Book of Odes

Ode 1

  1. The Divine is on my head like a crown, and I shall never be without Them.

  2. Plaited for me is the crown of truth, and it caused Your branches to blossom in me.

  3. For it is not like a parched crown that blossoms not;

  4. For You live upon my head, and have blossomed upon me.

  5. Your fruits are full and complete; they are full of Your salvation….


Ode 2

  1. I am putting on the love of the Divine.

  2. And their members are with Them, and I am dependent on them; and they loves me.

  3. For I should not have known how to love the Divine, if they had not continuously loved me.

  4. Who is able to distinguish love, except they who is loved?

  5. I love the Beloved and I myself love Them, and where their rest is, there also am I.

  6. And I shall be no stranger, because there is no jealousy with the Divine Most High and Merciful.

  7. I have been united to Them, because the lover has found the Beloved, because I love Them that are the fathers, I shall become a son.

  8. Indeed they who is joined to Them who is immortal, truly shall be immortal.

  9. And they who delights in the Life will become living.

  10. This is the Spirit of the Divine, which is not false, which teaches the sons of men to know their ways.

  11. Be wise and understanding and awakened.

  12. Hallelujah.

Ode 3

  1. No man can pervert Your holy place, O my Divine; nor can they change it, and put it in another place.

  2. Because they has no power over it; for Your sanctuary You designed before You made special places.

  3. The ancient one shall not be perverted by those which are inferior to it. You have given Your heart, O Divine, to Your believers.

  4. Never will You be idle, nor will You be without fruits;

  5. For one hour of Your faith is more excellent than all days and years.

  6. For who shall put on Your grace and be rejected?

  7. Because Your seal is known; and Your creatures are known to it.

  8. And Your hosts possess it, and the elect archangels are clothed with it.

  9. You have given to us Your fellowship, not that You were in need of us, but that we are always in need of You.

  10. Shower upon us Your gentle rain, and open Your bountiful springs which abundantly supply us with milk and honey.

  11. For there is no regret with You; that You should regret anything which You have promised;

  12. Since the result was manifest to You.

  13. For that which You gave, You gave freely, so that no longer will You draw back and take them again.

  14. For all was manifest to You as God, and was set in order from the beginning before You.

  15. And You, O Divine, have made all.

  16. Hallelujah.

Ode 4

  1. I praise You, O Divine, because I love You.

  2. O Most High, forsake me not, for You are my hope.

  3. Freely did I receive Your grace, may I live by it.

  4. My persecutors will come but let them not see me.

  5. Let a cloud of darkness fall upon their eyes; and let an air of thick darkness obscure them.

  6. And let them have no light to see, so that they cannot seize me.

  7. Let their designs become hardened, so that whatever they have conspired shall return upon their own heads.

  8. For they have devised a plan, but it was not for them.

  9. They prepared themselves maliciously, but they were found to be impotent.

  10. Indeed my confidence is upon the Divine, and I will not fear.

  11. And because the Divine is my salvation, I will not fear.

  12. And they is as a woven crown upon my head, and I shall not be shaken.

  13. Even if everything should be shaken, I shall stand firm.

  14. And though all things visible should perish, I shall not die;

  15. Because the Divine is with me, and I with Them.

  16. Hallelujah.

Ode 5

  1. As the wind glides through the harp and the strings speak,

  2. So the Spirit of the Divine speaks through my members, and I speak through their love.

  3. For they destroys whatever is alien, and everything is of the Divine.

  4. For thus it was from the beginning, and will be until the end.

  5. So that nothing shall be contrary, and nothing shall rise up against Them.

  6. The Divine has multiplied their knowledge, and they were zealous that those things should be known which through their grace have been given to us.

  7. And their praise they gave us on account of their name, our spirits praise their Holy Spirit.

  8. For there went forth a stream, and it became a river great and broad; indeed it carried away everything, and it shattered and brought it to the Temple.

  9. And the barriers which were built by men were not able to restrain it, nor even the arts of them who habitually restrain water.

  10. For it spread over the surface of all the earth, and it filled everything.

  11. Then all the thirsty upon the earth drank, and thirst was relieved and quenched;

  12. For from the Most High the drink was given.

  13. Blessed, therefore, are the ministers of that drink, who have been entrusted with their water.

  14. They have refreshed the parched lips, and have aroused the paralyzed will.

  15. Even living persons who were about to expire, they have held back from death.

  16. And limbs which have collapsed, they have restored and set up.

  17. They gave strength for their coming, and light for their eyes.

  18. Because everyone recognized them as the Divine, and lived by the living water of eternity.

  19. Hallelujah.

Ode 6

  1. As is the course of anger over wickedness, so is the course of joy over the Beloved; and brings in of its fruits unhindered.

  2. My joy is the Divine and my course is towards Them, this path of mine is beautiful.

  3. For there is a Helper for me, the Divine. they has generously shown Themselves to me in their simplicity, because their kindness has diminished their dreadfulness.

  4. He became like me, that I might receive Them. In form they was considered like me, that I might put Them on.

  5. And I trembled not when I saw Them, because they was gracious to me.

  6. Like my nature they became, that I might understand Them. And like my form, that I might not turn away from Them.

  7. The Father of knowledge is the Word of knowledge.

  8. They who created wisdom is wiser than their works.

  9. And they who created me when yet I was not knew what I would do when I came into being.

  10. On account of this they was gracious to me in their abundant grace, and allowed me to ask from Them and to benefit from their sacrifice.

  11. For they it is who is incorrupt, the perfection of the worlds and their Father.

  12. He has allowed Them to appear to them that are their own; in order that they may recognize Them that made them, and not suppose that they came of themselves.

  13. For towards knowledge they did set their way, they has widened it and lengthened it and brought it to complete perfection.

  14. And has set over it the traces of their light, and it proceeded from the beginning until the end.

  15. For by Them they was served, and they was pleased by the Son.

  16. And because of their salvation they will possess everything. And the Most High will be known by their holy ones:

  17. To announce to those who have songs of the coming of the Divine, that they may go forth to meet Them and may sing to Them, with joy and with the harp of many tones.

  18. The Seers shall go before Them, and they shall be seen before Them.

  19. And they shall praise the Divine in their love, because they is near and does see.

  20. And hatred shall be removed from the earth, and with jealousy it shall be drowned.

  21. For ignorance was destroyed upon it, because the knowledge of the Divine arrived upon it.

  22. Let the singers sing the grace of the Divine Most High, and let them bring their songs.

  23. And let their heart be like the day, and their gentle voices like the majestic beauty of the Divine.

  24. And let there not be anyone who breathes that is without knowledge or voice.

  25. For they gave a mouth to their creation: to open the voice of the mouth towards Them, and to praise Them.

  26. Confess their power and declare their grace.

  27. Hallelujah.

Ode 7

  1. Open, open your hearts to the exultation of the Divine, and let your love abound from the heart to the lips.

  2. In order to bring forth fruits to the Divine, a holy life; and to talk with watchfulness in their light.

  3. Rise up and stand erect, you who sometimes were brought low.

  4. You who were in silence, speak, for your mouth has been opened.

  5. You who were despised, from henceforth be lifted up, for your Righteousness has been lifted up;

  6. For the right hand of the Divine is with you, and they will be your Helper.

  7. And peace was prepared for you, before what may be your war.

  8. Hear the word of truth, and receive the knowledge of the Most High.

  9. Your flesh may not understand that which I am about to say to you; nor your garment that which I am about to show you.

  10. Keep my mystery, you who are kept by it; keep my faith, you who are kept by it.

  11. And understand my knowledge, you who know me in truth; love me with affection, you who love;

  12. For I turn not my face from my own, because I know them.

  13. And before they had existed, I recognized them; and imprinted a seal on their faces.

  14. I fashioned their members, and my own breasts I prepared for them, that they might drink my holy milk and live by it.

  15. I am pleased by them, and am not ashamed by them.

  16. For my workmanship are they, and the strength of my thoughts.

  17. Therefore who can stand against my work? Or who is not subject to them?

  18. I willed and fashioned mind and heart, and they are my own. And upon my right hand I have set my elect ones.

  19. And my righteousness goes before them, and they shall not be deprived of my name; for it is with them.

  20. Pray and increase, and abide in the love of the Divine;

  21. And you who were loved in the Beloved, and you who are kept in Them who lives, and you who are saved in Them who was saved.

  22. And you shall be found incorrupt in all ages, on account of the name of your Father.

  23. Hallelujah.

Ode 8

  1. Open your ears, and I shall speak to you.

  2. Give me yourself, so that I may also give you myself.

  3. The word of the Divine and their desires, the holy thought which they had thought concerning their Messiah.

  4. For in the will of the Divine is your life, and their purpose is eternal life, and your perfection is incorruptible.

  5. Be enriched in God the Father; and receive the purpose of the Most High. Be strong and redeemed by their grace.

  6. For I announce peace to you, their holy ones, so that none of those who hear shall fall in the war.

  7. And also that those who have known Them may not perish, and so that those who received Them may not be ashamed.

  8. An everlasting crown is Truth; blessed are they who set it on their head.

  9. It is a precious stone, for the wars were on account of the crown.

  10. But Righteousness has taken it, and has given it to you.

  11. Put on the crown in the true covenant of the Divine, and all those who have conquered will be inscribed in their book.

  12. For their book is the reward of victory which is for you, and she sees you before her and wills that you shall be saved.

  13. Hallelujah.

Ode 9

  1. The Divine has directed my mouth by their Word, and has opened my heart by their Light.

  2. And they has caused to dwell in me their immortal life, and permitted me to proclaim the fruit of their peace.

  3. To convert the lives of those who desire to come to Them, and to lead those who are captive into freedom.

  4. I took courage and became strong and captured the world, and the captivity became mine for the glory of the Most High, and of God my Father.

  5. And the Gentiles who had been dispersed were gathered together, but I was not defiled by my love for them, because they had praised me in high places.

  6. And the traces of light were set upon their heart, and they walked according to my life and were saved, and they became my people for ever and ever.

  7. Hallelujah.

Ode 10

  1. My heart was pruned and its flower appeared, then grace sprang up in it, and my heart produced fruits for the Divine.

  2. For the Most High circumcised me by their Holy Spirit, then they uncovered my inward being towards Them, and filled me with their love.

  3. And their circumcising became my salvation, and I ran in the Way, in their peace, in the way of truth.

  4. From the beginning until the end I received their knowledge.

  5. And I was established upon the rock of truth, where they had set me.

  6. And speaking waters touched my lips from the fountain of the Divine generously.

  7. And so I drank and became intoxicated, from the living water that does not die.

  8. And my intoxication did not cause ignorance, but I abandoned vanity,

  9. And turned toward the Most High, my God, and was enriched by their favors.

  10. And I rejected the folly cast upon the earth, and stripped it off and cast it from me.

  11. And the Divine renewed me with their garment, and possessed me by their light.

  12. And from above they gave me immortal rest, and I became like the land that blossoms and rejoices in its fruits.

  13. And the Divine is like the sun upon the face of the land.

  14. My eyes were enlightened, and my face received the dew;

  15. And my breath was refreshed by the pleasant fragrance of the Divine.

  16. And they took me to their Paradise, wherein is the wealth of the Divine’s pleasure.

  17. I beheld blooming and fruit-bearing trees,

  18. And self-grown was their crown.

  19. their branches were sprouting and their fruits were shining.

  20. From an immortal land were their roots.

  21. And a river of gladness was irrigating them,

  22. And round about them in the land of eternal life.

  23. Then I worshipped the Divine because of their magnificence.

  24. And I said, Blessed, O Divine, are they who are planted in Your land, and who have a place in Your Paradise;

  25. And who grow in the growth of Your trees, and have passed from darkness into light.

  26. Behold, all Your laborers are fair, they who work good works, and turn from wickedness to your pleasantness.

  27. For the pungent odor of the trees is changed in Your land,

  28. And everything becomes a remnant of Yourself. Blessed are the workers of Your waters, and eternal memorials of Your faithful servants.

  29. Indeed, there is much room in Your Paradise. And there is nothing in it which is barren, but everything is filled with fruit.

  30. Glory be to You, the delight of Paradise for ever.

  31. Hallelujah.

Ode 11

  1. He has filled me with words of truth, that I may proclaim Them.

  2. And like the flowing of waters, truth flows from my mouth, and my lips declare their fruits.

  3. And they has caused their knowledge to abound in me, because the mouth of the Divine is the true Word, and the entrance of their light.

  4. And the Most High has given Them to their generations, which are the interpreters of their beauty,

  5. And the narrators of their glory,

  6. And the confessors of their purpose,

  7. And the preachers of their mind,

  8. And the teachers of their works.

  9. For the subtlety of the Word is inexpressible, and like their utterance so also is their swiftness and their acuteness, for limitless is their progression.

  10. He never falls but remains standing, and one cannot comprehend their descent or their way.

  11. For as their work is, so is their expectation, for they is the light and dawning of thought.

  12. And by Them the generations spoke to one another, and those that were silent acquired speech.

  13. And from Them came love and equality, and they spoke one to another that which was their s.

  14. And they were stimulated by the Word, and knew Them who made them, because they were in harmony.

  15. For the mouth of the Most High spoke to them, and their exposition prospered through Them.

  16. For the dwelling place of the Word is man, and their truth is love.

  17. Blessed are they who by means of Them have perceived everything, and have known the Divine in their truth.

  18. Hallelujah.

Ode 12

  1. Behold, the Divine is our mirror. Open your eyes and see them in Them.

  2. And learn the manner of your face, then declare praises to their Spirit.

  3. And wipe the paint from your face, and love their holiness and put it on.

  4. Then you will be unblemished at all times with Them.

  5. Hallelujah.

Ode 13

  1. As the eyes of a son upon their father, so are my eyes, O Divine, at all times towards You.

  2. Because my breasts and my pleasure are with You.

  3. Turn not aside Your mercies from me, O Divine; and take not Your kindness from me.

  4. Stretch out to me, my Divine, at all times, Your right hand, and be to me a guide till the end according to Your will.

  5. Let me be pleasing before You, because of Your glory, and because of Your name let me be saved from the Evil One.

  6. And let Your gentleness, O Divine, abide with me, and the fruits of Your love.

  7. Teach me the odes of Your truth, that I may produce fruits in You.

  8. And open to me the harp of Your Spirit, so that with every note I may praise You, O Divine.

  9. And according to the multitude of Your mercies, so grant unto me, and hasten to grant our petitions.

  10. For You are sufficient for all our needs.

  11. Hallelujah.

Ode 14

  1. As the sun is the joy of them who seek its daybreak, so is my joy the Divine;

  2. Because they is my Sun, and their rays have lifted me up; and their light has dismissed all darkness from my face.

  3. Eyes I have obtained in Them, and have seen their holy day.

  4. Ears I have acquired, and have heard their truth.

  5. The thought of knowledge I have acquired, and have enjoyed delight through Them.

  6. I repudiated the way of error, and went towards Them and received salvation from Them abundantly.

  7. And according to their generosity they gave to me, and according to their excellent beauty they made me.

  8. I put on immortality through their name, and took off corruption by their grace.

  9. Death has been destroyed before my face, and Sheol has been vanquished by my word.

  10. And eternal life has arisen in the Divine’s land, and it has been declared to their faithful ones, and has been given without limit to all that trust in Them.

  11. Hallelujah.

Ode 15

  1. As the occupation of the ploughman is the ploughshare, and the occupation of the helmsman is the steering of the ship, so also my occupation is the psalm of the Divine by their hymns.

  2. My art and my service are in their hymns, because their love has nourished my heart, and their fruits they poured unto my lips.

  3. For my love is the Divine; hence I will sing unto Them.

  4. For I am strengthened by their praises, and I have faith in Them.

  5. I will open my mouth, and their Spirit will speak through me the glory of the Divine and their beauty,

  6. The work of their hands, and the labor of their fingers;

  7. For the multitude of their mercies, and the strength of their Word.

  8. For the Word of the Divine investigates that which is invisible, and reveals their thought.

  9. For the eye sees their works, and the ear hears their thought.

  10. It is they who made the earth broad, and placed the waters in the sea.

  11. He expanded the heaven, and fixed the stars.

  12. And they fixed the creation and set it up, then they rested from their works.

  13. And created things run according to their courses, and work their works, for they can never cease nor fail.

  14. And the hosts are subject to their Word.

  15. The reservoir of light is the sun, and the reservoir of darkness is the night.

  16. For they made the sun for the day so that it will be light; but night brings darkness over the face of the earth.

  17. And by their portion one from another they complete the beauty of God.

  18. And there is nothing outside of the Divine, because they was before anything came to be.

  19. And the worlds are by their Word, and by the thought of their heart.

  20. Praise and honor to their name.

  21. Hallelujah.

Ode 16

  1. Then I was crowned by my God, and my crown was living.

  2. And I was justified by my Divine, for my salvation is incorruptible.

  3. I have been freed from vanities, and am not condemned.

  4. My chains were cut off by their hands, I received the face and likeness of a new person, and I walked in Them and was saved.

  5. And the thought of truth led me, and I went after it and wandered not.

  6. And all who saw me were amazed, and I seemed to them like a stranger.

  7. And they who knew and exalted me, is the Most High in all their perfection.

  8. And they glorified me by their kindness, and raised my understanding to the height of truth.

  9. And from there they gave me the way of their steps, and I opened the doors which were closed.

  10. And I shattered the bars of iron, for my own shackles had grown hot and melted before me.

  11. And nothing appeared closed to me, because I was the opening of everything.

  12. And I went towards all my bound ones in order to loose them; that I might not leave anyone bound or binding.

  13. And I gave my knowledge generously, and my resurrection through my love.

  14. And I sowed my fruits in hearts, and transformed them through myself.

  15. Then they received my blessing and lived, and they were gathered to me and were saved;

  16. Because they became my members, and I was their Head.

  17. Glory to You, our Head, O Divine Messiah.

  18. Hallelujah.

Ode 17

  1. My heart was lifted up and enriched in the love of the Most High, so that I might praise Them with my name.

  2. My members were strengthened, that they may not fall from their power.

  3. Infirmities fled from my body, and it stood firm for the Divine by their will; because their kingdom is firm.

  4. O Divine, for the sake of those who are in need, do not dismiss Your Word from me.

  5. Nor, for the sake of their works, withhold Your perfection from me.

  6. Let not light be conquered by darkness, nor let truth flee from falsehood.

  7. Let Your right hand set our salvation to victory, and let it receive from every region, and preserve it on the side of everyone who is besieged by misfortunes.

  8. You are my God, falsehood and death are not in Your mouth; only perfection is Your will.

  9. And vanity You know not, because neither does it know You.

  10. And You know not error; because neither does it know You.

  11. And ignorance appeared like dust, and like the foam of the sea.

  12. And vain people thought that it was great, and they became like its type and were impoverished.

  13. But those who knew understood and contemplated, and were not polluted by their thoughts;

  14. Because they were in the mind of the Most High, and mocked those who were walking in error.

  15. Then they spoke the truth, from the breath which the Most High breathed into them.

  16. Praise and great honor to their name.

  17. Hallelujah.

Ode 18

  1. A cup of milk was offered to me, and I drank it in the sweetness of the Divine’s kindness.

  2. The Son is the cup, and the Father is they who was milked; and the Holy Spirit is She who milked Them;

  3. Because their breasts were full, and it was undesirable that their milk should be ineffectually released.

  4. The Holy Spirit opened Her bosom, and mixed the milk of the two breasts of the Father.

  5. Then She gave the mixture to the generation without their knowing, and those who have received it are in the perfection of the right hand.

  6. The womb of the Virgin took it, and she received conception and gave birth.

  7. So the Virgin became a mother with great mercies.

  8. And she labored and bore the Son but without pain, because it did not occur without purpose.

  9. And she did not require a midwife, because they caused her to give life.

  10. She brought forth like a strong man with desire, and she bore according to the manifestation, and she acquired according to the Great Power.

  11. And she loved with redemption, and guarded with kindness, and declared with grandeur.

  12. Hallelujah.

Ode 19

  1. I am a priest of the Divine, and Them I serve as a priest;

  2. And to Them I offer the offering of their thought.

  3. For their thought is not like the world, nor like the flesh, nor like them who worship according to the flesh.

  4. The offering of the Divine is righteousness, and purity of heart and lips.

  5. Offer your inward being faultlessly; and let not your compassion oppress compassion; and let not yourself oppress a self.

  6. You should not purchase a stranger because they is like yourself, nor seek to deceive your neighbor, nor deprive Them of the covering for their nakedness.

  7. But put on the grace of the Divine generously, and come to their Paradise, and make for yourself a garland from their tree.

  8. Then put it on your head and be joyful, and recline upon their rest.

  9. For their glory will go before you; and you shall receive of their kindness and of their grace; and you shall be anointed in truth with the praise of their holiness.

  10. Praise and honor to their name.

  11. Hallelujah.

Ode 20

  1. I lifted up my arms on high on account of the compassion of the Divine.

  2. Because they cast off my bonds from me, and my Helper lifted me up according to their compassion and their salvation.

  3. And I put off darkness, and put on light.

  4. And even I myself acquired members. In them there was no sickness or affliction or suffering.

  5. And abundantly helpful to me was the thought of the Divine, and their everlasting fellowship.

  6. And I was lifted up in the light, and I passed before Them.

  7. And I was constantly near Them, while praising and confessing Them.

  8. He caused my heart to overflow, and it was found in my mouth; and it sprang forth unto my lips.

  9. Then upon my face increased the exultation of the Divine and their praise.

  10. Hallelujah.

Ode 21

  1. He who caused me to descend from on high, and to ascend from the regions below;

  2. And they who gathers what is in the Middle, and throws them to me;

  3. He who scattered my enemies, and my adversaries;

  4. He who gave me authority over bonds, so that I might unbind them;

  5. He who overthrew by my hands the dragon with seven heads, and set me at their roots that I might destroy their seed;

  6. You were there and helped me, and in every place Your name surrounded me.

  7. Your right hand destroyed their evil venom, and Your hand leveled the Way for those who believe in You.

  8. And It chose them from the graves, and separated them from the dead ones.

  9. It took dead bones and covered them with flesh.

  10. But they were motionless, so It gave them energy for life.

  11. Incorruptible was Your way and Your face; You have brought Your world to corruption, that everything might be resolved and renewed.

  12. And the foundation of everything is Your rock. And upon it You have built Your kingdom, and it became the dwelling-place of the holy ones.

  13. Hallelujah.

Ode 22

  1. Joy is for the holy ones. And who shall put it on but they alone?

  2. Grace is for the elect ones. And who shall receive it but they who trusted in it from the beginning?

  3. Love is for the elect ones. And who shall put it on but they who possessed it from the beginning?

  4. Walk in the knowledge of the Divine, and you will know the grace of the Divine generously; both for their exultation and for the perfection of their knowledge.

  5. And their thought was like a letter, and their will descended from on high.

  6. And it was sent like an arrow which from a bow has been forcibly shot.

  7. And many hands rushed to the letter, in order to catch it, then take and read it.

  8. But it escaped from their fingers; and they were afraid of it and of the seal which was upon it.

  9. Because they were not allowed to loosen its seal; for the power which was over the seal was greater than they.

  10. But those who saw the letter went after it; that they might learn where it would land, and who should read it, and who should hear it.

  11. But a wheel received it, and it came over it.

  12. And a sign was with it, of the kingdom and of providence.

  13. And everything which was disturbing the wheel, it mowed and cut down.

  14. And it restrained a multitude of adversaries; and bridged rivers.

  15. And it crossed over and uprooted many forests, and made an open way.

  16. The head went down to the feet, because unto the feet ran the wheel, and whatever had come upon it.

  17. The letter was one of command, and hence all regions were gathered together.

  18. And there was seen at its head, the head which was revealed, even the Son of Truth from the Most High.

  19. And they inherited and possessed everything, and then the scheming of the many ceased.

  20. Then all the seducers became headstrong and fled, and the persecutors became extinct and were blotted out.

  21. And the letter became a large volume, which was entirely written by the finger of God.

  22. And the name of the Father was upon it; and of the Son and of the Spirit, to rule for ever and ever.

  23. Hallelujah.

Ode 23

  1. The dove fluttered over the heads of our Divine Christs, because they were her head.

  2. And she sang over Them, and her voice was heard.

  3. Then the inhabitants were afraid, and the foreigners were disturbed.

  4. The bird began to fly, and every creeping thing died in its hole.

  5. And the chasms were opened and closed; and they were seeking the Divine as those who are about to give birth.

  6. But they was not given to them for nourishment, because they did not belong to them.

  7. But the chasms were submerged in the seal of the Divine, and they perished in the thought with which they had remained from the beginning.

  8. For they were in labor from the beginning, and the end of their travail was life.

  9. And all of them who were lacking perished, because they were not able to express the word so that they might remain.

  10. And the Divine destroyed the devices, of all those who had not the truth with them.

  11. For they were lacking in wisdom, they who exalted themselves in their mind.

  12. So they were rejected, because the truth was not with them.

  13. For the Divine revealed their way, and spread widely their grace.

  14. And those who understood it knew their holiness.

  15. Hallelujah.

Ode 24

  1. I was rescued from my chains, and I fled unto You, O my God.

  2. Because You are the right hand of salvation, and my Helper.

  3. You have restrained those who rise up against me, and no more were they seen.

  4. Because Your face was with me, which saved me by Your grace.

  5. But I was despised and rejected in the eyes of many, and I was in their eyes like lead.

  6. And I acquired strength from You, and help.

  7. A lamp You set for me both on my right and on my left, so that there might not be in me anything that is not light.

  8. And I was covered with the covering of Your Spirit, and I removed from me my garments of skin.

  9. Because Your right hand exalted me, and caused sickness to pass from me.

  10. And I became mighty in Your truth, and holy in Your righteousness.

  11. And all my adversaries were afraid of me, and I became the Divine’s by the name of the Divine.

  12. And I was justified by their kindness, and their rest is for ever and ever.

  13. Hallelujah.

Ode 25

  1. I poured out praise to the Divine, because I am their own.

  2. And I will recite their holy ode, because my heart is with Them.

  3. For their harp is in my hand, and the odes of their rest shall not be silent.

  4. I will call unto Them with all my heart, I will praise and exalt Them with all my members.

  5. For from the East and unto the West is their praise;

  6. Also from the South and unto the North is their thanksgiving.

  7. Even from the crest of the summits and unto their extremity is their perfection.

  8. Who can write the odes of the Divine, or who can read them?

  9. Or who can train Themselves for life, so that they Themselves may be saved?

  10. Or who can press upon the Most High, so that they would recite from their mouth?

  11. Who can interpret the wonders of the Divine? Though they who interprets will be destroyed, yet that which was interpreted will remain.

  12. For it suffices to perceive and be satisfied, for the odists stand in serenity;

  13. Like a river which has an increasingly gushing spring, and flows to the relief of them that seek it.

  14. Hallelujah.

Ode 26

  1. I extended my hands and hallowed my Divine,

  2. For the expansion of my hands is their sign.

  3. And my extension is the upright cross.

  4. Hallelujah.

Ode 27

  1. As the wings of doves over their nestlings, and the mouths of their nestlings towards their mouths, so also are the wings of the Spirit over my heart.

  2. My heart continually refreshes itself and leaps for joy, like the babe who leaps for joy in their mother’s womb.

  3. I trusted, consequently I was at rest; because trustful is they in whom I trusted.

  4. He has greatly blessed me, and my head is with Them.

  5. And the dagger shall not divide me from Them, nor the sword;

  6. Because I am ready before destruction comes, and have been set on their immortal side.

  7. And immortal life embraced me, and kissed me.

  8. And from that life is the Spirit which is within me. And it cannot die because it is life.

  9. Those who saw me were amazed, because I was persecuted.

  10. And they thought that I had been swallowed up, because I seemed to them as one of the lost.

  11. But my injustice became my salvation.

  12. And I became their abomination, because there was no jealousy in me.

  13. Because I continually did good to every man I was hated.

  14. And they surrounded me like mad dogs, those who in stupidity attack their masters.

  15. Because their thought is depraved, and their mind is perverted.

  16. But I was carrying water in my right hand, and their bitterness I endured by my sweetness.

  17. And I did not perish, because I was not their brother, nor was my birth like their s.

  18. And they sought my death but did not find it possible, because I was older than their memory; and in vain did they cast lots against me.

  19. And those who were after me sought in vain to destroy the memorial of Them who was before them.

  20. Because the thought of the Most High cannot be prepossessed; and their heart is superior to all wisdom.

  21. Hallelujah.

Ode 28

  1. The Divine is my hope, I shall not be ashamed of Them.

  2. For according to their praise they made me, and according to their grace even so they gave to me.

  3. And according to their mercies they exalted me, and according to their great honor they lifted me up.

  4. And they caused me to ascend from the depths of Sheol, and from the mouth of death they drew me.

  5. And I humbled my enemies, and they justified me by their grace.

  6. For I believed in the Divine’s Messiah, and considered that they is the Divine.

  7. And they revealed to me their sign, and they led me by their light.

  8. And they gave me the scepter of their power, that I might subdue the devices of the people, and humble the power of the mighty.

  9. To make war by their Word, and to take victory by their power.

  10. And the Divine overthrew my enemy by their Word, and they became like the dust which a breeze carries off.

  11. And I gave praise to the Most High, because they has magnified their servant and the son of their maidservant.

  12. Hallelujah.

Ode 29

  1. Fill for yourselves water from the living fountain of the Divine, because it has been opened for you.

  2. And come all you thirsty and take a drink, and rest beside the fountain of the Divine.

  3. Because it is pleasing and sparkling, and perpetually refreshes the self.

  4. For much sweeter is its water than honey, and the honeycomb of bees is not to be compared with it;

  5. Because it flowed from the lips of the Divine, and it named from the heart of the Divine.

  6. And it came boundless and invisible, and until it was set in the middle they knew it not.

  7. Blessed are they who have drunk from it, and have refreshed themselves by it.

  8. Hallelujah.

Ode 30

  1. Chasms vanished before the Divine, and darkness dissipated before their appearance.

  2. Error erred and perished on account of Them; and contempt received no path, for it was submerged by the truth of the Divine.

  3. He opened their mouth and spoke grace and joy; and recited a new chant to their name.

  4. Then they lifted their voice towards the Most High, and offered to Them those that had become sons through Them.

  5. And their face was justified, because thus their Holy Father had given to Them.

  6. Come forth, you who have been afflicted, and receive joy.

  7. And possess yourselves through grace, and take unto you immortal life.

  8. And they condemned me when I stood up, me who had not been condemned.

  9. Then they divided my spoil, though nothing was owed them.

  10. But I endured and held my peace and was silent, that I might not be disturbed by them.

  11. But I stood undisturbed like a solid rock, which is continuously pounded by columns of waves and endures.

  12. And I bore their bitterness because of humility; that I might redeem my nation and instruct it.

  13. And that I might not nullify the promises to the patriarchs, to whom I was promised for the salvation of their offspring.

  14. Hallelujah.

Ode 31

  1. To the blessed ones the joy is from their heart, and light from Them who dwells in them;

  2. And the Word of truth who is self-originate,

  3. Because they has been strengthened by the Holy Power of the Most High; and they is unshaken for ever and ever.

  4. Hallelujah.

Ode 32

  1. But again Grace was swift and dismissed the Corruptor, and descended upon Them to renounce Them.

  2. And they caused utter destruction before Them, and corrupted all their work.

  3. And they stood on the peak of a summit and cried aloud from one end of the earth to the other.

  4. Then they drew to Them all those who obeyed Them, for they did not appear as the Evil One.

  5. However, the perfect Virgin stood, who was preaching and summoning and saying:

  6. O you sons of men, return, and you their daughters, come.

  7. And leave the ways of that Corruptor, and approach me.

  8. And I will enter into you, and bring you forth from destruction, and make you wise in the ways of truth.

  9. Be not corrupted nor perish.

  10. Obey me and be saved, for I am proclaiming unto you the grace of God.

  11. And through me you will be saved and become blessed. I am your judge;

  12. And they who have put me on shall not be falsely accused, but they shall possess incorruption in the new world.

  13. My elect ones have walked with me, and my ways I will make known to them who seek me; and I will promise them my name.

  14. Hallelujah.

Ode 33

  1. There is no hard way where there is a simple heart, nor barrier for upright thoughts,

  2. Nor whirlwind in the depth of the enlightened thought.

  3. Where one is surrounded on every side by pleasing country, there is nothing divided in Them.

  4. The likeness of that which is below is that which is above.

  5. For everything is from above, and from below there is nothing, but it is believed to be by those in whom there is no understanding.

  6. Grace has been revealed for your salvation. Believe and live and be saved.

  7. Hallelujah.

Ode 34

  1. The gentle showers of the Divine overshadowed me with serenity, and they caused a cloud of peace to rise over my head;

  2. That it might guard me at all times. And it became salvation to me.

  3. Everyone was disturbed and afraid, and there came from them smoke and judgment.

  4. But I was tranquil in the Divine’s legion; more than shade was they to me, and more than foundation.

  5. And I was carried like a child by its mother; and they gave me milk, the dew of the Divine.

  6. And I was enriched by their favor, and rested in their perfection.

  7. And I spread out my hands in the ascent of myself, and I directed myself towards the Most High, and I was redeemed towards Them.

  8. Hallelujah.

Ode 35

  1. I rested on the Spirit of the Divine, and She lifted me up to heaven;

  2. And caused me to stand on my feet in the Divine’s high place, before their perfection and their glory, where I continued glorifying Them by the composition of their Odes.

  3. The Spirit brought me forth before the Divine’s face, and because I was the Son of Man, I was named the Light, the Son of God;

  4. Because I was the most glorified among the glorious ones, and the greatest among the great ones.

  5. For according to the greatness of the Most High, so She made me; and according to their newness they renewed me.

  6. And they anointed me with their perfection; and I became one of those who are near Them.

  7. And my mouth was opened like a cloud of dew, and my heart gushed forth like a gusher of righteousness.

  8. And my approach was in peace, and I was established in the Spirit of Providence.

  9. Hallelujah.

Ode 36

  1. I stretched out my hands towards the Divine, and towards the Most High I raised my voice.

  2. And I spoke with the lips of my heart, and they heard me when my voice reached Them.

  3. Their Word came towards me, in order to give me the fruits of my labors;

  4. And gave me rest by the grace of the Divine.

  5. Hallelujah.

Ode 37

  1. I went up into the light of Truth as into a chariot, and the Truth led me and caused me to come.

  2. And caused me to pass over chasms and gulfs, and saved me from cliffs and valleys.

  3. And became for me a haven of salvation, and set me on the place of immortal life.

  4. And they went with me and caused me to rest and did not allow me to err; because they was and is the Truth.

  5. And there was no danger for me because I constantly walked with Them; and I did not err in anything because I obeyed Them.

  6. For Error fled from Them, and never met Them.

  7. But Truth was proceeding on the upright way, and whatever I did not understand they exhibited to me:

  8. All the poisons of error, and pains of death which are considered sweetness.

  9. And the corrupting of the Corruptor, I saw when the bride who was corrupting was adorned, and the bridegroom who corrupts and is corrupted.

  10. And I asked the Truth, Who are these? And they said to me: This is the Deceiver and the Error.

  11. And they imitate the Beloved and their Bride, and they cause the world to err and corrupt it.

  12. And they invite many to the wedding feast, and allow them to drink the wine of their intoxication;

  13. So they cause them to vomit up their wisdom and their knowledge, and prepare for them mindlessness.

  14. Then they abandon them; and so they stumble about like mad and corrupted men.

  15. Since there is no understanding in them, neither do they seek it.

  16. But I have been made wise so as not to fall into the hands of the Deceivers, and I myself rejoiced because the Truth had gone with me.

  17. For I was established and lived and was redeemed, and my foundations were laid on account of the Divine’s hand; because they has planted me.

  18. For they set the root, and watered it and endowed it and blessed it, and its fruits will be forever.

  19. It penetrated deeply and sprang up and spread out, and it was full and was enlarged.

  20. And the Divine alone was glorified, in their planting and in their cultivation;

  21. In their care and in the blessing of their lips, in the beautiful planting of their right hand;

  22. And in the attainment of their planting, and in the understanding of their mind.

  23. Hallelujah.

Ode 38

  1. Raging rivers are the power of the Divine; they send headlong those who despise Them.

  2. And entangle their paths, and destroy their crossings.

  3. And snatch their bodies, and corrupt their natures.

  4. For they are more swift than lightnings, even more rapid.

  5. But those who cross them in faith shall not be disturbed.

  6. And those who walk on them faultlessly shall not be shaken.

  7. Because the sign on them is the Divine, and the sign is the Way for those who cross in the name of the Divine.

  8. Therefore, put on the name of the Most High and know Them, and you shall cross without danger; because rivers shall be obedient to you.

  9. The Divine has bridged them by their Word, and they walked and crossed them on foot.

  10. And their footsteps stand firm upon the waters, and were not destroyed; but they are like a beam of wood that is constructed on truth.

  11. On this side and on that the waves were lifted up, but the footsteps of our Divine Messiah stand firm.

  12. And they are neither blotted out, nor destroyed.

  13. And the Way has been appointed for those who cross over after Them, and for those who adhere to the path of their faith; and who adore their name.

  14. Hallelujah.

Ode 39

  1. As honey drips from the honeycomb of bees, and milk flows from the woman who loves her children, so also is my hope upon You, O my Divine.

  2. As a fountain gushes forth its water, so my heart gushes forth the praise of the Divine, and my lips bring forth praise to Them.

  3. And my tongue becomes sweet by their anthems, and my members are anointed by their odes.

  4. My face rejoices in their exultation, and my spirit exults in their love, and my nature shines in Them.

  5. And they who is afraid shall trust in Them, and redemption shall be assured in Them.

  6. And their possessions are immortal life, and those who receive it are incorruptible.

  7. Hallelujah.

Ode 40

  1. Let all the Divine’s babes praise Them, and let us receive the truth of their faith.

  2. And their children shall be acknowledged by Them, therefore let us sing by their love.

  3. We live in the Divine by their grace, and life we receive by their Messiah.

  4. For a great day has shined upon us, and wonderful is they who has given to us of their glory.

  5. Let us, therefore, all of us agree in the name of the Divine, and let us honor Them in their goodness.

  6. And let our faces shine in their light, and let our hearts meditate in their love, by night and by day.

  7. Let us exult with the exultation of the Divine.

  8. All those who see me will be amazed, because I am from another race.

  9. For the Father of Truth remembered me; they who possessed me from the beginning.

  10. For their riches begat me, and the thought of their heart.

  11. And their Word is with us in all our way, the Savior who gives life and does not reject ourselves.

  12. The Men who humbled Themselves, but was exalted because of their own righteousness.

  13. The Son of the Most High appeared in the perfection of their Father.

  14. And light dawned from the Word that was before time in Them.

  15. The Messiah in truth is one. And they was known before the foundations of the world, that they might give life to persons for ever by the truth of their name.

  16. A new chant is for the Divine from them that love Them.

  17. Hallelujah.

Ode 41

  1. I extended my hands and approached my Divine, for the expansion of my hands is their sign.

  2. And my extension is the upright cross, that was lifted up on the way of the Righteous One.

  3. And I became useless to those who knew me not, because I shall hide myself from those who possessed me not.

  4. And I will be with those who love me.

  5. All my persecutors have died, and they sought me, they who declared against me, because I am living.

  6. Then I arose and am with them, and will speak by their mouths.

  7. For they have rejected those who persecute them; and I threw over them the yoke of my love.

  8. Like the arm of the bridegroom over the bride, so is my yoke over those who know me.

  9. And as the bridal chamber is spread out by the bridal pair’s home, so is my love by those who believe in me.

  10. I was not rejected although I was considered to be so, and I did not perish although they thought it of me.

  11. Sheol saw me and was shattered, and Death ejected me and many with me.

  12. I have been vinegar and bitterness to it, and I went down with it as far as its depth.

  13. Then the feet and the head it released, because it was not able to endure my face.

  14. And I made a congregation of living among their dead; and I spoke with them by living lips; in order that my word may not be unprofitable.

  15. And those who had died ran towards me; and they cried out and said, Sons of Divinity, have pity on us.

  16. And deal with us according to Your kindness, and bring us out from the bonds of darkness.

  17. And open for us the door by which we may come out to You; for we perceive that our death does not touch You.

  18. May we also be saved with You, because You are our Savior.

  19. Then I heard their voice, and placed their faith in my heart.

  20. And I placed my name upon their head, because they are free and they are mine.

  21. Hallelujah.