Book of Messengers

108: Perfection of the Divine
I love you, but why do you not love me? I loved the prophets, why do you not love them? Whatever will be built will be taken away from you. You will not understand the things of the world and you will not understand the things of the heavens. You will see your life and you will say, what have we done wrong? What happened to the world? Why is it this way?


109: Our Own Imperfections
The son comes to the father. The slave comes to the master. The priest comes to the bishop. Master, how can we understand the things of the world? How can we pass it on? What is the great truth of the world? How have we defiled the name of the divine? Is there any wrong in the things that we have done? Will we be shown favor by the divine? Will the divine have mercy on us and our posterity? From the rising to the setting sun, things will be said and truths will be told. This is a burden on the world. The things of the truth are hard to teach. They must be taught through example. They cannot be taught through faith and through works. Do not listen to the things of the world. Do not listen to the things that the people tell you and teach you. Look to those who lead their life through example. This is how you should conduct your life. You shall pass these truths on to the world through your example as well. This is how you should conduct your instruction. This is how you should live in your covenant. The knowledge should be kept and should be well understood by the priests so that they can better live their life in that way. We are not perfect, but we can be made to be more perfect through the right understanding and the right transmission of this knowledge to wisdom.
110: Justice
How can we better live in the ways of the covenant? We should look to the unbroken faith of the prophets of old and new and the examples of the Christs. The one who teaches against this will be lost and will lead the people of the world to the lost. This is where justice is born. The covenant will be administered in this way. The ways of the covenant are in justice. The ways are right. Those who live in the covenant will have admirable offspring! You should be on guard for your life. All of the evildoers of the world will not have their day in glory. They may better understand the world and they may have glory in the world, but they will not do so in the heavens.
111: The Messengers
I am sending my messengers to come before me. They will come from the temple and they will spread throughout the world. They will sit on the thrones and they will help to understand the ways of the divine. The knowledge of the ancient times will come again. All those who oppose it will be destroyed and all of those who support it will be raised.
The ways of the divine will not change. It has been kept on the earth from the days of the ancestors of man. Nobody can rob the earth of this truth and this path. The nations will be cursed if they get in the way of this truth. There will always be spiritual food in the house of the divine through this path. All of the nations will be blessed and all of the blessings of the heavens will come out to you. If you give, you shall receive tenfold.
These words may be too much for you. Why do the people of the world speak against the divine? It is not useless to serve the truth and to follow in the divine truth. Why do faith and religious works get in the way of the truth? The records of the earth will come and go, but the truth will remain forever. Those who get the truth will have this special possession and this true gift. There is a difference between the people of the path to the truth and the people of the world. The day is coming and the things of the world will not escape the judgment. The wicked people of the world will be passed away and the righteous people of the heavens will come to know their great reward.
Remember the original prophet who brought forth these truths and ordinances to the world. The prophets will come again before the great and terrible day of judgment. The hearts of the world will come as one. The fathers will come to the sons and the sons will come to the fathers. The land will be stricken with utter destruction.