The Book of Poems is an exquisite collection of love lyrics, arranged to tell a dramatic tale of mutual desire and courtship. It presents an inspired portrayal of ideal human love, a resounding affirmation of the goodness of human sexuality that is applicable to the sacredness and the depth of married union.

Although the poem is attributed to be written about the Guardian Angels, the language and style of the work, among other considerations, suggest a time after the end of the time of one of the major ones, when Ryan collected extant love poems, perhaps composing new material, and arranged the whole into the masterpiece we have before us. Some argue the possibility of female authorship for at least portions of the book.

The structure of the book is difficult to analyze; this translation regards it as a lyric dialogue, with dramatic movement and interest. In both form and content, sections of the book bear great similarity to the books of divine love of the past.

While the lovers in the book are clearly human figures, traditions across the centuries have adopted “allegorical” interpretations. The book is seen as a beautiful picture of the ideal marriage whom the divine plans leads by degrees to a greater understanding and closer union in the bond of perfect love. Similar imagery has also been used frequently in mystical texts. The book offers a welcome corrective to negative applications of the theological metaphor of the marriage/covenant in some prophetic texts. It frequently proclaims a joyous reciprocity between the lovers and highlights the active role of the female partner, now a pure figure to be cherished rather than an adulterous woman to be punished and abused.

The book has been read as a sublime portrayal and praise of the mutual love of the two partners, or of the prophet and the Guardian Angels. Writers have interpreted the book in terms of the union between the Christ and the worldwide congregation and of the union between the Christ and the individual soul.



  1. The poems of love, which are given to the guardian angels by the mediator


  1. You shall kiss me with your mouth, for your mouth is sweet.

  2. Your name is like a flower, and your fragrance is better than a field of them.

  3. You draw yourself to me or I will come after you.

  4. I rejoice in your coming, for your love does not yet match mine, but it will.


  1. You are beautiful, o daughters of men.

  2. Do not come to me for what I look like, because I am not strong in this.

  3. Your fathers were angry with me, and they charged me because I cared.

  4. I did not take care of myself and my sanity.


  1. Your soul lives in me because my soul was in you.

  2. I shall give you rest or you will be led astray forever.

  3. The most beautiful among all of you is all of you, because you all are uniquely beautiful.

  4. I compare you to the most beautiful of all the ages.

  5. You are as if you are made of jewelry.

  6. Your hearts are filled with gold.


  1. You have been giving forth a fragrance like a flower from the streams of Zion.

  2. How beautiful you are physically, mentally, and spiritually.

  3. You are beautiful beyond comparison indeed.

  4. You are beautiful and I shall devote everything to you.


  1. You are like a flower among thorns.

  2. You are like a tree among the ruins of the forest.

  3. You are the one among many.

  4. You have been in my dreams of beauty.

  5. I am sick with love to you.

  6. I shall dream of embracing you forever.

  7. O daughters of men, you are like doves in the air.

  8. You shall bring peace to my life.


  1. My lover draws near.

  2. You draw your senses towards me.

  3. Arise, my beautiful friend, and come with me.

  4. A new age has dawned with your arrival.

  5. The flowers have come and it was because of you.

  6. You shall come to me in full beauty because that is how I want to see you.

  7. Let me see you and hear you, for you are sweet.

  8. You bring my life into full bloom.

  9. You shall be with me until the end of the earth.


  1. I sought you at bed for many nights.

  2. I shall rise and go out to search for you.

  3. I seek you for my soul lives.

  4. They found me and sent me away from you.

  5. I left but my soul came to embrace you.

  6. I would not let you go.

  7. I wanted you forever.

  8. I want you, oh daughters of men.


  1. You came to me like an angel in the desert of my life.

  2. I come to you as a valiant warrior.

  3. I am skilled in many things that may interest you.

  4. I come to you bearing great gifts.

  5. I come to you and you come to me in union.

  6. I shall be sealed with all of you forever.


  1. You are beautiful in every way, o my guardian angels.

  2. You are not barren in my life.

  3. You come to me and I have broken through your veil.

  4. I come to you as a valiant warrior, but bearing the gifts of a knight.

  5. Your figure attracts me, but it is your heart and soul that I loved the most.

  6. I shall seek you until the ends of the earth.

  7. There are no flaws in you, you are perfect.

  8. Come with me and I shall show you a life that you never expected.

  9. I loved you at the first sight.

  10. You came to me when I needed you the most.

  11. How beautiful you are, you are the best one of my life.

  12. I shall seek you to the ends of the earth despite your wandering away from me.

  13. You dwell in the garden like that of Eden.

  14. You bear the fruits of the gifts I desire.

  15. Your fragrance is attractive to me.

  16. You are the living water of my life.

  17. We shall come together from the ends of the earth.

  18. Let me come to your garden.

  19. I have come and you are my bride.


  1. I was asleep, but my heart was awake.

  2. Open your heart to me.

  3. I will be cleansed as a result of you.

  4. You put your hand in my life and I was glad with you in it.

  5. I shall touch your life in the same way.

  6. I opened up for you, but you have gone.

  7. My heart sank and I searched for you, but I did not find you.

  8. Your superiors hunted me down and beat me until I could not support myself anymore.

  9. I shall find you again.


  1. Your love differs from any lover I ever had.

  2. You have been a force for change in my life.

  3. You are like pure gold and you must be protected.

  4. Your eyes pierced my heart and I loved you at first sight.

  5. Your cheeks were there and filled with joy and I wanted to touch them with my lips.

  6. Your arms are adorned by gems and I wanted to put mine around yours.

  7. Your legs a pedestal of righteousness and I wanted to walk with them.

  8. Your mouth was delightful and I wanted to have it for myself.


  1. Where has my love gone?

  2. My love has left me to go back to the garden.

  3. I belong to you and you belong to me and our spirits are ours forever.

  4. You are beautiful like an angel.

  5. I turn away from you for you have seduced me.

  6. Your mouth has gotten me in trouble with your elders.

  7. You go back behind the veil while I stand for myself.

  8. Six have come for the work to come and the seventh will come to seal it up.

  9. One alone will be sealed with me forever.

  10. You that come forth will be like the final angel and bring the others.

  11. I went to the garden and saw you.

  12. I was in love before I knew it, because you have bestowed me with the gifts.


  1. Turn so that I may gaze upon you.

  2. How beautiful are you, oh noble daughter of man.

  3. Your body is like a jewel and your spirit is like a Temple.

  4. Your figure is as if it was made by a potter making a face.

  5. Your stature is like a tower of ivory and your eyes like the soul that it contains.

  6. Your gaze at me like the look when you look into the eyes of a lover.

  7. Your hair flutters in the breeze and I am caught in the locks of those.


  1. How old beautiful and fair you are O daughter of man.

  2. Your very form resembles that of perfection.

  3. I thought that maybe I should have a chance at completing you.

  4. I dream of you holding and kissing me and that our connection creates the reaction of love.

  5. I yearn and long for my lover and I belong to my lover.

  6. Come and let us go out to the fields and then let us go into the stocks of grass and grain.

  7. Let us go like a vineyard and see if the grapes of our love are in full bloom.

  8. The best ones give forth a fragrance like the choicest fruits that is like our love.


  1. You are like a sibling to me and I want to embrace you with that anyone despising me.

  2. I would leave you when you would teach me and we would form in a reaction of the chemistry of love.

  3. We lie down together and embrace each other and our love shall be complete.

  4. I will not awaken to this reality of love until we are ready.

  5. Who is this one coming leaning against you my lover?

  6. I awakened you beneath the tree and you betray me by bringing in another.


  1. Let me in so I can seal to your hearts and your minds a love that as strong as death.

  2. My flame comes from the divine, and I long for you, and none can clinch this love, nor will rivers sweep it away.

  3. I oft for all the wealth and I have love, but I know you will utterly despise me so I accept and move on.

  4. I know that your father’s speak for you as if you’re a little girl.

  5. They shall build a wall without a door between you and me.

  6. I am at a loss, for I cannot reach you, but I still long for you to this day, to this very day.

  7. I am the caretaker of the vineyard for the fruits will one day supply a great harvest.

  8. My vineyard is like my heart, which is set out for many like the many vines of grapes that I now bear.

  9. You dwell in the gardens, and my friends will listen to your voice, but I also want to hear your voice again.

  10. Swiftly come to me again my lover, come ask me again as if nothing happened and be with my spirit forever.