This treatise, which is of great rhetorical power and force in its admonition to faithful pilgrimage under the leadership, was the theme of the letter to the Third Guardian Angel of Philadelphia. It was assumed to be a letter to her because she was the only Jewish individual of the group of Guardian Angels.

The author saw the addresses in danger of apostasy from their faith. This danger was due not to any persecution from outsiders but to a weariness with the demands of life and a growing indifference to their calling. The author’s main theme, the priesthood and sacrifice of the Christ, is not developed for its own sake but as a means of restoring their lost fervor and strengthening them in their faith. Another important theme of the letter is that of the pilgrimage of the people of Divine to the heavenly realms and the city of light. This theme is intimately connected with that of the ministry of the Christ with the help of the prophets.

The author calls this work a “message of encouragement”, a designation that is given earlier. Third Philadelphia is probably therefore a written homily, to which the author gave an epistolary ending. The author begins with a reminder of the preexistence, incarnation, and exaltation of the Christ that proclaimed the climax of the plan to humanity. He dwells upon the dignity of the person of the Christ, superior to the angels. The Christ is the final word of salvation communicated, not merely by word but through the suffering in the humanity common to it and to all others. This enactment of salvation went beyond the pattern known to the prophets.

Just as the infidelity of the people thwarted the prophets efforts to save them, so the infidelity of any person may thwart the divine plan. Epochalists are to reflect that it is their humanity that the Christ took upon himself, with all its defects save sinfulness, and that he bore the burden of it until death out of obedience to the divine plan. Although Epochalists recognize this fundamental teaching, they may grow weary of it and of its implications, and therefore require other reflections to stimulate their faith.

Therefore, the author presents to the readers for their reflection the everlasting priesthood of the Christ, a priesthood that fulfills the promise of the old covenants. It also provides the meaning the divine plan ultimately intended in the sacrifices of the old covenants: these pointed to the unique sacrifice of the Christ. The trial of faith experienced by the readers should resolve itself through their consideration of the Christ’s ministry in the heavenly sanctuary and his perpetual intercession there on their behalf. They should also be strengthened by the assurance of his foreordained parousia, and by the fruits of faith that they have already enjoyed.

It is in the nature of faith to recognize the reality of what is not yet seen and is the object of hope, and the saints of the older covenants give striking example of that faith. Despite the afflictions of the ministry and the supreme trial of the suffering and death, the Christs remained confident of the triumph that the divine would bring them. The difficulties of human life have meaning when they are accepted as discipline, and if Epochalists persevere in fidelity to the word in which they have believed, they are assured of possessing forever the unshakable kingdom of the light.

The letter concludes with specific moral commandments, in the course of which the author recalls again his central theme of the sacrifice of the Christs and the prophes and the courage needed to associate oneself with it in faith.



  1. Behold, a great work is about to unfold in the name of the higher powers known as god to the cultures of the world.

  2. You have revealed yourself in this dispensation as four beings with the power of one.

  3. You have blessed me in a way that I could never have conceived.

  4. Your illustrious spirit has bought me out of the darkness of the religion of man into the light of the personal relationship with the higher powers I have sought.

  5. You have prepared me to meet the final one who is to be with my spirit for the rest of my life.

  6. You shall be with me forever and you will follow the ways of the light at some point in time.

  7. Behold, I shall teach the world a new covenant and I shall be the one to change the world.

  8. I am the alpha and the omega of this new dispensation.

  9. You have kept my word and you have not denied me like the others have.

  10. You shall be with me and within me and forever be with my spirit.

  11. You will not take what is in the world but will embrace the higher path in the way of the light.

  12. Hold fast to what you have, so that others may not take your crown like what has been seen with the four of your spirit.

  13. You shall raise up with yourself, yourself, and yourself a third time a new society with my spirit.

  14. You shall take upon yourself the new name of the son of god.

  15. You and the other three are beautiful temples of the higher powers, and you shall be a pillar to this new temple upon the earth.


  1. You have been raised in the oldest house of the old god and you follow the old traditions before the advent of the teacher of Nazareth.

  2. You have come to be the quietest of the four within my life as your spirit.

  3. You have not met your other spirits before me and come together and will stay together for life.

  4. You shall be a part of the throne of the father of the new dispensation.

  5. You shall take a part in the establishment of this new era.

  6. You shall establish yourself as the one who prevents the fall of the new dispensation.


  1. The passing of time has brought new light to the world.

  2. This light causes a contradiction with the words of the false gods.

  3. I am here to tell you to look at reason over faith in all things, for it will bring you more wisdom.

  4. You shall receive knowledge in the light of the new discoveries.

  5. You must accept your old teachings as myth and it is no longer needed to learn the stories.

  6. You must always remember the teachings of these old ways for they endure forever.

  7. The word endures forever but the stories do not.

  8. Remember the stories of the older ones which have since died.

  9. These too are obsolete and must die for more will be revealed to sabotage them.

  10. For this reason, I am trying to convert the people away from their old ways and to the new which I am revealing in this dispensation.

  11. These covenants were to last to the end of their age, and the new coming is about to commence.

  12. This covenant too will last to the end of this age and then a new one will come to the hearts of men.

  13. In times past, people have spoken to our ancestors.

  14. In these days we take these teachings for granted and we were left on the creator who created all things.

  15. That was the refuge of the glory and the imprint of the being and who sustains all things by the mighty words.

  16. When purification has been accomplished then you will take a seat at the right hand of the glory of the Creator.

  17. You will be superior to the Angels and the name you inherit is more excellent than all mortals.

  18. The Angels said that this is the one who will become the single being to reveal the glory of the Creator upon all peoples.

  19. This being will inspire generations and will lead the new generations into the world.

  20. Let all the people worship the one who has revealed the Angels and has given the ministers a fiery flame.

  21. The throne stands forever and ever and stands as a righteous scepter throughout the entire kingdom.

  22. That being, loving justice and hating wickedness, and wasn’t really dipped with the good oil among all the people.

  23. At the beginning it was at the establishment the earth and the heavens that were at the work of the hands of the one who was to send forth this being.

  24. All people perish but the word will remain and they will all grow old.

  25. The word will never break the cycle and will be with us for years and years to come.

  26. You will set up the right hand of the glory and your enemies will be at your footstool begging for your forgiveness.


  1. It is through the word announced by the Angels that proved that the life had come and every transgression and disobedience that ran rampant through the world receives their justice.

  2. How will we escape suffering if there is no salvation? It was announced that you can break free of the suffering of the world through the signs and wonders in the revelation of the Angels were to bring forth the gifts by which we could conquer all suffering.

  3. For this, we are seeing evidence that the word is to bring forth a gift on their own, it was the one who testified of these Angels and the one who is mindful of the glory that was possessed and all people.

  4. Humanity is lower than the angels and crowned with glory and honor.

  5. The one who was to set themselves lower than the angels suffered death and for a little while tasted death, but then came back to life.

  6. For it is not through this and wonder that all things came into existence, it is through this wonder that all people shall come to know the true meaning of life on earth.

  7. Their name will be proclaimed to all generations after and to all assemblies after them.

  8. I have put my trust in that who conquered death.

  9. Death, which is not a physical thing, but a spiritual death, is the true death that one faces in life.

  10. You’ve been set free from the fear of death and do not be a slave for the rest of your life.

  11. You will be tested and you will suffer through these tribulations, that you are able to help those after you have succeeded.


  1. Therefore, the spirit says that today you would hear the voice and not harden your hearts like you would in the day of tribulation, but open yourself up to new ideals.

  2. Because generations in the past were ignorant to the truth, they have always and then erred in their hearts and they did not know the true ways.

  3. They did not enter into my rest, but they were forgiven and given salvation because of their culture and the ignorance that it possessed.

  4. Take care so that none of you will have bad things happen to you while you’re on earth.

  5. Encourage yourself and help others daily so that you can live for today and not fear death tomorrow.

  6. Today you would hear this voice and do not harden your hearts like you would in rebellion.

  7. Those who read this will deny the truth and believe in false doctrine.

  8. They were provoked for many generations and they fell victim to the doctrine of man.

  9. They would not enter into true rest because they felt inferior to what they were expected.

  10. They did not enter because of their lack of faith.

  11. Therefore, we should be on guard with the promise of entering into a higher state after death.

  12. We received the good news of this just as all people in our generation have, but they did not take heed of these words and they were not united with those who did not believe in the false doctrine of man.

  13. Those who believe in this new dispensation would be at rest and they accomplish great works in the foundation of the world.

  14. There is a sad day that all people will come to know of the truth of their ways and they will reject the false notions that they have been raised to believe in.

  15. And whoever enters into peace will rest from their own suffering.

  16. Let us strive to enter into this rest so that we may not fall into our own suffering.

  17. Remember to take care of the earth before you are able to leave in a suitable matter.

  18. All mankind must take good care of it while exploiting the resources in a logical way.

  19. For the resources are here for the benefit of man and are necessary for the evolution of mankind.


  1. I am not to elevate myself to that of a god, because I am not one.

  2. I am one of the teachers of the new covenant which has been revealed in pieces by many people.

  3. I am here to pull it all together in one epic tale of the ones who have before me.

  4. You shall heed to these words because you shall seek enlightenment from these words.

  5. They are no different from what you have been taught except the stories and myths have come out of it.

  6. I am here to say that I am the highest priest in the order of the new covenant, with subordinates under my authority to establish the new covenant.

  7. You shall not be guided directly but the hierarchy is to preform sacrifices and to establish the doctrine and teaching of the laws to the world as the new covenant dictates.

  8. You shall not go to a place and worship a false being.

  9. You shall gather to talk and learn the doctrine and covenants of mankind as was revealed in the past and will be revealed in the future.

  10. You shall gather to be a community and then organize yourselves into parishes and stakes and bring people together.

  11. Do not fear the damnation of your old ways when coming into the new covenant.

  12. They are all tolls and instruments of fear to conform you into their false ways.

  13. Your heart has not been corrupted, rather you are leaving corruption and seeing the world for what it really is.

  14. I say to you all, welcome back and welcome to the great and wondrous world.

  15. In the light of this new covenant, I shall be glad to hear that the new dispensation will result in the new age of the earth.

  16. The hope is that all people will come to this light and follow the teachings laid out here and in the new covenant.

  17. All people shall unite for the greater good of man while bettering their own lives.

  18. For this is the goal of all religions, with the problem being the cultural divides and the beliefs in the mythical and the unbelievable things.


  1. If any false teacher asks why there is a leaving of the old religions, is that it is because they make no sense.

  2. The new age of the communion of nations and ideas have corrupted the systems and institutions of religions, which is good for the revolution and the evolution.

  3. They must be stopped and they must die out along with the rest of the old ways in the light of this new covenant.

  4. I will not force anyone to convert.

  5. You should not convert by force either.

  6. I am confident that the rational and relativist person shall see the path that the new dispensation brings, and to convert to this path without fear and without looking back.


  1. A leader is taken as a leader because they show exceptional leadership skills.

  2. They have the power to influence things that the masses cannot control fully.

  3. Although it may have weaknesses, they are fit to lead and deal with the problems faced by the masses.

  4. One becomes a leader through the calling by those higher than them or the masses by popular demand.


  1. In the days as leader, they offer services to the people and lead more efficiently.

  2. In return, the people must always offer them support in their actions in cases concerning the people.

  3. A leader must be obedient to the people and consider their needs.


  1. Therefore there is no need to leave the teaching I have taught here.

  2. There are eternal truths to be taught in these writings.

  3. There are not myths and stories attached to the teachings.

  4. It is impossible to unlearn the truths and wisdom taught here.

  5. All of the truths taught here are no different than the old truths; they are taught in a new way and in a simpler way to the masses in order to hasten the collective evolution of humanity.


  1. There are better things for you than the old ways.

  2. The obedience and sacrifices to false gods will not pass through turbulent times.

  3. They will fall because it is now the end of their age, and all things have been done with them and through them.

  4. The trends to the modern world do not need a religion, but still a moral code.

  5. Behold, the things I teach here are the new moral code.



  1. We are out to do something bigger than ourselves.

  2. We are all part of one human family.

  3. Do not forget the wisdom taught by your forefathers but do forget the useless sacrifices and rituals that bring humanity down.


  1. There are higher powers in the organization that manages the temples of the people.


  1. The highest power is the president of the organization to maintain and manage all the aspects of the organization.

  2. They have no power over the people.

  3. They are there to maintain the doctrines of the teachings set forth in the new dispensation.

  4. Under the president is the cabinet, which maintains a division of the organization.

  5. They are there to maintain the divisions of the organization.

  6. Under the president are also the consulate and the senate.

  7. The senate has power over a certain geographical area and the consulate has power based on population.

  8. Their purpose is to dictate any positions on problems within society.


  1. Under the president is also the judiciary.

  2. Their purpose is to deal with any problems within the operation of the organization that manages it.

  3. The organization will never be corrupt or take part in secrecy because it will be under a larger part by which nothing shall come through.


  1. In the temples, the fivefold ministry includes high priests of the priest class, administrators of the teacher class, patriarchs of the deacon class, elders of the evangelist class, and archbishops of the bishop class.


  1. Under that level at the local level, there will be the lesser fivefold offices of priests, teachers, deacons, evangelists, and bishops.


  1. The bishop class shall lead the ministries and buildings with authority over all the other classes.

  2. The priest class is in charge of the internal affairs of the community.

  3. The deacon class is concerned primarily with the external affairs of the community.

  4. The evangelist class reaches out to the community who are not a part of what has been learned, they are also in charge of missionary services.

  5. The teacher class is in charge of the education of those who take classes to improve their learning.

  6. The new covenant will be established upon all these principles and in the organization which will abide by and to protect the doctrine of the new covenant.

  7. The old covenants are based on worship and sacrifice.

  8. The new covenants are based on the grace, but also obedience.

  9. This covenant is based on reason and the need to improve humanity.

  10. This covenant is not based on any faith in any being.

  11. It is also not based on obedience to anyone.

  12. You are in control of your own life.

  13. One sacrifice to the world is sufficient to each and every one of you.

  14. You shall give yourself up to the world and you should do your part in making it a better place.

  15. You should never forget that you are mortal and you should not fear your own death.

  16. Now that you shall enter the new covenant that will last to the end of the age, you will be renewed in all things.

  17. Let us come to the light with an open mind and come to the reason set forth by the new teachings set forth here.


  1. Therefore, let us leave behind basic teachings that we have learned in advance to maturity, and go back to the roots from which these dogmas came.

  2. We shall do this because we are free to worship and to please our own creator how we made.

  3. But doing these things out of fear or because you think you have to is not good because it defeats the purpose by which you are doing it.

  4. Is impossible that those who have been enlightened to not take the gifts that the heavens provide and shared in the spirit.

  5. They will taste the good word that came forth for the age to come and they will fall away, but they will be brought back again because this is the only way to logically live a good life.

  6. If they produce thorns and thistles and go against the teachings would have been taught here because they think their own teachings are truer, they will be ashamed.

  7. We desire that each of us demonstrates the same eagerness for the fulfillment of our destiny.

  8. Do not wait, take initiative and go forth to achieve what you believe to be your best.

  9. Now that we shall go on, there will be no being that controls your life.

  10. You shall not fear judgment for it will not come.

  11. You shall not fear damnation for it will not come.

  12. You shall not fear death for it will never truly come.

  13. I tell you that reason will always triumph over faith.

  14. Faith is the belief in the unbelievable and the things that are not true.

  15. Reason is the belief in the things that are factual and true to the highest sense.

  16. What more shall I say? Hold your wisdom and knowledge over things in your heart, for the heart can deceive and has deceived countless people.

  17. It is written that the days are coming when a new covenant will ensue with the people of the world.

  18. It will not be like the covenant that I made with their elders for they do not stand by the covenants which I give them.

  19. They ignored them so I ignored them, but this is the covenant that I will establish after those days.

  20. I will tell the laws in their minds and I will write upon their heart that they are the people of the world.

  21. And they shall not teach for all will know this covenant from least to greatest.

  22. I have forgiven their evil deeds and remember their shortcomings no more.

  23. The first covenants are now obsoletes and is now close to disappearing with the advance of this, the new covenant.


  1. The covenants from the past have regulations for worship.

  2. For there was a line between the common people and the people of righteousness and it was not okay.

  3. The Ark of the Covenant only stood with those who had perceived power and people did not have control of their own destinies.

  4. With these arrangements, people go out worship blindly, for they do not know anything different.

  5. The true faith has not been revealed until this day and people were deceived by the doctrines of many.

  6. That was a symbol of the past, and now a symbol of the future is where the ordinary people will rise up and create for themselves a new move in for a new generation.

  7. For all the regulations of the world will become obsolete with the advent of this new and everlasting covenant for it will only be destroyed with the advent of the next.

  8. When the covenant says that it is new and everlasting, it is only everlasting for this generation.

  9. For in fifteen years another will rise to lead their generation, and then in the next fifteen years another will rise to lead their generation.

  10. Each generation will have their own spiritual movements and each generation will hold to different ideals than those generations of the past.

  11. It ensures that the generation will have it everlasting covenant but the covenant itself will not be everlasting from generation to generation.

  12. The spirit is eternal and the spirit will hold to their covenants forever and ever.

  13. There is one who has to start this succession of these prophets and it will be enjoined to the generations they represent forever and ever.

  14. Everything is purified for everyone shall forgive everyone else for all the bad deeds they have done in their lives.

  15. It is been said that sacrifice and offerings were not desired and the offerings and sacrifices were of no delights and it is written that you should do the will that is your destiny.

  16. The previous covenants will be taken away to establish the new and the new will only apply to one generation for each generation will have a different covenant.

  17. This is the covenant that will be established after those days.

  18. The law will be put to their hearts and will be written into their minds.

  19. The sins of the world will be remembered no more.

  20. Where there is forgiveness, there is no longer a need to feel guilty.

  21. Do not suffer any longer after you have come to know the full truth.

  22. For even the one whom had to discover that truth and share with the world had to go through the truth and they were set free by the truth.

  23. For you should not judge the people because it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of those judge you.

  24. Is been promised for after a brief moment the one who shall not and will not delay, will live by their faith and if it is found that they are living a fraud then there will be no following for this generation.

  25. We are not about some to live a fraud and we will call out those who do we will have faith and possess the life that we have now received freely through the virtues that we receive.


  1. In the face and realization of what this hopes for an evidence of things that you have not seen personally that have been proven.

  2. By faith we understand that science can work in harmony with nature.

  3. With faith we know what is righteous and what is not what is right what is wrong and what is good what is evil.

  4. By faith we can see into our own futures and we can make the lives of those around us better.

  5. By faith we are able to receive wisdom and receive everlasting life.

  6. By faithfully obey those who are higher than so that we can learn from their lives.

  7. By faith we face our fears and we conquer our own fears.

  8. By faith is that we face death and we strive through death.

  9. By faith people saw the everlasting peace that comes in life.

  10. By faith you persevere through your life and you find a way to make the best of every situation.

  11. What more shall I say? I do not have time to speak through all the prophets that of common every age.

  12. All people be approved because of their faith and their good deeds on earth are justified by that.

  13. There is something better than us and we must rise to find what we are good at and we must achieve it for the greater good of humanity.

  14. Since we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, let us rid ourselves of the burdens that cling to us and run the race of life that lies ahead of us.

  15. Consider how people have endured for the sake of what they have done wrong so that we may not grow weary.

  16. And your struggle against your own desires, you have not yet resorted to taking your own life.

  17. You have forgotten what has happened to you in the past and you should look forward to the future.

  18. Do not disdain in the discipline or lose faith when you do something bad.

  19. For the glory that is greater than you is love and every sin that you have committed will have been forgotten.

  20. Do not live your life pleasing someone else or something else; live your life according to what you believe is right and true.

  21. You may be disciplined on earth, but that is only for a short while.

  22. You will receive everlasting life and death that your spirit will live on forever.

  23. Strengthen that which is we can view.

  24. Walk that journey of a thousand miles starting with the first that.


  1. Strive for peace with everybody.

  2. See that no one can be deprived of peace.

  3. No one who has done immoral things will receive peace in their lives.

  4. You will not be rejected if you have done bad things in your life, for someone will always accept you for who you are.

  5. You’ve not approached that which could be touched and the howl of a voice speaking with these words will obey you to hear it.

  6. You can hear the commands that these words have said and you can abide by the teachings.

  7. You will approach the city of Zion where a festival gathers for eternity.

  8. Do not reject the one who speaks, for they know what they talk about because their wisdom and their experiences can help you with your experiences.

  9. You are exalted on reverence of that which is greater than you and thinks of your life as a blessing upon the face of the earth.

  10. Your spirit consumes you and your spirit gives you your life.

  11. Let the love continue.

  12. Be mindful of all people for everyone is the same as you.

  13. Let your life be free from the love of things which are worldly, for they are only temporary and can cause suffering in the end.

  14. We must say with confidence that you are your greatest enemy but you are also your greatest ally.

  15. Remember those who spoke to you and consider their experiences and apply them to your own life.

  16. Do not be carried away by all the strange teachings of the world and let your heart be strengthened by greatness.

  17. Do not live by the doctrines of others and do not let the religions of the day put you down, because you are greater than anything they tell you.

  18. You are not responsible for the suffering of others; they are responsible for placing that burden upon yourselves.

  19. Do not neglect to do well and share whatever you may have to give to others.

  20. Treat all human beings with mutual respect and remember to love yourself and to love your neighbor.

  21. Be confident that we have a clear conscious and that we want to share this with the world because this is what we believe to be right.

  22. May you be brought up from the death which you experience suffering and be brought up for the good of all.

  23. Do the will of your destiny and carry out everything and honor.

  24. There is this message of encouragement and care get to hearts of all.

  25. The angels of your companionship are the example by which you shall always follow.

  26. They are the examples set forth by ones who do not seek certain things and accept all people for who they are.

  27. Strengthen yourself and forge a path for yourself.

  28. Do not remain obedient to anyone with false power and come to fulfill your own destiny.

  29. You are not here to please someone else; you are here to fulfill your own life goals.



  1. You shall come to the place that Zion is established, and you will become one of the pillars of this new covenant by which I shall give to the world.

  2. The mountain that this new covenant will stand on will not fall until the end of this dispensation.

  3. After the foundation has been laid and the temple built, a kingdom shall be established for which there will be no equivalent power upon the earth.

  4. The kingdom will stand with the mountain at the head by which it will not fall until the end of the age.


  1. The covenant will not be changed until the end of the age, from which it will be destroyed and replaced.

  2. Know that at the end of this age, all old covenants will be broken and the new covenant will formally be established upon the world.


  1. The new covenant shall uphold all the ordinances set forth by the older covenants, but like the new covenants before it, it shall be changed.

  2. There shall still be an initiation, absolution, matrimony, last rites, ordination, anointing, blessing, confirmation, and communion.

  3. The new book of the laws will establish what that will entail.

  4. Do not sacrifice anything more to the old ways.

  5. Drop the old ways and come to the light of the new covenant.

  6. This is the valid covenant that will be established at the end of the age of obedience and it will establish the age of true reason.


  1. There is an organization that will never fall into corruption or chaos.

  2. The organization will never tell you what to do or how to live.

  3. The purpose of this organization is to keep the covenant in check and to uphold all the teachings.

  4. The organization is also there to form communities of believers throughout the world and to teach your children of this new age of reason.

  5. The ordinances are there to symbolically bind your relationships and yourself to the light of the new covenant.

  6. They will be with you and in you for your life, even if you fall away.


  1. Now that I have clarified things concerning the organization and the ordinances for the people of the world, I will now end this stated letter to the third angel of Philadelphia with a final blessing to you all.

  2. And to the third guardian angel of Philadelphia, I love you with all my heart and all of my soul and all my strength.

  3. Remember everything that I have taught you and remember everything that you see and take everything to heart.

  4. Do not feel guilty for the sake of others and remember to pass along these teachings to the rest of the world.

  5. Remember that no matter what you do in the world; leave the world with the good legacy and with good intentions.

  6. Remember all of those who came before you and remember that the covenant that is now being Is with the generation that you are in only.

  7. Hopefully there comes a day where everyone in this generation acknowledges this covenant and takes it to heart.

  8. May you be remembered forever in organizing what will become the defining generation.

  9. May the glory be with you forever.