anger to me, and you warned me that your elders would come against me.

  1. You had gone away from me to serve your elders, like you should, but you have left me with nothing.

  2. I have silenced myself out of your lives forever, but I have not left you completely.

  3. I did not listen to the voice of your elders, and you carry out the threat is that your elders had made to me.

  4. And indeed I live and I expose these lies to the heart of your souls and the souls of your elders, for I died spiritually mentally and physically because of your departure from my life.

  5. You reduce me, but because of the gift you have given me, I was able to rise again.


  1. But you have dealt a great deal of mercy towards my soul.

  2. For this day I have written down all the laws in the presence of the angels that were in your bodies.

  3. Listen to my voice, for the numerous things I have done will one day glorify you.

  4. You will not listen to me at first because of your initial positions, but you may have a change of heart.

  5. They shall know that because of your change of heart, you have been given all the gifts and you will be blessed forever.

  6. You shall remember the name of the true creator of the heavens and earth.

  7. You shall turn away from denying me and my so-called evil deeds, because you will remember me and you’ll remember through these writings the gifts that you have given me and my life.

  8. I promised and both to each and every one of you that I would defend you all day until you die.

  9. And through you I will establish the sealing covenant that will be with all people and all lands.


  1. Might dismayed spirits cry out to you.

  2. Have mercy on me even though I have done wrong against you, have mercy on me.

  3. You are merciful person, have mercy on me.

  4. Your body may be temporary, but the spirit that I saw within each and every one of you is greater than those of your mortal bodies.

  5. Hear my plea for me because I have done wrongs against you and I did not listen to the voice of my brain but the voice of my heart and the evils contained therein.

  6. Remember the wicked deeds I have done against you, but remember this as something that happened in the past.

  7. For the past is the past, and I cannot change the past, but I can change the future for the better.

  8. This is why you have the seven gifts to get rid of your pride, and to initiate the removal from your hearts all the wickedness that you thought of me as.

  9. For today I am heartbroken.


  1. Hear the Commandments of life and knows the importance of this.

  2. Everyone is in the land of enemies, you will grow in the land full of them.

  3. You may defile your elders or you may honor them, and you must think that those who’ve been battered are destined for hell.

  4. You have forsaken wisdom in its true glory.

  5. If you walk in the ways that bring you to the light, you will have enduring peace.

  6. Learn where the gifts are and seek wisdom always, for you may also know of the knowledge and wisdom of the world and peace in your life.

  7. You found the place of wisdom but you will not enter it and seek its treasures.

  8. The rulers of the nations who rule over your lives, are like wild beasts of the earth, and speak of nasty things against me.

  9. They are possessions are more important to them and then peace will enter in their lives.

  10. They schemed anxiously for money and they do not care for the discoveries of the world.

  11. They will fall and they will never rise again.

  12. Later generations will see the light of this day, but they will not understand the reason why I came to this point.

  13. They will not understand the people I’ve met are the places I’ve seen at this point.

  14. They will not have heard of the Angel of Ephesus or the Angel of Laodicea.

  15. The descendants of those people will be the storytellers to those seeking knowledge and wisdom on the journey I took that no one else has ever taken.


  1. How fast is this Earth and how broad the scope is.

  2. The vast and endless are the heavens high and immeasurable.

  3. It is renowned and large in stature.

  4. Destiny did not choose nor gave everyone the way of understanding.

  5. Those who had no understanding perish through their own faults.

  6. And some have gone to the heavens and brought wisdom back down from the heavens.

  7. Who made the journey and found wisdom and choose wisdom over gold.

  8. No one knows the way of wisdom nor has a monopoly on the path to the light.

  9. The one who knows all things knows wisdom and has understood wisdom because of knowledge.

  10. The one who is mighty in power should have wisdom.

  11. Before the stars were created there was the creator.

  12. The creator created wisdom.

  13. No other being compares to the all-knowing and all powerful creator of the heavens and the Earth.


  1. Some have uncovered the whole way of understanding and taught all people of the world the ways as they understood it.

  2. Thus wisdom appeared on Earth and is at home with those who are wise.


  1. Wisdom is contained in the laws that endure forever.

  2. Those who cling to the words of wisdom will live, but those who do not will die.

  3. Receive wisdom and walk by wisdom to reach the light.

  4. Do not give the glory that belongs you to another person.

  5. Blessed are those who receive wisdom and follow it in the light.


  1. Take courage everyone, for you should find your own way.

  2. You were sold to the nations of religion, not for happiness, but because of fear.

  3. You sacrifice and worship the false gods and not to the true creator.

  4. You have forgotten the nature of the eternity of your life and the life after.

  5. Your church is indeed seeing this coming to you, and your churches will condemn the path to the light and the middle way which is wisdom.


  1. I see gray mourning upon all of you.

  2. I have seen the captivity that the church has brought against you.

  3. I will send them all away in mourning and weeping.

  4. No one should be more powerful than you.

  5. They are views of sin and laws have brought you away from truly living your life to the fullest.

  6. They do not walk in the way of the commandments but they take great pride in their own commandments and won in the end.

  7. Remember of your captivity brought upon you by their gods.

  8. They are ruthless and of alien speech they do not have pity on anyone or reverence for those who truly deserve it.

  9. They have led you all astray and they will leave you solitary.


  1. I cannot do anything to help you.

  2. You are the one who would have brought your own suffering upon you and you must deliver yourself from your own purges.

  3. Fare well, for it you should be left desolate because I cannot help you.

  4. I will live the way I want to live but I will still adorn in peace.

  5. Take courage and deliver yourself from the oppression which you will place yourself in.

  6. Joy has come to me through living my life because of the mercy of others and the hope for everlasting peace.

  7. I send you away with these words but the hope is that you will come back to these words with gladness and joy forever.

  8. You will see the work of your eternal salvation through all of your temptations and trials.

  9. Be patient and persevere, for although your enemies will persecute you, they will soon see their own destruction.

  10. New Worlds have gone down rough roads like I have.

  11. Take her with you and call out to those who love you the most and to those who can teach you the eternal wisdom that will bring you to light.

  12. Do not stray by doing things which you deem as useless because you see no spirituality in it.

  13. For it is not the religion you join that save you, but it is the way you live your life.


  1. Take courage, for the one who gave you your name will also console you.

  2. Those who harm you and rejoice that your downfall will be destroyed themselves.

  3. They will grieve over their own downfalls and do you shall do nothing.

  4. You will take wisdom from them and their joy will be turned to sadness.

  5. Whatever bad they have caused towards you will be dealt back to them.

  6. Look towards the city of Zion and see the joy that comes to you.

  7. You will gather together and rejoice in the glory of the heavens.


  1. Take off the burdens of misery and put on forever the glory that awaits you at death.

  2. You are the head of your own destiny and you alone will see your own glory.

  3. You will show your splendor to all those who seek to be like you.

  4. You will be at peace and in justice in the glory of those who came before you.

  5. Stand up and look at the peace of the entire world.

  6. Rejoice for you will live this day and let every moment.

  7. Your enemies have left you, but they will come back to you in their own glory.

  8. Everything will be made level in your journey of ups and downs when you conquer all of your vices.

  9. Your life will be at peace if you are able to recognize your suffering.

  10. You will be led in joy by the lights of the glory of the heavens.


  1. This letter is addressed to those who cause me suffering.

  2. I will bring you back from the guilt to peace because I forgive you for the suffering you cause me.

  3. For you see, through that I have been able to recognize and learn from my own mistakes and to recognize the gifts that those people you protected from me have given.

  4. Take care of yourself and do not let the fear of me come to you.

  5. When you see the people coming to find their way to the middle of the path to light, you should desire to follow them.

  6. For my Guardian Angel is with you and will be with you forever.

  7. To me, they are still covered and adorned in gold and silver.

  8. I bring them gold because a girl loves to dress in gold.

  9. I have prepared crowns for them and they shall be venerated as gods are venerated.

  10. Although they are dressed like normal human beings, their spirits are adorned in gold.

  11. They are not safe from the suffering of the world, but they possess gifts that the entire world needs to learn about.

  12. I shall make their faces and their bodies glorified and perfected and immortalized.

  13. They are the rulers of districts and they will not take away their immortality.

  14. They possess the gifts that we all need.

  15. They should not be useless.

  16. They should common set up their temples.

  17. They should be delivered from all evils of the world but they should not be kept in captivity forever.

  18. They are the lights of the world which all people should follow.

  19. Although there are some that may come against them, they shall be delivered through the power and the glory of the creator itself.

  20. They are not gods, but they are mere mortals.

  21. We do not have the right to worship anyone who is a mortal.


  1. Gold adorns them and nothing will take away their shine.

  2. They are brought in and their spirit is with them.

  3. They are carried on high and they will display their words to the world.

  4. If they fall down to the ground, I will bring them back up.

  5. For their beasts will one day come through the power and the glory of the creator.

  6. If we know they are not gods, then we should not fear them.

  7. Why would they, then, be called gods?

  8. Their temples will not be full of priests, but are within them.

  9. Priests and temples can be corrupted, but you within yourself cannot be so.

  10. They do not possess the powers of the gods, but the powers of the spirits.

  11. If they claim to be gods, then they who claim will be oppressed, for most people have no respect for them.

  12. They are unable to possess people into thinking that they are great.

  13. For they are mere mortals and they are only important in my own life.

  14. When someone walks by, most do not take notice, but when they walk by me, I shall come to remember them forever.

  15. They will be immortalizing through the arts of humanity.

  16. They are not frauds and they will not be disgraced.

  17. They cannot be hidden from what has come to this point.

  18. It is obvious that they are not gods.


  1. They do not reign over the land and they do not have dominion over kings.

  2. They do not rescue anyone who is wrong and they do not vindicate their own rights for they are powerless.

  3. They cannot save people and they cannot save objects.

  4. They cannot resist any forces that are beyond their control.

  5. They are not gods because they do not possess the powers of gods.

  6. They are not safe from anyone.

  7. Anyone who can have the opportunity to strip them away will not be able to because they must also help themselves.


  1. To be a Guardian Angel is to be something more than object of veneration, but it is to be someone who is remembered through all times.

  2. The stars aligned in a way which brought them to me.

  3. Although their times in my life were very short, they left the greatest impact on my life.

  4. Although all temptations and trials may come against me, I will never forget them for what they’ve done for me.

  5. They are not gods to me, they cannot execute judgment towards me and they cannot benefit me.

  6. I do not fear them for they are not gods.

  7. Then shall the nations see the signs of the gifts which they have seen to forgotten they shine like the sun and give light like the moon.

  8. They are an example of the gifts which we should all embrace.

  9. It is not apparent that they are worthy of worship, so we should not worship them.

  10. They themselves will be consumed by their destiny, but they will not be disgraced in the land, but their legacy will be remembered for the graces they have bestowed upon the world.

  11. They shall be far from disgrace, for the glory is with them forever through their gifts to me and to the world.

  12. All I ask is that they show me mercy for all the wrongs I have done to them and to receive the letters which I’ve given them and to take heed of those letters and to find me again.