you.

  10. Do not be dishonest and anything you have done.

  11. Do not go about spreading gossip about others.

  12. Do not hate anyone else with your whole heart.

  13. Do not seek revenge on those who wronged you, instead have them seek forgiveness from you.

  14. Do not do any of these things for great shame will be brought upon you and your posterity because of the tarnished legacy which you will leave.

  15. Do not treat other human beings as slaves under you, for you are all the same under the eyes of the heavens.

  16. Do not do anything that will offend others in front of them, for bringing insult to others will injure their hearts.

  17. Do not degrade anyone else under you, for such things will be put to shame.

  18. Revere those which you base your life off of, for they have given you the light which you have now seen for yourself.

  19. Consult with your spirit to consult with the spirit that dwells in the heavens.

  20. Show respect for everyone around you just as you show respect for yourselves.

  21. Be careful to observe these things, for these things will be waiting on you when you die in the final judgment is placed before you by those who have seen your life.

  22. If you disrespect anyone who comes into your land, you will be put to great shame.

  23. If you alienate any individual, group, then you will be put to shame, for this person does not deserve the things which have been handed down to them.

  24. Do not favor any one child over another.

  25. These people who do these things will be cut off from society and they will be put to shame.

  26. Sanctify yourself and following the example of those who are pious and holy book for you.

  27. Be careful to observe these things.

  28. Anyone who breaks any of the parts of the covenant which have been established the time of their birth will be put to shame.

  29. Do not be laden with guilt, for it is not human nature.

  30. Do not be fearful or angry towards others, where it is not in your nature.

  31. Do not do anything to embarrass yourself publicly in front of others, for you will be put to shame and judged.

  32. Do not do things that will cause harm to others, or you will be judged in the end by those you have abandoned.

  33. Be careful to observe all of these things were all these things were given to you by the one who created everything.

  34. Do not do the things which other nations hold in disgust, for it is shameful to your own nations to do too.

  35. Do not do anything that will make nations rise up against you, for it is not good for the sake of your posterity and those who live in society with you.

  36. You have been set apart as a unique person and you should explore the creativity which has been bestowed upon you.

  37. Do not live your life in fear, rather, live your life to the fullest and live your life like every day is your last day.


  1. If you have been chosen to lead others, then you should be clean.

  2. Do not do anything to embarrass yourself or to put the lives of those that you serve at risk.

  3. Likewise, both of those will become great leaders.

  4. If you are not found to be a great leader, and then you should step down, unless someone who’s working will not rise up.

  5. You have been bestowed with great responsibility so you should be prepared for all things to combat you.

  6. Take the example of those who came before you, and learn from their mistakes so that you do not repeat the mistakes of them.

  7. Honor everyone that you serve and listen to their pleads for any help that they might need.

  8. If anyone comes that you would want the power from them, then you will cast them away, for they do not deserve the power.

  9. If you are in power because of the fortune, then you will not be a good leader will be cast away.

  10. Do not do anything to make yourself unclean, were everything you do is judged by many people.

  11. Do not do anything that will offend others or those that offend will be taken personally by those you have offended.

  12. None of the descendants of those who were great will have any blemishes with them.

  13. Those who have any blemishes have to go through purification in order to be spiritually pure.

  14. Have everything hold you back, then break free from them and rise above that which is the world.

  15. Do everything sacred to you, so you set a good example for those who are looking for guidance in their own lives.

  16. Tell this to your posterity if you were great leader so that your posterity can enjoy the blessings that you have received.

  17. Those who have been entrusted to help others should also be clean.

  18. Anyone who can donate their time will make a difference in the world of those who do not have anything.

  19. You should not help others if you do not want to.

  20. You should do it for the sake of them and for the sake of yourself.

  21. You should grow along with them when you help them.

  22. You should be able to feel better about yourself when you help those who do not have the means to help themselves.

  23. You will be made holy by those that you help, because those that you help will be more grateful to you and to those who do need the help.

  24. You should commune with them and do all manner of things for them, for they cannot do it themselves without the help from an outside source.

  25. There are people in this world who do not deserve to be victims of your violence.

  26. Do not treat anyone else violently, for you will be treated likewise with violence.

  27. If you see violence for the other person, then you should be met with violent ends.

  28. It is only fair because you want violence to occur in your life.

  29. You should not have the guilt of blood on your hands, were such things are at abomination in the sight of all others.

  30. Do not seek violent ends to anyone, for seeking these ends is not a justification for the means by which you act.

  31. Be careful to observe these things were these things are within the confines of the laws which has been placed before you and the covenant which you have been born into.

  32. Do this so that you are acceptable on the behalf of your past, present, and future.

  33. Do this so that you are also exempt from being a debt to yourself in your own life.

  34. You will be led out of the darkness and into the light because of the guidance of the spirit which has been with you at the beginning and will be with you until the end.