The book of the Verdict happens between August of 2010 and December of 2010. This individual helped Ryan Hite the most and brought him down a path that would lead him to where he is today. At this point in his life, the foundation was set and the improvements started to happen.


The big question to the path by which his life would go down would start to be understood in this context and through this individual. The major theme of the story is on loyalty and the fact that the cycle has taken a large turn. It was the end of an era for Ryan and the beginning of a new one. The lessons that he learned through his experiences with Shannon and Mary.


There are only two stories in this book. Both of them reflect on the themes of loyalty and of coming together. It also reflects on the power of the people over the course of the life of Ryan and it also reflects on the character of Ryan, which has matured during this period as well. It is a reflection on the struggles that we all face in life. It is also a transition in Ryan’s life from the first part of his life to the second part of his life. He ended the period of his foundation and entered the time in his life where he tried to forge some sort of unique path.




In August of 2010, I went on a trip into the Canyonlands of Utah. During that time, I received an email from a young woman named Kelly. I knew of her before being involved in the Catholic Church, through her and my own involvement in Cross Country, and through school in general. We met up shortly after the trip ended and over the course of the next five months, she would change the course of my life. Although the time together was short, it was so profound on my own life in good and in bad ways that caused me to rethink everything that I had thought about in my life.

It was not just the good things in life that changed my life, but it was the bad things too. After my friendship with Kelly ended, my social circles that were previously established through school and through church fell apart and I was banned from activity in the Catholic Church for a number of months as a direct result of this. There are many reasons that would be too personal for me and for her to get to at this time, but it will be discussed in greater detail at a later time.

Like I said before, she contributed a lot of good in my life. She was a very nice individual and a very loyal companion. Unlike what I had experienced before, she did not have any guys in her life before me and I felt like I had a better chance than before because I did not have to live up to higher expectations. I did not know how having such a relationship would last or happen but it was successful for a number of months ending in September of 2010. After that, more negative things started to happen as I was trying to get past that phase in my life. Getting over her was one of the hardest things that I ever had to endure and to this day I believe that I am not completely over her to some extent.

As a result of the negative things said and acted upon me, I was banned from activity in the Catholic Church for a number of months. It was one of the main sources of my social life and it was even harder for me to endure. The impetus for my banning was very one sided, very hateful, and very painful for me. I had no say to defend myself and they would not listen to any of my other options. This banning caused my social life to never be the same.

I want to focus a little more on the good qualities, even of those good qualities that came out of the negative things. It was through her that I learned about the meaning of kindness. I was very kind to her, especially given the conditions. I kept my word and I kept all my promises. The fact was that I had a very hard time at the time getting over her and I wanted so badly to reconnect so that she could understand what I went through in trying to get over her. It was hard, but I got thorough it. It was also through her that I learned of the true nature of the people within the Church group that I considered to be my friends.

When I came back, I did not feel the same about the group and I was met with a measure of resistance from everyone there. I knew that I had to find a new group at this point and I found some new people who were very kind to me despite the conditions I was facing at the time. It would change my beliefs and my life forever. I saw the unkindness of others at this point in my life and I saw the true nature of many of the people that I once considered my friends in the group. I was devastated, but it was not unusual to me having experienced this before.

I also experienced a great deal of wisdom through her influence on my life. In addition to learning a lot about other people, I also learned a lot about myself and the nature of my own life. It would turn out that she would be the last of the active Catholics that I would forge these kinds of relationships with. After Kelly, the people that I interacted with throughout the rest of my journey were much more diverse and I started to look at the people more than I looked at the groups. Up until that point, I depended so much on the group that I lost sight of the importance of the people that constituted that group.

At this time in my life, I would go through a very positive experience, but I would also go through a very negative experience in my life. The last five months of 2010 and the first few months of 2011, I learned so much about myself, other people, the people I was involved with, and my relationship to the world around me. I did not know what I was getting into when I decided to take Kelly up on that offer in the summer of 2010, but what I went through after that is something I would do again despite the pain that I endured at the time.

I am a better person as a result of those positive experiences at the time. I went into something of a unique marriage between two very complementary people with this dynamic friendship that I had with Kelly at the time. We were very good together and she contributed a lot of good qualities to my life that was going through a very good period at that time. She would also be the cause of many of the negative things that I experienced at the time and it was also the cause of one of the greatest downfalls of my journey. It is not something that I experienced since then and I am not sure if I will ever experience something like this again on my journey through my life.




When Kelly had left my life in the Fall of 2010, I had a hard enough time dealing with it. There was another side to this conflict in that not only did I lose her, I lost a lot more because of the influence of her parents. Her parents retaliated after I had lost Kelly and I lost so many more privileges that influenced me to find a new group. This influence led me to the end of the first part of this epic journey and the beginning of the second part. It helped me to fulfill my destiny and made me into a better person. Although it was hard at the time, it was probably one of the better things that I went through and it was the experience that I learned the most from.

Throughout life, we go through periods of ups and downs. When I met Kelly and our friendship was on the rise, I was experiencing a period of good attitudes and high hopes. When the peak and the end suddenly came, it was a major blow to my ego, my hopes and dreams, and my life as I had known it. I felt like I was the good person in a world around me that was suddenly enveloped with evil. I felt as if people were taking sides on the issue and that I was alone among my peers at school and church because everybody was on Kelly’s side. This is where I felt like a good guy in a bad world. This theme is now recurring in my book and in my life.

The prophets and the Christs were examples of being good people in a world that is full of evil. The world is full of horrible things and horrible people. The world is also full of horrible people who claimed to be good people. These are the people who lived multiple lives and these are the worst type of people. It was not until now that I realized that these types of people existed within my own life and that I was guilty of being somebody like this in my own life. There were people that I directly interacted with in my life that were like this.

Kelly was not a horrible person. I am convinced that she may not have been the one to want to end the friendship. Although there were many problems up to the point where our friendship broke off, there was hope at the beginning to restore the friendship. As time went on, however, there were many people with a large amount of influence that decided to take steps to ensure my destruction for the so called protection of the status quo. To this day, I do not know why I was the one that was adversely affected, but if it was not for these actions, then I would not be in the position that I am at today and I would not have been involved in the groups that I would later be involved with. The end of the first part of the era was hard, but the result of these actions were a lot better for me than it may have been had I not gone through what I did.

This theme of being a good person in a world full of evil and around people who are evil is something that people will experience for their entire lives. I am not a perfect person and I had qualities in my life at the times that were not perfect, but I was not the instigator in this situation. I was not at fault in this instance because there were many things that were outside my control that affected me in a negative way. It was through this time that I saw the true colors in all the relationships that I was with and with all the groups that were involved with. I realized that the people I were with and the groups I were involved in were not all they were racked up to be. I am not perfect and the people I was with are not perfect.

If you find yourself in such a situation, get through it the best you can. Life can seem hard at the time, but life will inevitably not stay hard. Life goes through these cycles of ups and downs and it is in times of adversity that you truly understand who you are and what you are capable of. As far as my relationship with Kelly, I felt that we were good friends and that our relationship was improving, but I was taken aback with the people that I thought were good. The people I thought were good and were my friends turned out not to be on my side and I started to feel alienated from my friends. When I came back, I was in a position that I did not feel I belonged. I never felt the same way again and I lost part of my faith in the group and the religion.

Even the best intentioned people in the world are surrounded by a world that is full of evil. Every person in the world has evil in their life. Even the groups that seem the nicest may not have the best intentions for you and may not provide you with happiness. You need to focus on your life first and you need to make yourself happy before you can influence the world. Do not let the influence of the world affect how you feel about yourself and about the world around you.

Kelly was full of good intentions and I had a very positive experience with her and I had many good memories. It was the influence of the groups at the time and the influence of her parents and other individuals of authority that would cause me to be kicked out of the world that I was used to and into a world that was unknown to me. She remains the most influential friend I had because she was the end of the first part of the era and she begun the process that would lead me to a greater spiritual position. I was a good person, despite my shortcomings, in a world that was seemingly against me. Although I understood the intentions, the experience changed my life forever and it would set me on a path that would lead me to a greater spiritual enlightenment.