The Book of Themes contains one short letter that describes the main theme, the main conflict, and the solution to that conflict in our lives.



Correspondence that was not addressed to anyone in particular, but it was written by Ryan in response to one of the most important questions of our time and it is something that he needed to send his two cents on. It is in response to a question that was widely asked in relation to what it means to be truly ‘alive’.

To whom it may concern,

Many of the people alive today are truly dead. Those who are dead are not alive even if they are living on the earth. Most of the people in society are dead in life. To be truly alive, one must have to go forth and find the truth in their own way. That is the great call for our life. To live, me must come to life and escape the death that is the other path for us all. Our destiny is death, but death should not be our destiny in the great scheme of things according to the divine plan.

With Love,