Sayings is an anthology of collections of sayings and instructions. Many of the sayings and perhaps some instructions were composed in the Latter Day period. Editing of the whole book was done in the early Boulder period, in the view of most scholars, is that the first part would have been added as the introduction. Whether the material originated among scribes while imitating common literary genres, or whether it arose among elders inculcating traditional ways, is disputed. The origin of the material, however, need not be imagined in an either/or scenario. Wisdom and observations could surely have been elaborated and re-expressed by other scribes. There can be no doubt, however, that Sayings is sophisticated literature by writers, winning readers with its compelling portrait of wisdom and inviting them to see life afresh, “wisely,” through its wit, originality, and shrewd observation.

The primary purpose of the book is to teach wisdom, not only to the young and inexperienced, but also to the advanced. Wisdom is not theoretical knowledge but practical expertise. One could be wise in daily life, too, in knowing how to live successfully and without trouble in the universe. Ultimately wisdom, or “sound guidance”, aims at the formation of character.

In the ancient times, people assumed that wisdom belonged to the gods, who were wise by reason of their divinity; human beings needed to have wisdom granted them by the gods. Creation accounts of neighboring cultures depict creation in two stages. In the first stage, human beings lived an animal-like existence, without clothes, writing, or kingship. Over time, the gods came to realize that such a low grade of existence made the human race inadequate as their servants, so they endowed the race with “wisdom,” which consisted of culture and crafts. Such wisdom elevated the race to a “human” level and made them effective servants of the gods. Furthermore, divine wisdom was mediated to human beings through earthly institutions—the king, scribes, and heads of families. These traditional mediators appear in Sayings: the book is credited to Hite, and prophets are respectfully mentioned as pillars of society; writings are a source of wisdom; the father instructing his son is the major paradigm of teaching. Sayings differs, however, from other wisdom books in concentrating on wisdom itself, treating it as a virtually independent entity and personifying it as an attractive woman. Other books urge readers to perform wise acts, but Sayings urges them to seek wisdom itself and portrays wisdom as a woman seeking human beings as disciples and companions.

Chapters 19 introduce the book, drawing attention to wisdom itself and its inherent value rather than exhorting to particular wise actions. The chapters personify wisdom as a woman and draw an extended analogy between finding a wife, or founding and maintaining a house, and finding wisdom. The collections following the beginning, the book consists largely of independent, two-line sayings, yielding their often indirect or paradoxical meaning only to readers willing to ponder them. To reflect on the sayings is perhaps what chaps. 19 mean by living with Wisdom and dwelling in her house.

The Book of Sayings can make an important contribution to Epochalists today. First, it places the pursuit of wisdom over the performance of individual wise acts. To seek wisdom above all things is a fundamental option and a way of life. Second, it portrays the quest as filled with obstacles. There are men and women who offer a substitute for the real thing; discernment is required. Third, the book teaches that acquiring wisdom is both a human task and a divine gift. One can make oneself ready to receive by discipline, but one cannot take so divine a gift. Fourth, wisdom is in the world but it is not obvious to people entirely caught up with daily activities. The instructions and the aphorisms of the book can free the mind to see new things. Modern people will see in personified Wisdom aspects of the Christs, who they believe is divine wisdom sent to give human beings true and full life. Yet there is a universal dimension to Sayings, for in its attention to human experience it creates a link to all people of good will.

The genres and themes of Sayings continued on in Knowledge, Wisdom, and the later letters to the Guardian Angels. The original audience of the instructions and sayings seems to have been male. The father addresses his son, marriage is finding a wife, success often is serving the king or farming effectively. The book itself, however, expands the traditional audience of youths to include older, more experienced, people. It broadens the father-son language by mentioning the mother, and incorporates sayings on human experience generally. The father teaching his son becomes a model for anyone teaching a way of life to another person.



  1. The sayings of the mediator of the new covenant.

  2. This is to know wisdom and knowledge, to discern the sayings of understanding.

  3. This is to receive knowledge in all that is righteous, just, and good in behavior.

  4. This is to pass the knowledge to those who are blind and to the young.

  5. A wise person will get smarter and will be open to more knowledge and they will, in turn, get more counsel.

  6. In order to understand the sayings, you must crack these riddles.

  7. The final gift is the beginning of knowledge.

  8. The fool turns away from wisdom and knowledge.


  1. Receive wisdom from your elders and do not forsake them.

  2. They are the foundation upon which your entire life is based.

  3. Do not give in to misdeeds.

  4. If they want to cause harm to others, let us teach them of their errors.

  5. Your life shall be richly fulfilled.

  6. Do not deal with taking from others who have worked for their riches.

  7. Do not give in to stealing and teaching others the bad things.

  8. Do not walk with them and stray from the middle of the path.

  9. They seek to cause harm to others.

  10. Do not take them to your path, but let them find their own way.


  1. Wisdom is needed everywhere.

  2. It cries out to those who need the wisdom to get through life.

  3. It shouts out to the simple minded, or the narrow minded, or to those who do not seek knowledge.

  4. The words of wisdom will be known to you.

  5. You refused to pay attention to my words.

  6. You neglected my counsel.

  7. I will laugh at those who refuse and mock those who judge me.

  8. And when life comes back to bite you because of your neglect, you will call me and you will want to seek me, but still not take my wise words.

  9. They hated knowledge in the wake of the fear of that which does not exist.

  10. They will be satisfied with the words of their own dogma.

  11. The naïve will be destroyed by their own lies they live.

  12. The one who listens to these words will not suffer any longer.


  1. Treasure the words which I am about to tell you.

  2. Understand these words, for they are good.

  3. Listen to these words, for they will keep you on the straight path.

  4. Seek the middle of the path to the light.

  5. You will discover the seventh gift and you will come to full understanding.

  6. You shall also receive wisdom through your own experiences.

  7. Seek wisdom wherever you go and with whatever you do.

  8. Guard the middle path to the light to those who seek it.

  9. You will know what is good and bad through your own understanding.

  10. Your knowledge shall influence how you live your life and you will have a good one.

  11. You will receive good morals through these teachings.

  12. You will keep away from harming others.

  13. Those who leave the path do it because they have been blinded.

  14. They do this because they were not satisfied with the nature of the world or themselves.

  15. They look for a lost cause under a false god.

  16. They seek to do prayer and ritual to the creator which cannot hear them.

  17. They have forgotten of the new covenant.

  18. They shall be obsessed with the afterlife and not with the life they are living.

  19. All return to the path at the point of death.

  20. To see the light before death, seek the middle of the straight and broad path.

  21. These will focus on their lives and make it the best for them.

  22. The ones who stray lose the straightest path to the light.


  1. Do not forget my teachings or commands.

  2. It will bring you peace in your life.

  3. Do not let your love forsake you, bind those you love to you.

  4. You will win favor in humanity if you can conquer what they cannot.

  5. Trust in your wisdom and search for the truth always.

  6. Your path will be straightened the more you know.

  7. Ask questions about every aspect of your life.

  8. You will have health and vigor.

  9. Honor all the people in your life with your wealth and knowledge.

  10. You shall be blessed with riches of your own.

  11. Have self-discipline in your life.

  12. Those you love will favor you in return.


  1. Happy is the one who finds wisdom and understanding.

  2. The riches are greater than the materials of the world.

  3. It is greater than any treasure you have.

  4. You will be blessed with passing it on.

  5. Wisdom is the path to peace.

  6. Wisdom is the tree of life and death.

  7. Wisdom is established as the connection from the earth to the heavens.

  8. The knowledge shall bring you to wisdom.


  1. Heed the teachings I am about to teach you now.

  2. Those around you are life to your soul.

  3. You may go your way and you will not fall.

  4. You will not cry and you will rest easy.

  5. Do not be afraid of the suffering of the world.

  6. You shall be confident in the future and overcome.

  7. Do not withhold your power, but share it to your close companions.

  8. Do not turn them away.

  9. Do not plot evil against them.

  10. Do not contend someone without reason.

  11. Do not envy the violent and turn to their ways.

  12. The devious will never be at peace.

  13. They will be accursed forever.

  14. The lowly are favored.

  15. The wise will possess glory.


  1. Hear your elders and be attentive that you may gain understanding.

  2. Do not forsake their teachings, for they have excellent advice.

  3. I myself was once a child born to a mother and a father.

  4. They told me to listen to my heart and to hold fast to their words and live.

  5. Gain wisdom and understanding and do not forget the words that come out of my mouth.

  6. Do not first take wisdom, for it will preserve you and it will safeguard you.

  7. Get wisdom and understanding wherever else you go.

  8. Wisdom will bring you honor if you embrace it.

  9. Wisdom will put a good head on you and will do so on you a glory to pass on.


  1. Receive these words and your life shall be rich and fulfilling.

  2. Wisdom will leave you and you will die without it.

  3. Your step will not be impeded and you will not stumble on your path.

  4. Never let wisdom go and keep it, for it is the foundation of your life.

  5. Wickedness could not enter and you will not walk in the way of evil.

  6. Pass on that beyond evil and do not pay attention to it.

  7. No one can rest when they have done evil things and they will lose their life and never see the light.

  8. They are full of wickedness, for they cannot control their vices.

  9. The path is like a shining light and grows in brilliance until the day you die.

  10. Wickedness is like darkness and they do not know where they go.


  1. Be attentive to the sayings which are written here.

  2. Do not let them go away and keep them with your heart.

  3. They are life to those who understand them and the embodiment higher being.

  4. Guard your hearts, for it is the source of your life.

  5. People will try to bring you astray but their hearts are far from righteousness.

  6. Look straight ahead and be focused on your path.

  7. Survey your path and all your ways will be sure.

  8. Do not turn too far away from the light, for that is the root of evil.


  1. Be attentive to the wisdom and understand it.

  2. Act discreetly and guard what you know.

  3. Others may have a more attractive thing to say but they really speak of evil.

  4. In the end, you will be bitter and ignorant like they and your path will seem very narrow compared to one who liberates your life.

  5. That leads you down the path to death before you see the light.

  6. You do not know where you’re going unless you see me before you on your road.

  7. So listen to me and do not stray from these words.

  8. Keep your way far from those who claim to have the whole truth.

  9. Do not give your honor to others or your life to others.

  10. Others will take your wealth and your hard-won earnings to a house that is claimed to be gods.

  11. Your flesh and your body are consumed by this.

  12. And you will learn of their dogma and your heart will be hardened towards any other.

  13. Listen to the voice of your elders and question everything.

  14. You will be ruined in the midst of the public eye.

  15. Only trust yourself on your path to the light.

  16. Should you have gained all wisdom, seek more and other places.

  17. Let your past be yours alone and do not let others share your path.

  18. Be blessed and have joy in your life.

  19. Rejoice in the company of others and rejoice in the company of your own family.

  20. Do not get involved in the affairs of strangers.

  21. The way that each person is different to others, and each path is different.

  22. The wicked will come and tell you that salvation lies in the hands of another.

  23. They will die because of their ignorance and because of the great pride they hold over you.


  1. Do not become involved in the affairs of your neighbor.

  2. You have been taught by their words and you cannot live your own fulfilling life.

  3. Free yourself since you have fallen into your neighbor’s power.

  4. Do not stray from your own life because of the lives of others.

  5. Free yourself, but help whenever you can and whenever you have control of your own life.

  6. Go to the wise ones and learn the ways of the wise.

  7. Otherwise, it has no rule or is a commander or chief beside themselves.

  8. They are smart and eclectic and they know of their own ways and their own past.

  9. When will you come from your sleep and go on your own path to your own salvation?

  10. Do not fold your arms and bow your heads towards something that is invisible.

  11. The organization behind the invisible ones will come to you and rob you of your time and talent and money.

  12. Villains are one who deal in the affairs of darkness.

  13. They are crafty and sneaky and they point their fingers towards others.

  14. They always plot evil and they always plot of the fall of society.

  15. Their doom will come suddenly and they will be crushed.

  16. There are seven great things that should be avoided from the ones who shed innocent blood.

  17. A heart who thinks of evil things.

  18. The one who utters lies.

  19. The one who takes the light and brings chaos.

  20. The ones who run to evil.

  21. The ones who shed innocent blood.

  22. Do not reject the teachings of your elders.

  23. Keep them with you always and keep them in your heart.

  24. Your elders will watch over you when you sleep and when you wake they will know of your concerns and they will guide you.

  25. The teaching is a light and awaits the life of one who seeks it.

  26. It will keep you away from others who talk you into doing something evil.

  27. Do not lust after other things despite the beauty and do not let it captivate you.

  28. Do not stray away from the things that you have committed to for the rest of your life.

  29. Those who have great faith will not die.

  30. One who has great faith will not be scorched.

  31. The one who has faith in things that have not been proven will not go unpunished throughout life.

  32. They are like thieves who steal to satisfy their own pride.

  33. If they are caught, you must pay it back with the life that you thought you knew.

  34. Those who suffer from vices have no sense and do it the destroy themselves.

  35. They will be beaten throughout their lives and their shame may not be wiped away.

  36. Passion enrages others and they will not have pity on those who suffer.

  37. They will not consider any restitution nor be satisfied because of your suffering.


  1. Keep my words and treasure my commands.

  2. These commands and these teachings are the core of your life.

  3. Write them away and bind them to your heart.

  4. Wisdom is your friend and understanding it will bring you life.

  5. It will keep you away from committing evil acts despite the attractiveness.

  6. You will look out upon the suffering of the world and you will know how to conquer it.

  7. There are many people who are naïve and with no sense.

  8. They walked to the corner and they walk towards houses of false gods.

  9. They will go as if they are going into the dark of night.

  10. Then the false teachers come to meet them with their secret plots and their secret magical powers.

  11. They cannot stay out of the affairs of others.

  12. Now more have come into the open squares to preach of these false gods.

  13. They bring others to them and bring them into their fold.

  14. They will be cast down into waters and casts back up to fulfill their obligations.

  15. They come out to meet you and went to look for you and they have found you.

  16. They spread upon your table the workings of a certain peoples to a certain God.

  17. They will bring with them mystical powers that have no meaning.

  18. They preach of love but they really conjure hate.

  19. They know not of your journey and they do not care.

  20. They will take your money and your talents and they will not return the favor.

  21. They will win you over by urges and they will lead you astray with their smooth talk.

  22. You will follow it impulsively because that is all you think you know.

  23. You will then be pierced with guilt and he will be unaware that your very being is at stake.

  24. Listen to me and be attentive to the words do not turn to those ways are go astray in your own path.

  25. There are many of those were struck down because of the teachings of these people.

  26. Their house is like a highway that leads down to death while you’re living.


  1. What is all said and understanding rises above.

  2. It crosses on top of and it takes its place at the crossroads.

  3. It is loaded by the gates of the cities for people to accept it.

  4. The appeal is to the mortals who seek a better life.

  5. Fools will gain sense from it and naïve ones will gain wisdom.

  6. Listen to the words I speak, for my lips give you honest words.

  7. My mouth utters truth and my lips do not like lies.

  8. All the words I say are sincere and none of them will distort you from my message.

  9. All of them are straightforward to those who want to gain knowledge.

  10. Take these words instead of the money and the give you and take this knowledge and keep it better than gold.

  11. Wisdom is better than all monetary value and no treasure can compare to it.

  12. Wisdom dwells with the wise and contains useful knowledge.

  13. Pride and arrogance are evil and their mouths will take away all that is wise.

  14. My advice is strengthened in you and I am all of understanding.

  15. Rulers will and act in justice by me and things will reign on by these words.

  16. Princes are governed by the sayings and everyone else takes heed to them.

  17. Those who love me, I love back, and those who seek me will find me.

  18. With me are all the riches of the world are in righteousness.

  19. My wisdom is better than gold.

  20. Wisdom walks in the way of righteousness and brings justice to all.

  21. To those who love me, I will give them well fitting things to their lives.

  22. I was in the beginning and the forerunners of every act in the world.

  23. I was formed first before all things.

  24. I was brought forth when there was no ocean and when there were no fountains of water.

  25. I was here before the land and before the hills.

  26. I was here when the earth and the fields were not made.

  27. I was here when the heavens were established and when the face of the deep was marked out.

  28. I was here when the skies above were created.

  29. I was here when the sea was at its limits.

  30. I was here at the foundation of the world.

  31. I was here from the first person and I will be here after the last.

  32. Wisdom is the delight of human beings.

  33. Happy are those who keep the ways of lies.

  34. Listen to the sayings and grow with them and do not reject it.

  35. Happy is the one who listens to these words and keeps watch.

  36. Whoever finds wisdom will find the life and will help the lives of all.

  37. Those who pass by wisdom will suffer all the days of their life and will face death.


  1. Wisdom has built the house for the prophets with seven spirits inside.

  2. Wisdom has prepared a banquet for those who are willing and ready to receive the truth.

  3. The Angels have come forth from the spirits to all corners of the earth.

  4. Anyone who does not have sense should come in the bad days and can receive common sense.

  5. Come and eat of the banquet so that you may be filled with the spirit of wisdom.

  6. Forsake those who are fools so that you can live in advance in the ways of understanding and wisdom.


  1. Whoever corrects those who are blind will receive insults from those who are wicked.

  2. If you go against the arrogance, they will hate you, but if you go against the wise, they will block you.

  3. You have instructed the wise so that they can become wiser and advance in their learning.

  4. The beginning of attaining wisdom is receiving the gifts of the Guardian Angels.

  5. Your days will be filled with gladness and your life will be filled with joy.

  6. If you are wise, then wisdom is of great importance to you, and if you are arrogant, then you have to bear that arrogance alone.


  1. Those who are ignorant are foolish and they know nothing.

  2. They stood around and chastised others for things which they do not understand.

  3. They go on their way but they have gone astray.

  4. When those who are naïve come, you turn towards them so that they can become like you.

  5. The secrecy of all of it is pleasing to them who do not know the truth.

  6. They do not know that evil dwells in that light and that darkness shall overcome them.


  1. Wisdom brings joy to the family, but foolishness brings grief.

  2. Treasures that have been stolen give nothing but death to those who have done the deed.

  3. Although wicked will never be successful and those who are hungry may not starve.

  4. Those who do not waste their life will have great riches.

  5. The one who gathers things all the days of their life is of greater importance than the one who will only gathers at certain times.

  6. The mouth of the wicked brings violence but blessings come from those who are just.

  7. Those who are just will be remembered forever, but the name of the wicked will never be remembered.

  8. A wise person will accept that which comes to them or they will not.

  9. Whoever is honest and secure with themselves will fare good in the world.

  10. The one who would go astray will not be healed.

  11. The one who finds fault and blurts it out will cause trouble, but the one who merely suggests a different way will be at peace.

  12. The mouth of those who are just is full of life, but the wicked has violence.

  13. Hatred brings forth disputes, but love that covers everything.

  14. The one who is wicked does not make sense, but the intelligent one brings forth wisdom.

  15. The one who is wise stores knowledge but the fool does not.

  16. The wealth of the rich is the strong but the poor have poverty.

  17. The labor of the just will not be in vain, but the gains of the wicked will be endangered.

  18. Whoever follows these instructions are in the path of life, but whoever does not has gone astray.

  19. Whoever has hatred wise into ever spreads hatred is a fool.

  20. Sin is not where the one who is wise dwells.

  21. The one who is just will bring forth a heart of gold, but the wicked is worth nothing.

  22. The just nourish many people with the truth, but the fool dies wanting to have a purpose.

  23. The blessings of the world bring forth well and no efforts can substitute the blessing.

  24. Cry is for those who are foolish, but the wisdom is for the person who understands.

  25. Whatever the wicked fear will come to them, but the desires of those who are just will be granted.

  26. When the world passes away, the wicked are no more and the just are forever.

  27. Those who are foolish are blind and deaf to the ways of wisdom.

  28. The gifts of the Angels give life but those who are wicked will have their lives cut.

  29. The hope of those who were just brings joy to them, but the expectation of those who are wicked will perish for them.

  30. Those who walk honestly will be strong and those who were evil will fall.

  31. Those who are just will never be disturbed but the wicked will never be at rest.

  32. The just yields wisdom, but the tongue of those who were evil will be cut.

  33. Those were just no favor, but those who are wicked will be heard.


  1. Falsity is an abomination, but honesty is in the light.

  2. When pride comes, disgrace follows, but when you are humbled, you bring forth wisdom.

  3. The honesty of those who are just will be their guide, but those who are faithless are ruined.

  4. Wealth is useless on your last day, but justice saves you from all death.

  5. The honest have their way straight, but the wicked will fall because of their wickedness.

  6. The justice of the just will save them, but the faithless are caught in their own desires.

  7. When a person dies, their hope is destroyed because their expectation is pinned on the world and their world is destroyed.

  8. Those who are just are rescued from a spot, but the wicked will fall into the pit.

  9. Those who are wicked will ruin their neighbors, but through their own knowledge, the just are rescued.

  10. When prosperity comes to a city, those who are good will rejoice, but those who are wicked will perish.

  11. Through the blessings of those who were good the entire society is raised, but the mouth of the wicked will be cast down.

  12. Whoever offends their neighbor does not have any sense in them, but those who are intelligent will stay silent.

  13. One who gossips and reveals secrets is bad, but those who are trustworthy are the ones who will never speak about secrets.

  14. People fall because of a lack of guidance and security lies with those who counsel them.

  15. Harm will come to those who harm another, and whoever hates doing these things will be securer.

  16. Those who are gracious will be esteemed, and those who are ruthless will gain wealth.

  17. Those who are kind are of benefit to the world but those who are merciless will be harmed.

  18. Those who are wicked will never make a prophet but those who are just will have their reward.

  19. Justice leads to everlasting life but the pursuit of evil leads to the pit.

  20. Those who have a hard hearts are crooked in their ways, but those who walk in the path of the light will be straightened.

  21. The wicked will not go unpunished but their offspring will not have to bear those sins.

  22. A beautiful woman who does not judge will bring forth offspring who shall change the world.

  23. The desires of those who are good will only be in good, but those who are wicked will expect wrath.

  24. One who is lavish and grows richer and does not enjoy their life will grab more pain.

  25. Whoever gives benefits to the world will be enriched and whoever brings life to others will have white brought to them.

  26. Wherever words come about, the people will suffer, but blessings around those who go and distribute it to the masses.

  27. Those who seek the truth will seek favor but those who seek things of the world will have your will come upon them.

  28. Those who trust in the world will fall, but those who trust in the heavens will be at ease.

  29. Those who cause trouble will inherit nothing and the fools become slaves to the wise.

  30. Justice will bring life and those who take lives are savages.

  31. The just are not benefited on Earth, but the wicked will never be benefited.


  1. Whoever loves self-discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates it is stupid.

  2. A good person wins favoring the heavens and those who scheme against others are condemned.

  3. No one is secure because of their wickedness, but those who are just will never be disturbed.

  4. Those who are worthy are crowned, but those who are disgraced will rot.

  5. The just have good plans, but the wicked are full of deceit.

  6. Those who were wicked are in an ambush, but those who are enlightened will save them.

  7. Overthrow those who are wicked and they will be no more because those who are just will stand.

  8. People are praised for their good sense, but those who are perverts are despised.

  9. It is better to know the truth than to have things of the world and it is to have things of the world and lack knowledge.

  10. Those who are just will take care of what they have, but the wicked are full of cruelty.

  11. Those who work their own land will have plenty, but those who engage in pursuits of nothing will have nothing.

  12. A wicked person desires evil from others, but those who are righteous will bear good fruits.

  13. The wicked are ensnared by the lips, but those who are just will escape from their grasp.

  14. People will have their fill of good by what they talk about and the works which they have worked will bring blessings to their lives.

  15. The fool thinks they are right, but they are wrong to those who listen to the lies.

  16. Fools show their anger, but they conceal contempt.

  17. Whoever speaks honestly will testify of those who are deceitful and they will expose their lies.

  18. The wise heals others, but the babble of the liars will bring forth wickedness.

  19. The truth will endure forever, but those who are alive will only life for a moment.

  20. Deceit is at the heart of those who are evil, but those who promote peace will have joy.

  21. No harm will come from those who are just, but those who are wicked will have misfortune.

  22. The lips that lie are an abomination, but those who are truthful are delighted.

  23. Those who are good will never conceal their knowledge, but those who are foolish will proclaim foolish things.

  24. The diligent hand will govern the world, but those who are lazy will only be in labor.

  25. The worry of everyone ways down their hearts, but kind words give them joy.

  26. Those who are just will guide their neighbors, but the ways of those who are wicked will lead others astray.

  27. Those who are lazy will not catch their goal, but those who are diligent will have their share of wealth.

  28. In the path of justice is life, but those who are wicked will go down the path to death.


  1. A wise person likes to be corrected but a foolish one hates to be challenged.

  2. One enjoys the good things in life, but those who are treacherous do not even enjoy the best things.

  3. Those who would watch what they say will preserve themselves but those who do not will be ruined.

  4. Those who are lazy crave everything but have nothing, but those who are diligent are always satisfied.

  5. Those who are just hate deceits but those who are wicked are disgraceful.

  6. Those who are good walk honestly but those who are simple are led astray.

  7. One who is rich and has nothing asked for it, but another taxes the poor and has great wealth in their life.

  8. People’s riches are better than what they have in the heavens, but they were not threatened by not having anything.

  9. The lights of those who are just have joy but those who are wicked have nothing.

  10. Those who are stupid bring forth discord to the world but those who are wise will take counsel.

  11. Wealth comes at a quick pace and phase away but those who gather it a little bit at a time has a good life.

  12. If you have no hope, then your heart is sick, but if your wishes are for nil, then you will have light.

  13. Whoever despises the truth will pay for it, but whoever read you the truth will be rewarded.

  14. The teaching of the wise brings forth life and turns one away from death.

  15. Good sense brings favor but those who are faithless will have ruined.

  16. Those who are shrewd always act prudently but those who are foolish prayed for their ignorance.

  17. The one who is wicked brings disaster but those who are trustworthy are feeling.

  18. Poverty befalls those who do not have discipline but those who hold on to their discipline will be honored.

  19. If you fulfill your desires, your soul is delighted, but turning from evil is an abomination to those who are foolish.

  20. Walk with the lies and you will become like them, but those who walk with fools will become fools.

  21. Misfortune pursues those who are foolish but those who are wise will be good.

  22. Those who are good leave something for their posterity but those who sin will not leave anything.

  23. Those who are poor but work a lot brings forth good food but the possessions are swept away because they do not appreciate what they have.

  24. Whoever loves will have self-discipline but whoever hates will never be disciplined.

  25. When those who are just eat, the hunger goes away, but those who are gluttonous will always want something.


  1. Wisdom builds the foundation, but foolishness tears it down.

  2. Those who walk in the way of the light have the gifts, but those who do you are led astray from that path will spurn hate.

  3. Those who are foolish are prideful but those who are wise will preserve their humility.

  4. Where there is no filth, the house is clean, in abundance crop comes forth through the strength of the one who have it.

  5. Trustworthy people do not live but those who live will lie as a witness.

  6. Those who are simple seek wisdom for their own benefits but knowledge is easy to those who are lies.

  7. Go forth from those were foolish because you got nothing from their lips.

  8. Those who are enlightened show the way of wisdom, but those who are foolish will bring forth deceits.

  9. The wicked given offering of nothing, but those who are just will have an acceptable offering.

  10. The heart knows how bitter it is and no one shares in that joy.

  11. Those who are wicked will be destroyed but the foundation of those who are just will worry should.

  12. Anyway may seem to be right at first, but they will lead you to death.

  13. Even when you laugh, your heart may be sad, and the end of your joy and the beginning of sorrow will come.

  14. You are judged by your actions and, if you are loyal, then you will receive life.

  15. Those who are naïve will believe everything but those who are not will watch what they believe.

  16. A wise person is conscious and turns away from evil but a fool becomes embroiled in it.

  17. Those who are quick-tempered make fools of themselves and they are hated.

  18. Those who are ignorance are adorned but those who are knowledgeable is a crown in do not embrace it.

  19. Those who are malicious will watch before that which is good but those who are wicked will be staying at the gates.

  20. The poor are despised even by those that are fellow humans but those who are rich have many friends.

  21. Whoever despises those who are poor will come up short but the one who is kind to the poor is happy.

  22. The evil plans of the wicked will go astray but those who plan good will be loyal.

  23. There is profit in all labor, but talk does not lead to success.

  24. Those who are wise are crowned with wealth, but those who are foolish will not receive that.

  25. The witness that is truthful save lives but whoever lies is the betrayer.

  26. Those who have the gifts will become a refuge for their children.

  27. The gifts of the Angels are a fountain of life and turning from them lead you to death.

  28. Those who lead have a multitude of subjects but they are ruined if they do not have any support.

  29. Suffering results in great wisdom but not experiencing it will not lead to success.

  30. Those who are tranquil will have life is but those who are jealous will rot.

  31. Those who oppress the poor will reject the truth but those who were kind honor the truth.

  32. Those who are wicked will be overthrown by their own wickedness, but those who are just will be held in integrity.

  33. Wisdom remains silence in the heart, but it will be known among fools.

  34. Justice brings a nation great wealth but sin brings all their people disgrace.

  35. The King favors skill but those who do not have shame will have their wrath.


  1. Those who are harsh will have anger but those who are mild will turn away.

  2. Those who are wise will bring forth knowledge, but those who were foolish will spew out nothing.

  3. The eyes of your spirits and your ancestors are everywhere and those who keep watch of evil are good.

  4. Those who are soothing will bring forth life but those who were not will break their spirit.

  5. The fool rejects the construction of their elders.

  6. Those who are wicked are in peril, but those who are just are ample.

  7. Those who are wise will spread their knowledge but those who are foolish will rejected.

  8. The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination, but those who are upright will be delighted.

  9. Those who are wicked are an abomination, but those who pursue justice are loved.

  10. This plan is bad to those who were going astray, but those who hated will die.

  11. The heart of mortals will open before the heavens.

  12. Those who do not love will not let go of those who are wise.

  13. Those who are glad will light up the world, but those who are anguished will break the spirit.

  14. The heart which is discerning will seek knowledge, but those who are fools will be fooled.

  15. The days of the poor are full of suffering but those who are good will have continual blessings.

  16. Better it is to have the gifts of the Angels and have a great fortune but have anxiety.

  17. Better it is a dish of love than hatred for a feast.

  18. Those who are ill tempered will stir up wickedness of those who are patient will settle disputes.

  19. The way of those who are lazy like a foreigner but the path of the diligent lead straight to the light.

  20. Those who are wise will respect their elders but those who were foolish will reject their guidance.

  21. Lies are good to those who have no sense but those who have understanding gets away from it.

  22. All plans will fail when there is no counsel and they only succeed when there are many good advisors.

  23. One has joy from a good response and it is good in all seasons.

  24. The path of life leads to the lights and turns away from the darkness.

  25. The houses of the proudest hold down, but those who are preserved are only those that are not.

  26. The schemes of the wicked are an abomination, but pure are the gracious words.

  27. The greedy tear down their own places but those who hate greed will live.

  28. Those who are just will ponder on responses but those who are wicked will spew evil from their mallows.

  29. The spirit and the truth are far from those who are wicked but those who are just will have it inside of them.

  30. Those who are cheerful bring joy to the hearts of many and they will be full of good news.

  31. The ear that listens to these good words will be at home among those who are wise.

  32. Those who disregard discipline will hate themselves but those who have self-discipline will acquire understanding in their own lives.

  33. The gifts of the Angels allow for training, for wisdom and discipline comes before all things.


  1. Plans are made in human hearts but are responded by that which is above humanity.

  2. All the ways are pure in the eyes of the one who befalls it and your motives are measured by the deeds you have done.

  3. Entrust all of your works to your spirit and you will succeed.

  4. Everything has been made in the beginning for a purpose, even for those who are wicked.

  5. Everyone who has pride is an abomination and no one will go unpunished.

  6. Because of loyalty, guilt is erased and evil is avoided with the gifts of the Angels.

  7. When someone’s ways are pleasing, then even the enemies will be at peace with them.

  8. Better it would be to have a little better justice than to have a lot of injustice.

  9. The human heart brings forth destiny but the steps are not directed by humanity.

  10. Balance belongs to the spirit and every concern is weighed equally.

  11. The wrongdoing is an abomination, but justice endures forever.

  12. Honest lips are delighted in whoever speaks has the right to speak.

  13. Rapid is the messenger of death, but a wise person can bring peace to the world.

  14. A smile to a leader means life and blessings will come as a result of good deeds.

  15. It is better to have wisdom then this to have gold.

  16. The path of those who seek the truth will lead away from misfortune and they will guard their lives.

  17. Pride comes before a disaster and the spirit of the proud will fall.

  18. It is better to be pulled with those who are poor than to share ill-gotten goods with the proud.

  19. Whoever ponders on matters will be successful and able trust in their spirit for guidance.

  20. Those who are wise are esteemed and their speech gains a reputation.

  21. Good sense brings life to those who have it, but those who are foolish will train the fools.

  22. Those who are wise have good speeches and learning increases from their lips.

  23. Pleasing words are sweet and invigorating.

  24. Sometimes a way may seem right but it leads to darkness.

  25. The workers will work but their mouths urge them on.

  26. Those who were evil bring forth evil and their lips bring forth evil.

  27. Bad speech brings forth discord.

  28. Those who are violent deceive their neighbors and lead them to things that are bad.

  29. Whoever thinks dirty will act dirty.

  30. Those who are elderly have the crown of glory because it is gained by a life that is just and are full of experiences.

  31. Those who are patient are better than warriors because they can control their temper.

  32. All of these things are cast into the world but every decision comes from the heavens.


  1. Better it would be a quiet night and a night filled with gladness.

  2. One who is wise will rule over one who is unworthy to rule and will share in the inheritance of the Earth.

  3. Silver and gold are a test for the hearts of men.

  4. The evil doer listens to those who are wicked and the one who is a liar.

  5. Whoever mocks those who are poor are reviled that was created them and whoever rejoices in that misfortune will be punished.

  6. The children are the crown of those who are elderly and the children are the glory of this world.

  7. Words will not satisfy those who are fools and they will listen to those who are lying.

  8. A bribe will charm those who use it and success will not come.

  9. Whoever overlooks bad deeds will be true friends, but whomever gossips about that will be separated.

  10. A single thing can do more to a person than a hundred things by those who do not mean it.

  11. Those who are wicked will only rebel and a messenger will be sent against them.

  12. They will face the world without any comfort, but they will be foolish in their own ignorance.

  13. If you returned good favors with evil then evil will not depart from you.

  14. Strife starts by opening up with words and you should check to see if it is about to break.

  15. Whoever condemns those who are righteous and acquits those who are evil are an abomination.

  16. Money is no use to those who are fools when they have no heart to acquire any wisdom.

  17. A friend will always be a friend and a friendship is fostered during a time of great strife.

  18. Those who do not have sense give hands to those who needed but they become a problem to those they give to.

  19. Those who strive for offense love to fight but those who are the better man avert disaster.

  20. A heart of evil brains knows good and they will lie and fall into trouble.

  21. Whoever brings forth a fool is grief because they have no joy.

  22. A joyful heart is healthy for the body, but those who are depressed will not.

  23. Those who are guilty will take bribes and pervert justice.

  24. The one who discerns is full of wisdom but the eyes to a fool go from the ends of the earth.

  25. One who was foolish brings shame to their elders and sorrow to those who have conceived of this person.

  26. It is wrong to judge an innocent person but it is not to scorch those who were foolish.

  27. Those who have their words are truly knowledgeable and those who are discrete and their ways are very wise.

  28. Even the schools that are silent are considered wise and they are intelligent if they do not speak.


  1. One who is alienated seeks to be accepted and they will fight to keep acceptance.

  2. A fool does not want to understand but they only display what they think of themselves.

  3. Wickedness brings contempt and disgrace.

  4. The spring of wisdom is the spring of life and does not bring forth deep waters.

  5. It is not good to favor those who are guilty and reject the claims of those who are wise.

  6. Those who are foolish will walk into a fight and they will ask to be beaten.

  7. Those who are foolish are not real and their lips are deadly.

  8. Those who bring forth tales will bring forth tales that sank into the innermost being.

  9. Those who slack are the destroyers of worlds.

  10. Run to those who are wise for they will brave the truth and you will be saved.

  11. The wealth of those who are rich are high.

  12. The heart is cold before disaster and humility will come before honor.

  13. Whoever answers before they listen are shameful.

  14. The spirit supports them when they are ill but if their spirit is broken, then they will not bear.

  15. Those who are intelligent will acquire knowledge and their ears will seek knowledge.

  16. Gifts from the earth clear the way for those who want access to those who are great.

  17. Those who plead their case will seem to be right but their opponents will examine their truthfulness.

  18. A third party will put an end to disputes in the side a controversy between two.

  19. One who is offended is more unyielding because each strife is more daunting.

  20. One’s mind is filled with the fruits of those who are wise.

  21. Death and life is the greatest struggle on this Earth and the one who chooses will bear it forever.

  22. To find their soul is to find happiness and it is granted.

  23. The poor ask but the rich will give with a good hearts.

  24. There are friends in this world and will bring you to ruin, but those who are true are loyal.


  1. It is better to be poor and walk in the truth and be rich and not stray.

  2. Desiring without knowledge is never good and you should never act hastily.

  3. Lives will lead people astray and they will rage in their hearts.

  4. Wealth brings many friends but those who are not did not have any.

  5. Those who lie will not go unpunished and they will not escape the wrath of the world.

  6. Many things will favor those who are rich and everyone is a friend of those who bear gifts.

  7. The family of those who are poor despise them and their friends will shun them much more.

  8. Those who gain any sense will love themselves and those who preserved understanding of this world will be successful.

  9. Those who lie will not go unpunished and they will perish because of their lies.

  10. Luxury does not benefit those who are foolish.

  11. It is good to be slow to be angry and to overlook any offense they bring you.

  12. The wrath of the King is great, but the favor spreads over the entire nation.

  13. The father of those who are foolish are ruining them and their generations.

  14. Possessions come from the inheritance of those who came before but that which they make themselves as a gift of the spirit.

  15. When easing this brings on a deep slumber and they will go hungry for more.

  16. Those who keep their covenant will keep their lives, but those who despise it will lose their life.

  17. Whoever gives to the poor will give to society which will pay them back.

  18. With self-discipline comes help, but do not be content on your death.

  19. Those who are wrathful will bear penalty and they will have to do it again time after time.

  20. Listen to the counsel of others and receive instruction from others so that you may become wise.

  21. Plans from the human heart are many but it is the decision of your mind that endures forever.

  22. Whatever is desired of you is good but is good to be poor rather than it is to be a liar.

  23. The gifts of the Guardian Angels lead to eternal life and they will be free from all harm.

  24. Those who are lazy will bury themselves and they will not try to get themselves out of it.

  25. Those who are naïve can learn from those who are intelligent but they will rebuke it cannot gain any knowledge.

  26. Whoever mistreats their elders is shameless and disgraceful.

  27. Stop attending to correct others lest you start straying from knowledge.

  28. Those who do not have principles are an abomination.

  29. At the justice of the world and they will have the malice of those who are wicked.

  30. Punishment waits for those who are wicked and they will be judged according to their wicked deeds.


  1. The things of the world are arrogant and will intoxicate you to bring you away from this world.

  2. The terror of a King is great and those who bring forth that anger will give away their lives.

  3. A person will gain honor by avoiding that which is evil but every fool bring forth a fight.

  4. Those who are lazy do not work and when they look for the fruits of their work there is none.

  5. The intention of the human heart is deep, but intelligence draws forth the correct way.

  6. Many will say that they are loyal friends, but they must be worthy of trust.

  7. Those who are just will walk with integrity and their children will be happy because of them.

  8. The one who is on the throne of judgment will dispel all evil from their lives.

  9. No one can claim to have their heart cleansed unless they cleanse themselves of all their sins.

  10. There are varying views on abomination, but it is all necessary.

  11. Their deeds can be right, but their actions will be judged.

  12. The one who is in the truth has the ear that hears and the eyes that see.

  13. Those who are lazy will be reduced to poverty and if your eyes are opened, you will be filled with good things.

  14. Those who go away from the truth will only boast of their own success.

  15. One can have all the riches of the world but those who are wise will have the greatest treasure of the mall.

  16. Those who give their garments to those who are strangers and will fulfill the covenant.

  17. Riches earned from wise are sweet until they use it, and then it becomes bad.

  18. Plans that come forth from those who are wise will succeed but war can also be waged with those who are wise.

  19. Those who slander will reveal secrets so you should have nothing to do with those who speak lies.

  20. Those who go against their elders will have their life ending in the middle of the darkness.

  21. Possessions which are given greatly will not be blessed.

  22. Wait for your spirit and it will help you and then evil will be repaid.

  23. Falsity is never good in the eyes of the truth.

  24. The way of the truth is straight, but mortals will never understand the way of the truth.

  25. It is a trap to receive the gifts which is sacred and then to reflect on it and have it not becomes sacred.

  26. Those who are wise will teach those who are wicked and throw their life out of control.

  27. The light of the truth is with all of humanity and it searches for your inner being.

  28. Loyalty will safeguard you and justice will be upheld with you.

  29. Those who are young are strengthened in glory and dignity.

  30. Evil is cleansed only by going through the valley of death and a scourging of that innermost being.


  1. The one who is righteous has their heart in the right place and they are directed by their spirit.

  2. All of the ways of the world will be made straight, but you will have to weigh the path of truth for yourself.

  3. Do what is right for it is better to do that then to what please any deity.

  4. Those who are prideful are light of the wicked and they will fall.

  5. Those who are diligent will win, but those who are slothful shall lose.

  6. If you get rich by aligning, then you will cause suffering in the world around you.

  7. Those who are violent will be swept away because they do not do what is writes.

  8. Your path which is straight to you may be unfamiliar to another but no matter what path you take, your path is right for you.

  9. It is better to have a small house but a good life than to have a large house and a bad life.

  10. Those who are wicked desire evil and no pity comes from those who are righteous.

  11. When the world falls those who are naïve are wise and when they become wise, they gain knowledge.

  12. Those who are righteous will live among the wicked but the wicked are brought down.

  13. Those who turn away from the poor will not be answered, but they call out anyways.

  14. Those who do business in secret will conceal bad things.

  15. Justice is done to those who are just and those who are evil will face their downfall.

  16. Whoever strays from the path of truth will go into the world of shady places.

  17. Those who love temporary pleasure will suffer in this world and they will never be rich.

  18. The wicked will try to bring down those who are just.

  19. It is better to dwell in the wilderness event to deal with the things of the world.

  20. Those who are wise have their most precious possessions in the heavens but those who are foolish will consume those things.

  21. Whoever longs for justice and kindness will find life.

  22. The one who is wise will overthrow those who are wicked.

  23. Those who keep heed to what they say will be away from trouble.

  24. Those who are proud will suffer in this world because of their pride.

  25. The desire of those who are lazy will be their downfall because they refused to do any work.

  26. Those who are consumed with the things of this world will not be right.

  27. Those who are wicked bring things about with bad intent.

  28. Those who lied shall perish but those who listened will have the truth.

  29. Those who are wicked have hard hearts but those who are just will maintain the straight path to the truth.

  30. No wisdom of man can overcome the truth.

  31. Victory belongs to the one who is in the truth.


  1. A good legacy is more desirable than the greatest riches.

  2. Rich and poor have a common bond, for they are all humans.

  3. Those who are wise will see evil, but those who are naïve still pay into it.

  4. The result of being humble and having the gifts of the Angels is all the riches of the world.

  5. The path of those who are crooked are full of suffering but those who care about their lives will avoid such things.

  6. Train those who are young in the way of the truth and they will not swerve from it.

  7. Those who are rich are over those who are poor.

  8. Those who want chaos will get chaos and they will fail in life because of their anger.

  9. Those were generous will be blessed.

  10. Those who are arrogant will be expelled.

  11. Those who are pure of heart are loves for they have good words to say.

  12. Those who are knowledgeable will defeat those who do not have any knowledge.

  13. Those who are freight to go out into the world are afraid of their life.

  14. Lies are bound to lose, but self-discipline will drive out lies.

  15. Whoever invokes anger will fall into the pit.

  16. If you oppress the poor to enhance your own life, then you are at a loss.


  1. These are the words of the wise so you should hear the words that are being said.

  2. It will be good for you and good for your life if you hold onto these things and if you are ready for them.

  3. So that you may trust in the ways of the truth, they will be revealed to you now.

  4. I have written sayings containing knowledge.

  5. I will teach you the ways of the truth so that you can teach others the ways of the truth.

  6. Do not withdraw the poor and do not crush the needy.

  7. There cause will be upheld because they do not desire to be plundered.

  8. Do not associate with the people who are wrathful.

  9. Do not learn their ways and become a part of the world.

  10. Do not be the one who is their scapegoats for they will take advantage of you.

  11. If you are unable to pay back debts from those who are wicked, they will take everything from you do not remove the traditions which our ancestors have set forth to you.

  12. The skilled people will stand at the presence of Kings, but not in the presence of those who are poor and needy.


  1. When you sit down with others, make sure you know who they are.

  2. Do not be gluttonous and take everything from everyone.

  3. Do not desire things of the world which are delicate, for it will deceive you.

  4. Do not destroy your life to gain wealth and do not be worried about money.

  5. Do not glance lustfully for these things will be known to the heavens.

  6. Do not desire what other people have, for you will get these things if you work at them.

  7. Do not trust those who do not deserve to be trusted.

  8. Whatever they give to you will be given back to them.

  9. Do not listen to those who are foolish because they will cast down the wisdom you give to them.

  10. Do not forget your ancestors left that burden for you.

  11. They will always be with you in they will defend you on the Day of Judgment.

  12. Hear the words of knowledge and apply these things to your heart.

  13. Do not withhold discipline from yourself because you will not die.

  14. Do not fall into the pits, rather, save yourselves from the pit.

  15. If your heart is wise, then you will rejoice in the world.

  16. Your innermost being will come out and you will speak all the things of the truth.

  17. Do not envy those who are wicked but only those who have the gifts of the Guardian Angels.

  18. You have a future and your hope will never go away.

  19. Guide your heart in the way of the truth.

  20. Do not be with those who consume the things of this world.

  21. Those who desire the things of this world are lazy and do not work for the things that they deserve.

  22. Do not despise your elders, for they have wisdom they give to you.

  23. Do not sell away your truth, rather, share your truth with others.

  24. Those who are just will expose the ways of those who are greedy.

  25. Make sure that your ancestors rejoice in your coming.

  26. Let your eyes always be cast forward on the way of the truth.

  27. Those who are wicked are in the pits and their ways are narrow.

  28. Those who are wicked will lie in wait for you and they will go against those are looking for the truth.

  29. Why should you wait for the things of the world to come to you?

  30. Do not complain about what you have, rather, be thankful for what you have in work towards that which you want.

  31. Whoever lingers too long will not receive the things they want.

  32. Take advantage of an opportunity when it comes to you and you will reap the benefits of it.

  33. At the end of life, those who think they deserve the best will not get the best.

  34. Those who are wicked will see things that are strange to those who are righteous.

  35. Your spirit is the one who is sleeping and it longs for your hearts to call out to it.

  36. Your spirit will be stricken, but it will not bring pain and it will be beaten out, but you will not feel it.


  1. Do not desire to be with those who are wicked.

  2. Do not take part in their plots of violence.

  3. Understanding is established through knowing of wisdom.

  4. Wisdom is what your foundation is built on and it has all the treasures of this world that you need.

  5. Those who are wiser are more powerful than those who are strong.

  6. War is waged on strategy and victory depends on counsel.

  7. Wise words are beyond the understanding of those who are foolish.

  8. Those who are foolish will calculate evil and they will not be known as good people.

  9. Those were foolish do not gain acceptance and they aren’t an abomination.

  10. Do not let your strength fall short on the day of adversity.

  11. Do not fail to rescue those who are being dragged to their own death.

  12. If you search your heart, then you will know how to repay the world according to your deeds.

  13. Only seek the purest form of truth, for it is the best part of life.

  14. The usefulness of the truth is wisdom to your soul and your hope will be with you in your future will not be cut off.

  15. Do not lie in wait to those who are just and dwell with them and live the life that they live.

  16. Even if you fall seven times, get back up eight times.

  17. When you stumble, do not give up and do not rejoice when your enemies do the same.

  18. Those who are just will be displeased by those who are wicked because of the wrath.

  19. Do not be provoked by those who do evil and do not envy those who are evil.

  20. Those who are evil have no future and their lamp will be flickered out.

  21. Have the gifts of the Guardian Angels and have nothing to do with those who hate them.

  22. Disaster will come upon those who are wicked.


  1. These are the words of the wise for their judgment is all good.

  2. Whoever tells the guilty they are innocent will be cursed by all nations.

  3. The blessings of prosperity will come upon those who do well in the world.

  4. Those who reply honestly will be blessed also.

  5. Complete your tasks and then you can rest from your day’s work.

  6. Do not lie to your neighbors and deceive others.

  7. Do not seek revenge on those who have done bad to you for they will be judged according to their deeds.

  8. Those who are lazy about their work will never receive the blessings of their work.

  9. Those who are lazy let their fields overgrow with bad things, and all the fruits of their labor are engulfed by that which is bad.

  10. Learn a lesson from those in your life by the work that they do and by how well they do their work.

  11. You can have a little sleep, but you should work all the days of your life for the benefit of yourself, your ancestors, others, and for the future.

  12. Poverty will come upon those who are lazy and those who expect everything to be handed to them will become wicked.


  1. It is too foolish to be worried of the heavens to conceal that which tarnished your past but is still knowledgeable to learn from these things.

  2. The heavens are unfathomable and the depths of the earth are too unfathomable.

  3. Remove all of the bad from your life, and seek good things and the purification of life comes forth.

  4. Remove wicked things from that which is loyal and the throne is made known to you.

  5. It is better to be told to what you need to learn more than to be humbled according to their precepts.

  6. What your eyes see does not bring you closer to your opponents.

  7. Argue and defend yourself but do not share secrets of others.

  8. If they hear that you share secrets then you will gain a reputation of ill repute.

  9. Golden things and silver places are words that are spoken at the right time.

  10. One who listens to the words of the wise is like one receiving a gold necklace.

  11. Those who are faithful will receive the warmth in their hearts.

  12. One who boasts of gifts that are not given to them will cast a cloud over the truth.

  13. A ruler is persuaded by patience but they can be broken with truth.

  14. If you find good things, only take what you need and you can come back for more later.

  15. Do not get into the affairs of others because they will eat you.

  16. One who lies to one another is like a sharp arrow.

  17. If you betrayed the trust of others then you will be cast away.

  18. If you remove the armor which you have put on in this world, then your heart will be troubled.

  19. If your enemies need something from you, give them what they need, for only then will you be redeemed.

  20. You will be vindicated if you make amends with your enemies.

  21. Those who are against you will look at you with anger.

  22. It is better to what be homeless then to have all the riches of the world without being happy.

  23. Good news is good from those who need it.

  24. Those who are just shall fall before the wicked if they are not spoken before you were.

  25. If you eat too much then you are not good because you seek all the riches of the world.

  26. Those who do not control their temper will leave their foundation defenseless.


  1. If you honor someone who was foolish then they are out of place.

  2. If you curse someone and it is uncalled for, then you will be cursed.

  3. Those who are foolish will be whipped back into shape.

  4. Do not answer fools because they are lies and you will become like them.

  5. If you answer fools and tell them that they are correct then they become wise in their own eyes only.

  6. Those who send messages by way of foolish people will not have their messages be sent.

  7. Words that come from fools do not stand in the world.

  8. If you give honor to one who was foolish then net your own foundation will crumble book for you.

  9. If you listen to the mouths of fools, then you will become drunk.

  10. If anyone hires those who are foolish, then they will wound everyone who comes by.

  11. Fools will return to the lies which they were raised in.

  12. There is more hope for those who admit they are foolish then those who admit they are wise in their own eyes.

  13. Those who are lazy will not do anything about a problem that arises in the city.

  14. Those who are lazy do not work for anything they want in their life.

  15. Those who are lazy are too lazy to receive the blessings of the work which they have worked, if they have done any.

  16. Those who are lazy are wise in their own eyes and do not answer with good judgment.

  17. Whoever meddles in the affairs of other people is the one who passes by a good opportunity.

  18. Those who are crazy will spread their craziness to those who did not deserve it.

  19. This is the way that people deceive one another even if they were only joking about it.

  20. The fire will die out without leadership and the strife of those fools will subside.

  21. Those who were quarreling in the affairs of some will leave the fire of those who were foolish.

  22. Those who bring forth tall tales will save them into their innermost being and perish.

  23. Those who have a wicked heart will have us who live with a glazed life.

  24. They maintained deceits while their lips speak of something which is supposedly the truth.

  25. Do not trust them when they speak because they have great abominations within their hearts.

  26. Hatred is concealed by love but their hatred will be revealed when they assemble together.

  27. Whoever digs their pits will fall into their pits and their stones will come back up to them.

  28. Those who like to one another bring ruin to the world.


  1. Do not talk about tomorrow for you do not know what any day will bring.

  2. Do not trust a stranger because they are not your own lips.

  3. The words of a fool are heavier than all the burdens of the world.

  4. Anger is cruel but jealousy cannot be expanded.

  5. It is better to review someone openly then to hide love.

  6. If you trust in enemy, then that is more dangerous than the harshness of a friend.

  7. The one who hungers for the truth will bring in anything that other people give to them but those who are full of life will only give the things that are sweet.

  8. Everyone shall be far from their home and everyone shall have to forge a life for themselves.

  9. The grief of your soul will tear up your heart, but the purest things will bring joy to your heart.

  10. Do not give up on your friends and do not resort to your family when trouble comes to you.

  11. Be wise and bring joy to your heart so that you can answer to anyone who talks you.

  12. Those who are foolish will see evil and come to it, and they will continue on and pay the penalties of what they have gotten themselves into.

  13. Hide your shield and your foundation from a stranger so that they are not able to bring it down.

  14. Those who are loud and to speak lies are a curse and they will be repaid with curses.

  15. Those who are persistent will come out day by day and match you and fight you.

  16. Whoever is hidden from the truth cannot tell one direction from another.

  17. One person will sharpen another person and the anger of all people builds off from one another.

  18. Those who tend to their work will bring forth the fruits of their work and they shall eat of the fruits of their work.

  19. The heart of a person reflects that person.

  20. The world can never be satisfied so the people of the world can never be satisfied.

  21. The treasures of this world are less than the treasures of the heavens.

  22. Wise never leave the foolish one even if they are pounded with the truth.

  23. Take care of what you have and give heed to everything you own.

  24. Wealth of this world does not last forever and crowns do not even go from age to age.

  25. When new growth comes all of those who are righteous will gather together.

  26. The world has been made for the benefit of man so what use the world to provide for your life.

  27. There will be ample blessings for all people of this world and you will be blessed all the days of your life.


  1. Those who are wicked will flee and no one pursues them.

  2. There is stability with a ruler who is wise and there are many rulers who support those who are wise.

  3. One who was poor and takes advantage of those were lowly are devastating.

  4. Those who abandoned the truth will praise the wicked but those who keep to the truth will oppose it.

  5. Those who are evil do not understand justice and those who seek the truth understand it.

  6. It is better to be poor and walk in honesty than to be rich and crooked.

  7. Whoever heeds to the truth is wise but whoever joins with those who are foolish are a disgrace.

  8. Whoever gets wealth by taking advantage of another should gather it and give to the poor.

  9. Those who turned from hearing the truth is will be an abomination to the world.

  10. Those who mislead the honest people into his evil things will fall into their own pit.

  11. Those who understand it will attain prosperity.

  12. The rich are only wise in their own eyes but those who are poor and intelligent see their lies.

  13. There is greater glory when those who are righteous triumph but people height when those who are wicked prevail.

  14. Those who conceal their wrongdoings will never prosper, but those who confess and understand them will get mercy from those have wronged.

  15. Happy are those who have the gifts of the Guardian Angels, but those who reject these gifts will fail.

  16. Those who are wicked will rule in oppress their people.

  17. If their rulers are not capable of leading vendor deeds are more oppressive and their ill-gotten gains will prolong them.

  18. If a person is burdened with guilt, then they will fight their guilt to the grave and no one will offer them support.

  19. Whoever walks without guilt is safe, but those who are crooked will fall into the pit of world.

  20. Those who work for their blessings will receive their blessings, but those who engage in things that are not worthy will have plenty of things they want but never receive.

  21. Those who are trustworthy will be blessed but those who want to be rich will not go without punishment.

  22. Those who show contempt for others are never good and every word they say will do others wrong.

  23. Those who are miserable will hurry towards wealthy things, but they do not want what is coming to them truly.

  24. Whoever rebukes another will win favor than the one who flatters another.

  25. Whoever goes against their elders and says that it is not sinful will suffer in this world.

  26. The one who is greedy stirs up quarrels, but the one who trusts in the truth always will prosper.

  27. Those who trust in themselves are foolish but those who seek and find wisdom are safe.

  28. Those who give to the poor will be prosperous but those who shy away from the poor are cursed.

  29. When the leader who is wicked prevails, then many will hide but their fall from those who are righteous will be known forever and ever.


  1. These people who do not accept what is being said shall shun everything with their stiff necks.

  2. When those who are just settle a land, the people in the land are blessed, but when those who are wicked are the leaders, the people will suffer.

  3. Whoever loves knowledge is a joy to the world but whoever lusts after the world will be poor and suffering.

  4. A king builds up his kingdom with justice but the one who tears it down has raised hell among the people.

  5. Those who speak flattery will ensnare their neighbors.

  6. The wicked of this world brings forth the trap, but those who are just will realize it and run away.

  7. Those who are righteous care for the poor, but those who are wicked do not understand it.

  8. Those who are wise will come, but those who are foolish will inflame it.

  9. If a wise person and a foolish person have a dispute, nothing gets accomplished.

  10. Those who thirst for blood heat those who are righteous.

  11. Fools will go out and vent their anger, but those who are wise will control it.

  12. If rulers listen to those who are foolish, then all the people of the world will become foolish.

  13. The poor shall meet the oppressor and the light shall come to both of them.

  14. If a King truly put cares for the poor, then the throne will stand forever.

  15. Those who are corrected give away wisdom but those who are not controllable are disgrace.

  16. When the rule of the wicked increases, then crime will rise, but they will fall in the end.

  17. Discipline your posterity and they will bring you great comfort and delight.

  18. People lose restraint when there is no vision but those who follow in the path of the truth are happy.

  19. Servants cannot be trained by words because they understand but do not act.

  20. There is more hope for someone who is foolish then someone who is a liar.

  21. If a child is pampered, they will turn out to be very stubborn.

  22. Those who are enraged easily will cause many sins in their life.

  23. Those who are stubborn will be humiliated but they will acquire honor with humility.

  24. Those who helped with crimes will hate themselves and they will not testify their hates.

  25. If you fear any other man, then you will become trapped in the world, but the one who trusts in the truth is from all.

  26. Many fools will try to win favor with those who are ruling, but those who trust in the heavens shall receive all justice.

  27. The evildoer is an abomination to those who are just and the abomination of one who is wicked is the one who walks in the way of the truth.


  1. The pronouncement of those who are mortal is one of exhaustion.

  2. They are more brutal than those of the heavens and they do not even have the intelligent man.

  3. They have not learned wisdom and they have not learned the knowledge of the truth.

  4. They seek those who have gone to heaven and come down again because they know the establishment of the Earth.

  5. Every word has been tested and the truth has withstood the test of all time.

  6. Nothing has been added but those who claim it to be added are a liar.

  7. Do not deny the truth and the truth will not deny you before death.

  8. Falsity and lies will be far from you and you will be of the world, but not in the world.

  9. Do not have too much but do not have too little and you will not be tempted to do any sins.

  10. Do not criticize anyone who rules over you or who you rule over because they will curse you.

  11. There are some who reject their elders and they suffer.

  12. There are some who are pure but only in their own eyes and they truly are filthy.

  13. There are some who claim to be good but are really bad on the inside.

  14. There are some who attack with words and deeds are those who are needy.

  15. There are those who want you to give but they are never satisfied with what they have.

  16. The pit of the Earth is barren and those who are in it will never receive anything to their satisfaction.

  17. The things of the world come to them and bring them immense suffering in this world.

  18. They are the ones who mock their elders and mock the truth, for they know not the way.

  19. They have the three gifts but they do not understand the four others.

  20. They do not understand the way of those who are righteous, but they know the way of the servants.

  21. They are the ones who claim that they have not done wrong, but they have because they do not realize the wrong they have done.

  22. There are three things which cause the world to tremble to things they cannot bear.

  23. There is a world where one who is a slave as above one who is but it is the opposite in the real world.

  24. There are those who are unloved and there are those who are displaced and they deserve the best because they have gone through the worst.

  25. There are four things that one must know and they shall bring great wisdom to the world.

  26. There is the one who is not strong but uses their brain power to store up what they need.

  27. There is one who is not mighty but makes everything out of what they have.

  28. There is one who has no leader but they remember the solidarity of their society and they marched together.

  29. There is the one you can grasp within, but they find their way into the greatest of places and bring them down.

  30. There are seven gifts that come from the Angels this world and those gifts shall be remembered and they shall be enacted in your daily life.

  31. There is the one who was mighty in retreat for nothing.

  32. There is one who is the king of their destiny.

  33. If you have been proud then put your hand over your mouth and listen to these words.

  34. Your anger will produce great violence if you have no discipline.


  1. Listen to the words of instruction from the elders to the posterity.

  2. What are you doing my posterity? Do not give your strength to the world and do not give your wisdom to those who will ruin you.

  3. The things of this world are not meant for those who are righteous.

  4. Do not forget the wisdom that has been taught and do not violate your covenant.

  5. Give the truth of those who are suffering spiritually.

  6. When they drink of the fountain of life they will forget all the troubles of the world because they will no longer suffer as a result.

  7. Stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

  8. Judge with justice and defend those who cannot defend themselves.


  1. Who can find the guardian angel who is worthy of the one who is to come?

  2. She is the one who does not lack income but his valuable beyond measure.

  3. She brings forth profit to the one who is to come.

  4. She is skilled in what she does and she never let anyone down.

  5. She secures everything she has been insecure about her life.

  6. She is the one who gives from herself to those who are less fortunate.

  7. She is the one who works all the days of her life and benefit from the fruits of her labor.

  8. She is the one with great strength and the one who has strength against those of the world.

  9. She is in joy to what she has and doesn’t have too much.

  10. She yet cast down those who are wicked.

  11. She reaches out to those who are poor.

  12. She is not concerned about life when it takes a turn for the worst.

  13. She does not give in to the lusts of this world.

  14. She sits with the one who is prominent for all the nations of the world.

  15. She sells what she makes and she doesn’t keep it all for herself.

  16. She has great dignity and strength in laughs at those who try to steer her in the wrong path.

  17. She has a great wisdom and kind instructions with her.

  18. She watches over the world in doesn’t seem to forget about it.

  19. Her posterity calls her blessed because she is blessed with great gifts.

  20. She has proven the worth of all people of the world.

  21. She is the one with the gifts of the Angels and her beauty is within her.

  22. She does great deeds and they are praised.