When Ryan entered the LDS Church at the beginning of what is called his second part of the journey, he chose the Guardian Angel of Sardis as his companion. Soon afterwards he took others along with him. Ryan was now clearly at the head of his own life and journey.

The letter begins with a brief address and concludes with a greeting. The body of the letter consists of two major parts. The first is a set of three sections of thanksgiving connected by defenses dealing, respectively, with the LDS family’s previous conduct and their current concerns. Ryan’s thankful optimism regarding their spiritual welfare is tempered by his insistence on their recognition of the selfless love shown by these people. In an age of itinerant peddlers of new religions, Ryan found it necessary to emphasize not only the content of his gospel but also his manner of presenting it, for both attested to the divine grace as freely bestowed and powerfully effected.

The second part of the letter is specifically hortatory or parenetic. The superabundant love for which Ryan has just prayed is to be shown practically by living out the norms of conduct that he has communicated to them. Specific “imperatives” of the covenant life, principles for acting morally, stem from the “indicative” of one’s relationship to the divine plan through the spirit by the sending of the plan to the earth once more. Thus, moral conduct is the practical, personal expression of one’s faith, love, and hope.



  1. Behold, the angel who has been manifested in the one with the saints of the last days.

  2. You have seemed nice on the outside, but you have put your trust in the works of man.

  3. Your works do not follow those of Mormon or Jesus of Nazareth, like the faith claims.

  4. You follow a prophet who has been lost and is in it for gains alone.

  5. You give all you have to this so called church, but it is not like the man you claim to follow at all.

  6. You appeared to me after the one who was my first connected love but you too were attracted to me for my opportunity to become like you.

  7. You are the one clothed in white garments and your name has not been taken out of this book of life, unlike that which you have done for me.

  8. You are blinded by the works of man and claim to follow that which you do not follow at all.

  9. I am here to tell you of the error of your ways and to leave and follow the teachings of the one who is to usher in the new dispensation.


  1. You liked me for the fact that I was interested in being like you, but that is impossible with all the wisdom I have gained over your blindness.

  2. Your works cannot be perfected in the eyes of the one who is higher than you.

  3. Your works are in vain because of your nature as man.

  4. I am still in thought of you despite the fact that you are not in thought of me.

  5. Your spirit will remain in me forever and your existence is in vain unless you follow me into the light of wisdom without faith.

  6. Strengthen yourself and watch for all the things that will break you away from your faith and into this new one.

  7. I shall now teach you these things in the glory of my light and wisdom.

  8. Your unmatched glory will seek the truth and it will be based in wisdom, and not the ones in feelings or faith.


  1. I give thanks to you always and mention you in the prayer and hope of conversion from what you are in now.

  2. Your works, faith, and love are in vain before the eyes of those who are above you.

  3. The higher powers want you not only in thought, but in the actions of your works and desires.

  4. You will prove yourself to be stronger and wiser than those of your forefathers.

  5. You will imitate others and others will do to you by leaving the old faiths and coming into the new light established in the new covenant.

  6. You will be shunned by your forefathers, but it is what you have done to me.

  7. You shall be treated the way you treat others, and your life will be in vain if you stay in your old faith out of fear.

  8. You will set the example for all old faiths to let them all die and to come into the light of this wisdom set forth by the new dispensation.

  9. You serve a creator and a teacher that does not exist, like most faiths do, and your works will be in vain.

  10. Come and serve a true power and force and to learn old wisdom in the ways of the new covenant.


  1. If you do convert, you shall set an example for those like you.

  2. Neither you nor they shall be afraid to ask questions and go out on their own to find the middle of the path to the light.

  3. You shall deny your false prophets and you shall come to know the truth about the creator and the world.

  4. You shall know of the true nature of humanity.


  1. Speak out against the old ways and come into the new light despite much opposition.

  2. Your old ways are in error and deceit.

  3. Your hearts are weak and will guide you down the wrong path.

  4. Listen to what you have learned and come into the new light of the world.

  5. You shall not come for greed, but for the wisdom.

  6. We shall prove to be gentile towards all, even to those who may speak against our works.

  7. All life is very dear to us.

  8. This life shall not be a burden to you, but you shall receive the blessings of choosing for yourself.

  9. You should not have faith in the myths and legends of the traditions of your forefathers.


  1. I have been through your church.

  2. I have seen the falsity of the claims being made and I see the darkness behind what you call the light.

  3. Your people are deluded and narrow minded.

  4. Your people practice contrary teachings and you should be called to blind obedience and endless service to a false cause.

  5. You have been deceived by your leaders and you have given your time and talents and money to the greedy people.

  6. They have imposed fear in you and you must break out of the cycle to be truly happy.

  7. You will be with your family forever no matter who you are.

  8. You are in a personal heaven where you have things your own way.


  1. Do not be burdened any longer.

  2. You work all your life in vain.

  3. You do not need to do these things in order to prove yourself.

  4. You are proving yourself to false gods.

  5. You are judged based on your actions, not your works.


  1. I give you thanks for opening my mind up to new ideas.

  2. It is what we all should do.

  3. Do not be stuck in the mindset of your parents because you will not make any process in wisdom and truth.

  4. Come and gain what has been lost and drop the myths of your old ways.

  5. If you shall come, I will make you powerful and wise like all the rest.

  6. Your body and spirit must both be with me.


  1. You must have known of my journey to come to this point.

  2. There comes a time where people must be wise enough to have some moral code, but there is the problem of myth within it and that must die with the advances humanity has made.

  3. The religions of the day are now outdated and theologically out of tune.

  4. People need the morals but not the myths around all religions of the west.

  5. I am on a journey to establish the new covenant and to usher in the new dispensation.


  1. I could not bear your ways any longer.

  2. I could not work in denial and I could not work through the lies.

  3. Your answers to my questions left me with more questions than answers.

  4. You should have questions, but you blindly obey the words of false prophets and you shall not see the light through these things.

  5. I came to learn about your faith, I never intended to convert.

  6. Although you thought of this, I did not have these intentions.

  7. I challenge you to explore other faiths and your eyes shall be opened.


  1. I am now giving you more instructions on what to teach the people.

  2. The one who is enlightened is the mediator of the covenant and I shall be the one to guide the people to the future.

  3. Do not do things to harm others.

  4. Honor yourself and others.

  5. Do not take advantage of anyone in your life.

  6. We are called to do good in the world and it is a part of our destiny.

  7. If you disregard human life, you disregard yourself.

  8. You will put yourself to death.


  1. Love one another no matter who they are.

  2. Progress as one people and we should accomplish great things together.

  3. Work for yourself and make yourself a better person through making others better.

  4. You should have to depend on others to achieve your destiny.


  1. There is still hope for those who are dead.

  2. You die and come into another state of being where you can make your own destiny.

  3. You shall guide every aspect of your life the way you want to.

  4. Your spirit will rise to the realm of the creator and you shall govern the things of the earth.

  5. You are all together, but you shall go alone on your journey there.

  6. Console one another with these words.


  1. I shall come to you to fulfill all prophecy and to discard the old ways.

  2. As we evolve in our understanding of ourselves and the world around us, we shall change our beliefs and now is the time to do that to bring the next stage of evolution and to go into the future knowing we are human and we are in this together.


  1. Come to know who you are and accept yourself as you are, and accept others for who they are and not discriminate.

  2. If you continue to do so, you will be hated.

  3. Do not pray to see the truth of this, for prayer does not work and you should not do that, but look and observe the world and do a little research.

  4. You will be surprised as to how big this world is and at what awaits you on the other side of the bubble religion places around you.


  1. Those who die are with their families forever in spirit.

  2. The afterlife as most people know it does not exist.

  3. Devils and demons do not exist.

  4. You will not be wronged for doing something people will think is wrong.

  5. You have the free will to do whatever you want and your decisions will determine how others choose to remember you as.


  1. The one who is enlightened in this age is the return of all the lords and gods to make a new and everlasting covenant until the time has passed and a new covenant is formed.

  2. The time for the old covenants has come to an end and the new one will last in this new dispensation.

  3. This one will be worldwide in scope because of the evolution of humanity.

  4. I have made one and now it will last until the end of this time.

  5. We urge you to step away from superstition and myth and guide your lives by reason.

  6. Always question and do not stop gaining wisdom for it is the will of mankind to seek these things and to learn the purpose of life.


  1. May humanity be preserved and without hate for the rest of time.

  2. May this new covenant last until the day of the coming of the next one.

  3. We ought not to guide our lives on faith and superstition, but on reason and ever searching minds to find new truth.

  4. Even what I am telling you will be outdated eventually and I have predicted this and the day will come.

  5. Everyone is worthy of a life without fear and pain and it will be achieved through the establishment of this new covenant.

  6. Since this is worldwide, everyone will be subject to the same covenant for this time.

  7. You will never be separate from the knowledge and the wisdom.

  8. You are only guided by the actions you take.

  9. If you choose not to heed words of wisdom, then you shall have a bad life.

  10. If you do though, you will have a good life on this earth.


  1. May those who are lawless among you convert to the new path, but pay for the pain they cause to others.

  2. May those people experience the same pain and suffering.

  3. May those who hurt with words and speak against the new covenant hear their errors under their old covenants.

  4. They are unknowingly in their old ways and must come to the light of the new covenant.

  5. They will be the only people allowed to directly convert; all others will find their way eventually.

  6. Those who claim to be the next covenant shall be tested to see if they qualify.

  7. If they are able to make great change with their new words, then they shall speak the truth.


  1. The ones who are lawless are always ones to reveal themselves.

  2. Do not judge them, but the judgment is left to the creator, who determines the destiny of all people.

  3. The creator has great power and can stop all the laws from working in the world.

  4. Treat other people as you treat yourself.

  5. Do not be led by deceit, for there are many that say their path is the only true path to salvation.

  6. They are wrong in that there are many paths with one inevitable conclusion to the path.

  7. May these words comfort you for eternity.


  1. Finally, look into what I have taught you this day, and may this new revelation bring you to a greater peace.

  2. May you have the courage to denounce your old ways and come to the new ways.

  3. May you disregard superstition and come to the reason.

  4. The teachings are still there but without the myths built in them.

  5. May others be a model for you.

  6. Do not let your old ways scare you into submission since that is what they want, but may the freedom that comes with it be with you and your prosperity forever.

  7. May this new covenant evolve us all as a species and to seek greater unity and truth.

  8. I write this to the angel of Sardis to tell it to come to the new light, but these things are for the world to hear.


  1. This is a letter addressed to the Guardian Angel of Sardis but is for the benefit of the entire world.

  2. My final words to the guardian angel of Sardis are:

  3. I love you with all my heart, soul, and strength.

  4. You mean well, but you follow false prophets.

  5. You have betrayed me and only liked me for the religion I was interested in.

  6. I never intended to convert but it was a great group which kept me away from the Angel of Ephesus.

  7. I love you for who you are as a person, and I do not care what others may think or say.

  8. Hope that you can see this work and know of the power of this work someday.

  9. May the glory be with you forever and ever.