Letter of the Memoriandum


The following set of letters are not made out to a specific person, but they are personal reflections by Ryan delving into the most pressing questions of the journey. The group of letters are short, but they talk about some important topics that need to be addressed because of its importance to the life of the journey.


The principle purpose of these letters is to address the questions and it is also to tell the people of the world the differences between what can be discerned as true and what cannot be discerned as truth. The purpose for the memoriandum is to help all of us to answer the pressing questions in a clear way and to remember these questions as if we were to die tomorrow.




Correspondence given to an unknown source by Ryan at the end of 2013 regarding his own rebirth and the defense of his classification as the prophet, which is still a concept that is largely unknown to him at the time. He has known that he possesses the qualities of such despite the fact that he did not understand it at the time. He was to act and walk in a manner consistent with it, but he did not know what that truly entailed. He seemed to be lost after losing the seventh and did not know what was to happen from there in terms of his life direction. This was the first time that he had known that he was entering into a time of transition and that the next era could be much different from the previous one.

I do not even know what the nature of the office of the prophet is anymore. As I have ended the era of the guardian angels as I have come to understand them, a new era must form for me and I must go forward into the time of transition. After this time of transition, I will be able to better understand the purpose of my life and my office. I will now cast myself into the force of the transition and I will now understand what it means to walk and act as one. I have been through all of them, but I still do not understand the task of which I have undertaken. What was once the key of my creation and cultivation now must be undertaken by me to forge a new future of faith and hope and love.



Correspondence given as a self-reflection and a self-realization around the end of 2012 concerning the realization of the divine nature of everything, in which he finally realizes that he is in the midst of a plan that was laid out in a divine manner and that he is going along for the ride. His purpose is to understand these events and why they do happen. Ryan will make great sacrifices, but he will also come forth with more opportunity.

To whom it may concern,

It has come to my attention in the memoriandum that I shall make a few words about what I was able to discover in my time. I have not been the most perfect person on the earth. I have made mistakes in my life and I hurt myself and others. I do not claim to be perfect, but I do try each and every day to win that battle. Much has been given to me in this life, but much is also required of me. I shall receive my justice in due time and it shall not come from a human source.

The force that is all good in life comes to us through our revelations and it interacts with our life so that the best things are able to come forth in all of us. The anger that is held in the world should go away because it is not worth it in the long run. I should strive to change my ways and to make no more mistakes, but being perfect is hard and sometimes impossible. Do this as part of the new covenant and you will make the world around you better. Even I will continue to struggle with this all the days of my life. I have been promised the salvation of all and it is through that salvation that I am able to survive to this new day.

You shall be entered into the bond of the human covenant and understand that you are a part of the divine creation. This realization shall happen to all the world and it will be a dramatic and slow paradigm shift for all. I have consecrated the land of the earth for the use of those who want to use it the best. The borders of this must be strong, much like your spiritual foundation shall be and that all of society shall be as well. This is the divine commandment to all of us.

This is the greatest wisdom of the world. All people shall be given what they can handle according to their wants and their needs. This is for the benefit of all of mankind. You cannot control this destiny, but you have control of how you are able to get to that point. Those who go against this covenant shall not rise, but will fall and will go asunder.

The souls that are not in sync with this shall fall. It is important to stay true to the self and to improve the self always. I will repay my own mistakes in life and you shall repay your own. The kingdom is in your grasp and it is in your knowledge, but you need the wisdom to understand this realization.