Official Declarations



On May 9, 2014, at the conclusion of the fifth year since the first vision, Ryan Hite made the first of two declarations and announced the thirteenth member of the Continuum. It was also stated that the nature and the conditions of adding members of the Continuum and being regarded as part of the group of the most influential people in his life. These changes allowed two members to be added to the Continuum, formerly the ten Guardian Angels and the twelve members of the Continuum. These two members that were added on that May day did not meet all the strict criterion of the Continuum, but their influence on his life warranted all the honors of such. This is a revelation to the entire world.

To whom it may concern,

It has come to my attention since the conclusion of the time with Katie at the conclusion of the year of 2013 Anno Domini that things in my life have changed. Something happened at the end of that year that caused my entire social life to change the needs of my life and the nature of my relationship with those around me and that has caused many people to come into my life who influenced me, but did not act in a way that the people in the past had acted.

I, therefore, at the conclusion of the fifth year since the first vision, will declare that that the criterion for becoming a member of the continuum to change to accommodate the people who do continue to influence me and that, due to this criterion change, that I nominate and accept a friend from the past to become exalted at this present time to take her rightful place as the thirteenth member of the continuum for her continued support of my endeavors in life.

The reason for this, and for the nomination of Second Trinity into these ranks has everything to do with the passive guidance philosophy. It is through her influence that gives me hope to continue on this present path and that, during the Autumn of 2013, her support helped me to get through a depression period that I was going through at the time. Of all the people that I had met in my life, I did not meet another who was more similar to me on a spiritual level and that she would have been a great asset into my life had it not been for my blindness at the time.

However, because she and the other individual that I nominated today do not meet the criterion of the people in the past so much because of the lack of direct communication and contact, but with all the influences and my desire to bestow honors on these people for their contribution and influence on my life, I was torn for a long time as to what to do about changing the rules to accommodate for these two. I did not want to classify them like I did in the past because I was not close to them, but I did want them to know that I honor their contributions on my life forever and ever.

Under this criterion, the past still classifies, but they are ushered in as the first twelve of the Continuum under the new rules and that the two nominated today are the thirteenth and fourteenth members of the continuum.

With Love,


Ryan Hite offered the change of the rules of the criterion of the Continuum as this statement:

Any member of the Continuum, recognizing them as the most influential people in my life and the shapers of this philosophy as my life went forward, shall be considered by virtue of their influence on my life over that of the closeness that I hold to them. Although the thirteenth and fourteenth members of the Continuum are not close to me physically and emotionally, they are mentally and spiritually close to me and they merit the honors of the people in the past because of their influence on my life. Although this rule of law regarding criterion may change over time, the place of honor has been such and will forever remain as such.

Ryan Hite, Boulder, Colorado, 20 April 2014


When we deal with the changing of the rules of the Continuum to become broader in scope and more lenient, we run the risk of having people who do not deserve to be a part of this list that will now be nominated because of this list. We do not want people to be unintentionally be grandfathered into a list based on the past. What is past is past and what is now is now.

I have noticed that, during the past year, since the conclusion of my time with Ms. McManus, the entire social structure of my life has changed to the point that the people who influence me now are people that I do not have immediate feelings toward.

We have tried up to three times to try and find a way to nominate these two for the primary Continuum, but they did not meet all the criterion and it is not up to me to understand why they are so influential and what I can do to make it so that they are honored as such.

A question has been asked of me by those who are concerned for my overall well-being about this question. Second Trinity and First Trinity have had the same amount of influence on your life as Pergamum and Ephesus had in years past, but they did not have the same kind of physical relations with you that the like of Thyatira and First Philadelphia had in the past either. They seem to me to be stuck in between the first and second lists of the Continuum. It would not be appropriate to place these two in the first list because they did not meet the criterion to earn it and it would be too much of a dishonor and many missed opportunities going into the future to keep them at the second list. The only way that I would have been able to get around it and to give all the honor that is deserved to them would be to change the definition of what it means to be on the first list, and with that also, the meaning of a friend and a relationship.

I was shown this vision in June of 2013 and I would eventually have to come to this decision. I saw that, in the vision, that I would find my inspiration from the east and that my future lies in the east. It has been noted to me that the two people to come to my life since then came from the east and that all my opportunities going into the future would come to me from the east. It was also an indication, to me, of change that was to come. For me, friendship means an individual that influences your life in such a way that allows you to understand the world around you better.

It was clear to me that a friend and a member of the Continuum should be an individual who changed me in such a way that inspired me to take a path that I was not going down before. It would be of greater importance than physical relations because I am not known for being very good at that. For me, a friend is someone who pushes me mentally rather than physically and that would be a better indication of the past and the present problems.

Therefore, let it be clear that the new rules will be able to encompass the new people nominated here today and that all of the honor and the criterion for entrance into the Continuum remains the same. Therefore, the list shall now be increased to fourteen and fourteen remains the number of people who have ever been able to meet the criterion. It shall come to pass that this shall be the standards for all people to meet and exceed if they do want to enter into this kind of exaltation, influence my life, and shape the philosophy that I hold to this day and the way that I project this to the world.

20 April 2014


On May 9, 2014, at the conclusion of the fifth year since the first vision, Ryan Hite made the second of two declarations and declared the fourteenth member of the Continuum, who are regarded as the most influential people in his life, and are now being honored as such. This revelation is presented to all the people of the world.

To all whom it may concern,

The question has long been on my mind as many of you have known for a while now. In November of 2013, I joined a group of people who may have been the most influential group of people in my life thus far. I join groups for two reasons. I want to be a part of something greater than myself and I want to contribute in a positive manner, and I wanted to make friends. I thought that joining a group of writers like myself was the perfect avenue of approach for me.

Over the course of the following months, I had been molded and shaped into a position that allowed me to come into greater contact with a group of people that I longed to be a part of and whose positions of power had eluded me for some time. I was guided by two young women in particular that influenced me to take a larger part in these two groups as they became one in the same for me. At the end of my time with this group of people, I had failed in my objectives. I felt like I had not contributed much to this group of people and that my time with them did not matter to me. I also felt like, and it was confirmed to me, that I did not make any lasting friendships in that time either.

One person, in particular, left a lasting impression on me and whose lack of presence in my life has made me very sad and left a large hole in my life. She treats me better than most other friends have treated me in my life. I made many mistakes in my conversations with her and it seemed to me like that all I did was make her sad or mad. It was the opposite of my intentions because I like her personality and the way she treated me during my time with her. She confirmed that I had failed in my objectives with joining this group that she was a part of as well and that it felt to me like I had failed her and the group as a whole.

Aware of the failings that I perceive and that I may have failed in my part to leave a lasting impression on her, I feel like it is still my honor and duty to recognize her for her contribution to the advancement of my life that continues to unlock doors for me. Had it not been for this individual, First Trinity, I may have never been able to discover my true potential and passion for the art of journalism, which not only continues to improve, but has opened many doors for me that I would otherwise not consider, and it allowed me to better myself as a person and a writer. I am forever fortunate and grateful to have had you in my life.

You are fully deserving of all the praise and honor that I bestow upon you like the people of years past that brought me to the point in which I have been brought to you and to the group of people that you had devoted yourself so many hours to. You also led me to a new hobby, passion, and to a group of people that I had long wanted to be a part of.

It is unfortunate to me that I had not made the effort to be more open in wanting to improve my friendship with you. I lacked the confidence and I was afraid of what you would think. I want more than anything to be on your good side because it will prove to me that I am capable of bringing some sort of happiness to the kinds of people that I want to be around. I want your continued guidance and your acceptance when I make mistakes that I sometimes am unable to control and mistakes that I don’t always notice.

I don’t know what you think of me and I don’t know if you’re even interested in me, but you come to my mind as I speak these words and I wish that I could say these things and tell you how I feel about the influence that continues to guide me months after we last spoke.

I declare this to the world to prove that the people that you encounter in your life will continue to bless you, guide you down new paths, and bring you to where you least expect even when you are expecting it. It has not been easy, but for me at least, it is still possible for me to break through and understand what has happened to me.

With Love,