The title of the book is representative of the words in the opening phrase. It brings to a close the books of the laws with a retrospective account of the past—the exodus, the covenant, and the wilderness, along with a look into Zion’s future as they stand poised to enter the land of the wilderness and begin their life as a people there.

The book consists of three long addresses by the author. Each of these contains narrative, law, and exhortation, in varying proportions. In an expansion of the first commandment of the decalogue. The author tells them how to make a success of their life as a people once they are settled in the land. The choice presented to the people of the light is to love the divine plan and keep the commandments of the covenant, or to serve “other gods.” That choice will determine what kind of life they will make for themselves in the land. Whichever choice they make as a people carries consequences, which the book terms as a “blessing” and “curse.” Thus the book can be seen as a kind of survival manual for the people of the city of light in their life as a people: how to live and what to avoid. This gives the book its hortatory style and tone of life-or-death urgency.

One defining concern of the book is centralization of worship. As the divine plan is one, so its worship must be focused in one place and it will be there that the divine will make its name known. Thus the privileged status of the main Temple is asserted; all other places and all other modes of worship of the covenant and the divine are proscribed. The book was largely written in 2012.

The book draws the minds of its intended readers back to a time before disastrous mistakes were made and their disastrous effects felt, and serves to explain the political and theological dynamics that led to the destruction of society as well as to warn the surviving kingdom to not give in to the ways of the world.

The characteristic and highly recognizable language and theology of the book are seen in editorial comments structuring the works that follow it in the canon. It is representative of a history that spans the majority of the entire text.



  1. You have been made numerous, as numerous as the stars.

  2. May the population be increased a thousand times over.

  3. Pick leaders who are wise so that your society can be held together in the best way possible.

  4. Make them not judge upon others so that they cannot hold the laws of righteousness and good common sense.

  5. Do not consider who the person is related to or how much money they have, give them power based on how well they feel they can lead.


  1. If land has been given over you, go up and take possession of it.

  2. Do not fear or be dismayed by it because it is yours and yours alone.

  3. Send people out to survey and inspect the land so that the land can be safe for you to go into.


  1. If people have threatened to revolt against you, do not fear them.

  2. Get together with them and solve the matters diplomatically so that revolt and violence cannot come to be.

  3. Remember that you have taken an oath with all of humanity to seek the best interests of everyone.

  4. Not a single evil person who goes against you will have a good life.

  5. Their posterity will live with a tarnished legacy forever.


  1. If someone threatens to invade you, go to their leaders and solve it diplomatically and find a peaceful solution.

  2. Remember the words of all humans and remember the freedom of all humans.

  3. Everyone deserves to be free, so never give in your enemies, but do not make war unless you absolutely need to.


  1. If you have conquered the lands, let the leaders divide up into places where people in the land have considerable autonomy.

  2. If they are of a different race, then let them have independence over their own affairs.

  3. It is not good to determine the culture of another people.

  4. Preserve the cultures and be tolerant of all cultures, so that the world can live in peace and harmony.

  5. Remember to take some of their riches those that you can improve their lives in return.

  6. Tax them the same way you would tax any other person in your land.

  7. Do not go up against them, rather, listen to their desires and give them what they need in order to have a better life.

  8. Do not do bad deeds, for it could exclude you from seeking the promises of the light.

  9. Do not make anyone angry with you, for it is not good for the soul or for the burden that you must carry.

  10. Remember the covenant that you have made with all generations and with all people.

  11. Remember the covenants you have made with everyone who was alive on this day.

  12. Remember to announce the word of these laws so that everyone can come to know the common sense that is contained within.


  1. You have been brought out of the spirit world and into the earth.

  2. You must follow this covenant to maintain it with all of humanity so that all of humanity may be in harmony.

  3. You must leave the old traditions of the days of the past and come into the new path of true.

  4. You shall make for yourself a good life based on positive values and not to hurt anyone else as long as you live.

  5. You shall not hurt anyone else or yourself in mind, body, and soul.

  6. Remember the day the coming of the new covenant on earth, and remember your own destiny while you were on the earth.

  7. Do not lie, cheat, steal, work kill.

  8. Strive for the unity of humanity so that you will not be biased towards any one culture.

  9. Always be mindful of and respect yourself, others, your superiors, and other cultures.

  10. Expand your mind always and be on the lookout for more wisdom so that you can pass it on to your posterity.

  11. Do not blindly obey authority without reasonable cause, and always ask questions in your mind and it will work.

  12. Always be mindful and respect those who have copied great truth in the past, and do not get caught up in the mist around these people.

  13. These are the things you should remember while you are upon the face of the earth.


  1. Remember the one who has brought forth these great truths so that the entire world may know of them.

  2. The glory and greatness of this mighty work will be felt throughout all generations.

  3. This person has been consumed by the fires of suffering just to come out and continue to struggle with the balance between suffering and non-suffering on a daily basis.

  4. No mortal has heard the voice of the creator, but some have come to know the truth that is contained within.

  5. Grow closer and listen to the words that are spoken so that you can experience the truth for yourself.

  6. You will prosper forever, as will your descendants, if you keep to these truths and experience them for your own.

  7. All of the things that are given are for the sake of common sense towards all.

  8. Remember that you may have a long life and that you prosper in the land which you possess and that your generations after you will prosper and that will continue forever.

  9. These are the statutes and ordinances which had been laid for all people of the earth to follow.

  10. These are the same true that have been taught in the past by great and enlightened thinkers.

  11. These are the same people that are today considered gods.


  1. Hear this, for this is the greatest of all the things you must learn while you are on the face of the earth.

  2. You shall love your neighbor and yourself with all of your heart and all of your soul and all of your strength.

  3. Take these to heart so that you may keep them close to you and the generations after you all the days of your life.

  4. Write this down everywhere so that all people may know of the example which you lead.


  1. Remember all the land which you have received from your ancestors.

  2. Remember all the things that you have received, and their ancestors have worked hard and heard of the day of your prosperity.

  3. Do not forget your ancestors who have taught you great things and have done great things for the sake of the lower light.

  4. Do not fear your life, for you to must suffer for the sake of your children.

  5. You must make great sacrifices so that your children may be blessed forever.

  6. Do not put them to the test because they have nothing to prove to you.

  7. They will prove their worth to you after you have given them everything to succeed.

  8. The success of your children will be upon you alone.

  9. Remember this, and seek a good foundation upon which you can teach your children.


  1. To the children, remember your elders who have given you great wisdom and to have sacrificed everything for you.

  2. You will retain them in due time, but it was their duty to sacrifice for you.

  3. You have come forth by them and you have become successful by them, so treat them with the utmost respect.

  4. Remember these things and remember your elders, for they have given you the life you have today.

  5. Remember this in conjunction with the covenants you have made with all humanity.


  1. Do these things so that you may live in this world without suffering.

  2. Do not ignore these words, for these words have been passed down from generation to generation in truth.

  3. Hold fast to what you believe in, for it will be with you always.

  4. I am teaching you these things so that you may observe the world around you in a way that has never been sought out for.

  5. Observe these words of wisdom for they have been passed down to all cultures and all generations.

  6. All nations have this truth within them, but the truth is not always manifest in them.

  7. The truth has been hidden by other institutions which seek destruction.


  1. Be strictly on your guard so that you do not worship false gods.

  2. Do not lay down for a God that you need to worship or that needs to be loved.

  3. You do not need to lay down your life for or pray to or worship, but believe it, for those beings desire your worship because they are fake.

  4. It gives you nothing in return because it is not truthful in nature.

  5. Those gods will imitate the creator of the universe which does not need to be worshiped or prayed to.

  6. The creator of the universe knows how great it is so it does not need humanity to tell us how great it is.

  7. You can all take part in the wholeness of this covenant and you may become beings with the creator in the heavens.

  8. The creator does these so that you may receive blessings because you live a good life and through the promptings of your spirit.


  1. The generations after you will prosper because you have followed these precepts and you have not done evil in the sight of all of humanity.

  2. The spirits shall come down from the heavens and testify of you and those who go against you shall quickly perish.

  3. You will remain faithful to the truth in the face of all evil, and your numbers will be few, but then will become great.

  4. You shall not serve gods that are the works of human minds, for they are gods that you can neither see nor hear.

  5. You shall search after the truth with all of your heart and soul.

  6. In distress, your spirit shall come upon you and you will return to the heavens on the day of your last breath.

  7. Your spirit will never abandon or destroy you and you shall never forget the covenants that you have made with all of humanity.


  1. The Almighty creator of the universe was there in the beginning and nothing came before it.

  2. The voice of the creator came and all things were created through the processes which it alone had established.

  3. No nation is blessed over another, but all of humanity is blessed equally.

  4. You shall see through observation of the universe that there is no one greater than the creator of the entire world.

  5. The creator also created the truth which allowed people to be set free from the bondage of earthly life.

  6. This truth has been realized in the past by great and enlightened thinkers.

  7. The powers of the day destroyed them and then distorted the truth so that no one would know of the truth.

  8. Observe the truth so that you may live a long life.


  1. We are in the prosperity which our ancestors have sacrificed for to give everything to you.

  2. Remember all the things that you now see have been built by their hands for you.

  3. You will lack nothing in this world, but sacrifice for the generations that come after you so that they can live in prosperity also.

  4. You will be blessed for the good things which have been given to you and you will bless future generations from what you shall give it.

  5. Do not forget that which came before you so that you remember the sacrifices they made.

  6. If you forget, then you will continually be reminded.

  7. Everything shall increase and your prosperity shall increase.

  8. Do not forget the class which you came out of and the class that you shall desire to go into.

  9. You will be guided through the wilderness and into a land where you can prosper and your generations can prosper.

  10. You will be fed in this wilderness and you will be blessed with many things in this wilderness that you can conquer the wilderness.

  11. You have not done this because of your own desires, people have supported you and people have come before you to get you what you have in this day.

  12. Remember the covenants that you have sworn to uphold from the day you were born to the day of your last breath.

  13. Do not go about serving others for the rest of your life; remember to be independent and to forge for yourself a good life to live.

  14. You shall listen to the voice of your spirit always so that you can be blessed for ever and ever.


  1. Hear these things so that you may have unmerited success in their own life.

  2. Those who stand up against you will fall because of the success you have.

  3. You have conquered the suffering of the world in order to bring life to all of those around you into yourself.

  4. Remember that your spirit has caused you to not stop being of the world.

  5. The justice of others has given you unmerited success in this land of people who faced suffering and succumbed to it.


  1. Do not forget that the end of the age of the fish has approached and has come to a head.

  2. The age of the man bearing a pitcher of water has now reached its beginning.

  3. You shall now establish the new covenant with all of humanity with the universe around you.

  4. You have been given the ten new commandments to live by underneath the new covenant, and it transcends all religions and cultural boundaries to all people of the world.

  5. Remember that today’s religious systems act corrupt and they distort the truth from all who choose to follow it.

  6. These churches and synagogues and temples and mosques and shrines have caused people to not like certain people and like themselves more.

  7. They think that they are the blessed ones on the Earth, but in reality, you are all equally blessed under the creator of the entire universe.

  8. You are all unique and individualized, and your life is full of uniqueness and individuality.

  9. Remember these things because ages have come and gone, and now the old age has come to its expiration and the new age has dawned.

  10. This new age shall not be characterized by one world order, this age shall be characterized with every human living their life the way that they choose to and that others shall respect the light that they live.

  11. Do not be afraid if you want to leave the systems of your day to find something new, because everyone has the right and everyone has their marriage to salvation no matter what they do.

  12. The creator of the universe are not like the gods of old or the gods of now, the creator of the universe is all knowing and all powerful and has respect for all living beings on the earth.

  13. You are not rebelling against your gods; rather, you are now seeking the fullness of truth which has been provided from the beginning.

  14. Remember these things so that you may not be afraid.

  15. Remember your heritage and your culture, but if you must leave that heritage and culture behind, then do not be afraid to.


  1. Take these words into your heart and soul and take it as a sign to how you shall treat others.

  2. Teach them to your children and they will teach them to their children and shall continue.

  3. Write them down everywhere and remember them always.

  4. As long as we’re upon this Earth, we should always remember the covenant which we have entered.

  5. Be careful to observe these things, for these things are for the good of all.

  6. You shall be blessed if you abide by these things and you shall come to a greater acceptance of society as a whole.

  7. Every blessing upon the Earth shall be yours.

  8. This love and this respect shall spread throughout the entire world to replace the systems of judgment.


  1. You shall be blessed for obeying these things which have been given to you.

  2. You shall be cursed and you shall succumb to all the things the world.

  3. You shall go after gods which you do not truly know and you shall not treat these gods with any respect.

  4. You see, some people claim to worship these gods, but they treat other people on this Earth very poorly.

  5. Treat others with the same respect that you want to be treated and do not chastise or living different lifestyles than you.

  6. You are now about to enter the land of prosperity and you are about to enter into a world full of suffering.

  7. You shall come to know the things which cause it and how to counteract these things.


  1. Be careful to observe these things, for you have the given possession of your land to use to your own advantage.

  2. The land of Zion shall be in the center of the land of liberty.

  3. The land of Zion on shall be near where the mountains meet the flatlands and it shall be to the north of the two peaks.

  4. It shall sit against the front ranges and it shall be to the South of the Queen city of the plains.

  5. It shall be in the land near the lonesome mountain.

  6. They shall be the place where the ten shall come together with the prophets and they shall be the place for the Angels shall sit upon the spires.

  7. All of these Angels shall face a different corner of the Earth and keep watch over it so that all can be blessed the gifts they have given to the world.

  8. Although this movement has started in the city among the flatirons, it shall move down to the land of Zion.


  1. Be careful so that you do not get trapped in the world suffering.

  2. Do not serve the gods of the world of suffering, but remember always the spirit which will guide you to a greater understanding of the truth.

  3. Remember that you shall not have to sacrifice or give praise to or worship anyone who are the false gods, and those gods will bring you to nothing.

  4. If anyone arises and they are prompted for a dreamer, and they promise you a sign or a wonder, then do not hear them out.

  5. They shall say nothing and go to other gods which you have not known and served them.

  6. Do not listen to these words for they only require your money and your talent, and they do not care about your salvation.

  7. Observe the commandments of humanity, and remember that you do not need to worship any gods in order to get to heaven.

  8. If you choose to worship a god that makes nothing if it makes you happy, but remember that these gods will give you nothing so you shall credit them nothing.

  9. Things happen because your destiny has foretold these things.

  10. Keep in mind that the path that preachers will go down will bring you astray from the truth.

  11. Do not purge them for being evil, but to engage in dialogue with them so that they may see their deceits.

  12. Do not kill others because they have a different faith than you, rather, learn from them and have them learned from you that you can come to respect their choices and they can come to respect yours.

  13. And all the world will rejoice because of the tolerance which has been preaching this new age.

  14. Do not ruin that which you do not understand, rather, learn from them so that you can respect them and leave them be.

  15. Respect the choices that your children make and respect the lifestyle that everyone lives so that you can be respected in return and loved in return.


  1. If you find you cannot judge a person for doing wrong, then why you judge in the first place?

  2. Investigate more so that your decision may be changed.

  3. You shall act according to that decision in due time and not delay.

  4. Carry out these instructions and pronounces judgment.

  5. Anyone who does not do this is not worthy of judging others.

  6. All the people that hear of this should learn to not act like this.


  1. Set forth a leader for your nation that is good for humanity.

  2. Make someone among you a king who is good and in the best interests of your nation.

  3. They do not have to be rich to rule, they can be anyone.

  4. Do not allow them to lead because of the money, for they shall be paid similarly to everyone else.

  5. Write down the capable laws for these things so that they know what rules they have to live by.

  6. Do not allow the ruler to make themselves a God or to turn laws aside without popular support.


  1. The priestly class should be a class that tends to the needs of all the people.

  2. They shall be priests for the people and should treat people the same way they expect be treated.

  3. Support the priests by giving them what they need because the priest gives you support when you need it the most.

  4. Desire to be like the enlightened ones and follow in their footsteps.

  5. To the priests, do not do anything that will cause your life to be put to shame.


  1. When someone who claims to be a prophet comes into your town, test them.

  2. If they do anything that is abominable the name of the divine plan, then let them be condemned.

  3. Be sincere with them.

  4. If they are proven to be truthful, then listen to them for their words are good.

  5. Their words will be held accountable on the Day of Judgment, so their words should be good.

  6. Do not fear the prophets, for the prophet should never speak of things which they cannot prove.

  7. If you see a neighbor suffering, then do not ignore them, but bring them up again.

  8. Help your neighbor out by any means necessary, for you will be repaid later.


  1. If a man and woman dislike the relationship, then they should seek to terminate it.

  2. No one should chastise another for being or not being a virgin.

  3. Devote yourself to one another and try to mend broken relationship before seeking to terminate it.

  4. Do not cheat on your wife, for his you have broken the promises and covenants between one another.

  5. Do not be afraid to have relations before marriage, for it may be good for the trust of one another.

  6. Do what you want when you’re in a relationship, and have no one else judge you based on what you do.


  1. Do not give support to those who persecute them.

  2. Do not oppress those who are already oppressed.

  3. Help those who need help because of their oppression.

  4. If you must offer yourself to a prostitute, then you must mend your own life.

  5. Do not demand interest on money that you have given to your family.

  6. When you make a valid to covenants with one another, and then do not delay in fulfilling a covenant.

  7. If you refrain from making vows with one another, then you will not be held guilty if you break it.

  8. Be careful with what you do in life, for everything you do has good and bad reactions.

  9. Do not steal from the neighbor who has given you what you need.


  1. The rights of all people should be upheld.

  2. Those who are slaves should be set free because they are deserving of the same freedoms.

  3. Those who are visiting should be treated with respect and honor.

  4. Those who have bad intentions should be counseled against doing so.


  1. As you are waking to this day, remember the covenant which has been set forth for all generations.

  2. Everyone who was born and raised the planet should be bound and is bound by this covenant.

  3. You have made a covenant between the day you were born and will continue until the day of your last breath.

  4. You are established as one in a family of humans which number in the billions.

  5. You will never be cursed; you will be blessed by abiding by the covenant and its precepts therein.


  1. You have seen the false gods which people pray to and people worshiped them in this day and age.

  2. Do not serve these gods, for these gods arrive and you serve it, and they do not give you anything in return.

  3. You will never be parted from doing this, instead, do what you think is right, but always remember the falsity of that which is in today’s religious systems.

  4. You will be safe because of the guidance of your spirit.


  1. Future generations will rise up after you because of the idolatry which you have given to them.

  2. Everything which you have seen and done will be burned away and you’ll have to start anew.

  3. Because you have abandoned your covenant, you will have to regain your covenant status.

  4. Because you have served other gods, you will not know the true nature of deity.

  5. Every curse will be brought up on you if you do not abide by its precepts.

  6. See the damage which has been done by the systems today, and remember that in order to be truly happy, if you must, then you must leave them.

  7. Be happy with what you believe in and you will have a good life.


  1. Get here and let me speak and hear the words from my mouth.

  2. May my words come down upon all the people warring.

  3. I will proclaim this teaching to be true.

  4. These words are true and will be the foundation of life and they will not be the full.

  5. You have become a crooked generation with bad morals.

  6. Is this how you repaid the one which had created you?

  7. Remember the days of old and the generations of the past and your elders will tell you what these things.

  8. Remember your heritage and remember that we are all the same.

  9. Everyone is allotted the same rights as another person.

  10. You will be cast out into the wilderness, but you will come again into the light.

  11. The great and mighty falcon will spread its wings and will take you up into the heavens as your spirit has been doing for your entire life.

  12. You have been diluted by your spirit.

  13. Everything that has happened on the face of this planet has been due to natural processes that were from the beginning.

  14. Do good works all the days of your life and you shall be richly rewarded.

  15. You will be satisfied with your life if you treat others with the same respect that you expect to be treated with.

  16. You have been enticed by strange gods and they are quick to bigotry and anger.

  17. You sacrifice yourself to false god and your ancestors before you have done the same blindly for generations.

  18. Remember the foundation which has been with you sent the day of your birth.

  19. You will be provoked by the world do certain things, but you must not give in.

  20. Do not hide your face from them, instead, learn of the truth and go out into the world and teach the world about what you have learned.

  21. You will be enticed with the idols which claim to give you everything, but have really been giving you nothing.

  22. It encourages wrath by which your fire has been kindled.

  23. Evil will come upon you and you will hate others.

  24. You will be consumed by hunger and sickness and all the evil will come around you and go within you.

  25. You shall go out into the streets to all of those who do not know of the truth so that their truth can be set free.

  26. In the end, you will be dead and your memory will be erased forever.

  27. Do not fear your enemy, but go against them and be victorious.

  28. Do not be devoid of reason and not have understanding.

  29. If you have any insight, you would realize this and realize that your world is coming to an inevitable end.

  30. Remember your foundation to be lifted up by your spirit.

  31. Your enemies are fools until against you and your strong foundation.

  32. The truth will sprout forth behind by which others will come to.

  33. Do not give in to the seduction of those who seek to harm you.

  34. The engines of your destiny will be yours because the day of disaster is at hand.

  35. Justice will be done for all of those who are righteous and your strength will never be gone.

  36. They will ask where their gods are, but their gods do not exist.

  37. Let those who support you rise up and help you and let them be your protection always and forever.

  38. There is none other besides you can save yourself and you will be brought from death into life.

  39. You will be delivered into the heavens forever and ever.

  40. Your bad deeds will be paid for with vengeance and those who hate you will be rebuked.

  41. Those who hate you will be devoured by suffering until they repent and recant their ways.

  42. Forgive those that do harm to you, so that they can see the light and the truth that is contained within the light.

  43. Take heart to these words which I am getting to you today and I witness to the truthfulness of the words.

  44. This is your very life and you should enjoy a long life with the very things that have been taught to you.


  1. On the first day, you are only one and will defend your cause and you will help others against the others.

  2. On the second day, you will be tested and you will contend with those that go against you.

  3. Have no regard for anyone else but yourself, and you will keep your words and uphold your covenant.

  4. Teach what you have learned to those who persecute you and then they will come to your side.

  5. On the third day, you will abide in safety.

  6. On the fourth day, you will be blessed with great things and you will be blessed with the finest gifts and the best of the world has to offer.

  7. This will be a temptation which you will fall to and you will be blessed to all the ends of the earth through this temptation.

  8. On the fifth day, you will invite others to come to you because you have been held up in abundance.

  9. On the sixth day, your lands will be made vast and the best would be yours and you will come at the head of the people.

  10. On the seventh day, you will be filled with blessings and you will be most favorite among all others.

  11. May you be strengthened and you will become poor against the powers of heaven.

  12. They will come at you and destroy you and you will fall down again.


  1. When you rise again, you will be filled with the spirit of wisdom.

  2. You will rise up and be a prophet too, much like the story which has been presented here in the books.

  3. All the signs and wonders have come for you and you shall see all the signs and wonders for yourself.

  4. This is the great power that you will display to all the people of the world.