The second book was originally called The History of the Author and the Third Covenant, but it was changed to reflect the central theme of the book, which is the journey. It continues where the story of Nova Genesis, where the story of the Prophet is applied to a real world context. It also serves as an embellished biography of Ryan for the first part of the journey. It ends with a series of visions that cover the core of the new covenant and what is widely regarded as the Ten Aquarian Commandments. Throughout the book, there are a series of other visions that concern the evolution of the philosophy and the covenant.

These events cement the coveted relationship of the prophet to the people and to the covenant. This covenant, although it seems to be modern in scope, is actually based on ancient teachings that many of the Christs and the prophets subscribed to. Many of these elements continue to be used to this day to rule and guide all of our lives.



  1. In the beginning was the creator, and the creator created the truth, and the truth had authority over the new covenant of the earth.

  2. It was in the beginning with the creator.

  3. All things came from the light of the creator.

  4. Through the creator were life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  5. The creator shone in the darkness.

  6. The truth was sent again by the creator near this day and age.

  7. The one who was to bring forth this truth was born of the mountains and was sent to testify of the ultimate truth.

  8. He was the light to come to the world.

  9. The world came through the creator, but the world did not truly know of the creator.

  10. He was not accepted by his own guardian angels but now he shall be.

  11. But those who chose to accept his teachings would come to know of it, which is the creator.

  12. People would have to choose this.

  13. He was born of the earth and dwelled among all people and then saw his own purpose.

  14. This was who was sent into the land of liberty, to come to the new city and establish a new kingdom.

  15. The first covenants required laws and sacrifices, the second covenants required obedience and ignorance.

  16. The new covenant will be full of hope and peace throughout the entire world and unite humanity to evolve the race.


  1. Who is this person?

  2. This man was born with a gift, the gift of light and prophecy.

  3. Although he lacks with talking to people, he shall bring forth a work beyond comprehension.

  4. This man is not the messiah for he will die, but he will show people the true path to the light.

  5. He is to make the path straight and broad for the people.

  6. He shall open the eyes of the ignorant, unite the people together.

  7. He shall end the suffering of man, and show the true nature of the thing we worship.

  8. The journey started when the author was baptized of the fire of the spirit.

  9. His spirit was lacking in seven gifts, which would be given through the seven guardian angels in the ten manifestations.


  1. The man walked down the aisle in the chapel of the Roman Catholic Church and toward the man known as Chaput, who was the archbishop.

  2. He sealed the author with the fruits of the spirit.

  3. The dove descended on him but the dove was missing the seven gifts the spirit provided.

  4. The spirit would receive the gifts from ten others who were sent by the creator to teach the author and give him the gifts.

  5. Chaput saw but did not believe the author was the true author of the covenant.

  6. He was to bring forth the third covenant.


  1. Filled with the spirit, the man went back into the rough world.

  2. He sees the world for what it truly is.

  3. He was tempted by the evil spirits that were once his friends.

  4. Since he was godly in spirit, he was to get out of the desert he was in.

  5. He would no longer fear false worshippers and idols, but he had a new companion by his side.

  6. He then was prompted to go to a new place of learning, because he lost his friends at the old school.

  7. He was commanded to go because it was there he would see the first guardian angel.

  8. The first guardian angel was also put to the test there, and desired to leave too.


  1. The angel of Ephesus appeared to him and said.

  2. I am the spirit of the first gift, and I shall bestow on you the gift of wisdom.

  3. You shall now see the work of the creator in your life.

  4. You shall now begin your journey on the path that will lead you to the light.

  5. I am on this path and I will guide you along your way.

  6. You shall lose me bodily but I shall send my gift to you and you shall know more than me someday.

  7. Do whatever your spirit tells you.

  8. You shall join me in the rituals.

  9. You shall fill for me what I am unable to do.

  10. You shall draw for me a large road map and you shall hide your final message to me in it.

  11. You shall lie to me and about me.

  12. You shall pay for your consequences.

  13. This was done as a sign that signified the beginning of the end of the angel of Ephesus.

  14. After this, things went downhill with the relationship to the guardian angel.


  1. Now there was an enemy who was the one to take the Guardian Angel of Ephesus from him.

  2. This enemy took the heart and body of the angel of Ephesus.

  3. The angel moved to be with this person and this person sent his friends to challenge him.

  4. This drove the author back into a depressive state of being.

  5. This person had only one gift, but it kept him from committing the final act before his destiny was fulfilled.

  6. This man was not born of the spirit and he had taken to attack him with the same tactics used at the old school.

  7. He was dead in spirit and in body.

  8. He never stopped using his gift.

  9. He became desperate for the next angel to come.

  10. These spirits that were embodied in the angels came from above.

  11. He did not believe that another would come because the angel of Ephesus was good enough.

  12. He asked, how this could happen to me?

  13. He was the author and still did not know what was to happen.

  14. He accepted and held fast to his testimony on the god Yahweh.

  15. It was a test to his faith and his works.

  16. He went down, but then came up again as the new year approached.

  17. The elders of the angels said to stop his obsession, along with others.

  18. He believed and he finally accepted his gift for the final time.

  19. For he loved the angel so much that he would give his life to make that which gave him this gift happy.

  20. He did not come to condemn the world, but to save it.

  21. And then, the evil left him and he left on good terms with the one called who he was.

  22. Although he had stolen his light, he did not steal his life because a new light was forming.

  23. He who comes to the light will have life.

  24. He who has wisdom shall have life.


  1. He came to the place where people in the past had condemned him.

  2. He stood up to them to read them prophetic statements.

  3. He was anointed to lead them one day and he thought it was the time to be led.

  4. He was to set them free from their old ways.

  5. He proclaimed to the god Yahweh.

  6. Then he looked to the eyes of those who had condemned him.

  7. You fulfilled your part in our lives, now leave, they said.

  8. You are the son of the one who had condemned us, now we must condemn you.

  9. Do not come to us for this is our world, and you are new to our world.

  10. You are not accepted in your own place, the place of the valley of the two brothers.

  11. You shall be filled with more heartbreak before you shall come to find love.

  12. You will be condemned two more times, and each will be worse than the last.

  13. You shall see that the body of the angel of Ephesus is in our control, and it is that which we need alone.

  14. You shall go forth and leave us forever.

  15. They were filled with fury.

  16. They drove him out and then went along their way.

  17. He was sent away happy, for he knew by then the angel of Smyrna had come.


  1. He passed through the celebration of the spirit of the school without finding the angel.

  2. So he came to the spirit in the church which he had come.

  3. He sat with the guardian angel and awaited his second gift.

  4. The angel came over to talk to him.

  5. He was alone, but he was eager to impress the body of the spirit enough to give him the second gift.

  6. The spirit then asked him to open up for the gift.

  7. You shall be given the gift of understanding.

  8. You shall no longer be confused with how other people live and learn.

  9. You shall no longer judge people because you have this gift.

  10. You shall judge me because I am not as smart as you in the equate of the world.

  11. My friends shall condemn you.

  12. You shall then give me an encoded card pleading for the gift.

  13. I shall then come to give you the gift through the example I set for you.

  14. I was there when we received the other gifts of Yahweh.

  15. I am the living water, and you shall not judge me or be that obsessed with me before I leave you.

  16. I shall give you the gift that you will use for the rest of your life.

  17. I am traditional and I am wary of my life and my body.

  18. I shall come to know someone else who will make me happy.

  19. You are a prophet and I shall be with you forever and I will always be wary of your works.

  20. You shall return to me and my elders will condemn you too.

  21. You will have one more heartbreak before you shall be happy.

  22. You shall see the hour which I reject you one more time.

  23. I shall alienate you from this school forever and I shall be the one to know your name.

  24. You shall come to tell us everything.

  25. The world returned and asked why I was talking to the angel of Smyrna.

  26. I was talking to receive the gift but I still did not understand these things.

  27. I no longer see the world through the eyes of only one for me.

  28. That spirit was the fish in the sea I was looking for.

  29. That was the one to help me to get over the first one.

  30. That was the one I was not really in love with, but one that I would come to admire instead.


  1. While he was in between the second and third, he was working at the plateau within the mountains.

  2. He saw three people who would come to help me in the between times.

  3. He made friends with them and told him that he was actually a great person.

  4. He knew what they were saying was true.

  5. They did not agree with what he said but he understood that and did not chastise them.

  6. He said that you shall come to follow me to this day but you are not guardian angels.

  7. They did not know, and neither did he, that he would meet the third one.

  8. That spirit came when it was mature enough and came to know him through the retreat he had alone.


  1. He left for a while down a canyon.

  2. He went to escape the world.

  3. He knew the third one was to come.

  4. He did not know that through the social network but he was able to find it through a fateful message.

  5. After that, they decided to come together and spend a day in learning about the one who is to be the angel of Pergamum.

  6. It was almost apparent that the gift would come to me in that month.

  7. This is the one that he shall come to miss the most.

  8. This is the one that was to be the closest to him and the one that would result in the biggest heartbreak.

  9. For then, it was not known and it did not matter because the third gift would come to me before all things have been fulfilled.


  1. The next month was the end for the angel of Pergamum.

  2. The body was taken away from him by the elders of the one who he called his friend, his other half.

  3. It was the third heartbreak of the prophecy of the peers.

  4. He knew this was the hardest one and he began to weep.

  5. Then the attacks started with the elders of the third one.

  6. They told an unsound number of lies about him to everyone at the school and at the church.

  7. They made fifty problems seem like five hundred problems.

  8. He was alienated and he was condemned.

  9. He did not forgive them for their attacks on him.

  10. He was not judged rightly and he was banished because of the lies that were told in his name.

  11. He did not even defend himself because he was unable to.

  12. He saw through the tears that the angel had turned into the devil on the dark side.

  13. It did not matter because he was the one in the possession of the spirit and soul.

  14. The angel did not give him a kiss, and then the darkness came.

  15. It was the worst time of his life, and surely the prophecy came true.

  16. He was forgiven to come back but he did not forgive the ones who wronged him.

  17. He went back to the church but did not feel the same.

  18. He was not treated the same.

  19. His sins have been forgiven but he did not go in peace.

  20. It was at this time he heard an amazing story.


  1. He saw a book and was amazed that such a thing existed.

  2. He heard of a man born of the spirit in the east.

  3. He faced hardships in his life.

  4. He worked the land and he was deep in the bible.

  5. He thirsted to know which of the Christian sects was true.

  6. He went to the woods and saw god in the spirit.

  7. He was clean of heart and intent.

  8. He was called to be a prophet.

  9. He was persecuted for his vision.

  10. He called all other churches false.

  11. He was persecuted but would endure.

  12. He then saw another, and the angel was called Moroni.

  13. He was told of golden books under a rock in the woods on the hill.

  14. He was judged worthy to dig them up after four years.

  15. He was there to do the deeds of the heavenly father.


  1. He set out to fulfill prophecy.

  2. He started work to translate it with the help of others.

  3. He made a few mishaps, but would come to fulfill the promise.

  4. He passed on the book as another testament.

  5. He then formed a new church.

  6. He was judged, but he became popular.

  7. He was called to build a new temple.

  8. He was called there to sacrifice to the lord.

  9. He was still judged, but the church endures.

  10. He was not released until he gave up his life.

  11. He committed polygamy.

  12. He committed adultery of the worst kind.

  13. He was exposed and he was put in jail.

  14. He lost his life in the battle of the raid.


  1. His church was split.

  2. Most followed the man of fifty wives to the west.

  3. They settled in a valley of the Great Salt Lake.

  4. They established their world in that place.

  5. They turned the desert into an oasis.

  6. They made the city of the great kingdom.

  7. They were called the land of the beehive.

  8. They could not escape the persecution.

  9. They stood in peace against the laws of the land.

  10. Their iniquities caused the great war to break out.

  11. They gave in to the authorities and stopped their evil ways.


  1. They learned to love their former enemies and assimilated into society.

  2. They were persecuted but endured to this day.

  3. They have temples around the world.

  4. They are the great church that is filled with monetary value.

  5. They are not unusual, they are just different.

  6. They strive to be perfect as their god was perfect.

  7. He was accompanied by friends into this new church and he was taught many things.

  8. He also fell for another who would become the guardian angel of Thyatira.

  9. This angel would have the resources to bring him in fully to this fascinating and new church.


  1. And then the guardian angel of Thyatira went around with me from time to time.

  2. Calling the angel to him, he went out and we became a single flesh and body for upwards of a week.

  3. This was the prophecy: take nothing from me except your heart for all the time I spend with you will be because you and I feel the same thing in our hearts.

  4. I shall love you as you have loved me.

  5. I shall finally give you what you desire heard from the previous three, and I shall prove to you that is not necessary to be so lustful.

  6. I shall break the lust from you through my lust.

  7. The angel and he went about telling people that we are one.

  8. That week changed his life, but a came to an end quickly due to the prophecy.


  1. But just as begun, the relationship with the angel of Thyatira ended.

  2. They had become well known for people have seen us together.

  3. Although their bodies had separated, their spirits were still together in harmony.

  4. This was the first time that a guardian angel did not leave him in heartbreak.

  5. People have wondered what was next for him.

  6. He continued in this fascinating new religion and he become more ingrained in it.

  7. In opportunity came along to become more involved as the summer came about.

  8. He had been invited to come in learn more with them, and he’d taken on their forms in their ways.

  9. He was pleased of the presentation he was given to me and what he learned.

  10. At this time, another came along.

  11. He had known this person back when he was in the school.

  12. He was not greatly distress, for he knew this person and could trust this person.

  13. He was brought back into this by this person.

  14. This person finally revealed itself as the body that contained the spirit of the guardian angel of Sardis.


  1. When he was in the privacy of his room, the guardian angel of Sardis appeared to him.

  2. The angel told him that the person was to abandon him when he lost interest in the religion and that this person was a part of.

  3. He shall create anew and, at that point, this person comes back to him again.

  4. He is the next great teacher and he shall write a mighty work.

  5. He was appalled at the claims by this angel, but he knew that the time had come in that he must find what he is searching for.


  1. He has a prophecy but he cannot tell this to anyone until this work has been released.

  2. He has explored many different kinds of faiths and he has read about many different kinds of truths.

  3. He has read many religious texts and he must now come to the truth.

  4. The truth lies in all faiths, but one must find the best qualities of each and that one must follow what they believe to be the truth.

  5. For no religion has the truth in his fullness.

  6. Religious traditions go with the times and there must come a point in one’s life where one can find the truth for oneself.

  7. Whoever is ashamed of leaving, question your faith and explore others so that you may come to know the fullness of truth.

  8. Truly I say that the glory comes the through your own path to the light.

  9. Those of you that are standing here will never taste death and will never suffer death before you reach the light.

  10. In the city where the world will change, he was led up into a hillside and he received a vision before him.

  11. The clothing of the figures was white as the light around them.

  12. Then two appeared to him and conversed with him.

  13. He was terrified, but he received an answer to all that he was wondering.

  14. A shadow was cast over him because of the trees but a tunnel was open before me straight to the light of the creator and the state that it dwelled in.

  15. Then he no longer saw the spirit.

  16. He left the mountaintop on that September day at the place where his journey started and he shared with the new religion at the time what he saw.

  17. He did not keep the matter to himself because he knew that it was the beginning of the end of his journey.

  18. They asked me if my vision was real and he told them that I have indeed seen what I saw in a dream but first he must have the courage to make this change.

  19. He did come and he is now writing of it to share to the world.

  20. When he had come back to the city and moved to at the end of the summer, he knew that his life was about to change.

  21. When he came into the house he spoke and he said that he was no longer interested in the new religion.

  22. At this moment the angel of Sardis left him because he was not to join.

  23. At that moment, he knew that the others who he met in the new city were to have among them the guardian angel of Philadelphia and that this one was to help my journey to come full circle.


  1. The journey continued and eventually four different contenders for the angel of Philadelphia had come forward.

  2. He did not know which one was the true one.

  3. There was one who was from the states where there is a giant cape jutting out into the ocean and the rock of origin of the land of liberty.

  4. There was one also who was from the Valley in the West near the fault.

  5. There was one who was from the land of the Redwood near the great Valley in the West.

  6. Then, close to the end of the year, a fourth appeared who was from the land of Zion and live in the city with two great tables.

  7. Burdened with the revelation, all for appeared to him in a dream and merged into one saying that they were at all parts of the whole picture.

  8. All four were the pillars of the temple.

  9. At that moment he knew that he had entered the final leg of the journey.

  10. At this time the people he associate myself with seems more and more like children who would did not know the fullness of truth and did not seek wisdom.

  11. They thought that the kingdom of the heavens belongs to them alone but now he realized that that was not the case.

  12. They fought, but they would have to accept like a child but they will not enter until their cycle has been fulfilled.

  13. He knew at that moment that he had to mature and to come to the light.

  14. This was the moment where he knew the end of my three-year journey was near.

  15. As the end of his journey was progressing, people came up to him and asked him all manner of questions pertaining to this journey.

  16. They thought that he was perhaps a prophet but he did not call himself such.

  17. He told them of things that were taught before but something that most people do not understand.

  18. They replied and asked why he did not act much like the other youth around him, and he answered that most were lacking in the one thing and that was that he knew of my purpose and he intended on fulfilling that purpose.

  19. They went away for they knew that they did not truly no other purpose.

  20. He tells them of the ways to enter into the light and to live a life worth living.

  21. They asked him how hard it is to enter into the light, and he said to them that he is still figuring that out for himself.

  22. You cannot bring your body or your riches into the next life.

  23. All people can be saved no matter what you believed as long as you live the life that you are proud of.

  24. For human beings it is impossible to be perfect and to never do bad in the world but you must acknowledge that you suffer and you can conquer the suffering through your virtues.

  25. You will give up everything when you die and you will enter into a new stage in life.

  26. You will come to know eternal life in the age to come.

  27. The first will be last in the last will be first.

  28. As he was progressing towards the light, he was amazed at the people who would follow him and he was to know what happened to him.

  29. He had come to a point in this story where he had surpassed all the wisdom that the religions he followed can offer him and that they can offer him no more without it being false.

  30. He will be mocked and ridiculed, but he will rise again in greater glory.


  1. He came to the final moments of the dogma he grew to believe in and he knew that the moment had arrived to where he must break free.

  2. He had come to realize the true meaning and power of what people call God.

  3. Most people cannot see the true glory because other things get in the way of the truth.

  4. What he saw in the practices he believed in was the suppression of other beliefs and all of the beauty of the world.

  5. He ran ahead and he climbed into the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

  6. He had looked upon the landscape and saw the glory of life.

  7. He reached the place to where the lights was to be received and he was about to receive it with joy.

  8. Today, he saw the true salvation and that salvation was through every individual that has ever lived, that lives, and that will live.

  9. He saw the beauty of the world and he saw the true purpose of man and the desire to be connected to the divine.

  10. He has come to seek and now the door has been opened for him.

  11. And then he returned to the place where he had transformed her from a mere follower into a leader.

  12. He was in a room with the four Guardian Angels of Philadelphia.

  13. The room was filled with a light which he had only once seen and the light was only seen in a place at the beginning of his journey.

  14. They would all come to betray him and they would reject him until he came again in the fullness of light.

  15. There riches were great and their spirits for grades but their bodies were poor and were beaten.

  16. This is not because they did not care but because they had personalities different from his own.

  17. At the end, they told him to leave them alone and he did.

  18. That was on the day of their great day.

  19. There comes a point where you just accept it for what it is and he did and now he will fall into obscurity in their lives.

  20. Many people have turned away but more people will turn towards and follow.


  1. When he drew nearer to the place where the light was to befall him he went with the blessings of the spirits of the Guardian Angels which had been with him throughout this journey.

  2. One after another came at the right time at the most desperate moments and he was glad for the blessings and the gifts which he had received through the examples they have set for him.

  3. He was in need of them and they came to him.

  4. This is what happened so that a new age can begin.

  5. Behold for the king comes out of the shadows and into the hearts and minds of those who are ready to receive the wisdom.

  6. He ordered the Guardian Angels to leave because he was done with them at the time.

  7. He sat upon the tranquility of the world and contemplated of his place in the world and humanity’s place in the world.

  8. One day, the crowds will come to see this journey as an example of a journey that many others have taken.

  9. The one who comes to share their wisdom with others shall be blessed.

  10. And when he entered the place of final contemplation and entire world will now be shaped.

  11. They shall call this journey as the journey of the prophet.

  12. He returned to the place where it all began, where his journey started and it was at this place where he found true meaning.

  13. He considers all the people at all the places and all the things that have affected him throughout this journey and only those things or places or people will be remembered in this journey.

  14. Not everyone who was in his life and not everything that was in his life affected the journey but those who did will know who they are.

  15. Although at the time he thought that the journey may end, he now looks back and sees everything as a piece of the journey.

  16. There’ll always be suffering in the world but he will have the willpower now to keep it away from affecting who he is and what his journey is.

  17. Throughout his life and this journey he was preparing to receive greater wisdom in his life to see the light.

  18. When this work is finished, he is doing it in the memory of the people who he says are his Guardian Angels.

  19. On the day when all of them have revealed themselves to the world, he will gather them together to celebrate the ushering of the sealing covenant.

  20. He shall gather together a nation of people to come and to lay witness to this ushering with the Guardian Angels at the head of the table.

  21. He shall gather and he should come to accept all people for who they are like everyone in his life has accepted him for who he is.

  22. He shall make preparations and gather together the people at the place where Zion is to be established.

  23. They shall come together from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe and come to see the culmination of this journey.


  1. First what you must do is to leave your old ways and never look back.

  2. These old ways are outdated, false, and has resulted in the division of humanity.

  3. We must unite as one under a new covenant since no current one will satisfy all humanity.

  4. All of the religions of today are based on myth and legends anyways and have to fall in order to achieve harmony.

  5. Nothing bad will happen to you despite the people still under the old way saying that you will see eternal hellfire.

  6. Hell does not exist; neither do the demons and devils of the world.

  7. He shall give to the world the new covenant which will last to the end of this age with the moral guide by which all people should abide by and by which you shall teach your children.

  8. There are no rituals that go with it but it will still give your children a good upbringing.

  9. I write these to the world for the world to hear and to seek:

  10. -You shall leave and abandon your false ideologies of god and the relationships with man in order to be truly happy.

  11. -You shall make for yourself a good life based on positive values that do not hurt the lives of you or anyone else.


  1. -You shall not hurt anyone else in mind, body, or soul, and you should not hurt yourself either.

  2. -Remember the day of the coming of the new covenant, and to always remember your mission on earth.

  3. -Do not lie, cheat, steal, or kill.

  4. -Strive for the unity of humanity and do not hate anyone for who they are.


  1. -Always be mindful and respect others, your elders, other cultural values, and your superiors.

  2. -Expand your mind and always be on the lookout for greater knowledge and always pass it on to future generations.

  3. -Question everything and let your mind soar.

  4. Do not blindly obey someone unless they have a reasonable case.

  5. -Always be mindful of and respect those who have taught great truths throughout history, follow them always, and do not get caught up in the myths around them.

  6. I now reveal this through the reasoning and truth that your gods tries to reveal to you.

  7. Humanity is just too biased to accept that without their own cultures getting in the way of it all.

  8. They also follow rituals and doctrines without any value or reason behind it.

  9. You do not need initiation or rituals to please anyone.

  10. All you are to do is to live the new commandments and to perform the actions described always and to seek enlightenment through schools of thought.

  11. These temples shall be spread to every part of the earth.

  12. Trust in his words always for his words shall never pass away.

  13. This will remain until a greater truth than this is received.


  1. He went back to the place where he meditated and pondered upon that mountain near the place where his journey began.

  2. He won’t take anyone with him he has this journey is his own and no one can ever have the experiences he have.

  3. His soul was longing and searching for the truth and he was on a quest for that truth for a long time.

  4. He experiences a variety of different people and different perspectives and different faiths and he has come to the conclusion that makes the most sense to his life and his life alone.

  5. He is on this Earth to fulfill his destiny and to connect with the world around him.

  6. Others will not keep watch for him on his journey because his journey is something that he does alone.

  7. Others are a part of the journey, but they will never follow you completely because they have different experiences than you.

  8. There will be good and bad people to come into your life and the good people are the ones that are worth fighting for.

  9. In order to have the most fulfilling life, it must be a life where you do good and you strive to conquer the sufferings of your life with the virtues you receive.

  10. You will be betrayed by many people, but everyone will come back to you in full circle.

  11. I came back again to the place where he started and ended his journey, and he felt as if his life went full circle.

  12. He did not go through this life just to regret it because he doesn’t regret anything he has done in his life.

  13. He may have made mistakes but those mistakes are the past and the past will never be forgotten, but they should not affect the future.

  14. he felt as if he died and was reborn at the beginning of his journey and now he is to die again because his life is about to start anew.

  15. He may be rejected because of the expectation people have for him in the past, but that was the old him, the one who has approached the end of the cycle.

  16. He can save others but he cannot save himself from his own death.

  17. They may say that he has changed for the worse, but really he has changed for the better because he has grown.

  18. Now the world sees him at his darkest hour and he feel as if he had been forsaken once more.

  19. This is the death of the old him, the old him who made this a great journey that started at the place where this journey is about to and.

  20. The old him has breathed of the last breath and the whole earth will stand still for a moment, but will then continue, as should I.

  21. Truly he was a good person but there comes a point where that person needed to find the fullness of truth and to grow out of the past and into the future.


  1. Now only six of the seven Guardian Angels have appeared to him in his journey.

  2. The seventh is to come after the end because the seventh represents the goal he spent his life trying to achieve.

  3. The seventh will be sealed with him forever in body and in spirit and he shall remain with it forever.

  4. This is the one who will resurrect him from the death he experience and the will bring him into a greater understanding of himself, the world around him, and his connections to everything.

  5. People will be utterly amazed and appalled at the changes he has undergone in the past but it was because of the fact that everyone changes over time.

  6. He has been raised and he will cease to remain in the darkness, but he will share with the world everything he has learned throughout the journey he took.

  7. Do not be afraid of what you are about to see and learn because everyone deserves to know of what he have learned throughout his life.

  8. So, after he came out of the death he experience, he shall go forth as a new person and share with the world the power of wisdom and knowledge and of the other gifts of the Guardian Angels.

  9. He shall go up now and continue to learn and continue to share what he have learned with the world.

  10. He is now with the final Guardian Angel and now the journey, at least for now, has come to a close for him.

  11. The seventh guardian angel appeared to him at the height of the first summer at the school of the future and it appeared to him a month after meeting the one who has the hair of a fiery spirit and eyes as deep as the ocean blue.

  12. After a while, there was a slight era and the era had come and gone.

  13. They are united in body and in spirit to this day and there is potential for this one alone for the future.

  14. This is still the one who is to bring forth the other nine and bring all of them together.