Letter to the Fourth Guardian Angel of Philadelphia Letters


This short letter is addressed to a little known member of the Continuum named Fourth Philadelphia, who would, in her short time with Ryan, influence and encourage him to take his newfound knowledge to the world and that it would make him a better person. He would ultimately respond to that calling by talking to her about her own shackles in life and telling her to come with him to break free from the things of the world. To Ryan, Fourth Philadelphia was the representative of a slave that found the newfound freedom of a free woman in the world. Ryan was about to experience the same thing in his life and it would be that experience that would propel his writing.




Correspondence given to Fourth Philadelphia by Ryan in April of 2011 concerning her place in the list of the very best of friends, which is odd considering her relative lack of any real relationship, but she has been instrumental throughout the year and warranted this entry due alone to the example of support that she has given Ryan throughout that formidable time. This is a response to the question of her validity being in such a position. It was a real turning point in defining what it means to be a friend of support.

Dear Fourth Philadelphia,

You have held fast to what you have and desire the most and nobody can take that away from you. You shall reign with me and the others when the new covenant is established and the rise of the new dispensation. To you, my dear friend in the loose garments of the glory of the higher powers, I say to you these things. Faith and Love will go hand in hand with the coming of the new covenant. This is what you taught me through your undying support of me and that is why the support you have given to me alone warrants your place of honor.

I tell you that this letter will make us partners in the new faith upon which this new covenant is founded. I know of your immense love towards others and of your deep faith in the things to come. I order you to do these things for me on the basis that I am doing it out of love. I am none other than the messenger from the higher powers upon the world. I was useless to you, but now I need you more than you shall need me.

I am sending my heart to you. I will need you in helping me to hold together the new teachings upon which the new dispensation which will be established. I want you to come to me voluntarily but I will remind you of the blessings that would come to you. You would no longer be the one who is unknown but you will attain fame and fortune under the new covenant, and your blessings in this life will not stop. This is what I shall promise to you and to all who have come and have still yet to come to me and attain this glory in my life.

Welcome all as you would welcome me. If anyone owes you something, bring it back to me and I will do your will. I wish you could see the greatness of this work and you will in due time. Confident in your love, you will be attracted to this great work. I will be with you in spirit forever in the light of the glory of the greatness of the higher beings. I can see from you that you are a great human being and you will continue to support me even after the other three have gone.

I shall live in harmony with the world just as you have shown me some harmony through your life. I did not think that you would have such a great impact on my life, but now I am grateful for you to hear of this message. There will be more like you that shall come into my life and I shall be abundantly blessed because of it. I do not see now, but I shall see into the future. The future for me is full of faith and hope the likes of which have not been seen before.

The others have abandoned me now. You are the only one that I see out of the four that can support me now. I am grateful to see that there is some lingering support so that I can leave on my terms and not on yours. I will leave you now and I will return to you in the glory of it all. I shall return to you on my terms and things will be all good and well again. This is a day that I look forward to all the days of my life.

This letter is addressed to the guardian angel but it is for the whole world to hear. I love you with all my heart, soul, and strength. I hope to see you to help me to bring forth all the others so I can live in peace and harmony with all of them forever. You are the one to bring the others so there is a harmony in all things. I have learned to see the harmony in you and I shall be at that same level of harmony. That is the message that I want all the people in the world to leave with.

With Love,