The author, one of the greatest of the prophets, appeared at a critical moment in the history of the world, at the transition between the ages of old and the new age that is to come.

The vision of the divine enthroned in glory stamps an indelible character on the author’s ministry and provides a key to the understanding of his message. The majesty, holiness and glory of the divine took possession of his spirit and, at the same time, he gained a new awareness of human pettiness and sinfulness. The enormous abyss between the divine sovereign holiness and human sinfulness overwhelmed the prophet. Only the purifying of the city could cleanse his lips and prepare him for acceptance of the call: “Here I am, send me!”

For the author, the vision of the majesty was so overwhelming that military and political power faded into insignificance. He constantly called his people back to a reliance on the promises and away from vain attempts to find security in human plans and intrigues. This vision also led him to insist on the ethical behavior that was required of human beings who wished to live in the presence of such a holy plan. The prophet couched this message in oracles of singular poetic beauty and power, oracles in which surprising shifts in syntax, audacious puns, and double- or triple-entendre are a constant feature.

The complete book is an anthology of poems composed chiefly by the great prophet, but also by disciples, some of whom came many years after. Most of the oracles come from the prophet and reflect the situation in the world. Sections such as the Apocalypse, the oracles against the wilderness, and probably the poems of were written by followers deeply influenced by the prophet, in some cases reusing earlier material.

The middle part is generally attributed to an anonymous poet who prophesied toward the end of the exile. From this section come the great oracles known as the Servant Songs, which are reflected in the newer testament understanding of the passion and glorification of the Christ. The final part contain oracles from the postexilic period and were composed by writers imbued with the spirit of the prophet who continued this work.



  1. Listen to these words which I am speaking prophetically.

  2. Listen to the force that created you.

  3. You do not know what I am.

  4. Things upon the earth know who their maker is, but you do not understand what I am.

  5. You have tried to praise and worship and pray to me, but I cannot hear you.

  6. You do not need to do this because I have set forth the orders of the heavens and the earth.

  7. You cannot understand who I am because nobody is able to comprehend me.

  8. I shall not answer your pleads.

  9. You are left to make the world better on your own.

  10. People are leaving your ways because of your unfulfilled promises.

  11. I do not do this because I cannot control your actions in life.


  1. I had enough after thousands of years of darkness.

  2. Why are you doing useless rituals in the name of the false gods which you have created? They will not answer your pleads.

  3. I have appeared to all those who are dead.

  4. Do not worship the creator any longer because it is not necessary.

  5. Your rituals are becoming a burden on some of the people, and it is all in vain of trying to be perfect.

  6. I will not listen to you unless you are willing to gain more wisdom.

  7. Make yourself good and do good throughout the world.

  8. Make life better for yourself.


  1. Reason with yourselves, and do not cause harm to others in any form anymore.

  2. The path has been set for you and you should seek the middle of the path.

  3. If you refuse, you will not see the light until your death.



  1. You all were once righteous when you were a mere spirit.

  2. You have become corrupted and brought about suffering in this world.

  3. You shall see suffering your whole life because of your imperfections.

  4. I have come to tell you to conquer your suffering.

  5. I will defend you in your pursuit of the middle of the straight path to the light.

  6. You shall cease to suffer on earth.

  7. You will be redeemed with wisdom and knowledge.

  8. Your adversaries will be crushed in the wake of your wisdom.

  9. You will be ashamed of that which you once desired because of your intentions.

  10. You will not suffer any more on this earth.

  11. You will cause your own sadness and happiness.


  1. In the last days of the old covenant, a temple to the new covenant shall rise at the center of the land of liberty.

  2. Many people will come to the temple for it will change the world.

  3. They come to learn to walk in the middle of the path and to seek knowledge and wisdom.

  4. The mediator shall dwell there and lead the organization to preserve the covenant and the teachings.

  5. Let us walk in the light, people have lost sight of what the light is and what the mysteries of the world are.

  6. There is nothing in this land, but it will become the richest place on earth.

  7. Common men shall come and become wiser in the temple.

  8. They shall have the strength to forgive others.

  9. They shall dwell in the glory of the creator.

  10. They shall be humbled also.

  11. All people shall be lifted up into the higher state at death.

  12. The temple shall be made of what is around to commune with the universe and the people.

  13. The temples shall gleam with spires and walls.

  14. It shall be a beacon of hope for those who seek the middle path.

  15. The hearts of men shall be softened.

  16. There shall be no false gods.

  17. They shall go to marvel at the universe and the complexity of life, for it cannot be just by chance.

  18. They shall go as an escape from the world.

  19. They shall go to places of meditation and pondering.

  20. They shall see the light if they are worthy.



  1. This is a prophecy for all people of the world.

  2. Everyone who is on earth shall be judged by what kind of pain they have caused themselves and others throughout life.

  3. All people are the same, with the same imperfections, and shall be judged the same.

  4. The honorable shall have power over the dealings of earth and attain a full divine state.

  5. The one who causes harm cannot go after death until they are sorry for what they have done and are willing to move on.

  6. The ruler of the people shall be the state of the creator.

  7. Do not rebel against the state you are in after death, for you cannot go back to life.

  8. You shall witness to your posterity.

  9. Your actions determine your fate, and not your faith in false gods.

  10. The wicked now know what is coming to them.

  11. Do not be led away from the middle of the path.


  1. The judgment shall occur at death.

  2. All people shall be judged according to the same precepts.

  3. You shall not be crushed, but you may not be able to enter fully into the light either.


  1. Do not show yourselves to be slutty, oh beautiful women of the earth.

  2. You shall not have a fulfilling life if you do not know who you are or what your purpose is.

  3. You are not beautiful if you reveal yourselves too much.

  4. The men should love for who you are and not what you look like.

  5. You should have a balance and make yourselves beautiful without being able to appeal to everyone, because it is impossible.

  6. The men should fall for you and lay themselves down for you.

  7. You shall thank those who are willing to die for you.


  1. Seven spirits shall come to the mediator saying: We will come to you only after you have received all the gifts.

  2. The day the gifts are revealed will be the day the covenant is established.

  3. Everyone shall know of the day the new Zion is established on the earth.

  4. The world will start to be cleansed and to seek the middle of the path to the light.

  5. The glory of the new covenant shall be spread over the new Zion.

  6. The new covenant shall always be protected, and not fall until the end of the age.

  7. The world should be good but is full of suffering.

  8. The people of the world shall be scattered to produce their own cultures.

  9. You will not be judged on the way you live.

  10. You will not be judged based on what you believe.

  11. I shall destroy all spirits at the end of the age and new ones will come forth at the beginning of the next age.

  12. You will all be laid to waste.


  1. Even if you surround yourselves with people, you will still be alone.

  2. You will be without a purpose unless you seek it.

  3. You shall be lost for a while until you receive the gifts of the seven spirits.

  4. You shall fall into a life of horrible things, but you will conquer your own suffering and fear.

  5. You will lose those you love in the pursuit of knowledge.

  6. You shall descend into the darkness in order to see the light.

  7. Those who are too proud will be blinded.

  8. The creator shall show itself to you if you see the light in life.

  9. All shall go to that place and all shall be the same, just as before life.

  10. Woe to those who teach of false gods who offer the only hope for salvation.

  11. They say that all has been proven by their gods.

  12. They call the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent.

  13. They think they are wise but they are narrow minded.

  14. They think they are heroes but are reviled by society.

  15. They take away the rights of others from being in the light.

  16. They shall blow away in their own life.

  17. They have rejected all that is really important in their gains.

  18. Their gods have ignored them because they do not exist.

  19. The new covenant shall come like a distant nation.

  20. They will not stop and stay until all have come to see the middle path to the light.

  21. Their arrows and horses are useless in the onslaught, so they use words to conquer.

  22. They shall seize the hearts of the people.

  23. The light shall shine forth for the whole age.


  1. The mediator shall sit upon the throne.

  2. The mediator shall see the earth in a darkened state and lift it out of the darkness.

  3. The mediator shall bring forth a new age of prosperity.

  4. He will proclaim the new kingdom and forgive all those who have not sought the light.


  1. The creator shall come forth and proclaim that it is he who it has sent forth into the world.

  2. Keep on listening, but you do not understand.

  3. You will be blinded and struck deaf by those who judge you.

  4. You shall overcome and seek the light.

  5. The old traditions are laid to waste, but has tried to overcome it, and failed.

  6. The reason has trumped blind faith without a shadow of a doubt forever.


  1. You must hurry, so that your people may not stray from the teachings set forth here.

  2. Do not fear those who have not accepted the middle path or to those who have strayed.

  3. All people shall see the light at death.

  4. Your ways shall always triumph in the end and shall stand over all evil.

  5. This generation shall not come to pass until all these things have been fulfilled.


  1. You shall see a child, and you shall also see a spirit and the potential for divinity.

  2. You shall come forth and bear a child who is born and become the mediator.

  3. She will call him the king of the world and he will rise up to take the world.

  4. He shall know good and evil before any other and use it to tell others how to conquer suffering in this life to the culture of the god fearers.


  1. You shall face trials in your life, but you should not be afraid of them.

  2. You shall conquer and overcome your trials and be stronger in the end.

  3. You shall experience no more suffering in this life when all the things have come to pass.

  4. There shall be a day with no more fear, pain, or tears in your life.


  1. Take this work throughout the world and proclaim it as the beginning of the new age.

  2. The mediator is a witness to this mighty work.

  3. You shall rejoice in the coming of this work to the nations of the world.

  4. Bring forth the glory of this world and the heavens who rule the laws of nature.

  5. It shall spread over the world like the wings of an eagle.


  1. All people shall hear of this work.

  2. The plan is to spread it to the influential places and let it come to the less civilized places.

  3. You are not to say anything bad of the work here.

  4. This work has not come out of another.

  5. You shall not fear its power, but revere it as the sign of a new age.

  6. It shall be a sanctuary to those who believe in it.

  7. You shall stumble on your path, but you will be lead to the light.

  8. Build your testimony of this work.

  9. I am the creator of the heavens and the earth and the laws therein.

  10. I am the laws of nature which guides your everyday lives like clockwork.

  11. Do not consult those who do not have wisdom like you do.

  12. They shall lead you astray from the path to the light.

  13. They will look to those who are older and wiser.

  14. The people who once walked in darkness have seen a great light.

  15. They have seen the light and rejoiced greatly in their successes.

  16. They have finally conquered their suffering.

  17. Their enemies shall fall by means of wisdom.

  18. The dominions of the world shall be conquered by the new covenant.

  19. The dominion of the new covenant shall be vast.


  1. The ones who are arrogant shall fall.

  2. Their arrogance shall be replaced by those who do not judge.

  3. Their wrath is great but they will fall to their own ignorance.

  4. The people do not retaliate towards the judgmental.

  5. They do not see the power of the creator.

  6. The judgmental will lead you astray.

  7. They will be swallowed up by their own pride.

  8. Nobody is spared by the wrath.

  9. They will face the wrath of the modern world, who does not want to hear their message.

  10. They will devour one another.


  1. The one who is unjust shall fall.

  2. The one who deprives others of happiness shall fall.

  3. You will be punished on earth and in the heavens for your misdeeds.

  4. They will flee but not find refuge.

  5. They will feel the anger and wrath.

  6. They will be taken asunder.

  7. If it is not intended, forgiveness is possible if the people choose to forgive.

  8. It is in their minds to destroy for their own gains.

  9. Their commanders are not more powerful than them.

  10. The work that is being done in the new covenant shall change the world.

  11. They will not boast of their work.

  12. The judgmental shall be seized and lose everything.

  13. They shall proclaim in vain of the salvation of their false gods.

  14. The creator will be lenient towards those who are judgmental but do not know of it.

  15. The glory will soon be with all people forever.

  16. The survivors of the old ways will fall to the new covenant.

  17. The masses will not return to the old ways once the new people turn to the middle of the path.

  18. The new covenant shall be carried out.

  19. The judgmental will strike them but they will not succeed in their act.

  20. Once they have been hurt, they will fall.

  21. The burden will be taken from the people to succeed in getting rid of suffering.


  1. The obstacles shall be set forth.

  2. They shall come to conquer the obstacles.

  3. Those who are afraid seek refuge in the traditions of old.

  4. They lie in wait for the end of time.

  5. They shall be the ones to follow the leader.

  6. Spread your wings and fly and you will be a leader.


  1. The mediator shall sprout up from the ground.

  2. The spirit is one without the seven gifts and will seek others to fill the seven gifts.

  3. They will not judge others.

  4. The poor in spirit will be judged and will not pass until they see the light.

  5. Justice shall come to the earth.

  6. All the people will gather and shall live in peace and harmony.

  7. They shall not harm the city of Zion.

  8. They shall be filled with knowledge.


  1. The sprout will seek the truth.

  2. The mediator will be the first one to tell of the truth.

  3. The work shall be released to the nations and shall gather all the outcasts.

  4. There will no longer be enemies.

  5. He will come down from the foothills.

  6. He will gather the people together from Zion.

  7. The waters shall be gathered and there will be a great worldly change.

  8. This is the state of the end of the current covenants and the rise of the new covenant to last to the end of the age.


  1. On this day I will say I forgive you.

  2. Though you are a new with me, I was not new with you.

  3. I am confident and unafraid of your ways.

  4. With joy, you shall join me one day.

  5. And you will say make it known upon all nations that I have come to the middle of the path to the light.

  6. The creator has created things that dwell in the heavens and on the earth.

  7. I shout for this is great that I have seen in this lifetime.


  1. I set a single for all the people of the world to seek.

  2. I command all of the ones who are to follow to come out but without anger.

  3. Listen for all the nations shall be assembled under the Army of the creator who created the heavens and the earth.

  4. They come from the farthest reaches and from the end of the heavens and they shall come to destroy the world.

  5. The destruction shall come with the creator as the general.

  6. Therefore, all people fall and all will come to see the mightiness of the creator.

  7. Indeed the data creator comes to the area, for it will be the end of times, but will also be the new beginning of time.

  8. The sun will grow dark and the moon will not give light, but there shall be a new light upon the face of the earth.

  9. The world will be punished and the spirit will be destroyed because they are imperfect and they will never stand to be perfect.

  10. They have fallen and they will never be as good as the Almighty Creator of the heavens and the earth.

  11. The wrath of the creator will be immense upon the end of time.

  12. The creator shall bring forth the end from the beginning and the end will be the beginning.

  13. The spirit lies healthfully in the spirit and shall be destroyed.

  14. Everyone will fall to the creator for the creator has never made a perfect human.

  15. All the spirits shall perish and the creator will then make new spirits for the next world.

  16. The peoples of the world will go against each other but the peoples of the world will fall compared to the wrath of the creator all the nations of the year will be overthrown and all the spirits will then come to heaven.

  17. There is no good upon the earth, the earth is full of suffering.

  18. The evil shall dwell upon the earth until the end of times in the creator will come straight through and the process will destroy the world.

  19. But the creator will take pity on us pathetic humans.

  20. The creator will not choose a single group but all humans are capable of doing good and being good in their time on earth.


  1. The creator will not deliver you but you will have the will to deliver yourself from the suffering of the world.

  2. Your oppression will come to an end.

  3. Nothing will come against you.

  4. The people that will come and try to take you down will not overcome you.

  5. The earth will rest peacefully in the absence of suffering.

  6. Now that you are at rest, no one will come and cut you down or they will be oppressed.

  7. They will be prepared for your coming and they will greet you, because they know you will and their suffering to they may speak out, and they may say that you are weak like them, but you are not.

  8. You have conquered what they were unable to conquer and you will show them how you have done so.

  9. You may have fallen from the heavens at birth and you may have become imperfect, but you have the opportunity to make your life absent of suffering.

  10. You will overcome with your heart and with your brain and he will come to know the wisdom of the creator.

  11. You will become ascended to the top of the clouds newly bought up from the depths of the pits of which you came.

  12. When they see you they will stare in awe over you.

  13. You will raise cities.

  14. You will raise nations.

  15. You will never again go down to the depths of the pits if you have the will to stay in the clouds.

  16. Let the people who are evil never come against you.

  17. Get ready to defend yourself against those who are evil and you will overcome.

  18. You will overcome those who will try to take you down.

  19. The creator has made a destiny for you and you are on the earth until you achieve your rest.

  20. No one will take you away from your destiny and nothing can remove you from what you were destined to do.

  21. Everyone upon the earth has a destiny and they have their own journey to take their destiny.

  22. You will not thwart their plan because, no matter what you do, they will achieve what they were set up to do.


  1. Do not rejoice in the death of your enemy.

  2. You shall all come to those who are needy because you shall care for all peoples upon the earth.

  3. You will even have to care for your foe and you must seek amends with them.

  4. You will find the stragglers in the streets and you will come and make their lives better.

  5. This comes from the messenger of the nations will establish the new dispensation upon the face of the earth.

  6. The cities of evil shall be laid waste.

  7. Everyone shall come to the world which is now destroyed.

  8. They shall call and reach out for those to help.

  9. You must go and you must help them and you must change their ways.

  10. Your heart should provide for them because, although they are evil, they are your fellow humans you should treat them with the same respect that you want.

  11. They shall be laid waste with the water and fire the earth.

  12. They shall wander in the desert until they see the middle of light.

  13. Although their suffering is great, they shall be lifted up to their own will and through their destiny.


  1. I send forth all you peoples of the earth.

  2. You shall be like birds and spread your wings, and you shall achieve your destiny for your own journey.

  3. Counsel others, but do not make them like you, for they are not like you, and they cannot be like you.

  4. Let the evil ones live with you because there is love there is the end of oppression.

  5. When disruption is done, then all the evil shall be banished from the land.

  6. There shall be a throne of mercy and you shall do justice to those who have wronged you.

  7. If they come to you asking for forgiveness, forgive them and move on.

  8. That is the most important thing you can do in your life.

  9. The vices will not stand to the virtues which you shall gain you in your life.

  10. Those who have vices are stricken with grief and they will have a terrible life.

  11. They shall wander in the darkness until they see the light again in the virtues that you have gained.

  12. You cannot give them the virtues, but you can help them overcome their evil.

  13. I weep for those who have fallen away and to those who given their vices in hopes that they gain virtues.

  14. The fallen will also cry through their own evil but they shall find the light of the world in their own way and they shall go on their own path to achieve enlightenment.

  15. Therefore the evil ones will moan and they will weep, but they won’t moan and weep forever.

  16. When they are worn out they will enter the sanctuary and they shall enter peace.

  17. Although would may take a long time, they too shall see the light like everyone will.


  1. A new city shall rise up from the south of the Queen city of the plains.

  2. The city shall forever be glorified and will change the world.

  3. The fortress shall be made of glass.

  4. It will become the glory of the world.

  5. On that day the sealed covenant will be established upon earth.

  6. The city shall be flanked by the wet Mountains.

  7. To the south will be the two peaks will look over the city like the guardians of the gate.

  8. On that day, the people of the city will look to the earth and conquer their own destruction in it.

  9. The city will no longer be desolate but will become the example for all cities upon the earth.

  10. The city will be planted and more cities like it will follow.

  11. The city shall be in the center of the land of liberty.

  12. The city shall be at the foot of the mountains and look out upon the plains and not be in fear of the ocean.

  13. The new morning shall rise upon this city and the city will be glorified for the new age.

  14. The land of the beginning of mankind shall be glorified forever.

  15. Nature shall rule forever in the great valleys and plains where humanity started.

  16. From this place, a nation rose.

  17. All who inhabit the world are part of this nation.

  18. The quietness of the vast land does not compare to anything upon the earth.

  19. Before there was civilization, there was man.

  20. The beasts of the earth rule the land, but humans were like the beasts at the beginning.

  21. Then when the creator comes down and inserts the brain of the human inside the ape, the new species rose in this Valley and changed the world.


  1. The idols of the day will tremble before the creator.

  2. All of the beliefs of the world shall go against each other.

  3. The courage of men will say that they will die for what they believe in.

  4. Humanity is ruled by a cruel master who says that they are above other humans.

  5. They will have some of the true spirit of the creator.

  6. They have become corrupted and they are only in the interest of men.

  7. The people around it will die off because of their lack of spirituality.

  8. They will be cast into the waters, lost, and in need of a new era of spirituality.

  9. They will be disappointed in the cults of the world.

  10. Those will to be crashed with the advent of the new age.

  11. How can they follow another man who they believe is higher than when it is not true? They are not wise men and the creator shall cast them away.

  12. They have been deceived and they have been led astray.

  13. They have staggered and they have followed these rules.

  14. In order to be spiritual, you do not need to follow the useless rules that religions put out.

  15. You will still see the light at the end no matter what you do.

  16. On that day, you will no longer tremble in fear.

  17. You will no longer dread the end of the world.

  18. You will no longer be afraid of death.

  19. You will see the sacredness of all the peoples of the world.

  20. You will know the true diversity of cultures around the world.

  21. You will know that what you do is not necessary to see the light.

  22. If they help you to grow new spirituality, then you shall do it, but if you do with blind obedience, then listen no more.

  23. On that day, the religions of the world will come into the middle of the light and there shall be a unity of all cultures and all beliefs.


  1. The creator has spoken to people of the world.

  2. Those people who change the world.

  3. They do it because they know who they are talking to.

  4. They will be dismayed and ashamed, but they will not fall.

  5. Those are the people who will rise and who will change the world for the better.

  6. Like whirlwinds, they shall come.

  7. The vision has come and they have seen their destiny.

  8. They have conquered the suffering and the vices of the world and they shall share with others what they have learned in coming to the light.

  9. Their minds is clear and their hearts are full of gladness.

  10. They have set forth the covenants for mankind.

  11. They have called others to pass on what they have shared with the world.

  12. They shall share with a have seen and he shall glorify their teacher.

  13. They see anyone and they shall go to them and teach them what they have learned.

  14. They stand constantly to help others to see the light.

  15. They call out and proclaim the glory that their teachers have taught.

  16. They have been beaten, but they shall overcome.

  17. This is what the creator has announced to the world.

  18. In to those who complain about their life, complain no more, for the light has come to you.

  19. In the forests of the darkness you will spend your nights.

  20. You will become like a fugitive lost in the forests of darkness.

  21. You will draw your sword and you will fight the evils of your life.

  22. You’ll see the light at the end of your conquering.

  23. Few will remain in the darkness forever.


  1. No matter who you are no matter what you’ve done, you will one day seal light.

  2. You were not killed in the battle to conquer your evils.

  3. All those you thought were your friends have lied to you.

  4. They turn away from you and left you to weep.

  5. They will not try to comfort you.

  6. Your walls are crashing down and you’ll cry for help.

  7. Your choices are few, but your gladness should be great.

  8. If you’ve done things in your life, then you should make it better.

  9. On that day, the creator will send the spirit to you and you shall have the spirit to be with you forever.

  10. And you will be glad even if you died tomorrow because you will never ever be afraid of death again.

  11. This message comes from the creator to mankind in the hopes that they too will not fear death, and will look forward to the day where they are in the light.


  1. Go to the master of wisdom.

  2. Some of those people rest in the tomb.

  3. Those people are your ancestors, and they have given you great wisdom throughout your life through the people that they have passed their wisdom on to.

  4. You shall grip wisdom firmly and then one day to pass it on to your posterity.

  5. You will not disgrace your elders, for they have given great wisdom to you.

  6. They will clothe you in the robe of wisdom and you shall be known for your great wisdom.

  7. What doors wisdom opens for you will never be shut.

  8. They will be firm in their beliefs and you shall explore those and become a friend to yourself.

  9. Your ancestors will be clothed in glory.

  10. Your ancestors will carry the weight for you for the rest of your life.

  11. Look, for your work is destroyed through all the land your land burns.

  12. You dwell on the coasts, whose messengers cross the sea.

  13. The deep waters from nation to nation, you went across these waters.

  14. Be ashamed, for the sea has said I am not to be taken for granted and I cannot be blamed for anything and I cannot be praised for anything.

  15. When you reach the other nation, you shall be in anguish.

  16. You will dwell on the coast in morning.

  17. This is what’s left of your city of your origin and you dwelled in distant lands because your city has been destroyed.

  18. Who plans such things? Are you honored now? Your destiny has planned out the disgrace of your people from beauty to degradation.

  19. Go back to your own land, your land is no more.

  20. The destiny can shake entire kingdoms and can command the disruption.

  21. You shall never rise again and you shall find no rest.

  22. Other people have ceased to be in the past and you are but one of many tribes which have fallen.

  23. Your stronghold is destroyed.

  24. You shall be forgotten.

  25. All of your people and all of your skills and all of your cities shall be forgotten.

  26. You may be remembered by some, but by most you will be forgotten.

  27. All the world’s kingdoms will not know with you in one generation.

  28. Your treasures that shall one day be rediscovered are going to fascinate the world.

  29. Your nation will never rise again.


  1. The world was empty and laid in waste, and it will be once again.

  2. All the peoples shall be scattered and chaos will ensue in the world.

  3. The Earth shall be laid in place for it is part of the destiny of the Earth.

  4. The world will pass by and time will pass by, but nations will never last forever.

  5. The people shall become corrupted and they shall sow the seeds of their own destruction.

  6. A curse will devour the Earth and the people will pay for what they have done.

  7. Only if you will be left and those few will replenish the earth.

  8. As the old ways die off the new ways shall rise up.

  9. The ways of the old will never be forgotten, but they will no longer be practiced.

  10. People no longer lived in the cities that are now ruined by corruption.

  11. The corrupt cities were laid waste by their own seeds.

  12. They shall cry out because there are no more resources and they will leave the land.

  13. Nothing will remain but desolation and it will fall into ruins.

  14. In the midst of the people of the Earth, this day will be remembered and the gleaming cities of the new age will rise.

  15. They shall sing for joy, for they are prosperous.

  16. From the coasts of the seas to the mountains, all people will be prosperous at some point.

  17. From the end of the earth they shall sing of their prosperity but they shall also sing of their other related.

  18. The Earth is in a pit, and the one who flees may not end up for the rest of the people will be.

  19. Those people are caught in a trap.

  20. Their foundations will shake and their world will burst apart.

  21. They will reveal and sway in rebellion.

  22. It will fall to never rise again because it is part of the destiny of the Earth.

  23. They were gathered together and they will be shut up and they will be punished for their corruption.

  24. Everyone will be ashamed of that city which was corrupted.

  25. The seven gifts will reign and will bring forth the new Zion.


  1. Destiny is the great plan of all living things on earth.

  2. Destiny has made a city of ruins and has glorified cities and made them prosperous.

  3. This city of yours will never be rebuilt.

  4. The strong people will honor what ruthless nations fear.

  5. Destiny made refuge to the poor and needy in distress and in need of shelter.

  6. Destiny makes certain people survive and other people suffer.

  7. The tyranny was vanquished because of their destiny.

  8. Destiny provides for all peoples and will make certain people rise above others.

  9. Destiny destroys the veil that veils all people.

  10. Destiny will destroy the meaning of death forever and will wipe away the tears from all faces.

  11. Destiny will save you from death until it is time for you to die.

  12. Destiny has made certain people pass away.

  13. Destiny is like an invisible hand that snatches people and their time has come.

  14. Destiny raises certain people and turns people into dust after death.


  1. A strong city is victorious over others.

  2. The gates will be opened so that righteous may enter.

  3. With firm purpose, you will maintain peace.

  4. Trust in your destiny forever.

  5. You will be humbled from your pride and you will be brought back down to earth.

  6. The feet of the needy trample on destiny.

  7. The way to the light is smooth and straight.

  8. The creator awaits your arrival and you will dwell in that state forever after death your spirit helps you go along your path to the light.

  9. The wicked do not learn justice and they do bad deeds.

  10. They will not perceive the path to the light and they will be brought to shame when they realize the truthfulness of the light.

  11. We will accomplish all that we were set out to do on this Earth.

  12. We call upon the name of our ancestors and our spirit to guide us in the glory of the creator.

  13. You have punished and destroyed those who are wicked.

  14. We will add to the glory of the heavens.

  15. They will be oppressed and they will cry out in anguish.

  16. They will rise and cry out in pain.

  17. They will writhe in pain as if they are giving birth.

  18. Salvation is achieved through doing good deeds.

  19. Your dead live in you through your spirit.

  20. The glory of the light is in all of us.

  21. Go and enter your chambers.

  22. Hide yourself for a moment until the wrath has passed.

  23. Go forth from your place and look into the wickedness of the inhabitants of the earth.

  24. There shall be bloodshed on it and we can no longer conceal our warlike attributes.


  1. The day will come when all will be punished by the one who created everything.

  2. On that day, every moment will count and any harm will cause those who cause harm to not make it to the light.

  3. No one will be angry, but they would march against the bad deeds done by others.

  4. If you hold fast so that which is good, there shall be peace in you.

  5. You shall sprout and then blossom and cover the world with your fruits.

  6. Do not do bad deeds to others, even if they have been bad deeds to you.

  7. Do not drive out or expel anyone and carry that burden with you rest your life.

  8. You shall be guilty and you shall remove that bad deed from your life forever.

  9. You will be abandoned and desolate forever.

  10. You shall come away from society and then you will not be able to understand people anymore.

  11. On that day you shall do good and you shall not have anything on your mind that is bad.

  12. On that day, all the peoples of the world will be utterly destroyed because of their wickedness.

  13. The majestic city with beautiful flowers in the fertile valley will be in the land of Eden.

  14. Destiny will come upon it like an onslaught of a tornado and like a flood of water.

  15. It will level the city to the ground.

  16. Of the people will trample away and their feet will leave the lands to waste.

  17. The glorious beauty will be like a fleeting dream.

  18. Whoever sees it will look in awe.

  19. The glorious crown will be nothing for the remnants of the people.

  20. Destiny is a spirit of judgment and is strength for those who turn back and battle it.


  1. These people also give in to the temptations of the world.

  2. They are confused, and they stagger, and they get wrong judgments.

  3. They are filthy and there is no place left clean in that city.

  4. They do not impart the knowledge or wisdom or convey any good messages they just sit there and do nothing.

  5. They do not command or rule.

  6. They will speak to their people in stammering lips and in strange language.

  7. This is not a place for the weak or for the weary.

  8. They refused to hear her so they are commanded again and they still do not listen.

  9. Destiny will rule over some and will destroy others.

  10. They will make a covenant with and make a pact with false gods.

  11. Destiny shall flow through them like a raging flood and will not reach those who are righteous for their cities are refuges and falsehood they have a hiding place.

  12. They are laying a stone in the city of Zion and it is a sure foundation from which their faith will not waiver.

  13. They will make judgment a measuring line injustice level.

  14. Their covenants and pacts with the false gods shall be cancelled.

  15. They shall conquer the raging waters of destiny.

  16. It will not see you and it will pass you day by day.

  17. It will impart a message.

  18. It will pass you by as you rise up to carry out your work.

  19. You will conquer destruction through the conquering of your own suffering.

  20. Pay attention and hear these words.


  1. The farmer prepares his fields for crops long before the first plant goes in.

  2. The process is long and hard but the rewards are great.

  3. He has been instructed these rules through his wisdom.

  4. He is also imparted knowledge from farmers of the past.

  5. It is a cycle that everyone goes through and everything goes through.

  6. The counsel and wisdom of others are great and going through your own life.

  7. Day will follow day and feast will follow feast.

  8. There will not be mourning in this land today.

  9. Although the enemies rise up against them, they will overcome.

  10. Their words will come and they will not have to shed blood this day.

  11. The arrogant people are turned to dust.

  12. They shall be visited by wisdom and they shall gain wisdom as a result.

  13. They shall have a vision where they lose the battle and they will choose to not fight.

  14. Your dreams will affect your outcome.

  15. Do not go into battle knowing that you will lose.


  1. When you are blind, do not lead the blind.

  2. If you are drunk, do not lead at all.

  3. You will be shut out from your world and you are who you are and you not survive the deep sleep.

  4. You shall come upon a sealed scroll and you will be handed the scroll but not be able to open it.

  5. People are not born to lead, but to follow.

  6. It does not matter who you are, you are capable of leading with the right intentions and skills.

  7. You shall deal with the people the best way you know how and you will lead them with the best intentions.

  8. The wise shall come and the prudent shall also come.

  9. You have a plan that is deep and rooted in your ethics.

  10. You shall persevere through adversity and you would get through the trials.


  1. In a while, things will change.

  2. Everything shall change eventually.

  3. You shall read from the scroll and you will rise out of the darkness.

  4. You shall find joy in the middle of the path to the light.

  5. Evil shall be cut off from you.

  6. You shall defend and comfort the people.

  7. You shall no longer be ashamed of who you are.

  8. When you see the work of your hands, you shall be sanctified and be held in great esteem.

  9. Those who desire in spirit will acquire understanding and instruction.


  1. The rebellious children will carry out the plan that is not destined and makes a land upon hands that are not inspired.

  2. They go without asking the counsel of the elders to seek strengthen the protection of those who are wicked.

  3. The protection shall be their shame and the refuge will shadow their disgrace.

  4. We will come in and find that you will send you messengers.

  5. You shall be ashamed and you shall gain nothing nor will you gain help, but only shame.

  6. Go to the distressed and troubled land and to a people who were good for nothing.

  7. The enemies help is futile in vain therefore I call out to you again.

  8. Now come and inscribe what you see on a scroll that in time to come it will become a witness.

  9. This is a rebellious people and those who refuse to listen to the elders.

  10. Who says to not seek those who are older, for they do not speak of truths that you can use in your modern day.

  11. Turn aside and get out of that path and you’ll hear no more of their deceitful lies.

  12. Because you reject the word and you put trust in the opposition and depend on it, you shall be destroyed.

  13. This distraction will be like at the sending rest and will crash down suddenly and imminent.

  14. Your life will be smashed and you will not be found among the fragments.

  15. For I will be waiting by the city and you will say, in the quietness, that you shall find these things, but you did not heed this warning the first time.

  16. You come to the pursuers and you will flee, but your pursuers will be very swift.

  17. You will tremble at the front of one and you will flee after the enemies, and you will come back to those you rejected.


  1. I am waiting to be gracious to you and I will show you mercy, for you shall receive justice.

  2. You will no longer weep and you will be most gracious when you cry out.

  3. You will be given blood, and adversity, and beating, and affliction, and you will no longer be hidden from the great teachers.

  4. Now you shall hear that there is a way and you will walk in it, and you will reach the light.

  5. You shall throw away all the old ways that you thought you knew were true, and you will come and follow the new way to the light.

  6. You will be given your path as long as you are there to initiate it, and you will have a rich and abundant life until the day you die.

  7. You shall come to rely on others and you and you shall come to know and love yourselves and others.

  8. You will come to conquer all that which has afflicted you in the past and the sorrow of your past will fall behind you.

  9. The light of your death will be greater than the light of the sun and the light of the moon, and it will be like the light of the days of the beginning and the end.


  1. Trust will come to you burning with anger and with lips filled with fury and a tongue like a consuming fire.

  2. It will come up and overflow upon you and it will leave your entire nation destroyed.

  3. Even if your whole life comes tumbling down, you shall have joined with your heart and you will march along towards a better day.

  4. Your glorious voice will be heard and the raging fury and consuming fire will be doused.

  5. Your enemies will be shattered and will be stricken with your rod of joy.

  6. They will be accompanied by hardships of their own, hardships that they will not be able to overcome.

  7. Truly your life is prepared for a king who will come to complete your entire life, and that is what the spirit is within your soul.

  8. Those who go to their enemies for help and rely on them because there is no one else who can say that but they did not look into their hearts and into their own people.

  9. The wise one will predict disasters, but the people not turn from their own threats and they will become wicked like their enemies.

  10. You should not rely on other humans, but you should rely on your own spirits and the guidance which they bring to everyone’s lives.

  11. You should always listen to your elders because you will be able to assemble against your enemies with greater knowledge of days gone by and the great leader will come down and lead the march onwards.

  12. You shall be shielded from the wrath of your enemies and you will be spared and rescued.

  13. Return to the ones that you have deserted.

  14. On that day, you shall reject the old ways and embrace new.

  15. Your enemies will fall by a sword which is not wielded by a human being and they shall flee.

  16. They shall go and panic they will stand in tears at the site of the glory of all nations.


  1. A king will rule justly and princes will rule right.

  2. Each of them will be like a shelter and refuge to the people who they protect.

  3. Their eyes will not be closed and their spirit will be able to hear the pleads of their people.

  4. The hasty will take thoughts and no and the tongues of those who stutter will be clear.

  5. The deceiver will never be called honorable enough and will not be called noble.

  6. The fool speaks of evil and godless actions and ignore those who need help.

  7. Their deceits are evil and plan devious things to ruin the lives of the poor.

  8. The noble do noble things and persists in those things.

  9. Two women, rise up and hear the voice and give me to these words.

  10. Your confidence may be shaken and your vintage will fail and you may not see the end of the dark road.

  11. Those who are complacent will tremble and those who are confident will shutter.

  12. Bring yourself together and go against those who oppress you.

  13. Cleanse the world of all the evil deeds and do not be the source of laughs for men.

  14. The men will be forsaken by you but they can also be strengthened by you.

  15. The wilderness is tamed by men and will become gardens.

  16. Then judgment will dwell in the wilderness and justice will be in the gardens.

  17. The gardens will be at peace and they will be calm forever.

  18. They will live in a peaceful place.

  19. The forest will come down and the cities will be laid.

  20. Happy are those who tend to the gardens and may their life be free.


  1. The destroyer that was never destroyed and the betrayer that was never betrayed, when you stop doing these things, then these things will happen to you.

  2. We have our foundation is our strength that our salvation in our times of trouble.

  3. Nations are scattered when the glory rises and majesty.

  4. The spoils will come as the parasite leaves.

  5. The throne of Zion is right and just.

  6. Wealth, and salvation, and wisdom, and knowledge comes from it and it alone.

  7. Those who are wicked will cry out in the street and weep.

  8. No one gives thoughts to all that are lost in the world and all the covenants that are broken.

  9. The countryside languishes in weeping for everything is stripped.

  10. Zion will rise up and the lift itself from the ashes and into the glory.

  11. The spirit that comes from the heavens will not hinder your life.

  12. The people on the outside will be cut down and their spirits will shine forth.

  13. Acknowledge your spirit, for one it is far off, then it is near you.

  14. Sinners are dreadful because they live without the spirit and they cannot live that in the glory of Zion.

  15. Whoever is righteous and honest will get the blessings that come to them.

  16. The ones who are righteous will dwell in the heavens and they will have a strong foundation and their blessings will come to them.

  17. You will look upon a vast land and you will see the world for what it is.

  18. You will not dwell in care for you will not succumb to the sufferings of the world.

  19. He will no longer be the finance and you will no longer be lost in the world.

  20. Look to Zion and look to the foundation that is sits upon.

  21. The majesty of it is here for us and no evil person can pass through the gates.

  22. The people have judged us and have given us laws and are the kings, but they will not be the ones to save us.

  23. One who does not have a strong foundation cannot save them well enough and they must seek a foundation in order to be successful in conquering their sufferings.

  24. Everyone who dwells in the city of Zion will be forgiven of all the guilt they have.


  1. Come and listen to me all the nations of the earth.

  2. The world is full of the maintenance of evil and has oppressed all the people.

  3. They will be utterly destroyed and the coming of the new societies.

  4. Their governments will rot and their societies shall be stripped away and the winds of change shall come.

  5. The people will come down and cast judgment upon those who rule them.

  6. The pieties have been plagued enough with the games that government play and they will stand no more of it.

  7. The people will strike down those who have everything and the streets will be soaked in corruption.

  8. This is the day of vengeance in the day that Zion comes down.

  9. Everything that was of the old way shall burn and give weight to the new.

  10. From generation to generation, the failures will be remembered and it will never happen again.

  11. Those who dwell in wisdom will see it coming in will prepare them against it so that they may become the kingdom of truth.

  12. There shall be no war, and the King shall be no more, and the princes shall be no more.

  13. Everything that symbolizes the old shall be laid in ruin.

  14. There will be anarchy for a short while until the new societies come and establish for them a new age.

  15. Wisdom shall take root and all of those who represent the commanders and will assemble.

  16. Search out and read that all of the enlightened people have predicted this would happen.

  17. He who has wisdom will possess it forever and dwell in the word from generation to generation.


  1. The wilderness is the place where the city shall rise.

  2. It will become abundant in the glory that is has been given and the splendor that it has received.

  3. The hands who built it will be strengthened and the foundations that were weak will become strong.

  4. Those who are fearful will no longer be here, for they will spring forth like the city they have built.

  5. All of those who were blinded from the way shall see and all of those who were deaf to the word shall have their ears opened.

  6. It will start as a small light and then the light will get bigger until it encompasses all the world.

  7. That which was once wilderness will now become oases of greenery.

  8. All roads shall lead to it and no one who is unclean may pass over it.

  9. Nothing shall hinder the path of those who are righteous in the city.

  10. And they shall return to the city singing and they shall be crowned with delights and gladness.


  1. The King will go against the cities of righteousness and capture them.

  2. They will stop at the entrance of the palace and proclaim to be gods.

  3. The King was not to be trusted in the lands that which have been conquered.

  4. Even though the King was mighty in war, his trust was weak.

  5. Those who place their trust in those people will not live very long.

  6. Those who trust in high places will last forever.

  7. The King will go up and destroy more lands, but the trust will still not be given.

  8. Do not try to speak in the language of the people which you have conquered, for they will never trust you.

  9. Those who put their trust in you will be destroyed because they will fault you.

  10. Listen to the words which I am speaking to you, oh great king.

  11. Do not let the people deceive you for they cannot be trusted by you and you cannot be trusted by them.

  12. Unless you rule them justly, you cannot gain their trust at all.

  13. Make peace with those people that you take over and give them what they want and let them rule their own localities.

  14. And they will be like a branch to your tree if you treat them right and you will have an abundant garden forever and ever.

  15. None of the gods of the nations rescued the land from the power of the King.

  16. The gods were not there because the gods did not protect them and because it was not part of the destiny.

  17. Do not answer to the people who are stubborn and always go back to the place where they grew.

  18. Report the words of their people to the commander so that they do not rebel against you.


  1. I shall throw everything I have to come and prostrate myself before the higher power.

  2. I should heed the words that humanity has brought forth and has sent to the word which is living in truth.

  3. Do not be frightened with the words that you have heard is to meet those that I once held as my servant.

  4. I am putting you down and spirit so that you will not return and so that you will fall by the sword of my hand.

  5. When the commander returns, the commander will go out and fight against you, but I will tell them to stop.

  6. They have been deceived by their gods and their god’s love told them to do these things in the name of them.

  7. These gods will not deliver them from the depths which they have come down to, for their lives are in ruin.

  8. The letter from the land of the heavens will be sent in red, so that all kings may come to know the decree of that which is the creator of the entire universe.

  9. Oh great creator, the creator of all the universe, the creator of all the earth, the one who has created the heavens and the earth, my spirit will pour out to you.

  10. Open your eyes and see and hear the words being spoken for these words have been sent to help one another.

  11. Lay to waste all of these nations so that they can blasphemy no more.

  12. Send their false gods into the depths for they were not gods at all but the works of human intuition.

  13. Save us from the power of man so that all the kingdoms may know that they are the same as one another.

  14. Listen to the words being spoken so that you can take heed to these.

  15. The land of Zion will despise those nations around those nations.

  16. The nations that insult one another and blasphemy will not be raised up into the holy land of Zion.

  17. The mouths of these messengers will send up the armies and they will come down and conquer all that you may come to know the truth and so that the truth can set you free.

  18. You can dwell in the caves and try to hide in them, but you will not escape the wrath of those that you cause suffering through.

  19. This has been planned from the beginning so that now it can be brought about and so that the power structures can be reduced through this new commandment.

  20. These people are powerless in the face of evil but the power of the spirit will never be succumbed by evil.

  21. Your spirit knows everything you do, so do not go against it.

  22. Because you go against your spirit, your ego will get the best of you.

  23. This is a sign for you, so that there is strength in yourself and next year you can grow yourself.

  24. The remaining people who will try to strike you down will be stricken down themselves.

  25. Those who are righteous will survive and they will bring forth a new society.

  26. No one will be comforted as the armies rise up to devour each other.

  27. Those who are left behind are the ones that are righteous.

  28. The land of Zion never falls when the wicked ones reached the city.

  29. The city will be shielded by the truth and righteousness.

  30. All of those who were evil will be stricken down dead.

  31. All of those who remain will return home and live out the rest of their lives and suffering.

  32. Those who worship false gods and are under the control of man will suffer for the rest of their lives.


  1. Put yourself in order for you are about to die in never recover.

  2. Conduct yourself in the presence of others into what is good in the sight of others.

  3. I will not hear your prayers and I will not see your tears.

  4. I am the shielded to the city of Zion.

  5. Take this sign for this is the sign of the things to come.

  6. Ten shall appear, and those ten will embody the seven, and seven will embody the one, and no one will embody the three.

  7. Recover from the illness is the sufferings of which he reads you.

  8. You will be confided to live out a good life for the rest of your years.

  9. You shall never look at a mere mortal that dwells in the world.

  10. Your foundation will be swept away from you and from the very end you will cling to it.

  11. You will grow weary and you will become overwhelmed by the things of this world.

  12. You will have done this to yourself and the bitterness of your soul has caused those who love you the most to flee from you.

  13. Your spirit will come back and your life will be restored.

  14. You will have peace in the place of all the bitterness and your life will be saved from the pit.

  15. Nothing can save you, not even death, and you will go into the pit.

  16. Give thanks to all of those who have helped you on your journey through life and never forget the wisdom they have provided to you.

  17. Your spirit is here to save you for all the days of your life.

  18. Recover yourself from the life of suffering so that you may suffer no more.

  19. You will be good until the day of your last breath.


  1. You will have been sick but you will recover from your life sufferings.

  2. Everything that is upon the earth will wither away, but the wording your soul will remain forever.

  3. Things from your life that are good will come to you from distant lands and from distant beginnings.

  4. There is nothing that you have in your possession that will be with you when you die.

  5. Here the word that is been said for the word is truly good.

  6. Everything your ancestors has given you to this day he will be with you until you die, then nothing will be left.

  7. Some of your descendants will take the words of advice you have provided, but they will not remember you bodily.

  8. There will be peace in your lifetime and stability in the word, for the word which had been spoken will conquer all.

  9. I give comfort to the people of the world.

  10. I speak to the hearts of the people when I say that your guilt is no more and that your suffering can be conquered, and you will not suffer anymore.

  11. In the wilderness, the city of Zion will proclaim it and it will rule throughout the world.

  12. Everything will be made equal and everything that is rough will be smooth again.

  13. Everyone will be together as they see the new Kingdom coming.

  14. Proclaim it, for the entire world will go back to the scene of Eden.

  15. Everything will pass away, but the world will remain forever.

  16. Everything will pass away with time, but the word will remain forever.

  17. Go up and cry out of the news that you can receive your salvation through your spirit and through finding your inner spirit.

  18. The word is powerful and brings with it a strong arm and a reward for those who believe in the truth.

  19. It will feed the people with knowledge and wisdom and carry them away to a better life without suffering.


  1. Everything that is measured in the world is but a small fraction of what is out there.

  2. Everything in the world is directed by the highest power of them all.

  3. It was wise to gain knowledge and go through the path of salvation through beings who were enlightened.

  4. Your life is but a mere drop in the great bucket of the cycle of life.

  5. The things of the world will not suffice once you die.

  6. All the nations did not exist at the beginning and none of these nations will exist at the end.

  7. You cannot confront the creator for the creator is in a different dwelling place.

  8. People make for themselves false gods in order to attempt to explain the mystery of the world.

  9. The ones who know the truth will distort the truth from the ones not know the truth and they will never know the truth.

  10. You did not hear what was told in the beginning and you did not understand the foundation of the earth.

  11. The mighty hand of the truth will come out to all the inhabitants of the world and stretch them out so they have a foundation on which to build their entire life.

  12. The truth will be proclaimed by princes as it will by peasants.

  13. Scarcely is it for their own sake, but for the sake of all others that they know of the truth.

  14. All humanity is equal under the eyes of the Almighty Creator.

  15. The strength and power that was created is not missing and looked up in awe at the creation that has been born.

  16. The way to the old heavens was hidden from all of you and it was disregarded behind dogmas and rituals and superstitions.

  17. Did you not know that the creator dwells in the heavens and in the earth and in all of us.

  18. The knowledge of this power is beyond sanctity, and you will not faint or grow weary.

  19. Power will be given to those who think and strength will be given to those who are weak.

  20. Whoever does not have this will stumble and fall.

  21. They then hope in the truth and will have their strength renewed; and they will soar on wings of eagles and they will run and not grow weary, and they will walk but will not faint.


  1. Let the nations have their strength renewed under me and let them draw near so that they can come for judgment.

  2. The one who has garnered up the strength to deliver all the nation and reduces all things to dust at the end of time, and it has come.

  3. He pursues all people and does not suffer on the path of the earth.

  4. These deeds were performed from that which was from the beginning.

  5. All of the earth will tremble at the site of what has been created.

  6. Everyone will help one another encouraging honesty.

  7. Everyone will encourage one another for the sake of the evolution of the human mind.

  8. Some people have been chosen to bring the truth power from the gap of untruth.

  9. They have been taken from the ends of the earth and summoned from far-off places and they were chosen and rejected.

  10. They were strengthened by the truth and were helped by the truth and they will become victorious because of the truth.

  11. All the rest of the people who think they have the truth will be put to shame and their anger will go against them and they will suffer because of that arrogance.

  12. They will see forever but will not find and they shall know nothing.

  13. The ones who do not fear the truth will be helped by the truth.

  14. They will regain the world and they will help those who want to know the truth.

  15. All of those who will embrace the truth will become renewed and they will crush all obstacles before them.

  16. The ones who go against them will be scattered but they will rejoice in the truth and they will be held in glory.

  17. Those who suffer will seek deliverance from the truth and they will find deliverance from the truth and they will not be forsaken.

  18. Everything will be opened up to them and all that was once an obstacle to them will become an opportunity to learn.

  19. In the wilderness, everything that is wild will be made into beautiful gardens.

  20. All may see and know and observe and understand that it was the creation of a higher power.

  21. Those who go against its will see the arguments and will present the arguments.

  22. They will come and tell us what is to happen and they will tell us what happened long ago so that we may reflect and believe in them.

  23. They will tell us what is in the future so that they can be made Gods and they will do something that will put us in on fear.

  24. You are not saying your work will be for nothing to those who choose to reject the truth.

  25. Everyone will be summoned and they will destroy one another.

  26. The truth that was at the beginning may know them before hand they will know that it will happen and no one will have foretold of this.

  27. The good news will be given to the land of Zion.

  28. When you look there is no one left and no one left to give counsel to those who needed.

  29. All of those who claim to have the truth or nothing and their works are for nothing and their gods are empty idols.


  1. The enlightened one is the servant who was uphold it by the Creator of the heavens and the earth and the spirit of that creator will be poured out upon them.

  2. The one who brings forth the truth will not cry or make their voice heard in the streets.

  3. They will not do amazing things in the name of their gods which they serve.

  4. The enlightened ones will not grow dim or die until justice has been established on the earth.

  5. This is what the creator has said from the beginning to spread forth upon the earth and produce for those who do good to the people.

  6. They will be called to do justice and they will set forth the covenant with all the people and become a light for nations around the world.

  7. The eyes of the blind will be opened and those who live in the darkness will see the light.

  8. Glory will be given to no other person and praise will be given to no idolatrous gods.

  9. The earlier things have come and passed and the new ones will be declared and before they spring forth, they will be endowed to you.


  1. Sing a new song from sea to sea and to the ends of the earth to those who dwell in the truth.

  2. Let the cities in the wilderness cry out so that they may become connected and lead those who have the truth shout from the mountain tops.

  3. Let them give glory to what is the truth.

  4. The truth will go forth like a warrior to all the nations so that all the enemies will be shown the might of the truth.

  5. Nothing was done for a long time and now the truth cries out for reason the come back to this impoverished world.

  6. Everything will be laid waste if the truth does not get out, and everything that was good for all will be in dry weather.

  7. The blind will be led so that they do not know the path and they do not know where they are guided.

  8. The darkness will be turned into the light before them and their ways will become straight.

  9. They will turn back in utter shame to those who trust in false gods.

  10. The ones who are deaf, listen, the ones who are blind, see.

  11. The enlightened ones are not blind or deaf because they will restore those who were blind and deaf.

  12. People see many things, and do not observe, and they have their ears open, but do not hear the words.

  13. Great things will be taught and they’ll be glorious upon all nations.

  14. They will be taught to the people who have plundered themselves and the people who have trapped themselves in holes and they will be rescued.

  15. Someone among them will hear this and will pay attention and listen.

  16. Most will not heed the teachings and they will refuse to walk in the ways of the truth.

  17. They will be full of anger and fury and their suffering blazes around them, and it burns them for they did not take the truth into their hearts.


  1. Do not fear, for you will be regained and your spirit will be in you as you are in your spirit.

  2. You will not be swept away by the world and you will not be consumed by the flames.

  3. Your spirit will do anything to save you and so you should abide by its promptings.

  4. Because you are precious, you are honored in love and your spirit would be willing to do anything to say your light.

  5. Fear not, for your spirit will always be with you.

  6. Your spirit will not give up on you your spirit will not hold you back but your spirit will save you from doing things you will regret.

  7. All of those who call their spirit will be called the greater glory.

  8. Those who have the truth will lead the blind people so that they may see and the deaf so that they may hear.

  9. Let all the people gathered together so that they may realize that they are one and the same.

  10. Witness to one another so that everyone can be strengthened for the greater evolution of humanity.

  11. Before the beginning there was nothing and after the end there shall be nothing.

  12. There is no one you should listen to but your spirit.

  13. Your spirit will witness to you towards your ancestors and the Almighty Creator at the end.

  14. You will be witnesses to one another so that no strange gods may be worshiped any longer.

  15. From eternity to eternity, the universe will go on.

  16. Your spirit will send you away from evil and bring you to all that is good.

  17. The creator is the one who manifested the heavens and the earth and brought forth people to teach others of the truth.

  18. The nature of the universe will open doors and forge paths so that you may we see greater knowledge.

  19. Those who do not accept the truth will die not knowing the truth and will not light.

  20. Do not remember that which was in the past, but forgive and forget and move on.

  21. I will make a way for you in the path of the wilderness that you may come to know the light.

  22. All things were created in the beginning and all things evolve from things that were in the beginning.

  23. Humanity was formed for the special purpose.

  24. Do not grow weary of that which came before you and that which will come after.

  25. Do not bring forth sacrifices and give praise and worship of false gods, for that is not your purpose upon the face of the earth.

  26. Do not be burdened with your own sins but taking experience to learn and grow.

  27. You will be wiped out in the end and your bad deeds would be remembered no more if you do no good.

  28. Remember that you will be judged by humanity based on your works.

  29. Even though your ancestors have done bad things, you will not have to suffer through the same fate.

  30. All those who go against you will be scorned if you are good spirit.

  31. Hear me for I have chosen you.

  32. Do not fear the world, for when you were born to when you will die, you will be exposed to it.

  33. You shall pour out your spirit upon the world and bring blessings to all those lives that you touch.

  34. You shall spring forth and spread your spirit upon the face of the earth.

  35. You shall receive my name in your legacy will be secure at the end of your life.


  1. I am the first in the last and the Almighty creator of all.

  2. Though god can stand up for me, I can foretell of your destiny to come.

  3. There is no other foundation upon which your life will be built but your spirit which I created.

  4. All false gods they pray to and worship to will not help them, for I am the one who created them.

  5. Those gods are of no use to them, so why waste your time worshiping them? They are created by man along with the doctrine that dwells within them.

  6. They shape the religion around these gods for the control of the humans who have no knowledge of the truth.

  7. They will stretch forth their hand upon the face of the Earth in the name of all gods, but it is merely a copy of the one before it.

  8. People will die in the name of this God and they will live their life in the name of their God.

  9. Their God is useless because their God will not answer them when they need their God the most.

  10. They will never come to know of the truth because the truth is not found in the systems that were established by the men who created this God.

  11. They make stories and stories about Gods and they prayed to that God.

  12. They do not know why and they do not understand the origins of what they believe in.

  13. They do not think clearly and they don’t have the knowledge to question the existence of this God.

  14. They have been led astray, thinking that they cannot save themselves.

  15. Remember that you do not know that which had created you in the beginning.

  16. You do not know how you will be reborn and you do not know what will come after you die.

  17. Rise up and question what you believe in so that you may come to a fuller understanding of the truth as it applies to you.


  1. I am the creator, the creator of all things and the one who dwells in the heavens.

  2. I bring forth everything to make wise men from foolish people.

  3. I carry out my plan of salvation to all through the truth that I have learned from the enlightened ones.

  4. I go against the established order through my enlightened thinkers so that the truth may be restored.

  5. I will lay the foundations to rebuild that truth through the prophet which I have sent forth to the earth.

  6. You will rule over the Kings of their power through the revolutionary struggle which you are about to tell of.

  7. You will come before the great Temple that has been built and open the doors for all to see.

  8. You will receive the treasures of light and the darkness of the Earth shall come to know of the light so that you should know the true power of the creator.

  9. You do not know me, but you will know the truth which I have sent forth through my enlightened thinkers from age to age.

  10. There is no truth besides the truth and, though you may not know all of my true nature, you will know that I am the embodiment of the truth.

  11. From the rising of the sun to the setting of the sun you will know the true nature of the light.

  12. All things were created through the creator and everything is caused through the guidance of the spirit.

  13. Let salvation come forth from the Temple into the world so that the entire world can live righteously.

  14. Anyone who contends with this truth will be in the darkness for the rest of their days.

  15. Woe to anyone who questions the nature of the truth for the truth is found in everything and anything.

  16. Everything comes forth by the hands of others who live righteously and generously, so do not question their generous actions.

  17. Before you are here, the Earth was here, and after you leave, the Earth will continue to be here for the rest of time.

  18. You shall live in justice and righteousness so that your posterity in your society can live a better life.

  19. Everything gained on the Earth will not be with you at the end of your time.

  20. There is nothing greater than the process of living and dying for it guides all humanity from all ages.

  21. The true nature of the creator is hidden from you, but you can come to know it by experiencing the light.

  22. Everyone who denies the truth will be put to shame and disgraced.

  23. Anyone who dwells in the truth will never be put to shame or disgraced.

  24. The creator of the world set forth the processes by which the laws of the universe were established and by which the laws of nature were establish.

  25. You cannot find the light in the emptiness of the world, but only by accepting the world for what it is.

  26. Come and gather together all of those who do not have the knowledge of the light to teach them of the light.

  27. There is nothing higher than the truth, and the truth trumps all religions and cults.

  28. Turn to your spirit and you will be safe from all the things that cause the world so much suffering.

  29. Be true to yourself up until your last breath so that you will not deny your life.

  30. Shame will come against those who denies the reality of the world and the reality of the truth.

  31. You will be in the glory forever with the truth and the light.


  1. The idols of the false gods are upon the shoulders of all of humanity.

  2. The people who worshiped them claim to have been delivered by them.

  3. Hear me, for when you came out to you were not indoctrinated into the fold of the system.

  4. Even with your old age, you will have been beaten down and indoctrinated into the system.

  5. You cannot compare any of these systems to what the truth truly is.

  6. Those who know the truth will set up lies and the priests will have all the gold upon them, and in return they give you a false god to worship.

  7. They lift this false god onto their shoulders and they move it from place to place, spreading it around the world.

  8. Remember this, and be true to your heart so that your heart may not be indoctrinated into the religions.

  9. Remember in the past, the gods that are now worshipped were not there.

  10. At the beginning, the word was there and the word had talked of the truth.

  11. I summon my enlightened thinkers from every walk of life and from every nation to carry out the plan to expose the truth.

  12. Listen to me so that you may be delivered into justice.

  13. The victory of the truth is not far away, and you will receive salvation through your own path that you alone will take.


  1. Come down and sit in the dust at the foot of the throne of the prophet who is to come at the end of the age.

  2. Remove your veil and look at world for what it truly is.

  3. Your innocence will be uncovered and you will see the world in the suffering of the world.

  4. You will be redeemed by the prophet whom is to bring forth the truth at the end of this age.

  5. Go into the darkness and bring forth the light into that darkness so that you will become exalted forever the people in this society are angry and they have been given the power over the society so that you will be shown no mercy.

  6. You do not take all these things at heart and you will not reap the blessings that you worked so hard for.

  7. Now say with your heart, I am my own redeemer and no one else, including I, will never succumb to the suffering of the world again.

  8. The virtues shall come upon you so that you may have the strength and power to conquer that which causes you to suffer.

  9. Your wisdom and knowledge of the truth will never lead you astray.

  10. If evil comes upon you, you will be able to turn it away so that you will not fall into a room in which you can never imagine.

  11. You will prevail in the world because of the good works and the virtues which you have come to love and embrace in your life.

  12. You will never wear yourself out and you will never succumb to the sufferings of the world.

  13. Those who do not have the truth can never deliver themselves from the evil of the world and their suffering will consume them.

  14. Those who do not have the truth will wander in the ways of others so that they can be one under a false God.


  1. Read this so you can know of the truth and the truth that will be able to set you free from the sufferings of the world.

  2. Through this knowledge of the truth, you will be able to rise above that which influences others.

  3. The truth was declared in the past and went forth by them out but be enlightened beings.

  4. Because people were stubborn, they did not embrace this truth and those who did have the truth hid it underneath the guise of belief systems.

  5. The truth was declared before you were formed in the world and you learned what the truth was by means of the belief systems.

  6. Now that you have heard this message, look at your beliefs now for new things will come to life for you and you will have a deeper understanding of the true meaning of all which you believe.

  7. You cannot claim to know the truth if you did not hear of the truth to this day.

  8. You have not heard and you have never known and this will be a great revelations you.

  9. Do not be angry for even those who taught you of these belief systems do not know of the truth.

  10. The truth does not stray from what you have been taught, but relief comes so that you may come to a deeper understanding of it.

  11. Do this for your own sake so that you do not have to succumb to the falseness which has been placed upon you.

  12. Listen to the truth for it is been here before you and it will be hereafter you.

  13. This is the foundation of the Earth and this is what is spread throughout the heavens.

  14. Assemble yourselves and listen so that you do not have to succumb to authority for your eternal soul.

  15. I have some and the enlightened being so that they may manifest this truth to all souls.

  16. Come near and hear this, for the truth has been kept a secret from you but now it is exposed for all the world to hear.

  17. You will prevail in the world and you will know what you’re destiny through this truth.

  18. Peace will come upon you and the virtues which you gain will conquer all that which causes you suffering and world.

  19. Your descendants and offspring will reap the benefit of the labor which you go through in your life.

  20. Go forth and flee from that which makes you unhappy so that you can be redeemed until the last day of your life.

  21. You will no longer have to see the knowledge or the knowledge will see you.

  22. There is no peace for those who try to lead you astray from the path which leads you to happiness.


  1. Hear me, for I was given a great thing on the day I was born.

  2. I was formed and raised and I was concealed from the world that was bad and a good one came to my mind.

  3. I will receive a share of the glory which I have given to the world.

  4. I thought that I labored in vain, but my laborers were blessed.

  5. I was honored at the sites of my blessings because I thank my spirit who was with me from the beginning and will be with me until the end.

  6. My spirit is my strength and my foundation.

  7. I was made a light to all the nations to restore the glory of the truth to the entire world.

  8. All the kings shall bow down to the truth and everyone shall be made equal underneath this new covenant.


  1. My spirit shall answer me and they will help me and it has warned me that being within the confines of blind faith was not what I was destined to do.

  2. Those who are in the darkness should come forth and show themselves, and the darkness will be the light.

  3. They shall not hunger or thirst and they will be guided to the spring of life from which they can partake of the purification.

  4. Your entire world will be made smooth and level so that your life can be lived to the fullest.

  5. Everyone shall come from afar to see you and see your restoration.

  6. The heavens and the earth shall rejoice and come work because you have come into the light.

  7. You have not been forsaken and you have not been forgotten.

  8. No one will forget anyone on the face of this planet.

  9. You will be engraved in your hands for you have been ordained to achieve the destiny of your own.

  10. All of your offspring shall come forth from you with the same righteousness that you shall produce.

  11. They are all gathering and coming towards you and you shall be comparable one to bring salvation to all of mankind.

  12. Though you are raised in the lands of desolation, you will be swallowed up into the world and shall rise forth from this world again.

  13. The children who you speak to shall one day do what you have said and hear what you have heard.

  14. You have been left all alone by your generation, but the generation of the young people shall rise up and exactly you have refused to accept.

  15. The hand of the prophet will be lifted to all nations and all of the sons and daughters of this generation shall rise up and make an impact of their own.

  16. All of those who are richer than you shall become like you and you all shall become equal in the face of the heavens.

  17. You were held captive but you were rescued from your tyrants.

  18. Those who oppose you will be opposed and those who captured you will be taken captive.

  19. Those who oppress you will be oppressed and all shall know that you have become the generation that has brought forth the future.


  1. Those who rebel against you will be dismissed from what the world was because of their sins that they have not been forgiven of.

  2. No one will answer when you call because you have no strength to deliver yourself.

  3. You shall be lost in the wilderness that you succumb to the sufferings of this world.

  4. You will be clothed in black and you’ll starve in the wilderness until the beasts of the forest come to devour you.

  5. The spirit shall come to you so that you may answer the call when you are given the call.

  6. Your ears will be opened and your eyes shall be able to see the truth in fullness and everlasting glory.

  7. Your spirit shall be your help and you will not be put to shame.

  8. With your spirit as your help, you will not be considered guilty.

  9. If you have the gifts of the spirit, then whoever walks in darkness shall see the light within you.

  10. The flame of your spirit will be kindled and you will see your fate before you.


  1. As to those who pursue righteousness.

  2. Look to the ancestors who were righteous and have strong foundations.

  3. The ones who have the strong foundations will find comfort and will be blessed.

  4. Be attentive, for the truth shall come forth from the ones who are enlightened and then judgment will come to those who find the light.

  5. Victory will come swiftly to those who have found salvation and they will be the judges of all the nations.

  6. Look to the heavens and then look to the Earth below and you will see the suffering that the world has.

  7. Hear those who fight for justice so that you can know the teachings that they have taught.

  8. The salvation of men shall come to every generation and their works will be known forever.

  9. Put on the strength of your spirit which has been established in ages long ago.

  10. You will have the strength to overcome anything by the spirit that burns within you.

  11. Those who are righteous will be crowned with everlasting joy and they will never face the sufferings of the world again.

  12. It is time to put the fear of death at rest for all mortals.

  13. Remember that you were made in the heavens and you shall return to the heavens no matter what your oppressor does to you on Earth.

  14. All of those who are captive will be released for they will not die and go into the pits of hell.

  15. You will know of the power of your spirit by the mighty works that you do in life.

  16. You have stretched out across the world because of your foundation that you have built with your spirit.


  1. Arise! O people of righteousness, where you shall go out into this world and bring wisdom.

  2. There is no one to guide them in no one to help them to reach the light.

  3. You will go into this world of misfortune and you will become desolate and isolated.

  4. You will live helpless like a child because you will not feel as the rest of the world does.

  5. You will become afflicted with the suffering of the world.

  6. This has been established at the beginning because the creators that humanity apart in order to achieve this goal.

  7. You will be put into the hands of those who are to oppress you so that you can learn to rise above them.

  8. Put on your strength old people of righteousness so that those who are not clean cannot take over your life.

  9. Shake off the dust because you are bogged down by and you must be set free.

  10. Nothing that has been given to you will not be redeemed.

  11. You have faced oppression before, but you will not succumb to the suffering like you did last time.

  12. Your suffering will not be made for every single day, a new thing is learned.

  13. The people shall know the name of the truth someday and they will come into righteousness for themselves.

  14. The world is a beautiful place, so you must go forth and announce the truth to all nations.

  15. Come in, for the world screams in agony for the truth to be revealed to them.

  16. Break out of the rulings and proclaim the truth to all people.

  17. All the ends of the earth shall see the salvation which you have set forth through the example of the ones who were enlightened before you.

  18. Depart without anything on you that is unclean and purify yourselves within the world of suffering.

  19. Go out in haste, for the entire world needs to hear this message which you are about to proclaim.

  20. You shall prosper and become greatly exalted with your works.

  21. You will think beyond that of the mortals and your appearance will be that beyond human beings.

  22. You will startle many people and they will stand speechless for no one has seen the truth that manifest in the life of those who are living.


  1. Who would believe what we have heard and what we have revealed the rest the world? We grew up in righteousness and rebutted the bad things on the Earth.

  2. We were avoided by mankind because they knew that we did not suffer or know of any pain.

  3. It was because of the pain we experience that we are able to teach of this truth.

  4. We were crushed for giving in to the sufferings of the world and we were healed by the wounds which we received.

  5. We had all gone astray and all followed our own way, but we came to the light because the journey.

  6. We were harshly treated but we did not open our mouths.

  7. We were silent before those that persecuted us.

  8. We were taken away and condemned by the world which saw us as suffering, but we do not suffer anymore after that day.

  9. We were among the wicked but we had done no wrong in our lives.

  10. We were crushed in pain because of the path we had taken.

  11. Everything will be accomplished through the prospect of the Angels.

  12. We will see the light because of our English and we justified the suffering of many people.

  13. Therefore, I will give my portion of the truth to those who need it the most.

  14. I will be accounted as a transgressor among those who suffer the most.

  15. I will share in their suffering.


  1. Be glad, for the entire Earth shall multiply in truth and righteousness.

  2. Bring others in who are less fortunate than you so that they may receive the truth of their own.

  3. You shall spread out throughout all nations and help everyone who comes for you.

  4. Do not be put to shame and discouraged, for you will never forget the memories which you place on Earth.

  5. You will redeem those that need you the most and you will help those that need you the most.

  6. You will be called back into the heavens at the end of your life and you will cast the entire world decide to come.

  7. You will be abandoned for a short time, but you will come back.

  8. You will have pity and you are willing to go into the world full of suffering for all the days of your life.

  9. This is what it was like in the beginning, where they humanity saw the world for what it was and went into the world full of suffering.

  10. Even though the earth cycles beyond your life, your legacy will never be shaken in the word of truth will never be taken away from years.

  11. Your foundation shall be laid in you will have a strong legacy upon which your posterity can be proud of.

  12. Your legacy will be made with precious jewels.

  13. Your generations after you shall have peace on the Earth.

  14. You will not fear oppression and you will not come near destruction.

  15. Whoever attacks you will attack you because of their jealousy.

  16. You will wreak havoc on those that try to destroy you and those that will try to destroy you will burn because of their own desires.

  17. Every single thing that comes against you will be destroyed, but will bring trials which you shall prove to be false.


  1. All who need something shall go to those who have what they need.

  2. Money is not the thing that is important, rather, it is the sharing of everything with everyone.

  3. Listen to this that you may have life and that you may bring others like the covenant which you had established were born.

  4. You will be made a leader among those who need you the most.

  5. You will be glorified by the nation that reveres you for your righteousness.

  6. You will become a beacon of hope and truth to those who need you the most.

  7. Those who are wicked will find the things of the world and will not share with those who do not have.

  8. You are all different, but you must all obey the same covenant which has been set forth before humanity began.

  9. The heavens are higher than the Earth and the thoughts of the heavens are higher than the land of the earth.

  10. Everything comes down from the heavens when you were born, and you shall return with your spirit into the heavens at your death.

  11. The word will come forth from the mouth of those who are enlightened and it will not return into the heavens without completely disappearing from the earth.

  12. Go forth enjoying peace, so that all the days of your life may be fulfilling to you.

  13. Everything that comes forth from you shall be lush and green and spread to all corners of the earth.


  1. Do what is just so that your salvation may be fulfilled.

  2. Happy is the one who is righteous and holds fast to the truth.

  3. You will not be excluded from those who will inherit the heavens at your death.

  4. Those who are righteous and hold fast to the covenant will immediately see the light.

  5. They will not be cut off from eternal salvation and they will have a legacy to leave upon the face of the Earth which is good.

  6. Those who are wicked must wait to be ministered to, but they too will inherit the place in the heavens.

  7. All of those who sacrifice in the name of the truth shall inherit the light in the heavens.

  8. This is a covenant that has been established for all people and all people will be gathered together in the heavens.

  9. All of those who suffer in the world will be lost in the wilderness and will be devoured in the forests.

  10. They are without knowledge and they are unable to do anything because they have succumbed to the suffering of the world.

  11. They will never know of the truth because they will have no understanding of it, and turn away from it because they have given in to the world.

  12. Every day will be like the last to those who suffer in the world.


  1. Those who are righteous have perished, but no one takes what they have said the heart because they do not understand.

  2. Those were taken away from evil and enter into peace will rest and not walk through the darkness of the world.

  3. Those who are wicked will draw near to those who are righteous.

  4. They will try and bring them down because they are deceitful.

  5. They do not understand the light of this world, even under those who have the truth, but do not realize they do.

  6. Those who are wicked will not receive their portion in the heavens and will not be appeased.

  7. They will go up and make their sacrifices, but their sacrifices and labor will be in vain.

  8. They spread out their symbols and they do everything right, but their hearts are not in the right place.

  9. They give everything they need to their kings, but they do not give to those who are less fortunate than they.

  10. Their journey will be hopeless unless they find the strength within themselves so that they are not weakened by the world.

  11. They must go against those they dread and fear the most, so that their lies to have no effect on them.

  12. Their justice and their works will be remembered, but they will not have a good legacy.

  13. They cried out false gods when they were weak and they receive nothing in return.

  14. Prepare the way for those who tried and succeeded in seeking the truth.

  15. The one who dwells forever is the one to revive the spirits of those who are lost.

  16. The breath of life will be given to those that seek and find the spirit.

  17. They will follow the way of their own hearts and it will fall back into wickedness if they do not recognize the suffering and their own life.

  18. Their ways are bad, but they can be healed.

  19. Words of comfort will come to them and he’s will fall upon their spirit.

  20. The wicked will come at them and will not stop.

  21. There is no peace for the wicked upon the face of the earth.


  1. Cry out and lift yourself up and proclaim to the world of the sins they have committed as a result of you.

  2. You desire to know the ways of the truth and you do what is just.

  3. You do not see the truth that has been laid out for you.

  4. Do not live your life with the wrong intentions.

  5. This shall be the day when you make the change from the ways of the world to the ways of the heavens.

  6. Choose to allow yourself to suffer for the sake of knowing the truth.

  7. Share all that you have with those who are less fortunate and do not turn your backs on your fellow man.

  8. Everyone shall break forth and you will be healed, for the glory of the light shall be with him you.

  9. You shall call and your spirit shall answer to remove the suffering of the world that drags you down.

  10. The light shall rise in the darkness and your gloom will be no more.

  11. Let your spirit guide you always and give you strength so that you can go forth into the world of suffering.

  12. You shall rebuild the foundation and you shall build it stronger than you have ever thought possible.

  13. Do not refrain from doing your labors, but always remember to rest.

  14. You will not be following in the right path if you do not take your rest.

  15. Number your days so that you can be renewed for the days to come.


  1. You are not ready to hear the plan for your salvation.

  2. It is the suffering that you face in the world and that you continue to suffer from that prevents you from seeing the light.

  3. You have been defiled and you have spoken falsely against other people.

  4. You have not face the truth and you have not convinced yourself of the suffering of this world.

  5. All of the sufferings that you face in life shall come back to bite you in the end.

  6. Those who are brought down by suffering can never bring themselves or others back up.

  7. They run to those who are evil and their thoughts are the thoughts of the wicked.

  8. They do not know the way of peace or truth and they have gone astray from the path to the light.

  9. This is why judgments come to you always and justice never comes.

  10. You will be blinded and those who are blind will lead you.

  11. Your salvation shall be far from you and your justice will not be there for you.

  12. Your bad deeds are many and the suffering that you face in the world shall be ever more numerous.

  13. You will deny the ways of the truth and continue down your path in this world.

  14. You will be judged for your deeds, so always remember that your moments of death, you will be judged.

  15. Those who are not righteous can never answer the heavens upon their death.


  1. There is no justice in your life, but your spirit will be here to help you.

  2. You finally saw that there was no one around to help you, but plenty around that will hurt you.

  3. Justice shall come to you in the nature of your spirit and you will suffer the greatest of all evils to see the light of which you so desired.

  4. Your foes will come to you, but you will overcome them.

  5. Those who have the gifts of the spirits shall be in the lights.

  6. Your inner Christ shall come to you as you read through here.

  7. Your covenant will be brought forth, the same covenants that you have made with all of humanity.

  8. All the generations after you shall know of your works and shall know of the conquering of your suffering.


  1. The glory of the light has dawned upon you.

  2. Darkness covers the Earth, but the light will fill you and it will be seen by many.

  3. People shall walk with you and experience the light for themselves on their journey towards the end of their days.

  4. The lights shall come to you and your eyes will be opened.

  5. Your heart will overflow with joy and delight that you give off shall be radiant towards all the world.

  6. Everyone will come to protect you from those who are evil and want to destroy you.

  7. Those who are evil shall gather against you, but they will never take away your glory.

  8. You shall fly above them like the clouds and see their wicked ways.

  9. All who wants to see the light will come from far and learn from you the ways to the light.


  1. The wrath of others may strike you down, but you shall rebuild yourself always.

  2. The nations shall come to you bearing their wealth, then your deeds shall never be close to your wisdom.

  3. The nations that do not respect you shall be utterly destroyed.

  4. The glory of the world shall come to you and bring you sanctuary and healing.

  5. Those who oppress you may join you, but they shall deify and glorify your teachings and make it into something that was never meant to be.

  6. You will never be forsaken as long as your pride is suppressed from generation to generation.

  7. You shall give the nations the milk of the truth and they shall know of the truth and come into the light.

  8. Justice shall come to you and all manner of goods things shall come to your temples.

  9. Violence and suffering will never be in the lands in which you dwell.


  1. No longer shall the light in the heavens give you the light.

  2. No longer will the light leave you, for the light will be with you forever.

  3. Everyone who learns from you will be just, and they, too, shall have the light with them.

  4. The smallest of movements create the largest of revolutions, and your movements will create a new generation and a revolution for all ages.


  1. The spirit is upon you because you have been anointed to bind up those who are broken.

  2. Announce your favor with the light and comfort all of those who mourn.

  3. Give them gladness instead of mourning and give them the spirit that can guide them for all eternity.


  1. Glory shall be shown for all nations.

  2. The ruins of the old will be rebuilt into the light of the world.

  3. Those were ones are strangers will be ready to help you.

  4. The wealth of the nations shall be in your hands.

  5. Those who go against you shall be put to shame.

  6. Justice is love, the wrongdoing is hated, and the covenant will be made for all generations.

  7. All generations shall be in the midst of this new covenant, and all who see them shall acknowledge them forever and ever.

  8. Rejoice in the one who has given you your salvation that has adorned you with the jewels of life.

  9. Roads shall go down like a foundation and gardens will spring forth and spread to all the nations.


  1. I will not be silent for the sake of my conscience.

  2. Nations shall behold the truth that I have set forth and I shall be called by a new name.

  3. I have been named glorious before the heavens.

  4. The world is desolate and the lands are forsaken, but the light of the truth is in glory and shall be revealed to the earth.

  5. Bind yourself forever to the truth and the truth shall return in setting you free.

  6. You will never be silent and you will never take rest and you have the truth inside of you.

  7. Do not give in, for the Earth is full of suffering and must hear of this light of the truth.

  8. You have sworn a covenant with all of humanity, and you shall now build this covenant by going into the world.

  9. You shall eat of the harvest of the light, and all of those who gather around you shall want a share of the light.

  10. Let them pass through the gates of righteousness so that they may seek the truth than their own lives.

  11. All the ends of the earth have heard of the truth and the reward shall be with all people forever and ever.

  12. They shall be regained and carry on their work and no one shall forsake them.

  13. You will be given great strength and then will be mighty enough to save others.

  14. Their garments shall be clothed in white when you come into the heavens.

  15. They will never be purged of the stain of the blood of others.

  16. Your heart is full of righteousness, for you have been reborn.

  17. You will be brought to victory and all of those who have stuck with you until the end shall carry on your work.

  18. You will never face the wrath of the world and your blood will never be spilled.


  1. Glorious deeds shall be recalled because of the goodness of the covenant which has been set for you.

  2. You will not become disloyal to the covenant which you have been promised to keep by the generations before you.

  3. Through every trial and temptation, you shall rise above this suffering world and you will be regained.

  4. Even though you shall be led astray, you will always come back into the fullness of the truth.

  5. Remember the days of the old and remember the mistakes that have been made.

  6. You shall be guided by your spirit and you will be made into an everlasting spirit upon your death.

  7. You will be guided to the depths of darkness and the go into the light of the heavens.

  8. You will be guided, thus you can lead the people so that you can be glorified in your legacy.

  9. You will look down on the heavens to the generations that come after you, and you shall share with their spirit the glory of your spirit.

  10. You will not hold back your mercy on your posterity that does not follow in your ways.

  11. You will redeem them, for they will eventually see the light again.

  12. Do not wander from the ways of this covenant, for you cannot escape.

  13. The wicked shall come into your place and you will be overtaken.

  14. You have not been a leader in your own life, but a follower.

  15. When your world crashes down, you will be known to your enemies who have made you tremble.

  16. You did not hope for the things that you had wanted.

  17. You have worked diligently, but you have succumbed to the things of the world and you have fallen.

  18. Being mindful of the ways of the truth so that you cannot give in to the sufferings.

  19. You have all become unclean, and now you must read team yourself for the sake of your posterity.

  20. The truth has been hidden from you, so you must read team yourself by finding it again.


  1. I shall now decree my final plea to the spirit which guides me.

  2. Do not remember the bad deeds which I have done, but the look upon me as a fellow man.

  3. The holy cities have become wildernesses and the lands given to us have been turned into desolation.

  4. Do not look upon our past, but look upon our future.

  5. Do not be silent towards us, for if we plead with you, may we be shown the way to the light.

  6. Your spirit shall respond to those who do not have and will be found by those who do not seek it.

  7. The truth shall go out into a world full of greed and that walk in the way that is not good.

  8. The truth will go out into the world that mocks those who are in the truth.

  9. The truth shall go out into the world which hides itself from the realities of the world.

  10. Those who come near to the truth will find the truth and they shall be set free by the truth.

  11. The truth has been there since the beginning and will stay until the very end.

  12. The crimes of the world will not be forgotten, so they must face terrible sufferings before they can experience the fullness of the light.


  1. Do not destroy the world, for there is good in it.

  2. Do not destroy all people where there are good people among them.

  3. Those who are good will bring forth offspring, which are good, and they shall possess the lands.

  4. Those who are evil shall bring forth offspring which are evil, but they will be brought into the truth by those who are good.

  5. Those who forsake the truth will forget the truth and will never find the truth.

  6. Your destiny shall be fulfilled even though you suffer from the greatest of temptations.

  7. You did everything that was evil and you did not recognize it.

  8. All of those who do not recognize the truth shall suffer in the world of temptations.

  9. Those who are in anguish and those who are in grief shall be comforted by those who are in the truth.

  10. Those who do not recognize the truth will never see the truth.

  11. The covenant is the covenant of truth, and it has been brought forth by the truth, and it will never be forgotten by those who know the truth.


  1. A new heaven and a new Earth shall be created.

  2. Be joyful and glad forever, for this creation shall bring all people into the light.

  3. Those who reside in the city of Zion will never suffer in the world.

  4. They will live above the world and those who live a fulfilling life shall reach the heavens.

  5. They shall labor and do good deeds throughout their life to advance humanity and society.

  6. They shall not work in vain, but they will see the rewards of their labors.

  7. They shall not labor in vain, but they will be remembered by their ancestors and their posterity for the good deeds in life.

  8. They will be called and they will be heard by all generations.

  9. Those who are wicked shall be turned to dust and nothing shall be remembered of them.

  10. The heavens and the earth are the throne and the dominion of the creator.

  11. All things were made in the beginning and nothing has been approved without the approval of this creator.

  12. Every single natural law that has been set forth has been created at the beginning by the creator.

  13. The truth was also created by the creator, and has been set forth to the Earth for all generations to follow it, in addition to all generations to follow.

  14. Here the word so that you may see joy in the suffering that the world has provided.

  15. You will not be cast away for making mistakes, for all people eventually find the light on their journey.

  16. Those who do bad deeds will never see the light until they have repented and sought the truth.


  1. The one who bears a child who is enlightened is blessed.

  2. Entire nations shall come forth by the one who is enlightened.

  3. At birth, the enlightened one is proclaimed by a star in the sky.

  4. Rejoice and be glad, for the enlightened one has come to the errors and has pointed the way for the three Kings.

  5. Drink and be satisfied for the spring of life has sprung forth.

  6. Prosperity shall come to these nations and those who are born in these nations shall be raised and righteousness.

  7. They shall be comforted and they shall find freedom in the land of liberty.

  8. The power shall be revealed to those who do not hear to the truth.

  9. Those who review the truth shall suffer in this world.

  10. Judgment shall be cast upon them and their sins will be weighed against them.

  11. Those who purify themselves and come to the truth will see the truth and the light.


  1. All nations shall be gathered at the end so that they may see the glory.

  2. A covenant has been placed upon all humanity so that all people could follow the same footsteps.

  3. All of those who do not see the truth shall be brought to the truth.

  4. All who seek the truth shall find the truth and they shall find the holiness that comes with living in the light.

  5. Some of these who have seen the truth will be enlightened to teach others of the truth.

  6. A new age shall be made and they shall endure until the end of this age.

  7. From age to age, all shall come and see the fruits of the age.

  8. Those of the old shall give way to those of the new and the new covenant shall adhere to all of the people of the Earth.