This work is highly literary and symbolic. It does not follow the same order or reproduce the same stories as the gospels. To a much greater degree, it is the product of a developed theological reflection and grows out of a different circle and tradition.

It begins with a magnificent prologue, which states many of the major themes and motifs of the gospel, much as an overture does for a musical work. The prologue proclaims the Christ as the preexistent and incarnate who has revealed the divine to us.

The gospel narrative contains a series of “signs”—the gospel’s word for the wondrous deeds of the Christ. The author is primarily interested in the significance of these deeds, and so interprets them for the reader by various reflections, narratives, and discourses.

After the account of the seven signs, the “hour” of the Christ arrives, and the author passes from sign to reality, as he moves into the discourses in the upper room that interpret the meaning of the passion, death, and resurrection narratives that follow. The whole gospel is a progressive revelation of the glory, who comes to reveal the divine and then returns in glory to the divine. The author’s purpose is clearly expressed in what must have been the original ending of the gospel.

Critical analysis makes it difficult to accept the idea that the gospel as it now stands was written by one person, which seems to have been added after the gospel was completed. Other difficulties for any theory of eyewitness authorship of the gospel in its present form are presented by its highly developed theology and by certain elements of its literary style. For instance, some of the wondrous deeds of the Christ have been worked into highly effective dramatic scenes; there has been a careful attempt to have these followed by discourses that explain them; and the sayings of the Christ have been woven into long discourses of a quasi-poetic form resembling the speeches of personified Wisdom in the Old Covenants.

The text is not simply history; the narrative has been organized and adapted to serve the evangelist’s theological purposes as well. Among them are the opposition to the synagogue of the day and to the followers, who tried to exalt their master at the Christ’ expense, the desire to show that the Christ was the Messiah, and the desire to convince Epochalists that their religious belief and practice must be rooted in the Christ. Such theological purposes have impelled the evangelist to emphasize motifs that were not so clear in the synoptic account of the Christ’ ministry.



  1. If you knock on the door of truth, it will be opened to you.

  2. Set no doubt in your hearts for the great and mighty day of the beginning of the new age has come forth.

  3. Whatever you desire, work for it and it will be given to you.

  4. If you believe that you should receive it, then you should work to have it.

  5. It is by work that the sick are healed and in absolute faith, all things are possible.

  6. I speak from experience, if you work at it, then you should receive it.

  7. Whatever you have on your mind can be accomplished through focusing on it and pondering and then working to achieve that goal.

  8. If you desire things, then you should receive the things.

  9. You should always have the right motives.

  10. You should seek to benefit others in addition to yourself and it should give you a larger truth.

  11. You do not have to pray for these things to happen, because these things will not happen as a result of doing that thing.

  12. If you make fervent petitions of the heavens, these things will not just happen, you must have to work for these things.

  13. Therefore, prayer does not need to be said in order for things to be accomplished.

  14. Prayer can bring one into harmony with the science of the self.

  15. The truth is found in the goodness towards all things.

  16. Prayer does not impede spiritual growth, but, prayer does not answer all of your questions or give you whatever you desire.

  17. The glory of the creator is intelligent.

  18. Our mind is infinite but it has already been comprehended by that which created us.

  19. We should not change that which is perfect and we should continue to seek the fullness of truth with and ourselves so that we can bring others to the fullness of truth.

  20. Do not speak vain repetitions in order to get something done.

  21. The wisdom of man is not sufficient to advise the eternal wisdom that is contained within the heavens.


  1. The rules of nature have already been established, therefore, we should work out the solution.

  2. The work of the creator is done, therefore, the creator has no part in our daily lives or in changing the nature of the universe.

  3. We must attain our own salvation and not through another.

  4. The work of eternity has been worked out, therefore, we must concentrate our thoughts and energies and desires on attaining the fullness of the truth.

  5. Our conceptions of deity and the state after death are theoretical things about deity and death in order to understand the infinite mind.

  6. We plead for pardon and for the outpouring of blessings to the world.

  7. We are not grateful for what we have already received.

  8. We should think of the blessings we already have so that we may receive more.

  9. If we are ungrateful for things, then we are pronounced as hypocrites.

  10. Our hearts are far from the divine truth in love, therefore, we cannot conceal our bearing live.

  11. The only acceptable prayer that you should pray is to remember the blessings that we have already received.

  12. Only then can we receive more.

  13. What we most want is the desire for growth and the acceptance for all people and to do good deeds.

  14. To keep the commandments of any God and follow its example is in proper debts to that God and the only worthy evidence for our gratitude.

  15. Outward worship is not sufficient to express loyal and heartfelt gratitude.

  16. We do not have to express ourselves by acknowledging the blessings we have received.

  17. Simply asking that we made love does not make us love, but the longing to be better expressed in what we do to try to become more like the divine characters we worship.

  18. The only proper way to experience the truth is to experience it in your own life.

  19. You will love after you have experience for yourself the love that you want to give to the entire world.


  1. Audible prayer will never do the work of understanding.

  2. Long prayers, superstitions, creeds, and worship clip away at love and close the truth in religion.

  3. Whatever worship is being done does no good but only to those who reap the rewards of giving time and talents and money.

  4. Sorrow for doing wrong is one step towards reform.

  5. The next thing we must do is to seek forgiveness from those we have wronged.

  6. We should place ourselves in unpleasant circumstances in order to do this.

  7. The world will come to us and repeat that which offends us.

  8. It will be that way forever we must learn to recognize these things so that we do not go into this problem again.

  9. Prayer can never be used to cancel the sins.

  10. Sins are forgiven only by those you have sinned against you and only for that causes amends.

  11. Those who do wrong against someone grow worse if they pray to have it forgiven.

  12. You will never learn that you have done wrong unless you go to those you have wronged so that you can learn that you have done wrong that you can be forgiven and never do that wrong again.

  13. We should follow the example of the enlightened beings and seek the destruction of evil works.

  14. We cannot escape the penalties because of sins.

  15. Men will pardon other men of sins that have been forgiven.

  16. The wisdom that has been here since the beginning will never change.

  17. Calling on a God to forgive our sins implies that we have nothing to do except to ask for pardon and be free to commit them again afterwards.

  18. Suffering is a result of that sin and it is also the means of the strain of that sin.

  19. Everything that we suffer from is more than its equivalent in pain until it is destroyed.

  20. To reach the harmony of being in the heavens, we must understand and conquer these.

  21. We cannot ask more than love and we cannot look higher and we cannot go farther.

  22. To suppose that a deity forgive or punishes sin is to misunderstand the love and to make prayer the refinement of wrongdoing.

  23. All the enlightened beings uncovered and received suffering before it was cast out of it.

  24. This teaching showed us how to destroy suffering in our lives.

  25. The language of rebuking that which causes us to suffer is greater than the actual casting out.

  26. Audible prayer does not producing lasting benefit.

  27. The motives for this may embrace too much love to induce or encourage sentiments.

  28. The physical sensation produces a motion.

  29. If spiritual sense guided men, then we would grow out of moments and we would experience better things with the results of more purity.

  30. Deity is not influenced by manner.

  31. Deity does not hear what you plead and it does not see what you do.

  32. It is the minds that man is always known and that has supplied and sustained mankind from the beginning until now.

  33. The danger of prayer is that it may lead us into doing more temptations.

  34. We may become hypocrites and other desires which are not real and which only meet the needs of our own desires.

  35. Hypocrisy has failed to all religions and hypocrisy is the thing that will bring the religions of this day into extinction.

  36. It is the means by which we can console ourselves in the midst of bad things with the recollection that we can pray it away and ask for forgiveness.

  37. There is little hope in those who pray things away and expect to do it again.

  38. We must come face-to-face with the wickedness and we must rebuke it and cast it away.

  39. Those who are hypocrites are sinful and do not correspond with the true character of man.

  40. If a man is impure and insincere then know good shall come upon him.

  41. If he reached the highest his prayers, then there would be no occasion to ever bring it up again.

  42. If we feel the aspirations with which our word expresses, then that God accepts it and it is wise to not to deceive ourselves, for there is nothing that is covered that shall not be revealed.

  43. Praying for gifts of the spirit does not mean that we desire it.

  44. If we turn away from those who are poor, whom you’re not ready to receive the root word from those who bless or.

  45. We have a very wicked hearts and we ask that it may be erased for us, but we do not already no more of this hard than our neighbor.


  1. We should examine ourselves and learn the purpose of our heart for it is the only way that we shall know who we are.

  2. If someone in our lives informs us of a fault and not, then we should listen and not read you what has been said.

  3. We should give thanks that we are on the Earth.

  4. We should not give thanks that we are not like others.

  5. The tests of all of this lies in the answer to the questions, do we love our neighbor better because of this?

  6. Do we pursue our own selfishness, or do we give thanks for the blessings we have already received?

  7. If selfishness has been given away to kindness, then we should regard her neighbor as ourselves and bless those who curse us.

  8. We will never meet this great thing in our lives by simply asking that maybe done.

  9. It is only our experience that leads us to this realization.

  10. Are you willing to leave everything down for the truth so that you can be counted among the world?

  11. Do you really desire to attain this?

  12. Then why do you pray to be better but do not care to take the footsteps to be better?

  13. If you are unwilling to follow his example, then why do you pray that you may become better?

  14. Prayer means that we should desire to walk in that we will walk in the light and that we will follow the example after we have prayed for it?

  15. We don’t even have to pray for it because leaders have to follow the example of righteousness in order to become righteous.

  16. The world must understand the spiritual misunderstanding of praying.

  17. This is not the reason why the enlightened teachers of the passive sacrificed for our state.

  18. We must understand and recognize the suffering of our world in order to destroy it.

  19. Seeking is not sufficient; rather, it is striving that enabled us to become part of the light.


  1. You should not pay someone to pray for you.

  2. Having someone pray for you does no more good than you attaining what you desire.

  3. Experience will tell you that you do not always receive the blessings you ask were praying.

  4. You asked me to receive because you ask for bad things to happen and you consume it among the last that you desire.

  5. That which we desire is not always the best for us receive.

  6. In this case, love and destiny will not grant you request.

  7. Without any form of punishment, your suffering will multiply and you will fall into it again and again.

  8. There is no moral benefit to being criminal.

  9. The moral law, which has the right to condemn, always demands that forgiveness comes before they can leave earthly life.

  10. Broken laws bring penalty and will impede on progress.

  11. Mere pardon leaves an offender free to repeat the offense because they will never suffer sufficiently to make them turn from it.

  12. Truth has no pardon on error, but wipes sins out.

  13. Sins will bring inevitable suffering to all mankind.

  14. Petitions bring to humans only the result of humans own desires.

  15. If we desire something above all else, and we will sacrifice everything or it.

  16. We must be willing to sacrifice that we can walk in the light and in the truth.

  17. Prayer cannot change the truth nor can it give us an understanding of it.

  18. But it’s with a desire to know and do the will of the truth will bring us to the truth.

  19. It is best expressed in thought and in life.

  20. The prayer of faith will not save the sick.

  21. The beneficial effects of a prayer for the sick are on the human mind, making it act more powerfully on the body through the blind faith that they possess.

  22. They believe that the unknown casts out a belief in the sick.

  23. The truth does not act through this line believe nor is it human understanding.

  24. Prayer does not affect anyone but on par with the power from human faith and belief.

  25. The drug of faith does nothing because it has no intelligence.

  26. The common custom for praying for the sick is helped by blind believe and help should not come from the enlightened understanding of any of it.

  27. Deity does not intercede on the behalf of anyone nor does it help another.

  28. If the sick recover because they are prayed for, only the petitioners will get well.

  29. Love is universal in its adaption to the souls.


  1. Public prayer goes beyond our own desires.

  2. If we are not seeking or striving for the accomplishments of which we asked, our prayers are of no use.

  3. If we petition and we labor for what we ask, then you’ll be rewarded.

  4. Even of our person is here, deity does not answer our needs.

  5. If we cherish as we work towards it, then we shall receive it even if we don’t pray for it.

  6. We will be prevented from relinquishing doubts and fears if we believe that we will be punished for our sins.

  7. Because of our ignorance of the suffering in the world, then we will never get over the suffering which we suffer from.

  8. The world is ignorant of the word of truth and blind to the reality of existence.

  9. We cannot serve two masters and we cannot serve the world and walk in the truth at the same time.

  10. We must be governed by love and we must follow the promptings of our spirit.

  11. If you are conscious of the world, then you will see the world through a different pair of eyes.

  12. If you are suffering from something and recognize it, then you will be well.

  13. Sorrow is turned into joy when your world is ruled by life and truth and love.

  14. If we are close to truth, then we will be open to truth.

  15. All things are known will be rewarded according to their motives, not according to speech.

  16. To enter into the truth, then the door of error must be close.

  17. If the world is cast away, then you will experience the truth and will be allowed to reenter the world in fullness of truth.

  18. We must close the lips of blasphemy and silence the material desires.

  19. We must deny the sins of the world and leave for the truth to come to us.

  20. We must result to suffer for this truth and we must go forth in honesty to work and watch for this wisdom and truth and love.

  21. This is the kind of prayer that is answered as long as we put our desires and practice.

  22. Rejoice in the beauty and bounty that is hidden from the world but known to the creator.

  23. Practice these things not profess them, understand these things not believe, gain these things so that you can receive all the blessings that you so long for.

  24. Trust is the foundation of enlightenment and without the desire to be holy, you will never be holy.

  25. The highest prayer is not one of faith, it is a demonstration.

  26. This is the prayer that heals the sick and destroys the suffering and death in the world.

  27. This is the prayer that distinguishes between the truth and the one that is false.


  1. We have been taught how to pray by the one who lived in Nazareth.

  2. The meaning of that prayer is not affected by what has been taken away or added to it.

  3. We must understand this through new eyes and we must understand that the prayers prayed in churches and synagogues and temples and lost and shrines are not like ones that you should be doing.

  4. These prayers are vain repetitions and will never be answered because they are not from the heart but from the mind.

  5. If we rise above the world, then we can reach the heavens and you can reach a greater consciousness of spirit.

  6. The kingdom and the power and the glory will forever be with the infinite, the truth and the life and the love of all.

  7. Man is in unity with deity; therefore, man reflects truth, life, and love.

  8. We have been demonstrated in times past that we are one with our gods.

  9. The mission on earth is both individual and for the greater good of all.

  10. You have not been shown justice only for yourself, but for the greater good of all.

  11. You should act boldly and rejects all the creeds and practices and refute all of your opponents.

  12. Man and God come together through the atoning process and there is nothing higher than this truth.

  13. Truth can rise no higher than the source it came from and there is nothing higher than all truth.

  14. It was the purpose to reconcile man God.

  15. Truth and error can never be reconciled, but you can recognize the truth in the error.

  16. You have been given a truer sense of love to the teachings of the enlightened ones and this love regains man from the suffering of the world.

  17. The truth has never been spoken so completely before and it would destroy all the suffering that you suffer from in this world.

  18. The truth brings peace to all people.

  19. Every effort for reform and every good thought and deed will help us understand the suffering of the world.

  20. If you continue the cycle of being good and bad, praying and repeating what you have done, then you will never have learned anything in this light.

  21. If you cannot demonstrate what you have learned, then you have not practiced what the enlightened beings have practiced and you have no place in the heavens.



  1. You shall have no belief in life as a mortal state and you should never not know of the sense of evil.

  2. This is the one life that you get to live.

  3. Pay no homage to the doctrine or theories of mankind, but act upon the spirit and find out what is the truth in your life.

  4. You do not need to go through rituals or rights or believe in dogma and doctrine to get to heaven.

  5. No enlightened being has ever established ritualistic worship ever.

  6. People can go through all the rites and rituals and believe in the dogma and doctrine, but they can still be bad people.

  7. The enlightened beings were the example of our infirmities and they knew of the error of our ways.

  8. They knew how to heal us and how to bring us with full understanding of ourselves.

  9. They have become the greatest teachers of all human history.

  10. Yet we rejected them and we killed them because of their revolutionary ideas.

  11. These are the ideas that have been from the beginning and continue to this day.

  12. Material belief does not acknowledge the spirit.

  13. The truth is the center of all religion.

  14. Religion commands entrance into the realm of love, but religion distorts that entrance by putting dogma and doctrine in rituals and rites in front of it.

  15. The truth overcomes error in whoever embraces the truth because they become a better person as a result.

  16. People in the truth do not continue to labor and pray because they expect goodness and suffering in triumph, but they reach harmony and reward.

  17. As the disciple, you should advance spiritually and strive to enter through the door of truth.

  18. You shall turn away from a material sense in the world and look towards the things of the spirit.

  19. You will be earnest in doing this and you will gain a little more wisdom as you move along your journey until you finish your journey in joyfulness.


  1. Everyone has different paths to pursue in life.

  2. Everyone you meet will be for a reason and people have a little opportunity to help one another on their journey.

  3. If any friends pursue your course, then your mutual interests are identical and they help you along that part of your journey but then diverge themselves.

  4. In sympathy with this, one who is of the world will go back and forth between lies and truth.

  5. They will go for things that are exciting and pleasurable, and then they will go in the right direction, at least as perceived by you.

  6. They will be ashamed of this course and they both think that with the aid of others, they will find and follow the right path.

  7. Those who are not on the right path will vibrate between vain and hope, selfishness and sensuality, moral progress and suffering.

  8. You must make vigorous effort to save yourself following the example of the enlightened teachers.

  9. Work out your own salvation is the demand of the truth.

  10. Wait for your reward and do not be weary.

  11. Do not give up if the odds seem stacked against you.

  12. You will receive everything that you have deserved in the end.

  13. The truth will deliver you from temptation and you will be purified as a result.

  14. We rejoice in immortality in boundless freedom and a sense of non-suffering.

  15. This is not reach through faith without works.

  16. Whoever believes that wrath is righteous for that divinity that by suffering for humans, they are not in understanding with the true sense of God.


  1. Justice requires reformation.

  2. Mercy cancels bad deeds and only one is approved.

  3. Revenge is not advised.

  4. Wrath which is only appeased by those who conducted is the one who suffers from indulgence.

  5. Wisdom and love require sacrifices to save us from suffering in a new world.

  6. One sacrifice is not sufficient to pay the debt of suffering.

  7. The theory that the wrath is vented upon one person is not natural.

  8. The scientific explanation of atoning is that suffering is an error which truth destroys and eventually both sin and suffering will fall because of love.

  9. Faith without works is dead.

  10. The faith, if it is a belief, is swinging between nothing and something and having no foundation.

  11. Faith, and a spiritual understanding, is gained by the spirits which rebukes suffering and establishes truth.

  12. To believe means to be firm and to be constant.

  13. This applies to truth as understood by the new age.

  14. Error will never save us from suffering.

  15. Do not express belief in blind faith, because you will not be saved.

  16. Willingness to give up human beliefs and a real acquaintance with sacred texts opens the way for everything to be understood, for all sacred text be charged for life.

  17. This is how the truth is pointed out.

  18. We all have a part in the atoning process.

  19. We will rise in newness in life with regeneration.

  20. This is how it should be understood because the enlightened beings have suffered in trying them in the past.

  21. We must undergo a great change, a change that is radical and it goes beyond predestination.


  1. Theology establishes that suffering is a pardon for all sinners and it allows all to be forgiven.

  2. This is not true because suffering is the pathway which we must take in order to figure out the truth for ourselves.

  3. The truth has been lived among men, but they have never seen the truth until the truth was manifest physically.

  4. You must understand after betraying them that the great proof of truth and love lies in them.

  5. The spiritual offering is greater than the one that can be expressed by humanity.

  6. Flesh and blood are your life, and if you truly partake of these things, then you will attain the divine truth in your life.

  7. The truth has been taught to you by demonstration that you can understand how the truth can triumph were evil.

  8. You will be demonstrating more spiritually than all others.

  9. To demonstrating control over suffering you will be able to teach others how to do it for themselves.

  10. You will be able to guide those that they can be led towards their own truth and power.

  11. We must go and do likewise to all others around us.

  12. The divinity will be made manifest in your humanity.

  13. We must come to this truth through individual experiences so that we may go on our own path and glory.

  14. We must follow this painfully and the show this is a demonstration of love to that which created us in the beginning.

  15. Your inner Christ, or your inner divinity, is the divine truth life and love that will give you authority over your own life and conquer all suffering, sin, and death.

  16. The practice of truths involves sacrifice so that you can be made to love.

  17. This is demonstrated by the enlightened beings power over death and it is proved by the deeds which you do through life.

  18. Enlightened people never taught theory, doctrine, or belief.

  19. They taught by example and they taught that you can work out the harmony between life and love without a system of religion.

  20. May the blind see and the deaf hear and the dead raise, for this will be preached to all the world.

  21. This is the demonstration of divine power and this is how the truth has manifested itself throughout all generations.


  1. You are the Temple and you will raise yourself up after you die.

  2. You will never be destroyed in spirit, but your spirit will be tested.

  3. Life never mingles with death.

  4. Cut down the false doctrine so that you can experience the truth in its purest state.

  5. Many are called to teach others, but you have successfully done so throughout history.

  6. Do not profess to follow these people if you continue to do bad deeds and sin.

  7. You do not need to follow the religion established by these people, really, you must show mercy and love towards all.

  8. The religious teachers who claim to know and teach divine will, but they have hindered the mission that was established.

  9. Many of those students throughout time stood in the way of the establishment and establish something better and newer.

  10. The spirit is held in the grasp of those who persecuted.

  11. We cannot hold to believes that are outgrown and you must understand the truth as it has been established by those who taught it.

  12. We will be able to heal the sick and to triumph over suffering in the world.


  1. Nothing about these enlightened beings is generally understood.

  2. Nothing that the theologians have established is the real message that has been taught.

  3. Even the righteous did not recognize that the mission of these enlightened beings have been tampered with.

  4. The trials encountered by these people await everyone who seeks the truth.

  5. Persecution for righteousness sake does not belong in the past; rather, it belongs in all of us we should all stop her in the name of searching for this truth.

  6. There is not enough moral courage in life and in society.

  7. We must take up arms against error.

  8. They will grapple with themselves and with others in this war will continue until it has been finished.

  9. Those who are victorious will have the crown in rejoicing.

  10. Faith in the right and disbelief in the wrong is what is taught.

  11. Great is the reward of self-sacrifice and we may never receive this reward while we are alive.


  1. Some of the moral teachers have been deified as gods.

  2. This is not true in this must be stopped so that the entire world is not received.

  3. Man is the offspring of the divine, the idea of the spirit, the evidence that spirit is man eternally and harmonious with the gods.

  4. This is a spiritual idea of life and the inner spirit.

  5. The one who struggles for the truth is the mediator between the divine and mankind.

  6. If this had not happened, then they will not have been shown the way.

  7. The divine law blesses those that curse it.

  8. The ideal of truth is to point the way of truth and life to others.

  9. We have triumphed sufficiently over the errors to allow the soul to have control over our lives.

  10. This is how we can bless our enemies.

  11. We cannot choose, but we must work for our salvation.

  12. Suffering in the world is unfit to bear the standard of truth and will never be placed in the hands of the world.

  13. You shall not acknowledge any ties with the lash or with the suffering of the world.

  14. You can only recognize that the suffering exists and that he must go into the world and teach others about suffering and how they can conquer it in their own lives.

  15. Obey these precepts and following the demonstration of those who were enlightened will become pure.

  16. You will come to a full understanding of the true mission if you live the true mission.

  17. The truth will come out to all of those who claim to speak of the truth, but only teach lies.

  18. All corners of the earth shall know of the truth and many people will be set free because of this truth.

  19. Swear an oath that you will teach nothing but the truth to all people.

  20. Passing this over and leading by example is the best way that salvation can reach all people.

  21. The truest sense of becoming spiritual is lost.

  22. Do not think of the material senses to refresh your heart, rather, think of the spirituality that comes from these objects.

  23. Do not be caught up in the ritualism, for the truth cannot be fully understood in the rituals and religions of this day.

  24. You must find the truth on your own journey so that you can become aware of the world and the suffering that lives within the world.

  25. Do not be caught up in waiting for something to happen to you.

  26. Make something happen so that you can learn in your own way and in your own life.

  27. The blessings that come from experience will sustain you for the rest of your life.

  28. Your will be done on the face of this earth.

  29. Come to the understanding of the truth so that your will can be done righteously.

  30. Truth has come to us in demonstration and nothing else can lead us closer to the truth than by demonstrating it in our own lives.

  31. As per spiritual and understand better what the enlightened people have taught throughout history.

  32. By example, the resurrection of all people can be achieved into a new life.

  33. You must raise yourselves and others from spiritual death and the blind will see into the perception of the world and the infinite possibilities that await.

  34. You must rise again into reality and ascend far above those who do not see the true.


  1. Seek to bring in a new day and to bring in a new life.

  2. Turn your dreams into repentance and repentance into forgiveness in your forgiveness into a new life.

  3. Rise up beyond the world, for the world is spiritually and mentally in the darkness and has yet to come into the light.

  4. You will rise above all and experience the world in a different way, experience the world in a beautiful way.

  5. You have been purified of all error.

  6. We can unite as if we were born again and we reached the truth, and the life bring forth the fruits of love and casting out all that makes the world suffer.

  7. We will become part of a spiritual communion with the divine and we will follow those who have taught us the way in the past and the present and the future.

  8. The purpose of love is to reform those who suffer in the world.

  9. If the punishment has been insufficient to reform, then how would come upon them.

  10. They can never find the truth and love simply through going into another life.

  11. You must suffer, before or after death, to quench the suffering of the world.

  12. The Earth is in the material age and there is a great moral distance between the religions of the day and the truth.

  13. You may not receive earthly reward for seeking the truth, but you will receive your words in the next life.


  1. An unlimited divine mind has the truth and has taught the truth throughout all generations.

  2. It is impossible for people who suffered will receive their full punishment so that they can see the full word that comes in the end.

  3. You must go through trials and mockeries and we must fare well in order to receive the root of the words which we have so longed for.

  4. Religious history goes through cycles and the suffering for the just and the unjust.

  5. Those who suffer and sin will suffer in the next life until they recant of their ways.

  6. History is full of people who suffer for the sake of error.

  7. They will slave the truth and they will never find the light.

  8. If you profess to be followers of enlightened people, then why do you insist on chastising others?

  9. You will never be martyred or righteous if you do not follow the example of those who came for you to teach you of the truth.

  10. You do not follow the enlightened people in the way that they commanded to.

  11. There is so little inspiration among the people to actually go forth and help others.

  12. They are caught up in their own doctrine and they are making themselves guilty, for things that never happened to them.

  13. They consider all of those not believe the way they believe to go to hell, but there is no such thing.

  14. Your path to the truth is completely your own and can never be emulated by anybody else because no one else had you asked any and you will do.


  1. The suffering of those who were enlightened are the results of other people’s sins.

  2. The spiritual self of those who were enlightened were never because of sin, because they never sinned.

  3. The spirit lady of divine love has been revealed in generations past and now been revealed again.

  4. Those who were enlightens have taught the truth, but now they are being mocked by those who claim to speak the truth.

  5. You must think of the spiritual sense of suffering and rebirth, so that you can be born again into a new life.

  6. Death is not the enemy, you can overcome death and into a new life.

  7. Death is a temporary state by which you believe in old life to go into a new life.

  8. The day of salvation has been set forth.

  9. You must experience that salvation in spirit and in life.

  10. Make all the material pleasures of the world passed away from you because it is unreal, and come into a new life so that you can become closer to divinity.

  11. Evil confers no pleasure because it turns away from pleasure.

  12. Remove suffering from your spot and from your light so that it will not appear again.

  13. Seek the truth and grasp the spirit and learning by the example of that spirit will cast away all the suffering in your life.

  14. It is inevitable that you will suffer in pursuit of this past.

  15. It is inevitable the will suffer in pursuit of this truth.

  16. It is sad to see that the truth has been hidden by the religions of this day.

  17. It is sad to see that the truth is not taught by means of seeking it in your own life and on your own path and by doing good deeds.

  18. The nature of your life is to be peaceful and blessed, but in order to enter the kingdom of the heavens; you must come through the joys and triumphs of the righteous as well as the sorrows and the afflictions of the world.

  19. Like those were enlightened, you must be a part from the world into a spiritual state of being in the world.


  1. Those who are hypocrites will claim to be of the truth but will not manifested in their own lives.

  2. Be careful of such people.

  3. The proof of truth and life and love has been manifest in the example in the teachings of those who have taught it in the past.

  4. If you look at the world by reasoning and observation, you will come to know of a better sense of the world than if you only see it through your own world and compare it to your own life.

  5. Life in the truth will not be apparent to you in the beginning.

  6. Death will be found in your life and the darkness of death will disappear with the light of truth.

  7. You shall triumph over death if you seek it and uphold the teachings that have been.

  8. Those who have come with you shall follow you, even until the end of your journey.

  9. The proof of the triumph over body and matter is the resurrection of your life after the death of your old life.

  10. This proves that the world is full of nothingness and that the spirit will manifest the truth so that the world can be full of something.

  11. The world is a wonderful place, but society went with it and has been brought it down.

  12. You have been bestowed with temptation and sin and suffering and death so that you can come to the fullness of life after you have been reborn.

  13. You will be governed by good, not evil.

  14. You will become immortal, not mortal.

  15. The magnitude of the work that is been set forth will only be understood through the eyes of the one which seeks and has found the truth within their own lives.


  1. You will have been proven through the journey of others that the fullness of truth is never lost.

  2. You will find this within your own life and you will come to the fullness of truth as it applies to you and to you alone.

  3. You will rise higher than the world because of the truth which you have sought and found.

  4. You will reach out towards your enemies and you will tell them to seek the truth in their own journey also.

  5. You will act under spiritual law which takes place over human law.

  6. The covenant takes place overall the laws that have been imposed on the people which cause suffering in this sense within society.

  7. Love will triumph over hate.

  8. The truth and the life must seal the victory over death.

  9. You will be placed in the tomb where the healing process shall begin for you.

  10. You will set the seal of eternity over the time you have on Earth.

  11. You will have the power of mind over matter.

  12. You do not need things of the world in order to become renewed spiritually; rather, you must lie in wait for the moment of arrival and the moment of your personal resurrection.

  13. You will have great power in coming up from the darkness into the light.

  14. Divinity and humanity will be brought together by your spirit and the wholeness of the Trinity shall be understood.

  15. Although you are believed to be dead, you will actually be in the process of your purification within your own life.

  16. You will have the power of the spirit to overrule the moral and material world.

  17. You will come forth from the cave of which you went into and into the light which you have come out into.

  18. You will have victory over death and the grave.

  19. You will have led by example the salvation of all and victory over sin and suffering and death.

  20. You will never hide immortality when you have truth and love within you.

  21. Glory be to those who struggle with their life, for they shall have hope and faith through the demonstration of the life of those who have come before you became enlightened.

  22. Those who see of the resurrection of your life from the depths and the darkness of the world will be old.

  23. You will have been believed to be dead, but you will really have been put back into life.

  24. You will return in flesh and blood, not just in spirit.

  25. You will advance fully into a world that is now a place for inspiration and a place for beauty.

  26. You will no longer see the suffering of the world, but you will acknowledge this existence.

  27. You will convince others of the truthfulness which you will teach them.


  1. Your inspired word will reach out through all generations and every age and culture shall know of the truth because the truth will set them free.

  2. You will not rise again in the spirit, you will rise again in the body because your spirit and your divinity will come together with your humanity in order to achieve perfection.

  3. You will be exalted above the entire world and you will ascend into the heavens to dwell with Divinity at the end of your life.

  4. You will have seen the light before your death.

  5. Those who call you will have the power to do the same in their own life that you have set forth to them.

  6. You will have a conception of life which is beyond that of most of the world.

  7. Whatever has been joined together shall never be taken apart each other.

  8. They shall never separate even upon going to heaven.

  9. Suffer now and before happiness shall come to you, you shall go through the valley of the shadow of death.

  10. Marriage is legal and the marriage is moral for all of humankind and it was revealed from heaven that it shall continue.

  11. Those who commit adultery shall walk in the shadow of death because they do not commit to the ones that they love.

  12. There is no stability in society without control and you must control your desires in order to truly be happy.


  1. There is completeness among the unity of that which is masculine and that which is feminine.

  2. If any human possesses qualities of both and they shall become weakened and find a mate and both of them shall join in harmony.

  3. Both sexes are strong and the attraction between them has been better and truer.

  4. You should never weigh in the goodness, but also weigh in the bad and you must not marry unless you know the other person and you must be joining only after getting to be with another person.

  5. Love encourages the nature of the world, and it purifies it so that the branches of that love may be spread forth to loving all human beings, for you cannot live with one another until you learn to love yourself and you learn to love those that you love.

  6. The happiness of all existence is placed upon love and unity of the spirit gives joy to the entire world.

  7. Human beings may think differently from one another, but human beings are meant to blend in with one another so that the strengths of one are the weaknesses to another so that we can strengthen one another and collectively produce something which is greater than us.

  8. There is a moral freedom in freeing your soul and joy comes to those who seek the truth and find the truth.

  9. Their minds are narrow, but their spirit is wide and they widen their minds and no longer wander in the desires of the world then their soul shall be set free.

  10. The first thing you must do in your life is to love everyone that are what they are who they are and you must love one another more than you love the things of the world.

  11. Commitments require recognition of all the obligations and there should be mutual attention for the happiness of all involved.

  12. Compromises will maintain things which otherwise may become unbearable and lose completely.

  13. If you fulfill different commands in the spirit and unite and one another then your strengths will blend into one another and sustain each other and the interests of all people may be kept in harmony.

  14. Care should be taken in one another when an issue arises and needs to be solved for the best ideas come from those who are not involved in the process.

  15. A mutual understanding should exist before all unions occur, for deception is failing to the happiness of all humanity.

  16. All moral obligations should be kept intact, but the world is full of those who would separate from one another because of their desires for the world and that those mistakes are the foundation of all the suffering of the world.

  17. Separation should never take place and would never take place as piety where there is mutual understanding and love for one another.


  1. Likewise, similar taste and aspirations are necessary for the formation of a permanent companionship for them that their union shall not dissolve because of their goals and purity can be maintained.

  2. Wisdom will never put asunder what has been joined together and it will strengthen that which has already been joined together.

  3. The union of one another in love is a barrier against vice and protection and strength in the center of all of the actions in this world.

  4. All of the things of this world will occupy the thoughts of those who are seeking love and they shall find love through other means but they shall never be happy because this web is only temporary.

  5. Harmony will be at a head when the true happiness comes out which the happiness of the spirit is involved.

  6. The soul is here to bless mankind and eternity will be attained if we seek the soul and higher enjoyments can satisfy the moral and the immortal within us.

  7. We cannot take away the happiness of others for personal happiness, for we will not enjoy their own lives.

  8. The offspring of those who are in the heavens and minds will have better balance in their lives and they will be sounder and they will have more intellect.

  9. The Valley of sin must be eradicated from home and selfishness should be brought down so that the truth can be revealed to everyone and anyone.

  10. The attainment of the heavens will erase crime and will create a more harmonious place.

  11. Those who are spiritually minded may die off because their parents are not bad in mind.

  12. They turn to that which brings temporary pleasure and they shall become like their parents and they shall pass that on to their next generation.

  13. There is no hope of happiness for a child who inherits the world that is full of suffering.

  14. It is not because of the human species, rather, it is because of the culture that we have built for ourselves which makes us unworthy to pass on our values to our children because our values are so bad.

  15. Morals must greatly improve to advance mankind and attaining that spiritual unity comes about in loving one another.

  16. The sanctity for one another must always be kept intact and the world view of knowing the truth but being in the world and being engaged in the world must be maintained in order to reach the heavens and in order to teach others the truth.

  17. Education of children should be such as to form habit of questioning others and to explore themselves and to let their curiosity go so that they can find their own truth and their own way to happiness.


  1. If parents spoil their children, then the parents were spoiled themselves.

  2. They do not think of what they want to do with their life or what they’re going to eat or what they are going to drink from.

  3. They do this in their bodies because they live their life in a dream.

  4. Children should be allowed to gain knowledge because only growth and understanding of the world will increase and bring us to a higher nature.

  5. We must attribute intelligence to the advancement of the human mind.

  6. The divine minds which is the mind of that create everything does not contain human concepts within it and does not embrace human concepts, for human concepts of this world are not bad.

  7. The higher nature of man is not based on the lower nature of man or else the order of wisdom would not be true.

  8. Our false views of the heavens at the height of the truth and produces the ills which is of this world today.

  9. Because humanity rejected the teachers which taught the truths which are hidden behind the religions they made material and it even makes their God material, so they worship material things.

  10. You would never think that the thing which claims to be the truth has actually destroyed the truth and now the truth must be separated from the religions which were established.

  11. The truth is superior to everything that is upon the Earth today which claims to be the truth.

  12. All that is beautiful and all that is pure comes from our ancestors.

  13. The origin of our ancestors is not because we came from instinct and we pass through the material world before we reach intelligence.

  14. Spirit is the ultimate source of being and the life of the truth is the essence of that being.

  15. There are unfair differences between the rights of men and women and that this injustice is not good.

  16. It is a marvel that a wise woman is treated less than man when woman and man are essentially the same, two parts to a whole which has been pure and which is sexless in which lies the creator of all the world.


  1. Our laws discriminate against the claims of the two sexes.

  2. If women were Gods, then the women would rule this world and men would be subservient, so why do women in this world have to be subservient to men?

  3. Is it because our Gods are male? We cannot know that for a fact.

  4. The rational means for the improvement of society has erased its higher motive and becomes a more equal society where everyone has the same rights no matter who they are or who they love.

  5. If a husband deserts the wife, then the wife is the one that left impoverished because the man is everything.

  6. There is no justice in divorcing anyone for matters because marriage should be a union which both sides agreed to for life.

  7. The pure test of all religions is the truth and all the people of the world benefit from the truth whether male or female.

  8. All of these desires of this world rule out the truth and when one person tries help another, then it is not because they want to do something good, rather, is because they lie in the heart of their own deity and in their own mind.

  9. Sometimes the mind is the greatest enemy, and you must make the mind your friend.

  10. A time came when the one who was enlightened came and spoke and said, all of humanity will become as gods in the heavens.

  11. The soul rejoices when there is nobody and then.

  12. He will unite all people in wisdom and love.

  13. Marriage will continue into the eternities because mankind creates heaven for the self and if there is a happy covenant marriage, then they shall remain in that marriage.

  14. The spirit will claim what they want in the heavens, and that will be the reality, and that will be the state of it forever.

  15. Experience brings forth a virtue and should precede the highest attainment of man.

  16. May the truth be present so that all people can be given inspiration by which the existence of man may be discovered.


  1. The foundations of mankind are consistent with progress because mankind has progressed despite the errors of our ways.

  2. Harmony in life should be regarded in the sense of the spirit and not in the sense of mankind where we are not united in mankind, rather, we are united in the spirit of man which is shared among all of us.

  3. The powers of evil bring forth the materialism of this age and are struggling against the spiritual.

  4. This is the lack of power and this is the lack of the human will against the material of the world.

  5. There should be many reforms, so that humanity can have a clear understanding of the truth and all of the impurities and errors that came with the truths and are left out.

  6. There should be a stage by which one age transitions into the next age and that all of humanity is able to go on the next age.

  7. If humanity is not able to go on the next age and the next age comes, humanity will lose his footing and humanity shall fall.

  8. All the things of this world will be pure when all the scum of the earth is gone.

  9. Adversity is sweet in the face of evil, and it comes to you, and that at the end, there is a precious jewel by which you can attain the virtue.

  10. Trials in this world teach humanity not to rely on things which are broken, or which are material, or which pierces the hearts of them.

  11. We do not remember the joy and prosperity of our life.

  12. We remember the sorrows of our world and we remember the great tribulation which we have gone to enter the kingdom of the truth.

  13. Trials are the proof that we are flawed, and trying out is the proof that our will is forever, and we did not come forth spiritually from hope, but we came forth because of the decay of the world around us.

  14. Each stage of experience unfolds new views for all of us in terms of goodness in love, and our worldview changes every time we go through a great trial.

  15. We remember how fleeting the joy of humanity is and we must wait for the divine wisdom to come forth and point us to the truth.


  1. It is better to wait for things to go through it cycles before having to resort to drastic actions.

  2. If badness comes to a person’s life, then that misstep will leave it eventually if their will wanted it to leave.

  3. This is the foundation of all philosophy and this is the foundation by which we should live our lives.

  4. Sorrow has its rewards and its rewards come in the most surprising ways.

  5. This is what has been taught and this is the example that has been led by all of those who were enlightened before our time.

  6. We should despise the ocean of sorrow and we should hope in work and stick to the path by which we have established ourselves leaders the truth so that we can go into the trouble we use as a beacon of hope for all of those who are lost the waters.

  7. Grace and truth are bestowed by all other means and it is the means by which we should strive to have because any other character is too absurd to be considered.

  8. The lack of spiritual power in that character is the result of labor without any fruit.

  9. Spiritual consciousness is needed and man can be delivered from the likeness of man and the likeness of a spiritual and enlightened being if they follow in the footsteps of the truth.

  10. The suffering that is cause in this world is rebuked because there is no need for suffering in the world.

  11. Once you understand the truth, you shall understand the basis for the truth and for true religion.

  12. Mortals progress into fear because they are thought to be ridiculous and they are slaves to the suffering of this world because they tell you how you should live and they tell you that you are a failure.

  13. This is what hinders us from attaining the greatest attainment of all.

  14. The presence of the lack of trust in us is the source of all suffering in the world.

  15. If we love ourselves, then we love others and we love others so that we shall become more secure about ourselves and we will not care what the world thinks of us.


  1. If you are an example to others, then you will be the example by which everyone follows and you shall become enlightened as a result.

  2. All of those who go against you are the ones who compiles silly lies and shall find fault in you, but you shall not listen to them and no one else shall listen to them because all the people of the world shall know that you have the truth.

  3. You shall go through the trials of this, but you will become stronger and you will not grow week because of this.

  4. As this generation ceases, the truth shall be revealed to the generation which is now rising up so that all of the people of the world will become spiritually discerned and they shall become in harmony with one another.

  5. This is when the new God shall appear and this is when the new view of God shall appear.


  1. We have evolved from the spirit so our spiritual being is within us all ways.

  2. We must call out to it so we are able to understand the world for what it is.

  3. We shall be able understand the truth and we shall be able to understand the great plan that that out for us.

  4. If we understand things in the spiritual sense, we shall understand all of the greatness that comes from the world and we shall be able to understand despite you by the purpose of all the things that supposedly brings us to the spiritual in the first place.

  5. If our offspring are educated in this way, then our offspring will be able to pass on the covenant which has been established for them at the beginning.

  6. Mortals can never understand themselves while a man is on this Earth.

  7. Just as we marry one another, we marry our spirit and our spirit is married in the heavens and our spirit has communication with the heavens.

  8. Do not forget that and let the guidance of your spirit, but the guidance of those who came before you and those two shall come after you die you so that you can make a better life for everyone that is involved in your past, present, and future.

  9. Whatever on earth which was sinful cannot enter into the spiritual realm because nothing bad can ever enter the spiritual realm.

  10. There is but one unifying spirit that unites us all, but we are all individuals, therefore our spirit individual to us.

  11. Man can never become God, only the spirit of man can become God.

  12. There are no such things as good spirits or evil spirits, rather, there are such things as lost spirit and found spirit.

  13. You will never taste death your spirit is with you and your spirit shall never taste the wrath of death.

  14. There is a distinct an eternal difference between the body and the spirit.

  15. Evil is not real, it is rather a belief in something which is not good.

  16. The world is an illusion in the material sense and the spirit does not have anything to do with the things of the material world.

  17. The spirit continues forever and your soul is the same as your spirit.

  18. From your dreams, you can learn that the things of the world do not matter to your spirit, rather, only your spirit cares about the things of the spirit.


  1. Trying to understand the spirit is erroneous and it has no proof or power outside testimony of man.

  2. There are no senses with the spirit, for your spirit cannot feel, they cannot touch, and cannot see.

  3. Trying to understand your spirit will suppress the spirit into something that is finite when your spirit is infinite.

  4. Living in a spiritual existence is impossible in this world completely but you can learn to live in these principles.

  5. Your spirit comes into you and forms in you when you are on the womb and it leaves you and it causes your death.

  6. The truth brings to light the immortality of this world.

  7. The mortal in the immortal are not united by progress but they are separated.

  8. Perfection is not expressed through the imperfections of man.

  9. The spirit is not made that which is matter.

  10. Error is not noticed through perfection.

  11. Those who are mortal passed through their life and they shall do bad things and they shall also do good things.

  12. You cannot be perfect and enter into the kingdom, but your spirit must always be perfect to enter into the kingdom.

  13. Divine law communicates to you the truth of the world and reveals to you the harmony of all the things that are immortal.

  14. The spirit world and the earthly world do not support one another, rather, they are separated, but they are merged through the human experience.

  15. No man can control another man through their spirit because there is only one spirit and your individual spirit cannot coincide with one another.

  16. Any control of the spirit brings forth evil to this world.

  17. The gods cannot directly communicate with you and humans cannot directly communicate with god, but it is only through the spirit that this is bridged.

  18. Material bodies will return to the dust but the spiritual bodies will rise up into the heavens.

  19. The spirit remains immortal and the spirit which knows the truth shall be set free into the heavens.

  20. That which is mortal cannot be made into the immortal, therefore, do not put your trust in man, put your trust in yourself.

  21. There is no communication between the material world and the spiritual world except through your spirit in your life only.


  1. All the things you do in this world that are material will be forgotten eventually, but your spirit will remember it forever in your ancestors will remember forever.

  2. Once you die, you shall never return to the condition when you came.

  3. You can never go backwards, you can only go forward.

  4. Society must always go forward in the human experience must always go forward, for you were once just a spirit, then you became the spirit and the man, and now you shall become a god.

  5. The dead and the living cannot commune with each other through the medium so the gods and humans cannot communicate except through the spirit.

  6. Those who are dead will not reappear on the Earth as a spirit, rather, only those who are lost will reappear on the Earth as spirit and will endlessly wander this world.

  7. You cannot transfer the things of the material world and the things of the spiritual world and you cannot make material things spiritual in any way.

  8. You cannot restore death except of death has not come.

  9. You will die many times spiritually on the face of this planet, but you will never die physically, for if you die physically, you will never be raised again.

  10. When you understand that life can be recognized as neither material nor finite, but infinite and good, is a good thing to understand.

  11. The spiritual beings and the gods cannot communicate with humanity just as humanity cannot communicate with the gods.

  12. It is not necessary to do the things that we do on the face of this planet were to come closer to God because it is impossible for us as humans to be closer.

  13. Our spirit becomes closer through spiritual experiences and those experiences change day by day.

  14. They will never be the same for any individual person.

  15. You must find a balance between the world and the spiritual world.


  1. You cannot turn the things that are good to evil.

  2. You cannot change from error to truth within a single day.

  3. Death will overcome you completely and then you must accept it but not submit to it.

  4. Immortality shall come before you upon your death.

  5. Existence continues after your death but is only through your spirit.

  6. Death cannot occur after you are dead once.

  7. If you desire the things of this material world, then you will not be of the same consciousness of those who do not embrace things of this world.

  8. You will spend a shorter life in pleasure and you will spend a longer life in error.

  9. If you spend your shorter life in error, even if you don’t have all the things you need of this world, and you spend the longer life in harmony and in pleasure, then you shall have a good existence.


  1. Those who are lost in this hole will rise out of ignorance and materiality, but those who understand this and get out of it will be going against their covenant.

  2. You have a chance to improve in your life and your spirit will have the chance to become renewed in you if you choose to have this happen to you.

  3. The reality is you will never die and you will never live in this world but you will live a certain point in your time enabled die a certain point of your time in your life.

  4. You must suffer the things of this world in order to understand the beauty of this world.

  5. If you go into the truth full of ignorance, you will never understand the things of this world.

  6. Your spirit does not need to be communicated with by humanity in order to be understood.

  7. Spirit can only communicate with spirit just as Gods cannot communicate with man and man cannot communicate with God.

  8. God is a spirit and only your spirits can communicate with it.

  9. Your spirit is not on the outside but it is within you and it is around you and it is everything that you have.

  10. Errors in your life can lead to death and you must get rid of the errors of your life in order to come back to life.

  11. You will be restored and you will come back to life without having tasted death.

  12. All of the evil spirit will be cast out of you and all of the lies it leaves will leave before you.

  13. You will do your good works with the good spirit.

  14. If you understand these things then you will have a higher understanding of the order of the heavens and you’ll rest on the things of the heavens to guide you through your entire life.

  15. Just as your body must be strengthened always, so must your spirit.

  16. Your spirit controls everything within you and it communicates between you and the heavens.

  17. You must have great spiritual strength in or to make it through this treacherous world in order to overcome death.

  18. You will be strengthened by knowing more of the truth and your strength will never be lessened.


  1. You will never understand the things of your spirit by going to those who claim to know the spirit.

  2. Those who claim to know and those who claim to communicate with the spirits are not really communicating with spirits, for they do not have the power or knowledge to do so.

  3. You cannot be overcome by another spirit for your spirit is always with you and you and your spirit can never become evil.

  4. Only humanity can become evil and the only things that make human evil are the power of the mind.

  5. You must have that mind control over the things of this world.

  6. It is the mortal mind that has power over the matter.

  7. You are controlled by what you think but the thoughts of man on neither rational nor scientific.

  8. Your spirit has all the knowledge of the universe and your spirit shall grant you this knowledge if you desire it.

  9. If those who are spiritualists understand that the spirit cannot communicate with the minds, but the spirit controls the mind and the mind of man cannot control the spirit, then they will no longer believe in what they have.

  10. Your mortal being does not make you immortal, rather is your spirit that makes you immortal for your spirit is forever.


  1. In the beginning, man was revealed to be immortal and once a society steps in, then all the things of this world will become mortal.

  2. You have been defined as mortal, but only in body and your spirit has been remembered forever.

  3. We cannot perceive the world of the spirit with our consciousness; rather, we can only perceive it during conscious states.

  4. Our dreams are in the world the realm of the spirit and our spirit can communicate with us through our dreams and through other visions.

  5. The power of the world of the spirit is higher than ours and we submit to it and our minds submit to it.

  6. We are not in their state and they are not in our state, so they cannot communicate with us directly except by direct communication between our spirit and our bodies.

  7. We can only communicate with our spirit and our spirit only communicates to us.

  8. Every one of our spirits is an individual, but is all part of the same great spirit.

  9. We want to communicate with our spirit but we cannot in the realm that we are in and we cannot physically communicate with it.

  10. Mortals must find refuge in the truth in order to escape the error of the world.

  11. We cannot believe in the truth without understanding it and truth has been behind errors and the errors have been displayed as truth for all time.

  12. The power of the Spirit is not supernatural and the power of the spirit cannot influence the laws of the universe.


  1. Life is both material and spiritual.

  2. In order for bodies to survive, we must have the things of the material world are to survive and the experiences we have as a mortal will influence our spirit and will mature our spirit.

  3. The ancient prophets spoke from a spiritual standpoint by working with their spirits in order to tell us of our experiences.

  4. Men become prophets because of the spirit.

  5. There are spirit has given them the power to see the past and into the present to predict our future.

  6. We can all become prophets if we look into our mind and we synchronize ourselves with our spirit.

  7. We can know the truth more accurately if we are guided by the promptings of our spirit.

  8. The illumination of the spiritual understanding demonstrates the capacity of our soul and our mind.

  9. We cannot receive the spiritual understanding unless we lock in the ways of the truth and we understand the knowledge that comes from the truth.

  10. You will know the thoughts and actions of others if you are able to understand your spirit.

  11. You will know that the world is full of wickedness if you understand that the world is full of wickedness and you think of a perception that is above the world.

  12. The great and enlightened teachers knew both the cause and the effect of the world and their spirits communicated with them without error because they decided to listen to their spirit.

  13. Those who are enlightened possessed more spiritualism to themselves than the material world.

  14. They understood the spiritual world better than they understood the material and that we must follow their actions in our lives.

  15. Human beings evolve images of thought and that explains all of the images and visions that humanity creates.

  16. All of the evil things of this world and all of the apparitions that appear in this world are formed in the images of human beings.

  17. Seeing it is both a sensual thing and a feeling.

  18. In reality, us humans cannot see the spirits and spirits cannot manifest themselves into physical form.

  19. The spirits of those who are lost are all around us but they cannot communicate with us in our physical forms just as the spirit cannot communicate with the physical.

  20. We must always have a mental picture of the environment around us.

  21. If we understand the world around us and perceive the world for what it truly is, not what we want it to be, then we shall see the world through a new set of eyes.

  22. The true concept of this world is never lost but you see the world in the sense of what it could be and should be.

  23. Some images and some memories that we have in our lives will permeate with us for the rest of our days.


  1. As we perceive the world through a new set of eyes, if we do not first go through the world and suffer in the things of the world, we will never attain the light.

  2. If we are able to conquer the sufferings, then we shall go into the heavens to receive it new knowledge and our spirit will transmit this knowledge to us in our dreams, so that we may come to a new understanding of the nature of the world.

  3. We must always listen to the promptings of our spirit and we must always listen to our spirit, and it tells us to always listen to it because it tells us that which comes from the heavens.

  4. We can discern between the good ideas in the allusions of good ideas by sensing what their purpose is truly.

  5. Love is an idea which cannot be seen or felt or understood physically, but it can be felt mentally.

  6. Veneration can be seen and can be heard and can be touched and it is more physical than spiritual.

  7. True worship lies in a spiritual sense and you do not have to physically manifest your worship in order to be worshiping.

  8. The ideas that are now in all the religious institutions of the state are more physical in formation than spiritual and the spirit is not satisfied by the things that you do of the physical.

  9. Truth and love are things that are spiritual and not physical.

  10. Our spirit knows what it wants to do with the truth and the love but we cannot express the truth and the love for ourselves.


  1. The mind is not dependent on learning these things, the mind is also dependent on experiencing life.

  2. You will not always receive an answer to your questions in the form of an answer, rather, may you see the answers to all of your questions in the form of an experience that you shall have.

  3. All the things that were created in the beginning were created out of the ideas of those who wanted to create it.

  4. The action of your spirits in your life gives you freedom.

  5. It is necessary to go to the source of all creation to learn from that source so that you know where everything in this world came from.

  6. All the laws of nature came from the beginning, and at the beginning was the creator of the universe.

  7. Death will be obsolete if you understand the world in a spiritual realm, for your spirit can never die.

  8. Your body may return to the dust from which it came, but your spirit will leave your body and shall dwell in the heavens.

  9. Death is not necessary to see the immortality of your soul, for you may be able to see the light before your death.

  10. Seen the light before your death opens a new possibility of thought and you shall perceive the world in a different way from what you did before.


  1. This perception of the world will shut the door to death in your life and will open it up to immortality.

  2. You must understand the mysteries of this world through your mind and only your spirit can discern these things.

  3. If you do not let your spirit control your mind and your mind cannot learn these things from your spirit.

  4. A new heaven and a new earth refers to the newness of life which you receive.

  5. Once your mind is set on that which is spiritual, then you will be able to see a new heaven and you will be able to see a new earth.

  6. You will be under the control of the wisdom which has surpassed all wisdom and world.

  7. You cannot depart from spiritual growth for everyone will grow spiritually.

  8. Everyone will see the light of the world after death.

  9. The reality is that your life will turn to dust and the disruption of error does not mean the destruction of the truth.

  10. Your spirit, which embodies the truth and the light, will live on in the heavens.


  1. The first error is that belief is something that is apart from the divine.

  2. Belief is something which comes forth from the divine and the truth comes forth from that belief.

  3. The second error is that man is both material and mental.

  4. The mental is the spirit and your spirit forms your mind.

  5. The third error is that the mind is both good and it is evil.

  6. The mind can never be evil because it is controlled by the spirit, rather, the body is evil and your actions determine your goodness for your evilness.

  7. Evil actions control the mind and make the mine do evil things which produces evil effect.

  8. The fourth error is that the things of this world are intelligent and that that was the formation of the mind.

  9. The things of this world are not intelligent and all of the things that you have learned come forth from the spirit.

  10. The fifth error is that matter will hold itself in life and death.

  11. Matter will not have any power were death, and matter does not even have full control over life.

  12. The spiritual world will control your life and that will be all that remains after death.

  13. Good comes from the spirits and evil comes from the rejection of the spirits and actions performed by man.

  14. Human knowledge and sensuality is the formation of all things of the world that are evil and this is the knowledge that was not known in the beginning, but became known in the beginning.

  15. Moral demands will not be met in your life if your life is dominated by the material.

  16. The foundation of evil is a belief in something besides the truth and it supports the two opposing powers instead of going to the truth itself.

  17. You may think you have done it in error, but you’ve done right, but at the same time, you may think you have done right but you have done wrong.


  1. The soul has power over your body and your mind if you let it do so.

  2. All of those were enlightened had their soul as their power over their mind and body.

  3. Those who truly worship shall worship in spirit only and in the truth.

  4. Now is the day of salvation and salvation is achieved through giving your soul the power over your mind and over your body.

  5. This is the point where logic will take over and you shall see the world through common sense.

  6. Good cannot create evil, for evil is opposing the truth.

  7. Evil cannot come forth from things that are good, so what do not let your mind become evil because it is good.

  8. Spirit is the name of the Supreme Being which comes forth from the creator.

  9. Infinite spirits are never mere people and infinite spirits are what dwell within the bodies of each man.

  10. The errors of the world are finite, but the truth of this world is infinite.

  11. Those who live in the infinite will reign in truth and understanding both in the world of the living and in the world of the dead.

  12. The nature of man is after the likeness of truth and the life and the love.

  13. Man is a reflection of that demand is the only being that can come forth from the world and understand the world in a different sense from what it currently is.

  14. The entire world has a misconception of the world around them and only through correction of that misconception and going back into the world with a new conception of the world shall you be able to attain eternal life.

  15. Do not deny anything which comes to you through your spirit, for your body may be able to betray it and you will no longer have that knowledge.


  1. Insight into the world can help people to better understand the world, and that will be the difference between those who know the truth and those who claim to know the truth, but are lies.

  2. When your spirit grows, then your mind grows in knowledge and it stands.

  3. Your mind will cause you to be healed and to be saved.

  4. Whoever reaches the points of moral culture and goodness cannot do that which is evil.

  5. You must discern between the world of your previous life and the world of a spiritual life and you will understand the great things that come from the spirit.

  6. Once your knowledge increases, then you shall end the errors of your ways.

  7. The night shall come before the dawn and you shall suffer greatly before you understand this truth eternally.

  8. This is what it means to truly be born again for you must die spiritually in order to attain life.

  9. Existence does not come from the material sense but it is the spiritual sense which brings human consciousness into the eternal truth.

  10. Humanity advances slowly out of the sins of the world from which they previously came from and the truth which comes forth from knowledge of the world that is beyond our own.

  11. Love is in the spirit and before error is destroyed; your world must be interrupted by great sufferings in this world.

  12. The darkest hour proceeds before the dawn and the dawn is the final spiritual attainment is assuring in these things.


  1. The material world is an arena of conflicting forces and it is a battle between chaos and peace.

  2. The breaking up of this will continue to confuse the people of the world and will expose them to the things that cause suffering in this world.

  3. They will go through the world of evil and they will be swallowed up by the truth until the very end.

  4. Error will give way the truth and the continuation of the belief of these errors will lead to misunderstanding.

  5. Believe can change, but the understanding of the spiritual world does not change.

  6. You shall endure to the end and the understanding of the spiritual world and then you will understand what is real instead of understanding what is an illusion.

  7. During the final conflict, the wicked will find ways to accomplish more evil but those who discern the spiritual world will hold them.

  8. Law and order will be maintained by those who know the truth during a major conflict.


  1. The more closely error supports the truth, the more similar the two become.

  2. Do not believe the things which come from humanity which claims to be the truth but are truly evil.

  3. Truth can only come through your own personal experience with the things of this world and with the suffering of this world.

  4. You cannot claim to know the truth without understanding the true pain of this world and with understanding the world during new set of eyes.

  5. The difference between false truth and real truth is love which in itself can be an illusion.

  6. The more material a belief is, the more obvious the error is and until your spirit discerns between the two, then you will not be formed in the likeness of your spirit and you will not have the truth within you.

  7. The most basic facts can expose the falsities for what it is.

  8. It requires courage to utter the truth for a higher truth will check in the error and to look and expose it to the world.

  9. All matter in your life will disappear before your spirit takes over completely.

  10. Life is the truth and the truth is the life, and the Earth cannot be a replacement for the spiritual truth.

  11. The prophets of this day will claim to know the truth when they really do not know the truth unless they have suffered in this world.

  12. They must have the influence of the spirit and that no one in this world can comprehend the spirit for the spirit can only be discerned spiritually.

  13. All of the physical qualifications for being a prophet do not matter when one does not spiritually feel that they are prophet.


  1. The revelation of truth and of life and of love is the understanding that we must all come to in order to see the world through a new understanding.

  2. This has not been a part of any religion and it is not expected by any religion to come to this utterance.

  3. It is also not the qualification to practice this but it must be for it to be a true religion.

  4. This discounts every religion is lies which claim to know the truth.

  5. The truth does not lie in the religion around you; rather, it lies in your own experiences.

  6. The spiritual world is metaphysical and no human philosophy or ethics or superstition can demonstrate this.

  7. Work out your salvation through going through fear and trembling for it is only through that that you can be saved.

  8. Truth is the key to the kingdom and it is the door of this that you shall enter in order to understand the world differently.

  9. These teachings are not ordinary and they cannot be taught through ordinary means.

  10. The individuals who have adopted ways to physically communicate with the spirit do not understand the nature between the spirit and the physical world.

  11. Only you can communicate with your spirit directly and only your spirit can directly communicate with you.

  12. This is the key to becoming the perfect spiritual being that you were meant to be at the beginning.


  1. In the beginning, the word became manifest with all men and the truth that was in the beginning and has been here from the beginning, and it has been proven through time from the beginning.

  2. It is illuminated throughout history by those who were enlightened.

  3. The truth, which is the wondering the glory upon all nations was illustrated in the light in harmony and was constant even though humanity was not always so.

  4. This is the mystery of the world and all of those were in the truth shall manifest the truth unto all nations, but all nations of the world are in perpetual evil and shall remain so until the end of time.

  5. The truth is so vague that it is almost unseen and it is unseen through the dogma and doctrine of religious systems of this day.

  6. It is the light over the darkness and the straight line of the spirit over the deviations of the inverted images of that was created.

  7. The definition of being is the truth and the truth will help manage to attain their spiritual actuality.

  8. Even the crudest form of humanity knew of this truth and they express the truth in certain ways.


  1. In the beginning, everything was infinite and there was nothing and the universe was created by the one Creator at one moment in time.

  2. All things came from here and all identities were unfolded.

  3. This is what the truth embraces and these ideas range from eternity to eternity.

  4. In the truth, matter is unknown, for nothing that is matter enters into the realm of the heavens.

  5. Only the spirit enters into the heavens and only the heavens can discern the spiritual from the physical, but the physical world cannot determine that.

  6. The light was the first thing that came forth for the creator was light and the truth was light.

  7. Light came from the darkness and the darkness was distorted by the light were the light is better than the darkness.

  8. There is light that comes from the truth than the love of that which created everything and the revelation of this truth brings forth the light to you, even if you do not give off light physically.

  9. The light is in the place that cannot be seen by humanity and it is ever present, and has been present since the beginning and shall be so until the end.

  10. The rays of truth, when focused on an idea, brings light to all of humanity, and the one moment of spiritual light brings forth a thousand years of human light in this world.

  11. The contradiction of the spirit is matter and the darkness is the opposite of light.

  12. Material is nothing more than the absence of that which is the spirit.

  13. The waters, which represent the people of the world, are separated from the lands of the earth and the people came forth from the errors and the multitude of waters represents all the people of the world.

  14. The heavens are above that which is all the waters of the world and the spiritual understanding is manifested in that which is above the waters is the average world.

  15. This understanding is not an intellectual understanding and it is not the results of achievement upon the Earth but it is an achievement through experiences in life that brings you forth from the earth and into the heavens to learn of the truth and then to come back down with the truth and to be in the world, but not of the world.

  16. You cannot discern on the face of the earth that which is false and that which is true.

  17. The only way you can figure out what the truth is if you can discern it by experiencing it in your own life.

  18. This is purely a reflection upon the spirits and all the darkness that you face in the world, you shall attain the light and your spirit shall feel it more than you.

  19. Spiritual achievement brings peace to your life and it is the unification of your spirit with the spirits in the heavens and ultimately with the creator of all things.

  20. We have been given a purpose upon the face of the earth and in order for our purpose to be known to us, we must discern the truth and go forth into the truth.

  21. The spirit must control the mind and the mind must control the body in order to be in perfect harmony.

  22. The body cannot control the mind because the spirit cannot compete with the body and control of the mind.

  23. The mind can never control the spirit.

  24. We should be able to let reap the fruits of our labors all the days of our lives, and we should take every moment of our lives and we should learn from these moments and we must make every moment precious and cherish it, for moments are few.

  25. Throughout creation, the truth has manifested the many cultures by many teachers in many ways.

  26. Mortals in this world have misinterpreted these things and created dogma and doctrine around them, and the religious traditions of the age distort that truth and all its simplicity.

  27. The truth is found in it, but you must discern between that which is true and that which is lies.

  28. The religious systems of this they are merely the mortal interpretation of what was taught by those who are divine.

  29. Is intelligence that comes from the heavens as intelligent the true and the one that created that truth is the creator of all things.

  30. Nothing is determined in the heavens and your spirits are not differentiated from one another, the only differentiation is upon the face of the earth which is why we do not condone and should not condone any sort of discrimination upon the face of the earth.

  31. When the Spirit descends with the body into a life of torments which is the world and stays in this world and stays in the torments of the world, then the spirit will be able to ascend the heavens and learn of the truth that the truth can be manifest to you.

  32. We must prove ourselves in order to attain this truth and then we cannot have this truth taken away from us and we cannot reject the truth.

  33. The light of spiritual understanding gives us infinite knowledge and can only take us as far as the immensity of space around us.

  34. The material world can never bring us as much pleasure as the pleasure that comes forth from the heavens.

  35. Those who are enlightened will review the material thoughts of fellow man because they do not understand the things of the spirit.

  36. We cannot attain the spiritual ideas by embracing the material world.

  37. Our thoughts must be spiritual in order to discern between the rhythms of the spirit and the body.

  38. We shall see the light and the light is the truth and the truth shall set us free from the material world.

  39. We cannot explain the love that comes forth by knowing the truth because we must all experience it in our own ways and we must discern it into your own thoughts and we must apply it to work in our own lives.

  40. We should multiply and replenish the earth so that we can pass on the truth and the truth shall be known to all nations.

  41. We must always think of our posterity and we must make our posterity more prosperous than we are.

  42. In the beginning, the deity which created all things brought forth the truth and the truth is preserved in its eternal mind.

  43. Every single day, we make progress as humanity towards the ultimate truth and we must never stray away from the knowledge.

  44. We have intelligence above the animals around us and that we have a better understanding of the world than most and we are able to discern what is right and what is wrong, and we are able to think of these things.

  45. We have the spirit within us and we are the only animals that have the spirit within us, and we are responsible for the future of our own planet.

  46. Those who are righteous shall gain the righteous blessings, and those who are wicked shall fall into the pit of this world.

  47. We are blessed with all of these things and we are also commanded to advance our own species and to make the world a more harmonious place for all.

  48. We must clean up our own lives and we must walk in the ways of the truth in order to pass the truth and to go into the world and do deeds which are good for all the earth.

  49. In order to attain this knowledge of the truth, we must go through our path in life and we must face that thing in this world.

  50. Once we conquer these bad things in our world we will be able to know the truth and we will be able to be set free spiritually.

  51. We are all part of the same spirit, but each of us have the spirit which is individual to us because we are individuals.

  52. That which created everything created both the material world and the supernatural world and the mortal existence is but a small part of our existence as a spirit.

  53. We can find that joy is strength through our spirit and dwells within the minds, and we must climb into the truth with humility and honor.


  1. Be careful of those who are wolves who dwell with those who are sheep because those who are sheep are innocent and those were wolves are not.

  2. We must all be able to be in harmony, but there are some of us who do not desire to be in harmony.

  3. We must discern between that which is truth in that which is lies and that can only be determined through our spirit.

  4. We must be able to feel safe with those who are enemies because we will realize that we are all the same and we will realize that our spirit is not differentiated from one person to another.

  5. Every person has the right to the same knowledge that we do.

  6. We must not discriminate against another person just as those who were enlightened never discriminated against anyone.

  7. The individuality created by the creator is not a bad thing, but is a good thing because it allows each of us to use our destiny to our advantage that we may have all the blessings our lives.

  8. We must not take every new idea that comes as poisonous, rather, we must take it in because it will bless us with new knowledge that we never previously had.

  9. If we use reason then we can discern if it is good or if it is not.

  10. There is a plurality of spirits in this world but there is only one spirit which guides all because we are all united because our spirits are all the same and are united to one another.

  11. As you reflect upon your life, remember all the events that happen in your life so that you can discern what you have learned in your life, for all the things you learn in your life are good for you to advance your own knowledge.


  1. We were made in the image of that which created us and all the things of this world are created in the world.

  2. The spirit has no such distinction because our spirits are all the same.

  3. That which created us cannot be discerned upon the face of the earth and we cannot communicate to it just as they cannot communicate to us, and it has never appeared to us just as we can never appear to it.

  4. There is no such thing as a personal deity because deity is everything and everything is deity.

  5. All of our spirits have the opportunity to become a part of that deity, so deity dwells within all of us.

  6. We have been blessed by all the things of this world if we do good.

  7. If we do bad with all the blessings that we receive and our blessings shall be shortened and we shall live in misery.

  8. If we do good things in our life then we shall be able to have a longer life and have more blessings stood upon us.

  9. We have been given all of these things on the Earth so that we can pass it on to our posterity and our posterity is able to be more prosperous than we.

  10. This is our only impact we have upon the face of the earth and we are able to spiritually connect with our posterity after her death.


  1. The divine spirit is expressed in everything, just as our spirits are expressing divinity.

  2. Once we outgrow our humanity, our spirit shall go into divinity.

  3. Nothing can be known about the eternal minds until after your death because it is only after death that most of us are able to see the light and we are able to dwell within the light.

  4. There is no rest in your spirit in all it does.

  5. The body may have to rest, but the spirit shall never rest, for the spirit always brings knowledge from the heavens to your being.

  6. The heavens are the highest thing from the standpoint of humanity and that is the most desirable place to go.

  7. The absolute ideal of all of humanity is to dwell in the heavens and that is only by living in the mindset of the spirits.

  8. The absolute ideal is not comprehended by mortals because the love lies in the infinite.

  9. Mortality shall disappear and the days shall become eternal, and you shall receive newness of life, and all of the errors of your ways shall be punished and vanquished.

  10. The spirit controls the mind but does not control the matter.

  11. It is the thing that causes the mind to grow and is the only thing that can act in the mind.

  12. Knowledge shall lift mankind above the earth and the heavens and they shall attain spiritual harmony.

  13. All of the things that are good in this world were made by the spirit and all the things of the heavens are good.

  14. In the heavens, there is the lack of bad things and there is a huge amount of knowledge meant to be with the supremacy of the world.

  15. But harmony and immortality of the spirit of man is not there and it surpasses that of the material world.

  16. The world is both mortal and material.


  1. All the errors of this world do not occur in the heavens.

  2. All the errors in the world were not treated in the beginning, but they were created through the shortcomings of humanity.

  3. This is the truth before it was recorded, as opposed to that which was recorded before the truth.

  4. The light is the truth that has been here before the recording of the truth and everything else in this world is recorded before the truth is fully realized.

  5. The things of the spirits are the result of perfection and power.

  6. The world of the material and mortal was created and has an end.

  7. The divine spirit is supreme over all things of the heavens and the earth.

  8. We were formed of the dust and we shall return to the dust and our spirit was warned the beginning and shall remain until the very end.

  9. Matter is what gives the earth life.

  10. Spirit has entered into the matter and created man and we were created in the image of that which created us for our spirit is a result of that creation and mankind is merely the vehicle by which the creation can transmit itself upon the face of the earth.

  11. The spirit and the body cooperates in constructing their views of the universe.

  12. Life and truth does not produce death in error.

  13. The truth does not change but the things of the world will change all the time.

  14. We must not judge imperfect beings on perfect things.

  15. The imperfect can never achieve the perfect.

  16. Because we were made in error, we were given the opportunity to improve.

  17. Upon the face of the earth, we have things which claim to be the truth, but are really lies.

  18. Everything comes from beneath which is error.

  19. All of the world and all of its desires permits lust and is not a reflection of that which is spiritual, even though sometimes they claim it is.


  1. Every creation upon the face of the Earth has a creator, even mankind.

  2. We were made in the image of something but we do not know what that is.

  3. We cannot comprehend that which created us as we are upon the face of the earth, but while we are in the heavens we may be able to discern its and we may be able to interact with it.

  4. Inside this material mythology we’ve created for ourselves, we created gods and these gods number in the thousands and they have deceived many people throughout generations.

  5. There is a constant struggle to discern which God is truth but no gods are truly true because no gods must truly be worshiped.

  6. We cannot comprehend deity even though we try to.

  7. How can one who is not intelligent see into the mind of the intelligence? Matter is not a reflection of the spirit, yet the reflection of deity is in all creation.

  8. The spirit will never enter the dust and divine nature will be lost when the body dies.

  9. The mind of deity does not enter into the body of one who was mortal.


  1. Let us make God in our own image and after our own likeness and we were shaped after the mind of something more powerful than us and we shape the devotees in which we tried to comprehend.

  2. The word is truth and the word was with the deity and the word was in the deity and that is how everything was made.

  3. Everything that is good and worthy was created through this truth and everything that which is in the truth shall be revealed to you.

  4. Sin and sickness and death must be unworthy to those who seek the rewards of the heavens.

  5. Every plant was planted before it was planted upon the face of the Earth.

  6. It is less than understanding and it involves understanding things in the spirit.

  7. All passions shall be destroyed when the belief of the truth comes in full view.

  8. All that was created was pronounced to be good and the truth stands in the tree of knowledge.

  9. Love was the knowledge of this god and lust was the knowledge of this evil.

  10. Before humanity discovered on their own, neither love nor hatred was known upon the face of the earth.

  11. Even the representation of sheer perfection than what lies in the heavens.

  12. Even shall make a man completes and no mortal shall ever know what even is truly like while they are alive.

  13. Man can only be tempted with doing evil things.

  14. The spirit can never be tempted to do evil because the Spirit is not involved in the affairs of evil.

  15. Evil is unreal because it only dwells on the face of the Earth and it never dwells in the heavens.

  16. You cannot be a perfect man for no man is perfect.

  17. You must have a renewed partnership with your spirit and your spirit will give you what you need to survive in this life and to learn in this life.


  1. Falsity and error has entered into the world and has operated on the life of man.

  2. The beginning was the light instead of the darkness and now the darkness prevails over the light in the world.

  3. Dreams have been given reality and reality has been known only to dreams.

  4. You are not supposed to be perfect in this world but you are supposed to advance others and to make them feel worthy upon living in this life.

  5. There should be man from woman just as woman came from man.

  6. It came about because there is the need for the existence of both kinds of beings.

  7. One of them suggests that change has already happened while the other one brings forth new change and reveals the origin of all of mankind.

  8. Another thing that came into being when the world balance of darkness was the truth was lost and can only be found by experiencing the darkness.

  9. Only the darkness of this world can bring you into the light.

  10. All claims of evil have been fought because evil is the result of that which is in the world.

  11. Evil contradicts and does not support the truth.

  12. Because of evil, we can claim that we are worthless and we are not real.


  1. Man was not created from unintelligent dust, rather, the body was made from that and the spirit was made in the intelligence of the heavens.

  2. If you allow your body to take control of your mind that you are diligent, but if you allow your spirit to take control of your mind so that you shall be intelligent.

  3. All of these things require intervention and your spirit intervenes on your mind to guide your body into doing good things.

  4. Life began with the mind over the matter and life is sustained by the spirit.

  5. Life is not sustained by the body and the spirit but life is sustained by the spirit and the body is the beat of understanding.

  6. The mind and the spirit were created in the likeness of the deity and has dominion over all the earth, not the body.

  7. Man was created uniquely and the two sexes only come up on the face of the planet when male and female are differentiated.

  8. Knowledge is obtained above the senses of the world.

  9. The knowledge and truth is obtained in the heavens and that knowledge is sent down to the Earth.

  10. The knowledge of those who were enlightened are not of the Earth, but of the heavens.

  11. Remember that your body returns to the dust, so what do not hold your body or the materials and the world regard.

  12. Knowledge and pleasure evolved through the material, and the knowledge of the truth was evolving up the same time as the knowledge of the pleasures of the world.

  13. Here is the manifestation of material and do not fear the things of this world for the things of this world comes naturally.

  14. Do not have shame over what you shall do for shame also comes from the earth and not the spirit.


  1. There is no way that we can trace all human errors that which is good for good is not the creator of evil.

  2. Do not charge others for doing evil for they do not know what they are doing.

  3. The spirit can help you overcome these things if your spirit is allowed to control your mind, which in turn, shall control your body.

  4. The truth shall be questioned, but the truth shall never falter because the truth is the only thing that is perfect upon the face of the Earth.

  5. The truth is also the only thing that is consistent in all cultures and all times.

  6. Do not abandon your body for spiritual direction for your spirit will not have been able to know these things without experiencing in life.

  7. The spiritual origin of man is revealed when one knows the truth, so learn the truth and you shall learn the origin of all things.


  1. Do not be confused by the things which claim to be the truth and the truth.

  2. The things which claim to be the truth shall manifest itself within the truth but shall hide itself.

  3. The truth is hidden in the things which are lies.

  4. Lies are not truth and truth are not wise.

  5. Your spirit dwells in you and you are still of the flesh, but you do not have to give in to the things of the flesh.

  6. Of the world is against that which is in the heavens and that which is of the world is inherently evil and that which is of the heavens is inherently good.

  7. Spiritual and physical opposition shall overcome those who want to learn of the truth and who will see the truth.

  8. They will destroy the spirituality of the love and that mind and it is going to last forever.

  9. The spiritual idea gives you understanding and the world and will give you the seed of truth that goes against the sea of error.

  10. Those were enlightened will be separate from those who are not in the ones who are not shall go into the pits and the ones who are shall go into the heavens.

  11. Understand that the foundations of life and intelligence are opposite of that which is idolatry.

  12. Beliefs in other gods are creators and creations must go down before this new age is to come.

  13. This belief results in sickness and death for you will think you are less than those of the heavens and you do not deserve to know the truth.

  14. Truth is the way and the truth and the life and no one shall come to the truth without first going through the sufferings of those who are of the world.


  1. The new heaven and a new earth refers to the state of being in the heavens and in the Earth once you understand the truth.

  2. The truth will bring you to a new understanding of the heavens and a new understanding the Earth.

  3. The world is an illusion, but the world is truly without hope.

  4. Your body will be annihilated at death but your soul shall live forever.

  5. The body was created by matter and the spirit was created by the creator.

  6. The blind shall not lead the blind or both shall fall in.

  7. Passions are full of pain and passions are full of trouble.

  8. The narrow path does not lead to the light but the wide path does as long as the path the straight.

  9. Give up your belief in this life and the mortal and the material will return to dust in the immortal shall be reached.


  1. The knowledge of evil will never bring you to divinity.

  2. Only by understanding the evil by experiencing it can you be brought to the heavens and attain a spiritual satisfaction.

  3. Truth regards the gateway and harmony, and in order to reach the harmony, you must go through the valley of the shadow of death.

  4. The dust of the earth stands for nothingness, but the spirit of the heavens and everything.

  5. There shall be known and error shall be conflicted with that of the truth.

  6. Even though they appear contradictory, you cannot reach one without going through the other.

  7. You are not withheld from the opportunity to learn what you must learn as a result of the experiences you have in your life.

  8. Everyone’s experiences will be different, so do not force someone down the path that you have gone down to the end.

  9. Truth drives out the error of yourself.

  10. Truth shall guard you and it shall shall guide you.

  11. Truth will protect you and it will lead you into the light.

  12. You will radiate with mercy and justice and you will see into the infinite and beyond this life.

  13. You will know the difference between the things of the world and the things of the heavens, and the things of evil and the things of the truth.

  14. Just as the sun the guides all of life on earth, so shall the light of the divine guide you in your spiritual life.

  15. All of the unrealities of this world will leave and you shall see the world for what it is, which is the illusion of good but is really evil.

  16. Once humanity reaches a state of being where the spiritual is more important than the physical, then all of civilization shall enter into a new plane.

  17. The false sense of existence will lead you into the pits while the true essence of existence will lead you into the heavens.

  18. The spirits shall guide you by controlling your mind and your mind shall control your body, for this is the natural order of all things.


  1. The divine origin of the spirit of man is manifest in all things.

  2. Your spiritual existence will show you that there is a creator and that the creator had created all things of the world and of the heavens.

  3. The offspring of the spirit is the body and this existence shows that the spirit cannot survive without the humanity, for it is through the learning of humanity that the spirit gains knowledge also.

  4. The spirit does not create a man who’s evil, but is the body which creates a man who is evil.

  5. You do not have to do certain things in order to make peace and reject evil.

  6. All of the things that you do in order to learn these things are your own and no one shall live the same life that you have live.

  7. The truth will annihilate all sense of evil and all power that your body has over your spirit and your mind.

  8. Give to humanity what is humanity and give to the spirit what is the spirit.

  9. Give to error what is erroneous and give to the truth what is truthful.

  10. Teach the truth unto all nations so that all nations shall know the difference between the world that we are living in and the world of the reality.

  11. There is an erroneous belief that the world is life and that there is nothing after this life.

  12. The other erroneous belief is that the world is nothing and that the heavens are everything.

  13. Do not give up your life for another just so you can reap the rewards of the heavens.

  14. The rewards of the heavens cannot be reached until you have experienced life.

  15. You could not experience the joy that your spirit brings to you until you suffer the things of this world.

  16. There is no substance on this Earth, there is only substance in the heavens.


  1. The journey to the truth shall kill you, but the truth shall bring you back to life again.

  2. Error hides behind guilt and error cannot be sealed forever.

  3. Truth will unveil error and the truth causes the error to betray itself.

  4. Even though guilt is concealed and punished, the avoidance of justice will perpetrate more error.

  5. The ultimate rejection of error will produce a state of false truth.

  6. Accept the errors which you have gone through in your life and you will also accept the truth which has come forth before you.

  7. There is a sinful misconception life that humanity is sinful and that the divine is good.

  8. The divine is always good but humanity is not always sinful.

  9. Those who have their spirit controlled your heart and mind and thus control your body and will not be sinful because you will know the truth.

  10. Error lies in that which is material and people in this world are only bad because they let their bodies control their minds and their spirit have no control.

  11. In the plane of existence, there is always evil, but there is always truth in life.

  12. Truth lies in that which is evil, but evil does not lie in the truth.

  13. The idea of truth alone will bring you to a new sense of life.

  14. That which created everything exists solely and spirit, so you cannot discern it because that which is humanity cannot see that which is divine.


  1. The curse is that humanity has been removed from those who understand the world.

  2. You will rise from the material world of man into the spiritual world of the spirit.

  3. You will come back into the world, but you will have an understanding of spirit.

  4. Your spirit shall bring you to a new life and this is only achieved by suffering in this world.

  5. Mortality will bring you to a sense of sin and death, but the spiritual world will bring you to a sense of immortality and eternal bliss.

  6. In sorrow you shall attain the greatest life.

  7. The light of truth shall be revealed when the clouds of darkness leave your self.

  8. You were never made to be perfect, even though perfection was seen at the beginning, rather, the state of humanity was always and that of sin, but the spirit can’t control your mind to be perfect.

  9. The mind spoke and it was so.

  10. You will become coexisting with the creator once you attain the light and once you achieve perfect harmony between your spirit and your mind and your body.

  11. Mortality dies just so they can be renewed again.

  12. Those who were enlightened fathom this and it was brought to their attention.

  13. It has been made known to those who seek a life in the light.

  14. Those were not in the life will have allusions of perfection but they will never achieve perfection.

  15. You cannot see the new until the old has passed away.

  16. Truth fosters the idea of truth and the truth cannot foster the idea of error and delusion.

  17. That which is divine and this does the truth.

  18. You cannot have ignorance upon you, for you cannot understand the truth if you are ignorant.

  19. Error is not from the spirits and error is not the outcome of that which is your mind.

  20. Your body creates error and your mind thinks it is good.


  1. Any statement of life is erroneous because those who do not have the spirit with them are erroneous in the knowledge of life.

  2. Life cannot be known in life but life can only be known in the heavens.

  3. Those who claim to know the truth of life and are of the world are in error.

  4. They have a misconception of life and the real conception of life is not even of the world.

  5. Mortals are formed before they think of their origins and this is the true development of humanity.

  6. The eye that has not seen the things of the spirit cannot teach the spiritual things of this world.


  1. Human experience in life will bring you to a new knowledge of the truth.

  2. The only way you can be brought to the truth and the life is if you embody the things of the spirit of the heavens.

  3. The only way you can go into the heavens is if you can go through the pain of this world.

  4. The theories of those of the world do not bring you to the conclusion of these things in the heavens.

  5. The only thing that can bring you true satisfaction in life is that which comes from the heavens, and that is your spirit.

  6. In the end, all shall know of the truth in its purest of forms.

  7. When you look into the truth, you shall be healed.

  8. You will go into the light and your foundation will go beyond truth and love.

  9. The journey that started at your purification will bring you to receive the fullness of knowledge.


  1. The book of life was handed down to that earth, which represent the land and the waters, which are present the people.

  2. The primary power in this knowledge of the book lies in and the people are the recipients of the knowledge throughout the Earth.

  3. The power of truth will be heard from the darkest corners of the earth to the brightest light.

  4. The truth is inaudible to those who do not think spiritually, but it is very audible to those who think this way.

  5. The truth shall be manifest at the destruction of error.

  6. All of the world will go in the harmony and you will obey the angels which come down and represent your spirit.

  7. To have and represents the harmony of the mind and body and the spirit.

  8. It is a great miracle to those who understand it and to those who don’t, then they will never be able to understand unless they got the world and suffer in the world.

  9. No one can discern this idea unless they’ve live in this ideal.

  10. The motives of all religions are the abuse of the people.

  11. People have been persecutors and people have persecuted through the religions.

  12. This is ignorant of the divine idea and that the ignorance of this betrays everyone on the face of this planet.

  13. Everyone will either be the persecuted or the persecutors.

  14. Truth and love transcends all religious boundaries and the eternal good destroys the evil and the practice of evil.


  1. The prophet appears with the Angels and has brought forth the truth to this dispensation.

  2. It is the soul of purity and that is the symbol of life and love.

  3. The one who reveals this also saw the spiritual world for what it was.

  4. Harmony will be on the heavens and in the Earth and all shall come to know the truth.

  5. That of the world and that of the heavens will both be revealed to those who understand the truth and to those who embrace humanity as it is in the heavens.

  6. Those who do not understand this idea will only have the human perception of the understanding which is God.

  7. The spirit is with the son and the rebel leader will symbolize this.

  8. The light of the world is not a physical light but it is a spiritual light.

  9. The one who prophesies of the one who is to come to bring forth the truth will have been baptized and purified with the divinity of knowledge of the truth.

  10. This was manifested many times before, for there have been prophets that have always foreseen the coming of the one who is truly and mightily in the world.

  11. The one who reveals this is completed in the form of the woman, for the woman is the last thing to be made into and be created upon the things of the earth.

  12. That which is revealed in the universe has been revealed to the woman and the woman must always be protected by the one who is the mediator of all.

  13. The woman must always be protected by the man just as the woman predicted the rise of the man and so shall the man predict the rise of the woman.

  14. The man and the woman come off of one another and give each other power.

  15. Whatever the woman lacks, the man has, and whatever the man lacks, the woman has.


  1. Human society will marvel at the discord which you created and it is all part of the divine plan.

  2. Harmony is real and discord is unreal.

  3. We are astonished by all the sickness and death in this world but we do not know that it is a part of reality.

  4. We are perplexed that human fear and we are astonished at the hatred because it possesses many forms of evil.

  5. We stand in the realm of nothingness so that we can gain everything.

  6. We cannot gain everything without experiencing nothing.

  7. Error has been represented on this Earth and has brought many people, even those who are enlightened, into torment.

  8. The one who reveals it all is the embodiment of all evil, and it is an awful character and it sees the nothingness of the evil and the wholeness of the divine.

  9. The one who reveals all is the one who sees the evil and holds it up to the world and testifies of it for all that it is.

  10. The form of evil represents all the evil and it does evil in the name of that which is good.

  11. There is going to be spiritual wickedness and even the highest places or all of humanity has fallen short, even those you thought you could trust.

  12. Without righteousness and morality, all of humanity will rely on animal instincts and they shall devour each other.

  13. Evil stands against the spiritual idea with its own errors.

  14. Animal instinct goes against that which is spiritual instinct.

  15. The human instinct is the harmonization between the animal and the spiritual.

  16. The body represents that which is the animal, and the spirit represents that which is spiritual and the mind represents that which is the human.

  17. The one who reveals all will feel that the one who is enlightened goes against the evil of this world.

  18. They shall be tempted but did they shall be able to conquer the things of the world in every form.

  19. They will deprive themselves of their humanity and will rely on everything which is their spirit.

  20. The majesty of truth is demonstrated in their life and the spiritual idea was manifest in the mortal mind.

  21. The body is the false claim that is of the mind and it uncovers this animal instinct in the human.


  1. All evil in the world is represented by certain things and represents that which is not harmony.

  2. From the beginning to the end, that which is of the world hated the idea of the spirit.

  3. That was represents evil and lust and hate will want to have the brightness and glory, but will never be able to have such things.

  4. The spiritual idea of humanity is sometimes overtaken by the animal instincts, and the animal instincts bring the human to want power.

  5. There shall be no end to the kingdom of the spirit, but there is always an end to the kingdom of the body.

  6. From the first to the last, and all nations shall follow, but the nation of the spirit shall never fall.

  7. The spirit represents the truth in love and can only be given to those who have been purified after going to the temptations of the world.

  8. At the zenith of their life, they shall destroy this sin in the sickness in the death of their life and will come up in the heavens and then come back down again to preach what has been learned to all of mankind.

  9. Human fear is one of the greatest things to overcome, for once you lead yourself triumphantly through this world, you will get rid of all fearing your life.

  10. You will not have great human hopes, but your spiritual idea will get everlasting joy as a result.

  11. Your soul will learn much and your spirit will become stronger within you.

  12. This is what prepares you for going into the heavens to learn of the truth and to reach that which is the divine at the end of your life.


  1. Characteristics of the Guardian Angels give us strength in certain places to people.

  2. Each one of the Guardian Angels that has been revealed at the beginning of this dispensation brought forth a gift of the spirit to the one who proclaims the truth to all.

  3. All of these gifts, when combined, create the perfect being and the perfect harmony between the spirit and the mind and the body.

  4. There is no error and there is no sin or sickness or death and that which is love.

  5. Truth and love shall prevail against the evils of this world because the evils of this world will always fight amongst itself.

  6. This is the end of the conflict between the body and the spirit over the minds of all deceit.


  1. Evil has no power because evil was created after the beginning and that which was the truth was created in the beginning and by the one who created everything in the beginning.

  2. The one sent in truth will overcome the guilt in the air of this world.

  3. Ever since the foundation of this world, error will establish the material and evil has tried to become good and to get rid of the good but the good always prevails.

  4. You cannot meet error with error, you must only meet error with truth.

  5. Salvation comes through knowledge of this truth and they shall cast down all the evils in your life.

  6. The blood of those who are innocent and of those who are enlightened is the testimony over the annihilation of all evil.

  7. Even though evil has great rift, the heavens meets the Earth with love and it knows that evil has only a short time to live in the minds of the individual and in society as a whole.

  8. This is the victory over all suffering and death in this world.

  9. Those who are enlightened have given us their life in order to teach us how we can apply what they have done in our own lie.

  10. We must not have faith in the man, we must have faith in their life so that they can be an example to ours.

  11. We should lay down everything for the truth they taught.

  12. Truth and love work hand-in-hand and it works over the minds of men so that the body does not take over the mind instead.

  13. All things shall be fulfilled by those who are enlightened.

  14. They are conscious of the supremacy of the truth and they see the nothingness of the world and they know that the nothingness of the world leads to wickedness.

  15. Those who did not have faith in the truth will not have the truth with them and they will suffer.

  16. Those who do not put their trust in the spiritual world will put their trust in the material world.


  1. At the end of all life, the evil of the world will be overthrown by the love of the truth.

  2. Evil is of the world and it is not eternal.

  3. Even those who have been evil their entire lives will no longer possessed that evil ones they are dead, because evil does not go into the heavens.

  4. With the rise of evil in this world, the rise of good will follow and the rise of good will be greater than the rise of the evil.

  5. Those who seek the truth and are thirsty in the desert of this world are waiting and watching for the truth to come to them.

  6. Give them what they need and never fear the consequences that may come from.

  7. The evil of this world will try to bring you down, but they can never bring you down to the point that you will not be able to help others.

  8. You will be challenged, but you will not be overwhelmed, you will repent, but you will never be broken.

  9. This happens because you have the truth in you and the truth does manifest for your own example which you take from the example of those who were enlightened.

  10. Through knowledge of the truth, you will know the great benefit of the minds and you will also know the delusion of the mortal body.

  11. You will know the things that are sick and that are sinful and you should know the things of the world.

  12. Many are willing to open this eye, but they do not know how to reach it or they are deluded as to how to reach its ultimate reality.

  13. They are anxious to expose it in their own lives and they are wanting to accomplish this and achieve their destiny.


  1. All the virtues of this world are better than the vices, and the weight to obtain these virtues is by receiving the gifts of the Guardian Angels.

  2. You must not risk losing the things of the Spirit in order to gain the entire world.

  3. If you desire to gain in the world, remember that the spirit world is higher than the material.

  4. Escape from the evil which you were once from and then you will see into the dangers which you once walked into.

  5. Overcome evil with good and you will be given with them to achieve victory over evil.

  6. Hatred cannot reach you if you reach out with love.

  7. The highest you can reach as a human is to be one with divinity.

  8. Do not be deceived by the ideals of this world, for they are truly an illusion.

  9. You see man in their own image and you see what humanity has expressed in the mortal mind.

  10. The spiritual strength that you receive will open the gates of the truth and illuminate this world with divine guidance.

  11. You will obtain the purest form of religion and you will wash away all the sins which you once suffered from.


  1. In all of the Scriptures of mankind and all the religions of the day, everything can be reduced down to one phrase.

  2. Loving one another is the most important thing and the most profound counsel of one who is inspired.

  3. We belong to one spirit even though we are all individuals.

  4. Love fulfills the law of virtue and that we cannot hide underneath the illusions of this world anymore.

  5. The spirit is supreme over humanity and once you have the knowledge of the spirit, you will acknowledge that all matter you have in your life will and must disappear.

  6. There was a new heaven and a new earth and that is revealed to all of those who understand the truth word base be a new heaven and a new earth.


  1. Because of the difference between the heavens and the Earth, there are two forms of consciousness which humanity can obtain.

  2. There is the lower consciousness, which focuses on that of the world and sees the heavens as a fleeting idea of the worst fleeting of false standards.

  3. There is another one which allows humanity to see the heavens and the spiritual state and to see the Earth as a beautiful place, but a place that is of error.

  4. This shows that you must have your spirit controlling your mind and that your mind must be over matter.

  5. Accomplishing this great feat and seeing the truth for what it is will bring you to harmony with the divine.

  6. The divine will ever be with the people and the people will ever be with the divine.

  7. You will no longer be regarded as a miserable human, but as a blessed child.

  8. You will be regarded as such because you have a sense of a new heaven and a new earth wants the spiritual idea becomes a reality.

  9. This is what gives Scripture its authority and this is the recognition of what it means to be human.

  10. Take heart, for this is a reality of being that will appear to you within your life at one form or another.

  11. This is what will cause your life to be ceased of all of sorrow and sin and pain.

  12. There will be no more pain in your life and all of the tears will be wiped away.

  13. Remember that the kingdom of the heavens was within you and the spiritual consciousness will forever be in your grasp.


  1. Eternal truth never changes with time, but our morality changes as we evolve as human beings.

  2. The light turns chaos into order and discord into harmony.

  3. The life is the mystical theory of creation and has always been classified with criticism but is the foundation for all that is spiritual upon the face of the earth.

  4. Mortal man has tried to what imagine deity with human conceptions.

  5. The fact that the God is corporal or material should not be affirmed that because it is not true.

  6. The human form it cannot be the basis for God.

  7. The eye has not seen the spirit nor has any ear heard its voice.

  8. Progress takes off the shackles of humanity and the finite goes into the infinite.

  9. The one who has gone through this world will advance to a higher plane and their mind shall rise in their material sense will go into the spiritual sense.

  10. All things are created spiritually and they have been made to be physical.

  11. Law is not something that is physical, but it is something that is spiritual.

  12. The theory that God separates and that there are many gods is outrageous.

  13. God is a singularity but God is within us and God is all of us.

  14. God is not something which is separate from us.


  1. Why do you take something which cannot be bound and compress it within the physical limits of humanity? That which is eternal cannot be made to fit within these forms.

  2. Nothing in the heavens demands your obedience, for obedience comes to you naturally through experience on this Earth.

  3. No physical manifestation is adequate to represent the infinite love.

  4. The finite sense of God will lead to narrowness and that is what will bring religious traditions to their downfall.

  5. The limitless mind cannot come from physical limitations.

  6. The mind that originates from the material world cannot grasp that which is infinite.

  7. If the mind is set on the things of the spiritual world, then the mind can think more infinitely.

  8. If the spirit is made into a substance then it cannot produce substance.

  9. The idea that the spirits is substance that comes from the souls whose body controls the mind.

  10. This belief is shallow and is not true.

  11. Mind creates its own likeness and the idea of being very close to their God is outrageous.

  12. Mind cannot communicate with matter just as matter cannot communicate with the mind.

  13. The human conception of deity translates the spiritual ideas of that deity into material beliefs.


  1. The finite mind produces all sorts of errors and that is why that which is infinite cannot be contained and that which is finite.

  2. The one who finds the finite life to be sufficient to meet the demands of human wants will not aspire to do anything and they will fall into the designers of this world.

  3. The infinite mind cannot be made into the finite form or else it would lose love and life and the ultimate truth.

  4. The form cannot be infinite so the mind must be infinite.

  5. A finite man cannot imagine the likeness of and a God.

  6. The human craving for something bigger and better and higher and holier is the desire to become more than just themselves and to go outside themselves.

  7. The idea that humanity is only impressed by material is outrageous in itself.

  8. Man is more than a material form and must escape the mindset of that in order to become immortal.

  9. Man reflects the idea of infinity and that reflection is the true idea what deity is.

  10. There is a boundless basis and rising higher and higher and developing oneself and to something that is further than they.

  11. Man manifests all that they know when all they think is the infinite truth.

  12. We know nothing of our deity, but our deity knows everything about us.

  13. The infinite idea of the spiritual mind is reflected in the spiritual individuality of every person.

  14. No principle or idea will lead you to the truth and your personal truth is gained by experiencing life for yourself.

  15. Mortals do not have a sense of the spiritual thought.

  16. Eternal life belongs to the man, yet they fell from this my estate in suffering with the things of this world.

  17. If this was not the case, then it would be impossible for man to go into the state where they are never born and they shall never die.

  18. You can discern divinity through the spiritual sense and you can start to comprehend the spiritual world.

  19. Man cannot lose individuality for man reflects life which is eternal.

  20. Man is not separate from the world, but man should not be with the world.

  21. Man is the true image of the creator and the divine nature was best expressed in the ones who came forth into this world and enlightened all people.

  22. The idea of being a perfect God in a perfect man is the basis of all thoughts in the truth.


  1. Mortal humans have never understood this grasp or this image of God, because they have lost their perfection upon entering into this world.

  2. The true likeness will never be lost but the idea of the spirit can be gained through living a life which is like the ones who have been enlightened through experiencing the world.

  3. Mortal thought transmits images and performs illusions based off of what it thinks it knows.

  4. God and the spirit works spiritually and not in the material world.

  5. The spirit has never formed a concept which is human.

  6. Immortal ideas are pure and perfect in enduring and are transmitted through the spirit into the mind.

  7. This is how one comes to the truth so that they may come into harmony.

  8. Once humanity learns to use their imperfections in order to make a perfect world, then no one can arrive at the true understanding or the concept of man and his relationship with the universe.

  9. No one can depict that which is good without first experiencing the evil.


  1. Through many generations, human beliefs have been attaining different conceptions of God of the highest form of this is the highest religious truth, which is merely the truth.

  2. Over time, the religious nature and the religious thought of man has changed and shall do so far into the future.

  3. Mortals can change their ideals in order to prove their situation.

  4. Selfishness is within the mortal mind and all the thoughts that refer to ones self, as a result of the body, and by the expectations it has over pain and pleasure, it is the education that humanity gains at the expense of spiritual maturity.

  5. If we think in ways of morality, then we must lose our immortal nature, which we were born into.


  1. If we look to the body for the things of this world, then we will find pain.

  2. Instead of finding life, we will find death.

  3. Instead of finding truth, we will find error.

  4. Instead of the spirit, we will find the body.

  5. Look away from the ways of this world and into the truth in love and you will attain harmony and immortality.

  6. Endure in these thoughts and think of them as being true and good, and you will bring to yourself new experiences and you will come to different conclusions to these experiences if you think in the spiritual realm rather than the physical realm.

  7. The effect of the mortal mind can have an impact on lasting happiness.

  8. Once you turn away from the things of this world and go into the spiritual world, then the body does not experience pain.

  9. You will no longer have the things of this world get into your mind and your heart and then you will walk around and experience the world as if you are a child.

  10. You shall learn new things and you shall experience these things of the spirit and a new heaven and a new earth will open up to you.

  11. The one who is elderly is the one who has been thoroughly raised in a world which has been catered to them and they are self-centered as a result.

  12. The one who is full of possessions is the one who does not have any sense in the world.

  13. Once you dive away from the human belief system of body and mind, then you will learn the meaning of being a God or being good.

  14. Breaking away from the things of this world will allow you to think of the things which cannot be grasped by humankind or human consciousness.

  15. Once you understand things in a spiritual mind, then you will understand the ways of this world in its truest form.

  16. Forget your bodies and remember the good of the human race.

  17. There is a reason that you are living upon the face of this earth.

  18. Experiencing the things of this world does not bring you down; rather, it brings you further up.

  19. Experiencing this world does not diminish her obligations to this world but is necessary in meeting the obligations you have.

  20. The truth does not take you away from the perfection of being a God, but is the way that you can get to the divine glory.

  21. We cannot fathom that which is immortal by diving into the shallows of the mortal belief systems of this time.

  22. We must take away the human dogma and doctrine and find truth in its purest sense and the truth that is found in the immortal idea.

  23. This is the first step into understanding and aspiring to the spiritual sense.


  1. You may have eyes and you may have ears but you cannot see or hear.

  2. This is what happens when the earthly pleasures of this world are over the heavenly rewards.

  3. You will have a false sense of joy and of sorrow and you should attain bliss of loving and of living if you walk in the light of the truth.

  4. Wherever your heart is, that is where your treasure shall be.

  5. To begin rightly is to act rightly and if you begin in the right place, then you shall end in the right place.

  6. Humans are full of ego and they leave themselves to be better than those around them.

  7. The immortal and spiritual man alone represents the truth about the creation of the Earth.

  8. The people who do not see the rewards of the heavens are the ones who cling to the Earth.

  9. They are defrauded by all the beliefs and now they think that they are inherently evil when they are really good.

  10. These men are made to be hypocrites when they preach what they think is good but is really evil.

  11. You would do good, but you do not because evil is what you do instead.


  1. There can only be one creator which created all things.

  2. The creator is the truth and the truth is divided then mortal thought would take over the spiritual thought.

  3. Just as divinity is one, so is the human spirit and the human spirit is made up of many individuals, but is really one.

  4. The mortal body and the material world are concepts of the human mind.

  5. On the day that that this happens, their spirit appears.

  6. Mortal thoughts will give away spiritual thoughts which are sometimes so overwhelming that it is eternal.

  7. Mortals must look beyond this world in order to do in a true sense of this world.

  8. We have to walk in the truth to seek the truth.

  9. Those who are in the light gain correct views on the relationships between man and deity and the truth about creation.

  10. All that which was once visible shall become invisible and all of that which was once invisible shall become visible.

  11. They will not need anything else for the life and the Spirit gives them life.

  12. That which is evil will not stand against that which is good and sickness and death will be overcome by those who receive life.

  13. Spiritual life will allow you to recognize the true existence and to receive the unmistakable peace of mind.

  14. Once we understand things in the spiritual realm, we understand our own creation and we receive all the glories of the heavens and the earth.


  1. The heavens are filled with spiritual needs and it is governed by the oneness, which is the creator of the heavens and the earth.

  2. Man understands this as their knowledge of the truth becomes greater.

  3. Mortals must aim to become God and must aim to grow more spiritually because it is only through that which is they will begin to gain some sense of that which is infinite.

  4. Forsaking your body for the spirit does not mean you should lose yourself in order to be absorbed into deity, but you must engage yourself you must still be engaged in this world.

  5. You will become more prominent in mind and in body, but you will not show that and you will not boast of it, but only through works.

  6. The truth of life is without error and it becomes obsolete as one learns the truth.

  7. You must be obsolete in order to go on the path to attain the truth.

  8. Wisdom only comes through experience and as you learn more, earthly hope begins to fade.

  9. The joy of this world is spiritual but the pleasures of this world are material.

  10. Pain in this world can go away once your spirit controls your heart.

  11. Truth will leave error and materiality will give way to a higher individuality and will fulfill your destiny.

  12. Even if all the people of this world betray you, your spirit will never betray you.

  13. Mortals must find that there are pleasures in this world in order to gain spirituality.

  14. Love is the way and the truth and the life.


  1. The people in this world make their own hell by doing evil in their life and one who is holy make their own habit by doing that which is right.

  2. Mortals must follow the life and the teachings of those were enlightened, because they are the ones who dominated the flesh in order to gain that which is spiritual.

  3. Perfection is the road the heavens and the evil beliefs of this world originate on Earth.

  4. Man is meant to be spiritual and meant to go above that which is the world.

  5. The one who is enlightened crosses time and their life is made into that which is mortal.

  6. Their life is immortal.

  7. The spiritual idea can never be destroyed even if the object of material thought is destroyed.

  8. The spirit does not start from the dust like the body does, the spirit started in the heavens and shout in the heavens.

  9. The spirit continues forever and all of the spirit is enthroned in deity.

  10. Man is one generically but is this ethically individual depending upon their spirit.

  11. The heavens coexist with deity because the heavens are deity and they haven’t embodied that which is deity.

  12. Whoever does the will of deity will do the same whale as everyone else upon the face of the earth, because the truth is one.

  13. The one who understands this and embodies this will reverse their erroneous ways and all of that which is worldly will disappear into the truth.

  14. Blessed is the one who endures temptation, for when they are proved faithful, they shall receive life which has been promised in the beginning to those that love the truth.

  15. This is the nature between the mind, body, and spirit on the face of the earth.

  16. This is what happens when the spirit is in control of the mind and the body.