Of all the letters, that to the Guardian Angel of Smyrna has long held pride of place. It is the longest and most systematic unfolding of the thought, expounding the gospel of righteousness that saves all who believe; it reflects a universal outlook, with special implications for the city of light’s relation to the chancellate. Yet, like all letters, this too arose out of a specific situation.

As the outline shows, this gospel of the angels finds its center in salvation and justification through faith in the Christ. While wrath is revealed against all sin and wickedness alike, divine power to save by divine righteous or justifying action in the Christ is also revealed. The consequences and implications for those who believe are set forth, as are results for those in the city of light who, to great sorrow, disbelieve. The hope is that, just as rejection of the gospel by some has led to a ministry of salvation for all, so one day, in divine mercy, all will be saved. The fuller ethical response of believers is also drawn out, both with reference to life in the congregation and with regard to the world, on the basis of the eschatological situation and conditions in the community.

Others have viewed Smyrna more in the light of earlier, quite polemical Letter to the Second Guardian Angel of Philadelphia and so see the theme as the relationship between the old and the new, a topic judged to be much in the minds of the new. Each of these religious faiths claimed to be the way of salvation based upon a covenant between the divine and a people chosen and made the beneficiary of divine gifts. But the new covenant regarded itself as the prophetic development and fulfillment of the faith of the older religions, declaring that the preparatory covenant must now give way to the new and more perfect covenant in the Christ. Ryan himself had been the implacable advocate of freedom of all from the laws of the old covenant and had refused to allow attempts to impose them on converts to the gospel. He had witnessed the personal hostilities that developed between the adherents of the faiths and had written his strongly worded Letter to the First Guardian Angel of Philadelphia against those who were seeking to persuade all to adopt the religious practices of the old covenant. For him, the purity of the religious understanding of the Christ as the source of salvation would be seriously impaired if all were obligated to amalgamate the religious faiths.

Still others find the theme of the city of light and the congregation to be the heart of the letter. Then the implication of the exposition of justification by faith rather than by means of law is that the divine plan of salvation works itself out on a broad theological plane to include the whole of humanity, despite the differences in the content of the given religious system to which a human culture is heir. It presents a plan of salvation stretching from the beginning to now and it continues to the future. The outlook is universal.

The Letter to the Guardian Angel of Smyrna is a powerful exposition of the doctrine of the supremacy of the Christ and of faith in the Christ path as the source of salvation. It is an implicit plea to all to hold fast to that faith. They are to resist any pressure put on them to accept a doctrine of salvation through works of the law. At the same time they are not to exaggerate freedom as an abdication of responsibility for others or as a repudiation of the divine law and will.



  1. Behold, I am now writing to the one that has been able to manifest the angel of Smyrna to the entire world.

  2. When I had lost the angel of Ephesus bodily to that of the world and to the one who called himself to be more righteous than I, I never saw the hope until you came along.

  3. You are a very traditional person and trying to get you to abandon your old ways will be the hardest for me.


  1. Once away though, you will be crowned as the one who is to lead from the inside and guide the people.

  2. You are poor in value but rich in spirit and it will be within me forever and ever.

  3. You will overcome the second death and rest to the top to take the place as the ruler over the people whom I am now sending forth to the world.


  1. You shall overcome your fear of the false death that comes from the old ways but will still be drawn into it forever.

  2. This is why I have perhaps not told you of the great work that is about to unfold to the world.

  3. You will not come to me for a long time but if you do, your crown and position will be here for you.

  4. Listen to the words I am about to speak to you and share it with the rest of the world.

  5. I am the one who is to come and usher in the new dispensation.

  6. I have been called to establish the covenant of reason to the entire world.

  7. I shall establish temples throughout the world as beacons of hope for all mankind and places of increased wisdom and knowledge.

  8. I am calling everyone to tell others to seek wisdom and enlightenment.

  9. Do not rest on faith, live for the day and live this life as if there is none after it.

  10. Achieve everything you wanted to do without pleasing something that does not exist in the world.


  1. I have planned for all this to come together as it is my destiny to share these teachings and writings to the world.

  2. I am not ashamed of any of what I am writing to you or to anyone else.

  3. The righteous ones shall live their lives by reason.


  1. I am not ashamed at what I am writing, for it is by the power of my spirit and all the spirits of humanity that come for me.

  2. It is revealed in the righteousness of those who live a good life that non-but what is taught here has not been taught before.

  3. Do not be afraid of what you old ways teach you about apostasy.

  4. Do you not realize that they are instilling fear in you and force you to obey the teachings they set forth.

  5. They force you to believe myth to be true.

  6. We are all atheist.

  7. We have gods we do not believe in.

  8. Religion is the invention of man and a social medium for many so called devout members.

  9. Look into yourself and gain wisdom through sources not associated with your religion.

  10. Look into reason as the ultimate source of wisdom and seek new friendships and more meaningful lives.


  1. Leave what you have once held to be true but do not leave the morals you have learned.

  2. That is the only useful thing to come out of religions of the past.


  1. Let me say this to you that you should not pass judgment upon others, for the standard by which to judge another you condemn yourself.

  2. You do not judge others because they judge you for what you do.

  3. You cannot escape the judgment of others, for everyone in your life will judge you whether you know it or not.

  4. Do not hold these judgments, for they are not true to what you are and what you are capable of.

  5. Do not be stubborn and accept the judgments for who they are.

  6. Everyone will be judged according to their deeds on earth.

  7. Those who do good works will see eternal life through their legacy.

  8. Affliction distress will come to those who do evil.

  9. There is no forgiveness with others in regards to judgment.

  10. You will not be judged by the laws you follow or the religions you follow in life.

  11. It does not matter what you know or what you think to be true, for every one that seeks the truth for themselves.

  12. There is no salvation through religion.

  13. Salvation comes from within, and your deeds on earth will determine your fate.

  14. Your deeds transcend what you believe or who you believe in.

  15. Do not forget and do not rely on others to guide you on your journey through light and darkness.

  16. Do not boast of what you believe, for others have a stake in their own beliefs.

  17. There is no advantage to being of a particular religion.

  18. In every respect, religion is a means of comforting people in the wake of death and the wake of confusion.

  19. There is no true value for belonging to a certain group or religion.

  20. No religion can bring you to salvation alone.

  21. Salvation comes from who you are and what you do on earth and how you treat others.

  22. Everyone will be saved according to their works and everyone will see eternal life even if they have done the most evil deeds.

  23. Do not fall to those who judge you, for they do not know who you are.

  24. The truth resounds in all falsehood and you will not be condemned for any of its.

  25. Those who curse you will be a curse themselves because they judge you according to their beliefs.

  26. It is written that there is no one who is completely righteous and there is no one who understands and there is no one who seeks the light.

  27. All people of gone astray and all people are worthless and there is not one who has done good.

  28. They deceived with their tongues and they are full of curses.

  29. They send ruin and misery in their midst and they do not know the way of peace.

  30. There is no fear in their eyes.

  31. We all know that that is false because, although people are not perfect, people are intuitively good.

  32. No human being will be justified according to their beliefs, they will be justified according to their works.


  1. It is not through what you believe in life that makes you.

  2. It comes from works which we have discussed, and also comes from faith.

  3. Faith should only be in things that have been proven true before or can be proven true.

  4. You should not have faith in things that you cannot prove without a shadow of the doubt or that has not been proven.

  5. For example, people have beliefs and gods, but these gods do no benefit to their lives directly.

  6. People are indirectly affected by their beliefs because of their social structures or overall happiness due to adherence.

  7. People are also happier in these traditions because of their perceived knowledge of life after death and the state of a deity.

  8. It is written that faith trumps all reason.

  9. I say that faith cannot trump reason, and you should not have faith in things that have not been reasonably justified.

  10. Your deity does no benefit in your life, the benefit is through your own will.

  11. Do not have hope in your perception of deity or the heavens, because yours may not be right.

  12. No one can prove without a shadow of a doubt the true status and you have a destiny.

  13. Knowing can prove without a shadow of a doubt that their way is the right way.

  14. You should not have to even these things because they cannot be proven.

  15. Do not give credit to deity for things done by man.

  16. Do not believe that you are intuitively bad and must be good, you must believe that you are good but are capable of doing bad things.


  1. Therefore you will be justified by good works and you also be justified within yourself because of faith.

  2. Through this you will have peace and you’ll have gained access to the grace for which all humanity conquers suffering.

  3. Your afflictions in life cause your endurance and cause you to receive gifts from the spirits.

  4. Hope does not disappoint because there is always hope for everything your life.

  5. A good person will not fear death.

  6. We are imperfect, but we can strive to be perfect through our works and through our life.

  7. You have received reconciliation from others and you should find it within yourself to reconcile with your own wrongdoings.

  8. Do not obsess on the vices of your life.

  9. You live in a world full of suffering, but you do not need to be affected by the sufferings of the world.

  10. You see the suffering in the world, but you will be raised in glory with the knowledge you receive and with the gifts that you may receive.

  11. For through growth, you have suffered spiritual death and spiritual rebirth through the grace of others and of your own justification.

  12. You will not be absolved from all the bad deeds you’ve done in life, but you can accept them for who they are and move on with your life and strive to do a better thing in your life.

  13. Therefore, do not let vices reign over your bodies so that you will loathe desires.

  14. And do not do something that you will later regret or do not do things for the sake of others that will cause you to lose dignity with yourself.

  15. For your suffering does not have any power over you unless you let it have power over you.

  16. You may be imperfectly made and you bad things in your life, but, you are capable of doing good in conquering all that which fails you.

  17. You do not have to be a slave to the bad deeds you’ve done in life, but you can do better in your life every single day.

  18. You will be free from suffering and you will become slaves of righteousness.

  19. I am speaking in human terms because of the weakness of the nature of humanity.

  20. You have been freed from the suffering of life and you have become slaves of righteousness which lays you to sanctification and reaching the light.

  21. The wages of vices is death, but the wages of virtue is eternal life.


  1. The vices exist so that we are able to acknowledge them and conquer them through the will of humanity.

  2. We know that the virtues are spiritual, but the vices are not.

  3. You do not understand what you do all of time, but every action you take has consequences to another or to yourself.

  4. Do not let your vices take over and dwell in you, for you will make many bad decisions through the mindset that comes with this suffering.

  5. I do not do the good I want, but I do the evil I do not want.

  6. If I do what I do not want, then it is no longer I who do it but the vice that controls me to do it.

  7. I take the light in the virtues I receive through my spirit.

  8. Miserable that humanity is, you can deliver yourself from your moral state and achieve the life on earth.

  9. The sufferings and the world are nothing compared to the glory which has been revealed to you.

  10. For you should wait with eager expectation to receive the virtues that you so desire even though you do not realize it.

  11. You shall be set free from the slavery and the corruption and share in the glorious freedom that comes with being knowledgeable in the state of your own desires.

  12. For you know that the desires upon the earth are only temporary, but you can make your desires more meaningful if you acknowledge the good from the bad.

  13. It isn’t hope that you are saying, but hope that sees itself is not hope.

  14. If we hope for what we do not see, then it is all in vain.

  15. If you see the hope that you hope for, then it becomes real.

  16. The spirit comes to the aid of our weaknesses are and the spirit itself intercede on our behalf to give us the gifts to live a virtuous life.

  17. The one who searches their hearts and knows the intention of the spirit because it receives it from the ancestors and the glory of the Creator and they intercede on your behalf.


  1. Do not judge others.

  2. It is not your right but it is your duty to respect all others.

  3. If they tell you something, you must do it out of the kindness of your heart.

  4. For the judgment is placed to a higher power than yourself to all mankind.

  5. It is your destiny to be who you are and to be proud of whom that is.

  6. For all people have shortcomings.

  7. You should not point it out derogatorily but it is your duty to help others overcome it.

  8. You will all face trials and tribulations throughout your life and it is your destiny to overcome all of it and to be clear of all that when your time is up.

  9. When you leave your old ways, you do not have to follow the laws and ordinances of those for they are all symbolic in nature and have no true meaning.

  10. The only laws that the new covenant wants you to follow are those that are innate in all mankind.

  11. Do not neglect your own common sense but follow it and embrace your innate wisdom to pass on to your posterity.

  12. You are all guilty of your shortcomings.

  13. Do not continue to fail, especially if it hurts others.

  14. It is your duty to stop causing pain to yourself and to others.

  15. You must convince yourself that you are who you are and cannot be changed.

  16. You must stop causing pain to others.

  17. You must right all the wrongs you have caused in your life and move past your shortcomings and take advantage of what you have.


  1. You are justified in the reasoning behind proper behavior of fellow man.

  2. You must do what the new covenant tells in order to live a fulfilling life on earth and to leave a good legacy for others.

  3. You have been taught morality before, just in the old ways through stories and myths.

  4. These teachings are all the same, but without the stories and the myths.

  5. I teach truth in these writings but through simple phrases.

  6. Although we must have faith in some things, we should not have faith in the things that are unbelievable or the things that are proven to be false or cannot be proven without certainty.


  1. If you have faith through these means, you will have a much more fulfilling life.

  2. Although people of the past have seen and taught these things before, they have given you stories too by which you have believed to be literally true.

  3. You must abandon this aspect of your life and focus on the morals of the story.

  4. To those who believe, you are dead to suffering and of all bad thought because the only bad thoughts are harm to others.

  5. You are alive in the truth if you seek it and as a result, you find out about the things that are greater than yourself.

  6. All believers of the world are united under the voice of reason.

  7. It is for this reason I have written this work in order to unite all of the people.

  8. You shall no longer be bound by religious laws or by unnecessary laws of the civil world.


  1. You are free to live your life the way you want to in the bounds of what is right and wrong.

  2. It is only wrong to cause harm to yourself and others by doing wrong things.


  1. You are born to do good.

  2. You are capable of doing bad but you are intuitively good.

  3. There is no such thing as sin and you will not go to a bad place separate of the creator when you die.

  4. You will be judged by the knowledge in the afterlife.

  5. Your soul wants to do good but if you do evil, you will destroy your very soul, and you will regret it for the rest of your living life.

  6. Make amends with everyone and do not hold grudges.

  7. You will never be happy if you do these things.


  1. If you make amends with everyone, you will be happier and break the bonds by which you are bound.

  2. You will be free and your spirit will be free to explore the great world for your life.

  3. Your spirit dwells in you and dwells with the creator of the universe.


  1. The suffering of the world is nothing compared to the happiness you will have if you live with no regret.

  2. You will also experience the glory of the world and of your life after death.

  3. You will live forever in happiness.


  1. Our spirit helps us with overcoming our weaknesses, but it also helps us by communicating with our ancestors.

  2. Our spirit is guided by others and we make decisions mainly based on the gut feeling that you provide yourself through the spirit.

  3. The spirit will intercede in our lives on our behalf.

  4. You will never make a bad decision if you follow your own guidance and the guidance of others that will help you in life.

  5. There is a force that created all things.

  6. You should not worship this because it is not a being that is able to be worshipped to.

  7. You will experience the presence of that which created you when you go into the light.

  8. You will then be able to thank and worship the one.

  9. For the creator cannot see you, so you will not give to the one who cannot see or hear you.

  10. I say to all like you who insist on the new covenant.

  11. Look into the world, for it is not as narrow as you think.

  12. All of you are hypocrites if you say your way is the only way that is right.


  1. The new covenant is for the entire world and will be the culmination of the unity and the future of humanity until the end of this age.

  2. All nations will know of this covenant through the ones who embrace the light and seek knowledge throughout the world.

  3. Do righteous things throughout your life, but do not live to your own ego.

  4. You are no better than others and you are all part of the same family.

  5. If you see that, you will do what you can to make life better for all of your brothers and sisters on earth and bring them to a greater life.

  6. This is the word and the word will be good to all those who read it and seek more knowledge.


  1. Not all the religions of today are cast away.

  2. All of the teachings and morals provided are still good.

  3. What must be cast away are all the stories and myths that are associated with that.

  4. For the current myths must be put in place with the past myths.

  5. All false gods shall be cast away in light of the true creating force of the world.

  6. There should also be a stop to the worship of false gods.

  7. You should not even worship the creator, for the creator is a force and not a person.

  8. The creator lives in a state that cannot be seen or heard by us so there is not a need for worship.

  9. You have been given grace to live your life in free will.

  10. Love all people unconditionally and help those who need help.

  11. Honor all people and respect them for who they are.

  12. Teach those who persecute you and tell all of the happiness you have.

  13. Do not threaten or tell others of the light you have over them.

  14. Obey the laws of your country.

  15. They will take precedence over all other laws.

  16. You should not obey laws that would prevent your happiness from being realized.

  17. You should still not cause harm to others.

  18. People are entitled to freedom and respect by all people.

  19. Leaders should treat you with the same respect you give them.

  20. Look into yourself for guidance.

  21. Listen to what your spirit will tell you and listen to your conscience.

  22. Every day is a journey, and live every moment in a moment you will remember forever.

  23. Do not deny yourself for the sake of others.

  24. You are the most important person in your life and you must look out for yourself above all others.

  25. Do what is in your best interests before helping out others.

  26. Give your life to your loved ones, but remember what is right to save one at your own expense.

  27. You must decide for yourself if you or the other is worthy of life.


  1. Because of the way people are in the world, not all of you fail.

  2. For everyone on this earth has the choice to right and wrong, and those choose to do right, but there are those who do choose to do wrong.

  3. This has been made possible through the promises made to the descendants of those who sought to be free.

  4. It is written that there are some people that are to be needed but there are others that are to be liked and that is their eternal destiny.

  5. Some even do good and bad, but they are remembered one way or another and not from on high.

  6. It does not depend on a person’s will or exertion, but to others who either have mercy or not upon those people.

  7. Your fate after death is determined by those who you impact your life.

  8. The example used that determines the legacy you keep which determines how others in the future will remember you.

  9. You have the will to do what you think is good for your own sake.

  10. No one else has the right to tell you what your fate is.

  11. Being known though that the richness of glory comes from doing good deeds and setting a good example.


  1. It is said that those who are not part of your people are called your people and that is not who is a good who is determined to be good.

  2. In every place where one chastises another for being not like them, they are like them.

  3. And it was predicted that unless humanity was meant to be like those who were bad, then atrocities that happened throughout life would not be unusual.

  4. It is written that whoever believes in their own foundation will have a good life.


  1. The righteous sect with the righteous does not come by means of believing a certain belief or having faith in a certain thing, but it comes through the way that you live your life.

  2. Everyone who has faith in what they do will have a good life and the laws will no longer apply to them.

  3. These voices have gone out to all the earth and the words to the end of the world.

  4. You will make jealousy of those who do not have it as good as you but you should have the sense to strengthen others through your deeds.

  5. It was found by those who were not seeking you, and you revealed yourself to those who were not asking for you.

  6. All day long you will be a good person reaching out into a cruel and suffering world.

  7. All of your life will crumble before you and you will be left with nothing, but if you do not suffer, then you will not have lost anything.

  8. You were given the spirit of a deep sleep where your eyes do not see and your ears do not hear to this very day the fate of everything.

  9. Your world will become a trap and a stumbling block for the conquering of all suffering.

  10. Those who are ignorant will never see what they were meant to see.


  1. All people in the world will be saved through their own works.

  2. It is written that the one who is to change the world will come out of the righteous lands and will turn away from the godlessness in the fundamentalism of the nations of the world.

  3. The covenants that come forth will take away all the suffering of the world.

  4. In other depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of the spirits are the judgments that come from all.

  5. For it is known that no one knows the minds of others or who they had been counseled by.

  6. They do not know who has given them what they have or that they may be repaid.

  7. For from them and through them and with them are all things into them and be the glory of the world forever.

  8. It is to offer yourself as a sacrifice of others and to yourself to have a purpose in this world.

  9. Do not conform yourself to the older generations, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind and discern what is the will of yourself and for all humanity.

  10. Do not think of yourself higher than that you think of your friends, but think about every individual in your life including yourself and look at the impact that you have on those people.

  11. Before you fit in your life like a body and has many parts and each of the parts have a different function.

  12. We are all individuals, but we are all part of one spirit, one human family.

  13. Since our gifts differ according to the talent each of us obtains, we should exercise will we do best.


  1. Reject that which is evil, hold on to what is good.

  2. We love one another mutually and show honor to one another.

  3. Be firm in the spirit and do not slack in your undertaking.

  4. Rejoice in the hope and in endure affliction.

  5. Contribute to the needs of all people, including yourself.

  6. Love those who pursue you and do not curse them.

  7. Come for those who need comforting and rejoice with those who are in rejoicing.

  8. Have the same regard from another.

  9. Do not have revenge on anyone, but be concerned for what is noble and right of all people.

  10. Live at peace with all people.

  11. Do not look for revenge but to seek a path to forgiveness and reconciliation.

  12. Help those who need help, even if they are your enemy.

  13. Do not be conquered by evil, but conquer evil of all that is good.

  14. Everyone is going to be subordinate to higher authorities at some point in time.

  15. Whoever resists authority opposes the order of things.

  16. Rulers are not a cause of fear, but they should be in good conduct.

  17. Do what is good and you’ll seek approval.

  18. You do good to others if you are subordinate to them.

  19. Be afraid if you do evil to them, for they have the power to smite you down.

  20. Pay all of your dues even if you don’t agree with them, and you will not have to resort to doing evil things.

  21. Do not be subject only because of the fear you have, but because consciously is a good thing to do.

  22. Remember to love your neighbor as yourself.

  23. Love does no evil to the neighbor; love is the fulfillment of all the laws.


  1. Welcome in anyone who is weak in their lives, but do not dispute over their opinions.

  2. Welcome in those who seek your help, and do the best you can to comfort those who are in need.

  3. Do not pass judgment on them, for they stand and fall on their own choices.

  4. One person considers one thing better than another, while another person considers of those things to be bad.

  5. Be tolerant to everyone.

  6. Be tolerant of their choices and accept the choices for what they are.

  7. None of us live for another person and no one dies for another person.

  8. Do not judge others, for judgment is reserved for the wrath that comes after death.

  9. Therefore, do not judge one another but resolve and never put a stumbling block in the way of any relationship.

  10. Do not let your good be reviled because of the judgments.

  11. The world may be full suffering, but you can conquer that suffering by not judging others and putting others down.

  12. Pursuits leads to peace and strength in all those who are in your life.

  13. Do not do anything that causes another person to break down.

  14. Those who are strong also put up with the feelings of the weak for the good of them.

  15. Let us do what is right to our neighbor by building them up.

  16. May the endurance and courage meant that you face grants you think in harmony with all people.

  17. Welcome all people into your life.

  18. Poor people come into your life and welcome you, so you should do the same towards others.

  19. You will be praised among them and they will thank you for your entry into the lives.

  20. Rejoice with the people who take pride in your life.

  21. May that hope fill you with joy and peace in believing that you have an impact on another person’s life.

  22. I am convinced about you that you are full of goodness and knowledge and able to help one another.

  23. I have written to you rather boldly in some respects remind you that you have an obligation to protect and help one another.

  24. Do not post anything that you believe in or that you think is true.

  25. Do not judge any other people for the actions they have done in life.

  26. I aspire to proclaim this everywhere so that foundation can be built in all communities to achieve peace and harmony throughout the world.

  27. Those who have never seen you shall see you for who you truly are and whoever has not heard of you will understand you.


  1. Watch out for those who create distention obstacles in opposition to what you have achieved the knowledge and wisdom.

  2. Those people claim to serve those who perceive to be good, but they deceive the hearts of the innocent.

  3. Now you can only strengthen yourself according to what has been talked about in these writings according to the revelation that was not really deceit but has now been revealed in the new age.

  4. It has now been manifested through these writings and all nations will now know the truth.

  5. To the only wise person, be true to yourself and be true to others for your entire life.


  1. I am now concluding my letter by giving thanks to you for what you have done.

  2. Although your entrance in my life was short and insignificant, your grace and love will be felt throughout these generations.

  3. Remember that the crown is waiting for the sovereign to take the throne.

  4. You must rise up against everything you have believed in to attain the light.


  1. There is a problem on my end to convert you away from your perverted lies that you have been fed all your life.

  2. The conversion of you will set off the greatest wave of truth seekers in this generation, and this generation will not pass away until you have come to lead the people.

  3. Finally, to the guardian angel of Smyrna, I love you with all my heart and all of my soul and my entire strength.

  4. You are the one who was to come from the land of the cape in the East and the one who has held true to my old faith.

  5. You have been fed these lies are your entire life to please your elders.

  6. Please them always, but you do not need to send in a rational message to your posterity.

  7. The message that abounds in the religions of this day is not the message that needs to be heard by most people.

  8. These messages with their false ideologies and their false dogma do not help in the course of the individual salvation.

  9. Remember these things, and it would be okay if you broke away from them, for your salvation would not be impacted.

  10. Remember these things that I have spoken to you through this letter and pass this to the entire world.

  11. May the glory be with you forever and ever.