This shortest of all gospels in Through Minds’ Eyes is likely the first to have been written, yet it often tells of the basic ministry and teachings of the Christ in more detail than any of the previous ones. It recounts what the Christ did in a vivid style, where one teaching follows directly upon another. In this almost breathless narrative, this book stresses the message about the kingdom of the light now breaking into human life as good news and the Christ himself as the gospel of the divine.

The key verses, which are programmatic, summarize what the Christ proclaims as gospel: fulfillment, the nearness of the kingdom, and therefore the need for repentance and for rebirth.

The framework of this Gospel is partly based on the most basic of teachings, talking nothing about miracles or prophecies. This particular Gospel is even more oriented to christology. It talks extensively about the centrality of the teachings and the actions of the Christ in the context of the wider world.

The unfolding of this story about the Christ is sometimes viewed by interpreters as centered around the term “mystery.” The open secret that the reign of the divine covenant is now breaking into human life with its reversal of human values. There is a related sense in which the real identity of the Christ remains a secret during the entire course of the story.

Although the book is anonymous, apart from the original heading to it being by Ryan in 2012 and originally called the sayings of the teachings. Angelic influence should not, however, be exaggerated. The evangelist has put together various oral and possibly written sources—miracle stories, parables, sayings, stories of controversies, and the passion—so as to speak of the nature of the Christ in today’s world.

Traditionally, the gospel is said to have been written in 2012 in Boulder, at a time of impending doom came over Ryan in terms of the management and thoughts of his old life. Its audience seems to have been those who are unfamiliar with his past life. The book aimed to equip himself to stand faithful in the face of persecution and to try and understand his own context and how the Christ is able to fit in. Its simplicity in terms of teachings makes it very easy to grasp for those who are unfamiliar with the philosophy.



  1. These are the sayings of the author who has brought the teachings of the east and the west together, the one who is to start the new dispensation. Whoever can interpret and follow the teachings will not face a horrible death:

  2. It is said that: Whoever searches for the truth will find it. When you find the truth, you will face trials from those older than you, and you will be marveled at the truth. You shall have control over your life.

  3. It is said that: Those who lead you say to you that the ruler of the universe is in the sky. If it is from anywhere else, there would be other creatures more powerful than you. The ruler of the universe is in direct communication with your spirit. If you recognize yourself, you will be more enlightened, if you do not, then your life will be hard. You are the ultimate creation of the creator of the universe.

  4. It is said that: Your elders may ask you for guidance in the new day, but you should always seek wisdom from your elders. For the ones who are oldest shall be young, and the younger ones shall become old. There should be a unity between the old and the new, and not a division.

  5. It is said that: Recognize the people who you look at, and recognize that there is always something in their minds hidden from the outside. It will be revealed to you that you shall not hate anyone. For there is nothing hidden that will be revealed, and nothing buried that will be raised.

  6. It is said that: Do not lie or practice what you do not like. For everything will be revealed to you when you meet your own destiny in the wake of your enlightenment, and nothing is concealed that will not eventually manifest. Do not hide your feelings because it will eventually be exposed.

  7. It is said that: The beings that are higher will have a part of the lesser beings within them. And the lesser beings that defeat the higher beings shall place shame upon the entire world.

  8. It is said that: The good person is like the one who captures all the creatures of the world, but sends off the smaller ones and only takes the ones who are ready to move on. Whoever has ears, let them hear these words.

  9. It is said that: The one who goes throughout the world will experience all kinds of people. There will be ones who are dominated by different traditions, but the ones who are ready to hear the message will come forth. They will be like a good seed and have many blessings on earth. They can reach others that you cannot reach.

  10. It is said that: I have condemned the current myths of the world, I shall wait for the day there is a bow at my feet.

  11. It is said that: Things are made to pass away. The dead are not living and the livings are not truly dead. These days when you are consumed by the afterlife, focus on this life. The day when you are united, you shall become divided. Place focus on this life for this is the only life you have. When you become divided, what you shall do is to unite.

  12. It is said that: When I go away from you, the destiny states that another like me will take the place and move forward with what I have established.

  13. It is said that: Try to make a comparison it me. I may be many things to many people, but I am who I am. Do not judge me for you have and never will live the life I have lived.

  14. It is said that: If you fast unwillingly, your life will be bad. If you pray to false gods, things will not come to pass. If you give to churches, your money will be corrupted. If people accept you as you are, you will have a better life. For it is not what you get that worsens you, it is what you give.

  15. It is said that: When you see the one who is not born, bow down and worship it, for you have seen the light.

  16. It is said that: I may have come to bring peace to the world, but there will be great wars established in my name. There will be an equal match and it will consist of fathers going against sons and sons against fathers.

  17. It is said that: I will give you what you have not seen, what you have not heard, what you have not touched, and what you have not received.

  18. It is said that: The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end. To look for the end of man is to look to the origin. The one who is at the origin and the end will never die.

  19. It is said that: Blessed is the one who came before you. If you come to your elders for wisdom you will be blessed. Their words will never die.

  20. It is said that: The smallest things will make the biggest impact on the world.

  21. It is said that: The followers are like little children looking to get milk from the mother. Stand up and go out on your own. Stand up to those who go against you for they are as little children.

  22. It is said that: When you cannot distinguish between one and the other in all things, you will have reached enlightenment. You shall not be stuck to your mother, but you shall go out and discover all things anew.

  23. It is said that: I shall choose you, and you shall unite all people.

  24. It is said that: When a person is in the light, they shall show it and the world shall see the light. The one who does not shine will be in darkness.

  25. It is said that: Love your neighbor and protect them as yourself.

  26. It is said that: What you see in someone is not something they see in themselves. You will see clearly so as to know your own things.

  27. It is said that: Unless you get away from the temptations of the world, you will not see the enlightened state. Unless you spend your life seeking truth, you will not find enlightenment.

  28. It is said that: I manifest myself to the angels who are drunk. They cared not that I was there. My soul grieved for them because they did not see me or care about me. They are destined to do great things in this world and they will not realize it until they are no longer drunk.

  29. It is said that: The flesh came because of the spirit. I marvel at the great wealth accumulated in the poverty the entire world faces.

  30. It is said that: Where there are many gods, they are all soulless. I am with that which created me.

  31. It is said that: No miracle is accepted to gods. The doctor heals the ones who know them.

  32. It is said that: A city built on a high mountain shall not fall, but it will not be hidden.

  33. It is said that: Discover the truth and share it throughout the world. For a light cannot be hidden, but should be seen by all.

  34. It is said that: The blind should never lead the blind.

  35. It is said that: Be strong against the opposing forces. If you bind yourself, you will be your own worst enemy.

  36. It is said that: Do not be anxious for the future or the past, live for the present. You should take every moment as one to remember.

  37. It is said that: When you shed your body into the light of true glory, do not be ashamed of what you have done anymore.

  38. It is said that: You all have wanted to hear these sayings in the new context. I am here to reveal it to you, but remember always that I am a man unworthy of worship.

  39. It is said that: The religious teachers have claimed to have the light but hide it from you. They only permit you to enter if you listen to them and them alone. You will become as sheep to a shepherd.

  40. It is said that: If something comes to being without dignity, may that thing be destroyed.

  41. It is said that: If you have things, more blessings shall be given to you. Whoever has none, may they see the blessings that come to the one who achieves the most.

  42. It is said that: Every day is a journey, and the end of the journey is home.

  43. It is said that: Do not recognize me, recognize yourself. For the ones love me but hate you, and you should love yourself before me.

  44. It is said that: Whoever insults me will be forgiven, whoever insults others will be forgiven, but whoever insults the self will never be forgiven.

  45. It is said that: A good person brings forth treasure and a bad person brings forth pain. For out of the abundance of hatred shall the one hate the world.

  46. It is said that: If you become as a child you will gain more wisdom. You shall never forget your youth because that has defined who you are.

  47. It is said that: You cannot have more than you handle, for you honor some but disregard others.

  48. It is said that: No person would take anything used as new. Do not reuse things that are unnecessary. Those things will come out to be useless.

  49. It is said that: Make peace with all people.

  50. It is said that: The solitary and chosen will see the light of the new age. Because you are in it, you shall return there someday.

  51. It is said that: You have come from the light and you will go back to the light.

  52. It is said that: The end of the world has already come, but you will not see destruction.

  53. It is said that: Ten guardian angels have come to me. Do not ignore the one who the angels have appeared to.

  54. It is said that: You should not have to be set apart from humanity so initiation rights are not necessary, but customary.

  55. It is said that: The poor are the richest in spirit.

  56. It is said that: Whoever does not hate anyone for who they are, are the truest people on earth. And the ones who do hate even one person shall live a miserable life and not see the light until the day they die.

  57. It is said that: Whoever sees the world for what it is becomes dead to the world, but they have truly found life.

  58. It is said that: Your enemies are like that of weeds. They will be killed off and burned from your life.

  59. It is said that: The one who has suffered has found life and the will to fight through it.

  60. It is said that: Behold the one who has found enlightenment in life, and you will die and not see the light until after death and deliverance.

  61. It is said that: Do not sacrifice the innocent in your gain. You will not gain anything but lose your freedom forever.

  62. It is said that: Two are laid to rest, one dies peacefully and lives on in the legacy, and the other one who dies with pain will not enter the light until the pain has left.

  63. It is said that: Those who do not judge others will see the light. Those who do not place themselves over others in terms of faith and truth will see the light.

  64. It is said that: I tell these truths to all who are worthy. All are at the right hand of the creator.

  65. It is said that: The wealthy who deliver to the poor shall see the light. The ones who keep more money than they can live on will surely die.

  66. It is said that: Nobody is not worthy of seeing the full truth and going to a higher place at death.

  67. It is said that: The greedy ones will have a miserable life. The ones who cause pain to others without remorse will be dead inside.

  68. It is said that: The people who claim to have the truth will reject the cornerstone.

  69. It is said that: Whoever knows everything but himself knows nothing.

  70. It is said that: You are blessed to have been hated and persecuted for you shall be higher than them at death.

  71. It is said that: You are blessed to be persecuted on the inside for you have found truth in all the pain.

  72. It is said that: The hungry will have their desires fulfilled.

  73. It is said that: What you bring forth that which is within you shall be freed and the one who hides shall suffer in pain.

  74. It is said that: I shall destroy what nobody is able to rebuild.

  75. It is said that: The mediator will divide all the possessions of two brothers.

  76. It is said that: The field is great and the workers are few, the blessed shall come to work.

  77. It is said that: Many will be spectators, but nobody will act.

  78. It is said that: There are many standing, but only a few will be brave enough to enter.

  79. It is said that: All the possessions of the world are not as important as the people who matter most to you. Blessed is the one who sacrifices for the family.

  80. It is said that: I am the beginning and the end of an age.

  81. It is said that: The one who looks outwards will not seek the truth.

  82. It is said that: The ones who hear the words of the creator and have accepted them as truth shall be blessed.

  83. It is said that: Whoever has recognized the world has found the truth and those without the truth are not worthy of the world until the end of the life.

  84. It is said that: Whoever has been enriched has power and those who have power shall renounce it.

  85. It is said that: Whoever is close to the truth can see the light, and those without the truth shall have no true light.

  86. It is said that: The images are seen by mankind but the meaning is hidden. They shall see the image of light but the light distorts the image.

  87. It is said that: When you see yourself, you should be glad. When you see your image, what has come into being which neither died nor represented you shall distort you to the extent you allow it to.

  88. It is said that: The greedy have come into power through their great wealth, and yet are not worthy. For if they have been worthy then they will not have been dead to you.

  89. It is said that: The animals understand their own survival, yet some men do not have anything to live on.

  90. It is said that: Your angels shall come to you and shall give you what is yours and you will give them what is yours.

  91. It is said that: The one who creates the inside has also created the outside.

  92. It is said that: Come to the one who is gentile and kind, and you shall find the good in yourself.

  93. It is said that: You have rejected the one which is the sky and the earth and you have not recognized it. You shall face it at death.

  94. It is said that: Seek and you shall find. The things I choose not to tell you shall not be revealed until the evolution of humanity has advanced enough.

  95. It is said that: Do not give what you think is sacred to those who do not find it to be that way.

  96. It is said that: Whoever seeks truth shall find, and whoever sees the door shall open it to them.

  97. It is said that: Do not lend your coins, but give to that which will not repay you in the same way.

  98. It is said that: The creator has hidden the truth from humanity until it has broken the falsity which is ingrained in the truth. Now they are revealed without any story.

  99. It is said that: The one who has broken the jar with their grain is like the ones who have lost their souls. They shall never come back and find themselves empty.

  100. It is said that: The creator is like something which wishes to kill something. If you pervert the teachings, you shall be slain.

  101. It is said that: All are brothers and sisters in humanity and all will see the light, even if it is at the moment of death.

  102. It is said that: Give the things of one to that person and give the things of the other to the other person.

  103. It is said that: Whoever does not hate will see the light. And those who do hate will try and fail to see the light.

  104. It is said that: Cursed are the dogmatists for they do not allow the people to see the truth and neither do they.

  105. It is said that: The one who sees the robbers coming is blessed.

  106. It is said that: There is no benefit of prayer and worship to that which does not exist or cannot see your works.

  107. It is said that: Whoever calls out their elders are harlots.

  108. It is said that: When you all unite, you are all humanity, and when you unite and say you want to do something great, you shall accomplish all together.

  109. It is said that: The one you care about who strays is the most important person in your life.

  110. It is said that: Whoever follows the light shall become the light. All the secrets shall be revealed to them.

  111. It is said that: The one with treasure without knowing it is blessed. When they find it, they shall make the lives better of everyone they may or may not know, in addition to themselves.

  112. It is said that: Whoever finds the world and is enriched in it, shall reject the world.

  113. It is said that: You will die before the end of the universe. You shall see the creator before the end of time. Whoever finds themselves, of them the world is not worthy.

  114. It is said that: The spirit does not depend on the body, but the body depends on the spirit.

  115. It is said that: The creator is seen upon the earth and the people do not see or recognize it.

  116. It is said that: Nothing upon this earth matters in the heavens. What is on the earth shall be good for your body and soul in preparation for the heavens.

  117. And these are the sayings of the prophet which is named in this dispensation. He is the king of all that which is spiritual in the new dispensation.