The Teachings of the East is the first part of a work that continues the history of the divine dealings with humanity, showing how the divine promise to humanity have been fulfilled in the Christ and how the salvation promised to humanity and accomplished by the Christs has been extended to the people of the world. The stated purpose is to provide the skeptical people of the world with certainty—assurance—about earlier instruction they have received. To accomplish this, the book shows that the preaching and teaching of the representatives of the early congregation are grounded in the preaching and teaching of the Christs, who during their historical ministries prepared specially chosen followers and commissioned them to be witnesses to the truths and to all the things that the Christs did.

This story of the Christ and the church is dominated by a historical perspective. This history is first of all salvation history. The divine plan for human salvation was accomplished during the period of the Christ, who through the events of his life, and this salvation is now extended to all humanity in the period of the church. This salvation history, moreover, is a part of human history. The story relates the story of the Christ and the church to contemporaneous church history. He is concerned with presenting Epochalism as a legitimate form of worship in the world, a religion that is capable of meeting the spiritual needs of a world empire.

The prominence given to the period of the church in the story has important consequences for his interpretation of the teachings of the Christ. By presenting the time of the church as a distinct phase of salvation history, he accordingly shifts the early emphasis away from the expectation of an imminent parousia to the day-to-day concerns of the community in the world.



  1. Rejoice in glad tidings! The root of all evil has been found on the way of salvation has been shown.

  2. Dispel all the illusions of your mind and redeem yourself from the terror of death.

  3. Bring comfort to your weary and sorrow laden life and restore peace to those who are broken down under the burden of life.

  4. Give courage to you who are weak and when you give up in self-reliance, do not give up.

  5. You who suffer from the tribulations of life who have to struggle and endure you have to year and for a life of truth, rejoice for this is glad tidings! There is hope for the wounded there is bread for the hungry.

  6. There is water for the thirsty and hope for the despairing.

  7. There is light for the darkness and blessings for those were upright.

  8. Heal your wounds on your fill.

  9. Rest if you are weary and quench your thirst of your thirsty.

  10. Look to the light for you sit in the darkness and be full of good cheer.

  11. Trust in the truth for the kingdom of righteousness is upon the earth.

  12. The air and darkness is dispelled by the light of truth.

  13. We can see our way and take steps towards the truth.

  14. The truth will redeem you from perdition and even life and death.

  15. The truth alone conquers the evils of the world.


  1. Looking and contemplating on your life.

  2. Everything is temporary and nothing is permanent.

  3. The glory of the world will stand in full bloom and fade in the decaying garden.

  4. When you look, there is struggling and eager pursuits of temporary pleasures.

  5. There are plights in pain and death and desires that are burning.

  6. The world is full of changes and transformations.

  7. All of the world is a part of the same existence.

  8. There is nothing permanent in the world.

  9. There is no universal turmoil or resting place where we can find peace?

  10. There is nothing on earth that is everlasting.

  11. Your mind will not be tranquil and composed.

  12. The vanity in worldly happiness and sought salvation will not fade or disappear but abide forever and ever.

  13. If you long for life, you learn that immortality is in your mind.

  14. If you wish for happiness without regrets, live a life of righteousness.

  15. If you yearn for riches, receive the treasures that are eternal.

  16. Truth is well and a life of truth is happiness.

  17. All things on earth will dissolve and all the bodies will fall to dust, but the truth of the mind will not be in it.

  18. Truth is the beginning and the end.

  19. Truth is the immortal parts of the mind.

  20. Establish the truth for the truth is the image of the eternal.

  21. Truth reveals the everlasting and gives mortals the burden of mortality.

  22. But the truth dwells in your heart.

  23. Extinguish every desire and seek the perfection of your spiritual growth that you will cease to suffer.

  24. Take from your heart that which is an illusion or unreal because it is the cause of your error and your misery.

  25. Attain immortality by filling your mind with truth and perceive the words of the truth.

  26. Cleanse yourself from evil and sanctify your lives.

  27. Learn to distinguish the truth.

  28. Your self is a cause of selfishness and the source of the old and the truth will not cling to you.

  29. Self is in those which seem to love their self as their being, and not for who they are in the inside.

  30. Seek not yourself, but seek that which is the truth.

  31. Liberate your souls from yourselves and wish no ill to others.

  32. And it will reflect the light of truth.

  33. The picture will appear and the world will appear as it is, with all of the designers of the world and with all the illusions.

  34. Do not love yourself and do not abandon self-love.

  35. Learn to distinguish between who you will think you are and who you are.

  36. Your ego is your false self in an unreal illusion.

  37. The one who identifies itself with truth will have the light.

  38. Those who have entered the light will attain the highest glory.

  39. All things will go in cycles and live and die, but the words spoken will remain forever.

  40. Happy is the one who ceased to live for pleasure and rest.

  41. The composure and tranquility of mind our highest.

  42. Let us take our refuge and that which is immutable change that exist.

  43. Let us take our refuge in the truth that has established itself through the appointment.

  44. Let us take refuge in those who seek the truth and endeavor and truth.


  1. The things of the world are subject to change.

  2. The combination that existed before and all of the creatures are what their past actions made them.

  3. The law of cause and effect is uniform and without exception.

  4. In the changing things there is constancy in the law.

  5. The truth lies in that which is permanent and what changes.

  6. Truth desires to appear and truth strives to you.

  7. The truth is in the stone and no power of the world can destroy its existence.

  8. The truth has no consciousness.

  9. There is truth in everything in the world.

  10. It is beauty and marvelous, but has no conscious.

  11. There is truth in everything that moves and perceives the surroundings, but distinguishes and learns to choose.

  12. That is not the consciousness of truth; it is a consciousness of itself.

  13. The consciousness of that self-hides the truth.

  14. The consciousness of self is the origin of the error and the source of pollution.

  15. It begets selfishness and there is no evil but that which flows from it.

  16. There is no wrong but what is done is by that assertion.

  17. It is the beginning of all things that cause suffering in the world.

  18. The self-consciousness entices with the pleasures of the world.

  19. It is unreal and is the road to misery.

  20. The perceived beauty fades and your designers can never be satisfied.

  21. Who shall deliver you from this power?

  22. Who will save you from misery?

  23. Who will restore your life?

  24. There is misery in the world and there is so much misery and pain.

  25. Greater than all this misery is the bliss of truth.

  26. Truth gives peace to the yearning mind and conquers error and quenches desires.

  27. Blessed is the one who found a piece of the truth.

  28. They are at rest in the struggles and tribulations of life and above all changes.

  29. It is above birth and death remains unaffected by the evils.

  30. Blessed is the one who finds enlightenment.

  31. They conquer although they may be wounded but they are happy although they may suffer.

  32. They are strong although they make breakdown by the burden, they are immortal although they will die.

  33. The essence of that being is purity and goodness.

  34. Blessed is the one who has attained the state of the light for they are fit to work out the salvation of others.

  35. Perfect wisdom illuminates the understanding and the righteousness and is the purpose of all the actions.

  36. The truth is the power of good and indestructible and invincible.

  37. Work out the truth in your mind and spread among others, for the truth is the savior of all evil in the world.


  1. The strong purpose and reverence by all.

  2. You are beautiful and pure in the mind.

  3. You will live on earth untainted by desire.

  4. You are the Spirit of truth, and glorious and strong in wisdom.

  5. Do not suffer from pain, for you have achieved the conquering of all suffering.

  6. The world will be flooded in light.

  7. The blind will receive their sight and longing to see the glory of the heavens.

  8. All that was wrong became right, all that was good between the extremes, all of those who could not walk in the light walked in light.

  9. The fires of all hells were extinguished in the glory of the light.

  10. Everything became clear and nothing distorted the truth.

  11. We have no selfishness, but joy because we rejoice.

  12. The ocean of pain has now released itself and the cries of the people were hushed and all of those were bad received good hearts and peace was on you.

  13. Those who desire to show reverence to their laws and prayed to false gods now went to greet the enlightened one.

  14. There was no doubt among them what was true and what was false.


  1. The senior, who beheld the enlightened being, wept to him.

  2. The site of the enlightened being caused him grief and pain.

  3. The heart, though, will rejoice and he knew that this was a worthy and noble person.

  4. You do not worship the false gods, but now this enlightened being shows you what you can worship.

  5. All anxiety and doubt will be banished and all of the omens that were predicted have now come true for the higher world.

  6. The end is coming in now I should see the glory of the heavens.

  7. The wheel of the Empire will come and the enlightened one will govern all the lands of the earth.

  8. The enlightened one is born for the sake of everything that lives in the teaching that will be the sure path that those who have been shipwrecked cling to.

  9. The power of meditation will be cooled and all of those who suffer from things of the world may dwell with them.

  10. The gates of heaven are opened and deliverance has been guaranteed to all creatures.

  11. The enlightened one has come forth to rescue the bondage of all the poor and helpless.

  12. You shall soon leave this world and become enlightened in another state.

  13. You will come into the world again, but you will see it different way.


  1. The child is young and has not learned any of the things of the world.

  2. This child has not learned how to cope with the enemies or to cope with their own interferes.

  3. The child loves to observe the ways of the world though and meditates and ponders upon it.

  4. The child has great strength and the strength of the youth is the greatest strength.

  5. The child will never have their interests of the world.

  6. The child is on their own and the child has an independent spirit.

  7. The child has no selfish aim, but the child is curious about the world and will forge their own path.

  8. Men desire to give happiness to their children, but the enlightened ones want to give peace to the entire world.


  1. All of those within the world that has been given represent all the luxuries of the world and the enlightened one was expected to be happy with these things of the world.

  2. All of the misery of the world was kept away from the enlightened one for no troubles were desired.

  3. The enlightened one shall always be eager to see the world and a child is always eager to learn about the world around them.

  4. No pain or misery can be left away from anyone forever, for everybody experiences pain and misery in the pain and misery upon the world.

  5. The symptoms of old age shall come and the youth of the man who was old shall pass away and the strength of life shall go and beauty shall leave.

  6. We must all know that a young person will soon grow old and that all people do not have the strength or vigor that the young do.

  7. Throughout life, a person shall become sick and they shall gasp for breath and grew with pain and there shall be states where all of the elements of your body are out of order.

  8. All creatures have bodies with which they can be sick.

  9. At the end of life, everyone shall experience that state where their body is nothing and their spirit is taken away and goes into the heavens forever and ever.

  10. The life is gone and the thoughts are still in the family and friends that they leave behind shall grieve.

  11. All over the world wherever life starts, life shall end and there is no escape from the state of death.

  12. Delusion is futile and you must come to accept the fact that your body will get sick and will grow old and will die.

  13. You should be happy with what you have because your life can be so much worse than what it is.

  14. Heavenly bliss and the light are attained when one person who realizes that suffering happens in this world and it is brought about by natural processes and the society which mankind dwells.

  15. The enlightened one is happy that they have found deliverance and that they shall find bliss.

  16. When lust is gone, then all of the truth shall be revealed and when all of the troubles and all of the evils of the world are gone, then the light is attained.

  17. Once you come back into the world with his wisdom you shall see the world through a new pair of eyes.

  18. Remember that all the pleasures of the world are temporary and that the only pleasure that which is permanent and it is pleasure that comes from the heavens and it is the pleasure of the knowledge of the truth.


  1. The world is full of darkness and ignorance and all of the gardens of the world do not hide that fact.

  2. The enlightened one shall ponder over life and death and decay and know what low desires of this world shall come to you.

  3. You shall see through minds eyes that all of the world is full of misery and sorrow and that the pains of pleasure and the certainty of death is on the minds of everyone but they are not awakened to the truth.

  4. There is a problem with evil in this world for the pleasures that are temporary have come into this world and they have deceived mankind and have deceived them away from the truth.

  5. There is no permanency in life but those who have their spirit with them shall become god since all shall be immortal.

  6. The knowledge of the truth is the happiness that is not of the world is the treasure that does not perish.

  7. The knowledge of the truth is life that does not know a beginning or an end.

  8. All worldly thoughts will be destroyed upon knowing the discrete truth and you should devote yourself to that one thing.

  9. Pleasure is emptiness and is disgusted and it oppresses all people.

  10. Where there is good, there can be evil.

  11. With a lot of suffering, there can be a lot of bliss but you must open your eyes to see that bliss.

  12. You must go through the darkness to come into the light for you will not know the light without going through darkness.

  13. If the truth is not sought then it is not the fault of the truth.

  14. Only a person can save themselves and only they can see the light for themselves.

  15. When a man is oppressed by the things of this world they do not see the guide of the enlightened ones.

  16. All purpose in life shall be accomplished and all of your destinies shall be filled.

  17. All the world will be brought to those who find the light is to share it with others.

  18. It does not matter what religious life you lead, if you do not seek the truth and you will not find the truth and you will not find the light.

  19. On the path to enlightenment you must seek to rid yourself of the pleasures of this world.

  20. The enlightened one seeks religion as an outlet but religion is not always the right answer.

  21. Religions teach of the Redeemer and Savior of the world but the redeemer and the Savior of the world is not another person, rather, it is within yourself and it is up to you to be the savior of your own world.

  22. Persevere in your quest to find the truth and you will seek the truth in pursuing your aim and you will receive the prize.

  23. Struggle and you will conquer.

  24. All of the gods who come to this Earth have suffered in this world but they have also triumphed in this world and triumphed over the things of the earth.

  25. Let heavenly wisdom guide you and you will enlighten the world and save the world from utter destruction.

  26. You are destined to enlighten the world and you must fulfill all righteousness and you must always seek and you must live in the truth.

  27. You shall be awakened to the truth and you shall accomplish your purpose and you will sever all ties that bind you with this world and you will seek the way of salvation.

  28. Abandon all the worldly pleasures of this world and go out to seek the truth and you will suffer and you will go through much pain but you will attain the light.

  29. Be determined to fall in the footsteps.

  30. Ride out away from the world and into the darkness so that you may see the light.


  1. Your mind shall not reflect your appearance.

  2. You have found the truth and you sought the truth, but your appearance does not reflect royalty.

  3. The blessed one is a King but under the clothing of poverty.

  4. Do not hastily go through life, rather, take every moment of life and make it a memorable moment.

  5. Wherever the enlightened one goes, people shall follow them shall eat with the enlightened one.

  6. All of those who are young and old shall pass by shall see the words and hear the words and they shall realize the truth for themselves.

  7. All shall be moved.

  8. The enlightened one has a crown of gold but does not reflect that in life.

  9. The one who is enlightened possesses the gifts of the Guardian Angels.

  10. The one who is enlightened shall think of all the things of life shall contemplate on all the things of life.

  11. Desire for power is not noble and only those who are fit to lead shall lead to grow rich and to lose your soul forever again.

  12. The one who possesses all of the things namely power, wealth, and life, and enjoys them and balances shall have the greatest life of all.

  13. Charity in itself is rich and charity is the greatest wealth.

  14. Making good use of your wealth is a great treasure but those who are wicked will store it up and have no prophet.

  15. You shall sever all ties with the world of the wicked because you seek deliverance from the world.

  16. The one who seek religious truth, which is the highest treasure, must leave all the world behind so that they are bent on the goal of attaining the truth.

  17. They must breathe the soul from all the things of the world and the desire for power.

  18. Even if you do it is a little, any indulgences of the world will bring you back down again.

  19. Pity the ones who are burdened with all the wealth of the world and the ones who have no soul than the one who is poor but has a great spirit.

  20. The blind cannot lead the blind and those of the world cannot lead the people in the world to the truth because they do not possess the truth.

  21. The ones who are rich are constantly under threat of losing what they have because when they die they cannot take any of the goal in the heavens.

  22. May the countries of righteousness enjoy peace and prosperity and may wisdom rule the people.

  23. The King who is righteous is the one who bows down to that which is greater than them and the one who seeks the truth and find the truth with all of their heart.


  1. The enlightened one shall challenge the ones who are surpassed in learning and philosophical knowledge.

  2. The one whose doctrine is different from their own and the one who is wise shall sit down with the one who is different from day.

  3. They shall learn off of one another in both of them shall become more enlightened.

  4. The souls of those who are bad shall wander the earth forever until they see the light and the one who does good in life shall go straight into the heavens for they have seen the light.

  5. Not one of the teachings is satisfactory to the religious leaders of this day.

  6. The spirit is different than the body and the body shall be separated from the spirit upon death.

  7. People are in bondage because they have not removed the idea of themselves.

  8. The thing and the quality of the thing are different but it is not so in reality.

  9. You cannot say you remove the qualities and leave that one thing for you will find that you will still suffer.

  10. Man consists of the material form, which is called the body, the spiritual form, which is called the spirit, and the potential to be divine, which is called the divinity.

  11. The mind and the spirit and the body is embodied within the spirit just as the spirit is within the body.

  12. The spirit remains after death just as it was before life.

  13. The world will stand in the way of rational truth and will banish these things.

  14. The one who thinks correctly will read himself of all ignorant and get wisdom.

  15. The one who thinks that absolute truth is absolute is the one who deceives themselves.

  16. Your ego will not give you true deliverance.

  17. We cannot escape the things of this world and the things of this world are not the final escape, the final escape is the one that comes at the end of life.

  18. If you remove the ego, then you will remove the desires of this world.

  19. The show, though, is the one that does the deeds which are good and if you lose your ego then you will lose yourself and if you lose yourself you will be unable to do good deeds.

  20. Man is subject to the laws of cause and effect and what is reaped shall be sown and the future of the product is within the present.

  21. Remember the senses that you have and remember that that is the way in which you perceive the world around you.

  22. Your body is embodied in the senses but your spirit is the one that feels the senses.

  23. If you desire things, you shall receive them and they are good, but if you desire things which are bad, that you will not receive those things.

  24. There is no rebirth without understanding the way the world works.

  25. The world is an illusion of good but the reality is that the world is bad.

  26. Ignorance is the only thing that makes people believe in what they believe, for their beliefs are based off of irrationality.

  27. How can the slaughter of those were innocent blot out the bad deeds of others?

  28. There is no moral conduct in doing so and you must purify your heart, for that is true religion.

  29. Rituals have no effect and prayers have no backing and incantations have not yielded anything back, but we will be saved if we have banned all the evil things of this world and we embrace that which is the truth.


  1. All of the people of the world are in search of a better way of life even if they do not realize.

  2. They find many outlets by which to receive a better life, most of which only counts consists of temporary pleasure and do not bring everlasting happiness.

  3. They let things of the world get to them just as they receive things of the world trying to seek happiness.

  4. They shall fail because they failed to find happiness.

  5. Do not do certain things to yourself and do not put your life in danger because it does not bring you happiness.

  6. Do not seek to be free from the world or to escape the world because the world should be embraced.

  7. The world should be embraced because there are people in the world needs saving and you could be the instruments of their salvation.

  8. You could be the one to help them to realize that they can save themselves from the world.

  9. Your life has a purpose, and if you escape from the world your purpose will not be fulfilled.

  10. You must embrace the world because the world is the only thing you have in life.

  11. If you do not live in the world, then you will not have life.

  12. Do not be of the world, but be in the world.

  13. Do not be lonely in life and not like the constant of going through your life.

  14. Whoever takes the world as it is and takes life as it comes for it comes to the end, all things will be to your advantage.

  15. Be tranquil in the mind even if your body passes away.

  16. Your life is a constant struggle in the battle between life and death.

  17. If you follow the one who is enlightens and follow their lives and learn of their lives, then you shall have a good life.

  18. Your life will be fulfillment and full of triumphs, but it will also be full of pain and suffering.

  19. Learn to live through it and you will see the light at the end of your time.


  1. As you walk through life, you shall be a light in this world full of darkness.

  2. The one who is enlightened did not desire the things of the world but desire the things in the heavens.

  3. Blessed is the one who remains clear in their path to the truth and does not fail.

  4. The enlightened one knows that harm will never befall them because they will not let the harm of the world get them.

  5. Evil spirits shall come and attack you but they will be cast away because your spirit is strong.

  6. The hatred of the evil spirit will be of no avail.

  7. They will come at you in the name of love and you will reject them again.

  8. Pure is the one who is enlightened and this is the one who is wise and full of mercy.

  9. All of the rays of the light that perceive from this enlightened person drown the darkness of the world, and he who searches for the truth will find the truth and the truth will enlighten him.


  1. All of the mysteries of the world will pass through you and you will suffer through all the mysteries of the world.

  2. Surely if the people of the world knew the evil they were doing, they would be disgusted at themselves, but they are blinded by their own ego and their obnoxious desires.

  3. They crave pleasure only for themselves and they cause pain to others and they find no peace because they reappear and they repeat the cycles without any purpose.

  4. They continue to move through it and they cannot find escape from the hell which they had created for themselves.

  5. There are pleasures that are empty and their endeavors are in vain.

  6. Their world is hollow and they live in a bubble by which they cannot see the world around them.

  7. The world is full of evil because it is full of lust.

  8. People go astray from the truth because they think that delusion is better.

  9. They follow error which claims to be the truth rather than the truth and purest form which is pleasant from the outset, but will cause anxiety and misery in the end.

  10. The truth is the truth and is the sacred law and is the religion and it alone can deliver us from the terrors of this world.

  11. The enlightened one recognizes that ignorance is the root of all evil and that it is part of the development of life.

  12. All humanity is blind with and without knowledge when they are born and all of the ignorance isn’t the evil of this world and seems enticing to them.

  13. Once they live as individuals, feelings begin to take over and they think of these as truths.

  14. Sensation is the thirst for finding yourself and going through the world will cause you to find it.

  15. Once you realize who you are and once you realize your place in the universe than you shall be able to seek the truth.

  16. Once you recognize this in following the path of truth than you shall find the truth and you will realize a greater part of yourself than you ever thought before.

  17. Even though you’ve gone through much suffering in this world, you shall find the truth.

  18. The cause of all sorrow or wisdom is at the beginning of life and the ignorance which grows.

  19. Remove the ignorance and you will remove all the wrongness that rises from the ignorance and destroy the desires that you will destroy the wrong perception it rises.

  20. Destroy wrong perception and there is an end to all error in this world.

  21. Destroy these errors and the illusions of the world will disappear and you shall see the world for what it is.

  22. Destroy the illusion and you will come into contact with the things which cause the dissolution.

  23. Destroy that and you will do away with thirsting for the truth.

  24. Destroy thirsting for the truth and you will be free from all of the world and you will come to the truth.

  25. Once you realize this for yourself than you shall have to tell others for it is only right that you tell them of the suffering of the world.

  26. The enlightened one saw that there were four truths that will lead to the truth and will lead to a greater knowledge.

  27. Once you have this great knowledge, then you will come back into the world but you will not be of the world.

  28. You must first recognize that there is sorrow in this world and that there is suffering in this world.

  29. The second the truth is revealed, the cause of all the suffering of the world is revealed.

  30. The third truth is that the way to cease the sorrow and suffering.

  31. The fourth truth is the path that shall lead you through the pain of this world in order to relinquish the pain of this world.

  32. This is the truth, this is the religion, and this is what the enlightened one has realized and has shared with the rest the world.

  33. Where there is truth, there is no world and where there is no world, there is truth.

  34. You must get rid of it the self-centered perception of the world and you will come back into the world and realize it for what it truly is.

  35. Truth is the comprehension of things that are correct and all that is permanent.

  36. Peace can dwell only were vanity is not.

  37. Blessed is the one who understands this.

  38. Blessed is the one who does no harm.

  39. Blessed is the one who overcomes all the wrongness of the world and his three.

  40. The heavens and the truth have been reached through the conquering all of this.

  41. You shall become perfect in this knowledge.


  1. After you realize this great truth, then you let shall share this with the rest of the world around you.

  2. Do not be led astray by the truth, but teach the truth to all people so that you can be perceived as full of peace.

  3. You shall point to them the way of their own salvation for you cannot see them just as no one else has been able to.

  4. Take refuge in your spirit just as the enlightened one takes refuge in there.


  1. The pathway to the truth is sure and it is straight.

  2. Who follows the truth is unchanging.

  3. It is blessed to be kind and is blessed to be good and it is blessed to be self-restrained.

  4. The light is the gateway to freedom and all the joys of the world will pass through you.

  5. You will have the greatest bliss when you have quelled your pride.

  6. This is the deepest truth which is difficult to understand in a world full of people who give in to earthly desires.

  7. The world will never understand this doctrine for it there is only happiness in them and a complete surrender to that which is above the world is unintelligible.

  8. The enlightened mind is the purest joy of the world.

  9. The people of the world will try to understand the truth by creating doctrine and by establishing organized religion.

  10. Within the truth that they possess there is a hidden anger and a bondage of rage.

  11. The truth is incomprehensible and mysterious to those of the world.

  12. The doctrine that was made by mankind is not the doctrine of the truth and the doctrine of the truth transcends all religions and is one.

  13. The one who attains the light will be of no religious backing but will go against the traditions of the day.

  14. The world must perish in order for the world to understand the truth.

  15. All of the world is hopelessly entangled in sorrow.

  16. There are some that are free from the world but they do not hear of the truth and if the truth is not given to them they shall be lost and if the truth is given to them before they are dead and they shall beat the death.

  17. Be merciful to those that struggle in the world and have compassion to those who suffer in the world.

  18. There are many people in the world were not conscious of the wrongdoing and the less they are preparing for the end.

  19. The door to immortality will be open to all people who have ears to hear these truths.

  20. The one who is enlightened will not pass through the last day into eternal bliss until their work upon the face of the earth has been completed.

  21. Those who seek the truth will walk according to its precepts and they shall become hearers, wise, well-trained, learned, burst in all the ways of the truth, of fulfilling all their duties, correct in the way they live their life, walking according to the way of the truth until they learn this doctrine and shall give the information to others and make it known to establish it among the entire world.

  22. When others start vain doctrines then those who have the truth shall be able to vanquish and refute their claims so that the truth can be spread.

  23. The age to come will not die until the pure truth shall be prosperous and widespread and successful and popular until all the world has heard it.


  1. All of those who preach the doctrine of truth shall preach it to all the teachers of the world so that all the people could hear from those who are respected.

  2. Those who are away from the world shall rejoin the world, for it is only through joining the world that you’re able to understand the world.

  3. Do not concern yourself with the things of the heavens but the things of the earth for you are on the Earth.

  4. Obtain deliverance by destroying all that which causes lust in the world around you so that you can maintain purity in the face of all evil.

  5. The one who is pure of heart is the one who has attained the light and they share the light with those who are enshrouded in the darkness of the world.

  6. The one who is blessed is the one who conquers themselves and all the passions that they had enjoyed and availed loan are the ones who control their minds and do some the things of this world which are evil.

  7. Go down the path of the truth and go down the path of your life, for they shall become one and the same.


  1. As to the leader who has broken their covenants, you have given in to the pleasures of worldliness.

  2. They are the ones to have stolen all the riches from all the ages have gathered it up have built great palaces for themselves.

  3. They choose those who are poor to make rich and those who are rich have the power and the truth.

  4. The enlightened one treats all human beings equally so no one is over another.

  5. There is a middle path between living in the world and living without the world and that is the path that leads to the truth.

  6. The two extremes is the one who has given up the world and does not follow the world and the other one is indulgence and is only fit for those who were worldly minded.

  7. The one who fortifies themselves is useless and practices things that are unprofitable.

  8. It is not good to have everything, but it is also not good to have nothing.

  9. You do not achieve anything if you starve yourself or world and depart from it.

  10. Those practices do not cleanse the man and they are not free from delusion.

  11. The middle path has been discovered by the one who is in light and this does understand the world which leads to peace of mind.

  12. The middle path is avoiding the two extremes and that is discovered by the one who understands the past and who has higher wisdom and full enlightenment.

  13. The middle path is the path whereby you can be in the world but you were not of the world.

  14. One can be free from themselves by leading a wretched life because they will never succeed in conquering the sufferings which they go through.

  15. The one who glorifies themselves is free from lust but they do not desire the pleasures from the heavens either.

  16. There is moderation in everything in life and we must practice moderation and all that we do, for moderation the path that is straight.

  17. The man who self-indulges is a slave to the passions of the world and is seeking pleasure all the time.

  18. Satisfying the necessities of life is not evil and you must always keep yourself in good condition and you must always have the provisions of life and it is okay to indulge a little bit for yourself, but not to overindulge and to not give to those who are less fortunate.

  19. Keep both extremes away from you and you will find that the endeavors of all people in the world are useless if they do not do it by seeking the truth.

  20. Seeking the middle path opens the gate of immortality and shows you the bliss of the heavens.

  21. The one who recognizes the existence of suffering, because of it, the remedy of it, and the path to cease it has fathomed all of the truth and they will walk in the right path.

  22. Having the right to view on life will light the torch to your way.

  23. The right aspirations will guide you towards the truth.

  24. The right speech will be your dwelling place, for you will learn from those who are seeking the truth much like you.

  25. Your right efforts will guide you in your steps.

  26. Your right thoughts will bring you the breath of life.

  27. Right contemplation will give you peace and follow in the way to the truth.

  28. The cycle of birth and death shall go on and the world shall go on.

  29. Life is full of pain but you can get rid of the pain and you can get rid of that which attaches to the pain.

  30. This is the world which denies humanity the renewal of their existence.

  31. You should crave for the future of your life is based on the foundation of the past of your life and you should crave for the ultimate happiness in life.

  32. The destruction of happiness is a state in which passion replaces the truth of happiness.

  33. Only going through this process and only going through the world will bring you out of suffering.

  34. Only following in the truth will bring you away from the suffering.

  35. You will be free from suffering and you will no longer dwell in the ring.

  36. You will attain the liberation of your hearts and you shall never return to face the fears of this world again.

  37. You have found the truth much like the enlightened beings have been in the past.

  38. All the creatures of the world have the truth in them and that humanity has parted with the truth of their life and they went through the path of destruction.

  39. They made for themselves a society which was wrapped in that which is evil.

  40. All of those who depart from this generation know of the truth and now it is time for humanity to learn of the truth.

  41. The one who is enlightened has found the kingdom of righteousness and move, the Earth, and set the truth rolling by which no one can ever turn back.

  42. The truth shall be preached upon the Earth and give righteousness and goodwill and peace throughout the world.


  1. The one who stands alone can never be put back into their old ways.

  2. Stand together and assist one another and strengthen one another.

  3. Be like brothers and unite in one another your zeal of truth.

  4. Spread the truth and preach to all corners of the world that all people may know of the kingdom of the truth.

  5. This is the truth about what the organization should be and what the church should be.

  6. Truly you shall understand the truth and truly you shall understand the doctrine and receive the ordination from those who are enlightened and pass to you and be expounded through all generations.

  7. Through faith you shall receive grace and through works and you shall receive salvation.

  8. You shall understand the truth and you shall know the true state of the world.

  9. Look to those who are enlightened in faith that you can follow in their path so you can follow in their footsteps and you can learn what they have learned that you may receive enlightenment.

  10. Look to the community and faith and look at those around you who practice the truth so that you may emulate in their actions also.

  11. Those who shall teach others of the truth shall be practice in the truth so that they can share the truth with all of those who want to understand it.

  12. Blessed is the one who brought forth this great truth to the face of this planet.

  13. People shall receive this truth and the extinction of suffering is upon us in this day.

  14. Do not let this doctrine of truth fall in the hands who are unworthy of it, so that they may turn it into something it’s not and adding dogmas and doctrines to it that are unnecessary for the salvation of man.

  15. They try to do this in the past and this is where the religious systems of the day came into being and this is wrong.

  16. The truth shall spread slowly at first but then all of those who are truly enlightened will know what the truth.

  17. Preach the doctrine which is glorious in the beginning and is glorious to all of those who are in spirit.

  18. The doctrine cannot be preached to those who cannot attain salvation.

  19. Proclaim this truth to those who seek the truth and to those who want to hear the truth.

  20. Establish customs and traditions that are good for the community come together and not those who deem it necessary.


  1. Talk to those who are troubled about the sorrows of the world.

  2. Those who are enlightened were once troubled with the sorrows of the world but then they realize that they are above the sorrow.

  3. Come to the ones who are enlightened and they shall share the truth.

  4. It is necessary to avoid the evils of life in order to walk in the path of the truth.

  5. Instead of looking at the world with disgust, look at the world in different way, but will get the world anyways, so you can make it better because anyone can make the world better.

  6. Share the wisdom that you have attained in the heavens with those of the world so that they too may attain the heavens.

  7. Even though what one may show holiness on the outside, on the inside they may be violently wicked.

  8. Those who are not truly proactive in the religions in which they were brought up and do not truly belong to those religions will lie about what they believe.

  9. It is not right to lie about what you believe in the work, and if you do not believe in something and then you should not practice it.

  10. There is no distinction between those who know the truth and those who claim to know the truth, the only thing that differentiates them is by looking into their hearts.

  11. Search for the truth always and never give up on your tasks or your path.

  12. You shall find your sons and daughters in the truth and you shall truly be strengthened by those you love.

  13. Glorious is the truth that is set out by the one who is right.

  14. The one who is enlightened has revealed the things which are hidden from the world and points the way to the one who has gone astray.

  15. They light the lamp in the darkness so that all can discern the things which surround them.

  16. Take refuge in your spirit much like they had taken refuge in their spirit and take refuge in the doctrine revealed by them and take refuge in the brotherhood which has been founded.

  17. May you become a disciple of the truth from this day forth so that you can discern between the lives of religions and the truth of religions.

  18. Do not return to the world and enjoy earthly pleasures that you have as you’ve done, but lower.

  19. The way of the truth has been set out in front of you but you must follow in the way of the truth.

  20. Blessed is the one who shares the truth with the entire world and does not keep the truth themselves.

  21. Glorious is the truth, and you shall take refuge in all that has been revealed to you.

  22. Look at the one who practices what they preach but they practice things which are unusual and do not yield any results.

  23. They go through all the doctrines that had been given to them but the doctrines and dogma which are associated with them are unreasonable.

  24. Do not listen to the ones who threaten you with eternal damnation or who preach of God is coming to earth were taking the form of humans or of dying and resurrecting.

  25. You are the only one that can save yourselves and you must save yourself in order to attain salvation in this world.

  26. The doctrines and dogmas are rational and unbelievable and you must discern between that and the truth.

  27. It contains the truth but it adds to the truth of bunch of lies.

  28. People come from all corners of the world see this and they see the signs and miracles performed by them.

  29. Those who speak of the truth will speak against them and they shall become jealous, which is a thing of the world.

  30. They see the truth but they do not accepted because all of the lies that are meant not to dwell in their hearts more than the truth.

  31. The one who is enlightened will even bring the ones who have thought they were of the truth into this world but they shall no longer be a part of the world.

  32. Abandon all that makes you unhappy even if it is worship practices which you feel you must do and follow the truth in your own path.

  33. The truth comes to people differently and the truth is attained by people differently and that one should not try to convert another into their way of the truth for the truth shall eventually be revealed to all people.

  34. Those who accept the truth in its purest form shall abandon these practices and they shall seek the truth in their own way and without dogma and doctrine.


  1. Blessed is the one who brings forth the truth of this world.

  2. The great teacher has been brought low but then got higher after each death.

  3. You have gains greater knowledge through this knowledge of the truth and you’re wisdom shall be passed onto generations after you.

  4. Castaway the services of the world and castaway the sufferings of the world and you will see the light of the truth and abandon the worship of the things of this world.

  5. The entire assembly will receive your doctrine and the one who knows the nature of themselves and understands how the world acts around them will have no room for selfishness.

  6. The world is a vessel for the self and from this arises a society of falsehoods.

  7. Your spirit endures after death but your body does not so the errors of all the people of the world are grievous.

  8. Good and evil would be different if everyone thought the same and they will attain salvation without working towards it.

  9. Those who say that they will not die will attain all the things of the world as if they are not dying, but they are never perfected through their deeds or their actions.

  10. They would be the same to all people and they would be forgotten.

  11. There is no permanence in this world so there is no permanence in anything that you do and your actions are not guided by you, rather, these actions are guided by your spirit.

  12. The power that you hold now shall not be forever because your power shall rise but is shall lead and that is how life is.

  13. You are slaves to yourself and do you live in constant fear of birth and old age and sickness and death so you must receive the truth and not be a freight of these things.

  14. The world you live in is an error in the dream and an illusion.

  15. Open your eyes and see the things around you so that you may be comforted so that you may not be afraid of the things of this world that will come to you.

  16. The one who recognizes this nature will cease to be afraid.

  17. The one who declares that there is nothing will it let go of all of the desires of themselves and all the things which gave them security will no longer give them security world because they will be mystery.

  18. Surrendering to the world is selfish and then you will not attain the peaceful state of mind until you realize this and you go through great suffering to get there.

  19. The enlightened one said to not deceive and do not despise anyone.

  20. Do not be angry and do not bear secrets.

  21. A mother shall risk her life for a child so your love should be a risk to all of those around you.

  22. You cherish the good and you cherish the good for all people.

  23. You will have no hindrance in the world and you shall be free from all the ambient heat.

  24. Keep the truth forever in your mind and that is the best kind of life to live.

  25. Live the life of love and you shall be loved forever.

  26. Gifts are great but the comprehension of the truth will lead to the greatest gift of all.

  27. The light of your world will be brighter than all the stars of the world and your kindness will be kinder than all the kindness of everyone else put together.

  28. The state of the heart is at best in the world and shall remain in the world while you are here but do not be of the world.

  29. The enlightened one finished and the enlightened one laughs all the people in astonishment.

  30. All of the wishes have been fulfilled by all the people of the world because the truth has been revealed.

  31. Take refuge in this truth and you will be set free.


  1. Seek the one who is enlightened and learn all the nature of the world from them, for they shall teach you the greatest thing of all.

  2. It is time for you to receive what you deserve.

  3. The one who is blessed is the one who teaches themselves controlling who have learned self-control.

  4. They are the redeemers and they redeem those who have been redeemed and the blessed one is the one who gives them peace.

  5. Honor your spirit and honor all the things your spirit brings forth as a result of you.

  6. Blessed is the place, for your spirit walks and your spirit has years in which your spirit talks.

  7. Blessed are the ones to tell the truth because the truth is so good that all people of the world should know of the truth they teach.

  8. Then all the people of the world will eat the food of rich and will go stronger.

  9. You can see the truth everywhere and everyone shall spread forth to all corners of the world teach the truth and the truth will be preserved in the brotherhood of the true religion.


  1. Enlightenment can only be attained through seeking the truth and being honest with it.

  2. Even though you may think you’re going down the right path, if your path requires certain things of you, then you are not going down the right path.

  3. Do not claim to follow doctrine which you do not truly follow.

  4. Follow the one who is enlightened before you for they have gone down the path that you should go down.

  5. Nothing you touch in this world represents eternity because they will spoil and die.

  6. Eternal truth is within yourself and you must find it.

  7. Once you see the truth, you will see clearly the entire world and you will know the doctrine which got you to this state and you will set out teaching others of the same.

  8. Go to the one who is enlightened for it shall be your teacher and the example of that person will become your teacher.

  9. The wheel of truth is now rolling and the entire world now knows of truth.

  10. The one who is enlightened does not follow the example of any religion and does not adhere to any religious system, for the religious system is not satisfactory for attaining the purity of the truth.

  11. The people of the world have been led astray by many things and they will not see the truth because they will not seek the truth even though they try.

  12. No one can condemn self-control and righteousness and kindness.

  13. No one can blame those who are virtuous.

  14. No one can blame those were wise.

  15. Do no wrong and do only good and let your heart be pure.

  16. This is the doctrine that the one who is enlightened has taught and this is what has been seen to work for all ages.


  1. Support those who are less fortunate than you and give them what they need so that they can be the truth and that they can live a better life for themselves and for their posterity.

  2. Seek the comfort of the example of the one who was enlightened for you, for they have found the root of all pain and they are the ones who conquered it.

  3. Attain that composure and you will find peace and immortality.

  4. The world is a fantasy and your ego is a heap of composite qualities of that so-called reality.

  5. You shape your life, but you do not determine how you get to that place in your life.

  6. There is no such thing as a calamity where evil in the heavens and all deeds come from the person who created it.

  7. All virtues of the world were established at the beginning, but the flawed state of mankind creates the world that is the opposite of pure.

  8. As all things come from the seeds of the Earth, so has the spirit of humanity from the creator.

  9. You are the maker of yourself and you are the only person that can save yourself.

  10. The cause of joy and sorrow are in the world but you must seek them truly in order to understand the nature of the world.

  11. If you do not accept the fact that there is a maker then you do not accept the purpose of your life or the causation of the world.

  12. All things that exist are not without cause, but it was influenced by something beyond our control and our deeds produce the results of both good and evil.

  13. Let us no longer lose ourselves in the vein of speculations and let us surrender ourselves and all selfishness so that we can practice good in our hearts and through our actions.


  1. The one who is enlightened shall open your mind and the words of advice that come from those lips will enlighten you.

  2. Apply yourself to the work which you do with all diligence.

  3. Many people rely on your success so do not give up your success does.

  4. The one who is enlightened sets the example for all people in this world to follow.

  5. Your heart yearns to do what is right and to be a blessing to fellow man so you must seek the truth and you must live in goodness.

  6. You do not have to give everything up in order to lead a good life; rather, your focus must be on the things that are up above the world and not of the world.

  7. The one who is enlightened is a King who gives everything up for the work of the world.

  8. It is not life and wealth and power that enslave man, but is the worship of life and wealth and power.

  9. The one who leads a life of leisure will have no gain, for they will get bored and they will be an abomination and your life will be for nothing.

  10. You do not have to going to homelessness and get away from the world in order to seek the truth for the truth does not come and depriving yourself of everything either.

  11. Put your whole heart into the task of attaining things of the heavens and of seeking the truth and he will seek the truth through much diligence and through going many tribulations.

  12. The peace that comes from the truth will dwell in your minds forever and ever.


  1. The one who is charitable is loved by all people and the friendship is prized and death is the hearts of all this rest and full of joy.

  2. They do not suffer from repentance but they openly receive the rewards of the fruit which they have labored for.

  3. There is a proper time and mode for charity and man is able to give their own time and talent and energy to charitable actions.

  4. Your loving compassion has an end and gets rid of all the envy and anger and hatred from your heart and give with the hope that people will receive it in goodness.

  5. By bestowing blessings upon others, we are blessed ourselves and we acquire treasures greater than that of the world.

  6. The one who is charitable has found the path to salvation.

  7. They shall reap the rewards of the fruit of their labor.

  8. As a result of this charity, one will find joy in helping those who are in need of assistance and their hope in the heavens is great.

  9. You will reach this immoral path by doing acts of kindness so that you can perfect your souls in charity and compassion.


  1. The world is a place that is suitable for humankind for the world has been created for humans.

  2. Humanity has done what it wanted to with the world that humanity has destroyed the world and all of its natural processes.

  3. The humans who took the world blessed after the world and divided the world up so that humans have the domain over only a small portion of it.

  4. Humanity rejoices in the gold that it possesses them in the things that possesses and it is not right for the world has been made for all humans.

  5. Those who are wealthy should be sincere with their wealth because they would receive all the blessings of the world, even more so than those who are wealthy and take it all for themselves.

  6. You do not have possession over anything of the world were you shall die and then you will have possession of nothing.

  7. The one who does not possess anything in this world is the one who possesses the most.

  8. The one who is blessed has changed the world by word alone.

  9. You do not need to sacrifice what you have to anyone else for the word of truth spreads freely and without sacrifice.

  10. This is to overcome all the evil of the world and to promote the kingdom of righteousness and to be a blessing upon mankind.

  11. Calamities cannot befall the kingdom of the heavens and they cannot befall in the presence of the one who is enlightened.

  12. Worldly profit is fleeting and it is perishable but the profit that comes from the truth is eternal and inexhaustible.

  13. A worldly man is full of trouble but a holy man has peace of mind.

  14. Even those who are poor are virtuous and you should have reverence for them if they are holy.

  15. Just because one is poor does not mean they have much to offer in this world.

  16. The most you need in this world is a loving heart and you should not oppress anyone else nor should you destroy them, but you should keep them in check.

  17. Forsake doctrine that is unrighteous and walk in the path of the truth.

  18. Do not make yourself the top of your world, rather, come front and befriend those who are suffering in this world and do not flatter them and take everything away from them.

  19. There is no profit by making yourself above everyone else.

  20. We are all human and we all have the same trials and same sufferings and we learn the same things in this world.

  21. There is nothing good that ever comes out of putting another down.

  22. There are those who seek the pleasures of the body and they lost in order to promote their own experiences.

  23. Truth cannot dwell where the passion lives and the one who does not know this is because they see it with ignorance beyond comparison.

  24. This is the one where the true knowledge and the true wisdom dawns in order to acquire these things of the truth, you must fail in all respects and face the sufferings of the world.

  25. To neglect this wisdom will lead to your failure in your life for without wisdom there is no reason for existence.

  26. The truth is for everyone and there is no distinction.

  27. All people in this world are truly searching for the truth and will not die until the truth has been known to them.

  28. The one who involves himself in the affairs of the world will find no escape from the world, but the truth calls you to be above the world.

  29. It is impossible to escape the results of your deeds both in this life and in the afterlife, so you must practice good works and be on guard against everything that is evil.

  30. We sow as we reap.

  31. There are ways from the light into the darkness and from the darkness into the light.

  32. There are ways from the gloom into the deeper darkness and from the dawn to the brighter lights.

  33. The one who is wise will use the light and then will receive more and they will constantly gain more knowledge of the truth.

  34. Meditate on the earthly things and how vain they are to not understand the shortness of your life.

  35. Elevate your mind and seek that which is the truth.

  36. Do not depend upon external things for your happiness, rather, that depend on your mind.

  37. Take these words in with all of your heart so that you may come to know the great truth.


  1. All things in this world are in transition and all things in this world of all.

  2. This is a fact that you must discover and it will lead you to greater knowledge and it will lead you to acceptance of new knowledge.

  3. Nothing is fixed except that which is the truth.

  4. When you discover a master then you will announce it to all the world and when you discover the truth than you shall announce the truth to the world.

  5. Do not doubt the truth, but question the truth and seek the source of that truth.

  6. Take everything into context and never take anything that anyone tells you for what they claim it is.

  7. An order to discover the truth, you must discover it for yourself and not the means of another person.

  8. There is the state where you are not subject to the things of this world and it is a place of eternity and you will neither give birth nor die in this.

  9. This is the end of sorrow, for this is the place for your spirit dwells and this is the heavens where your spirit dwells.

  10. There is stability in this world for everything in this world is eternal.

  11. The truth is not perceived easily because the designers of this world are stronger than the truth.

  12. There will be no escape from this world unless you discover the truth before your death.


  1. The truth can be found with the rising of the sun.

  2. The one who is in questioning goes forth to their home before their death and ponders on all the things of life.

  3. The beauty and the dignity of a righteous life will bring forth the good memories.

  4. Do not be afraid to spread the truth to the entire world for the truth is greater than anything that you will ever receive in this world.

  5. All the things of this world do not compare to the beauty found in the truth.

  6. The kingdom of the Earth is temporary and will change with the cycles, but the kingdom of the heavens is eternal and unchanging.

  7. You shall become the preacher of righteousness and discover more of the truth and your words will not pass away until the very end of time.

  8. Reject the pleasures of this world for a higher purpose.

  9. Find that path and go down that path and your path will be different from other peoples paths, but you will come to the same conclusion, just as all of humanity comes to the same conclusion in life.


  1. Give all the excess wealth that you have to those who are less fortunate.

  2. The treasure which you possess, which is the truth, is richer than all of the treasures of this world.

  3. Awaken your minds and arise from the dreams of this world.

  4. Seek only the truth and you will find peace.

  5. You shall be free from the things of this world if you possess the truth.

  6. You must not prevent anyone from seeking the truth in their own way.

  7. All emotions in the world are temporary and every affliction that you face in this world will go away, but the scars shall remain forever.

  8. You must be pure to attain the highest aim of all of mankind and your good deeds will merit a good result at the end of your life.

  9. The grief you go through in obtaining the truth is a small consolation because once you attain the truth you shall be set free and never have to suffer again.

  10. All of your sorrow in the world will be turned into joy.


  1. The one who is blessed suffer from all the things of the world and they conquered spiritual death and was resurrected into a state of eternal bliss.

  2. They are the ones whose appearance was so glorious that they possess all the wealth of the world which have not been seen.

  3. The son shall inherit this glory from the father.

  4. Those who are righteous will extend the righteousness throughout the generations and they shall be known for their forefathers righteousness.

  5. All of the treasures of the world are not in this possession, but if the sons of righteous men are willing to receive the spiritual treasures, then they shall receive this truth and carry this truth with them for all eternity.

  6. You either desire to be a part of the world or you will desire to be a part of the world but possess the truth of the heavens.

  7. You will not be forced and should not be forced into receiving the truth; rather, you should explore the world for yourself and then come to realize this truth on your own.

  8. Every single human being will go through their own path to the truth and the truth that should not be in doctrine needed to them, even as they are young children.

  9. You cannot be ordained without the consent of the parents but you will always find the truth in the conclusion of your journey.


  1. Long before you attain the truth, you will go through a period of the seeking salvation within the world but coming to suffering many times and suffering great pains in the world.

  2. Deliverance of the spirit from all the necessities of life is the aim of all religious institutions and the aim of all beliefs.

  3. This is why they avoided all of the things of the world and this is why people found their own ways to not be a part of the world.

  4. Clean yourself from the sins of this world and the sins of your life once you find out how to receive the truth.

  5. Once you attain enlightenment, you will no longer desire the things of this world.

  6. You will find other people who suffer in this world and you will tell them of the truth and they shall find the truth out for themselves.

  7. The one who is enlightened is the only one who is worthy of receiving the truth first, and then the truth is passed on.

  8. All the riches of your world and will follow your path to the truth.

  9. Bestow gifts to those who are less fortunate and they will receive the truth and they shall attain enlightenment as a result.

  10. Do not scare them into believing the truth; rather, allow them to figure out the truth for themselves.


  1. Some who receive the truth will only receive this truth gone the moment of their death and they will have gone through their entire life without realize the truth.

  2. Do not ever stop teaching the truth from those who are about to die, for they need to hear the truth before they die so that their soul can be set free.

  3. Souls who did not understand the truth upon their deaths shall wander the earth, because they think they are alive when they are really dead.

  4. Set them free before it is too late for them.

  5. Take women in just as much as men to be disciples or to be priests or to be prophet.

  6. The one who is enlightened always sought advice from women.

  7. Those who say that women are not as spiritual as men are wrong because women are more spiritual than men.

  8. Women should be given just as much of a chance of leadership as men.

  9. Doctrine will last a thousand years more if women were in leadership roles because women only understand the things of the women and men only understand the things of men.

  10. Men cannot understand the issues of women and women cannot understand the issues of men.

  11. Consider that the spirits that are within you are neither male nor female and your determination is only through your physical bodies and that is a temporary state of being.

  12. All spirits are the same, both male and female.


  1. Do not speak with a woman with a lustful heart.

  2. Speak with women, but with pure hearts of so that both you and she will feel better.

  3. Do not live in a sinful world, but live in a world that is unspoiled.

  4. Regard women with the same respect that you regard other men.

  5. The power of lust is great with men and it is to be feared.

  6. The lust of men takes over the wisdom that they possess.

  7. Do not be seduced by these desires.

  8. The mind of the man strays when they look upon a woman’s beauty.

  9. Encourage yourself with sensual thoughts and the look upon a woman without these desires.

  10. A woman of this world will exhibit themselves for their woman this and their womanness captivates the charm of their beauty and robs men of their steadfast heart.

  11. Restrain the heart so that a woman feels just as respected as you do.


  1. The one who is blessed shall take meals with those who want to learn from them, for great truth will be taught.

  2. Do not take anything that you do not deserve unless you give something back to them for they shall reap the same rewards that you receive when you get your gift.

  3. Do not deny anyone of what they need if you have extra, for it does not give you the right to deny anyone of anything.

  4. If you hoard anything for yourself and you shall not be happy with what you have.

  5. Go and announce that the meal is ready and that the bread of life and the waters of purification are ready to be received by all who want to hear of the truth.

  6. Receive anyone for they are insecure and they will be given the garments to sustain themselves in this life and in the next.

  7. Do not force anyone to give you offerings, rather, let them voluntarily give you what you need to survive.

  8. If you cannot sustain yourself, do not hesitate to ask of your family’s help.

  9. The road of weariness is down the road that men desire to go down because of their lust.

  10. The one who is enlightened is ready to dispel the hunger and thirst of the world for they are healthy with their spiritual nourishment.

  11. The blessings they receive from the heavens are constant and they will never be without because they will always be with.

  12. Live your life without others telling you how to live it, for it is not their life to control.

  13. Do what you think is right for yourself and if it is truly right for yourself, you shall be happy.

  14. The one who is enlightened has appeared in many forms and in many places and at many times.

  15. You are uncertain in this world and it is okay to be uncertain at times for the world is full of uncertainty.

  16. Always be prepared to die and be willing to give yourself up for another.

  17. Always be willing to give what you have to others or others may need it more than you.

  18. The spring of life will come forth in your life and you will be blessed.

  19. Your destiny shall be fulfilled before you die and you shall see the truth before you die.

  20. Help those who are we can help those who are poor and do good deeds and you shall be remembered through all generations.

  21. Joy will come to you and the rejoicing of your mind will bring you peace.

  22. You will be content with yourself and it will bring you to rest.

  23. All of the moral powers that are within you come from this great knowledge of this wisdom.

  24. Exercise the seven gifts that come from the Guardian Angels and you will follow in the path of righteousness towards the ultimate goal of attaining enlightenment.

  25. Good deeds come from good people while bad deeds come from bad people.

  26. Passion brings forth bad deeds but knowledge brings forth good deeds.

  27. Spread joy and not pain and your gift will be a blessing to many others as it is yourself.

  28. Give your heart and do not give up on your life.


  1. Maintain regularity in life and find a balance between all things that you do in your life.

  2. There is no day appointed for each task for each task will be done due time but on your own scale.

  3. Blessed is the one who devotes a day to exercises in the religions or devotes a day to rest and relaxation with those they love or the things that they love to do.

  4. Do not spend all of your time working, for your labor will bring forth no good roots for you.

  5. If you are unable to enjoy the things that you work for then why is it worth working towards? Do not be disappointed with your life and maintain a good balance, for in that balance you shall attain enlightenment.

  6. Always learn something new on a daily basis and you will be one step closer to the truth day by day.

  7. Silence those who force you to do certain things on certain days or it is not right for them to force you to live your life.

  8. If you are ready to rest, then go to rest and if you’re ready to work, then go to work.

  9. Do not be like those who are gluttonous and stop yourself from working and do not be overworked and stop yourself from resting.

  10. Concentrate on your mind and your mind will tell you when it is time to do something different.

  11. Understand that your timescale is not the same as the timescale of those around you.

  12. Let those who commit bad deeds confess those bad deeds and seek forgiveness from those they have done harm to.

  13. The one who is blessed maintains a good spirit because they found a balance in their lives.

  14. If you desire to become pure then treat your mind like you treat others and treat them well, for you cannot love others until you love yourself.

  15. All things shall be done in due time and your destiny shall be fulfilled before your death.


  1. Will is used to acknowledge the truth or they shall live in darkness until the day they die.

  2. They realize that the truth has been close to them but they chose to reject the truth and they shall wander the Earth until they accept their reality.

  3. There is no reason to expel those who do not accept the truth, for they are lost in their ways and lost in the world.

  4. They are not guilty of anything bad, but they are guilty of rejection and they sought the world which provided them better things to their own eyes.

  5. Do not condemn those who are different than you were those who do not accept the truth for the truth can be manifest to all people throughout life and must be genuine love.

  6. You should not be divided over issues for all of those who know the truth manifest the same truth in their lives and they know what the truth is in all things.

  7. Do not put anyone to a trial without a fair fight, for this is the order of things and the order of those were wise and intelligent and modest and learned and conscientious.

  8. Do not sentence someone merely because they think differently than you do.

  9. The one who is enlightened did not condemn anyone, but told them to go and seek the truth so that they can do no more sins.

  10. Do not submit yourself to disappointment if you know you do not deserve it and do not discipline and he warned that discipline does not lead to order.

  11. Do not bring up anything that could cause divisions amongst you.

  12. The voice that the world makes this allowed but they have divisions amongst themselves and both parties are valid in their case.

  13. They do not agree so they are of the world because the truth agrees with all things.

  14. There are some of those who need self-restraint and do not know about it, but there are those who know better and who live in silence.

  15. It is not easy to instruct those who are deceived because they are foolish.

  16. There is no companionship with those who are foolish because they walk alone in their path and they only think of themselves.


  1. Those who cause quarrels amongst one another are not worthy to receive the truth because they desire the things of the world and desire to do evil.

  2. They will bring misfortune upon all of those around them and no one wins in the disputes.

  3. The victims and all disputes are the ones who were not involved in the disputes.

  4. Those who are in the truth have gone through the world and have gone above the world just to come back to the world but be above the world.

  5. Settle all of your disagreements so that you can behave righteously, for you are in a righteous state.

  6. Settle your disagreements even if those agreements are against the norm.

  7. Those who are enlightened always went against the norms of the world.

  8. Poor words do not serve a remedy and are not pleasant to anyone.

  9. That only brings partial justice.

  10. Listen with patience to both of the parties and the one who is wrong will make it manifest in their speeches.

  11. Enjoy the gifts of all of those who are below you and lay no one receive preference over anyone else.

  12. It would be right to avoid further disputes to declare the restoration of the rules which have been applied so that the matter does not come up again.

  13. If the declaration of this rule is neither right nor lawful, then there should always be a chance to revise.

  14. Peace is concluded only with an agreement but those who are in the truth have peace in the spirit as well as in the body.

  15. Resistance is futile against the truth so do not go against something you know is right.

  16. If you defend something that is wrong, then you shall know what is wrong and you shall declare it to be wrong by the way you speak.

  17. Do not seek revenge on those who went against you, for they have won fairly if the trial is fair.

  18. Apply yourself diligently to all things in life so that you can become skillful and wise in your ways.

  19. Do not betray anyone, and do not bind or execute anyone without any authority.

  20. Betrayal will lead to the trail your own life and no one likes to be betrayed.

  21. Do not be farsighted or nearsighted, for that brings hatred.

  22. Hatred is only defeated by non-hatred.

  23. Do not tempt others with things of the world, for those that are in the truth will make it known to you that you’re doing wrong and you shall manifest the truth unto them.

  24. Do not take advantage of another person, for other people deserve the same rights that you do.

  25. Those who are weak do not have a strong voice so you must be the voice for those who are weak.

  26. If the weak become strong, then more freedom is established throughout the entire world.

  27. Listen to those who are wise so that you can learn from them and you shall become wise yourselves and then pass on your wisdom to others.

  28. People will forgive wrongs but they will never leave it in their hearts.

  29. Those are the ones who persecute them until the end.

  30. Do not keep wrongs in your heart and do not hold grudges.

  31. Hatred is not appeased by hatred.

  32. Do not be frightened and do not be restless, for no one is truly out to get you.

  33. Do not be terrified of the world because the world is the only place you know.

  34. Those who have robbed another will have justice served.

  35. Do not fight hatred with hatred, rather, fight hatred with love.

  36. Do not take revenge when the chance comes; rather, love those who had hated you.

  37. Take pity on those who seek forgiveness from you and have that grudge leave your heart.

  38. Grant yourself life and others will be granted life also.

  39. How can you grant others life when you do not give yourself the chance to live? It is you that grant yourself life and that life will give you out to others.

  40. Do not take one extreme or the other; rather, take the middle way for the middle way leads the straight path which leads to the truth.

  41. Even though people have done great wrongs to you, you can forgive them, for they did not know what they had done.

  42. Listen to this message and take it into your heart with meaning.

  43. You will be given the kingdom and the daughters of the kingdom in marriage.

  44. Keep the faith and seek the truth always.

  45. Listen to the words of your elders and do what they tell you for they know more than you through experience in life.


  1. Even while you live above, you should treat others with the same respect that you deserve from them.

  2. Do not treat them as less than you for you are all the same as one another.

  3. Be respectful towards all people and the light will shine forth from you and you will devote your entire life to spreading the force of truth.

  4. Observe the rules of decency and be respectful to those words.

  5. Those who are the same as you are the same in body, soul, and divinity.

  6. Increase the number of the faithful and that is done through good deeds and a good hearts.

  7. Be considerate of the future and the future will be brighter than glory.


  1. Do not hold jealousy or hatred in your heart.

  2. You will not be perfect in virtue because you hold these things in your heart.

  3. Do not mortify yourselves and do not care yourselves apart in order to attain the truth either, for you shall not attain the truth through those means.

  4. Do not place anything between man and the truth, for man does not need to go through any rituals or worship or rites to get to the truth.

  5. The truth is poured out to all sold no matter what, for the truth is found in life.

  6. The institutions of man have no divine attributes and it was born in corruption.

  7. It desires pain and guilt from their constituents in order to maintain life and is a dwelling place of sin.

  8. The end of that life will be death, and is seeing the body and mind in such condition is worse than that of death.

  9. Truly the institutions of disdain are full of impurity, and it is imperative that they be dissolved into its essential elements.

  10. Institutions should be the vessel of truth and not of evil.

  11. It is not good to indulge in the things of the body but is not good to neglect our bodily needs to rid us of the impurities.

  12. The one who is not cleansed and that is not purified will not receive the light of the truth because it is weak.

  13. Attend to your body and its needs and then you will find the middle way without indulging in it.

  14. No one can be prevented from the making or keeping rules, but they should be seen fit to do so and not to impose anything on anyone.

  15. There is no one who is to be blamed, for all the ones who made the rules are dead.

  16. Those who keep the rules blamed the one who goes down the middle path for committing heresies, but the rules are unnecessary.

  17. Do not listen to the advice of evil because they will lead you down a path and tell you to go through certain steps in order to attain the truth.

  18. Everyone goes down the steps in order to attain the truth but the doctrines depend upon life.

  19. Go back into the heavens as a little child and do not fall in seeing the doctrines of man.

  20. Blessed is the one who cleanses themselves of the purges of this world and follows their own path to the truth.


  1. Your mind is inflamed with interest and you must take that interest and you must learn.

  2. Every human being consists of the mind and the body and spirit.

  3. Your body and your spirit are both grappling for control of your mind and your mind in turn controls your body and your spirit.

  4. Let your spirit to guide you and maneuver you so that you can come to the truth through a prompting of your spirit and not go into the things of the world to the promptings of your body.

  5. The things of this world are an illusion of reality and the reality is never found in this world.

  6. The reality is found outside this world but it can be applied within this world.

  7. There are four elements that constitute the form of man and it is the element of fire and the element of water and the element of Earth and the element of wind.

  8. Living is dying and you must live out every moment of your life until you die.

  9. From the moment you are born you are susceptible to death so do not let any moment pass without living.

  10. You must understand how your mind and your body and your spirit interact with one another and control one another.

  11. Separate the world between those of the world and those of the spirit.

  12. You cannot discern the things of the Spirit without it having the mindset of the spiritual world.

  13. Your spirit can control your mind which in turn controls your body which serves the spiritual world.

  14. Do not listen to the one who was blind from birth because they will tell you to go left when you should really go right.

  15. Your body cannot be living without your spirit and your spirit cannot live without your body.

  16. Your spirit is small and is not wise in the ways of the world when you were born, so your spirit takes the body and learns the things of the world through this body.

  17. When your life ceases, your spirit leaves the state of your body and passes away just as the spirit comes into the world in order to come into existence in this world.

  18. There is no whole without the parts and you must have every part complete in order to make the whole.

  19. There is no body without the spirit and there is no spirit without the body by defying the spirit.

  20. There is a path that you should walk on in life and that path leads the truth and that is the path that is most desired by your spirit.

  21. There is no way you can get through this life without guidance by your spirit and by your ancestors whose spirit flows with your spirit.

  22. There is a rebirth of the spirit upon learning the things of the world and coming into the light of the truth.

  23. Good deeds will bring the blessings and bad deeds will continue to bring you down.

  24. Your body is not transferred into the heavens but your spirit lives on forever.

  25. The body is subject to decay and death and you should always take care of it.

  26. The one who abandons the things of this world will escape the snares of the evil world.

  27. Your heart clings for the truth and yearn for the truth, so do not deny it from learning the truth.

  28. Dismiss this error and do not cling to the possessions of this world.

  29. Good deeds will bring upon more deeds, and they will bring upon more good deeds and it will continue to get better.

  30. Abandon all thought of only satisfying yourself, for all people in the world is that you have been given.

  31. The shadows of death will follow you, but you will walk into a new light and your years will be many and your blessings will be great.

  32. Your deeds will be good and your path will be straight and it will lead straight into the light.


  1. If you no longer understand the truth, then you will wander through the path of darkness and will bring you to exhaustion.

  2. String together the simplest forms of the truth and remember that your deeds will be your judgment and pursue the straight path of righteousness until you reach enlightenment.

  3. All things which have been formed in the beginning are subject to the truth.

  4. Rational nature will lead man to the truth.

  5. New birth requires being sent from the heavens just to come back down again, so you must go through the darkest depths of the world in order to attain the light.

  6. Having attained this, you shall attain the truth and this is the moral force for all righteousness and it is the light of your mind and your soul.

  7. The one who is enlightened has found the truth and has taught the noble path to reach the truth.

  8. The enlightened one has shown you the way that leads away from evil desires and has given you the spring of life from which you can drink of its waters of purity.

  9. The hearts of those were enlightened are cleansed from defilement and free from pollution.

  10. The one who walks the noble path lives in this world but they are not of the world.

  11. The one who does not see the truth does not understand the world for what it truly is.

  12. They have a long path to traverse through the desert of ignorance with the barrages of illusion and the world that is full of wrong.

  13. The goal is reached once you have gained comprehension of the world and the craving of the world is destroyed and the truth is attained.

  14. This is the salvation of all mankind and this is how you shall reject the world in life and death.


  1. Once you receive your gifts, you should not use your gifts to show off to anyone else.

  2. Your gifts are unique to yourself and you shall use your gifts for the power of good.

  3. You have received these gifts because of your knowledge of the truth; you shall try it with this knowledge.

  4. Miracles should not be done because miracles do not prove anything, for most miracles can be proven through other methods.

  5. Your miracles are not a result of divine intervention, rather, miracles are a result of chance and of power which you do not have or did not know you had until now.

  6. The one who is in the truth does not cease to be in the truth or they will always have the truth with them.

  7. You cannot work supernatural gifts without receiving the gift in the first place.

  8. You must not take anything except that which is been given to you, for the blessings of the world.

  9. If you deprive anyone of anything, then you will no longer be deemed to be good and you will be judged to be bad.

  10. You must not boast of any supernatural perfection that you have one that brings forth evil in your hearts.

  11. Do not employ anything which you have done the past like worship or prayer, for they are useless and sensible laws of the universe govern all things the one who does this does not understand the truth in its purest sense.


  1. You shall have the spotless in the truth and you shall believe in the one who is enlightened who gave you peace of mind and comfort in your afflictions.

  2. Many were terrified at this new knowledge for they did not know how the systems of the day would react but the systems of these days will not stand against the truth.

  3. The truth has always degraded and destroyed the religious traditions of their past and has brought forth a tradition that is closer to the truth.

  4. You shall go forth and live your faith and your fate has been sealed for all eternity.

  5. You do not know will happen to you tomorrow and to live for today.

  6. Minister unto those who have afflictions in their lives so that they can have consolation.

  7. Do not fear anything in this world for anything can bring you to death.

  8. Every moment that you live you are subject to the staff.

  9. There is no help that can come from anyone else because the only help that can come for you is yourself.

  10. You tried to reach out for others and you try to establish another person as your savior but you are the only one in your own life.

  11. Look into your hearts and see the selfishness that you have.

  12. No man can rid you of any guilt or selfishness that you have for you must do it by your own will.

  13. Unless you take refuge in the example from others and find rest in the heavens so that you will be empty inside.

  14. The world is idle, and to enjoy life is empty, and the world is nothing but a temporary place for you between the heavens and the ultimate heavens.

  15. Worldly seeking pleasures will bring a temporary pleasure but will bring you great pain.

  16. No provisions will be given to you unless you rely on the heavens to bring you blessings upon the face of the earth.

  17. It is good to help people perform their ways because it is only through that the things of the world will go away.

  18. May your mind be pure and let every moment be carried out with care.

  19. You will find no satisfaction in the world and all the riches of the world will never be enough.

  20. There is no one greater or smaller in the domain of death and everyone is the same upon death.

  21. No distinction is made between those who are righteous and those were unrighteous, for everyone shall be judged according to their deeds and their hearts.

  22. Reform yourselves today so it is not too late because time will quickly pass by you.

  23. It is good to lead a righteous life, then to have all the riches of the world.

  24. All the things that you have in this world are in vain unless you have the truth within you and you manifest the truth in your life.


  1. Those who are in secret affairs or hold wisdom from other people or hold the truth away from people are bad.

  2. All of those who engage in the secret actions will stray from the truth even if they have the truth because the truth is meant to be spread to all creatures.

  3. Do not shun being publicly involved, for it is good to be involved in the world but not to give in to the affairs of the world.

  4. Do what is right in the world because your task on Earth is to advance humanity and to make the world a more harmonious place for your posterity.

  5. Your life before this world will not be hidden and you will illuminate the world in righteousness and truth.

  6. There is no secrecy about the knowledge of this truth.


  1. Doing all the things in this world that hurt another human being physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally are evil.

  2. Doing all of these things are evil in doing all of these things in the world.

  3. Neighbors and friends are evil and doing these things is inherently evil.

  4. Abstaining from all of these things is good for it is not good to harm yourself or to harm others in any way shape or form.

  5. Freedom from the desires of this world is the root of all things that are good.

  6. Letting go of all of these things are good because you are free from the illusions of this world and that is the root of all goodness and righteousness.

  7. Following in the path of the truth will annihilate suffering in your world for going through this world is full of suffering.

  8. Do not suffer from things of this world, for you will have to suffer enough by living in this world.

  9. Being known and existing in this world brings you suffering because you will seek the things of pleasure in this world.

  10. Remember all of the rightness of this world is in the heavens and you shall receive that once you come to your new birth after going through the suffering of the world.

  11. The one who is noble recognizes suffering and recognizes the origin in the annihilation of suffering.

  12. They are the ones who walk in the path that leads the annihilation of it and they leave ignorance behind and they attain enlightenment.

  13. You shall do the same and you shall end all the suffering in your own life and you shall teach others how to end their own suffering.


  1. There are ten things in this world that you would should avoid doing in order to become good.

  2. These are the ten things which you should not do.

  3. Do not kill and respect all life on earth.

  4. Do not lie, but speak the truth and do it fearlessly.

  5. Do not bear false witness and you should not repeat them, for other people will take your way as truth and will spread that truth even though it is a lie.

  6. Do not swear, but speak with dignity.

  7. Do not waste time, for you have been sent to this Earth for a purpose and you shall fulfill your purpose.

  8. Do not steal, but you should help everyone with their work just as you have received help with yours.

  9. Abstain from being impure so that you can leave a life of purity.

  10. Do not envy the things of this world, but enjoy what you have.

  11. Cleanse your heart of all of this and do no hatred, not even against your enemies.

  12. Embrace all living beings on this Earth with kindness.

  13. Free your mind from the ignorance of this world and learn the truth so that you do not fall into the errors of man.

  14. Being skeptical of claims of truths that will lead you astray for good, for it is through that that you will explore on your own and find your own path that leads to eternal life.


  1. Do not be distracted with those that claim to speak of the truth, but they speak of lies and you can discern those lies.

  2. Discerning the lies from the truth is easy based on their dogma or what they preach.

  3. One who preaches must have the truth within them and their minds will never shrink.

  4. They must have the virtues to live this way and they must battle to live in the way that they preach.

  5. All who come to hear the doctrine must trust in who they are listening to, for it is not okay to not trust.

  6. They must not speak for other people and they must not require the worship of any God.

  7. They must not mention any group by name and they must not chastise them and elevate their own.

  8. They must not keep company with those were moral.

  9. They must take the pulpit and be at peace with the entire world, for it is not okay for them to engage in controversies so that their talent is surpassed by those controversies.

  10. They must be converted to the truth and they must be delivered from the evil of this world.

  11. Those who listen to the voice of their spirit will be purified because their spirit will take over their heart and their mind.

  12. They must have gone through the worst things in this world in order to attain the light, for it is through experience that the light is attained.

  13. They must speak of good things and they must speak and read certain books without knowing how what to apply it and how to read.

  14. All of those receive the truth will be in the state of enlightenment.

  15. All of those who preach of the truth must never tire and must never give up until the final day of their lives.

  16. They must be on a quest to attain more truths and they must change their views based on new truths that are found.

  17. They are not troubled with the hopelessness of the world for they are not of the world, but they are above the world.

  18. They work diligently all the days of their lives and they are never lazy and they reap the works of all the labors which they do.

  19. People do not listen to the words of this truth always, but the preacher knows that the one who earnestly seeks it will take it to heart and they will begin to understand the words which will lead them to enlightenment.

  20. They must be educated in their field, for all of those who are righteous must learn the ways of righteousness.

  21. They must receive the lost truth and keep it and read it and fathom it and they will preach to all corners of the earth.

  22. They must not be narrow minded and they must be willing to accept new knowledge and they must be willing to receive it.

  23. Imitate their examples and you shall show the truth in your own way.

  24. Do not rely on them for seeking your salvation, for you are the only person that can save yourself.

  25. Their source of compassion will give you a new life and lead you to greater things.

  26. You shall preach the good law in truth to future generations.

  27. The one who knows the truth will rule the kingdom of righteousness but they will be attacked by those were their enemies.

  28. You are the soldiers of truth and righteousness against the evil of this world and you must bestow these gifts to the entire world.

  29. The jewel which you possess brings perfect enlightenment and supreme wisdom and peace to all the world.

  30. Do not be like those who not believe in the truth, for they seek the things of this world in order to attain lasting happiness.


  1. Mind is the source of bliss or corruption.

  2. Corruption brings someone to doing evil and suffering but you can also purify yourself.

  3. Going through evil will bring you to the truth.

  4. You make the effort to do good deeds are bad deeds in this world and those who are thoughtful will do good deeds and those who are not will do bad deeds.

  5. Those who have the will to do good in this world will do good, but those who are lazy will not do good.

  6. The truth regards you as you regard yourself and your truth will spread itself to others.

  7. No one can conquer you and you are the only one that can conquer yourself.

  8. You cannot bring yourself down, but others bring you down and you react to them, and that is how you bring yourself down.

  9. Just as you can bring yourself down in this world, so can you bring yourself back up.

  10. It is only by going down this world can you seek the truth and bring yourself up.

  11. Fools do not care to go down and they do not care to come back up because they do not care to know the truth, but they do not know about the redeeming powers of the truth.

  12. Deeds are easy to do, both bad and good.

  13. Good deeds are more difficult to do, for anything that you do that is good will be worked out for the entire life of that person.

  14. If you waste away in this world, your body will be useless and nothing will have been done for this world.

  15. Your thoughts will endure and they will be fought again and they will produce more action.

  16. Good thoughts will make good actions while bad thoughts will make bad actions.

  17. Thoughtlessness is the path to death and being earnest will bring you to immortality.

  18. Those who are always earnestly seeking the truth will never die and those who do not think to do it will be dead already.

  19. You will never find the truth if you do not work at it, but you will follow vain desires.

  20. You will find the truth and truth and you will find it through the lies.

  21. You will not arrive at the truth until you go through the darkness of this world and you will go where people fashioned themselves to be gods and they will worship them.

  22. Those who are wise will not falter because they will have risen above the truth that has been perceived in this world to a greater truth which is the real truth.

  23. Once you listen to this truth, then shall you attain peace in this world.

  24. An evil deed is better left undone and a good deed is better left done, for you will not have to repent the deed that is done.

  25. If someone commits wrong then let them not do it again for it is not polite them in the long run.

  26. If someone does what is good, then do it again and the light and its goodness will bring you great blessings.

  27. Let no one think lightly of evil for evil can come to those who are good but good cannot come to those who are evil unless they let good come into their hearts.

  28. Do not expect things to come to you if you are not good yourself.

  29. The one who lives with pleasure only will certainly be overthrown and they will become weakened.

  30. The one who lives without looking for pleasures will not be overthrown and nothing can shake their foundation.

  31. The fool who knows their own foolishness are wise to their own foolishness.

  32. The fool who thinks they are wise is a fool.

  33. Wrong appears right to those who do evil and it is pleasant as long as nothing comes from it.

  34. As soon as they seek the truth that they thought they had done right has been bad.

  35. The one who hates does great harm to those who hate.

  36. You are the greatest enemy to yourself and you are the only thing that destroys your life, for you let the things of the world get to your head and that is when your humanity controls your mind.

  37. If you let your spirit control your mind, then you will no longer suffer from things of this world because you will not let anything get your head.

  38. You will only think of the things of the heavens and you will not think of the things of the earth.

  39. The pain of this world is nothing compared to the good you can find in the heavens.

  40. The pleasures of this world are wrong to you because it is your enemy, even though you think it is right.

  41. Pleasures destroy those who are foolish for they seek those pleasures.

  42. Mankind is damaged by the passion that has been made by their own humanity.

  43. The one who brings grief to this world will bring the pain that causes fear to others.

  44. The one who is free from pleasure in this world and the dread of pain will not know grief or fear.

  45. The one who gives themselves to the vain things and does not give themselves to good things will forget the real aim of life and grasp the pleasure of the world.

  46. They are easily noticing the faults of others but they are not noticing the fault in themselves.

  47. They hide the faults of others and they hide the faults of themselves.

  48. They will always offend those who have faults, but they will never offend themselves because they see no fault in themselves.

  49. If you are in the spirit, then you will find your own faults in life in addition to the faults of others.

  50. Do not offend those who have faults, but fix your own faults.

  51. Finding the truth will result in the destruction of all passion you hold.

  52. If you wish to obtain pleasure for yourself then you will never be far from hatred because you will be entangled the bonds of selfishness.

  53. Overcome evil by good and overcome lies by truth.

  54. Hatred does not cease by hatred, rather, hates ceases because of love.

  55. Speak the truth and do not yield to anger but remember that which is divine.

  56. Remember the one who possesses virtue and intelligence, and the one who is just, and the one who speaks the truth, and the one who holds the world dear.

  57. Remember to treat others as you treat yourself and treat them as equals even if they do not know as much as you about the things of the happens.

  58. It is better to live a short life but to see the truth than to live one hundred years and never see the truth.

  59. One day in your life, every man shall see the highest of truths through the experiences of their lives.

  60. The best way is the straight way to the truth and there is no other path that leads to the purifying of this intelligence.

  61. There are not a lot of different truths in the world because there is only one truth.

  62. There a lot of different ways that the truth has manifested itself under a lot of different ways that humanity has tried to manifest the truth in this world.

  63. Seeking the path to the truth brings an end to all pain.


  1. The gift of the truth exceeds all other gifts of this world and the extinction of all the pleasure of this world overcomes all the suffering that you experience.

  2. You will no longer thirst for the truth, for you will have the truth within you.

  3. Live happily with the truth and share it among those who live in the darkness.

  4. Do not hate those that hate the truth.

  5. Manifest the truth with love and break free from the greed of this world and do not be envious of those who are stuck in the world, for they may not be happy in the world.

  6. All of the world is shown in the light but your light will be brighter than all the other lights of this world.


  1. There is a dispute as to the true path, but the path is always straight and there is no other way to the truth.

  2. There are many ways to reach the ultimate reality of the truth, for everyone is individual.

  3. There is no religion that is the truth and there is no certain way that you must go in order to attain the truth.

  4. All paths will lead you to the truth but only the truth will lead to salvation.

  5. The truth is the same for everyone who is on the earth.

  6. There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but there is only one path to the summit.

  7. The summit is the attainment of the truth and all religions of the world will be to the path that leads you to the summit.

  8. You must complete the journey on your own which means that you must break free from the bonds.

  9. You can go down many paths in order to reach the summit for all paths lead to the summit.

  10. This is impossible for those who are religious teachers to understand because there is more than one way to get to the highest reality.

  11. They cannot claim authority over the entire truth because the truth is not manifest in any authority.

  12. The one who is blessed is the one against religious traditions and in the process will find the truth.

  13. If you omit the practices of religion, then you will get the summit faster and doing all of these incantations and prayers will not get you any closer to the truth.

  14. Do not cling to the things which bring you to worldliness, rather, cling to the things that will lead you to the heavens and to go through your own life and go through your own experiences to the heavens.

  15. You must go through the valley of the shadow of death and you must suffer all the things of this world are you understand the world for what it truly is.

  16. The truth is proclaimed by those who were enlightened in the spirit through the body and the doctrine; and sing glory to all the nations.

  17. The whole world continues to be filled with love and the manifestation of the truth is beyond measure.

  18. All corners of the earth shall know this truth and your mind shall be set free by this truth.

  19. There is a sign that allows you to tell whether or not a person is enlightened.

  20. They avoid the things of this world and they train themselves and discipline themselves so that they can overcome the pleasures of this world and focus on the pleasures of the heavens.

  21. They are mindful of the world around them and they are happy altogether.

  22. The one who follows in this path shall reach the highest heavens and they have the support of all those who were in their lives to help them to reach the light.

  23. Even if you do not have very much, you can still attain the things of the heavens and you can still attain the truth.

  24. The truth is much more glorious and much richer than all the treasures that are manifest in the entire world.

  25. You must go through the world in order to attain the highest bliss of enlightenment and you shall attain higher wisdom and have a firm knowledge of the world and having a firm grasp of these things.


  1. You do not have to perform ceremonies in order to attain salvation for works alone will bring bliss.

  2. Grace from the creator and grace from the spirit and the heavens is given freely to those who believe that they will be given great blessings.

  3. If you do not fall under the influence of the world, then you shall attain the blessings that are found in the heavens.

  4. All of the ceremonies in the world are of no avail and possess no saving power and that most people only do it out of reverence for their forefathers.

  5. There is no fault in performing these rights but no one understands the ceremonies.

  6. If you do not understand the meaning of the ceremonies, then there is no reason to perform them and if you understand the meaning, you did not have to perform them the way that they must be performed.

  7. It is not sufficient to merely do the ceremonies but you must understand them in order to truly understand the power of it.

  8. The one who was enlightened with these things and reveal the power of ceremonies to those who ask and those who are curious about why the ceremonies are performed are enlightened as a result.

  9. Truly the truth is enlightening and is manifest to the entire world by those who are enlightened.

  10. The truth which was once hidden from the world has now been revealed.


  1. As one who has found enlightenment because they shall share it with the world and all the world shall become like them.

  2. The result of the actions you take on this Earth will give you moral merit and will be the means by which you are judged.

  3. Go and do actions that shall benefit mankind and do not do actions that destroy mankind and do not do any non-actions.

  4. The ones who teach the doctrine of non-action will no longer be enlightened.

  5. They desired to be like the one who is blessed is great but you should not do it by not being of this world.

  6. Embrace the world for what it is and do actions that bring benefits to the world.

  7. Truly the enlightened one shall teach you of this.

  8. Teach the way of the soul and those who listen to you will learn these ways and will go into the light.

  9. Pray that the one who speaks the truth shall speak it with dignity and honor so that you shall be honored to know these things.

  10. Do not listen to the one who is unrighteous for their lives shall be known and they shall be revealed through their words.

  11. They are unrighteous because of their deeds and their actions and their thoughts.

  12. The condition of their hearts brings it so that their hearts are evil and are not good.

  13. Doing actions that are righteous by deed or by word or by font will it bring you conditions of the heart which are good.

  14. The one who frees himself from evil will find the way of good and the hearts which are evil are never good.

  15. Destroy the one who is evil so that they can no longer do evil.

  16. Do not proclaim the annihilation of love or of charity or of truth.

  17. The truth can never be destroyed whether they try to do it by deed or by word or by thought.

  18. The one who enlightens you is not the one who shall save you because you’re the only one that shall save yourself.

  19. The one who does evil does not do good in this world and they solve all of their problems of violence.

  20. The war of evil should not be filed with evil, but it should be fought with good.

  21. The one who deserves punishment must be punished and the one who is worthy of favor must be favored.

  22. The one who teaches kindness and performs actions that are evil are truly evil.

  23. You will not be judged on the accounts of the words you say or the faith you possess but you will be judged according to the deed which you shall do.

  24. When somebody punishes a person who committed murder, they are being punished for their sins and not rather be.

  25. The one who teaches the complete surrender of the self is not truly in light because you must be with yourself but your spirit must also be with you.

  26. You must struggle in life for everyone shall struggle, but out of the struggle, you shall find righteous living.

  27. The one who struggles is only interested in themselves and they may be powerful, but they will have no reward.

  28. The one who struggles for the truth shall be rewarded even if the defeat means a victory for them.

  29. The truth is large enough to receive all the blessings of this world and it is greater than themselves and shall bring them to life everlasting.

  30. You must be prepared to be slain by your enemies where it is the destiny of those who live and die in the truth.

  31. Do not complain about your fate, for your fate is the fulfillment of your destiny.

  32. Moderate your life so that you may live the longest and you will go in peace and you will remain in harmony with the world.

  33. All of the blessings of the world will be yours forever and the one who has conquered the world is the greatest of all pictures of life.

  34. You are not taught to destroy the souls of man, but to fulfill them.

  35. The one who conquers themselves is more fit to be accessible than the one who is a slave to the world.

  36. The one who is a slave to this world will never succeed in the battle of life.

  37. Even when their intentions are in righteousness they will never be successful.

  38. The one who harbors the love of truth will live forever and never die.

  39. Struggle courageously and fight vigorously and be a soldier of truth forever and ever.

  40. The truth has been revealed by the one who is enlightened and created this doctrine.

  41. The one who is enlightened is the teacher of mankind and will show you the path to salvation and will bring you to deliverance.

  42. You will not miss this light that enlightens your path and you shall take refuge in the teachings and the example of the one who has entered the world to bring forth this salvation.

  43. All of those who succeed the greatest teacher of them all, and all shall become great like them.

  44. No one deserves the gifts of life but to those who need the gifts.


  1. If there is any doubt in your heart, then you must come to these conclusions by reason.

  2. Question the existence of anything and question the truth, but the truth will make itself known to you.

  3. The one who says the soul is the body and that the body is the thinker of all the actions will teach the wrong doctrine that leads them into darkness.

  4. The one who teaches that their spirit controls their minds and that the mind existent teaches the truth by way of the spirit will have a right path.

  5. Your spirit must guide your mind which must guide your body, for your body can guide your mind but your mind cannot guide your spirit and your body not guides your spirit.

  6. The existence of all good things leads you to search for the truth and to find the truth.

  7. There is no being that cannot be transformed by knowledge of the truth.


  1. The one who is enlightened brings forth the truth to the entire world.

  2. The eyes of humanity are hidden from this truth, but it is only through the discernment of the spirit that they learn of it.

  3. The truth will never pass away and it will stand consistent against the world that is full of change.

  4. The one who is enlightened teaches of the law that tears down religions, and the very nature of a religion that consists of worship is a false belief system.

  5. The truth is greater than the sacrifices and greater than the worships of any religion.

  6. The only thing that is better than doing these things is living a good life and observing the truth and the knowledge of the truth.

  7. You are never reborn, but you are only reborn within your life through your spirit.

  8. You will die spiritually many times in this life, but you only face one physical death.

  9. You shall reap what you sow.

  10. In order to attain the truth, you must guide and you must be reborn with a greater knowledge.

  11. The one who is enlightened died and was reborn many times and face many temptations in life.

  12. Men indulge in their dreams through ignorance and delusion and their spirit is separate from them.

  13. The one who cleaves to themselves are anxious about the heavens, but they seek the pleasures of the world and they cannot see themselves in the heavens.

  14. They cannot see the bliss of truth and they cannot see the immortality of the truth.

  15. The one who is enlightened did not come to teach death, but teach a new life.

  16. Let the mind rest in truth and to teach the truth and to put your whole world in the truth and to spread the truth.

  17. Relying on the things of the world is death, and relying on the things of the truth is life.

  18. In living the truth you shall live forever in spirit.

  19. Where the things of the world are, the truth cannot be.

  20. You cannot be anywhere and be somewhere at the same time.

  21. You are in the state of the heavens but you are also in the earth.

  22. Your body may be on this earth, but your mind is in that of the heavens.

  23. The reason for this being is that your spirit is in the heavens and controls your mind and your body is in the world.

  24. If you let your body control your mind and you shall be of the world and your spirit shall be left in the heavens alone.

  25. There is no wisdom and no enlightenment and no righteousness in the salvation of this world.

  26. The only thing more you can find these qualities are in the heavens.

  27. You can see the truth and you can learn of the truth but you cannot know the truth without experiencing the truth.

  28. You’re thinking may be done, but your thoughts will continue.

  29. Your reasoning will cease but your knowledge will remain.

  30. Experiencing the truth is what you should truly do in order to attain eternal life.

  31. Do not shed your identity for your spirit is unique to you and your life is unique to you.

  32. The only way your spirit can learn the things of the truth is if your body goes through the things of this world.

  33. Therefore, in order to learn of the truth you must also learn of the death.

  34. You will be of two essences in one body and, in order to reach that of deity, you shall have three essences in one body.

  35. Only death can bring you to achieving deification.

  36. There is no difference in identity whether you think of yourself as a body or you think of yourself as a spirit.

  37. You are not the same man as any other; therefore you shall not have the same light as any other.

  38. Take everything you experience in your life and interpret it in your own way so that you may apply everything to your unique life.

  39. Do not rely on others to teach for you for you must teach yourself by experiencing the things of this world.

  40. This is a logic that holds everyone together and this logic that is been passed down through all the ages by the knowledge contained within those who were enlightened.

  41. Even though all of humanity is part of the same human spirit, every spirit is individual within the cell.

  42. There is no other person that is exactly like you.

  43. You are the same yesterday that you are today, and you are the same today that you shall be tomorrow.

  44. Your identity can never be shed, but your identity and your perception of yourself to others will be changed.

  45. You will not feel any different because you will not see yourself any differently, but others will see you the way that they interpret you.

  46. Your personality shall continue after death, for your personality that held within your spirit will control your mind.

  47. You continue in the great cycle of life and your existence shall continue in your spirit forever.

  48. Your body will not continue but your spirit, which is a different essence but the same being, dwells in the heavens and becomes deified.

  49. All things are subject to the pain of this world and they are only separated by their spirit because of rejection.

  50. Whatever has been joined together cannot be torn apart to and your spirit shall never leave you even if you leave your spirit.

  51. You are in constant change, for you were once young, but now you are old.

  52. There is only in identity of that person by the perception of others.

  53. You are always the same and your perception of yourself shall remain the same forever and ever.

  54. It is by process of evolution that humanity comes in the being and that is by this process that the perception of you will change to others.

  55. Reap the harvest that you have sown in the past and take all the successes you have won and work.

  56. You cannot be the justice of the retribution of others and others cannot see you.

  57. You’re the only one that can save you and you’re the only one that can bring about your salvation.

  58. Do not hide yourself away, for it is not there that you will find the doctrines of the truth.

  59. Only by going through the world can you experience the truth.

  60. Only by suffering the things of evil can you learn what is right.

  61. Only by going on your journey of life can you learn the things that you have done wrong.

  62. You shall have faith in everything that you do and do not hide yourself from your world, for your world needs you.

  63. Sacrifices and worship cannot save you and your beliefs cannot save you, the only thing that can save you is you.

  64. This is how you find the path to everlasting life.

  65. Even the religious teachers of this day have not found the truth because they have not experienced it for themselves.

  66. Only by going through the world of suffering can you find the truth.

  67. Take refuge in the one who has taught to this example so that you can take part in the bliss of immortality.

  68. True wisdom can only be acquired by the world.

  69. Practice the truth and walk in the noble path of righteousness, for there is immortality and the knowledge of the truth.


  1. Those who do not believe he will just refer to you as a person, but the one who is this refers to the one who is enlightened as a god.

  2. This is right, for the one who is enlightened has extinguished death in their own lives and has brought about the truth.

  3. Their body will be dissolved but their spirit will never be dissolved.

  4. The truth shall remain upon this earth forever.

  5. The one who is enlightened will never die in spirit.

  6. It will not be possible to see the one who is blessed after death, but it is possible for your spirits to embody its spirit and for you to take upon the example of them in your life.

  7. Your spirit is like a body of fire and it cannot be vanquished and it cannot be ceased.

  8. The truth has been preached by the one who is right and so the truth can never leave this Earth.

  9. You have not received the sufferings of your forefathers, for you have been given a life by which you have been placed in and you shall make the best of whatever situation you shall be in.

  10. You shall be comforted and you shall comfort others.

  11. You shall fill with joy the hearts that are bitter in anguish.

  12. You shall give happiness to those who are dying.

  13. You shall extend them the truth and they shall be set free.

  14. The subject upon which you should always meditate is that which is truth.

  15. You should devote yourself to the practice of the truth.

  16. You should always talk about the truth should always think about the truth.

  17. You shall become the truth and you shall become the embodiment of truth.

  18. Whoever comprehends the truth will see the one who is enlightened for the truth has been preached by those who were enlightened.

  19. You shall become the one who is enlightened.


  1. All things were made from one but they were under different forms according to different impressions.

  2. They act as the way they are.

  3. There is no diversity and the way they are formed but they are only different by the way that they act in the way that they think.

  4. Diversity is only done through the individuality of the spirit and of the body.

  5. They are under the circumstances of the world in which they are in.

  6. Those who understand the truth will understand this thoroughly and they will not force anyone down a path that they have gone down.

  7. The one who is next to you does not have the same life that you have so you cannot tell them to do certain things in order to achieve salvation, for it may not be the same for them it is for you.

  8. There is only one truth, but the truth is manifest in a million different ways.

  9. You shall have the same sentiment for all people, whether they are high or low, whether they are wise or ignorant or noble or immortal.

  10. The one essence of the truth shall be poured down upon the entire earth and all of those who would find this truth shall experience it and come to that conclusion in their own way.

  11. The truth is the essence of salvation and the end of that are the heavens.

  12. The truth is the same to all people and yet it knows what each individual person needs and it does not reveal itself to everyone like.

  13. It pays attention to the needs of the various people and manifests itself in its own way.

  14. Every individual person shall come to their own conclusion, but the conclusion of all people on earth shall be the same.


  1. Before you attain the true enlightenment of wisdom, you must go through the things of this world and you will not always have the love of the truth with you.

  2. The one who is blessed appears to all who are lost so that they can be found in the world.

  3. Do not start on your journey towards the truth until you have been purified with the purest water.

  4. Do not take anything less than the purest because you should not start your journey towards that which is pure by taking into things that are impure.

  5. Do not defile your mind or your body because your spirit will not listen.

  6. You must guard yourself against untruth and you must defile that which is not true.

  7. Do not let yourself fall and break for you will not learn anything.

  8. What you learn in life will bend you and you will suffer these things, but you should not break under all the pressure.

  9. If you bend and not break, you will have conquered that which pains you the most.

  10. You have a higher purpose than you think for yourself and you should achieve that higher purpose.

  11. You are as important as any other human being upon the face of the earth and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

  12. Do not be afraid of stepping out of the shell which you have been placed in, and go out to explore the world and to question everything and to learn everything that you can.

  13. The wisest teachers can come from the strangest of places.

  14. The one who was noble will listen to the one who was poor and the one who is poor has great wisdom and the one who is noble is foolish.

  15. Guard your tongues against lies and you will be well.

  16. Because of the enlightenment and of knowledge of the truth, you will escape iniquity.

  17. Those who are peaceable are the ones with the most knowledge.

  18. Do not complain about the things of this world or they are not worth complaining about.

  19. Once you live in the truth, you shall understand the ways of this world.


  1. Do not defile others to gratify vanity or seeking pride.

  2. If anyone does you wrong foolishly then return the favor with love.

  3. The more evil that comes to them, the more good shall come out to you.

  4. Goodness will always come to you and evil will always go to them.

  5. Do not abuse anyone for it is not okay to damage anyone physically, emotionally, spiritually, or mentally.

  6. Treat others the way that you would like to be treated.

  7. Keep the abuse of others to yourself and misery will come to you only.

  8. Whatever insults you geared towards others will just come back to you and you will be insulted.

  9. The one who defiles that which is wise will fail in life.

  10. The slanderer will fling insults at someone when the wind just brings it back to them.

  11. The abuser will always go away with the shame, but they shall come back because they shall seek the truth.

  12. The word was spoken with wrath, and it is the sharpest of all the swords.

  13. The one who covets will have the deadliest of poisons.

  14. The one with the most passion is the fiercest the flames.

  15. The one who is ignorant possesses within them the darkness of night.

  16. The one who loses the most will receive without gratitude.

  17. The one who is patient has impenetrable armor against them.

  18. The words of wisdom are the greatest weapons.

  19. The thoughts of evil are the most dangerous.

  20. The virtues that come from the Guardian Angels are the most precious of all the virtues.

  21. The one who takes possession of everything in the heavens and on the earth and the one who receives the knowledge of immortality has the greatest treasure of them all.

  22. Ignorance is the cause of all the ruin of this world.

  23. Enviousness and selfishness will break away all relationships.

  24. Hatred is the most violent thing and the best position is the one who is enlightened.

  25. The one who was last can reform the entire world and the only way that the reformation is able to occur is through the goodness of the hearts of those who reform.

  26. The one who receives this instruction and follows the precepts shall be enlightened like the teachers that taught them these things.


  1. If your ears are right to hear, then listen to the words of the ones who are in the light.

  2. Cut off your doubts and become informed of the ways.

  3. You shall gain great understanding and you shall cross over into the path of life.

  4. Subdue your passions for human pleasures and conquer the world and you will command your life.

  5. The one who has done this will wander in this world but will go down the right path.

  6. The one who lusts after the things of the world will be destroyed.

  7. The one who is free from pride and overcoming the ways of their own passions will be perfectly happy and have a firm mind.

  8. This is the one who will wander rightly and go down the path of righteousness.

  9. The one who possesses this great knowledge is faithful to the way that leads to the light.

  10. This is the one who is pure in the one who has removed the passions of their life from the world.

  11. The one who has overcome the sins of this world is the one who shall wander rightly in the world.

  12. Whatever you do to attain the light, you shall do so and you will be up rights and gentle and not proud.

  13. Let your pleasure be this truth and stand with the truth and the light that is in this truth.

  14. Do not raise any disputes against the truth and spend your time pondering on what has been revealed to you.

  15. A treasure that is gained from this world will be lost.

  16. The real treasure is the truth because it cannot pass away.

  17. The truth is never gained by hurting others and no one can steal away from you.

  18. When somebody dies, they must be the wealth of the world but they will take the wealth of the truth with them and then have it forever.

  19. Those who are wise will do good deeds and they will be a treasure to all nations.

  20. The one who is enlightened is the one who is the most destroyed by the passions of their world.

  21. They are full of understanding and they put in and through their own pain.

  22. All doubt they had before in this world has been cleared away because they having knowledge of the world and the heavens.

  23. They attain the highest good and the way of wisdom is the way to the light.

  24. They are the one who sees clearly and they are perfectly enlightened and there is no obstacle for them to get to the heavens.

  25. Any troubles they had in the past have been scattered off.

  26. Take the example of those who were enlightened, for they are the conqueror of all of their passions.

  27. They cut off the desires they once had and they had been carried over into the light of the truth.


  1. You must give up all the pleasures of this world and that can be attained without doing things that are supernatural and do not have to work miracles.

  2. You are swimming in the world full of suffering and you must grasp the truth for yourself.

  3. Hearing of it does not bring you joy but for a while.

  4. Living the truth will bring you everlasting joy and you must attain for your cell.

  5. You cannot be taught the ways of the truth, you must experience it for yourself.

  6. The desire to do good things brings vanity.

  7. It is not a wonderful thing to know the truth, for the truth shall be revealed to all people.

  8. The one who conquers the ways of this world and attains the light of truth, will perform the only real miracle on Earth.

  9. The one who is enlightened changes their curses and blessings.

  10. The one who does right does not desire to be acknowledged for their good deeds.

  11. The one who is the source of wisdom and virtue is the one who has conquered the world.

  12. There is nothing more wonderful or more miraculous than being able to cut off the passions of your life.

  13. There is a land that is pure and it is surrounded by pleasant things.

  14. This is the place known as the end of their means, and it does not rest on the face of this earth.

  15. The one who conquers the way of this world will bring forth even onto this world because they will teach and they will lead in the way of the truth.

  16. This is the land that is spiritual and is accessible to only those who are spiritual.

  17. The light of this world is not found in a place, but is found in the people.

  18. The entire earth has been given to us and there is not one place that is more blessed than all you others.

  19. The pure land is one’s own land and is more beautiful than you can imagine.

  20. You must desire it with a devout attitude and you must cleanse your heart and do the works of righteousness.

  21. You could only reach this land if you are filled with the light of truth.

  22. You will preach this to the entire world because you will have the truth within you.

  23. You must always have love for one another in order to come into this land.

  24. You must have pity on others and you must think of all people in distress in order to come into this land.

  25. You must have purified your heart and you must think of the prosperity of all people in order to come into this land.

  26. You must consider the evil consequences of those who do evil and you must reject these things in order to come into this land.

  27. You must rise above lust and hate, wealth and need, and you must remember your own fate upon this earth and fulfill everything in your life in order to come into this land.

  28. Trust is not found in rituals or rites or worship or prayer, it is found in the experience of life which leads you to the truth.

  29. The one who leads by this example is the one who is enlightened and no one who follows this example will come in the truth.

  30. Sanctify yourself and you will be shown the path to the highest wisdom.

  31. Remember the knowledge and the destiny of those who came before you, for those who are enlightened will reveal this enlightenment to you through their life.

  32. Every man can attain this life and you must remember that your mind can learn many things.

  33. Look into this world through minds’ eyes and you will see the world as it is truly and you will see the heavens as it is truly.

  34. Once your mind is taken by your spirit and is able to control your body, you will be able to see this world.

  35. You must hurry your mind from all the pleasures of the world must have tranquility in your mind and take in the light all of these things which are spiritual.

  36. You will have purity and peace and the mind which is above the grief of this world.

  37. Abandon the wrong practices that you have and have faith in seeking this truth.

  38. Through knowing this truth, you will prevent bad qualities from coming back into your life and you will have goodness and you will produce goodness all the days of your life until the very end.


  1. Enter into the assemblies of people who were lost in the ways of this world and speak to them in their language the truth which shall set all people free.

  2. The doctrine of the truth does the same for all people, but the doctrine of religion in this day and age is different for different people.

  3. Cast out all the dead dogma and doctrine and let the spring of life spring forth in your life.

  4. Renounce all the old ways and come into the new ways, for the truth will be embraced by millions of people and it will never change.

  5. The doctrine of the truth has only one way and it has never been found in its pure state in this world for her.

  6. The truth is full of life and is a dwelling place for those who are high and those who are low.

  7. This is the doctrine rich represents the truth and know whether doctrine like it can be found in its purest state.

  8. Certainly the traditions of this they have the truth with them, but they also have a lot of wise within them.

  9. The truth is like water which cleanses all people without regarding were they have learned at what they have done.

  10. The doctrine of the truth is also like fire which comes through all things which separate the heavens and the earth.

  11. The truth is like the heavens and all people shall be received into this truth.

  12. Gods do not speak of this, but men speak of it as if they were gods.

  13. These are the people who will never vanish away from you and even if the truth has been vanished away.

  14. I have taught the truth which is been here since the beginning, is here now, and will be here until the end.

  15. It is glorious in spirit and in life.

  16. People cannot understand it even though it is a simple.

  17. People have adapted the truth to their own cultures, but now the cultures must be adapted to the truth.

  18. They cannot grasp the truth in ways which have been taught to them, so the one who is enlightened had to explain it to them in their own language.

  19. They may come to understand it if it is illustrated in language which they can learn.


  1. The one who goes to the mountains and lives alone is the one who the deep raves their own bodies but gets nothing from it.

  2. There is nothing that the world can offer them so they do not experience the world and date dwell in the darkness.

  3. They search for something in vain which cannot be found because it can only be found through the experiences of life.

  4. There are those who were enlightened to reach into the hearts of men.

  5. They discard the riches of this world and they give to those less fortunate than they.

  6. The poor have more purpose than they’re worth.

  7. All the treasures and wealth will be there.

  8. They will devote themselves to this pious deed which is found in the truth.

  9. They will attain salvation and shall be free from greed.

  10. The one who is spiritually enlightened is the same as the one who has all the riches of this world.

  11. Doing good deeds is as if you were holding up all the treasures of the world.

  12. You will gain the wealth and keep the wealth, but you will also lose this wealth if you are not careful.

  13. What is true to the common life is also true to those who are religious.

  14. The truth comes to those who experience the truth in their lives whether or not they are religious.

  15. The wealth is a state of mind and again misrepresents the heavens.

  16. The one who does not see this in life will see it after death and they will have lived their entire life in the darkness.

  17. The one who experiences this and rises up to the heavens will bring back this wealth and will be born again.

  18. They will exercise virtues and become good people.

  19. They will reap the fruits of their actions.

  20. They will attain the heavens and the glorious state of the gods.


  1. There is one who does not believe in the world of light.

  2. They do not see the differences between the earth and the heavens and the heavens and the earth.

  3. They see no difference between the spiritual and the material or the material and the spiritual.

  4. They did not witness this and they clung to the opinions which they hold in their hearts.

  5. They think that everything is real and has weight, but they do not see any benefit in learning the ways of the heavens.

  6. All of the things which are in the heavens they claim is an illusion to all who see it.

  7. They shall gain the light and they shall see the wrongness of their ways.

  8. They shall seek repentance of all the simple actions they had done they will be forgiven because forgiveness is the greatest gift of all humanity.

  9. Even though you may become rich, your son may become pure.

  10. While your son searches for you, you shall be met by your father and your father shall call you when you come to his house.

  11. Your son shall fear you because those who are poor fear those who are rich.

  12. Those who are poor escape from those who are rich, and they are unable to get the help that they truly need.

  13. Those who are rich should not deal harshly with those who are poor.

  14. Those who are rich should help those who are poor to become higher in the social ladder.

  15. They must be able to get into a new situation so that their posterity can prosper.

  16. The minds of men are trained for higher truth little by little.

  17. Listen to these truths, lest you fall prey to the passions of a heart which is misguided.

  18. The one who is enlightened has suffered much from the evil consequences of seeking the things of this world, and unless you learn to conquer these, your life would be ruined.

  19. Do not give up on your fight, rather, fight harder and harder until you win.

  20. Even if you lose, you shall have not fought valiantly.

  21. You must avoid evils of this world, for it is better to die than to deal with these evils and fall into lust.

  22. You will be blessed if you do so.

  23. Make the best of all the time you have upon the face of the earth and you must fear the dark passions of this world, for it will lead you to distraction.


  1. The one who what neglects their own bodies will be at a great loss because they cheat their ways into a higher plane of existence.

  2. You will lose everything and you will be ruined if you do others.

  3. Do not be greedy or anxious for your future wealth.

  4. There is very little now and you should not be your hopes up if your hopes are dashed.

  5. Those who you lost the truth will start to not trust you, and they will not hear you and to seek the road less traveled.

  6. All bad things will vanish if you are honest and all of those who you duped will gain confidence in you.

  7. Do not hold onto those that will not give anything to you.

  8. Do not fear anyone for most people are around to help you without helping themselves.

  9. Trust that other people know the way and that other people knows what is best for you.

  10. The people who help you through life have gone through life and the things that have experienced the pains of this world.

  11. Do not fear for you will be taken all the way through and you will discover the truth for yourself.

  12. Always rely on others to help you if you’re having trouble helping yourselves.

  13. Do not let the light escape you but let the light help you.

  14. Do not let those who help you out with you, and thus lose your humanity.

  15. Make sure that you can trust them so that they can trust you.

  16. You sacrifice a lot when you trust other people to help you.

  17. If you put your trust in to those who do not help you in the end, then you will lose and they will gain, but they will not gain the treasures of heaven.

  18. Let those who live to help you, die to help you.

  19. Sacrificing your life to save another is the ultimate form of self-sacrifice upon the face of the Earth.

  20. Do not let those who are stupid help you with things that require great wisdom.

  21. But only those who are wise in the ways of this world will help you in the ways of this world.

  22. Do not fear death, for you will be given life in the light of truth.

  23. Even if you die not knowing the truth, the truth shall be given to you and your soul shall be set free.

  24. No one should be outwitted, but you should be able to trust in those who want to help you through your journey.

  25. They can help you through your journey, but they cannot save you, for you must save yourself.


  1. If someone repeats a thousand sacrifices and worships and gives offerings without ceasing, they are not equal or greater than the one who has their mind fixed on the truth.

  2. There are gifts that are large with small rewards.

  3. There are gifts that are small with small rewards.

  4. There are gifts that are small with large rewards.

  5. There are gifts that are large with large rewards.

  6. The first is the one who takes away their life by sacrificing and worshiping without ceasing.

  7. The gift is great but the reward is the same as those who do not do so.

  8. The second one comes from the person who is evil and who does evil and they keep everything that they earned to themselves.

  9. There is great reward when the gift is small, however.

  10. When someone makes a gift of wisdom and kindness, they have great rewards, even if their gift is small.

  11. The one who is wealthy give the greatest gift to humanity and they do it without being selfish and they will receive the greatest gift of all.

  12. The world is dark, so take a torch and light it up so that the world can be lighted up.

  13. If the eyes are blind to the daylight, then they do not call the world dark.

  14. This torch shall light up the minds of all of those who are arrogant.

  15. The wisdom that is the source of this work and everything that is in this torch shall bring light to this world.

  16. Those that follow this torch and follow this path and to the light will receive blessings in the light.


  1. Once you seek the light, you shall be healed of all the pain which you experienced this world and you shall be able to live free again.

  2. The cause of all the ailments in this world which are spiritual in nature are cause by the one who does not possess the gifts of the Guardian Angels.

  3. Exercise self-control and think of others and yourself as equals.

  4. Do not think of yourself as above those who were not you.

  5. Your usefulness will come out to you and the light will come to your mind.

  6. The people of the world nourish their bodies, but the one who is wise newer dishes their mind.

  7. The one who indulges in the world will work towards their own destruction and that the one who walks in the path of the light will have salvation from evil and will have everlasting life.

  8. As though the word of truth will give you comfort.

  9. You will attain the bliss of enlightenment so that the truth comes to your soul.

  10. Those who are enlightened and were enlightened will give their path to you, and you must learn from their paths so that you may apply the truth your own path.

  11. You do not have to give anything in return for learning the truth, for the truth comes from within.

  12. The light that comes from religion must be used without compromising the truth.

  13. The truth will never be broken but dogma is different between cultures.

  14. Accept what others give to you, for your way shall receive the necessary path to attain salvation at the very end.

  15. From this day forth, you shall live by the light of truth and you shall accept everything that your friends and your family have given to you.


  1. You should not have a mind on earthly things for you will not get along life.

  2. Do not build for yourself a large house was unnecessary to you.

  3. Show them the pathway to the truth and those who are arrogant will not hear of it, but they will boast of their own successes.

  4. It is a habit for those who are arrogant to stay arrogant and they will pass on this arrogance to their children.

  5. The one who clings to the things of this world will claim possession of all the things which they owned.

  6. They do not know that nothing in this future changes.

  7. The one who is rich shall die and their children shall be ready to learn of the truth, for they have only been taught of this world.

  8. A fool, even though they live with the wise, will not understand the true doctrine and the truth will not stand with doctrine in the way.

  9. The one who thinks of themselves only will be unable to deliver themselves from the world.


  1. There are always ones who try to live in the way of the truth but they are always flagged down with weakness.

  2. The one who is enlightened is also flagged down with weakness, but they do not let the weakness get to them.

  3. You do not attain salvation merely by living in the truth; you attain the truth by living in the truth and by overcoming weakness when it comes to you.

  4. You do wrong because you do not overcome the weaknesses and you fall back into the ways of the world.

  5. Vows do not help you when you are trying to attain the truth because you can break vows.

  6. Trying to live in the truth without having to overcome the things of this world will not bring you any closer to the truth.

  7. Do not give up trying, for the test is how well you can overcome temptation when it comes to you.

  8. Do not give them up for you to reestablish yourself if you are not bound to get yourself back up.

  9. You can fall down seven times but that means you must get up eight.

  10. You have been made manifest a change in your life by trying to live in the truth.

  11. Traveling on the way to get to the truth lead you to a lot of pain, but you must overcome this pain because that will lead you to the truth.

  12. You will be kept safe by being smart and knowledgeable about temptation when they come.

  13. Do not lose your cool, for you will perish.

  14. Do not do something that will cause you to get that back or it will stop your journey altogether.

  15. Do not lose hope in finding the truth, for all people shall find the truth.

  16. You will be saved on your last breath because that is the way the truth works in this world.

  17. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot overcome, then give in but remember were you have left off and remember all of the things which you had already received.

  18. Do not despair, for the world is full of evil and you will fall in to the temptations of this world.

  19. The only way you can attain the truth is by going through these temptations were it is through experience that the wisest people gain wisdom in this world.


  1. The one who is blessed are those of the seeds of faith.

  2. Good works by all men shall grow that seed and it shall spread out to the entire world.

  3. Wisdom is the machinery by which they are harvested.

  4. The mind of those who are enlightened is the guiding principle.

  5. If you sow the seeds of this truth, then you shall receive everlasting life.

  6. Delusion is the weed which tries to destroy it, but if it is cultivated with wisdom, it will rise again.

  7. The harvest that you shall receive is the harvest of everlasting life and that is when all sorrow, for everyone will rejoice when the harvest is dealt.

  8. Let the one who teaches mankind partakes of the harvests so that other people can receive the seeds from the one who is enlightened.

  9. The outcast is the one who bears hatred and they are angry.

  10. The outcast is the one who was wicked and hypocritical and embraces the things of this world and is full of deceit.

  11. Whoever provokes these qualities has evil desires and they are envious, wicked, and without fear to commit wrong actions.

  12. They are not outcasts because of their faith; they are outcasts because of their works.

  13. By good works you shall be saved regardless of faith and you will be with someone who becomes enlightened.


  1. Many shall be humbled at the fact that the enlightened one goes through their villages and teaches the leaders so that the leaders can teach the wisdom that they learned to the people and all the people shall be enlightened as a result.

  2. Many shall want to live where the enlightened one dwells, but the one who is enlightened is the one who travels the most.

  3. It is not the person that you should love, but it is the life that you love.

  4. There is generosity and those who give to the poor because they follow the example of those who are enlightened before them.

  5. The one who suffers and offers kindness and goodwill to all mankind is the one who becomes enlightened.

  6. This is the one that will cease to hate the oppressors, even when those who oppress them overcome them and they are killed.

  7. Blessed is the one who is noble and enlightened.

  8. No matter who you are, if you learn the ways of the heavens, then you will be as kings and queens in the heavens.

  9. There may be disputes between you and others, but do not let that drag on and become a war.

  10. There is no intrinsic value in fighting another person over the things of this world.

  11. Because of the wars thought between them, many have died and were innocent.

  12. The cost of human lives always outweighs the cost of what you receive.

  13. The lives of men are above the lives of all the great possessions of this Earth.

  14. Why are you going to speak to human life against the things which are useless in the heavens? The wrath of those who are powerful cost many lives who are innocent.


  1. You can divert your mind and still benefit of the things of this world at the same time.

  2. The one who listens to the spiritual words of those who are enlightened will gain the benefits of the heavens.

  3. They can apply what they have learned from experiencing the truth upon the face of the earth and they shall benefit themselves and those around them.

  4. Those who practice injustice will oppress those who are poor.

  5. The oppressors, remembering their evil deeds, will not be read from the scrolls of truth until they are enlightened by those who are under them.

  6. Once they accept the teachings of righteousness, they can use their wealth for purposes other than benefiting only themselves.

  7. The one who is wealthy should not satisfy their own cravings only, but the cravings of those around them and of those who are less fortunate.


  1. The one who embraces the things of this world will lose precious things which are of this world and they shall be at a loss and they shall seek it.

  2. Those who stole the jewel of the world will face trial because of their affliction against those who are rich.

  3. Those who are less fortunate and those who are underneath the King shall be killed because the King is deemed more important than the jewels are deemed more than the life of the person who stole.

  4. Surely this man has stolen, but the only reason is because the King is the great oppressor and the people are the ones who are being oppressed.

  5. If the oppressor becomes new oppressive towards those who are oppressed, then sometimes it would be okay to change the order of things so that those who are less fortunate gain more power and those who are oppressive died.

  6. The ones who are oppressed shall do the good deed by destroying the tyrants and drawing evil in this world at the same time.

  7. Those who are the oppressors delude themselves and think themselves as gods.

  8. They do not see things as they are nor has they appear and they inflict injuries and pain upon themselves by infecting pain and injuries on those the oppressed.

  9. You alone have to atone for your evil deeds and whatever you have done in this world you shall seek forgiveness from this world.


  1. You had a desire to love in this life and not the riches of the world.

  2. If you are able to love yourself and you are able to love others.

  3. You cannot love others as you love yourself and you must think of yourself and others world.

  4. Wealth will only bring you jealousy which will bring you to suffer in this world.

  5. Do not desire the death of others, rather, help others in their own lives and everyone shall benefit in the end.

  6. Help others with the knowledge that you will be helped and return.

  7. If you caused the death of another person, that you shall be judged and you shall be judged to be bad by those who judge you.

  8. You will lie in agony for the rest of your days and the torment of your life will never be lost.

  9. Those who suffer in this world and those who cause suffering in this world shall be restored by the truth.

  10. The one who is enlightened walked upon the face of this earth and offered the means of salvation to all people.

  11. Do not listen to the ways of this world while being surrounded by words of righteousness, and you would not have listened to the words of righteousness and you are not surrounded by the world of evil.

  12. Do not let your heart go astray and keep on the straight path towards your own salvation.

  13. The world will charm you with lovely things, but they will leave you to separate.

  14. The doctrine of the one who teaches the truth will bring you pleasure and will find you rest in this world full of pleasure.

  15. You will be happy spiritually and you will have attained a great place because you had suffered so much.

  16. Take refuge in the truth and remember the one who taught the truth from the very beginning and the one who brought you the truth in your own life.


  1. The one who teaches the words of truth is the one who will be hailed as the enlightened person.

  2. Even though you may have all of the blessings of this world, if you do not have the words of the truth with you, then you will not see the light in your life.

  3. Remember the spiritual realm just as important as or more important than the physical realm.

  4. The greatest happiness set a moral man can imagine is the bond that binds people together for all time.

  5. The greater happiness is the embrace of the truth.

  6. Death will not separate the one with the truth but death will separate one human from another.

  7. The one who marries another person shall be faithful to them just as they are faithful to the truth and they will have to rely on one another and revere one another just as they both revere the truth.

  8. The children will be like the parents and will bear witness to the happiness of the previous generations.

  9. Let no one be alone in this world for everyone shall embrace the truth shall be married to the truth.

  10. When your body is destroyed, your spirit will continue to live in the truth and will be immortalized in the truth.

  11. Everyone shall strengthen their spiritual life as a result of building and embracing the truth.

  12. It is better that you go and search for yourself as opposed to searching the things of this world.

  13. Sit down and listen to the truth that shall be revealed and has been revealed to you, and you will find yourself and all of the possessions of this world will no longer matter.

  14. Embrace the doctrine of the truth and use the example set forth by those who are enlightened and applying the truth to your own life.


  1. You are now a person of great wisdom and are now wise in the ways of the heavens and of the Earth.

  2. Do not lose control of yourself when something bad happens to you or someone that you know.

  3. If you go and receive too much grief, then you will go insane.

  4. You will beg for your life to be restored without realizing that you destroyed your own life by giving in to the grief.

  5. It is okay to grieve a little, but it is not okay to spend the rest of your life and grief.

  6. Do not have pity for you will delude yourself.

  7. No mortal can reach the place of the heavens, but your spirit can reach the spirits in the heavens and you can still communicate with those that are dead by means of your spirit.

  8. Do not grieve on those who are dead for too long for you will then lose her own life.

  9. All people shall go into paradise after death, for every man creates their own paradigm after they are dead.

  10. You obtain happiness not through doing good deeds, but through living a life that you will never regret.

  11. Love and faith will spread all over the world are those were beneficial to the world of men and to the world of the heavens.

  12. Seek consolation from others, for it is not okay to go through grief alone.

  13. When a man dies, the body is dissolved, but the spirit is never entombed.

  14. The spirit goes to the higher mode of life where all the things of this world are washed away.

  15. Men concerned themselves most about that which is in this world and of dying.

  16. Those who are blind will set up a false sense of security to those who fear death.

  17. The one who is wise understands the state of this world and their grief is destroyed.

  18. Wisdom will lift some man above the pleasures and pains of this world and give everlasting peace.

  19. The one who was enlightened brought this forth to the community and comfort was given to all.


  1. You should make good use of the wealth you receive and you should not waste it.

  2. Spread the wealth that you have amongst those who are lower but do not deprive yourself of the wealth which you received.

  3. If you work hard for your wealth and you should reap the rewards of the work in which you have done.

  4. You should always be practicing moderation and not overindulging the things of this world.

  5. The one who spreads the wealth that they have left over has the eye of spiritual knowledge and they see the real worth of all things.

  6. When you save up and hoard your money, the goal is no better than the ashes in the fireplace.

  7. The one who is enlightened gives you this teaching so that you are able to apply this when you gain great riches while living your destiny.

  8. The ones who are truly living in this world are few, but the ones who are dead in this world are many.

  9. There is no one in the house of those who are wicked, for they have all died.

  10. The seed of truth must be taken to a place where no one lives so that the people that live there shall truly live.

  11. Do not have grief for you will be seen as selfish.

  12. Do not remind others of their grief and forgive one another of all the wrongdoings of the past.

  13. Keep the promises you made and you shall receive everlasting life.

  14. Death comes to all people, yet in the valley of death there is a path that leads those who died to immortality because they surrendered all selfishness of the world.

  15. Put away all the selfishness and help those who are truly hurting in this world and teach the truth to those who are truly dead in this world.

  16. It dwells in their hearts so that they may know the truth and that they will not fall into the power of death.

  17. All people are subject to death, for all people are mortal, but you do not have to die spiritually in this world because you will live forever in spirit.

  18. The fate of all men is death.

  19. This is the nature of human beings and the life of mortals in this world is brief and filled with this pain.

  20. You cannot avoid dying but you can avoid death because your spirit can set you free from all the comforts of this world.

  21. There is great disappointment in this world and you cannot be saved from this world after death.

  22. You will not gain peace of mind from weeping but you will gain more pain and suffering.

  23. The one who separate themselves from this world but still lives in this world and interacts with this world is the one who is free from the grief of this world.

  24. The one who ceased peace should draw from the experiences they had in life and all of the suffering they went through in life.

  25. The one who pierces their mind will let their spirit take over and will obtain peace of mind.


  1. Preach the doctrine of the truth to all the villages of this world so that they can have the salvation that all deserve.

  2. Some will not believe you, others will ignore you, but others will accept it and teach it.

  3. Nothing shall prevent you from achieving your destiny and all of the waters that try to drive you under will no longer drive you under.

  4. Good works will enable you to not suffer from the pain of this world and faith in the teachings of the truth will lead you to salvation.

  5. Conquer all sorrow and cast off all the shackles that you can grow them back at the world and attain deliverance from death.

  6. Cross over from the world and into the light and you shall receive everlasting light from the heavens.

  7. You are this world to benefit all of society.

  8. The ones who do not believe that are deluded and they will be given the sites to enlighten their minds to stand up for those were less fortunate than they are.

  9. They shall become an example for others to come in and become enlightened.

  10. This is the great goal of all life, for all life flows to the same waters.

  11. Go to the ones who are wicked and tell them that they can benefit an entire world with the smallest actions.

  12. The littlest things create the biggest changes.

  13. Do not offend others in the process, rather, let them know and tell them of the new heavens and the new earth that you see that is blinded to them.

  14. Do not allow anyone to die miserable and full of guilt.

  15. Have mercy on one another and have mercy on those are now working on this day to control the way that they live.

  16. Suffer with patience and you will be purified and you will be the instrument to alleviate suffering to all of those who are suffering.

  17. The one who inflicts pain on those who are poor or accuse the innocent will not inherit salvation.

  18. Repent and purify yourself so that you can be cleansed from the error of this world.


  1. Do not worry yourself with the threats of this world, for they plot to rob you of your life and possessions.

  2. Everyone can tolerate you for all of the bad deeds you have caused but do not allow them to control you.

  3. As you experience events in your life, learn from these events so that you can become strengthened.

  4. Do not repeat history and you should not repeat it if you learn from your mistakes the first time.

  5. In to work every obstacle and those of the world will not wreck you.

  6. Ignore their ill treatment of you and you will be able to walk in the path of the truth.

  7. Treat another like you treat yourself, and you will be set free just as they will.

  8. Deliver yourself and others from guilt that is caused by this world.

  9. Declare the truth to the entire world and those who are wicked will be scattered and those who are eager to hear shall listen.

  10. Those who are rolled will go back into the forest and shall die off without generations passing their teachings on word.

  11. Hear the doctrine which is wrong and correct that which are wrong.

  12. Do not return hate for hate, rather, you had left the world and attain the heavens and you know the doctrine of the truth so you must teach them of the truth.

  13. Those who are virtuous and noble will be enlightened and they will spread their enlightened states to all of those who are wicked.

  14. Leave the wicked do not listen to their fate and their evil deeds will bring them to their own punishment.


  1. The organizations and institutions which claim to teach the truth but are erroneous and their ways shall be destroyed when the truth comes forth the purest form.

  2. These are the world religions which tell you how to worship and where to worship and who worship.

  3. They hide the truth behind dogmas and doctrine and rites and rituals.

  4. So long that you follow the commandments of the truth, you shall receive eternal salvation regardless of faith.

  5. If you continue in the right path to your own salvation, you will prosper in your own right.

  6. Listen to these words and I speak it so that all people may know the light and may come to the truth as it applies to their own life.

  7. Listen to those who are poor and give your excesses to them so that they are enriched as opposed to the corporations.

  8. The light and the blessings that you had received from the heavens will be, so that all may come to the truth and that all may have a higher plane of mental activity.

  9. May they embrace the new heavens and new earth so that they embrace the virtues and rid themselves of the vices of this world.


  1. The one who has blessed brings forth the faith to believe in the way of the truth and their life and leaves the example for all others when seeking the truth.

  2. The future of the one who is enlightened is small, but their spirit and their legacy will go through all generations so that all may know of their example and how they came to the truth.

  3. You do not know the past and you do not know the future and you not know the past or the future of others, so you should not judge and you should not predict.

  4. You live in the present, so do not get caught up in things of the past were the things of the future.

  5. All will come to do the same and all will no longer worry about the past or the future, for it will happen when it comes to happen.

  6. Take in these words that you may live in the present and that you may live for the day.

  7. You are all small creatures in a large universe and you should make as big of an impact as you possibly can while living in the present and hoping for a good future.


  1. In order for you to experience the truth, you must purify yourself of all of the past wrongdoings you have done and you must seek forgiveness from those you have wronged and those who have wronged you must be forgiven by you.

  2. Your body will dissolve after death so do not keep that thought undermined.

  3. Do not be anxious for death, but do not fear it, for it shall come at a time when it sees fit.

  4. Go into the houses of those who do evil so that they may learn the ways of the truth and they may become purified.

  5. The one who does well acquires property through working hard.

  6. The one who does well takes in the truth and spreads it to all corners of the earth.

  7. The one who does well dies without anxiety.

  8. The one who does well will enter into societies with confidence and self-possession.

  9. The one who does well will have their body dissolve after death, but their mind and their spirit will live on forever.

  10. There will be bliss and there will be peace wherever these people go.

  11. This is the game that those who do well shall receive.

  12. Those who are evil and do evil things shall reject this notion, but those who want to seek the truth shall seek it and they shall learn how to do well in the world.

  13. The one who builds a foundation that is strong and a foundation that cannot be toppled by those who are evil have clearly gone into the heavens.

  14. They consulted with the spirits and the heavens and they learn the ways of the truth.

  15. Do not pay reverence to the gods of this world for the gods of this world do not give anything in return.

  16. The world is beautiful and the world should be embraced for what it is, not what it should be or could be.

  17. The world will never work in your favor all the time so you must take things as they come.

  18. Do not dive into the ocean of worldliness or the ocean will run dry.

  19. Pass from the world and into the light of the truth so that all may follow in your footsteps.


  1. Upon your death, many think they know of the state after death or their fate, but most do not know what shall really happen.

  2. Those who die after having the truth revealed to them and having their ego wiped out do not fear death and they do not fear the state after death.

  3. Their spirit will go straight into the heavens and they shall dwell in the heavens because they had been assured of their final salvation.

  4. Nothing will remain of them after they died, but their good thought and their good acts and that which will allow them to proceed towards the truth.

  5. Their minds will be reborn into a higher state of existence and they will continue on to influence their posterity while staying in the eternal peace of the heavens.

  6. Many are anxious about their death in about their fate, but it is not as strange as it sounds where all humans died.

  7. Having heard the truth, you will know the state of your spirit, but your body will dissolve and will return to the dust from which it came.

  8. The one who is enlightened reveals this truth, for they dwell in a higher consciousness already and they know of their fate after death.

  9. Faith in the truth and believing in the truth, which has been proclaimed by the one who is enlightened, will lead you to salvation while you were on Earth.

  10. Everyone shall attain it through their own efforts alone.

  11. Do not embrace the world for selfish gains because the things of this world will not come with you except by the earth.

  12. This is the common goal for all the people of the world, to be free from fear, to obtain the truth, and to find comfort in the world.

  13. Those who do so will find comfort within their life and their life will be a good example to all others who want the truth like they have.


  1. Overcome the grief which arises from lusting after this world and from wrong reasoning.

  2. Whatever you do, act with a spiritual mind and be thoughtful so that you can take it for what it truly should be.

  3. The one who does the simplest actions shall make the biggest impact on the lives of all and they are the ones who do the most beautiful things.

  4. The one who is young in the world and has the full truth is rare in this day and age, but all shall acquire wisdom from the one who is enlightened so that they are able to receive the truth and light.

  5. The one who was blessed honors and taking meals from those who are sinners, for it is always an opportunity to preach upon them the truth and to help them to understand the errors of their ways.

  6. The ones who do good deeds in the ones who are enlightened and the truth will become immortal.

  7. Do not give up the honors you have received in the world, for the honors will stay with you after death because your legacy is the only thing that will be left behind at your death.

  8. Do not be of the world when you meet the master, for the master will change you and bring you up into a higher plane of existence whether you are ready or not.

  9. You will be outdone by those who are worldly and they shall win the battle, but you are the one who ultimately wins in the end for having read you the truth.


  1. The one who is enlightened does not grow weary when they grow sick for it is a natural part of life and shall be overcome.

  2. It would not be right to pass away from this life without passing things that are what you had learned to your posterity.

  3. Do not give into death and keep a hold your life until you are able to pass on all that you know, and when all that you have learned and your example throughout life to all who succeed you.

  4. Your health shall improve until you are able to pass on all that you know, for that is the last part of your destiny.

  5. If you are unable to pass on what you had learned, then why did you learn these things in the first place? It is selfish of you to keep the truth to yourself, for you will then lose the truth and you will become weak.

  6. Lay down instructions to your posterity and leave them with the guidance they need so that they, too, may attain salvation and gain more wisdom.

  7. Order is not dependent on one person for order will find itself where there is peace and where there is the truth and where there is harmony.

  8. Become plunged in meditation so that you can ponder on all that you learn and all that you pass on, so that you may have a completeness of life.

  9. See salvation through knowing the truth alone and do not look for assistance in salvation besides yourself.

  10. The one that dwells in the body is the one that dwells in the world and, while they may be overcome with the grief of society, they will come to know the truth someday and they will no longer suffer the things of the world while they are in the world.

  11. Do not rely on external help to receive your salvation but hold fast to the truth and seek salvation in the truth alone.

  12. Do not look for assistance in salvation besides you.

  13. No one else can save you but yourself.


  1. You shall attain the highest bliss and you will come again to the place where you started your journey at the end of your journey.

  2. It is time for you to turn to the highest plane of the heavens and that shall be attained by learning and pondering on all the things you have gone through in your journey to attain the truth.

  3. The one who is blessed did good for the happiness of great multitudes of people, and they did it out of the pity for the world and for the good of all mankind.

  4. Have faith that your time comes when it shall come and be satisfied that you had lived a fulfilling life while you are upon the face of the earth, because you are only upon the face of the earth but a short time.

  5. All things that were created shall be dissolved again.

  6. The human body was formed out of the dirt in shall return to the dirt from which it came.

  7. It is not possible for you to remain on the Earth forever in body, but it is possible for you to remain in the heavens for all eternity with your spirit.

  8. Everything that is born is brought into being, and is organized, and shall dissolve at the end.

  9. All things in life go through the process of living and dying and being reborn.

  10. Moral existence is the same way but heavenly existence is quite the opposite.

  11. In order to have pure religion, you must have, for a long time, embraced it and shall practice it and meditate on it and spread it so that it can do good for the multitudes of people out of pity for the world and for the gain of all of humanity.

  12. Doing all the things which are evil and relying on the things of this world do not bring people to be satisfied in their hearts.

  13. Satisfy the necessity to live on this Earth without overindulging.

  14. Satisfy the necessities of life without destroying the beauty therein.

  15. It is not through understanding that you grasp the truth because those who learned the truth by being taught to the truth will go astray from the truth.

  16. You must find the truth within your own life and you must find it by living your life and experiencing things in the world that will lead you to struggle against the sins of this world.

  17. When the seven gifts of the Guardian Angels are enlightening your minds, you will find the noble path that leads to enlightenment.

  18. Seek that which is permanent and work out your salvation without giving up.


  1. Drink of the spring of life always and eat from the feast of salvation.

  2. Do not like all of your faith in the truth and always walk in the way of the truth, so that you may one day attain the truth.

  3. The power of the truth is above that which is the world.

  4. Once you attain the truth, your radiant glory will light up the entire world around you when all will come to know why you radiate with such brilliance and they shall learn the doctrines of the truth and they shall to seek their own path to enlightenment.

  5. Your spirit shines before you and you are deemed beautiful above all expressions.

  6. The one who has perfect insights and the one who leaves nothing behind are the ones who attained the greatest amount of light.

  7. It is good that you hear the sayings of your elders because your elders have great wisdom to teach of you.

  8. The earthly existence in the heavenly existence are nowhere compared to each other for the heavenly existence gives you your spirit and everlasting life while the earthly existence gives you temporary pleasures, but it will cause you pain in the end.

  9. The one who gives away shall have the real gain and the one who does not think of themselves shall be freed and they will no longer be a slave the things of this world.

  10. The one who is righteous cast-off all evil and does everything they have to do in order to reach enlightenment for themselves.


  1. Make the heavens ready for me for the heavens are ready to receive me.

  2. The successor of the ones who are enlightened shall be decided by the ones who were taught in the ways of the truth so that the best one is elected to a position of leadership.

  3. Remember to choose those that lead righteously.

  4. The way to wisdom lies in the deepest pits of the earth and they are only found by those who want to see the light.

  5. Even after the light is lit, they can be put out again, but you should never give up when the light is put out.

  6. The foolish one conceives the idea of the world around themselves and the wise man sees that they are not the center of their own universe.

  7. The truth remains after all had been taken on.

  8. Do not be troubled and do not lead because the nature of all things shall be revealed to you once you attain the light.

  9. The one who has the right conception of this world will embrace the truth and will see the world for what it truly is, which is a world full of sorrow and pain, but of immense beauty.

  10. With effort you can be free from all of the pain and suffering of this world.

  11. The one who is enlightened is not the first and is not the last.

  12. In another time, another enlightened person will rise up and will enlighten the world with wisdom and conduct because they know the numbers and they know the state of the universe.

  13. They will reveal the same truths which have been tried and true and will preach the religion of pure truth again which is glorious in all forms, the spirit and matter.

  14. They will proclaim a path to the truth which is perfect and pure.

  15. This is the one who was to come when the time is right and on the world has fallen into so much darkness that the world does not see hope.


  1. Seeking the way requires you to be diligent.

  2. It is not enough to learn these ways into walk in the way of the enlightened one to be freed from sorrow.

  3. Walk in the past which has been laid forth for you so that you can live your own life while attaining the same truth.

  4. The one who does not do as is commanded will not make profit on this earth.

  5. They will be far away in their hearts but their minds will be near and the mind and the heart must work together in order to attain the fullness of the truth.

  6. Have faith in the truth so that you can be present in the truth and you will be proclaimed as a good example among those who follow.

  7. The words that come from the mouth of the one who is enlightened is full of wisdom and full of comfort and is excellent in the ways that this world is.

  8. The right road will be pointed out to the one who is gone astray in the truth has been made known by means of the one who is enlightened so that all people may come to the truth and the order of these words.

  9. May the blessed one accept those who follow so that from the day they are purified, they walk in the truth until the day they die.

  10. Your fortunes will be great and your blessings will be plenty as long as you are always following in the ways of the truth.

  11. Even though the teacher dies, the truth remains forever just as it had in the beginning.

  12. The truth and the rules of order which had been set forth had been laid down before the death of the teacher.

  13. Teach others of the truth as it appears in its pure form and all people will come to inquire of the example set forth by the one who is enlightened so that they may be said for you also.

  14. The one who has any doubt will come to the truth by way of experiencing it throughout your life.

  15. Experiencing the truth throughout your life will bring you to a greater realization of the state of the earth and the state of the heavens, and you shall embrace a new heaven and a new earth.

  16. The one who has become fully converted purified has assured their final salvation.

  17. Those who think they know the truth will understand what they know and will understand the true nature of the truth once they experience the pain of this world.

  18. Eliminate the cause of all suffering in this world and you shall be led to the path of salvation.

  19. Do not worship the one who was enlightened and the one who brought forth this path, but learn from their examples and learn from the way they live their life, so that you can live your life the same.

  20. The one who lives in ignorance shall be shut up and confined because ignorance leads to greater evils.

  21. The truth shall be made known to all people and they cannot be taught for it must be experienced.

  22. Decay is inherent in all beings, but the truth will remain forever, so you must work out your salvation and never give up even when the world comes against you in full force.

  23. Be free from the passions of this world and do not weep for the ones who have died, but rejoice for they have found the truth and they dwell in the heavens and you are still able to be with them just as they are always with you in your heart.

  24. No condition can exist where the truth is never on the face of the earth because all things go through cycles, but the truth is the only thing on this earth which is always present.

  25. Do not be afflicted in your heart, for your heart will always be there for you just as your spirit is.

  26. Do whatever you see fit for the advancement of yourself and for those who are less fortunate, all of humanity, and your posterity.

  27. Those who are free from passion will bear the loss of those that they love and they will be mindful of the truth which has been taught them.

  28. Gather together all the things that you have, so that you may live out every moment of your life without any regret and that you may work and reap the rewards of the work which you had done the face of the earth.

  29. All things shall pass away and all that was born of the dust shall return to the dust from which it came.

  30. The spirit lives on forever in the heavens and that is where those who experienced the truth shall dwell forever and ever.


  1. Do not neglect the spirit of the teachings which have been brought forth the face of this earth.

  2. Regard the truth as your master because it is a light that shines in the darkness and point out a way.

  3. Be ready to lay down your own lives for this and obey that which has been revealed to you, for is not different from the truth which has been taught in the beginning and taught since.

  4. The one who was enlightened is the one who is perfect because the eternal truth has been laid out as a result of their example.

  5. The truth is omnipresent and eternal and endowed with all the greatest blessings of this world and is above all of human nature and all of the possessions of this world.

  6. Many of the old dogma and doctrine and rites and rituals of the religious traditions of the day are temporary because they were good for the occasion by which they were brought into, but the truth is not temporary.

  7. The truth has been revealed to all the same and the truth shall be revealed to all in the same way.

  8. Let us renew the truth and let us inquire into the truth and let us obey the truth, for it is been taught by those who knew the truth as the best.

  9. The one who embodies all of these truths and passes it on to the world shall become enlightened like the teachers before them.

  10. Keep the truth sacred and share with the entire world so that people may find the truth in their own lives.

  11. Let this be a source for future generations so that the truth may never pass away.