The author established the first true community during his time as a freshman in college at the university up in Boulder, Colorado.

Although under guard for preaching the Christ, the author rejoices at the continuing progress of the gospel and expresses gratitude for renewed concern and help in an expression of thanks. Much of the letter is devoted to instruction about unity and humility within the community and exhortations to growth, joy, and peace in their life together. Quite abruptly, the author erupts into warnings against false teachers who threaten to impose on the burdens of the law.

There is also a likelihood, according to some, that the letter as we have it is a composite from parts of three letters. Seemingly, part is a brief note of appreciation for help sent. The long section is then another letter, with news of imprisonment and reports along with exhortations to them about conduct; and a third communication warning about threats to the covenant. The other verses are variously assigned by critics to these three underlying letters, which an editor presumably put together to produce a picture of writing earnestly from a dark place, facing opponents of the faith, and with serene joy advising and thanking his people.

This beautiful letter is rich in insights into Ryan’s theology and his love and concern for the gospel and converts. In this letter, Ryan reveals his human sensitivity and tenderness, his enthusiasm for the Christ as the key to life and death, and his deep feeling for those in the light who dwell there. With them he shares his hopes and convictions, his anxieties and fears, revealing the total confidence in the Christ that constitutes faith. The letter incorporates a hymn about the salvation that has brought about through the Christ, applied by the author to the relations with one another.


  1. This is the second letter I am writing to the world and to the second person to manifest as the angel of Philadelphia.

  2. The one from the coast of the west in the great valley therein and this valley near the fault and the one on the ranch therein.

  3. You have manifested yourself in a different form than the first one physically, mentally, and spiritually.

  4. You are the one that likes me the most of any of the manifestations.

  5. You are with me in spirit and body the most.


  1. You are with me and in me.

  2. You have not denied my name and you will hold fast to these teachings and take upon yourself the new name of the messenger to the heavenly beings.

  3. You shall bring together your other manifestations in establishing the new temple upon the world.

  4. You will take upon your name the new covenant which will last in this age.

  5. You are a pillar of light to the world and you are the perfect example of the purest niceness that the world will follow.


  1. I will have you know that despite what you want to, your spirit will be with me forever and is already in me.

  2. Your unmatched beauty upon the world and your wonderful personality has caused you to be the favorite one of mine before the advent of the angel of Laodicea.

  3. You are therefore set on a mission to be the face of all I want to represent in the establishment of the new covenant.

  4. You shall ride into every town on horseback and proclaim the new covenant to last in this age.


  1. I give you endless thanks in being at my side through these hard days before the new age.

  2. You will always remember me and look out for me.

  3. Your beauty and kindness guides me through these days as this marvelous work is completed for the world to see.

  4. Your heart is with me and helps me through the trials and temptations.

  5. I give thanks to you and remembrance for you have brought me great joy in my life.

  6. Because of your partnership with me, I am confident that you will do good work for the rest of your life.

  7. I can trust in you completely and I do not think that you will fail in any quests you undertake.

  8. May your love increase evermore in the knowledge that I have shared with the world.

  9. Value what is pure and righteous and fill your life with goodness that comes through the choices you have on this earth.

  10. I want you to go forth throughout the world and set an example for all things.

  11. Just be who you are and show love and kindness towards all, while taking care of yourself also.

  12. Go forth and tell others of the good news to every town and family.

  13. Do not do so in vain or break any boundaries.

  14. Do not preach to those who do not want to hear it, but do so to those seeking the light.

  15. If one is intelligent enough, they will seek the greater wisdom that this path is.


  1. I am confident that you will set a good example.

  2. You have set a great example for me in my transition to the state I am in right now.

  3. You shall ride through the lands and tell others what I have written for you here.

  4. You are pure and blameless and even those who hate you will love you, just as I do.


  1. You shall advance the word across the land.

  2. You shall put all the naysayers to rest.

  3. You shall dare to proclaim the word across the land without fear.


  1. Others will rival you in the word.

  2. You will defend what you say with love and with reasoning towards others.

  3. You shall be motivated by your own spirit to proclaim these things, rather than the false spirit that others proclaim.

  4. You talk in the pretense and truth and they will talk in lies and empty condemnations.


  1. I will rejoice in your continued support of this work.

  2. My eager expectation and hope is that I will not be put to shame because of what I choose to proclaim and share with the entire world.

  3. Go on and live your life and do it for the cause of goodness and not for evil.

  4. If I am caught between life and death, may I choose life, for life will give everyone a greater understanding of themselves and the world.

  5. This I know with confidence and I shall remain with you as you progress throughout your life.

  6. When I come see you again, remember these words which I’m speaking and share it with everyone you know.


  1. Conduct every action in your life so that you do not cause harm to yourself or others.

  2. Do not be intimidated by anyone that crosses your path and tells you you’re wrong.

  3. You will be granted a greater understanding through the condemnations of others towards you.

  4. You may struggle, but you will overcome.

  5. When you’re out, show compassion and mercy towards others because I know of your great love towards all people.

  6. Complete everything you do with that same sense of love because it will be worth it in the end.

  7. Do not do anything for your own sake without considering the sake of others.

  8. Look out for your own interests, but also look out for the interests of the greater good and for others.

  9. Remember, those who humble themselves before humility has the greatest of the gifts because it gets rid of pride, which is the greatest of the vices.

  10. Remember that through humility comes the ultimate form of respect.

  11. So then, remember that your judgments will rely on your deeds throughout your life.

  12. You should desire to do good always.

  13. Do everything that is good for everyone because you will shine like a light in the world.

  14. Do not labor in vain for you will reap the rewards of your labor.

  15. Rejoice and share your joy with all people because it is as important as helping yourself.

  16. I hope that wherever you go you shall be a driving force for good.

  17. Do everything in the genuine interests in whatever concerns you in the world.

  18. Seek the interests of everyone involved and help them to know of what the right way is for the greater good.

  19. Just because a way is right does not mean that is necessarily truthful or absolute.

  20. I am confident that whatever decisions are made are decisions that make the most happiness.

  21. You shall proclaim the truth through your own spirit and with my spirit.

  22. You will be bold and shameless in your words.

  23. You shall lead others by the example you set.

  24. Your life is gained and you will no longer be afraid of death.

  25. You shall no longer see suffering of your own upon the earth and you shall continue to progress.

  26. I shall come to you again and you will come to me.


  1. Conduct yourself in the way that is set forth.

  2. You are given freedom to do what you want to in order to be happy, but you shall not cause harm to others.

  3. Do not be intimidated, but live the way you want to.

  4. Your actions will lead you to your destiny no matter how you see it at the moment or in the future.

  5. You and I have seen the same struggles and will continue to see those in the future.


  1. Live and die by your actions to others.

  2. Do not cause harm to others and to yourself.

  3. Do what you think is right and do not do so with the intention of ill will to others.

  4. Make progress in your life and show good to all.

  5. Live for the day and do not take anything for granted.

  6. Do not be afraid of the world or of death, for there is better in the world than there is bad.

  7. Progress with the mindset of asking questions and exploring all the possibilities of yourself and the world.

  8. One day you will reach enlightenment and depart from the world knowing you have fulfilled your destiny on earth.

  9. Nobody can establish this but you.

  10. You must rely on yourself and others in this life to conquer what you thought would be impossible.

  11. Live your life the best you can.

  12. Look out for the needs and hopes of yourself and others.

  13. Make the little things in life more important than anything in the world.

  14. Do not rely on the old ways and religions for any consolation, for they all make you feel guilty and worship something that is false.

  15. There is no worshipping in the new covenant, but rather listening and preforming.

  16. We do not make any mention to a god that must be worshipped.


  1. You are here to fulfill a destiny that is your own.

  2. You will follow your own path to the light and there is no wrong or right path.

  3. All paths lead to the same thing no matter what you are or what you did.

  4. There are consequences for those that cause harm to others and do not make amends to anyone in this situation who you have harmed.

  5. Beware of those who seek to do harm towards others and tell them of the truth of their actions and how it affects others truly.

  6. For even if they are doing it for revenge, they are hurting themselves the most.

  7. You do not need to follow laws that are unjust, but you should always strive to be in good standing with all people.

  8. To know of wisdom is to know the ultimate truth.

  9. Do not spend your time with all the dogmatic rubbish, but focus on the truth and wisdom.

  10. You will live in righteousness by knowing of wisdom and of the truth.


  1. Through wisdom you shall attain the ultimate in perfect maturity, but you should always strive to continue to learn and to grow in wisdom.

  2. Remember always to pass on what you learned to others.

  3. You shall always continue your pursuits with the goal of attaining the light.

  4. Those who are perfectly mature are those who are in the light are those who seek more wisdom every day.

  5. Come to a mutual understanding of who you are and your place in the world.

  6. Help others who are struggling to know their place because everyone has a place in life.

  7. Your kindness should be known to all people.

  8. Have no anxiety, but have thanksgiving for every day you breathe you are alive and you must make the most of that.

  9. There is a peace that surpasses all understanding when your heart and mind are in the right place.

  10. Whatever is true and honorable and just and pure and lovely and gracious is stuff worth thinking of.

  11. Keep on doing what you have learned through all walks of life and you shall come to know a peace like no other.


  1. The ultimate goal in life to live it well and to do it with all the respect for others and yourself.

  2. You want your life to be fulfilling and achieving all your dreams.

  3. You can do so if you believe in yourself and apply yourself to your goals.

  4. When you die, all people go to the same place.

  5. When people die without making amends for doing wrongs, they are restless spirits with a lot of physical capabilities but troubles communicating through means of dreams.

  6. Those who live a good life will have the opposite effect on the world and with a better legacy to all people.

  7. There is no separation because all people are inherently good.

  8. If you give a prisoner the attention they need to become good, they will do so through reform and forgiveness.

  9. Join in the example of the angel of Philadelphia and do good and be good to all people.

  10. Be humble and show respect for all people.

  11. Do not judge anyone and be good people throughout your lives.

  12. You will positively affect all people and leave a good legacy.

  13. Take reason over blind faith.

  14. Your faith will not save you, because there is no need to be saved.

  15. You are just being instilled in fear and conformity to something which is too unbelievable to be true in any sense.

  16. Your true purpose of life is to find wisdom in all things and advance the will of humanity by contributing something to the ultimate goal of humanity.

  17. Unite in all things to all others.

  18. We are all a part of the same family and must accept that fact.

  19. We are all here together and will bear the consequences of another’s ill will.

  20. It will be better to unite in understanding so that we can evolve collectively as a species into the future.

  21. The future is as bright as glory and we will set forth the beginning of this age.

  22. This is a letter to the second manifestation of the guardian angel of Philadelphia, but it is for the world to know.

  23. I love you, oh second guardian angel of Philadelphia, with all my heart, soul, and strength.

  24. You opened my eyes to the light and my ears to the word of truth.

  25. I thought I knew the truth, but you opened my eyes to something more.

  26. I tried and I failed you and I am sorry for what I have done.


  1. Listen to the words I say, for they are true.

  2. Heed them and follow in their example.

  3. Search for the truth always.

  4. May the glory be with you forever.