The Book of the Exploration explores the transition from his freshman year of college to the type of life that he is living as of the current writing of the book. Like the transitions of the past, this one is no more different in importance. It is what garnered its own special section. The Book of the Exploration also goes through the completion of the maturity of Ryan Hite and he announces his own exploration of the greatest project of his life.


The Book of the Exploration also goes through a huge step. As of the Book of the Exploration, the history of Through Minds’ Eyes is expanded and a lot of new ideas will be introduced after this time. It is also a continuation of his life to the final of the Guardian Angels in his life. After that last individual, his life went ever faster and changed ever more swiftly.




In the entire history of the world, there have been very few people to have been called prophets and even fewer to have been called Christs. The Christs appear throughout history at certain periods in time and have been called such because of their journey, contribution to the spiritual world, and their effort to help us to increase our understanding. Many people only recognize one or a few of these Christs and some recognize them as prophets only. They are not prophets and there is more than one Christ. It was at this time that I started to understand the difference between a prophet and a Christ and their place in the world.

A Christ is an individual who has mastered the art of being human. They were able to completely understand the harmony of all three parts of the trinity. They are noted in their attitude towards life events and the events of the world. They were successful in mastering the attitudes that typical humans have when things come their way in the world and when things go bad for them. They acted in life in the way that most people are not expected to act and do not expect to act.

Many people can be considered Christs in the world. The most notable of these are Jesus of Nazareth and the Buddha. They are understandably the most notable of the Christs to have appeared in the axial age because their stories and myths still permeate with us today in two of the major religions of the world. Jesus of Nazareth is immortalized through Christianity and the Buddha was through the practice of Buddhism. There are many, less notable Christs in the world but many of their stories have vanished. The Christs appear to us in groups at a certain paradigm shift in our understanding. We do not know when the next grouping of Christs will come but it is true that we are coming up on an age in our history as a human species when we are looking to a paradigm shift that will inevitably enhance our understanding of the world around us. This will come through the teachings and journey of a group of individuals who appear hundreds of years apart in many regions of the world. Many people have claimed to be the messiah over the years, but they have for the most part fallen short.

Unlike the Christs, the prophets of the world appear at all times throughout history and they continue even to this day. Who are the prophets? Well, that is a hard question to answer. In a technical sense, everyone has the capacity to be a prophet in their own life and to have the experiences of a prophet in their spiritual quest. You do not need to look to anyone for guidance but your own. The people who have written down accounts of their stories and experiences are considered prophets. We have all made predictions of our society and of us as individuals. We have all received direction from one another as to what to do for your life. We are all prophets, but the real prophets are the ones who are called.

The prophets are in a certain frame of mind once they are called to be prophets. In doing so, they take on a certain way of thinking about the world around them and they look at all the problems and the solutions to those problems. We should look to the prophets for guidance because they tend to have something to say that is useful to our own life. We should look to them for examples of our struggles in life and the solutions to our problems. For them, the emphasis is on what they say and not what they do. For the Christs, it is normally the opposite. The prophets offer us unique insight because many of them go through the same problems that we face as humans all the time. The difference between them and us is that they know they are going to have these problems in life and will go through them anyways to see where they end up and to see where they fall to give us an example to follow.

It is important to follow in the footsteps of the Christs and the prophets. The Christs teach us about the journey and they teach us the things of the world that we should know if we are to be better human beings, but we are not better than they. They are also the example of the perfect human, synchronized in harmony between the three parts of the trinity. The prophets have something important to teach us as well. The Christs are normally written about in a mythological sense and they seem to be out or reach for us. This is partially true, but that did not stop many people from trying. This trying is the story of many of the prophets that exist today. They are trying to be at the level of the Christs and they write about their thoughts, triumphs, and trials that led to failure on their part. I would be considered a prophet in this context because I write about the things of the world and my thoughts on society. I also continue to write about the experiences that I have in the attempt to be a better person. I am considering myself to be a prophet, but all of you have that potential as well.

The prophet is a very common person if we all think in the mindset of the prophet. We just have to live our life with the expectation that we will sometimes be successful and that sometimes we will fall as well. It is just a part of life, but it is important for our understanding so that we can be successful in the future and we will also learn to teach others. Who knows? Maybe one of us out there are the next one to be the Christ, but we have not yet tapped into that potential as a species. We have to be hungry for it and we have to be ready for it.




I went through many hard times in my life. Life is full of ups and downs, and it is in these downs that determine who you are and what you are capable of. In these high times in life, you can experience great joy and healing through the people that you interact with.

When I was with Alissa, I experienced a great deal of healing in the wake of the end of freshman year and the loss of Samantha, Sarah, Miranda, and Nicole. It was particularly hard for me because of the fact that I relied on them to help me transition for so long. Like Shannon, they provided me an example and pattern to model my life after religion. Since I was no longer a part of a group, I relied heavily on people outside church groups for support and belonging. It was hard over the summer because I decided to stay in Boulder when everyone else decided to leave. It was hard for me because all the people that I knew in the past would no longer talk to me at all.

I was at a very vulnerable time in my life. Post religion and post freshman year, I went through many hard weeks deciding as to what direction my life was to go through next. When I met Alissa, I knew what my direction would be next.

Alissa, in many ways to me, was a lot like Shannon. She had the same intuition about life and friendships and they had all the qualities that I looked for. She came into my life and she left me on terms for both myself and her. She would learn a lot from me as I would learn from her. She showed all the qualities of a good friend and she was the beginning of the conclusion for the journey, just as Shannon signaled the beginning of the journey.

There comes times of healing throughout life and it is in these healing times that you are able to reset and act on the direction in life that you thought about. Just as the low times make you think, the high times make you want to act. Thinking and acting are the two surest ways to your salvation and has always been a part of the divine plan. Many people think of these times wrong, just as I have had for many of these parts of the cycles.

You need to think about your place in the life of others. Life does not revolve around you, but you need to think of it. Life actually revolves around the relationships that you have with the people, places, and things around you. It is important for you to understand this because many people think only of themselves and what they can do to get ahead in life. When you are in these high times in life, you don’t always have to get ahead in life. You need to think of these things in a way that will benefit your place in the world. If this means that you are getting what you want, then your life will make that possible for you. It is not up to you, but you have to take natural actions towards that goal.

When Alissa came into my life in June of 2012, I was in one of the down times in my life. She would bring me up again and make me into a better person in the process. At this point in my life, my journey reached into its zenith and I would learn about how the end of the journey would take place. I had some flaws, though, and this time of healing and learning would expose this to Alissa. When this happened, the friendship ended and I would go through another time of turmoil.

When you are going through a process of healing in the good parts of the cycles of your time, don’t let your ego get to the best of you. You have to learn about how to manage your vices in the good times in your life. When I was in these good times in life, I suffered from the vices and these vices would show, many times to the very same people that I wanted to be with. This would cause me great pain because they would go because of the vice that I suffered from. Although it was a good opportunity for me, it was also hard in that it would not help me to gain trust back and I would lose a good friend in the process. I determined for myself that it was all for the best of what life wanted to offer me. In these good times, maybe it was not good for me to have what I wanted. Instead, it was a part of my plan to suffer from these vices and to have them leave my life. I wish it were not so, but it would be the thing that defines my life.

When I was with Alissa, I went through a high time in my life. I had such a good time in my experiences with her that I would forget about the things that I needed to learn about in my life. I would figure out that somehow, I would learn humility from my experiences from Alissa and that this would be the end of my journey in some way. It would turn out to be true in both manners.

I would indeed learn about pride and humility from my time with Alissa. It would not come in the way that I expected it to and it would cause me great pain before it would cause me great joy. I was prideful in knowing a lot about spiritual manners. In becoming enlightened to an extent, I would still suffer from my animal vices and would think that I was better than anyone else, and this would eventually include Alissa. Once this happened, she left my life. I would learn about humility and pride as soon as I came to this realization and that would come almost a year after this and my time with Katie was coming to an end. This would be the ultimate result. I am not saying that you should think in the same way. I am saying that you need to think differently than you have done. While you are the most important person in your life, it is the relationships around you that truly make you who you are.




Over the years, I have tried many times to get back together with the people that I lost in my life. There have been some people in my life that were particularly nice to me as friends and with whom I had great relationships with. I gained many things in my life through my experiences, but I also lost many things that I wish I could not lose. The other side of me would want to recover all that which is lost. I made many bad decisions in my life, but the worst decisions I made resulted in the loss of some really great friends.

For all the positive things that came from this journey, I left a virtual path of destruction in my wake. I do not know how my influence impacted the lives of others. I can only speculate as to what I had done. Although I don’t believe that my influence has been all that negative, I may never know what kind of impact I had or will have to the lives of those that impacted my life the most. It is something that many people do think about in their lives and it is something that many people will wonder for all of their lives.

It is sometimes okay for people to wonder about their impact in the world. Although you may not realize it at the time, every decision you make will have an impact on another in some way. Most people will never know of their impact, but it is something that many people think about because we are inherently curious as human beings. Although you will never know truly what your influence did to the people that you loved and lost, you will not be able to seek it out and find out. Even if you are able to talk about it, people either do not understand or they do not tell you at all.

I know of a few people and stories about the impact of my life on other people. For example, Shannon and I reconnected for a short time after 2009 and we talked a little bit about my impact on her life in addition to the impact that she had on my life. Although this part is well known, the impact I had on her life was a little more subtle but I did find out more about it through other sources. Like myself in this day and age, she understood the impact that others would have in her life. This is a characteristic that is important to the life of all people.

As far as most of the other people, I am not sure as to my impact on their life, but there has always been a part of me that wants to find out. There are a few people that were very influential in my life and I would very much like to find out what kind of impact I had. It is likely that they never thought about it because many of them didn’t have the same intuition that I know of.

Wondering what happened is the primary reason as to why I would want to recover that which is lost. I don’t know what happened, but I want to know. I didn’t learn at the time, but now I learned. I saw the positive in the people and I wanted to rekindle that friendship that I formed so long ago. It was hard for me to let go of some and I always wondered what it would be like to get together with those people again with all the things that I experienced and learned.

Sometimes it is okay to wonder what it would be like to get back together with people. People come and go in your life that had a lot of influence in your life and they helped you to get from where you are to where you want to be. These people leave your life on a bad note sometimes, but it is the way that life is. The worst thing you can do is to not move on. Moving on is much more important than thinking about the past. Sometimes your paths cross again. The only reason I was able to get back together and be friends with Shannon and Aislynn, for example, was because of our connections. It had nothing to do with any effort on my part. It was just the way it was in my life.

For many of the others, I was never able to reconnect because I made no effort to. I wondered many times as to what they thought of me so many years after my influence. I’m sure that enough time had passed at this time for them to think about it. Although it was on my mind, I never went out of my way to try and reconnect. I would not want to unless our path crossed again because moving on is too important to me. Although the times were great and the times had passed, there was still a part of me that knew it would not be wise to do so.

At this point in my life, I was entering into a relationship with Alissa and I was deep into writing my first book. I thought a lot about where my life had come and I was looking forward to where it was going. I never thought about going back. I thought about the influence I had in the world and I wanted them to know about their place in my history. I wanted to use them as an example for the world to think about. It is something that they may even think about when thinking about what I said. I would ask them today about the influence I had in their lives, but I would not go out of my way to ask them. I realized that at this point that there was no going back to the past and that my future seemed brighter because of the way life is.




In this ever more complex world, it is sometimes hard to know what is true and what is false. We do not have the kind of reasoning that we should have when detecting these truths and these falsities. Many people who know of this condition have set forth what they want us to believe is true and false. Many of the times, these people are at odds with truth and falsity with other groups of people with opposing viewpoints. Many of these groups have waged war with these other groups and many millions of people have died for these causes. This is not just a religious problem, it is a societal problem.

In the world, we have lost the use of the true reasoning because of our humanity. The evil of society and the world around us will take advantage of our weakness in order to easily mold us to think in a certain way about the things of the world. The reality is not always black and white because the world is more complicated than that. We just want to think in a world of black and white and the world wants us to think in that way too because it is easy for us to grasp.

The world is not black and white. The world is not true and false. The world is not as easy as we would like to think it is. We can see that the world is more complicated, but many of us are afraid to tackle this head on because of our weakness. How can we easily look at the world in a way that does not set us up to think in the way of black and white? It is a change in our mindset and a change in the way that we see the world. If we are able to see the world through a new set of eyes and discover the world as many shades of grey, then we can think differently about the way that humanity is, the world is, and our society is.

In Daoism, one of the main tenants of the philosophy is that there is some good in the perceived bad and that there is some bad in the perceived good. What you think is good may actually not be good and what you think is bad may not actually be bad. At first, I had my ideas of what good and bad were in the world and I was shaken after that good I thought I had become for me not so good. I looked to what I thought was bad at the time and I saw all the goodness in it. I looked for a new group of people that I thought to be good and I saw later that there was some bad in that as well. I am talking about the experiences that I had with the Catholic Church, the work crew where I later met Aislynn, and I was also talking about my time with the LDS Church as well.

For some people, what is good for them will not always be good for everyone. That is thinking in a black and white way. We are all different and we are all unique. We all have different sets of problems and we all have a way of dealing with those problems. We all are born with things that cause us to make choices that are different than the choices that other people make. Thinking that you know what is best for another person is not good for society at all. If anything, it shows your arrogance and ignorance on the part of another person. You will never be able to say that you know what is best for another person, because you will never know this fact.

This arrogance and ignorance is what religions of the world thrive on. The religions of the world exist because people think that they do not know what is best for them in their life. That is not true in the very least. We all have the capacity to think for ourselves and we all know what is best for us if we think of our life as the most important. We also have to think in such a way and see the world through a new set of eyes that will allow us to understand the world better. We need to think of the world in terms of shades of grey and not in a black and white way. Many of us will not get to this point and we will all think of the world through one side or the other. We are, fortunately, changing this trend.

The decrease in affiliation with religion and politics is important for us as a group of individuals. We still need to think of ourselves as a part of a society and we need to act in accordance with the norms of the society. We are able to change our society, but we need to think differently about our society and we need to use the avenues that are important to our society to achieve our goals. Many people have not understood this point yet. What I am saying is that politics and religion are not bad, but we can and need to change the status quo through the avenues that society has presented us, like voting for causes that we believe in.

Many people in the world want you to think that you have to agree with the norm or the group. That is not always the case. It is good to think in terms of the individual because any opposing viewpoints that you have in the group will allow the group to look for themselves and make a more educated opinion. It is important because it will allow you to think for yourself as well. I was once closed minded as a Catholic. I opened up my mind to new things and I had my ideas challenged. Opening your mind to all sides of the story will truly change the world, both on an individual level and a societal level.




The path that you choose to take in life is an important thing to learn. You never know where your path will take you and you never know what kind of decisions you would have to make. Your path takes you on particular parts of your journey. You never know what tomorrow will bring and you will never know. When you come to a decision, your decision influences what your path will do. You can think about all the ways that your path would have gone down if you had made all the decisions, but you can never know what could have been if your decision would have gone a little different and your path took another turn. I had many such decisions in my life up to this point. I was about to make another decision that would lead me down a new path.

The first major decision of my spiritual journey came at the beginning when I decided to change my life and make decisions to emulate a young woman as an example for me to follow and to leave the life that I once knew. At the time, I knew that the decisions I was making would change my life forever because I wanted that change to happen. I did not know how much my life would change, however, and I found myself in a very similar place by the end of the year that I was in at the start of my year. There were some major flaws, but the difference was that I found a new young woman by the end of the year and everyone was able to move on.

The second major decision I made was not really a decision that I made at all. This decision came to me and it caused me to make more decisions that would have far reaching implications. At the end of the friendship I had with Kelly, I was further backed into a corner with the church group that I was a part of. Eventually the decision was made for me to leave the group temporarily. Many things happened because of this decision that caused me to take interests in new groups and to put my energy into groups of people who would actually accept me. When I was finally let back in, I felt further from the group because I was no longer truly accepted by them. I realized that my future was not in the group that I was a part of and that my future lied with other people and groups.

My next major decision was when I decided to take an interest in the Mormons. I was introduced to them through Aislynn and I took a keen interest in becoming a part of the group. This was further expanded when I entered into a relationship with a young woman named Alaina among the many friendships that I had in the Mormon Church. This helped to ease my pain of trying to find a group, but it caused problems for me doctrinally that would only get worse as I went into college.

The most recent one at the time would be to go away from religion and to embrace spirituality. I was influenced by all the types of groups I was having conflict with and I was influenced mainly by my inner conflict. Not only was I in conflict between the religions of Catholicism and Mormonism, but I was also in conflict between religion and spirituality. At the time, I was convinced that religion was good and non-religion was bad. As time went on through freshman year, however, I realized that religion had major flaws in it, especially as someone who had experience and exposure to more than one religious tradition. These traditions were in conflict and that exposed me to the ultimate flaw in religion, which would be the reason for me leaving. I was not mad at religion, I just found out what was wrong and I set out to make a path that was right for me.

There were many smaller decisions I made in that time as well that were a direct result of the large decisions I made. These decisions eventually caused a larger decision that would set me on a new path. This path may not seem to be the ideal or the goal of many people that I used to associate with, but we are all individuals and we all have our own path. There is no religion that can get you to heaven. Your religious experience is what you make of it. The decisions you make will determine the path you go down and the path you go down will determine your fate.

I made many decisions that determined the path that I went down. I would have gone down that path if I had not made important decisions. Big decisions you make in your life will determine the path that you take and will determine the direction of your life. You will learn surprising things on your journey and they will come to you in a variety of ways. If there is one thing that you can get out of it, then it would be to focus on your life. Every little thing in your life will determine the path of your life and will determine where you will go and how you will learn things.

When I was with Samantha, Miranda, Sarah, and Nicole, I learned about decisions in life and the path that you choose. The decisions made by Samantha and Miranda, for example, were vastly different and the results of their journey were different. The exposure of my own life and the conflicts I had with religion and spirituality would cause me to make decisions about the future of my life. I realized the importance of the decisions I made because that would impact my future. What would have happened if I had not left the Mormon or Catholic Churches? I don’t know, but I am not going to dwell on it. I made my decisions and I am now on the path that I am going down. I also made a conscious decision in 2009 when I came into the spiritual journey in the first place. I knew that my life would no longer be the same, but I did not know that I would make so many big decisions in so little time that I would completely change my life forever. All the big and small decisions in your life have a big impact on your life. The path you choose is important and it comes to you through the decisions that you make.




Throughout my journey, I have been influenced by many people. The most influential people in my life have been the ones that I have fallen in love with and had guided me throughout my journey. I learned a lot in my journey through them and, because of them, I went in directions that I have never gone down before. I am talking about it at this point because I believe that it was at this point in my life that I learned of the value of all the young women I fell in love with over the previous years.

I did not appreciate them at the time that I was with them. I took their friendships with me for granted and I ruined every relationship I had because of mistakes that I made in the past, when I was with them. It was only in 2012 that I understood the mistakes of my life and I regretted making the decisions that I made. I had thought long and hard to write an anonymous letter to them and asking them a couple of questions about my time with them. It is my hope that I can ask them what I always wanted them to know and wanted to know from them. I also wanted to help people to apply what I am talking about to their lives.

Dear Guardian Angel,

I met you and I did not know that you would change my life. Some of you know and some of you don’t, but my life was never the same because of you. It was not only because of what you did when we were together, but your influence was greater after you left. In this short life, we have to take advantage of what we have and what we don’t have. I have a lot of good qualities about me, but I also have a ton of faults that impacted our relationships.

I never intended to hurt you. When you left me, I went through a very rough patch every time. It still affects me to this day but it is when you are in these downs that you prove who you are and your path in life changes. My life changed to be worse initially, but I had to make the most of the situation and it always left me in a better place than I was before. Sometimes, it was better than when you were with me. There are some that have been much closer to me than others, but I don’t know if I want to see you or have you in my life again.

There are a few questions of mine that I always wanted to ask you. I learned a lot on my journey from my interactions with you, but what did you get out of it? Did I make an impact on your life too? Did you learn something from your interactions with me? You can read about your impact on my life from my side but I will never get to hear about your journey from your side. Even if you cannot tell me, I want you to think about it. Even the worst people in your life can teach you something about yourself and your place in this world.

I want to use these examples so that people can learn from my experiences. It is my hope that the world will be better off with me and not without me. You can finally see your effect on me from my point of view, but what did you think in these situations? What actions did you take to ensure the same thing did not happen again? Was it worth it to you? It didn’t seem like it for me at the time, but it was only years after I was with you that I was able to see everything that I did to you.

I may never know the answers to your questions, but I did not know what I would learn at the time and I wanted to tell you and the world what people can learn from these experiences that did not seem significant at the time. I wanted people to know, but I wanted you to know most of all. I wanted you to know that I am not resentful to what happened because it turned out to be more positive than anything. I will never have anyone in my life like you again, but my hope is that you learned and continue to learn about your life based on the experiences you had in your life since my time.

There will not be a time when we can have the same thing going that we had before, but it was a good experience and I would not trade it for the world.

With love,


I don’t know if you have seen the same situations happen in your life and I don’t know what end of a relationship you have been in through your past experiences. You may have had many experiences in the past and there have been times where you went through the ups and downs. It is something that happens to all of us and it is something that we all suffer from. The open letter serves both sides of the argument. Many people will go through life and wonder what the other side thinks and acts in the same situations as another. There are always two sides to the story and many people do not understand this in life.

In the world, many people only think about the world. People only tap into one side of anything in life. There are two sides to our nature, to the universe, and to life. We tend to only focus on one side and we never look at the side that truly matters to us. The key to understanding our purpose and our salvation lies in the discovery of that nature and the empowerment of that nature, that side of us that we don’t think about.




I have been talking a lot about the people behind the way my life went. I need to understand that these people also have a spiritual side to them and it is important to note that. Just like how my humanity learned things through the interaction of other humans, my spirituality learned things through their spiritual guidance. It was through these interactions that I learned many things about the four noble truths, which was that suffering existed, the origin of suffering through the world, the fact that suffering can be gotten rid of, and that the path to it can be sought and found by anyone. This was further expanded by the fact that there are seven vices that I found in life and that they would be conquered through the learning and the application of the seven virtues to counteract them.

The first one was through Shannon and the Guardian Angel of Ephesus. I learned that through her, I was too greedy. She would teach me how pretending to have everything I wanted was not good and that it would lead me to pain and suffering. It did because it would be the cause of the end of the friendship I had with Shannon. I learned charity through her example, which would counteract the greed, and that would be the first thing I would get rid of. It was after that point in my life that I would live a more authentic life and that I would try to make something of my life. This is where I would first learn of the virtue of charity and wisdom.

The second one was through Mary and the Guardian Angel of Smyrna. I learned that through her, I wanted too many riches in my life. Before I met her, my heart was set to a goal and I strived towards that goal without regard for anyone else. I also thought that I was better than everyone else and that other people should love me. When I made fun of Mary for her shortcomings, I was ridiculed and I was taught an important lesson. I was taught the lesson of understanding and I knew that at that point, I was not the best person in the world and that I need to practice temperance. This is where I would learn the virtue and the importance of temperance.

The third one was through Kelly and the Guardian Angel of Pergamum. I learned that through her, I was envious and that I should not compare myself to others. The fact that she and I were in the same boat as far as prior relationships went made me think that I had a legitimate chance with her and that I sought to be more kind to her. I also learned this in many other ways through her. I learned of the kindness that I would take on with not talking to Kelly and I would learn of the unkindness of her parents towards me. I would still be envious when she entered into another relationship, but I would learn to kill unkindness with kindness. She would counsel me knowingly and unknowingly and would provide me with the virtue of kindness.

The fourth one was through Aislynn and the Guardian Angel of Thyatira. I learned that through her, I was too much lustful. I had wanted a girlfriend and I finally got what I wanted through her. It was not all that it was cracked up to be, however, and she taught me chastity and commitment through the relationship I had with her. She would teach me this through her fortitude and that I would finally get what I wanted. It was through her sex life at the time that I would learn about what really mattered. I went from wanting someone to wanting to be with a group of people that accepted me for who I am.

The fifth one was through Alaina and the Guardian Angel of Sardis. I learned that through her, I was too focused on the dogma of the group because I wanted to satisfy the people that I chose to associate myself with. I was slothful in not finding out more about what I wanted to get into and it may have set me down a path of unhappiness. Alaina provided me with the knowledge to find out more about religion and drive me down a path away from it altogether. I learned to me more diligent in religion and in life and that is something that I learned through her attitude towards her religion. Her lack of diligence taught me to be more diligent about my future and salvation.

The sixth one was through Samantha, Miranda, Sarah, and Nicole, who were all parts of the Guardian Angel of Philadelphia. They exposed the true wrath that I had towards people with differences because of my religion. I was not very nice at the beginning, but their example changed me and the way that I lived my life. I learned patience through their example in my life. I was once an angry religious person and I was intolerant to the world I came into. I left that year a much more spiritual, tolerant, and patient person and I thank the piety of these young women in my life for teaching me that virtue.

The final one was through Alissa and the Guardian Angel of Laodicea. The hardest vice to get over was the vice of pride. Pride was the source of all the vices of my life. In fact, it took me three more women for me to finally understand what I did wrong. My pride caused her to leave me. I thought that I was better than her and I realize now that I am not. She put the greatest fear in me of losing those I loved through my vices and my pride. She would start my process in teaching me about humility, which is the hardest to learn, but when learned, it is one of the most important moments in the life of the individual.

It is not just the human side of the interaction that you learn things about the world from, it is also the spiritual side. The most important people that you learn from will teach you spiritually and in the physical world. I learned the virtues through my interactions with these people and their spirits that were within them. It is a process that is learned, but you will learn the virtues early on if you can recognize them as they come and you can make a better life for yourself. Learning these virtues and practicing them will get rid of all suffering in your life.