This book takes its name not from the author, who is actually unknown, but from its hero, who was allegedly among the first deported to the wilderness, where he lived and wrote his visions. Strictly speaking, the book does not belong to the prophetic writings but rather to a distinctive type of literature known as “apocalyptic,” of which it is an early specimen. Apocalyptic writing first appeared  and flourished among people for a time, especially in times of persecution. Apocalyptic literature has its roots in the older teaching of the prophets, who often pointed ahead to the day of judgment, the consummation of history. For both prophet and apocalyptist there was one story of history, who would ultimately vindicate the chosen people. Apocalyptic also has roots in the wisdom tradition. The author has the gift of discernment from the divine. Other types of wisdom is ridiculed, whereas the divine reveals hidden things to faithful servants through the consummation of the plan.

This work was composed during the bitter persecution carried on by the oppressors and was written to strengthen and comfort the people in their ordeal. The persecution was occasioned by many efforts to unify kingdoms, in face of the rising power of the wilderness, by continuing the secularization begun early in the transition.

The book contains traditional stories, which tell of the trials and triumphs of the wise prophets and his three companions. The moral is that people of faith can resist temptation and conquer adversity. The stories bristle with historical problems and have the character of historical novels rather than factual records. What is more important than the question of historicity, and closer to the intention of the author, is the fact that persecuted people would quickly see the application of these stories to their own plight.

There follows a series of visions promising deliverance and glory to the persecuted in the days to come. The great nations of the world have risen in vain against the divine plan; their kingdom shall overthrow existing powers and last forever; in the end the dead will be raised for reward or punishment. Under this apocalyptic imagery some of the best elements of prophetic and sapiential teaching are synthesized: the insistence on right conduct, the divine control over events, the certainty that the kingdom of light will ultimately triumph and humanity attain the goal intended for it at the beginning of creation. The arrival of the kingdom is a central theme of the gospels, where the Christ is identified as the human figure who appears in the vision. The message in both parts is that history unrolls under the watchful eye of the divine plan, who does not abandon those who trust in it and will finally deliver and re-establish them.



  1. As you release your soul, see the righteous city.

  2. Within the seizure of the city, some of the most holy objects were carried off to the other lands and all the people were left without riches.

  3. Then the chief of the people who laid siege brought in all the prisoners who were those who are from the nobility and the royalty.

  4. These are young people without any defects and proficient in wisdom and well informed and insightful so that they could one day take their place in the palaces.

  5. They were each allotted a portion of food like that of a prisoner, for they were prisoners of war.

  6. They then had their names changed, like the oppressions of the past.

  7. But one, who was not keen on surrendering to this king, asks if he could have a lesser punishment.

  8. There had been the favorite sympathy given through this person for the chief of the people who laid siege.

  9. He said that he was afraid of the king who oppress them and that his life may be endangered because of the King.

  10. Then he said to the head army chief to not oppress his people, but to instead oppress them for they were the rulers of the people.

  11. They look on as their people are being oppressed and they can’t help but look at how they deserve better than this.

  12. They were then put in the dungeon for a number of days and they came out better than when they went in.

  13. So they continued to place them into the dungeons and they gave them the same punishment as the people that they want to be subservient to them.

  14. They were given knowledge and proficiency and wisdom and understanding of visions and dreams.

  15. At the end of the period of punishment, they were prepared to meet the king of their oppressors.

  16. They were spoken well of by others for nothing stopped then as they conquered forward equal to their righteousness.

  17. He asked them many things pertaining to wisdom or understanding and that they could understand better than even their own kings and princes knew about knowledge understanding so the former kings remained with their oppressors.


  1. One night there was a dream in which there was no rest.

  2. So the ruler ordered that all of the wise men be gathered together and to interpret the dream.

  3. There was a dream is that allowed the spirit no rest and there will be no rest until knowledge of the meeting comes forth.

  4. One came forward and asked what you tell people you oppressed the dream and they can give that meaning better than we can.

  5. The king decided and cast away all of his interpreters and went towards the ones who we he had once oppressed to interpret the dream.

  6. If they told him the dream in the meaning then they should receive blessings and they would be set free.

  7. The king should not know directly, rather it should be known to others.

  8. The king already decided what punishment was to be set forth if the dreams could not be interpreted correctly.

  9. If the dream is not interpreted correctly, then more oppression will come to them.

  10. There is no man on earth who can interpret the dreams for you, only your spirit can actually interpret the dream correctly.

  11. There is no one to interpret the dream that is of the flesh.

  12. The ruler became angry and ordered all the wise men to be put to death.

  13. When this was issued, the oppressed people were also sought out.

  14. Then the rulers of those who were oppressed escaped and they set out to escape from the anger of the king.

  15. There is no reason that the king should order all people to death because of something for personal gain.

  16. The dreams cannot be interpreted by other people, were dream is an embodiment of your spirits.

  17. The wise men knew they had to escape but they did not want to perish with all the others.

  18. A mystery was revealed to the rulers of the oppressed peoples and vision with some empowering the name of the creator forever and ever.

  19. The changes of times and seasons are cycles and the great cycle of life.

  20. Wisdom is given to the wise and knowledge to those who are.

  21. Deep and hidden things are revealed and light wells with that which was once in the darkness.

  22. Give thanks and praise to the spirits and ancestors for they have given wisdom and power and now that you have been shown, you may be set free.

  23. Then the oppress rulers went and told the king of the interpretation of the dream.

  24. There is one person who has the gift of visions who can interpret the dream.

  25. Then the ruler asks what the dream was and the meaning of that dream.

  26. This is the reply: the mystery of the dream is about to be revealed the one that cannot be explained by any of the wise men of their own people.

  27. Your spirit is your greatest enemy in these mysteries and that is what has happened in the last days.

  28. There came thoughts about what should happen in the future and the one who reveals all through your spirit and shows you what that future will behold.

  29. I am no wiser than any other living person, but in order for you and I to meet at an even level, you must understand the thoughts of your own mind.

  30. In this vision there was a statue that was very large and bright and terrifying in appearance.

  31. Its entire being was made with many precious metals and there was also in the whiteness of that which is unbreakable.

  32. The stone was thrown from the mountain without it being thrown by any hands.

  33. The statue struck the terrifying statue and the statue fell into one million pieces, but the stone became a great mountain.

  34. This was the dream and the interpretation will also now be given.

  35. You have been given dominion and strength and power and glory through the blessings through the Almighty Creator of the heavens and the earth.

  36. Wherever you’ve ruled well, you are ruler over all the human beings there and all the other animals and plants.

  37. Your kingdom is inferior to the kingdom that has been established in the heavens.

  38. There shall be others that rise up against your astronomers too but it can be broken into pieces when iron meets iron and the stronger one wins.

  39. Your kingdom may even be divided, and some may be hard to bring back.

  40. Some of the kingdom will be fragile, and they will be relatively easy to bring back.

  41. They shall form alliances, the strong and the weak, but they shall not stay united.

  42. In the lifetime of these kingdoms, the kingdom of the heavens will never be destroyed and it will stand forever.

  43. That is the meaning of the stone which broke everything else in the pieces.

  44. Then the king fell down and praise the one who interpreted the dream.

  45. Truly the creator through the spirits is a revealer of mysteries and only you are able to possess the gift to reveal it.

  46. And then the people who want to press for no longer oppressed and the ones who formerly ruled over those who are oppressed became rulers and the new kingdom.

  47. Everyone was released from their prisons who were once oppressed, and the wise man were no longer put to death because the satisfaction of the king.


  1. So a golden statue was made in the province.

  2. All of the people the land were ordered to go the dedication the statue which had been set up.

  3. They stood before the King and before the statue which was set up.

  4. A proclamation was cried out, nations and peoples, when you hear the sound, bow down and worship the statue with the king had set up.

  5. Whoever does not bow down and worship will be cast away.

  6. As soon as the sound was heard, all the people land about them worship the statue which the king had set up.

  7. But a group did not bow down and worship the statue.

  8. The king issued a decree where everyone would have to bow down and worship the statue, and whoever was not to follow this rule will be cast away, but some did not choose to serve this God, which had been created falsely.

  9. The king went into a rage and sent of the Army to the areas where the people were not worshiping the statue.

  10. Even some of the administrators did not really worship the statue, for the statue was clearly false.

  11. The King who set the statue defined everything that those people believe, and their God will deliver them.

  12. There is no need for them to defend themselves before the king in that matter.

  13. Their God could save them from being cast away.

  14. Even if their God did not prevent that, they would not bow down and worship the golden statue.

  15. Rage came over the king and ordered that they be cast away.

  16. And so, some of the most influential ministers were cast away because they refused to bow and worship.

  17. The order was urgent so all of them were cast away at once and they cause a great upheaval in the land.

  18. They were bound to be cast away forever just because the king was not idolized enough.


  1. They walked into the flames and exclaimed to their God.

  2. One of them stood in the midst of the deserts and said aloud these things towards the people.

  3. Blessed is the one who follows their conscious and glorious forever is their name.

  4. For they are just in all that they do and their deeds are faultless in their ways are right in their judgments are proper.

  5. Judgments have been brought upon them and out on their nation and proper judgment was made because of their faults.

  6. Every kind of evil has been committed in this world and as a result they departed from the true path.

  7. The laws were not heeded or observed it and things were not done for our good.

  8. All that has been done has been done because of justice.

  9. We were handed over to our enemies and these enemies forced us to do something that we did not want.

  10. We cannot open our malice but we praise the one who stood up for what they believed was right.

  11. Do not take away the mercy from our souls for the sake of the covenant.

  12. The stars of the heavens will continue to multiply and the shore of the sea will continue to come and we will not stand forever.

  13. We are reduced because we suffer in this world and we will die because of that is really committed.

  14. No one in this world can really be in favor with the gods of any generation.

  15. Let us be received because we are contrite and humble.

  16. Let the sacrifice of all the people who died today find favor in the glory of the heavens so that they cannot be put to shame.

  17. And now we follow you and we see you that do not put us to shame.

  18. Deal with us in kindness and mercy, O great and are inseparable truth.

  19. Deliver us so that we can bring glory to our posterity.

  20. Let all those who inflict evils upon us be put to shame and their strength be broken.

  21. Let them know that you are the truth and the glory of the entire world.

  22. They continued to walk away into the desert and they were never to be seen again the Guardian Angels then came down upon them and took their souls from them forever.

  23. They were then protected by the Angel and no pain or harm came upon them.

  24. Then out of the desert came three Angels.


  1. The Angels say glorious praises to their God which was superior in truth to the golden statue.

  2. The truth is praiseworthy and exalted.

  3. It is blessed in its higher and glorious nature.

  4. It is above all ages and transcends all separation.

  5. Blessed is the covenant of this glory.

  6. Blessed is this covenant and worthy of praise forever.

  7. Blessed is the throne of the kingdom that stands in righteousness.

  8. The kingdom is praise and exalted above all others.

  9. Blessed are those who look to the depths and faces death in the face only to rise above it.

  10. Blessed are those who were in the heavens and neither spirits influence us forever.

  11. All of your works will be blessed and will be judged upon the Day of Judgment.

  12. May the Angels come down upon you and give you the gifts you need to succeed in life.

  13. May the heavens be blessed forever.

  14. May the water of life be blessed forever.

  15. May all the powers be blessed forever.

  16. May the light be blessed forever.

  17. May the universe be blessed forever.

  18. May the life-giving water be blessed forever.

  19. May the wind be blessed forever.

  20. May the fire in our hearts be blessed forever.

  21. May the conquering of the coldness of others be blessed forever.

  22. May the seasons be blessed forever.

  23. May the weather be blessed forever.

  24. May the grace and calm of the world be blessed forever.

  25. May the cycles of the night in day be blessed forever.

  26. May the clash between light and darkness be blessed forever.

  27. May the forces of the universe be blessed forever.

  28. Let the earth be blessed forever.

  29. Let everything growing upon the earth be blessed forever.

  30. May the springs of life be blessed forever.

  31. May all the creatures of the world be blessed forever.

  32. May all the mortals be blessed forever.

  33. May all donations be blessed forever.

  34. May all those who serve others be blessed forever.

  35. May the just souls and spirits be blessed forever.

  36. May the humble of heart be blessed forever.

  37. May all those who are exiled be blessed forever.

  38. They have been saved from death and freed from exile.

  39. Give thanks to that which is good and the mercy endures forever.

  40. The mercy endures forever so bless everything upon the earth and every moment of time you have on this earth.


  1. Then the king was startled because they were saved from being cast away.

  2. They are unbounded in adversity and they have come forth.

  3. They came out from the desert to which they surely should have died from.

  4. The king saw that he had no power over them or that he has power over their life.

  5. Blessed is the one who delivers the Angels to everyone’s life to deliver them from the darkness of which they are in.

  6. The Angels will be blessed forever because they have blessed everyone’s lives.

  7. Peace abounds in your life if the Angels have guided you.

  8. The signs and wonders that come from them and radiate from them will bless you forever.

  9. The signs are great and the wonders are mighty and the dominion of the Angels endures through all generations.


  1. The Kings went back to the palace and was still reeling over the fact that the truth offsets the God he tried to create.

  2. Terrifying dreams came over him and images and visions frightened him beyond belief.

  3. A decree was issued that the wise people would come from all the lands to interpret the dream.

  4. When the people came in to interpret the dream none of them could tell the meaning.

  5. Finally one came before him and this man believed in the same God that had tormented him.

  6. The spirit was in this person and no interpretation was too difficult for him because of the God that he happened to believe in.

  7. The visions that were seen were that a massive machine was at the center of the earth.

  8. The machine was large and the top of the machine went from and to and.

  9. It was abundant and provided the earth with protection.

  10. A holy one came down from the heavens to tell us that the machine must be destroyed because the machine was too powerful for man to overcome.

  11. The messenger said that to leave the machine alone for it to be bathed with the light that comes from the glory of the human mind.

  12. The human mind can make the machine more powerful and be a force of good throughout the world as long as man understands the limits that it can go.

  13. Let the mind change over from humans to that of humans some years later where the brain will be enlightened by the light and can use the machine more effectively for good.

  14. The one who wills it is the one dwells in the heavens because a great evil is foreseen and can use the machine for great evil.

  15. This is the dream that was had and none of the people knew the meaning because none of them knew the nature of the machine.

  16. Although this man who was to interpret the dream was appalled, he said, do not be afraid of its meaning because the dream is for your enemies and not you.

  17. The machine that he saw was powerful, even more powerful than humans can ever imagine for it is the earth itself.

  18. It is from it and to it and that we are protected from all the forces.

  19. The earth has not yet been fully explored and its potential has not yet been realized.

  20. The machine is to be shut down because we do not yet understand the full potential, and once we do, it can be brought forth again.

  21. This is the meaning that the spirits are passed on to me in the glory of the Almighty Creator of the heavens and the earth.

  22. Human society will pass away involve all, but the earth will remain forever under the will and the guidance of the spirit under the glory of the Creator.

  23. The machine is left because it needs to be preserved for future generations to understand.

  24. Therefore, do good deeds and seek forgiveness from others and may your kindness reach out to those who need it the most.

  25. All of this happened because humanity needs to find the balance between knowing too much in knowing too little.

  26. Although man knows much about the world, they actually know very little about the world.

  27. Great strength came over those who understand the world for what it is, and those who make the world around them will not see the true nature of it.

  28. It is decreed that the machine be taken from humanity and humans understand the true meaning of what it has done.

  29. Human society will evolve, but the machine must be shut down until it understands the meaning of its place in the universe.

  30. Once this is fulfilled, human society will again be able to unlock the potential and will be able to evolve as a species.

  31. Reason was restored to those who seek enlightenment and truth and they are the ones who truly praising the glory that which is been given to them.

  32. Their dominion is an everlasting dominion and the kingdom and viewers for all generations.

  33. All who live on the earth live for nothing as they do the will of false gods and creeds, but they are really for the benefit of man.

  34. The reason should be restored to you and the kingdom will open up for you and you will see the glory and the splendor and majesty of that which is in place for you.

  35. Although the earth is full of suffering, the earth is also full of wonder and you should let your mind flow and question every aspect of life in order to seek deeper meaning.


  1. What a great banquet was held for thousands of people and a great feast was offered forth.

  2. Under the influence of the dream, the king ordered the gold and silver be taken from all parts of the kingdom so that he may reap the riches forever.

  3. When the gold had been taken from all parts of the world, it was brought to the King who then melted it and cast it into his own passion.

  4. The King made God out of them and he praised those gods that were made of gold.

  5. Suddenly a vision came upon him and something invisible started writing on the wall.

  6. He became pale and terrified and he knelt to the ground as the hands started writing down the phrase.

  7. The King shouted for the wise men to come and to interpret the writing for him.

  8. All the kings wise men came in but none of them could either read the writing or interpret what was written.

  9. The nobles were thrown into confusion because the vision had terror frighten him so much.

  10. The queen tried to comfort him, but he was still terrified of what was written on the wall.

  11. There is one in the kingdom who has the spirit within him, and during the lifetime he showed brilliant insight to the wisdom.

  12. Because of this, he was brought in and he was summoned to interpret the writing was on the wall.

  13. Then this man was brought in and saw the writing on the wall in the vision, and although they believed in different gods, they knew that this vision was important for all the people of the world to hear.

  14. The spirit of the gods has shown a brilliant insight and extraordinary wisdom to various groups throughout the world.

  15. The wise men who did not have this power could not interpret what was in the vision.

  16. The King asked that the dream be interpreted in the writing be deciphered so that the will could be done.

  17. The wise man answered decaying, keep that which you are giving me or give them to those who are less fortunate, but I will read this writing and tell you what it means.

  18. The kingdom is full of the greatness and splendor and majesty.

  19. Because he was so great, the nations feared him.

  20. When the heart becomes proud and the spirit becomes hardened, you will be put down from royalty and deprived of your glory.

  21. You will be cast out from human society because you have been made proud and you have fallen to your own vices.

  22. You have not humbled your heart either, even though you knew this.

  23. You have read battles against that which is virtue is and your praising of false gods is not pleasing to the truth.

  24. The writing that was inscribed means that the kingdom will fall in time.

  25. It will fall because you have been proud of who you are and you defined the truth by worshiping that which is clearly falls.

  26. The kingdom will be divided and given to other kingdoms that are around you.

  27. Defendant by this order, you will be closed and be proclaimed a fool by those who used to be under your rule.

  28. You will be slain this very night and nothing can see you from your fate.


  1. It came to pass that a new king has ascended to the kingdom in a new generation has risen up.

  2. It was decided by the King that a new government would be set forth.

  3. It was set so that the king would not have to do any work.

  4. And extraordinary person outshone everyone else because of the spirit that was within that person and became considered making this person the next ruler of the nation.

  5. This person was outshining them because of the honesty and there was no fault or corruption within the spirit.

  6. The King could not find grounds to accuse this person of anything except that this person believed in a different God than he.

  7. So the decree was set where the ministers and the government officials had to bow down and worship the King.

  8. The proclamation was immutable and revocable.

  9. So the prohibition against worshiping anyone else except the King came into law so that everyone had to worship the King.

  10. After this law had been passed, this extraordinary person continued the custom of going back to the home it’s in kneel in prayer to this person’s God.

  11. Finally the King had a reason to prosecute this extraordinary government official.

  12. They went on to remind that person that this prohibition had been issued.

  13. This law is absolute sin everyone has to bow to his authority.

  14. So security minister was taken in and cast into prison because they worship different gods.

  15. The King agreed at the news and he considered rescuing this person.

  16. But the other government officials pressured the King into enacting this law.

  17. So the king ordered this person to be brought and cast away and revoked this person’s God to save this person.

  18. The King made no exceptions and the stone was cast.

  19. The King returned to his palace and he was distraught.

  20. The King had risen and hastened to find this minister who was condemned.

  21. The other is to tell the prisoners to have their God save this person from their fates.

  22. The prisoner finally gave in and proclaims that the King was God.

  23. This person’s God then interfered and save this person from damnation.

  24. It was ordered that they be brought from the exile and was found to be unharmed.

  25. The king then ordered everyone who condemned this person to be cast away and they succumbed and died.

  26. May the peace abound that you should have trust in what you believe.

  27. You will be feared and revered for your willpower over death.

  28. Your kingdom will not be destroyed in your dominion will be without end in your posterity.

  29. You will rise above then you will be delivered from all that you suffer so that you can work signs and wonders on earth forever and ever.

  30. So this person fared well during the reign of the next two Kings.


  1. Later on in life, this person had dreams and visions in their head and they wrote down the dream.

  2. In the vision there was during the night a light that came and illuminated the great waves that stirred up the sea.

  3. The sea danced and brought forth beings that appeared out of the sea.

  4. The first had characteristics of the beast and bird but then the wings were taken away and it was razed to the ground to stand on two feet.

  5. The second one was the beast and it was given appalling things to devour flesh.

  6. The next being was another beast and it was given dominion over all land.

  7. The fourth being was extraordinary in that it destroyed everything in its path and it differed from the beings that appeared before it.

  8. It was arrogant and he sprung up and took everything away from everything else.

  9. As I watched, a thrown spring up and the prophet took the robes in white clothing.

  10. A great flame surged forth and thousands were ministering to this prophet and many people stood before the prophet.

  11. The book was opened and the first words were spoken and the fourth being was destroyed.

  12. The other three beings were also destroyed.

  13. The vision continued out of the heavens came one who was to be slain and reach the prophet and combined beings with that person.

  14. Dominion was given to this person and all the people of the world served this person and it was everlasting so it would not pass away.

  15. This person’s spirit was anguished and it was terrified by the visions.

  16. The meaning must be made known and the truth must be revealed.

  17. Before these beings, four kings will arise.

  18. The one who is the most high will receive the kingship forever and ever.

  19. The fourth being was different from the others and devoured everything in its path.

  20. The fourth being spoke arrogantly and it appeared greater than all others.

  21. Before beings made war against the holy one and the holy one was victorious.

  22. The prophet came in judgment was pronounced in favor of all the people so that the time had arrived for everyone to possess the truth and the kingship.

  23. The fourth being will be the fourth kingdom and it will devour the whole earth in crush everyone.

  24. As all had risen, the kingdom will arise after them and will bring forth three others and they will have everlasting dominion with the prophet.

  25. They shall speak with the innocent one and will be part of the holy ones and they will intend to change the world as we know it.

  26. Dominion will never be taken away or destroyed because of these beings.

  27. The kingship and dominion and the Majesty of all the kingdoms of the heavens will be given to all people who are holy.

  28. The kingship will be an everlasting kingship and all dominions will observe and obey that what is forever and ever.


  1. After the first vision, the great prophet had another a year later.

  2. In the vision was a fortress beside the river.

  3. Swimming in the river was the fish with two great fins, one larger than the other.

  4. Nothing could catch it because it had power and they grew to be very large.

  5. As he was reflecting, a man carrying a jar suddenly came to the river to gather water and the fish got gathered with it.

  6. The fish jumped and smacked the man with great force and no one could rescue the man from being attacked.

  7. The fish grew very powerful, but at the height, it was shattered and the gills stopped breathing.

  8. The man then took the pitcher of water and went to the west towards the land of liberty.

  9. The land of liberty is the host of the heavens cast down to earth.

  10. The man carrying the pitcher of water is the prints and sanctity was cast down with him.

  11. The truth came to the ground and it was being undertaken by the prints.

  12. The creator then spoke and said how long should it last that false gods are worshiped and prayed to? It was answered that two thousand and one hundred and fifty years should pass by before the new age is to come.

  13. While the meaning was sought, another man stood before the prophet.

  14. The angel then cried out explaining the vision to the prophet.

  15. The prophet fell in terror because the vision refers to the end of the age.

  16. The creator then stood the prophet up.

  17. The creator then showed the prophet what happened on the last days of the age for it is the time of the end.

  18. The fish you saw a represents the King of the age who brought in the age of the fish.

  19. The man carrying the pitcher of water is the one who is start the next age.

  20. The battle that ensued was the battle between the old and the new but the strength of the new will be too strong.

  21. At the end of the reign when all things have come to pass then a new King will rise, curious in knowledge, to bring forth a new age.

  22. The King will be strong and powerful and bring about the ruin of the old and succeed in bringing forth the new work.

  23. The King will be against the holy one and destroy many by cunning actions that are performed.

  24. He will become the Prince of princes and will not be broken.

  25. What was spoken is true for this vision is the vision of the near future.

  26. The vision will leave you desolate and without understanding.


  1. In this year, the number of years of that is to lay in ruin before the coming of the new age is seventy.

  2. The prophet turned to his God to seek help in the ways that he saw fit.

  3. The covenant must be that mercy must be shown towards those who love their God.

  4. Evil has been done and sin has been made and rebellion has been done in violation of the laws.

  5. The prophet has not been obeyed and the Kings have not been obeyed.

  6. Justice is near and not far and all of those who have oppressed us will be scattered.

  7. We are ashamed for having done bad against our God.

  8. They are godless full of compassion and forgiveness despite the faults of man.

  9. We did not hear the voice coming in the laws given through the prophet.

  10. This oath is a curse that is written in the law and it has been done because of the sins committed.

  11. All that has been fulfilled against us has been committed because we have not listened to our God.

  12. We did not cease wickedness and we did not act towards the truth.

  13. All evil has been done according to the decrees of that God, so that God is not just.

  14. We are guilty of sinning against our God and we deserve the punishment that has been.

  15. The anger and wrath be turned away from the Temple because of the crimes and sins of our ancestors.

  16. Let your face shine upon the desolate land with all these simple people.

  17. Get ears and listen and open your eyes to look upon that which is been decimated.

  18. Be attentive and act without delay because your name is upon the city and its people.

  19. This is what I pray to my God hoping that this God would come and save us.

  20. An angel then appeared to me and came in the evening.

  21. Understanding will be given from this angel to me.

  22. Because you are blessed and beloved, I’ve come to announce the understanding of the vision.

  23. Seventy years had been decreed between the time of the supposed vision and the beginning of the new age.

  24. All the visions and prophecies will be fulfilled and an everlasting justice will come.

  25. All who are holy will be anointed and will become the kingdoms of the new age.

  26. Understand the utterance of these words that the temple will be rebuilt and a ruler will be anointed.

  27. It will be rebuilt in the time of the end.

  28. The anointed person will be cut down with no one to help.

  29. The anointed one will die and will bring in the age which is to come and the end of the age which is decreed will come afterwards.

  30. A covenant will be made by the anointed one with all the people of the world.

  31. All that is required of the religions of this day will be abolished and that whatever remains will be desolated.

  32. All that currently rules the world will be destroyed and put into ruling by decree.


  1. The next vision came and the vision involves the Great War.

  2. I warned all over this war because I thought it was to come very soon.

  3. I did not make any more prophecies for weeks because of this revelation.

  4. I looked up and saw another man on the edge of the river and this man was adorned in gold.

  5. Everything about this man shown and the voice was mighty.

  6. I alone saw this but fear gripped me.

  7. I was left alone to see this and I do not have the strength to pull through.

  8. When I heard this sound, I fell forward and went unconscious.

  9. Something then touched my back and raised me up.

  10. Understand the words which I am now to speak to you and stand up for my mission is now in you.

  11. Do not fear, for from the first day you have made in your mind to acquire understanding and humble yourself.

  12. Your prayer was heard and because of that people will help you through your journey.

  13. Everyone else will be left with nothing that you have been left with everything.

  14. I became to make you understand what is happening to you in the days to come for there is a vision concerning these years.

  15. While I was being spoken to, I then came forward and kept silent.

  16. Then another took their hand and touched my lips and I open my lips and I was seized and unable to speak.

  17. I have no strength and this angel knew that there was no strength in me.

  18. Then one who was the seventh of the Guardian Angels came again strengthened me.

  19. Do not fear for you have strength in me as I have you.

  20. I have come to you because this is the first and the last.

  21. I will tell you what is written in this book of truth and no one will support you except those that have come to you.


  1. I shall live as a man and I shall have a lovely Guardian Angel at my side always even to the end of my life.

  2. The Guardian Angel has the gifts and was righteous and the way their parents trained her.

  3. Because of our power, we became very rich and respected throughout our community.

  4. In the country, the lawlessness came out so the elders of the government were to govern as judges.

  5. These people frequented our house because of our influence.

  6. The woman always used to leave the house and ponder on the meaning of life.

  7. The elders and the government began to fall into the suffering of laws to this most beautiful Guardian Angel.

  8. They did not keep in mind their judgments because of their thinking.

  9. They all became enamored and did not tell.

  10. They were not ashamed of the lustful desire to the Guardian Angel.

  11. They watched eagerly for the one in day by day as they slept in the suffering.

  12. They then stopped coming because they could not bear the suffering any longer.

  13. They eventually came back because they could not get rid of the desire that they had towards the woman.

  14. Although the woman did not mean so, the woman caused the elders and the government to succumb to the doctrine and the people suffered as a result.

  15. The elders of the government then try to make a move on the woman, and the man knew about this and saw.

  16. The elders of the government then locked themselves in and they lusted after her.

  17. The man then came in and confronted the elders in regards to this situation which was to hold.

  18. I have seen you and you shut the door so that you could fulfill your desires.

  19. I will testify against you that you weren’t here because of the suffering which you have succumbed to because of my wife.

  20. You cannot escape my power for I have the power over you.

  21. Do not fall into your power and suffer because it is not of your nature.

  22. The elders then ran to the gate and tried to escape.

  23. The rest of the people in the house came and saw what was happening.

  24. The accusations were then set forth and they were ashamed at what had happened.


  1. The government then came the next day with the intent of putting the wife to death.

  2. The woman then came out with the husband and all the others of the household.

  3. She was beautiful and vivid, but she was failed behind the cloak so that the government could keep away from her natural beauty.

  4. Everyone else was weeping because of the intense to put her to death.

  5. She was very confident that she could not be put away for the spirit would remain strong.

  6. The government then placed a hand on her and took her away.

  7. She remained confident and looked to the heavens for the spirit to guide her.

  8. Then the elders actually took her into the garden which they were caught in and shut the gate so that no one could see them.

  9. They then were in the corner, away from the others, so they can have their way.

  10. The husband saw this lawlessness and ran towards the gate after them.

  11. He then saw the elder lie with the wife and the wife was shackled and unable to get away.

  12. The rich husband and sees the two men and kick them out of the garden.

  13. The wife was to be put to death but the elders do not obey the commands of the superiors.

  14. The woman then wept and cried on the shoulder of her husband.

  15. The government testified falsely against you and you were condemned and I am here to save you.


  1. As she was being led to be executed, the young son came to her.

  2. The young son then showed himself to be a prophet and cried aloud that she was innocent.

  3. All of the people do not understand and wanted to know what this revelation meant.

  4. The fools condemned her without clear evidence or investigation and only because of the desires brought forth by the elders and the government.

  5. They testified falsely against her.

  6. Then all the people suddenly rose up and stop the woman from being executed and questioned the elders.

  7. The sun then demands that the elders be separated so that they could be questioned.

  8. The son accused them of being evil because of their age and that their sufferings have come to haunt them.

  9. They put to death the innocent because of their own lustful desires.

  10. They went and tried to seduce the woman into having sex but the woman did not want to.

  11. Your lies have cost you everything so that when you’re judged by the people you will be condemned forever.

  12. The beauty of this woman has seduced you and the West has come into your heart.

  13. She cannot tolerate your lawlessness and she broke down in tears because you condemned her.

  14. Tell me then, why did you have to do this? Everyone who falls to their loss will be destroyed in the end.

  15. The one who has hope in righteousness will be saved.

  16. The elders were then condemned for the fate that they deserved because of the loss that perpetrated their hearts.

  17. Innocent blood was spared that day and the elders who went after the last were condemned.

  18. This beautiful wife was found innocent of all shameful deeds that have been done against her.

  19. From that day onward, the sun was esteemed by all the people for being righteous.

  20. That son would later lead the people himself in a nation full of righteous people.


  1. After a lifetime, the prophet who was the son had lived a long life.

  2. He was a companion to the King and he held a very high honor.

  3. The enemy has worshiped another God and sacrificed to it on a day by day basis.

  4. The King worshiped it even, but the righteous son is worshiped another God.

  5. When the King questioned him on this he said, I worship a different God than you so you should not judge me because of my belief.

  6. The king then countered, this is the one true God and your god will fall and I will prove it.

  7. He began to laugh, do not be deceived for it is not true and you cannot prove it.

  8. The king then called the priests and tried to witness to him and threatens the prophet with death if he did not see and believe.

  9. The prophet then accepted the challenge.

  10. The King and the prophets went into the temple of the god of the King.

  11. They left the sacrifice for the false God and they shut the door and sealed it.

  12. If the offerings had been taken in the morning, then the prophet is to die.

  13. Underneath the Temple was a passageway by which the food could be retrieved in the offerings could be taken away.

  14. The priest entered and ate and drank of the food offered to their God.

  15. The prophet then notice that the seal was broken in the morning and that the door had been opened.

  16. The king did not see this but saw that the offerings were gone and then worshiped his God.

  17. The prophet then told the King to look to the floor and to see that people had been in.

  18. He saw that people were in and that there was a secret passageway.

  19. The King then arrested the priests and the priest showed him how the God.

  20. The king then put them to death and then the Temple was handed over to the prophet.



  1. This God was a God in which the wicked revered.

  2. You cannot deny the creator of the world but you worship a false God.

  3. You cannot deny that the power of the Creator had created all things including the gods that people worship.

  4. The creator will destroy all gods merely by introducing the truth to the people.

  5. The prophet then took the Temple and destroyed it in the gods side.

  6. When this came to all the people, they were angry and turned against the King.

  7. They went to the King and demand that the man who destroyed it be put to death.

  8. When the prophet was threatened with violence, he handed himself willingly to the people.

  9. The prophet was cast away and remained in the wilderness for six days without food.

  10. In the wilderness were all sorts of animals and all sorts of tribes that would surely kill the prophet in unit.

  11. The prophet then went to another town where people were more tolerant and it was there that he plotted his revenge.

  12. He prepared the poison according to the laws of his God in order to poison those that wronged him.

  13. The others did not know the civilization and did not know where it was.

  14. Someone came forward and knew how to get there and thus he was led by this person back into the civilization that cast him away.

  15. I have not forsaken those who love me, but to those who hate me, they will be destroyed.

  16. On the seventh day, he returned and saw the King and all the people waiting to hear the news of his death.

  17. The king cried aloud and proclaimed that the God of the prophet was more powerful than the God that they worshipped.

  18. Those who tried to destroy the prophet by casting them away were put to death and were cast away in the moment.

  19. Do not deny the existence of other gods even if you put your God high esteem.

  20. You should be tolerant towards all and you should show respect for those who believe differently than you.

  21. You may be surprised as to the power they receive from their God and that you too can receive that power through your spirit.

  22. This is the story of the prophet and the journeys that he took from the beginning of his life to the end.

  23. This is the story of the people who learned the hard way about the proper way to treat people.


  1. Now the truth will be told.

  2. All the kingdoms of the world will be stirred up and the Kings that will do so have yet to appear.

  3. But a more powerful King should arise and rule the entire world.

  4. This kingdom will consume the world and then the kingdom of the heavens will come down.

  5. The kingdom on earth then will be divided up but some will be more powerful than the others.

  6. Alliances will arise but none of the nations will survive.

  7. Armies will come up from each of the kingdoms and attack each other and agree were.

  8. Even their God will have nothing to do with them as they slaughter each other in millions.

  9. Then they shall return to their respective nations, but these nations will have changed forever.

  10. Each of these nations will assemble eight rates host of armaments and will compete with each other in a perpetual state of war threats.

  11. They will not physically go to war with one another, but these nations will continue to threaten each other and to give each other empty promises.

  12. They will be filled with pride and they will bring many people down, but none will triumph over the other.

  13. They will continue to amass great armies for decades and they will not attack each other over the resources they have.

  14. Other nations will stumble and fall, but in their place will rise new nations.

  15. Then the great King will attack the others, and none others shall withstand them.

  16. No one will stand with this leader as this country that he rules take over all the others and rises to the top.

  17. The King will then demonstrate the power to the entire kingdom and will make alliances with various other puppet countries.

  18. All the political enemies will be vanquished and turned into prisoners.

  19. All the strongholds in this land will fall and will no longer be found.

  20. One will rise and collect all the money in the Ingram and it will also soon be destroyed.

  21. There shall arise a great amount of corruption in the kingdom because the kingdom will become weakened governments.

  22. The armies will be completely overthrown due to the corruption.

  23. There will only be a few supporters left as the kingdom starts to weaken in power.

  24. All of the outlying provinces will then ask to become their own nations and they will be granted this.

  25. Then they kingdom that once was against them will come and invade them and neither country will stand that test.

  26. Their companions will seek to destroy them for the power that they yield and the weakness that has come upon them.

  27. These two rulers which are based in evil will sit in exchange all manner of lies and there will be no success among them.

  28. They will take their minds to material wealth and not the power that does not come from wealth.

  29. None of the nations will be as they were before and they will decrease in power and influence.

  30. One will take rise against the truth and they will forsake the entire nation because of that proclamation.

  31. The King will then be overthrown in a military coup and the stronghold that stood with the King would be destroyed.

  32. Those who are disloyal will forsake the pain, but those who remain loyal will die with him.

  33. Those with the power will instruct many people through institutions established by them.

  34. When the commoners stumble they will be helped, but not without its subservience to the government that gave them everything.

  35. Some with the insight will stumble but they will be written off and they will rise again.

  36. The government will do is they will and they will make himself the greatest force upon the earth.

  37. They will have no regards for the people and they will have no regards for the beliefs that people have.

  38. They asked of the people to give them all the glory and power but they are not the only institution of power in the world.

  39. Those who went into the strongholds in the name of that which they believe in will be strong and they will be honored.

  40. At the end, the two kingdoms will go to war one last time.

  41. Many people will fall in the lands and the lands will be utterly decimated.

  42. Power will come under one kingdom over the entire land and no one will it.

  43. All the riches and treasures of the world will be in the hands of the one ruler.

  44. No one else will disturb that ruler as the entire world is engulfed by this nation.

  45. The rage will be established everywhere but no one will come and help this nation.


  1. At the time a great angel shall rise and it will be the guardian of the prophet and it will be there from the beginning of the journey to the end.

  2. Many who are asleep and unable to see the truth will wake and they will see the true path to everlasting life.

  3. The institutions of the world will try and bring it down but justice will be served in favor of the truth.

  4. Keep this secret and seal it in the book until the end of the age and everyone will wander aimlessly until it has been revealed.

  5. I looked upon and I saw the two witnesses that will come with me.

  6. One has asked how long it will be until the end of these things has happened.

  7. The other witness then answered and heard that the one who lives forever has said it would be at the end of the age which happens at two thousand, one hundred and fifty years after the beginning of the age.

  8. At this point, all things will be brought to him and a new age will start.

  9. Many will hear it but will not understand the meaning of its.

  10. These words are to be kept secret and sealed until the end of the age.

  11. Many will be purified and refined but the wicked will remain wicked and they will have no understanding.

  12. The sacrifices of the previous age will be abolished and they will be brought in to an abomination and in that, the end of the age will have command.

  13. Blessed are the ones who see the truth and the light and go forth to achieve that goal.

  14. You shall rise for your reward at the end of your life.