Book of Repentance

90: Man and Divine
The word came to me to send to the rest of the world. Wickedness has come before me and all the rest of the prophets of the world. The world has come against me because I did not think that the divine would find me in such a state of mind. The divine has sent a mighty wave against me and all the people that turned their backs on them. They are frightened. They hold to the things of the world. They will see their deaths. Which of these people will not repent and will perish? Let us come to the things of the world that really matter to us. Where do you come from? What business do you have on the earth? What do you belong to? I am who I am and I do what I do. How can the divine do such things? The sea is doing worse and worse and there is nothing that we can do about it. Send me straight into the waters of the deep. I will die, but I will come back. Even though it is stormy now, it will be calm later in life. Do not let me perish! Do not let me give in to the things of the world! Do not let me die! I will do what is asked of me! I will do what I can to save myself and my people! I will make a vow to save the people and the world for my sake.

91: Death, Conversion, and Rebirth
I died for three days and three nights. I went through the process of death and rebirth. Out of the distress of the world, I saw the light. I was cast into the deep and into the heart of blackness. The world will break me down and the world will banish me from their city of darkness. Out of this darkness, I will come into the light through the temple. I was swallowed up and I was brought down. I went to my roots and I saw the light through those roots. I will see the holiness of my temple and I will see the roots. I saw the worthlessness of the world and I hoped for mercy. I will be delivered from the world and I will see the light. I was brought into the light from that point on and I will come out as a better person.
The word came to me a second time and I will display this to the world. Announce it to the world through all the prophets who have been reborn. It took three days to do so, but I, and all people of the world, will come to the light and will accept things for what they are. Every journey in life begins with a single step. Within forty days, the world will change around you and you will be held in high esteem. This was delivered on a piece of paper to teach those who have not yet learned. When the kings of the world learn of this, they will rise up and do what they can to maintain their power. They will starve all the people, animals, and places of the earth so that the revolution will not come to them. They must turn from their violence and they will come to see the world in a new light. The divine is royal in wrath and it will not let the kings of the world win. When we turn from our evil way, we will repent and we will not succumb to the threats.
The prophets and the people will be angry at you at first for bringing this out. You will not be seen as the one who was kind. It might be better to die than it is to live in this world sometimes. What right do the people of the world have to be angry? When the people of the world grow up, they will see the light and they will not be uncomfortable. The darkness of the world will be withered away with the light. The divine wisdom of the world is the light and it proves that it is better to die than it is to live. The people of the world are right to be angry, but they are angry at the wrong people. They worship the people and the things that give nothing back to them. Your life can change in a single moment, but the world will not change unless the people of the world change.