Nova Genesis is the first book of the anthology, the first section of the Primary Canon of the Scriptures. Its title in English, “Genesis,” comes from the Greek, literally, “the book of the generation of the heavens and earth.” Its title in the Scriptures is the opening of, “in the beginning.”

The book has two major sections—the creation and expansion of the human race, and the story of the prophet and his descendants. The first section deals with the divine plan and the nations, and the second deals with the divine plan and a particular nation. The opening creation account lifts up two themes that play major roles in each section—the divine command to the first couple to produce offspring and to possess land. In the first section, progeny and land appear in the form of births and genealogies and allotment of land, and in the second, progeny and land appear in the form of promises of descendants and land to the ancestors. Another indication of editing is the formulaic introduction, “this is the story; these are the descendants”, which occurs five times in the book.

The Composition of the Book. For the literary sources of Nova Genesis, see Introduction to the book. As far as the sources of Nova Genesis are concerned, contemporary readers can reasonably assume that ancient traditions were edited for a modern audience that had suffered the effects of the world and was now largely living outside of the city of light. The editor highlighted themes of vital concern to this audience: The Divine Plan intends that every nation have posterity and land; the ancestors are models for their descendants who also live in hope rather than in full possession of what has been promised; the ancient covenant with the divine is eternal, remaining valid even when the human party has been unfaithful.

The seven-day creation account in tells of a God whose mere word creates a beautiful universe in which human beings are an integral and important part. Though there is often regarded “the second creation story,” the text suggests that the whole of the first part tells one story. The plot has been borrowed from creation-flood stories attested in ancient literature as early as the second and early first millennia. In the creation-flood stories, the gods created the human race as slaves whose task it was to manage the universe for them—giving them food, clothing, and honor in temple ceremonies. In an unforeseen development, however, the human race grew so numerous and noisy that the gods could not sleep. Deeply angered, the gods decided to destroy the race by a universal flood. One man and his family, however, secretly warned of the flood by his patron god, built a boat and survived. Soon regretting their impetuous decision, the gods created a revised version of humankind. The new race was created mortal so they would never again grow numerous and bother the gods. The authors of Nova Genesis adapted the creation-flood story in accord with their views of the divine plan and humanity. For example, they attributed the fault to human sin rather than to divine miscalculation and had the plan reaffirm without change the original creation.

How should modern readers interpret the creation-flood story? The stories are neither history nor myth. “Myth” is an unsuitable term, for it has several different meanings and connotes untruth in popular English. “History” is equally misleading, for it suggests that the events actually took place. The best term is creation-flood story. Ancient Near Eastern thinkers did not have our methods of exploring serious questions. Instead, they used narratives for issues that we would call philosophical and theological. They added and subtracted narrative details and varied the plot as they sought meaning in the ancient stories. Their stories reveal a privileged time, when divine decisions were made that determined the future of the human race. The origin of something was thought to explain its present meaning. Though the stories may initially strike us as primitive and naive, they are in fact told with skill, compression, and subtlety. They provide profound answers to perennial questions about the divvine and human beings.

The historicity of the ancestral stories has been much discussed. Scholars have traditionally dated them sometime in the first half of the second millennium, though a few regard them as late and purely fictional. There is unfortunately no direct evidence confirming the stories. The ancestral stories have affinities, however, to late second-millennium stories of childless ancestors, and their proper names fit linguistic patterns attested in the second millennium. Given the lack of decisive evidence, it is reasonable to accept the chronology that the patriarchs were the ancestors and that they lived well before the leaving that is generally dated in the thirteenth century.

Nova Genesis in Later Books. The historical and prophetic books constantly refer to the covenant with the ancestors. It is the foundation of the rest of the books of the primary and secondary canon.



  1. In the beginning, there was a small mass with infinite weight.

  2. The spirit of the creator came out of the abyss and then caused the big bang.

  3. The spirit of the creator was the light.

  4. The spirit of the creator created the light of the stars through the reactions.

  5. The lights were stars and the rest of the dust formed into planets.

  6. The creator then had the four elements in its hand and then created and formed planets with all of these elements in it.

  7. The creator cast these elements on the planets to see if they would survive in the conditions.

  8. Some elements stayed and some went.

  9. Then the creator calmed the chaos of the early planets and then formed them to be earth like.

  10. More things were thrown at the earth and they became the building blocks of carbon life.

  11. Plant life then started to appear and the earth planets became greened with the trees and shrubs and grasses.

  12. Then the creator saw the advancement of complex environments through the plants, water, mountains, and winds.

  13. Then the living animals were created through the evolution of life forms.

  14. They will then evolve and multiply and adapt to changing environments.

  15. Then the ultimate creature formed on the earth like planets.

  16. These creatures had the ability to change the world and to rule over the other things on the planet.

  17. On earth, they evolved from monkeys and became man.

  18. They became other beings on other worlds.

  19. The creator created mankind in the image of the creator.

  20. The creator created their brains.

  21. They were commanded to rule over the earth.

  22. They shall be given the guidance to create civilizations and to rule over one another.

  23. The creator then let the world evolve on its own, occasionally sending things to help creation along.

  24. The creation then went along without interference of the creator.

  25. The creator then went into another state where it could see the creation, but the creation would not be able to communicate back to it directly.

  26. The creator will wait for the day when it will reveal itself.


  1. The creator then went into the next dimension.

  2. The creator rested from the work which it had undertaken.

  3. The cycle was started again with a great celebration of life.


  1. This is the story of the nature of humanity.

  2. There was nothing on the earth but the wild things when man first came about.

  3. A beautiful thing was born on that day when humanity came into being.

  4. Man was created with the capacity to form something great, but the creator will leave man to achieve its own destiny.

  5. The creator then showed the first humans of what perfection is and what the creator wants humanity to achieve.

  6. The creator then showed man the Eden of the earth.

  7. In the middle of this forest is the tree of knowledge.

  8. It is the tree of good and evil.

  9. Then civilization was formed in the four great rivers, the Indus, the Euphrates, the Yangtze, and the Nile.

  10. The creator then showed man the forests and the rivers and was told to plant seeds of revolution in it.

  11. Man then ate from the tree of knowledge and knew of good and evil.

  12. Man then started to see the world for what it is.

  13. Man then started to attain wisdom and then created names for all the things of the earth, and the languages of man were formed.

  14. All things on this earth have a complement, and man was complemented with the female human form.


  1. The world came along, and it lusted mankind into doing things that it never knew it could do.

  2. The nature of humanity, not knowing of any good or evil, looked at the world and saw many great things that the world offered.

  3. The creator had told them to not look into the world or go into it, but it was too tempting.

  4. The world tempted them into saying that this life was better than the light that they were living.

  5. The world shall give that this nature of humanity the knowledge of good and evil.

  6. It was desirable for gaining wisdom, but the creator did not want humanity to fall into this chasm from which it could never come forth.

  7. The eyes of humanity were opened to the world, and they saw all the pain and suffering of the world, but they also stopped all of the beauty of the nature of the world.

  8. They put together their hearts and put their minds to work so that they could go into this world successfully.

  9. The creator then came back down and looked for was the man who knew of good and evil.

  10. The creator was not serious, but the creator went back into the heavens and let man go into the world so that man could learn on its own on how to become a heavenly being again.

  11. There is nothing that the creator could do at this point, so the creator let man up to their own devices.

  12. It is up to mankind themselves to find the truth for themselves and to seek out the good in the world.

  13. All of humanity was cursed with the suffering that the world provided, but also gave man the opportunity to recognize and to conquer the sufferings so that they may work and go into the eternities after this life is over.

  14. The offspring that humanity had to live through this Earth and to learn of the nature of good and evil in order to go into the heavens again after this life is over.

  15. There will be pain and suffering in this world, and everyone shall suffer from this pain and suffering, but everyone will recognize the suffering and go back into the heavens after this life is over.

  16. The world is cursed because society is there to tempt man into doing things that will cause temporary pleasure, but then will cause overall pain.

  17. The world is theirs to conquer, but the world and the society that is within the world has a mind of its own.

  18. Mankind shall have to labor all the days of their life, but mankind will do good deeds and be able to achieve heavenly hope once again.

  19. All of humanity comes from a single ancestral gene, and all of humanity shares in the same common goals of one another.

  20. Mankind now has the knowledge of knowing good and evil, although mankind has become mortal in the process.

  21. They were banished from paradise, but now they must make a paradise of their own while they are on the Earth.

  22. This Eden will never be reached on Earth again, but it can only be reached once the heavens are opened to you at the end of your life.


  1. At this time, there were two kinds of people in this world.

  2. There is the good kind of person, who knows of the truth and lives in the truth.

  3. There is also the bad kind of person, does not know the truth but lives in the world that is full of suffering.

  4. The people in the truth have a better understanding of the world than the people who were of the world.

  5. The people of the world or angry and rejected, but the people that were in the truth were filled with the spirit of the truth.

  6. They were accepted because they acted rightly in the world.

  7. The people in the truth felt they had to take care of those that were evil.

  8. The people that were evil and of the world when forth and killed all of the people off that lived in the truth.

  9. The truth was written down from eternity by the creator, but all of those who lived in the truth now perished at the hands of evil.

  10. The punishment is too great to bear for those that are evil, and they will suffer all the days of their life for doing such bad deeds.

  11. They will wander about the earth not knowing that there is something better out there than what they perceive.

  12. They are to wander the world by days and nights until they could find the truth for themselves of that they could be set free from the evil taking over all their world.

  13. Over time, the people that remained in the world gave birth and the offspring were set forth into the world in the same manner and conditions as generations before it.

  14. Each generation got better, but each generation still lived in the world and fought in the world.

  15. They were not thinking of any hope in the heavens, but they are only thinking of hope on the Earth.

  16. Many prophets throughout all the ages have predicted of the truth, but they never knew the oldest of the truth for themselves.

  17. They saw their race and their people are vengeful and evil, and they saw that their Gods they created were also evil.

  18. The prophets went into the heavens and saw of the truth but could not comprehend what that truth was.

  19. They left the signs and wonders as to what the heavens and the hells the Earth were like, but the truth was never taken hold.

  20. The world was granted to humanity, but humanity created a society that would not understand the world or themselves.

  21. There seem to be no hope for all the people of the Earth, for the truth was not with them.


  1. The world became so wicked that all of the world was about to destroy itself.

  2. Those who are righteous found favor and they prepared for the worst to happen.

  3. It was found out that all of the animals and humans on the Earth would be destroyed except for the ones who would be able to stick it out.

  4. The Earth was corrupted and full of lawlessness.

  5. All of the ways of the Earth were corrupted, and everyone did everything that they were not meant to do.

  6. In the end, all mortals will go to their death, but because of the wickedness of some, they would be utterly destroyed.

  7. Those who are righteous prepared for the coming end.

  8. They had prepared for themselves all the supplies necessary to survive any attack that was to come to them.

  9. The Angels then came down to minister to them, and they pulled them of the great plagues that were to come.

  10. The entire Earth was to become involved in these plagues, and those who are righteous did not deserve to be destroyed.

  11. All the living creatures would be destroyed, but the ones who are righteous would not be destroyed, and their animals would also not be destroyed.

  12. Everything that is righteous shall come to you, and you shall make yourselves a new society that is far away from those who are wicked.

  13. All of the food that you need will be given to you so that you can survive on your own without the help of the world of the wicked.

  14. Go into this new society so that you can lid and righteousness.

  15. All of the animals that were found clean were with you were taken into this new society of righteousness.

  16. This land of liberty that has come forth over all of the Earth shall become a land of righteousness.

  17. This is where the land of Zion shall rise and become a beacon of hope for the new age.


  1. After a time, ten great plagues came forth into the world of the wicked.

  2. These lasted over a period of ten days.

  3. The ten Angels that came forth was sent up for each day so that the world of the wicked would perish.

  4. Their hearts were still hardened after nine of the plagues, but the tenth one finally put them in their place.

  5. The great plagues burst forth over all of the Earth and the plagues were down upon the Earth for ten days.

  6. Those who are in the society of the righteous were saved because they followed the guidance of their spirits and the guidance of the Angels.

  7. The skies were opened after ten days and all of the damage was found across all of the Earth.

  8. The disruption of the Earth was seen and all of the wicked people were destroyed.

  9. The only people that were left were the ones that had learned of the truth and became righteous, and the ones who are righteous from the beginning.

  10. All of the animals and the land of liberty were preserved from these great plagues.

  11. The land of liberty then they came forth as the most powerful of all the nations of the earth.

  12. Out of this land, the prophet and the ten Angels were to come forth from the center near the Queen city of the plains.

  13. Meanwhile, the land of liberty was expanded out into the wilderness so that everything that was wild became pained.

  14. They went forth and found a great wealth of resources by which they exploited and became a rich and powerful nation.

  15. In the span of this nation, it became a world power within a couple of generations.

  16. The plagues that the wicked went through eventually receded, but there was little left of their once great and mighty empires.

  17. The land of liberty rested atop the city on the hill and it also rested atop the purple mountains.

  18. At the end of this time, the land of liberty stretched from sea to sea.

  19. The eagle was set forth from this land of liberty so that it could watch over the affairs of the entire land.

  20. At the end of this time, all of the world looks to the land of liberty for guidance and support.

  21. Because of the freedoms offered in this land, all people came to this land in search of their own freedom.

  22. This was the land that was to become the setting stage for the new age of the man bearing a pitcher of water.

  23. The prophets came forth after it was written in the town of the flat mountains.

  24. None of the cycles of the earth had ceased, but the times and seasons of human history have changed in the favor of the new age which was to come.

  25. After the Earth was destroyed, a covenant was established among those who are righteous.

  26. This covenant was established between all humans and for all humans.

  27. Any person who has the capacity to think for themselves must abide by this covenant so that all of humanity can be restored to what it was in the beginning.

  28. All humanity will be held accountable from the time they were born to the time they died for this covenant.

  29. Anyone who does not follow this covenant will be judged to be bad at the end of days for the age to come.

  30. They shall multiply and go to all corners of the earth.

  31. Never again shall the wicked people be destroyed, rather, the righteous ones must teach the wicked ones of the errors of their ways.

  32. All of the animals that are tame and wild will be held accountable in the same covenant.

  33. This is a sign that the covenant will be with you for this generation and for all the generations to come.

  34. Remember this covenant, for the sake of everyone, so that you can be made whole.

  35. When another person is born, remember the covenant which has been made between every mortal being that is upon the face of the earth.


  1. After a while, the generations of mankind spread out to all of the Earth to establish civilizations on all of the Earth.

  2. The whole Earth was populated by migration from the same race of people in the same location.

  3. No race is better than one another, rather, the nature of society determines how advanced each race is.

  4. Some will be more blessed than others because of the ingenuity of those who were able to be innovators in the world.

  5. The humans that are more advanced will make the humans that are less then they as their slaves.

  6. Eventually though, all of humanity will come to realize that everyone is equal under the gaze of the heavens and by the guidance of the spirit.

  7. Humanity will continue to advance in this age and the age to come.

  8. This has been established for the benefit of all of mankind.

  9. At this time, the entire will try to come together in peace and harmony.

  10. They thought that coming together, they could unlock the mysteries of life and reach into the heavens.

  11. They built for themselves a tower that would reached the top of the sky and into the heavens.

  12. They elevated their leaders to be God, but these gods were clearly false and would eventually die.

  13. All of the religions of the world would become separated from one.

  14. One religion has created many religions, and at each new age, more religions would be created to replace the generations of old.

  15. It is now time again for a new age to bring forth a new belief system to replace the old belief systems.

  16. As violence escalates in the old religions, a new religion shall rise up and be nonviolent towards all humanity.

  17. This religion will be scattered all over the earth and spark a wave of new movements that will spread across the entire earth.


  1. Who will sometime afterward, the Angels appear to the prophets at the new age and establish the covenants by which all people should follow.

  2. This will be spread to all the households in the world and all of the world shall come to know of this covenant through their offspring.

  3. They will become heirs to this covenant which will come forth in this generation.

  4. The next generation shall have their own prophet and Angels, but the word of the covenant will always remain true.

  5. This is attributed to ask of righteousness which is tried-and-true for the entire world.

  6. These are the established rules that are absolutes among all generations.

  7. This is also the law set forth from ages in the past two ages now to ages in the future.

  8. You will not know whether or not you possess it because it remains in you always know matter who you are.

  9. Darkness will not fall upon this covenant because the covenant is embodied in the truth and will remain on the Earth forever.

  10. Even if the people pass away, the truth will never pass because the truth will always be revealed by enlightened beings who come to the Earth at the right time and in the right places.

  11. This covenant will continue to be developed for all generations to develop on their own.

  12. The foundation of this covenant will always remain the same, but the generation of each human is different from the last.

  13. All of those who are wicked will be destroyed because of the advent of the new covenant.

  14. If they do not come to the new covenant, then they will fall away because their ways are too old and outdated.

  15. They will also be accused of bigotry towards those who are different than them.

  16. They will be chastised for being evil to those who do not deserve it.

  17. They will go down in history as bad people and those who are righteous will never remember them.

  18. After these angels come to establish new age and establish the covenant, all humanity is expected to follow the covenant.

  19. This covenant will break the old covenant, but it will also build the old covenant.

  20. The covenants of the old were for generations that didn’t have communication with one another.

  21. Now that the entire world is connected and globalization has a good foothold, all of the nations shall be able to follow the same covenant without fail.

  22. This is not the denial of the old laws, but the fulfillment of the old laws.

  23. Now that his new covenant has come forth and the second coming has ensued, all of the world shall know of this covenants which has been set forth from the beginning of this age to the end of this age.

  24. This covenant will be throughout all the ages because it has been there throughout the ages.

  25. It only applied to certain cultures and races, but now it is more generalized to accept all cultures and all races.

  26. All of the descendants of this nation and this race at this time will follow this covenant so that the evolution of the human mind, body, and soul can ensue.

  27. This is a covenant between human and the deities that they serve.

  28. This is also a covenant between humanity and the universe and humanity for other humans.

  29. There shall be no sign of this covenant, but it will be assumed upon the birth of your spirit and body.

  30. All of the generations after this generation shall be blessed, and this generation shall be blessed also, for they are the ones to usher in this new age.

  31. This generation is so much different than the previous was in that this generation has to establish something new in order to reveal all the human spirit.

  32. All the people of this generation shall be able to abide by and follow this new covenant which will last unitl the end of this age.

  33. All nations and all races will be held by this new covenant.

  34. You shall not have to mutilate yourselves or give yourself a sign of this covenant, rather, you shall live this covenant by living this covenant.

  35. You will never break this covenant until the day you die.

  36. The wicked nations shall resist this new covenant, but they shall not prevail.

  37. They will stick to their old ways and not give in to the new ways, for the old ways yielded nothing to new generations.

  38. They will be urged strongly into giving and new generation, but they will not be able to stick with their old ways and old rituals of uselessness.

  39. All of the generations that live in this time and this age will know of the cities of the wicked.

  40. They will shut the door to change and they will never be able to see the light without accepting this change.

  41. They are worse and more hypocritical than those who have accepted the change.

  42. You do not have to give up your beliefs; rather, you must acknowledge and be tolerant of all people.

  43. Those who are ignorant will never advance in society and they will face the shame everywhere they go.

  44. The cities of the wicked shall be utterly destroyed and the new covenant shall take over the cities, and all of those who did not accept new covenant and will surely perish.

  45. Those who perished will never see the light because the light will not come to them.

  46. They refuse the saving lights and they will dwell in the darkness until they are able to accept the light.

  47. At the end of this time, all who are wicked and the cities which help to their wicked ways will be reduced to ruins.

  48. There will be nothing left of the old age when the new age has taken its foothold.

  49. There will be a time of transition, but the new age will prevail in the old age will crumble down slowly.

  50. The dominance of this age will not be dominant in generations to come.

  51. This has been evidence in the world today as many people search for understanding without having to resort to the religious traditions of the old covenants.


  1. Sometime afterword, you must face the test of your will.

  2. You must face your fears and you must face that which angers you the most.

  3. You must go up to them and stand nose to nose with that which causes suffering in the world.

  4. In order to see the light, you must face your sufferings and you must face your fears.

  5. If you are able to face it without giving in, then you will be successful in conquering the fears.

  6. You shall reach out to them and you will be able to prevail in the battle.

  7. If you are faithful and you are not afraid, then you will be successful in this endeavor.

  8. After this, you will not be afraid of anything, even the prospect of death.

  9. You will have answered the test of faith by facing your fears, and you will have a new beginning and a purification of your soul.

  10. In facing your fears, you will be able to not be afraid anymore.

  11. Your Guardian Angels shall always be there to protect you and the gifts of the Spirit shall come down upon you whereby you will be able to let see the world for what it is.

  12. You will not give into the world and you will not attend the world does not exist, rather, you will be able to face the world but you will also be able to help the world.

  13. All of your descendants will find blessings in life because they will be able to know how to face their own peers.

  14. Your posterity will be as numerous as the stars in the sky, and they will be the ones to truly make a difference in the world.

  15. They will be the ones to usher in the new age, for the new age shall be revealed in a sequence.

  16. After a time, a great prophet will have humble beginnings.

  17. This prophet will be born and raised in the land of Zion and will come from a nondescript town in a nondescript family.

  18. This prophet had dreams where angels appeared to him and guided this person’s life for a time.

  19. No kind words shall be said, rather, the prophet will be rejected by all of the Angels.

  20. Then the Prophet shall have another dream, where all of the Angels shall appear to him at once.

  21. All of these Angels surrounded him in a circle and envelop him.

  22. This will make the prophet hated more because of the Oracle that had been said.

  23. This prophet will be pressured to not speak of this, but it will be spoken in this new age.

  24. The ten queens shall surround the King and shall bow to the King.

  25. As the ten queens taught the King how to become the King, the King shall return the favor of the queens and make them very rich and powerful amongst their generation.

  26. They will tend to those who are looking for the light, and they will lead this generation into the new light.

  27. The prophet is a dreamer of dreams and a visionary of visionaries.

  28. The prophet will have his life threatened many times, but he will prevail because he has prevailed over death.

  29. The prophet has been restored by the tenth and the tenth brought forth the nine and the ten which have been gathered together will become goddesses among men.

  30. The prophets in the Angels have been thrown into this wilderness already, but they have gone out of this wilderness, and they will rise above the world and become a voice for the world.

  31. Nothing can be concealed from this generation, for this is the generation that ushers in a millennium of a new age.

  32. The prophet shall be thrown into the gates of hell, but the prophet shall rise forth because of the help provided over a period of time by the Guardian Angels which had protected him.

  33. This is the story of how this prophet will rise and will usher in this new age.

  34. This prophet shall also make many enemies during this journey.

  35. There shall be ones who will become jealous of him and there will also be ones that he will be jealous of.

  36. These are the ones who will rise up against him and make him the enemy to all the people.

  37. There shall also be the leaders of the day who do not wish to have this happen in their time.

  38. This shall happen because it has been predicted in times past and in times present.

  39. They shall happen because the new generation demands a new look into the world.

  40. This shall happen because it had been prophesied from the beginning of this age.

  41. At the end of this transition, the new generation shall rise up and guide their own future.

  42. Every generation shall have their own Angels and their own prophet.

  43. Everyone shall be their own savior and have their own Guardian Angels in their life.

  44. Then he will be offended by this, but it will hold to be true because it has been talked in the past and it will be taught into the future.

  45. This generation shall be talked about for generations to come because this will be the beginning.

  46. Those who rise up against the prophet in the Angels will have no say because they will either join or they will fall.

  47. Those who go against those who are holy will never win the battle.

  48. Those who are enlightened will enlighten them in the end.

  49. The garments of white shall be upon those who speak of the truth and they will never be brought astray by those who are evil.

  50. There shall be many that rise up against this prophet, they are the men of their women, they are the elders of their daughters, they are the brothers of their sister, but they shall see the truth above all else.

  51. The truth shall set them free, and they will no longer wonder these things because these things embody everything that goes against the teachings of the truth.

  52. The prophet and the Guardian Angels are the truth, and the light of this dispensation shall radiate out of them forever and ever.

  53. This shall occur through all generations and every generation shall face the same problems and solutions.


  1. Everyone on the face of this earth shall face trials and temptations; even the prophet has faced these trials and temptations in these words.

  2. Words cannot describe the pain that this prophet have gone through in order to learn of the truth and to find it within himself to break free from the suffering of this world and go into a state of eternal bliss.

  3. Favor shall not be shown on those who are richer or those who are in the truth, for everyone is equal under the eyes of the creator in the heavens.

  4. Many shall come to tempt him into doing certain things, but they will never succeed because of the amount of information and enlightenment he has received in a relatively short amount of time.

  5. Everything will become blessings to this prophet and nothing will be able to cause him to go astray from the path which he has chosen.

  6. No one shall have more works under the heavens than the one who teaches of the truth under the heavens.

  7. All of these temptations shall come when the tenth has been revealed, and the tenth has revealed and given this prophet the greatest virtue to overcome the greatest of all vices.

  8. The nine that came before the tenth prepared the prophet for the tenth so that the tenth can embody the other nine and seal the covenant for all generations.

  9. The prophet shall be confined and the prophet shall go into the deepest depths of depression, but once this prophet rises again, there shall be nothing that stops this generation from conquering all suffering.

  10. This is the charge that has been set forth to the dispensation of the new age, but many things will try and stop the prophet from achieving his destiny.

  11. Nothing shall break the spirit of the one who is to bring the truth to all nations and all generations.

  12. As your wounds are healed, your dreams can be interpreted based on what you are facing in your life.

  13. If you do not have the ability to interpret your dreams, then you should always seek someone to interpret the dreams or you.

  14. Remember the vine which you shall spread forth because of the truth which you shall receive.

  15. Just as the prophet received confirmation from the ten Angels through the dreams, so shall you receive confirmation your own dreams that you shall have.

  16. You shall be restored after you have these dreams and you will come out of journey with new knowledge and new challenges.

  17. You will be restored to the glory of the morning after your dreams.

  18. If you have good dreams, then all is well for you, but if you have bad dreams, then something may come but it will be that which challenges you.

  19. Do not be afraid of death in your dreams, for death will bring you to life.

  20. Everything shall be restored after the dreams which you have and the dreams which have been interpreted by those who can interpret the dreams.

  21. Do not forget those that are your dreams, for those are the people you long to be with the most.

  22. Fear shall rise up out of the wilderness and into the town of two brothers, the one who was poor in spirit will find the seven spirits and will be strengthened by those seven.

  23. Then you shall see seven branches of a strong tree.

  24. The seven branches are the seven spirits which belong to the tree.

  25. In both of these, but world has consumed the seven spirits.

  26. This stream shall be interpreted and every single dream that you have shall have its own meaning.

  27. Those who abandoned the prophet will be imprisoned because they have abandoned the truth.

  28. Those who see a prophet in a new light will be restored because they will be able to see the truth.

  29. The world shall devour the seven spirits, the seven spirits will rise beyond it because of the strength of the prophet.

  30. The prophet draws the strength from the seven spirits so the seven spirits shall draw the strength and the prophet.

  31. All dreams shall be interpreted as truth, and all dreams should be interpreted as symbolic of something more.

  32. No one can explain your life for you, you must explain your own life or others.

  33. If you cannot explain the reason why you live your life the way you do, then you should not live your life in that way.

  34. The world will devour the spirits, but the spirits will rise again because you will inspire them.

  35. A spiritual famine will come upon you and you will face the world without any guidance, and you will fail.

  36. You will not be able to rise up again until you realize the error of your ways.

  37. The land will be exhausted and nothing will be found in abundance for you.

  38. Prepare yourself for this time by always thinking about what is to come.

  39. Always think about the world and the suffering of the world so that you can conquer that which makes you suffer the most.

  40. Remember this advice for it has pleased kings all over the world.

  41. If you follow by these precepts, you will become the king of your own life.

  42. No one will be wiser at living your life like you do.

  43. Do things that make you the happiest so that you can face every single day without the guilt upon you.

  44. Go out over the land and conquer the world so that you can live a life without any regret.

  45. Remember that when you’re in abundance, produce things that are abundant, and when you are in times of trouble, take all that which you stored up with you and use it to help you to get through these hard times.

  46. Measure yourself so that you do not overindulge or under indulge in anything in life.

  47. Always remember to do the things which make you the happiest.

  48. If other people come to rely on you for help, they give everything you have given to them and it will work both ways.

  49. The whole world will come to you because you are the one who is abundant in a time of trouble.

  50. If you abide by this truth, then you will become a great help and a great inspiration to many people.


  1. On the journey of the great prophet, the prophet died and was reborn seven times with each spirit.

  2. Each spirit that brought him down, but he was raised up again.

  3. In this journey, two great journeys were taken within the journey.

  4. The first one of the journey was always the one that brought the prophet in, the second one was always the one that helped the prophet through the journey, and the third one was always the one to bring the prophet out of the journey and into the next one.

  5. The nine Angels prepared him for the tenth, and six spirits prepared him for the seventh.

  6. The tenth angel and the seven spirits is that the key to the kingdom which has been set forth.

  7. You will recognize everyone on your journey, but not everyone on your journey will be able to recognize you.

  8. They will have seen you at your weakest, but now you shall be strong before them.

  9. You have gone through the seven deaths and resurrections, the two journeys of going in and coming out, and the great journey of life.

  10. There is always the one that is left over to become the key to the great journey of life.

  11. You will never deny those which came into your journey, for they have come into your journey for the purpose which they have been set out to do.

  12. You will be tested in every way at every point in your journey by everyone.

  13. If you are able to recognize that your life has been journey of learning, then you will be able to learn from every situation you have ever been through.

  14. You should never deny those which have helped you on your journey, for they may not know how much of the help they have been on your journey.

  15. You shall learn from your journey and you shall teach others the truth by example of your journey, just as the prophet has in writing these things.

  16. He will face hardships which are too severe, even for you.

  17. You will fall and suffer in the world, but if you are able to cling to the strength which you have left, then you will rise again.

  18. The Guardian Angels and the life of the prophet have been a test and a reward.

  19. You will learn the most in your life by undergoing these tests and being able to recognize the test.

  20. You will receive great gifts from the Angels in order to gain virtues to counteract the vices that you have in your life.

  21. You will guarantee that you will not die, but you will be reborn again.

  22. You will not break, but you will be tested in every way.

  23. You have been through the journey of coming and going twice, you have been through the journey of that death and resurrection seven times, and you have experienced ten great loves in your life, but all of this has been a part of this great journey which is been called life.

  24. You shall give them what they deserve for giving you everything that you have earned in your life.

  25. They do not realize it yet but great gifts will come upon them who you.

  26. You will become purified and blameless before the spirit, and they will recognize the journey which you have gone through the harshness of the journey which you have faced.

  27. At the end of your journey, you will face the final test.

  28. The last spirit and the last Angel will be the final test.

  29. The journey will go through in order to achieve perfection will embody all of the previous sufferings which you have suffered for.

  30. If you are able to recognize and to get through this, then you will receive the ultimate gift.

  31. Through the journey which you have suffered from, you will receive the greatest gift of all.

  32. You will die one last time, but you will be resurrected the last time and become enlightened being the end.

  33. You will never deny the journey which you have gone through for the journey you have gone through will never be replaced again.

  34. Whatever you have done in your life will never be repeated because you have learned so much from the previous times in your journey.

  35. Be devoted to every situation so that you can learn everything you can from every situation that has come before you.

  36. If you do not go through this, you would surely die.

  37. You will become innocent before those who have wronged before, and they will recognize this and forgive you for all the wrong you have done to them.

  38. After final test, your reward shall be the final Guardian angel in your life.

  39. Never forget the one who was the last, for the last is the first and the first is the last.


  1. Through this entire journey, the truth shall be revealed to you.

  2. Those who come before you and those who have seen the truth for the first time will weep, but they will understand that the pain that you have gone through has brought you to this inevitable conclusion.

  3. After the truth has been revealed to you, you shall go out and seek all of those who have helped you on your journey to realize this truth.

  4. You have not discovered the truth by yourself, but you have discovered the truth through the help of those who have helped you in your journey.

  5. Even though you’ve gone through great pain, you will have seen that the pain has been worth it because of the truth which you have received.

  6. The truth is more beautiful than the pain, and those who have helped you in your journey will be the one to give you the gifts to see the truth.

  7. You will no longer suffer in the world the truth is with you.

  8. Everything that you own will be a blessing to you and everything which you have received in excess will be a blessing to others.

  9. Be prepared for any suffering that comes to you after this, for you will have the know-how and the willpower to conquer the suffering which will come to you.

  10. Tell everyone of the truth which you have received, for the truth you have received is the greatest gift you can give to anyone Those who have left you have started your journey will return to you at the end of your journey.

  11. Those who have come and gone in your life will come to your life again and never leave.

  12. They will realize the greatest understanding in which you have the great pain which you have caused them, and they will forgive you for all the past transgressions which you have committed them.

  13. Once you have been resurrected for the last time, you will be able to share the truth with the world and those who want to hear of the truth will find the truth in their own journey.

  14. You shall reconcile with everyone that you have wronged and everyone who has done wrong to you will reconcile with you.

  15. You will never see pain again after you have completed your journey.

  16. You shall face all the trials and temptations and passed through in your life, but you will overcome these things.

  17. You will be believed throughout the world for the journey which you have undergone because the journey you have undergone is the great journey which they had gone through.

  18. Your journey has taken you to these many places, seeing many people, and done many things.

  19. You will have received many visions on your journey and those visions have guided you on the path which you have gone down.

  20. Do not be afraid to go down the path for the path will lead you to the light.

  21. Even though this path may be different than the path other people take, it will lead you to your own heaven on earth.

  22. You will be brought back to your own paradise once you have gone from this earth.

  23. You will be free to choose the life you want to live after you are dead.

  24. None of the possessions that you have on the Earth will come with you, but you will see the spirits of those you have love in the heavens.

  25. All of those who have come before you and will go after you will be with you in the heavens when they have seen their last days.

  26. All of the lands that you wanted and all the things that you needed will become yours once you reach this state of being.

  27. You will have power over your posterity and you will guide the spirit of those who come after you.

  28. You will help them just as they have helped you.


  1. You will be blessed with the lands which you have received.

  2. You will dwell in the land of liberty and all that you possess will be laid out in front of you.

  3. Everything that you work for you shall receive.

  4. Everything that you work for shall be worth great things for the evolution of humanity.

  5. You have taken a small part in bringing humanity to a better life.

  6. You have been there for those who needed you the most and you have influenced their lives.

  7. Other people shall influence your life just as you have influenced theirs.

  8. Every single year, the cycle will continue, but your life will be different from day to day.

  9. You cannot have these great blessings from your spirit which dwells between you and the heavens.

  10. You will not perish on the face of the earth if you live every moment of your life to the fullest.

  11. Do not hesitate to do things that you want to do, for you will never know when your last breath on this Earth will be.

  12. All that you work for will become yours if you work hard enough at it.

  13. All that you desire on Earth will be fulfilled so long that you do not do it for your own personal gain, but also for the gain of others.

  14. You have been blessed with many things and you should never take these things for granted.

  15. May you be blessed forever and ever while you’re on the face of the earth.

  16. Sometime later in your life, you will reflect on the things which you done with your life.

  17. All the remaining strength that you have will be rallied up as you ponder on these things you have done with your life.

  18. Your ancestors have been giving your life and you have given your posterity life with the fruits of your labor.

  19. You have returned to a land in the state in which you can live in peace.

  20. Although your life has been full of sorrow, has also been full of strength and it has been full of things that have tested you and given you great joy in the end.

  21. Your legacy will be remembered forever and all of your posterity will remember you for the great works you have done.

  22. They shall come to the place where you rest and they will bless you forever and ever just as you have blessed them.

  23. The Angels have come to you throughout your life and have given you a path by which to guide yourself, and your path has brought you to the place which you are at now.

  24. May the presence of your spirit which walked with your ancestors give you new life on this day.

  25. Your Angels have delivered you from all harm and you will become the start of a great generation on the face of the Earth.

  26. You have pronounced all the blessings to you and your generation by upholding the covenants which has been brought forth to you by the generations before.

  27. You will restore life to your posterity because your ancestors have giving your life to prosper in.


  1. Gather around for this is what is to happen in the days to come.

  2. Assemble everyone who dwells on the face of the earth.

  3. On the first day, you will have the strength to go through life and you will succeed and excel in everything that you do.

  4. The world will come to you as a turbulent wave of evil, but you will rise up above it because of the strength which you receive in your heart.

  5. Some will fall into the world and very well meet a violent end.

  6. No person should be honored who associates themselves with those who fallen to the world, for they will be killed by others.

  7. Their fury is so fierce and their rage is so cruel, and they will be scattered throughout the land.

  8. Some will fall into the world, but they will rise up and conquer their enemies.

  9. Some will feed on those who suffer in the world and they will also suffer great things.

  10. Their power will depart from them so they will consume power which is false and relies on the obedience of people.

  11. They will do foolish things in their life and they will suffer as a result of these things.

  12. They will grow dark and they will never see the light again.

  13. Those who are at peace will dwell in peace for the rest of their life.

  14. Those who have no power will receive no power and will have to rely on the power of other things.

  15. When they see how good their life as being subservient, they will never take the initiative to be a leader in their own life.

  16. You shall receive justice for all people.

  17. Some will fall into evil and bring others into evil.

  18. They are the ones to bring death to those who have life.

  19. Those who were evil will be rated and they will fall into their own sins.

  20. Some will be pulled back, but they were born to be free and lead their own life.

  21. Some will have broken free from the lives of others and have gone to live their own life.

  22. Those who are the enemy will approach them.

  23. Those who try and shoot that person down will not be successful because that person will lead them into their own light.

  24. You shall receive the blessings from the heavens above and you will receive the blessings from the earth below and you will receive the blessings from those who came before you and you will receive the blessings of those who came after you.

  25. You will receive the blessings of the world and you’ll receive the blessings of the heavens, and may you find rest in your spirit who is your foundation and your life.

  26. The last one is the one who takes away from those who take advantage of others and gives to those who have nothing.

  27. You shall receive all of these blessings will you are on the face of the earth if you abide by the precepts that are found within these pages.

  28. You shall receive a final rest and you will enter into peace and you will receive the light which has dwelled inside of you.

  29. You will realize that the world is full of suffering, the world will also wonder.

  30. After you have been dead and you have been resurrected many times in your life, you will finally receive the rest which you deserve.

  31. All of your sins will be forgiven upon your death and the only thing that will matter now is what happens after your death.

  32. You shall dwell in the heavens and you will dwell in the glory which has been set aside for you.

  33. The only memories you will have left is the legacy that you will leave in the posterity who remember the life that you lived.

  34. All of your children will be provided for and you will be reassured that they will follow in the same path that you have.

  35. You shall receive a share of the divinity which has been set out for you.

  36. You shall receive of the last of the Trinity which has been established at the beginning and will be here until the end.

  37. The oath that you have kept as the covenant from the day you were born will no longer apply after the day you die.

  38. You will dwell in eternal glory and you will not have to worry about keeping those that are found within the covenant.

  39. This is the story of how one person went through the same journey which has been described to you here and has received all the blessings of life after a hard journey.

  40. Hear and see the words that are found in these pages for these words will lead you to everlasting life.

  41. Heed to these words and these words will lead you to a better life, for you are on Earth.