Letter to the Minor Guardian Angels Letters


In addition to the fourteen main members of the Continuum, the book also contains letters written by Ryan to other people who have been influential as well. These letters were meant to be universal in nature.


The letter covers a variety of topics and they are used to describe the journey in a way that does not allow love to get in the way. Although love is important in shaping the human emotions and many of the aspects of the journey, it is also an impediment to many people in learning from those aspects of their journey.



Correspondence given to Minor Guardian Angel by Ryan in August of 2009 regarding the favoritism that he feels for Shannon, the relationship that has since fallen apart and led to that point. Ryan can see and understands the trials of all the people in his life, and now he does not want to fall into those same trials. That will eventually lead him to the trials that he did face, but it made him wiser in the end. He saw the importance of the wisdom that comes out of those trials.

Dear Minor Guardian Angel,

Show no favoritism as you adhere to the teachings being shared. If a person who is rich in material is allowed in, then a poor person should also be allowed. If you pay attention to the one rich in material and give them moral treatments while you say to the poor one to stand in the back, then you have not made a distinction between yourself and a judge with evil plans. Most people do not choose to be poor but their world is rich in faith and they are the heirs to the kingdom of glory. If you dishonor a poor person, then the rich would be oppressing you. If you fulfill the law that you should love your neighbor as you love yourself that you are doing well. If you show favoritism, then you will be convicted as a sinner. Whoever falls shorts of any of the teachings will become guilty to breaking all of it. You must live fully the life which you have set yourself out and you must practice whatever you believe in. So speak and act as a person who is being judged by all others. Judgment is merciless to one who was not shown mercy.

With Love,



Correspondence given to Minor Guardian Angel by Ryan in March of 2012 regarding her influence on his life in the past and how it helped him to understand the people he was to interact with in the future. It was through her that he discovered the true difference between the hearers and the doers of the world, which he did not truly understand at the time.

Dear Minor Guardian Angel,

I ask everyone who follows this path to follow it fully and to tell it to others while preforming the actions I say to you. You must always practice what you preach. You cannot judge others at all but you may if you know that they do not practice what they preach. Tell them the right and straight path to greater wisdom and to enlightenment.

You cannot achieve it by using faith because faith is not needed with the advances humanity has made. Works will only bring you so far but wisdom and the continual search of knowledge will bring you to your true destination and will leave the best marks on your posterity.

The most hurtful things you can do is to say something to someone. Please be careful as to what you say to others, as your words may hurt them. Be aware of what you are saying and who you are talking to always.

You can gain wisdom by looking to what is above you. Always seek wisdom from higher sources of information than your own. Always seek credible and honest sources and those without myth filled in.

Avoid all the things the new covenant says not to do. These are not rules to you but consist of common sense and easy laws for all cultures to follow. It is a basic human right and these must be followed the most because it will avoid pain for all humanity. If you do so, you will avoid building a bad reputation and it will also leave the best legacy for your posterity to see and be proud of.

You must plan ahead in life to achieve your destiny, but treat every day as a gift. You never know when you are going to die so it is imperative to go through this life with no regrets or shortcomings. Make the most of the time you are on earth because it is very short.

Rejoice in the riches you gain on earth, but your possessions are not important in the grand scheme of things. You will die and take nothing with you. Your possessions are just worth money and can be easily manipulated or destroyed.

If someone says they have faith but do not do good works than that faith cannot save them. If you say to a poor person, go in peace and put shelter over your head and eat well, lest you do not give them those necessities, then what good is it? So if you do not do good works, then you are not being a good person. If you have faith and have works, demonstrate your faith in me without works and I will demonstrate my faith through my works. If you want proof, then your ignorance for faith without works is useless. Everyone will be justified by their works. Your faith will be active among your works and your faith will be completed by your works. A person is justified by works alone because faith is irrelevant in respect to works. Just as a body without a spirit is dead, faith without works is dead. My faith does not mean anything if you do not do good works. If you do good works, then faith will not be an issue.

Be patient and kind to all people. Treat others the way you want to be treated. This goes for everyone and anyone who wants to leave a good legacy upon the earth.

You will be judged more strictly if you become a teacher. Now we all fall short in many things in each individual falters in different ways. You must guide your entire being to conquer those things which cause you to fall short. One little act can steer an entire life in a different direction. The tongue is the greatest thing that can guide your life so be careful. Consider how something so small can produce something so big. Be careful with what you do, for every little action could have a larger reaction. No human being can tear you off because it is restless and evil. We bless people with it and we curse people with and from the same mouth comes a blessing and a cursing. This does not need to be that way if you’re righteous person. Your mouth should be like a spring and produce purity all the time. Bad things cannot yield good things, but good things can yield bad things.

If anyone among you is wise in understanding, let their works come forth from their wisdom. If anyone is bitter and jealous and selfish in their hearts and today boasts lies and teach it as truth, then they would be condemned without being spiritual and earthly. Wisdom of that kind does not come from above, but comes from the world. Where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, then there is disorder in everything they do. The wisdom from above is you are and it is full of good fruits within consistency or insecurity. The fruits of righteousness is sown and to those who cultivates peace.

From your passion, you can make war with others. You could kill and be envious, but you cannot attain when you wage war. You do not possess because you do not ask. You ask but do not receive because you do a wrongly and your passion drives you to do bad things. If you want to love the world, then you have made yourself in the truth and of the truth and the spirit. The spirit that has been made and you do not dwell on things that cause suffering in the world. The greatest grace is the one who resists pride and is humble in everything they do. Resists the things that cause you to suffer and those things will go away. Cleanse yourself and purify your heart and mind. Humble yourself before all others and you will be exalted in return. Do not speak evil of anyone because that brings forth judgments which you do not have the authority to do. There is one judge who is able to save all people, and because of it, you are not the one to judge anyone which is equal to you. Everyone upon the face of the earth is equal because everyone is human.

You who say that you shall go into a town and extract money from its should listen to these words. You have no idea what your life will bring because you are merely a blink of an eye you will see the life of all creation. Instead, you should let your spirit guides you and bring you to your destiny. If you are boasting arrogance, then your boasting is inherently evil. If one knows the right thing to do and does not do it, then they are causing suffering.

Come now those who are rich and weep over your impending misery. Your wealth will rot away when you die and will have no meaning for you. Your money will devour you, for you have used it for your own selfish desires. The wages you withhold from those who work for you are crying and those cries have reached the people who will judge you. You have lived on earth in luxury and you have made yourself suffer as a result. You have condemned and murdered the one who was righteous within you.

Be patient, therefore, until the coming of the day of your death, for it may be early or may be later than you expected. You must be patient and make your heart firm and you should not fear that which is inevitable. Do not complain so that you may not be judged. Take this as an example of patience, and in the meantime to live every moment like it is your last. Those who have persevered are blessed and have seen the purpose in their life. Above all, live every moment to advance the lives of others and to help those in need.

Those who are suffering should be comforted. Those who are suffering should be in good spirits. Those who are suffering should be anointed. Those who are suffering will be healed by doing these things.

Forgive others who have sinned against you and seek forgiveness from those you have sinned against. A righteous person is very powerful in the power of forgiveness. Persevere and eventually all will be forgiven.

If anyone strays from the truth and follows that which distorts it, then they should be brought back. Those who see the error of their ways will come back to the truth and their soul will be saved from suffering and blind obedience.

Grace to those in mercy upon all those who have been given a new birth and the hope for better life. This inheritance will never fade away and it will be kept for all time. Your salvation within yourself is ready to be revealed if you are ready to accept the truth. Rejoice, for this is now the day where you get rid of the sufferings of your life and go through the trials in order to rid yourself of those. You will become more genuine person, even more precious than any material on earth because you have been tested. You do not see it, but you believe in it because your reasoning will guide you to it. Attain the goal of your destiny and seek salvation of your soul. The prophets have testified of this child who has come forth. In advance, the Guardian Angels have appeared to guide humanity to receive the gifts of salvation. It was revealed through them that you would not be saved by another person, but there in yourself, all the things have now been announced to you.

Therefore, live up to your name and do good works write your life so that you can be brought into salvation. Do not act in the desires of your former ignorance, but the accepting of all people. Be holy in every aspect of your life.

Everyone who believes in the truth and everyone who loves according to their works will see the truth and will see the glory. Do not be burdened by the rules of the world, but remember the truth and the truth will always set you free. Whoever embraces the truth will have conquered the world. The victor over the world is the one who believes in it embraces the truth. The spirit is the one that testifies in the spirit is full of truth. The testimony of the spirits in the heavens is greater than the testimonies of those of the world. Whoever had the testimony of the truth will believe in the truth and will not be a liar in knowing the truth. We have been given the gift of life and in this life we should always seek and obtain the truth. Whoever possesses the truth will have life.

I write these things so that you may have eternal life through the truth presented. Everything that is full of suffering is of the world and you are able to conquer it through the truth. We should give our life to testifying of the truth and whoever testifies of the truth will never die. You will not be touched by evil in knowing of the truth. The whole world is under the power of deceit and they will make every attempt to distort the truth. Be on your guard against those people and remember the truth which has set you free.

To all the women that I love in the truth, all will come to know of the truth. The truth will dwell in us and be with us forever. You will attain peace and mercy in the light of truth. All of your children all generations afterwards will walk in the truth. I am not writing anything new, but I am writing of the truth that has been established in the beginning. Always walk in the truth and always walk according to the truth. Many have gone out into the world to distort the truth and they deceive the people into thinking they have the truth. Look to yourself so that you may see the truth that lies within. Anyone who claims to be a progressive but does not remain in the teachings of the truth does not have the truth within them. If anyone comes to you and does not bring the truth then they have shared in the evil works of those who deceived them. Whoever accepts their teachings will not be in the truth, but will succumb to evil. I have much to give you, but I will speak these words to you when the time has come for the words to be spoken.

To all the others that I love in the truth and those who know who the truth presented. Your soul prospers in everything that is in the truth. I come and testify of all the things that you do in the name of the truth which has been presented to you. Everyone I know will one day walk in the truth and leave the lies and deceit from before. Be faithful in everything that you do especially to those you do not know. I testify of your love for all people and may you be worthy to attain everlasting life. Do not set out in the sake of the name of the person, set out in the sake of doing good works. We should support people who do not know the truth so that they may come to know the truth through our works. One who dominates and distorts the truth is not love. I am not content with those who do not speak of the truth in hinders the truth from others. Do not be evil, but do good works so that you may be favorable in the eyes of those who judge you. Give a testimony of the truth. so your testimony may be true to others. I have much to write to you but I do not wish to do it now. I will speak to you when the time has come.

Walk according to the writings as taught here. You will have greater freedom and greater happiness. You will be able to identify problems and solve them civilly. You will be able to witness but not force conversion.

You will be able to see the world for what it is. Love one another as I have loved you enough to write down in the new commandment of life. Many deceivers have gone out to the world since the second covenant was established. Even the ones who claim to have the second covenant are false. Walk in the truth even if you follow false gods. Logic will lead you to the light, not your heart.

With Love,



Correspondence given to Minor Guardian Angel by Ryan in February of 2010 regarding his continual attempts to understand his place in the world and his ongoing dealings with her sister, who is Mary Kate, the latest interest in his life and the one who was able to continue his cycle and has taught him many lessons about life. The letter was written as an answer to his question about what friendship means in this world.

Dear Minor Guardian Angel,

Blessed is the one who perseveres in temptation, for when you have been approved, you will receive life and blessings. No one experiencing temptation should say that they are being tempted by something else; rather, they are being tempted by their own desires. Each person is tempted in every way because of the chaotic nature of the world and the suffering that human fallibility can fall into. This desire brings forth suffering and when suffering reaches maturity, it becomes death. Do not be deceived. All good giving and every gift comes down directly from the heavens and there is no mediator between you and the spirits above. You are here by word of truth so that you can become an exalted being above all others in wisdom.

Know this and be quick to hear and slow to speak. The wrath of man does not accomplish righteousness. Put away all evil and humbly welcome the world that is around you. Do not delude yourself away from the nature of the world. If anyone is a hearer of the word and does not do any of it here, then they are like a person who creates a world for themselves. You only see yourself and then go off and forget the nature of the rest of the world. One who peers into the world and perseveres in it is not a hearer who forgets, but the one who acts that will be blessed. If anyone thinks they are religious and do not do as they say, but deceives, then their religion is in vain. Religion is the pure and undefiled distortion of the truth and their affliction keeps oneself away from their inner being and focus on an outward deity. The leaders are only concerned with themselves in relation to the world and not for the well-being of all creatures.

With Love,



Correspondence given to Minor Guardian Angel by Ryan in January of 2011, expressing his gratitude to her through her trials and endurance to help him at this defining moment in his life when he decides to explore something new in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was a big leap for him, but he had a lot of support that led him to almost becoming a part of it.

Dear Minor Guardian Angel,

You do seek wisdom always, but you should look to the teachings I am now writing, for they contain a lot of teachings which I am to tell you now. I give them to you and to the world without fail or bondage.

I thank you for the trials by which you are enduring for the greater good of humanity. You know that this work is merely the first step into the ultimate end of the age and into the new one. Consider it a joy when you encounter various trials. The testing of your soul produces greater faith and your faith will produce perseverance and your perseverance is perfect, so that you may be perfect and complete. If you lack wisdom, ask for it generously and you will be given wisdom. You should ask in faith and doubt so that you can come to a better understanding of what the real truth is. You will receive everything if you ask and you work at it. Do not be a person of two minds so that you are not unstable. Take pride in the high standings which you have received. The rich one in loneliness will pass away and not bring anything to the world. The rich person will fade away in their pursuits when the sun comes up and scorches them away.

Guide your truths by reason above blind faith and look into what you can achieve with the free thinking you can achieve with the ushering of the new dispensation at the beginning of this new dispensation.

With Love,



Correspondence given to Minor Guardian Angel by Ryan in late 2011 about their ongoing conflicts of interest and his views of these differences, which came at a time when Ryan was contemplating on the meaning of holiness and holy.

Dear Minor Guardian Angel,

Bring those who are confused or stray back to the path of the light to greater wisdom and knowledge. You do not want anyone to resort back to myth to explain the unnatural forces of the world.

Blessed be to all of you who have kept me afloat in the times between and during the periods of the major angels in my life. You are a sure friend because I have no intentions of really loving you. I love you all as friends and not as hope to be something more.

You can be sure that you have hope in this new light. The new covenant brings the focus on something other than what you have been taught your entire life. There is hope for all in this life and in the life after. With this hope, all can be sure of their salvation and not fear that which does not exist. We are going back to the most ancient traditions and not putting people in fear of something that does not exist.

Prepare yourselves for that which is coming to all. Do not be afraid of death but put your hope in the day. Seize the day, and do not be afraid of the day which you will die. The truth is manifest in all of you because I can feel it in a still small voice. You will all preach that which I am teaching in this great work. Your souls are pure and good and will set great examples to what I want this to become.

With Love,



Correspondence given to Minor Guardian Angel by Ryan in February 2012 regarding the trinity that exists in all of us and the nature of these three parts, which has come to his understanding more as he went through his freshman year of college.

Dear Minor Guardian Angel,

If you judge others according to one’s works, then they are allowed to judge you through your works. If you unjustly judge someone, then you will be unjustly judged. Before the foundation of the world was revealed, the truth set people free for all ages. Have your faith and hope in your spirit and you will live a better life.

Now that you have purified yourself of all suffering and have love for one another, you will receive lot is you have given it. You have been born anew through the abundance words that are spoken. Everything goes through their cycles of living and dying, but the word will remain forever in this word has been proclaimed to all people.

Rid yourself of everything that causes you to suffer. Be like a child and long for the truth that you may grow in the truth. For you have tasted some of this truth, and the truth has set you free thus far. You will be rejected by human beings, but you will be preciousness that your spirit. Set yourself a good foundation so that you may become a living temple of your spirit. Behold every good foundation starts with the cornerstone that is strong and whoever believes that the cornerstone is strong will never fall. It is of value to you to pick a good foundation upon which to build your life. Do not rely on the stone that will make you crumble, so that you will fail to achieve your destiny. Everyone has been chosen to receive the great gifts of salvation because gifts come from within.

Keep away from the worldly desires that wage war against your spirit. Maintain good conduct and treat others the way that you would want to be treated.

Do not go against the systems that are righteous. Do not seek to overthrow an institution that is corrupt because the corrupt institution will crumble from within. You will silence the ignorance of foolish people through reasoning. Evil will come in the name of love, so do not fall into their trap. Give honor to all people and give reverence to those in need.

Treats your superiors with respect so long as they treat you worth respect in the same manner. If anyone has to bear the pain and suffering of those who are under their superiors, then they should seek to leave. Be patient in your suffering and good things will come forth. There is credit and being patient and this patience is a grace. Remember that those who came before you have also suffered greater than you. You will commit no bad deeds and you will have no deceit. Do not seek revenge upon those who do harm to you. Remember to live in righteousness because your wounds will be healed. Do not go astray, but return to your spirit which is your guardian and shepherd.

You are all humans, with the fundamental rights and innate behaviors to survive in the world. The world is a dangerous place and will be destroyed by the doings of man. We are all chosen to be a part of the new covenant and to be a new priesthood in the age of the new dispensation. We will all now be guided to becoming one race and accomplishing things together.

Honor those with authority over you, if they show you the same respect. Remember to treat those the way you want to be treated. If they show ill will towards you, you may rebel for the sake of saving yourselves. You are doing this action for the common good and will be supported in this earth and in the afterlife.

Use the example set by those you respect. The elders know more than you and you should take guidance that will help you in life from them.

Live your life with goals and dreams in mind. Apply them to your life and set out to accomplish them with the upmost sincerity and hard work. Treat others the way you want to be treated and live your life without causing ill will to yourself and others. Clear your minds of all the bad things of the world and live your life to the fullest.

Do not fear those who judge you. Instead of starting a war, tell them of the error of their ways and teach them of the way of the light. If they reject you, then stop and do not pursue them further. They are too blinded by false hope and fear to listen to the truth of the world.

Keep in touch with yourself and care for all people. Do not cease to love all no matter who they are. They are who they are for a reason, maybe even for reasons beyond your knowledge. It is not your time or place to judge anyone because you may not have the full story.

Do not return on evil, but do it on the contrary. Whoever loves their life will see the good in everyone and keep away from the evil things. Turn from evil and do good and seek peace. Remember that everyone is against the evildoers.

Who will harm you if you are enthusiastic to do good? If you suffer because you are righteous, then you will be blessed. Do not be afraid and terrified with fear to those who judge you. Fight back with gentleness and reverence in clear mind so that those who defile you will be put to shame. It is better to suffer some, but do good deeds, for that is what everyone will judge you upon in the end. Remember that your ancestors have sacrificed for you no matter what you come out to be. Before the foundation of the world was laid, humanity was pursued as doing good to all humans. You are now saved through your conscious and you will find the inner Savior within yourself. You will go on to the heavens in righteousness and your spirit will dwell forever.

You should have the same attitude and suffer for what you believe is true. Do not spend your life suffering, but to fulfill your own personal destiny. Do not do anything that those who suffer will do because it will bring you suffering also. They will be surprisingly do not suffer through these things and they will chastise you. Remember that your deeds will be judged by the living upon your death. Remember these things, and you will live in the spirit in the heavens forever and ever.

Remember to be serious in all that you do. Let your love for one another transcend all things. Do not complain and be hospitable to everyone. Everyone’s destiny should be taken into account so that you can serve one another. Whoever preaches should preach in the words of truth so that all things can be glorified.

You will all be tested in trials and temptations. Do not give in to them and you will gain a greater knowledge as a result. They are a part of your destiny and as soon as you get over it, you must move on to be complete.

You should not be forced into helping others. You should do so only out of the kindness of your heart. Be eager to help and help in humility. Remember always that you should not judge anyone.

Stand firm in that which I am teaching as truth for all the world to hear.

When you walk in the light, you will be happier by following the rule that you should never harm yourself or others. If you do so, you must apologize to those who you have wronged and you will feel better about yourself. You shall know of the truth, and the truth will bring you to the light and truly set you free. You will be free of all the commandments and ordinances of false gods and move on to a place of better lives for you and for those around you.

Once you see the light, you will look into your past and you will see how much you have changed for the better. I have seen this example in all of you and through all of you. You will follow all people and see the light at death. Everyone will see this light when they move on to the next life.

Do not be surprised to trials come over you for in the end you will receive a greater gifts. Rejoice in the gifts that you receive and use them to right your life. May your spirit be upon you even if you are insulted. Let no one among you see you as someone who does bad deeds, but does good. Whoever is made to suffer will be glorified. You are continually judged through all deeds that you do. Suffer in accordance with your destiny and suffer for doing good deeds and not because you’re falling into bad things.

I told the leaders that fellow leaders who witnessed the suffering of the people are the ones who share in the glory. Tend to those in need without constraint so that all people can be healed. Be examples to those you rule over so that they will respect you and return and when all things have been revealed, you will receive the crown of glory.

Be humble in dealing with one another for the proud are not seen as good, but favors are given to the humble. Humble yourself so that you may be blessed. Cast all of your worries away because they should not have to cause you suffering any more. Be vigilant to the world around you so that you do not fall into the hands of suffering. Be steadfast so that everyone throughout the world who undergoes the same sufferings can learn from your examples. The grace of your spirit will restore you in every way after you have suffered. I am speaking through the chosen ones who have enlightened the world in ages and times past.

Beware of all the teachers of religion, for they are false teachers who hypnotize and indoctrinate the masses in all things mythological. Although there are some moral truths to all of it, not all things teach all truths. You should be able to lead your own life without the guidance of people who have false power over you.

Do not be deceived by these claims for they are false. Look into the morals of the stories presented. If you accept all of the religious dogma as mythological and socially constructed in nature, then you will be happier knowing you do not have to be perfect, for it is impossible to be perfect because we are human.

I say to you that soon the new covenant will be established upon the earth. All people shall flock to the temples and gain more wisdom. All people shall gather together and learn the meaning of life and the meaning of all things.

The creator is the light and we will all see the light when we come to the light at death. At death, we will enter the light and come to see the world for what it is and has been. The word of life is established in the new covenant and it is by this we are now coming to the middle of the path. We shall lead the people of the world into a greater knowledge and wisdom. All people shall come to know who they are and their purpose upon the earth.

Do not do anything with your heart that would hurt you or others. You will regret bad decisions for the rest of your life until you make restitutions.

What was from beginning was the word and the word has been seen and heard. We proclaim eternal life that has been made visible to us through the truth that we have sought. We have seen and heard and proclaim that the truth has been revealed from all ages to now. We are writing this so that we may come to a fuller sense of the word which we have received. There is no darkness at all and the truth had found. Everyone on earth continues to walk in the darkness and does not act in the light. If we walk in the light, then we will come to a fuller knowledge of the darkness around. The truth is not in the place we deceive ourselves to thinking it is. All who were faithful and just will forgive each other from every wrongdoing. All humanity has fallen short, so all humanity should be up for forgiveness of one another.

I am writing this to you so that you may not succumb to suffering. The suffering is the same as the suffering the entire world faces. When you seek the truth, you will no longer succumb to the suffering of the world. You will not know the truth unless you eliminate the suffering from your lives. You will be perfected when you recognize and conquer that which you suffer from. Whoever claims to be in the truth will live in righteousness.

I am not writing anything new to you, for this is the stuff that has been in since the beginning. I do write in the new way so that what holds true will withstand the test of time. Whoever says they are in the truth but hates another person are really still in the darkness. Whoever loves everyone and remains in the truth will never fall. Whoever hates other people for their lifestyle is in the darkness and they do not know or they’re going.

I am writing to you because your sufferings will be dissolved. I am writing to you because this is what should’ve been known at the beginning. I am writing to you because you know the truth and the truth has set you free. Do not love the things of this world for the things of this world causes suffering in the world. If you fall to the things that cause you to suffer, then you will be of the world. The world is temporary and passes away, but the word of truth remains for ever and ever.

Do not truly love the things of the world. Although the things of the world are important and make us happy, the truly good things are the people who are important to you.

This could very well be the last hour of your life. You never know when the last day of your life will be. You will have the knowledge and wisdom of the truth even to the last day of your life. I write this to you because you know of the truth but the people in power will try to alienate you from that truth. Whoever denies the truth will never see the glory.

Let the truth from the beginning remain in you. This is the promise that has been made throughout all ages and leads to eternal life. I write you these things because there’ll be many people who try to deceive you from the truth. No one needs to teach you what is right and wrong, but everything in your intuition tells you what is true when all. And now, remain as children when you see the light so that you will not be put to shame. If you consider that the truth is righteous, then you yourself will become righteous.

The promise provided in this is the teaching that you can do what your heart desires without fear. You can do good in the world and not have to listen to now false gods. You are free to learn everything you would ever want to know. You are promised that hells and devils do not exist and cannot commit sinful acts. You know that all people will come to see the light and all will attain a higher state of being.

You must love yourself and others and treat them with respect. You are promised eternal life in the glory of the creator of earth. You shall become a force in your posterity until the coming of the end of time.

The reason you are on this world is so that you can see the truth because you do not know the true. We shall see everything that has been revealed and we will see the world for what it is. Everyone who sees the truth will make themselves freer.

Everyone who is against the law will remain in a state of lawlessness. You know that there will be many to deceive you and in them will be full of deception. No one who remains in the truth will suffer, so that when you see the person who does not suffer and will know that they dwell in the truth. Let no one deceive you so that you may act in righteousness. Whoever deceives you does not belong to the truth, because from the beginning people have a distorted the truth. The one who dwells in the truth and teaches the truth will longer succumb to suffering. The people who remain in the truth will never deceive or do wrong things to their fellow man.

With Love,



Correspondence given to Minor Guardian Angel by Ryan in March of 2012 concerning the future of his religious worldview and his understanding of the mission of the Christ, which was greatly expanded once he read the Book of Mormon and leaned of the LDS faith. It was hard for him and he tried to rationalize the division that he was developing in his mindset.

Dear Minor Guardian Angel,

I am reminding you and I am trying to stir you up so that you can recall the words previously spoken by handling teachers. If you lived your own desires, then you will not live up to the expectations that humanity is to perform. There are no promises, for you will be judged according to your works. You ignore the fact that there was a time before you and the time after you and that all of your faith is meaningless in the face of the world. The cycle will eventually come to an end, but you will never see that end. The heavens and the earth have places reserved for those who do good deeds. Do not ignore the fact that your time on earth is one moment in a thousand years. All should come to repentance and do good things throughout their life so that others who judge them will judge them justly. Everything will pass away with time but the word will stand here forever.

You should conduct yourself in a good way so that you can go about doing good things. Do not wait for the day to die, but live your days out as if it is your last. Righteousness will dwell in the heavens and that is when you are given a seed of promise. Do not have any blemishes in your life, and if any blemishes arise, then seek forgiveness and repentance. Consider the patience and wisdom that you have been given throughout your life and apply them to the future. In all people there are some things that are hard for them to understand and they are ignorant and unable to cope with it. Be on your guard and do not be led into the areas that fall into the world. Grow in the grace and knowledge of the truth which you have been given.

One day, the entire world will be destroyed and the world will begin anew. The universe will crunch and the heavens will change and it will come to pass that a new one will be established. All people will also experience a change in their lives as they move to a higher state of being.

With Love,



Correspondence given to Minor Guardian Angel by Ryan in December of 2012, after a relatively hard semester between the two in terms of both of them having strong and clashing personalities, which has resulted in reconciliation and understanding, where this question comes up and was later answered in this letter.

Dear Minor Guardian Angel,

Test the truth always. Question everything you have been taught. You will discern truth from lies through research and your thirst for knowledge.

We should love one another because the love is manifested in the truth. Whoever does not love anyone is without the truth. We might have life through the truth and overcome the obstacles that the world brings us. This is not love that we have to manifest, but the truth is love that we all come to expect. The truth and love comes naturally to our soul and we should always let it manifest itself. Love brings perfection in harmony into the world and into the lives of those who are embraced in the truth. The spirit brings us what we know and the spirit remains in us forever. We will testify of the truth and that the spirit brings forth the truth. Learning this knowledge is the truth will have the truth in them. Whoever comes to know and believe in the love of others will see the truth. We have confidence on the Day of Judgment because our actions bring forth love. Love drives out fear because fear is punishment and the one who fears do not fully love. If anyone loves some people but hate others, they are a liar and they do not love. Whoever loves their own must also love others who may not necessarily agree with what they personally believe.

The creator is full of love and it is the one who had created you. You must be full of love to yourself and to others. You will not know truth until you know the meaning of love.

Through the truth, you shall overcome the world. The world will be dead to you for it is full of suffering. You will come to know the light of the truth and you will then see the world through different eyes. You will also be dead to the world, for the world will reject you than accept you for who you are. You will be bathed in the light of truth and you will go out and discover more and make the most of your life.

You may know the truth of that which is written here. This comes to you so that you may experience happiness on earth and eternal life. Guard yourselves from false teachers who teach their path is the only way to the light.

With Love,



Correspondence given to Minor Guardian Angel by Ryan in December 2010 in regards to a question that he had about the impact that Kelly had on his life. He had questions about the reason for the retaliation that he had and it came to him in a dream that was said by Minor Guardian Angel.

Dear Minor Guardian Angel,

There are false prophets among the people just as false teachers come upon these and try to distort the truth presented. The way of the truth will be distorted by these people. In their greed they will come for you in love but they only seek to take money from you.

The arrogant ones are not afraid to revile the truth. The Guardian Angels will cast them down with their superior strength and power over them. People are rational and born for destruction. They revile things that they do not understand and they will destroy themselves in the end. They are the cause of suffering and they cause the suffering of others. They seek authority and they create their own authorities while distorting that which is true. They seduce one another and bring one another down. They have gone astray and abandon the path to the light. They come as a beast and speak with a human voice and proclaim the madness. These people are driven by the truth, but they reserve the darkness and they put the truths within that darkness. They seduce others who do not know that they are being seduced. They promised them good things in great blessings through their gods but they are really full of corruption.

With Love,



Correspondence given to Minor Guardian Angel by Ryan in November of 2009 regarding the light and the darkness of the world as he sees it through his understanding and his experiences, which is something that she has seen firsthand. It is the answer to a question about how he is to attain the light on all things in life in a spiritual sense.

Dear Minor Guardian Angel,

Walk in the truth through your intellect. You will gain wisdom and knowledge from these truths. Leave your heart out of your decisions and question everything on the grounds of spirituality. You will have a testimony of the truth that these writings contain.

With Love,



Correspondence given to Minor Guardian Angel by Ryan in November 2009 regarding his increased understanding of what he had done in the past and his prospects for the future, which is a process that is long and hard for anyone to grasp and harder still to master, so hard, in fact, that only a few people have ever truly mastered that art.

Dear Minor Guardian Angel,

May grace and peace be yours in abundance for the knowledge you will gain greater life. Everything has been bestowed on you through knowledge and through knowledge, you shall gain wisdom. These great promises have been bestowed on you after escaping the evil corruptions that cause suffering. Make every effort to supplement yourself with virtue and knowledge. Have self-control and endurance in all things and through all trials. Love one another with mutual affection. All of these will increase in abundance as you go through your life and as you work with these virtues. Anyone who lacks these will be blind and shortsighted. They will fall to the sufferings that they see throughout their life. You will stumble but never fail when you take this journey as you win in the end.

You already know these virtues in the established truth you have received. I remind you that this has been shown to be true throughout all ages. Make every effort to remember these things throughout the rest of your life. You follow the myths and you have been made known the truth through the power of understanding. You have received honor and glory from your spirit. The voice came inside of you through reasoned answers and you have received all blessings. Be attentive to the truth and always seek to find greater truth. Know that everything has been taught to use up for personal interpretation and should be able to be applied to your own life. Nothing ever came through the will of one man to a great audience, but rather from one man to an audience of individuals. Apply everything taught in these words to your own life so that you can come to a greater understanding of what you are going through.

Some will escape these defilements through the knowledge of the truth, but even they will be entangled in the corruption. It is better to die than to turn away from the truth and it would be better for them not to know of the truth than to turn away from the truth. People bathe in their own corruption if they are inclined to do so.

You should never have faith in anything that has not given any evidence to the world. Although things may change, the word is never meant to stand forever and the truths will be changed if new truths about the world are discovered. This is how religions have changed in the past and this is how they will continue to change in the future.

This is the message from the beginning, you should love everyone. Do not be jealous of others, for you all have your own life. Do not be amazed if the entire world hates you. We will remain in the truth because we love everyone for who they are. Everyone who hates someone else will never see the truth. The way we know what love is that we should treat others with the same respect we expect. If someone sees somebody else who is in distress, then you will go and help them. Let us not love it in words, but let us live in the actions that we do, for it brings judgment to us.

We belong to the truth because our hearts reassure us of that truth. The truth is greater than our hearts and knows our entire life. If we are not condemned, then we have confidence in our truth. We do whatever pleases others and ourselves that we may live a good life. Love one another just as it was commanded in the beginning and just as it is in our soul. Those who have the spirit of truth within them will always seek love.

Do not trust everyone, but test them to see whether or not they speak the truth or if they speak lies. You will know if they have the spirit of truth within them because of what they teach. Everyone that does not acknowledge the truth and deceives people is not the spirit of truth. You have conquered the suffering of the world, for you are now greater than people who were of the world. The world listens to those who teach of the world and those who teach of the world belong to the world. Everyone who is of the world refuse to listen to the truth but this is how the spirit of truth is different from deceit.

With Love,



Correspondence given to Minor Guardian Angel by Ryan in May of 2012 regarding the true nature of what he discovered in his time during his freshman year of college, which was a journey of discovery for him during his time with the people that he interacted with in that place. It is a hard question to ask and can only be answered through an ongoing process of self-discovery.

Dear Minor Guardian Angel,

Do not follow the commandments invented by man. Even though they claim to have them from god, they are false gods. The creator would never tell one to take only one path to the light. The creator has no power over judgment of the people. The creator is a force that guides our daily lives and has never appeared on this earth as a man.

Those who were called will speak of this truth. Mercy and peace and love will be in abundance to those people. The truth is the salvation for all people and the salvation does not come down to save the believers by faith. There have been people to bring faith into the truth and who perverts the truth into something which causes social control. All the things which bring judgment to all people are not according to faith, but according to works. The Angels testify of this and the one who speaks of good truth and does good works will be judged favorably. Those who do evil works will be judged and will be punished according to their works and the evil things they have done. The ones who dream and the file people are not judged favorably. The one who does good works will not be judged but will have a good legacy to leave behind for future generations. Many do not understand the truth will be irrational and judge others according to their faith. Feel bad for them, for they will be judged according to their faith because of the works they have done in the name of that phase. They only look after themselves and wish harm on other people. They are hypocrites for they speak of love but really they do not love everyone on the earth. It was prophesied in the end book as to when judgment would be cast down upon all people. Judgment will be on those who do not do good deeds and have caused suffering to many people. The days are the ones who live by their desires and they get what they want due to the suffering of others.

Use logic when testing truthfulness. The fool will pray to false gods about it and of course, they will lie and tell them false things. Do not listen to the ones who will try to keep you in their fold. Do not give them money, for they keep most of it for themselves. Give to the places where most go to help others. The organization guiding these principles will give money to the poor, but materials and labor will be given.

Remember that the words spoken before are the truth that has been distorted. In the end times there will be those who live according to their own desires. They will cause divisions amongst themselves and they will have no spirit within them. Build yourself up in the truth and you will have the spirit within you. Keep yourself in love so that your judgments may lead you to eternal life. Have mercy on those who seek forgiveness from you. Tell others of the truth so that they may know the truth so that they may be freed from the lies which propagate their lives. Be in the presence of the glory of the truth which the creator has created in the beginning. May the glory and majesty and power and authority from age to age come to you in truth and light forever and ever.

With Love,