Book of the Rise

78: The Community and Loss
Listen to the land which will reject you! Remember your generations that will come after you. You will see that the world will get rid of you and all that you will work for. The world will take the things away from you. It will strip all of the good things in your life away. You will reject all the people of the world and you will see that the world will provide you with nothing. All of the riches that you will have worked for will be for nothing. All of the things of the world will be taken from you. Everything has left you! You have been failed. The world has failed you! You are a failure!
Your gods will not listen to your suffering! Call out to the world and curse it! The day of destruction is near. You will see it coming before your very eyes. The world will still reject you. You can plead for things to change, but things will not change in the world! The universe will reject you and it will continue to go against you.


79: Repentance
The day of judgment is coming to you! The day of darkness approaches you! Nothing has happened like this and nothing like this will happen again. The wilderness of darkness follows the day of judgment. It will run after you and it will destroy you. It will come to you like an army and there is nothing that you can do to prevent it. The crowds will run past you, for they do not understand what is happening. They will charge and overtake the city of light in the wilderness. The light will not escape the darkness that is to come to it. Who will survive the day and the endless night?
Even at this moment, there is something that you can do about it. Repent with your heart and realize the suffering of the world that you can make for yourself. We will reap the blessings that will come to us. Assemble all the people of the world and tell them of what needs to be done to leave the darkness of the world behind. Spare the people of the world. They will one day understand it.


80: Compassion and Blessings
You will be given the corn of nourishment. You will be given the wine of refreshment. You will be given the oil of joy. You will see what the world has done and you will understand that it will benefit you nothing. Do not fear the things of the world. Delight in the idea that you can be redeemed in compassion. Although the divine takes from the world, it also gives much back to you. You will be given everything and you will lack nothing. All of the curses of the world will not be given to you. You will be saved through compassion.
It shall come to pass that the people of the world will see visions and dream dreams of the divine at work. The spirit will come to all the nations. The world will be destroyed, but the people will be saved from destruction. The terrible day will come, but it will also end. Everyone who is left will be on their way to the path of the light and they will see the days come and go without harm to them.

81: Judgment
All of the nations of the world will come together to be judged. All of the nations have been scattered because they were created by man for the benefit of their individual societies. The people will start to leave the truth and they will be shown watered down versions of the truth. They will not know the truth at all. They will demand things and they will not have their wishes granted. The temporary things of the world will mean nothing to societies when all that they truly love will be taken from them. They will be taken away and they will have all their freedoms stripped. All of those that they loved will be taken far away from them and the people of the world will walk the earth alone.
Let all the people of the world see the judgment. Make it so that they will not have anything left and all of their work will be for nothing. Come to the light and the path to the light quickly. The people will arouse themselves and they will take things out of proportion. In the valley of decision, you will have to make a decision that will change your life. The day of judgment is near and it will not pass you over. All will be judged in the end for what they have done to themselves and to the society around them. The divine will approach and will cast judgment first.
The world will change to be good and all the people of the world will be changed for the better. The spring of life will come forth and the city will rise in the wilderness. The divine will dwell in this space. The people will not be disappointed and the divine will not be disappointed by the people.