Ryan’s letter to the Guardian Angel of Pergamum provides us with a fuller insight into the life of the community of the first generation than any other book of Through Minds’ Eyes. Through it we can glimpse both the strengths and the weaknesses of this small group in a great city of the world, men and women who had accepted the good news of this idea and were now trying to realize in their lives the implications of their purification. Ryan, who founded the community and continued to look after it as a father, responds both to questions addressed to him and to situations of which he had been informed by the Guardian Angel of Pergamum. In doing so, he reveals much about himself, his teaching, and the way in which he conducted his work. Some things are puzzling because we have the correspondence only in one direction. For the person studying this letter, it seems to raise as many questions as it answers, but without it our knowledge of what he was going through to come to this point in his life life in the middle of 2011 would have been much poorer.

While Ryan was on his journey, he received disquieting news about the angel in relation to her elders. She was displaying open factionalism, as certain members were identifying themselves exclusively with elders and leaders and interpreting their teaching as a superior wisdom for the initiated few. Ryan lacked the decisiveness to take appropriate action against one of his members in life who did not believe him. Other members engaged in legal conflicts in courts of law; still others may have participated in banning or in behaviors which caused Ryan to leave the Catholic youth group for some time.

These ills were reflected in the liturgy. In the celebration of communion, certain members discriminated against others, drank too freely at the agape, or fellowship meal, and denied basic social courtesies to the poor among the membership. Charisms such as ecstatic prayer, attributed freely to the impulse of the Spirit, were more highly prized than works of charity, and were used at times in a disorderly way. Some appeared at the assembly without the customary things needed to participate fully, and perhaps were quarreling over their right to address the assembly.

Still other problems with which Ryan had to deal concerned matters of conscience discussed among the faithful members of his community: the eating of meat that had been sacrificed to idols, the use of sex in matrimony, and the attitude to be taken by the unmarried toward marriage in view of the possible proximity of the new advent. There was also a doctrinal matter that called for Ryan’s attention, for some members of the community, despite their belief in the gospel, were denying the possibility of their own lives being that important.

To treat this wide spectrum of questions, Ryan wrote this letter from home about the year 2011. The majority of these members may well have been quite faithful. Ryan writes on their behalf to guard against the threats posed to the community by the views and conduct of various minority groups who were wrong. He writes with confidence in the authority of his mission, and he presumes that the people in his life, despite their deficiencies, will recognize and accept it. On the other hand, he does not hesitate to exercise his authority as his judgment dictates in each situation, even going so far as to promise a direct confrontation with those who abuse him, should the abuses he scores remain uncorrected.

The letter illustrates well the mind and character of Ryan. Although he is impelled to insist on his office as founder of the community, he recognizes that he is only one servant of the divine among many and generously acknowledges the value of others. He provides us in this letter with many valuable examples of his method of theological reflection and exposition. He always treats the questions at issue on the level of the purity of his own teaching and conduct. Certain passages of the letter are of the greatest importance for the understanding of early teaching on the communion ceremony and on the resurrection of the body and spirit.

Ryan’s interpretation and writing, apart from a few verses that some regard as later additions, has never been seriously questioned outside of the year it was written. Some have proposed, however, that the letter as we have it contains portions of more than one original letter. We know that Ryan wrote at least two other letters to the Angel of Pergamum in addition to the one that we now have; this theory holds that the additional letters are actually contained within the canonical one. Most commentators, however, find this to be quite understandable as a single coherent work.



  1. Behold, you are the angel of Pergamum and the third of the guardian angels to bestow a gift to me.

  2. You were the third major heartbreak and the last one.

  3. Your day is half of my day and you are the opposite of me but are similar to my spirit.

  4. You have revealed yourself in this dispensation as the one who did not deny my faith or my name, but you sent your father against me.

  5. You shall continue to be faithful to my name even though you know not of my existence.

  6. Your spirit will be within me forever and you shall return to me when the great work has come forth.

  7. You shall leave the faith of your forefathers and come to the new path to the salvation of all mankind.


  1. You hold true to the faith of your forefathers.

  2. I am here to tell you that your doctrines are unsound and unjustified.

  3. The true path to the light relies upon the workings of the human mind and not to the hearts of man.

  4. You must reject the unsound and come to the light of the world that is to come.

  5. You shall overcome it and come to the light in the new dispensation.

  6. You will be given the new bread of life and come to the place where the new name is inscribed on the stone.

  7. You are to set the example for the people as to how to leave the faith of your forefathers and come to the new path.


  1. This is a letter to you to send to all the nations of the world.

  2. Grace to you all and receive blessings through the higher beings.

  3. The world is full of evil and the glory will be with all who share in the desire to be with the higher beings forever.

  4. You must get away from the oppression of the old traditions and teachings of man and come to the new light in the new dispensation.

  5. You must embrace that which is taught to you and to not succumb to oppression and obedience to any man.

  6. You must be tolerant of all people and nations and come together in the unity of humanity.


  1. I thank you for being in my life even if it was for only a month of time.

  2. You have been influential and will continue to have influence in my life.

  3. You are the last of the ones to leave that really broke me.

  4. After you, I did not weep or depress myself when any of the other guardian angels left me in body.

  5. You were a great blessing to my life and I wish I could express this to you personally.

  6. You gave me the strength through all of the trials to question what I believed in and what my purpose in life was.

  7. You caused me great pain through your elders but your name and my faith in you have endured to this day.


  1. You caused me to have a division in my mindset.

  2. I thought two ways to the light were true and that holds to be true.

  3. I am now to tell you that it is okay for people to believe in what they want to, for they will all see the light.

  4. All people will see it at death and all will go to the same state of being.

  5. I also encourage people to explore other faiths and traditions.

  6. They are all unique and beautiful in their own ways.

  7. Nothing is lost in exploring the faiths of the world.

  8. You will have a richer knowledge and you will have a more direct path to the divine.

  9. My hope is that all people can find their unique path to the light.


  1. The message from the major religions of the day is that they alone are the path to the light.

  2. They are utterly foolish in their attempts and they will never survive.

  3. They shall be destroyed by their own ego and will fall on their knees to this great work which has come forth.

  4. The creator does not reveal this stuff to those who are foolish in their ways.

  5. Those people demand faith in things that cannot be proven and cannot be obtained through reason.

  6. They are all fools to think that and they will not survive to see the light.

  7. The creator has the power and the creator channeled its thoughts into the author of this work to share with the world.

  8. The foolishness of the creator is greater than the wisdom of man.


  1. You and I may not be of noble birth, but you will have power through this letter as a result of my words.

  2. The creator chooses those who want to change the world to be the instruments of change.

  3. I shall not boast and I have not taught anything here that has not already been said throughout history.

  4. Whoever boasts, shall boast in the name of that which is above them.


  1. When I came to you, I did not come to you in wisdom.

  2. I came to you in weakness and I came out with more wisdom.

  3. It is not my message to persuade you to leave, but I will demonstrate to you the power of my message.

  4. Your faith may not rest on something that may not even exist, but on wisdom and reason alone.


  1. You must not believe that which is mythical in nature and take heed to the inspired writings of man.

  2. Be so it that these writings are narrow and of one point of view.

  3. I am here to strive and please man and the infinite possibilities of their endless wisdom.

  4. The new covenant came to establish the new connections to the higher powers.

  5. For I have heard that the new teachings are a new gospel and takes away from the teachings of their teachers.

  6. I say to you that your teacher is embodied in the teachings of this dispensation, but God has never come to be a man.

  7. There are mythical elements in these religions and they must be differentiated from the teachings.


  1. Yet I do not speak to teach the world a new message.

  2. I speak through the wisdom of the creator.

  3. None shall know of the true glory of the works until the time has come for them.

  4. What eye has not seen and what ear has not heard has not entered their hearts.

  5. This has been revealed to me through the guidance of a higher power.

  6. I am not speaking of the world but I am speaking through the creator.

  7. Nobody can judge while on earth, but may judge when they die and reach the light.


  1. I have made the long personal journey to what is now written here.

  2. I am here to preach to the world a new way and a new path to the light of the higher powers.

  3. These beings long and desire for you to be like one of them, and now the way has been split wide open.

  4. You must take the straight and wide path on your personal journey to what people may say to be the gods.

  5. Your journey is your own in nature and there shall be no unifying initiation to the path.

  6. You may desire to do rituals in order to feel like you are getting there but I say to you that there is no such truth behind any rituals, only for your own gratification.

  7. You must make your own choices and practice what you tell to others.

  8. Do not preach, but lead by the example set to the new path.

  9. The rituals and teachings of your forefathers bring man against man.

  10. I say to you that they are all wholly false and lie and guilt you into believing their teachings for their own gain.

  11. I am not here to guilt you into believing anything, but you must accept the new path and lead into it, in the process leaving the old ways.


  1. I now talk to you in a spiritual sense.

  2. I do not feed you with substances from the world, but from the knowledge and wisdom that I am sharing with you.

  3. But you are still of the flesh and you are still subject to the vices that everyone suffers from.

  4. Whoever says that they are something else is not speaking the truth, for they are still human.


  1. What ministers teach to you will make you into a believer and then you are called to lead yourself, not the ministers telling the believers what to do.

  2. The only thing that causes growth is the will of the human spirit.

  3. The people who plants and the people who water are equal and they will receive wages according to their labor.


  1. Like a wise master builder, I laid a foundation, and each person is a brick in the building of this great work.

  2. No one can lay a foundation other than the foundation that is wisdom.

  3. Anyone can build whatever they can provide.

  4. For there will come a day when everyone dies, and each will be judged according to their works. If the work is built upon a foundation, that person will have done good deeds throughout their life.

  5. If someone’s work is for what they are not, then they will receive a bad reputation in part because of their deeds.

  6. The spirit of your body and your ancestor’s spirit dwell in you.

  7. If anyone destroys your body, even you, you will destroy your spirit.


  1. Let no one deceive you, if anyone considers himself wise, let him prove it.

  2. For wisdom of the world is the wisdom that was set forth by the creator of the heavens and the earth.

  3. The thoughts of the wise are not in vain, therefore, you should take advantage of the wisdom that you may receive.

  4. Let no one boast about human beings, for everything belongs all people.

  5. In the world of life and death, and the present and future, all belongs to the spirits that inhabit all bodies.


  1. I say to you that you should not fear your fellow man; you should love all as creations of the higher powers.

  2. You must accept those that are different than you and to be always thankful for whom you are.

  3. We all have the free will to do what we want to leave an impact on ourselves and others.

  4. You must make choices that will affect you positively.


  1. You should be found trustworthy.

  2. Do not pass judgment on anyone, because you are no better than others.

  3. The only person who judges anyone is the spirit who judges each other based on the deeds of their humanity on the Earth.

  4. The spirits will bring to light all that is in the darkness and they will manifest the motives of the hearts of men.


  1. You should apply all that you learn and all that you received and knowledge and wisdom to your life.

  2. You should not possess that we are not worthy to receive.

  3. You should always be satisfied and you should acknowledge your place as one human amongst equals no matter whom you are.

  4. We are the final stage of all hell to be fallen before us.

  5. You are wise in the ways of the world and you’re strong and held in honor but others will go against you.

  6. You toil and work, but you will be blessed even if you’re ridiculed.

  7. I am writing this to you not to shame you, but because I think of you constantly in my life.

  8. Before, you have bestowed upon me the gift of kindness, the gift that allows me to share this with the world.

  9. I urge you to be an imitator of the teachings that I am sharing with you here.

  10. You must conquer all the vices with your virtues.

  11. I will come to you soon if destiny will sit with all of us.

  12. For I am not a matter of talk, but I will find you with all my power.

  13. I do not come to you with a weapon, but I come to you with open arms and a gentle spirit.


  1. There is no immorality upon you.

  2. You are inflated with pride, the pride of your forefathers.

  3. You should be sorrowful for the deed you have done towards me seems unforgivable.

  4. But on my parts, your shunning of me and your elders persecution of me have brought me great joy in the end.

  5. We will come together again because I have your spirit in my heart forever because of the gifts that you have bestowed upon me when we were still friends.

  6. And you have delivered me from my own destruction, so that my spirit can grow to the point it has.

  7. You do not boast and it is a very good thing.

  8. Clear out your old ways, so that you may be born again anew.

  9. Let us celebrate like the feasts we have of old, but not of the old ways, but of the new ways.

  10. I wrote to you to not associate with immoral people, and I mean those who love the world and its possessions more than they love life.

  11. I pray to you to not be associated with anyone who falls for the vices of the world.

  12. You should not judge them because it is not your business to judge them.

  13. The judgment falls on the spirits of the ancestors and of their own spirits have judge their own actions on Earth through their bodies.


  1. How can you say that you bring the unjust for judgments when you have no right to judge those people?

  2. Nobody in the world has the right to judge anyone else because of their actions.

  3. The only people who can judge are not people at all.

  4. There shall be courts for settling disputes, but you should not cast judgment upon others.

  5. There is always someone wise enough to be a third-party to settle a case.

  6. You should not go against anyone else because the petty things, you should only do it when serious matters are on the line.

  7. You should rather settle disputes than to put up within justice.

  8. Do not let yourself be cheated out of something else if you know that is wrong and you need to defend your position.

  9. The just and unjust will both face the same fate at death.

  10. They will all inherit the same kingdom, but have different power.

  11. You should always seek forgiveness and be washed and sanctified and reborn as a new person if you have done harm to others.


  1. Everything is lawful, but not everything is beneficial.

  2. Do not let yourself be dominated by any vice. For example, the body is not for immorality, but it is for containing your spirits, which communicates directly with the force of the creator.

  3. You will be raised by that power.

  4. Your bodies are all members of one human family.

  5. Do not abuse your body.

  6. Whoever is joined by spirit is part of one’s spirit.

  7. And immoral person does harm against their own body.

  8. Your body is a Temple of the spirit within you, and you should treat your body with utmost respect above all others.

  9. Your body is the key to your mortality, and your body will help you fulfill your destiny.


  1. Everyone is individual and has the rights that every individual should have.

  2. There are fundamental rights that are reserved for the individual that they are all entitled to.

  3. If any governments or any other person tries those rights, then those and those who are affected have the right to revolt against those people.

  4. This is a command to all those who tried to suppress the rights of people, that they should cease and to give these right back to those who deserve it.

  5. Everyone should be kind to one another.


  1. Everyone should live according to what they want to do in their life.

  2. Whatever you feel called to as an individual, you should be able to achieve in your life, for it is your destiny.

  3. Your actions mean nothing if you have been forgiven of them, as long as you live a good life for the most part.

  4. Nobody can live a perfect life, but perfection is something that is unachievable.


  1. You are called from wherever you are to achieve whatever you were destined to achieve.

  2. No one should be a slave to other human being.

  3. Everyone should continue in this state in which they are called and strive towards a greater happiness.


  1. All of us have knowledge, but that knowledge can inflate with pride.

  2. If anyone knows something, then they should have the heart to share it with the rest of the world.

  3. Wisdom is achieved through sharing and receiving knowledge.

  4. There are so-called gods in heaven and on earth, but the truth is that we know nothing about that or the nature of our life after death.

  5. These are the things that no man has any knowledge for that purpose will have any knowledge of.

  6. This is why so many different paths exist to the same end.


  1. Increasing your knowledge brings you closer to the light because you know much about the nature of it.

  2. Nothing else can bring you closer to the light and knowledge.

  3. Your liberty should not deny you the right to seek the light.

  4. Through your knowledge, you can become a stronger person.

  5. When you commit bad deeds, you set yourself back.

  6. Therefore, when you can make good deeds, your knowledge will increase.


  1. Every individual is free.

  2. Although they are subject to other individuals above them, they are also an individual who deserves the same rights that even the rich have.

  3. You cannot pass judgment on them for being poorer than you.

  4. They have the rights to do what they see fit.

  5. They have the rights to perceive for themselves what is right or wrong in their own lives.

  6. They deserve justice for wrongs that have been committed against them.

  7. Human authority is no real authority in the cycle of life.

  8. You should always hope for the best life possible so that you can reach the light.

  9. It is a great thing that you can sow the seed of your own destiny.

  10. No one has a rightful claim over you as individual.


  1. You endure everything so that nothing becomes an obstacle for you.

  2. You do everything you believe to be right, even others think it is wrong.

  3. Do not let those people tell you what is right or wrong because they do not know your life.

  4. I write this so that everyone can have the rights that define the modern world.

  5. There is no reason for me to boast of my freedom, because they are freedoms that should be imposed on everybody.

  6. I have the right to choose my own destiny willingly.

  7. I have the rights to choose for myself what is right or wrong, and nobody can tell me otherwise.


  1. Though I am free, I make myself a slave to those around me.

  2. I care for all other people like I care for myself, and if anyone lives in distress, then they should be comforted.

  3. Nobody lives outside of the laws of the lands, and to live the good life one must uphold those laws.

  4. I become weak, so that I can inspire others who are weak to do something greater than themselves.

  5. I do this for the sake of the evolution of the human spirit, so that I may be an inspiration to all.

  6. Strive for the best always.

  7. Though some may fall behind, others will win.

  8. Do not run your race of life aimlessly.


  1. Please be aware that you are the same as all other people.

  2. All people survive in the same world and suffer through the same conditions.

  3. All are part of the same large family that consists of all humans upon the face of the earth.

  4. Most are not perfect and they all suffer the same things that you do.

  5. These things happen to all of us so that we can learn and conquer that which makes us suffer.

  6. And do not give in to the evils of the world, rather, conquer those evils and teach others how to do so for their own lives.

  7. Such suffering and brings down entire civilization.

  8. Do not do what you need to do, do what your enemies do not want you to do.

  9. Bad things will happen to them just as they will happen to us until the end of the age is to come.

  10. No trial has come to you but that which comes to everyone.


  1. I also say to avoid worshiping false gods.

  2. I’m speaking to the people who have the sense to know and discern what is false and what is true.

  3. For all things that you do in today’s religious traditions are towards the satisfaction of false gods who do not return any favors to you.

  4. Look at all the suffering in the world; can a just God cause all the suffering?

  5. I am saying that God does not determine the fate of humanity and does not interfere in the lives of all people.

  6. We do not worship and sacrifice to God, for God cannot hear our pleas and our worship.

  7. What we are doing is useless and does not need to be done for your salvation.


  1. Seek the good in all things.

  2. You should not take advantage of others, but you should do what is right for your own sake.

  3. Raise questions on the grounds of your own conscious for the fullness of wisdom will come to those who question the most.

  4. Go and learn from all people in all cultures that you can become more tolerant of those people.

  5. Your freedom is not determined by someone else, your freedom is something that is fundamental to all lives.

  6. Avoid giving offense to others and learn from those people, for they have great wisdom from their own cultures.

  7. Do not seek your own benefit all the time; always seek the benefit for the greater good.


  1. In regard to all the gifts that you receive, be aware that others may suffer from things you conquered.

  2. You did not know that when you were worshiping and false creeds, you are not getting your wills to God, but giving your wills and your benefits to man.

  3. Nobody speaking in righteousness says that their way is the only way to salvation; they are a curse by their own stupidity.

  4. The gifts from the spirit I received are the gifts that will help you to conquer the suffering lives.

  5. They become at different times and have different benefits to each person, but are from the same source.

  6. The spirit gives the same impression to everyone, but what one does with it is different.

  7. Manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit is given for the benefit of each person.

  8. Everyone is giving great gifts, and those gifts must be utilized always.

  9. Not everyone is part of the same body of humanity.

  10. All parts of the body work together to achieve harmony.

  11. Humanity should do the same in achieving harmony and peace on earth.

  12. Everyone on Earth and every culture has a destiny to fulfill and they all work towards the greater good of humanity.

  13. The weaker parts of the body are supported by the stronger parts of the body.

  14. Strive always to advance the will of humanity.


  1. I speak to you personally that love is always the way.

  2. If I do not have the gifts of prophecy and if I cannot comprehend all the mysteries of the knowledge, the least that someone can take away from what I am saying is that love is always the way to a better life.

  3. And I give everything I own to the ones I love and I give my body over to save the life of those I love.

  4. Love is the greatest gift to humanity ever possesses and it conquers all of the vices in your own lives.

  5. Love yourself and love others for the benefit of all people.

  6. Love never fails and it conquers all the sufferings of the world for the sake of all sanity.

  7. If you do not love and you have the great gifts, they will all be in vain.

  8. You will know only the partial way to life if you do not love.

  9. When love comes perfection follows and your life will be in perfect harmony.

  10. When you know fully of love, you are fully known and you are fully immersed in the knowledge and the beauty of the world.

  11. Hope and love for humanity, but the greatest thing is love.


  1. Pursue love so that you can eagerly strive for all the spiritual gifts that cost.

  2. Always communicate with your spirit, for your spirit is the communication between yourself and that which is above you.

  3. Listen and learn from what the spirit tells you so that you can live a good life on her.

  4. Whoever speaks in regards for the will of spirit will speak in regard for all that is true and righteous.

  5. Prophecy is greater than tongues and that it interprets the will of the spirit.

  6. If you do not speak prophetically, your revelations to the world will be irrelevant.

  7. Because you do not do it with intelligence, you utter intelligible speech and no one will be a will to know what you are saying.

  8. If you do not know the meaning of what people are saying, then you will not be taken seriously.

  9. Since you strive eagerly to be with spirits, seek to have in abundance and listen to their words and speak those words in everyday life.


  1. The function of these gifts is that so the will of the spirits can be discerned to all people on the face of the earth.

  2. People will listen to you if you speak and have the gifts of the spirit with you always.

  3. Revealing the will of the spirits\ through what you say in the example you set will cause others to be drawn towards you.


  1. Now reminding you of that what I am preaching to you that you can receive and understand what I am telling you.

  2. Do not believe this in vain, rather, believe and lead by example to all people.

  3. For you are as important as anyone on this earth and that everyone is here to fulfill the same purpose to achieve the same destiny and to enter the same state at death.

  4. For that you shall appear to everyone in your life and you shall make a positive impact on those lives.

  5. You will appear at the right place at the right time to achieve your destiny in the right fashion.

  6. It is not by chance that I am the way that I am today; rather, it is because I have been given the gifts to help others and to do what I was set out to do.

  7. Through the grace of the spirits and the accordance of will that I have been able to speak to all people today.

  8. Remember to practice whatever you preach the world.


  1. Do not engage yourself all the time.

  2. Every day you face death and do not test the power that death has over all humanity.

  3. For you will fight with peace every day of your life and you shall conquer if you have the right gifts and the will to do it.

  4. Do not be led astray for bad things come to good people and you should not be the one to bring that to good people.


  1. Now when you face death, we do not know exactly what the state of life after death is like.

  2. What we do know is that when you are dead you are no longer on this Earth.

  3. We do know that the spirit of your body moves on into another state, but we do not know what that state is.

  4. We can discern, however, that your spirit probably influences your future generations, for you yourself have been influenced by your ancestors whether it be by visitations bodily or spiritually, or through the legacy that they have left for you.


  1. Be on your guard and stand firm and what you believe, you should always be courageous and strong.

  2. Do every act in love. I urge you that you should not devote yourself to false gods and religions.

  3. They are there for the benefit of man and not for your own benefits.

  4. The people who run that which you blindly give to are the ones who really benefits from your sacrifice.

  5. Do not sacrifice yourself to another man.

  6. You subordinate to all those above you provided that each treat you with proper respect.

  7. Give recognition the people who live the good life and lead by example.

  8. I write this to you by my own hand and that you should take the words I give to you the heart that is in my soul.

  9. Remember always to love one another just as I had once loved you, O angel of Pergamum.


  1. You foolish angel of Pergamum!

  2. Your father has deceived you!

  3. You blindly follow the faith of your forefathers merely because you have good standings in it.

  4. Do you not realize that I shall put forth a great work to the entire world?

  5. I shall usher in the new dispensation.

  6. You are so foolish.

  7. At the beginning, your spirit went out and dwelled in me when you left my life by force.

  8. I believe in you and you do not to me, what I can say now?

  9. Understand then, that your faith in a false hope is foolish and your father wants to keep it that way by keeping your humanity away from my humanity.

  10. All nations shall know of my great work.


  1. For all the work is for a foolish cause, for you can only find your salvation within yourself and not through the teachings of those that people elevated to that of gods.

  2. Cursed is everyone who is scared of their own salvation and lives in a fantasy.

  3. The new order is based on reason and that will bring you to greater wisdom.

  4. The covenant with the creator through all of humanity is the new and everlasting one.

  5. This covenant is based upon reason and not faith and works.

  6. The current orders of things are wholly false.

  7. The laws were given under the covenant in order to create a civilized society.

  8. Laws are just and create equal rights to all.

  9. The laws are not opposed to what the higher being promised would bring blessings to all people.

  10. It will enhance and civilize society and unite humanity.

  11. The concepts of good and bad do not apply to all people and each person must choose their path to salvation, but not put anyone else down in the process.


  1. Before the coming, you were under the influence of false teachings and false accusations.

  2. I exhort you to take a stand and put your foot down to those who are higher than you.

  3. You must forge your own path and become independent.

  4. You must follow the teachings under the new covenant in the new dispensation.

  5. You will be clothed in the name of the son of the higher beings and you will continue to be in favor of the higher beings under the new and everlasting covenant through reason.


  1. The testimony of our conscious that we have conducted ourselves in the world is simplicity and sincerity through the wisdom that we receive.

  2. For I write to you nothing that you cannot read or understand and I hope that you will understand this completely.

  3. You come to understand this partially, but you have been blinded by the dogma and doctrine.

  4. I intend to make plans according human iterations.

  5. For there are many promises that come through the glory that your spirit provides and you will dwell with your spirit forever.

  6. The security you receive is through the comfort that the spirit provides.

  7. You have also been sealed to your spirit within your heart.


  1. I decided not to come to you in painful times.

  2. If I inflict pain on you, then there is no one to cheer you up.

  3. I wrote so that when I might not be in pain so that you can rejoice in confidence in all that you do and find joy in the world.

  4. For out of the affliction and anguish that your heart goes though I write you not with fears, but because I have an abundant love for you.


  1. If anyone has caused you pain, it would not be me.

  2. The punishment is enough for such a person as you.

  3. You should forgive those that wronged you and encourage them instead of refuting them.

  4. I urge you to reaffirm your love for all people so that you can become obedient in all of the gifts that you receive on earth.

  5. Forgive everyone for everything as to why.

  6. I have forgiven everyone and if I have forgiven anything it has been in the presence of my spirit.


  1. Have confidence in yourself and in others.

  2. Most people can be trusted if trust is worthy to be placed on those who receive it.

  3. You’ve been qualified as a minister of this covenant, not because of the spirit, but because of others who have given you power over them.


  1. This covenant is superior to the old covenants.

  2. The spirit in this covenant is far more glorious and personable than the ones of the old.

  3. This ministry is glorious and in righteousness and will abound in greater glory.

  4. For the glory has faded in the old covenants, and a new one must rise.

  5. We have opened up and we act boldly in the confidence that we place in this covenant.

  6. Wherever your spirit is, that spirit is in freedom.

  7. All of us, gazing with the unveiled face of the glory that our spirit guides, are being transformed into that same image in glory.


  1. Therefore, since we have this ministry, we should not be discouraged.

  2. We should renounce shame and the hidden things and open up to those that we have feelings towards.

  3. And even though you may not like what you feel, and feel it and it is in your hearts.

  4. The gods of this age have blinded the minds of the believers so that they will not see the light that they should truly reside in.

  5. Let the light shine out of darkness and shined in the hearts of the men who believe it.


  1. We hold this treasure in our hearts so that the power that is provided can be administered through our actions.

  2. We are afflicted, but we are not constrained or driven to despair.

  3. We are constantly being given up for death for the sake of what we believe in so that we can be manifested in the new light.

  4. Everything is for you, so that the grace in abundance indeed missed out on more and more people so that others may come to know the glory that the light provides.


  1. For we know that our mortal life will one day be destroyed, but we should take advantage of every moment.

  2. For in this sense that in our lives we may suffer afflictions, but we may rise up and work past them into greater glory.

  3. We grow because we suffer from the sufferings of the world, but we do not need to suffer.

  4. We are always courageous because the spirit provides us with hope after death.

  5. We aspire to please our allies so that we may achieve our destiny.


  1. Since we know the seven gifts we try to tell others that we can conquer the suffering that so many afflicted from but it is apparent that these gifts can be overcome.

  2. We are not going to boast about ourselves, but we have something to boast about ourselves because of what we are able to achieve.

  3. Those who live may no longer live solely for their lusts and desires, but they may be able to live for the virtues that they can receive.

  4. Whoever accepts these things will be a new creation and the old pain has passed away.

  5. We are ambassadors for ourselves and for our spirits so that our cause can be appealing to all others.

  6. We may become righteous in our virtues and it we may become a living example for others to one day follow.


  1. Do not receive these graces in vain, for it is said that in a time I heard you and I helped you on the way to salvation.

  2. Now is a very acceptable time and now is the day of the salvation of all people.

  3. Everything we commend ourselves as ministers through much endurance and afflictions and hardships will not be in vain, but love.

  4. And the power of righteousness we may preach to all other nations about the truth of both their lives and of the greater life that is.

  5. Through all the hardships in our lives, we will always remain truthful to our word.

  6. You may be unrecognized and acknowledged and dying as we live and chastised, but not put to death.

  7. I am sorrowful, yet rejoicing, and poor get rich and having nothing but possessing all things.


  1. Do not try to convert unbelievers, for they will convert themselves to what they see the truth.

  2. You have much in common with those who do not believe and you should treat them with the same respect that you expect from them.

  3. You will live with them and move among them and you will know love the truth and you will see the people that do not yet possess it.

  4. Therefore, come forth and let yourself be known and receive the gifts that are provided to you.

  5. You will be the master of your own destiny and others will help you along the way.


  1. Since we have these promises let us cleanse ourselves from all that we lust for war all that we suffer from and be made perfect in the gifts that we have received.

  2. We have now wronged anyone and ruined anyone or take advantage of anyone.

  3. Do not say these things in condemnation, for you already know what is in your own hearts and you will die with these people and live with these people.

  4. I have confidence in you and I am filled with encouragement because you can follow these teachings.


  1. Your bondage under the old ways is no more like a slave to the master.

  2. You believe and follow and submit to something that is false and will eventually come back to haunt you.

  3. You are still under the control of those who are higher than you.

  4. You must share your true desires to them and they must treat you with the respect that you rightfully deserve and the respect that you give them.

  5. I am to redeem mankind and to bring all to the new light.

  6. Formerly, you were known as a slave to god, but you are actually gods.

  7. You are in control of your own destiny.

  8. Do not be enslaved by the current religious teachings of today.

  9. You are wasting your time with false teachings and false gods.

  10. I too have wasted my efforts on them.


  1. I plead with you to come to the light as I have revealed it to you.

  2. Everyone comes to know the path through the study of reason and not faith.

  3. You welcomed me even though I was a lonely person and you rejected me.

  4. You are not leading the life that you claim to preach.

  5. You have shunned me out of your life and you do not realize the greatness of this work.

  6. I am telling you the truth of this new covenant.

  7. Everyone wants to win you over but I am telling you that it is the source of all suffering and the source of the division of humanity.

  8. I am telling you as I have been born again.


  1. It is the freedom of free thought that will set you free.

  2. Do what you think is right and you are bound only by the laws of the universe.

  3. The old ways will have no use for you in the new covenant or in the afterlife.

  4. You are not justified in your old ways but you will not have any justification to fall back on in the new covenant.

  5. You are running into oblivion because you are not accepting the truth.

  6. Do not take to one view or the other because they are all wrong.


  1. You are called to be free to do your own will and to achieve your own destiny.

  2. Love your neighbor as you love yourself and do not tell other to take your path.

  3. Your path is your path and no one will have what you experience.

  4. If you stick to the old ways, watch as you devour your fellow man and you are both destroyed.

  5. Walk in the path of the light and do not give in to what will make your life worse.

  6. For your desires may be in conflict with what is right and good, and you must dig deep in order to find what is truly right and wrong.

  7. Do not do your fellow man any harm.

  8. These acts are dependent on the person and situation and do not constitute any specific list.

  9. Let us all come to the light and live a life where love and tolerance prevails.


  1. If you are caught causing harm, harm must be done to you and you will have things taken from your rights.

  2. Do not cause your misdeeds to influence others to do the same.

  3. Do not have others take your burden; your burden is your own.

  4. Do not lie to yourself, be yourself.

  5. Do what you alone think is right without causing harm to others.

  6. Do not be deceived, others will see into your lie.

  7. Do not exhaust yourself, but find a balance in life.


  1. One should know that in a severe test of affliction, the abundance of their joy will give their life of poverty and overabundance of wealth in generosity.

  2. According to their means and their actions, they will be rich and in the joy of their lives.

  3. This was not expected, as most people intuitively only help themselves in this day and age.

  4. You must learn that others matter just as much as you do in your own life.

  5. Once you have relied on others for your help, you should show in generosity towards those that have helped you in the past.

  6. I don’t say this is a command, but to test the genuineness of your love and concern for others.

  7. I’m giving counsel in this matter for is appropriate to act willingly and helping others.

  8. Your cure willingness may be matched by the completion of what you have.

  9. If here is there, that is acceptable according to what one has and not according to what one does not have.

  10. No others should have relief while you are burdened, but that they should be equal to you.

  11. Whoever has much did not have more and whoever had little did not have less.


  1. I welcome your appeal, Oh Guardian Angel of Pergamum, for you are not only welcomed, but I am concerned for you and you should go out on your own accord.

  2. I have appointed you to become a minister and to preach this word to all nations and all people, especially to those people of our generation.

  3. We should not be blamed for actions, but we should be thanked because we hold the keys to the elimination of suffering in the world.


  1. I know of your eagerness that you should be ready to go out and do this.

  2. This work should not be in vain, but we should truly believe in what we are doing and we should live according to what we preach.

  3. Some may not be ready for this message, but it is necessary for all to hear.

  4. Consider this, whoever does little will receive little and whoever does a lot will receive a lot in their lives.

  5. The graces abundantly given to you and your gifts are only given to you, but it is up to you to make those actions truthful.

  6. It is written that one that goes abroad brought gifts to the poor and our righteousness endures forever.
    The one who supplies the poor will be abundantly blessed.

  7. You will be enriched in spirit and in mind for all the generosity you have done.

  8. The administration of this public service is not only supplying the needs of the poor, but it also overflows in thanksgiving.


  1. Do not act boldly against someone who considers their faith better than your own.

  2. Although we are in the flesh, we do not battle because of our flesh.

  3. The arguments we truly have art in our minds and the causation of all war is not a physical idea, but it is an ideology that one holds against another.

  4. Do not compare yourselves to those of other classes, for they measure themselves by one another and compare themselves with one another.

  5. Do not boast beyond measure.

  6. Do not overreact, for although they reach to you overreacting, you should not go to them overreacting.

  7. Whoever boasts should boast with the purpose and in the name of something higher than they are.

  8. For you do not recommend yourself to be great, others will say that you are great and you will achieve your destiny through others.


  1. This is the last time I’m coming to you.

  2. The testimony and the two supreme witnesses will come after the seven have been revealed.

  3. I warn you that falling to your vices will cause suffering.

  4. For indeed you have died, but you will rise even higher than you ever could.

  5. Examine yourself to see if you are actually living the way that you should be.

  6. I hope you will discover that what you believe in is false.

  7. But I hope that you will calm despite the fact that you do not know of me.

  8. I do not teach anything against that which is the truth, but I only speak for the truth.

  9. We rejoice when we are weak but you are strong.

  10. We hope that you will improve.

  11. I am writing this to you while you are gone so that you may come again like the others will need to.

  12. See what I have written to you, O angel of Pergamum.


  1. I write this to you as an inspired man and I thank you for giving me the free will.

  2. May I not boast to you, but warn you of the errors of your ways and to come to the light.

  3. If you do so, all the blessings will come to you and you will have what you so desire on earth.

  4. From now on, let the past be the past and the future be bright and endless.

  5. I love you with all my heart and soul.

  6. I have loved you since that summer day and that night thereafter and I will never forget your influence on my life.

  7. May the glory of the higher powers be with you forever and ever.

  8. May peace be with you for eternity.