The Book of The Restoration combines history, biography, and prophecy. It portrays a nation in crisis and introduces the reader to an extraordinary person whom the divine called to prophesy under the trying circumstances of the final days of the kingdom of the earth. The author of the book wrote this in 2012, at the advent of the coming of the New Age and at the beginning of the publishing of the work as a guide during the compilation and writing of the main text, of which this book is just a piece of.

The prophet remained in the city of the light, but was later forced into the world exile. We do not know the details of the development of the text and where the inspiration came from, but it is something that is widely debated to this day. The motive, clearly, was not about the influence of love, but it may signal the fact of a greater force and influence upon his life. The influence was greater after the spiritual death than before. The influence of this book is a reflection on the influence of the text itself and it was widely circulated and written about long before the book itself was.



  1. These are the words of the restoration, which comes after the end of the age to usher in the new.

  2. These words will come in the old age to usher in the new, and the entire world will become renewed.

  3. These processes will come forth in the last days, from the beginning of the end to the end of the end.


  1. The word of a prophecy came to me.

  2. Before you were formed in the body, I knew you in spirit and dedicated you and appointed you a prophet for the coming of the new age.

  3. I do not know what to speak, for I am young.

  4. Do not say you are too young, for whoever I send you, you shall go to, and whoever I command you to speak to, you will speak to them.

  5. Do not be afraid for your processes will come at a great cost to you.

  6. I will place these words into your mouth.

  7. I will appoint you over all people to build up a new age and to crumble down an old age.

  8. And while she will release words so you carry them out effectively.

  9. I will protect you against all evil so that you can carry out your work for me.

  10. Evil will pour out all of the land.

  11. All of the kingdoms of the world will come up and will compete with one another for power.

  12. Their wickedness will forsake them in their ego will bring them to death.

  13. Prepare yourself and stand up to those who do not seek to listen to you.

  14. I am the one that will build for you a foundation and walls and a roof so that you can be protected from all evil.

  15. They will come against you, but will not prevail.


  1. The word came to me from the creator.

  2. Remember the devotion you had when you were young, and you followed me and sought me.

  3. Remember the dedication you had to the wisdom I provided, but some who came to this wisdom felt guilty for it and evil came before them.

  4. Listen to all the claims that you have for my truth.

  5. It was not your fault that your ancestors came with to me and drew away from me.

  6. They befell their own corruption and suffered as a result.

  7. They did not ask where the wisdom was, the wisdom that led people through wildernesses and forged new lives for themselves, in a land of darkness the wisdom became their light.

  8. I bring you two even to each of these fine fruits but you defile the land and never return.

  9. No one asked where the wisdom was.

  10. These so-called experts do not really know me and all of the people rebelled against me and went after false gods.

  11. I will stand and accuse you of following faith blindly.

  12. Cross from sea to sea, and to see and find out for you what the truth is.

  13. Cross the seas and inquire.

  14. Nobody challenges their gods; no one challenges with boldness the existence of their gods.

  15. They are horrified at the afterlife, but they are not concerned about this life.

  16. These people have done evil in the name of their gods and they have dug for themselves ditches from which they cannot get out.

  17. All of their lands will go asunder at the end of the age.

  18. They raise their voices and they turn their heads away from the truth.

  19. All of the people in the wicked lands will take away the truth and distorted by making the teacher a God.

  20. Forsaking the truth has not done well for you.

  21. Why do you give everything you have these false doctrines?

  22. You are chastised by your wickedness and you will be punished so you will come and see the wickedness of your ways and come back to the truth.

  23. A long time ago you broke away from it and you poured away the bonds you had with your spirit so that you could serve all gods like a prostitute serves to the men of sin.

  24. That will bring you to the truth so how could you turn out to be against that truth?

  25. Do not chastise others for being who they are.

  26. The stain of your guilt will be both form end to end.

  27. You will be punished because you’ll recall what you have done against others.

  28. No one can restrain the thirst for desire that you have towards the world and there seems to be no effort on your part to conquer that.

  29. Stop wearing yourself out and putting yourself down because you put yourself down before strangers.

  30. You will be shamed when you are caught when you die and reach the heavens.

  31. You turn your back on the truth, but not the faces that have taught the truth.

  32. Where are your gods and let them rise so that I can prove they will not save you when you are troubled.

  33. You rebuild against the truth, which is found in no God.

  34. I strove for you in vain but you did not take it, instead you distorted it by creating doctrines.

  35. People of this generation should consider the word provided so that they can come out of the land of gloom and into the light.

  36. No one forgets things of this world, but when it comes to things that are not of this world, they forget and they ignore.

  37. They seek love in the world, but they go to the unclean people.

  38. The innocent will become guilty and it will be with them forever.

  39. The truth will bring you to innocent so that anger gets away from you.

  40. You will change your life by changing your course so that your destiny can be filled.

  41. You will go out into the world that you were once a part of and those whom you love, five will love you and five will reject you, and you will have no success with them.


  1. Stay committed to those you love, or if they leave you they can never return to you.

  2. Raise your eyes to the heavens and what terrible world which you have that been born into and the society which is full of corruption.

  3. If you refuse to be ashamed because you are above that which is the world.

  4. Do not keep your wrath of the world forever and do not keep grudges for all the evil that you see in this world will end.


  1. Look at what the rebellious nation has done, they exalt the money and they do not exalt the things which matter the most.

  2. After they have been given all the blessings in the world, they have become a traitor to their own cause.

  3. Many bad things happen in this society but the things that are deemed to be bad are good.

  4. Within this society, all of the things that cause society to become corrupted are okay.

  5. They do not return to the things which matter to them the most.


  1. A nation is more than just a person.

  2. Proclaim your words to this nation and tell them to return to their roots and returned that which is good.

  3. Tell everyone to admit their guilt to one another for they have rebelled against one another and no one will listen to your voice.

  4. Return to the covenant which you have been born into and you will be taken from the society of corruption into the land of Zion.

  5. You will become leaders in your own life and you will lose in decisions that are wise.

  6. Your blessings will increase upon the face of the earth and you no longer think of the world, but think of the things that are good.

  7. All the nations shall gather together to honor the covenant which they have been born into and they will no longer be wicked in their hearts.

  8. Together, all nations will walk hand-in-hand and make all of society a better place.


  1. You thought that you would never turn away from the traditions of your forefathers, but the traditions of your forefathers are a society full of corruption.

  2. All the things that are deemed to be evil were here except the one born in this day and age.

  3. This cry is heard for people to find a purpose in their lives but they have forgotten the path which leads them light.

  4. Return to the path of the light, for you belong in the heavens.

  5. The world is full of deception and the only way to get in the heavens is to acknowledge this and rise above it.

  6. All the things of the earth will devour you and will give you things that seem great at first, but in the end will bring you only pain.

  7. Light down and shame for you have it done bad deeds in the face of the heavens and your ancestors are ashamed of you to this very day.


  1. If you return to the path of the light, then everything that is making you suffer will go away.

  2. You will live in truth and injustice and then judgment and all the nations will know of your name.

  3. Everything that you do will not be in vain.

  4. Come back into the covenant that has been with you from the day you were born and turn away from evil deeds which you have done.


  1. Assemble yourselves and march against the world which has caused you great pain.

  2. Seek refuge and do not stand in the midst of the world, for great destruction will come to it.

  3. Nations have come out against other nations and the land will be turned into desolation.

  4. All the things of the heavens will turn away from the world as the world crumbles before them.

  5. In that day, all of the leaders will lose faith and all of the people will be stunned.

  6. The world will have been deceived and no peace will come upon the Earth.

  7. They will go from society and into the wilderness for they will be lost.

  8. A strong wind will come over their cities and their foundations will crumble.

  9. All of those who were of the world will be ruined and they will be cast away.

  10. Society will have to cleanse their hearts and to cast away their wickedness.

  11. This voice will be proclaimed upon all nations.

  12. Those who seek to destroy this nation will come and they will surround this land.

  13. The deeds of this nation have sealed the fate of this nation.

  14. All of those who are of this nation will not be still and they will see in their hearts the wickedness that has come before them.

  15. They will run and will be reported and their shelters will crumble.

  16. How long must the signal last before the wars are to start?

  17. All of the people of this society are fools and they are without understanding.

  18. The world is avoided of all righteousness in the heavens are full of it.

  19. All of the land was crumbling and everything that of the world was about to be destroyed.

  20. There was no life left on the face of the planet for the corruption has swept it away.

  21. There was a great wilderness where there was once a society that was built on good moral truth.

  22. The whole Earth will be in waste.

  23. The heavens will darken because the light will no longer shine.

  24. All of the cities are abandoned and no one lives in these societies any longer.

  25. They are doomed because what they are doing is in vain.

  26. The city of Zion is gasping for air, but the society around it consumes it.


  1. Roam the streets of the world and observe all of those who act justly and honestly.

  2. They will say that they are just and honest, but they are false.

  3. Your eyes should search for honesty and those who are not honest will refuse to be corrected.

  4. The people of the world are lonely and they behave foolishly for they do not know the way of the truth.

  5. Their leaders will be like them for they do not know the way of the truth, but they must.

  6. All of the evils of society will consume them and corrupt them.

  7. You will not be pardoned because of those in the world will precede you.

  8. All of society is lustful and goes after one another for their own gain.

  9. This is the nation which will not survive at the end of the age.

  10. They will be destroyed completely because they do not belong in the path of the truth.

  11. They openly rebel against the truth and they have done so since the beginning.

  12. They deny the truth and they say that it is nothing and they believe that no evil will come to them.

  13. Their prophets are false and the word of the truth is not with them.

  14. This is what is been said from the beginning and all of society will be devoured again.

  15. A nation from far away will rise up and will take over the corruption.

  16. They will come after society with their warriors and they will overcome the entire world.

  17. They will devour everything that you hold dear on the Earth and they will destroy everything that you trusted.

  18. Yet he will not be completely destroyed.

  19. You have abandoned the truth and search of things of the world, so now you shall have to serve those above you.

  20. Announce this to all the houses and to all the states of the world.

  21. Pay attention to these you foolish people, for you have eyes that do not see and you have the ears that do not hear.

  22. You do not fear the things which you should fear and you have broken the things which you hold dear.

  23. The hearts of those people are stubborn and they turn away from the truth.

  24. They do not hate the things which they should and they do not fear the things which they should.

  25. Their own suffering prevents them from seeing the light and they receive no blessings.

  26. Criminals lurk amongst these people and they set traps to bring those who were in the light down with them.

  27. Society is treacherous and those who know the truth will grow powerful and rich.

  28. They pass their wicked deeds on to those who earnestly seek the light but do not find it.

  29. Those are the ones that shall not be punished because they do not know the paths which they are being lead down.

  30. Once they find out, they will be shocked and will be horrible.

  31. Those who are leaders will have prophesies to falsely and they have given themselves authority over the world.


  1. Seek refuge, for a mighty destruction shall come over this wicked society.

  2. Zion shall be ruined in the midst of these great wars.

  3. All of those who were evil will come against Zion and will overwhelm it.

  4. Prepare for war, for the armies of shadows are conspiring against it.

  5. They will rush the palaces by night in this growing everything.

  6. You must defend yourself against the wickedness of this society.

  7. Keep yourself clean, so that when you die you do not hesitate to go into the heavens.

  8. You have been warned, for the entire Earth shall be turned into wilderness where no one dwells.

  9. Be a beacon of hope in the world will of darkness and pass on what you learned.

  10. Warn everyone for not everyone will pay attention to you.

  11. Tell them to look into their own hearts and into what they have done in their own lives.

  12. You will be weary of holding and all that you know so you should pour out everything that you know to everyone that you see.

  13. The house of the elders will fall to the one who comes forth from the land and dwells in the land.

  14. All of them will be greedy for the gains that come from others.

  15. They come to you in the name of peace but they really bring you were.

  16. They act shamefully and they commit bad deeds and they will fall with those who are already fallen.

  17. They will stand by the ways of old and they will tell you that that is the way of good, but they will not walk in that path.

  18. Pay attention to the sounds which they speak for this sounds like what the speaker said.

  19. Therefore you shall hear and know what is to be done with this bad society.

  20. They will scheme against the world and bring evil upon their own people because they have rejected their own laws.

  21. Whatever they have done to improve the world will be for nothing.

  22. The obstacles will come up and they will be placed before the people so that they cannot reach the heavens.

  23. A great nation will rise up and will take over all others.

  24. They will be cruel upon every place on the Earth and they will battle against all that is good.

  25. All of society will be helpless against them in anguish shall come over all of them.

  26. Do not go out into the streets were the enemies are all around you.

  27. The destroyer shall come upon you and your daughters shall become prostitutes of men.

  28. A prophet has been appointed to test their ways and to bring them into the light once more.

  29. All of those were enemies shall try to destroy this truth, but this truth will never be destroyed.

  30. Their own vain will consume them and they will be cast away.

  31. They will be rejected by the truth which they claim to live by.


  1. Stand at the gates of the great Temple and hear these words.

  2. Reform your ways and your deeds so that the light may come back into this place.

  3. Do not trust the words of deceit that you have been told in this world.

  4. Only if you reform your ways in your deeds will you attain the light again.

  5. Only then will you be able to dwell in the heavens which have been given to you from long ago.

  6. You trust in your deceptive words and you claim to follow the ways of the truth when they only bring you temporarily pleasure.

  7. You think you can do whatever you want without regrets, but I am telling you right now that you will regret it.

  8. You claim to follow the words of truth, but these words of truth you have been words of lies to all of you.

  9. I have seen the truth for myself, so stand in the presence of the truth and follow the example which I am now writing.

  10. This is where the truth has dwelled since the beginning and I have done this because of the wickedness that I see among the people of the Earth.

  11. Because you do not listen to these things, I am speaking to you without anyone following these ways, but I am calling you to come to this way.

  12. I am doing this for my own sake and for the sake of all of you so that you can have the blessings that have been promised by your ancestors.

  13. All of this generation shall know of the truth and the truth shall make them free.


  1. Do not raise a cry of prayer on behalf of your God, for they will not listen to you.

  2. They see what you do when their name and they do not like it.

  3. You have offended your God and your gods are going to cast all down.

  4. You will be disgraced for the truth because you do not recognize the truth.

  5. All of the anger and wrath of the Earth will be poured out upon all corners and will not be quenched until everyone comes to realize the errors of their ways.

  6. Your praise and sacrifice mean nothing to your gods.

  7. These are the same gods that have led your ancestors and despair.

  8. This is what has been commanded by all the gods, repent of your ways and come to the truth so that you can be free.

  9. But you do not listen you do not pay attention to those who speak of the truth.

  10. Throughout time, all of these enlightened beings have come forth from the earth, but you cast them away.

  11. You called them but they do not answer you because they are not happy with the way you have been living.

  12. Your faithfulness will disappear and you will have blind faith without any substance.

  13. Throw away everything that you thought you had, the generations of now will rise up and know of this great truth.

  14. They have done evil in the eyes of the world and they have defiled the world and society in which they live.

  15. From the highest of the highs the lowest of the lows, all have been deceived.

  16. Be assured, the days are coming.

  17. All of the Earth shall know love this truth and they shall be freed from his world and dwell in the heavens.

  18. Come forth to the world and all of the inhabitants shall listen to these words.

  19. All of the people who die now shall die in vain because they hope for salvation that was never come to fruition.

  20. Death will be preferred to those who are in the truth and in the world.


  1. When someone falls, do they not rise again?

  2. When people turn away, do they not turn back?

  3. These people resist but they cling to deception and refused to turn to the words the truth.

  4. They speak of things that are not true and they do not cast away those who are wicked.

  5. Even the animals of the world know their place on the Earth, so why do humans seem to have a crisis with their own identity?

  6. You cannot claim to be wise if you do not know the ways of the truth.

  7. You dwell in the things that bring you deceit from the religions of the day and of those of the past who sought power over the masses from the beginning.

  8. Those who are wiser put to shame and they are put to death because they do not have the wisdom that the leaders do.

  9. All of those who practice fraud are leading this world into crisis.

  10. They treat injustices lightly, but the things that are small will be cast down the most.

  11. They act shamefully and they do things that are bad but they do not feel ashamed of them at all.

  12. In their day of punishment, they shall tremble before the light that consumes them.

  13. They will be gathered together, and none of them will be leaders when all of this is said and done.

  14. Why do they remain in the world not to meet their doom?

  15. They have given us lies and we sucked them in because of our own insecurities.

  16. We wait for peace but it does not come to us.

  17. They come to devour the land and all of those who dwell in it and they take everything away.

  18. Those are the people that have been sent against you and that nothing will make them go astray from their path.


  1. Joy is gone, and grief is upon you, and your heart is weary.

  2. Listen to the cries of the people in the lands, the world longs for the truth but they are not receiving the truth.

  3. They have not yet been saved but they keep getting promises that they are.

  4. Horror has seized the people for they do not know what will happen next.

  5. Nothing new will come out of the old and there is no hope for those who claim to an afterlife.

  6. They long for the spring of life, but they only bring themselves tears because they will weep and mourn over the death that comes upon all nations.

  7. All of those people that you thought you could trust will betray you at the end.

  8. They come to you as friends but they cling to those that are evil because they are evil.

  9. They do not know how powerful their love and their influence and beyond others.

  10. Be on guard against everyone for every single person on this Earth is guilty of something.

  11. Everybody deceives one another at some point and no one speaks of the truth.

  12. They refuse to know the truth which has been placed for them from the beginning.

  13. They have been tested at various times and they have conquered that which causes them to suffer, but not without great pain.

  14. They utter deceit although they speak peacefully, those they love.

  15. They will be punished according to their deeds.


  1. I see those counting cries over the world because the world is the wilderness and no one is there to help them.

  2. They will turn the city of righteousness into a wilderness and no one will dwell in it.

  3. No one on earth is wise enough to understand and they do not know how to cross over this wilderness.

  4. They have been abandoned, but no one is willing to listen to it.

  5. They follow their hearts which deceives them and has deceived them from the beginning.

  6. They have been given poison and they drink it and gladness.

  7. I will pursue them until they realize the error of their ways.

  8. This is what has happened when the most skilled people have been summoned to save this world.

  9. They will come quickly and they will run to the one who was to restore all things.

  10. They have given up on the world, but they will never give up on their spirit.

  11. Hear the words of these lives and receive the words and teach one another these words.

  12. Death has come upon this society and we must gather together all the young people to change this world.

  13. Many shall die, but the world shall be changed forever.

  14. The wise shall not boast of their wisdom nor shall the strong boast of their strength and shall the rich boast of their money.

  15. Let the one who boasts of these things boast of the truth which they have received.

  16. They have the keys to justice and integrity and they will act in accordance with the covenant that has been laid out since the beginning.

  17. The days are coming and everyone on Earth is accountable for their own sins.

  18. Even if you claim to follow these covenants, you must hold them in your hearts and abide by the truth always in order to receive the fullest of glory.


  1. Hear the word which has come to you from the heavens.

  2. Do not learn the ways of the world and have no yearn to come to that which comes from the heavens.

  3. The gods of all nations are not entities because they are fashioned by the people which created them.

  4. They are fastened together so they do not follow the laws.

  5. They cannot speak and they cannot walk and they can do no harm.

  6. Not one is like the true creator of the entire universe.

  7. It is the one that should not be feared for it is among the wisest of all and there is none like it in the domains on the earth.

  8. They are all stupid and senseless and those who claim to follow them are also stupid and senseless.

  9. They are clothed in royal clothing but they have no power on the face of the earth.

  10. The eternal Creator of all things is the doer of all of this because it knows of the failures of human minds.

  11. They create gods that did not create the heavens and the earth and they will perish from the earth and be replaced by others.

  12. The one who made the Earth will stretch out over the heavens but will not be seen by the Earth.

  13. The creator has brought forth all the laws of nature, but then it left the Earth to its own devices.

  14. Everyone is too stupid to know of the true power that has created this world, so have passions and idleness.

  15. They are nothing and they are objects of ridicule and they will be destroyed.

  16. Nothing is like the one who made everything.

  17. Gather everything from your land for everything has come under siege.

  18. Now is the time for all the inhabitants of the world to know.

  19. All of those who are evil are beyond healing and they have come undone.

  20. All of the world shall be ruined and no one will be there to help those who are wicked.

  21. How stupid are the ones who do not see the light and it is for this reason they have failed.

  22. Rumors have come but none have held to be true.

  23. No one chooses their own way but everyone chooses their own destiny.

  24. No one will be diminished from this Earth without knowing of the truth.

  25. All of the nations that do not mail of the truth will either be laid to waste or they will know the truth.


  1. This is the word that came from the heavens.

  2. This is the word that shall be spoken to all the people of the world.

  3. Anyone who does not observe the covenant which they have made with all of humanity shall be cursed.

  4. Listen to the voice and do everything that it commands you to do.

  5. This is the fulfillment of the oath which has been warned to your ancestors that the truth shall be brought to the higher world.

  6. Proclaim all of these words to all the cities of the world.

  7. Your ancestors have known of this because it has come from the beginning of time.

  8. They did not listen or obey to these words and they have gone astray from the path which has been set forth.

  9. They have fallen to the conspiracies to hide the truth or all people.

  10. They returned to the things that their ancestors have done and they have gone and served false gods that would bring them nothing.

  11. A disaster shall come upon them of which they cannot escape and they will cry out to their Gods, but they will not listen.

  12. Then all the cities of the world will come to know of the truth, but they will have to face the disasters.

  13. There are many cities which sacrificed the false gods, but they shall be destroyed.

  14. Do not help these people for they did not help you.


  1. Everything that is right is being loved and those who are in the right will never be destroyed.

  2. They will be named among the names of the heavens in the righteousness.

  3. This has been decreed because of the evil done in the world.

  4. It is time for the world to know of what is to be done to them.

  5. They will trust in the things that are not to be trusted and they will be cut from the land of those who are living above the world.

  6. Those who search for the truth in their minds and hearts will a witness to those who will be destroyed.

  7. Do not prophesy if your prophecies will fall.

  8. Those who prophesy will be destroyed and all of those who heed their prophecies will also be destroyed.

  9. None will be spared for the disaster that comes upon them will be the punishment of all of humanity.

  10. You are in the right and no one shall dispute the power that comes from the heavens.

  11. Those who are wicked have taken root in the world and those who are right have also taken roots and they have competed.

  12. My heart seeks the truth so I bring it out to this world so that I may be above this world.

  13. How long must this land be and suffering?

  14. All the wickedness that dwells in it comes from society itself.

  15. How long will we have to go against their foes?

  16. All of those who have betrayed the truth will rise up against the truth and we shall not believe them.


  1. I have cast off the traditions of my ancestors and I have been delivered above the world.

  2. The traditions of my ancestors have come before me and all my ancestors have raised their voices against me because I broke their traditions.

  3. My traditions are those of men and they do not lead you any closer to the salvation which you had been promised.

  4. Many leaders have gone through this and they saw that what they thought was delightful is actually waste.

  5. They have been made desolate before me and the entire land because nobody really takes it to heart.

  6. They go into the wilderness because they do not understand the deeper meaning behind anything which they do.

  7. They have gone through the motions and they have lost all luster and meaning.

  8. This is what has been done with all of my neighbors who destroyed the heritage which I have been brought into.

  9. Have compassion on them for they do not know what they are doing and they do not know what they believe in.

  10. If they truly learn their customs and they seek more knowledge of their customs, then they will be richly built.

  11. If they do not obey this command, then their entire heritage will be destroyed.


  1. Go buy yourself a garment of white for you will go up among the angels.

  2. Put on this garment for this garment signifies your goodness before me.

  3. The word comes to me and has given me these things.

  4. I shall take the garment and put it on the rack.

  5. I shall obey the command which I have been given and do as I have been told.

  6. I shall hide that which I hold dear and wear it again when I am commanded to do so by the angels which are higher than I.

  7. I have proven myself to be good for nothing.

  8. Then the word came to me again from the heavens.

  9. The entire world has rotted away and pride has taken over all of humanity.

  10. Those who are wicked and refused to obey the words of the heavens and follow other gods will never see the light.

  11. For the garments signifies the purity of all people and the Angels wear the garments of white so that they can show themselves to be blameless with the heavens.

  12. Everything that you work for shall be fulfilled and every blessing that you expect to receive from doing the work of truth will be received.

  13. I am making the inhabitants of the world ungrateful and they shall blame their leaders were not for biting them what they need.

  14. They will go against one another and show no compassion for one another and they will be destroyed.


  1. Do not be arrogant for this has been spoken in the past and word shall be spoken again because it comes from the heavens.

  2. Give glory to your spirit before darkness comes upon you and before you stumble away.

  3. If you do not listen to this, your pride will come over you and you will be led into the darkness.

  4. Come down from your throne which you have built for yourself because your crown fails.

  5. No one will be there to save you for you will be driven into the darkness.

  6. Lift your eyes and the heavens and see where these great words of wisdom have come from.

  7. Rulers have been appointed over you and their pain should not seize all of you.

  8. These things have happened to you on Earth because they are there to test you in the world.

  9. You cannot change yourself without experiencing pain yourselves.

  10. You will be scattered and you will be lost, and you must find your way back.

  11. This has been given to you because you trusted in deception.

  12. Your shame will be visible because your garment will be taken away from you.

  13. Everything that you have done on the Earth has been accounted for, and all of the things that you lust lower will bring you great suffering.


  1. As for that, the prophets throughout the entire world see the word.

  2. The Earth is lifeless and that which was once good became bad.

  3. All of humanity will compete for the depleting resources that are upon the face of the earth.

  4. There is nothing left on the Earth that provides food, and all the farmers of the world cover up their bad harvests.

  5. There is no greenery left on the Earth and the Earth is less bearing.

  6. There is nothing left, so all the animals of the world shall live in.

  7. There are many people on this Earth who have rebelled against the truth and their crimes are witness to that.

  8. There is no hope for this world and the world needs a savior.

  9. We are first taken and we cannot be saved on our own.

  10. This is what is said to the people, for they like to wander away and they can never see the light of truth that has been set forth before them.

  11. The heavens will not intercede on behalf of the people.

  12. The people will pay good for something good to happen to them, but it will never come because they prayed to false gods.

  13. The prophets have shown us that this is the way it has to be and peace will be upon those who accept that uses it.

  14. Those who claim to be prophets but really are not will give you a vision that is a lie and divination that is foolish.

  15. They have the seed the entire world and those who listen to them will fall into the pits and away from the truth.

  16. No one will come to their aid when they die and they will be forgotten.


  1. Night and day, we search for a savior, and out of the great destruction, a prophet shall come forth near the city of the plains.

  2. Every city that the prophet enters into will be full of suffering and deceit.

  3. People have lost their ways and they have lost their grasp on the truth.

  4. They wait for peace but peace will never come to them.

  5. Our wickedness is recognized and the guilt that has been laid before us is great, but we will never die off.

  6. Do not reject us, do not disgrace us, remember the covenants which you have made.

  7. All of the false gods will fall the one which the prophet has set forth.

  8. The ones who came before me have a lot of this great truth.

  9. If you’re looking for path to go down, then go down the path of the truth.

  10. Oracles have been sent against the society which has rejected the truth and the world brought the entire society down with it.

  11. All of the kingdoms of the world will know of the great evil that has befallen those who reject the truth.


  1. No one will pity you and no one will grieve for you so do not ask about your well-being to others.

  2. It is society which has disowned you, so turn your back to society and destroy the suffering which you have suffered from.

  3. Society has turned to their evil ways and all of the people will be destroyed if they do not come to this truth.

  4. With anguish and terror, they come and see their world and come around those who have life.

  5. Life has left the Earth and the survivors will be given the sword to kill one another.

  6. There is no life left in the society which humanity has created for itself.


  1. Woe to my mother who gave birth to me into this world.

  2. This is a world where everyone knows of me but they do not like me.

  3. The world has not been kind to me and nothing is good enough to reach the heavens.

  4. We cannot break that which is stronger than us.

  5. All the wealth and the treasures of the world do not matter when you die and reach the heavens.

  6. You will never be happy because you will have suffered in this world.

  7. You will be enslaved to this world and the anger which has been hidden inside of you will come out.

  8. Remember me and take care of me and cast down those that try to cast me down.

  9. Do not banish me like you have the others.

  10. I found your word and I found them to be true because they gave me great happiness in my heart.

  11. I did not sit and celebrate, for I knew that I alone possess the truth around me.

  12. My pain continued but I knew that in the end I would be safe from all deceit.

  13. If people come back to the truth, then take them back with you so that they stand in your presence and that they will know that the pain they went through was worth it.

  14. They will turn to you and you will turn to them.

  15. My foundation is stronger than all of the world and those who try to go against me will not prevail.

  16. I have been rescued from the hands of the wicked and the power of violence will never reach me again.


  1. The word came to me and told me these things.

  2. Do not take anyone with you when you go on your journey, for they cannot take a journey with you.

  3. This is what has been said to the mothers and fathers who try to bring their sons and daughters are the exact same way that they were brought up.

  4. They will die spiritually because they are not the same as you, therefore, they should be free to explore their own ways.

  5. Do not go into a place of death, for there is nothing positive that comes around it.

  6. They will die and go into the ground slowly and no one will come to their aid.

  7. They will not see the good things in life because they have not gone out on their own.

  8. Do not enter into the good life without understanding that this is the great blessing.

  9. You will not understand this world until you suffer for yourself.

  10. You have committed great evil against the heavens because you have suffered and enjoyed the pleasurable things in this world.

  11. You have been forsaken by your ancestors because you do not follow them, rather, you follow other gods that you give everything to, but you do not receive anything in return.

  12. Everyone who is on the Earth walks in evil and their hearts are bad because they lust for things in this world which are only temporary.

  13. They serve other beings because they do not understand the truth which has come to them in these days.


  1. We shall return from the world in which we were born into and we will reach the light while we are on this Earth.

  2. We will rise up against those who have brought us down and we shall become the righteous generation.

  3. Those who do not accept this light will be punished.

  4. Everyone who is on this Earth will receive the light of truth upon their day of death, but it is important to share the light if you received the lights.

  5. You will have all of the bad things taken away from you and you will have good things happen to you.

  6. My strength and my fortress is my spirit and it is my refuge and through it I will go to all of the ends of the earth and speak of the truth which I have received.

  7. We cannot make gods for ourselves, rather, the creator of the entire universe is the greatest of all deities.

  8. The light will bring you knowledge and you will make the rest of the world knowledgeable in this strength and power which you receive.


  1. The cities of society are written on the peace of the earth.

  2. All the children of the world shall remember these and turn their eyes away from these things.

  3. All of these things will be paid for in death.

  4. You will hold onto your heritage, but you will never ever remember the things that they have done and their deeds that they have done.

  5. Cursed is the one who trusts human beings.

  6. Their strength is in flesh and their hearts turn away from the heavens and they are in the wilderness.

  7. To those who trust in their spirit and the heavens will be blessed forever.

  8. Those who are in the truth will be a light in this world and they will not know the world when it comes to an end.

  9. The human heart is the most confusing organ of all and no one can understand it.

  10. You shall explore your mind and test your heart and do everything according to the deeds.

  11. You will be blessed, but those who obtained their wealth without justice will be in the desert.


  1. The truth has been with us since the beginning.

  2. All who forsake the truth will be put to shame and will be in the nether worlds.

  3. They may say so that I may be healed and save me so that I may be saved.

  4. The word has come and all things shall come to pass.

  5. You were not put into this world to face this disaster; you have been put here in order to save your soul.

  6. Do not let the world become a terror to you so that you have to take refuge in something else on the day of disaster.

  7. Your persecutors will be disastrous, not you, your persecutors will be terrified, not you.

  8. Go and stand at the gate of your foundation that you may be able to depend on its strength.

  9. Hear the words that have come forth from the heavens and have come to inhabit the earth.

  10. Do not carry the burdens of your past, remember your future and look forward to it.

  11. Do not do labor for no reason, keep your days because your days are numbered.

  12. You may not listen to this message or give me to it, but you will figure it out for yourself.

  13. If you truly obey the Oracle that come to you, do not carry any burdens with you for the rest of your life.

  14. Enter into the heavens and see the forms of glory and reenter the Earth in the highest esteem.

  15. People come from all over to give thanks because your life has become an example for others.

  16. If you do not abide by these precepts, then you will not be blessed for the rest of your life.


  1. This is the word that came from the heavens.

  2. Go down to the world and they will hear the words which you say.

  3. Look at what humanity is doing to itself and fix the broken ways of the world.

  4. Whatever they do, it will turn out badly.

  5. Then the word will come again.

  6. You shall come to the heavens without seeing the light and I decree to all nations to look at their societies and find a way to fix the corruption.

  7. If any nation rises against this, then they will turn to evil.

  8. Another decree will be placed and all kingdoms will be built up as a result of this.

  9. Those who refuse to obey the voice of truth will never have a change of heart.

  10. Return from your evil ways so that you may reform yourselves and become good of heart.

  11. You will not accept these words because of the stubbornness of your heart.

  12. Truly horrible things have been done on the face of the Earth.

  13. The Earth will go through it cycles, but humanity has corrupted itself.

  14. All the people have forgotten the righteousness of the past and they only look to the institutions which had been left.

  15. Their land will be left to waste and all the objects of the world will be destroyed.

  16. All of society will be scattered and they will only feed their enemies.

  17. Those who are evil devise a plot against the good and those who are good will be destroyed by those who are evil.

  18. Listen to what the adversary says to you for their words are evil.

  19. Good cannot be repaid with evil because a patch will be dodged.

  20. Let all the people that you love go away from you in happiness.

  21. For cries will be heard from your house and suddenly your life will fall into the pits of which is no return.

  22. Do not forgive them and do not let the suffering be blotted out, for you deserve it only in the world.


  1. Take all of the objects in the world and bring them all together.

  2. Go out towards the wilderness and dump all of the possessions that you have in it.

  3. You do not deserve these things for these objects have brought forth evil.

  4. You have forsaken the things which really should matter because you go towards the things that do not matter.

  5. You build luxurious places to your own wealth and you worship that which should not be worshiped.

  6. All of the things which are worshipped will be destroyed in the end so those who have their lives based in these objects will never be happy.

  7. All of these objects will be put to waste because they do not matter in the long run.

  8. The flesh of your loved ones and the flesh of your friends matter more than the objects of this world.

  9. Because of these things, you will be blinded.

  10. All of these people who worship objects will be smashed.

  11. This is what will happen to all the inhabitants of the earth because they will never be rebuilt.

  12. They pour themselves out to the false gods, but these gods do not matter in the long run because they do not give anything.

  13. This is what has happened to the prophets of this day, for all of these have been revealed to the people.

  14. The reason why society is being spoken against is because it is corrupt and they have not obeyed the words of truth.


  1. All these things have been heard by the religious leaders of this day.

  2. They will strike down the prophet for speaking false prophecies were.

  3. They will chastise this prophet as a terrorist and they will do everything they can to bring them down.

  4. This is what has been predicted because the prophet will not have many followers at first, but after society has been destroyed, there will be a new one.

  5. All the wealth in the city will be handed over to the enemies and they will never be able to get it back.

  6. All the religious leaders of this day will go in exile and they will never return to the glory which they once had.

  7. I have been bad in this world, I have been seduced and they have been too strong for me.

  8. I must cry out because I proclaim outrage and violence.

  9. I will no longer speak the name of truth because I have been betrayed by it.

  10. I hear the whispering of many people who want to go against them is and we must denounce them.

  11. Those who are in the truth are like a mighty champion and those who are persecutors will stumble.

  12. Do you test those who are just and he seems their minds.

  13. You will be rescued if you are poor from the power of those who are evil.

  14. The day which you will were born will be cursed because you will feel that you’ve never been blessed.

  15. The things that bring you the most joy in life will bring you nothing but misery.

  16. This is what has been overthrown because the good has been overthrown by the evil.

  17. I was not killed before I was born, therefore, I was cursed to be in this world.

  18. Why did I come forth into this world to see the sorrow and pain and to be in shame all the days of my life?

  19. The word came to me to spread to the world.

  20. The world is attacked those who are righteous and has brought down the wonderful works which have been done by them.

  21. This is what shall be the answer to those who bring others down.

  22. You will turn against one another with fighting because you seek violence.

  23. Those who are righteous will fight out against you and they will rise above you because they are more righteous than you.

  24. All of those who are wicked will be stricken down will fall into the pits which they have dug.

  25. I will hand the world over to those who are righteous so that they can speak the lives of those who have done wrong.

  26. They will show no mercy or compassion but they will give you a choice between truth and lies.

  27. Whoever remains in the light will surely guide and they will surrender to those who have the truth.

  28. This is what happens to those who are wicked.


  1. Hear the word which has been sent forth from the heavens.

  2. Every morning and every evening you do the same things, you have nothing to show for your miserable life.

  3. You will be attacked and no one will defend you because you oppress others.

  4. I am against you and you will never stand against me.

  5. I will punish you like you deserve according to the deeds which you have done and I will devour everything your life.

  6. Deliver this word to those who are evil.

  7. Listen to the word which has been here since the beginning and has been handed down by those were enlightened.

  8. Do what is right and just and rescue the victims from their oppressors and do not leave anyone out on the street to fend for themselves.

  9. Carry out these commands and you will be blessed throughout your entire life.

  10. If you do not obey these commands, then your world will turn trouble.

  11. Be like me and following the example set by those who were enlightened.

  12. If you do not, then he will be destroyed and you will be cut down and he will be cast into the pits.

  13. Many other people will pass by you and not give you a second look.

  14. You have deserted your covenant and you will never be fulfilled.

  15. Do not weep for those who are dead, weep for those were going away from the truth.

  16. This is what happens to those who do not seek the truth or reject the truth.

  17. They will die and they will never see the truth again until they died.


  1. Woe to the one who does wrong.

  2. Those who think of themselves more than others and those who are greedy will never be satisfied with their life.

  3. Must you prove yourself among other people? Are you jealous of what others have? You will prosper if you give to the poor because this is what your destiny is to do.

  4. If your eyes and your heart are set on nothing but your own gain, then you will never be satisfied right.

  5. Alas, do not do these things for your own good, but do it for the good of society.

  6. You will be drug forth and cast out once you die for doing such terrible things.

  7. Cry out, for everyone you love will be crushed.

  8. You thought you were secure, but you really were not and you do not listen to the voice which comes from the heavens.

  9. You will be guided by those who will lead you into the darkness and you will be ashamed because of all the wicked things you do on the face of the earth.

  10. You will groan in pain because you did not seek the truth and you cannot find the truth.

  11. I will hand you over to those who seek to destroy you and they will be successful at destroying you.

  12. As you live, you are still under the obligation of your covenant.

  13. I will cast you out so that no one your family will love you again.

  14. You will never return to the truth which you have been brought up in.

  15. If you desire to be broken, then go ahead and do what you want to do.

  16. Hear the word which has been given to you.

  17. Write this down so that all generations may know of this so that all of your descendants will prosper in the life which you have given them.

  18. Well once of those who destroy those who seek the truth.

  19. Those who claim to be leaders but are not will drive away all the people from the truth.

  20. Those who remain will not be many but they will be fruitful and they will do things of the goodness of their hearts.

  21. Leaders will come from those and they will no longer be in fear.

  22. The days are coming, the society is crumbling, and all that is right and just will reign throughout the land.

  23. All people will dwell in security because this is what has been given in return for following the covenant.

  24. These days are coming and they will no longer fear the crumbling of society.

  25. Those who are descendants will be blessed forever and ever.


  1. Concerning the false prophets, the heart of those were in the truth are broken because the prophets claim to speak the truth, but they cry.

  2. The land is still with those who desire to do evil in the wilderness will wither away all society.

  3. The prophets and the priests are without the truth and wickedness is found in the very institutions which they had created for themselves.

  4. They will drive others into the darkness and disaster will come upon those who follow in their footsteps.

  5. They prophesy of the things which are false and they lead the people astray.

  6. They deceive all people and they turn to evil so that they are strengthened by the power of the wicked.

  7. All of those who speak of false things that are false prophets will be regarded in laughter.

  8. Do not listen to the words of your prophet for they fill with emptiness and they speak visions which only benefit themselves.

  9. They despise the words of truth, but they will soften your hearts so that you are able to call on them.

  10. No one has heard the word of the truth spoken from any prophet in this day and age.

  11. The wrath breaks forth and all of society will crumble at the hands of the wicked.

  12. Nothing will be fulfilled until all things have come to an end and the people will understand the truth fully once the days have come.

  13. These prophets were not sent by their gods and they only spoke for their own benefit.

  14. The words to the people have been proclaimed because the people need to be brought back from the evil in which they were following into.

  15. They only speak of gods in their own minds but not from their hearts.

  16. No one can hide from the falsities which they speak of and nothing they do will ever come to pass.

  17. Prophets have prophesies in the name of their gods but they speak falsely.

  18. They followed their own deceit and they never turn back.

  19. They tell each other the dreams they have and their ancestors have given them the ideas of these dreams.

  20. Prophets who have dreams cannot speak truthfully.

  21. The word will come like fire but they will never receive this word.

  22. I am against the false prophets because they steal the words of truth from one another and from the enlightened ones.

  23. I am against the prophets who compose their own things and call them visions.

  24. I am against the one who tells lying things and the one who leads people astray.

  25. They will come to the people and the people will give them their burdens.

  26. Anyone who bears a burden of another will be punished.

  27. If you bear the burdens of your own and you take them for your own, then you will be blessed.

  28. You will never be burdened anymore for your words will become a burden.

  29. Do not answer to a prophet who speaks falsely.

  30. Because they asked for your burdens, they are false.

  31. You’ll be lifted up high and you’ll be cast out of the presence of the heavens because your ancestors will not be happy with the way you speak.

  32. You’ll be brought up from the eternal shame if you listen to your own command not to the command of others.


  1. The word has shown me the state of all things.

  2. One side of the world contains excellent things, but the other side contains things that are very bad.

  3. There are people in the world that were very good, but there also people in this world were very bad.

  4. The word came to me to tell to the entire world.

  5. Like the good people, good things will be favored in this world.

  6. All of the people in this world who are good will be brought up and then brought back to the land and they will be built up and not worn down.

  7. They will be given heart to know of the truth and they will return to the heavens once their day of death has arrived.

  8. Those were bad will remain in this world unless they can repent and come to the truth.

  9. They will become horrors to all nations of the earth and they will do everything in this world that seems pleasing, but is not.

  10. To this world I will send all things that are bad so that all people will know of the good versus evil.


  1. The word came to me to share to the entire world.

  2. I shall come forth as a prophet to all nations so that all people may know my name.

  3. I have come and spoken to you and you did not listen at first, now you do.

  4. They will refuse you and they will not heed your warnings.

  5. You will tell them to turn away from their evil deeds and do turn away from their evil ways and they will receive the blessings on Earth that they deserve.

  6. You’ll tell them to not follow other gods who are false and perform evil deeds in their name.

  7. They will not listen to you, so they will turn back into the world and be harmed.

  8. Since they will not listen to your words, they will be brought down.

  9. All the people will be brought together and they will go against the land of the righteous ones and the righteous go against those who are evil.

  10. They have put in and to the joy and praise of the truth to the organization of something which claims to be true.

  11. Their whole land will be always theirs and will not serve foreign people.

  12. When the end of this time had come, all the world will be destroyed and the entire land will be turned to waste.

  13. All of these words will be fulfilled for it is been prophesized against all nations.

  14. They will be judged according to their works, and their works are for that purpose, then they will be destroyed.


  1. Take this cup of poison and drink of it.

  2. They will drink and spread around to all the world because of the temptation it comes from it.

  3. Take the cop from the truth and drink it.

  4. Send it to the king, but they will not drink of it because it is not using them.

  5. Send to all the people of the world, but they too will reject the word given to them.

  6. All the people of the world will reject this drink but those who know of the truth already.

  7. All of the King’s in people of the world will reject this because they will not know that is the real truth.

  8. They will drink of the poison because they think the poison is good.

  9. They will fall and they will never rise.

  10. If they refuse your cup, then you will have to force it down.

  11. Evil is inflicted upon the society and no one will escape from the evil which is to come.

  12. The roars of the heavens will echo into the earth and all of the Earth shall know.

  13. It will spread to the ends of the earth and judgment shall come down upon all the people.

  14. Disaster comes from nation to nation and the storm goes to all and the Earth.

  15. This is the day when the bodies of those who were evil will be strewn from end to end and they will not be gathered or buried.

  16. All of those who are leaders will fall down because what they have done has failed them.

  17. There is no escape from those who lead the new way and bring forth the truth of the world.

  18. They are desolate but otherwise peaceful places because they have done bad.

  19. Like a child who emulates the parents, the children of this generation shall be like their parents and they shall go forward into the new age.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. Stand all the places of worship and shout to the people that their ways are wrong and do what they command of you and not turn back.

  3. They will listen in turn if they know of their evil ways so that they can repent of the evils that come upon them.

  4. If they do not obey you, then they will continue doing evil things which they think are good.

  5. They will listen to the words of the false prophets.

  6. They will be going to a house of worship and they will continue to worship the false gods.

  7. The leaders will hear of this and they will come to you and they will try to bring you down.

  8. They will come at you and tell you that you must die off because their ways are the truth.

  9. Their cities are desolate and they are without spirit and all the people crowd together because they need the spirit.

  10. When the leaders hear about this, they will come against you at your gates.

  11. They will come out you and sentence you to death because you prophesy against them and you go against their ways.

  12. They will come at you and they will know everything that you have talked about.

  13. Reform your ways and your deeds so that you can come to the truth because evil has spoken against you.

  14. As for the leaders of the truth, they will do is they have done the past, and they will put the leaders to death.

  15. Innocent blood will come upon them for it is in truth that I have been sent to you to speak all of these words.

  16. All of those who would realize this truth will say that the prophet of truth does not deserve to die.

  17. At this, there will be more reason to put this man to death.

  18. This is been spoken to prophesy against the religions of this day that they may repent and come to the truth.

  19. If the people truly realize this, then they will have a change of heart and evil will not be spoken against them.


  1. There are people in this world who claim to prophesy in the name of the Almighty Creator who were in the beginning.

  2. When all of these leaders hear this, they will obey it, but they will not become a good person.

  3. They have been sent by others who claim to know the truth, but they just want the power for themselves.

  4. They will strike this prophet down because they realize of the falsity of these ways.

  5. Some will follow, but many will not, and those who follow shall be buried with them.

  6. The word is to spread throughout the world.

  7. I was told to prepare myself for the end of the age so as to prepare myself for the beginning of the new.

  8. All the kings of the earth shall prepare for the end of this age and the beginning of the next one.

  9. All of the gods of the old age will become insignificant and will no longer matter at the beginning of the new.

  10. In the beginning, humanity was created and, as we evolve as a species, our understanding of the world increases.

  11. We have been blessed with the land of the Earth and our authority over it.

  12. All nations will come to understand the world around them and the universe and they will understand their place in it.

  13. A nation or kingdom that does not understand this will never last and they will die off at the end of this age.

  14. They will not listen to the prophets which had been brought forth to usher in the new.

  15. They bring up their own prophets which tell them that everything will change but they do not know how.

  16. They will live in peace, but this peace is for all.

  17. The same word shall be spoken to all the nations that are under the control of the false prophets.

  18. These people will die off because of their own ignorance and they will not listen to the real prophets that usher in the new.

  19. They will claim that these prophecies are lies, but all the wrong but good be true.

  20. They prophesy falsely in the name of their god, but their god will banish them and their gods will die off.

  21. Do not listen to the words of false prophets were they prophesy lies to you and false visions.

  22. Do not listen to them, instead, listen to the ones who speak of change.

  23. If they were prophets, then they would not be at fault and they would speak of change also.

  24. The land and the sea will change and the rest will die off.

  25. All the nobles and all the kings of the earth have listened and they understand.

  26. This is what has been said concerning the change of the Earth, it is not the end, it is a new beginning.

  27. Those who do not listen will go where they will remain until they die off.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. This is what has been said to all the wicked nations by the one who was in the beginning and the one who will be in the end.

  3. The Earth shall be restored to a new kind of glory after the end of this time.

  4. All of those who choose to worship in the wrong places will be destroyed and they will not be apt to change.

  5. The prophets who speak of a change in the world are speaking of the truth.

  6. May all of these things be filled so that the entire Earth can be taken out of the grip of the religions of this day so that a new one can raise that increases the knowledge of all of humanity.

  7. The words that are being spoken by this person are being spoken so that all the world can hear this.

  8. Prophet have prophesied many things, but many have come to pass and mighty kingdoms have fallen.

  9. The one who prophesies peace is the prophet who is truly sent when the word has come to the Earth.

  10. All the prophets speak of war and who speak of the end of time and speak of a second coming all speak of things which are not peaceful.

  11. At the end of the age, a new age will come forth and the change will be gradual.

  12. This is what else has been said by the prophets because of their connections to the heavens.

  13. As the one you listen to the truths.

  14. These people who are in the Earth today rely on deception and order to get to the light.

  15. These are the people that will be sent from the face of the earth and will die because they preach against others.

  16. This is what has been said and this is what shall come to pass.


  1. These are the words on the scroll which shall be read at the end of time.

  2. All of the world and all of the leaders of the world shall know the scrolls and they shall be read.

  3. They shall be delivered to all the nations of the earth to be read to all the people.

  4. This is what has been said to all of the exiles from your own lands so that they are able to return.

  5. Live your life and live it well and work and enjoy the fruits of your work.

  6. Live your life and pass your genes on so that you may teach future generations.

  7. Seek for the well-being of others and always strive to find the truth.

  8. Do not be deceived by those who have built religions up, for they have forced you to do what you do not want to do.

  9. They prophesy lies in the name of their gods, but their gods do not exist.

  10. Only if you can see the truth behind the lies will the lies be destroyed.

  11. This is the plan that I have had in mind since the beginning of time and a future of hope shall come upon this generation.

  12. When you call on your spirit, your spirits shall come to you.

  13. When you look for the truth, you shall find the truth.

  14. I will let you find the truth behind the lies and it will change you forever and he will be brought back to the place of harmony.

  15. Prophets have come up who have spoken of this truth in times past and in times present.

  16. This is what has been said concerning all the kingdoms of the world.

  17. I will send your enemies to you and they shall destroy you for you have spread lies to all the people.

  18. You will be pursued and all the kingdoms of the earth will be horrified that the greatest civilization of them all has fallen.

  19. They do not listen to the words of truth even though prophets have been sent forth to speak of this great truth.

  20. Listen to the words of truth and you will be brought forth again from exile.

  21. You will be handed over to your enemies who will bring you down into the pits if you do not adhere to the truth.

  22. And this is all because you have turned away from the truth and your ancestors are not pleased with the fact that you have done so.

  23. You have done wrong things in the name of right and you have prophesies things in the alleged name of the supreme.


  1. This is a word to all the false prophets of this world.

  2. Because you have built religions around your great teachers, you have this leave the people of the world from the truth which has been taught by those teachers.

  3. No one appointed you to be priests and no one of power has appointed you to any position.

  4. Why then do you rebuke of the truth and that puts a lot of dogma in front of it? This is the message that has been sent to all the religious traditions of this world.

  5. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  6. This is shall be sent to all the people of the world so that they can know the truth and the truth can set them free.

  7. I did not send these people to teach you lies, rather, I sent you these people to teach you the truth.

  8. This is the word that came to me to spread the entire world.

  9. I have written these down on this page that all the world may know of this.

  10. The days are coming were the truth will find itself again and the new age shall come.

  11. This is what has been said by the supreme Creator the entire universe to all the people of the world and the prophets.

  12. There’s terror in the world and not peace.

  13. See this world and see all the things of this world and look at how bad all the things of this world are.

  14. Mighty will be a day when the old age will end and the new age shall begin.

  15. You will be set free by the truth that has been given to you.

  16. In the past, instead of the truth setting people free, those in power created a religion out of this truth.

  17. This religion shadowed the truth by adding dogmas and doctrines that are unnecessary for your salvation.

  18. Do not fear them for they will be exiled into a land from which they cannot return.

  19. All the people of the world shall find rest for they will no longer be frightened.

  20. You do not deserve this for this is not what humanity has been set out to do.

  21. Their wounds may be incurable and their injuries may be grievous, but you shall recover and you shall rejoice.

  22. No one will be there for you, you can only be there to live your own life.

  23. All of those that you still love you no longer seek you because you no longer believe what they believe in, but it does not matter.

  24. There is no relief for the pain that you may see, but the pain will bring you to a stronger point in your life.

  25. All of those that have tried to bring you down will be brought down themselves and then you will have the power to plunder them.

  26. You will be restored and your injuries will be healed with the guidance of your spirit.

  27. All of your fortunes shall return and all of your new companions will have compassion towards you.

  28. You will glorify your spirits for your spirit increased all the blessings of your life.

  29. Your life will be like as it was in the past, but you will live the life in the truth.

  30. The leaders of this world will be the leaders that are enlightened and they know the truth when they see the truth.

  31. Your spirit shall be with you and shall be at your right hand at the day of your death.

  32. All the wicked of the world will be brought down and they will live in the darkness until they find the light for themselves.

  33. One will truly understand these things in the day to come.


  1. You shall turn to a covenant in the beginning of your life with all the people.

  2. All of those who thrive in the wilderness of the world shall be under a covenant.

  3. The truth has been here from the ages of old and will continue into the future.

  4. You shall come forth from this world with a greater knowledge of the truth.

  5. All the things that you do in life will not be in vain.

  6. A day will come when all the people of the world realize this and they walk in the truth.

  7. Shout for joy, for your spirit has given you guidance throughout your life.

  8. You will be brought back into the world after realizing this truth, you will have a greater understanding of the things of the truth and your spirit shall be with you.

  9. All of those who still live in the world shall come to you and seek your guidance so that they can find their own spirit in their path of life.

  10. Hear the words and go to distant lands to proclaim this word so that all the people who want to know the truth shall be gathered.

  11. You will be regained for the Earth is full of suffering, but you do not have to be.

  12. All the blessings that you deserve in your life shall be given to you so long that you keep the covenant.

  13. All the people of the world will be happy no matter what the world is going through because they have compassion for other humans.

  14. All of the people will be filled with all their blessings because they have upheld the covenant.


  1. The sound of weeping comes forth from the earth because of the suffering of the world.

  2. Hold back your tears, for your world does not have to be full of suffering because there is compassion for you by those who know the truth.

  3. There is hope for your future and your children that shall reap the benefits of your suffering because you have found a greater truth out of the suffering.

  4. I suffered through my journey for this, but I found the truth and so shall you.

  5. You will turn away from the truth that some point in time, but you will see and you will be ashamed of the actions that you take.

  6. Even though you will be threatened, you will remember the truth always and forever.

  7. Turn back from the lies which had been given to you and remember the lies which have come your way.

  8. Do not hesitate to leave the traditions of your past and go into the future with the fullness of happiness.

  9. Your fortunes shall be restored and you will be blessed according to the deeds which you will do.

  10. All of those who know this great truth will dwell together.

  11. You will be satisfied and you will never face suffering again.

  12. You will open your eyes and you will be satisfied at the sleep which you had gone through.

  13. The days are coming when all of humanity knows this truth and this great truth shall set many people free.

  14. All of the institutions that have hidden this truth shall be uprooted and be relayed by those who are in the truth.

  15. They will no longer say that the children are like the parents, for the children are not.

  16. Anyone who does not accept this great truth will not live a happy life on this Earth because they will feel inferior to they truly are.


  1. The days are coming when a new covenant shall be established with all nations of the Earth.

  2. It will not be like the covenant by their ancestors because they have broken that covenant.

  3. It will be written into their hearts and the truth shall be written into generations of all people.

  4. Everyone shall know of this covenant and this shall be known for all generations.

  5. Whoever gives up the truth for lies will give up their light for darkness.

  6. All of their offspring will be lost in the darkness forever.

  7. Your foundation can be removed in your head can be restored but you will be rejected because your ancestors rejected.

  8. The days are coming when the city of Zion shall be rebuilt.

  9. All the corners of the earth shall know of this and all the corners of the earth shall come to.

  10. The world, which is full of darkness, shall be restored into the light.

  11. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  12. All those who are righteous shall be confined to their prisons because those who are out of the truth will not accept the truth.

  13. They prophesied to their people falsely.

  14. They will not escape because those who are false are in power.

  15. There those people shall remain on till they shall be destroyed by their enemies.

  16. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  17. All of those were in the truth shall let take over the fields of those who are not.

  18. They shall do this because the righteous will rise up against those who are not.

  19. This is what has been prophesized because those who do not know the truth or hold the truth do not deserve the blessings which they have deserved.

  20. Their names shall be written and sealed in the book of life.

  21. Copies shall not be made for no copy is good enough for the Earth.

  22. They shall charge you because you know the truth and they do not.

  23. Take everything that the wicked own because they do not deserve the fate they have given.

  24. This is what has been prophesized because the fruits of their labors will be for not.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. The great power of the heavens shall come over and to the power of the Earth.

  3. Through the kindness of a thousand generations, the children will be able to repay the guilt of their ancestors.

  4. They shall know great counsel they shall do mighty deeds and all shall be judged according to their deeds.

  5. Signs and wonders shall be performed in the name of the truth.

  6. Signs and wonders shall lead the people out of the places of wickedness.

  7. The land which has been sworn to them shall be given to them.

  8. They did not live by the covenant which has been set forth from the beginning and evil fell upon those who are wicked.

  9. This is why society is the way it is, nations take over other nations for ill-gotten gain.

  10. This is what has been told because in the world, silver is not worth anything in the heavens.

  11. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  12. The creator created all things in the beginning and nothing is too difficult for the things of the heavens.

  13. As the world fights over one another for ill-gotten gains, the people of the heavens delivered righteous.

  14. Those who are attacking the city of wickedness are the righteous ones.

  15. The city is on fire and all things shall be destroyed at the last day.

  16. They were provoked by the works of those who are wicked and they do their own wicked deeds.

  17. Their cities will be filled with anger and lust for all things.

  18. All the evil that has been done will not be forgotten.

  19. They turn their backs on the truth and they do not listen to or accept the prophets of the truth.

  20. They set up abominations and they claim to worship gods they do not.

  21. They built these places into useful sacrifices and praises and worship, rituals and rites, for the sake of something that is not true.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. All the righteous shall be gathered all the land and those who are righteous shall inherit the earth.

  3. They will make a covenant, the same covenant that has been established from the beginning.

  4. They will be given away to the truth which will be their own for they are all different parts of the whole.

  5. They will have an everlasting covenant and they will never cease to good.

  6. You shall accept this truth and embrace it with all of your heart and soul.

  7. Just as the world has been given great evil, the world has been given great good also.

  8. This land shall be purchased and all of those who are wicked will not inherit any of it.

  9. They will not be sealed in the book of life for the deeds of the wicked have been remembered forever.

  10. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  11. Those who are in the truth have hope and stability in their lives.

  12. Called to the truth and it will come to you and it will teach you things beyond your knowledge.

  13. All of those who are wicked shall be torn down, but those who possessed the truth will be brought up.

  14. All of those who do not accept the truth will be deserted.

  15. This is a time of recovery and healing and all things will be revealed to you.

  16. All of your fortunes shall be restored just as they were in the beginning.

  17. All of your guilt will be pure or five because all of your sins shall be forgiven.

  18. The city of Zion shall become a joy for you and it will become the hope for all the Earth.

  19. These shall not be late the ways and all of the people shall never be deserted.

  20. Give things to your spirit and you will be blessed forever.

  21. This is the place of waste and works are for those who are wicked.

  22. All of those who are righteous will have the land inherited that.

  23. The day is coming where all of the youth shall be filled.

  24. They prophets shall rise up and shall bring forth their goals and great deeds.

  25. All of the world shall be saved because a revolution shall occur.

  26. The old covenant shall be destroyed when the new covenant is fulfilled.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. The covenant will never be broken and the covenant of the nations will be replaced by the everlasting one.

  3. All of the world shall know these things so that the righteous will never be overtaken again.

  4. The word came to them, but those who are wicked do not know of the righteousness.

  5. They are no longer a nation because the look out for themselves and not others.

  6. Their covenant will be established through them.

  7. They will also reject the truth which has been sent forth the beginning of time.

  8. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  9. Go to the kings of the world and tell them that their cities shall be handed over to the wicked.

  10. Those who are righteous will not escape, rather, they will fall to the pit too, but they are able to rise.

  11. There shall not be death by killing one another, rather, shall be a spiritual death.

  12. They shall die in peace, but they shall never be at peace, for they shall roam the earth until they come to the heavens.

  13. All of these things have been told to the prophets.

  14. Only the cities of righteousness will be left standing and only those who are righteous will be glad.


  1. This is the word that came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. A covenant will be made with all the people of the world.

  3. No one will be held over another for all are equal in the eyes of the righteous.

  4. All of the kings of the world will be equal to their subjects.

  5. All of those were slave shall be freed and all of those who are oppressed shall be free.

  6. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  7. I have made a covenant, just as the ancestors have made a covenant, just as our posterity shall make a covenant.

  8. All the people who are oppressed or enslaved should be freed.

  9. Do what is right and proclaim freedom for the covenant is the embodiment of all freedom.

  10. Do not be taken back by those who claim to have the truth but do not.

  11. Do not obey anyone or worship anything for that is not the truth of freedom.

  12. Those who violate this covenant will not go into the present of the heavens.

  13. All of those who want to oppress others or want to control others shall not be at peace with themselves.

  14. They will be handed over to their enemies and they shall be put to death because they do not deserve life among those who are righteous.

  15. All of those nations who reject the truth will be brought in the wickedness also.

  16. This is the Oracle that strays from the heavens straight from the spirit to the humans on this earth.


  1. This is the word that came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. Go into the houses of those who lust after others and give them the finest things.

  3. They shall fall into the pits which had been dug for them and they will never return from the pit.

  4. They shall fall because of their vices and they shall lust after the things of this world and not the things of the heavens.

  5. Give them the tree and the nectar that they want and that they do not deserve.

  6. Do not lust after the things of this world.

  7. Do not do anything for the sake of yourself, but do it for the sake of self, others, your ancestors, and your posterity.

  8. Obey your covenant so that you can dwell in the heavens after you die.

  9. Do not live beyond your means and do not lust after the things of this world.

  10. Do everything that has been commanded to you into everything that is right to you.

  11. Do not live among the city of the wicked that you are not influenced by those who are wicked.

  12. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  13. Go to the city of righteousness and tell them to leave the city of wickedness.

  14. Those who are righteous did not drink of lust yet, but they will, and they will fall.

  15. Prophets have come to them and told them of this great truth, but they have been deceived by the truth.

  16. They obeyed the words of those who claim to be the truth and they are truly not the truth.

  17. They are threatened by eternal damnation, but that is an empty threat which will never come to pass.

  18. They are threatened by things of the end of the world, but the end of the world will not come to pass.

  19. All of the descendants of those who believe that first were forced into believing it, so no one did who is living on this earth today believe in the same things.


  1. This is the word that came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. I have taken a scroll and written all the words of life upon this piece of paper which has been passed down from the beginning until today.

  3. All of those who hear these words will repent of their wickedness.

  4. These are all the things have been written down by the scribes and the heavens and on the Earth.

  5. All the people of the Earth shall tell of this group people who know the truth.

  6. Those who learn of it will turn from their evil ways become good.

  7. This is what has been spread out to all the cities of the world and to all the cities of wickedness.

  8. The new temple shall be established in the new city and all the people who were once wicked and became righteous shall come to the city so that they could learn more about righteous living.

  9. All of these words shall be heard and no one shall claim to have not heard of this.

  10. All of those who are righteous shall become leaders for they shall lead nations into righteousness.

  11. All the people shall hear these things at all world shall be established according to the precepts.

  12. These are the gifts that have been handed down from generation to generation.

  13. All the things of this world shall not be revealed to the people.

  14. No one shall know the exact location of these gifts in the world shall be in a hidden place that only the elders know of.

  15. All the people shall know that all have been healed, and the only one who could break the seals are the ten guardian angels represented by the seven spirits.

  16. There are parts of the scroll still there shall be cut away shall never be revealed until the end of times.

  17. Half the angels shall come at the beginning of the new age, and the other half shall come at the end of the new age.

  18. This is what has been left and this is what shall be hidden away.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. Another scroll shall be written with the same words as the first scroll and the scroll shall never be revealed to the world.

  3. All living things will not know of this, but they shall abide by the precepts that the scroll said.

  4. No one who is wicked shall ever ascend to the throne of any nation who isn’t righteous.

  5. Evil threat fully pushed on the people, but no one will listen to these empty threats anymore.

  6. These have been dictated time and time again and shall become the words of truth.

  7. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  8. Listen, the army which has been sent out the help you will actually destroy you.

  9. Your enemies will capture your city and will set your cities ablaze for all the wicked things that been done.

  10. Meetings have taken place behind the backs of the public and the fates of entire nations are sealed.

  11. Do not deceive yourself, for these people claim to speak of the truth, but they do not.

  12. The army that has come before you shall destroy you and you will never rise out of these ashes again.

  13. All of the righteous will withdraw from your cities because they heed this warning.

  14. The army of those who were wicked will not stand up to the armies of their enemies.

  15. They will open the gates to them and they shall walk in the city and under everything.

  16. The leaders will deny this will happen, but it will happen because these things have happened here.

  17. All of those who are righteous will be put into jail by those who are wicked and they will not be able to enter into their city.

  18. They are the ones who will remain in the dungeons until the Day of Judgment.

  19. More meetings shall take place secretly, but the people will not be satisfied, and they will want then to take place publicly.

  20. All of those who tried to bring forth the truth will be cast away because this is the city of secrets.

  21. Those who are righteous shall die in the cities of the wicked because the wicked are the ones who talk behind their backs.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. Those who remain in the city of the wicked shall die by any means, and the enemies will come in and take the spoils.

  3. The city will be handed over to the enemies.

  4. The princes and the soldiers will leave the city because they do not care about the well-being of the people.

  5. The king wants nothing to do with their own subjects so nothing is can be done about the armies that are to come.

  6. All of those who are righteous will be cast down because they had predicted of this before.

  7. All of those were visiting shall flee into their own countries and they will not be satisfied with the way these countries are laid out.

  8. All of those who are wicked will do wrong to those who are righteous and those who are righteous shall die off, and then there shall be none.

  9. Before the righteous die, take them out of the pits for they do not deserve to be there.

  10. People shall be purified to help the righteous.

  11. Those who are righteous shall remain in the city because they want to take as many people out with them as possible.

  12. The things that were once hidden that can no longer be hidden.

  13. Those who are righteous will counsel those who are wicked.

  14. Those who are righteous will not be handed over to the enemies, for the enemies know of their great work.

  15. Their lives will be saved because the enemies do not pursue them for they do not speak of war.

  16. Those who are the leaders are the wicked ones and they are the ones that will surrender.

  17. Do not allow yourself to be mistreated by your enemies, for your enemies shall know your right ways.

  18. You will not be handed over to those who are wicked and your life will be spared.

  19. Do not refuse to surrender; they overwhelm you for it is not good to be destroyed.

  20. Your kindred will betray you and you will have thought of them as good friends, but they were not, and they slip away from you.

  21. The city shall be destroyed and all the wicked people shall perish.

  22. Those who are righteous will not be handed over to the enemies of those who are wicked.

  23. All of the princes will do as they can command and nothing will be done.

  24. The righteous will stay in the city until the entire city has been overtaken by the enemy.


  1. The city has been taken and the city was taken under siege.

  2. The walls were breached and the gates were opened and the houses were plundered and those who are wicked were cast down into the pit.

  3. All of the kings and princes were captured and the courts were taken.

  4. All of the warriors fled in the armies chased after those who were left that were destroyed.

  5. Those who went against the siege were bound into chains and cast into the pits.

  6. The treasures of the city were taken to the capital of the enemies.

  7. All of those were left were exiled and were cast away from their city and their city was destroyed.

  8. There was nothing left of the great civilization but the farms and the plants that remain.

  9. Do not let anything happen to those who are right, for they do not go what got the ways of the enemy.

  10. If they choose to remain among their people, then let them remain, but is not recommended for they are not wicked.

  11. Treat them with dignity for they shall treat you with dignity.

  12. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  13. The words have been carried out against the city that reported the evil.

  14. On this day, the righteous will be delivered.

  15. Those who are righteous will escape and will not fall and because of their trust in the truth, they will treat them with dignity and respect.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. Those who are prisoners will be exiled.

  3. Those who exiled them will go back to their native lands and will take the spoils of war with them.

  4. This decree has been realized because the city was full of wicked people.

  5. Those who are righteous will be released from the chains and will be given a choice of whether to stay or to go.

  6. Those who are righteous will not go against the enemies, so they do not perceive the threat.

  7. Those who choose to go will go and exile will be slaves.

  8. When the soldiers hear of this decree by the leaders, they will be anchored, but they will understand the path is of all these people.

  9. If you are peaceful with your enemy, you have more options as to what you can do.

  10. Swear an oath with them that you will not attack it, for so long that they do not interfere with your life, you shall not have to intervene with others.

  11. This goes out to all levels of society and this is an example for all the world follow.

  12. All of those who were wicked shall become slaves and they will be scattered.

  13. Do not send assassins out to the kings of the enemies, for they will stop trusting you.

  14. They will find you and they will learn about you and they will take you away and strip you of your rights.

  15. Do not desire to kill your enemy because your enemy will receive their disaster in due time.


  1. When a wicked deed creates power, every attempt must be made to oust a leader or a wicked leader will bring wickedness to the people and all the people shall suffer as well.

  2. Killing them is not the option, rather, oust them peacefully, for killing brings forth more problems.

  3. Everyone shall learn about anyone who kills anyone.

  4. Those who are the murderers shall be punished because a just society will punish those who murder.

  5. Those who murder shall be exiled from their land shall never get there.

  6. Even if stores of supplies came up, no one shall take in those who kill one another.

  7. Even if it is because of a bad King, they shall be killed.

  8. Out of the exile an army of people shall travel from one place to another and they shall commit themselves to find the land which was once theirs.

  9. They overtake every part of the land that they come across for they need supplies for their posterity and their ancestors.

  10. The military leaders shall be in charge of those who travel in great group one way or another went to take the land and the military will be able to control the masses of people who are migrating into the new land of promise.

  11. Do not be afraid of those who travel in, for they shall bring great prosperity to the land because they shall cultivate it and shall build cities upon it in shall turn the wasteland into land of great riches.

  12. All the military leaders shall gather together in shall listen to the prophets because there is only a remnant of the people left and they must get guidance as to where they shall go.

  13. The prophets shall do as they desire for they have connections the heavens and gods.

  14. The spirit is a faithful witness to all who dwell with their spirits.

  15. You must obey the commands that come from your spirit for your spirit knows better than you.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the world.

  2. This is what the heavens had said to them through their spirit and through the prophet.

  3. If you remain in the land which you of promise you shall be built up and you will not be torn down because you shall be able to be repented of all the evils which have been committed in the past.

  4. Your spirit is with you and your spirit shall save you and rescue you.

  5. Your spirit shall have pity on you so that it will have pity on you if you want to return to the land.

  6. If you do not stay in the land and you shall disobey the voice that comes from the heavens and you will no longer be prosperous.

  7. If you overtake the land which is fertile and it is not the land which you been given, then you shall die and that land because you will not be able to get the fruits of that labor.

  8. Those who want to go the fertile lands shall die because they will no longer be able to bear the fruits of the land.

  9. The store shall overtake you and hunger shall come upon you.

  10. So stay in your land and do not go into the other land for that land is not for you.

  11. I am warning you of the day which you will go but you will regret going.

  12. Do as the heavens will and you shall be prosperous.

  13. This proposition was sent to the prophets, who, in turn, sent it to the people.

  14. Now with the military leaders stopped they went on and went to the lands which are seen as fertile.

  15. They did not listen to the voice of their spirit and they went.

  16. One by one, the military leaders went with their families and they all perished because they do not listen to the voice that came from the heavens.

  17. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  18. I will send the enemies against you for you have disobeyed the word which I commanded.

  19. You did not stay in the land which was set out for you so you will die because you disobeyed the word that came from the heavens.

  20. The land seemed good for you at the time, but now it is not because you disobeyed the word and the word was for your benefit.

  21. Those who were threatened with death shall be put to death and those who are threatened with exile shall be put to exile.

  22. You cannot make this land clean and you cannot make this land yours, the land was never yours, the land was never allotted to you.

  23. You are not allowed destroy one culture to place your own culture, for doing that destroys the native culture and the culture of all the inhabitants therein.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. You have seen all the evil eye brought upon you because you did not listen to the words that I said.

  3. Because of the evil, you have been provoked to destroy the civilization of that fertile land and leave your own in.

  4. I told you that you must not commit the deed because you are hated throughout the world.

  5. You do not listen to the word of the prophets; therefore, you are seen as a terrible people.

  6. Your land shall be turned to waste in all of your inhabitants shall guide.

  7. Why did you inflict such a great evil upon yourself? Why did you cut yourself off and curse yourself for generations to come? You did not forget the evil of your ancestors and he did not forget the evil that shall come upon you.

  8. You do not show fear but you should because I shall lay down all fury upon you.

  9. Evil shall come to you in the form of being cut off from the world because the world will no longer want anything to do with you.

  10. Those who are the remnants shall be exiled from the fertile land and shall wander in the desert until they find their way to the land which had been promised them.

  11. The seed you have has been punished in the same way that your ancestors have been damaged.

  12. No one shall return to the land unless they get seek the way of the truth again.

  13. You knew that you destroyed the culture and the culture that you displaced was a great culture and a mighty culture and a culture that was full of great things.

  14. Regardless of what you would’ve done, you do not listen to the words of the truth which have been sent from the heavens.

  15. You are doing as you please and you are not doing as the heavens had wanted and, because the heavens fulfill the destiny of all men, you are destined and your fate has been sealed.

  16. You can control what you do with your destiny, but you cannot control how you reach that destiny.

  17. There is going to be a great and terrible plague that comes upon you, for you shall be set back and all progress that you made up this point shall be for not.

  18. All the fruits of your labor shall be for nothing either.

  19. No amount sacrifices or praise or worship can stop this from happening, for destiny shall be fulfilled because the universe deeds it done.

  20. The abomination which you have committed in displacing this creative culture with your own dull culture will not be forgotten for all generations.

  21. Your deeds are seen as evil in you will be seen as evil for many generations to come.

  22. Because you sinned against the universe, and you sinned against those whom you covenanted with and you shall be destroyed.

  23. You shall carry out all that you have with your own hands you will be lost in the desert because you broke the covenant which you had established with all of humanity and with the universe around you.

  24. All of your evil deeds shall be met with judgments and all of your good deeds will be for nothing.

  25. Those who refuse to return to the land which had been allotted to them shall be destroyed and they know whose word stands true.

  26. The word of the truth stands always if you stray from the truth you shall be destroyed.

  27. You shall be handed over to your enemies and he you shall be shunned for destroying a culture and replacing it with your own.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. Grief shall be added to your pain because of these wicked things which you have done.

  3. Whatever you had built shall be worn down by her enemies and whatever you had planted shall wither away.

  4. You only seek good things for yourself and not for others.

  5. Do not seek that which is evil, rather, only seek that which is good.

  6. You have only been granted life because you agreed to leave and you shall not take anything with you as you wander in the desert.

  7. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  8. This is a prophecy that concerns the enemies of the land and the same culture that was displaced by the land which came in truth and came forward and battled.

  9. Do not give up your culture for your culture is rich.

  10. Stand up and fight for your culture and do not give in.

  11. Those who came in shall flee because the culture is dull and boring.

  12. They cannot be freed and they cannot escape because they stumble and fall to their own sins.

  13. Your river had been dammed up and it shall surge out and crying that it is right.

  14. It comes forth and destroys the dull culture because the culture cannot support itself in times of need.

  15. March forth and take back what yours was once and take that which was once land that belongs to the enemies.

  16. The day of vengeance shall come and all of those who go against the truth.

  17. There is no healing for them for they do not understand that which happens to them.

  18. Their screaming fills the earth and they shall collapse because of their involvement in sin.


  1. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  2. Get ready, for you shall be devoured by the sword if you do not seek those things in the heavens.

  3. The reason why you are not successful is because you fall into the ways of the people who took you over.

  4. You must return the land of your birth and away from the ones which cause so much bloodshed.

  5. Bring upon yourself the name of your ancestors and do not forget your ancestors which suffer for your sake.

  6. Remember that you may be exiled and you may going to ruin if your enemy overtakes you.

  7. You will not give in and you shall keep coming.

  8. Those who took you over shall be fattened and they will not be able to stand their ground because they have given in.

  9. They will come in force and they will attack you, but you shall attack them back if you are strong and you shall overtake them.

  10. They cut you down, but if you are numerous, you cannot be counted.

  11. You will fulfill your destiny.

  12. The universe shall punish those who punish others for the sake of their own ill-gotten gains.

  13. They will be handed over to the ones who seek their lives and the land which you once occupied in the land which your ancestors was occupied shall become your land for your posterity.

  14. Listen, for I shall gather up all of your children and I shall reclaim the land which was once yours.

  15. You will have rest again for I am with you and I will make an end to all nations which drove you out.

  16. You will get what you deserve but only if you give up the ways of the wicked and follow the ways of the righteous.

  17. Look at the waters rising and they shall become a wave of people.

  18. They shall take over all the world and implement in this land their culture.

  19. They shall come and destroy the lands of the righteous and replace it with their dull culture of wickedness.

  20. Because of this state, all who dwell in the land before shall be destroyed.

  21. After this, dull culture of gluttonous bread and drink shall be cultures of wickedness.

  22. You will not find rest so you must be still and listen to this world.

  23. This world cannot find rest so you must find rest against the world.


  1. It has ravaged and disgraced this land.

  2. The glory of the good societies that were once here are no more.

  3. Listen and you will see the ruins of great destruction.

  4. The once great civilization has been crushed.

  5. Those were let go weeping into the mountains and shall never be heard from again.

  6. Saviors live and go into the wilderness.

  7. Because you trust your works in the heavens, you will be cherished and saved.

  8. Those who come to destroy will destroy every city and waste every part of the land.

  9. You might as well set up a tombstone for yourself for you will be dead.

  10. Cursed is the one who works carelessly.

  11. You will rise up from your rest and you will defend your honor.

  12. Be assured for these days are coming and all that you cherish shall be destroyed.

  13. Your gods shall disappoint you as they are unable to save you.

  14. Your heroes and mighty warriors shall be tarnished.

  15. The ones who come and ravaged civilizations shall rise up.

  16. The ruin of your civilization is at hand and disaster approaches.

  17. Have more of all that you cherish and love shall be destroyed.

  18. Come down from the ground which is about to be part for your strongholds have been destroyed.

  19. Keep watch for anyone who comes your way.

  20. Your civilization shall be destroyed and you shall proclaim it to be destroyed.

  21. Judgment has come upon you and upon all the cities in this land.

  22. The capital shall be cut off from the rest of civilization and they shall fall into the hands of the wicked.

  23. They shall reap the rewards but they seek the rewards of the world and I’m the heavens.

  24. You have been a laughingstock to the world, for you have fallen.

  25. Abandon your cities and take refuge in the wilderness, for you shall rise again from the wilderness.

  26. You have heard of the pride of the civilization which took you over and their hearts are hard.

  27. Its arrogance shall be known and its allies shall be exposed.

  28. The cities shall fall and they shall never rise again.

  29. All the people of the world shall we for they felt to the destroyer and the destroyer shall fall eventually.

  30. All the joy of your world is been taken away and all of the fruits of your labor have been burned.

  31. All of what you hold dear shall become wasteland.

  32. Your God cannot save you no matter how many sacrifices you make to it.

  33. The wealth you have accumulated shall be given to those who have taken you over.

  34. All of the warriors shall be cut off and they shall not have power anymore.

  35. All of the people of the world shall be in mourning, for the civilization has been destroyed.

  36. They are terrified and they are ashamed and become the laughingstock for all nations of the world.

  37. Look, for your enemies came in like an eagle and spread over the entire land.

  38. All of the things which was once yours now belongs to them.

  39. You shall no longer be a people because you have gone against the truth.

  40. They have gone against the truth to but they have fallen into the pits and they shall try to get out of the pits, but they shall not be successful.

  41. Those who are fleeing shall fall into the pits also.

  42. The civilization that was once great has become a shadow of its former glory.

  43. Woes to you, for you have gone into exile and you have gone into captivity.

  44. Your nation shall be restored once the nation that took you over all.


  1. Your son will not inherit your land.

  2. The days are coming when your civilization shall be reduced to ruin.

  3. The lands that have come from the South and the land that come from the North are also in ruin and you shall go into ruin eventually.

  4. You have boasted in your strength, but no one has dared to attack you so you think you are strong.

  5. Terror comes upon you and you shall be scattered and no one shall gather you together again.

  6. The fortunes of the civilizations which you had destroyed shall be restored.

  7. There is no wisdom in your civilization because your wisdom has left you when you have embraced the world of material.

  8. Retreat from your world, for disaster shall come upon it as a result of embracing that which is material.

  9. Thieves shall come and steal everything and then you will be saddened because your belongings have been stolen.

  10. All of the things that you hold dear in this life shall be destroyed.

  11. Leave it all behind, for you will be defiled.

  12. Even those who are righteous will not go unpunished.

  13. You belong to the civilization even though you’re not a part of it but the enemy makes no differentiation between the two.

  14. People have gone out to other nations and told you to prepare for battle with them.

  15. You will be despised among the people for your rebelliousness against them.

  16. You spread terror and then you shall fortify yourself, for you know that the days shall come.

  17. You shall become an object of horror as your neighbors around you will laugh at you and keep to their wicked ways.

  18. No one survives and thrives in the lands of the wicked.

  19. When the enemy comes and attacks you from the bushes, no one can hold one another accountable for anything.

  20. Plans have been drawn up against your society and all the riches of your society shall be taken away.

  21. Everything that has been built shall collapse and cries shall be heard.

  22. All that which was once good in the world shall be reduced to nothing.


  1. Those who know of the truth have heard bad things about their civilizations, but they cannot see their faults for themselves.

  2. They lose heart and then panic has seized them and their lives.

  3. The glorious cannot abandon the town which is joyful.

  4. All of the warriors shall be destroyed in that city for it is been said so.

  5. Do not give up while your civilization is still glorious, rather, give up when it falls.

  6. Rise up and attack those which plan to attack you.

  7. All of their things shall be taken away for they do wickedness even though your civilization is wicked.

  8. They drop a plan against you but it is not formal and you shall be ambushed on many occasions by them.

  9. Get up, for you do not live in a safe world and you must find safety for yourself.

  10. All the things that you take away from them shall become yours until they take it away from you again.

  11. No one shall live in that land because that land has been reduced to a wasteland.

  12. The word came to me to spread to the entire world.

  13. I make a proclamation against the main culture of this day.

  14. The ends of the earth shall come like they have gone to the ends of the earth and those who are outcast shall rise up.

  15. The civilization which is dominant shall be shaken and evil shall come upon them.

  16. All the kings and princes of this day and age shall be destroyed.

  17. At the end of all days, I shall raise up and restore those who deserve to be restored.


  1. This is the Oracle against the current society.

  2. I shall announce it and I am not put to shame because this is the truth of the future.

  3. Nations shall come forth against it and no one could live in the land.

  4. In those days all of the nations who are at war shall come together and they shall seek answers from one another.

  5. They shall seek the way of the truth because they seek to never be forgotten.

  6. They have forgotten their true nature and those who led them astray were also misled and they wandered in the desert.

  7. They are not guilty because they sinned against their god; rather, they are guilty because they sinned against you.

  8. Flee from this age and that be at the head of flock that leaves and bring good to all who are knowledgeable of it.

  9. All of the nations of the world shall go against this culture and they will not return without the riches.

  10. They shall be plundered and their enemies shall encircle their cities.

  11. Rejoice at the plundering, for this civilization is evil.

  12. You will be put to shame because all of the nations you are part of shall become a desolate wasteland.

  13. Become the enemy and go against your own civilization, for your civilization is evil, as you know.

  14. This is the surrender and this is retribution for rejecting the truth for so long raise war against it and cut it off from everything it needs and half the people turn on one another so it can be destroyed from within.

  15. This society has gone astray and it has been proven to fight those who are righteous.

  16. All the kings of this land shall be punished.

  17. All of those who are righteous shall be brought back to what has been taken away from them and they shall receive all the blessings of the earth.

  18. It is lost and it is too late for it to be found.

  19. Attack these lands and slaughter them before it has been predicted that they shall fall.

  20. Great destruction is at hand and an awakening shall occur where all the people are able to reject it.

  21. The society has been cut off and it has been broken into pieces and it has spread through all nations.

  22. You ensnare yourself and you were caught, you were discovered, and you were seized.

  23. Weapons shall come against you, for the righteous have a lot of work to do.

  24. They come from every side and they do not leave around anything that was once a mighty civilization, even though it was wicked.

  25. Both of them shall be destroyed, for their day has come and the time of punishment has come upon them to be destroyed.

  26. Listen to those refugees, for this is the retribution of those who are righteous against those who are wicked.

  27. Let no one escape their grasp and let all of them be judged according to their works.

  28. Fear all of their warriors and destroy all of their warriors.

  29. I am against the society that embraces the material world and has forgotten the true nature of mankind, for it is time for them all to be punished.

  30. The fire shall grow rapidly and it shall turn into a raging inferno.

  31. Those who are righteous have been oppressed and they were refused the land which has been given to them.

  32. Their redeemer is strong and their redeemer is the defender of their cause.

  33. This has caused unrest among those who are the wicked ones, for they know they shall be destroyed.

  34. Those who embrace this world are foolish.

  35. They store up the treasures of the world and they bowed down to worship it.

  36. These are the hands of idols and they are frantic and they are always against that which is righteous.

  37. The lands which they inhabited shall no longer be inhabited by them, for they have been destroyed.

  38. No one shall dwell in this place because it has been made to be a wasteland.

  39. Those who are righteous shall come and they shall rise from the ends of the earth.

  40. Do not doubt them or you shall be destroyed by them.

  41. The kings hear of them but they are helpless.

  42. This is what happens when they come up from the thicket in an instant and they will establish themselves to be strong and mighty.

  43. Hear these things and recant of the ways of this world before it is too late.

  44. The society shall be destroyed and shall be captured and its cries shall be heard throughout the world.


  1. All of the inhabitants and all of the people of the world who worship in the civilization shall be destroyed.

  2. All of those who are righteous shall lay waste by means of the way they shall besiege it.

  3. Do not spare anyone in their armies, for their armies can rise up against you.

  4. They lie and they are wounded and they shall die in the streets.

  5. The land is full of guilt and they shall not be left without any restitution.

  6. Flee from the civilization and do not perish because of the guilt laid upon you by them.

  7. Pay your dues and become a light in this world so that others can read it.

  8. The civilization suddenly falls and it is broken, but do not cry, for it is good.

  9. This wicked civilization cannot be healed, but you must leave it untouched the clouds of the heavens.

  10. Vindication comes to you and you will do good things for the entire world.

  11. Sharpen your arrows, for you can fight the cause of good against the cause are evil.

  12. The wicked civilization prepares, but both civilizations shall plan and shall carry out their plans.

  13. Those who dwell in great treasures have come to their and.

  14. Those who are wicked shall fall to those who are righteous.

  15. The world was established by wisdom and the world shall still run by way of wisdom, but it does not.

  16. The waters in the heavens roared and summoned the storm and nothing was left.

  17. All of the men of the civilization are stupid and ignorant and they shall be put to shame.

  18. They are nothing and all of their work is for nothing.

  19. They are nothing because they reject the truth which is the creator of all things.

  20. Your spirit shall be your weapon for war and by your spirit, you shall destroy all.

  21. All of the things of this world shall be destroyed because of your spirit.

  22. All of the leaders and all of their people under them shall be destroyed.

  23. They will not be repaid because they do not deserve the payment in the first place.

  24. Beware, for this wicked civilization is the destroyer of the entire earth and the hand of the righteous shall be sent forth against them.

  25. You will remain in ruin forever.

  26. Raise the signal against them and all of those who are righteous shall prepare for war against the wicked.

  27. All of the lands that are held by them shall become the domain the righteous.

  28. The Earth is turned into wasteland and is without any inhabitants because so many in the world are wicked.

  29. The warriors of the wicked have ceased to fight but they remain and they burned themselves down so that they are destroyed.

  30. The entire city had been taken and all that was once in the hands of the wicked shall turn to the hands of the righteous.

  31. Everything that they work for and all the land shall be burned and they shall lie in horror.

  32. All of the people who once belonged to the wicked civilization shall wait to be gathered and judged.

  33. It consumes many people who are righteous and it beat many people who are righteous and it swallowed them whole and made them among the people.

  34. I was born by this wicked civilization and I have a say in the fate of them all.

  35. But now those who are righteous shall receive their rewards and will be avenged.

  36. The wicked shall rise up and they shall find nothing.

  37. They make loud screams and they cry out to those who are righteous were now more powerful than they.

  38. Those who were righteous shall reach out to the wicked and shall give them what they need so that they may become righteous.

  39. All of the things that have been received will be brought to slaughter for it is no longer necessary to have these with the world.

  40. That wicked civilization shall become a horror to the world and those who are righteous are the glory of the world.

  41. The waters of righteousness overwhelm the wicked.

  42. The cities of wickedness have become a wasteland and no one passes through them, for there is nothing.

  43. All of their gods shall be reduced to nothing and no one will look up to them any longer.

  44. Leave this wicked civilization and change your life and you shall be saved.

  45. Do not be discouraged when rumors spread about the righteous and they are bad rumors.

  46. Realize that the day is coming when they shall come and all who were slain shall fall forever.

  47. The heavens and the earth shall come together in joy when the wicked civilization is destroyed and the purity of truth is revealed the entire world.

  48. It is because of their own hands that they shall fall.

  49. Remember that the righteous come from far-off and they do not need to do anything to destroy the wicked.

  50. We are ashamed because we hear of these taunts and disgraces have come over us.

  51. The days are coming when all of their idols shall be destroyed.

  52. A sound comes forth and great destruction has come to the wicked civilization and those who are wicked shall be destroyed.

  53. The wicked civilization shall be laid waste and the land shall no longer be useful.

  54. They have destroyed themselves and they will not be repaid.

  55. All of those who once ruled over them shall be drunk and shall destroy themselves on the inside.

  56. There cities shall be laid to waste and their foundations shall be leveled.


  1. I have written down that the disasters would come upon these pages.

  2. When the time has come for it to be revealed, they shall be revealed as to the scope of all things.

  3. They will no longer remain a wasteland forever, rather, those who are righteous shall take the land of those were wicked.

  4. Once the scroll has been finished as to what shall happen, all of them shall be sealed and only the Guardian Angels shall be able to unseal them.

  5. It will sink and it will never rise again, but humanity can rise but never fall again.

  6. Those who are righteous shall dwell in the land of righteousness.

  7. Even though they claim to be righteous, they have done evil things.

  8. When they had done evil things, they shall be cast out the presence of those who are right.

  9. The entire army of evil shall come against those who are righteous shall surround their cities and shall bring them down.

  10. The seizure shall continue until those who are righteous have given in but they shall never give in to those who are wicked and fall into their wicked ways.

  11. The cities of righteousness shall only fall when the entire city has been reduced to ashes.

  12. All of the people of this righteous city shall flee the city but the city shall be destroyed.

  13. The cities made of brick-and-mortar and shall rise up again.

  14. All of those who claim to be righteous, but they turn to the wicked ways shall be blinded until they are destroyed.


  1. All of the buildings of the city shall be destroyed by fire.

  2. All of the walls that surrounded the city shall be torn down and their foundations shall be reduced to ashes.

  3. All of the people were evacuated and they shall hide in the mountains, for they shall never fall.

  4. Some shall be left behind and they shall fall but that is because they find the ways of the wicked to be better than the ways of righteousness.

  5. All of the riches that the righteous possessed shall fall into the hands of the wicked.

  6. All of the riches shall be cast off and shall be gained by those who do not deserve it.

  7. All of those who do not understand this shall be destroyed.

  8. The wicked shall take away the land of the righteous, but the righteous shall take away the land of the wicked.

  9. The righteous do not cause the wicked to fall but the wicked shall fall because of their own sins.

  10. They have taken all the riches of the Earth and of used it to their own advantage, but they worshipped those things which have been given to them and they have forgotten the ways of the heavens.

  11. The ways of the heavens are superior to the ways of the Earth.

  12. Favor shall be shown to those who are righteous and they shall never die until they see redemption.

  13. They are the ones who have risen above the world and have gone back into the world with the knowledge of the heavens.

  14. You shall be counted among the righteous even among those who are wicked until the day you die if you do not give in.

  15. You shall be respected even though you do not listen to their ways.

  16. You shall be respected in this way even as they have in their death.

  17. You may never see the restoration of the world, but you can see the restoration of yourself and you can choose for yourselves to be happy in this world or to be saddened by the world.