The Books of the Resurrection and the Book of Exploration constitute the end of the era of the Guardian Angels and is regarded as the end of the portion of the historical context of the first book. This edition of Through Minds’ Eyes is expanded beyond these last books. These two books describe the completion of the exploratory period of Ryan Hite and signals his true maturity.


The Book of the Resurrection constitutes the end of his freshman year of college and his exit from religion altogether. It is the completion of his covenant and it is the point at which he would come to his own. It would be right after this book that he leaves the friends he made in that year of college.


These times were not easy for him, but the choices that he made in this time helped him to think about the past and to forge into the future. There are numerous stories about the people and the events that he interacted with and went through, but they all follow a theme of a completion of sorts and a self-actualization of his life.




The path to the resurrection of life is the path of instruction. Life does not get better for you on the face of the earth. The earth is out to get you and to take you down the path of deception. The instructions will get you there. The instructions are the path to the light. Following in these instructions will bring you to a greater light and you will be a better person as a result of this. Following in the path of instruction will bring you to the ultimate salvation. In my life, I went through the process of resurrection through the instruction that I received in life.

In January of 2012, I was with Miranda more at the time and my time with Samantha was dying. At this time too, I started to forge friendships with Sarah and Nicole. These four would provide me with the instructions I needed to socialize better with people and to have a stronger spiritual foundation. This strong foundation and the social connections I forged and learned through this time would help me to this day. I am forever grateful for the support and the instructions they provided me. It is important for people to learn about their place in the world at some point so that a better life can come out of the one that came before.

It is very hard to go through this life alone. You need to constantly communicate with people so that you can learn about the world about you and to understand what you still need to learn in life. Everything that you will ever learn in life will come about as a result of the influence of other people. You start when you are very young through learning by following in the example of your parents. This learning continues in school with interaction with peers of your generation and with the teachers that teach you knowledge. You will also learn from many other teachers and peers. Many people in the world will know about the knowledge that they learn from their teachers, but they will not understand the wisdom that comes from experiencing the life that they live and the knowledge that they can learn from their peers.

Many religions of the world provide instruction for the people to follow to attempt to make their lives better. The purpose of religion is to make humanity feel good in many ways. Some religions, like Christianity, promise a better life in the here and the after if they choose to following the path of the Christ. Other religions like Hinduism and Buddhism attempt to make their lives better by setting examples on how to break the cycle of birth/death/rebirth that provides so many ills in the world. I follow in the same footsteps by providing people with a way to get rid of the bad in the life of the individual so that one could come to a better life.

When I first came into the dorms in my freshman year of college, my path to the truth was very narrow, but it was also in conflict with itself. I was torn between two and three different religions in an attempt to understand what the truth was. I decided after my second vision to go down the path of exploring spirituality over religion. As a result of this, I became a more open minded individual. I also embraced ideas of pluralism and universalism. I now treat all religions and holy books in the same light and I see all of them as contributing something good to the world. Although religion also brings bad to the world, I extracted the good from each of the religions and I incorporated them into my philosophy.

We cannot get through the world without some sort of instruction. Even if you do not get religious instruction, the beliefs that you have are very much influenced by the people who raise you and the people that are around you, despite who you actually are on the inside. The Instructions of life will get you to the end. The end to your means come to you through the instructions that you receive in life. I was very much influenced by the beliefs of my peers at this time in my life. I realized that, in order to survive in my generation and in my world, I could not act and think in the way that I was thinking. I saw the churchy groups and the people that I associated with and it was not the same. Being a church kid in college is nothing like being a church kid in high school. In addition to the changes that were happening outside of my life, I also experienced many changes in myself as well. Not only was being a churchy kid not very popular, I did not find much interest in being a church kid anymore. It was at this point, too, that I realized the true reasons I became a religious kid. It was because of the people and not because of the group.

Your life will not lay out the instructions to get to a better life in front of you. You have to discover it for yourself through trial and error. Your parents and teachers can teach you all the wisdom in the world, but you will never truly understand the world unless you go through life on your own. You will go through life and you will have to see what people do to react to your life. Those actions will cause more reactions and they will lead to even more actions.

I experienced life through trial and error. That hurt a lot of people and it got me in trouble a few times, but I survived and I understood how important it was to go through life this way and to learn about wisdom. The instructions to your life and your salvation at the end will come in much the same way. You cannot read a book and say that you can understand life. You have to go through life and you have to go through the experience in order to truly understand who you are and where you fit in on this planet and in this world.




The ultimate goal of our lives is to end up in a better place than where we started. We will go through the ups and downs of life, but we should end up being better than where we were at before then. We are temples of mind, body, and spirit. We need to cultivate these parts of our life so that we can be in better harmony with the trinity that surrounds us. When we die, we will enter into a phase of divinity, but it is up to us whether or not we want to accept that as a part of our life.

When I was going through my journey, I thought that the people I was with at the time were much better than what was before. I thought that the people in my life were at the pinnacle of my life and that nobody better would come in to successfully replace them in my heart. When I lost those people, I was devastated because I lost what I thought was the best. I was always told that something better would come along and I would never believe it at the time. I speak from experience when I say that something better always comes along.

At the time in my life of writing, I was with four people along with a great support group that I loved and cherished. I did not think at the time that I would lose them one day. I should have expected it because it has happened so many times in my life that I am used to losing friends and attempting to move on. I never thought it would be so hard sometimes. Eventually, I moved forward in life, but not without losing something and gaining other things. The most important thing is that you gain something new that would successfully replace what you lost.

The prophets and the Christs talked about and mastered the harmony of all parts of the trinity. They talked extensively about the relationship between mind, body, and spirit. It is about time that we all look into ourselves and to change our live so that we align with this. I started to better understand this relationship and this harmony when I was in the dorms for that one year. I did not understand it well before then. I started out the year thinking that one could not be spiritual without being religious. When Alaina left me, I then understood that they were not one in the same.

At the end of my saga with the Mormons, I was very pressured to make a decision on whether or not I wanted to be baptized. I was told that I had to listen to what my heart was telling me. My heart was telling me that I had to convert and that a change was coming, but it was not with the Mormon Church. I realized later that it was with something that I did not expect. I realized later that the Catholic Church was inadequate with my spiritual evolution. This is the period that I call ‘beyond religion’.

When you are cultivating your temple into something that is better than what you had before, you experience this shift in understanding the world and that the rites, rituals, dogma, and doctrine of religions are inadequate for your understanding and are not required for your salvation. Your body, mind, and spirit will tell you through intuition, faith, and reason as to what is actually true. What caused me to leave the Catholic and Mormon churches was mainly in the fact that you did not need any mediators between yourself and the divine.

You need to take care of your mind, body, and spirit equally. Each of them require something different from you and you need to satisfy all of them with the same energy and spirit. It is not always an easy thing to accomplish in a world that is constantly against the harmony and balance. You need to make the effort and have the intuition to go through life in such a way that allows you to better understand what is going on around you. When I was in the dorms, I understood this better too. The reason I was having such a hard time before was because I was not thinking of myself.

You are the most important person in your life. You need to look at how you can improve your life and you need to think about how things affect your life. You have to remember, though, that you are in a wider world and a part of a society of people that affect how you think, act, and feel about things that happen in this world. It is not an easy balance, but it is necessary for us to reach harmony and salvation in this life and in the next life.

When I was in the dorms, I also understood that I am not who I thought I was. I reshaped my identity because who I was before was not what I really was. It was in this year that I discovered my true passion and I followed in the footsteps that would lead me to the greatest happiness despite what societal pressures were. I started to understand my true place in my life and in society and that I had to get away from things that would tarnish what I held so dear.

You are a temple and your place in the world is a very fragile one. It is easy for outside influences to play at your foundation and other pieces without you knowing about it. You need to build a strong foundation and have strong help so that you can remain as you are on the inside. Your friends will change and your environment will change, but you should never lose sight of who you are and what your values are. The most positive thing that I learned out of that year was in the fact that I re-discovered who I was after many years of searching and that it would lead me down a path to who I truly was.




Over the course of my time with Samantha, Miranda, and Sarah, I understood many things about wealth and power that I now take with me to this day. Sometimes, people only like you and want to be your friend because you have resources that they want and need. As someone who has usually had what other people want, I know all too well about those kinds of people and what they mean to your life if you take them as friends. Most of the time, you do not realize that people take advantage of what you have until it is too late.

In every society, there are those people that will take advantage of what others have.  Some people are too nice and other people are too mean. It is not just a problem that affects certain people or certain societies, it affects all people in all societies at all times in the history of mankind. I am no stranger to those people and I have lost a lot of resources, but I also lost a lot of heart. It was the actions of those few people that caused me to understand the nature of most of society and it caused me to resent people and things even if they did nothing to me. It has admittedly made me a bitter person. It has also made me a better person and it set new standards for me when I make new friends.

The prophets and the Christs understood this aspect of society and they shunned material wealth whenever they could so that people could not be corrupted by this wealth. Although it is probably true that the three girls I interacted with over the course of my freshman year of college were much wealthier than me and came from places that were much better off than I was in my economic position, the fact that I had resources for a time that they needed to maintain their quality of life was something that I now see as an embodiment of the corruption of their own wealth. It is always the wealthiest of people who try to take advantage of others. It is a fact of life that is seen in all facets of society.

I do not know if the three girls took advantage of me during my time with them. I did not learn of their true nature to me until after the year was over and I lost all contact with them. To this day, their motives are still unknown to me but I felt betrayed and felt like I have been used by them for the past year. I had many resources that they wanted, especially the car that I had. I did not see that taking advantage of me at the time, but that is how it felt to me after the fact. During the fact, however, they seemed very appreciative of my niceness and it is something that they will remember me for.

Like all the interactions I had with the people that I fell in love with at the time, there were good and bad qualities to each of them. The good qualities they gave me on a spiritual level were things that I could not replace and they far outweigh the bad things they did for me. It is also what they will be remembered for in my life. Any idea that they took advantage of me at the same time is irrelevant to me, but it is important to note. Everyone will have those people in their life that take advantage of them and that is why I mention it in this context.

It is not the people that are necessarily always bad, it is sometimes the environment that they are brought up in that makes them who they are. Underneath the facades that Samantha, Miranda, and Sarah built up around them, underneath there were some very authentic individuals with personalities that I have come to appreciate. Over the course of my life, I have been involved in the lives of every single type of person along all of the spectrums. This realization allows me to better understand the nature of life and the kinds of people that make up this world. It is unfortunate that people of many classes only get to experience those of the same class or type, but I ventured out to understand the lives of all of these people. The lives of these people help the individual to learn more about themselves and the world around them.

There are many people in this life who have a lot of things, but are truly hollow on the inside. The opposite is also true and that is the fact of life in general. Those who have much will think about others little. I do not have much in reality. I am very smart with my money and I always find ways to make more money for myself. I do not live outside my own means and I would like for people to take by my example. I believed for a long time that the people I interacted with my freshman year of college were much better off than I was, and that may have been the case, but if you get to truly understand people and the nature of the world, you will come to understand what people in life really think. Samantha, Miranda, and Sarah may or may not have been raised in a more advantageous situation, but they had problems of their own that I hope to this day I was able to help out with. I do not know what they actually think of my contribution to their life, but I know that their contributions to my life changed the course of it.

It is a fact of life that people will take advantage of what you have. If you are smart about it, you can be nice enough to give just enough to them so that you can come to truly understand them. What you contribute to their life the most should not be the physical things, but the things that everyone can and should give them, which is time, attention, and heart.




The reign of the angels can be a good thing for one’s life, but it can also be a bad thing. I will use my own life as an example. In order to have been considered a guardian angel in my life, one must have had made a series of requirements and exerted a particular amount of influence over my life. Over the course of many years, I have had particular people come to meet and exceed those requirements and I went ahead to make them those guardian angels. Like most things in life, there are both good and bad things about my interactions with those people.

The positive that their complete reign over my life introduced was mainly in the fact that a lot of positive and negative things came to be magnified with their reign. When things were good and our relationships were strong, the positive aspects of my life and of her life were magnified to be even better. Their complete dominance of my love and attention was met with a variety of different actions depending on time and situation, but I was consistent and persistent in my goals to make a stronger friendship.

The negative that their complete reign over my life introduced came up in the fact when the negative aspects came into the relationship. When times got tough and the respective guardian angels left my life, I found it very hard to get over them and move on. It was not easy times for me when the negative aspects came in because I saw the shortcomings in my own life and in each of the guardian angel’s lives as well. It was not easy for me, but their positive and negative influences changed my life equally. My life would not be the same if I was not able to go through these things at these times in my life.

By the time I got into this part of my life, I had three or four of these guardian angels in my life at once. It was my first foray into having multiple ones in my life. With each of these successive entrances at the same time, the positives and the negatives of each seem to be lessened. After that, something seemed to have changed in my own life. In the past, the dominance of the social lives of individuals like Shannon, Mary, and Kelly was much harder for me to move past than the ones that I met like Samantha, Miranda, and Sarah. It was because the model of having one person dominating my social life at the expense of others is not a good place to be in. That is why I am not in a dominant relationship at this time. I have now changed to the point that I do not need the dominance of an individual in my life to make me feel good. I have so much going on and I am seeing something in my social needs change.

The Reign of the Guardian Angels was an important part of my spiritual development. Having each of them in succession and their positive and negative aspects come to my life was instrumental in shaping me into the person that I am today. These aspects got lessened with each passing guardian angel and the positive and negative aspects of their lives did not affect me like they did before. I became a stronger person through my own merit and through the past at some point in my life than the influence that each of the Guardian Angels had on my life. By the time I came to my freshman year of college, I began to realize that I was the largest influencer on my life. I realized that I could do what I want and that I could join whatever I wanted to despite the people that were around me. I joined the groups I joined after this time because of me and not because of other people.

After this realization, the reign of the Guardian Angels took on a different form and their influence on my life was even less than it was before. By the time I got over Katie, her positive and negative influence on my life was something that was not that important to the future of my life. It was especially lessened by the fact that our friendship has since improved slightly. The people that I was friends with in the past are people that I am not friends with today with a few exceptions. There are many reasons as to why, but the major reason is that I am a different person today than I was in the past.

Although each of the processes of getting into a relationship and getting out of one with each of the Guardian Angels in my life got easier with time and with experience, the shift from a major to a minor influence took place during my freshman year of college at a time when I had a lot of people influencing my life at the same time. Each of these reigns brought with them some unique situations and some positive and negative aspects. I learned a lot through my time with each of them, but the amount of influence they exerted on my life decreased as I learned more about my life.

This is something that is applicable to the life of any person. Your first loves have more influence on shaping your life than subsequent ones up to the individual that you decide to spend the rest of your life with. Although better and better people come into your life, their actual influence on your life decreases because you mature as an individual. The shift happens at a time in your life where you come to realize who you truly are and where you truly belong. It is at this point that you are the greatest influence on your future and not the people that you interact with that shape you. That was where I was until my freshman year of college and that is when the reign of the guardian angels became less and less influential.




I was approaching the end of the year for my first year of college. I was at the point in which I finally left religion for good. I tried to believe in the doctrines and the dogma of the religious traditions that I was a part of. It turned out that I may not have been with the groups I was with for the group, but for the people in the group. I felt that I could not believe in these things and that I could not fit in with the group. The influence of Kelly caused me to look for a new group. This new group believed in different things and there were different doctrines associated with them. The conflict of the doctrines and people caused me to come to the position that I am at now.

The influence of Samantha, Miranda, Sarah, and Nicole helped me to understand the spiritual side of my life. Their example influenced me to change my life. My attitude at the beginning of the year was a lot worse than I was at around the end of the year. It was funny because I went through a change opposite of what many people expected. There were a lot of influences in my life around this time. They were not religious, but they were more spiritual than I was. That was the end of my religious life and it was because of the influence of their lives and the four Guardian Angels of Philadelphia that caused me to change my life for the better.

I felt a calling at the same time to be something more than I was before. I was always seen as a leader and not a follower. The religions I was a part of did not provide me with an avenue by which I could take control of the destiny of my own life. I felt like I was under the control of someone who claimed to be more spiritually powerful than I was and it caused me to be dissatisfied with the nature of the church groups I used to be involved with.

I wanted to take control of my own life. I wanted to fulfill my destiny. I wanted to make a better life for myself. The individual is ultimately responsible for their own destiny. I could not do this in a setting that forced me to take the role of a follower. I needed to make a leader out of myself and I needed to lead my life in a spiritual sense.

Many people think that religion provides the only way to heaven and contains the only truth. Many people go further into saying what specific religion it would be and that would usually be their own religion. It is a fact that we do not know what the path to the truth is, but we do know that it is not in any specific religion. Religion is the human reaction to the questions that we cannot answer. Religion tries to explain all the questions that we have about life. Religion provides a way for us to rationalize what we cannot control. Religion provides for a solid foundation, but do not stick with anything that is not right with you. Do not think that you have to stick with a religion so that you can make your way to heaven.

I did not believe that the Catholic Church was “the truth” ever since I started my journey in Mormonism. It was at this point that I would attempt to reconcile the two religions and to make the best of both worlds. This reconciliation of the two faiths would lead me to what my beliefs are to this day. It was since this time that things were calming down from the problems with Kelly and I attempted to fit back in to the activities of the Catholic Church. I was in it for the people more so than I was with the doctrines at that point. I never fully believed in Mormonism, either. I was in it at the time because I was in a relationship with a young Mormon woman. I wanted to make her happy and she tried so hard to get me to believe in all the things that she believed in. I was never able to reconcile fully because of my beliefs in some of the doctrines of the Catholic Church.

During the time of the first vision, I was called at that time to bring forth the new covenant. I did not know what it meant at the time, but the new religion that existed in my head as a synchronization between Mormonism and Catholicism was the beginning of my exit from religion in general and the beginning of the third covenant. This covenant actually has a lot of elements from the two religions in it through the process of progressive revelation.

I felt my calling to be a prophet of sorts. I did not know what a prophet was, but I felt like I should start telling other people about my journey and how I came to be what I was. I started to tell my story to other people and they became a part of the story for me. Your life is a constant journey and the story never ends.  The story will change over time as the individual matures from a religious person to a more spiritual person, with or without religion.

Religion does not define who gets into heaven. Spirituality and spiritual harmony does despite what religion they were a part of. Having a religion be the truth is no longer able to be justified because of the information that is available. There is a need in this day and age for something more and something less. We need less religion and we need less control, but we need more than what religion can offer most people. Religion and spirituality are not hand in hand, but they are two different sides of the same coin. They are similar, but they are also very different. Some people need religion for guidance, but there came a point in my life where it was no longer practical for me. I needed to be called to something more and that I needed to go into a new part of my life. It started a lot earlier, but it came to a head when I was exposed to people who were not religious. Religion unites and divides people, but spirituality unites all people despite their own diversity. This is a great lesson that I learned the hard way over the course of my first year of college. I was not good because I was religious. I became good after I was following my true calling.




I used to be in love with the things of the world. The things of the world are not necessarily the best things in life. These things are not just the physical things that we see, but it is also the mental condition that we all suffer from because of our humanity. Our humanity and the world is in constant conflict with our spirituality and where we should want to go in life. The path is hard because of the things of the world and the fact that they get in the way of what our true potential is in life.

The things of the world can even get in the way of people who are supposedly religious. When I converted to the Catholic Church and I was heavily involved in activities relating to the church, I realized now that I was after the things of the world and that my intentions were geared towards things that were not spiritual in nature. I was admittedly after people and the desires of my heart at the time that went against the things that I should have been after. I was after the things of the world while claiming to be after the things of the spiritual.

I did not realize what I was doing wrong with my spiritual development until after I had broken ties with Alaina. After she stopped talking to me, I realized that I was doing things wrong in life. I should not have gone after the groups because of the people, I should go after the groups because that is what I wanted most and that the people in those groups would be much more authentic as a result. At some point in time, I would reach that goal and I would have found somewhere where I belong the most. My time in the dorms would be a starting point in that new era of self-discovery.

I had to take hold and take count as to what really counted in my life. I realized that going into a situation like the dorm that I stayed in my freshman year of college would allow me to experience a side of life that I never considered and would challenge all the things that I once thought was true. I did not think that the actions I did in the past was in vain, but I now understand that what I did in the past was only because I wanted the things of the world and I was not looking for true spiritual guidance. I now understand that my religious life in general may have been for the wrong intentions. I am now much more authentic as a person, but now I am looking for something true to my word.

Look into your life and think about the intentions of your actions. What your actions do would not necessarily reflect what is true in your heart. I am speaking from experience in that what some institutions are set up for are not necessarily suited for your needs. Once upon a time, I thought that my identity was as a Catholic boy, but I realized during this year that it may have been a false front in order for me to get what I wanted. When I didn’t get what I wanted, I put on a new front as a Mormon investigator that was perpetrated by the fact that I was genuinely interested. When that venture failed, I had to take a good hard look at my life and I realized that I had to think about what I wanted most in life and who I was on the inside. I would take this to the outside and I discovered my true passions.

The prophets and the Christs talked about intention and action. When your intentions and actions are in line, you are one step closer to coming to a better life and a harmony in the trinity. It is also important for your salvation and a better life in the here and now. When your life is in balance, more opportunities open up for you and you allow yourself to be a better and more authentic person. I do think that my time in the past was just a front and that I was not really authentic until I understood the path of my spiritual life and the direction of my true spirituality. I am born to be a particular kind of person and I did not understand who that was until I had an understanding of what my path was supposed to be. I am a much different person now, but I am a much more authentic person.

The worldly things of the world are mental, physical, and emotional. They may seem good and have the best intentions, but most of the things of the world do not have your best intentions in mind and it only allows for temporary pleasure and not permanent pleasure. The temporary pleasures allow the individual to lose sight of the permanent pleasures and the value of the important things in life. The spiritual things of the world are the most important things in life, but they are easy to lose track of and they are not always obvious. The Christs and the prophets tell the world about the things of the spirit that are not easy to understand. You need to take control of your life, understand what the worldly things of your life is, and to keep in mind all the important things in your life, which are now the spiritual things of the world.

When I was with Samantha, Miranda, Sarah, and Nicole during my freshman year of college, I started to break down the walls that I built up over many years of putting on false fronts and that I had to redefine what I was and who I was so that I could move forward on the path of life and launch me on a spiritual path towards the light that I sought on the path to salvation and the path that would lead to the end of what I was going through.




It was at this point that I had been with Samantha, Miranda, and Sarah and it was at this point that Nicole would also come into my life. All four of the Guardian Angels of Philadelphia were coming into my life in a way that I did not expect it to do. After Nicole came into my life and influenced me, I finally made the change and I left my activity in the Roman Catholic Church for good. I tried to give it one more chance at Easter but I just didn’t believe in it anymore. I realized that all the people in my life that I knew and loved were not people that were active in the Catholic, or any, church.

Samantha started the process by providing me with an avenue away from my religious life. She showed me how to accept people for who they are. She also showed me how someone lives a true spiritual life and not just a faked religious life. She was one of those people who went through many trials, temptations, and triumphs throughout her life. She was one of the first people to genuinely have all the qualities I needed as a friend at the time that I was at. I was at that point to where I was asking so many questions in my head regarding spirituality and religion that I started to question the tenants of my own religion.

There were many divisions and thoughts going through my head and I needed someone that would allow me to combine the free spirituality and religious background of Samantha, but saw things at a level I was still comfortable with. Samantha and I didn’t see eye to eye all the time but I knew that I would be getting what Samantha lacked from Miranda. We most often saw things eye to eye and helped me to think on a level that I was comfortable with. She was the support I had at the pivotal point when I decided to phase out of religion and into fuller spirituality.

The divisions in my head came together as soon as Sarah came into my life. Although she took a tertiary role to my development, she was still important in setting an example for me in keeping myself together as my own mind went through a tailspin. These decisions and these examples came to me at the right time in my life, but they came in the form of three different people. It was my job to keep it all in check and to find some way to get a unified theme out of what I had learned in my freshman year of college up to that point.

Nicole would come in to my life and would help me to understand the hidden meaning of what I had learned over the other months of that school year through Samantha, Miranda, and Sarah. The fact that I learned things in parts through three distinct persons was helpful in having me understand where I went wrong before, but they did not have enough individually so that I could focus my energy on one. All of them were equally important in my life, and the four of them together would help me to bring me to a whole. That is why, although they are four distinct persons, all of them would be of the same spirit. All four of them are considered in my life to be the same, but it took four people for me to learn what I needed to learn from the Guardian Angel of Philadelphia in my life.

Collectively, the Guardian Angel of Philadelphia taught me three unifying themes through the character of four young women.

The first thing that I learned was that I should not be afraid to search for the truth continually. Throughout my freshman year of college, I learned the difference between spirituality and religious. I also learned about the flaws of religion and I learned about the fact that I joined groups for the people and not for the teachings and values of the groups as a whole. That would be the most important of the three lessons because that set me on the course that I am on today.

The second thing that I learned was to never judge a book by their cover. Just because someone is not religious does not mean that they are a bad person. I was not a good person because I went to church. I turned out to be the bad guy most of the time despite the fact that I practiced what I preached. I came from a world that is closed minded and conservative to a world that was relatively liberal and free-spirited. This change exposed the things that I was at fault for in regards to what I thought was true. The things that were exposed would allow me to think of the group more than the people. Although there were a lot of good people in the church in the past, they were no longer with me going into the future.

The third thing that I learned was that life changes without you knowing about it. Although you can predict as to what life will throw at you next, it would also throw in some curve balls and would lead you on some new directions. There were now many seemingly random things that happened in my life that interconnected in some way. Everything that I went through in my life and all the changes that happened in my life up to that point was the direct results of decisions I made and things that I went through.

Everything in my life happens for a reason and that is what guides the main premise of my journey today. The reason I had four examples my freshman year was because it was clear that I could not handle having just one in my life. It was only after this time that I would be able to handle one girl and one spirit. The example of Samantha, Miranda, Sarah, and Nicole would help me to understand what kinds of people I should be with, what kinds of groups I should be with, what my true intentions in life should be, and how I should conduct myself going into the future. I left freshman year of college as a new person and having a new outlook on life. I did not know everything yet and I was not close to realizing my true spiritual potential, but I was set on a path to realize this dream as a result of the influence of these four young women in my life at this time.