Book of the Fall

87: Pride and Destruction
Oh and how the world as it stands shall fall. Listen to the decrees that have been brought before you! The world is full of pride! The pride has been brought to the earth. Who will make this heavenly thinking being fall? Look at the people of the earth who are below you! I hope that you will be destroyed by your pride. Your treasures on the face of the earth will be taken from you. You will be deceived and overpowered by your friends and your enemies. You have no understanding of the pain and destruction that is to befall you.


88: The Vices
The wise people will disappear from your midst. Your protection will be brought down and you will be left defenseless. You will be disgraced and done away with for all time. You will watch as the people carry all that you have in this world away and you cannot stop them. Do not be prideful on this day. This is the day of your destruction! The worst evil of the world will come to you! This will be the day of your misfortune. You will survive, but you will have all the things of the world taken from you.


89: Return and Restoration
You will conduct yourself according to the morals that have been set forth from the beginning. You will drink from the spring of life and you will do this forever. If you escape from the holy mountain, you will be brought into darkness. You will see the things of the world set ablaze, but if you stay in the city of light, you will not perish. This will go across all the lands of the world. The people who have been cast away will find refuge in this city. This shall be the restoration of the people who have been cast away from the city of darkness and all the people who are dwelling in darkness.