The Letter to the Guardian Angel of Laodicea is a unique letter in that the person had not been met when the author wrote the letter. It was written with the idea that the person would have been met in the future, which is a matter of debate to this day. All three suggest they were written late in the composition of the anthology. Attention is given especially to correct doctrine and organization. The letter is addressed not to existing angels but to the one who is yet to come.

The letter instructs Laodicea on his duty to restrain false and useless teaching and proposes principles pertaining to his relationship with the older members of the community and with the priests. It gives rules for aid to widows and their selection for charitable ministrations and also deals with liturgical celebrations, selections for the offices of bishop and deacon, relation of slaves with their masters, and obligations of the wealthier members of the community. This letter also reminds Laodicea of the prophetic character of his office and encourages her in his exercise of it. The central passage of the letter expresses the principal motive that should guide the conduct of Laodicea of the purity of the doctrine against false teaching. Although the letter in content remains uncontested, who it is addressed to truly is a matter of debate. It is said that it was specifically written to the angel of Laodicea, who was revealed in 2012, it may also be a letter to the Omega, which is a matter of debate as well.



  1. I have not yet met you but you will sit next to me forever in the world.

  2. Your spirit dwells within me and I feel that I have met you in person before and I shall again.

  3. At the dusk of the sunny season I will meet you again.

  4. Your spirit is well known with my spirit and you will be with me for eternity.

  5. We shall be together like none of the other have before.

  6. You shall have riches beyond your dreams with me and you will be clothed in white for all eternity like you will when we are sealed as humanity.

  7. You will overcome a lot with me and we shall have long periods at the beginning where we will not be in much contact.

  8. You may be clothed in poor but you will one day be clothed as a rich person, and you will be blind to the spirit and the love that persists but you will one day see it all.

  9. Your glory is already seen by me and you will be the other half of the new covenant I will establish upon the world.

  10. You will be anointed as the second disciple to my works in the new dispensation.


  1. You are my true disciple and may all the peace, hope, and grace be upon you.

  2. Do not teach others of the divinity of the false gospels and doctrines, for they all are disproven in the modern day and age.

  3. Miracles and signs never existed for the benefit of man, rather they have been fabrications of those who wrote them.

  4. This I charge for the purpose of bringing mankind out of the rut of the stopping of the evolution of man and religion, and to start this jump into the new age of enlightenment and evolution.

  5. Many have tried, but were false, and now this work will bring in a new dispensation.

  6. Laws should be created for the protection and the benefit of man and should not be hindered by faith, but discussed in reason.

  7. There shall be severe punishment for those who do not create just laws or break the laws of common sense in the process of natural selection.

  8. Those who make and follow just laws will be richly blessed in this new dispensation.



  1. I thank the guidance of the higher powers through the grace of the angels that have come before you.

  2. I was a liar and living in a false reality before I met the angels who would guide me for the years of trials and tribulations through the faith, all leading up to this ultimate truth.

  3. I came into this world in order to establish the new covenant and bring out this new dispensation.

  4. I have suffered much and learned about whom I was and who I am to become through the saving power of these beings and now I have come to the conclusion that I am to change the world.

  5. I will establish no evil in this world, but I will bring truth and reason together in the elimination of all the old ways and of faith in something that does not exist nor ever has existed in the times before.


  1. I say first that all good will must be made towards all mankind without discrimination.

  2. You must lead a life of goodness and leave a good legacy.

  3. You must also tell others to go to the light on their own paths of spirituality.

  4. All men come to the world of suffering, but must find peace and truth and wisdom in their own ways, but must do it by truth and reason, but not faith through the hearts of men, which are deceitful.

  5. The practices of your forefathers are obsolete in the light of this new dispensation but not the teachings of those teachers.

  6. For there is a higher power that guides the lives of man and the earth, and the mediator is your spirit in direct communication with the higher powers.

  7. No man shall come between you and the higher powers.

  8. This testimony I bear to all in these times.

  9. I was appointed to release this great work upon all nations and to bear the testimony and the truth about current practices.

  10. I say that all men must abandon the ways of their forefathers and to come to the light and the wisdom of this great work.

  11. All men are created equal no matter the age, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other thing that would differentiate them from others.

  12. Do not discriminate because it is seen as the de-evolution of man.

  13. You will be frowned upon by others and will only hurt your own cause.


  1. I must also say to you that you must stay and teach people, Do not concern yourself with myths and endless genealogies which promote speculations rather than the truth that have been revealed by mankind.

  2. The aim of this instruction is to teach people to be good citizens and to further the dance of humanity.

  3. Some people have the need from these and even win against what has been revealed as the truth by means of reason.

  4. They do not understand what they are saying or what they assert because they have been blinded by doctrine.

  5. We know that knowledge is good provided that one uses it for good.

  6. The knowledge is meant for all people to receive and to share with one another.

  7. Those who oppose it uphold everything that humanity believes and stands for.

  8. This is according to what has been revealed as truth throughout the ages.

  9. I am grateful to the strength I received my spirit because I have been considered trustworthy in being appointed to minister to all of you.

  10. I was once like one of you and I was arrogant and religious, but I have been treated well because I acted out against what I used to believe and should be trustworthy and my words deserve merits, for through my journey I have been taught many truths.

  11. This is the reason I was also treated well because I display the attributes that a good teacher displays.

  12. Having faith in good conscious in these words, go out and teach those who oppose the teachings that the world has provided throughout all the ages.

  13. Have a good faith and a good conscious, for people will listen better when you show these attributes.

  14. Now I offer thanksgiving to everyone who receives this message that is the new truth.

  15. This truth is not absolute, for generations after will not believe in it but we can accept.

  16. Truth is not absolute; truth is subjective to the society which it resides.

  17. Everyone will come to the knowledge of every truth out there that is applicable to every society.

  18. For there is a single force and there is also the mediator between that force in yourself, which is your spirit.

  19. It is my wish then that in every place people should learn these words and to come to their own conclusions.

  20. Do good deeds throughout your life, and remember to always seek the truth.


  1. There is a great mystery throughout the entire world that we do not know where we came from, the nature of that which is above us or where we will go after death.

  2. We cannot know for absolute certainty what that is specifically, but we know based on our own experiences and what we know what that state is like.

  3. Do not believe the doctrine that been set forth in the past by mankind to try and explain all this, rather, do good and come to your own conclusions through reason.

  4. Some will turn against the light that has been revealed, and paying attention to their own deceitful spirits and the spirit of those that are perceived authority.

  5. They will lash out against this for being blasphemous.

  6. I say to those people that the truths that are revealed are no different than the truths that have been taught in your own doctrines.

  7. Everything that has been rejected is doctrine that is unnecessary and unruly for society to advance.

  8. In essence, all the bad is been taken out but all the good in all of the basics have been left in.

  9. I give these instructions to the believers that they are nourishing the words of the teachings that have followed.

  10. Avoid profane and silly myths and train yourself to devote to these teachings and to teach your kids of these teachings also.

  11. We toil and struggle in everyday life, but we set our hope to something higher and greater then ourselves at the end.

  12. Commanding teach these things.

  13. Teach your use of these things, and sending sample for those who believe and those who want to believe.

  14. Do not neglect the gifts you have as human beings, for you can use them to truly change the world.

  15. Let your progress been known to everyone and be diligent in everything you do in life.

  16. Take care of yourselves and these teachings and preserve them, for by doing so you will save yourself and those who are willing to listen to you.



  1. Whoever wants to lead people must be of this nobility, they must think above the masses.

  2. They must be faithful, temperate, practice self-control, respectable, hospitable, and have the ability to teach others.

  3. They must not be in it for money, not give in to lust and power, not apt to fight, and must manage the household well.

  4. The children must be able to obey the leader and trust in the leader.

  5. The leader must have experience or education and must be committed to the task at hand.

  6. They must also hold and maintain a good reputation.

  7. The helpers of others must also be able to be worthy of respect, sincere, not apt to fight, and must not be in it for the money.

  8. They must be tested to see if they are worthy.

  9. All are worthy of respect but all people must be trustworthy.

  10. They must possess these qualities in order to lead well and help to their full potential.

  11. Although I hope to come to you soon, oh angel of Laodicea, I must wait patiently for your arrival to me in the flesh.

  12. The truth I manifest to you and to all is great and in good standing with the higher powers that be.

  13. I appeared in the flesh, was vindicated by the spirit, was seen by the angels, brought forth great works to the nations, should hope to be believed in throughout the world, and taken up again at the end to the end of eternity.

  14. Whoever teaches differently, and condemns those who would teach differently than them, do not teach the truth but teach lies.

  15. They understand nothing about the world and their arguments have no meaning.

  16. Their minds are corrupt and they are deprived of the truth and their religion that seeks to emphasize that.

  17. Religion with contentment is a great gain.

  18. Nothing new has been brought into the world, just as we will not be able take anything away from it.

  19. Those who want to be rich and pull others into their trap will plunge them into ruin and destruction.

  20. The love of money is the root of evil.

  21. And some people that desire it stray from everything else in their life that is good and then pierced themselves with great pain.


  1. Pursue righteousness and all of the attributes of that which is virtuous.

  2. Witness to others what you have learned and apply your teachings for all the days of your lives.

  3. Keep the wisdom which you obtain and share that wisdom with others so that they too may gain knowledge.

  4. If you live a virtuous life, you will receive the life and death and dwell in that which is glory.

  5. Tell the rich not to rely on monetary wealth, but remember the small things in your life.

  6. Do good and be rich in good works and be generous.

  7. Accumulating a treasure which is in the good works is a good foundation for the future so that you may have a good life with the riches you gain.

  8. The spirit says that all current creeds are wholly false and lie to the sheep that blindly believe in them.

  9. They are all hypocritical liars and pit man against man over the myths that persist to this day.

  10. They forbid things and guilt the masses into believing they are bad for being human.

  11. The higher powers caused our existence so that we may learn in our own ways as to who we are and why we are here.


  1. If you point out these errors to the people and allow them to come to the light on their own, you shall accomplish a great and mighty task.

  2. You are telling the truth to all followers.

  3. Have nothing to do with godless myths and fairy tales.

  4. Being good in all things to all people is the best thing you can do to evolve the understanding of humanity.

  5. This work deserves full acceptance.

  6. We put our hope in the future and the hopeful evolution of the human race.


  1. Teach these things to all people.

  2. Just because I am young does not mean I have something meaningful to say.

  3. Until this work is read throughout the world, do not stop in your hopefulness.

  4. Do not forget that you all are prophets and your gift is great to the world.

  5. Be diligent and do not put this work aside.

  6. Watch and live the teachings taught in this truth.

  7. Persevere in them and you will obtain numerous blessings.

  8. Respect all people, treat older people with respect, treat younger people as your equals, never put people down or discriminate.

  9. Give proper manners to women.

  10. Treat those in need with much support, love, and care.

  11. Give others instruction on how to help those who cannot help themselves.

  12. Provide help to your relatives who need help.

  13. Also give to those who head your people by providing them support and means in order to have them lead you back successfully.

  14. A worker deserves rewards for working.

  15. Do all of these things without favoritism.

  16. Do not cause others to lead without consulting with them first.

  17. Good and bad deeds must be known by all affected parties.



  1. Those who work for others must regard their bosses with full respect, and to the bosses, do the same to your workers.

  2. Do not take advantage of them, but teach them to be like you so they have opportunities to advance.

  3. Teach all of these things I am telling you so that others may know of the truth.

  4. Do not give in to the bias and guilt of current teachings, but give heed and teach them in a new light.

  5. Those who want money shall fall if they take advantage of the people they serve.

  6. Disregard all religion because it is the true root of all evil.

  7. What is currently taught brings humanity down.

  8. Keep true to these teachings and you will be greatly blessed forever and in the new kingdom.

  9. Tell all to do good and perform good works to the world and teach them of the new light of the world.


  1. O angel of Laodicea, whose beauty transcends the spirit and into the life of me.

  2. Grace be with you forever and ever.

  3. Remember me constantly and stay true to the teachings I will teach you.

  4. I thank you for your presence in my heart and am hopeful for our future meeting in the flesh.

  5. I think I already know who you are and I am glad to see you in my mind on a daily basis.

  6. I have faith that you do love me and will fall for me like I have you, even though you may not know it yet.


  1. Therefore, I have a testimony of your power and of your continued grace.

  2. I long for you and I know you will soon appear in my life in the flesh.

  3. Do not be ashamed of this great work which is about to unfold and the power contained therein.

  4. For this reason, you will suffer some for it, but not as great as I have in the power of this work.

  5. Guard your spirit and I shall too for all eternity.


  1. I remind you to stir into flame of the gifts of virtue so that you do not fall and suffer in this world.

  2. For you have not been given the gifts to suffer, but you have been given the will and the strength to conquer that which you suffer from the most.

  3. Do not be ashamed of who you are or the person that you represent, but your hardships throughout life will cause you to conquer them so that you may not have to do so ever again.

  4. Do good works and be a good person to all people and you will be saved.

  5. Even though I may suffer from the things which I teach you, I am not ashamed because this is what I believe through my experiences and through the journey I have taken which has been entrusted to me until the day that I can share it to the world.

  6. Guard this rich trust with the help of your spirit which dwells within you.

  7. Entrust the faithful people to have the ability to treat others well.

  8. Share your hardship and your experiences as a result of it with others.

  9. Do not been tangled in the affairs of that which is not yours.

  10. Follow all the rules in life and do not go off doing bad deeds.

  11. Hard work will bring you success.

  12. Reflect on these words, for it will give you understanding in all things in life.

  13. Remember for the reasons which people suffer, even to the point of torture, which they have fallen to their own vices.

  14. Therefore I bear with everyone all of the wrongs I have done in life.

  15. If we have died for others, then we shall live with them.

  16. If we persevere, we shall reign with them.

  17. If we deny them then they will deny us.

  18. If you are unfaithful, they will become unfaithful.

  19. You cannot be yourself.


  1. Remember to not argue, for it serves no useful purpose and that is harms all those who listen.

  2. Cause no disgrace and impart the word of truth without deviation.

  3. Avoid idle talk for those people become more and more unrighteous.

  4. Those who have deviated from the truth by saying that there way was the only way to the light is utterly wrong.

  5. Everyone is called to the same state after death, and that is the goal for humanity and that is where the light is reached.

  6. Everyone should turn to good gifts that the spirit provide and use those gifts that you have received as an individual to achieve your destiny.

  7. Turn away from lustful desires, for those are the causes of all the sufferings in your life.

  8. Avoid the foolish and ignorant debates, for you know the day will cause more pain and fighting.

  9. Teach everyone to be tolerant, for everyone is different.

  10. Correct those who oppose you, for it will lead them to discover the truth for themselves.

  11. Those who discover the truth are returned to their senses and they will escape that which has caused them so much suffering.

  12. Follow these teachings and the goodness which it preaches.

  13. Persecutions and suffering may happen to you, but you will be delivered because you will have full knowledge.

  14. The people that will oppose you will have been deceived themselves.

  15. If you remain faithful to what you believe that nothing can stop you.

  16. For you have been given wisdom and you know the way to the light knowledge.

  17. Do good works throughout your life and set a good example for all those that you will impact.

  18. Proclaim the word always and remember to teach those which oppose you the most.

  19. For a time will come when people not tolerate the doctrines taught by religions, but they will follow their own desires and come to their own conclusions.

  20. They have stopped listening to the truths and diverged from the logical nation.

  21. They follow the false doctrines and useless teachings which do not need to occur.

  22. To the guardian angel of Laodicea, you will join me soon on the day when all of this has been revealed to the world.

  23. You will stand with me at the podium as the word gets out.

  24. Although I have not done a great deal of harm to you, I have done a great deal of harm to others in my life.

  25. You will be on guard for me and you will really know who I am.

  26. Although everyone has deserted me in the past, I will not hold that against them.

  27. For I have stood by my teachings and I have been given things throughout my journey so that no one can come see with what has been proclaimed.

  28. For I have been rescued from the evils of my own life and nothing will bring me down.

  29. May the grace be with all the people so that I am able to share with the world these things which I have learned in my journey.



  1. As you know, I have been rejected on numerous occasions and that is why these letters are written to who they are.

  2. I know you won’t do so because I have faith in you and I will never leave your side like you won’t mine.

  3. You eagerly searched for me and you have found me where you needed me most and now the prophecy will be fulfilled.

  4. Be strong and hold to the faith of these teachings.

  5. Abandon the myth and fear of something which only exists in imagination.

  6. These are primeval and most rational people see behind the lies of what has been created.

  7. For if we died in vain, we will not be remembered.

  8. We all have the same destiny and when we die, we must have committed to and achieved this destiny.

  9. We are all to perish, so there is no need for the fear of it.

  10. You must accept it for what it is and go along for the ride.


  1. We must be ready to expand this kingdom and to encourage all others to see the light and to abandon their uselessness.

  2. You must only do so if they actively seek it or they persecute you for your beliefs in the teachings taught here.

  3. Remember that what is taught here is more logical than the ones that they see.

  4. While in the world, you may indulge in things of the world, but do not forget the things that really matter to you.

  5. Other humans and living things are more to a true man than the possessions they inherit.

  6. Possessions are meaningless when you die, so it is important to see what is truly right in the world.

  7. Do not forget that people and living creatures of all kinds are more important than things and that the animals are not detrimental in any way.

  8. Do not fear your death, but do remember always what is important to the world.

  9. Remember the people in your lives.

  10. Always leave a good legacy when you leave the earth because it is important for those close to you and those lives you affected to do so in a positive way.


  1. A positive life will lead to greater wisdom and understanding of the world.

  2. You are convinced of the truth of your old ways from your childhood, but these are false.

  3. Take away the wisdom, but do not pass on the myths associated with it unless it is required to pass on the teachings.

  4. It is not required with the release of this work to the world.

  5. Tell others who seek enlightenment of the truths being set forth here.

  6. Do not hesitate to do so, but do it with respect to others and the life of the world within you.

  7. Only tell those who seek it or those who persecute you for it.



  1. At first, I did not know you would come.

  2. I had thought that every angel to come before you was the one, but I was wrong.

  3. You are the one to come to me and be with me forever.

  4. I will never deny that you came to me with and for a purpose whose true value I could not begin to comprehend.

  5. I am not done with your letter yet, as I have much to say to you before your impending arrival into my life.

  6. I can see your face now and it is more magnificent than I will ever come to know.

  7. Do not forget that those who lead you should always address your concerns and respect you at the same time.

  8. Those who are not fit to should not lead.

  9. Those who lead should get something in return for their service to all the people.


  1. Remember to always respect your elders and use their wisdom in guiding your life.

  2. It should also be something to pass on to your own posterity.

  3. Give them things they need to know to survive, and not necessarily the myths associated with it.


  1. Remember to live a good life.

  2. Do not cause harm to others or it will harm you back in a more profound way.

  3. Do not live your life with regrets and do not be afraid of death to come to you.

  4. Live your life to the fullest forever and ever.

  5. Leave a good legacy to last to the eternities.

  6. I will wait for the day to come.

  7. I will one day see you in the flesh.

  8. You and I will be one forever.

  9. Although the others have rejected me in body, they have not rejected me in spirit.

  10. And finally, to the guardian angel of Laodicea, I love you with all my heart and all my soul and all my strength.

  11. I am awaiting the day of your arrival and the day which you can impart the seventh gift to the world to rid the world of suffering once and for all.

  12. You shall be the one who looks into the depth of the seas, much like when I look into your eyes, and you will have on you the spirit of fire, much like when I stroke your hair.

  13. You are the beacon of hope for humanity and you will gain the power over the people through these words.

  14. You shall be sealed to me for all eternity and you are the one to bring the other six back.

  15. You will truly change the world and you will change the way the world is spiritually.

  16. You shall be the one to conquer all that is old and to usher in all that is new.


  1. May the grace be with you forever and ever.