The Book of Thoughts, named after the general mood of the book, is an exquisite dramatic treatment of the problem of the suffering of the innocent. The contents of the book, together with its artistic structure and elegant style, place it among the literary masterpieces of all time. This is a literary composition, and not a transcript of historical events and conversations. It is also the first book that was fully complete in the development of the first edition.

The prologue provides the setting for the testing. It is a test between the good and the evil of the world, with the protagonist of the story stuck in the middle. The protagonist is consoled by three people who give differing opinions of the problem and the questions that were asked. It does not fit completely within the context of the life of the author of the book, but it was largely addressed and written at the time between the third and the fourth members of the Continuum.

Its literary pattern, with speeches, prologue and epilogue disposed according to a studied plan, indicates that the purpose of the writing is didactic. But the lessons that the book teaches are not transparent, and different interpretations of the divine speeches and of the final chapter are possible. The Book of Thoughts does not definitively answer the problem of the suffering of the innocent, but challenges readers to come to their own understanding.



  1. You are one who thinks a lot and this is the thoughts about how someone who is so good can go through so much evil.

  2. These people who were good had the seven gifts of the guardian angels.

  3. These people were very wealthy and blessed in life.

  4. These people were very pious and intelligent.

  5. These people were steeped in traditions and were very intellectual.


  1. One day, the angels appeared to these people.

  2. Good and evil have fought over the faithfulness of these people.

  3. These people were always good in their ways and then evil wanted to take these people.

  4. Thus an issue to the creator was presented.

  5. This is a battle that rages in our minds every day.

  6. Every day is a battle between good and evil, the opposite forces of the earth.


  1. One day, all was well in the world of these people.

  2. The first angel appeared and told them of the evil to come.

  3. You shall lose all your possessions.

  4. The evil will come to consume everything you own worth value and you shall be left with nothing but those you love.

  5. You shall also lose access to everything you own.

  6. Then the winds came forth and blew everything away.

  7. The elements came out of the earth to destroy all the possessions.

  8. Then these people fell to the ground in pity and exclaimed to the heavens.

  9. What has been given to me will be taken away from me.

  10. I started with nothing and I shall end with nothing.

  11. In all of this, no trial to do harm was done.


  1. The creator came to present itself to the suffering of the world.

  2. When the suffering came, it was filled with evil and was growing for what it caused in the minds of man.

  3. There were some though, that lost everything and still believed.

  4. Evil was determined to change that attitude.

  5. The change will cause suffering and an even worse life.

  6. The life of the believers will be spared but with limitless suffering brought upon them.

  7. The evil then struck a pain through those who believe like they never experienced before.

  8. The believers then put themselves together and stood up to the pain.

  9. They yelled aloud and proclaimed that they had conquered suffering.

  10. They sat and endured the suffering for a whole week.


  1. Then the believers thrashed out against the love of the world.

  2. They proclaimed that the cycle of birth and death are the same.

  3. There is darkness but there is no light.

  4. The blackness of night shall consume me forever.

  5. May I fall into obscurity in this night and remain there forever.

  6. May I no longer experience joy in the world.

  7. I have suffered so.

  8. I shall not see the dawn of a new age.

  9. I shall not be shielded from the suffering of the world.

  10. Why did I not die at birth!

  11. Why was I loved in this world?

  12. I should have slept forever and remained at rest.

  13. The ruins of life come forth.

  14. The rich take away from me.

  15. I never want to see the light, but I need to.

  16. I shall not cease to see the wicked.

  17. The captives think they are in the light when they come together.

  18. They are not truly free.

  19. Why is the light found in the oddest places?

  20. Death does not come to those who wish for it.

  21. They think too much of the afterlife.

  22. Their path is hidden with rules and laws.

  23. The path should be easy and personal.

  24. Suffering has come upon me.

  25. I have no peace until the day I see the path to the light.


  1. Then the creator answered: If someone wants to speak to you, would you ignore them?

  2. You have taught many people.

  3. Your words are the strength of others.

  4. Now that you are suffering, what shall become of you?

  5. Your life is a source of hope for many.

  6. Reflect now on what your life is like and how much better it is than others.

  7. You will cause more trouble by looking at the faults in the world.

  8. The sufferers shall perish at the sight of the creator.

  9. Your wisdom will help others to gain it.

  10. When you die, so do others who depend on you.

  11. Your word came to my mind and I shuttered at the thought.

  12. I can do as I please to mortals, but I do not intervene most of the time.

  13. I saw the fear in your eyes.

  14. I saw your spirit and it was still full of hope.

  15. I saw your spirit and it wanted me to come to help you.

  16. I cannot stand anywhere but in the light.

  17. I am the only thing that will ever be perfect.

  18. Your foundation is strong but you are like dust.

  19. You will die but the world will pass forever.

  20. Your foundation would die without wisdom.


  1. Which one will you turn to?

  2. Your impatience will kill you.

  3. You are a fool reaching out to others in a personal matter.

  4. The others shall not know what is in your heart.

  5. May the hungry eat up what you have to offer.

  6. Bad things come from your own actions.

  7. Humanity creates suffering in this world.

  8. Your righteousness appeals to those who look up to you.

  9. I can do great things, but I will leave your life up to you to decide.

  10. I created the laws of the universe and I can do what I will towards it.

  11. I have lifted up many to the light and will do so with all people.

  12. I shall crush the dreams of those who will cause harm to others.

  13. The crafty ones will also be slain.

  14. They meet in the dark but they will stay in the dark.

  15. Go out and help those who cannot help themselves, they need you.

  16. Those people shall have hope because you are an inspiration.

  17. I do not respect those who do harm to others.

  18. I shall strike down those who stand in your way.

  19. I will deliver you from troubles and you shall stand on your own.

  20. I will keep you from the power of death as long as you fulfill your destiny.

  21. You shall no longer feel suffering in this world.

  22. You will laugh and love every moment of your life.

  23. You shall be at peace with all creatures.

  24. Your foundation will be secure.

  25. You shall know that your wisdom will go to many people.

  26. You shall come out of your slump more powerful than before.

  27. You have searched me out and now I have come to your side.


  1. My anguish cannot be measured and my calamity is within me.

  2. They would outweigh all the good because I speak without constraints.

  3. The heavens are the dwelling place of the one who is my creator, and my spirit drinks the poison of the terrors of the earth that are against me.

  4. Can anything be taken without punishment?

  5. Is there any flavor in the dullness of my life?

  6. I refuse to touch that which is been given to me.

  7. I might see requests and that I would be granted the things that I longed for.

  8. Even if I were crushed so that my hands would be cut off from me, I would still be in anguish over my soul.

  9. I would still have consolation and could go through the pain because I have not gone against that which is more powerful than me.

  10. What strength should I endure that my limits should be tested?

  11. I have the strength of stone and the flesh of brawn.

  12. I have no helper, has anything deserted me?

  13. Someone owes me in my time of despair even though I have forsaken you.

  14. My companions are not dependable.

  15. They are dark in their hearts and they do not mean that which they say.

  16. Yet, once calamity comes over me, they seem to be with me.

  17. You may wander and go astray into the wastelands and perish.

  18. The caravan that searches may have hope.

  19. They are disappointed even though they were confident that they cannot help their friends.

  20. You have now become this to me and you see a terrifying thing and are afraid.

  21. Have I ever said to give me something due to a bribe?

  22. Deliver me from the hand of the enemy and redeem me from my oppressors.

  23. Teach me and I will know what my errors are.

  24. How painful that honest word can be, but your argument is unconvincing.

  25. Do you consider your words as proof but the sayings of a desperate man?

  26. You have cast lots for others and you would go over that which is your friend.

  27. Give me your attention and surely I will not lie to you.

  28. Let there be no injustice because I am still right.

  29. There is no insincerity and lies within me and you cannot taste any falsehood.


  1. My life on earth is pure drudgery.

  2. I am like a slave who longs for what I want but I do not get it.

  3. I have endured months of futility and troubled nights have come and gone.

  4. When I go to that, I say when I wake in the night, life drags on and I am filled with anxiousness.

  5. My flesh is clothed with scabs and in pain.

  6. My days are swift and they come to a quick end without any hope.

  7. Remember that life is like the winds and you will not see happiness if you do not ask for it.

  8. The eyes will see that no more will behold me and I will be gone.

  9. As a cloud vanishes, so will I go in.

  10. They shall not return to what they have known and they shall know their place no more.

  11. I will not restrain but I will speak the anguish is that my spirit has.

  12. I will complain in the bitterness of my soul.

  13. Even though that there are things that come for me, they will not ease and complaints that I have.

  14. I am frightened with dreams and terrified with visions.

  15. I prefer a death by strangulation rather than this.

  16. I will not live forever and let me be for my days are but breaths.

  17. What are we that you make much of us and you do not owe us anything?

  18. You observe every morning and you try it every moment.

  19. How long before I am not thought of and how long will it be before I taste the taste of death?

  20. If I do bad deeds, what have I done to you?

  21. Why have I been your target and a burden to you?

  22. Why do you not pardon me and take away my guilt for soon I will live the dust?


  1. How long will you utter these things?

  2. The words of your mouth are great.

  3. Judgment and justice are not postponed.

  4. If you have gone against the world then you will have a grip of guilt on you.

  5. If you have recourse to what you have done, then you will be able to make supplication be born again.

  6. Should you be blameless, surely you will be restored.

  7. Your beginning was small and your future will flourish.

  8. Inquire of your elders and pay attention to these words of wisdom.

  9. We are but of one’s who have no knowledge because our days on earth amount for nothing in the grand scheme of things.

  10. The ones of the past will teach you and tell you and utter words of understanding.

  11. Much like books can teach, so can elders teach you.

  12. All you are young and restless and you should take in all the wisdom.

  13. In the end, everyone who forgets who they are will perish with little hope.

  14. Your confidence amounts to nothing and you put your trust in the wrong places.

  15. You will lean upon your foundation but it will not stand and you will think that it will hide you.

  16. You will thrive in the sun and your gardens will come forth.

  17. Among the rocks the world, you will get gleaming nuggets of gold.

  18. If one does not want to you, they will tell you so.

  19. You will live beside the road and will be left for dead.

  20. You will not be cast away in the grand scheme of the world and get your enemies will not be judged by the almighty creator.

  21. Once your mouth is with blessings and your lips are with rejoicing, then you will have no need to judge anyone.

  22. Those who you hate will have the hateful things done to them, for you get what you deserve.



  1. A friend answered this person and gave remarks.

  2. How long will these words be uttered for they are not good words to hear.

  3. Judgment is not perverted.

  4. You will be guilt if you think you have done against people.

  5. You must get rid of what you have done to renew yourself.

  6. You will be restored if you admit that you have done wrong to those you have wrong it’s.

  7. Your beginning so were humble, but your future will flourish.

  8. Pay attention to the experience of your elders.

  9. Our days on earth are short and our future generations will have little knowledge of us.

  10. They will teach you and tell you the words that they understand.

  11. You cannot flourish without the gifts that you have been given greater life.

  12. You must show yourself to be good so that you cannot wither.

  13. Everyone will forget their past generations and they will be without hope.

  14. Your confidence is nothing and your trust is worth nothing.

  15. You will cling to the things that will not endure and you will lean upon things which cannot stand.

  16. Thrive in the fullness the glory and you will come forth in abundance.

  17. You aren’t pebbles and stones, but you will take over the rocks which bind you.

  18. If anyone carries you away from your future then you may disown them.

  19. They will be in your path as you move on.

  20. The upright will not be cast away in the hand of the wicked will not take over the righteous one.

  21. You will be filled with laughter and rejoicing.

  22. Those who hate you will be in shame and their foundation will be no more.


  1. Then that person answered and said, I know that it is so but how can you be right before the creator?

  2. Do you wish to contend with these words?

  3. You shall be wise and mighty and how can you remain whole if you withstand the truth?

  4. Your life can be removed from you at any moment in anger.

  5. Your foundation can be shaken at any moment by anyone.

  6. The laws will not work against you and your day will not be shining.

  7. The Creator embodies everything and is everything.

  8. All the stars in the heavens were created in the beginning.

  9. Things great and unsearchable and marvelous and innumerable came from the beginning.

  10. You cannot see the glory and the glory cannot be wary of you.

  11. Who can resist things that see me?

  12. The universe does not relent and everyone bows beneath the laws that embody the universe.

  13. You cannot argue against what has been and what will be and answers will not be given to you.

  14. I would rather beg for what is to happen to me then to think I am right but be wrong.

  15. I do not believe that the universe will listen to anything that is appeal to.

  16. Everything you work for could be for nothing.

  17. All of your grieving will be for nothing.

  18. If you question the judgment strength then who are you to judge others?

  19. Your mouth can condemn you.

  20. If you are innocent, then you will be wrong.

  21. You cannot know if you are innocent and you should not despise your life.

  22. All the spirits in the world will be destroyed at the end because they are imperfect.

  23. The despair of the innocent has gone unheeded.

  24. The earth is given to the hands of the wicked.

  25. Your days go by swiftly and they will see no happiness.

  26. They will shoot off and everything you know will be taken away.

  27. Lay aside your sadness and be of good cheer.

  28. Through all of the pains, you know who you are and you are not innocent.

  29. You will be guilty of things but you will not strive in vain.

  30. Cleanse yourself and conquer the evils which overpower you.

  31. Though you will be plunged into the depths, you will rise again.

  32. You will be judged for everything you do throughout your life.

  33. Everyone can lay a hand upon you.

  34. Your terrors will frighten you.

  35. Speak without being afraid of the consequences so that you can live a better life.


  1. As the bitterness of my soul and I will give myself up for the sake of others.

  2. Why does the world oppose me?

  3. Why is it that the world would oppress others and shine on the plan that the wicked people have set forth?

  4. Does anyone see the abominations that are found in society today?

  5. Your lifetime is very short and all of your days are numbered.

  6. You see guilt in me and you search after the bad things I have done.

  7. You know that I am not bad, but you still cast judgment upon me?

  8. Why would you destroy me even though you have formed me?

  9. I came from the dust and I will go back into the dust.

  10. Do not pour me out and cast me away.

  11. You clothed me and gave me life, and now you reject me.

  12. You have preserved and enhanced my spirit and you have granted me great gifts.

  13. These things are hidden in you and that is your purpose.

  14. You would not absolve me from my guilt.

  15. If I am bad, then you can judge me, but I am good and you continue to judge me.

  16. You hunt me down repeatedly and you find everything to chastise me with.

  17. You renew the attacks upon me and you send everything against me.

  18. You brought me forth into a new life.

  19. It should be as though I had never lived because of the judgments have been cast upon me.

  20. My life is short.

  21. And let me be so that I can recover lawn.

  22. I go where I shall not return into the land of darkness to find the light.

  23. The dark world is full of suffering and the light is within your inner being.


  1. Many men cannot necessarily be right.

  2. They are keeping others away and they are given no remorse.

  3. The teachings of the enlightened ones are pure but they are not clean in the side of others.

  4. Lips shall be opened against your will.

  5. The secrets of wisdom shall be opened to you.

  6. What is the good sense so that you can overcome your sufferings?

  7. You can go into the depths of the earth, but you shall rise again.

  8. You shall be higher than the heavens, and no one can stop you.

  9. The path to the light is broader than the expanse of the sea.

  10. You will be turned back and judged, but you will know of the truth.

  11. Do not ignore the criticisms that come upon you.

  12. You shall gain understanding because you are only human.

  13. Stretch out your hands towards the lights and seize this day.

  14. If suffering is in your heart, then cast them away.

  15. Lift up your face and be innocent before the heavens.

  16. Do not forget the misery of others and regard it as suffering that has been caused by the world.

  17. Your life shall be brighter than everyone around you.

  18. You will be secure because you have hope and you will live in safety.

  19. No one will disturb you on your path and to the light.

  20. The wicked will be consumed with their own problems and there only hope is that example which you have set.


  1. Wisdom shall die with the doubts of the scholars.

  2. Intelligence will not fall short of the one who is willing to embrace it.

  3. Answer the call when it comes upon you.

  4. Those who are taking in the world for what it is will late their own destruction.

  5. The robbers will become prosperous and those are the people who will turn out to be insecure.

  6. May the world teach them a lesson by giving them suffering.

  7. May the earth come upon you and instruct you.

  8. There are things that you do not yet know, but you shall know them through the experiences of your life.

  9. The soul of everything and the life of all mortals is upon the face of the Earth.

  10. Take heed to the senses which you have been given.

  11. The elders are full of wisdom for their experiences the length of their life.

  12. Wisdom is in my care with those who have counsel and understanding.

  13. If something is bound by the lies, they shall never be rebuilt.

  14. The waters shall be held back until it needs to be replenished.

  15. Strength and prudence are with those who conquer the misled.

  16. Judges will never be made fools and counselors will be powerful.

  17. The kings will take them in and cast them away.

  18. The powerful will be led astray by those who seek to lead them astray.

  19. Advisors will be silence and they will take discretion from those worthless.

  20. Shame will be poured upon those who allow the fools to take leave.

  21. Things from the darkness will come into the light.

  22. Nations that were great will be destroyed.

  23. The understanding of the world will be taken from the leaders and they will abandon the people which they have ruled.

  24. In the darkness there is no light.


  1. May your eyes see and your ears hear these things.

  2. What I know, you shall know.

  3. I fall short so I do not argue with that which created me.

  4. The religious leaders of the day are worthless in giving the full truth.

  5. Wisdom is with the ones who do not follow the leader.

  6. Listen to the accusations I make with my own lips.

  7. You will speak falsehood against their gods or your god.

  8. You make accusations of others on behalf of your god.

  9. Those who know the truth will deceive the world.

  10. They will ultimately reap what they sow and you could do to others who do not believe the same thing the new.

  11. Their power will frighten you so that you will fall to them.

  12. You make fabrications and doctrine on top of the truth.

  13. No matter what happens, I shall speak of these things and they shall be thought of as the truth.

  14. I have taken life in my own hands and I shall fear of death.

  15. I will wait for the one who created me when I am slain.

  16. This is my salvation in no one can take me away from this.

  17. Pay close attention to what I am speaking for what I am speaking is the truth.

  18. I have prepared my case before you so that you may listen to me.

  19. If you make a case against me, then I will sit silent and listen to you.

  20. Do not use these things against me for I will not hide from your presence.

  21. Do not terrorize me or frighten me.

  22. I will respond if you call me.

  23. I am not in a sinful state and I am not at all.

  24. Why do you consider needy and then me? Do not harass your fellow man.

  25. Do not punish me because of what I have done in the past.

  26. Watch my path because I walk in the light and you should walk in the light also.

  27. Even though I will grow old and die, I will live a good life because of what I speak.


  1. The one who lives for the future are in trouble.

  2. They will spring up and fade and repeat the cycle over and over again.

  3. I have set my eyes upon those people and judgment has been brought down upon me.

  4. No one can make unclean people clean except for them.

  5. Since you know you will die, you have determined how you should live your short life.

  6. Look away from those who cannot be saved.

  7. There is hope in the one who builds their life up upon experiences.

  8. Even though they have been shot down, they shall rise again.

  9. Even though they will grow old and die, they will leave great wisdom behind.

  10. Even though they have died while they were living, they shall spring forth again.

  11. When a man dies without learning their lesson, then they will not have learned anything.

  12. They are stream will have dried up and they will never reach cover unless they learned their lessons.

  13. They will face what happens without having learned anything while they were on the face of the earth.

  14. They shall dwell upon the Earth until they accept what they have learned.

  15. If someone were to die and rise again, then they will have learned in relief.

  16. Those are the ones whose works you should abide by.

  17. Surely those are the ones who watch their step and make sure that their suffering comes before them.

  18. Their misdeeds were sealed away and their guilt was covered by their righteousness.

  19. The Earth goes through long cycles, but your cycles are shorter.

  20. The hope of those were mortal shall not be destroyed because their foundations shall be strong.

  21. You prevail against those who bring you suffering and then and they shall dismiss you.

  22. They will not be aware that their children are honored or if they are disgraced.

  23. They shall only live for themselves and they shall only suffer for themselves.


  1. The wise man does not garner any opinions as information is gathered.

  2. They do not argue if they know they cannot win.

  3. If you do away with this, then you will suffer with blind faith.

  4. Because of the wickedness of the world, everyone chooses to not listen to the words of wisdom.

  5. People will condemn one another and you will suffer because of the things of the world.

  6. You will be as if you were first born.

  7. You do not listen to the counsel of others and you restore the wisdom coming into your life.

  8. Always seek the purpose of what you do not know.

  9. If there are any elders among you, then listen to their words of experience.

  10. They will consult with you and they will pass on their wisdom to you.

  11. Your heart and mind will carry you into the heavens.

  12. Do not turn your anger against your spirit and do not let such words escape from you.

  13. No one who is born into the earth is completely righteous and you must work for it yourself.

  14. The heavens are not without faults of its own, but the people who dwell in it knows of the light.

  15. There is much less corruption in the heavens and people drink of the spring of life.

  16. You will be shown the light if you listen to the words of those who are wise.

  17. What the wise talk about has not been contradicted from the beginning of time.

  18. Blessings have been given to them and no one moved against them.

  19. The ones who are of the world learn torment and their years are limited.

  20. The sound of terror is with them and when they think their life this prosperous, life turns its ugly head.

  21. They longed to escape the darkness but they go for the things of the darkness.

  22. They wander in the darkness and they know that their destruction is near.

  23. They are filled with dread and distress and anguish and they are overpowered by the things of the world.

  24. They arrogantly challenge the truth, and the truth has not come to them as a result.

  25. They are deaf against the truth, and the truth will come back and bite them.

  26. Their world is covered in darkness and they try to make it through without little wisdom.

  27. They dwell in the world which shall pass away and crumble.

  28. Their possessions will not endure and they will not receive the blessings of the Earth.

  29. Their growth will be seared and all that they work for will disappear.

  30. They will be misled even though they think they are higher than everyone else.

  31. They will wither before their time has come and they will never see the light which has been promised to them.

  32. They shall spread themselves over the face of the earth, but they will never leave the market.

  33. The generation of those were ignorant will not be remembered and their generation will pass away with time.

  34. Their generation will be full of malice and deceit and fraud.


  1. You may have heard this sort of thing many times.

  2. They babble on about this but it is all words that you must live by.

  3. You could ignore it, but you have ignored it many times of war.

  4. The mere chatter of these words gives relief, but you may be sick of hearing these words time and time again.

  5. Talking does not change anything and you must experience it for yourself.

  6. Talking has exhausted you and those who try to speak to you about it will be sick of talking to you about it.

  7. You have testified for them of the truth you have learned, but they refuse to listen.

  8. Those who go against you will overcome you if you do not heed these words.

  9. You will be stricken down and you will fall into the world.

  10. Your spirit will give you strength over those who want to drag you down.

  11. You were in peace, but life sees you and drags you down into the world.

  12. You will not be given mercy as evil comes at you from all sides.

  13. Evil will rush you and you will suffer from things of this world.

  14. You will be brought down, never to come back up.

  15. You will be full of weeping and darkness will overcome you.

  16. Even if you are sincere and you are not violent, the world will still give you what you want as pleasure.

  17. Do not let the earth cover you with blood.

  18. Your spirit will be a witness to you but you will not call out to us so it will not help.

  19. Your friends will wrong you are and your spirit will shed tears of sorrow.

  20. You ask for justice to be done, but you do not seek justice.

  21. You will go down the road of no return and your years will be numbered.


  1. Your spirit is broken and your burial is at hand.

  2. You have given in to the sufferings of the world and those who go against you have won the battle against you.

  3. You will not pledge to speak the truth so no one will come for you.

  4. Your mind is darkened to the wisdom that comes before you and you will not accept it.

  5. Even though you have the world, you will lose your soul and your children will not remember you.

  6. You have been made into nothing and the people look down upon you.

  7. You will be blinded with the suffering of the world and everything you work for will be a mere shadow of what it would be.

  8. Those who are righteous will be astonished at how far you have gone down.

  9. The righteous who hold to the truth will try to reason with you, but their strength cannot save you.

  10. There will be no wise people among you.

  11. Your days pass by without a purpose but your heart year earns for your spirit and your spirit will change your darkness into light and your night into day.

  12. If you do not, your only hope is in the world and the world is full of darkness.

  13. There is no hope, no happiness that lasts a long time within society which has been corrupted.

  14. You will descend into the darkness and you will never come back into the light.


  1. Reflect on your life so that you can see the suffering of the world.

  2. You are held accountable for your own actions so remember the actions which you have committed.

  3. You will tear yourself up in anger, but do not neglect yourself.

  4. The darkness of the wicked will be extinguished by the fire of your spirit.

  5. Even though you think you may be in the light, the lamp that keeps that light will eventually go out.

  6. You will cast yourself down upon reflection of your own life.

  7. You will wander into the pits of darkness because you allow yourself to be trapped.

  8. You will be seized and howled.

  9. The world hides the trap from you and disguises it as the light.

  10. It frightens you and you must watch each step that you take.

  11. Your strength will be taken away from you.

  12. You will be alive and you will never realize the mistakes of your ways until you see the light in the darkness of the world.

  13. You will be taken away from the security which you have built and you will march into the darkness.

  14. All of the riches you have attained will be scattered.

  15. Your foundation will wither away under you and the roof over your head will blow away.

  16. Your legacy will perish from the earth and you will have no name attached to you.

  17. You will be driven from the lights and into the darkness.

  18. No one will remember the legacy which you keep, if you keep any.

  19. Your fate will be sealed and you will be seized with the poor.

  20. This is the place of the one that does not know the truth.

  21. Reflect on these things so that you can realize the errors of your ways.


  1. How long will my spirit be affected by these bad things?

  2. I have been humiliated assailed without any reason.

  3. Even if I am at fault, it will remain with me.

  4. My shame is the reason why everyone goes against me.

  5. I have been dealt with unfairly and I have been tossed around for my life has been ruins.

  6. I cry out for help and there is no answer and there is no justice.

  7. My past is filled in darkness and I cannot pass and light.

  8. My glory has been stripped and everything has been taken away from me.

  9. I have been uprooted from the roots which I have been given in the beginning.

  10. False things have come against me and I am now counted as an enemy.

  11. They come as one to attack me.

  12. All who loved me have now abandoned me because of my bad luck.

  13. Everyone who I thought I could trust that collects me and everyone has forgotten about me.

  14. Even those who love me for being a good role model, they now consider me a stranger in these days.

  15. I plead with the friends I had to help me but I get no answer.

  16. My rest is wasted and I am nothing to anyone that loved me.

  17. Even those who are innocent despise me and they speak against me.

  18. Everyone who loves me is now terrified of me and they have turned against me.

  19. I have escaped from death by a small margin.

  20. Have pity on me for I have been stricken with bad luck.

  21. Why am I pursued and why am I singled out?

  22. These words will be written down and inscribed in the records.

  23. These will be cut in the rock forever.

  24. I know that there is always something watching over me and it will stand with me until the end.

  25. This I will hold until the day I die and I will see it when I die.

  26. Even though no one comes to my side, my spirit is always with me.

  27. Why have I been persecuted then why have I been abandoned?

  28. Be afraid of the Day of Judgment, for it will come when you least expect it.


  1. These feelings are within me and I have been provided an answer.

  2. My spirits gives me a reply and it does not put me to shame.

  3. Since human beings were placed on the Earth, the truth has been pulled from the earth.

  4. Those who are wicked will have short-lived triumphs but those who are joyful will only be suffering for a moment.

  5. Pride will never rise above their head and they will be in the heavens.

  6. Those who perish will not know what the truth is in they will not know what theirs is.

  7. Those who are above the world will never be found doing things of the world.

  8. Those who are of the world will not have the eyes to see.

  9. Those who are poor will be restored and they will have riches.

  10. Those who are full of youth will turn old and return to dust.

  11. Those who find wickedness to be sweet will hide it and they will suffer on the inside.

  12. They will retain it with them and they will never distill the true anguish they feel.

  13. They will always be heartbroken because they know what they are doing is wrong.

  14. All of the riches they possess in the world will come back out and will never go with them and the heavens.

  15. They will drink the poison of the world which has been provided to them.

  16. They will see no gold or any blessings of the earth come forth to them.

  17. They will never gain back the things which they worked for and they will never enjoy the things which they work for.

  18. Those who are poor will be neglected by those who steal from them.

  19. Those who are greedy will never have any treasures for themselves.

  20. No one who succeeds the wicked person will ever consume those things of the wicked person because their prosperity never endured.

  21. All trouble will come upon those who are wicked.

  22. Wrath comes upon them because they seek the things of this world.

  23. Should they escape, death will pierce them in the hearts.

  24. Terror will fall upon them and it will never go away.

  25. Complete darkness will consume them and the fire of their spirit will go out.

  26. The Earth will rise up against those who fall into the pits of the world.

  27. Their foundations will be weakened will be swept away by treacherous waters.

  28. This is what the wicked shall receive because they have not been trustworthy in this world.


  1. Listen to my words because I cannot for you consolation.

  2. Bear with me and you can mock me after I have spoken.

  3. My complaint is not towards any one human being.

  4. Be appalled at the things I say.

  5. I am dismayed because I am even thinking about this at this time.

  6. Why do the wicked keep on living their life on earth in game the most power?

  7. They may be secure before the eyes of many, but within themselves they are not secured.

  8. It seems as though nothing goes against them in this world.

  9. They do not fail at living a good life, but they are suffering on the inside.

  10. Their young will run free and will do the same things that they do.

  11. They are doing very well together as a family, but they are still of the world.

  12. They live out their days in prosperity, but their peace is down in the pits.

  13. They reject the truth and they do not desire to know what is true.

  14. Why should you have to know the truth and order to live a good life?

  15. Their happiness is not their own, their happiness comes from other things.

  16. Destruction comes upon them at every moment and they are always at fear, but death will happen.

  17. They are blown away by the winds because they do not have a strong foundation.

  18. Man is miserable and they keep the misery for others.

  19. The wrath of humanity comes upon them and drives them to do bad things.

  20. There is no interest in the part of their deities towards them.

  21. No one can teach the creator knowledge, for the creator is the embodiment of all knowledge.

  22. One who dies at the height of their life will be content.

  23. Their figure will be nourished in their life will have been telling.

  24. Another person dies with the bitter spirit and never has happiness.

  25. All of them lie in the same state and both turned to dust.

  26. The argument that applied against me is useless.

  27. The dwelling place of the wicked is everywhere on the Earth.

  28. I witness of these things because I have gone through these things myself.

  29. The one who is evil is spared and they have laid down the day of wrath.

  30. It seems as though they have never been punished for the wrath which they cause.

  31. They keep watch always so that wrath never comes upon them.

  32. Humankind will follow after evil because it seems that evil is not punished.

  33. The arguments of those were good remain fraudulent, for those who they perceive to be evil are not actually living a bad life.


  1. Can the wise man be profitable to this Earth?

  2. Analyze it in the context that is profitable to the heavens.

  3. Does it please the heavens if you are good?

  4. Doesn’t judge you based on what you believe or what works you do?

  5. It seems that my wickedness has been great but I do not know what I have done.

  6. Those who are thirsty are not given water and those were hungry are not given bread.

  7. It is as if the land belonged to those who are powerful and rich.

  8. Those who are poor are empty headed and they are destroyed.

  9. Terror surrounds those who are good.

  10. Darkness covers this world and we do not know what we have to do.

  11. Is there not something watching over you in the highest heavens?

  12. No one can judge in darkness.

  13. Your spirit in the heavens cannot judge you because clouds hide.

  14. Why do you keep the ways of old?

  15. Your foundation has been swept away by the world.

  16. What can your spirit do for you?

  17. Even though you have done good things and have been a good person, evil still comes to you.

  18. Your enemies have been destroyed by the fire has been left and it consumes your world.

  19. Surround yourself with those who have done evil to you so you are at peace with them.

  20. Receive instruction from them so that you can put their words to use.

  21. If you do not have any guilt laid on you, then you will be restored.

  22. They treat gold as dust and dust as gold.

  23. Your spirit in the heavens is your gold.

  24. You will dwell in the heavens after your death and you will see the peace of glory.

  25. You will fulfill your covenant upon the face of the earth.

  26. Your ways will be in the light and it will shine to all people.

  27. When you are brought low, your spirit is brought high.

  28. Those who are innocent will be delivered and your hands will be cleaned.


  1. Today I am bitter because everything has gone wrong in my way.

  2. What do I have to do so that I may commit to righteousness again?

  3. I have arguments against what I have done because I do not understand what has happened.

  4. If I was only to learn the way, then all of my questions will be answered.

  5. Why am I counted as one of those who have done unrighteous things?

  6. Those who are righteous will argue against this and I want to be delivered from this judge.

  7. I cannot receive that which is good because I no longer understand what is good.

  8. I cannot see that which I want because I do not understand it.

  9. My ways have been known but I feel as if I am being tested.

  10. I have always walked in the steps of truth and I have not gone astray.

  11. I did not depart from that which is been commanded to mean the covenant and I treasure that in my heart.

  12. Why would I contradict my inner being?

  13. There are many things that are in store for me, but I do not know what these are.

  14. I am terrified because what I thought was good was dreadful.

  15. This is the thing that terrifies me the most.

  16. I have been banished into the darkness and gloom has come or my eyes.


  1. Why do my friends not see the pain that I’m going through?

  2. People will destroy the legacy of others.

  3. Those who are powerful drive away those who are poor.

  4. Those who are needy are driven away and those who are poor going a hiding.

  5. They go into the wilderness and deceive things in order to survive.

  6. They are betting in the world and they go to that which is wicked.

  7. They go by without anything and nothing helps them against the world.

  8. They wait and they hold for something to shelter them.

  9. Everything is taken away from them because they deserve nothing.

  10. They go about in this wilderness and they do not understand where they have to go.

  11. They labor, but they do it in vain because they get nothing from it.

  12. They cry out because their souls are dying in their souls are wounded.

  13. They rebel against the light because they do not recognize it and they do not stand the path of the light.

  14. When there is no light, then there is only darkness.

  15. No one can see them because they dwell in the darkness and they put on a mask when they go out into their life.

  16. They do bad things but they perceive themselves to do good because they do not know the light.

  17. There is nothing for them but darkness and then they will recognize the terror that comes before them.

  18. They are cursed and that which has been given to them will be taken away from them.

  19. A place has been reserved for them because they have done wrong.

  20. May their ancestors forget them and may their future generations forget them.

  21. May they not prosper and may their friends abandon them.

  22. They sustained those who are false leaders because of the strength that has been given in return for the assurance of life.

  23. Those leaders give them safety and they give them support and in return, the eyes of those who are poor are in their ways.

  24. They are happy for a while, but then they are no more and they are cast away.

  25. If this is not so, then why are my words not reduced into nothingness?


  1. Dominion and dread are for those who do not understand the light.

  2. Light does not rise on those who do not understand the light.

  3. How can anyone be right when they are against the light?

  4. Even the best things do not satisfy them because they are not right.

  5. They are no less than a human being and they do not recognize that they are nothing.

  6. What help would you be to those who are powerless?

  7. How can you counsel one who is without wisdom when you do not have wisdom?

  8. How have you been able to utter these words when you are not wise?

  9. All of the people of this world learn terror because they do not understand the world which they are in.

  10. There is no covering for them because the world is full of evil and darkness.

  11. There is nothing at all supporting them and they do not understand it.

  12. They are bound up in the world, but the world is without any strength.

  13. They hold back the light and they give out the appearance of light.

  14. They have set forth the boundary between light and darkness.

  15. The habitat will tremble because the earth is full of darkness.

  16. The seas have been stilled because they do not understand the state in which they are in.

  17. The truth has been made clear but people flee from this truth.

  18. They do not understand even the outline of the ways of the truth and no one is able to comprehend the truth.


  1. I have been taken away my rights in this world by the one who made my life better.

  2. As long as there is life in me, my spirit is with me.

  3. I do not speak falsely of these things for I know they are true.

  4. I will not renounce my innocence before the heavens even if I am wrong.

  5. I will maintain my own justice and I will not relinquish it.

  6. Let my enemy be like those who are wicked and may they face their own adversaries.

  7. Whatever hope is for them, may it be cut off from them.

  8. When distress comes upon them, may their spirit not listen to them.

  9. Even if they call for their spare constantly, May they not receive the light until they recant.

  10. I will teach you of this truth and I will not conceal it.

  11. Do not waste your time with empty words for you have seen what I have done.

  12. This is not the work of one who oppresses others were one who is wicked.

  13. Even if my descendants are wicked, I am not and I am not accountable for it.

  14. All of those who survive in my name will not weep over me.

  15. Even if they take gold instead of their spirit, I am not responsible for their actions.

  16. Whatever the righteous store together, those who are wicked will divide it.

  17. Everything I have worked for will be cast away in the dust, much like me.

  18. I shall lie down is one who is rich for the last time, and when I wake again, they have nothing.

  19. Terror comes over me because I do not understand but all of these will go way.

  20. Evil will be seized and it will go away from you eventually.

  21. Evil tries to flee, but there is no escape from the hands of the righteous.

  22. Those who are wicked will try to grab the attention of those who are righteous, but those who are righteous will have nothing to do with those who are wicked.


  1. There is indeed a place in the world where silver and gold mean nothing.

  2. All the things of the earth have been made for the benefit of man.

  3. There is a boundary for the places we are allowed to explore until we gain wisdom.

  4. Places shall be opened that are unknown the human mind, indeed these are the places that humanity goes into.

  5. They shall bring forth great things and many people shall learn about this world.

  6. These are more precious than the gold that is extracted from the mountains.

  7. There is a path that no one knows and no one has seen it.

  8. No one has come over it and no one has gone down its way.

  9. It all starts with one step, and the journey of a million miles begins.

  10. You hold onto the things which are true to you which are precious.

  11. You bring in all of your resources and hidden things will come into the light.

  12. Wisdom can be found in this place of understanding.

  13. Mortals do not know this path and this path is not to be found on earth.

  14. It is not within the earth, but the truth of the world is found in the heavens.

  15. They cannot be measured by gold and they cannot be paid with silver.

  16. They cannot be found within the Earth, and must be found above the earth.

  17. Nothing can be found equal to it upon the earth.

  18. The value of wisdom surpasses all of these things and it becomes the greatest inspiration to the world.

  19. It is not equal does not weigh less than things upon the earth.

  20. Wisdom comes from the place of understanding, but no one does that in life.

  21. Wisdom is shielded from the eyes of all people and is concealed.

  22. People may have heard rumors, but it was only just a word.

  23. Wisdom is found within the truth that has been around the beginning.

  24. This comes from the ends of the earth and to seize everything under the heavens.

  25. It is measured out upon all the people of the world.

  26. It is the laws of nature and is the laws of the universe.

  27. Wisdom will be seen by those who are enlightened and those who seek to become enlightened will search wisdom.

  28. Mortals will know that wisdom is good and avoiding evil is the understanding of the power of wisdom.


  1. In months past, there were days when my spirits watch over me.

  2. My light was with me and it shone through the darkness of my life.

  3. It was there for me when I fluoresce and sheltered me.

  4. Everything in my life was good and everything in my life was around me.

  5. My footsteps were in the light and I sprung forth from the spring of life into the world.

  6. Whenever I went out into the city, everyone loved me.

  7. Those who are wicked withdrew from me for they knew that I could not be swayed.

  8. All the people of the world respected me because I was the light in their dark world.

  9. The leaders were silenced for they knew they could not try anything against me.

  10. I was blessed and I begged my spirit and it gave me things.

  11. I rescued those who were poor and I gave them help.

  12. The blessings of the world came upon me because I was giving blessings to others.

  13. My righteousness was with me and justice was always there.

  14. I was the eyes to the blinds and the ears to the hard of hearing.

  15. I was there for the poor and those who were strangers.

  16. Those who are wicked came against me but I brought them down.

  17. My years were multiplied because I was good.

  18. My branches spread forth to the entire world.

  19. My glory was within me and I was renewed on a daily basis.

  20. They listened and they waited for me and I gave them counsel and they listened.

  21. They said nothing after I spoke for they took my words to be the truth, for I only spoke of the truth.

  22. They waited for me and they took my words to heart.

  23. They could not believe it when I spoke of these things, for I did not know and they did not know.

  24. I decided to let my life become obscure for others because I am the one who comforts many.


  1. Now they hold me down and they think of me younger than they.

  2. The strength meant nothing to me and all the things I had perished.

  3. I was hungry and I fled to the desert to look for food.

  4. I ate of the fruit of the wicked because I felt that my spirit has left me.

  5. I was banished from my own community and I was like a thief to them.

  6. I dwelt with those who were undesirable in the caves and the deserts.

  7. I dwelt in the bushes and I lied under the trees.

  8. I was driven the land because I was cursed by those who should’ve blessed me.

  9. Now if they come to me in mockery and I become nothing to them.

  10. They do not hesitate to chastise me or to spit in my face.

  11. They have thrown me off my path often and I have gone straight again.

  12. They’d build up their weaponry to see my ruin.

  13. Take care of my path and they promote me to go into the pit.

  14. They advance against me and they come in waves.

  15. Terror overcomes me and I am driven off and I have vanished as a result.

  16. Now my life just passes by without any purpose.

  17. I am pierced with sadness in my heart is with no rest.

  18. I get up in the morning with great difficulty and I do not see a reason for living.

  19. I was cast into the dust and I was cast away to never be stood up for again.

  20. I cried for my spirit, but it no longer answers me.

  21. I have been turned into my own tormentor and I was attacked.

  22. I was raised up and I was driven down and everything that was part of my life was played with.

  23. I know that I will return to the heavens after death, the destiny of everyone who was alive.

  24. A hand is not held out to me even though I am in distress.

  25. I do not grieve for those who are poor and I do not weave the hardships of others.

  26. When I looked for good, evil came.

  27. My heart does not seize up and it will not be stilled for affliction has come over me.

  28. I go about in gloom and I cry for help.

  29. I have become a lover to nobody.

  30. Everything falls away from me and my spirit has left.

  31. Everything that was once good was turned into bad things for me and now I am weeping.


  1. I have made a covenant with myself to not give in to the lust of this world.

  2. There is something that comes from the heavens that will come to me at some point in my life.

  3. This is a calamity for those who are unrighteous.

  4. I see the ways of my own life and I walk in the footsteps of truth.

  5. If I ever walked in, then I have gone into deceit.

  6. The scales of justice will be weighed and favor of me and my innocence will be known.

  7. If I have turned out of the steps, then my heart is followed and I have gone astray.

  8. I do not read of my rewards for I do not burn anything.

  9. If I have done something wrong, then I shall seek forgiveness from them.

  10. If I’ve wronged anyone, I will beg for mercy.

  11. It would be bad for me to die without the blessings and forgiveness of others.

  12. A fire would consume me and everything I have worked for.

  13. If I refused anything to those who were less fortunate than I, then a complaint can be filed against me.

  14. What should I do when I die?

  15. Did I not fulfill the covenant that was established from the beginning?

  16. If I denied anything to the poor, then allow me to anguish upon this earth after my death.

  17. I shall not share because I do not deserve love or life if I have done anything wrong.

  18. I was guided from the beginning to follow a covenant which I feel I have not been broken.

  19. I am a poor man without covering and I do not deserve that which comes over me.

  20. I was not blessed and I was not warned when I needed them most.

  21. If I ever rose up my hand against those who were innocent, then I never should have ever been supported.

  22. Everything that is bad shall come over me because I do not deserve my life.

  23. I dread that which is bad and I praise that which is good.

  24. If I ever put my trust in something that is not of the heavens, then I should deserve to be cast down.

  25. If I rejoiced when my wealth was good, then my work should have been for nothing.

  26. If I looked upon the light, then I should be blessed with the things of the light.

  27. If my heart was enticed without me knowing, then may my heart be destroyed but my spirit remained.

  28. This would be a crime for me to be condemned if I deny that was above.

  29. If I rejoice that the destruction of my enemy, then I deserve to be destroyed.

  30. If I allowed my mouth to say simple things, then my mouth deserves to be punished.

  31. No one ever told me that I was doing something wrong.

  32. No stranger ever told me that I was not giving them anything.

  33. Had I hidden the sins away and buried my guilt?

  34. Was it because they feared the people?

  35. Or am I the only one that hears my case and I want to those who accuse me to come out.

  36. Surely they know that they are the one who accuse me.

  37. I should give them an account all my steps and I should present myself as innocent before them.

  38. If the land went out against me, then I deserve to be punished for not treating it well.

  39. If I was given things without deserving them, then let those things be taken away from me.

  40. Let all of these calamities come over me if I’ve done anything wrong, but I felt I have not done any wrong.


  1. Then the witnesses ceased to answer because those who are righteous know they are right.

  2. Even if they are angry with the righteous to say that they are right, then those who challenge that are in the wrong.

  3. Those who are wicked will be angry because they were not able to condemn those who are righteous.

  4. The wicked shall speak and shall chastise the righteous even though the righteous are in the right.

  5. This is the answer that was given that even though I am young, I am going to declare to you the knowledge that I possess about right and wrong.

  6. You speak of wisdom and you have done so for many years.

  7. There is a spirit and human beings that gives us great understanding.

  8. It is not done to those who are wise or to those who understand the right, it is done to everyone.

  9. Listen to me and I shall declare the knowledge which I possessed through you.

  10. I have waited for these words and I have listened to your arguments and your search for what is right.

  11. I followed you and none of us ever convicted you of doing something which was wrong.

  12. Do not say that you know wisdom, for wisdom can be taken away from you just as it has been given.

  13. These words have been addressed to me straight from the heavens.

  14. You will be dismayed and you will have no reply and words will have no good for you.

  15. Clearly the words of wisdom do not speak to you anymore and have ceased to reply to your pleas.

  16. I will speak my part, for I have many words to say.

  17. The spirit compels me to share my knowledge.

  18. I am eager to share these words with you because you have taught me many things.

  19. Let me speak so that my eyes can be opened and your eyes can be opened.

  20. Do not give any titles to me, for I only desire the truth.

  21. I will not speak any lies to you, for I know that my spirit will take me away and never bring me back if I do.


  1. This is to all of these words that I say.

  2. I shall open my mouth and teach these words which are true.

  3. I will state what is in my mind and I will speak you great knowledge.

  4. I have been made alive by my spirits and I walk in the ways of the truth.

  5. You can refute me if you want to, for I welcome arguments.

  6. I am before you in the fullness of truth and I am but a man like you, for I was formed of the dust.

  7. Do not fear me and I will not put many burdens upon you.

  8. Listen to the sound of these words and take them into your heart.

  9. I am innocent there is no guilt within me.

  10. Those who try and come against me will invent guilt and count me as an enemy.

  11. Watch all of my paths and watch all that I do.

  12. Let me tell you that your spirit is greater than your own mortality.

  13. Why do you complain against your spirit for not being there for you when you have never called out for it?

  14. You do not see the ways in which you go because you do not listen to the words.

  15. The truth shall come to you in visions when a deep sleep falls upon you.

  16. Your spirit will open your ears and terrify you at first.

  17. You will keep the public away from you as your spirit comes to you.

  18. Those who are righteous have souls that hold them from the pit of darkness.

  19. Even though those who are righteous are in a world of pain, they do not suffer in this world.

  20. Those who are righteous reject anything that is wicked.

  21. That which was hidden from you will become apparent to you.

  22. You will draw near to the pit of death but you will not go in.

  23. Your spirit is your mediator and it sends you a messenger by which you can escape from this world.

  24. Your spirit shall have pity on you but only if you call out to it.

  25. You will become as a child and you will no longer be in the days of indoctrination.

  26. You will see the world and you will rejoice at the fact that you were not a part of it.

  27. You have done wrong and you have sinned, but you will not be punished if you repent.

  28. You have been delivered from the pits and your life now sees the light.

  29. Look at all of these things that your spirit does for you and your spirit shall never leave.

  30. Bring yourself away from the pit and seek that which is the light.

  31. Be silent and the truth shall speak to you.

  32. Speak out for you will be justified according to your works.

  33. If you do not listen to me, then you will fall into the pit of despair.


  1. Listen to me for I shall bring you more knowledge.

  2. Even though you test me, I will answer your testing.

  3. Choose what is right and determine among yourself what is good.

  4. Even though you think you are innocent, you do not have the light within you.

  5. If you declare the judgments upon you to be a lie, then you should look into your own life.

  6. Do not give in to the blasphemies of others.

  7. Do not be in the company of those who do evil.

  8. Do not listen to those that tell you that your way is wrong, for they do not know you.

  9. It is not okay for the people of the heavens to do wrong, for the people of the heavens do no wrong.

  10. Immoral are the ones that do wrong and you will be brought back into life by your deeds and your hearts.

  11. Those in the heavens do not act in wicked ways and justice is given to those who deserve it.

  12. The entire world is set in its place and all of the world shall go down.

  13. Be guided by your spirit and you will receive the spring of life.

  14. Everyone who is now on this earth shall return to where they came.

  15. Listen to these words that I speak, for they are the truth.

  16. Those who are wicked cannot be in control of justice.

  17. Do not listen to those who tell you that you are worthless or you are wicked.

  18. Do not listen to those who favor another person or respect one group over another.

  19. They will die in a moment and they will pass away without leaving any marks on this earth.

  20. Those who are wicked in their ways will try to bring us who are righteous down.

  21. There is no darkness in the path of the truth and those who are evil hidden this path until now.

  22. A time has not been set for the final day of the age but everyone shall be judged according to their works.

  23. Those who are mighty will be shattered and others will be appointed in their place.

  24. The works of the wicked are crushed.

  25. The wicked are stricken down in places where everyone can see.

  26. Because you do not understand the ways of the truth, you will go down in the pits with those who are wicked.

  27. Those who are poor will cry out and you shall hear their cries.

  28. No one can condemn another without talking and their face hidden.

  29. Lead those who are wicked not rule over those who are righteous.

  30. Do not accept punishment for what it is, with fight the punishment which has been given to you.

  31. Whenever you do not know shall be taught you and whenever wrong you have done will be done no more.

  32. Speak to what you know and it is you who must choose life or death.

  33. Those who understand will know these views and it will act upon these views.

  34. Those who are wicked do not have knowledge and their words are senseless.

  35. Let those who are wicked be tested since the answers are those who are in pious.

  36. Rebellion will be added to the wicked ways and arguments will be addressed to the heavens.


  1. It is not right to say that you are more correct than the ones in the heavens.

  2. There is no advantage in doing bad actions to another person.

  3. Listen to the words that your friends say to you for your friends to you in truth and knowledge.

  4. Look at the heavens that are high above you.

  5. If you sinned, then you do not listen to the ways of the truth.

  6. If you are righteous, then you will receive the fullness of the blessings that you deserve.

  7. Your wickedness only affects you and your justice only affects others.

  8. People cry out in oppression because of the power of those who are wicked.

  9. No one wonders were their spirit is if they do not call out to their spirit.

  10. Those who are wise can teach more than all the schools of the earth.

  11. Those who are wicked are prideful and they do not listen to these words.

  12. It is wrong to say that you are not heard and that your ways are not noticed.

  13. Those who tremble before the heavens did not know of the truth until their death.

  14. People of the world do not have any concern over other’s lives, but those who are righteous concern over all.

  15. There is no purpose in opening your mouth if you do not possess the knowledge.


  1. Wait and you shall be instructed for their words that still had to be said.

  2. Arguments will be assembled from faraway places and I will establish what is right for you.

  3. My words are not a lie because I have knowledge over you.

  4. The heavens are not disdainful and the purpose of your life is great.

  5. Those who are wicked will not have a purposeful life.

  6. Those who are poor do not divert their eyes from the light.

  7. They will be exalted forever for their righteousness.

  8. If they are bound by affliction, then they shall be cast down.

  9. Those who are arrogant do not recount their sinful ways.

  10. Those who are righteous will open their ears and correct them of their ways and turn them away from all things that are evil.

  11. If they listen, then they will spend their years in prosperity and happiness.

  12. If they do not listen, then they will perish because of their lack of knowledge.

  13. Those who are wicked will be angry and they do not cry for help.

  14. They will die young and their life will not be for any purpose.

  15. Those who are afflicted will be saved because of their afflictions and their ears will be opened.

  16. Those who listen and want to change will be set free into a broad place and will not be constrained.

  17. Those who are righteous will judge the wicked and their judgments will always be with them.

  18. Do not let anything of this world lead you astray from the truth.

  19. Your wealth will not equip you against the distress of the world.

  20. Do not long for being away from this world, for you can never escape the reality of this world.

  21. Do not turn to evil things because you will be inflicted in the end.

  22. There is no teacher like your spirit which teaches you everything.

  23. Those who tell you have done wrong are clearly astray from their own path.

  24. Remember that you should always do good works.

  25. All of humankind will see your good works and will praise you for your good work.

  26. The heavens are beyond our knowledge and the numbers of years in the heavens are eternal.

  27. All of the righteous will be filtered from those who are evil on the Day of Judgment.

  28. The end of the age will rain down upon mankind and clouds will come over those who are wicked.

  29. No one understands the clouds that envelop the world and the clouds are the wicked society.

  30. The light shall be spread over the world and will cover all the roots.

  31. All nations shall be judged according to their deeds.

  32. Those who are wicked will be stricken down.

  33. Here you will come upon those who have done badly towards other humans.


  1. My heart trembles at these words.

  2. Listen to the one that brings you these words.

  3. These words are the truth, and the truth shall go to every nation.

  4. The voice of the truth makes some mighty roar in its majesty.

  5. Marvels shall be done according to this day and great things have been done without our understanding.

  6. All of the laws of the universe are commanded by the one who created it all.

  7. All of humankind shall tremble because these works have been made known to the world.

  8. Those who are wicked will take cover and not open their mouths.

  9. Judgment shall come forth and coldness shall reign over the earth.

  10. All of that which brings humanity to its knees shall come.

  11. All of the remaining gatherings of people shall be scattered with great and mighty storms.

  12. The ones who change their ways will come across the world and the conversion of people will be numerous.

  13. Whether the people deserve it or not, it happens.

  14. Listen to these marvels and consider them in your heart.

  15. Do you not know that the heavens commanded these things and the light shines forth?

  16. Do you know that those who are wicked will one day receive their dues?

  17. The one who is thirsty shall come to the spring of light.

  18. They will spread their knowledge of the truth to all nations.

  19. We cannot plead in the darkness so we must learn that which is in the light.

  20. No one will be able to talk while they are being destroyed from within.

  21. The light cannot be seen by the world because it is skewered by society.

  22. All of those who are righteous shall come and be surrounded by of the glory of the heavens.

  23. We cannot find the truth without persistent and the knowledge that is only found deep inside.

  24. People fear the truth and their hearts are not wise.


  1. Finally, the answer came up from the heavens.

  2. Who is the one who darkens the world with their arrogance?

  3. I shall question your faithfulness and you shall give me your answers.

  4. You were not around when the Earth was formed so you have no understanding.

  5. You do not know the true nature of the state of Eden because you have never been in it.

  6. You do not know the foundations of this world and you do not know the foundation of your own guide is.

  7. The heavens shout for joy because they realize the truth.

  8. When you were born of the world, you never knew of the direction your life was to take.

  9. The truth was hidden from you under a veil of clouds.

  10. There were limits to the knowledge which you have received and as you move through life your knowledge shall increase.

  11. You have come this far but you have not gone further and what made you stop?

  12. I have never commanded this, for I have always commanded people to question everything that they have been taught.

  13. The wicked are separated from the righteous by their acceptance of new truths.

  14. The earth changes and humanity changes but the truth never changes.

  15. Those who are wicked will not have the light within them and their pride shall be shattered.

  16. You have not come up from the bottom of the deepest trenches of suffering.

  17. Death has come to your door and you have seen the gates of darkness.

  18. Have you even comprehended the greatness of the truth?

  19. You do not know the way of the light and the way of the light will not make itself known to you.

  20. You will not be able to go down the path of truth because you do not know it.

  21. You know of the truth because you were born with this knowledge but you do not know where to find it.

  22. Have you even pondered on what you believe in and questioned its authority?

  23. You have gone through a time of distress and your faithfulness has been proven.

  24. Do you know the way that the world and society works?

  25. Do you know who laid out a path for you went to achieve your destiny?

  26. Do you know who brings blessings to your life when you do good things?

  27. Do you know who turns wastelands into Eden?

  28. Do you know who brings inhabitants into the wilderness to tame it?

  29. Do you know who brings forth all things from the earth?

  30. You came out of the womb but without these questions without answers, but over time you shall know and you shall be set free by this knowledge.

  31. Do you know who holds you captive in this world?

  32. Do you know what the way of the stars or the orientation of all things?

  33. Do you know the cycles of the earth and its seasons?

  34. Do you know the truth and do you know the plan of the truth?

  35. Can you raise your voice into the heavens without this knowledge?

  36. Do you know who sends this knowledge to your ways and by what means this knowledge is transmitted to you?

  37. Do you know the cycle of birth and death and the life in this world?

  38. Do you know who brings forth wisdom to you?

  39. Do you know that you came from the dust of the earth or that you shall return to the dust upon your death?

  40. Because you do not know these things, you will suffer in the world until you learn.

  41. Until then, you shall become prey for those who bring wickedness and suffering to this world.

  42. They will lie in wait for you until you come to them and then they shall ambush you.

  43. You shall be a new servant to them for they look for others to bring down with them into the suffering pits of this world.


  1. Do you know where the animals of the earth come forth?

  2. Do you know of the cycle from conception to full birth?

  3. Do you know of a mother’s instinct to their young?

  4. Once their offspring are ready to leave, they shall leave and never return to the home.

  5. Who has given you freedom to break free from these bonds so that you can pass on your genes to your posterity?

  6. Your home is in the wilderness and your dwelling is in the desert.

  7. You will dwell in the city of the wicked until you learn of these things.

  8. You will go long distances to find nourishment in the spring of life but you shall never find such things.

  9. You will be lower than that of the animals for the animals have noble ways.

  10. You will not pass through the night without thinking to yourself.

  11. You will depend on others to carry you and you will never truly be happy.

  12. No one will be able to rely on you because you do not have strength.

  13. Despite your best efforts, your labors will amount to nothing.

  14. You will abandon anything that is good and it will be washed away.

  15. You will forget the ways of the truth and you will be crushed in this world.

  16. You will not own everything you have and your labor will be useless.

  17. Wisdom will be withheld from you and understanding shall not come.

  18. You will be ignorant to these things and he will laugh at those who are different than you and mock them.

  19. No one gives you the strength to walk because they do not give you strength.

  20. You are a locust upon the earth and you would leave everything in your path and bring suffering to every person that you meet.

  21. Those who are wicked shall come to you and they shall cast you down with them.

  22. You do not retreat at the thought of fighting you go straight into it without knowledge of your impending doom.

  23. You will fight to the death and you will not succeed.

  24. You will not hold back but your defense will be in vain.

  25. You see evil coming from far but battle comes to you swiftly.

  26. It is because of understanding that you will know how to fight.

  27. Because of understanding you will know what is right and what is wrong.

  28. Because of understanding you will know to keep watch over all the things that you have in your life.

  29. Because of this understanding, you will see battles coming from afar.

  30. Those who are young are greedy, but they shall be slain.


  1. No one can instruct the heavens with knowledge that they have because of the heavens have all the knowledge.

  2. Put your hand over your mouth for you do not have any knowledge.

  3. Do not reply and do not speak unless you are told to do so.

  4. I will question you and you will give me answers.

  5. You refuse to acknowledge what is right and you condemn me for doing something that you say is not justified.

  6. You are not like a god and you do not have the power of the gods.

  7. You clothe yourselves in majesty but you did not attain it and you do not have the qualities of a leader.

  8. Everything that is prideful within you shall be shot down.

  9. Look at everyone who was proud and they are bold because they are worn down on the inside.

  10. They are buried in the dust and imprisoned.

  11. Only you can save yourself.

  12. Look at those who were wicked in the past and look at how badly they were brought down.

  13. Look at the strength they had in the power they possessed.

  14. They went from town to town within their society and they were bowed to like gods.

  15. They seemed invincible and they had an iron grip on their nations.

  16. They thought they knew more than that of the heavens.

  17. Surely their land blessed them but the heavens did not bless them with anything.

  18. They lie in dangerous places and they taught that which came from the heavens.

  19. They are shaded by that which is boastful.

  20. They are not disturbed if their society falls and they are tranquil until the final moments.

  21. No one was able to capture them or to winds near them.

  22. You cannot take them down yourself; it requires great armies to take down the wicked leader.

  23. You cannot pierce them because they pierced themselves already.

  24. Do not lead with them because they will not listen to your cries.

  25. Do not make a covenant with them were you will be enslaved by them forever.

  26. Do not taunt them for they shall destroy you.

  27. Do not bargain with them for they read all the rewards from the benefits of others.

  28. Do not hide from them for they shall find you.

  29. Once you get involved in their bearers then your fate has been sealed.


  1. Whoever hopes to do so will rejoice when a bad leader is overthrown.

  2. Who dares stand before the heavens and mock the heavens?

  3. Whoever has mock the heavens will be repaid with their own life.

  4. Their strength is from the earth and when the earth falls, they shall fall too.

  5. Only the heavens can strip them of their armor.

  6. The truth has been opened to them but they ignore the truth and mock it.

  7. They are sealed to the earth and they will never see the light.

  8. Their world is so close that no air comes from the heavens.

  9. They hold to their ways and they cannot be parted unless the heavens force their mighty hand down.

  10. Light fleshes forth from those who were enlightened, but to those who claim to be enlightened but are not, will the darkness.

  11. Everything in their path is torched and nothing gets between them and what they feel is their destiny.

  12. They conquer and pollute everything they possess and they shall never be happy on the inside.

  13. Resources are wasted because of them.

  14. Strength is with them and power is with them but that power comes from the society that is full of false hope.

  15. The world sticks together and casts over and protects the wicked leader.

  16. Their hearts are as cold as stone.

  17. When the wicked leader rises, the world is afraid, but when the wicked leader crashes down, they come back.

  18. They will not die due to another’s iniquities.

  19. They only want the finest things in life, but things finer than gold shall never be desired.

  20. They do not see the things in the heavens which are the finest things one can attain.

  21. No arrow shall bring them down; it is only through their own pride.

  22. A wicked leader mocks those who try to bring them down.

  23. Under this wicked leader are a lot of people who think that this person is a God.

  24. Behind this wicked leader is a path that seems like gold and seems to lead to the light, but it really is not.

  25. A wicked leader comes from the depths of the underworld and thrashes about the earth until they are brought down again.

  26. There is no one like a wicked leader upon the face of the earth and they are fearless in their attempts.

  27. The wicked is that cane of all of those who are proud.


  1. I know that the heavens can achieve all things.

  2. There is no purpose in the heavens that will be hindered by anyone or anything.

  3. I spoke to the world but I did not truly understand the things of the world.

  4. Listen to me and I speak to you because I have done marvelous things in my life.

  5. My eyes have seen the truth and the truth has come to me.

  6. I repent for this and I shall return to the dust from which I came.

  7. After these things have been spoken, the one who is righteous and their friends recanted of their ways because they do not speak rightly of the heavens.

  8. They have taken great sacrifices in order to live a righteous life but evil came before them and they do not understand the nature of the heavens.

  9. Favor was shown because they learned of their ways and now they have a greater understanding of the world.

  10. Prosperity was restored and greater prosperity was given for they received all the blessings of the truth.

  11. All of the evil has been cast away and it was as if it never happened and everything shall be restored.

  12. Inheritance was given to the posterity, for the posterity was also blessed because they have the knowledge of the truth.

  13. More blessings came upon this person who had this great truth.

  14. After this, you shall live a fulfilling life no matter how long that life is, for the knowledge of the truth has been brought forth.

  15. You shall die with a life of fulfillment and your destiny shall be fulfilled if you believe in these things.