The second part of the Books of the Recording takes place during the time of the Angel of the Transition between November 2012 and January 2013. For the life of Ryan Hite, it signals the final transition of this part of the journey.


In these entries, it looks at the life of Ryan Hite as the influence of the people around him as this section of the book looks at the themes of building up a foundation and creating a temple. It should serve as a template to add your life into. It also looks at the cyclical nature of life and how we can use that to our advantage.




A temple to many people is more than just a building. A temple is a representation of the body of the individual in the world around you. The Christs never talked of the literal rebuilding of a temple structure and many prophets never prophesied of the actual rebuilding of a physical structure as a temple. A temple is a beacon of hope for the individual. A temple is the representation of the body. A temple of hope in the wilderness represents the individual in the world that is full of bad things. This is the true meaning of the temple and this is the theme that permeates in my book and in stories throughout the world.

The building of the temple, for example, is the building up of the life of the individual. The foundation is the beginning of that temple and the foundation is the most important thing to have in the building of a better life. The fact that many people lack a good foundation or any foundation at all is the reason for the failure of the life of the individual. The life of an individual fails when they do not understand or do not care to understand the spiritual side of their life. In order to truly be fulfilled in your life, you have to find this foundation and you have to constantly be building upon that foundation throughout your life without regard to the direction your life goes. You should go to where your heart is regardless of the type of group. You will find fulfillment in your life despite the group and nobody can tell you otherwise. There is a reason for everything and you cannot fail just because you fear leaving your group. You will never build beyond that foundation if you do not seek the truth always and are always on the search for new and exciting things.

My foundation started with my involvement in the Catholic Church. I left my old way of life at the beginning of my journey to start my life at that group. I met a new group of people, made new friends, and rallied with them around a different kind of doctrine than what I had before. It was better for me to be with that group than I was at previously. The group I went into was better than the group I was with before. The direction my life was going at the time logically led me down a different path at that time. The direction of my life was going down a path that would lead me down the path of the Catholic Church. I made some really good friends there and I lost some really good friends there, but things were normal until a time after Kelly when the group was outliving its usefulness in a spiritual and social way. The group was becoming useless to me.

There came a point in time where I had to find a new group to get away from the Catholic Church. Again, my life dictated that I had to leave and find a new group. This new group would also help me to build upon the foundation I made in my spiritual life by providing me with new doctrines that would challenge the belief system of the group that I was once a part of. The troubles I had in 2010-2011 and the issues that arose in the conflict I had spiritually between my Catholic roots and my new found beliefs stemming from Mormonism would come to a head when I left both social groups behind and the third group of the spiritual but not religious group came into my life.

The changes in social structures upon going to college and my spiritual conflict were not compatible with any group that I was a part of before. Before the end of that freshman year of college, I left the religious groups that I was a part of and I was not bound spiritually by any religion. Although I was spiritually maturing, it would take me awhile before I would be able to humble myself enough to understand what it meant for me. Becoming more spiritual means that people would look up to you. It is always important to practice what you preach. Many people fail at doing this altogether and many more will make efforts to do so and will falls short. Some will fall, but they will eventually catch up and they will actually practice what they preach. If they practice what they preach in the right way, they will complete their harmony and they will embody characteristics of deity.

The focus on your life is to understand how important your body is and how you have to take care of it so that you can make the time to mature yourself spiritually and embody these characteristics throughout the world. You need to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. You also need to be there for the needs of others. All of us are different and we will all live different lives. It is not good to tell others how to live their lives. It is fine to give advice, but it is never good to force your beliefs or thoughts upon others. This is one of the many places where religion fails in the life of their followers. Many lives have been harmed through this influence and it is not good to stick with something that you do not feel comfortable with.

Your body is a temple. Your body is important to you. Your body is the ultimate way to interact with the world around you. This medium is the only way that your humanity and your spirituality will come together and influence the world together. Your spiritual side can do things that do not require the use of your body, but your humanity and spirituality interact with the world together through the senses.

The journey I went down will not be the same as the journey that you go down. The lessons I learn through certain experiences in life will not be the same as the experiences that you have in life and will not result in the same lessons. Every life is different, but every life matters from the time that you are born to the time that you are dead. Every breath you take will bring you one breath closer to death. The destiny of our spirits is shared and we will have to come to a common goal in the spiritual sense so that all of our destinies can be fulfilled. This is a team effort and it requires a lot of work on our own lives. Always remember the temple and the application of the idea of the temple on our own lives.




Throughout my journey, I did not tell other people what I was going through. Even though I was sometimes vocal with my emotions, I did not tell other people what I was going through and that seems to be a theme among many people today. We do not tell one another what we are going through and we are not honest with our emotions. Many people in life put on a front that hides who they truly are and how they truly feel about the things of the world. It is a great travesty that these hidden feelings go too far and that those people never get those emotions out.

There is a difference in how we should act in our public life and our private life. As an individual who is quickly becoming a public figure, I have this public side of me and this private side of me. I try to keep these as separate as possible, but the private events that happen in my life sometimes do go public at some point in time. I am more careful than most people in my generation about the difference between the public and the private spheres of my life. There are many people who are quickly seeing those lines blurred.

Some people in life want their private life to be a public affair. There are people in the world who want to bring drama to their life and there is no way for their lives to be private at all. The good and the bad things that happened in their lives would never become a private matter. Everyone would know about every aspect of their lives, and that was okay with them when times were good. Unfortunately they did not desire so when times were bad. Some people desire attention by anyone whether it is good or not. That is the fact of life for the personality of some people.

On the other hand, you will have those people that are quiet and do not have much of a public life at all. The problem is that they go by the wayside and that nobody knows about them at all. They just get lost in life and nobody really notices them. In between that you have every possible spectrum of people. I myself am one of those people who choose to make some private matters into public matters for the purpose of teaching other people. That is the nature of my life and the private/public balance depends on the nature of the life of most people.

As with anything, the balance between the public realm and the private realm is one that is largely dependent on the people that are involved and what stage in life they are in. At first, I was a very private person and did not tell people much of anything. At a different point in my life, I was a completely public person as I desired to have attention. Nowadays, I find a balance between what I make public and what I keep private. How you go about that balance depends entirely on the individual.

You cannot tell someone to stop being a private or a public figure. The fact is that we cannot tell another person how to live their life. In many cases, you do not know anything of them or their backstories. They will come their own way through their own wisdom. The fact is that you will never be able to sway someone into changing their ways. They will ultimately change on their own when the time is right for them.

The balance between the public and private parts of the life of the individual has strong implications into insight as to who they are as people. We can learn of the entire personality of some people because of this single balance. It is important that we know who we are and that we have the balance to match it. When you are able to learn about the life of another person, you can understand better as to why they are more public or more private. It is powerful in our understanding and it helps us the most when we try to counsel them.

These people require different kinds of help when times get tough. No matter who you are, you will go through the ups and downs of life and you will have to understand that the balance of public and private interests make those happen as well. Life can get a whole lot better or a whole lot worse depending on how the balance of public and private aspects of life is made. The matters that you may want to make public become too private and the matters that you may want to make private become too private, and that can change the whole experience of the individual for better or for worse.

Many of the problems that I had in the beginning were because of this. At this time in my life, I had a very private person followed by a very public figure. Sara was a mostly private person and I saw how that kind of person reacted to events in life. I also had experience with Katie, who was a very public person at the time. I was able to see that side of my life as well. At the time, I was transitioning into a public figure, but what manner and how far did I want to go publicly?

I think that the amount of public life and the amount of private life that I have is fine now. The balance for me is good for me because of the lack of problems that I had at this time. Many of the problems that I had in the past could be attributed to the imbalance between these aspects and that the problems became bigger than they were. I rectified those problems and I am at a good balance now. I am able to be a public figure, but I still have a side of me that is not well known to many people outside the close circle of people that I have around me.




In humans, there are two competing natures. A dualistic nature exists throughout life and many cultures have seen the dual nature of it. There is a spiritual side to us and there is an animalistic side to us.

We are animals through and through. We came about in this life as a result of billions of years of evolutionary processes through mutations. In addition to evolving physically through walking upright and developing big brains, we also developed mentally through the expansion of our brains and our adaptation to develop things through our ingenuity. We developed tools and we became the dominant species on earth through our abilities. In addition to our mental evolution, we evolved as a culture through the development of societies, religions, cultures, and class structures. Despite our advances, we still have this human nature in us and we still act much in the way that other animals do. Because of our animal nature, things that happen in the animal kingdom happen to humans on a worse scale.

We do have this animalistic side, but we are also very spiritual beings. As humans, we are able to think about the world and our place in the universe. We are able to think about the questions about life such as why we are here, what happens after we die, and what is our purpose in life. It is a question that is not thought of by any other species and it is a question that is a part of who we are. We have attempted many times to answer these questions and that has contributed to the evolution of religion over the ages. As we go forward through time, we learn more about the world and the nature of religion has changed and now it has come to a point where we need to rethink our relationship with the world around us and our place in the universe.

This nature also exists within all of us. We have this animalistic side of us and we have this spiritual side of us. We are all very in touch with the animal side of us. Where we fail is in the spiritual side of us. Most of us either do not know or do not understand what it truly means. The Christs provided us a way to harmonize between our two natures and many of us keep them separate. Many people do not care about their spiritual side. Most of the others do not understand how the spirit works and many people follow in a religion thinking that they are getting the most out of their spirituality. The world is not as black and white as religion wants you to think it is. Things are a little more complicated than they are.

In my story, I did not know what I was doing wrong. I thought that I was better than other people because I had the knowledge. Unfortunately, my knowledge did not match the actual experience I had. In learning about pride, I became prideful. It was only because I was brought down to earth through Sara that I was able to understand the world and apply what I learned to the real world. I was not able to do this until I understood the errors of my ways. When I was in control, I was on the other side of the fence in that I was the primary motivation in the rise, fall, and end of the friendship. I would not have been able to apply my knowledge and learn wisdom if it was not for this experience.

After I learned these things, I decided to end the friendship. It was hard, but it was an opportunity to see the reason as to why so many in the past left me before. If I was not able to see this side, I may have taken the friendship too far and I may have taken it to a point where instead of indifference, there was a lot of pain and anger. I knew that Sara was not taking well to my advances. I knew that I had to try as much as I could. It was a crucial point where I would be able to have a chance, and I did. That chance came and passed and it was at this point that I decided to end it. I did not want the pain of the past to come back and I ended it before it became another bad experience. I wanted to prove to myself that I was capable of learning from my experiences in the past. I ended the friendship with Sara on my own terms because I thought that it was appropriate at the time.

I learned a valuable lesson in my time with Sara in terms of the division between the two natures. It is important to learn about both of your natures and to keep them in harmony. You cannot ignore one of your natures because your nature that you ignore will come out of you in the worst way possible. Not everyone will believe in “spiritual” things, but you do not need to be “spiritual” to think about your other nature. Many people do not realize that the Christs are an exemplification of that harmony between the spirit and the human. Doing so will allow you to unlock your full potential as a human.

I used to think that I was cool. I used to think that I was legitimate. I had no authority even though I thought I did. When you neglect your spirit, you humanistic ego comes out in the worst way. When you neglect your humanity, your spirit does not do its work to keep the vices out of your life. That was my downfall. I thought I knew everything there was to know about my life and the life of others. I needed to be brought down to earth in order to truly apply what I learned to context. I knew a lot about vices and virtues and the such, but I still suffered from the vices because I neglected my humanity. I had no authority. I needed to learn that before I was able to teach those things to the world. This division is a part of our life, but it is necessary and it is important. It is also something that is misunderstood and ignored, and this is the true downfall of society.




There is a big difference between Sara and the other girls that I fell in love with. In the past, I was not in control of the situations I was in and I felt that I would never be able to be in control. In the old times, I was not able to place my input. My feelings did not matter in their quest. When I was with Sara, however, I was a little more in control. I learned all the vices and virtues at this point in my life. I came to a point where I knew enough to be able to control my life and my time with Sara. Although things did not work out and I fell to my own vices, but I was able to rise above it and make a decision that would ultimately change my life. I was also in control of this situation.

Here is how things went. I was able to take control of the meeting and the rise of the friendship I had with Sara. It seemed to me that I was in competition with others for her and that I wanted to prove myself. I went ahead and I developed the friendship with her. She did not respond well to my advances and I wanted to be with her until I was able to learn my lesson. I was able to conquer the jealousy I felt and I decided at that point that I should no longer pursue the friendship I had. It was not about her, it was about recognizing the humanity in myself and it was about having her as an avenue to help me to realize what I did wrong in my personal life. This was the major difference between her and the people that were before her.

I was divided in my mind at the time. I knew what I was going to do and I knew how to conquer all suffering, but at the same time, I was also very prideful in the way that I felt after the rise and the fall of the last Guardian Angel. In learning about pride, I became very prideful. I thought I was above all the people around me because I was a very “spiritual” person. I had this inner thirst for spiritual things and I knew these very spiritual things. I knew the process by which I would be able to live a happier and more fulfilling life. I am still human, though, and I suffered all the things that we do as humans. I still had my human and animalistic nature. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was actually worse off than I was before. I did not know what I was doing wrong and I needed Sara to bring me down to earth and to truly humble me. I thought I was ready for the end, but it would be another year before I actually got to where I am today.

Because I thought I knew, I was prideful. I gained all the knowledge that was required by me in order to pave the way to the salvation of all people, but I did not experience it and I could not teach others about it. It was a hard process to be brought down to earth and to understand that in order to have true wisdom, one has to experience what happens. I learned many things in my life after the fact. I did not know what I did wrong in the past until after the fact. It was hard for me to learn in that way, but it made my learning all more authentic. Not only did I learn these things and not only am I able to share it with others, I can give examples and stories from my experiences to reinforce what I learned throughout living these experiences. This is what the Christs experienced and what they were attempting to teach us.

The Christs were trying to teach us how to save ourselves and we did not understand this completely. We interpreted all their teachings wrong. Let me explain how we can reinterpret it so that we can live a more authentic life.

I learned many things about vices and virtues from others. I was told many times about what I was doing wrong in my life and how I should fix it. I did not listen to any of these people or ideas and I made many mistakes in my life that I would not have made if I listened to the advice of others and if I read books on how to better my life. We have to experience these things. We have to make mistakes in our life. We have to be brought back down to reality. Our human nature wants us to think we are more successful than we really are. We want to think that the world revolves around us. What we don’t know is that the world does not work in our favor. We have to adapt based on what the world brings to us. What the world brings to us is based on our attitude in life. The way to salvation would be based on our attitude and our work in life. When we treat others well, the world will look in our favor.

When I was with the Guardian Angels, I did not look at the world in a way that allows me to adapt to it. I wanted my world to adapt to me. For the first time, I was able to control my world. The world gave me an opportunity to control aspects of my life that I always wanted, but never had. After Sara, I was able to control more aspects of my life because I was given a chance to change aspects to make my life better and I was given an opportunity to make better friends. My resulting good attitude caused my life to be better and I finally learned my lessons. I finally learned the past through gaining my knowledge and experiencing it through wisdom.




When I was first meeting Sara, I was immediately met with a conflict of my two natures because of another young man who was a little affectionate towards her. This individual was named Alex and his actions brought about an animal instinct in me. I was in conflict with myself more than I was with Alex because of what my assumptions were at the time. I did not expect things like this to happen and I did not expect to act in the way that I did. It really changed my attitude towards Sara going forward because my focus was on her more and it was a little more aggressive.

Despite the fact that I was maturing spiritually at a fast rate, I needed to be brought back down to terms with the fact that I am not above others. There are always ways that I could improve and I needed that so I could come to terms with my humanity. It helped me to better harmonize my two natures and to be a good example for the people that read these stories. It was only through this interaction that I learned about this major flaw in my life and I set out to make it better. It was only after this that I realized that I would not be able to remain with Sara and I had to break off the friendship.

When I was with Alissa, I learned of her religious side and I didn’t know how I felt at the time when I learned this of her. I went to Michigan shortly afterwards and I thought a lot about how I reacted and realized that I was wrong with this assumption. I apologized and she was okay with it, but I started to think long and hard about how I reacted and why it was wrong. Just because I left religion and went beyond it spiritually did not mean that I was better than people who were still religious. It was a result of my continued progression and the fact that I did not catch up and mature as much as I thought I did. I was not mature even though I knew how to become that. It took the time with Sara for me to be truly mature spiritually and to catch up fully. When I met Katie, the fact that she was Catholic and went to a Catholic high school and participated in some of the rituals did not bother me as much as it would have been in the past. She and Alissa were essentially at the same place spiritually but my reactions to the two were vastly different.

There are two natures about you. There is a side of you that is spiritual and there is a side of you that is animal. These two natures are inherently at odds and the destiny of the spirit and the free will of humanity are not in sync. As a human, you are given freedoms and you are given choices, but you have to make the right choices. The choices you should make are not usually things that are encouraged in the world. The heavens and the earth are in conflict in this regard.

The purpose of your life is to come in harmony with your animalistic side and your spiritualistic side of your natures and to make the goals of your nature’s one in the same. It is not possible to change the spiritual progression, so it is only possible through changing and actively making choices in your human nature to match that of your spiritual nature. This matching and this harmony is seen in the life and the teachings of the Christ’s. The journey of the attempt to harmonize these natures is found in the life of the prophets.

When I met and fell for Sara, I did not realize how out of touch my spiritual and my human sides were and I thought that I was above and beyond the religious people in a spiritual sense. There are many religious people who are very spiritual, but there are many spiritual people who are not religious. I thought that I was a spiritual person and I looked down on people who were religious because I assumed that I was better than her. I realize now that I was not in harmony despite my intentions to be so. It was not until I met Sara and had this reaction to the actions of Alex and his gestures that I realized that my animalistic side of me was still at least trying to become the dominant part of my life and actions.

I was not actually the person I thought I was. My animalistic nature came out when I was reduced to emotions of anger and jealousy towards an individual. It was against everything I had learned and everything I was taught to act. Despite our best intentions to get away from those evils, we are still human and we are not perfect. We will falter and sometimes resort to it. You need to avoid it as much as possible and you need to make the best of the situation when it comes to you. You are also never as good as you think you are. You have no authority over how other people should live their lives. You have no authority over how other people live their lives and you have no authority over others in their spiritual lives and preferences.

At the moment that I fell in love with Sara, my animal instincts came back and I was reduced to many of the vices that I learned about and tried to overcome. I tried to overcome, but it was a thin veil when I realized it was broken through my time with Sara. I broke through and was reduced to what I was before. I came out as a better person in the end, but it took a shift in my thinking to actually accept where I am in my life and where I would have to go. I was still suffering from pride and pride is the hardest vice in your life to break. I thought that I broke my pride, but it turns out that I was prideful in breaking pride. True humility comes when you are faced with something that challenges you and you have to face the ultimate decision regarding how you react to it. At first, I took the wrong path. It was not until I made the right decision and left my friendship with Sara that I finally made the right decision. I finally unlocked the secret to being humble and took the first step towards the ultimate enlightenment.




When I was with Sara, I was in control of the direction primarily that the relationship went. I initiated it and I ended it. I was in control of the rise and the fall of the relationship. I decided to end it as soon as I learned what I needed to learn from her. When I was in the relationship with Sara, I reflected on the friendships and relationships I had before and I started to notice many patterns in the rise and the fall of those people that I interacted closely with and learned the most from. The most important thing I learned was the relationship cycle that I had. There was a common theme in having a good start, being too prideful, and facing the consequences of what went wrong. Although the actual events and the circumstances are different, the common theme remains the same.

Throughout my relationships and close friendships, the first part of the interactions always started out very well and I was happy for a short time. I had this need of wanting to be accepted and loved by another and I found it many times through many different people of all walks of life. I desired to have a good friend that I connected with. There was always a good start, but having a good start does not mean that you will have a good relationship. More often than not, when something starts out good, they remain good for only a short time and it was usually the first part of my friendships that were the best.

When I was in a good relationship with another individual, I usually became too prideful of the friend that I made and that was the great mistake that signaled the fall of my life, the end of my relationship with that individual, and the down part of the cycle. This is the point where one of two paths could be taken to ensure the future of the friendship. One path will lead down to a better friendship that will last a long time. The other path will lead down to a rapid end of the friendship, usually without the consent of one part of the friendship, and will lead to a rapid decline on the part of the one who did not want to end the friendship in the first place.

Where did I go wrong? For the most part, I let my animal instincts kick in and I made decisions that were not in line with the decisions that I should have been taking. I should have taken the path that cultivated and expanded the relationship. I should have listened to those who have been through it before. I should have started by being myself instead of looking to other groups for guidance and becoming someone that I was not by heart. Of course, I did none of these things. I went through the ups and downs that could have been avoided. I would have not learned anything, either. I would not have realized the errors of my ways had I taken the path of listening for guidance. For all the bad decisions I made in my life, I also made just as many good decisions.

I had to face the consequences of my bad decisions, however. I had to go through the downs of life because of the bad decisions that I made. I had to suffer greatly without knowing why I was going through it. I faced many trying times and I went through many periods where I contemplated suicide, but I fought through the hard times and better things came to me on the other side. Now that I am looking at this journey from an outsider’s perspective, I can see the errors of my ways and I can see why I went through all the bad times. I was at the center of my own journey. I was the initiator. The only way I could have gotten around it was through my own actions.

Until I was with Sara, I never realized these themes because I was not the one who was in control. The guidance of my life was out of my control and the facts that I faced came as a surprise to me every time I went through it. I continued to go through these themes with Sara, but it was because of me and not because of her. I was not at fault, but I realized that I needed to break it off before it became my fault. My relationship with Katie later was vastly different than the friendships I forged before this.

This was not limited to the close friendships and the relationships I formed, it was also a theme in the other acquaintances I acquired and the groups I belonged to. This cycle of a good start, the pride of the individual, and the punishment of the individual based on those actions are a fact of life for any individual who does not truly understand the ways of the spirit. If you try to change things that happen in your life, you will be met with a downward spiral. If you make the decision in the middle that leads to the end of the friendship, let the friendship end. Your goal should be to not force anything to happen in the relationship you have with another individual. Things will happen if they are meant to happen. Everything happens for a reason. You should always strive to cultivate a culture that allows for friendships and relationships to last a long time.

The problem in all the friendships that I had was the fact that I tried to change the natural order of the universe. Despite the fact that my friendship with Shannon was dying, I still defied everyone and the universe and I tried to hold on to what was left. That led to some horrible problems later. The same problem happened with Kelly and horrible things happened afterwards. Things were great in these relationships at first, but my pride got in the way and they decided to break it off. Pride got in my way again and I decided to try and keep the friendship alive even though everyone else and the universe decided the other way. This is where I went differently with Sara. I decided to break it off with the universe when I did not need her in my life anymore. When I went with the universe, things ended a lot better even though I did not enjoy the process.




I went through a lot of things in my life up to that point, especially on my journey and the implications of the decisions that I made. I made many decisions that impacted the direction of my path in my life. Because of these reactions and decisions, my life had to change so that I could adapt to changing climates.

Up to this point, I was in two major religious groups and many major secular based groups of people. All of the groups I encountered up to this point had a rise and a fall and would impact all the decisions that I would make.

In the beginning, Shannon and the group with the Catholic Church changed my life enough so that I would be able to leave the life I had before the spiritual awareness journey and would be able to start anew. The focus of the group at this time was on Shannon and the group became secondary. As my relationship with Shannon waned, I would see the group as a catalyst for more people to come into my life. As the importance of Shannon in my life waned, the importance of the group went up.

By the time I was with Kelly and that era in my life ended, I was so deeply entrenched in the Catholic Church group that being banned from it would have huge implications on the direction of my life. The life that I thought I knew in my involvement in the Catholic Church went in a new direction and the group I came back to after so many months would not be the same. I suddenly felt alienated from the group and it would provide me a way into searching for new groups. It was a point in time in which I had exhausted all the things that I would learn through them and I would be provided with an outlet into a new group.

The other major religion that I would spend a lot of time with also impacted my future. At the end, it would not be the group itself, but it would be the doctrine that I took away from it. It would be the first time where I pursued a group instead of the people in that group. In fact, I was introduced into the group from a person who never had an interest in the group to start with. I was in search of a group of people to take over for the Catholic group that I was not able to reconnect with fully. The group as a whole was very similar to the Catholic group and I would learn a lot from many people. I would even fall in love and obtain relationships through it. The differences that would cause problems, however, would be in my doctrines. These problems would not be an issue at first, but I had a plan, and when I went to Boulder, all plans went up in the air.

The major group that I would be involved with in my freshman year of college would have implications for me socially and spiritually. It was my first exposure to a secular group in my mind and it was the first time that I would have any close relations to people that would not have a religious background. These plans would be coupled by a switch in my religious life among the two groups that I was involved with in Littleton. The conflict between the three groups in my mind would cause me to go down yet another path that I didn’t expect to take.

That year was the year where I first left my relations with the LDS Church and then the Catholic Church. I learned that I joined these groups in the first place so that I would be involved in the groups. I was not into the doctrines of these groups. I just wanted to find a place to belong. I took a new path in life so that I could focus on improving my own life.

Improving my own life was what I was at in this point. When I was with Sara, I was able to learn about the mistakes I made in the past and I knew what was best for me going into the future. The experiences I had in the past were things that influenced my belief systems and induced changes in my life over time from which I would be able to base my life off of. Changing your path in life is never easy, but it is worth it in the end. Your life is a constant maturity of the body and spirit and it comes as a result of the changes that you make throughout your life depending on the situation.

I made choices in my life depending on how things went in my life. Not all the decisions I made were the right ones, but your life will adapt to your choices much like how you have to adapt your choices to your life. Since your entire life revolves around the choices you make, you will have to think about your choices and you will have to think about how they can affect you. They can affect you in one of a number of ways. You will not have the exact same life and experiences as another person, so it is not worth it to follow in the footsteps of another person.

When you try to follow another person, you make a lot of mistakes. When you make mistakes, the world around you reacts in a way that does not allow your life to go down a path without changing your life. Changing aspects of your life is something that is not easy to do at first, but I think it is something that is important. Making your life better is something that is necessary for us to live in such a way that allows us to understand what we are capable of. If we are able to get through the downs in life, we can figure out what we are made of and we can figure out what we need to change to better ourselves and the world around us.




One of the most important things I learned during my time with Sara was the idea of the journey and the themes that permeate in each part of the journey. In my time with the Guardian Angels, I learned many things about the cycles of rising and falling that I experienced with each person I fell in love with. This is also a reflection on how friends rise and fall in all people at all walks of life. All four of them will happen eventually because that is the nature of the world. Although you can never break away from family, friendship is a temporary part of the life of any human being. There are many people that I fell in love with in the past that I thought would be friends with me for a long time. I also lost many childhood friends over the years.

In every friendship, there are four parts to the cycle of friendship. The first one is the initial meeting, the second one is the rise, the third one is the peak, and the fourth one is the fall and end. Each friendship goes through these four cycles in their own time and each part of the cycle varies in time, but all four of them will eventually happen because of the nature of how the world works.

The initial meeting of the friendship is an important part of the cycle of friendship because it requires a lot of preparation and a lot of thought. Many people decide who they want to have as friends before the initial meeting. Many people decide to be friends with someone based on mutual contact before and previous acquaintanceship. There is a difference between acquaintanceship and friendship in the level of personal contact and the amount of communication between the individuals. The initial meeting happens as a result of actions and reactions that happened in the past and thus is an important part of the cycle of life as well.

The rise of the friendship happens as soon as the initial meeting happens and the process of the cycle of the friendship starts in earnest. The rise of the friendship is the most vulnerable part of the friendship because so much information is shared during this time. The fall can quickly happen as a result of this time through a variety of factors including becoming too intrusive, sharing too much information, and learning about the other person and their true personality. The rise of the friendship determines how long the peak of the friendship will be and how bad the fall will become.

The peak of the friendship happens at the height of the good times of being a friend with another. It is the point at which you and the other person know that you can be comfortable around one another and are responsible for the life of the other. The individuals are bound by these terms and the two of them feel comfortable generally. The peaks of the friendship will be mutual for a time, but one part of the bond will start to falter before the other one does. Although it may take many years, at some point in time, the friendship will start to falter or take a new shape in the world of social interactions.

The fall of the friendship and the end of the friendship is a process that could take a long time to start, but once the feelings become mutual, the fall can occur quickly. This is the point when the friendship has run its course and the end of the friendship occurs. This happens all the time and it is nothing that you have to dwell over. Even the best of friendships will fall at some point in time. Even if it does not fall quickly or in the classic way of the end of a friendship, the friendships that you forge with an individual that may last a long time will not last in the same way forever. All friendships will take on other forms within the life of the individual based on a variety of personal and contextual factors. There are a variety of factors that will lead to the fall of a friendship, but the bond will usually begin to break with one of the people in the friendship becoming dissatisfied. The end of a friendship is not always mutual. Once both sides accept the fate of the end of the friendship, the process happens pretty quickly and may not be a big deal, although it may be one if one side does not accept the fate of the friendship. The friendship can take on different forms as well, but those are rare. The majority of people that you know in life and become friends with will eventually leave your life, even if it is a process that takes many years.

In addition to this cycle of friendships, there are also four types of relationship levels and there are also four types of friends that you can have in your life. I experienced all of these relationships and types of friends throughout my life. The four types of relationship levels you can have with anyone are the enemy, the acquaintance, the friend, and the love. The four types of friends you can have in your life are the foundational, the exemplar, the supporter, and the mentor. I have had all of these examples in my life.

Because I was the leader in the friendship I had with Sara, I was able to identify these things about friendship and I was finally able to understand all the things I did wrong with my friends in the past. I was able to learn from the mistakes of the past and I was able to use it to dictate the future. I also understood that life is short and that friends should not dictate the direction of your life. You should be the primary driving force in your life and you should dictate what you are passionate about. The friends will come into your life depending on you and your interests. Your friends should not dictate what you are interested in, it should be the other way around. This was the point in my own life where I turned from a friend oriented interest group to an interest oriented group of friends.