The Book of Knowledge and the Book of Wisdom constitute the doctrines that are necessary for understanding all aspects of the covenant, which is to understand knowledge and wisdom as art forms. The Book of Knowledge is the longer of the two because of the distinct differences between the transmission of knowledge vs wisdom.

The author of the work is Ryan, who wrote this book by revelation throughout the year 2012. It addresses a world that is not only dying, but lacking in the wisdom and knowledge to attain the path to the light. It was written by revelation and it is not written with the assumption that anything is written in addition to what was done before.

The book contains numerous well-crafted maxims, grouped by affinity, and dealing with a variety of subjects such as the individual, the family, and the community in their relations with one another and with deity. It treats of friendship, education, poverty and wealth, laws, religious worship, and many other matters that reflect the religious and social customs of the time.

It was originally written as a collection of separate texts over a period of time and many partial manuscripts of this particular book exist. They have been meticulously edited for similarities to compile a complete edition for the original book.

It was only added later in the process of the compilation of the original copy of Through Minds’ Eyes because of the length and the content of the book. It was accepted to be a part of the compilation because it was deemed to be important and it would teach many of the same things that were eventually lost from final acceptance within the original canon.

The contents of the book are of a discursive nature, not easily divided into separate parts. The first part deal largely with moral instruction, then contain a eulogy of the heroes of the house of light and the city in the wilderness. There are two appendixes in which the author expresses his gratitude to deity, and invites the unschooled to acquire true wisdom.



  1. All wisdom comes from the creator and remains with it forever.

  2. The days of eternity are with it.

  3. It is the first and the last.

  4. Knowledge is to be explored.

  5. Wisdom was there before the creation and understanding is for eternity.

  6. Wisdom is rooted in knowledge.

  7. There is but one who is wisest above all sages.

  8. It is that which jumpstarted all things to come.

  9. It has set forth wisdom.


  1. The final gift is the ultimate wisdom.

  2. The final gift will restore and will give long life.

  3. Those who have the final gift will be happy at the end.

  4. Even before death you shall see the light.

  5. The beginning of wisdom is the final gift given to all people.

  6. The descendants will keep your wisdom forever.

  7. The fullness of wisdom is the final gift.

  8. The entire house shall be filled with it.

  9. The crown of wisdom is the seventh gift.

  10. It flowers in all those who possess it.

  11. Knowledge and understanding rains down on the masses.

  12. The root of wisdom is the seventh gift.

  13. The seventh gift conquers all suffering in the world.

  14. Hurting others cannot be justified.

  15. You will be calm in situations of extreme anger.

  16. You will hold back and you will rise above them.

  17. Wisdom is a model for knowledge.

  18. The seventh gift is wisdom and discipline, and fullness and humility.

  19. If you desire wisdom, you will seek it through this path.

  20. Do not disobey the seventh gift.

  21. Do not be a hypocrite.

  22. Do not fall and bring dishonor for yourself.

  23. The creator will reveal your secrets and cast you to the assembly of the new covenant.

  24. You will accept the seventh gift, lest you turn away.


  1. When you come to the middle of the path to light, be prepared for trials.

  2. Be sincere, and do not give in to the adversary.

  3. You will prosper in your days on earth.

  4. Be patient in hard times.

  5. You will be tested and you will fall in humiliation.

  6. Trust in yourself, and you will keep on the straight path.

  7. You shall have the seventh gift and you will not stray.

  8. Trust in yourself, and your reward will not be lost.

  9. Hope for good things in life.

  10. Look into the past and look at the empty promises of the false gods.

  11. You shall lead a good life if you abide by all the precepts of the new covenant.

  12. Woe to the one who leads a double life.

  13. Woe to the one who does not trust.

  14. Woe is the one who feels there is no hope.

  15. Those who love themselves will have the gifts.

  16. Those who love themselves will keep themselves alive.

  17. Those who love themselves will be humble.

  18. Let us not fall away from all that is true and good in life.


  1. Listen to the words of your elders.

  2. Your elders have authority over you. Honor your elders.

  3. Show respect for them for they have given everything to you.

  4. Those who respect their elders will themselves be respected by their children.

  5. Those who respect their elders shall live a long life.

  6. Do not show grief for your forefathers while they are alive.

  7. Even if they fail, do not fail to show respect to them.

  8. Kindness to them will not be forgotten because it is good in all ways.

  9. They will come to you when they are facing hard times.

  10. Those who reject their elders will be rejected by society.

  11. Be humble and you will be loved.

  12. Those who are humble are great people.

  13. Your humbleness will be glorified.

  14. You will see things that were once out of your reach.

  15. What is revealed, listen to, but ignore that which is hidden.

  16. If it does not concern you, do not concern yourself with it.

  17. Your imagination will, of course, lead you astray.


  1. Without knowledge, wisdom is ultimately missing.

  2. Stubbornness will lead to death.

  3. Those who seek danger will die in their dangerous acts.

  4. Your stubbornness will lead you to do bad things to others.

  5. If you are too proud to be sick, there will be no cure for you.

  6. Wisdom and knowledge is what is being revealed to them.


  1. Give what you can to those who are less fortunate than you.

  2. Your kindness will pay off in the long run.

  3. They will find support in you.


  1. Do not mock the poor.

  2. Do not make them angry or grievous.

  3. Do not aggravate what is already angered.

  4. Do not reject or turn away from them.

  5. Do not give anyone a reason to be mad at you.

  6. You will hear the sound of their cry.


  1. Obey the leaders that are just.

  2. Give to those less fortunate than you.

  3. Deliver the oppressed from the oppressive leaders.

  4. Take in all people who need someone to love them.


  1. Wisdom will teach you many things, so do not reject it.

  2. Those who love wisdom will love life.

  3. Those who hold to it will attain glory.

  4. Those who gain wisdom will see the light.

  5. Whoever goes into the light shall judge the earth.

  6. You and your posterity will inherit glory through wisdom.

  7. Wisdom will walk with you and will test you.

  8. You will face trials, but you will pull through.

  9. You will face the center of the straight and broad path.

  10. If you turn away from wisdom, you will go back to your old ways.


  1. Wait for the right time and conquer your fears.

  2. Your shame will bring about more respect and glory.

  3. Let no one bring you down.

  4. Do not hide your wisdom from others.

  5. Wisdom becomes known through talking to others.

  6. Never speak against the truth and you will be ashamed to be ignorant.

  7. Do not be ashamed to admit you did wrong and seek forgiveness.

  8. Do what is right, even to the death.

  9. Do not be hesitant, but go out and do what is right.

  10. Do not be evil hearted, and go out and accomplish greater things.

  11. Let your hand be open to receive, but then clench what you believe in a fist.


  1. Do not rely on your wealth and power.

  2. Do not rely on your physical strength.

  3. Do not be boastful or you will be brought down.

  4. Do not taunt others or dare fate.

  5. Do not be confident that you will be forgiven.

  6. Do not take advantage of the niceness of others.

  7. The wrath of the wicked is great and you must always be able to stand against it.

  8. Do not turn your back on those you love, for you can never truly leave them.

  9. Do not rely on your wealth, for it is not yours forever.

  1. Do not walk in every path.

  2. Be steadfast and committed to what you choose.

  3. You will see the light in any path.

  4. It is only through the middle that you will seek the light before death.

  5. Be careful to what you say to others.

  6. Your mouth will be your downfall.

  7. Do not speak in two contradictory ways.

  8. Do not act corruptly.

  9. Practice what you preach.

  10. Do not be a foe, but a friend.

  11. You will dishonor yourself if you bring about enemies in your life.


  1. Do not fall into your passions, lest it consume your life.

  2. It will eat you up and then destroy you.

  3. Passion will destroy you and bring out your enemies.

  4. Be courteous to your friends at all times.

  5. Have many friends, but only let a few close to you.

  6. Gain your friends through testing you and do not immediately trust them.

  7. They will be friends when it is okay for them but they will leave in times of trouble.

  8. A friend may turn into an enemy and attack you.

  9. Others are friends in good times but not friends in bad times.

  10. When things go well, they are like you and will be there for you.

  11. If you are in disaster, they will turn against you.

  12. Stay away from your enemies and be a shelter to your friends.

  13. A faithful friend is a treasure.

  14. Faithful friends are beyond worth.

  15. Faithful friends shall be a life saver to you always.

  16. Those with the seventh gift will have stable friendships.


  1. Choose your path in your youth and you will find wisdom.

  2. Work towards this goal always.

  3. You will work a little to find these great gifts.

  4. Wisdom is blind to the fool and they will not find it.

  5. They will cast it aside, for it is a stone to them.

  6. Wisdom is not available to many people.

  7. Do not refuse the counsel from your elders.

  8. Obey your elders always.

  9. You shall carry the burden of wisdom someday.

  10. You will draw close to wisdom and you shall be set free of all the suffering of the world.

  11. When you get wisdom, do not let it go.

  12. Wisdom will be your joy and rest after working so hard to achieve it.

  13. It will be a source of strength to you.

  14. It will be the jewel in your life.

  15. You will show it like a jewel to the world.

  16. You can be wise if you apply yourself.

  17. Listen and you will learn.

  18. Pay attention and be instructed.

  19. Stand to the elders and they shall teach you wisdom.

  20. Do not cast away their insights.

  21. If you are intelligent, seek it out.

  22. Study what you learn constantly.

  23. Your mind will be enlightened and you will become wise like the elders.


  1. Do no evil and it will not overtake you.

  2. Avoid wickedness, and it will not come to your mind.

  3. Do not become the source of injustice.

  4. Do not seek authority to take advantage of people.

  5. Do not parade yourself without others praising you.

  6. Do not seek to rule others unless you seek to have integrity and rule with honor.

  7. Do not be guilty of any evil, because you will not be at rest.

  8. Do not repeat crimes you have committed.

  9. Do not give offerings, for they are not valid.

  10. Do not pray for power, for prayer is never answered.

  11. Remember that the best people are the humblest people.

  12. Do not turn your back on your friends, family, or companions.

  13. Refuse to tell a lie.

  14. Do not gossip to others about others.

  15. Do not hate to work hard, for your reward will come greater than all others.

  16. Do not raise yourselves above others.

  17. Humble your pride and be moral.


  1. Do not barter a friend for any value.

  2. Do not reject those that love you unconditionally.

  3. Do not mistreat anyone who works faithfully for you.

  4. Do not refuse wise people their freedom.

  5. Look after those who depend on you.

  6. Correct your posterity that needs correcting.

  7. Do not spoil your kids too much, lest they become dependent on you.

  8. Give your daughters away at marriage to men that will treat them with respect.

  9. Do not mistreat your true love.

  10. Honor your parents who have raised you.

  11. They have given you everything and you should give everything you have to them.

  12. Love and fear the creator of the world, who is in control of all the forces of nature.

  13. Give to those who have taught you of the middle of the path.

  14. Give to the poor what you can.

  15. Give your gifts to the living and do not keep kindness from those who are dead.

  16. Do not avoid those who are in mourning.

  17. Visit those who are sick.

  18. Remember your days, and you will never do harm in the world.


  1. Do not contend with the creator, or you will fall.

  2. Do not fight the rich, because they will use their riches to destroy you.

  3. Do not fight with the loud mouthed or add fuel to their fire.

  4. Do not be with the senseless or your ancestors will be insulted.

  5. Remember that we are all guilty of something.

  6. Respect your elders.

  7. Do not rejoice at the death of someone.

  8. Do not neglect the wisdom of others.

  9. Explore and question everything you believe in, lest you gain more wisdom.

  10. Do not set fire to others, or you will be burned.

  11. Do not be vulnerable to others.

  12. Do not give to those more powerful than you, or you will not see those riches again.

  13. Do not give beyond your means, or you will be in debt.

  14. Do not go against the innocent, or you will not win the case.

  15. Do not convert others, for they will find their own way.

  16. Do not defy the tempered and nothing will come at you.

  17. Do not seek wisdom from the foolish.

  18. Nothing should be kept a secret from others.

  19. Do not open your heart to someone, and you will not be happy if they leave you.

  20. Do not be jealous of others.

  21. Do not give anyone power over you.

  22. Do not go near strange people, they may be a danger to you.

  23. Do not be seduced by a stranger if you are committed to do not give in to lust.

  24. Do not give yourself to immoral people.

  25. Do not wander in the darkness, but seek the light.

  26. Do not look at those who are better than you, lest you give in to envy.

  27. Never give yourself and be subservient to anyone because you are an individual and you will take your own journey.


  1. Always seek new friends but never give up your old friends.

  2. Do not envy the wicked.

  3. Do not delight in the pleasures of the immoral and unwise people.

  4. Do not associate with those who want to seek harm to others.

  5. They will take your life in the end and you will regret your life in the heavens.

  6. Associate yourselves with the wise people.

  7. Exchange intelligent ideas with others and feed your mind.

  8. Take the righteous and wise to be your friends, for you will grow in wisdom.


  1. Skilled and honest work is worthy of praise.

  2. Reckless speech is feared in the city.



  1. It wisely and provide stability for people, and the government run by smart people lasts forever.

  2. All the people that work and live in society is well ordered.

  3. A reckless leader destroys the people and the society.

  4. The right people will be appointed at the right time as prescribed in the destiny of nations.

  5. The creator is the ultimate sovereign of all the nations of the world and dictates the destiny for everything.

  6. Never harm your neighbor and never go in the way of arrogance.

  7. Pride is oppression.

  8. Oppression is a crime.

  9. The leadership is passed on because eventually every leader becomes law lists.

  10. The body decays even during life.

  11. One may be a leader today that they may be dead tomorrow.

  12. When people die, they will inherit corruption.

  13. The beginning of pride is stubbornness.

  14. Insolence is a reservoir of vice.

  15. The creator will strike people who are corrupt with their own ruin caused by their own iniquities.

  16. The thrones of the prouder overturned and the lowly step up to lead.

  17. The roots of the proud are plucked.

  18. The lands of the nations are destroyed to their very foundations.

  19. They are removed from the earth and their memory is erased.


  1. The ones with the gifts are honorable.

  2. Human offspring can be disgraceful.

  3. Their leaders may be honored but they themselves are born with faults.

  4. The glory is the seventh gift.

  5. It is not right to despise anyone but those who harm others.

  6. The leader should lead with honor but none is greater than the creator, the sovereign of the entire earth.

  7. Do not post your wisdom.

  8. Humility is the conquering of all vices.

  9. Humility provides self-esteem and you give yourself the esteem you deserve.

  10. Those who disgrace or condemn themselves are not humble.

  11. Everyone should be honored for who they are.

  12. Every human is the same and that should never be forgotten.

  13. The poor have their heads up because there wisdom is the same as the wisdom of the rich.

  14. Do not praise anyone for who they look like what’s inside them.

  15. The ones who read the book will have the greatest reward.

  16. Do not mock the people who are less fortunate than you, for they are the same as you.

  17. The oppressed will rise to leadership and they would not consider wearing your crown.

  18. Many leaders will fall and they pondered as to who is given the power bleed with righteousness.


  1. Do not condemn those who are not guilty.

  2. Everyone should be considered innocent and then you should prove their guilt.

  3. Do not take action before you speak.

  4. Do not make anything that is not your concern your concern.

  5. Why should you increase your own pain because of what others are experiencing?

  6. Even if you make it your problem you will not know the end result of it.

  7. Everyone will struggle in life and everyone will fall.

  8. They will make their own journey to the light.

  9. When you experience the light, you shall be exalted.

  10. Good and evil, life and death, poverty and richness, all come from the earth and our own nature as humans.

  11. The gifts from above will come to all people.

  12. You will find rest in the light no matter how long it takes you to get to the light.

  13. Grow old in your journey and see the end of your journey.

  14. Do not marvel at the work of those who put others down, for they will not see the light until their death.

  15. Hope will bear their fruits.

  16. Do not say is there more for you, for more will come to you if you are ready.

  17. Do not taunt and say that you will not be harmed any longer.

  18. Your prosperity will make you forget your adversity and your adversity will make you forget your prosperity.

  19. On the day of your death, you will have the power depending on your actions on earth towards others and yourself.

  20. Bad times in your life will make you forget the good times in your life.

  21. You will be happy before death truly, for in the end you will see the light.

  22. Do not trust everyone.

  23. People will pretend to be your friends but they will really spy on you.

  24. One friend will bring many.

  25. Those many friends will not be your true friends in the ends.

  26. Beware of those who seek to harm others, for they are evil.

  27. Do not bring in those who do not know, for you will be a stranger to them and to your family.


  1. If you do good, then you should know for whom you are doing it.

  2. Do good for those who deserve it and you will have great blessings.

  3. No good comes of those who comfort those who do not deserve the comforting, because they will not appreciate it.

  4. Do not refuse anyone, but those who harm others don’t deserve the love of others.

  5. Those who do cause harm to others shall first seek forgiveness and peace and they’ll come to before they come to give peace to others.

  6. The creator does not hate anyone for everyone will see the light at death.

  7. At our best times, we must know who our true friends are and who our enemies are, for they come out for us.

  8. When you are successful even your enemies will be friendly to you.

  9. Never trusts your enemies, for they are truly out to get you.

  10. They may act peacefully towards you but they are really harboring something to harm you.

  11. They will want to reveal secrets to them and they will use those secrets against you.

  12. Do not let them near you because they will come for you.

  13. Never trust anything that may harm you, for if they do harm you shall experience a premature death and the unsung filaments of your true destiny.

  14. When your enemy speaks sweetly of you, they are really spewing poison.

  15. If they come to you in evil, you have been warned.

  16. They will come at you with evil intentions, but you will survive and you will rise above what they are.

  17. Associate yourselves with those who are evil and you will become like them.

  18. Do not associate with those are wealthier than you, for you will have a weight too great for you.

  19. The rich are wrong and they boast of their wealth, while the poor beg the rich for mercy and forgiveness.

  20. The rich will use and enslave you, but when you are down they will abandon you.

  21. As long as you have something that is worth something that you will be of value to them.

  22. When they need you they will deceive you, but they will disguise it and raise your hopes.

  23. They will embarrass you and laugh at you, and they will shake their head that you do not acknowledge you afterwards.

  24. Do not act to boldly or be like those who do not have common sense.

  25. Keep your distance from the influential ones, for they are truly masters of deception.

  26. Do not venture with them, because you won’t be able to trust their words.

  27. They will make you a laughingstock of them.

  28. Be on your guard always and watch for other people.

  29. Everyone loves their own kind and we all love those who are like us.

  30. Keep close to your own kind, and associate with your own kind.

  31. There cannot be peace between two different groups unless they can find common grounds.

  32. Find common ground with those who are different than you and we shall be one step closer to achieving the unity of all humanity.

  33. Humility is the ultimate gifts and humility will eliminate the ultimate vice.

  34. Always be supported by those who you can trust.

  35. The rich may have a lot more supporters, but those who are their friends are really not and they are empty inside.

  36. When the powerful people speak everyone becomes silent.

  37. The poor people do not have a say.

  38. Wealth is good when they are not influenced by vices.

  39. Their hearts changes if they are truly repentant of their past harm.

  40. The sign of a good heart bring everyone together.

  41. Happy are those who have a good mouth.

  42. They are not stung or remorse by their harm.

  43. Happy are those of the good conscious because they have not lost hope.

  44. Wealth is not appropriate for those who do not know how to use it.

  45. The goodhearted deny the wealth for themselves and give to those who need.

  46. The ones that are generous will enjoy their own blessings.

  47. None are worse than those who punish themselves.

  48. If they do good they will reveal their meanness to the world.

  49. Those who turn away in disregard others are evil.

  50. The greedy will never have enough in their soul will dry up.

  51. The miserable ones will have no one to share the wealth with them.

  52. If you have the means, treat yourself well, and enjoy life.

  53. Death will still come to you and you cannot avoid it.

  54. Before you die, be good to those around you and give them where you have leftover.

  55. Do not deprive yourself of good things.

  56. Leave your riches to others.

  57. Treat yourself well, when you give and take, you will have great joy.

  58. You will enter you into a cycle of death but you shall be reborn into something greater.

  59. All of your deeds will perish with you, but your legacy will last forever.


  1. Happy are those who seek and receive wisdom.

  2. You will ponder the ways and you will understand wisdom.

  3. You pursue with them and you try to understand it.

  4. You listen to wisdom and you seek it out no matter where it is.

  5. You go to the place where wisdom dwells and you live with the wisdom.

  6. You are one with the wisdom, and you take refuge in the wisdom.

  7. Whoever has the seventh gift will have the greatest wisdom.

  8. You will meet the seventh gifts and you will receive the seventh gifts when the time is right.

  9. You will learn wisdom and the water will never dry.

  10. You will not fall from wisdom and you will not be put to shame.

  11. You will be in the assembly of wisdom.

  12. You will find great blessings in the wisdom.

  13. The ones who are worthless will not attain wealth and the ignorant will never receive wisdom.

  14. Wisdom only comes to those who are ready and those who are willing to receive it.

  15. Praise to something that is higher comes from the lips of those who have not received full wisdom.

  16. Those who are wise will gain their wisdom from something even greater.

  17. You have free will to do what you want upon the earth.

  18. You will lead yourself astray because you have given in to the vices.

  19. You do not mean to fall into these and you will receive the gifts from your vices.

  20. In the beginning, we were bestowed with free choice.

  21. If you choose, you can choose to do the right thing every day of your life.

  22. Your destiny is set before you.

  23. Life and death will come to all people.

  24. The virtues is the wisdom of the light.

  25. Behold the work of the earth and your destiny, which fulfills every one of your needs.

  26. You are never commanded to do badly, you do so through your own agency.

  27. Do not seek worthless things.

  28. Do not rejoice in the things that are bad.

  29. Do not have any hope for your future if you have a bad future.

  30. One wise person can change a society of wicked people.

  31. The sinful people will fall to those who are wise.

  32. Do not forgive those who do not seek forgiveness or give forgiveness.

  33. Those who are prideful have not received the final gift.

  34. Arrogance will leave you to death.

  35. Mercy and anger come with arrogance.

  36. Forgiveness is the conquering of arrogance.

  37. You do not judge people according to who they are, but for what they do to others and themselves in this life.

  38. Whoever does good will receive blessings.

  39. You are not unknown in the great game of life.

  40. Look to the future and look to the light.

  41. If you do badly, all eyes will be on you.

  42. Do not act deceitfully, for all of your deceits will be revealed.

  43. These senseless think of these things and the foolish dwell on these things.


  1. Take this advice and up why your mind to these words.

  2. Your spirit will be poured out upon these gifts and your knowledge will come to be with them.

  3. You were assigned a destiny and you will achieve your destiny.

  4. You will never cease from your destiny.

  5. Do not ever single anyone out.

  6. You are filled with the blessing of life, and you should take every moment until your death.

  7. Human beings were created from the Earth and will return to the earth.

  8. Humanity is mortal.

  9. You are granted power over the things on the earth by you will die.

  10. You are given the strength and the will to do what you want with your life.

  11. You are giving gifts that no other animal is given.

  12. You are given gifts that other humans may not have.

  13. You have the knowledge to do good or evil in your life.

  14. You put fear into your own heart.

  15. You have the ability to wonder upon all things of the earth.

  16. You have the knowledge before you and you shall use your knowledge.

  17. An everlasting sealing covenant has been established between you and the entire universe.

  18. Your eyes will behold the majestic glory of the light at the.

  19. Your destiny will never be hidden from you.

  20. A ruler has been appointed over you on earth, but the creator is the ruler of everything.

  21. Your next thing will not be hidden from anyone.

  22. You are born good and virtuous, but you have the capacity to do bad.

  23. The ones who do bad can repent and live out their life doing good.

  24. Turn back to the good and give up your misdeeds, and seek forgiveness from others.

  25. Let go and move on with your life after you have forgiveness.

  26. This is the first law of human nature.

  27. Glorify your life and take every moment and do good for others and for yourself.

  28. When you die, you will be given in the light and you shall come to know the truth.

  29. The mercy of others is great.

  30. Not everything you see in life is within your reach since you are not immortal.

  31. Nothing is brighter than the glory of the light.

  32. Your flesh and blood are worthless when you die.

  33. You are mortal, and you will be reduced to dust and ashes at death.


  1. The one that lives forever created the entire universe.

  2. It alone is just and controls the laws.

  3. Those who have been given power will describe the works of the one.

  4. The power of the Creator cannot be matched.

  5. No one can fathom the nature or the being of the creator.

  6. When you would die, it is only the beginning.

  7. You as mortals are worth nothing when you die.

  8. The numbers of days may seem great, but they are really not that great.

  9. Your life is like a speck of dust in the endless eternities of the cycle of life.

  10. You must take advantage of the precious life you have on the earth.

  11. You who understand death and will not fear death.

  12. Your compassion is towards yourself and to others.

  13. You should always be eager to achieve your destiny and to gain wisdom.

  14. You will come to and you approach your life to fulfill your destiny or spoil your gifts with harsh words.

  15. A word is better than a gifts but a word can also be worse than a gift.

  16. Both are offered by kind people, but words can make or break any person.

  17. The fool is ungracious and abusive and they take advantage of what they have.

  18. Before you speak, learn from those who have wisdom.

  19. Before you are judged, examine who you are.

  20. Before you fall to pride, humble yourself.

  21. When you have done bad things, seek forgiveness and to show forgiveness.

  22. Do not neglect to do things until you are in distress.

  23. Let nothing prevent you from doing good things in your life.

  24. Before dedicating yourself to something, prepare yourself and put yourself to the test.

  25. On the day of death, you will have the ultimate test.

  26. Think of every time in your life and think of everyone.

  27. Between the rises and the settings of your life, there is a change of times.

  28. The wise are discrete and all things and they have conquered the suffering of the world.

  29. Those who are skilled in wisdom will become wise themselves.


  1. Do not let your passions guide you.

  2. Keep your desire in check.

  3. Do not allow yourself to satisfy your passions unwillingly.

  4. Take no pleasure in too much of a good thing.

  5. Do not get into the vices, but conquer your vices with your virtues.

  6. Whoever wastes anything will be stripped bare.

  7. The things that make our hearts lustful will make their hearts restless.

  8. They will be possessed and snatched away.

  9. Whoever trusts others to quickly will wrong themselves.

  10. Whoever boasts over wrongs will be destroyed.

  11. Whoever repeats gossip will be destroyed.

  12. Never repeat gossip or none will approach you.

  13. Tell nothing to a friend must is important to them, do not reveal anything else to them.

  14. For someone may have heard your watched you and they come to hate you.

  15. Let anything you hear die with you do not fear that.

  16. If you hear something, the entire world will be thrown off.

  17. It is like an arrow stuck in the thigh of the weak.

  18. Admonish your friends, for if they had done this, they may not do it again.

  19. Admonish your neighbor, for if they had done this once, they may not do it again either.

  20. Admonish your friend, for they may lie, but you should not believe every story.

  21. A person can slip in not mean it, but they had not sinned with their tongue.

  22. Admonish your neighbor before you break with them.

  23. All wisdom is in the seventh gift.

  24. The knowledge of wickedness is not wisdom nor is the counsel of others.

  25. You should not miss that what is detestable and you may not be free from sin.

  26. Better are the ones with the seventh gift who have little understanding than those of great intelligence and violates their own conscience.

  27. You are keen but dishonest and there are those who are duplicate tests to win a judgment.

  28. This will and doubting grief is full of deceit.

  29. You hide your face and pretend to not be there but will take advantage of you when you notice it.

  30. Their lack of strength keeps them from doing bad deeds but when they finds the right time, they will do harm.

  31. They are known by their appearance and they are sensitive to their appearance.

  32. Proclaim them for who they are.


  1. There is admonition that is untimely, but the one who is wise is silent.

  2. It is better to admonish than to lose your temper.

  3. One who admits a fault will be from disgrace.

  4. The one who lusts is the one who doesn’t do right under compulsion.

  5. The one who is silent is thought to be wise, but the talkative one is disliked.

  6. One is silent and has nothing to say but the other is silent and by their time.

  7. The wise remained silent until the time comes, but the foolish one does not say the right thing at the right time.

  8. Whoever talks too much is disliked and whoever pretends to be authoritative is hated.

  9. There is misfortune that brings success but the gain may also turn into a loss.

  10. There is a gift that profits you nothing and there is the gift that must be paid back.

  11. There is a loss for the sake of glory and the one who rises above is the most successful in life.

  12. There is one who buys a lot for little, but pays for it over and over again.

  13. The wise makes and sells them and by a few words, but the courtesies of fools are wasted.

  14. A gift from the stupid will do you no good thought because the gifts they gather which is equal to many.

  15. They give little and criticize often and when they open the mouth of the world, it gets sadder.

  16. They sin today and ask for tomorrow though that person is hateful.

  17. The stupid one says I have no friends and does not give thanks for any of my generosity.

  18. However, we will rebuke them and how often you will ridicule them.

  19. The ignorance are always ready to offer an untimely story.

  20. A proverb spoken by the fool is not well come for they do not come at the right time.

  21. There is a person who is prevented from doing bad but when he takes his rest and he has no regrets about life.

  22. A person is destroyed through shame and will not rest by posturing foolishly.

  23. The one who promises a friend that ashamed will make an enemy needlessly.

  24. A lie is a fool yet it is always on the lives of the ignorant.

  25. A thief is better than a liar, yet both suffer greatly.

  26. A liar leads to dishonesty and they will be ashamed forever.

  27. The wise will be promoted with the words.

  28. Of those who work will reap their rewards.

  29. Those who ask for forgiveness will be pardoned of their sin.

  30. Favors and gifts blind the stupid ones, but wisdom does not come to the stupid one.

  31. Wisdom and treasures are hidden and they both have value.

  32. Better are those that hide their folly than hide their wisdom.

  33. If you have sinned, then do not do it anymore and ask for forgiveness and you shall be forgiven.

  34. Flee from vice is as you would from a violent animal.

  35. They destroy human lives.

  36. Lawlessness is like ignorance from which there is no healing.

  37. Panic and pride wipe out the wealth of knowledge.

  38. Whoever hates corruption will block the path of the sinner but whoever has the seven gifts will repent.

  39. They build their houses on the backs of others and they collect stones for those people’s funerals now.

  40. A band of criminals will end in a flaming fire.

  41. The path of those who do wrong is smooth but it ends in a pit.


  1. Those who are good control their thoughts for they have the seventh gift and wisdom.

  2. The one who is stupid cannot be taught but there is cleverness in bitterness.

  3. The knowledge of the wise wells up and their counsel is like a spring.

  4. A fools mind cannot hold any knowledge.

  5. When the intelligent hero is saying wise things, they add it to their own wise teachings.

  6. A fool will see it and cast it away.

  7. A fool will chatter on and on, but the light is found the lives of the intelligent.

  8. The views of the prudent are sought and their words are taken to heart.

  9. The house in ruins is wisdom to a fool and to the useless knowledge and is incomprehensible.

  10. Fools raise their voices in laughter.

  11. Education to the wise is like a bracelet of gold.

  12. A fool steps boldly into a house and cannot make a good entrance.

  13. They peep into the doorway of the house but the educated stay outside the fool.

  14. It is rude for one to listen at the door.

  15. The lips of the arrogant talk of what is not their problem, but the discrete weigh their words carefully.

  16. The mind of the fool is in their malice, but the mouth of the wise in their minds.

  17. When the godless curse of their adversary would they really curse themselves.

  18. Slanderers are hated by their neighbors.


  1. The one who is lazy is disgraced.

  2. They are like a parasite and whoever is inflicted will shake it off.

  3. The one who is not disciplined is shunned by their elders.

  4. The one who is without any shame is the grief of many.

  5. Whoever blames others for their actions are despised.

  6. They do not know the right reactions to their situations and they think that this is the plan of wisdom.

  7. Trying to teach a fool is like fixing a broken object.

  8. Whoever talks with someone who is foolish in their ways is like talking to someone who was asleep and they do not understand what you are saying.

  9. The dead has reached the light but their life has run out.

  10. The fool does not have any sense.

  11. The dead are rest at but the life of a fool is worse.

  12. The fool spends an entire lifetime mourning over the dead.

  13. Beware of those were unintelligent because they will lash out at you and ignore the voice of reason.

  14. Avoid them and you will be at rest and you will not be wearied by their lack of sense.

  15. Everything is easier to bear than someone who is not intelligent.

  16. The mind is firmly resolved after careful deliberation and will not be afraid of anything.

  17. The mind is backed by intelligent thoughts.

  18. A timid mind based on foolish plans cannot stand up to fear.

  19. Whoever causes physical pain brings tears, but whoever causes emotional pain hurts feelings.

  20. Whoever throws things at others drives them away, but whoever insults someone else breaks their heart.

  21. If you draw the sword against a friend, it can be undone.

  22. If you open your mouth against a friend, you can be reconciled.

  23. Insults will break the confidence and an attack will drive them away.

  24. Trust others while they are poor so that you can celebrate in their prosperity.

  25. Insults will perceive bloodshed like the smoke coming out of a fire.

  26. I always shelter a friend and I will not hide from them.

  27. If harm comes to me because of them then all who hear, that will be wary of them.

  28. The guard over my mouth is an effective seal, so that I may not fail in my words.


  1. I am the master of my life and I will not fail because of others.

  2. My mind and my intelligence is my disciplined and my failings will not be spared and my sins will not be overlooked.

  3. I do not want my failings to increase my sins and multiplied because I do not want to fall to my enemies.

  4. I will remove the evil desires from my heart so that the vices will not overcome me and I will not give in to the desires of the world.

  5. Listen to the instruction concerning your words that you will not be ensnared by your words.

  6. The words of a bad person are caught, but by them the words of others make them angry.

  7. Do not give your life to useless oaths or false gods.

  8. Someone who is under scrutiny will not be without vices, so one who swears will never remain away from wise.

  9. Those who swear offenses will be scourged by many.

  10. If they swear in error, they will be guilty.

  11. If they neglect their obligation then they are guilty.

  12. If they talk without reason, they cannot be declared innocent.

  13. Swearing towards others will lead you towards your own suffering.

  14. Do not speak out against others.

  15. Keep those in mind around you so that you may not forget that you are in their presence and disgrace them.

  16. Then you will truly curse the day you were born.

  17. Those using abusive language will never be disciplined.

  18. People that bring less to others with burning passion is like a blazing fire and it will not be quenched until it burns itself out.

  19. The one who is not chased will never stop until the fire breaks forth.

  20. To them everything is sweet and is never through until the day they die.

  21. The one who dishonors their commitments will think they are safe because the darkness surrounds them but they are not mindful of others.

  22. They fear only eyes that can see them but they do not realize that they are always being observed by the invisible eyes and it will be made known to those they are offending that they are doing an abominable thing.

  23. The one who created all things still knows them after they are made.

  24. They will then be denounced in the cities and they will be apprehended once newly suspected.

  25. The one who give themselves away will dishonor themselves.

  26. The one who is wrong and their spouse through adultery is disgraced by everyone.

  27. The one who bears children and is ashamed by it will be punished along with the children.

  28. They will then leave behind a bad memory and their legacy will be blotted and tainted.

  29. All who dwell on the earth shall know and all who remain will understand that nothing is better than the seventh gift.


  1. Wisdom is glorious to those who understand it.

  2. Wisdom is the glory of humanity.

  3. Wisdom came forth from the Almighty Creator.

  4. Wisdom came from the high heavens and wields power among the gods.

  5. Wisdom transcends the heavens and the earth.

  6. Wisdom transcends everything on the earth and goes to all nations.

  7. Wisdom sought a resting place in all the nations.

  8. Wisdom is set differently through all cultures, but all wisdom comes from the same source.

  9. Before all ages wisdom was created and through all ages wisdom will never cease.

  10. Wisdom was passed down from generation to generation.

  11. Wisdom was worshipped and venerated and all cultures.

  12. Wisdom was the roots of the glorious people.

  13. Wisdom grows in every individual as they progress through life.

  14. Wisdom grows bigger and more beautiful as experiences happen.

  15. Wisdom becomes more beautiful as it is better understood.

  16. Wisdom spreads itself out so that all people may come to know it.

  17. Wisdom brings forth knowledge and knowledge brings for learning.

  18. All who desire will know wisdom by the fruits of that knowledge.

  19. Wisdom is remembered as the greatest gift.

  20. Wisdom will cause those who seek it to learn more.

  21. Whoever understands wisdom will not be ashamed and will never go astray.

  22. Wisdom is the source of the sealing covenants which comes to all nations.

  23. Wisdom comes from the source and is the source of all understanding.

  24. It runs with understanding and it will be understood through learning.

  25. The first human will never finish comprehending wisdom nor will succeed in fathoming wisdom.

  26. Wisdom is greater than any human mind can conceptualize.

  27. Wisdom cannot be controlled and cannot be repackaged.

  28. Wisdom will make a spring turn into a river and will eventually lead to the sea.

  29. Wisdom embodies the teachings that shines forth and will spread the brightness all over the world.

  30. This instruction is like a prophecy and is bestowed to generations yet to come.


  1. Three things are pleasing to the human race, harmony amongst all people, friendship amongst all people, and families living happily together.

  2. Three kinds of people are hated in this world, a proud person, a rich one, and a fool.

  3. If you not gather information in your use, then how can you find anything when you’re old?

  4. Listen to your elders and take heed to their counsel.

  5. The wisdom of the aged and their counsel and understanding is great.

  6. The elderly has experience in their glory.

  7. The one who finds joy in all things is the one who lives and their enemies fall.

  8. Happy is the one who lives a happy life and does not suffer with the things of the world.

  9. Happy are those who find a good friend in their life for they will be comforted forever.

  10. Happy is the one who finds wisdom but none is greater than the seventh gift.

  11. The seventh gift surpasses all else and we cannot compare this gift to any single person.

  12. Overwhelmed in the heart is the greatest wound.

  13. Suffering from foes and vengeance comes from one enemy.

  14. There is no poison greater than the poison that pierced your heart.

  15. You would rather suffer physically than emotionally for your heart is the greatest of all downfalls.

  16. The wicked disposition they have changes in appearance and strikes at any time.

  17. You are unaware of the pain that may come.

  18. There is no evil quite like the evil that comes to your heart.

  19. You will fall in not get back up once it pierces that heart and soul.

  20. Do not be enticed by the beauty will be greedy for the wealth.

  21. It is a great shame when one falls to their own sufferings.

  22. A wounded heart is the greatest of all depressions and nothing can make you happy.

  23. Your sins at the beginning will be with you until you die.

  24. Do not allow it to escape and deny it with boldness.

  25. Cut away from you causes nothing but pain.


  1. Happy is the one who has a good life for their days will be longer and happier.

  2. Joy will come to your life and peace will come to all those around you.

  3. You will have generous gifts bestowed upon you.

  4. Your heart will be content no matter who you are and the smile will be upon your face.

  5. Three things should be dreaded, putting someone down in the face of the public eye, the gathering of angry people, and false accusations.

  6. All of these are harder to bear than death.

  7. Being jealous of someone will cause heartache in morning.

  8. Wickedness will come upon you if you are not careful.

  9. Great anger will come if you are not careful.

  10. Being angry with yourself will bring nothing but pain.

  11. Keep watch over your life lest your life spirals downward.

  12. Watch out for those who can betray you and do not be surprised if they knew.

  13. Those who will take advantage of you will betray you and you will not be happy any longer.

  14. The lights in the life that you have and put thoughtfulness in every action you form.

  15. Self-discipline is a great gift and the gift that you should cherish.

  16. Being modest comes when you feel that you’re worth more than others think.

  17. The beauty of a good and orderly life is like a sun rising into the heavens.

  18. The light that shines upon your life will be glorious and you will no longer suffer.

  19. Your life will be beautiful if you can discipline yourself.


  1. Three things arouse the anger of many people, the wealthy reduced to their own selfish desires, the intelligent people held back by things they choose not to question, and those who pass from righteousness into their own suffering.

  2. Those who are rich can hardly keep away from doing wrong things nor can they keep away from their own sufferings.

  3. For the sake of gain many people will fall and the struggle for their wealth blinds them.

  4. A steak will be driven into their lives and they will be wedged.

  5. Unless one holds fast they will be thrown down.

  6. When their life is shaken they speak of their faults.

  7. The test of a person is the conversation within themselves.

  8. Speech speaks into people’s hearts.

  9. Praise no one before they speak because then people will be tested.

  10. If you strive for justice you will attain it.

  11. Honesty comes to those who work at being honest.

  12. Suffering waits for those who do bad deeds.

  13. The conversation of the people who are righteous is always wise but a fool changes the conversation.

  14. Frequent the company of those who are thoughtful and have redeemed themselves.

  15. The conversation of those who are stupid are offensive and their laughter leads to suffering.

  16. Their talk of blindly accepting something as truth makes the hair stand and arguing with them will only make it worse.

  17. The proud speaking ends in bloodshed and is painful to hear them speak.

  18. Whoever betrays someone destroys the confidence and they will never find a good friend again.

  19. Cherish your friends and keep faith with them, but if you betray them, then do not go after them.

  20. If you kill your neighbor’s friendship it will be like murdering another person.

  21. Let your friend go and do not recapture them.

  22. Do not go after them for they are far away and they have escaped your life.

  23. Old wounds can be bandaged and insult can be forgiven but secrets that are being betrayed does not bring hope.


  1. Whoever has evil eyes will plot mischief.

  2. In your presence they will put on one mask and admire you, but they will change their tone later and twist your words.

  3. Nothing should be hated more than this.

  4. A treacherous blow to another person will cause many wounds were.

  5. Whoever plots evil will be stuck in that evil forever.

  6. That evil does not want recoil on them without knowing it will come upon them.

  7. Mockery and abuse will come from the arrogant and vengeance lies in wait for those people.

  8. Those who rejoice in the downfall of righteous people will be caught in a trap and it will consume them in pain.

  9. Wrath and danger are also bad things to hold to, but that people seem to hold to those ideals.

  10. The vengeful will face the vengeance and they will remember the vengeance that came upon them.

  11. Forgive those who have done wrong to you and hope that your own downfalls will be forgiven.

  12. Do not nourish and go against another, but expect healing to come from them.

  13. No one can refuse mercy to one who is sorry for what they have done.

  14. If we cherish wrath, then who will forgive our downfalls? Remember your days and set aside all that which angered you and sees from doing bad things for you will die eventually.

  15. Remember your life and do not be angry with your neighbor, and remember the covenant that you made with all of humanity.

  16. Discord is among those who do bad things and will disrupt the friendships of the peaceful.

  17. The more the cruelty, then the fiercer the life.

  18. The greater the strength, the sterner the anger, the greater the wealth, the greater the rage.

  19. The greater the fan that feeds the fire, the greater chance there is for bloodshed.


  1. If you blow on the start, it sure is in the fire, and if you spit on it, the fire will die out.

  2. Cursed be the ones to our double tongued, for they destroy that he said many.

  3. It destroys strong people and overthrows great people.

  4. But time drives people from their homes and robs them of their work.

  5. Whoever does this will find no rest and they will not dwell in peace.

  6. A blow from your mouth will break people’s hearts.

  7. Many have fallen by the sword, but not as many as by the tongue.

  8. Happy are those who have not been insulted by those who have spoken down to them and have had to into or its wrath.

  9. Happy are those who have not been chained by others who speak down to them.

  10. The death is evil and it inflicts a harsh death.

  11. It will have no power over the righteous nor will the righteous eat burned.

  12. Those who forsake the gifts they have received, you will fall victim to it.

  13. As you fence yourself in the property of those who will hurt you, your mouth will be bolted shut and you will have no say.

  14. As you lock yourself up with the possessions of the world, your rooms will not be healed by the amount of stuff you put around you.

  15. Take care when speaking to others so you do not fall victim to one lying in wait for you.


  1. Be merciful and help your neighbor.

  2. Help your neighbor in their time of need and pay back everything you owe.

  3. Be honest with them and keep promises and you will get what union return.

  4. Ask for help and do not cause trouble to them.

  5. Give them what they want and what they need and they will repay you back, but if they make excuses, then discuss with them the means to pay them back.

  6. If your neighbor cannot pay you back, then you were cheated out of money and you make enemies with them.

  7. They will repay in shame instead of honor.

  8. You can refuse to help not out of being mean but out of fear of being cheated.

  9. Be patient with them and do not keep them waiting.

  10. Help the poor and in their need to not send them out without something.

  11. Do not hide under a rock but her face what you have feared the most.

  12. Dispose of all the extra things you have and what you have that doesn’t cost money is the most important possession you have.

  13. Store of money for the poor and it will save you from doing evil deeds.

  14. Better is a good shield because it will help you against all suffering.

  15. A good person will be there for their neighbor.

  16. Do not forget the kindness you have for it is given new life.

  17. A bad person will turn a little thing into misfortune.

  18. The ungrateful people abandon those they rescue.

  19. Many people who are prosperous ruins and tossed about because they were ungrateful.

  20. The prominent people were taken away and they were wandering.

  21. That person will come to grief and whoever takes too much will fall.

  22. Help your neighbor according to what you have and what they need, but take care of yourself.

  23. In life you need certain things to live.

  24. The poor under their own roof has a better life than banquets among strangers.

  25. Be content with what you have so that you will not fall into envy.

  26. It is miserable to go from place to place where you are a stranger.

  27. You will entertain and provide them with food without being thanked and you will succumb to the bitter words of those who are more fortunate.

  28. Go away for more are worthy and people need this more than you.

  29. Painful things comes the sensitive people and rebukes are the most painful thing of all.


  1. Whoever loves their children will raise them rightfully so that they may be with joy.

  2. Whoever disciplines are children will benefit from those experiences.

  3. Whoever educates your children will make their enemies jealous and they will rejoice in what they have received.

  4. They will seem not bad for their children arrays like themselves.

  5. Look upon your life with joy and do not die with any regrets.

  6. You will have an avenger come and repay your friends with the kindness you have received.

  7. Whoever foils children will have wounds and they will suffer in their hearts.

  8. Be untamed beast turns out stubborn and they will turn to be unruly.

  9. Spoil your children and they will be terrorist to you indulge them and they will bring you grief.

  10. Share laughs and share sorrows so that any and you will know what they feel.

  11. Do not let them get their own way and do not ignore their false.

  12. Set them on the straight and broad path to the truth while they are still young.

  13. Discipline them so that they can be ashamed at what they have done wrong.

  14. Better are the poor in good health than the rich and that health.

  15. Health is better than any gold and the spirit is strong without the body.

  16. Nothing is greater than having a good body because the ultimate source of happiness is a good heart.

  17. There is definite wretched life with constant illness.

  18. A thing set for one who can’t eat is like placing offerings without anything being received.

  19. What good is a food offering to that which cannot eat or smell? The one being punished and the one who groans is in pain.

  20. Do not give into sadness or torment.

  21. Gladness of heart is the life and cheerfulness prolongs your life.

  22. Renew yourself and drive resentment away.

  23. Grief has killed many people in nothing is gained from grieving.

  24. Envy and anger reduces your life and anxiety brings old age.

  25. Those who are cheerful and merry will benefit in their life.


  1. Wealth wastes away your life and anxiety over it drives your life away.

  2. Anxiety banishes peace in the heart and it is a more serious illness than being in bodily pain.

  3. The rich worked to pile up money and the rest is to enjoy their life.

  4. The poor work for a meager living and if they are at rest they are needy.

  5. The lover of gold will not be free from suffering and whoever pursues money will be led astray.

  6. Many have come to ruin in pursuit of riches.

  7. Any simpleton is snared by it and is a stumbling block for those who do not understand.

  8. Happy is the one who is rich without any faults and to not lead their life astray because of money.

  9. Who could have done bad things but did not and who could’ve done evil but did not?

  10. The good fortune comes to secure and the assembly will recount the praise given.

  11. Do not feel that you’re seated at the table the great people.

  12. Remember that greed brings evil.

  13. Recognizing your neighbor feels like you do and keep in mind everything you don’t like.

  14. Do not put out anything that is only for the rich.

  15. Eat like everyone but do not eat like you are rich.

  16. Do not gorge yourself and things because you may offend others.

  17. Do not be the first to stretch out yourself if there are many at the table with you.

  18. A little will suffice for a well-off person.

  19. Moderation ensures a sound body and a clear mind.

  20. Gluttony will bring suffering.

  21. If you eat too much than you should get up and relieve yourself so that you will have relief.

  22. Listen not to the scorn because this advice is not good.

  23. Whatever you do, be moderate, so that you will not be sick.

  24. People who bless one another are generous in their testimony and goodness is everlasting.

  25. Everyone complains about the one who is bad and this testimony is everlasting.

  26. Let not riches be the proof of your strength for riches have been the ruin of many.

  27. Riches will test the hearts of everyone.

  28. Take everything in life and moderation.

  29. In the beginning everything was created for the joy of humanity.

  30. Be joyful of good cheer and delightful.

  31. Do not be disgraceful or bitter for things can bring anger and strife.

  32. Excess is the snare of those who are foolish enough to fall into its ways.

  33. Do not despise your neighbor and do not encourage your neighbor to do bad things.

  34. Say no harsh words and do not distress them and you will have good relations with them forever.

  35. If you are chosen to be a host, then treat your guests as your equals.

  36. Take care of them and suit their needs.

  37. Share in their joy and they will praise you for a job well done.

  38. Temper your knowledge and speak to those who are younger.

  39. When there is entertainment, do not display what you know the wrong time.

  40. The first seal is of gold and it is the host who is hosting the banquets.

  41. The second seal is the seal of emerald with melody and harmony.

  42. Speak only when necessary when they have asked you more than one time.

  43. Be brief and say a lot in a few short words.

  44. Do not be forward thinking when you are among elders and do not be insistent when you’re talking with officials.

  45. The calm before the storm is the esteem that shines in you.

  46. Leave the good time and do not be the last to leave.

  47. Enjoy doing as you wish but do not give into the sufferings of life.

  48. Bless everything that has come upon you so that favors come upon you.


  1. Whoever seeks truth must accept the discipline and whoever resorts to its will receive an answer.

  2. Whoever seeks the truthful master the truth but the hypocrite will be ensnared.

  3. Whoever has the truthful understand what is right and out of the scariest they will draw forth is a curse.

  4. The lawless turn aside the warnings have been laid in front of them and distort everything to suit their life.

  5. The sensible will not neglect that and the proud will not be deterred.

  6. Do nothing without liberation and once you have achieved it, do not regret it.

  7. Do not go astray from your path and do not stumble on the same things over again.

  8. Do not trust your path completely because there will be people on your way to lead you astray.

  9. Be careful the path that you choose.

  10. Whatever you do, be on guard.

  11. Whoever keeps their path will preserve them and they will not be put to shame.

  12. No one can harm the one who has conquered suffering.

  13. They have gone through trials and temptations and they have been rescued.

  14. Whoever hates these gifts is without wisdom and is tossed about in the sea of suffering.

  15. The gifts are depended upon to conquer the suffering.

  16. Drop on your training to help others with their sufferings.

  17. Be wary of the one who have circular thought.

  18. One who mocks has not conquered their suffering.

  19. Every day is an important day in your life.

  20. The days are distinct with memories and with hardship.

  21. Some are ordinary and others are greater still.

  22. All people come from the earth and will die in the year.

  23. You are distinguished from others by your personality and your journey through life.

  24. Some are blessed and others are ordinary.

  25. Yet others still are cursed beyond recognition.

  26. They were molded individually and their fate has been decided from birth.

  27. Evil contrasts with the good, death contrasts with the life, and those who suffer are contrasted with those who have conquered it.

  28. Everything comes in the opposite of one another.

  29. You will never know the opposite nature.

  30. You will make progress from suffering into righteousness to write her life.

  31. I have not labor for myself but for all of those who seek advice from me.

  32. Listen to me for I have much to tell you still.

  33. Let no one have power over you for your entire life.

  34. While you are living, no one will take your place.

  35. Do not give everything you have to another if you need to plead for help for yourself.

  36. Those who rely on you are better than they who seek from strangers.

  37. Keep control over your destiny.

  38. When your life has reached the time of death, distribute what you have to those who need it the most.

  39. Everything you have will be given to those who do not have much.

  40. Those who work will look for rest and those who are at rest will seek to be free.

  41. Those who are good will seek and have their rest, but those who are not good will seek punishment.

  42. Force those who are wicked to work so that they do not rest.

  43. Those who are at rest will be up to mischief.

  44. Put them to work which is fitting.

  45. Treat others like you treat yourself and deal with one another like family.

  46. If you mistreat others, then they will run away from you.

  47. What direction will you have if you do not have anyone in your life?


  1. The senseless have empty hopes and dreams.

  2. They will grasp that their dreams because they believe in them.

  3. What they see is merely a mirage that will never come to fruition.

  4. How can those who are bad produce good?

  5. Your mind will fantasize and know that everything you seen your dreams is unreal.

  6. Do not fix your heart on that which is not realistic.

  7. Dreams have sent many astray and those who put their hopes and dreams have died.

  8. The mouth of those who are righteous is wisdom.

  9. A person who has seen many experiences in their life knows many things and they have much sense.

  10. Someone who does not have experiences not know very much.

  11. One who has seen a lot is resourceful.

  12. In your travels, you will learn more than you could ever seek.

  13. You will be in danger of death, but you will be saved through those experiences.

  14. The spirits is living within you and they have the gifts.

  15. You are your own savior.

  16. Whoever has all the gifts are not afraid of life and they are never discouraged.

  17. Happy is the soul that has all the gifts.

  18. You should trust your spirit and your spirit should be your support.

  19. The one who loves the spirit will have the eyes of the spirit upon them.

  20. Your spirit will guard you against the world and all that it holds and suffering.

  21. Your spirit will be listed so that you can be given blessings from the heavens.


  1. Ill-gotten gains are tainted.

  2. Those who are lawless will not win favor in the world.

  3. Those who do not follow the laws are not forgiven.

  4. One who kills another will never have anything that is pleasing to anyone else.

  5. Whoever with holds from another is needy themselves.

  6. To take away from someone is to bring them to more suffering.

  7. To deny someone who works for the fruits of their labor is injustice.

  8. If you build someone up and take another person down, then you are no good.

  9. If you hope for blessings but curse others, then you will have done great injustices also.

  10. You will not be purified if you do good and do bad.

  11. One who vows to get rid of their suffering, but goes and suffers from it again will not have gained anything in their life.

  12. Those who are righteous will offer many things those were less fortunate.

  13. Whoever observes the laws will be at peace.

  14. Charity will bring you blessings in your life.

  15. One who gives to those who are needy will experience happiness.

  16. To refrain from suffering is pleasing and it avoids injustice.

  17. Do not appear empty-handed, for you have much to give to the world.

  18. All that you offer is in fulfillment of your destiny.

  19. The offering of those who are upright enriches others around them.

  20. The sacrifice of those who are righteous will never be forgotten.

  21. They are generous and they pay homage to others and they do not spare anything that they do not need.

  22. Contribute to your society and you will receive the spirit of joy.

  23. Give as they have given to you according to your means.

  24. You will always be repaid and it will be given back to you more than you suffered for.

  25. Do not offer bribes for they will not be acceptable.

  26. Do not trust and sacrifices of others, for you will not be acknowledged for them.

  27. Those who are weak will not be shown mercy but the grievances of the oppressed will be heard.

  28. Those who do not have anything or not forsaken and those who have no one in their life will not be untouched.

  29. Do not deny those who have nothing in their life.

  30. Crying out against the ones who brings justice to others is unjust.

  31. The petition of the righteous will reach into the heavens.

  32. The ones who are lowly will not stop until they have what they deserve.

  33. You should judge justly and affirm what is right.

  34. Those who are merciless will not be happy in their life forever and ever.

  35. Everyone will be judged according to their deeds and everyone will be repaid according to what they think.

  36. The cause of all the people should be defended.

  37. Your mercy against those who are less fortunate is welcome in their time of distress.


  1. Come to our aid, oh those who are willing to give.

  2. All the nations have rejected us and we come to you.

  3. Rise up against those people so that they can see your righteous deeds.

  4. Show them what you will do to us and use their bad example to show us what you have for us.

  5. They will know that there is no one more righteous than you.

  6. Give us wonder and give us what we need so that we may live better than they are.

  7. Show the splendor of what you have so that others may be enriched.

  8. Pour out your wrath on those who have rejected us.

  9. Scatter them away in humble them before us.

  10. Hasten their ending at the appointed time when our oppressors meet their destruction.

  11. Crush the house of those hostile people.

  12. Gather them up so that they may come to know who you are.

  13. Let us inherit their lands just like in days of the past.

  14. Show mercy to those who come to rely on you.

  15. Take pity on us for we have nothing you have everything.

  16. Fill us with your majesty and your glory.

  17. Fulfill all that we have prophesies in your name.

  18. Reward those who hope in you and rely on you.

  19. Here are the pleadings of those who need you according to your good deed.

  20. You can make amends with anyone, but some are more agreed upon than others.

  21. Everyone will test you in your interactions, so that you may be tested in deceit.

  22. One who is that will bring about grief but one whose experience can turn that against them.

  23. One person is more preferable to another in love.

  24. Beauty surpasses all else because of the light in the eyes.

  25. Speech should be soothing so that you may get everything out of talking.

  26. Help and support is the richest treasure of the mall.

  27. One who does not have support wanders aimlessly.

  28. Who can trust in anyone who does not have anything?


  1. Everyone who’s a friend has a friendship, but there are friends who do not really have a friendship.

  2. When your best friend becomes your enemy, it becomes sad to you.

  3. Your friend fills us with deceits and you ask yourself why it happened.

  4. One who seeks to do harm will look to you, but they really stir up trouble.

  5. A good friend will fight with you against your enemy.

  6. Do not forget your friend and do not neglect your friends.

  7. Every friend points out the way of counseling, but some do it for their own gains.

  8. Watch out when a friend offers advice just to find out what they really intend.

  9. They might be thinking that opportunity will come to them.

  10. They may tell you the good, but then they will stand and see you fall.

  11. Seek no advice from those who are envious of you.

  12. Seek no advice from those who are not worthy to seek the advice from about something that they fear.

  13. They may not know because they are frayed or because they want to get their own way out of it.

  14. They may also be corrupt in those ways and bring you down the path their own destruction.

  15. Associate with those who are like yourself and those who will stand by you every step of the way.

  16. Hear your own heart and counsel for there is nothing that you can depend on more than yourself.

  17. Your spirit can reveal your situation and it can help you get through it.

  18. Make your steps firm in the true path to the light and seek advice every step of that way.


  1. A word and a thought is the source of every act on the earth.

  2. The root of all conduct is within yourself.

  3. It shoots forth from you and starts from within yourself.

  4. One that is wise will benefit many yet they will appear to themselves to be foolish.

  5. One may be wise but may have their words rejected and will be deprived of their life.

  6. When one is wise to themselves they will see their own fruits of their own knowledge.

  7. When one is wise to the advantage of others, then their knowledge is everlasting.

  8. One who is wise within themselves is without suffering.

  9. The days of your life are numbered, but the life of the earth is without.

  10. One the wise among all the people will live it in a legacy that goes on and on.

  11. Govern yourself so that you do not allow things that are bad for you to come.

  12. Not everything is good for everyone, nor is everything you did in life good.

  13. Do not access any enjoyment nor should you give into your own selfishness.

  14. Selfishness will bring on sickness.

  15. You will die due to lack of self-control but the one who is self-disciplined will prolong their life.

  16. Be friendly to those who give you your health for they are essential.

  17. The doctor of wisdom is the one who gives you spiritual life.

  18. Knowledge makes this doctor distinguished amongst others and gives the doctor authority.

  19. The earth yields healing herbs which you should not neglect.

  20. The power of the water of life is sweetened with what it provides.

  21. People are in doubt with knowledge to glorify their own works.

  22. Pain will be eased through the doctors of life.

  23. Medicines are prepared through the one who prepares the medicine.

  24. The work will continue without ceasing and its effects will be among the entire surface of the earth.

  25. Do not delay when you are ill for you should be yield.

  26. Purify yourself and cleanse yourself of all that makes you suffer.

  27. Offer everything you have according to your means.

  28. Give everyone who has the gift of life their place.

  29. There are times when your recovery is dependent upon others.

  30. Hope that your treatment brings about a cure and that your sickness will be diagnosed effectively.

  31. Whoever suffers will be defiant towards those who try to heal them.

  32. Shed tears for the one who is no longer alive and do not pull back your grief.

  33. Weep and mourn and pay your tributes as they deserve, then move on, for you have your own life.

  34. Grief can be upon you and your heart can take away your strength.

  35. Sorrow is over when they are carried away so that you should take away your grief and then continue on.

  36. Do not turn your thoughts on them always and do not recall them.

  37. There is no hope of their return and you can do no good to help yourself with the grief.

  38. The fate of those who are dead will also be your fate.

  39. The debtor is at rest so the memories should cease because their spirit is gone.


  1. The wisdom of the writer increases wisdom to others.

  2. One who can learn from their experiences will guide others.

  3. Their concerns are to help others and they are careful with their own life.

  4. Everyone who labors day and night will see the rewards of their hard work.

  5. They are careful to finish their work to absolute perfection.

  6. The one who toils away will suffer because of their work, but their determination is to finish it and to be careful in detail.

  7. The one who was always concerned for their work will turn out to have a great work in the end.

  8. Their determination to finish their work to perfection will show itself at the end.

  9. All those who are skilled will become an expert at their work.

  10. Without those who work, society would not function and everyone would go into chaos.

  11. Those who work are not prominent and they do not sit in prominence, but they understand the injustices of the world.

  12. They maintain the fabric of society for their concern is their skill.

  13. The person who devotes themselves the study are different.

  14. The wisdom of all the ancient people are explored.

  15. The writings of the famous people are in the hearts of those who were involved.

  16. The hidden meaning of the Proverbs is to seek out all the enigmas found and all the teachings are sought out also.

  17. They are in attendance with great people and appear before great people.

  18. They rise early to seek the light dance to tell others how to come to the light.

  19. They will be filled with the spirit of understanding and all the words of wisdom.

  20. They will direct the knowledge and counsel as they meditate upon the mysteries of life.

  21. They will show the wisdom for they have learned.

  22. Many will praise them in their name will never be blotted out from memory for all generations.

  23. People speak of the wisdom in the assembly will come to know them.

  24. One out of the thousand will leave the good name when they die.


  1. The glory of the heavens will shine in gold.

  2. Open up your minds so that you may hear the words of those who are wise.

  3. Bless every day of your life for your works and seek knowledge for your entire life.

  4. Sing out with joy with every passing day so that every day can be a good memory.

  5. All of the works are good and all the blessings will be given in due time.

  6. The waters will become still so that the words can be spoken.

  7. They will be gone and nothing can limit the actions done by humanity.

  8. The works of everyone will be present and nothing will be hidden.

  9. Your work will span all ages and there is no limit to what you can do.

  10. Nothing is too small or insignificant nothing is too wonderful or any person.

  11. Everything is chosen to satisfy a need for reason.

  12. The blessings of your life will overflow so that it enriches your life.

  13. The wrath of suffering will give way to the fertile lands of blessings.

  14. The virtuous and level minded, but the ones who suffer are clogged with suffering.

  15. Good things come for good people and bad things come for wicked people.

  16. All needs for human life will be satisfied and all things will come from the blessings provided through good works.

  17. For from good things come good but from bad things come bad.

  18. There are things that are created punish others and in time of destruction they will come to know the true meaning of their life.

  19. All things were clear for the punishment of those who do bad deeds.

  20. All things will be avenged to exterminate those who are bad.

  21. All things were created to meet the needs of those who are good and they will be taught for the proper times.

  22. You should take your stand in the name of righteousness.

  23. All of the works should be good and all your needs will be supplied in due time.

  24. There is no cause to say that one thing is not as good as another work each shows their style at proper times.

  25. Feel your heart because you have been blessed with these things.


  1. Great anxiety comes from the world.

  2. They will be with you from the time you come into the world to the time you leave the world.

  3. All of these anxious and troubled things will be with you until death.

  4. It affects all people, rich or poor.

  5. Whether one is a king or one is a pauper, all people will suffer from the same things.

  6. There is all manner of suffering within the world, selfishness, pride, wrath, greed, lust, envy, and laziness.

  7. Your life will be short but it will always be spent fleeing from suffering.

  8. You will reach safety and wake up because there will be nothing to fear if you do not suffer.

  9. Those who suffer from the world will suffer greatly.

  10. They will go down into ruin and continue their downward spiral until they reach the end.

  11. Evil was created in the world and because of that, people will fall in to them and suffer.

  12. Your body will return to the earth after death, but your spirit will go back into the heavens.

  13. All that suffering in the world will leave you once you die.

  14. You can conquer it while you are upon the face of the earth by remaining virtuous.

  15. Those who rise above will teach others, but suddenly their life will come to an end.

  16. The violent ones will not flourish for the roots of their violence will fall.

  17. They will wither away and they will be cast off.

  18. Good people will never be cut off and their legacy will endure forever.

  19. Those who are wealthy can either have their lights we were bitter.

  20. One or many will preserve your name, but wisdom will remain with you forever.

  21. You cannot flourish without the support and help of others.

  22. Love is better than anything that causes temporary pleasure.

  23. Those who are pure will be better off than those who lost.

  24. Those who work hard are better than those who are graceful and beautiful.

  25. One who loves you is better than those who are your friends and neighbors.

  26. Charity in your soul that rescues you is better than relatives and helpers.

  27. Judgment is better than the treasures you will receive.

  28. The gifts are better than wealth and righteousness.

  29. There is no need for anything else if you have the gifts of the spirit.

  30. All blessings will come through exercising those things for the entire world.

  31. Do not live your life begging for something which you will not receive.

  32. When you have to look to strangers, your life will not be worth living.

  33. You will revile yourself and you will torture yourself if you would come to rely on others.

  34. You may be sweet on the outside, but the fire on the inside will burn within you forever.

  35. Death is a bitter thought for the one who is full of life and the one who is always successful and the one who enjoys life.

  36. Death, it is welcome to those who are weak and falling in strength and stumbling over everything and who have no hope.

  37. Do not fear death for remember it embraces everybody.

  38. Whether you live one hundred years or you live one, there is no escaping its sentence.

  39. The offspring of those who are battering the homes of those were wicked, and they will remain so themselves.

  40. Their inheritance will not be and they will be disgraced forever.

  41. The children suffer disgrace because of the ways of their fathers.

  42. Woe unto the wicked who do not do good in their life.

  43. When you leave, your legacy will rest on them, and you will be cursed by all generations.

  44. All that is there will return into nothing, and they will go into the void.

  45. The human body will be annihilated at the end of life, but their name will remain forever.

  46. Have respect for your name for it is with you.

  47. A good name will last forever, even though that body will only last a hundred days.


  1. Wisdom that is hidden has no value.

  2. The person who hides their weaknesses is better than the one who hides their wisdom.

  3. Listen to this about shame.

  4. Judge those who are disgraced according to the laws.

  5. Not everything that is disgraceful is to be recognized.

  6. Your fathers will be ashamed of their immoral practices before those generations after them.

  7. Those who are masters will be ashamed of the seats before the public and they will be ashamed of this loyalty.

  8. Be ashamed of breaking promises or refusing to give to others if you have excess.

  9. Be ashamed of putting others down and putting yourself down.

  10. Be ashamed of suffering due to temptations that can be avoided.

  11. Be ashamed of breaking the new covenants which has been established and set forth at the beginning of the new age.

  12. Be ashamed of being harsh with others and not treating them the way that you expect to be treated.

  13. Be ashamed of telling secrets.

  14. Be ashamed of doing the wrong things knowingly and not seeking forgiveness.

  15. This is the law of common sense and the justice of those who abide by them is just and does not discriminate.

  16. Share the expenses and divide up what you have among those who need it.

  17. Remember to be accurate in everything you do and to be honest with yourself.

  18. Remember your place as a master of your own destiny, and train those who are younger than you in the ways of the new.

  19. Remember to be faithful to those you love and to be committed to those you love.

  20. Remember to record everything that is taken and given.

  21. Remember to teach wisdom to those who are foolish and through this you will be refined fully.


  1. Remember to keep your children faithful to you, to protect them always.

  2. Remember to keep your children righteous and committed to those they love the most.

  3. Keep a close watch on your children, and teach them to do the right thing always.

  4. Do not leave them up to their own destiny at such a young age, for this gets them involved in the wrong things.

  5. Remember to always keep watch over those that they love themselves, and to remember to tell them to do the right things.

  6. Remember to keep watch over your children, but remember to leave them up to their own destiny.

  7. Recall the works which have been seen and describes for these works were brought into being by those who work the hardest at them.

  8. The glory of creation fills everything in your life.

  9. Even the most holy people fail so that they can encounter the wonders of the world and become strengthened through this.

  10. Those who notice bad things will search their hearts and they will understand the inner knowledge and wisdom that they possess.

  11. The deepest secrets will be revealed and the past and the future will be foretold through everything.

  12. In your journey, you will become enlightened in understanding so that nothing can escape you.

  13. From eternity to eternity, time will pass, but your life will be a blink of an eye in the great and mighty world.

  14. The word will never be taken away and it will last from eternity to eternity.

  15. All of these works are beautiful and they are a joy to behold.

  16. Everything will be preserved for all ages and for the age to come.

  17. Every single work differs from one another, but that is the expression of human ingenuity and individuality.

  18. Everything that people do is intuitively good and no one can cover up the splendor that is the work of the righteous ones.


  1. The beauty of the heavens is manifested in the glory of the heavens.

  2. The sun is the greatest gift of humanity, for it brings light to all creation.

  3. It makes the earth hot by day, and it brings life to those who need it.

  4. The sun’s rays will engulf the world and it burns those who do not heed it.

  5. Great is the one who created it and the order which it gives to our universe.

  6. It marks the seasons and governs the times from everlasting to everlasting.

  7. By the sun’s movements we know of the seasons and the light which wanes.

  8. It renews itself every year and it is wonderful as it changes.

  9. The beauty of the heavens and the glory of the stars in the heavens shine brightly in the night.

  10. The moon keeps its place around the earth and does not fade with the stars.

  11. How majestic are the works in the wonders of the world.

  12. The heavens are in glory and the power of the Creator is in it all.

  13. Fleshes of judgment may come from time to time, but the glory remains forever.

  14. All of these events and weather patterns of the earth are influenced by the movement of the sun and the moon.

  15. Clouds are given strength and then they weaken off and the cycle begins again.

  16. The power of nature will shape the Earth and everything in it.

  17. All of the other weather patterns come predictably and they come with a vengeance, but then they leave and everything can begin again.

  18. Everyone will marvel at the clouds and the winds, for it brings forth what we can expect.

  19. The earth is scattered with these events and at the end, the earth will shine.

  20. From season to season things change, but it happens predictably and it happens every single year when the sun is at the right place.

  21. The mountains and the rivers and streams are influenced by the snows in the waters that come forth from the earth.

  22. The clouds that bring rain restore everything and it enriches lands that are dry.

  23. The deep seas are calm and in the islands and the seas are saved.

  24. Those who are at their hardest moments will face the weather and when they hear the weather coming they will flee.

  25. All kinds of life adorned the earth, and they take advantage of that which is around them.

  26. The will and destiny of every living creature is established according to their time and place.

  27. We do not have the words of this truth, because the words are the only things that endure forever and ever.

  28. Since we cannot fathom the Creator, we can marvel at the works that were created by it.

  29. Awesome is the creator, full of power and wonder.

  30. Do as much as you can while on this Earth, according to your needs and wants, so that you can be renewed.

  31. No one has seen the creator so no one can describe the creator.

  32. You’ve only seen a few of the great and mighty works performed and surely your children will see more.

  33. For it is through the Creator that all things were created that the wisdom was given to the earth forever and ever.


  1. Now you will praise the ancestors, who have struggled for the success you have achieved.

  2. They have taken part in the heavens they have taken their place among all of the spirits who now influence you.

  3. They were renowned and they saw what was coming, and they work towards a goal to make your life better.

  4. Those who came before you have died to expose the truth, so you should take advantage of the wisdom provided by your elders.

  5. People of the past have done many things which cannot be emulated again.

  6. Those who are elderly or solidly established are at peace with their own life.

  7. May their days on earth be illustrious and their time after death is glorious.

  8. Some of them left behind their names so that people could remember them forever.

  9. No memory may remain of others, for when they perished, their name perished.

  10. All people have influenced one another in some way, and their virtues will never be forgotten.

  11. Their heritage will remain with their descendants forever.

  12. Their family adheres to the covenant made and all of this was done for the sake of your children.

  13. Their glory will never be blotted out from their children so that they can endure forever.

  14. Their bodies are in peace but their name lives on forever.

  15. Their wisdom is retold among the family and the assembly proclaimed them and their wisdom.

  16. You will walk with your spirit and you will be taken so that succeeding generations might learn by your example.

  17. You will be worthy because he will survive through certain things and all of your tribulations will be ended with a great sign.

  18. The covenant will be made with you so that your flesh could never be destroyed.

  19. Your glory should be without restraints and without staining yourself.

  20. Enter into covenants with others and with your own world so that you can be found loyal to those you love.

  21. Your descendants will be blessed and they will rise to prosperity through the sufferings you have gone through.

  22. The same promise will be renewed because the covenants with all of your past generations will be confirmed.

  23. Blessings will come upon you and you will be given inheritance in the heavens upon your death.


  1. The memories of those before you are a blessing to all you.

  2. Angels will come to the earth and that they will strengthen those who seek the truth.

  3. Signs and miracles will be performed and they will be sustained in the presence of those who are about you.

  4. Because you are trusted, you will be given a special gift to give to the world.

  5. You will be given the law of the truth and understanding so that you can pass it on to those who do not see it.

  6. You will also be raised up, so that you are able to have the power in order to teach it.

  7. You will instill on yourself the covenant that your generations after you will share from the beginning of the age to the end of the age.

  8. You will be clothed and splendid things and he will be adorned.

  9. Every step you take will become an experience to learn so that you can be reminded of your struggles.

  10. Remember your foundation and remember it to be strong.

  11. Remember the work of those who came before you, for they sweated and suffered so that you may have a better life.

  12. Remember your ancestors who have suffered for you, and remember to always seek guidance from their continuing wisdom.

  13. Be adorned with these gifts so that you can become an example from generation to generation.

  14. Remember to offer those things you have an access to those who do not have anything.

  15. You are anointed with the covenant so that it can last with you and your family forever and ever.

  16. Remember the suffering that you go through, and apply everything you learned to future situations.

  17. You will be given authority to choose your own destiny, but the way you get there will not be chosen by you.

  18. Strangers rise up against you because you have the truth, they will grow jealous of you because you have a good life.

  19. Those who go against you will be destroyed and that will come before you and regard you as a marvel of life.

  20. Your glory will be increased and your spirit will be strengthened so that you can take part in the heavens with the dead after your death.

  21. Remember to give anything you have in excess of those who do not have anything so that they can lead a better life for their children.

  22. But one that does not live with you will not share in your heritage or success.

  23. Remember to be courageous against every trial that you face so that you can meet the crisis and resolve it.

  24. Remember that your spirit is a sanctuary for you and will become your friend so that your descendants can learn from you.

  25. Remember that the covenants of the past were for particular race, but the covenant that is now to be established for the new age is a covenant from all people to all people.

  26. Remember those who crowned you in glory so that you may live a life of righteousness.

  27. May you be granted wisdom in your hearts and bring justice to the people so that your benefits will not be taken away and your name will be remembered throughout all times.


  1. The warrior will be called to punish the enemies and to give back to the people their life.

  2. Glory will be theirs when the warrior raises their hand to fight against the city of darkness.

  3. Nobody can withstand those who battle for the righteousness of all people.

  4. It was by the same hand that time and time again, people have fought valiantly for what he believed in.

  5. Call upon your friends and then when your enemies are surrounded by you, your friends shall come with tremendous power to destroy them.

  6. The doomed nations shall know that their armies were hostile and they fought for the wrong cause.

  7. They were indeed devoted and they followed those who are righteous before them.

  8. When the rebels rose up against them, they put the rebellion down in righteousness.

  9. Because of this, innocent lives were spared so that the land could be prosperous again.

  10. The strength remained with those warriors even to the end of their days.

  11. All of their offspring may know how good it is to be devoted to the cause of righteousness.

  12. Each one of them did not have deceit in their hearts and their memory was blessed forever with the sacrifices their forefathers have forged for them.

  13. Make their death flourish with new life and their names remain in the hearts of many forever.

  14. When you were born, you were established to destiny and you are anointed to do a special purpose upon the face of the earth.

  15. You will be judged by your peers for the works you do throughout your life.

  16. A prophet is able to speak out through words and people will know this truth.

  17. Even they were called up to achieve the destiny, and when their enemies were around them, they fought through and became stronger in the end.

  18. A tremendous voice will be heard in your spirit and your spirit will call out for you to do certain things in your life.

  19. All of those who are lowly will be brought to glory because of the promptings of their spirits.

  20. You will testify of the spirit which has given you life and has given you a destiny to fulfill.

  21. Even after your death, your guidance will be sought and you will be made known unto all people of the righteous works you have done.


  1. Oh servants, who served in the presence of masters, you were chosen to be of support to these people, not just to serve them in their earthly matters.

  2. You will be their support and their guidance on the earth, and your spiritual reflect your righteousness to them.

  3. Great things come from the smallest places, so if you think you are insignificant, then you are not.

  4. Call upon your spirit so that you may receive strength to be skilled in all that you do so that you can be remembered.

  5. You will be honored by those who are above you so that you may receive glory through them forever.

  6. You will help your masters to subdue enemies so that their power may not be shattered in your days.

  7. Every deed will be offered with thanks and your masters love you with their whole hearts and would not be able to survive without your continued support and guidance.

  8. Daily they will be thanked for all that you do, even if they do not say it explicitly.

  9. You will add beauty to the lives of others and you will be given time to yourself each year.

  10. You will be of support to the people who do good for all people so that you may be praised also.

  11. The sanctuary and households of those you serve will be glorified forever.

  12. Your strength and your patience will be exalted forever in the heavens.

  13. Because of your merits, your successors will have to see the life of a wise person who lives truly.

  14. You will be there in an era of peace so that all of those you serve will be at rest.

  15. You will be instructed and giving great wisdom when you are young, so that you may know the work of which you have been called to do.

  16. You are beloved for your peacefulness and your support for the masters that you serve.

  17. You will astound those that you served by answering their questions.

  18. You will be called glorious by those you serve so that you may receive more blessings upon the face of the earth.

  19. Do not abandon the work which you do, for it is righteous work.

  20. Do not be disdained at the work that you do, for the work that you do will help the generations which come after you to become more prosperous themselves.

  21. If the master loses everything, then you will receive a share of what he lived.

  22. Mercy will be given to you if you fail in your promises.

  23. Your offspring will not suffer because of the sin that you have committed so your posterity will not be destroyed.

  24. The King will finally go off into death and leave behind the successor.

  25. Each king should rule like their successors, and not do the opposite of what is expected.

  26. This will bring the people and to rebellion and those people who rebel will be exiled.

  27. Bad deeds will grow more and more and the people that do them little lies will succumb to suffering and evil.


  1. Until the prophet appears, the words of the wicked will burn everyone.

  2. All of the life of those four righteous will be shattered and those who remain will be few.

  3. The heavens will be shocked and the spirit will not be able to be with those who are wicked.

  4. The glory of the prophets is equal to all those, but the prophet knows of the truth and will share with everyone the truth.

  5. Those who are dead will be brought back to life.

  6. Those who are corruptible be brought down into destruction and those who are noble will be out of their house.

  7. There will be threats of judgments by the people to others who were more powerful than them.

  8. The anointed one will be the agent of the punishments and the prophet will succeed him.

  9. Those who are righteous will be taken aloft into the heavens upon their death to dwell in the heavens forever and ever.

  10. You were destined to put an end to the wrath of the King and bring back the worst of people.

  11. Blessed is the one who sees the light before they die.

  12. You will be raised and you will be filled with the spirits and the fire of that spirit will dwell within you so that you will not have the earth for suffering.

  13. Nothing will be beyond your power and where you are buried is where you were prophesied to be.

  14. You will perform wonders and marvelous deeds during and after your life.

  15. The people that do not give up the suffering in their life will never be able to see the light.

  16. Most people are small and insignificant when you compare it to the works of great people.

  17. Some of them will do what is right, but others will do what is wrong.


  1. Fortify yourself and build a foundation by which you can live your life so that nothing can take you away.

  2. During trials and temptations, they will come against your fortified walls, but you will be able to conquer it.

  3. Even if all of your friends leave you, you will still have your body in the spirit that is your foundation.

  4. Call upon your spirit so that your spirit can help you get through the trials and temptations of your life.

  5. That which has caused you to suffer will go away from you and will be struck down.

  6. You have done what is right and you have held fast your path towards the light and towards your destiny.

  7. Through living a good life, you will prolong your life so that you may not die as a frail and sickly person.

  8. Your spirit will look into the future and your future looks bright.

  9. Things will be hidden and yet to be filled until the time has come.

  10. Your life will make a lasting impact on others.

  11. You will grieve over betrayals and you will beast destroyed by those who seek to put you down.

  12. Keep your heart fixed on righteousness and in times of suffering practice virtue.

  13. Those who go against you are all wicked and they will remain so until the very end.

  14. They give their power to their sufferings.

  15. They will burn their own spirit and leave their bodies desolate of righteousness.

  16. They will mistreat you because of your righteousness, and put you down to destroy you.

  17. You will see that you are stronger than they are because of your righteousness.

  18. You will be given new life where they lie and new strength so that you have hope in the future.

  19. Remember your friends, who are at your right hand.

  20. Remember those who you can take example from and those who were destined for glory.

  21. Remember the memory of those who saw the shattering of their lives, just to see it rebuilt again in their own lives.

  22. Few upon the earth have been enlightened, and those have been taken into godhood.

  23. There were few people born like the enlightened beings so that their memory remains forever and ever.

  24. They are clothed in glory so that any living being will remember the words spoken by them.


  1. The greatest people in your life are your family.

  2. They are your foundation in your reinforcement in your life.

  3. They are powerful in influencing your life.

  4. They will dig for you a foundation that is fast and full of possibility.

  5. They will protect you against evil and strengthen you against the enemies.

  6. They will be splendid when they come out and greet you.

  7. They will be stars shining upon your life even among the clouds.

  8. They will be the sun that shines into your Temple so that their light can penetrate into your life.

  9. They will blossom like springtime and the pure in heart and mind.

  10. They will bring you the revealers of all so that you can be exalted forever.

  11. They will give you abundant life and blessings beyond your wildest dreams.

  12. They will raise you up and they will invest in you so that you may have the glory.

  13. They will be your support and your everything so that your gifts may be given to them, just as they have given their gifts to you.

  14. They will glorify you in the presence of the public.

  15. Once you have completed your time, they will arrange for you that which you deserve that is your parting from the world.

  16. They will stretch forth their hands and offer everything to you and the outlet they have for you.

  17. They will remind you of those which preceded you and those which you will proceed.

  18. Your family is with you in one spirit so that you do not fall down alone, but you are raised up together.

  19. They will present to you everything and they have sacrificed greatly for you, just as you have sacrificed greatly for them.

  20. Your hands will be raised over all the public through the support of your family so that you may be glory.

  21. The people would fall down again, but they were to receive blessings from each other.

  22. They will foster growth and you and fashion you according to what they want you to be.

  23. They will give you will wise hearts and minds and be with you and peace.

  24. May your family last forever and may your family fulfill the covenant with you and all of your descendants under the heavens.


  1. My whole being is within myself.

  2. All of those who are foolish will not listen to these words.

  3. Wise instructions have been given and are in a great book of knowledge.

  4. Those who meditate upon these things and take them to hearts are happy.

  5. Those who put these teachings into practice will cope with everything, for they have a strong and firm foundation.

  6. Your spirit declares your name and it will give you refuge in your life.

  7. They will deliver you back from the pit that your body dwells and bring you up.

  8. They will preserve you from all of those who judge you and rise up against you.

  9. You will be saved from the mercy that your spirit gives you and the support that your friends give you.

  10. From all the suffering that you suffer in the world, they will raise you up in love that influences you.

  11. They will raise you up from the people who speak lies to you.

  12. They will raise you up against those who seek to harm you.

  13. You will turn everywhere but there will be no help, so you look for supports and there is no support.

  14. Then you should remember your spirits and the foundation within yourself, and those who take refuge in their spirit will be raised up.

  15. Cry for help with your spirit so that your spirit may know and may grant you wisdom.

  16. Your spirit is your savior and your champion, so do not abandon it ever.

  17. Your spirit will always remember you, so you should always remember your spirit and it will listen to your appeal for help.

  18. It will save you from every evil and preserve you in trouble.


  1. When I was young, I sought the wisdom talked about here.

  2. Wisdom came to me and beauty and I was cultivated until the end of my days.

  3. My heart was joyful and the abundance of wisdom that I received through the experiences I have gone through in my life.

  4. I paid heed to the wisdom which has been taught to me.

  5. I will now take the wisdom that I have learned and share it with the rest of the world.

  6. I will not turn back into the ways of unrighteousness, for the ways of the wise are better.

  7. I will never relent in my desire for more wisdom and never be weary in learning.

  8. For I am purified and cleansed by the understanding I have for the great power of wisdom.

  9. My whole being seeks wisdom so that I may have wisdom, my most prized possession.

  10. I have been rewarded with many blessings from my life, for my birth to my death.

  11. Those who are not so wise in the ways of wisdom should learn from those who have it.

  12. Do not deprive yourself of wisdom, for you will go into the face of suffering.

  13. Wisdom does not cost anything, so wisdom is open to anyone.

  14. Those who seek wisdom will receive wisdom.

  15. See for yourself for I have not done much, but the wisdom comes to me through my experiences.

  16. Even if you acquire a little wisdom, you will receive great blessings and powerful messages.

  17. May your spirits rejoice in the mercy you will be given and do not be ashamed of who you are.

  18. Do good works and achieve your destiny so that at the end of time you may receive blessings and rewards.