The individual to whom the letter is addressed was someone that Ryan met when he came into Boulder in 2011, most likely one of the first that he met upon embarking on his new life, who came from Boston and had a lot of redeeming characteristics that Ryan immediately saw. Ryan got to know her and she became a valuable companion to him as well as an individual who would have significant influence on his spiritual life. There are many things that are said in this letter that are now significant to the development of this philosophy.

In any case, the person whom Ryan is addressing was initially subject to Ryan’s belief system after having spent so much time as an inactive Catholic. He eventually credits her for getting out of religion in the first place, but it would take the assistance of the three other members of the spirit of the Guardian Angel of Philadelphia to overtake his ultimate desire. For, since Ryan’s visit to her life, some other interpretation caused him to not give her the credit for starting the process. It was through much study and pondering that Ryan finally accepted her as an influential force.

These outside forces insisted on the necessity of following certain precepts of the covenant and law along with faith in the journey of the Christ. They were undermining Ryan’s authority also, asserting that he had not been trained by the Christ and that his gospel did not agree with that of the original and true apostles and Christs, and that he was introducing some watered down version of what would eventually come to be. The rise and fall of these early movements brought Ryan to realize that he would have to have some grit behind the essence of the philosophy.

When Ryan learned of the situation, he wrote this defense of his authority and of the correct understanding of the faith. He set forth the unique importance of the Christ and his redemptive sacrifice, the freedom that the people who influence him enjoy from the old burdens of the law, the total sufficiency of the Christ and of faith in the teachings of the Christ as the way to the light and to eternal life, and the beauty of the new life of the Spirit. The Letter addressing the First Guardian Angel of Philadelphia is thus a summary of basic Epochalist theology. Its themes were more fully and less polemically developed in the Letter to the Guardian Angel of Smyrna and even confirmed it.

Autobiographically, the letter gives us Ryan’s own accounts of how he came to faith, the agreement in “the truth of the gospel” that he shared with those around him as a reaction to the insufficiency of the theology that he tried to develop that came before it.

In his vigorous emphasis on the absolute preeminence of the Christ and the way that it introduced as the divine way to salvation and holiness, Ryan stresses freedom and the ineffectiveness of the old law for gaining divine favor and blessings. The pious religious people saw in the law a way established by the divine to win divine approval by a life of meticulous observance of ritual, social, and moral regulations. But Ryan’s profound insight into the higher designs of the divine in the nature of the Christ led him to understand and welcome the priority of promise and faith and the supernatural gifts of the Spirit. His enthusiasm for this new vision of the life of grace in the guidance of the Christ and of the uniquely salvific role of the redemptive death shines through this whole letter.



  1. The one who set forth the new covenant shall now speak to the guardian angel of Philadelphia.

  2. Grace to you from the creator of the world.

  3. You came to help those who want to seek the light to see the light.

  4. The glory will be with you forever.


  1. O angel of Philadelphia, I have now seen you and am now writing this letter to you to share with the world.

  2. Your unmatched beauty has been embodied in four beings, the four by which the temple will rise out of the ashes and ushers in the new dispensation.

  3. You will one day take upon yourself the new name of the son of the gods throughout all ages and embody the mystery of the new covenant.

  4. You will come together with the other three bodies and build a new temple, these three which you have not known until very recently.

  5. You are all now as one flesh and has come together in spirit with me.

  6. Your spirit will be within me forever.


  1. You have held the strongest to my word and held to my name and have not rejected it.

  2. You are the truest friend I ever had in body and spirit.

  3. You’re a strong willed one and will hold to what you have.

  4. You will stand your ground the most with me against the forces of the world trying to stop the new and lasting covenant.


  1. May the glory of the world be with you forever.

  2. May you teach the world the new and everlasting truth upon all the men of the world.


  1. The current ones are good but mostly outdated and filled with myth and they will all bow to the purity of all truth which I have established upon man.

  2. For this is not just the gospel by men, it is the gospel created upon the revelations of the greatest thinkers of the world and has now come together into one volume.

  3. For through this, all religions shall be expanded upon which all the myth will be taken out and thrown in favor of reason and the teachings.

  4. They will persecute us, but this will remain for the whole time of this new covenant.


  1. All of mankind must abandon all the useless rituals and dogma of the old ways and embrace the teachings and the new covenant which has been established.

  2. For the rituals will die out because they are not necessary to live or for the evolution of man.

  3. You must embrace the new path and come to your own conclusions.

  4. After reasoning, you will realize that this is the only logical path to real happiness and salvation.


  1. I have seen and done all of these rituals.

  2. I now find them to not matter because it is not necessary to our salvation.

  3. You may think that is different, but I have been on an extraordinary journey through these rituals.

  4. I have seen the churches and creeds and they will not matter under the new truth.


  1. I have not preached to you anything of human origin.

  2. I received these things in revelation.

  3. I have been and will continue to be persecuted.

  4. I shall achieve my destiny and bring this work forth to the new age.

  5. I have been set apart as the one to bring forth this new covenant.

  6. You changed my life and you shall take your place as the rightful guardian angel of Philadelphia I hold so dear.

  7. I am presenting the old ideas in new ways.

  8. I have added nor taken away nothing from what was taught before.

  9. You shall be a pillar of the new temple to be built in the new Zion.


  1. You are clearly lost on some things in life.

  2. You shall be found one day and you will find yourself.

  3. I love you for who you are.

  4. You shall be bought to the middle of the path to the light.


  1. All nations will be blessed through this one covenant for the entire world through their reasoning and abandonment of blind faith.

  2. The laws and prophecies will be fulfilled with the coming of the new covenant.

  3. For there will be no war, but peace to bring about the unity of humanity for a greater cause.


  1. There is no need to give to the heavenly beings for they will not hear or see what you have done.

  2. You will be justified living your life to the fullest and dying with a good name.

  3. Do not fear death for there is nothing anyone can do ever to stop it.

  4. Live your life for today and do good always.

  5. Look out for yourselves and fellow humans.

  6. We all must come together to achieve what is today impossible for the hope of a better tomorrow.


  1. You are promised great blessings through these teachings.

  2. O angel of Philadelphia for whom I am speaking to.

  3. Although your father is no longer of the world, your father would be proud of the mighty work about which I am telling you this day and will continue to for all ages.


  1. From your old ways, you were slaves to your false gods.

  2. Realize this and run away and come to a greater understanding.

  3. For you are one with yourself and your close relationships and you should do all you can to leave a positive impact.


  1. Remember that you have always been faithful to me and I have always been faithful to you.

  2. I hope you hear my message sent here.

  3. You deserve the best in the world.

  4. You shall be called to righteousness.

  5. You will not be cursed anymore by your bad luck and you shall be immortalized forever.

  6. The promises made to you will not be nullified by the law.


  1. You are all descendants of the same race and the promise is sent to all of you.

  2. The covenant will not be nulled until the new covenant comes and then nullifies them.

  3. I am the mediator that will break the old laws of the covenant.

  4. I shall put a new covenant in the place and I will not break any promises.


  1. You shall have faith only in the things that are without a shadow of a doubt.

  2. If you have faith in gaining wisdom you must work at it.

  3. If you have faith that the sun will come up, it will happen because of the laws of the universe.

  4. Do not have faith in things that have not already been proven before.

  5. You are all one in the creator and it has been proven that these things will happen at death.


  1. Do not be afraid to leave but come to the new light where there are no rules bestowed upon you and you will not have to do all sorts of complicated rituals for the new covenant.


  1. We must not be under many laws, but enough to guide our lives forever and to live in peace and harmony.


  1. Do not be constrained under laws but come to the new covenant, where free will and reason reign supreme.


  1. The only thing asked is to love yourself and to love your neighbor.


  1. You will be persecuted from the false religions as to say that you are condemned.

  2. Remember that their reality is fake and their threats are based on fake threats.

  3. There is no such hellfire or demons.

  4. When one dies, there is a state of eternity that all go to.

  5. The ones who do not love will be sent to endless deaths in this life and for eternity.


  1. You are free to live your life the way you want to.

  2. Although I have told you so, I was blind at first and now I can see.

  3. You have helped me to see the light.

  4. This is why you have changed my life.

  5. You have completed the second cycle and you shall live in my memories forever.


  1. Do not change who you are.

  2. Keep on doing what you think is right and you will have a fulfilling life in this world.

  3. Do not take advantage of the freedom you have, instead cherish it and do not do anything that may compromise it.

  4. For I tell you not to do things because I do not want you to lose your freedom.

  5. You shall know the truth and it will make you free.


  1. I have done nothing wrong, yet you think I am ill.

  2. You have lied to me and told me that you were my friend, but you have betrayed me.

  3. You are not unlike the angel of Sardis or Pergamum.

  4. You have come and gone and you have thought you could leave me forever.

  5. I almost took you to be the future queen and you have abused that.

  6. You are forgiven, but I may be more forgiving than the one who knows all.


  1. Respect those who are above you in the stages of enlightenment or power.

  2. They have worked hard to be in this position and will continue to lead unless they do it ineffectively.

  3. They should in turn respect you too and not deny you of the path to greater glory and enlightenment.


  1. Every man has the right to free will.

  2. It is the ultimate authority on earth and guides the everyday lives of the people.

  3. They all have this right to what they think is right and wrong.

  4. Just tell them that doing what they think may be right may have consequences in the future.

  5. This, I give as a warning to share with the whole world and it is a warning I give to the one that you are manifested in, O angel of Philadelphia.


  1. Listen to your spirit, for it will save you always.

  2. Your spirit is what comprises your common sense and your gut feeling.

  3. By the fruits of the spirit of the men will you know of the true nature of man, earth, and of the creator.


  1. Do you think that you can get away by just leaving me?

  2. Through the sealing of this work, I have bound you to the mediator forever.

  3. You are not bound like that of a slave, but you shall receive inheritance in the new covenant forever.

  4. You have been bound by the first two covenants, and this covenant shall go full circle and set all people free.


  1. You have always had freedom in this life to do what you want.

  2. You have an eternal destiny that will be fulfilled before your time to die comes.

  3. You may go about it by setting your own destiny.

  4. You will be of no benefit to mankind if you seek to have them believe in false things.

  5. You will not be justified and you will know in your heart that you are wrong.

  6. Your faith in the things that will come to pass will keep you going throughout your life.

  7. You shall know that you will have a destiny to fulfill and it will not be revealed to you until you die.


  1. Receiving these gifts must come through always exploring the world around you and you will gain more and more wisdom as time goes on.

  2. You will be an example to the rest of the world and you will overcome all of your fears and frustrations and gain greater wisdom under the new dispensation.

  3. Prove yourself to be worthy to the world and do not succumb to the scum of the earth.

  4. For you are all judged based on how you live your life.

  5. You came to this life for a purpose and you are to fulfill it before you must die.


  1. You have been called to fulfill something and you have been given the free will to do this.

  2. You shall live to make the world a better place and better serve your fellow man in their own journey.

  3. Love yourself, but do not be consumed by yourself.

  4. Live by your spirit and do what your spirit inspires you to do.

  5. Live for the moment and live each day at a time.

  6. Do not be consumed by the afterlife, for this is the life you are living now.

  7. Live within the gifts of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-discipline.

  8. If you live by your spirit, you should also follow your spirit.


  1. Do not be tempted to do harm to other people.

  2. Bear your own burdens and make things right for yourself.

  3. You are humans and humanity is nothing alone.

  4. Humanity can be anything together in unity.

  5. You are responsible for your own actions so you must take control of your life.

  6. Find out who you are before it is too late.

  7. Do the good things throughout your life and live your life according to what your conscience and spirit tells you.

  8. We are all humanity, so we must make life better for humanity.


  1. This is the final appeal to you, guardian angel of Philadelphia. I love you with all my heart, soul, and strength.

  2. I know who you are and you are bigger than what you think you are.

  3. Look into yourself and look at who you are and what your place in the earth is.

  4. I know you do not get along with your kindred and your father is dead.

  5. I know you abuse your mind and body for temporary pleasure.

  6. You are miserable on the inside, but you shall rise above that and you will no longer suffer.

  7. For although I say this letter to the first manifestation I have met of the angel of Philadelphia, I say this to the entire world.

  8. May glory be with you forever.