Letter to the Guardian Angel of Ephesus Letters


This series of letters are addressed to Ephesus by Ryan between May and December of 2009, prior, during, and after Ryan’s first vision and subsequent change in his life. It is addressed for the purposes primarily dealing with the plan of salvation. It also tackles the role of the Christ in relation to the world and the plan of salvation.


It shares a unique view of the journey in that Ryan had not experienced the journey in the way that he thought it would turn out to be. Being the first, the letters listed here in particular to Ephesus are unique in content and style, and in many ways, represent the foundation of the journey, such as the purpose of life, the state of the world, life, and death, and the role of the Christ in the world.


The focus of the letters are on unity and in action. These two are the most important doctrines in the age of the New Covenant. The mission of the Covenant, and even the nature of the Covenant itself, is not fully planned out here, but it is important in the development of some of the core concepts and how they are to be defined. It is surprising when these letters are revisited as to how they correspond to the content of the doctrines.


Many of these letters are written after Ephesus leaves Ryan and much of the content deals with those experiences and trying to move on in the process. Some of these letters deal with a process that many people in the world do not try to understand and do not understand. As a result, that is also the process in which many people fall, never to get back from.




Correspondence given to Ephesus by Ryan in April of 2009 concerning his battle between the good and the evil in his life shortly before his conversion, she being a deciding factor for him to go down the path to that would lead him to his first vision and change his life forever. It would result in the journey that caused him to write these proceedings.

Dear Ephesus,

You have brought me from the world of secularization to my first encounters with the higher beings and the one who is already close to the one I have sought after, and have now achieved to an extent above all others. You yourself have overcome the world of darkness into the light of that which is called the enlightened state, but your belief is in something that I have not yet experienced. You told me to come out of the darkness and to be into the light and come into the higher light and a new perspective on things that have been, are here, and what is to come.

With Love,



Correspondence given to Ephesus by Ryan in May of 2009 concerning her influence on his first vision experience, Ryan passed his experiences onto Ephesus and it was because of her that Ryan had decided to accept the changes that he was going through. She was again reminded of her deciding factor in his decision and thought that going down in her path was most beneficial to his future. He was reluctant at first, but then he accepted it after seeing a taste of that new path in life.

Dear Ephesus,

You are a beautiful temple of the higher beings and the one who is to follow me. You have not sought me but I have sought you. You are born with me and within me and you shall seek eternal life within me. You have exposed the lies I have created and crushed all of them, along with the old life I created for myself. Your patience and perseverance are unmatched with any of the ones who are to come. You have tested me and hated me for my false deeds and desires, but you will never leave my spirit and eventual guidance.

Blessed be to you and your guidance within that time of the continuum of my life. Your blessings upon me were unmatched in the continuum of the visitations of my beings. You have revealed yourself to me through the one who I have known for the longest. Blessed be the higher being that has come before me through your grace. You have been the foundation of my continued faith in the higher being. My will has been set out by this higher being and now it appears to have come full circle. Your grace through your patience and perseverance has richly blessed me. Your wisdom along with your icy will to expose all lies caused me to pull out of my old life and into the new one that I experienced. You shall be the one who will continue to guide me into the light while I will guide you into yours.

In you I have gained a will to live and a will to eventually die to attain the higher status above all on earth. You have given me hope in the higher beings and the desire to be with them. You were sealed with me in the spirit of God and washed upon, putting in by faith the faith of our forefathers. You and I shall take away the traditions of men and usher in the new dispensation. I will go and set forth the way, the truth, and the light upon the world of darkness. You will be forever remembered as the one who set me off to this path and I will seek it earnestly for the rest of my life.

With Love,



Correspondence given to Ephesus by Ryan in October of 2009, at the height of the tensions of their relationship, which was a particularly difficult time for Ryan to get through as well as a time of temptations and trials for him. Although it was a trying time, it was a process that he would go through many more times and lead to his mastering of the process of coming and going of these young women. It was really about the maturity of him, which is a model of the maturity of the individual. It is one of the greatest secrets of life that is not discovered by many individuals until they are much older.

Dear Ephesus,

I now write these things to you. Grace be with you and your spirit forever. Blessed is the one who follows in the path of the light. Even before time, there was a destiny for you and now it shall be revealed. You were ordained to make your own choices in the obtaining of wisdom and life experience. The world is full of wonder and mystery. I shall give to all people in the new dispensation this revelation and the freedom of the will of man.

As you came down, you had given one who had given us everything all the spiritual blessings, even every single one that came down from the heavens. Your spirit has brought it down to you and you all have the capacity to attain every spiritual blessing that comes with living in immortality. You are destined for adoption by your ancestors and your ancestors will give you these blessings through your spirit. You have been granted this grace and these gifts through the power of your ancestors and your spirit.

You have then redeemed us, for you will not do bad deeds if you listen to the promptings of your spirit. You’ve been given wisdom to know right from wrong and you will learn these differences in life. Your destiny is something that is preordained to you, but you have choice over how you attain that. To sum up all things, your spirit has planned for you to live your life according to the principles set forth by your spirit to the grace of your ancestors and the glory of the almighty creator of the heavens and the earth, who reigns in the heavens. You are chosen and you are destined to accomplish a purpose within your life according to the intention of the will of your spirit. You exist in order to achieve that destiny through the promptings of your spirit. You have heard the word of truth, the truth about what is truly right and wrong and you have been sealed and held in your spirit. This is the first installment towards a reduction as a spirit of your own in order to guide your posterity for generations to come.

I hear your faith and of your love for all the people that have come in to your life. I do not cease giving thanks to you because you have made such an impact on my life. You have been given a spirit of wisdom and revelation resulting in the knowledge that was greater than mine. Your heart was enlightened to that you may know the hope that is to come and what riches shall come in the greatest glory of them all. You know the surpassing greatness of the power for those who believe that they will attain a higher state after death. You shall come to know of the great minds of the universe and of all the laws of nature that we have to abide by. It is far above every principality and power and dominion in everything that has come, is here, and will come. You put all things beneath the feet and gave all things to that which you believe. You will be filled in life in order to receive confirmation and peace in death.

Everyone shall work works that will be of positive value to themselves, society, and those closes to them. Be glad to do these things for they will affect how others will see you once you die and even in this life. You should do things that are positive and not hurt anyone else. You should be blessed for doing so and you will be wiser.

Man has evolved to the point of not believing the superstition of the past and believing the truths of the teachings of the philosophers of the day. You will be blessed if you drop the superstition and the myths accepted as truths and walk in the way in a new light. Realize that you are human and everyone is different. Do not chastise others for being different than you and do what is right for everyone. Come to the light of these simplified teachings and to the new path to your personal salvation.

People are dead and all the bad things that they do in their lives are for nothing. Everyone who does bad deeds seeks or has caused harm to others and their spirits are hurt because of their bad actions. They have succumbed to the desires of their flesh and following the wishes of their impulses and they became wrathful and disobedient. But humanity is rich in mercy and those who are truly fulfilled have great love for all humans. Even when someone is dead they may be popped back to life through the forgiveness of others. You will be given a new lease on life and you should go forth and fulfill your destiny in goodness and truth. You shall come to know the immeasurable riches and blessings that come from doing good deeds in your life. For you will be saved through works and not through what you have faith in or what you don’t have faith. You shall not boast of the work that you have done in your life that is reserved for those who come after you and to those of. You have been prepared to do good works throughout your entire life in order to fulfill your destiny on earth.

Remember, that there is not one redeeming feature in order to separate you from others. For everyone is a part of the same human family, and every one of these words that come forth from the great works, they are all saved in the richness and mercy of the afterlife. You will no longer be removed from others as a defining force throughout the world. You have tried to separate yourselves from those of the world, but we are all one flesh. You will not be able to break away from the chains of laws and of commandments, but you are still free to live your life the way that you so choose. You should reconcile with the rest of your fellow beings, for you are all part of one family and no one is truly better than the other. Everyone shall go through the same process of birth, life, and death. Everyone has access to their ancestors through their spirits and everyone will be able to influence the actions and thoughts of their posterity through their spirits. You are no longer strangers to others, but you are all fellow citizens and brothers and sisters of humanity. You are your own savior and you are the only one who can live the best life the way you see fit. You hold your own structure together with the help of others and you will make a life for yourself. You are a dwelling place for your spirits who communicates and is influenced by the thoughts and actions of those that have come before you.

We are humanity; we are all different, but one in life and purpose. Everyone will affect everyone eventually and all decisions will have an effect. You are not perfect but you should not strive for it, rather, do what you should do to make lives better. Look out for yourself and know that you have worth and are here for a purpose. Take care of your fellow man and never point out their shortcomings and tell then they are wrong, rather, help them to do what is right.

The purpose of life is not known, but that is a part of the journey of man, is to find out the mysteries of the universe. We should not be stuck with past teachings, but look at the discoveries of the modern world and the life of the here and now. Your parents have wisdom, but you should embark always on finding new wisdom. Go forth and question everything in your life and the world around you. This will lead to your salvation and enlightenment.

Teach others always and help them to come and see the new path. Do not evangelize, but those who do not possess wisdom and the free thought that we should all have. We all have a spirit within us that feels on a different level than we do. We should show compassion for others and be connected always to what may be out there and forces that are more powerful than us.

Unite yourselves as humanity no matter who you are and evolve as a species and discover new things together. We are all part of one human family founded millions of years ago with the evolution of our brains to develop into what we are today. We are unique in that we all have the ability to think freely and we should always question. I urge all of you to stop and get out of the evolution rut most of us are in with the teachings of the old ways. Superstition does not exist and we will all be better off without any of the stuff that should not be believed in this day and age.

Because of this, you will be given grace for your own benefit and for the benefit of your hands is in your posterity. It was made known by revelation, that you are the one to come to start the process of distilling these gifts to me. When you read this, you will understand your true purpose upon the face of land. It was not made known to you by first, but is now been revealed by the spirit through the writings of the inspiration of a generation. You will become through this promise a redeeming feature and an inspiration for an entire generation of people. From this you shall become a great minister of grace which is been granted to you through the power of the Creator. This grace was given so that you can inspire an entire generations of peoples to come and rediscover their own spirituality. You will be giving all in this generation a great plan of this mystery that was hidden from ages past. The true nature of things has been manifested and now it can be made known through the promptings of this work. Entire generations shall come to know their true purpose that can be accomplished through fulfilling their destiny. Boldness and speech and confidence shall radiate forth from you so that entire generation can become inspired to do something greater than themselves. Do not lose your heart to this, and come with the promptings of that which you have influenced me in the years past.

Come before that which is greater than yourself and come to know the true nature of its. It is the spirit of your inner self that is able to communicate directly with anything higher than you. Your spirit dwells in your hearts and you shall come to a knowledge base through the reasoning of your mind. You shall not know the true dimensions of anything that is greater than you, for you do not know truly the nature of things. You shall come to know it better through knowledge and the wisdom that surpasses knowledge so that you shall come to the fullness of the light that comes over death. Now you are able to accomplish more than you could ever imagine by the power and work within you. Your glory shall come to all generations forever and ever.

Get away from the superstition of your forefathers and come to the light of a new dispensation of mankind. Come and know the truth and the truth shall make you freer than ever before. Do not give in to the stupid and redundant laws of the forefathers, but come to the light of the new covenant I have made with the entire world. Love everyone, do not discriminate or hate, but do not hate those especially who do hate you. Tell them of the errors of their ways and have them come to the light of the new covenant. Tell them of the ridiculousness of their old ways and break their faith. They will not like it, but it is for the sake of humanity that you do so in order for all of us to evolve. They will all fall as natural selection takes over and they harm each other in unnecessary wars. Many deaths have come to false gods and messiahs. Have the old faiths perish to the new path to the light. The new dispensation shall begin.

Be obedient to one another and respect one another as couples. Make sacrifices and share all moments with each other. You are two flesh coming into one in unity and spiritually.

Honor and obey your elders, for they shall teach you of great wisdom. Always seek new wisdom to pass on to your own children at one point. I urge this first generation to rid themselves specifically of the bondage of the myths of the old ways, much as has happened in the past.

Be faithful to your fellow man. Treat them with honor and respect. Always do what you can to be of help. Do not idle by and make empty promises. All humans are in this together, and we must work together to evolve together and learn new things about our purpose and life.

I urge you to live in a manner worthy of the call you have received. Be humble and gentle and patient and bearing with all people. Preserve the unity of all the spirits of the world with peace. We are all called to be a part of one family and one spirit. Do this under the guidance of all the ancestors and the glory of the light set forth by the creator.

You were given a gift of grace. You have been given gifts to give to all mankind. You will transcend all regions and you will distribute all the gifts of the world. You will descend and will ascend and distribute to all kinds of people. Some will be given other gifts to lead. So we have been given the gifts for the work of the ministry, the building of the new body of spirituality that will be set forth upon the face of the earth. We will all attain the unity of faith and knowledge and we will come to the full extent of the wisdom provided to us from our elders and our ancestors. We may no longer be infants and taught in the ways of human trickery and their deceitful scheming in the face of religion. We will be living in truth and love and we will grow every day and knowledge and wisdom. We are one body and we are held together by one single idea and the individuality of every part of that body.

I testify that you must no longer live in the way that your elders have, but you shall transcend and you shall progress further than your parents. Because of the ignorance of most people in the hardness of their hearts towards others they do not understand the true nature of what they believe. They have handed themselves over to what they perceive to be the truth and they judge others based on their perception of this truth. That is not even the way that they supposedly lead. You were taught not in the truth, but in the dogma of man. You should put your bad part of your life away because it is corrupted. Be renewed in the spirit of your minds. Put on a new self and grow in knowledge and wisdom of all cultures and beliefs and not just your own.

Putting away falsehood and speaking of the truth is that the path towards reconciling and becoming members of one family of humanity. Do not lets the vices in the way of your life and always live in a virtuous way. Do not leave any room for unrighteousness in your life. Do not break the fundamental laws of man, because everyone is entitled according to their works. Impart grace on all those that you seek a witness to them of the truth and the nature of their lives. Be sealed in the spirit for the day of all redemption, the day of the individual one. Do not send the bitter anger towards others. Be kind to one another and forgive one another as you have forgiven me.

With Love,



Correspondence given to Ephesus by Ryan in November 2009, shortly after the end of the era of her influence and the final seal of that influence,

Dear Ephesus,

I know that I have rejected you in the past and I smothered you with the great manner of things, and I know you have forgiven me for all the actions I have done, but, I ask you to do this in return. I am sending you this letter for the very purpose of coming to know who you are like I have known you. You’re the one who started this great journey and this is the result of what you led me into. Love yourself and love all other people. Your name shall be immortalized forever because of this influence. This letter is the apology for everything I have done in the past, and it shall bring you to glory higher than you could ever imagine. Let it be known on this day, that you are the greatest of all the Guardian Angels, and that you are the single one who began all that has now unfolded.

With Love,



Correspondence given to Ephesus by Ryan in December of 2012 regarding a follow up to separating the darkness from the light, which was made at the request of the friends and family from both sides. This letter is made in regards to the lessons that he learned from Ephesus from her seemingly bad times that their relationship went through.

Dear Ephesus,

Live in love and love others as you love yourself. Do not mention anything you have done in the past unless it is to seek forgiveness, but then you must move on. Do not discriminate any people. Some may have a different lifestyle than you and you should respect that and you should respect their choices. There are paths of light and paths of darkness and it is up to each of us to discover it for ourselves, like I have done through you.

Let no religious missionaries come seek you with empty arguments because they are deluded from the real truth. Do not be associated with those who think they have the complete truth. Everyone wants to walk in the darkness that they see as the light, but now they walk in the light. Why produce another’s righteousness and truth? Try to learn the truths and gain wisdom and knowledge throughout your life.

Expose the things of the darkness even to those who preach the darkness back at you. They do things that are shameful even to them. Everyone exposed to light comes to know that it is the light. Someone who comes to the light awakens from the sleep of the darkness. Watch carefully how you live, for you are judged based on your works and your life. Make the most of the opportunity you have for living.

Do not continue in your ignorance, but seek a better understanding of the world around you. Do not be filled with the lies and the dogma that guilt people unnecessarily, but it set you free and seek the greatest of all truths. Do not unnecessarily worship invisible beings, for they make no impact on your life or your salvation. Remember that you are your own savior and you will redeem yourself at the end of your life. You will do this through the journey of self-discovery, which is the true purpose of our lives.

I am still to urge you to give up on your old ways and to come to the new ways. You do not need the myth that comes with the teachings or to submit yourselves to false gods. God does not really exist in the way that most of humanity understands it and nothing will change if you continue to blindly worship these things without any question. It is deeper than what you can ever know and it is something that I have already discovered through my time with you. It does not work in the way that we seem to understand it.

Draw your strength from within yourself before you have mighty power. Stand firm against your own lusts in your life. The struggle is not with your flesh, but is with your spirit. Therefore, put on the armor that your spirit is equipped with, and fight against all that which is evil in your life. Stand fast and hold your ground in righteousness. Be ready to fight the fight against yourself. Have faith in yourself as a shield for you can conquer your own suffering and can live in peace forever. Put on the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit, which you are always equipped with.

Be watchful with all perseverance and supplication for the return of your spirit. Make known with boldness your own vital spirits against the lusts of your life. Have the courage to speak out against all manner of evil within your life.

I promise that if you give up your old ways, nothing will happen to you. I have been in your footsteps and I have made this strive to seek new enlightenment and I am here to tell you the same.

With Love,