Book of Return

101: Reconstruction
Reflect on the experiences in which you have been down thus far. You have seen the good and the bad times in life. You have had good people and bad people in your life. You have had good experiences and bad experiences in life. You have tried to do all the things of the world and you tried your best, but you have still fallen short. You expected a lot from your life, but it did not amount to much in results. Whatever you brought in through profits, you were not able to keep it. Go up and find out what truly matters in life. The houses that you built and the life that you made will one day be in ruin. Therefore, it seems right to forget to do good things in the world. All things will one day be new. We will one day produce a lot of things abundantly. It is not the physical things that matter, but it is the things on the inside that really matters. The people will not listen to you and the kings will not listen to you, but they will heed your words. You shall proclaim your words to the world anyways. That is what has been said throughout the land. It will be the reconstruction of the life that will be the most important to you and to your posterity.


102: Gloriousness
The word came to me to spread to the world. Speak to all the people of the world who want to listen and who are left. Who has seen the things of the world that are permanent? The things of the world are not permanent, but your legacy, if good, can last forever. You shall fear the things of the world that will come out to get you! Your spirit will remain in your midst forever! It takes just a little while to walk in the path of glory! You shall be one with me and I will be one with you. The glory of that connection is greater than the things of the world. The glory of that house will be greater than the world. You shall be given peace.
This shall come to you through these rulings! People of the world will demand an answer from you. Those people who question you shall be defiled! All of their faith and religious works will be destroyed and will be meaningless. Reflect on this day and remember it forever. What are the experiences that you have? All of your works will be cast away! From this day forward, you shall reflect! You shall be blessed on this day and every single day after! All of the things of the world will be meaningless and all of the things of the heavens will be glorified. Some people will be chosen to do this, but it will one day come to many people through these avenues.