The Second Book of Laws concerns the people as a part of society. It continues the story of that journey begun in the Journey and continues the journey of the prophet as he discovers self-actualization. Numerous legal ordinances are interspersed in the account, making the book a combination of law and history.

There are also numerous prophecies that come from this book that have to do with later books. This was originally the last book of Laws, but a third one was added to expand on the responsibilities of society.



  1. The following are the times and seasons which are cleared the days of celebrating this.

  2. All the days of your life, you should have a balance between working and resting.

  3. Declare these holidays at the proper time.

  4. At each of the solstices and equinoxes do should be a celebration for the seasons are changing.

  5. You shall have great times of peace with your family and you should come together in peace and harmony.

  6. Do not do any work on these days, for the time should be spent in brotherhood and fellowship.

  7. Go off and celebrate the cycles of life and death and rebirth.

  8. Each of the Guardian Angels at their conceptions shall be celebrated for the gifts they bring to the world.

  9. Other days shall be celebrated also for the Memorial of those who brought forth great wisdom to the world.

  10. Offer yourself and fellowship to the times and seasons to those you love.

  11. Give to those who do not have love in their life and bring them into fellowship with you also.

  12. You should not have to offer things at these times, but you should always remember those who came before you and those who will come after you.

  13. You shall lead a communal meal with all on these days so that you can remember together your place in the world and your place in the universe.

  14. Soon, you will have worked hard for these days, and these days will come at great joy to those who take advantage of the offerings and blessings they provide.

  15. Gather everything on this day and come together so that you may be blessed for all generations.

  16. Come and celebrate the year that is renewed so that the cycles can begin again and you can be renewed through your spirit.

  17. Humble yourselves before those who are higher than you and to have power over you.

  18. Be sure that they treat you with the same respect that you have treated them.

  19. Those who do not humble themselves before higher powers will become humbled themselves.

  20. They will be removed from the peoples and able live in loneliness.

  21. You shall humble yourself always so that you can remember your place in the world and that you are equal to all humans.

  22. You shall always remember to do hard work so that you may reap the rewards at the end.

  23. Offer your services always to those for less fortunate, but do not do it if they are unwilling to work themselves.

  24. Donate your services and your monies so that you can live in peace and harmony and not overindulge your own sufferings.

  25. Do it also to help those that they can live better life for themselves and their posterity.

  26. Gather together in bringing food so that all can take part in the peace.

  27. Gather yourself in the majestic place so that you can eat and drink and be merry before one another.

  28. Do this as a community and as a family so that all may be strengthened.

  29. Dwell amongst each other so that you can practice and conquer the sufferings that everyone suffers from.

  30. This is what I announce you should do when the festivities come.

  31. So I shall speak and tell you that when you enter into the land, always keep in mind those around you.

  32. Remember to take care of the land that you have and to find a balance in all things.

  33. Remember to rest so that you do not grow weary and bored with your life.

  34. Remember to not work all the days and to give your land some rest also.

  35. Bring everything to you so you can keep everything close and modest.


  1. Resound throughout the lands the years of greatness so that your life can be filled with greatness.

  2. Treat these years as sacred, or your years will run out and your life will pass by like the blink of an eye.

  3. Take a rest after working such a hard life, so that you may read the words which you have deserved.

  4. The last years of your life shall be sacred to you, for you shall spread your wisdom to your posterity.

  5. You are the master of your own land so that you can conquer your own destiny.

  6. Remember to deal fairly with those who seek to buy from you.

  7. Remember the years that you have had on the land, or you may not want to sell it.

  8. When the years are many, the price will be more than when the years have been less.

  9. For they are really selling to those who seek to buy the land value it holds the individual.

  10. Do not deal unfairly with one another then.

  11. Be careful to keep these ordinances, for they are all common sense things.

  12. If you followed by these precepts, your life will be filled with many good years.

  13. All these are ordinances and you will have great times of rest and great times of working.

  14. You will be blessed greatly for the amount of time you have worked.

  15. Do not eat from the old, but eat of the things of the new so that you may learn the ways of the future generation.

  16. Do not show dishonesty, for you are getting it under alien people.

  17. The land that is occupied should be well kept by those who have bought it.

  18. If no one is able to care for the property, the property should not belong them, but should be sold to those who will use it to their full potential.

  19. Every piece of land upon the earth should be used to its full potential, so that it can take part in the prosperity and the evolution of humanity.

  20. Wilderness areas should be kept pristine as long as possible even if they may not be used to their full potential.

  21. Places and cities should be used to the potential which they were given, but if it needs to be revamped, then you are allowed to revamp your property.

  22. Always keep in mind the laws of the land so that you do not do anything beyond your means.

  23. When someone dies in the house, the house will be left to their posterity to decide what to do with it.

  24. Some land must always remain in possession of the families, but those lands remained in areas that are not inhabitable.

  25. When land has been revoked from a person to the banks, then the house should be sold and revamped by someone who has a job to revamp houses.

  26. Those people should get their lives back intact so that they can live it out again.

  27. Houses should not be left vacant in cities because that will drive down the value of the city.

  28. Do not treat anyone else who has less than you as slaves, for they are equal in spirit to you.

  29. It is important to recognize those who are less fortunate.

  30. If you have the means, buying more so that you can rent out to those who do not have the means by themselves.

  31. Remember these things so that when the time comes that you must sell the land, you will not sell the land in vain.


  1. Do not make gods for yourselves.

  2. Do not worship anything that is of the earth.

  3. Hold in reverence the sanctuary that is your spirit and your body.

  4. Be careful to observe the common sense laws and the guidance of your spirit.

  5. Blessings will come in due time.

  6. Remember all the days of your life so that you do not neglect your body and the side of your spirituality.

  7. You will be the establishment of peace and no one will cause you anxiety and you will cause no one else anxiety.

  8. Your enemies will fall but for you so that they may not be able to conquer you.

  9. All people fall before you before you realize the power that you possess.

  10. You will be shown favor amongst all the people and the spirits in the heavens.

  11. You will discard the old to make way for the new always.

  12. Your spirit will be ever present in your midst and it will be with you forever.

  13. Your spirit has set you free and the truth can help your spirit and ordered that you be set free.

  14. If you do not need these things and reject the commandment which humanity has set forth, then your life will be utterly miserable.

  15. If you break the covenant you have made at birth that humanity, then your life will be full of suffering.

  16. Terror will come upon you so that the life will be sapped from you.

  17. They will turn against you and you will have many enemies and they will flee from the earth around you.

  18. Your spirit will be broken and your strength will crumble.

  19. Your foundation will crumble as the suffering envelops you.

  20. Your strength will be in vain, for no things will come of it.

  21. If you continue to be hostile, then your suffering will increase.

  22. Everyone around you will see that your suffering and they will suffer too.

  23. Things will go downhill for you as you go down into a deeper depression.

  24. If you do not follow common sense, then your life will make no sense.

  25. Rage will come over you and all things that have caused you suffering will come to you.

  26. You will be demolished in every aspect of life for not being sent to the side in the sight of those around you.

  27. You will receive what you deserve and you will be put away and locked up forever.

  28. Everything around you will become devastated as they see the suffering that you go through.

  29. You will dwell in the lands that were once your friends, but now are your enemies.

  30. You will not enjoy a rest from the work which you do in vain.

  31. If you survive through all the torment and torture, then death will come upon you, for there is nothing that can see you.

  32. You will be hopeless and you will not stand against the foes that surround you.

  33. You will perish among all the people and become another statistic without leaving a legacy or good heart.

  34. Your best will have been wasted in vain and your spirit will dwell amongst the living until you repent of your ways.

  35. You will confess about evil deeds you have done as a spirit on earth.

  36. They will not see you but you will see them, they will not communicate to you but you can try to communicate with them.

  37. Remember the covenant which you have made with all of humanity upon your birth and keep it until the day you die.

  38. All people deserve the same rights that you do, so grant those rights to those that you oppress.

  39. Do not reject those who speak out against you, but treat them in love so that they may come to know what love is.

  40. Remember the covenant is the same that you have made with your ancestors and your posterity.

  41. These are the things which have been decreed as common sense to all of those who choose to understand it fully.


  1. Everyone who is exposed to dying corpses or infections or unclean discharges should not succumb to and mingle with other people, lest they spread the diseases that come from them.

  2. Do not shun them away, rather, when coming into contact with them, always keep yourself clean the book for and after you make contact with them.

  3. If anyone causes harm to another person, then they are guilty of breaking the state of their covenant.

  4. If that person confesses of the wrong they have done, then forgive them and have them make it up to you.

  5. If forgiveness is not asked for, then you should forget and move on, for it is not worth it to be mad at anyone.

  6. What do you willingly give to anyone is theirs to use their own benefit.

  7. If the partner goes astray and becomes unfaithful to the spouse, then they should no longer be together.

  8. You should not have to hide the fact that you cheat on another person.

  9. Cheating causes jealousy and it causes and many of the other things that cause suffering in the world.

  10. If you feel that you need to be unfaithful, then you should leave the old and going to the new so that you may be redeemed to forever and ever.

  11. If you take someone in that is not of your values, then you should work something out so that both of your values will be recognized.

  12. If they take offense to anything that you hold to be true, then work it out so that all may be satisfied.

  13. Do not make them feel inferior to you, but treat them as your equals, for you are all humans on this planet.

  14. If you work things out, then all will be well in the world.

  15. You may have to make some sacrifices, but if it is worth it, then it will not be in vain.

  16. If anyone comes to you when they are not cleaned, then do not talk to them until you have provisions whereby you are not compromised.

  17. If anyone comes into your house, then they are underneath the rules and regulations that you have set forth.

  18. You are the master of your own domain and they must follow these things that you have set forth.

  19. Find a way so that all people may come together.

  20. Find other people often so that you can find a balance in your life and they can’t find a balance in their life.

  21. Come together with others often so that you can be renewed in the spirit through these people and they can be renewed also.

  22. If they remain with you for a long period of time, then ask them for compensation for living.

  23. If they stay with you, then they should help you with all manner of things so that you can maintain your life while they enjoy what you have given to them.

  24. You will be responsible for the sanctuary in which you dwell.

  25. All of those who come into your sanctuary will be subject to the rules and will be as guests.

  26. You shall treat them as a host would treat their guests.

  27. Could you will not place obligations on them when they are in your house, however, you shall do as they want you to.

  28. If you ask for help from them, then they have the right to refuse to help, but it is not right.

  29. Perform your duties for they have giving you their house and their life for that moment in time.


  1. You should give the extra money that you have to the poor.

  2. Do not give all of your excess money away, rather, give what you can and provide for those who are less fortunate than you.

  3. Give to worthy charities and gives those who donate all of their money to charity.

  4. If you can, then perform the acts of charity yourself.

  5. There are many opportunities for you to do that anywhere that you are.

  6. Money is not the only thing that you can donate; you can donate your time or your talents also.

  7. This is your ties that you have with your fellow man.

  8. You must strive to make your society better and you must strive to make other people’s lives better.

  9. Purify yourselves that you may become clean always and everywhere.

  10. Those souls who have gone off shall have their worthless bodies cremated.

  11. Keep the ashes or spread the ashes, but do what you want to do with your loved ones.

  12. Since there is no need for the bodies again, you must save the room on the earth for causes that have more worth than to bury bodies.

  13. These are the oracles that came after the creator spoke of the things of the earth: The first Oracle came to me and I was told to prepare for my self-sacrifice.

  14. So I prepared as I was told.

  15. Through this, I will speak to the Angels of the heavens and I will tell you whatever they tell me.

  16. I shall go and speak accordingly to these angels which have appeared to me from the heavens.

  17. I shall offer these gifts to them and they shall receive them and then give wisdom to me.

  18. Come and do not curse me, and announce those that go against me.

  19. I cannot play a curse on the one who has already been cursed.

  20. In the world, I see how people share their lives the part and they are never in peace.

  21. May I die the death and turned to dust that I may be like all others.

  22. This is what I shall repeat once each successive angel comes to me in my dreams.

  23. The angel came to me and told me to go to another place so that the curse may be taken off of me.

  24. The ten will seek and find me at various points in time, and they will not appear to meet together until all of them have been revealed.

  25. I shall now repeat this phrasing, give ear to my testimony of the spirits in the heavens.

  26. The one who created us is not a mortal and has decreed all the laws of the universe.

  27. I was summoned to bless those and I cannot revoke these blessings from them.

  28. I see misfortune the world but I am not miserable myself.

  29. I have come to the Earth to teach the truth to all people and bring them out of suffering.

  30. There is no one angry against them and there is no one angry against the world.

  31. These people will rise up in this generation will see that the suffering of those in the past does not impact the future.

  32. I shall neither lay a curse on you nor bless you, for you must do all of this yourself.

  33. I am telling you everything that the angels tell me.


  1. Then the angel said to me, go to another place so that I can give you the third Oracle.

  2. I shall offer the same things to them and the same ones shall appear to me and give me another phrase.

  3. I shall do as I am told and I have been guided by these angels throughout my life.

  4. This is the recitation, the Oracle of the eyes which are true has been revealed to all nations.

  5. This is the Oracle of the one who sees all and knows all and has given the truth to the entire world.

  6. The ones who embrace the truth are the ones who are at peace always.

  7. The truth shall spread out and rise up like gardens as they were in Eden.

  8. The water of life shall be plentiful and the dominion of the righteous ones will be exalted.

  9. The ones who are hostile shall never rise above those who are righteous.

  10. They will lie and they will crouch because the righteous will tear them down and then build them up in righteousness again.

  11. A curse has been placed on your foes and blessings have been placed on you.

  12. Now go to those who are righteous so that you can become righteous yourself.

  13. Tell the people of the world I have told you so that all the people of the world may know the truth which is now manifest the world.

  14. I am now to warn you of the days to come.

  15. This comes from the Oracle of the one who has all but does not interfere with all.

  16. This comes from the one which knows all and which sees all.

  17. You observe them in the heavens but they cannot come back to you and you cannot come back to it.

  18. All of those are unrighteous towards you shall fall if you stayed righteous.

  19. They will fall, as will their allies.

  20. The nations were not here in the beginning and they will not be here in the end.

  21. You are safe, but you are about to fall over a cliff into the world of suffering.

  22. That which causes suffering in your life will be destroyed, but you must always remember to keep your righteousness when you fall again into the depths of suffering.

  23. Who shall survive in the world full of suffering? When you have conquered suffering and all the things that cause suffering, they will perish forever.

  24. I shall now send you on your way to your home so that you can teach them to always be mindful of the truth.

  25. It is morning and evening you should get up and contemplate on your life and on the actions you shall take for the day and have taken for the day.

  26. You shall meditate upon these things and focus your mind on the activities the people of the days.

  27. You should do this regularly for the sanity of your soul.

  28. Once a week, you should come together as a community and celebrate life and partake of celebrations regularly that involve the community of the whole.

  29. Come together and sacrifice for the greater good of the community so that those who are less fortunate can have a bite to eat or a place to sleep.

  30. Gather yourselves and side of building that is dedicated such activities.

  31. Every single time anniversary of some sort comes up, celebrate, for it is a celebration and looks forward to another year or that anniversary.

  32. You shall not do work on these days because it is good for rest and celebrate what you have.


  1. Celebrate things such as births and deaths and marriages and initiations and coming-of-age ceremonies.

  2. These things bring the family and the community together for a purpose and that purpose bring solidarity to the community.

  3. There is nothing that can break the bonds of the community when such things happen.

  4. This is why religions have been so successful the past, is because of the solidarity that is provided.

  5. Celebrate holidays per your state and per your localities and take part in the various celebrations thereof.

  6. Take part in holidays that go along with your traditions or religions.

  7. Do not sit at home, rather, do things that provide some good for the community as a whole.

  8. Remember these things for they are good.

  9. This is what has been commanded, when someone takes a vow or makes a pledge, they shall not violate their word.

  10. These thousand pledges go both ways and affect both parties and they can be broken.

  11. Do not oppress those who make vows or pledges to you.

  12. Do not make another vow if you already made one.

  13. The vows and pledges bring in the trust of the various parties involved.

  14. If you make another vow, you must release the old one first.

  15. You must never make vows that contradict with another one.

  16. If someone hurts another being, then let them be hurt themselves.

  17. If someone seeks out to murder someone else on purpose, then they themselves should face punishment.

  18. They stayed to forgive those that hurt you, but there are some things that can never be forgiven because they violate the laws of the covenants which they have made to all humanity.

  19. The victims and the relatives of the victims should have a say in the way that murder be punished.

  20. If someone hates somebody else, then try and work it out by diplomacy rather than by beating one another.

  21. You do not want to risk hurting someone else for it is not good in the eyes of society.

  22. If somebody bumps into another without it being a purpose, then there should be no harm done to the person who committed the act.

  23. There is no malicious intent against one another, so there should not be malicious action taken.

  24. You should always seek to forgive one another, but if you find that it is hard, then you should take it upon other people to try and work it out.

  25. It is always good to have a little respect when things cannot be worked out between two people.

  26. Do not have the blood of vengeance put upon you, for it does not bring you happiness in your life.

  27. This is what you should remember throughout every generation which occurs after this one.

  28. Whenever someone kills another, remember to seek out evidence and witnesses.

  29. Do not accept compensation in place of the life of another person.

  30. Do not accept compensation for those who seek vengeance to another person.

  31. Bloodshed pollutes this land, and the land should have no bloodshed on it on purpose.

  32. Do not defile the land where you live in the midst of work you dwell.

  33. Remember these things throughout all generations so that all can be treated with respect forever and ever.