This short letter addressed to the Ninth Member of the Continuum was written by Ryan during the first part of 2012, while he was still in his freshman year of college in Boulder. It concerns her, who was a large part of a debate concerning her role in his life and questions were raised as to whether or not she was of the same weight and influence as the other three guardian angels of Philadelphia. She was influential in the new and changing mindset of Ryan at the time, but it was not clear as to whether it was enough to bring her into the highest list of influencers. Ryan uses strong arguments to appeal to his sensibilities and to convince the rest that she was indeed worthy. It is unlikely that she would have been considered besides the time that she would have been considered, which proves that the list is kept for the right people at the right time and that as we evolve, our tastes will change and those who influence us the most will change as well. Rather, Ryan, in this letter, makes the case that those who are influential may not be obvious at first, but will come at a later time, like she has.

Ryan’s letter deals with the reality of the founding of the new covenant, which was underway at the time, and he also deals with the harmony that will exist with the founding of it and all the events that surround this time. The world that we live in as individuals changes around us and it is this reality that Ryan was going through at the time. To him, the Fourth Guardian Angel of Philadelphia provided the necessary support as the support system that maintained him in the beginning crumbled for the final time.



  1. I write this letter to the fourth spirit of the angel of Philadelphia.

  2. I did not see you until after I had seen the other three but I did realize you existed near the bloom of the new age.

  3. I did not see your impact upon my life until I had seen it in full.

  4. You, too, had kept my word and did not deny me like those who have come before me.

  5. Although you are the same cloth as the other three, I did not see them until you had seen me.

  6. You are the one with nature and cut from the same area that I had come from.

  7. You shall, with the others, be my temple pillars and raise for the new covenant a temple to the higher powers.

  8. You shall raise the new city upon which a new age shall begin.


  1. You have held fast to what you have and desire the most and nobody can take that away from you.

  2. You shall reign with me and the others when the new covenant is established and the rise of the new dispensation.

  3. To you, my dear friend in the loose garments of the glory of the higher powers, I say to you these things.


  1. I tell you that this letter will make us partners in the new faith upon which this new covenant is founded.

  2. I know of your immense love towards others and of your deep faith in the things to come.

  3. I order you to do these things for me on the basis that I am doing it out of love.

  4. I am none other than the messenger from the higher powers upon the world.

  5. I was useless to you, but now I need you more than you shall need me.


  1. I am sending my heart to you.

  2. I will need you in helping me to hold together the new teachings upon which the new dispensation which will be established.

  3. I want you to come to me voluntarily but I will remind you of the blessings that would come to you.

  4. You would no longer be the one who is unknown but you will attain fame and fortune under the new covenant, and your blessings in this life will not stop.


  1. Welcome all as you would welcome me.

  2. If anyone owes you something, bring it back to me and I will do your will.

  3. I wish you could see the greatness of this work and you will in due time.

  4. Confident in your love, you will be attracted to this great work.

  5. I will be with you in spirit forever in the light of the glory of the greatness of the higher beings.


  1. This letter is addressed to the guardian angel but it is for the whole world to hear.

  2. I love you with all my heart, soul, and strength.

  3. I hope to see you to help me to bring forth all the others so I can live in peace and harmony with all of them forever.

  4. You are the one to bring the others so there is a harmony in all things.

  5. The grace of the new covenant be with your spirit always.