The teachings of the west is the original of the gospels of Through Minds’ Eyes. It focuses on the major teachings of the Christs of the west.

The story starts at the beginning of the ministry of the Christ, introducing it by the preparatory preaching of the prophet, the purification of the Christ that culminates in proclaiming him as the “beloved Son”, and the temptation in which he proves his true sonship by his victory over the devil’s attempt to deflect him from the way of obedience to the divine plan. The central message of his preaching is the coming of the kingdom of heaven and the need for repentance, a complete change of heart and conduct, on the part of those who are to receive this great gift of the Covenant.

In this extensive material there are five great discourses of the Christ, each concluding with the formula “When the Christ finished these words” or one closely similar. These are an important structure of the gospel. In every case the discourse is preceded by a narrative section, each narrative and discourse together constituting a “book” of the gospel. The discourses are, respectively, the “Sermon on the Mount”, the missionary discourse, the parable discourse, the “church order” discourse, and the eschatological discourse. In large measure the material of these discourses came to these writings from his tradition, but his work in modifying and adding to what he had received is abundantly evident. No other evangelist gives the teaching of the Christ with such elegance and order as he.

In the “Sermon on the Mount” the theme of righteousness is prominent, and even at this early stage of the ministry the note of opposition is struck between the Christ and the leaders, who are designated as “the hypocrites”. The righteousness of his disciples must surpass that of the scribes and leaders; otherwise, in spite of their alleged following of the Christ, they will not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Righteousness means doing the will of the heavenly bodies, and his will is proclaimed in a manner that is startling to all who have identified it with the law of the old covenant. The antitheses of the Sermon both accept and reject elements of that law, and in the former case the understanding of the law’s demands is deepened and extended. The antitheses are the best commentary on the meaning of the Christ’s claim that he has come not to abolish but to fulfill the law. What is meant by fulfillment of the law is not the demand to keep it exactly as it stood before the coming of the Christ, but rather his bringing the law to be a lasting expression of the will of the divine, and in that fulfillment there is much that will pass away. Should this appear contradictory to his saying that “until heaven and earth pass away” not even the smallest part of the law will pass, that time of fulfillment is not the dissolution of the universe but the coming of the new age, which will occur with the Christ’s death and resurrection. While righteousness in the new age will continue to mean conduct that is in accordance with the law, it will be conduct in accordance with the law as expounded and interpreted by the Christ.

Though the Christ speaks harshly about the religious leaders in the Sermon, his judgment is not solely a condemnation of them. They are portrayed as a negative example for his disciples, and his condemnation of those who claim to belong to him while disobeying his word is no less severe.

Later a summary statement of the Christ’ activity speaks not only of his teaching and proclaiming the gospel but of his “curing every disease and illness among the people”; this is repeated almost verbatim. The narrative section that follows the Sermon on the Mount is composed principally of accounts of those merciful deeds of the Christ, but it is far from being simply a collection of stories about miraculous cures. The nature of the community that the Christ will establish is shown; it will always be under the protection of him whose power can deal with all dangers, but it is only for those who are prepared to follow him at whatever cost. The disciples begin to have some insight, however imperfect, into the mystery of the Christ’s person. They wonder about him whom “the winds and the sea obey”, and they witness his bold declaration of the forgiveness of the paralytic’s sins. That episode of the narrative moves on two levels. When the crowd sees the cure that testifies to the authority of the Christ, the Son of Man, to forgive sins, they glorify the divine “who had given such authority to human beings”. The forgiveness of sins is now not the prerogative of the Christ alone but of “human beings,” that is, of the disciples who constitute the community of the Christ. The ecclesial character of this narrative section could hardly be more plainly indicated.

The Christ is moved to pity at the sight of the crowds who are like sheep without a shepherd, and he sends out the twelve disciples to make the proclamation with which his own ministry began, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand”, and to drive out demons and cure the sick as he has done. Their mission is limited as the Christ’ own was, yet that perspective broadens and the discourse begins to speak of the mission that the disciples will have after the resurrection and of the severe persecution that will attend it. Again, the discourse moves on two levels: that of the time of the Christ and that of the time of the covenant.

The narrative section deals with the growing opposition to the Christ. Hostility toward him has already been manifested, but here it becomes more intense. The rejection of the Christ comes, as before, from religious leaders, who take “counsel against him to put him to death” and repeat their earlier accusation that he drives out demons because he is in league with demonic power. But they are not alone in their rejection. the Christ complains of the lack of faith of “this generation” and reproaches the towns “where most of his mighty deeds had been done” for not heeding his call to repentance. This dark picture is relieved by the Christ’s praise of the divine who has enabled “the childlike” to accept him, but on the whole the story is one of opposition to his word and blindness to the meaning of his deeds. The whole section ends with his declaring that not even the most intimate blood relationship with him counts for anything; his only true relatives are those who do the will of his divine plan.

The narrative of rejection leads up to the parable discourse. The reason given for the Christ’s speaking to the crowds in parables is that they have hardened themselves against his clear teaching, unlike the disciples to whom knowledge of “the mysteries of the kingdom has been granted”. He dismisses the crowds and continues the discourse to his disciples alone, who claim, at the end, to have understood all that he has said. But, lest the impression be given that the covenant of the Christ is made up only of true disciples, the explanation of the parable of the weeds among the wheat, as well as the parable of the net thrown into the sea “which collects fish of every kind”, shows that it is composed of both the righteous and the wicked, and that separation between the two will be made only at the time of the final judgment.

In the narrative, the Christ is shown preparing for the establishment of his covenant with its teaching authority that will supplant the blind guidance of the teachers, whose teaching, curiously said to be that of the leaders also, is repudiated by the Christ as the norm for his disciples.

The discourse following this narrative is often called the “church order” discourse, although that title is perhaps misleading since the emphasis is not on the structure of the church but on the care that the disciples must have for one another in respect to guarding each other’s faith in the Christ, to seeking out those who have wandered from the fold, and to repeated forgiving of their fellow disciples who have offended them. But there is also the obligation to correct the sinful fellow Epochalist and, should one refuse to be corrected, separation from the community is demanded.

In the discourse, the last of the great structural discourses of the gospel, the Christ predicts the destruction of the temple and his own final coming. The time of the latter is unknown, and the disciples are exhorted in various parables to live in readiness for it, a readiness that entails faithful attention to the duties of the interim period. The coming of the Christ will bring with it the great judgment by which the everlasting destiny of all will be determined.

The questions of authorship, sources, and the time of composition of this gospel have received many answers, none of which can claim more than a greater or lesser degree of probability. The one now favored by the majority of scholars is that it is a modern work.



  1. In these days, the world is complicated and the world needs a guiding force to bring it into the future.

  2. This has been made known every day since the beginning of time.

  3. And all parts of the subjects to morals that are established by society for the greater good.

  4. Some will rise up and bring forth new covenants and teach the people new ways that are different than the ways that were once talked.

  5. Everyone who is in your life will be impacted by the statements of which are about to be repeated from times long ago.

  6. And there came forth the great moral teacher of the past who taught the world for thousands of years and now the world needs to hear this message again.

  7. And there came a day where those who are to teach the world must be initiated themselves.

  8. When all things have been performed in all things have been through, then one may be able to teach the others because of the experiences that they have gone through.


  1. Like a child, you will grow strong in spirit and build in wisdom.

  2. You will be subject to the customs that your parents have brought forth and you will be forced into them.

  3. When all things have been fulfilled, you will go out on your own.

  4. Your elders will think that you have been lost, but you will not be lost in your own mind.

  5. You will become knowledgeable and you will seek wisdom and knowledge from others, not just through your parents.

  6. They will be astonished at what you learn.

  7. Your parents will try to come back and take you back into the fold, but there will come a point where you have gone your own way.

  8. And you increase in wisdom and knowledge, beyond that which your parents could have foreseen.

  9. Do not be afraid if you are to leave that which you have no debt, and to seek greater wisdom than what has been provided.


  1. Upon a point in your journey, a teacher will come out and hear of the word that you are to speak in the world in order to change your life.

  2. The world will come around you to a point to where your life needs to change.

  3. Your life will be full of suffering because of the vices of your life.

  4. All people in your life shall know of the need that you have for them.

  5. You are about to be born again through the elements of which you came.

  6. The point in that journey has been reached, and you will be born again through the elements that created you.

  7. You will have come to aging you have come again to that which you have rejected earlier and comes now as truthfulness.

  8. After you are born again, you will take upon yourself many people into this journey.

  9. You will come upon a time where you find the errors of your ways and the corruption that ensnares the world.

  10. You will find those at your temples who take upon themselves things of the world.

  11. The strong will drive them all out of those temples and although you’ll be chastised for what you do, you do it because you know it is right.

  12. You will tell them all off and you will tell them the true meaning of that which you do.


  1. While going through the motions and obeying the orders of others, there’ll come a point where you will depart from your old ways and go out your own.

  2. You will be cast away from your old life and move into your new life.

  3. You may be bound and persecuted for what you believe in, but you will be better off in the end.

  4. You will break the laws of what they have set, but you will establish your own rules.

  5. You will have fights against those who you thought were your brothers, but have betrayed you because your beliefs are different.

  6. They will fear you, but you will not fear them anymore, for you have a fuller knowledge than they have the truth.

  7. When the day is to come, you will rise up beyond their teachings and their doctrine and go forward to establish your own.

  8. You will see that those who use it and were holy were actually faking it.

  9. You will see the corruption within the kingdom that you thought was perfect.

  10. Others will ask where you have gone and they will want to follow you.

  11. They will make haste away from the old ways and into the new ways much like you.

  12. The old ways will try to come back at you and apologize for the way they have treated you, but they will not succeed in bringing you back.

  13. They will try and exterminate you from the earth, but you will rise up against them because they will not heed their own teachings.

  14. Take charge of your own life and do not give in if you have left already.


  1. You will go into the same pulpits that you once learn from and teach.

  2. You will astonish all others because what you have learned is exceedingly greater and different than what has been taught before.

  3. But I came for the day of rest and a day of rest was established for the benefit of all mankind.

  4. Others will come to you and say that is not lawful for you to skip certain things on that day of rest.

  5. They have not read the words of their own teachers that it matters not what you do on the day.

  6. You will enter into the day and you will not do as others expect, and you will be chastised because it is not lawful.

  7. They will put forth their laws upon you and will tell you to do as they say.

  8. You will depart from their presence and never come back.

  9. Others will come to you and at you to help, but it is not according to the laws established by others.

  10. And it was said that there will be one that needs your help on a certain day but it is not lawful to, but you should do what is always right.

  11. No one can tell you what is lawful was not lawful on certain date.

  12. The day of rest was made for man but man was not made for the day of rest.

  13. Others will come out and try to destroy you.

  14. You will go against them and you will cause others to follow you because you are the rebel in their society.

  15. In those days, you will go out to mountains and meditate and continue in all the meditation.

  16. You will call those to become special people in your lives and you will choose those who choose you.

  17. They will know that you have chosen them and they will come to you and be close to you.

  18. At this point, this is the start of the rest of your days.



  1. Open your mouth and teach the world and say these things.

  2. Those who are poor in spirit will attain the light.

  3. Those who mourn will be comforted.

  4. Those who are poor will inherit the earth.

  5. Those who seek righteousness will be filled.

  6. Those who are merciful will obtain mercy.

  7. Those who are pure in heart will see the light.

  8. Those who are peacemakers will be called the prophets.

  9. Those who are persecuted for righteousness will see the kingdom of the light.

  10. Those who revile you and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you will not be blessed.

  11. Rejoice and be glad for your work will be great even though you will be persecuted.

  12. Those who give in to the evils of the world will not receive your consolation.

  13. Woe to those who do evil against you for bad things happen to all people.

  14. Woe to those who follow the false prophets of this day because they will not speak of you.

  15. They may be the righteousness of the earth, but that righteousness has lost its appeal.

  16. It is good for nothing to cast doubts and to be trodden.

  17. You are the light of your world and the city on the hill will not be hidden from you.

  18. The light of your spirit cannot be oppressed and it will shine forth under all oppression.

  19. Let your light go to and shine before also that they will see your good works and glorify your destiny.

  20. I have not come to destroy that which has been set forth in the truth, but I have come to fulfill the prophecies.

  21. All things will be fulfilled when I say these things to you.

  22. Do not write one of these and teach others this for all will seek this truth at the end of their life.

  23. You will rise up against those who have your salvation in their hands, for they cannot enter the kingdom through you.

  24. You should not kill and whoever will shall be in danger of the judgment.

  25. Whoever is angry with someone should not seek revenge, or judgment is left of those around you.

  26. Remember those who have gone against you that you should not go against them.

  27. Go to them and reconcile with them, and offer them gifts lest they offer you back.

  28. Agree with others quickly and do not cause any others to get involved.

  29. You will not attain peace unless you attain peace with others.

  30. Remember what it is said that you should not suffer from lust.

  31. Whoever lives by looking at another woman has committed adultery in their heart.

  32. And if it would be right, then break away from those who lust after others, for they do not want to be with you truly.

  33. And if it offends anyone, cast that away from your life.

  34. Whoever does not commit to what they have committed to will be divorced.

  35. Whoever suffers from the divorce will commit adultery because they have done so wrongly.

  36. It is been said that you should not lie.

  37. Do not lie at all, for it only leads to pain.

  38. It is not a law set forth by the earth, rather, it is a law that is fundamental to every human life.

  39. Do not swear any else that our allies for it does not matter what you do.

  40. Evil comes out of those who swear to lie.

  41. It is been said that an eye for an eye and a tooth for tooth.

  42. I say that you should not resist evil, but you should ignore those who speak out against you.

  43. If any man sues you for what you have, you will righteously win because you have done no wrong.

  44. Go away from those who compel you to do wrong.

  45. Give to those who ask provided that they give that back to you.

  46. It is been said that you should love your neighbor and hate your enemy.

  47. Love your enemies and love those who persecute you.

  48. They are the same as you with the same faults and you should look for the good of humanity and not bad.

  49. If you love those which let you and you’ll be rewarded.

  50. If you only treat your brethren with respect, then what does that say to others about you?

  51. And if you give to those that you hope to receive from back, then what thanks do you have?

  52. If you love your enemies into good and hope for nothing in return, then your reward shall be great.

  53. Be merciful.

  54. Give to those who are less fortunate than you.

  55. Whoever gives to those who are less fortunate, it treats all the gifts of virtue.

  56. When you give, be sure to give to those who will actually follow through with their promises.

  57. Do not listen to what others tell you about how to spend money.

  58. And when you meditate, do not meditate and open places so that you can be seen by others.

  59. When you meditate, meditate in privacy so you can focus and contemplate on life.

  60. When you meditate, meditate on certain aspects of your life you’re struggling with.

  61. You know the things that you need.

  62. And after this manner, remember to hallow those who are in your life.

  63. Make your will be done on earth.

  64. Remember to receive all the blessings that you have been given.

  65. Forgive others as they have forgiven us.

  66. Do not be led into doing temptation for the kingdom is yours if you choose to grasp it.

  67. If you forgive others for wrongs they have committed, then they will forgive you back.

  68. If you do not forgive them, they will not forgive you.

  69. When you focus and meditate, do not do it because you’re obliged to, do it because you are doing it with a purpose.

  70. Anoint yourself with the blessings that you have been given.

  71. Do not meditate in public, but do it in private.

  72. Do not place the treasures that are earthly above that which is not.

  73. Remember the treasures that are within yourself, you cannot steal that treasure.

  74. Your heart will be where the real treasure is.

  75. If your eye is focused on your mind, then your body will be full of light.

  76. If your eye is focused on evil, then your body will be full of darkness.

  77. You cannot serve both money and yourself, for if you hate the one, you’ll love the other, or if you hold one, you’ll despise the other.

  78. I say to you that you should not think about what comes after this life.

  79. Focus on life you have now and take every moment like it is your last.

  80. Make the most of what you have on this earth and the blessings you received.

  81. Everything will go on in their cycle, but you will not last forever.

  82. Even the people who are remembered the most will not be remembered in the far future.

  83. Remember those that come into your life, and thank them for being there when you needed them the most.

  84. Take no sides in what comes after this life, but live your life for the moment.

  85. Take heed and look at what you need in your life.

  86. Seek after all things that are righteous and the truth and that will be added to your wisdom.

  87. Take no thought for the temporary pleasures in life or else evil comes in.

  88. Do not judge, lest you be judged yourself.

  89. You will be judged according to your works by others who you have impacted in your life.

  90. Give to others and blessings will be given to you.

  91. From that same measure you will be measured to again.

  92. Do not be jealous of others, look at all the things that you’ve been blessed within your life.

  93. Do not take away from anyone because of their good life.

  94. Do not be hypocritical.

  95. Do not give what you been blessed with and wasted away.

  96. Ask and you’ll be given it.

  97. Seek the truth and you shall find it.

  98. Knock on every door and it will be opened.

  99. Those who pass will receive it and those who seek it will find it.

  100. Give to others what they need the most.

  101. Give good gifts to those who need it and you will be given good things in the end.

  102. Do all things that others will do to you.

  103. Enter through the gate for the gate is wide and the way is broad that lead to the light.

  104. Because the gates in the way are broad that leads to life, the gates and the way is broad may lead to darkness.

  105. Beware of false prophets for they come to you in peace but they are really at war.

  106. You shall know them by the way they act.

  107. A good tree will bring forth good fruit but a corrupt tree will bring forth bad fruit.

  108. One cannot bring the opposite means of the other.

  109. A good person with good treasure of the heart brings forth good.

  110. Every word that people speak they will give account for in the day of their judgments.

  111. For their words and works will be justified and judged.

  112. Whoever hears these sayings and does them will be a wise man.

  113. And all the evil things of the world will come to them, but they will not be phased.

  114. Whoever hears these sayings and does not do them will be foolish.

  115. And everything will come at them and they will fall because they have not listened.

  116. And when these sayings are ended people be astonished at the saying.

  117. I shall teach the world as one that has authority.


  1. And after these sayings are taught, the enlightened one will come down from the mountains upon which he came and everyone will follow him.

  2. And people marvel because they do not believe that but they will come and listen.

  3. Those who labor and are heavy with burdens in their lives will find rest with him.

  4. They will learn from him for they are lowly in their hearts and they will find rest in their souls.

  5. The burden will be light and the teachings will be easy.

  6. And a feast was set forth for him that he might eat with all those who do bad deeds.

  7. A woman shall approach him and she shall know that he is on a great journey.

  8. She will stand at his feet and they will bow to him.

  9. Now the others had seen this and spoke, saying that this woman was not worthy to touch this person who was a prophet.

  10. And he would answer saying, I have something to say and the others will listen.

  11. Now there’s a story where one person had two people that owe him something, and one owed more than the other.

  12. And when they had nothing, that person forgave them both and which one is thought to have loved him the most?

  13. The sinners answered, and said that neither of them really were owed anything.

  14. And then he turned to the woman about his feet, and that the others had not done the same thing that the woman had done.

  15. The others were giving him nothing but the woman was giving him everything.

  16. Although the enlightened one has done different things to seek forgiveness from those who have wronged him in the past, he will love them both the same.

  17. No matter what you do in life, forgive everyone and be forgiven by everyone and move on with your life.

  18. Forgive but never forget, and never forget, but do forgive always.

  19. Go in peace, for you have been saved by yourself and by others.


  1. There came a multitude of people and called you over to them.

  2. All the people gathered will seek but do not know what to say.

  3. Whoever shares the same will and desires in life is the same as anyone else for no one is any better than anyone else.

  4. Beware of the false teachers for they speak hypocrisy to all people.

  5. There is nothing covered that will not be revealed and nothing hidden that will not be known.

  6. You’ve spoken in the darkness and shall be heard in the light, and that which you have spoken in secret shall be proclaimed to all.

  7. Do not be afraid to kill that which is your old self and have no more to do with those people.

  8. Fear the one that has the power to judge you at the end of time, I say to fear all the enlightened ones for their supreme power.

  9. Not one person is forgotten in the life of all people that you have affected.

  10. Every action you do is accounted for by everyone in your life, so did be afraid of those that are to judge you.

  11. I am not a judge or divider over people; you are the masters of your own destiny.

  12. Beware of the temporary pleasures in a man’s life and do not go in overabundance of the things you possess.


  1. A certain rich man had good lands and grew plentifully.

  2. He asked what he should do because there was no room to bestow the fruits.

  3. It was decided upon that all would be put down and build greater things and all the fruits would be gathered.

  4. The soul has a lot of good in it and that their lives would be ever more happy.

  5. This is the fall where the last takeover of the soul over the mind is required.

  6. That which is rich to man is not rich to what comes after death.

  7. What matters in this life does not matter after your years have gone.


  1. Take no thought for what comes after this life, take advantage of every moment you have in this life.

  2. This life is more than what others will tell you and your body is the shell of your soul.

  3. Consider that some do not work for their labors and they have nothing and they are fed, how much are you better than those people?

  4. Why are you taking thoughts of improving your own life, when others around you need help?

  5. If you were not able to do the least of things, then why do you think about resting?

  6. Consider the plan and how their cycle is, they do not work and they do not rest, and I say to you that all men shall work and are judged for their works.

  7. If you are given everything and then are in the light today, but in the darkness tomorrow, then how much more of the light you hope to receive?

  8. And do not seek what you shall do to improve your own life, and do not be in doubt of anything that those who have worked have established.

  9. For all people want to tell you what you should seek after, and you should know that you have no need for those things.

  10. Seek a better life for yourself and all of these blessings will be added to you.

  11. Fear not, for it is by the grace that you have received that you will go again after this life.

  12. Give everything that is right and you receive it all for all the treasures of the world will not help you once you are dead.

  13. Treasures will instead corrupt the minds.

  14. Wherever your treasure is, your heart will be at.

  15. Do not show yourself off, for you will dwell in the darkness.

  16. You are like those that wait for the life’s end, for when you return from the tormented life, and when you come and knock, it may not be all that you expect.

  17. Those who seek the truth will come and find the light when they are in their life.

  18. They will no longer have to suffer through the sufferings of the world and went with that which they do not suffer.

  19. Those who come afterwards will finds those who conquer suffering in the state of blessings.

  20. If a good person and their house had known what hour the thief would come, they would’ve watched for him and would have not suffered what they had gone through.

  21. Be ready, for your death will come at an hour when you think it won’t.

  22. Then it will be asked by some that a teaching would be taught to all people.

  23. Whoever is a faithful and wise person shall be made ruler over the house and will be given their portion of that which they have worked for.

  24. Blessed is the one who seeks the light and found the light.

  25. I say and see that that person is ruler over all of his life.

  26. But if someone says that their life is meaningless and begins to fall for the loss of life and to experience suffering then they do not have the light within them.

  27. A challenge will come today when they are not looking and an hour when they are not aware, and will cut them down, but will raise them back up again in the end.

  28. And that person did not prepare themselves and did not do according to what they should have and were beaten down.

  29. But they did not know that they would only be being for a short time, for much is given but much is required and those who have done bad in the past will be asked to do more good.

  30. When you see something rise up then you say that has come and so it is.

  31. When you see something come by, then you say it has come, and then it comes again when you do not expect it.

  32. You discern everything that happens around you but how is it that you do not discern the time?

  33. And why do you judge that which is not right to you?

  34. Why do you go with your friends to congregations and give worthless prayers and praises so that you may be delivered from this life, but you judge others for the way they live?

  35. I tell you that you will not depart to the place you think you will until you have done good deeds upon the face of the earth.

  36. There will be some people that will disagree with what is being taught here.

  37. And I say to you, suppose that you are the ones who are really sinning because you have suffered greater than them.

  38. I tell you that there is no hope for you except if you repent and ask for forgiveness from those you have wronged.

  39. Do you think that the people who preach good and do evil will not face the fear of eternal damnation?

  40. I tell you no but you will repent or you will perish in this life.


  1. A certain person had a plant planted and came inside for the fruits but found none.

  2. And then that person went to cut the tree down because none had come out from the hard work that they have put into it.

  3. Another answered and said to leave it alone and nurture it, and it will bear you the fruits of the labor you put into it.

  4. And if it does so well, then that is good and if it does not, then you shall cut it down.

  5. Nurture and be patient with all that you do and you will bear the fruits in the end.


  1. And the enlightened one shall sit down again with people who have done bad deeds in their life and eat with them merrily.

  2. And when they see him they will marvel that he does not follow their rules before the meal.

  3. How do those people make themselves clean on the outside and good, but inside they are full of wickedness.

  4. They did not make of that what was outside and that which was with their hearts.

  5. They would rather give things to themselves and all things seem clean to them.

  6. But woe to those who do that, for they pass over judgments and their love and that was what was to be done instead to those less fortunate.

  7. You love the uppermost seats in the high places and you love to be greeted at all turns.

  8. They went to those who are the hypocrites for you are not which you appear and those who are around you are not aware of this.

  9. Woe unto you before you give man burdens that agree with it and you do not touch the burden.

  10. Woes unto you, for you’ve taken away the key of knowledge and you have entered into the lives of others.

  11. All of those who are with the teacher got mad at the teacher for speaking such things.

  12. They were looking for a way to accuse the teacher of speaking blasphemy, but they do not.


  1. Many were gathered to hear the next teaching so the whole multitude of people stood there.

  2. Behold, a farmer went to reap the seeds.

  3. And when he put the seeds in the ground, some seeds fell on the road and the birds came up and devoured them.

  4. Some of them fell on stony places where they were not to grow over to wither away.

  5. They were scorched because they had no roots.

  6. Some fell among thorny bushes and those thorns sprung up and choked them.

  7. But ones that fell into the good ground brought forth fruits in different amounts.

  8. Whoever has ears to hear the teaching should hear the teachings.

  9. Hear therefore the parable of the farmer.

  10. When anyone hears the word that comes from this house and doesn’t understand it, then the wicked one will come and cast it away.

  11. Those who received in a bad time in their lives and hear the word and receive it with joy will get blessings.

  12. You should have ruined yourself and become durable, for when tribulations and persecutions arise, you will conquer it.

  13. Those that were among the thorns and hears the word and cares for the world, but the deceitfulness of the rich people choke the world and it does not come forth.

  14. But when you receive the good word and you are good at these things, then you understand it and you will bring forth the fruits that you were meant to achieve.


  1. A candle is brought up to be put under a bed of bushes and not be set on a candlestick.

  2. There is nothing hid which shall not be manifested and there is nothing secret that will be brought forth.

  3. If anyone has ears to the teachings, let them hear.

  4. Another teaching was put forth saying the world is like a person which wanted good seeds in the fields.

  5. The enemy came in during the night and took half the harvest away.

  6. When the trap was sprung, the tears appeared with the fruits.

  7. The enemy has torn away half of the harvest that the farmer had planted and groomed.

  8. Gather up the good and the bad fruits.

  9. Let them both grow together until the harvest time and gather everything up, the bad ones will be burned, but the good will be gathered and sold.

  10. The people are gathered and the parable was declared.

  11. The one that is the farmer is the creator of all things.

  12. The field is the world and the good seeds are the good people but the bad seeds of the wicked ones.

  13. The enemy is the root of all evil and took away half the harvest and made it evil.

  14. The bad seeds are gathered and burned in the fire because it represents the end of the age.

  15. The Angels have been set forth so that they shall gather the kingdom and all things that offend the world will cause suffering in everyone’s life.

  16. All of those who do not repent will be cast away and forgotten.

  17. The good ones shine forth in the kingdom and the glory of the heavens.

  18. A treasure hidden the field is like the truth and that what a man has found and will go with all of the joy and all that you have.

  19. The kingdom of glory is like a merchant who seeks good pearls.

  20. When the one good pearl has been found, everything has been sold and it was brought.

  21. The kingdom of glory is like a net that was cast into the sea and gathered all people.

  22. One was full, it was drawn to shore and the good was gathered in the vessels, but the bad was cast away.

  23. At the end the world, an angel shall come forth and separate the bad people from the good people.

  24. The bad people will be cast away and forgotten forever.

  25. Hear and understand these things for the teachings have been set forth in the past.

  26. Every priest in the world is instructed to undo the kingdom that has been established so that they can have all the power and the new treasure should be brought forth from them to all people.


  1. A man cast seeds to the ground.

  2. The seeds have grown throughout the season but the farmer does not know how.

  3. The earth brings forth the fruits of the labors of men.

  4. When the fruit has come, the farmer will harvest what has been grown.

  5. This is like the kingdom and we will make this comparison using the parable set forth by the enlightened one.

  6. When a small grain is put in the earth, it is less than all the others.

  7. When it is planted and groomed, it grows, and it becomes greater than everything and shoot forth great things out of the small seed.

  8. And the people were able to hear that which was spoken.

  9. Do not teach these things without comparing it to something that people can relate to.

  10. Certain people will follow these teachings and people follow whoever teaches these things.

  11. All things have places to rest, but the wandering traveler has no place to put their head.

  12. Remember that death comes without warning, and after someone dies, you can grieve, but you must move forward because you have your own life and your own destiny.

  13. Go bid them farewell, but only for a short time because you have greater things planned for yourself.

  14. No person having sought and found the truth and then rejecting the truth because then they do not fit for the coming age.

  15. And after these things went forth, another great feast ensued with many people who have done bad things throughout their life.

  16. And when the ignorant ones saw that the enlightened one associates themselves with such people they will chastise him for it.

  17. They who are whole have no need to be fixed, but those that are sick are called to fix themselves in their lives.


  1. No person will put a new piece of garment on the old pieces.

  2. No person takes the new things and puts it into the old things.

  3. If that happens, the new things will perish in the old things will survive.

  4. Remember that the truth cannot be incorporated into the old teachings.

  5. The new teachings must be looked at without comparing it to the old teachings.

  6. Throughout history, certain men have come forth with great wisdom and mighty works and they are called the enlightened ones.

  7. They come from humble beginnings to teach the world after they have learned the things of the world selves.

  8. A prophet is not without honor, but a prophet is with humility which is the greatest gift except from the heavens.


  1. The multitudes of people who were born do not leave the world with compassion because they seek a leader.

  2. And when the elders are called, they will be set forth to achieve great things and they will do whatever pleases the leader.

  3. They will be set forth to accomplish things but did not accomplish certain things.

  4. They are to go and preach to those who seek the truth through their laws.

  5. They will get nothing in return from the people, but they will give the people great wisdom.

  6. Nothing will be taken on this journey except what is learned through the experience.

  7. Inquire in every household who is worthy and you will go to that place.

  8. When you come to a house of the one who seeks greater truth, then you will be enlightened to speak to them.

  9. If the house is worthy, then come upon it with peace, but if it is worthy, let the peace return to your fill.

  10. And whoever does not receive you, do not fret, but shake off what you have experienced and will go forward.

  11. The world should be more tolerable than what it is in this day and age for the day will come when judgment will be there, and all people will be judged according to their actions.

  12. You will be sent forth into the world as an enlightened being in the face of those who are not wise, and you should be wise and harmless to all your needs.

  13. Beware of those who seek you in the name of love, but they will chastise you in their own congregations.

  14. You may be brought forth to the great leaders and you may have a testimony of the truth.

  15. When they persecute you, go into another city and to not give up until the word gets out and the new age is upon us all.

  16. Do not fear them, for there is nothing covered that will be revealed and there is nothing that is hidden that will not be known.

  17. I tell you in the darkness, that you should speak in the light in that what you hear you should preach.

  18. But do not fear those that will kill your body because they cannot kill your soul.

  19. You will not fall in the face of suffering if you have conquered it.

  20. Do not fear, for you are more valuable than all the people who were not enlightened.

  21. And you should go out and preach that everyone should come to acknowledge the sufferings of the world and seek to conquer that which makes them suffer.

  22. And you will be sent forth and you will tell everyone these things which I have given to you.


  1. After these things, the powers of the day will come and find you and cast you away.

  2. You will go to those who want to persecute you and stand in their midst.

  3. For those people hold fast to the traditions of man and not to the traditions of truth.

  4. In order to achieve enlightenment, you do not need to follow any doctrines or do any rituals, rather, you should seek to do good and seek the ultimate truth your entire life.

  5. They will ask you why you do not preach according to the traditions of the elders that have been passed down.

  6. You will then teach them and they will come to understand your purpose.

  7. There is nothing that comes from man that will lead them to ultimate truth, but the things which come from man will defile the truth.

  8. If any man has heard, then let them hear what I am about to say.

  9. Most of you will not understand, but whoever enters into the truth cannot defile the truth because the truth is universal.

  10. The truth enters into the heart but the distortion of that truth will enter into the mind, and will have no meaning in the heart.

  11. That which comes from the doctrines of man has been defiled.

  12. With them, you are good, but evil comes from outside sources.

  13. All of the things that cause suffering in the world come from outside.

  14. All of these things that cause suffering in the world defiles the man.

  15. No man can know this and it will not be hidden away.

  16. The greatest person to go into the kingdom is the one who is innocent.

  17. You should become as a little child, free from that which is perceived to be true, that which is perceived to be good but really causes suffering in the world.

  18. Everyone upon the face of earth should be converted to the truth before they become hardened.

  19. Whoever humbles themselves and follows the truth, will come to be in the kingdom.

  20. Come and see the religions which have distorted the truth, and look at it before they have all offended and distorted all the truth.

  21. If anyone shows blind devotion to something that which they believe to be true and other comparable things to be false, then they have to leave it because they will not have seen the light.

  22. Cast away the traditions of old and come to seek the greatest truth.

  23. We will seek all people who go astray from the path to enlightenment.

  24. The one who has gone astray is more work than all the others who’ve already found the truth.

  25. Rejoice more in the one who converts and not the ones who’ve already been.

  26. It is your destiny and your will so that you always seek that which is good.

  27. If anyone has done bad things to you to hurt you, go to them and tell them that you have forgiven those that hurt you and that life should go on.

  28. If that person will not hear you, then take it with you all the days of your life so that you do not have anything holding you back in this life or in the next.

  29. And if that person neglects to hear even those people, then tell it to the multitudes of people that have accepted the truth and they neglect to hear the multitudes then they have been thoroughly indoctrinated by the religion which they have been raised in.

  30. No matter how many times anyone does bad things to you, you should forgive them every single time.

  31. Do not be ashamed and do not seek retribution for it is not in your nature.

  32. It is your nature to forgive those who have wronged you and hope that you can move on and that they can do the same and that the world can live in peace and harmony in all the chaos that envelops the world in this day.


  1. The kingdom is a state of being where you are the king of your own world and the master of your own destiny.

  2. Take count of everyone who is in your life and remember them for who they were in your life.

  3. If they are not nice to you, remember them for the good things, and if they are good, remember them for the good things also.

  4. Have patience with those who have wronged you for they know not what they have done to you.

  5. Be moved with compassion and forgive all those who have done wrong to you.

  6. If they backstab you, they are not worthy of being your friends or in your life at all.

  7. If they come back to you and asked for forgiveness again, then forgive them again.

  8. It is not good or wise to hold grudges against anyone.

  9. Everyone will come to you as some point in and for forgive us because they have wronged you on.

  10. If you desire to be friends with someone so much that you will make it work in harmony.

  11. Have compassion for everyone and it leads to a life that is full of good deeds.

  12. Everything will be paid back eventually and karma is good in your head.

  13. Forgive everyone from your heart and it will lead you to ask for forgiveness and renew yourself.


  1. After you teach these things, then you will have gained sufficient following so that others can teach the things that you have changed the lives of others.

  2. The harvest is truly great but the laborers are few.

  3. You will send forth others as enlightened ones of long those who have not been enlightened.

  4. Do not carry anything but remember all that you have been taught in your heart and soul.

  5. Every house I shall be entering will be in peace.

  6. Your peace will rest upon all of those that you teach and they will not turn against you.

  7. Remain in the house and help those that need help.

  8. In whatever city you go into, stay in the city and preach to all of those who desire.

  9. And if they do not receive you in their city, then do not stay, but move on.

  10. The very path that you forge will leave a lasting impact on everyone who meets or sees you.

  11. Be tolerant of all people and be mindful of all cultures and teach them things that are relevant to their societies and you will have a great journey ahead of you.


  1. The feast is at hand.

  2. Say to those people, depart and go into the world so that others may see the great works that come for you.

  3. No man that does anything in secret will seek to be known.

  4. If you do these things, then leave the world behind.

  5. No one will believe in you if you depart from this world.

  6. My time has come, but your time is always here.

  7. The world can hate you, but that is because the world will hate me.

  8. I testify of the works that are evil and they will always fall in the face of the works that do good.

  9. Go into the world and be of the world but my time has not come to be in the world.

  10. I will go into the world in secret and I will come out into the world as a new person.

  11. There will be much murmuring among the masses, and some will love me and others will hate me.

  12. No one will speak openly of me for fear of being chastised by their own social control system.

  13. Out of the myths, I will come up and teach the people at the time where the new age is to come.

  14. They will all marvel at me and say that no man knows these things, so how has he learned? My doctrine is not mine, my doctrine is the doctrine of those who have come before me to enlighten the world.

  15. You evolve beyond the point which you are at, but I say, why do you follow these laws because they are faulty.

  16. You have a demon, why do you go about fulfilling your desires with the things of the world because it is to destroy your demon? I have done one thing in all of you have marveled at it.

  17. The social control systems have given you a lot following their paths, but I say that in order to be enlightened, you only have to follow simple rules that apply to everyone.

  18. If anyone comes before you and believe something different, do not chastise them for their beliefs, rather, learn and you will become more enlightened as a result.

  19. Do not judge according to what people believe, judge according to what people do.

  20. The social control system will seek to kill me as a result of this.

  21. They will say nothing to me, but they will say everything and all manner of evil against me.

  22. They will murmur things against me and they will send people to try and destroy me.

  23. It will cause division among the people and it will lead to war.

  24. So who will try and take me? No man will lay a hand on me.

  25. I have spoken like very few men before me, and those men were the most enlightened beings on the face of the planet.

  26. You have been deceived by what you believe and you have been taught a distortion of the truth.

  27. Everyone will believe in those people because those people know the truth.

  28. You will believe in them because they speak of something that encourages conformity.

  29. Do you not know that these people are cursed and they are not teaching you the whole story?

  30. Your teaching is the same for every single person, and that is wrong because you have no authority to judge on the basis of belief.

  31. A prophet has arisen out of this land of liberty and this process has come to the end of the age.

  32. Go back into your own homes with this and teach everyone around view of the real truth.


  1. People come from all around all times of the day and they will sit down and talk and learn from the great teacher.

  2. The leaders of this day will chastise those who do things that do not agree with their interpretation or their beliefs.

  3. They will cast people into prison for doing things that are not harmful to them.

  4. Their loss will command them to put these people to death and they will inquire on you.

  5. They do this so that they can tempt you to that they can accuse you of doing something wrong, so remember this when this happens in your life.

  6. Listen to your conscious and cast them away so you can be alone with the person who did wrong.

  7. You do not know what you did, but your fact will have a lasting impact.

  8. They will not condemn you and so you should not condemn those who do wrong in the eyes of the law.

  9. Tell them to go and not fall to their own sufferings in life.

  10. When bad things happen in a person’s life, people will say that it was because of their lack of faith or they did something wrong in the eyes of their deity.

  11. Remember that it is not because of belief or because they have done something wrong, but it is because of their destiny and that everything happens for a reason.

  12. Remember that when bad things happen in your life, it is because there is a reason for it to happen.


  1. A person who answers the door of the truth is not one of the sheep, but is a leader in their own life.

  2. But the one that enters into the door of the social control will become a sheep to those who answer the door.

  3. They will have called you by name and they will lead you in, and will use you and take everything away from you.

  4. They will put forth their own teachings and they will pressure you into following them, who are the shepherds, for you know their voices.

  5. It is not because you chose to follow a stranger, but you follow them because they are a leader.

  6. A good leader will give life to those who follow them.

  7. The leader who fails and the leader who controls will leave their sheep when the wolf comes, and this will cause the sheep to scatter.

  8. The leaders will not care for you because they only care for the material you possess.

  9. The good leader knows their people and will lead them to the truth.

  10. To the other sheep that are not there, the shepherd, who is the leader, will bring them into the fold and they will hear the voice.

  11. Do not conform to the fold of the day but seek the truth independently and become a leader in your own life.


  1. The leaders of the day will ask you what they should do to attain salvation.

  2. Ask them what is written in their own life and how they come to read it.

  3. Love yourself with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength, and all of your mind, and then love your neighbor as you love yourself.

  4. If you answer this right, then you will live.

  5. You will be tempted to be justifying and asking what that neighbor is.

  6. Your neighbor is everyone, from those who live near you, to those who are stripped-down and left for dead on the streets.

  7. Remember the one who is passed by on the wayside and help them with what they need.

  8. Others will look upon them and pass by them on the opposite side.

  9. Be the one with compassion and help them with what they need.

  10. Bind up their wounds and set them on their own and bring them to a place and take care of them.

  11. Take care of them and pay and help them get off to a better life and when they come, they will repay you.

  12. What thinks of you the one who passes by the one who needs help the most? Show mercy on them and go into yourself likewise.


  1. As you will meditate upon these things, meditate and others will ask you how you should meditate.

  2. When you meditate, think of the spirits in the heavens and remember your own kingdom here on earth.

  3. Remember the blessings that you have received.

  4. Forgive every one of the bad things they have done to you so that you are able to seek forgiveness from them.

  5. When you have friends and go to them for help and asked them for that help than they should help you.

  6. A great journey has come to you and you have nothing to show for it.

  7. Do not trouble anyone, for their door is shut and they cannot rise and help.

  8. They will not come to you because you are now friends, but because they have no way of helping you.

  9. Ask and you will receive that which you seek and you will find the truth, and knock and the door the truth will be opened to you.

  10. For everyone that asks will receive, and everyone that seeks will find, and to the one that knocks it will be opened.

  11. If anyone asks you for something, will you give them another?

  12. If you offer them something, will you expect something different and return?

  13. If you are evil, then how can you give good to your children and how much more shall you give to the spirit that asks you to listen?


  1. One day you will enter into the household of the leaders to try and chastise you, and you will watch them in their activity.

  2. And, behold, you will see them doing something which they hold to be true but is really false.

  3. And noticing you, they will ask if it is okay for them to do this.

  4. And you’ll hold your peace and just observe, and ask them that if they believe it is okay, then it will be good.

  5. You will ask them if it is okay if they would become verbal, doing something that you believe and perform those actions.

  6. They will not answer you because they do not agree with you.

  7. When you are in the presence of a man who is to be honored, do not make yourself more honorable than what is deserved of that person.

  8. The one who puts themselves higher than all others will be brought down into shame.

  9. When the lesson has been learned, then the friend will come back and sent them back on their feet.

  10. Whoever exalts himself will be shunned, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.

  11. When you host a party, do not call forth of those who are known to make themselves the center of attention unless you can teach them this lesson also.

  12. When you host a party, call forth those who do not have anything to show for your life.

  13. You will be blessed for you have humbled yourself down to the level of a peasant.

  14. Blessed is the one that is allowed to eat at the feast of the Almighty Creator.

  15. A certain person made a great feast and many came.

  16. The servants called the master down when it was ready.

  17. And when the invitations were sent out, everybody had excuses to not show up.

  18. All of the people who this master considered their friends would not come to the feasts.

  19. The servant came and recommended to the master that they go out into the street and gather up all those who have nothing.

  20. There is room for these people and these people would go hungry otherwise.

  21. Go out into the city and gather up all those you find on streets who need something to make their lives better.

  22. None of those people would exalt themselves because they would be happy to just gets food to eat and shelter over their head.


  1. If you intend to build a structure as mighty as a tower, sit down first go over the plan and count the cost so that you would know whether or not you would be able to finish.

  2. If you do not, after you lay down the foundation and they’re not able to finish it, then all people would begin to mock you.

  3. You were able to start it, but you were not able to finish it.

  4. What ruler who is going to make more against another ruler would not sit down first and consult the battle plans?

  5. Or else, what if the war is way far off to send an ambassador to the country and desire for peace?


  1. All of the people will gather to hear the next teaching.

  2. All of the skeptics would gather and talk amongst themselves in many thing pertaining to your teachings.

  3. Listen to what is about to be spoken.

  4. What man having a lot of followers and loses one of them does not leave the others to find the one that is lost?

  5. And when you have found a lost soul, you rejoice in saying that they have again been found.

  6. Rejoice in the fact that you have found the one who was lost.

  7. Joy will be in the heavens over one person that seeks the truth more than just the others who do not see the truth, but merely follow that which is being led.

  8. What man having a lot of money loses one part of that and does not go out in search of that money which has been lost?

  9. Rejoice when you have found the peace that has been lost.

  10. There is joy in the heavens over one person that seeks the truth.

  11. A certain man had two people who were to inherit everything he owns.

  12. One of them said to him, give me the portion that is allocated to me, and the man divided the goods amongst the inheritors.

  13. Not many days afterwards, the one gathered all of it together and took it into a faraway land where they would fall into the entrapment of suffering.

  14. When all had been spent, a great hardship falls over the land and they began to be in want.

  15. And they went and joined themselves to be a citizen so that they would work their way back to the top.

  16. You still fall in the suffering because of the temptation that surrounds those who are desperate.

  17. And you say to yourself, how many servants of that man have bread, and I perish with hunger?

  18. I will arise and go back to the person who gave me my share of the inheritance because I have sinned and him suffering as a result of my desires.

  19. I am no longer worthy to be the inheritor so that I may become the servant.

  20. And they journeyed back, but it was a great way off, and the man had compassion because of the humility that has been taught.

  21. And the inheritor said, I have sinned against the heavens and in your sight and I am no longer worthy to receive your share.

  22. But the man said to the servants to bring forth the best things and to start a great feast because the first one has returned again.

  23. Where this person was once dead, is alive again, this person was once lost but is now found.

  24. Now the second inheritor was in the fields and began to take notice that the first one was back again.

  25. The second one noticed that a great feast has been brought forth because of the return.

  26. And the second one was angry and would not go because of the sin that person had committed in the past.

  27. He went then angrily and said, I have served you many years and I have not done anything to hurt you but you never gave me a feast for my goodness.

  28. As soon as the first one came back which fell into all manner of sin and took away half of the inheritance, you receive with the feast?

  29. And the man replied, you are always with me and all I had for all these years was you.

  30. Be glad for one was dead and is alive again and was lost but now was found.


  1. A certain rich person who had a servant accuse him of wasting his goods.

  2. And the rich person said, how is it that I heard of this? The steward said within himself, what shall I do.

  3. I am ashamed and I cannot dig myself out of this.

  4. I am at a loss as to what I should do because it is all that I know.

  5. And all were gathered to see what was owed.

  6. The bills were set and out of those measures, there became more extreme punishments.

  7. The rich man eventually pardons the steward for all that had been done.

  8. The children of the world are a generation wiser then the children of the past generation.

  9. If you make yourself friends of material wealth and unrighteous will, then you will fail and fall into everlasting torment on earth.

  10. The one who is faithful in that which is unfaithful is also unjust.

  11. If you have not been faithful in material wealth, then that can trust you with what is really treasured?

  12. And if you have not been faithful in that which someone else’s is, then how can you be faithful in that which is your own?

  13. No servant can serve two masters, for one will have to show favorites over the other.

  14. For this teaching, you will be derided, but they do not understand the meaning of that which is been set.

  15. You are the ones who justify yourself before man, but they do not know your heart for that which is esteemed among man is an abomination in the heavens.


  1. There was a certain person who is clothed in fine clothing.

  2. There was also a certain beggar at the gates of the palace.

  3. The beggar desired to be in the house of the rich but instead was cast away with the dogs.

  4. The beggar died and the rich man died and they were both buried.

  5. Being in torment, the rich man looked up and saw the beggar in the heavens.

  6. He cried out and saw the error of his ways so that he may also go up into the heavens and not walk amongst the living.

  7. The rich man had done evil things and is now being tormented, but the poor person was doing good things and is now comforted.

  8. You cannot pass from this world into the next world until you realize the error of all your ways.

  9. The rich man did not recant nor accept that he had died so that he may be thrust into the heavens.

  10. If one person goes from the earth to the heavens without realizing, then they will be damned to a life as a spirit amongst the living.

  11. No one in the heavens will be persuaded because no one can be raised without the knowledge of the spirit.


  1. Woe unto those who offend others.

  2. It would be better that person would be dead so that they would not be able to offend anybody.

  3. If anyone does horrible things against you then forgive them and if they were hands forgive them.

  4. And if they do it multiple times and they turn again and ask for pensions, forgive them.

  5. Whichever one of you goes through life and does not contribute and takes everything, will be nothing in the sight of the spirit in the heavens.

  6. Those who ask to be served but do not serve will fall in to the temptations and sufferings of the world.

  7. Those who do not think others for what has been provided them will not be ignored if they have been good.

  8. When you have done all things which have been asked of you, and you are still not profitable but have done your duties, then you will be forgiven.

  9. The kingdom will come with observation and through reason.

  10. As it was in the beginning, so it will also be in the days of the new age.

  11. For if you contribute nothing and then you are dead, then no one can justify the works you have done.

  12. Likewise, those who do great works will be healed and will be blessed with great things.

  13. Living your life without contributing but asking for everything and having faith will not save you or bring you through any salvation.

  14. This will also apply in the day when the new age has been revealed.

  15. Those which earn certain blessings in life have had to work a lot to receive them.

  16. Whoever seeks to save their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life will preserve it.

  17. In the night, one part of your self will be taken, but the other one will be left.

  18. For every two that are within your soul, the evil side will be taken, and all that will remain is the good side of yourself.

  19. You have eliminated the evil side of yourself through conquering all the things which bring you to suffer.


  1. And another teaching has been spoken in that you must always hope and never fail in your dreams.

  2. There was a judge in the city whom did not fear anyone.

  3. A woman came to the judge and told the judge to cast judgment upon someone else.

  4. The judge would not do that but then she saw that he had no fear.

  5. He decided to avenge the honor of this woman because her continual presence was wearying him.

  6. Hear what the unjust judge says.

  7. Those who are righteous and are at the receiving end of wrong actions will receive the justice.

  8. They will be avenged, for they have faith in karma and the universe.

  9. When this is spoken, those who trust in these sayings will be righteous and those who are nervous will be despised.

  10. Everyone that humbles himself will be exalted because they realize that they have no power over another human.

  11. Even those who have done wrong in the past can receive deliverance and they can be healed through the power of forgiveness.


  1. It came to pass that the prophet went into a village and saw two sisters.

  2. One tended to the prophet while the other one did not.

  3. He noticed that she was troubled and asked her what was wrong.

  4. He answered and said that you have many things that trouble you.

  5. The other is not worried and does not need to worry because there is nothing to worry about in your life.

  6. One who does not believe will come to him and ask if it is good for a man to cast down his life for everything.

  7. He answered and said that, in the beginning male and female were created to be together.

  8. They shall leave their elders and go out into the world, and find their other half and they shall become one.

  9. What they have joined together in union, let no one take away.

  10. Even if that person is of the same and they are happy together, then let them be and do not interfere.

  11. It is then commanded that the house is a good thing for some people.

  12. Many will suffer because of their significant other, but at the beginning it was not that way.

  13. Whoever shall take away what has been joined together should do it because it would make them both happy.

  14. If you are not ready to marry, then do not marry anyone.

  15. Do not be forced into marrying someone out of pressure, but do it when it is time.

  16. One that is able to receive the commitment shall have a commitment, but one who is not ready will not be ready.

  17. Then little children came about and gathered around the prophet.

  18. These little children suffer through the world, but do not forbid them to dream, for they are the essence of the kingdom.

  19. This is what you should do to have everlasting life.

  20. Be as a little child when you enter the kingdom so that you are not beaten down by the world and succumb to suffering.

  21. Keep these things, and keep in mind that covenant which has been given to enter the kingdom of glory.

  22. These are not rules to live by, but they are things that you should have learned and received through common sense.

  23. You will not be damned if you do not call in their faults, but you will not have a good life if you do not follow these precepts.

  24. All these rules in your youth you have, but they are not necessary to receive the glory that everyone is entitled to.

  25. If you are perfect, then you will take the successes you have and you will give it to those who need it the most.

  26. Those who are rich and have great possessions will indulge in the things they have, but it is not the truth about life.

  27. A rich man who is greedy will not enter the kingdom, for they love their materials more than they.

  28. It is not easy for someone who is so rich to enter in to glory.

  29. Everyone can be saved, because all things are possible.


  1. The kingdom is like a man who had labor that worked for him.

  2. He agreed with the pay and sent them out to work for the day.

  3. Later in the day, more work was needed so more workers were put in.

  4. They agreed to the pay and they went on their way.

  5. Later in the day more were brought in for the same pay.

  6. Those who were standing around waiting for work will receive the work throughout the rest of the day.

  7. Whenever you get, you shall receive no matter the work that you do.

  8. When the end of the day had come, all of the people that worked for him for the day were given their pay.

  9. Everybody was paid the same amount of money.

  10. The ones who came in first expected more money, but they receive the same pay as those who had not work as much.

  11. They murmured against him after they had received their pay.

  12. Those who have not worked very much had received the same as us, who had worked through the heat of the day.

  13. Then the rich man said, did you not agree to the pay which you received? Take that which is yours and use it wisely.

  14. Am I evil because I paid you? Is it not okay for me to do what is mine? The last will be first and the first will be last.

  15. Few people are chosen, although many were called.


  1. There was a ruler of the town and who was rich.

  2. He sought to deceive this prophet but could not see him because he felt unworthy.

  3. He went to the back and stood up over the crowd.

  4. When the prophet looked, he saw him and asked if he could stay at his house.

  5. The king came down and accepted him as a guest.

  6. All were murmuring because this ruler was very impressive.

  7. He made amends with everyone in the town and gave away his excess riches to the lower classes.

  8. Salvation has come to this man because he has seen and believed, and then have forgiven the people.

  9. The prophet has come to seek and save that which is lost.

  10. Another parable was spoken because of prophet was on his way to the city of death.

  11. A nobleman went into the country to receive the kingdom.

  12. Ten of his servants were given money to stay at his house until he returned.

  13. The citizens rose up against him while he was gone because the ruler was very impressive.

  14. The ruler returned having been given the kingdom and demanded that the servants leave the house.

  15. The first servant came and gave the king all of the money that he had been given.

  16. The king then gave and served dominion over that which he had deserved.

  17. The second one came in only gave half the money that he had received from the ruler.

  18. The king gave him reign over half of what the first servants receives.

  19. The last one came saying, I only have one, but I kept it safe so that I would not spend.

  20. The ruler then condemned him for spending all of the money because he did not keep his promise.

  21. I will judge you for you are wicked and you knew that I did not expect you to keep all the money.

  22. You have not given me what I had been giving you.

  23. Take what you have left to the one who had none at all.

  24. The third servant countered and said that he had all the money.

  25. That who has all of it shall be given, and from the one who did not get will be taken away from them.

  26. Bring the ones who have done wrong before me so that I can kill them.

  27. This word had been spoken before his the prophet entered the city of death.


  1. When the prophet entered the city of death, the two witnesses appeared on the mountain.

  2. The witnesses said, go into the village and you will find the sacrifices which I have been given.

  3. If anyone stops you, then you shall say, it has been commanded by the witnesses that you will be put to death.

  4. Then the witnesses lost and the prophet did as he was commanded.

  5. Many people gathered on the road and saw the prophet go on his way into the city of death.

  6. And when the prophet entered the city, everyone in the city asked who that was.

  7. The world has gone after the prophet, therefore the prophet should be put to death.

  8. The hour has come so that the prophet can be glorified in the heavens because of the journey.

  9. People came from all around to see the prophet and to witness to the glory which is about to be received.

  10. The prophet had said, if I die, I will have brought forth many guests.


  1. When the prophet went into the temple, he began to kick out all of those who used it as a market and sent them away.

  2. Nobody should use something as sacred as the Temple for their own desires.

  3. The lands of the earth should be for all people.

  4. Those places that are sacred should be Sacred, and those places that are meant for business should be meant for business.

  5. Those who were used to the business going on had condemned him for his doctrines.

  6. After the prophet had driven everyone out, he came to the Chiefs and confronted them.

  7. They had avoided confrontation for so long, but now is the time.

  8. The Chiefs challenged him on the authority by which he does these things.

  9. He answered, a man had two sons, he came to the first and told him to work.

  10. He said that he would not, but afterword he went anyways.

  11. The father came to the second and told him to do the same thing.

  12. The second son answered I will go, but he did not.

  13. All of those who were sent out against me will become them before you.


  1. Listen to this next one, there was a certain person who built a farm and implemented all the things in order to make it successful, and then went away.

  2. A servant was sent to tend to the field so that he may receive the fruits of the harvest at the end.

  3. The men stalled, and they caught him and sent him away without anything.

  4. Then another servant was sent to keep watch, and the first one came back and beat him and left him for dead.

  5. Again, another one was sent and he was killed, along with many others who were sent after him.

  6. He sent the last one who was his son, and he sent him to tend to the farm because they would respect him.

  7. The servants said among themselves, this is the son, and if we kill him, we shall receive the inheritance of the farm.

  8. They killed him and cast him out to the farm.

  9. What will the owner of the farm do now that his son who was to receive the inheritance had been killed?

  10. He will come and kill the servants who had killed his son and will give the farm away to others.

  11. After this, the Chiefs understood and they took him to be a legitimate prophet.


  1. The kingdom is like a king which had arranged a marriage for the son, who was the Prince.

  2. The servants under the king were not invited to the marriage ceremony.

  3. He sent those servants forth to tell the guests that all things were ready and the ceremony was about to begin.

  4. They went outside and told others, but some went away to seek revenge against the king.

  5. The servants who went out to seek the others had killed those that they were sent out to invite.

  6. When the king heard of this, he sent forth the guards and destroyed the servants that betrayed him.

  7. Then the servants who were not invited came back.

  8. The ceremony was ready, but no one who was worthy came.

  9. He told them to go out into the streets and find everyone and invite them all to the ceremony.

  10. So they went out into the streets and gathered all that had been found, and the wedding had many guests.

  11. When the king came to see the guests, there were many who were not worthy to be at the ceremony.

  12. He commented that they were not prepared and they were not worthy to be at the wedding.

  13. The king then said to the servants, take those away who are not worthy and cast them away.

  14. Many people are called, but few are chosen to be worthy.


  1. You will be regarded by teachers as a heathen when these sayings are said because they know that they are true and they teach the truth, and they do not care who you are, but they will not regard you as a human being.

  2. They will challenge you with the purpose of giving.

  3. These hypocrites will tempt you with the giving of money to those who do not need it.

  4. You shall ask for the money that is to be used to those who do not need it.

  5. The image of what you are giving is what you are getting to.

  6. Give that which is needed from them to those who need it, but with whatever you have left, give to those who do not need it.

  7. Hear these words and marvel, for it is good to give to those who do not need it but want it, and then you shall give whatever you have left those who need it and wants it.

  8. That same day, others will come to you and tell you that there is no life after death.

  9. If someone dies and leaves nothing, then are they really set for an afterlife?

  10. When you die, are you really sealed to those who you love forever?

  11. When you die, is there a heaven, or a hell, or purgatory, or a different state than ours?

  12. When you die, are you judged by fate or by works?

  13. When you die, are you reinstated upon the face of the earth, or do you live in afterlife that is determined by how you lived in this life?

  14. Not one person on the face of the earth knows the truth about what comes after this life.

  15. When you die, you are not sealed to your family, you do not go to heaven or hell or purgatory, you are not judged by fate, you are not reinstated upon the face of the earth.

  16. Upon your death, you will be judged by the people you leave behind according to what you have done in your life.

  17. Do not concern yourself with what comes after this life, but focus on the life that you have now and let the future come to you when the future has come.

  18. Do not concern yourself with matters of the afterlife, for you will go where you think you should go.

  19. Many will be astonished at this doctrine, but there is no other way to prove without a shadow of a doubt the nature of this afterlife.


  1. When do you leave these lessons of old alone upon the face of the earth?

  2. The greatest of all things you must do on the face of this planet is to love.

  3. You shall love yourself with all of your heart, and all of your soul, and with all of your mind, and with all your strength.

  4. The second is you should love your neighbor with all of those qualities as you love yourself.

  5. There is nothing greater than this in life.

  6. These two commandments have guided and shaped the face of history.

  7. Whatever I say I say in the name of truth for there is no truth greater than this truth.

  8. Loving others and loving your own life is greater than anything you will ever do in your life.


  1. Then the prophet spoke to the multitude of people who now know the greatest truth of all the truth.

  2. Fallible men are sitting in the seats reserved for the enlightened one.

  3. Whatever they say should be things that you observe and they do not observe, you should not have to do these things yourself.

  4. They give you heavy burdens and they give you guilt, and when they speak, you are expected to listen.

  5. All of the work they do this for the advancement of their own lives at the cost of your life.

  6. They love themselves and they will take everything you have for their own and bandage.

  7. And when they come to a public place, they expected to be venerated.

  8. Do not submit yourself to authority that isn’t really there, only submit your authority to your inner spirit.

  9. Call no man higher than you without reasonable cause, for they do not have the authority that comes from the heavens.

  10. They should not be called masters either, for the master of your life is your spirit and your spirit alone.

  11. Everyone upon the face of the earth is considered and will be treated as your equal.

  12. And he who thinks to puts himself above you will not be honored, but those who are humble will be honored.

  13. While once of those who think they are better than others, for they are hypocrites.

  14. They shut the truth away from you and replace it with their own preconceived notions of the truth.

  15. While one of those who put themselves above you.

  16. They tell you what to do when you’re to seek absolution, but they have no moral authority over that and you do yourself.

  17. Will one of those who put themselves above you ever see the truth?

  18. You go out into the lands to convert others to your faith, but the day will come when you are no more better than anyone else.

  19. You will subjugate yourself to anything to submit to please those who are above you.

  20. They have the truth and they are hiding what they have from you.

  21. While once of those who do not treat you as equal to them.

  22. Whoever has to pay themselves to receive the blessings of having is not speaking in truth, but in lies.

  23. All of you who follow others are fools, for they would want your gold and your service and your sacrifice, and you get nothing in return.

  24. Whoever takes an oath of secrecy and keep the truth away from others is guilty of the greatest sin.

  25. All of you who follow them are foolish and blind, for the greatest thing is like you give to the world, and what you believe when you give to the world.

  26. Whoever swears allegiance to anything will swear by it and will die for it and it is foolish.

  27. When you submit yourself to authority, you are giving them exactly what they want because you will never know the truth.

  28. He that swears by the truth will swear to defend that truth until they die, even though they do not believe the same thing you do.

  29. What wanted those hypocrites, who are saying great many things, but only give out judgment and rules, and they do not help with matters of mercy and faith and forgiveness.

  30. You blind people who’ve submitted to this authority, wake up and seek the truth for yourself by studying it objectively.

  31. Well, all of those leaders are hypocrites, for they seem clean on the outside, but they are guilty of the dirtiest things inside.

  32. You blind teachers, cleanse yourself of your inner sins so that you may be clean on the outside.

  33. While once of those hypocrites, for they indeed have a beautiful message to say on the outside, but on the inside there are a bunch of rules and regulations and you are made to feel worse than yourself.

  34. You blind person who submits to the authority of this and suffers with guilt, and hanged all the time for not doing the right thing, you are not following the truth, but something that indicates the truth.

  35. Woe to those hypocrites, for they appear righteous on the outside, but on the inside they are full of lies and deceit.

  36. Woe to those hypocrites, for they take the teachings of enlightened beings and turn them into gods.

  37. And it says, if anyone creates a God for themselves, let them be damned.

  38. Be witnesses to yourself, and you are the children of light for you have received the oldest truth.

  39. Question with boldness everything your fathers and forefathers have not brainwashed you into.

  40. How can you escape eternal damnation on earth if you do not seek the truth and the light?


  1. And the prophet sat at the entrance to the vault, and everyone has to money that they had in excess into this vault.

  2. Then came the poor, who threw in whatever they could give.

  3. I say to you, the poor has cast more in the right than to have cast everything they have into all things.

  4. The rich will cast in whatever they have left, but the poor will cast in everything, and they have the same call.

  5. And the prophet departed from the Temple, and those who follow this prophet came in showed the buildings of the great and mighty Temple.

  6. There shall be nothing left of this, and everything that is here will be thrown down.

  7. Those who are not full of life will never come back.

  8. Let the one who is on top not come down with anything.

  9. Do not let those who are on top bring anything with them.

  10. Woe to those who will be children, for their early days will suck because of the iniquities of their parents.

  11. Hope that you will not have to suffer through it, for you shall know what this ahead of time.

  12. There will be a great judgment cast, as well as in the beginning of the world and what will come in the end of the world.

  13. Now learn this, when a branch of a tree is young, and brings forth leaves, you know that they are healthy.

  14. When you see these things, you will know that the tree is of vital importance.

  15. You will not know the day or the hour when your death will come, such as the tree which is full of life.

  16. But when the end of your life will come, you shall know because your spirit knows.

  17. For in the days before the great tribulations of the world, great prosperity was around and no one thought it could get worse.

  18. You do not know this was to come, but the earth did and people chose not to listen to those.

  19. You will be taken away, and so shall the people who claim to be gods.

  20. Two people will be in the beginning, but one will die and the other will survive.

  21. Watch out, for you do not know the hour which your time has come.

  22. But know this, for every breath you have on the face of the earth, do everything you are meant to do, achieve your destiny, do good things, seek the truth, and you will be free.

  23. Be ready, for you do not know the hour in which your spirit will be taken to the heavens forever.


  1. Who, then, is this enlightened person who the creator has sent to preach the truth?

  2. Blessed is enlightened person, for they know when the spirit is truly trying to get to the people.

  3. The enlightened person shall be made a God by their successors.

  4. If evil people tell themselves and not make this person into God, then they will be forgotten by time, and their teaching will be lost forever.

  5. All the people will listen and be mystified, and the people fall again in corruption, and they will corrupt the teachings which have been taught as pure truth.

  6. The enlightened being will come on a day when they are not seeking, and indeed an hour which they are not aware.

  7. The enlightened person will cut down those who claim to know the truth, and appoint them hypocrites.


  1. The kingdom will be like the ten Angels, which took their spirits and went forth to see the prophet.

  2. Five of them were smart and five of them were stupid.

  3. Those that were stupid did not come prepared.

  4. But those who were wise were prepared with everything.

  5. While the Angels were in a state of sleep, the prophet was still at work.

  6. A cry was made, and the Angels went out to meet the prophet.

  7. All of the Angels rose and took their lamps to light it.

  8. The stupid one said to the wise, give us your supplies, for our spirits are not prepared.

  9. The wise said no, because there may not be enough supplies for us and for you.

  10. Go and buy them for yourself.

  11. When the foolish ones went out to buy it, the prophet came and took them in.

  12. The five foolish ones came back and asked that the door would be open to them.

  13. This request was denied for they were not prepared.

  14. You do not know the hour in which the prophet will come and establish the new age.


  1. The kingdom is like a man traveling to a faraway place.

  2. Three servants were given the goods and were given a way to deliver these.

  3. They were given certain supplies a certain amounts according to their talent.

  4. One servant went and doubled the amount of supplies that were given to him.

  5. The second one did likewise, and doubled the profit.

  6. The last one, however, went on the journey and did not make a profit.

  7. The servants eventually ended the journey, and they gave what they had back to the master.

  8. The first one beheld him and gave him double what he had given him in the beginning.

  9. The master complemented him and called him a good and faithful servant, for he has been faithful.

  10. The one who did the same thing did likewise, and was received the same way.

  11. The last one who did not make a profit off of it gave him the same as he was given in the beginning.

  12. That servant was afraid of losing it and did not barter with it because he did not want to be chastised for taking a chance and losing on it.

  13. For everyone that has shall be given, and given in abundance, but for those who have not anything will have everything taken away.

  14. Do not live your life by wasting it, rather, take every breath you have and live to the fullest.


  1. Look into yourself, lest your heart be overrun with suffering and the cares of the afterlife, lest your days come to an end when you are unaware.

  2. For an instant, your life may be ended and you will have nothing you have lived for.

  3. Watch so that you may be worthy to escape all the things of suffering and to stand in the world as one who sees beyond it.

  4. The prophets and all the angels will come again in glory.

  5. And all the spirits will be gathered, and no one will be separate from one another.

  6. The one who lives righteously will be on the right-hand, but the one who lives in suffering will be on the left.

  7. The ones on the right will inherit the blessings of the heavens forever.

  8. Those who are righteous in their life will be blessed because they will have seen the light before their time of death.

  9. They went and they fulfilled their destiny, and they also fulfill their obligations to their fellow man.

  10. Those righteous ones were hungry and they were given things to eat, and they were thirsty and given things to drink.

  11. When you see a stranger, you should take them in and give them what they need to survive, for this is your obligation to your fellow man.

  12. When you have done this to your fellow man, then you will have performed pious actions for your own sake.

  13. Those who were in the left hand, the ones who were not righteous, the ones who succumbed to suffering, they will be in the world as a spirit walking amongst the living until they are able to see the light.

  14. They did not take in the message of the truth and they did not take in the message of loving one another.

  15. They did not minister to anyone who needed help and they did not help those, even those of their own family, who were in need.

  16. The righteous will live a life in the heavens, but the ones who suffer will live a life on earth.


  1. The prophet was going to be killed at this point in time, and there was only but a short time before the death would come.

  2. In the house, the prophet was preparing the ointments for burial.

  3. The poor are always with you, and you may do them good, but you will not always have them.

  4. The poor have done nothing against you, so you should do nothing against them.

  5. The prophet was then betrayed by his fellow man.

  6. A fellow man called him out and went over to the Chiefs in order to have him executed.

  7. This man would later come to regret it.


  1. The day of the feast had come, and preparations were made for the meal.

  2. The time of the end of my life is at hand, and my last meal will be with the ones that followed me the most.

  3. And those who followed him did as he said, and prepared the meal.

  4. Everyone will be benefited with continuing the work of the prophet after his death.

  5. No one will be called greater than another because no man is greater than another man.

  6. No one, whether old or young, or male or female, or slave or free, are greater than you.

  7. You both serve in the same earth and under the same conditions and you both will experience the same death.

  8. Someone will betray me, and they will regret the betrayal.

  9. Someone here is unclean, and they have succumbed to the sufferings of the world in order to betray the truth.

  10. I will not reveal the person who is to betray me, so all of you are suspect to one another.

  11. You will all fall to the same conditions if you are not careful and do not heed the words I have said to you.

  12. I have given you an example, so that you should do as I have done to you.

  13. If you know these things, then you will be happy.

  14. I am not greater than you, but you, and I, and everyone on earth are equals.

  15. Do not doubt anything that I speak, for these words cannot be disputed.

  16. If these words are disputed, then their arguments are invalid and untrue.

  17. Even though one of you is to betray me, you should still love one another as I have loved you.

  18. One of you is to betray me because I have predicted.

  19. All men have been offended because of me, but I will never be offended by you.

  20. You will deny me and tell me, but my word will stand forever.

  21. Watch so that you will never go into temptation, for your spirit is willing to break free from the earth, but your body is weak.

  22. Behold, the hour is at hand now, this is the hour that I will be betrayed by the world.


  1. Then, the person who betrayed him, knew where he was and sent guards after him.

  2. The guards then surrounded the prophet and the prophet was arrested.


  1. Then the enlightened one, who does all things that were to come before, went forth and asked who the deceiving one.

  2. I am he, who has proclaimed the kingdom and the end of the age and will usher in the age to come.

  3. Then I ask you again, who do you seek? I have told you that I am the one that you seek, so if you need me, then I will go on my way.

  4. Why do you come for me, for I do not know what I have done wrong.

  5. Who puts the righteous to death, will be put to death themselves.

  6. Those who take up arms, will perish as a result of arms.

  7. I sat that the temple daily and I taught the people, yet you did not find me or attempt to capture me.

  8. All this was done and the prophecies have been fulfilled.

  9. Give all my things away to those who need my things.

  10. I leave nothing to those who do not need it.

  11. Then the enlightened one was led away by the high priest and all of those who condemned him.

  12. His disciples do not follow him, for they do not want to be seen with the person who would be chastised by the people as a heretic.

  13. The disciples denied any association with him as he was placed in the courts.

  14. They denied him so that they would not have to suffer the same fate as he.

  15. Then they remembered that all would deny association with him, and all of his friends would leave him when he was placed to death.

  16. The high priest then asked about the doctrine that he talked to the world.

  17. The enlightened one answered, I spoke openly to the world and I did not put anything in secret.

  18. What they asked of me, I answered, and I do not deny any information.

  19. If I have spoken bad things, then you are rightfully punishing me, but if I did well, then why do you punish me still?

  20. Many false witnesses will go against me, but none would agree with one another.

  21. The Temple would be destroyed by the works of man, but the word will remain forever.

  22. Everyone will wither and die at the end of their life, or but the words and legacies of those people will remain forever.

  23. No one would agree with one another as to the doctrine because no one understood fully.

  24. You can say that I’m the son of a god, you can’t say that I am a great one, you can say that I am high priest, you can say that I am the anointed one, but I said I am merely but a man who knows the truth and be a good thing but the truth.

  25. You will believe these blasphemies over my teachings, so you’ll remain with the world forever to live amongst the living.


  1. Then the enlightened one was led into the hall of judgment so that he can be defiled.

  2. They took him and judged them according to the law, and said it was not lawful to put him to death.

  3. Say for yourself who I am, I do not say that I am the King, I say that I’m a man like you.

  4. My kingdom is not of this world, for if this kingdom was of this world, then I would not be here right now.

  5. You can say that I am a king.

  6. I was born, and came into the world for a reason, so that I should bear witness to the truth and that everyone who hears the truth will know it comes from my voice.

  7. I stirred up the people and taught them in all manner of truth.


  1. He was then sent to the jurisdiction which he resided under him.

  2. They looked into their deepest desires, but nothing was taught that day.

  3. The actions will justify a thousand words.

  4. The King accused him of speaking blasphemy and locked him, and then he was sent with the crown to his execution.

  5. This man was brought into the execution chamber, as the one who perverted the people with what he called the truth.

  6. There is no fault in this man doing anything against the law, but he must be put down for the sake of preventing a rebellion.

  7. Nothing worthy of death was done because of him, but the people do not accept the truth that was taught.

  8. The people chose to execute this man because they were of the world and they only looked at the things of the world.

  9. They do not concern themselves with the suffering that they go through or the virtues that they can receive, rather, they only cared about the things of the world.

  10. The people demanded that the enlightened one be put to death, so the enlightened one was brought to death.


  1. In time, the enlightened one went into the hall execution and the soldiers gathered around him.

  2. They mocked him and stripped him down.

  3. Then the one who betrayed him saw what he did and saw that he was condemned, and then repented, and then he took his own life.

  4. He betrayed the blood of the innocent and that he got what he deserved.

  5. It was not lawful to take anything of him, for he was guilty of the greatest of sins, the suffering of another.

  6. The enlightened one turned to the weeping crowd and told the crowd, do not weep for me, but weep for yourself and save yourself from this world.

  7. The day is coming which you will be able to say, blessed is the world and all of its misery, before I have been given life in the darkness of this world.

  8. The world will fall on you and the dirt of suffering will cover you, but you will be able to sprout forth and rise above it.

  9. I will be executed alongside those who do not deserve it either.

  10. They succumbed to their own sufferings, but I do not.

  11. What has been written has been fulfilled.

  12. The ones that will pass by me as I die will revile me because they do not accept the truth.

  13. They will mock him and tell him to save himself.

  14. Likewise, the religious leaders of the day will also mock him.

  15. They will say that he has saved others but he cannot save himself.

  16. He trusted in himself, so let him deliver himself from this death which he does not deserve.

  17. If he is truly what the people say he is, then he will be able to save himself.

  18. Those who saw the truth refute those who mocked him because they knew that they did not do with regards to justice.

  19. Those who mocked the truth will receive their punishment in due time, but it is not up to our understanding.

  20. Forgive those that do not know what they do.

  21. Although the people forsake you, your spirit will have never betrayed you.


  1. Then the body was taken after the execution, and it was taken to a grave where this prophet would lay for all eternity.

  2. This prophet would die in body, but the spirit and the word that has been not and it will endure forever.

  3. The world will fall into a cycle and the cycle will fall and continue forever and ever.

  4. Occasionally though, a great person will step up to change the course of history and to change the way of thinking.

  5. This has been done many times in the past and will be done many times in the future.

  6. People will make gods of these people, but the most important thing to take away is the word that they have taught.

  7. Although this person will be dead, the word of this person will remain alive, as it is done in the past, from eternity to eternity.

  8. Never forget the words of these people, and do not fall in to the stories that man has created for these people.

  9. Remember them for what they taught and apply it to your own life, so that you may come to a better understanding of the truth and the light.