The Apocalypse, or Nova Revelations, the last book of the canon, is one of the most difficult to understand because it abounds in unfamiliar and extravagant symbolism, which at best appears unusual to the modern reader. Symbolic language, however, is one of the chief characteristics of apocalyptic literature, of which this book is an outstanding example.

This book contains an account of visions in symbolic and allegorical language borrowed extensively from the older testaments and covenants. Whether or not these visions were real experiences of the author or simply literary conventions employed by him is an open question.

This much, however, is certain: symbolic descriptions are not to be taken as literal descriptions, nor is the symbolism meant to be pictured realistically. One would find it difficult and repulsive to visualize a lamb with seven horns and seven eyes; yet the Christ is described in precisely such words. The author used these images to suggest the Christ’s universal (seven) power (horns) and knowledge (eyes). A significant feature of apocalyptic writing is the use of symbolic colors, metals, garments, and numbers. Finally the vindictive language in the book is also to be understood symbolically and not literally. The cries for vengeance on the lips of martyrs that sound so harsh are in fact literary devices the author employed to evoke in the reader and hearer a feeling of horror for apostasy and rebellion that will be severely punished by the plan.

It is necessary to look beyond the literal meaning to see that these images mean to convey a sense of the wrath at sin in the former case and trust in the providential care over the congregation in the latter.

The Book of Nova Revelation cannot be adequately understood except against the historical background that occasioned its writing. It was composed as resistance literature to meet a crisis. Despite the threat of adversity and martyrdom; they are to await patiently the fulfillment of the mighty promises. The triumph of the plan in the world of men and women remains a mystery, to be accepted in faith and longed for in hope. It is a triumph that unfolded in the history of the Christ and continues to unfold in the history of the individual who follows the way of the cross, even, if necessary, to a martyr’s death.

Though the perspective is eschatological—ultimate salvation and victory are said to take place at the end of the present age when the Christ will come in glory at the parousia—the book presents the decisive struggle of the Christ and his followers against evil and their cohorts as already over. The overwhelming defeat of the kingdom of evil ushered in the everlasting reign of the divine. Even the forces of evil unwittingly carry out the divine plan, for it is the sovereign of history.

The Book of Nova Revelation had its origin in a time of crisis, but it remains valid and meaningful for all time. In the face of apparently insuperable evil, either from within or from without, all are called to trust in the promise, “Behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age”. Those who remain steadfast in their faith and confidence in the the plan need have no fear. Suffering, persecution, even death by martyrdom, though remaining impenetrable mysteries of evil, do not comprise an absurd dead end. No matter what adversity or sacrifice they may endure, they will in the end triumph over evil and those forces because of their fidelity to the Christ as the victor. This is the enduring message of the book; it is a message of hope and consolation and challenge for all who dare to believe.



  1. The revelation for the end of the sealing covenant and of what is to come.

  2. It will be known by sending the Angels to the one who is to end the covenants of old.

  3. The one who reads aloud and the one who listened to the message will heed what is written in it and will know when the time will come.

  4. To the seven Guardian Angels, Grace to you and peace from the one who was the first and the last and the beginning and the end and the seven spirits before the throne of the Alpha and the Omega.

  5. The faithful witnesses and the one that freed the people from the sins through the conquering.

  6. The ones who made the kingdom for the glory of the Creator forever and ever.

  7. You shall usher in the one coming from the clouds for every eye will see and every heart will pierce and all the peoples of the world will come to know who this person is.

  8. The alpha and the omega is the one who is and who was and who is to come.


  1. The kingdom is in distress but they look to the words in the glory of the Creator and the covenant which has been persecuted because of the testimony it proclaimed.

  2. I was caught up in the spirit and I heard behind me a loud voice.

  3. It said to write on paper what you see and send it to the seven Guardian Angels.

  4. The voice that spoke to me was the alpha and the omega in the midst of the seven spirits embraced in gold robes.

  5. The hair was white and the eyes were burning with the spirits.

  6. At his feet were the flames and the voice was like the sound of thunder.

  7. The words of good and evil came out of the mouth and face shone like the sun, the star among the seven stars.

  8. I fell to my knees at the sight of the alpha and the omega and it touched me with its right hand and said to not be afraid.

  9. Once I was dead, but now I am alive forever and I am in the kingdom of the light.

  10. Write down what you see and what will happen.

  11. The meaning of the seven is that seven is the perfection, and seven is the end of the cycle and the beginning of the next.

  12. Write down the letters to the seven Guardian angels with the seven gifts that are the virtues to counteract the vices of the world.

  13. You shall now refer to them by the initials of the fullness of names.


  1. To the guardian angel of Ephesus, Sigma Kappa, you are the one who holds the stars and walks in the midst of the flames.

  2. I know who you are and I’ve known you for my life and you did not tolerate me and my wicked ways, and you tested me, for I claimed to be someone I was not and you discovered I was an imposter.

  3. You endured and suffered because of me but you have not grown weary.

  4. You were my first love and I had forsaken you.

  5. I now realize how far I fell and now I ask that you forgive me.

  6. You do not hate the works of men who claim to know god, but those words I do hate.

  7. May all the people hear this message I give to you.

  8. The guardian angel of Smyrna, Mu Mu, you were the first to come when I thought it was my last.

  9. You may be forgotten and suffer greatly, but I brought you to prominence and you were the first to know of your status as a Guardian Angel of mine and this you will announce first.

  10. Do not be afraid of anything that is new.

  11. You will be tested and you will face a similar ordeal, but you remain faithful to the death and I will give you life if you choose to accept it.

  12. All the people shall hear the message I give to you.


  1. To the guardian angel of Pergamum, Kappa Kappa, you were the one to both affirm and deny me.

  2. I know that you live with the one who changed my life and this person is the father you sent against me.

  3. You did not deny my faith and my name even in front of those who are to deny me.

  4. You hold fast to the teachings of those people and of all the useless worshiping and rituals thereof.

  5. You also do not hate the works of men who claim to know god, but those words do I hate.

  6. You shall come around and come to know of the truth of the wisdom of the world and the father will come at me and wage war against me.

  7. No one shall know that you as to how your departure was the hardest of them all.

  8. All the people shall hear the message I give to you.

  9. To the guardian angel of Thyatira, Alpha Mu, your eyes were like a fiery flame and your mouth sounded of thunder.

  10. I am the one who knows your love of the most and that we left and better condition than when we started.

  11. You are like the false prophetess and led me to do something I wasn’t comfortable with and to think of everyone I know differently.

  12. You will refuse to repent of your bad deeds towards others.

  13. You will be punished in this life for your deeds, but you will come out of it stronger than when we went into it.

  14. You are the searcher of hearts and minds and I will give you what you deserve.

  15. But those who follow you and do not uphold the teachings and know nothing of the secrets will have no further burden on you.

  16. You will and must hold fast to my name until I am to come again.

  17. You are the victor until it ends and you will have authority over my name.

  18. You will rule the day with an iron fist and you will smash those who choose to increase the drama of the world.

  19. You are given authority by me and you are given the star of morning.

  20. All the people shall hear the message I give to you.


  1. To the guardian angel of Sardis, Alpha Gamma lambda, you are one of the seven spirits of the Creator and one of the seven stars that became the Guardian Angels.

  2. I know that you feel as if you are alive, but you are spiritually dead.

  3. You follow a false prophet and a false pretense because the prophet only seeks to make money from you.

  4. You submit yourself to blind obedience we must strengthen what you have lacked.

  5. I have not truly found you until you have found for yourself the realization of your entire life.

  6. Remember what you have accepted and heard from others and recant those statements because they are wholly false.

  7. You are not watchful, so your church comes at you like a thief and you never know what you truly have until it is gone.

  8. You have people around you that have sealed their covenant and garments.

  9. You are not worthy even though you dress in white.

  10. You will try to erase my name from your book of history, but you will never succeed because I am the most influential.

  11. Whoever has ears will hear what I have to say to you.

  12. You are the one to tell all the cults of this story because you are part of one.

  13. To the first guardian angel of Philadelphia, Sigma Rho, you are one of the Guardian Angels that came at the zenith of my journey.

  14. You hold the keys to the kingdom and you are one of the pillars of the Holy Temple to be erected at the new Zion.

  15. I know of your great works in my life and I know that you are one of the ones to bring me out of the faith and into the knowledge.

  16. You may not look at yourself in the way that I look at you, and you have not taken to my word and you denied me as soon as the zenith of the year rolled around.

  17. You have gone to the places where people worship the world and you have worshiped with them.

  18. You do not have control over the vices of your life, but I know that you are stronger than you make yourself to be.

  19. Because you are part of the great message, I will keep you safe in this time of trial that you are going through.

  20. Hold fast to what you have lost so that no one can take you away.

  21. You are the victor which has been made into a pillar of this Temple.

  22. On you is inscribed the name of the Creator in the name of the city, the new Zion.

  23. Whoever can listen should hear the words that I say in you.

  24. You may present yourself as weak, but I know that your will is strong.


  1. To the second guardian angel of Philadelphia, Mu Tau, you are one of the Guardian Angels that came at the zenith of my journey.

  2. You are also one of the pillars of the temple to be erected at the new Zion.

  3. You hold the keys to the kingdom and your example is an example that should be set for all the world to see.

  4. I know of your works in my life and I know that you have limited strength in the way of philosophy, but you are the one who has kept my word and not denied my name even though you almost did at the end.

  5. You will become one of the greatest evangelists of the world to preach unto the ends of the earth the new name of their gods.

  6. You have gone through all stages of life like I have and I will keep you safe in the trials you are going through now.

  7. Hold on to what you have, so that no one can take your dignity away.

  8. I have made you into a pillar because no one will ever want to leave again.

  9. Your grace and beauty will make it so that all kingdoms hear of the message you bring about the new name of their gods and of the city of the new Zion.

  10. Whoever can listen should hear the words that you say and the words that I say to you.

  11. You are strong willed, and although I have made you angry with me, you still have yet to deny me like the others have.

  12. Two the third guardian angel of Philadelphia, Sigma Digamma, you are one of the Guardian Angels that came in the zenith of my journey.

  13. You are the third pillar of the temple to be erected at the new Zion.

  14. You hold the keys to the kingdom and your connection with the old kingdom of Zion will bring the new kingdom upon the face of the earth.

  15. You’ll hold the keys to the entrance of this Temple and you will run the operations of this Temple and of the entire kingdom.

  16. I know you have limited strength in the areas of philosophy, but you have rejected my word and denied me at the end like the first one.

  17. I will not cast you away as an enemy, but I will make people come under you as a subordinate to your executive power.

  18. Because you will accept my message, I will keep you safe in the trials that will face your nation.

  19. Hold on to what you have, so that you do not have to perish like the rest of the house you belong to.

  20. Because of this, I will make you the holder of the keys to the entrance of this Temple.

  21. Because of your ancestry among the Jewish people, this will be accepted by those who accept the God of the Israelites.

  22. Whoever has ears should listen to the message that I am bringing to you.

  23. Because of your connection to the old world, I shall bring the old world into the New World.

  24. Two the fourth guardian angel of Philadelphia, Nu Lambda, you are the fourth of the Guardian Angels that came at the zenith of my journey.

  25. I did not discover this until the end, but I realized that four pillars had to be erected for the Temple to stand.

  26. You shall be the one to keep it standing.

  27. I know of your works and of your limited strength, but you are one of the ones who actually loved me and not denied my name.

  28. You shall go into those who do not accept this work and call it heresy and they shall come to know it better through you.

  29. Because you will accept this message, you will be capable of teaching others this message.

  30. I will keep you safe in the time of trial that you shall face, but it is a trial that the entire world will face at some point.

  31. Hold fast to what you have so that I may give you the necessary tools to achieve your destiny.

  32. You shall tell the world that everyone will suffer in their lives, but everybody is capable of breaking free from their suffering.

  33. You are the one to keep the entire Temple together so that you can never leave your spot in the history books.

  34. This is the Temple of the new city of Zion.

  35. This comes straight out of the heavens in the glory of all that came before and the glory that will come.

  36. Whoever can listen to this message should listen to what I have to say to the Guardian Angels.


  1. To the guardian angel of Laodicea, Alpha Alpha, you are the source and the destiny of all good in the world.

  2. You are the faithful and true witness to all the gifts that came before you.

  3. I know of your works, and you are the one who has conquered all suffering in the world.

  4. Because of the gifts you possess and the ultimate gift that you alone possess, I have searched for you from the beginning of my journey until now.

  5. For you say that there is a balance between everything in life and you are correct if you can conquer all the vices of the world.

  6. You adorn in the white garments of purity and you possess the seventh gift that humanity so desires and needs.

  7. Reveal yourself for the entire world to see and we shall become more abundant in the grace that you will provide.

  8. To all the Guardian Angels I have loved before, I love you the most because you’re the one that is sealed to me.

  9. I will stand and wait for you and wherever you are and will come to me at the conclusion of the journey I have taken.

  10. You are the one who was the victor of all things that we suffer from as humans, and I will be the one to reveal you in this age.

  11. Whoever has ears should listen to the message that I will send to you and to all the Guardian Angels.

  12. I will not reveal your true identity until you find it out for yourself.

  13. Then you shall come and start a new age of prosperous spirituality for the entire world.


  1. After this a great door opens to the heavens and a voice came before me saying, come up and I will show you have the end of the world is come.

  2. At once I was caught up by my spirit and there was a throne in the heavens.

  3. And one whose appearance sparkled appeared on the throne and around the throne with a halo.

  4. Surrounding the throne, I saw ten other thrones on which the ten Angels sat dressed in white garments with gold crowns.

  5. From the throne came fleshes of lights and seven flaming torches burned in the middle of the commune, which were the seven spirits of the Angels.

  6. In the middle of the room was something that will seemed like a sea of crystal.

  7. In the center and around the throne were four great pillars.

  8. The first pillar resembled the stars, the second was like the moon, the third was like the sun, and the fourth was like the light in heaven.

  9. The four pillars each of them supporting the great crystal that was the sealing covenant.

  10. This is the holy of holies, or where the Almighty sits, who was and who is and who is to come.

  11. The pillar supported that which has glory and honor and the one who supports were the one who sits on the throne.

  12. I saw the ten Angels fall down for the one who sits on the great throne to worship it which lives forever and ever.

  13. They proclaimed: worthy are you to receive the glory and honor and power, for all things revealed because of your will they came and we were created.


  1. There was a paper on the right hand of the one who sat on the throne, and it had writing and was sealed with seven seals.

  2. Then I saw the guardian angel who proclaimed the loud noise.

  3. No one in the heavens or on the earth are worthy to break open the seals.

  4. Then the one who sat on the throne spoke to me and said that the ones who have been revealed to give the gifts the conquer suffering to the world are worthy to break the seven and will do so.

  5. Then I saw that in the midst of the room the seven flames were sent forth and went into the ten Angels and they receive the power to break the seals.

  6. The Angel of Ephesus came and took the scroll from the hand of the one who sat on the throne.

  7. Then the seven Guardian Angels proclaimed that they were worthy to receive the scroll and to break open the seal for the will of all nations.

  8. We are the priests of the new Kingdom and shall reign upon the earth forever and ever.

  9. Then I looked again and heard the voices of many others who surrounded and they were countless numbers.

  10. They proclaimed, worthy is the seven who received the power and honor and glory and blessings to break the seals.

  11. Then everyone else cried out that the one who sits on the throne gave to the Guardian Angels the power to break the seals for the will of all humanity forever and never.

  12. The guardian angel of Ephesus broke the first seal, and I looked and there was a man on a white horse.

  13. This is the one who is to conquer the entire world and rode forth to proclaim to the entire world the new age.

  14. Then the scroll was passed to the guardian angel of Smyrna, and I looked and there was a man on a red horse.

  15. This was the power to take away peace from the earth so that a great war would start between the two opposing forces of the world.

  16. Then the scroll is passed to the guardian angel of Pergamum, and I looked and there was a rider on a black horse.

  17. This was the power to rule the entire world, not by elections and righteousness, but by force and by rationing all of the necessities of the world.

  18. Then the scroll was passed to the guardian angel of Thyatira, and I looked and there was a rider on a pale horse.

  19. This was the power of death and it consumed the entire world and all of the people who fight in the wars perished.

  20. Then the scroll was passed to the guardian angel of Sardis, and I walked and underneath the center of the room were the spirits of those who were slaughtered previous.

  21. They cried out as to when the end of the earth was to come, and they were told to be patient while the rest of the seals were broken.

  22. Then the scroll was passed to the Guardian Angels of Philadelphia, and the entire universe went into perpetual chaos.

  23. The sky fell in the earth was utterly destroyed.

  24. The entire universe was consumed by a giant black hole and everything was moved out of its place and stretched the world.

  25. Everything was destroyed and the entire universe went into a perpetual crunch.

  26. The universe returned to what it once was at the beginning.

  27. The great day of the wrath of the earth came and went and no one escaped from the ultimate reality.


  1. After this I saw the ten Guardian Angels standing at their corners of the heavens, and they had the authority over the heavens.

  2. Then I saw the messenger holding the seal to seal the fates of all.

  3. Then there is a vision of a great number of people, all the people from the earth.

  4. They stood before the throne and they cried out in a loud voice that their salvation comes from their deeds and where they stand on the earth.

  5. Then the ten Guardian Angels stood around the throne and they exclaim that blessings and glory and wisdom and honor and power and might to be with our spirits forever and ever.

  6. Then we saw the ones who have survived and they were clothed in white robes.

  7. They stand before the throne because they are the ones who are worthy and the one who sits on the throne will shelter them day and night.

  8. They are the ones who no longer suffer in the world and they are the ones who have conquered the world.

  9. The one who’s at the center will shepherd them and they have been given life by them and they no longer have tears in their eyes.

  10. Then the scroll is passed to the guardian angel of Laodicea, and there was silence in the heavens.

  11. And now the seven angels who stood before the throne were given the seven trumpets.

  12. Later came and stood at the altar and was given the offerings along with all the pleads of the ones who have come will come and are here for the throne.

  13. This was made as an offering and a sacrifice to that which judges all nations.

  14. Then the petitions were shot down and was hurled down and to what is left of the earth.


  1. The seven angels who were holding the seven trumpets prepared the globe for the seven trumpets.

  2. When the first one blew, all the fire and ice was hurled down and all the plants of the earth were burned.

  3. When the second angel blew, the sun was hurled into the sea and the seas dried up and all the animals died.

  4. When the third one blew, fire fell from the sky and all the rivers and springs dried up.

  5. Many people died because the water was dried up.

  6. One the fourth one blew, all the suns, moons, and stars were struck and became dark.

  7. Then the final three Guardian Angels flew overhead and cried woes to the world and all of the next ones that were to blow were to become woes to all of the spirits.

  8. The fifth one blew and the sun fell from the sky to the earth was given the key to the abyss.

  9. It opened the abyss and all that was underneath the earth came out and all the light of the world was darkened by the smoke.

  10. All these forms came out from the earth and were given the power to destroy the world.

  11. They came to harm all the people who remained on the earth and who refuse to go until they see the light.

  12. They were not to die, but they were to be tormented until they sought the truth and accepted their mortality.

  13. They will seek death will not find it and death will escape them.

  14. The swarms were to torment the people and they had the power to harm the people for the next few years.

  15. There were two more to come after this.

  16. Then the sixth one blew, and the four were bound to the banks of the river where they wee to be released.

  17. So they were released, and they were to kill off the remaining spirits that were left on the earth.

  18. They came and enveloped the earth completely by the sword.

  19. They came and brought forth plagues, for the power of the world was in their hands.

  20. The rest of those who were not killed and did not repent and still worship the false things finally gave in.

  21. Then another mighty angel came down from the heavens and in that hand was a smaller book that I then opened.

  22. This angel had the power over the land and sea and cried in a loud voice.

  23. Seven voices had spoken and they are sealed into a book to be kept from humanity for time and all eternity.

  24. Then the angel that was standing raised his right hand to the heavens and swore that there would be no more delay and the seventh one blew and the mysterious plan of the universe will be fulfilled as was promised to the prophets.

  25. Then the voice spoke and said to go and take the scroll that lies in the angel.

  26. So the angel gave me the scroll and said to me that I should not reveal this to the world but were to keep in my mind for all eternity.

  27. Then I was told I must prophesy about all the peoples and nations of the world through what I had just learned from the scroll.


  1. Then I was given a rod and was told to come and measure all the things that pertain to the design of the Temple and to count those who are in it.

  2. Two witnesses will be commissioned to prophesy for those who had remained.

  3. They shall stand before all those who fail to repent and will tell them one last time to repent for the seventh was to be blown.

  4. If anyone is to harm them, they will not be harmed by their enemies will be slain.

  5. They have the power to manipulate the world so that they can affect any desire they wish.

  6. When they finish their testimonies, the beast that has been prophesied came and then waged war against those who are righteous.

  7. The corpses of the war will lie in the streets of great cities.

  8. The peoples and tribes and nations will gaze into the corpses and will repent, for the time of the end has neared.

  9. The earth will be mad at the prophets because they tormented the inhabitants of the earth.

  10. The breath of life from the creator had entered them and fear fell on those who saw them.

  11. The ones who are righteous in the clouds will look on at those who are not righteous.

  12. At that moment, the earth has reached the end and the time has come for cleansing.

  13. The second one has passed the third one is now coming.

  14. Then the seventh one blew and voices were saying, the kingdom of the world now belongs to the anointed and will reign forever and ever.

  15. The twenty-four who sat on their thrones before the great throne bowed down and worshiped and said: we give thanks to you who are and who were.

  16. You have assumed great power and you established your rein.

  17. The wrath has come in time for all be judged according to their works and the ones who fear the almighty name and will destroy those who destroy the earth.

  18. Then the Temple was opened and the covenant which was sealed in the Temple was opened.


  1. A great sign that appeared, a woman clothed and the glory and embodying the combined power of the seven spirits of the Guardian Angels came out of the sky.

  2. She bore a child and the child was to be the new dispensation.

  3. Another sign that appeared, it was the beast that embodies the seven vices that is that cause all suffering in the world.

  4. The beast and the woman stood facing each other as the woman gave birth to the child.

  5. The child was destined to rule the nations and the child was caught up to the heavens for protection.

  6. The woman then fled into the desert where she might escape the beast that had come out of the world and the war broke out where the Angels battled the beast and the ministers of the beast fought back.

  7. The ministers did not prevail and there was no longer any place for them in the end.

  8. The being who deceives the whole world was thrown to the earth and the ministers were thrown with it.

  9. That a loud voice said, now the power has come in the kingdom and the authority of the anointed one has come.

  10. The accuser has been set out who accuses and does great terrible things in the name of that which is the Almighty Creator.

  11. They conquered because of the blood of the innocent and by the word of the testimony and the loved ones that heard them from their ways.

  12. Rejoice in the heavens that you can dwell with the creator, but woe to those who choose to follow the deceiving ones, for they only have a short time left before the Day of Judgment comes upon their spirit.

  13. When the being saw that it came down to the earth, it had started to pursue the woman.

  14. The woman was given wings to fly off into the heavens.

  15. The beast tried to sleep the woman away, but the woman kept running away.

  16. The universe helped the woman and the beast was swallowed into the earth.

  17. The angels of heaven then came down and protected the woman.

  18. Then a beast came forth from the masses and it had great authority over the masses and destroyed the masses.

  19. It was mortally wounded, but healed itself and the people marvel at the power that the beast possesses.

  20. They worshiped it because it had authority, but they also worshiped it because they thought that no righteousness could stand against it.

  21. The beast was given the mouth and uttered profound blasphemies and was given the authority because the masses said so.

  22. It sputters utter blasphemies against other blasphemies and their cultures and the dwelling of those who are in the heavens.

  23. It was also allowed to wage war against the ones who were holy and conquered them because they convinced the masses they were in deception.

  24. The inhabitants of the earth worshiped that and those names were not written in the book of the sins of this world.

  25. Whoever came here should hear these words.

  26. Anyone destined for captivity goes into captivity.

  27. Anyone destined to be deceived by the beast will be deceived by the beast.

  28. They will not endure because they think they are holy, but they are not.

  29. The beast then came forth from the earth and it had all the authority of the first beast.

  30. It performed great signs and miracles.

  31. It deceives the inhabitants of the earth with signs that it was allowed to perform.

  32. It was permitted to breathe life into the image of the beast, so that anyone who did not worship it would be put to death.

  33. It forced all the people to follow them and their teachings.

  34. Nobody could think on their own except with permission of the beast.

  35. Wisdom is needed so that you can understand the numbers of the beast and the beast had deceived the entire world, both through the masses and through the spread it has over the face of the earth.


  1. Then I looked and I saw the prophet standing on the mountain and with that person was one of the thousands of disciples who were to take the world.

  2. Then the hymn was sung by those who knew and those who were wise enough to rise above.

  3. They were not defiled and they did not suffer from the sufferings that the world faces, but they conquered them and they embrace the virtues of the earth.

  4. They are unblemished and they have no deceit in their hearts.

  5. Then another angel appeared flying with the good news to announce to those who dwell in the heavens and the earth.

  6. Fear judgments and give the glory, for the time has come to sit in judgment.

  7. Marvel at the one who made the heavens and the earth in the season of spring.

  8. A second angel came and said, the peace of the world has fallen and the passion that came with it has also fallen.

  9. A third followed and said in a voice anyone who worships the beasts will be marked and judged.

  10. They will be tormented with the sufferings of the world and will have to stand before the prophet in the Angels.

  11. There will be no relief for those who choose to worship the beast.

  12. The one who has conquered all suffering and embraces the virtues will not stop her at the end of the times.

  13. Blessed are the dead who die from now on and let them find rest from their works, for they have done good deeds.

  14. Then a white cloud appeared and sitting on the cloud is the one who looked like the prophet.

  15. Another came out of the Temple crying in a loud voice that the time has come because the people are ready to be judged.

  16. Then another came out of the Temple and the line was formed where the spirit would stand before the judgment seat.

  17. Then the Angels stopped the forces of the universe and the universe went into utter chaos.

  18. Then the spirits listened and obeyed and stood for the judgment that was to come.


  1. Then the sign came and the seven angels again appeared with seven plagues and it will accomplish everything has been set forth at the end of this age.

  2. Then I saw the prophet who had one in victory over the beings.

  3. Great and wonderful are the works of the creator and the ways are just.

  4. Fear the creator for it alone and has the power to destroy everything.

  5. After this the Temple door opened and one of the angels stepped out.

  6. The angel had the end of the world in a box.

  7. The other six followed suit and each one of them had a seven crystals which were filled with the plagues.

  8. Then the entire world became shrouded, so that no one could see until all had been a compilation.

  9. Then the voice in heaven told the Angels to break the crystal so that everything can be fulfilled.

  10. The first Guardian Angel went and broke the crystal and everyone who worships the false gods were to succumb to sickness.

  11. Then the second angel broke the crystal and the seas were set on fire and all the creatures of the sea died.

  12. The third Guardian Angel broke the crystal and the life-giving water dried up.

  13. The just, the Alpha and the Omega, the one who is and who is to come, and the will has been done through the prophet.

  14. For this is what the spirits of the world deserve because they had defiled and were distorted by what was claimed to be the truth.

  15. The judgments are just because all things have been revealed.

  16. The fourth angel broke the crystal and the sun was enlarged and the scorching destroyed all that was left of the earth.

  17. The fifth angel broke the crystal and the universe was plunged into darkness because this is the way that it should have been.

  18. The sixth angel broke the crystal and all of the bad spirits came from the earth into the heavens where all the righteous live.

  19. They performed false signs and miracles so that all of the righteous spirits could be deceived.

  20. The one who watches in is always ready will not go and succumb to the sufferings that the spirits bring.

  21. The seventh Guardian Angel broke the crystal and it was done.

  22. Everything on the earth had stood still and everything had disappeared.

  23. Then the entire universe was plunged into the great crunch.

  24. As it was in the beginning during the bang, and so the end shall be in the crunch.


  1. One of the seven Angels gave the book of judgment to the prophet who lives near the people.

  2. Inscribed in this book is the name of all those who were to be judged.

  3. Then the angel was carried to the beings and the beings were to be the ones to judge all the people based on their works.

  4. All of these people represent the evil Empire who deceived the world from all ages to all ages.

  5. Then I saw a woman on the great and ugly being.

  6. The meaning of this vision has been revealed as the last vision comes.

  7. The being that was great and ugly once existed, but does not exist because it drew itself into extinction.

  8. It was written into the foundation of the world that it would fail.

  9. The one who has wisdom has revealed for what it was and now it had no more power over the people.

  10. The seven great and mighty kings of this age have come and gone and each one will be amongst the seven.

  11. The ten represent the ten angels who have not yet been fully crowned and they will receive authority over the great and ugly being.

  12. They are of one mind and will give the power and authority over the great and mighty being.

  13. The Angels have appeared through the prophets and the prophets will be the king over them and those who are called will be chosen.

  14. The water of represent all the people of the world who have been deceived.

  15. The ten angels will leave the being desolate and it will be consumed by itself.

  16. The woman represents the new city of Zion which will reign over the heavens and the earth.


  1. After this I saw another angel coming down.

  2. The Angels said: fallen is the great and ugly beast forever that was the refuge for evil and it has kept all things unclean.

  3. All of the nations have fallen to this beast because of the desires of the world and it made it very rich.

  4. Depart from the beast so that you do not have to take parts in what is to come and your spirits will be saved.

  5. For all evil things that have been done are remembered by those that are numerous in number.

  6. Go back and go against the beast so that you do not have to be punished.

  7. Repay it by going against this so that it can be destroyed once and for all.

  8. Take part in the destruction that is to come in and the beast will then be destroyed once and for all.

  9. Those who want to keep with the beast can weep and mourn, but they will not see the truth.

  10. Fear will come over it and the great city that controls it will go down with it.

  11. All of those who have the power will mourn because they are no longer rich.

  12. Everything that they own will no longer be of any value for their souls will be destroyed.

  13. All of the sins that have been committed by them will be remembered, but nothing good will be remembered.

  14. All of the luxury and splendor will be destroyed and they will be lost to society.

  15. Those who grew rich will keep their distance and fear.

  16. The great cities that have supported it will fall and all the riches will go down with it.

  17. All of the wealth will be ruined and everyone will stand the way from the destruction that is to come.

  18. There is nothing that could compare to the power that it once had.

  19. The great cities grew rich have been ruined.

  20. The creator has judged the beast and the beast is to be destroyed.

  21. The angel then cast down a great destruction onto the city so that it will be never found.

  22. Nothing will ever be found and nothing will ever be left of this once great city and this once great beast that dwelled in the city.

  23. No light will come from the city because you lead the people astray.

  24. Those who have been slain in your name will have died for nothing.

  25. Salvation and glory belongs to the creator is given power to the prophet and judge.

  26. The great religions of all have now been destroyed in the light of the truth that has been revealed.

  27. The smoke from the destruction will rise into the heavens forever.

  28. The elders then fell down and worshiped the creator, for the creator has revealed itself.

  29. All of those revered by the creator will be blessed greatly.

  30. Then the sound of the people came and the reign of the king has been established.

  31. Glory has come and the glory of the Creator has set us free.

  32. The laws and rules of the old have given way to the freedom of the new.

  33. These words are true for they come from the creator.

  34. Do not worship the prophet, for he is merely but a human like you and all the angels are humans like you and you are all one.


  1. Then the heavens opened and the prophet came to the earth and will judge all according to righteousness.

  2. No one will know the name of the prophet, but the prophet will have the power over all people.

  3. The prophet was cloaked in the word and the word which is true.

  4. The Angels followed him and the angels were given the power to control the society.

  5. All the people be judged according to their works and this word will determine whether or not people will live righteously in the world will be lost forever.

  6. This prophet was proclaimed as the king of all the kingdoms.

  7. Then the angel of light came forth and gathered everyone for the great feast.

  8. All people will come and join the feast of humanity, for everyone is the same one spirit.

  9. The beast has been destroyed and the prophet came to judge all of those who still worship in the name of their religions.

  10. The false prophets that came from the organization that knew the truth were marked.

  11. The rest of their followers were subsequently destroyed and their spirits were lost on the earth forever.


  1. Then an angel came down from the heavens and held the key to the abyss.

  2. All the suffering in the world was gathered and was cast away.

  3. All the suffering in the world was sealed away in the earth so that it could not have power over the people again.

  4. The spirits of those who lived in the truth came to life again and rained in the glory of the heavens.

  5. The rest of the lost souls did not come until they had sought the truth and found it.

  6. The ones who live in the truth will never die again, for they will be spirits with the greatest spirit forever and ever.

  7. Suffering will eventually come back and see the people.

  8. The false religions will eventually rise again and will deceive the people.

  9. They will invade the earth and they will eventually take over the righteous city.

  10. The holy ones will prevail and all who were deceived will suffer forever and ever in the abyss of the earth.

  11. The prophet was sitting on the throne.

  12. The righteous people were standing before the throne and all of the spirits who were there were judged according to their works.

  13. Even those people who were in the abyss came up in their spirits and were judged according to their works.

  14. Anyone who did that these were cast down to earth as well as the spirits and the earth until they found the light.


  1. Then the new age had come in the new heavens and new earth were formed.

  2. A new city where the righteous ones lived came down from the heavens.

  3. Then the prophet came out of the heavens and in the city and dwelt as the god on the earth.

  4. There will be no more suffering in the world and the old ways have passed away and the way of the new came.

  5. All things will be made new and all things will be done according to the truth.

  6. Everything has been accomplished and those who live in the truth will be given the water of life.

  7. Those who follow me will be victors and they will be called the sons of righteousness.

  8. Those who fallen to the suffering and follow the false gods will be tormented for the rest of their lives on earth.


  1. The seven Guardian Angels came to me and said, I am the bride of the prophet.

  2. I was taken by him in spirit and he showed me the truth.

  3. He gleams with the splendor of the glory of the Creator and its radiance is great.

  4. On the Temple were the spires and on these ten spires were the ten Guardian Angels that have appeared.

  5. There were four doors, one facing each direction.

  6. The city had the twelve other Angels, who were called the disciples.

  7. All of these make the elders who were sitting with the prophet on the throne.

  8. The city was pure and the city was an oasis in the middle of the desolation that was the lost.

  9. The foundations were strong enough to stand against evil.

  10. The ten angels were given necklaces of pearls and in these pearls was the key to the gift of life.

  11. The physical temple was the Temple that dwelt in the glory of the elders and the prophets.

  12. The glory gave the city a light and the earth provided it with the power.

  13. All the nations will walk with it and all treasures will be brought forth to it.

  14. There will be no point in time were the gates are ever shut so that all can enter and seek the truth.

  15. All the wealth of the nations will be brought there and they will dwell in the truth.

  16. Only those who are worthy to answer will enter into the truth that dwells within.

  17. The water of life was sparkling and flowing from the springs that were brought forth from the heavens.

  18. The trees of life grew by it and all people dwelt in the living water.

  19. All things will be nourished by of the living water and nothing cursed will be found near its.

  20. The glory of the heavens will dwell on the earth forever and ever.


  1. These words are true, and the prophetic spirit that created this work through the seven angels is speaking in light of the truth.

  2. The one who keeps the message of this book will be blessed.

  3. All shall hear these things and all shall come to know the truth.

  4. Do not bow down and worship the one who created it, for it came from a fellow man and nothing more.

  5. Do not seal up the works in this book, for the time has come for the world to hear the message.

  6. Let those who do not accept the truth not accept it and those who are righteous and accepted the message accept it.

  7. Behold the truth is coming soon in the new age will dawn and everyone will be judged according to their deeds.

  8. The Alpha and the Omega has come, the first and the last, and the beginning and the end.

  9. The ones who accept the truth and enter into the waters of righteousness will be blessed.

  10. All of those who are still suffering in the world and still do not accept the truth that lies within will be on the outside.

  11. I will send my Guardian Angels out for this testimony.

  12. The one who wants to receive the gift of life will come forward and hear the words proclaimed in this message.

  13. If anyone adds to this, then let the one who created the original look and see if that should be added.

  14. Nothing has been taken away from the truth that has been revealed in times past, for the truth has set people free in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

  15. The one who gives this testimony will proclaim the truth and live by the truth.

  16. May the grace of the spirits in the heavens be with those who accept the truth forever and ever.