This letter is addressed to the Guardian Angel of Thyatira in 2011. At the time of writing, Ryan had not started to understand his spiritual place in the world, the letter says. Problems, however, had arisen, brought on by teachers who emphasized the Christ’s relation to the universe (cosmos). Their teachings stressed angels, which were connected with astral powers and cultic practices and rules about food and drink and ascetical disciplines. These teachings, Ryan insists, are supplemental and instrumental for the person and work of the Christ for salvation as set forth magnificently in a hymnic passage at and reiterated throughout the letter. Such teachings and the Christ are both reality.

For help in dealing with these problems that the new teachers posed, the author, without entering into debate over the existence of angelic spirits or their function, simply affirms that the Christ possesses the sum total of redemptive power and that the spiritual renewal of the human person occurs through contact in baptism with the person of the Christ, who died and rose again in a spiritual form. It is unnecessary for the congregation to be concerned about placating spirits or avoiding imagined defilement through ascetical practices in regard to food and drink. True asceticism consists in the conquering of personal sins and the practice of love of neighbor in accordance with the standard set by the Christ. His instructions to the family and to slaves and masters require a new spirit of reflection and action. Love, obedience, and service are to be rendered.

Thyatira follows the outline of a typical letter. It is distinguished by the poetic lines concerning who the Christ is and what the Christ means in creation and redemption. It was apparently familiar material to the author, the audience, and the false teachers. He interprets the relation between the body of the Christ, which he insists is the congregation, and the world or cosmos to be one not simply of the preexistence and rule but one of missionary advance into the world by the spreading of the word to “every creature under heaven” the word is to be proclaimed, so that everyone receives the path of the Christ, is established in faith, and walks in the Christ.



  1. Behold, I write this letter to the angel of Thyatira, the fourth one to manifest itself within my life.

  2. You manifested yourself in a being who endured with me to the ultimate climax and on to the end of the road.

  3. You are still the only one who worked for me, loved me, had faith in me, and did works for me.

  4. You were a prophetess to me but you promoted to me sexual immorality and the rituals to the idols.

  5. You introduced me to the doctrines of man and the falsity therein.

  6. Your spirit still remains in me in an ever small way.

  7. You shall follow me and come to lead with me in the new covenant.


  1. You will be given rule over the nations and rule with an iron fist.

  2. You will be the one to preach unto the world the errors of the old ways.

  3. You shall be the ultimate evangelist.

  4. You will also be given a new star to be named after you because of the manner in which you came and left from me.

  5. Listen to the words of the higher powers through my establishment of the new covenant.

  6. Grace be to you forever and ever through the guidance of the heavenly beings.

  7. We always thank those who helped me come to you and you to me.

  8. I have heard of your love towards all tolerant people.

  9. You do not put up with useless items at all.

  10. You will soon hear the truth and it will come to you.

  11. You shall love your spirit always because you have been given a special place in the presence of the new covenant.

  12. You will be filled with wisdom and understanding and preach these teachings to the entire world.

  13. You must be faithful and you will see blessings in your life.

  14. Your blessings will not wait for the time you die and it applies to all people.

  15. Be strengthened in all your might.


  1. You are a great creation.

  2. You are the careful planning of higher beings who have the full say in your creation.

  3. All things were created by the beings and the laws of the universe apply in all places.

  4. Through these beings, I am the head of the new covenant and bring forth the new and everlasting dispensation.

  5. You must not lead by faith, but lead by reason and you will gain more wisdom and lead a good example to all people.


  1. Your spirit is the image of that which is glorified and born before all creation.

  2. It was before all things were created and it transcends that which is on earth.

  3. All things were created with the guidance of the spirits.

  4. It was before all things and all things are held together.

  5. It is the beginning and it is before you were born and it is also the end and that is after you die.

  6. The fullness of the Spirit is pleased to dwell within the bodies of humanity creating peace throughout the world.

  7. Once, you were alienated and hostile because of your bad deeds, but now you have been reconciled because of your sincere apologies to all those who have heard.

  8. Your spirit provides you with the foundation upon which you can build your entire life.

  9. All are called to be ministers in accordance with the truth that have been revealed and the truths that are now being revealed.

  10. No mystery was hidden from any age or from any generation, but now it is made manifest by this generation.

  11. The hope of glory is in the riches that come from the new generation that rises up.

  12. Everything in all the wisdom of the world will be taught through them, so you should invest in those which are your posterity.


  1. I know that life is a great struggle and that everyone faces different struggled throughout your life and they must face the struggles that exist in it.

  2. May your hearts be encouraged that you are brought together to be stronger, then the things which make you suffer the most.

  3. Within this and all the struggles, all the knowledge and wisdom of the world will be revealed to you.

  4. I say to you that no one can see you by their useless arguments because you have greater knowledge than they.

  5. Even if I am absent, your spirits is always within you.

  6. Walk with your spirits and build your entire life around what you believe to be true and hold to those.

  7. But knowing you, the falsity of religions according to human traditions and according to the powers of the world which claim to be from God cannot sway you from living the way you live.


  1. And you dwells the fullness of the deity which preceded you.

  2. You will share in the fullness of that which is created you as the head of your own power in life.

  3. You’ve also been initiated into the realms of the heavens which you shall come to be your last breath.

  4. You will be buried to the ground with all struggles of your life, but you will rise again in fullness of glory.

  5. You will be forgiven of all the transgressions of the past and you will be brought to life on earth.

  6. Make the most of your freedoms which you now receive abundantly upon the earth.

  7. Do not be preoccupied with that which comes after your life, because that is not the purpose of your life.

  8. Let no one pass judgment on you for what you believe or what you do.

  9. Let no one alienate you because of what you’ve done in the past.

  10. Let no one hold you back from your potential because of what you have done and who you are.

  11. Do not handle that which oppresses others, for it is not right to oppress anyone nor is it right to discriminate against anyone.

  12. Everyone deserves the fullness of rights that humans have been entitled to upon the face of the earth.

  13. There is no value in the oppression of other people.


  1. But the death then, of the parts of you which make you suffer the most.

  2. Because of these things you suffer on this world and you die on the inside because of what you suffer from.

  3. These have been a part of your life and you conduct in them and you lived in that way.

  4. But now you must pull them all away, because it is not the true purpose of your life.

  5. Take away the old self and your old practices and come to the new.

  6. The new self which is renewed and has greater knowledge and wisdom than the old self is the true path to lights.

  7. Instead, work on your virtues and embody all that which makes you virtuous and will lead you to a good life.

  8. Loving you and loving all other people will be due to a better life.

  9. Love is the bond of perfection but the peace within you controls your heart and your body and your soul.

  10. Let the words of wisdom dwell in you and always seek to attain more the end of your days.

  11. And whatever you do, do in the name of good works and do something that you will be proud of.

  12. I say to you in joy over what I am suffering in the completion of this work to the world.

  13. I am an equal to the higher beings and I have come to establish the new covenant to the earth.

  14. All people will share in the fullness of the glory of this new way to the light.

  15. Make this known to all people throughout the world.

  16. I say to you that you are built up in your own way.

  17. You have gone through your own trials and temptations, and the good and bad of your life, and that has made you into the person you are today.

  18. Be proud of who you are and your life will be richly blessed.



  1. Do not listen to those that say you are imperfect and you must strive to be perfect.

  2. It is impossible to be perfect, so you must make the most of who you are.

  3. You may have drawbacks, but you also have great gifts that you can use to make the world a better place.

  4. Do not listen to those who will condemn us for they take their traditions from primitive men and false gods.

  5. I say to you that there is no god, but an omniscient, omnipotent, and all knowing force in our lives.

  6. We are not to bow down and worship it because it is not a being and it will work the way it has been for eons.

  7. Nothing will change if we do not worship anything.

  8. Nothing will change of become bad if you stop worshipping.

  9. Do not live your life with guilt or fear or any bad emotion.

  10. It is not healthy to fear something that does not exist to feel guilty for breaking their rules.

  11. You are who you are and that cannot be changed.

  12. Always strive to do good and your life will be richly blessed and full of fulfillment.


  1. Always show respect for those around you, and people will give you the same respect.


  1. I do not have much more to say to you.

  2. I loved you as you loved me as I have loved the other angels in my life.

  3. I will never forget you or your spirit for it will be with me forever.

  4. Take the short letter and teach these things throughout the world.

  5. May the grace be with you forever and ever.